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Jupiter and Neptune in Astrology

The Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020 patterns are about opportunity and escape. They concern your career, unpaid work or university/college degree. This is the final one for another 12 years. Jupiter and Neptune also work. in your birth chart and by transit, reshape holidays from reality for many years to come.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020

Floating. Drifting. Neptune in Pisces (the fishes) is here to join Jupiter in Capricorn (goals) in a rare pattern in July 2020. These two planets together, though, can also be joined in your birth chart. And they go on creating patterns for years into the future. Jupiter and Neptune make the unreal, real.

On Monday, July 27th at 4.06pm (UT) Jupiter, the planet of solutions, win-win outcomes, growth, hope, optimism and answers – is triggered. That trigger comes from a perfect sextile to Neptune, the planet of escapism, so a welcome holiday from the real world is coming.

Check Your Personal Birth Chart

Premium Members – Check your birth chart below to see if there are any exact patterns unfolding. Jupiter will be at 20 Capricorn sextile Neptune at 20 Pisces. A quick glance will show you if you were born with any personal factors at 20 degrees, which will be picked up on July 27th, 2020.

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Do You Have Horoscope Factors at 20 Degrees?

If you do have anything at all at 20 degrees in your chart, then you are blessed twice, as on the same day, Venus at 20 Gemini will quincunx Jupiter at 20 Capricorn too. Venus is the planet of complicated relationships. Later on, Venus at 20 Gemini will square Neptune at 20 Pisces, so Monday 27th July is important. Venus is fast-moving, though, and she often dives into 20 Gemini.

Jupiter and Thunderbolts

Even if you don’t have anything at 20 degrees in your chart, the astrology will still bring the typical ‘boom’ of Jupiter. The astrological symbol of thunderbolts (below) tends to deliver big, booming results. In Capricorn, in the Tenth House of your birth chart, in the sign of steady ambition and patient achievement, there is a dramatic solution here. The Romans (below) who shipped their belief in horoscopes to Great Britain around 2000 years ago, counted Jupiter as Optimus Maximus – best and greatest. Optimise your optimism and maximise it, too, on July 27th, 2020.

Global Gains on July 27th, 2020, with Jupiter and Neptune

The really important story here is Jupiter (growth, boom, abundance, good fortune, solutions) in Capricorn (big business, government, the men at the top of the system) in a sextile with Neptune in Pisces (all that is secret).This unfolds in your country, or many countries, and you gain. So, July 27th may be a government handout, or a surge in the value of your shares, pension or superannuation. It really depends on your personal chart. A promotion would be an obvious possibility. Perhaps, a retirement or redundancy. A new leap forward in your training or education? Capricorn is ambitious. Jupiter in that sign, wedded to Neptune, suggests an obstacle is removed, or a helping hand is offered – professionally, academically or in philanthropy.

How To Decode the Jupiter-Neptune Sextile at 20 Degrees

To decode what is going on, look up the planet/asteroid/point/angle at 20 degrees in your chart by sign and house. So, for example, if you have Salacia at 20 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition – you were born with the gift of inhabiting two ‘unreal’ real worlds at the same time, professionally, and Neptune at 20 Pisces and Jupiter at 20 Capricorn will unlock that. You may land a new job or project on Monday the 27th of July that takes you away from the ordinary, professionally. If you are a Premium Member, I can take comments on your chart and read it online for you, as it appears when I answer your question.

The thing to remember about Jupiter (expansion, stretching, increase) and Neptune (the horizon over the sea which never ends) is that it’s really about removing limitations. Saturn in Capricorn, alongside Pluto in Capricorn and the South Node – throughout 2019 and half of 2020 – has been about fear. Caution and restriction. Obstacles and mental blocks, or real blockages. This is so different!

St Kilda 600x305 - Jupiter and Neptune in Astrology
St. Kilda by Jessica Adams

The General Meaning of the Jupiter-Neptune Sextile

Modern Textbook of Astrology - Jupiter and Neptune in Astrology From Margaret E. Hone, D.F. Astrol.S, in The Modern Textbook of Astrology: “The sea and all its ways, attraction and pursuits, is Roman Mythology David Stuttard - Jupiter and Neptune in Astrologyemphasised.” She was quite right. On the last Jupiter-Neptune sextile on February 20th, 2020, we saw Morgan Stanley, well-known for its blue bonds (investments in ocean conservation) making the biggest banking deal since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Jupiter is of course associated with anything big, vast, large or booming.

Writing in Roman Mythology (Thames & Hudson 2019), David Stuttard notes the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus contained a terracotta statue of the god wielding a thunderbolt.

Jupiter is sometimes mistakenly associated with lightning (not so – lightning is ruled by his grandfather Uranus). Thunder is actually very likely on Monday 27th July 2020 in key cities and can be taken as a good omen.

Thunder is actually the sound produced by lightning. Jupiter rules expansion and when air expands during a thunderstorm you hear the characteristic thunderclap. It sounds like a boom, which of course Jupiter also rules – business is booming, we say, or there is a baby boom.

Uranus is Lightning, Jupiter is Thunder

I sometimes see people on Twitter talking about astrology and referring to lightning as a Jupiter (or worse, Zeus) omen. Zeus is Greek and astrology is Roman. And lightning is Uranus, never Jupiter. They invariably do this when a Twitter photograph of lightning striking, say, The Statue of Liberty is circulated.

Uranus is literally related to Jupiter, being his grandfather, and the two phenomena in nature are also related. They are not one and the same, though. Jupiter is a boom and clap. Uranus comes first, silently.

Thunder begins with a shock wave in the air (Uranus rules shock). In astrology, we see lighting strikes as confirmation of a Uranus transit, and thunder as confirmation of a Jupiter transit. Lightning is seen before thunder is heard. Uranus came before Jupiter. He had a son, Saturn, who then gave birth to Jupiter. The thunderbolt (the symbol for AC/DC and also Harry Potter, as it appears on his forehead) is actually a depiction of Uranus, not Jupiter. Yet, Jupiter is about what is big – really big.

Jupiter has two other symbols apart from thunder. One is the eagle, which soars high and sees the big picture. The other is the oak tree, which grows over 12-year cycles (Jupiter cycles) to expand into groves of mighty oaks.

Your Zodiac Sign and Jupiter Luck

Look up your sign in this long feature I wrote to see what happens when Jupiter is in Capricorn for you. This cycle will be deeper and more powerful when you reach the Jupiter-Neptune sextile of Monday, July 27th, 2020.

My Prediction About the Pope (February 2020)

I made this prediction about The Pope based on the Jupiter-Neptune sextile, back on 18th February 2020. Let’s see what happens next. It reads in part:

“We’re going to see the laws of Christianity applied quite heavily near Monday 27th July. Jupiter has long been associated with ‘the law’ and what happens as we draw closer to August is the old holy law being applied. We might also be looking at Buddhism and Judaism, Islam and other belief systems near 27th July. There are major questions here about right and wrong, ethics and principles, morals and judgements.”

Neptune is King of the Sea

Neptune has an other-worldly quality about it. As a symbol of both the ocean and anesthetic, it rules departure from reality. The name Oceanus was even proposed for Neptune at one point. (The Neptune Files, Tom Standage, Allen Lane). To the Romans who passed on their astrological symbols to the world, Neptune was the ruler of fish. Here he is with his famous trident, used to spear fish in the water. Around 2000 years later we associate Neptune cycles with all that is elusive – hard to catch – hard to pin down.

Neptune and God Images in Astrology

It is typical of the poetry of astrology that our ideas about the sea are similar to our ideas about God. Other worlds. There is some crossover. The message ‘Peace be with you’ in the Christian church is linked to The Pacific Ocean. To pacify is often the purpose of a priest in times of trouble. In the sea we find angelfish and angels are God’s messengers in Christianity. Some people believe in God, some do not. The symbolism of Neptune is interchangeable. You can find it in the Buddha or you can find it in the sea.

There is a great deal of synchronicity between God, spirituality, religion, astrology, mediumship – and the sea, the ocean, water (all Neptune ideas). This also brings in mythology and mystery. It’s really about your viewpoint. Blue is a colour often seen in Christianity in the garments of holy figures – and blue is also associated with the throat chakra in Indian belief.

The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake is Neptune. So is the idea of ‘deep’ and ‘depth’ and inevitably with Neptune in Pisces we go plunging deeply into our own unconscious mind, or we have an in-depth counselling session, or we understand the deeper mysteries of religious experience. It’s personal. Jesus Christ fed the multitude with the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. Pisces (the fishes) is ruled by Neptune – and on the symbolism goes.

Distortion and Vision – Perspective

Religion is experienced by some and not others. It depends on how you see the world. How you perceive it. The ocean is not blue at all. It is water absorbing red, yellow and orange light – white light coming onto the water from the sun thus mostly returns blue.

That’s real but it’s not real. Rather like any Neptune experience! The stained-glass windows in churches and cathedrals are red, yellow, orange, blue. The light from the sun streams through the glass, just as it runs onto the sea.

When unconscious on the operating table after anesthetic, people sometimes leave their bodies and report that they have seen and heard the surgeons and nurses in the operating theatre, afterwards. They have moved into an alternative world. Another reality. We associate fathoms with the sea and with Neptune. What comes your way on the Neptune-Jupiter sextile of July 27th, 2020 may be unfathomable.

How Long Does Neptune Stay in Pisces For?

Neptune entered Pisces (and one department of your life) back on April 4th 2011 when a certain unreality crept into one area of your world and it became a comfortably numb part of your existence, showing an artificial reality, or alternative to what most people would call their ordinary, normal experience of life. Prince Harry, for example, is a Virgo who has experienced Neptune in his Seventh House of marriage. Neptune will not leave Pisces until January 26th, 2026, so you have already experienced nine years of unreality and will drift through a further five years or so.

How Long Does Jupiter Stay in Capricorn For?

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, hope and problem-solving, entered Capricorn (big business and government) on December 2nd, 2019 and will remain there until December 19th, 2020. You can often pick up clues about what Jupiter brings – to one area of your life – by thinking back 12 years. So, the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn in your horoscope, was December 18th, 2007 to January 5th, 2009. Jupiter rules acorns and oak trees (“From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow”). What you planted in the year 2008 could now begin to increase in size, weight and value on this Jupiter-Neptune sextile. This photograph by Thiébaud Faix describes this cycle very well. Staying afloat while you escape from the real world. Those high mountains and towering office blocks in the background (below) are symbols of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, just as much as the boat symbolises Neptune in Pisces.

smm2pzblzuu 600x400 - Jupiter and Neptune in Astrology
Thiébaud Faix via Unsplash

What Is A Sextile in Astrology?

A sextile is a pattern made when two planets, nodes, angles or points are sixty degrees apart – usually two signs apart. A sextile between Jupiter and Neptune feels comfortable, natural, easy and flowing. Margaret E. Hone, D.F. Astrol.S, published The Modern Textbook of Astrology (L.N. Fowler & Co. Ltd.) in 1951 and it is still in print today – a benchmark in astrology.

She writes, “An exact aspect is very much stronger than a wide one.” We have an exact aspect (a sextile, or flow pattern) between Jupiter at 20 Capricorn and Neptune at 20 Pisces on Monday, July 27th, 2020. Margaret Hone called a sextile ‘helpful’ and noted (for Jupiter’s easy aspects to Neptune)

“Benefit is often from hidden sources. Sleep will be good. Dreams will be frequent. Anaesthetics well taken.”

She is really talking about Neptune here, which was discovered in 1846 when anesthetic was used publicly for the first time. It is true to say that one area of your life has been numb (that ruled by Pisces in your chart) since April 4th2011, though, and in a way which protects you against pain. So, for example, if you are a Sun Leo and have experienced Neptune in Pisces in your Eighth House of finance, property, charity, possessions and business for the last nine years or so, you have been ‘comfortably numb’ to the uncomfortable or even unbearable experiences of particular economic pain. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd, 1979) expresses Neptune very well, natally and by transit. It’s not real. It’s a bubble. A different world, parallel and somehow more comfortable, soft and easy than the other one. The lyrics were inspired by Roger Waters’ tranquillisers before a concert two years before. David Gilmour used distortion on the song to great effect. Distortion is a Neptune key word too.

Here are some history lessons about distortion and ‘Comfortably Numb’ living to compare. On February 20th, 2020, you experienced Jupiter at 17 Capricorn sextile Neptune at 17 Pisces. The first sextile of the year. And that brings me to the global economy. On that day, the largest banking deal since the G.F.C. of 2008 took place. Morgan Stanley bought E-Trade for $13 billion. One day earlier, February 19th, 2020, the American S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite hit all-time closing highs. That’s Jupiter.

Nothing about that trade is real-world during a pandemic and global economic crisis. And yet it’s real. This is typical of Neptune. If you’re in the bar of a cruise ship being tossed around by waves during COVID-19 you probably won’t see the danger. For all the beauty of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile, you have to acknowledge Neptune is a tremendous distraction from what is really going on.

g2g2fdydbo0 600x400 - Jupiter and Neptune in Astrology
Osama Saeed via Unsplash

Morgan Stanley in Astrology

Morgan Stanley is a Virgo organisation, founded on September 16th, 1935.

It was founded with Mercury at 17 Libra close to an exact trine with Chiron at 16 Gemini. So, on February 20th, 2020, the organisation experienced Jupiter square Mercury, at the same time that Neptune was quincunx Mercury. It also experienced Jupiter quincunx Chiron and Neptune square Chiron.

Mercury at 17 Libra is the key here. Libra rules partnership. Morgan Stanley was, as you might expect, was created by partners Henry Morgan and Harold Stanley. The Chiron in Gemini placement is also easy to see. Morgan Stanley created the first computer model for financial analysis in 1962.

So, we have to read the aspects in context. You either have a chart like Morgan Stanley when Jupiter sextile Neptune comes along, or you do not.

Comfortably Numb on Wall Street in 2020

Given that the United States is in the grip of the pandemic COVID-19 and at the epicenter of a world economic crisis – you’d have to say Morgan Stanley was ‘Comfortably Numb’ back on February 20th, 2020. Operating in another financial reality!

One of the great truths about any Neptune cycle is that when Neptune in Pisces eventually forms squares or oppositions to other transiting planets, we find the numbness wears off. The anesthetic fades away. What you are then left with is reality. The further you have drifted away from the real world the more difficult it is to come round afterwards.

Problems – January 24th to 27th, 2021

We will see the end of ‘Comfortably Numb’ on so many levels on January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th in the year 2021, when Neptune at 19 Pisces is caught in a tense, tight T-Square with the North Node at 19 Gemini and South Node at 19 Sagittarius. This is rare and historic. This is very close to the Morgan Stanley patterns at 17 Gemini and 17 Libra. You’d have to say that the final week of January 2021 is a ‘Get real’ message and an alarm bell ringing, as the world wakes up from its anesthetic.

So, although you can enjoy surfing the gigantic waves of Jupiter-Neptune sextiles in 2020, you must be a realist about the unreal and the non-real in your life.

We are going to see a major global fall-out from the end of free travel between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on January 24th to 27th, 2021. Even larger in scale is the massive crisis for airlines (Sagittarius) and traffic (Gemini) as well as cruises (Pisces) at that time. This is purely a result of the pandemic COVID-19 which so many people are in denial about. From quarantine, to new visa and passport rules, to travel bans, the world economy will be at a crossroads and crisis on January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th as the numbness wears off.

Notes on Neptune

Sherlock Holmes and his secret drug habit is Neptune. So is Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon with all its distortion. The underwater view – reality bent out of shape is Neptune. Being blind drunk (seeing double) is Neptune. We associate bubbles with champagne but also with Neptune. And we talk about bursting bubbles or seeing property bubbles pop. These concepts are all connected with Neptune in your chart natally (by sign and house) but also in transit. It works both ways.

d tn0uaeimm 600x450 - Jupiter and Neptune in Astrology
Hayato Shin via Unsplash

No Borders and No Boundaries

Border and boundary confusion are very common with Neptune and the beach is a good example of this, as the sea encroaches on the sand and breaks over the sea walls. Stupid people (Covidiots) congregate in densely packed crowds on beaches during a pandemic. Neptune can be blind, as well as blind drunk. Stoners on Bondi Beach ignoring social distancing in a pandemic are Neptune gone wrong, as are people trying to cross the English Channel in boats when the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has left the European Union! Neptune by sign (by generation) tends to show where there are no controls, no boundaries. Where everybody and everything is all over the place, all the time. It can be chaotic.

Like any horoscope symbol, Neptune is negative when in square or opposition, but also when in any aspect to malefic or difficult planets. Neptune-Saturn aspects of any kind, even a sextile or trine, can be very hard work, as Neptune learns difficult lessons the hard way about boundaries. If Neptune is part of a mutable opposition with Virgo, or squares to Sagittarius and Gemini, then there are other conflicts. A classic example will be seen in January 2021 which all good astrologers know about and few politicians do.

Pisces against Virgo is cruises against medical advice. Virgo square Sagittarius is international travel against medical advice. Virgo square Gemini is about Eurostar and other trains, against medical advice. An entire generation born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 1960’s is about to run up against this in the final week of January 2021. The end of open borders between Britain and the European Union is another good example of the chaos to come, in those closing days of January 2021, when the mutables clash.

A Pint of Guinness and Neptune

xhnimdjm0cu 400x600 - Jupiter and Neptune in AstrologyGetting lost, vanishing and disappearing are common Neptune problems. Elusive, evasive, slippery – all these words which describe fish or eels – can be associated with Neptune and the sign of Pisces, which it rules. Again, it all depends on the context of the chart. Pubs are good places to find Neptune. A pint of Guinness and a glass of Neptune go together. In fact, the froth on top resembles ocean froth on the sandy shores of Ireland.

Drifting, floating, treading water, going with the flow, getting in over your head, and a favourite word of mine – floundering (which suggests flounder, the fish, as well as flapping around in deep water) – are all Neptune. Allied to Jupiter in a sextile, Neptune can be enjoyably escapist, like a good afternoon of recreational fishing (catching nothing) or an hour spent surfing or swimming. However, like the sea itself, Neptune can turn the tide against you. It pays to be aware of every aspect it makes in transit.

Neptune Across the British Isles

Messing around in boats (The Wind in the Willows) is a good Neptune activity. Enigma Variations by Elgar is Neptune. So, very much, is driftwood. Neptune tends to surround islands, like The British Isles, but also Ireland itself (the clue is in the name) and even partial islands. New Zealand is Neptune, as much as Britain, and of course Australia and Tasmania, where I am writing this, are also Neptune.

Neptune is Irish in terms of widespread, global exported culture. Fairies and ‘the little people.’ The writing and astrology/mediumship/Tarot beliefs of W.B. Yeats. My friend Marian Keyes and her invented language on Twitter and gift for whimsy. The Celtic Twilight. James Joyce. Father Ted. The tremendous faith (and tears) of Sinead O’Connor. The Cranberries. U2. Guinness beer. Whiskey in the Jar.

Beer goggles are Neptune but so is blind faith and Acts of God. Cataracts in the eyes are Neptune. To this we might add the distortion of the alias, alter ego, avatar, pen name, pseudonym or Nom de Plume. Since Neptune arrived in Aquarius many years ago (groups, friends) the worldwide web has been plagued by fake identities, fake news and fake friendship on Facebook. Sometimes called Fakebook.

The song Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin is Neptune. This planet is associated with nonsense, gibberish, limericks and Haiku. It is very much about sea shanties. Individual fish, like trout (disguised, camouflaged in the shallows) and goldfish (no boundaries in the tank) or sharks, which can be hidden in plain sight, are Neptune. When you look at your horoscope to detect Neptune by sign and house, you will see why everyone in your class at school has learned to escape from reality in a very particular way, you share.

Scuba Diving and Supertankers

Scuba diving, marinas and The Marines are Neptune. So is The Poseidon Adventure (Neptune’s Greek forerunner was Poseidon) and of course, downpours. Supertankers and oil spills, diving bells, drug-smugglers and Jacques Cousteau are all this planet.

So too is ‘keeping your head above water’ but capsizing too. Sink or swim is Neptune. Clinging to the wreckage, looking for anchors, lifeboats, a lifejacket, flags, lifesavers and life rafts can describe a difficult Neptune transit.

Any port in a storm? Vaseline on the lens (the Vaseline of Kate Bush) and of course Instagram filters, are Neptunian. Leaks and Wikileaks are typical of the Neptune in Pisces age we inhabit. This planet is linked to parallel universes (The Multiverse) and also decoy ducks on the water. Gas, laughing gas and the ‘truth drug’ of alcohol are Neptune. James Thurber’s Secret Life of Walter Mitty is Neptune.

You can read more about the long cycle of Neptune in Pisces until the year 2026 in this feature to decode your chart.

Ronald Harvey…

…On Neptune

Spindle of Meaning by Ronald Harvey - Jupiter and Neptune in AstrologyThe Spindle of Meaning (The Urania Trust, London, 1996) was written by a BBC Schools Broadcast producer, professional astrologer and the author of Mind and Body in Astrology – Ronald Harvey. It’s one of the greatest astrology books ever written.

He associates Neptune with narcotics and gas. Hypnotism and absent-mindedness. Retreat. Clairvoyance. Dowsing. “Chaotic conditions – no limits, no structure, no order.’ The Neptunian ‘soak’ or alcoholic. The lack of boundaries makes it easier to be charitable. “It is the ‘charity’ the ‘Agape’ described by St. Paul in Corinthians.

Harvey goes on to associate surrealism with Neptune (Salvador Dali) and in poetry, Rimbaud. Automatic writing, spirit writing, the writings of the mystics like St. John of the Cross and Sufi poetry belong to Neptune, too.

“In quantum physics Schroedinger’s ‘probability waves’ are noticeably Neptunian in character. They indicate a tendency for something to happen – half-way between possibility and reality and recall Aristotle’s concept of ‘potentia.’ The whole of astrology is based on this idea. Only in the last century has science caught up with it and demonstrated its existence in a form acceptable to subscribers to Nature or other scientific journals.”

…On Jupiter

It is interesting to see Harvey, who was an osteopath for part of his career, referencing the hips and thighs with Jupiter. This is an ancient association, but where does it come from?

Hips support great weight, and Jupiter also (literally) supports great, weighty projects and goals. Female hips widen in puberty to help childbirth. Jupiter is associated with the birth of something big. In old Russian, thigh translates as TYK meaning animal fat or lard. It can also mean fertiliser. Jupiter is about big, fat possibilities. It is also about feasting – living it large – on the fruits of a harvest, fertilised over time. Of course, ‘thunder thighs’ brings together both ideas about Jupiter and it’s an insult to an overweight or obese woman with fat thighs. A reminder that Jupiter is about excess as well as abundance.

The Astronomy and the Astrology. By Jove

The gas giant Jupiter is by far the largest planet in the Solar System. It has a Great Red Spot (actually dark reddish brown) which looks like an acorn. How could the Romans have known? The old words Jove/Jovial are associated with Jupiter. Harvey writes about “the typical ‘jovial’ temperament.

Chaucer’s poem Troilus & Criseyde (circa 1374) offers the first written reference to ‘by Jupiter’ in the English language.

“By þe goddesse Mynerue And Iuppiter þat maketh þe þonder rynge … ye be the womman … That I best loue.” (“By the goddess Minerva and Jupiter that maketh the thunder ring … you be the woman … that I best love.”)

In Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra (circa 1607), Antony uses the phrase again Caesar to Cleopatra:

“Favours, by Jove that thunders! / What art thou, fellow?”

jh2ktqhlmje 600x400 - Jupiter and Neptune in Astrology
Jeremy Thomas via Unsplash

Thunderstorms and Jupiter

How could Chaucer or Shakespeare (never mind the Romans) possibly have known? Jupiter also has thunderstorms.

Harvey’s key words for Jupiter intersect with thunder. Exaggeration (the drama of a thunderclap). ‘The urge to seize every opportunity, to take a chance.” The rain following Jupiter’s thunder on earth ends drought. In Botswana, for example, the word for rain (pula) is the same as the word for money or currency.

Andre Barbault on Jupiter-Neptune

“Economically it can produce periods of boom and optimism, but also ‘pie in the sky’ plans and rampant inflation, if not well earthed.”

Barbault famously predicted a virus or pandemic for 2020.

The Lasting Impact of 2020 on Your Chart

You are really coming to the end of quite heavy Capricorn weather in one house of your chart (Sun Sign) and in the Tenth House of your birth horoscope (Natural Houses). The Tenth House of career, achievement, social status, social position, aspiration, success and professional accomplishment is now the space where Jupiter will do his work.  Jupiter will bring the timing we know to expand your job prospects. Increase your professional opportunities. Encourage growth with existing plans. How can this be in a time of escalating unemployment? Education, further training and the acquisition of new skills. The replacement of one field, industry or business with another. The art of gaining from Jupiter is to recognise an acorn when you see it and nurture it into an oak.

Shareholders in Zoom

And of course – people can gain on a business level in a pandemic. If your factory produces masks, your factory is doing well. If you are a shareholder in Zoom, you will be doing very well. Astrology does astrology. Zoom, founded on April 21st, 2011, is a good example of what Jupiter in Capricorn can do. This is a Taurus (money-making) company with the North Node in Sagittarius (the worldwide web) and North Node in Gemini (communication). As soon as Jupiter changed signs to Capricorn it formed a trine to Zoom’s business-minded Taurus Sun, not possible in 12 years. But this is not a discussion about Zoom.

Solving Career, Unpaid Work or College/University Issues

What you need to take away most from 2020 is the solution. Most of all, you see, Jupiter in Capricorn wipes out Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and all the work, unpaid work or academic problems they time in your life. He conquered his father Saturn and forced his brother Pluto to obey. Jupiter is the greatest and best of the symbols we use in astrology.

Given that Saturn and Pluto are so difficult, and that they have been together in 2018, 2018 and much of 2020 – we also turn to Jupiter for solutions for big business and big government, both of which Capricorn rules. The abuse of power and the inexorable grind that comes from the wrong men, in the wrong suits, in the wrong positions, at the wrong time in history – will end.

It ends in stages, and it will affect your budget, your home and your work. The Jupiter-Neptune sextile on July 27th, 2020 is one big leap. The other huge leap is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 8th to 13th 2020. But that’s another story.



Featured image: Photo by Emily Goodhart via Unsplash

Jupiter video and Neptune video (above) Caelan Kelly: Pixabay.

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  1. Hi Jessica – I have one factor at 20 degrees. What patterns do you see triggered for 7/27 and 11/8? I always look forward too and appreciate your blogs and when you are able, your comments

    1. The sextile between Jupiter at 20 Capricorn and Neptune at 20 Pisces is about recognising a lucky break in your career, with your part-time course, your full-time studies, or your unpaid work (for example, internship or volunteering). You are now dealing with a couple of people who have either come back into your life, or have just popped up. They are heaven-sent in terms of your access to their knowledge, skills and help, and in fact you’ve found generosity with time, advice or money already. This is what they call a Jupiter helping hand. The sextile to Neptune is really about leaving the real world behind. Whatever project, plan, vision or goal you are pursuing has nothing to do with the everyday, and instead transports you into a very different space. It may seize the imagination of others, or just get them thinking about what is far more inspiring. Neptune can be like that. But do use this opportunity. I heard the phrase ‘what rings a bell’ for you. That may have a double meaning.

  2. Hi-
    The only factor at 20 degrees in my chart is Apollo at 20 Cancer. How will I be affected?

    1. Apollo in Cancer in the Fourth House describes your house, apartment, family, household, town and country. At various stages in your life you will try leading the way, with all of this. So you may set an example to others about how to purchase, rent or renovate a home. You may set an example to others about how to organise the family or household in a particular direction. Apollo is often copied. You are imitated and admired, where he falls in your chart. It’s the same with your local area or country. It may be through patriotism, political action, activism and so on, that you fly the flag for your neighbourhood or your nation – and again, others are inspired and influenced by you. All of this is dominating August as Mercury is now moving forwards in your Fourth House, having been stuck there for weeks. So the time has come to roll up your sleeves and get moving with a particular close relative; with your house or property investment; the garden; your sense of belonging to your local area, your region or your country. If things are now where you want them to be, in relation to this, you can now shift them.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Two very hard years with communication and money misunderstandings. Many surprising and unexpected problems. Low mood for these reasons for months. I’m not the same person. What can you tell me about this influence for me according to my chart? Best wishes.

    1. Low mood or mild depression is a medical issue and you are hopefully with the right doctor. If not, find a doctor who can assist you with this illness which others have researched before you. It may be that you need a combination of medical treatment and alternative methods to help you move forward. Two years is a long time to deal with communication problems and misunderstandings over money. You are now in a good cycle with Mercury out of retrograde shadow, moving forwards through Cancer (houses, apartments, family) and then Leo (any children you have) and finally Virgo (work and lifestyle). So give yourself a clear run to solve this in August and September. Use your Astrology Oracle cards for a more tailored personal reading. And do go back to your body, in the quest for body-mind-spirit balance. So often low mood or mild depression is solved by running. Did you know that? But ask your doctor.

  4. Hello Jessica
    Can you please help me decode how this will impact me? I have two of the 20 degree patterns in my chart, but can’t see any connection. As you may recall I’m stuck in limbo with my choice of study and apart from that, my partner, thankfully, now has regular employment. Which is great as we have dependent children together. Thank you x

    1. Your study choices will be easier as August goes on, because Mercury (the planet of students and teachers) is now out of retrograde shadow and for the first time in a couple of months, it will be other people who get their act together, finalise courses, decide on budgets or commit to teaching, tutoring and instruction. If you looked in June and July, don’t assume that is the end of the story as there will be a new one in August and people may change their minds or organisations/institutions/government departments may switch direction. This Jupiter-Neptune sextile is about ambition. You need to aim for something big to make the most of it, as the sextile is unfolding.

  5. Hi Jessica. My ascendant is at 20 degrees Pisces. What should I look out for. Best wishes Katherine

    1. Katherine, if your birth time was strictly accurate, then this is about your public face or image, as the Ascendant rules your mask. In these peculiar times it also literally rules a mask, of course. The activity aspecting your Ascendant helps you to explore things at a deeper and more fascinating level, although when I say ‘things’ I actually mean yourself. There is a great concern here with the photographs or film of yourself that is out there, but also the title or role you have, and the way in which you are packaged and presented. This can sometimes tip over into narcissism and self-obsession with other people, but not you. You know those people who always drag the conversation back to themselves? It is usually because of an overload of self-interest, to the point where they cannot give anyone else any space to talk about themselves. It can be pathological, actually. That is the heaviest expression of the Ascendant, but instead of that, what you are discovering in August 2020 is that you can experiment with the way you are seen and appear, but also in a way that allows others into the space as well. In fact, once you figure out a greater cause or mission which you can use yourself with (for example, being the spokesperson for a particular issue, or lending your online image to a project) it will all be very clear-cut for you. Pisces the Fishes suggests doing two things at once, going in two directions at once, and neither of them in a particularly real-world way. This sign is very much associated with David Bowie and the Pisces ruler Neptune. He used himself as the blank canvas for dual expression and flew the flag for masculinity, in a very new way.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Can you have a look at my chart and tell me more on this pls? Thank you

    1. Sure. You should be seeing the opportunity unfold in front of you now and all you really have to do is what comes naturally. Actually there may be a couple of opportunities, because decisions are being made which are bigger than you are. I just had a reader who found that travel restrictions had lifted in her city and enabled a whole new market of visitors who wanted to access her craft business. Captive audience, actually, as nobody is going overseas so they want to spend their money on her region. It’s really on that level. By now you will be aware of some really big possibilities if you are going to be proactive.

  7. Hello Jessica
    Love reading your blogs! Thank you once again for another comprehensive blog. I am a relatively new subscriber dipping my toes into the realm astrology. I am thoroughly enjoying the mythology and history behind the beauty of this ancient art.
    I am experiencing my second Saturn return (Saturn in Capricorn) and last year I retired from my paid professional employment and I was curious as to what I will do next. I feel there is something for me but I am not quite sure what!!
    I am in the process of selling my home which goes on the market today and I hope the Jupiter Sextile Neptune helps this are of my life in some way.
    Our adult children have all left home and created lives of their own and I was wondering what’s next for me and my husband? ( PS he is a Sun Sagittarius, Libra rising and Gemini moon who is patiently waiting to retire as soon as the house sells.) Its obvious that the grand travel plans will not be happening!!! We also have plans to build our dream holiday home on the beautiful south coast of NSW near the pristine ocean (Neptune) next year and look forward to this project going forward. What are your thoughts?

    I appreciate the time you take to review and reply to comments.

    1. Thank you. Your second Saturn Return at this particular time (Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn) is unforgettable Linda, and it is a bigger milestone for you than it might normally be. In fact it’s historic. Retirement and selling your home are a typical part of such a cycle because there is so much focus on the Capricorn-Cancer axis of your chart, life direction and property. Grand travel plans are not going to happen, as you say, but what you will find is that your local area (the South Coast of NSW) becomes profoundly important to you as life goes on. In fact the future is local not national, and it is certainly local not global any more. It will be easier to sell your property now Mercury is no longer retrograde but of course it depends on what you are prepared to negotiate. You are also in the kind of cycle when you both have a lot of thinking to do about your life budget; who and what you price most highly. This is really because of your husband, who is in just that kind of cycle. The local scene and local travel and exploration; neighbourhood and community involvement – are really where you are both headed and although it will be very different, it will feel right. You will find Jupiter in your Tenth House lines you up with a really solid unpaid work opportunity; course (part-time or full-time) or even a paid role, post retirement, by Christmas.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you once again for this incredibly rich, detailed post. There is so much in here, I need to read it again!
    I have been journalling a lot of dreams lately, so much nocturnal activity that I wake up tired!
    I have Fortuna in Gemini at 20 in my chart (my twin sons had their birthday on the 26th…) – wondering how this cycle might affect me.
    Hope you’re well 🙂

    1. Thank you Din P. I think major transits deserve a lot of space, and in fact Jupiter in Capricorn will be with you until Christmas, and Neptune in Pisces will be with you throughout 2021 and beyond. I am glad you have been writing your dreams in a journal; that is a fantastic use of Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House. Sleep and dreams are an amazing area to explore (though don’t wake up tired; there is a way around that). Your twin sons and Fortuna in Gemini are a good example of the mysterious way in which astrology works. This is actually about language development for yourself, then and now, and the ongoing exploration of writing and communication, not only in terms of getting things down on paper, but also using collage, art, illustration and so on. You relate to Pisces and the Twelfth House, and you are now being shown a way to develop that side of yourself, using the different techniques available, from poetry to prose, from quotes to illustrated text. This is a classic Gemini-Pisces outcome. We also find it with songwriters and with fantasy writers, actually. Your children would be part of this, either because of their own path with English lessons, or just language and reading/writing – or because you find they make their way into your journal. Normally our private lives are ignored by the internet because we feel an instinct to keep everything inside and away from the public gaze, yet the internet itself swallows up so much time we don’t ever find the energy for a journal. What you are doing is pretty new and different but you will find it reshapes your inner life and private world, and of course that alters the other one!

  9. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your precious information on sextile between Jupiter and Neptune. I have IC at 20 Pieces and MC at 20 Virgo. And Hygeia at 20 Gemini. What a rare combo of factors in such a rare sextile. I’m very exciting to hear from you what kind of fate will affect my life by this rare encounter.

    1. Well, you are already going through it. Fate is the right word as sometimes there are twists or turns in the tale which make more sense later on, particularly in terms of work. If your birth time is strictly accurate, than you have Virgo-Capricorn patterns taking place which are very much about your professional career; your full-time study; your part-time study; your unpaid work. Jupiter and Capricorn have a way of taking you into another world, actually, and it may have very little to do with what most people would call the ordinary sphere of doing the job at hand. Yet, you are also being shown something which could be an amazing new branch of what you do, or lead to fantastic developments later on. If you feel as if doors have been opening, or you are being nudged along a particular path, you are quite right. And stepping back from the situation you would have to say you have just had a lucky encounter, or there has been a fortunate twist in the tale. Just the right person you need for your task, role or project may have come back into your life, for example, or someone new who could be just the ticket, may also be right in front of you. This is no time to think small. In fact it’s seldom been easier to think very big.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all the great content during isolation. This has kept my mind and spirit nourished and constantly learning.
    Could you please help me decode the 20 degree placement of Chiron in Airies in my chart and how that combines with Jupiter in Capricorn and the Neptune square? How does this affect me on a personal scale?
    Thank you, Meagan

    1. It is tough being at home by yourself, Meagan, and this is a really good way to use the time. We are now in a cycle when the interior life and the inner world is becoming as real as the everyday one, and actually what you are going through will benefit you for years to come, even though there are times when it feels quite unreal. Your Chiron at 20 Aries is really about lifelong experiments with what is possible for your image, your appearance, your brand, your title, your name. We often find it in music, because lead singers go through so many phases with their band names or their hair! It can be expressed professionally so you end up in a career where you reinvent yourself, or it can be more personal, so that you use the internet to present or package yourself in a more experimental way, almost on a regular basis. This is likely to be more obvious now through Christmas, actually, as you also have an unusually long Mars transit of your First House of self-presentation. The Jupiter and Neptune sextile is wrapped around that, so what you are feeling and seeing (people prepared to go further, explore more widely, and do more) is going to help you as well. In fact if you are feeling like pushing the envelope then that is absolutely in line with what is happening. The worldwide web is a great place to explore what you can do with the flag you fly, or the armour you wear.

  11. Hi Jessica, I forgot to tell you that this morning of 27 th July, the weather in my town, Kagoshima, Japan was abruptly changed and I heard thunderstorms and saw lightenings. And I drew Oracle card of Uranus and Ninth House. The Tarot card I drew today was Devil.
    Is there any relation between Uranus Oracle, Devil Tarot card and the current Jupiter-Neptune sextile? To admit I was thrilled with these heavy omens. Thank you for your interpretation.

    1. Amazing to see thunder and lightning (Jupiter and Uranus) in Kagoshima. That is a good omen for you in Japan as it shows the opportunities for growth and change. Uranus and the Ninth House for you is personal and is a revolution with travel, study, teaching, the internet or publishing. Uranus is of course there in the sky for you, but also in your card. The Devil in Tarot is a message about the need to break free. So it all goes together, really, and you are being shown very clearly that now is the time to realise that every little is holding you back, or tying you down, if you want to be independent. In fact, you are currently so heavily restricted intellectually, geographically or spiritually that there is a case for saying – this is not living. If you want to feel alive and be fully alive, you need to start a revolution or join one, so you can become your own person. Unfettered is a good word to describe it. The situation with the pandemic has altered what is possible for you with travel in and around Japan, and also in terms of foreign people and places. It is having a huge impact on the universities and colleges. Yet, out of all of this, come something so new, so different, so exciting that it is irresistible.

  12. This is very interesting and mysterious. I have Capricorn at 20 in my Moon! How should I avoid missing this opportunity?
    Thank you

    1. It’s ongoing – the Jupiter-Neptune sextile is unfolding around you now. Simple luck, twists of fate or a feeling that things are lining up is typical. This often takes place with unpaid work efforts, study, or your professional life and business interests. The people are appearing just as they should, or the places speak to you. Sometimes it is the organisations around a situation which appear to be falling into line for you. Jupiter in Capricorn is rather practical, so what you have here is of practical use and the opportunist in you should see the possibilities for yourself this year, next year. Capricorn is an ambitious sign which wants the biggest and best, when Jupiter passes through that zone of your chart, and of course it is the Tenth House, where you reach for what is beyond most people, and sometimes beyond you – but not at the moment. In fact, you can afford to be ambitious, even if this is something you are doing for love not money.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I recently started reading your posts and enjoy them very much. I am at cross roads both personally and professionally. I would appreciate any insights you have to offer, Thanks

    1. A crossroads is not unusual on this cycle, when we see the North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces (and everybody else fills in the Virgo part of the Grand Cross). So if you feel stuck and not sure which way to turn at the moment, that is not out of the ordinary, and it can help to know what your options are. Freedom, space and independence are far more important than they used to be, when it comes to love and sex, and it is important to either change the relationship or marriage (so that it caters for this) or consider a life without it, if you feel trapped or limited – restricted in any way. There are some years for you to explore this as until 2026 Uranus will be in Taurus, opposite the Scorpio (sex and money) positions of the billions, so what you are experiencing is not just about you, it is about a global and national ‘wave’ when so many of the things that glued couples together, like the house, or the dual income, will be seriously questioned. So in fact our entire concept of marriage and family will alter, because we have to ‘meet change with change’ as they say. For you personally, you’ll feel it most in October, November, when you may need to make one of those sweeping decisions about transforming what you have with someone, or even thinking about an alternative. The professional crossroads offers you a clear August choice, as you are set to experience 2 or 3 weeks of sifting and sorting of facts. It’s a really good time to research, make calls, send emails and have keynote discussions about what to do. No later than September, actually, if you want a simple life.

  14. Hi Jessica, i am an Aquarius with ascendant is at Pisces 20 degrees. What kind of things should I look out for with today’s interesting aspects. Kind regards. Katherine

    1. Katherine, it is really about going for what seems like another world, or another reality, so that you escape into something which has nothing to do with what is everyday and ordinary, but everything to do with your imagination, faith, vision, or soul. This is intensely personal to you, and it really depends on what is real to you, in terms of what you believe, and what you know to trust, when you close your eyes. This inner space of yours has already been under development for years, anyway. It is often the cycle when mediumship, clairvoyance or clairaudience increases. It can also be more mysterious than that – not to be found in any guidebook. This cycle goes on for many years and it is a double whammy for you, because you have Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House of the interior life, in your birth chart, but also Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in your Twelfth House (in your Aquarius chart). This is also the cycle when people dig deeply into the whole business of God, and sometimes the Many Worlds theory of Hugh Everett. It can be a real leap forward.

  15. Jessica,
    I am so intrigued by all the copious and accurate information you’ve been sharing in the blog. Also, incredibly humbled by the intensity of Mother Nature, the cosmos, and your invaluable interpretation of the stars. I have Fortuna at 20degrees, curious what is in store in relationships. That’s mostly what a good Libra cares most about anyway right? Much gratitude.

    1. Thank you. Well, relationships in 2020, 2021 are really about seeing what you can get away with, and it may actually be a candidate for a partnership or affair with you, who shows you that. There is usually a teacher, mentor or guide on this cycle and sometimes it can be a specific lover. The other possibility is that it is not the other person who instructs you in unconventional experiments with what is possible – it is the universe itself – and you create your personal life as you wish. There is likely to be a great deal of urgency about this between now and the end of 2020 but try to pace yourself or find a way to have (as much as you can) regular timing with the other person. You don’t want a lot of heat and speed, which can happen on the cycle you are in now.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    I feel like saying merry Jupiter/Neptune to you, lol
    With the moon in Scorpio amongst everything else going on.
    Would today or tomorrow be a good time to start building my website?

    Best Wishes

    1. You’re in a great position with your website in August, Louisa, as we are finally out of the long Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, and into the Leo weather of August, with a bigger focus on a younger audience, actually, so when you are creating your message, remember that not everyone is your demographic. Some parts of what you are doing could (and should be) accessible to all as you never know how young the fish are which swim past when you bait your internet hook.

  17. Hello Jessica! I’m curious how this will affect my work right now. I’m working on a creative project right now that I am hoping to sell at some point in the next few months. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Your eyes are hopefully on a foreign or distant regional marketplace for what you intend to sell, as this is where the real potential is between now and December 2020. If your creative project involves collaborators then think about people from other nationalities or countries. If you are doing this by yourself, then be aware of what’s out there in other languages, in particular. August and September see the wheels go round, but October and November are harder work. I’m not sure what your deadline is but you may prefer to push things now through September.

  18. Hello Jessica,
    I’d love to know more about the Neptune/Jupiter options going on in my chart. Please could you tell me more x

    1. Sure. Jupiter in Capricorn is career, unpaid work or study opportunities to improve and upgrade the quality of your life, either because of the achievement, or because of the easier lifestyle. There may be a bit of both, actually, as what is happening in the wider world of business and government this week (right on cue) is going to offer you options in 2021 which were a dream before. Not having to work full-time or seven days a week; working from home; job-sharing; juggling two roles – and more. That is what this transit is about in your chart. The door just opened.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    thank you so much for your reply to my question. Interestingly enough, an opportunity came up to audition for a role as a children’s presenter, about a day after you replied to me. It was completely random and totally floats my boat! I’ve got the passion, but no ‘formal qualifications’ as such…I’ve given it a go and applied anyway. I won’t know until August the outcome of it, but any feedback from my chart about where this could go would be greatly appreciative. Thank you x

    1. I’m glad you applied for the job. You will be ‘presenting’ to and for younger people for some years into the future, and it is up to you to decide which medium you want to use. Not everything has to be on commercial television. The Leo weather (Fifth House: young people) in August is ideal for lift-off and there are actually a couple more options for you too.

  20. Hi Jessica! I am wondering how this might affect me based on my chart. I feel I am at a crossroads right now and am being pulled in an unknown direction; I’m not sure whether to resist it or just allow it to take me where it wants. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. By now you should be on your way, having spotted the changes in the world around you. Nothing is the same out there and the faster you spot the opportunities, the better off you will be. Your chart says you are a multi-tasker who can do rather a lot, very well, and this is now what is waiting for you in 2020, 2021 and up until January 2022. In fact you are already being shown so many different ways to enjoy yourself and/or be successful. It really depends on the price you put on time and money. There is already one possibility for you locally and it will come about because someone cannot juggle her own duties or scheduling.

  21. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for writing another interesting article on the Jupiter and Neptune cycle – it is truly inspiring as you simply have a wonderful way with words =] I was just wondering, may it be at all possible to provide some guidance as to what this transit may suggest as I notice Venus, Mercury and Neptune triggered in the natal chart.
    In addition, I have recently learnt that support services for my recovery are to be ending and am unclear on whether this is a fated time or not. I just don’t feel like my instincts are where they have been recently so any information of support or guidance would be much appreciated indeed.
    Take care Jessica, Kindest regards, Bea xx

    1. Thank you. Bea, I am sorry your support services for recovery have ended. You are now on a different path and you will discover you know your own mind. You can make the right choices in August as you pass the Full Moon, and then the New Moon (the crossroads and the fresh start) at the end of the month. Your natal chart is picked up by the Jupiter-Neptune sextile but also a few other transits. You have a role helping others and it is waiting for you. Not every success in your life will be loud or obvious, big or dramatic, and what you end up doing will be quietly successful in its own way. You are not yet in a position to look around at all your opportunities but they are out there and August will put you on the right road. Jupiter in Capricorn (professional opportunities or unpaid work options) is huge now and will peak in November, when you should go to the next stage with a plan hatched this month.

  22. Hey Jessica, just happily renewed my membership. Yours is the Best astrology website on the web, hands down. I’m looking forward to this Jupiter/Neptune sextile lightening up the rest of 2020, even if I don’t have factors at exactly 20 degrees. This past year has been so exhausting! (Jessica wrote: “…Even if you don’t have anything at 20 degrees in your chart, the astrology will still bring the typical ‘boom’ of Jupiter….”). Thanks for all the time & energy you share with us!

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that compliment on to James, Jodi and Justin. You will have heard the ‘boom’ of Jupiter in Capricorn by now, and that is the planet of improvement, expansion and optimism in the sign of career, work, unpaid work and study. Google led the boom as nobody will work in an office in 2021 – every one of their staff is at home. This opens the gates to every other company and by next year more than half of us will be enjoying the relaxation, comfort and space of a home office, instead of a packed commute. Meetings will become much shorter, because nobody wants to loiter on Zoom, and there will be other pluses – a lowering of air pollution because cars disappear; more space on buses and trains for those who do travel – and so on. All very Jupiter in Capricorn. The Neptune in Pisces side of the boom is the inner life, peace and quiet, inner space and … just space! You will be affected, as will the people around you. Exhaustion will not be an option next year.

  23. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for your job,English is my second language .For the first am raising a question in this blog.
    The only factor at 20 degrees in my chart is Saturn at Gemini. How will I be affected?
    My house, my marriage ( also sibling’s) and my carrier all are heavily affected, particularly from 2018,
    how to sail through this difficult phase?
    pls go through my chart and enlighten me. Thx

    1. Yes you are all navigating heavy weather together but you will get through it. You have past life connections with your family/marriage and you have made agreements in previous lives to help each other in the same challenges you met years ago. This is a really long cycle going back to the 1340’s would you believe! You are in a great position to juggle two languages until January 2022 on the Gemini-Sagittarius weather, and in fact will think about adding a third. You may also decide to cultivate one language more than another and pursue that on video or audio outlets which are really new and suit the times we live in. You will be mentoring, guiding or tutoring across 2 or 3 subjects eventually. Saturn in Gemini is hard work but you can do this. You have done it before in another life when reaching people, connecting and communicating was also a challenge. You have come back again to perfect it.

  24. Hello Jessica – I have 26ºLeo – Sun , 21º-gemini-jupiter, and 20º Virgo-mercury and 20º Sagitarius-Aesculapia. I do not have any Capricorn planets/asteroids in my chart. i am teacher, a writer, living a tough phase. What can I expect?

    1. I am sorry you are going through a tough phase. This is the transition period. You will continue to write and teach and eventually do very well, but you need to embrace new or different technology online (for example, Square Space) and perhaps new equipment if that is possible. You certainly need to take the basics of what you do and find an alternative way to reach people. The Jupiter-Neptune sextile now touches your chart exactly, ongoing in August, and you were already given 2 or 3 opportunities up until Saturday (today). So go back and see what you need to follow up. You will be retraining or adding to your knowledge and skills by 2022 and that will help you relaunch what you do. Very successfully. In fact, there is another chance coming later in August.

  25. Hi Jessica, I have a couple of factors at 20 degrees and I am hoping to work in the area of spiritual health in which I have recently gained a qualification. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you

    1. Sure, you are moving that way anyway (Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House) and you will be speaking to the Virgo generation, born with planets in that sign – many of them in the Sixties, some younger. This is a long transit and you will learn as you go, in a knowledge exchange, so you are helping and healing, but also expanding your own range, as you continue to add to your skill set and wisdom. What you are doing depends on YouTube or podcasting (audio only) in the future and if you are not across the technology, now is the time to pursue that. You are in a good space to do so until January 2022 with the North Node in Gemini in your Third House of internet.

  26. Dear Jessica,

    Hello – I am a Capricorn with both my ASC and DESC at exactly 20 degrees according to my chart, and it seems from what I read that this might be a particularly potent cycle for me. Finances and career haven’t worked out for me in many ways – and in 2001 they didn’t either – and I’m wondering what can I expect, and how can I take advantage of this opportunity and not miss it? I would really like to launch my career / body of work this year and have it work out financially, but there have been many obstacles and I’m feeling discouraged to be honest. Would love any insight / advice you might have.

    And thank you again for your wonderful articles.

    24° Capricorn 51′ 22″
    25° Scorpio 02′ 55″
    07° Capricorn 27′ 20″ R
    11° Pisces 35′ 54″
    10° Capricorn 36′ 14″
    21° Taurus 10′ 25″ R
    14° Leo 53′ 10″ R
    11° Scorpio 21′ 23″
    15° Sagittarius 07′ 00″
    14° Libra 11′ 25″
    27° Aries 19′ 32″
    21° Scorpio 16′ 33″
    17° Cancer 07′ 23″ R
    08° Libra 48′ 56″
    19° Gemini 12′ 24″
    19° Sagittarius 12′ 24″
    20° Virgo 45′ 27″
    20° Pisces 45′ 27″
    04° Gemini 32′ 21″
    14° Scorpio 20′ 49″
    11° Aquarius 05′ 19″
    05° Pisces 00′ 53″
    27° Sagittarius 08′ 07″
    10° Sagittarius 56′ 15″
    21° Virgo 01′ 15″
    05° Cancer 52′ 57″ R
    09° Taurus 41′ 09″
    07° Aquarius 22′ 23″
    18° Taurus 49′ 41″
    02° Aquarius 14′ 16″
    21° Capricorn 10′ 50″
    17° Virgo 10′ 08″ R
    29° Libra 31′ 41″ R
    29° Aries 31′ 41″ R

    1. Your Jupiter in Taurus is in the zone. You have Jupiter at 21 Capricorn trine Jupiter at 21 Taurus in 2020 and you were born with Juno at 21 Scorpio, right opposite. That is a lot of help. You will save or make money. You are probably already doing it. If not, it is because you’ve not taken up opportunities from earlier this year. I just answered a question from someone who had Jupiter in Taurus. He was offered an early pension-superannuation pay out of $10,000 by the government who are trying to save money on benefit handouts. He did nothing about it, but the chance has come back to him. He was also offered a large sum by a family member, gratis. Finally, he has an old project that could be reworked for a new market, as suddenly everybody wants to learn maths at home, with their children (and he was a maths software developer). You don’t say anything about yourself, what you do, what your financial position is, or what you want to do – so I have to use him as an example. But you have one, two or three options to save or make cash in August and I hope you are pursuing them.

  27. Hi Jessica!

    Thank you for this article. For some reason I’ve been feeling unsettled recently…a bit of a nervous energy. After reading this post, I’m wondering if my gut feels like something big is about to happen.

    I have Uranus in Scorpio at 20° and Neptune in Sagittarius at 20°. Could you please help me decipher what this means for/to me? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you SO much!

    1. So by now you have had Jupiter at 20 Capricorn and Neptune at 20 Pisces pick up your Scorpio-Sagittarius placements. Essentially you are being shown the new world. Globalisation is dying and will be dead by 2022, over this Gemini-Sagittarius cycle, which killed off shipping in the 1340’s and also city-country migration in Europe. It’s the same cycle that we also saw during AIDS when the world realised that the epidemic was being shipped to Africa so that part of the world also found its fate transformed, in terms of tourism and immigration. What happens on these massive cycles of time is that new opportunities and new industries and new businesses all spring into life. You are seeing that in 2020 with government handouts of money; the boom in Zoom education; the boom in face mask production; the boom in bicycles! This is about the end of globalisation for you and how it produces opportunities to make or save money (Scorpio). It goes for years so you need to be right across it and keep updating. The future is local not global and there is money to be made. People will holiday in caravans, not fly overseas to hotels. People will cycle on the new electric bikes, not sit in traffic jams of petrol-fuelled cars. AJ stay on top of the rapidly changing world as that is what is known as a trickle-down effect. It will trickle down to you and you can make or save money.

  28. Bless you kindly for your message, it is much appreciated. I was just wondering, would it be at all possible to direct me on the other transits that are to be occurring? Is Pluto and Panacea being picked up too? Is it a good time to seek out any educational courses/qualifications or personal projects? Take care, kindest regards, Bea x

    1. Bea you should be learning, formally and informally, in 2020, 2021, early 2022 as you will not have this transit of Gemini and Sagittarius again for another 19 years. It is not just about Pluto and Panacea, but two entire houses of your chart, dedicated to academia, education, colleges, seminars, webinars, part-time tuition and so on. Through learning you will teach others, eventually. This will be done part-time, at home. In fact this cycle occurred in the late 1300’s when academics opened up their homes to pupils in the universities. Can you imagine? But it is coming back, via Zoom. This circuit of learning and mentoring, guiding or tutoring will be with you until 2022.

  29. Hi jessica can you please have a look at my chart with Ceres 19 degree Capricorn salacia 20 degree capricorn thank you jessica

    1. By now you would have seen the opportunity (Jupiter in Capricorn) for higher status or success (Capricorn) which would involve a change in the balance of power (Ceres) and the chance to operate in two different spheres at once (Salacia). Neptune is Salacia’s husband so that is a doublel whammy. By now you would have been offered something which has nothing to do with the real world, even though it is real. I just had a reader with a similar chart who was suddenly invited to take part in a video project in Thailand that was never on her agenda. It was with a very glamorous company and it involved her edging in on a competitor’s job, actually. So that was the change in the balance of power.

  30. Dear Jessica,
    I Have Jupiter at 21 Taurus, could it bring any light to my career and apartment choises?

    1. Jupiter in Taurus in the Second House is about protection in times of financial or property strain, and (when life is good) a huge amount of money, or cash in kind. You are the sort of person who is rescued from dire financial straits by offers or opportunities, in the nick of time. However, you are also the sort of person who can win prizes in contests (worth money) or pick up income so easily from work. There is also always the chance of inheritance and you may also be a bargain magnet. You attract lucky deals or have amazing breaks with house or apartment purchase or lease. This is a lifelong pattern. It never changes. It’s brought to life in 2020 because Jupiter at 21 Capricorn will trine Jupiter at 21 Taurus. And yes, Neptune and Jupiter were both recently very close at 20 degrees, so by now you should have picked up a nice little earner, as Arthur Daley used to say, or something has landed in your lap which you could not buy – it is glittering and precious.

  31. I have natal Saturn at 20 Virgo in my 12th house transiting 20 Neptune Pieces in my 6th and transiting 20 Mars Aries in my 8th house and I have a special birthday coming up on the 29th – is some kind of liberation from the confining Saturn vibe that I was born with finally possible?

    1. Spinning your chart I have Saturn in your Sixth House of Mind, Body, Spirit at 20 Virgo, being opposed by Neptune at 20 Pisces in your Twelfth House of dreams, hypnosis, meditation, Tarot, mediumship, cognitive therapy, counselling and the unconscious. Your issue is actually about work, unpaid work and/or housework and your body, mind and spirit acts out the issue for you. So, for example, ballerinas who do not want to be ballerinas get foot problems. People asked to work with their minds (and to put on a happy face) get depression – if their soul resists the work they are doing. Have a look on Virgo/Sixth House on Search. Yes, you can change this. But you need to look at how your mind influences your body, and vice-versa, and then look at work ethic and workload, because in astrology terms, it’s tied in.

  32. I have Jupiter in 8th Virgo at 12 degrees… I have two court cases I need to launch, is this a good aspect to do it under?! Lucky or risky? The other transits worry me with Mars in my 3rd right now. Thanks in advance!

    1. You have Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House in Natural Astrology. Mars would not be in your Third House now, it would be in your First House. See my other reply; it’s hard to call without the other chart. Mars is retrograde (war, backwards) so given that such things are a huge strain on one’s peace of mind, and peace of mind is general immunity – low stress -I would be looking at the price you are paying in terms of your body, mind and spirit (Virgo, Sixth House) for pursuing a battle when Mars is retrograde in Aries. Really, really look at this.

  33. I have Pluto at 20 degrees Scorpio, how might that do, would that be helpful to utilize for a court case? Transit Mars in my 3rd tells me to wait but this looks lucky?

    1. It depends on the astrological chart of the other person or organisation. Sorry for this dull reply, but it really does. You are talking about karma, debts and credits here. That needs to be balanced, and you do need to look at the other horoscope to see how/when that might be. There is room for negotiation and compromise. Jiggle the scales. Wobble the balance between you. It is worth a try.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Do you see my question? I posted twice but no response.

    I have Moon at 20 Taurus and Apollo at 20 Taurus. How will i be affected?

    Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. I’m afraid the comments list is long and up to 10,443 today so sometimes questions do get further back in the queue. You have the Moon in Taurus in the Second House of money, charity, business and property, so you express your ‘need to be needed’ by paying for people, funding organisations, making money for others or being productive – generating resources, no matter if it’s growing vegetables or being an art dealer. Your parenting or protective instinct is channelled into saving or making money, or adding to a stockpile of products, possessions and so on. Apollo, you say, is at 20 Taurus so this is exactly conjunct. This is unusual and reveals that you are also imitated, when it comes to money, possessions, charity or business – perhaps property. You lead the way, set an example, are widely admired and often copied. This is now activated in your chart. It was activated up until 2nd August so I hope you are on a roll now. When Neptune goes back to 20 Pisces at the end of February 2021 he will sextile your conjunction and you will be put in the same position.

  35. Hi Jessica
    I have Chiron in Aries 20
    How is this significant? All the best and I hope you are keeping well

    1. Thank you. Chiron in your personal birth chart reveals where you see what you can get away with. What you can successfully risk and experiment. Chiron was a most unconventional music teacher, from the Roman point of view, as he was a centaur who was still revered by his pupils. He was also a herbalist and healer, who gathered his ingredients from Mount Pelion. In your chart, Chiron shows where you set an example to others – about the so-called outrageous, unthinkable or audacious. The zodiac sign and house shows you where, so in your case this is Aries and the First House. Self-promotion, flying the flag or wearing the uniform or look – for a movement or profession. It’s about your face, shape, style, name, brand, reputation. Lifelong experiments with your look, or your ‘Me’ agenda prove to yourself and others that nothing is beyond the pale. This is now well and truly triggered in your chart as Neptune forms a semi-sextile from 20 Pisces and Jupiter forms the square from 20 Capricorn (though the aspect broke on 2nd August so you are a week along).

  36. Hi Jessica
    I know you are bombarded with questions so I will give this another try….and honestly, I don’t know how you keep up!! Do you need an intern, lol? I’m in! My chart not only has a few things close to that 20 but my Nodes are 20 Cancer and Capricorn (North and South respectively). Can you please take a look and give me some of your very valuable insight? Thanks, again!

    1. I am just having a cup of tea on Sunday morning and happy to look at your question, before I go for a walk on the beach. (I am lucky though, I have some amazing friends who work alongside me). Boundaries are very important at the moment, because you have Neptune recently at 20 degrees in your chart, and that is confusing, and confused. It can be hard to see or know what is going on. There is also a fair bit of line-crossing taking place. The only way to hold the line is to turn to Mars in Aries, which is firm but fair. The phrase is ‘This far and no further’ and you are saying it, or hearing it. By the time 2020 is over there will be new rules, regulations and restrictions in place. They may be written down or just clearly stated. Neptune types have no sense of what is appropriate and don’t know how to keep their distance or respect others’ boundaries. So that is what you are dealing with. It’s not negative at all. In fact it can make life a lot more straightforward. Eventually Neptune will move on and the billowing clouds of confusion will disappear.

  37. Hi Jessica – what an amazing article! Neptune Pisces 20 degrees is a hot button for me, as it’s hitting my North Node at 20 and my Moon Gemini at 19 degrees. I’m interested to hear your interpretation of that transit- thank you! Debbie

    1. Thank you. Well, you now know that you will be mentoring (the future is tutor) but also taking a short course, or even a fully committed course, between now and 2021. You could walk away, of course, but I don’t think you can resist it.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I’m hoping you can throw some light on the factors that are at 20 degrees in my chart;
    Uranus at 20 of Leo in, Psyche at 20 of Aquarius and Bacchus at 20 in Capricorn.

    1. Sure. You produce babies, or projects involving children/teenagers/Millennials – then reject them. This can sometimes be physical so you miscarry or terminate pregnancies. You can also become a parent but partly or wholly reject the full-time job of doing that! Dating, mating and relating patterns often revolve around avoiding children, so you fall in love with people who do not want them, or marry people you are going to divorce. Eventually you figure out a way to have children, babies, teenagers or Millennials in your world without losing your fierce independence and personal space. Your career, social life and friendships have all played their part in this pathway for you and always will.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    I think I have already seen changes with my Neptune 20 Sagittarius and Uranus 20 Scorpio and my line of work and where I live. Pre-covid I was looking to finally leave my background in learning and education but it was not to be in March. I was ‘chosen’ to continue with providing online training and have been concentrated and expanding on this area so far. It looks exciting as great leaps in online learning have already occurred and its something I’m very familiar with, so I am very grateful. I have an opportunity to be more hands on and provide some leadership so I am pursuing this and it should see me connect with a younger audience, aka my teaching background. Housing wise its been great living in Melbourne city for work reasons but I don’t see this as an issue for much longer for my partner or myself. Looking to sell up and move out of Melbourne onto some land and into a country community. If it wasn’t for all this it would probably just be a holiday house pursuit. So wondering if you see any disruptions to these plans?

    1. Tutor is the future! No, your future as a tutor will go from strength to strength and in fact, the new technology from 2026 will mean you both learn and teach in exciting new ways. If you want to move there is no obstacle to that and you are looking for smooth Cancer/Fourth House weather, which you have after the 30th of August is out of the way. Early September looks like a good time to strike a deal though avoid 28th September-20th November (Mercury Retrograde) unless you have Plan B and C and it’s in writing.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I have Pisces 20 degrees
    Aries 20 degrees and Sagittarius 20 degrees . I don’t know/understand what is the story here ?
    But I’m at the SEA with my house renovation , I guess it’s because of Pisces 20 degrees .
    I feel like it is never end and some day I just couldn’t deal with the mess and dust in the house . It blow my head off and my anxiety kick in .
    Could you please tell me If my house will be DONE soon ?
    Should I be prepared/worried about
    the ‘Comfortably Numb’ on so many levels on January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th in the year 2021, when Neptune at 19 Pisces is caught in a tense, tight T-Square with the North Node at 19 Gemini and South Node at 19 Sagittarius ?

    As you can see in my chart
    I am so drained, exhausted and fragile .
    I don’t know if I can handle the waves hit on me anymore .

    Thank you so much for your insight Jessica .

    1. I am sorry you feel drained, exhausted and fragile. You are renovating your house. That can be messy. Do you have a space in your house where you can lie down and relax? Even if your bedroom is being painted, can you move yourself into the sitting room? You need boundaries at home so that there is a place where you can shut the door and find peace. I need you to use Natalie Delahaye’s two meditations on this website please and try them twice a day. She is a brilliant hypnotherapist. You will probably fall asleep during at least one of them, which is good. You need it. I also recommend you go to The Healing Trust website and try the Fountain of Light meditation which will help your aura and chakra health. So I am giving you some work to do. Do not travel or move in the final week of January 2021 on the T-Square. Astrology is not supposed to worry you, it is supposed to warn you. It’s very simple. I’m warning my readers not to be on a plane or ship then, or in the process of moving or emigrating. That’s all you have to do. Your renovated home will be a beautiful escape and sanctuary for you eventually. You will especially enjoy the bathroom. Now, find yourself a space to listen to Natalie twice a day please. And try The Healing Trust. If you can’t lock the door move heavy objects. If you need silence then get earplugs – the kind American construction workers use. You urgently need boundaries at home.

  41. Thank you so much for your response and guidance Jessica . You are so kind .
    I will listen to the meditation you told me to do . Besides Neptune in Pieces .
    I’m in 1/4 of revolutions journey with Uranus in Taurus . My well-being “upgrading” to suit with my duty . It’s TIME dear Jessica .
    Over the years I have over working, neglected myself to point I have to change or I die . Physically and mentally .
    Thankfully In this website YOU showed me . Spot on every time !!

    Then while I’m in mess of the process with my health , I decided the do most of the renovation my home alone ( due to limited financial) dragging from June 2019 .
    Someday I just don’t have any strength, I couldn’t see it to be end . Without my children and a clean HOME I’m lost my mind . My life is a massive tangled ball . It’s so overwhelming . Health , financial, relationships, children education, home…. nothing is right . Have they ever been right even !!

    Thank you so much again for reading my thoughts and your precious time Jessica .
    I don’t ask you any questions .
    Only if possible for you , could you please tell me that I will get out of this tangled mess one day SOON .

    Have a wonderful day Jessica .

    1. Thankyou. I am glad the astrology here helps. You could gain so much from Spark Joy (free on YouTube) but also with Karen Kingston. People swear by Karen. You should try to clean one drawer, even. Or just one room (better). A space to meditate, relax, dream, sleep is essential – see if you can make a nest.

  42. Hi, Jessica

    Thank you for reply to my other messages. I was ok to think about the future after reading your post regarding 2020-2040. But slowly it is making me seriously sad thinking I may never see and hug my family from now on.

    It is already past but I’d like to know where Jupiter can help me. Could you have a look at my chart please?

    Thank you, Jessica

    1. Of course you will be able to see and hug your family. The future is about air bridges and air bubbles. If that is not possible between the two countries involved, you (or they) will have to relocate and stay there. Probably you, because there is only one of you! You may find you don’t come back for years, though, as flights are too expensive or people are banned from travelling from particularly dangerous places. So you have to marry where you live. Beyond that, there will be frequent testing so that people within the family have the all-clear and you can obviously hug. Not a problem. Nobody is banning anyone from hugging but it does come with rules and we are going to see bubbles of people, as well as particular bubble countries.

  43. Thank you, Jessica. And I am sorry I have been a bit weak asking same questions for a few times. Thank you for kind reply. You are doing more than astrologer’s job.

    1. It’s not remotely weak to ask questions a few times. In times of trouble we need to repeat, to get it right. This is a very, very tough year. Don’t forget to use your cards and guidebook though. The best psychic is usually yourself.

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