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Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About Hygiea

Jupiter had a son and his name was Apollo. Apollo had a son and his name was Aesculapius. Aesculapius had a daughter and her name was Hygiea.

HYGIEA JPEG 432x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About HygieaJupiter has a family in modern astrology and his wife Juno, and his children are all asteroids. So are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Jupiter benefits you. He’s ‘the greater benefic’ in old astrology. His DNA goes to Hygiea who is about prevention, not cure. In your chart, by sign and house, she shows where you are cautious, sensible, wise, self-preserving and insure yourself and your world against what (you hope) will never happen.

Hygiea in Your Chart

The word ‘hygiene’ comes from her. Good hygiene stops infection. Wash your hands, use your gel and you reduce the risk of COVID-19.

She was found in a breakthrough year for cholera. (Dirty water was responsible). Sir Alexander Fleming has an exact Hygiea-Mercury conjunction – the founder of penicillin.

Don’t get distracted by the focus on medicine, though. Hygiea in Libra in your Seventh House can describe how you fall in love with, and marry, men who are dependent on you financially. You insure yourself against being left, by choosing husbands who would be lost without you, so they stay!

The Klimt Hygiea

Hygiea by Klimt 403x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About HygieaArt can inform you about an asteroid. Here we have a famous Art Nouveau painting by Klimt, showing the goddess with her snake and bowl.

The snake is part of her DNA. Apollo is often seen with a snake. His son Aesculapia/us, her father, has The Rod of Aesculapia/us. A snake wrapped around a staff. The snake and staff are common symbols for ambulances and doctors. The snake and bowl are common symbols for pharmacies and chemists.

You can also see her shielding and protecting herself. Strong boundaries! Big fences and walls and other preventative structures are Hygiea in your chart. By sign and house, in the context of other horoscope factors, she will show where you are strong-willed, focussed and passionate about not letting anything/anyone past your boundaries.

We might say flood barriers are Hygiea.

Feminists and Asteroids

Astrology came through patriarchy and so for centuries women only had the Moon and Venus as their symbols. The new technology discovered asteroids and in modern astrology, we put them back into the family tree which began with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. They are all symbols in divination and ‘just’ because Hygiea is an asteroid does not make her any less important than, say, Neptune in your interpretation.

You can see the female power in this Klimt painting.

Marie Stopes and Prevention

Marie Stopes - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About HygieaYou tend to get exact aspects or a great many aspects in charts where someone devoted herself to strategy and structure. Marie Stopes pioneer birth control and protected generations of women against unwanted pregnancies.

She had Hygiea at 19 Gemini, Panacea at 19 Gemini (quite astonishing as the two asteroids are sisters) and Juno in a trine at 19 Libra. I am sure you know Libra rules marriage. Gemini rules education and communication. Stopes instructed wives how not to have babies! This chart uses Whole Sign Houses.


Marie Stopes Hygeia 19 Gemini Panacea 19 Gemini Juno 19 Libra 600x333 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About Hygiea

Hygiea as Gatekeeper

A symbol of fast, furious and sometimes reckless action (Mars) can be kept back by Hygiea in exact aspect. So, if you have Mars at 1 Aries and Hygiea at 2 Aries, you could be a pushy self-promoter – but nicely restrained by Hygiea.

Look at aspects within a one degree orb (one degree’s difference) to see how Hygiea works out in your life and personality. If she is implicated in many patterns you will always be thinking ahead, worried about future outcomes, trying to inoculate/insure against that.

Professional astrologers who are highly successful have Hygiea in exact or one-degree aspect to not just one factor in their chart, but two or three. They peer into the future to stop problems from becoming problems and of course, the public and clients can’t get enough of that level of warning.

Where is she in your chart?

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

Hygiea in Transit

As you might expect, Hygiea is present in times of pre-emptive strikes or major public health initiatives. She is absent or implicated in stress patterns, like T-Squares or oppositions, when people are being reckless.

united nations covid 19 response vDs7KenVpw0 unsplash 600x450 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About Hygiea

For more on this asteroid, buy my bestselling book 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide.


Image Credits (where applicable)
Featured Image: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash
Keep Clean Drawing by United Nations COVID-19 Response via Unsplash

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36 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, Hope all is well with you & your team. There are more Covid-19 restrictions applied to households here in the west of Scotland, just half a mile from where I live. Although the restrictions do not apply to me as such, I’m doing all I need to do, to keep not only myself but others safe!

    I really enjoyed this article. I now have a better understanding but would be appreciate if you could interpret my natal Hygeia, as well as its aspects to other horoscope factors please.
    Hygeia 29° Taurus
    Sextiles Immum Coeli 28° Cancer
    Quincunx Uranus 29° Libra
    Trine Medium Coeli 28° Capricorn

    I’m somewhat intrigued that this coming December, Jupiter will also conjunct my MC 28° Capricorn.

    Thank you & take care!

    1. It’s good you can protect yourself and other people in Scotland, where you are. Your Hygiea in Taurus in the Second House will always act to prevent the worst case scenario financially, with property, business or charity at at 29 degrees she will be most challenged when Uranus goes to 29 Taurus in June 2025 and following. Check the fine print that year on insurance in particular to make sure you have extreme flexibility. If your birth time is right then your IC at 28 Cancer is very much about property and the two go together. You are mindful of what could go wrong so you lean hard on inherited skills in the property market. (The inheritance comes from a family member who was a real-estate agent or smart investor – or home builder). The only thing that upsets the apple-cart is marriage, business partnership or common-law marriage (Uranus at 29 Libra) and it would be occasional, but also life-changing. Again, my eyes are drawn to 2025 and the need to make sure you are covered. You need to be able to meet change with change that year. Again, if the birth time is right, your MC at 28 Capricorn is about ‘career for career’s sake’ professionalism, ambition and aspiration and you do very well in hierarchical systems and corporate or traditional structures. It’s part of the whole. There is a part of you that wants to be quite free and independent, unconsciously, despite all this interest in security, property and success and she finds her outlet in love, sex, relationships and partnerships where ‘she’ (you!) manages to pull the rug every so often to keep life interesting.

    1. Hygiea in Aries in your First House is about guarding your reputation and protecting your public image. She was about the Roman belief that prevention was better than cure, so there is often a pre-emptive strike with this placement, in that you prefer to get in first before anyone else does – with matters of public projection or self-promotion. Online in particular, matters of name, face, photograph and so on are where you are most on guard. It’s very funny that you are using not just one, but three false names! I don’t blame you. Hygiea in Aries does not want to leave herself exposed. No sirree.

  2. I have Hygiea at 13º Capricorn, with no aspects, although she is near Minerva at 7º Cap who is trine natal NN in Taurus & Moon in Virgo and opposite Ceres. So wonder if any Hygiea influence is taking a back seat to that drama? Not sure how Hygiea works in Capricorn?

    PS Regards career I was in a difficult place (home/family), while freelancing 10 years (although I did always have some work ), then study. The past year has been trying to build health to go out and work for someone again…

    1. Hygiea unaspected doesn’t really drive your chart, but Minerva certainly does if you have those unusual exact trines and oppositions, also at 7 degrees of Virgo and in Cancer. Your life-work balance and home-profession complications years ago owe a lot to the Ceres in Cancer Fourth House clash with Minerva in Capricorn Tenth House position. Those two goddesses need to be made to work together, somehow.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for your articles. Looking at my chart, I have Hygea at 7 in Pisces. I would appreciate an interpretation of how this affects my chart. Thank you!

    1. You protect your relationship with your God, your psychic, your psychologist, your psyche (your inner self). You have a strong sense of what might go wrong, spiritually, psychologically or psychically so are pretty guarded when it comes to the chaotic world of the inner life, the mind, the spirit and the soul. You won’t always notice this aspect but transits at 7 Pisces will show you. Look back at your diary or emails from around February 26th on the Sun-Hygiea conjunction.

  4. My Hygiea is in Sag along with my Sun, Mercury, North Node and is three degrees off my Juno. As usual what you wrote got me thinking. It’s not that I don’t want a partner or commitment. But I want one who does not compromise my freedom. So, I have always been drawn to men whose jobs take them away possibly for extended periods of time – on location, touring etc. Or in my younger and more extreme periods – just unavailable on some level. Having read this and seeing Hygeia so close to Juno in my chart it all made sense. Still looking for guy whose job takes him away a lot – LOL Some things don’t change!

    1. You read your chart correctly, and you have never wanted to get married, have 2.5 children, a husband and a white picket fence because you have this Ninth House yearning to explore. You will go back to a place you know very well, from this life and other lives, by January 2022. Even if it’s just online, you’ll go back and reconnect with the faces, spaces and places that mattered to you about two decades ago, and into other incarnations.

    1. Sure, Leo rules your Fifth House of children, godchildren, young relatives – and younger people whom you mentor, guide, teach or set an example to. The Fifth House is also about children and teenage entertainment and education, and that of people old enough to be your own children – so perhaps, Millennials. The Sun here means you get lifetime recognition and overall lifetime attention for the part you play in the lives of those much younger than yourself. With Hygiea in conjunction, you are extremely protective, guarded, cautious, strategic about just that.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I have ops at 22 libra and salacia at 22 aquarius.
    Jupiter, pluto and saturn are partying in my solar third house. August-September taught me lessons that I needed to learn about third house, social media, reputation and associations. I am actively doing my shadow work, purging a lot and making sure I integrate my lessons so that I can relaunch myself online again in November and also stand in my true power. I was plutoed heavily by a community also during this process. I have left it.
    Can you tell me what will my 22 degree placements bring for me as I also have my solar return during the same time of their 3rd conjunction. I also see ops at 21 sag and psyche at 21 gemini and nodes at 20 degree during the same time.
    Thank you.

    1. If you have Salacia at 22 Aquarius and Ops at 22 Libra in trine then you are waiting for March 2021 when Jupiter goes to 22 Aquarius for the first time in 12 years and the group which is a departure from reality (rather like a surfing club or an astral travel group) allows you full take-off. It would involve a former, current or potential partner and is well worth pursuing. I can’t see your chart, unfortunately, and later on you say you have Ops at 21 Sagittarius which contradicts your first statement. I’ll leave this with you.

  6. HI Jessica
    Thank you so much for another wonderful lesson. My Hygeia is 10 Taurus and my moon is at 9 Taurus. I also have Pluto 10 Virgo, Psyche 9 Scorpio, Venus 9 cancer, MC 9 Aries, IC 9 Libra. Can you please explain how these affect each other if they do. Picking apart things like this is so helpful in understanding how it all works and creating a big beautiful picture out of small tiles all coming together. It is so appreciated!

    1. Thank you. So you have Hygiea at 10 Taurus in your Second House of money, property, business, charity and possessions. Pluto at 10 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health, perfectly trine Hygiea. Psyche at 9 Scorpio in the Eighth House of other people’s money. Your MC (if your birth time is accurate) at 9 Aries, so your vocation is self-promotion, flying the flag for something/someone greater than yourself, using your image to get what you want. Again, if the birth time is accurate, your IC is 9 Libra so you have a very, very married person in your family tree who also likely had work or business partnerships. If your Moon is also at 9 Taurus your life is based around protecting the money or property, caring for others (mothering them) financially, and using your very tight control of work, to do that. As a result your legacy or will lives forever – it outlives you – obviously (!) but particularly as Psyche is there. It all goes back to your IC in Libra which is the family tree, so there is a life here which is lived to make and save money, to purchase what lasts and to make sure it is inherited by those who will keep your legacy alive.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for all these lessons, I’m a slow but steady learner that’s Taurus I suppose, I have Hygieia at 01 aries, mars at 01 cancer, Neptune at 0 Scorpio and psyche at 2 Virgo, could you give me some idea how this plays out for me ? So if I’ve got this right hygiea in Aries is opposing psyche in Virgo ?
    Many thanks and blessings if you’re able to answer.

    1. You have Hygiea at 1 Aries in your First House, square Mars at 1 Cancer in your Fourth House, and Neptune at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House and Psyche at 2 Virgo in your Sixth House are pulled into the pattern. There is no opposition between Hygiea in Aries and Psyche in Virgo – they are quincunx. Taking it apart, every time you take action (Mars) regarding family, home, town or country – it can’t be squared with how you promote, push, present and package yourself (Hygiea). It also invariably drags in questions about the lack of boundaries with the house, apartment, money or possessions (Neptune) and your working life, health and wellbeing (Psyche). Of all this, it’s really Mars at 1 Cancer and Neptune at 0 Scorpio (they are trine) which tell the story. As a lifetime theme it is about your property, bank account and valuables, and those of partners or family members, which involve you – and the need to keep watertight boundaries, as Mars in Cancer in the Fourth House can be quite hard work in terms of family, household or live-in partners. This will be on your radar at Christmas when Jupiter and Saturn go to 0, 1 Aquarius and you realise you have a lot of thinking to do about all this. The key is to have watertight, written, carefully checked arrangements and agreements. Christmas is about the family isn’t it, or former/current partners, so it makes sense that you would have this sort of issue on your mind as the year ends, and you’re all getting together (or not!)

  8. Thanks Jessica, great article. I never really understood Hygeia in my chart before as I was too focused on the hygiene connection. Mine is at 7 Cancer and I’d think to myself that I’m not that focused on keeping my house spotlessly clean! But now it clicks – my Sun is at 8 Sagittarius, so 1 degree orb, and I do love traveling, and exploring, and have lived in several countries in my life so far BUT having a stable and beautiful home to nest in is super important to me, and whenever I’ve moved setting up and preferably buying a home, rather than renting, is my no. 1 priority and the way I connect with my enjoyment of a new place. Sometimes impractical but fundamental to me. I’ve noticed in your recent posts some rather ominous thoughts about difficult transits to Sagittarius coming up which has me worrying as I have a strong Sag stellium. Travel curtailment is going to be hard to swallow ongoing for my lifestyle – what other impacts might we see for Sag people ongoing? When Saturn was in Sag it was a nightmare, a deeply difficult period for my mental state, will the upcoming transits be tough in the same way? Thanks!

    1. You are typical of Hygiea in Cancer people, in that you want to own, not buy. Hygiea wants to protect the future with a house or apartment and renting is too exposed to risk. You are also concerned about your Sagittarius stellium. You’ll travel, but locally rather than internationally. In fact it’s already here. The problem with the mutable sign transits is that they reflect a constantly changeable world. One of the reasons for this is the total lack of global synchronisation over airport closures, testing, curfew, stay-at-home orders and the rest. America, Russia and India may never catch up with New Zealand, Western Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia. It’s a global stop-start, log-jam for many years and as travellers are home to the virus, it is travellers who will be most curtailed.

  9. Happy Friday Jessica!
    Thank you for another interesting article!
    My Hygeia at 12 Capricorn squares both my Chiron at 13 Aries and my Apollo at 13 Libra. Also, my Mars is 1 degree away at 11 Sagittarius. Can you please help me understand this?
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Jen xx

    1. Sure, Jen. Squares show what you cannot square easily, and they feel like a tight fit, or a sharp edge. That tends to make you more motivated so you do something about them and the most productive people often have squares. You work and live to protect your success and status and to insure ‘the system’ at work, or within an institution, like a university. This does not square with your need to promote yourself, push yourself forward and present/package yourself in rather an experimental way, trying to see what you can get away with. This creates tension with/for/through partnerships, be they work or personal. So it’s a T-Square, actually, and it can be rather tense, as transits across 11, 12, 13 will also pull in Mars. The best solution for a T-Square is to introduce other people into your plans who act as human transits and create living sextiles, trines and so on. Look up Sacred Geometry on Search which explains how this works. As a general rule you would try to avoid jobs where you are the position (flight attendant, ballerina, actress) and so is your face, wardrobe or shape. And you would try to avoid mixing work with marriage, or work with a business partnership. Not because the sky falls, but because the tension is really high. Still, adding the right people to your life will mitigate that.

  10. Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. There is so much to learn from you.

    I have:
    Jupiter 07° Pisces 59′ 14″
    Apollo 04° Libra 14′ 44″
    Aesculapia 20° Gemini 01′ 03″ R
    Hygeia 00° Taurus 15′ 57″ R
    Mars 04° Scorpio 28′ 16″

    According to above aspects how do I become more cautious, sensible, wise, self-preserving and insure myself and my life against what I hope will never happen as I am heaving very difficult and traumatic year and this question is always coming back in my mind. How do I insure myself against difficulties and how do I shield and protect myself. What strong boundaries I should follow to have harmonious life? What are big fences and walls and other preventative structures I should implement according to the aspect in my chart?

    Because I always be think ahead, I am worried about future outcomes, and I feel the best when I can help my family and my loved ones. Now that my little brother passed to Heaven I feel lost that I was late to save him when I found him on April 30, 2020…. Is my Hygiea in exact or one-degree to many aspects… How can I peer into the future to stop problems from becoming problems and to help my loved ones to heal such as my senior brother (born March 8, 1966)… What to do?

    Thank you Jessica…

    1. Hygiea at 0 Taurus is about protecting your money, home, possessions, business against ‘what may never happen’ but is still a risk. So you are naturally very cautious about preventing losses. Uranus already crossed 0 Taurus so the shock is over. Christmas 2020 is useful to know about as Jupiter and Saturn go to 0 Aquarius and square your Hygiea, and you will be temporarily blocked, but use that to help yourself in terms of 2021, 2022 and beyond. A classic example would be insurance, or income protection insurance.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you’re well.

    I have Hygeia at 20 degrees in Gemini but nothing else around it. Does that mean it’s less significant or can one factor like this still have an important impact? In contrast, I have Apollo and Fortuna at 27 Gemini close to my Sun at 28 Cancer, Uranus at 28 Libra and Chiron at 28 Aries. I was hoping to have a fresh start this year but things feel on hold with Covid.

    By the way, I’m still in lockdown in Melbourne but am keen to buy a home. House prices are falling but I suspect they will fall faster once some of the government income support reduces later this month. I’m also reluctant to buy anything with planets in retrograde. Can you please let me know if you have any guidance about the property-related astrological transits in the next few months?


    1. An unaspected horoscope factor is less important as events come and go without drawing in much of the rest of the chart. The pile-up at 28 degrees is of course under transit from Ceres at 28 Aquarius Retrograde and Saturn at 28 Capricorn going the other way. Ceres is often ignored but she is as important as Pluto and she is moving backwards across 28, 27 in 2020. This is why you are stuck. As for property, you need your chart done.

  12. Hi jessica, Best wishes to you. I have Hygeia in my 6th house, and certainly the theme of health, amongst dependants older, younger and myself, has been a dominant theme life long. I am the person with 2 cupboards of herbs and health supplements which I dole out to the family for various things, and have for decades embraced alternative health treatments such as self healing, buteyko, herbs etc etc, alongside traditional health sciences. I am wondering if it can be more broadly interpreted in my chart, and also how aspects of Hygeia may be playing out re Covid19 events. Kindest Regards V

    1. Hygiea at 20 Virgo in your Sixth House aspects Mercury at 20 Aries in your First House, so you promote yourself, talk about yourself, communicate visually always with one eye on your health and wellbeing. You have played the natal chart pattern out with herbs, healing and alternative/complementary therapies. You insure yourself and others against what might never happen, actually, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You can’t really stay quiet about it, though, as Mercury has to go online, or front up to a microphone, and you are the product or brand. You could sell health insurance using yourself as an example, or promote preventative medicine or health care (for example, science-recommended ways of eating) again – using your voice and name as the front engine. Your eyes would be on COVID-19 in particular as screening is such an issue, and Hygiea screens for problems before they happen. So – masks, contact tracing, testing and social distancing.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are staying well.
    Very interesting post. I have Hygea 5° Gemini and Fortuna in my sun sign Sagittarius at 5° is this a negative placement since they are opposite each other? Am also curious about when you wrote about Apollo, I have him at 10° Sagittarius and moon in Scorpio at 10° Would love to know how these placements affect me.

    1. Thank you. Hygiea at 5 Gemini in your Third House opposite Fortuna in Sagittarius in your Ninth House is more obvious to you in September 2021 actually, so I wonder if that is a 12-month deadline for a plan to travel, publish, relocate or make a move in the fields of media, foreign people and places, publishing, education, academia or regional differences? If not now, then later on. It would be very hard work and perhaps not what you want in terms of timing. In general, as a lifelong pattern, it’s really about protecting the future of your internet, media, publishing or education plans – insuring yourself, shielding the plans, protecting the projects – but always at the expense of what is far more focussed with other regions or countries, as the opposition is exact. It works the other way too. It’s hard work and a big stretch and you may want to avoid the Uranus transit at 5 Gemini in August-October 2026. You also have Apollo at 10 Sagittarius in your Ninth House (same areas of life) in a semi-sextile to the Moon at 10 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, business and property, so every time you focus on all that you earn, own or owe – in respect of partners or family, for example – you automatically find that your interests in other regions or countries, or with their nationals/locals, are brought in.

  14. Thank you for this article on Hygeia, Jessica. Hygeia in Sagi at 27 deg 24′ exactly opposite to Jupiter at 27 deg 24′ Gemini is this a hindering aspect please? Jupiter and Hyg seem positive as you explain, unlike say Saturn, Mars, Neptune …So how does this opposition relation work please. Thank you.

    1. Sagittarius-Gemini oppositions are usually about language (Gemini) differences based on foreign backgrounds (Sagittarius) and how best to deal with the worldwide web (Sagittarius) while dealing with the fundamentals of different keyboards (Gemini) and everything from Zoom to telephone calls (Gemini again). That is the core reading of the opposition, but it can also take us into areas like coding (Gemini) and again, foreign people and countries (Sagittarius). A creative way to deal with the opposition is to address global issues (Sagittarius) by mastering oratory (Gemini) which Churchill did. He was a Sagittarian who lived through Uranus in Gemini. You tend to see brilliant problem-solving at the media or internet level with this opposition as it is a spur to action. Churchill of course won the war on BBC radio broadcasts. There is frequently a concern with short-haul transport (flights) or unusual vehicles (in his day, tanks, in your day – electric cars and bicycles) again as a way of solving Gemini-Sagittarius concerns. You will find the year 2026 and following changes your life in respect to all of this, as Uranus goes into Gemini. We’ve not seen that since the war so perhaps that is why I am talking so much about Churchill. He was also a newspaper journalist who wrote very long books. The clash between short, superficial news and academic tomes is very Gemini-Sagittarius.

  15. Hi Jessica..I have Panacea 10, Jupiter 26 Scorpio…Appolo 2, Hygeia 6, Sag, Aesculapia 20 Capricorn..Chiron 24 Virgo..I’m blind in one eye since I was 1 and deaf in one ear from head injury ..I can never connect these together..i just always have bad health it because Uranus at 23 Capricorn is connected to Chiron in virgo..turning my health upside down?…Getting hearing aid soon,is that Aesculapia in 1st house?..Chiron in virgo,not sure of what that means for me..Thanks Jessica.

    1. Blind in one eye, and deaf in one ear – means you have to fall back on your sixth sense, which is your psychic ability. Even before I look at your chart I would guess that you have a Neptune and/or Pisces signature, which rules clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear knowing) and clairaudience (clear hearing) on the psychic level. You have Saturn at 5 Pisces in the Twelfth House, closely aspecting Fortuna at 6 Leo in the Fifth House and Hygiea at 6 Sagittarius in the Ninth House . Salacia at 0 Pisces in the Twelfth House aspects Cupido at 1 Leo in the Fifth House. So, yes, you have two quite complicated patterns here, and they both lead back to Pisces planets in the Twelfth House! The sign of Pisces shows two fish, swimming in opposite directions. This represents the real world, and the unreal world of intuition. Ruled by Neptune, the ocean, which is an alternative reality to dry land. So even though you are missing out on eyesight and hearing so far, you are tuned into a completely different reality to the average Joe or Jane. The aspects pick up the Fifth House, which is about sexual relationships that produce children or stepchildren; actual sons and daughters; godchildren; nieces and nephews; children, teenagers and younger adults as a large group. There is a strong fated connection between what happens there in your life, and your natural sixth sense. The Ninth House is also picked up, which relates to foreigners and foreign countries; regional differences; publishing; academia and education; the worldwide web. On the pure health level, yes, we look to Virgo and the Sixth House for clues. Chiron at 24 Virgo in the Sixth House is semi-sextile Mars at 23 Leo in the Fifth House. Again, the trail of clues leads back to relationships, babies, children, teenagers and young adults. And as you have found, Uranus at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and vocation also aspects your Chiron very closely. I don’t know anything about you, or your life history (obviously) and this is intensely personal, so I will leave it with you. You can take this whole pattern apart and see the many different ways you can live out the story. You are receiving a hearing aid soon which comes as Pluto and Jupiter both go to 24 Capricorn, so this will be very successful and change your job, professional path, academic pursuits or voluntary roles for the better. They trine your Chiron and in fact set off that whole pattern at 23 and 24 degrees, specifically from November 14th 2020 into the year 2021, in the case of Pluto. You will retain your ability to live in two different worlds, or realities (Two Worlds Collide was the INXS song and it can be applied to the spirit world and the real world) but gain from a sweeping transformation of the work landscape. Remember, as a Premium Member, you have access to a lot of guidebooks, cards and so on which can help you decode these patterns.

  16. Hi, Jessica

    As I read monthly horoscope, I learnt that :

    Saturday 31st October
    Full Moon 8 Taurus opposite Sun 8 Scorpio
    Sun 8 Scorpio opposite Uranus 8 Taurus

    I have Hygiea at 8 in Taurus which trine my sun at 7 in Virgo and also square Fortuna at 9 in Aquarius.

    What do I need to be aware, please?

    Thank you.

    1. You have Hygiea at 8 Taurus in your Second House, so this is about your insurance, or any hedge against inflation or bulwark against financial loss. Hygiea is a symbol of prevention, not cure, in the chart and of course the Second House is finance, property, valuables. Talk to your accountant now about your situation as you need to be in a flexible position when Uranus makes a conjunction. Of course you would skip Halloween for anything major, like switching banks. No astrologer would tell you do go full steam ahead on a Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition.

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