Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology Works

Astrology works. It predicted a 2020 virus and economic shock years ago. If you know your birth time, place and date - or even just your birthday - please use it. Could there be any more intriguing way to spend the coming days at home?

Nostradamus by Cesar 488x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksWilliam Lilly Wikimedia - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksNostradamus (Sagittarius, born December 14th, 1503 on left) and William Lilly (Taurus, born April 30th, 1602 on right) both made their names with printed astrological predictions, peering years or even centuries (in the case of Nostradamus) into the future.

With the boom in astrology, I’ve seen one journalist after another approaching me for explanations about ‘why Millennials believe in it’ or even, why I believe in it.

Well, I’ve been doing this since I was 14 years old. Pre-computer. Armed with a pencil and a biscuit tin to draw around (all horoscopes are circular).

I don’t just ‘believe’ in astrology. I use it, in a practical way. With the virus, it’s a good time to stay at home and try it yourself. But first, a little something for the sceptics among you.

Nostradamus and Plague

Sceptics find this deeply annoying, but Nostradamus saw several plagues across the centuries, and date-stamped them for his readers. He also saw the Notre Dame fire using astrology and, likely, scrying (clairvoyance). Gazing into water to summon up visions.

“The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn” he wrote in one quatrain. “France and Italy, what emotions will you undergo?”

Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksThe Notre Dame fire did indeed break out with unusual patterns involving the zodiac sign Aries, Jupiter and Saturn. The French were devastated, as was the Vatican.

This translation, in The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus (Editor: Ned Halley, Castle Books, Ware 1999) also notes several plague predictions, of which this is the most intriguing.

“With the plague scars gone, the earth becomes smaller.”

Could there be any better description of the world in 2020, without flights or indeed cruises?

 William Lilly and The Great Plague

Christian Astrology 400x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksToday, we full-time professional astrologers use similar techniques to Nostradamus and another famous stargazer, William Lilly. Lilly of London lived, worked, survived and (even) thrived in a time of plague. He resided on the Strand, judging as many as 2000 astrological birth charts a year.

His 1647, masterpiece Christian Astrology was written while in retreat from The Great Plague, which he had publicly foreseen with a pamphlet illustrated with a woodcut – of grim coffins. For the record, he saved his landlords’ children and himself.

Magik of Master Lilly - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksThe novelist Tobsha Learner (The Magick of Master Lilly) is just one author who has been fascinated by his famous illustrated predictions, including The Great Fire of London. Lilly has also attracted a fan base of American astrologers who dedicate themselves to his particular technique – horary astrology – charts cast for the hour a question is asked.

So, Lilly was all about divination. Or, if you prefer the theories of Carl Jung, synchronicity. Using astrology, Lilly was hired to help Charles II escape during the English Civil War. Then, as now, astrology has a royal connection.hieroglyphic forecasting the great fire of london - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology Works

Natalie Delahaye (who is a guest tutor at The Sun Sign School) prepared a marriage horoscope for Prince William and Kate Middleton for a wedding guest and was first to obtain Kate’s birth time. The astrologers Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton, who are also guest tutors at The Sun Sign School, both count Diana, Princess of Wales as a former client.

Drawing up horoscopes (or these days, calculating them with Astro Gold software) is not for the faint-hearted. It works – so well – that it is sought after by some of the most famous people in the world. In fact, it’s part of the business. Powerful information attracts powerful individuals.

Lilly’s prediction of The Great Fire of London appeared in woodcut form (pictured right). He called these woodcut illustrations ‘Hieroglyphicks.’

Date-Stamped: The WHO Pandemic

Plague prediction is a very long way from the Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue horoscope columns I once wrote, but as an astrologer, when something stands out in the heavens, it’s time to ring a warning bell. Thus, I was clanging like mad, here on my website around a year before WHO called a COVID-19 pandemic. This is what some of you may have read:

March 28th, 2019 – The New World Order

Between Monday, January 6th and Monday, January 13th, 2020, there will be a critical change in the balance of power between the United States, China and Europe. One last note – Post-Millennium bugs, hackers and viruses.

One date stood out in that prediction. January 10th, 2020. The day of an eclipse.

We know the rest. The first Covid-19 fatality in China was announced to the world on the 10th of January 2020. Close to this date we also saw a Microsoft Killer Windows 10 Bug and The New York Times linked the impeachment of Trump to Russian hackers.

The astrological language which gives us ‘virus’ is similar to bug and hack. It can show inside computers but also inside the human body. It did so, on that date.

Another prediction, again about a virus, appeared on September 7th, 2017 (so even further back). My story on Mercury Retrograde Dates to 2020 covered a popular astrology meme: The apparent backward motion of Mercury, the planet which rules transport, airlines and business. Three years later, readers were piling onto the website to thank me, having avoided this period for flight bookings and share market gambles.

What ran in 2017, was about all the Mercury Retrograde periods ahead, but it gave a timeframe that now makes perfect sense as we cope with the pandemic.

“On Mercury Retrograde there are classically major computer, transport, internet or travel problems across the world, usually in influential cities like New York, Sydney, London, Los Angeles or Paris.” It went on: “I have included all the risky Mercury Retrograde Shadow periods in the dates below. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 happened on the shadow.”

The last dates in the story were peak times for the Covid-19 crisis and Wall Street panic – February 2nd to March 30th, 2020. The prediction continued, on my website:

“The Wall Street Crash on Black Tuesday, October 29th, 1929, was the most chaotic event of the 20th century, leading to years of Depression around the world. It happened on Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow.”

Critics of astrology sometimes dismiss our work as a lucky guess. The one black swan, among all the white swans, that is a mere fly-past.

On November 11th, 2019 in a story called Mercury Retrograde 2020 (warnings cannot be repeated often enough when crisis is coming) I looked about five months into the future.

Very close to the day that WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic (Wednesday, March 11th. 2020), astrology called Monday, March 9th, 2020 as a virus risk period. Again, this is what you may have read on my website:

“Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th March? This period is particularly chaotic because we also have a Full Moon in Virgo (organisation and order, clashing with flooding and confusion) and the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune (randomness) across this period.

In fact, you can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses, and regular traffic, air traffic and shipping affected by wave after wave of rain/flooding. “

edwin hooper Q8m8cLkryeo unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology Works

Why Astrology Works

Time is a construct. The clock time you use is man-made and designed to help your city – do business with other cities. So, London GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) was once ‘levelled’ with New York Time for economic reasons. Clock time is manipulated for business/agricultural reasons for farmers – Daylight Saving Time.

Calendars are constructs. During the French Revolution, new calendars were produced to replace the old.

Yet, the real time, behind all of this, might be Astrology Time. Nothing to do with men interfering with the normal Sun and Moon calendars for political or business reasons – everything to do with nature.

One of the 56 Aubrey holes at Stonehenge - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksAt Stonehenge, the 56 Aubrey Holes (discovered by an amateur astrologer named John Aubrey) can be used as eclipse predictors. Professor Sir Fred Hoyle confirmed this in the 1960’s. If you move one marker for the North Node, one marker for the South Node, one marker for the Moon and one for the Sun – around the holes – eclipses can be seen before they happen.

Or, were the 56 holes used as a day-plus-night prediction device for women’s periods? Fertility? Conception? Pregnancy? In any case, the Moon mirrors women, and women mirror the Moon. They both run on repeated 28/29-day cycles. Perhaps astrology is the real time, behind constructed time, and prediction is a natural part of life.

Once you return to it, it works. The old mechanisms click into gear, like ancient wheels.

The Ethics of Prediction

Some astrologers frown on prediction. I see it as human weather forecasting. I am not a hard determinist. It’s the storms that require an umbrella and good diary planning I am interested in, not some gloom-and-doom unavoidable fate. This is in a tradition set by William Lilly who published ‘A Letter to the Student of Astrology’ in the 1600s.

“Be humane, courteous, familiar to all, easy of access, afflict not the miserable with terror of a harsh judgement.”

My colleagues and I with all our free blogs and websites are standing on the shoulders of a giant here – his famous pamphlet held in the Museum of London – his plaque dominating the Strand. We can but try, of course. There will never be another William Lilly. Yet, the earlier we make our predictions public, the more time there is to prepare our readers. And that’s the whole point.

I wrote my book 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide as an eBook in 2016 and it was published at the end of that year on Amazon. It went something like this regarding the Global Banking Revolution:

Page 128:

“Uranus in Taurus from 2018 will bring a global banking revolution. My prediction (although I have not yet had my coffee) is that we will see the end of banks as we know them. I know many astrologers and astrology beginners who see the same thing. We look around us and see Bitcoin, PayPal and Stripe. More importantly, though, we see that a very old cycle is about to repeat.”

Page 151:

“During the life span of this book, we will see radical changes for world currencies, banks, taxation and economic systems like Communism. Why? Uranus makes an historic move into Taurus, the cash sign, from May 16th, 2018. We will be set free from old financial or economic systems that trapped us. The planet will be shocked into a new way of operating. Uranus describes the revolution that sets people free from who/what restricts them or even utterly denies their own right to live their lives. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the biggest restriction of all is debt. Who and what keeps you in debt? That is where the revolution will unfold from 2018 onwards.”

It’s About Correlation. Not causation.

Sceptics dismiss astrologers as some lumpen mass of charlatans (Professor Richard Dawkins being among our heaviest critics), but there are many kinds of astrologer and many kinds of astrology. And – we don’t believe Jupiter “influences” our lives, and we are not astrologists, either.

I’m looking at you, Professor Brian Cox, in your YouTube clip about astrology. (And if we’re astrologists, then surely that makes Cox and his colleagues, scienters?)

Our house journal is called Correlation. I don’t know any professional full-time astrologer in my circle who is mad enough to think Jupiter has ‘energies’ or has some kind of invisible effect on our destinies. Quite honestly, the midwife had a greater pull on me at birth, than Pluto.

No, it’s just about timing. And the peculiar nature of time and reality itself.

Synchronicity, as Carl Jung had it. And perhaps, Hugh Everett III’s theory of parallel universes and parallel lives, thrown in. One of the funniest things about the sceptics – the scienters – is that they solemnly give the Multiverse credence while denying that astrology could work in any universe at all.

The Past Shows the Future

By examining history and the patterns of planets and other heavenly bodies in the past, we can use software or an Ephemeris (like a time-travel directory) to look backwards and see forwards. I did this in my book, published in 2016, gazing four years into tomorrow. Many other astrologers have also been calling 2020 as a milestone year – for years.

On page 128 of 2020 Astrology, this was printed:

“In the new world, when everything radically changes, and people must co-operate to invent a new way to bank – we turn to astrology and history to show us a few home truths. Turn to America in 1781 if you want to learn how to deal with what is coming. Year zero for the planet Uranus and year zero for independence.”

“Whenever Uranus enters a new sign, there are people who resist the revolution and are left behind. History tells us that the radical should also include them, as much as possible. If it’s not possible, change should happen compassionately. There should be a spirit of understanding even if the entire planet is being turned on its head.”

Yet to Come? The Restructuring of Skyscrapers

Some of what I wrote in my 2016 book, I am still uncertain about. For example, on page 230:

“Skyscrapers in 2020 will not be the skyscrapers we know in 2016 as I finish this chapter. Those concrete and steel corporate structures will be restructured. Why? Because they have to be.”

This is pure astrological thinking, borrowed from William Lilly in the 17th century. We’re seeing heavy Capricorn weather in 2020. Capricorn the mountain goat rules high places – peaks and pinnacles. Summits. In modern life, that’s skyscrapers.

miltiadis fragkidis qnKuOYwD1Qw unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology Works

And that brings me to all the Trump Towers and Trump himself. You’d hope that an astrology book published in 2016 could have foreseen his impeachment, and while obeying the rules of our business (no single individual named – free will rules) – what was published was pretty explicit.

Continued on page 230:

Christmas 2019, New Year 2020. That is going to be quite some New Year’s Eve celebration. The balance of power is altering. The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square will shake. Right around the world you can expect to see a carve-up of control.

Astrology tells us to expect demotions, departures, promotions and reshuffles when Pluto and Ceres are in Capricorn, the sign which rules people at the top. Jupiter is there. This is a detox. In 2020 the time is right to ask questions about who is at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of any corporate, government or royal structure. How and why are they there? How can we fix the issues and heal the past?”

With hindsight, as my readers have pointed out, Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein was as much proof of that prediction, as the impeachment of Trump.

Of course, January 2020, too, was also the month that Brexit became a reality.

Brexit and Astrology

john cameron WK0Feb8vafE unsplash 450x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksMy earliest published prediction of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, was on my website in a story about Greece and the European Union. It ran on July 5th, 2015 in a piece headlined Astrology of Greece – Goodbye EU, Goodbye Euro.

The prediction attracted an avalanche of comments and still does. This is what was published:

“Even if Greece votes YES in the referendum which is hours away now, there will be riots, strikes, rebellions and revolution – and that yes will become a NO eventually.”

The next section of this forecast, made on exactly the same basis that Nostradamus and William Lilly also made predictions, was about England:

England Leaves the European Union, Scotland Leaves England

England will eventually leave the European Union. Scotland will ultimately leave England. Europe is breaking apart and this is the start.

People are surprised to know that astrologers use the ‘birth’ or foundation charts of nations to make predictions, but it’s part of what is known as Mundane Astrology. Even the Euro has a chart. We use the time, date and place of the birth of the currency to see what is in store. The feature went on:

“The end of the Euro as we know it…By 2026, the Euro we know in 2015 will no longer exist…What we take for granted – credit cards, debts to the bank, debts carried by our own nations, mortgages – will be replaced by a new model of how money should actually work, 2018-2026.”

It finished with an explanation justifying what (was) even for me – being the astrologer making it – quite a shocking prediction, for my students:

Astrology is Quirky Time

When you use astrology, you work with Quirky Time. Time as we know it does not exist, anyway – we all know that. There is no clock or calendar carved on the sky. Time is a construct. Astrology is Quirky Time. Carl Jung called it synchronicity.

Yet, it may be Natural Time. The Real Time.

Getting it Wrong is Getting it Right

Diana Her True Story - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksRepeated polls show only about 25% of people – perhaps one-third – trust astrology. Most people ignore it. Despite this, astrologers still find their way into academia, like my teaching colleagues, bestselling authors and Cosmopolitan horoscope alumni Maggie Hyde and Barbara Dunn.

Diana’s advisors, Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton, have found their way into history, in Andrew Morton’s book Diana – Her True Story (Michael O’Mara Books Limited).

And, when all else fails, my colleagues and I, just stand up in front of whiteboard and shout at anyone who will listen.

Shouting the Warnings in 2018

Thus, it was that two summers ago in Melbourne, where I usually spend half the year, that my colleagues Joanne Madeline Moore and Stephanie Johnson did our level best to warn our audiences of astrology fans, while trying not to scare the pants off them.

“Get out of debt now,” Joanne, a former television actress, yelled, without a microphone. “Property prices are going to crash. Get rid of your credit card if you can. Stop borrowing and spending.”

Stephanie’s software, Solar Fire – something William Lilly and Nostradamus would have loved – showed the logic behind our concerns about 2020 as we passed around printed charts.

Those mysterious patterns, though, also showed a better world to come, though. A correction if you like. For all that 2020 was a crisis year, with very hard work to follow until 2025, there was hope.

The Future of the Future Game

Astronomers shake their heads balefully when astrologers talk about their version of the sky. The precession of the equinox (the earth’s wobble) means the old zodiac signs that our ancestors used, are no longer in the same position.

I quite agree. There is nothing rational about what we do. The closest it comes to any kind of science at all (statistics being no friend of astrology) is quantum mechanics. And, certainly, psychologist Carl Jung’s ‘acausal connecting principle’ of synchronicity.

Yet – for stargazers like me, who are in the future business- it’s really clear that 2020 is the beginning of a welcome correction.

Climate Emergency and Astrology

markus spiske 4ilIvlK3L14 unsplash 400x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksOur climate emergency (I have been on strike over it, as part of Fridays For Future since last September) is rapidly looking manageable. Beyond that, the ongoing impact of COVID-19 will minimise it. For that, we have to peer far into the future, at Neptune’s departure from Pisces – a sure sign of flooding ahead – but the signs are encouraging. We can minimise the harm.

Beyond Climate Emergency, we are now in a classic cycle for system change. Particularly system change when ‘great dictators’ or bad dictatorships have controlled us all.

2020 repeats what we call a Jupiter-Pluto pattern (both planets being in the same zodiac sign) we have seen throughout history, when good beats evil.

Mussolini was arrested in such a year. Hitler was nearly killed in a bomb blast – and D-Day certainly signalled the beginning of the end for Nazism and Fascism. Barack Obama was elected in such a year when Jupiter and Pluto slowly moved into the same zodiac sign. Nelson Mandela triumphed over apartheid. It’s a game-changer in our game.

No doubt about it. We are in a perfect storm in 2020. A line-up in Capricorn (the elite) and Taurus (the economy) affecting billions, that we have never seen before and will never see again.

Yet, as the ancient wheels of the horoscope grind around in time, as they have done for stargazers as far back as Mesopotamia – it is also clear that through a quirk of birth timing, every generation now here, from children to seniors, is about to rediscover its best qualities. To come into its own.

For all that we are suffering, Generation Aquarius (think today’s teenagers – the Greta Thunbergs) are here to help.

I have been called upon to leave the astrological language out of magazine and newspaper articles, over the years. Editors dislike it because they think it alienates readers. Far from it. Thanks to the internet and websites like we now have a highly educated, well-informed readership of millions (according to Google Analytics and Alexa) who like to read about astrology, as it was originally written by Nostradamus and Lilly. I’ll wager a few of you reading this don’t even blink at the phrase ‘Saturn-Pluto conjunction.’

Perhaps it’s time we all got real about the world of astrology, with all its impressive history and fascinating track record, in this epic year of reality checks. Or to put it bluntly, if ‘this stuff works’ as American astrologer Michael Lutin (ex-Vanity Fair) claims, why don’t we give it more space?

Finally, a tale of astrology’s apparent failure, that proves its successes.

In The Guardian in 2016, I was asked to predict who would win the American election. Armed with the supplied time, date and place of birth of Donald Trump, I could see no evidence at all that a man born with such a horoscope would end up in the White House. Hillary’s birth data was unverified (always risky) but I called it for her.

andrej lisakov r4n8oBR  Y unsplash 600x450 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Why Astrology WorksWell – some time later, reeling from this wrong call (most astrologers got it wrong, for the record), I woke up to find a New York Post headline about Trump supplying an incorrect birth date to the New York authorities, ahead of a mayoral election. So – along with the two birth times supplied at, where we find our celebrity data – we now had two different birth months. It was at that point I dragged all Trump horoscopes into the wastepaper basket on my laptop and left them there.

In getting it so wrong, so publicly, astrologers had got it right. A good workman does not blame his tools, but in our profession, if we have competing data supplied, forget it. Down tools!

Astrology works. It predicted a 2020 virus and economic shock years ago. If you know your birth time, place and date – or even just your birthday – please use it. Could there be any more intriguing way to spend the coming days at home?

Why does it work? You may as well ask, ‘Why do human beings age, from babies to old ladies?’ Why do kittens grow into old cats, and puppies into old dogs? Why do the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size and shape, even though it’s an optical illusion?

Astrology (Real Time, Old Time) is part of being human. What do you think? How has astrology accurately predicted your own future?


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Featured Image – Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia via Unsplash
World is Temporarily Closed – Photo by Edwin Hooper via Unsplash
Trump Tower – Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis via Unsplash
Brexit – Photo by John Cameron via Unsplash
Climate Protest – Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash
Right to be Wrong – Photo by Andrej Lišakov via Unsplash

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46 Responses

  1. Jessica,

    Astrologers don’t have to prove anything to scientists. Astrology is real. Anyone that has ever taken the time to study it seriously and in depth knows that for a fact.

    The criticisms and comments that astronomers make show only their ignorance about how astrology works. In fact, a lot of astrologers need to develop a deeper understanding of astrology as well.

    Two astrologers that I think every astrologer need to tune into are Vic Dicara and Ernst Wilhelm.

    Ernst, has a free lecture on his website about ayanamsha and astrological calculations that I think every astrologer, professional and student need to hear. It’s a bit long, almost 3 hours but I think it’s worth and quite essential.

    Ernst basically explains that the zodiac is not the stellar sphere but the relationship of the earth to the sun and it’s annual revolution around the sun, it is the tropical signs/seasons. He really breaks it down and includes a diagram for clearer understanding.

    The constellations which are connected to the ‘fixed stars’, were determined by man and are what most everyone bases their understanding of astrology on. The confusion that we have today and in general are because of the confusion of linking the constellations with the earth path’s around the sun.

    Since the constellations and the tropical signs are no longer closely aligned due to precession, there is so much confusion, and is the biggest factor that scientists use in their criticism about astrology. This is also the reason for the controversy between sidereal and tropical astrology, with especially those who practice vedic also claiming that tropical signs are wrong because the tropical signs no longer align with the constellations. Everyone is confused.

    Vedic astrology excels at prediction but I think the vedic signs do not fit when describing the true qualities of people, places, and things. Due to precession, most of the ayanamsha’s show a 23 to 24 degree difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiac which when you subtract the difference will put most people sun signs and planets in the previous sign.

    There is so much controversy and confusion but listening to Ernst’s lecture cleared up much of the confusion for me and again I highly recommend it.

  2. Hi Jessica – I hope that you are doing well, as I you give out so much! If you wouldn’t mind helping me I would be so thankful. This year with Jupiter in my 4th house of home I know a new home is a huge possibility. Never having owned my own home I haven’t been sure how this could unfold. But for some reason over the last 9 months I have been feeling the need to move and find more space. I’ve gone to Arizona 3 times over the last 2 years and have left feeling like I would be back to live. I live in California and have extended (ex in-laws) in Arizona including my daughters biological father. …So yesterday I spoke with a realtor and loan officer in Arizona who have started the pre qualification process for me and I am finding I can afford to purchase a home on my own – I am moving quickly to see exactly what I can afford – and it feels like this could all move very fast. But I have a few things to consider. Will my job allow me to be fully remote (personal injury law firm) or will I need to look for something remote or local – I would love remote, will I be able to take my mom (4/28/60) with me and live in harmony, how will my not yet filed divorce affect the timing and planning of all this, will I flourish in Arizona and WHEN should I be planning for all this. It feels like it is and can move very quickly, I just want to make sure I am aware of the transits and how my chart is triggered. I’m a little nervous but am excited. thank you for your help and guidance, Jessica.

    1. Thank you, I am having a lovely time at the moment, with a chicken laying an egg a day and beautiful Hobart snow on the mountain. Jupiter always brings opportunities to rent or own a home, residence, land – better and bigger – and more easily. You want to be fully remote for a personal injury law firm. You want to take your mother. You are divorcing. Is Arizona right and when should you go? That’s a ton of questions. The transits are right now, September, avoid October, November, try again in December, first three weeks of January. The other questions are personal because I am not you. Avoid the eclipses as a general rule, so not November 30th and not December 14th either. Avoid the final week of January 2021 like the plague (literally). The reason I suggest you read your own cards (The Astrology Oracle) is that you have your own value system. If it was down to me, I would not go to Arizona! And I would wait to see who becomes the president, because you are going to see a massive change in the banking and mortgage system when that happens. But you are you, so take a look now. I don’t have any fears for you.

  3. I like this passionate post. Yes, why don’t we learn and study astrology as compulsory!

  4. Hi Jessica, I really enjoy reading (and hearing!) your predictions and it is easy to understand how astrology works on these global levels, from your explanation. Although I’m not sure how we apply astrology to the personal if these transits affect us all in the same arena of life. How do we bring our individual charts to these big overarching stories? Sorry if this is really obvious, I’m coming from reading astrology from many other sites which are all a little different – your explanations and style bring it all together in a much more cohesive and holistic way, so I’d love to understand more.
    Kind regards x

    1. On a simple level it’s macro-micro with Capricorn-Cancer patterns. Ever since Saturn changed signs in December 2017, we have been living with heavy, difficult Capricorn weather, creating massive pressure on Cancer planets in billions of charts. You have a stellium in Cancer. So, along with billions, your sense of belonging to an apartment, house or other residence has been under severe pressure in 2018, 2019, 2020. Also, your sense of belonging to a town or country. Most certainly you have been dealing with emotional pressure regarding one or both parents, a brother or sister, aunt or uncle and so on. Perhaps – a landlady or landlord, a flatmate or live-in partner. Perhaps greedy politicians and property developers have been destroying buildings or forests where you live and that has upset you. (Capricorn rules the men at the top). In any case, this depressing cycle is ending in stages, with a big leap recently taken in June, and another due in November, with an end to most of this heavy weather at Christmas. On a really basic level we will have a new American president who is Democrat. There may be a squeak victory or a massive landslide – it depends on voters. But Donald’s over. That means climate emergency is also on the way out, and China is also over (same thing). So – your micro world is the air circulating in your home, and the green space outside, and the temperature, which affects the value of your flat or house, or the mood with your family or flatmates. And the macro world is that climate-destroying, environment-trashing monster on the way out. There you go!

  5. Jessica, you’ve spoken a lot about an overhaul of the banking system and cryptocurrency. I suggest two more aspects of the revolution that Uranus in Taurus is bringing:
    (1) Not only the lowest interest rates in history, but negative interest rates. Can this crazy idea be any more Uranus?
    (2) Modern monetary theory (MMT) and debt. Politicians for decades have told us that a responsible govt is like a household or business that must balance its budget and borrow the difference if it spends more than it takes in. For govts, they said, this means raising revenue through taxes and then spending it through government services. They have then fearmongered us about how future generations, ‘our grandchildren’, will be lumbered with having to pay all that debt back. Which is then used an excuse for so-called austerity to slash public services. (While diverting funds to their business cronies via privatisation. But I think this might be the Capricorn Effect, hopefully soon to bring those well-heeled goats crashing down those high mountain summits.)
    Whereas MMT tells us that in fact money is NOT scarce, that govts in charge of their own currencies (like Australia) literally create money via keystrokes on a screen and can finance whatever they want. The real scarcity is in real resources (land, equipment, infrastructure, an educated and skilled workforce etc, which during this pandemic and lockdown are mostly lying underused or idle), not the money. This is an entirely different way of looking at debt. MMT is I think a revolutionary idea whose time has come.
    And we have another six years before Uranus moves out of Taurus. Vive la revolution!

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are correct about negative interest rates. You are also correct about the end of borrowing. As you say ‘the real scarcity is in real resources; land, equipment, infrastructure; educated skilled workforce). At the core of Uranus in Taurus we get ‘value shift’ and this is literally about something not being worth the money it is printed on. We used to value first class flights. We now see them as petri dishes with ventilation. We used to value luxury Paris hotels. Now, you have no idea if you will be thrown into quarantine for two weeks on your return (at your expense). This takes us about five or six years, but what we now place a value on is green space. And immunity. Because there is no immunity whatsoever to COVID-19 after one illness, the future is about being able to bounce it! There is equally no evidence at all that all these attempts at a virus will work. They were saying that about AIDS in the 1980s and here we are. And if not that, then another…

    1. Thank you! I am obsessed with skyscrapers and high-rise at the moment. On the psychic level I am seeing super trees. Ugly, towering office buildings, vacant, now being converted into super food sources (like huge greenhouses and hothouses) for cities. Covered in a new plant discovery which cleans the air.

  6. HI Jessica
    I know this isn’t the right post to ask, but I’m feeling quite despondent right now and could really use some guidance from the stars.
    I have (with the help of my therapist), come to the realisation that my mother is toxic and emotionally abusive and I’ve repeated the same patterns with my partner , who is basically the male equivalent of her. I’m struggling with this as I refuse to leave since he would take our children and royally screw them up. I would literally die without my children in my life, every day. They’re little and we’re all close and get along great.
    So to that end, I can’t hekp but wonder where this leaves me emotionally as it’s been 20 years and counting since I’ve even gotten a kiss or cuddle. I feel like a piece of meat for procreation purposes. In some aspects he is great, but I feel so hollow on the inside. It’s gotten to the point where I’m feeling like I would happily love to get male attention but I’m not a cheat. I’m not even sure what I’m really asking, I think subconsciously there’s a part of me wondering if, many, many years down the track, I’ll ever find someone special and learn what a healthy relationship is like.

    1. You need to sort the children question because you can’t stand your husband. I completely understand, looking at your chart in 2017, 2018, 2019. You need to find out if he would get sole or part custody. Do you have any realistic idea? Your other issue is – replacing him with another man and getting a second husband. Is that also realistic? So you have two major questions to ask. That is actually what you are asking. Your Astrology Oracle cards will help. That is what they are designed to do, because this is personal.

  7. Hi Jessica, I wanted to ask for your take on NSW in terms of COVID (being free or otherwise) as I don’t think I have seen you mention it elsewhere… Aorry if I have missed it. What are your thoughts and what does the astrology say? I reside in NSW currently and probably will for the foreseeable future (until an airbridge with Hawaii opens up!). Just trying to peer into the near future in terms or ‘marrying the local area’.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. New South Wales won’t be in the new air bridge and air bubble world, until she changes her leadership at the top. This will happen following new revelations from whistleblowers who know the truth about the Ruby Princess. There will also be whistleblowers involved in exposing other kinds of corruption which have blighted not only New South Wales but Australia – since Saturn moved into Capricorn in December 2017. So you are looking at a very, very new New South Wales in future. Eventually people will get so sick of random outbreaks and sudden shutdowns that they will demand what should have happened on January 10th 2020, when the first person died from COVID-19 (a date astrology predicted). What should have happened, of course, was a nationally co-ordinated response with all ports and airports closed until each state drove down cases to zero for an agreed amount of time covering the last possible ‘live’ incubation of the virus. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds and in fact the year 2021 is the turning point with a new style of shared group leadership in Australia from 2023. Australia-New Zealand-Pacific Island bubbles and bridges will be part of life from 2026. New transport to get you there though!

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks once again for a thought-provoking and detailed post. 🙂
    When talking about ‘Science’ and ‘Astrology’ – why, once a writer/philosopher/scientist/thinker becomes famous or achieves a certain status, do they forget the curiosity and spirit of inquiry that got them where they are? (assuming they had it to begin with…)
    To be concerned with the criticisms of Dawkins (who, among other things, ‘normalises’ pedophilia, by stating that getting fiddled with at boarding school in England is ‘normal’ and certainly nothing to worry about…) while the works of Jung confirm the beautiful synchronicity and reality of Astrology, essentially puts me at ease with the argument 😉
    But to get back to my point, why can’t science and astrology co-exist? I believe they do. I think the need to tear one down in order to justify another belies a little bit of insecurity (Dawkins!) Lets just leave them to it, shall we?
    What do I see when I think quietly and deeply about the coming months? For sure I agree with you about many people in power being unseated. But I think it goes far beyond Team Red vs. Team Blue. I think the entire power structure, the tiny fraction of humanity who own everything, who happily stand upon the backs of the rest of us, are going to meet their Karma, multi-generational Karma. I think so many things have been hidden from us, and we will be seeing the unravelling of lies and the twisting of the truth – about things as big as Science and Space – come to light.
    I think we need to think bigger about the changes to Energy – not just to Solar/Wind – but literally the works of Nikola Tesla becoming common place. And Energy being free. Because it is. I think the profiteering is coming to an end. And the source of that profiteering – all of us – will be free from the yokes of the top end of town.
    A fantasy, or wishful thinking? Maybe, but that’s how our new realities are formed aren’t they? We believe it into existence. So while we are in this cycle, with Chiron permitting us to be a ‘bit arsey’, and Revolutionary Uranus turning the tables, and Neptune in Pisces letting the dreamers dream, lets make sure we really think Big Picture and not set limitations. I think we are in the ‘scab has just come off a festering wound’ stage, and it feels like the gross, oozy puss is never going to to away. But it will. And once the healing is finished. We won’t know ourselves 🙂
    Thats my hope anyway…
    2017, 2018 and 2019 were horrible, with realisations that toxic patterns taught to me by a narcissistic parent, have been echoed in every major relationship in my life. And it has been very hard to process. But now that my eyes are open, I’m determined not to repeat that pattern. How long have I been repeating it? Lifetimes? If my dreams are accurate, then yes. So now I view 2020 as fertile ground, with plenty of fertiliser. It doesn’t smell great, and if you think too long about what makes the ground so fertile, its depressing and sad. So instead, with some clean water, it becomes a bed of future roses and trees laden with fruit, ripe for the picking.
    Thanks again for your wonderful insights Jessica, and for sharing your knowledge.
    Blessings xxx

    1. Thank you Din P and I appreciate the blessings too, it is very kind of you. The years 2017, 2018, 2019 were incredibly hard for anyone concerned with a parent or family life in general (not to mention home, home town, homeland). The simple explanation for this is that Saturn, Pluto and the South Node were all in Capricorn, opposing the Moon in Cancer in the Fourth House of relatives, roots, culture, heritage, history, houses and apartments, local area and nationality). In fact this happened every four weeks for the better part of 2-3 years. Seriously heavy weather to go through on a recurring basis and it ground a lot of people down. The future looks so much lighter, brighter and easier. In fact when Saturn changes signs permanently at Christmas it’s a different existence. Science does actually cater very nicely for astrology but Professor Richard Dawkins and Professor Brian Cox find astrology so distasteful they won’t set that prejudice and dislike aside. The explanation was first proposed by Hugh Everett at Princeton University and it solved the problem of quantum uncertainty. We all know that there is no single reality. There are realities, plural, because the tiniest parts of the world are not fixed. They alter when we measure them. If we never measure them, we’ll never know what’s there. But what is ‘there’ changes all the time. Astrology is based on geometry. It is based on measurements like sextiles, squares and trines. When we measure the world (cast a horoscope) we are basically doing a quantum experiment. And that is why it works. Anyone who thinks astrology is real, or the supreme reality, is on a hiding to nowhere. It’s just an optional universe. Yet, because it is so firmly embedded in Western civilisation, thanks to the Romans, it is part of us, and part of everything. It’s in the land at Stonehenge in the 56 Aubrey Holes and it’s entrenched in the history of the United Kingdom, because an astrologer advised Queen Elizabeth I and King Charles II – and two friends of mine, also astrologers, advised Diana, Princess of Wales. So, it’s really no surprise that so many of us are in Astrology World, because Astrology World is part of us. And that’s our chosen reality! Dawkins and Cox would probably have to have a Bex and a lie-down just to cope with that. Have you seen the BBC4 documentary Parallel Lives on YouTube? This explains it far better than I do.

  9. Hi Jessica
    I feel like I am at a strange place in my life where I feel I can make my own destiny (by my own choices and actions) and yet feeling like ‘enough is enough’. I don’t believe in victimhood, yet it seems there are forces acting against me. Neptune opposite my natal apollo has left me clueless about whom to trust. Everytime I have placed my faith in somebody or an organisation, I have been let down. In the wake of decluttering my life I have removed all toxic relationships from my life and distanced myself from those whom I couldn’t. This has left me with no social circle. I am at a far better place then I was at the time of my saturn return (overcame major depression and physical sickness) still nothing has changed in terms of my status and career. I yearn for an intelligent and intellectual connection in my life (romantic or non romantic). I yearn for a teacher figure in my life. I yearn to lead an impactful life which enables me to live my highest potential.
    May I receive some words of wisdom and guidance from you ? Please.

    1. Well done for beating depression. Now, you want a lover, new friends and a teacher. All that is possible now, actually, but for many years to come. So don’t pressure yourself with an instant new life expectation. You are strongly Sagittarian and need to learn, tutor, mentor, guide, teach. It is an exchange, not just one-way. I have no idea what your skills or talents are, but consider sharing them. Maybe you should get involved with Beyond Blue online if you have triumphed over depression. Perhaps you should train with Samaritans. Only you know what you really, really feel, love, ‘know’ in great depth and feel passionate about. So start there. You will have a ton of choices online, so to weed out the great from the waste of time, use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook. Many of them are absolutely free. If you want a lover, you will of course be looking locally. But that should not be the focus. Make your passion/skills/knowledge the focus and romance will find you eventually anyway. In fact you will be shocked by it – and set free. But that’s another story.

  10. Dear Jessica,

    To quote from the ‘Autobiogrpahy of a Yogi’: “Charlatans have brought the stellar science to its present state of disrepute. Astrology is too vast, both mathematically and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by men of profound understanding. If ignoramuses misread the heavens, and see there a scrawl instead of a script, that is to be expected in this imperfect world. One should not dismiss the wisdom with the ‘wise.’”
    For the non-believer, even God doesn’t exist. I believe we come to understand most things with personal experience.
    For me personally, there have been lucky co-incidences, odd encounters, business losses and gains, which I go back and check were usually mentioned right by reputed astrologers.
    It has not been ‘always’ true (especially about personal relationships) but because of that I started to have a better understanding of astrology and how to use it. So I look at retrogrades and difficult alignments to avoid starting new things but I don’t expect things to happen or certain outcomes based on forecasts. I believe the outcomes depend upon my own efforts and while astrology can guide me (as it has many times), it cannot be used to expect fixed outcomes. Life will continue to surprise us, no matter how much we think we know.
    I’ve also noted that the things that are good for me somehow automatically fall during favorable alignments and the ones that are supposed to be the “proverbial lessons” usually happen during astrologically unfavorable times. There’s such celestial wisdom to it.
    You had once said, “Fate is negotiable,” and I love that. I hold on tightly to it.
    It was just what I needed in this year, which has been difficult for business (web-based & travel related). Luckily, I feel nature is always protecting me. I now look back see why I couldn’t make the changes I wanted last year; they would have made the situation more difficult now. It feels right.
    May I ask what do you see for my work situation and personal life in the coming year? This week was frustrating.
    I was quite concerned after reading about the changed rules of international travel, which you said are likely forever.

    Thank you so much for your fabulous readings and insights.

    1. This is such an interesting message to read, as I sit down with a cup of tea at my desk on Sunday morning. Thank you for taking the time to let me know your thoughts. You are quite right – ‘Life will continue to surprise us, no matter how much we think we know.’ Uranus, the planet of shock, is behind that one! As an astrologer, it was really clear to me that we would see a revolution in the global economy after 2018 when Uranus, the revolution, entered Taurus, the banks and shops, the businesses and property markets. Many astrologers saw the same outcome and put it online, in writing, or in their books. (These are professional astrologers not the amateurs on Facebook and Instagram who give face-palm information!) The only question with Uranus was – why would we see a revolution? It is so typical of this planet that the shock should have been a virus that became a pandemic. Now, even if astrology could date-stamp and predict a virus twice (January and March 2020, back in 2019) the fact that you have a financial upheaval at one end of the world horoscope and a virus at the other, only made sense after the fact. At least to me. Your own situation is affected by this weather until 2026. You will relaunch yourself actually, in terms of your personal appearance and title, in 2021. This may come about because of a new job or project, a new course, and/or the need to look a particular way, for a particular kind of lover. The international travel situation is critical and although I understand why nobody wants to hear me say this – tourism, immigration and travel as we knew it is over. In the future you will holiday the way they did in the past. Local camping and hiking. Local discovery of local history. Every few years, a trip overseas. It will be far more like the old Italian ‘Grand Tours’ that Lord Byron and friends took. You’ll go for months, not a weekend. All of this is shown in the stars, as we find Generation Sagittarius being blocked at every turn by Pisces, Gemini weather and also Generation Virgo, who refuse to have their health endangered by tourists. So, what you are seeing with international travel for years to come, is much more the sort of world that Byron knew in Rome. You will come to love and know your own country better, and keep your vacation money circulating with your own people. You will really, really appreciate that big, rare overseas odyssey so much more. I’ve been an astrologer too long, to know that you don’t get go through the North Node in Gemini in 2020, 2021, January 2022, and then move to 2026 and see Uranus in Gemini, without there being a massive new emphasis on local holidays. The new bicycles will be very interesting. Not even today’s electric bicycles come close!

  11. Hi Jessica:
    Your Conscious Cafe video was brilliant but opens so many questions. Especially for long distance family affairs. My family lives between Australia and US, and we all spend months every year visiting our house there to be with our kid. Now that we all work from home it may be possible to stay even longer. But you predicted we will not have the flexibility to travel like this due to pandemic, and may have to choose…This is already a problem but as a long term problem may need much more attention.
    I am torn and have been since March with my daughter stranded in Melbourne. How to decide? Our jobs and our life in US are not yet ready to move overseas so we can all be together. My pets, for one, may not survive the trip. Will we be forced to choose?
    My other thought is that it is ok to pause and live separated as long as it is not forever. This way she may mature, individuate better, possibly partner up etc. She is a Caprcron Millenial — Sun Sag, Asc Acq Venus in Scorp and Moon in Cap, Dec 9, 1991.
    Will we move and will we need ot hurry before Jan 2021? I was planning on visting then.
    Many thanks, as always —

    1. Thank you so much. No, you will not be able to sustain that lifestyle of America and Australia. I am very sorry, but I have to tell you – I have also given up England and Australia. So astrologers are not immune to these current patterns either. I am sorry your daughter is stranded in Melbourne and obviously the Premier Daniel Andrews has extended the State of Emergency to mid-September. You also have animals to take care of. You have some massive decisions to make because you have a ton of Gemini (flights) and Sagittarius (passports) in your horoscope. You are going to have to give something or someone up. On the plus side, you will play your part in the end of globalisation, and that has been destroying the planet. So – system changed, planet saved. You need to know that Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, and mutable is an old astrological word meaning ‘changeable.’ Your life will change day to day. Nobody knew Victoria would be made to stay at home for another four weeks, but here we are. Nobody knew that every British visitor to France would suddenly be made to quarantine for two weeks on return, but here we are. This is the new world and that’s why you are going to both/all have to make massive decisions.

  12. Hi Jessica, I’ll be forever grateful to astrology, I found your website a few years ago via The Brexit issue like so many others, I read every blog and read all the questions and answers and finally realised that I had to make the division to move house and change my life, so glad I did, my life is so much better now friends from the past have come back into to my life and I’m so much happier and feel like slowly the old me is returning and life is fun again, the future seems a little scary but trying to be positive that a better future is within reach for everyone, thank you for giving me the Courage to change my life, my daughter and grandchildren are in England and I live in Wales so just praying that I’ll be able to continue to visit them with the future bubble situation, Thank you again so glad that I found your website Jill xx

    1. I’m really happy the astrology has helped turn things around with you Jill and that you are having so much more fun in Wales. We will travel less frequently, stay longer, and it will mean more. Life will be stop-start and ‘go slow’ but then that means we have time to stop and smell the roses. The pace of life was crazy after the internet arrived. At last we can have a life. Many people who own their own homes will accept a 3.5 day weekly workload, and job-share to save the employment of others. They will swap money for time. That’s what happens when you have Generation Virgo and Generation Sagittarius going through Mutable Sign Weather!

  13. Thank you, Jessica.
    The past six years have been a process of building and breaking and you say it’ll continue for the next six? I must gear up.
    I absolutely adore my country and it’s a dream to explore every bit of it. I’ve been at it these past few years. I’m not concerned so much about not being able to go overseas myself, but for my work – it is all related to overseas and cross-border travel and 2019, as you’d predicted, was a good year; everything has just shut down since January this year. I tried to pivot but a local version of my work doesn’t really seem to work. I don’t know if and when will we be able to recover.

    1. The new work and business opportunities will appear. The trick is to forget life before May 2018. Twitter is very good for seeing what is going on out there, moment by moment. In fact I just hired someone from Twitter. You have the sort of chart which suits these changing times, and if you are prepared to keep twisting and turning in the new world, will be fine long-term. Actually work will matter less to you than you think. But relaunch yourself in 2021 and use your image.

  14. Hi Jessica, I am hoping for the astro-psychic in you sense a message for me if you get to view this comment.
    I was hoping this year with Jupiter’s influence, I would find a healthy loving relationship, a department I have struggled in for a decade. I don’t feel I caused/ manifested/ projected all of it. What does the universe tell you? Will I find romance in the future? And would it be someone I already know of or someone new? I am single and want marriage and children.
    Also, what can I do in my part to let “mighty oaks grow from tiny acorns” :), as you say? ( I have a triple conjunction of Pluto-Sat-Asc at 27-28 Libra, as you taught me, and have worked very hard to move past my fears to be vulnerable in front of someone I had felt was a potential partner.)
    I am also very keen on your insight around the Solar Eclipse of Christmas happening at my exact Nodal placement as I wonder if that plays into this or other aspects of my life.
    Thank you in advance for taking the time.

    1. So you want to get married and have children. You don’t actually cause or manifest anything. (That’s not how the science works). You choose a universe to be in. There are infinite universes, all of them equally ‘real’ and you select one. You have selected ‘struggled for a decade’ and you have ‘fears’ in your head as well as ‘vulnerability’. All of this sounds really hard! You can’t choose what you don’t know or expect, and what you know or expect is very, very rigid. You are already coming into your choices, just today, with struggle/fear/vulnerability instead of ease/hope/protection. Of course it is impossible to fake the latter. Especially if you have had rotten experiences with love and sex. Saturn at 27 Libra in the Seventh House of love, dating, marriage and partnership (also separation and divorce, and rejection) is hard work. It lines up at 27 with other factors in your chart so it’s active a lot of the time. Having said that, there are ways through Saturn in the Seventh House. You are doing magic wand astrology at the moment. I wonder how much you even really trust or believe in what I could tell you! In other words, if you are coming from struggle, single, hard, fears, vulnerable (which are all your ways of describing yourself and your life) do you really, honestly accept that an astrology website could perform magic and give you a healthy, loving relationships with marriage and children in August 2020? In September 2020? In 2021 even? This is like Disneyland fantasy astrology and I know a lot of psychics and horoscope columnists make a fortune from it, but you are not going to get anywhere remotely near kissing someone – let alone marrying them and having children – unless you address your mild depression and your resistance to looking in the mirror and seeing who you are. Mild depression is best treated by a doctor, but if you do not want to do that, or cannot do it, then look at the the happiness chemicals and how to get them. One hour of fast walking every day in the most sunlight you can find will help – so will a proper way of eating – and if you need ‘cuddle chemicals’ think about a cat or dog, or volunteering in an animal shelter. This is the alternative view of mild depression. Yoga has a very good track record. But perhaps you just need to talk to your doctor. The rest will certainly help. There is an unwillingness to uncover yourself, even get naked with yourself, see who you are and be who you are. If you cannot do that you are not even going to get near a kiss, never mind social distancing! So work on yourself first. Hit whatever you can use – hypnosis, self-help, meditation, healers, therapy, dream coaching, the lot. Some of it is free and some of it costs. You will then be able to get rid of three relationships which fell over. Two were painful and hurt. One was toxic. What will help you? A group of people who are friends or acquaintances. They will help you (even) recycle these failed lovers so that they can become new people to you. You will eventually cross the bridge into a new home life in a new house or flat. If you can do the work you will have enough to lure someone who wants both you and the property. Seriously. You will be irresistible. But you’ll have to move – and I think you will.

  15. Wow! Thank you so much, Jessica. I’ve been thinking of quitting Twitter but stay for the good advice there. Was looking at my old comment to you from 2017 – had been cheated on in business (in 2016) and was really lost. You’d predicted I’ll reshape by 2020 and I really did. It was looking so promising before COVID hit.
    Anyhow, when you say “work won’t matter to me as much,” I’m surprised and also really intrigued. My life has been so much about my work – it’s such a big part of who I am and there’s really not much without it. I can’t imagine what will be more important to me than the work I do but I’ll try to go with the flow and let you know then. Even if this is not published, I hope this reaches you. Very grateful for your time. Thank you, again!

  16. Dear Jessica,
    (The website didn’t allow me to reply in the same thread, sorry)
    I’ve always been an admirer of your kind but honest answers.
    You are right about the 3 relationships. Respectfully, I also did look myself in the mirror over the last few years (2015 – 2019), also when I found you. A few of my friends were part of my healing. And I did feel the fear leave my body last year in May.
    Just before leaving a comment here, I got my heart broken over 8 – 14 Aug by a Scorpio man (3 Nov 1987) who was a potential partner for the last 2 years. It never really took off but he said things a month ago when it seemed we almost had our chance at hand now. I think he tried to convince me I almost imagined it all. So just this second, I am quite sad, as you rightly believed. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you saw the three relationships I referred to, clearly. I am glad you have also done the work – so you did it in the past – you looked at yourself in the mirror and used your friends to help you get over the pain. I think this is still present though. You need to do this again. The Scorpio who broke your heart (I am extremely sorry he did this to you) has put you back there. It’s not you, it’s him. See if you can do what you did before. But do it more intensely and throw yourselves into the friendships. A formal group, club, team or other collective would be rather powerful, especially in 2021. The future is waiting.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I’m loving your insights and blog posts as always. This week Mercury conjuncts Leo at 26 degrees. I have Minerva in Leo at 26. I’d be interested to know how this will play out. I don’t have children, nor involved in teaching or mentoring so curious to know how this will impact me. Thanks again Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Leo is the Fifth House, so the royal family, courtship, the court, the royal bedchamber, the heirs to the throne. You can expect to hear or read (Mercury) about important news (Mercury does not pass 26 Leo very often) relating to just this kind of thing. Sometimes people have a one-night stand and get pregnant. Sometimes they are asked to become a godmother. Sometimes they are offered a work experience boy to train. You get the picture. Minerva in Leo makes you a born teacher, tutor, guide, mentor.

  18. Hi Jessy, Astrology is real and that’s where I get all answers of my life.I wish we demonstrate for astrology one day.I think astrology should be included in all schools around the world so that children could learn from the beginning.Well,one could then decide if to follow or not in his/her life but to have an idea of how the world and life is all about in astrology. Learning Astrology is my biggest Dreams.I pray that one day it will happen although am already 50 by 1st Sept.Pray for my dream Jessy.Virgo sun

  19. Hi Jessica, Am thirsty of knowing my asteroids position although am not a premium member and can’t afford to be at the moment.I love astrology and love your prediction but somewhere I feel like am left out when it comes to explanations of the asteroid.See if you can help me. Born on the 1st of Sept 1970 at 5:30am in Kilifi county ( Malindi) Kenya

    1. You are a Sun Virgo and you are currently having financial difficulties, which is not surprising when you realise that you have Chiron (not an asteroid, but a planetoid) and Mars Retrograde in Aries, in your Eighth House of money, property, business and possessions. You already know about Mars and in fact you can look him up on this website to see what he represents in your chart. The Eighth House you can also look up on here. It tends to be about sex and money, so it is usually about the shared rent or mortgage with a couple, but it can be about a girlfriend who always pays for her boyfriend. Family property or money is usually an Eighth House matter, so the contents of a will that you leave, or that are left to you. Chiron is not an asteroid, as I mentioned, but he is unusual in that he’s not a planet as the classical astrologers would have defined him. He is still a good symbol to use in divination, though, and as you will also see on this website if you hit Search, Chiron was a maverick. He was an outsider. He was a tutor, mentor or guide, but not as most people understood that role. You will have a teacher or influential leading light in the year 2020, when it comes to finance. Just make sure it’s legal. Chiron was not illegal necessarily. We have no record of him breaking the law. But, he did stretch the known limits of what was possible, socially acceptable or believable. Chiron was found in 1977 when the world’s first test tube baby was being developed in a laboratory. At the time this seemed outrageous to some religious leaders and members of the public. There was an outcry, but of course, the baby was born in 1978 (Louise Brown) and from that point on I.V.F. became part of life. So Chiron often shows us what is impossible but possible and everything changes. You now experience this with money in 2020. You may see prices drop for houses or apartments, to the point where you can afford them. You may see richer people forced to drop the rent, for example, or sell a house, or even a yacht, at a huge discount. You may see prices of clothes or shoes drop. In general 2020 and 2021 will be a bargain basement world. The issue is how do you make money? Well, impossible or outrageous ideas will come your way. The trick is to learn from someone who is qualified, so a particularly impressive small business person, for example. It will be obvious to you in April 2020. Until then learn all you can about Chiron and the Eighth House.

  20. Jessica

    I had asked you previously when my daughter Gabby would get her Canadian visa. We just got word that she has made it through Phase 1. She only has Phase 2 left.

    Thanks for all you do on this site.

    Please do another session – similar to the one you did on August 6.

    Stay safe.


  21. Thank you again Jessica for your encouragement and your insight. You’ve been so generous with your meditation on this matter. I believe I’ve already taken much of your time so I very much respect you might not be able to see/ respond to this. But I hope you see this, so as to receive my gratitude.
    If you do, however, you said something above, “It’s not you, it’s him.” Was it all a lie and did I just not see it? What may have been the purpose of it all? I genuinely believe with the work I have put in, what I got attracted to in a man has fundamentally changed. And I had believed he was a good man with all he presented at the start, in Aug/Sept 2018. I really felt our connection was real. Always grateful.
    P.S. Re your me and property insight, I am keen on moving back to India sooner than later when opportunity allows. I tried last year too but didn’t get a job. I actually met him there on my vacation from London, which he was moving to, much to my surprise in Aug 2018. And I believe he’s keen to move from here too, probably this year, if that’s of any relevance. Although I believe you’ve guided me to forget him (or that it’s the end of this chapter) and move on.

    1. You fell in love with this man because you needed to learn a lesson about power and control. He taught you that unless you use your willpower, you will always be controlled, or feel controlled, by something/someone which seems to have power over you. Even though this has been a really difficult cycle you should now be feeling so much more in command of what is going on, and in fact a brilliant solution to run your life will have appeared quite recently. If you want to move back to India start the wheels in motion now as we are headed for a T-Square in Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius in January 2021 which puts the world into a crisis with flights, airlines, cruise ships, visas, passports and citizenship.

  22. Hi Jessica, I enjoyed your Conscious Cafe session earlier this month and I’d never realised books of world horoscopes existed – amazing! I’m relocating to be close to family as I understand that I have to give up somewhere or someone and will have to keep it local. I’ve made my choice and am in many ways looking forward to the down-to-earth type new world you describe.
    I’m booking flights this week and noticed that mercury retrograde is looming.. Are there opportune dates/transits to go for or avoid between now and Christmas?

    1. Thank you so much. I thought it really kicked in with Gina and all of you, in the second half. So you are moving to be near the family and want to avoid Mercury Retrograde. Good idea. Don’t fly 28th September to 20th November. Avoid January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th when we have a pile-up with Gemini (domestic flight) and Sagittarius (international flight and cruises).

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