Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of Aquarius

We have an ‘Age of Aquarius’ whenever we find a cluster of slow-moving outer planets, the North Node or South Node, in Aquarius. The sign of the water-bearer.

Age of Aquarius Baths of Diocletian Adams 448x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of AquariusThe Job of the Aquarius

There really was an Aquarius in Ancient Rome. He was also a water-bearer; it was his job. He supplied the Roman Baths, where people of all shapes and sizes, classes and backgrounds, ages and genders – pooled resources.

Individually, they might not be able to afford a swimming pool. Collectively, they could pool resources and share the space. This is central to the idea of Aquarius. It is about people power for a common purpose.

The Baths of Diocletian in Rome

I photographed The Baths of Diocletian in Rome, some years ago (pictured left). There were many Roman baths in the city, but also throughout the Roman Empire. The most famous one in the United Kingdom is at the heart of Great Britain, in Bath.

Diversity, Community, Equality

From this, we get the Aquarius ideal of diversity, community, equality. When one or more Aquarian generations (people born with planets in Aquarius) come of age, and they just happen to spend their adult lives during Aquarius ‘weather’ – we have an Age of Aquarius.

One begins at Christmas 2020, right after the American election. This is how we know (unless Donald Trump and the Republicans have some mass conversion experience) the Democrats will win power.

morning brew rhFmpq6pMKU unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of Aquarius

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of AquariusKamala Harris, with an Indian mother and Jamaican father, is the Vice-President who symbolises the New Age of Aquarius. And millions will vote for her, as much as the Democrats’ vision of equality which landed with President Barack Obama.

Oh yes. And she’s a woman. She also has Saturn in Aquarius which is enormously important as she will experience her Saturn Return in Aquarius once she is past the pressure of the 2020 election.

If you want to delve further into astrology look at her AA-rated chart here at Astrodienst. Kamala Harris has Saturn at 28 Aquarius very close to an exact trine with the Sun at 27 Libra and Moon at 27 Aries.

You don’t have to be a professional astrologer to realise that in 2021, when Jupiter goes to 27, 28 Aquarius (and later on, Saturn itself goes to 27, 28 Aquarius) it’s an historic crossroads for Kamala with the Democrats.

It is the kind of crossroads when people leave a political party or rise to the top of it. If you are really committed to astrology you will download the 2021 and 2022 Ephemeris to peer into the future (also available free at Astrodienst, Alois Treindl’s generous and extensive website).

David Hogg and Generation Aquarius

Time’s up for the National Rifle Association. David Hogg is just one reason why. There will be 12 million new young voters in 2020 in America. They were young teenagers when Donald Trump became the president in 2016. They were born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius. They are Aquarian types – community, equality, diversity. They use people power on Twitter to change the world.

The End of The Capricorn Age

We experienced a Capricorn Age from Christmas 2017, when an historic line-up of Saturn in Capricorn, the South Node in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn appeared. It dominated 2018 and 2018, and began to fall apart in 2020, when Jupiter arrived in Capricorn. It will fall away very quickly in December 2020, which is of course Electoral College in America, when the new President is finally declared.

All of a sudden, neither Jupiter nor Saturn will be in Capricorn. The South Node left in May 2020. All that remains is Pluto, who has been there since 2008. Last man standing.

ray aucott xB0e8bDV4ww unsplash 600x450 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of Aquarius

What Was the Capricorn Age?

Capricorn is the ambitious, patient, mountain goat who climbs to the top of the peak. In modern life, this is the social-climbing, hard-working person who loves the system but also wants to conquer the system to get to the summit. The penthouse suite or the top of the high-rise apartment in Manhattan. Trump Tower.

As CNN reported, the top 1% in America grabbed 82% of all the wealth created in 2017. We associate Capricorn with the top, the elite, the peak, the privileged minority.

Capricorn is also about the old world order of America and China at the top, in the globalisation economy, and everybody else down the bottom.

The goats are coming off the mountain in 2020 and the mountain itself is coming down, because of COVID-19. The pandemic. And also, in America, because of movements like Black Lives Matter. People have had enough of white men dominating.

The key words for Pluto (in Capricorn) are – dominating, overpowering. The key words for Saturn (in Capricorn) are – heavy, slow. The key words for the South Node (recently in Capricorn) were – karmic, repetitive.

Saturn in Aquarius – Jupiter in Aquarius

Penny Thornton photo - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of AquariusAge of Aquarius Penny Thornton 450x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of AquariusDon’t miss this. Here, Penny Thornton, a guest tutor at The Sun Sign School talks about the Saturn in Aquarius transit (which settles in for the long-term) from December 17th, 2020, with easily the best explanation on YouTube of how the great cycle of ‘the astrological ages’ brings us into a new era. If you want to expand your free weekly lesson into in-depth research into this new Age of Aquarius, you won’t want to miss this. Look at Jupiter in Aquarius too. And know this much about Aquarian Sun people.

If you are interested in the relationship side of astrology cycles, I can recommend Penny’s book, Divine Encounters, which is excellent.

Aquarians in The Era of the Water-Bearer

Did this cycle really begin in 1962? Penny Thornton mentions the spectacular line-up of planets and eclipses in Aquarius. The early Sixties really seemed Aquarian as it moved towards feminism (the Women’s Liberation movement that began with the Pill) and the triumph of both Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King.

Certainly if you were born in 1962, you carry the imprint of Aquarius in your personality. But what about people who were born from late January to late February with the Sun in Aquarius?

Mike Bloomberg

They are well-known for getting it right, when they supply groups, clubs, teams, networks, circles and communities devoted to people power. They supply them with time, energy or money (like Democrat one-time presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg) and shine as a result.

When they get it wrong, their Aquarian Sun flickers on and off. It’s a very public kind of exposure. Aquarian Sun people tend to do better when Jupiter is in Aquarius, though, and although this takes 12 years to happen, it will do so when Jupiter moves across their Sun (perhaps your Sun) from December 2020, until the end of 2021.

Premium Member Exclusive Guide

Age of Aquarius page 001 450x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: The New Age of Aquarius


I go into all the dates and details in this exclusive guide for Premium Members. If you have not already downloaded this to read, you can do so now under your Member’s section – My Downloads Tab. One of the great things about the PDF format is not only that it’s tree-free – it is also easy to search.







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Featured Image: Photo by Jordan McDonald via Unsplash
Bath, England – Photo by Mario Klassen via Unsplash
Voting Booth – Photo by Morning Brew via Unsplash
Kamala Harris – Photo courtesy of her Twitter Account
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14 Responses

  1. Hello! Can you tell me how Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will affect me, as my Jupiter is in Scorpio and I have Saturn in Libra?
    Thank you!

    1. Sure. You were born with Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House so you were born lucky, with finances, property, charity, possessions and business. Even when you hit difficulties, you are always protected by a safety net. It is often the family, and sometimes a partner. Because you are protected here, but also frequently in the wonderful position of being blessed/abundant (finding a richer boyfriend and living in his home, for example, or inheriting money from a great-grandparent) you tend to give back. You cast your bread upon the waters. (And end up having more bread). The transit of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, but also Uranus in Taurus (opposite) squeezes that, in 2021. It squeezes it and produces pressure, which is really not surprising in a recession, but you are okay. In fact you are fine. You will come up smelling of roses. Natal Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House is about your former, current or potential partner. Love or work. You have a lifetime of obstacles and challenges in relation to these people/this person and it is a real learning experience for you. The trines from Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius to your natal Saturn, suggest a new commitment to yourself and the other person, born out of difficulty. The new commitment will be serious, sensible, rather strict and involve a lot of patience and staying power. Stoicism and sturdiness. Have to say, these transits together, do suggest a milestone year with a former, current or potential partner. Many people would marry on this cycle. Some would divorce. It’s about sex and money (Scorpio) but also marriage or civil partnership, perhaps common law marriage (Libra). The future bedrock of another marriage in the future would come out of such a break-up, or the long-term success of a marriage of many years’ duration would also be put in place, on this sort of year. Sometimes the partnership is purely work or business. That can happen too.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    I have a question that was in the weekly horoscopes and you have been tweeting about the 27 degrees for this week. I have a few big ( I assume) players at 27 degrees. With my Moon and Vulcano at 25. I’m wanting to launch an online group and trying to see if there is any specific dates that would allow me to connect with younger audiences to mentor, coach, tutor. I think I’d called my company name Minvera, if possible.

    I’m also looking at the August 25th, that in my monthly horoscope I noted that you wrote ” Tuesday, August 25th – Venus 17 Cancer opposite Jupiter 17 Capricorn”. I have Jupiter at 16, and Capricorn at 16. Would this is a useful time? Otherwise, I have used the New Moon in Leo to clearly state and outline the vision for my intentions and am just trying to take daily actions to make the most of this time.

    Maybe there is a better time for an electional date in Sept? I assume from the vibes from reading your posts that the next few months ahead are CRAZY. So, I’m just curious, and stepping sssslllloooowwwlyy trying to make aligned decisions where possible. I know, I have one last Jupiter in Cap left this year so striding to take action and make the most of Jupiter’s blessings.

    Have a beautiful weekend xxx

    1. Minerva is a great name for an online mentoring group for younger people. Jupiter at 16 Capricorn is ambitious, optimistic, thinks big – and you will connect with Generation Capricorn, as your Jupiter is on their Uranus or Neptune. Look up Generation Capricorn on Search as I wrote quite a long feature on them. If you are in a hurry then do everything before Mercury Retrograde on 28th September (ends 20th November). Jupiter is obviously at 17 Capricorn in September which is just one degree away from a conjunction/return. Near enough is good enough in this case so you may want Thursday 17th September. Mercury at 17 Libra, so in a great angle, and it is also a New Moon at 25 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and unpaid work. Right on your own Moon. It’s meant to be.

  3. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in Virgo. Just been through a very acrimonious divorce and child arrangements that I could not have envisioned at all. Whats next to prepare for for me, please could you suggest?

    1. I am so sorry. This does get better. In fact it improves at Christmas, when you see solutions and opportunities involving the children, or through the children. Do all you can to lift your sights on something vastly improved for you and they, and just before Saint Valentine’s Day, February 11th 2021, on the New Moon, you will be off to a solid start for the new year, with your former partner, or even with a new lover. The difficulties with your ex will be over on January 7th 2021 when Mars finally leaves Aries. Until then you have a boxer dancing around the ring in circles, going nowhere fast. Do not buy into this boxing match, even if it is all mental, emotional or psychically felt. Leave him to it. Your jaw will be on the floor at what he tries to get away with, or perhaps a third person, but just get on with your true quest beyond 2023, which is utterly reinventing what you think of as commitment and experimenting with what love and partnership is.

  4. Trump has taken 3 punches to the gut this year, his impeachment, his failed response to BLM and his failed response to COVID-19. Is another punch to the gut coming to Trump before the November election?

    1. Yes, he is over in October. I wrote quite a long prediction about this based on the American chart, actually, not Donald’s. (His data is unreliable). If you look on Search you will find it.

  5. Hi Jessica, love all your advice, you’ve brought me back to astrology after 20 years. I was kind of looking forward to Jupiter & Saturn moving forward into Aquarius in December as I have 7 factors in Aquarius including my Sun. However I have been looking back at charts of past events in my life and discovered that on the day my Mum died (05.04.97, 20:45 GMT) Jupiter was conjunct my Sun, this is definitely one of the most harrowing experiences I have ever had, I was 18 at the time and 7 months pregnant. Another horrible event occurred when Jupiter was conjunct my Asc (21.11.2006, 0930 GMT). Is my natal Jupiter really badly placed or something (Leo 02’16 retrograde)? I’m feeling a bit apprehensive now! Apologies for rambling a bit lol. Many Thanks, Jill

    1. I am so thrilled you are picking up your astrology again Jill, that is a huge compliment. Thank you. Mars 12, Mercury 14, Sun 16 Aquarius is a very close stellium. Ceres at 24 and Vesta at 26 Aquarius are also really close. Salacia at 10 Aquarius and Hygiea at 15 Aquarius complete this whopping stellium in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. I am so sorry that you went through your mother’s passing when you were so very young and also heavily pregnant. Jupiter was at 15 Aquarius when this happened. Quite close to your Sun, by one degree – but this had nothing to do with your Mum. What you went through was actually your Ceres Return, as on the day she passed, Ceres moved to 24 Aquarius, exactly. Ceres is associated with the story of her daughter Proserpina and Pluto. Pluto was in fact the god of the underworld and in charge of the souls of the departed. He fought Ceres for control of her daughter, and in the end Pluto and Ceres had to learn to share. So in a way, you lived out the myth at the very moment Ceres returned. Jupiter just put you in the spotlight, close to your Sun, which is what tends to happen if someone close leaves – you are the centre of attention, because it is you everybody is looking to, or looking at. I think your child may have something to do with that Ceres Return as well. Look at this dwarf planet as she is very important. You need have no fears about the Aquarius weather to come. It will bring back old friends into your life for the best possible reasons, and very likely an old group, team, club or other communal project. In fact it changes your life from 2023.

  6. Hi Jessica – I talked to another astrologer a while back about the problems with my lack of a successful love life. She pointed out that I seemed to be in a 7 year cycle: I met the love of my life in 1993, After breaking with him after a 5 year stint I met my future husband in 2000, we got engaged 2007 (married 2008) and then he left me in 2014 and I reconnected with my former love. But since 2014 I have been single and nothing has stuck. This Astrologer said 2021 would be my next turning point and I will meet someone then. I think it had something to do with my Asc in Aquarius, and the 7 year cycle was linked to Saturn. I was wondering if you would have any thoughts about that assessment from your p.o.v. and what you see for me in my chart. Thank you!

    1. Yes, Saturn rules seven year cycles (your Saturn Return around age 28 is four times, that cycle). You have Saturn at 2 Leo in the Fifth House which rules pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, sons, daughters, adoption, stepchildren, IVF, godchildren, nieces and nephews. Leo is the royal sign so it rules the pretenders to the throne and also the heirs to the throne. Saturn is always a symbol of difficult realities and the need to accept what you cannot change, while making yourself as safe and secure as possible. The cycle is actually about the North Node of karma, which takes 19 years to go around. In 2000 the North Node was at 2 Leo, right on your Saturn. There was past life karma with your future husband and it concerned parenthood. You don’t say if you ended up having children or not, but that was the key to it all – and it still is, ongoing. In October 2018 the North Node was again at 2 Leo so ask yourself what happened then, involving this man or another experience tied to sex, love, pregnancy or children. You could easily have a new relationship before 2021 actually but it does rather depend on how you feel about children.

  7. Hi Jessica. Amazing work.
    Can my mercury squaring my Minerva 4° 41′ orb? Because Mercury is conjuct Pluto, and Pluto square Minerva with 1° 46′ orb.
    Please, what is your opinion?

    1. Thank you. Four degrees is too wide an orb – I use zero, maybe one degree at most. Pluto square Minerva at 1 degree’s difference is your wisdom (Minerva) or academic/professional achievements (Minerva) unable to square with that part of you that needs to control everything tightly (Pluto).

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