Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About Jupiter

Your Jupiter sign and house shows you where you are born lucky and can afford to be generous with other people. Even if you go through a hideous cycle in this same house of your chart, Jupiter will protect you.

Jupiter Was Born Lucky

Nicolas Poussin   The Infant Jupiter Nurtured by the Goat Amalthea   WGA18300 600x434 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About JupiterThis old association between Jupiter and natural good luck, comes from the Roman myth. He was Saturn’s son, doomed to be eaten by his father. His mother Ops saved him. He was raised on milk and honey, then when he became a man, he took over from Saturn and ruled the world. He could have castrated Saturn or killed him, but he set him free to invent Italian agriculture.

Jupiter is the win-win in any situation. Often, when Jupiter arrives in a new sign, in a new house of your chart, there will be an immediate problem to solve. A detox and clean-up. Jupiter is all about growth and nothing can blossom in your life until the weeding is done, or the muck comes to the surface for removal.

People get disappointed when this happens. They say Jupiter doesn’t work. That he is overrated. Nonsense. Just do the life gardening.

What’s Your Jupiter Sign?

reiseuhu dbTP7quPELo unsplash 447x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About JupiterYour Jupiter Sign tells you your Jupiter House. That’s where you push, push, push your luck. Even if nothing happens immediately, one day the seeds you planted will turn into a fabulous orchard.

I know a brilliant headmistress who has Jupiter in Leo in her Fifth House, ruling the ‘heirs’ to her ‘throne’ and she has raised generations of other people’s children, as well as her own, to super success. She has no idea what her astrological chart looks like.

A lot of people ‘do’ their Jupiter sign and house quite instinctively, because it comes naturally. You tend to find that around age 12, 24, 36 and so on (the Jupiter Returns) you are given opportunities which help you to pursue the areas of life described by your Jupiter sign.

If you have other horoscope factors in the same sign/house as Jupiter the story becomes more complex. It still has a satisfying ending! Your Jupiter Return, when Jupiter goes back to the same sign and exact degree/number it occupied at your birth, is extremely fortunate. It’s an opportunity to make more of an opportunity that you were already born with. An ability, skill set, talent or approach to life that works beautifully for you and always will.

People whose horoscope factors are ‘on’ your Jupiter (conjunct it at the same sign and within one degree) benefit from you a lot. If your Jupiter is at the same sign and degree as your colleague’s, you will be lucky for them. You will come on like Santa Claus to them.

I once worked on a very successful series of books in aid of a global charity for children in war zones. My ‘Santa Claus’ on the project was a woman whose Jupiter pinged my money chart. None of this was orchestrated. She did not believe in astrology. We made millions.

Using Jupiter in Your Life

  • Jupiter in Libra/Seventh House people marry well and end up with partnerships which bless them for a lifetime. Even if the first one does not work out it helps the second one succeed.
  • Jupiter in Taurus/Second House people attract prizes or windfalls around age 12. In adult life they attract large lump sums. The smart ones give it away or fundraise. They share the joy.
  • Jupiter in Scorpio/Eighth House people end up with a dream home, courtesy of their generous ex, or they are made redundant and pick up a fortune. They do well from their lovers.

Jupiter is an agricultural symbol in old Roman astrologer. He trained his father Saturn to use his scythe to teach Italian farmers more efficient harvesting methods. Jupiter was the thunder that brought the rain, that fertilised the crops. If you have prepared the ground, you can grow big things. Spot Jupiter in any museum from New York to Rome. He will be holding up thunderbolts even if the ends have broken off!

Jupiter cycles give you the chance to crack winning solutions that solve even long-standing problems, or grab opportunities that make your life bigger and better. If Jupiter goes through the same sign as one of your stelliums, you’ll have a seriously lucky few months, or maybe a golden year.

Remember! The cycle often begins with a detox or clean-up first. If you have allowed this area of your life to turn into a bit of a mess, there may be a tough lesson as the cycle begins.

I had a client who had Jupiter going through her Seventh House of love, sex and equal partnership. She could not wait. Right on cue, a seriously promising date turned up. Attractive. Great taste. Funny. Successful. Highly intelligent. Nice. My client totally blew it. He did not return. She was forced to do some life gardening, getting rid of all the weeds and rocks that had gathered in her life, cluttering up her potential for love and happiness.

Working on herself made her a better partner for the next person. This story has a happy ending though (Jupiter always has a happy ending). Years later when Jupiter made stunning Seventh House patterns again, he came back into her life. And this time she got it right.

Trust me on this. If you plant a seed or do some life gardening on a Jupiter transit of your chart, even if nothing grows, it can always do so again, when Jupiter returns and makes patterns in/to that same horoscope zone. Try!

Jupiter’s Family

Jupiter Among the Corybantes Korybantes oil on copper painting by Giuseppe Maria Crespi 597x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About JupiterWhen Jupiter lines up with his family of asteroids in your horoscope (they are all passing through together, making aspects or exact patterns) it’s like a life massage.

Who is in the family tree? Ops, his mother. Juno, his wife. Minerva, Fortuna and Diana, his daughters. Apollo, his son. Aesculapia, his grandson. Hygiea and Panacea, his great-granddaughters. When the family triggers your own Jupiter placement, you find that life flows. You are the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

You can read more about your Jupiter sign and house on my website. Even without a full birth chart, assuming you do not have Jupiter on the cusp, it will just take a second to find out if he’s in Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on. If Jupiter is in a sign and house where you have other chart factors, the story may be complicated but it’s still beneficial. If you are optimistic and maximise the opportunities you are given, then life rewards you.

The Romans used to tag Jupiter as Optimus Maximus. This is one of the reasons astrologers have always linked this planet to hope, growth and expansion. Knowing your Jupiter sign and house really well, in depth, helps you squeeze the most out of what fate gave you.

Jupiter in Real Life

The astrologer Patric Walker had Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House. He was the King of Sun Sign astrology for a younger generation (he was not in his first flush of youth when he became famous) and held court for billions of readers when he pushed his Leo Jupiter and ruled a vast global kingdom of younger horoscope fans. He left the legacy of his personality, fine standards and brilliant technique to all his ‘heirs to the throne’ in the business. Patric worked his Leo Jupiter and it worked for him.

If you have Jupiter in Leo, you will find your buried treasure when you also become Queen or King of a particular kingdom, made up of the heirs to your throne.

Barack Obama has Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups. He got lucky when he joined the Democrats.

The United States of America’s chart has Jupiter in Gemini, the sign which rules communication. Hollywood and the Internet are lucky for her.

Do you have Jupiter in Aries in the First House? Push yourself as a brand. Self-promotion works well for you. Become instantly identified with what you are pushing or promoting. Caricature yourself and enjoy it because it’s going to work well for you. Your USP will become the USP of your product or your project. Got long legs? Use them!

Jupiter protects. It’s your safety net. No matter how many mistakes you make, or how awful life can be in other ways – your Jupiter sign and house will always stand you in good stead. Jupiter is astrological insurance.

Bill Clinton has Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House which rules his marriage to Hillary. She is his luck factor, no matter what. His horoscope says, he was blessed when he married her. Bill Clinton has a lot of factors in Libra and the Seventh House. It’s complicated. His marriage to her has not been straightforward to say the least, but she never gave up on him. Lucky!

Nicolas Poussin   The Nurture of Jupiter   WGA18299 600x475 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: All About JupiterCoco Chanel had Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules real estate. Have you seen those photographs of her apartment, in my friend Justine Picardie’s book? Chanel went from being just another face in the fashion and perfume world, to a superstar, when she made France and the French her inspiration. Paris is Chanel and Chanel is Paris. Her city became her lucky brand.

Do you have Jupiter in Sagittarius? Try taking your talent, skills and expertise overseas. Think about taking it worldwide. Don’t stay stuck at home with a domestic audience and market. Sagittarius is about foreign travel.

Before I became an astrologer, I spent a long time in the music industry interviewing big names like Kurt Cobain. After I became an astrologer and medium, I gave private readings to more big names. Astrologers have a code of ethics which means we never talk about them. I always began those readings with Jupiter. Famous people are just like you and me, they want to know the good bits. What amazed me was how they intuitively ‘did’ their Jupiter. No wonder they became rich and famous.

Once you find out your Jupiter sign and house, get to know it in some depth as it contains many layers of meaning and possibility, all worth exploring over your lifetime. Look at the paintings and statues of Jupiter too. Inspiring!

Edited extract from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams.


Image Credits
Featured Image – Photo by Felix Mittermeier via Unsplash
Jupiter Ferris Wheel – Photo by Reiseuhu via Unsplash
Jupiter Paintings via Alamy Subscription:

  • ‘Jupiter Among the Corybantes (Korybantes),’ oil on copper painting by Giuseppe Maria Crespi
  • Nicolas Poussin ‘The Infant Jupiter Nurtured by the Goat Amalthea’
  • Nicolas Poussin ‘nurture jupiter’

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34 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, Really interesting to find out more about Jupiter! I’ve got him in Aquarius – which is where I’ve also got Aesculapia (all about coming back from the edge?). I’d be grateful for your thoughts.
    Also was your September new moon session recorded on You Tube?
    Thanks very much.

    1. Thank you. No, we do not record the Meetups but do encourage you to waitlist as soon as possible, because November is filling up fast. Jupiter, the MC (Midheaven) and Aesculapia are all in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. The MC depends on an accurate birth time, but if you have it, your vocation or highest pinnacle of achievement is clearly about friendship, alliances, and the people power within a community or organisation. In any case, you have Jupiter, the ‘biggest and best’ (Jupiter Optimus Maximus) in your house of brotherhood and sisterhood, and allies. This would have been evident to you at school, aged 11, 12 or 13 as you were rewarded enormously by being part of a club, team or circle of friends. Aesculapia is Jupiter’s grandson so there is a close connection with the planet and asteroid in your chart. He is associated with revival and resurrection, return and sometimes miraculous resuscitation, so just when you think a collective involvement is over (it isn’t) and at the moment you feel a friend is finished, or a friendship has gone, it comes back. This will be tremendously important to you in 2021 when transiting Jupiter goes through Aquarius and triggers the pattern. In fact it will change your life.

  2. This was really cool to read, since Jupiter (i have him at 2 Scorpio) is my Sag ruler. I studied my chart with Jupiter in the forefront of my mind, and see that I have some of his family members at interesting aspects – Ops nearly conjunct at 1 degree Scorpio; Moon Opposite at 2 Taurus; and then- what struck me as totally awesome: Diana 10 degrees, Aesculapia 19 degrees, and Apollo 10 degrees, all in Libra, 7th House.
    My Libra stellium is part of my ‘Great Awakening’ as I call it- trying to reconcile my always desperate need for a partner with my chart, I believe i will be studying that for the rest of my life!
    My question here is- My Moon 2 Taurus and Jupiter 2 Scorpio / Ops 1 Scorpio- can you give me your insight/advice on that? My take is that my emotions are greatly affected by how my ‘8th house things’ are going- sex, money, etc., which i know wholeheartedly to be true… but how does Ops fit in?

    Thank you as always,

    1. The Moon at 2 Taurus in your Second House is opposite Jupiter at 2 Scorpio in your Eighth House, and almost exactly opposite Ops at 1 Scorpio, also in your Eighth House. Melly, look up a piece I wrote on people who have both Libra and Scorpio placements to find out more. This chart pattern is triggered during and after Christmas 2020 with Saturn and Jupiter moving across 1, 2 Aquarius and you experience a transiting T Square. It benefits you (Jupiter) but it is also tense and tight (T-Square) and hard work (Saturn). This may be a Christmas family announcement about a legacy, gift or loan to you from a relative. Scorpio can describe family money as much as it describes marriage and mortgage. Go in slowly then.

    1. Blessed through religion, mediumship, Reiki, hypnosis, astrology, Tarot and dream therapy, you are also able to give to others. When you do this, you will occasionally be held up, sent backwards and forwards or caught in a loop, if there are transits to your Jupiter at the time.

  3. Hi Jessica – I am always so grateful and love when your examples are relevant to my personal chart (Jupiter in Scorpio/Eighth House people end up with a dream home, courtesy of their generous ex, or they are made redundant and pick up a fortune. They do well from their lovers) and even when they are not your teachings continue to help me to understand how astrology works – thank you.

    In my case, how would I “do” an 8th house Jupiter placement well which is accompanied by Diana and Aes? I also have two additional placements at 12 degrees and one at 13 degrees which I think indirectly affects my Jupiter house. Can you please take a look at my chart and tell me if or when you see the dream house, a large fortune or wealthy lover happening and are there time periods which are auspicious for my Jupiter placement that jump out. I am in need of a good bit myself 🙂

    Thank you Jessica, you have helped me not only get through this tough year, but some much over the last few years – your membership has been a God-sent. What you do is invaluable. If I ever had the chance for a personal reading I would be over the moon.

    1. Thank you. Your angles are at 12 degrees, and so is your Jupiter at 12 Scorpio in the Eighth House. This looks like marriage and mortgage, or a richer partner, just because the Sun is at 11 Libra and your IC is at 12 Libra. This sign is about weddings or common law marriage. The next time you have a transit at 12 degrees is just before Saint Valentine’s Day 2021 when transiting Jupiter goes to 11, 12 Aquarius so there will be developments in your favour then, either because single people are looking for a date, or because a former lover gets in touch. It won’t be easy because this is a square from Jupiter to Jupiter, but you do gain, because of course transiting Jupiter trines your Sun and your IC. Your IC depends on an accurate birth time, but if you are certain – a person in the family tree made a massive achievement out of a marriage and likely had a work partnership with the spouse, or a second person. You have inherited that ability to pair up, and pair off, and so Valentine’s Day 2021 is going to reward you for that. IF your birth time was accurate. Later on we find Saturn at 12 Aquarius in April, June 2021 and Uranus goes to 12 Taurus in June as well, so this is a story that develops that year, with this person. Uranus will oppose your Jupiter, though, so although you do stand to gain from this relationship in terms of the house, apartment, money or possessions – you are also going to find it’s a huge stretch for you, and you not only need to get things in writing if it goes further, you need top level professional advice before you sign.

  4. Hey Jessica,

    I would love to know your thoughts on Jupiter in Capricorn – I’m a singer/songwriter and, funnily enough, Jupiter falls in my third house and I have (definitely!!!) had lots of very slow mountains to climb lol but also lots of amazing luck (especially with my lyrics) and some glorious experiences along the way. I’m a passionate believer in the healing power of music and the sense of oneness with other people it can create. I’m about to get another Jupiter Return just before Christmas at 29 Cap – and Jupiter is my Sagittarian first and second house ruler so any insights or flashes of wisdom would be greatly appreciated (especially when it comes to earning a living and/or broadening awareness of my music). I noted with a thrill the other day, that my Jupiter falls precisely on the midheaven of your “new” Australian horoscope chart of February 7, 1788 and wondered how this might play out for me and my music. Thank-you!!!

    1. Vesta and the Descendant are in Gemini in your Third House in the Natural House System. Jupiter is in your Tenth House. It’s amazing that your Jupiter is conjunct the MC (Midheaven) of the Australian chart set for February 7th 1788. At 29 Capricorn that is a return for both you and the nation, and the two are linked on December 15th-19th 2020, one week before Christmas. Uranus is at 29 Leo in your Fifth House of children, teenagers and Millennials and so this is a Madonna chart. She goes on entertaining teenagers even though she is Grandmadonna! You could obviously teach music. At Christmas I imagine you would be with younger family members; nieces, nephews and so on, or your own children if you have them. You are so creative and inventive with this age group. This appears to be tied to the fortunate opportunity which opens up in your career, near Christmas. There is also an open door on an intensely personal level, though, involving younger faces.

  5. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter in Pisces. Does that mean I have Jupiter in the 12th house using the Natural House system? I would appreciate your insight on the outcome of Jupiter’s placement in my chart. Thank you!

    1. Yes, you have Jupiter in Pisces in the Twelfth House, which describes mediumship, the Tarot, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience. It very much describes the relationship with God, religion in general, spirituality (Buddhism for example) and the unseen world – auras, faith healing, the chakras. Around age 12 you had your first encounter with the unseen and unknown. Dreams are frequently the channel. Thus the Twelfth House is linked with Freud and Jung too. Psychology and psychiatry. Inner expansion through your own soul’s exploration is the gift here. It is a gift you can pass on, so we find this placement in the charts of priests, psychics, psychologists, rabbis and so on.

    1. Sure. Jupiter at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, daily routine, self-care, mental health, physical wellbeing, unpaid work, study and (above all) ‘service to others’ is a blessing. There is a square to Vesta at 0 Gemini in your Third House of internet, media, publishing, short-haul transport and travel, and education. That’s not such a huge deal, though occasionally there will be people politics in those areas. In general, with Jupiter in the Sixth House, you find that aged around 10, 11, 12 you experience your first real breakthroughs and rewards, likely in relation with a weekend job, or pocket money chores. Aged around 23, 24, 25 you go to the next level and realise that even as a schoolchild, the clues were there with all that you achieve later on. Transits at 0 degrees are important and so Christmas 2020 is unforgettable as Saturn at 0 Aquarius and Jupiter himself at 0 Aquarius form a quincunx to your natal Jupiter. Quite obviously the lifestyle, employment, work, unpaid work or study options at Christmas are Santa’s gift.

  6. Hi Jessica, always love your lessons! I’ve got Jupiter 18 Aries, Sun 18 Gemini, Saturn 18 Cancer, and a few things at 19 degrees. This week I’ve decided to let my hair go a la natural grey as I haven’t been able to dye my hair because hairdressers are closed due to lockdown. It’s triggered a lot of long-held beliefs about society, ageing, women, double standards, attractiveness and discovered an amazing online community of silver sisters. Is this the first house/Aries/being seen that’s happening? And will this decision usher in other things? Love to know your thoughts. Thanks again for all your work.

    1. Thank you so much. Jupiter at 18 Aries in the First House of image, wardrobe, hair, face, shape, style, message, self-promotion is beautifully sextile your Sun at 18 Gemini, in the Third House, so you belong online, or in the media. The Saturn placement at 18 Cancer in your Fourth House is also connected. We do find this combination with real-estate agents. You are going to have a fascinating time in October, because Neptune goes to 18 Pisces and Jupiter goes to 18 Capricorn, so this entire pattern in your chart is triggered. Do you actually have sisters? (Never mind silver sisters). This may be about them. We’re talking October 3rd to 13th here and there is more to this than just deliberately going grey. It feels like a major issue involving your family, household, apartment, house, town and/or country as Jupiter opposes Saturn, but also makes aspects to your First House and Third House. You sometimes see this pattern when people become heavily involved with the council or the government (for or against) and put themselves out there as the face or name of a particular campaign. There is more to this than meets the eye. And sometimes it’s about the family itself. When you go grey you are reminded of your grandmother, aren’t you? Perhaps October is also about her.

  7. Hi Jessica like to see if you could take a look at my chart on May 25 of 2018 I went to the casino and won all kinds of money I was on fire I’m new to astrology and I’m just wondering if you could take a look at my chart and let me know more or less why I was winning on that day . Thank you

    1. With gambling at the casino we look for Taurus (cash) and Scorpio (the bank). May 25th 2018 saw Mercury at 19 Taurus and Jupiter at 16 Scorpio. Uranus was at 0 Taurus. Taurus rules the Second House of your horoscope (money) and Scorpio rules the Eighth House (credit cards). What do you have at 0, 16, 19 degrees? Nothing at 0 degrees at all. Mars at 16 Virgo. Pluto at 16 Virgo. Apollo at 16 Gemini. What do you have at 19 degrees? Vulcano at 19 Virgo. So, on the day you won money at the casino, Jupiter (luck) was sextile Mars, sextile Pluto, quincunx Apollo. And Mercury (trading) was trine Vulcano. Much as I’d love to tell you this sort of things happens every year, it just doesn’t. Jupiter takes 12 years to come back around to 16 Scorpio. He’s next at 16 Scorpio on December 9th to 13th 2029. Saturn is at 19 Taurus then, trine your Vulcano at 19 Virgo. Don’t waste the potential on gambling though. It’s a mug’s game, isn’t it? Think about proper finance, charity, business or property moves. You are strongly Virgo by the way, so your chart is suited to committed, detailed, hard work for other people – serving. Your gift for perfecting the smallest details of what you do is powerful and the internet, media or educational worlds are a natural home for it.

  8. Hi, Jessica

    Thank you for your answers from the new moon session. You let us experience astrology drastically different way from other platforms. Did you referenced your chart when you come up with the idea? Especially Jupiter?

    I have
    Jupiter (r) at 13 degree in Pisces conjunct Juno (Jupiter’s wife)
    Nearly trine Saturn at 15 degree in Cancer
    Nearly oppose Ops at 11 degree in Virgo

    What is my lucky area? How my chart could manifest in my life?
    Pisces is difficult to understand or it is almost boring because it seems Pisces is more about “feeling” “inner world within me” which doesn’t have much impact on real world “outcome” Do you have some examples that you can mention which is similar to my Jupiter chart for me to understand?

    Coco Channel’s case sounds like symbolism to describe how Jupiter worked. Am I understanding correctly about what you wrote?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Yes, my astrology is different because I am a trained medium and experienced Tarot reader, so I bring that into the horoscope work with you. I did choose the New Moon at 25 Virgo quite deliberately to relaunch our Meetups with Alicia Fulton, who is the ideal host. You have Jupiter at 13 Pisces in the Twelfth House in an exact conjunction with the asteroid Juno, his wife. This is about God, religion, spirituality, mediumship, the Tarot, astrology, clairvoyance, dream interpretation and the more mystical aspects of science – quantum mechanics. You regularly make commitments here. You ‘marry’ the beliefs, or the people, or the organisation. It’s never particularly easy, and of course squares and oppositions at 13 Sagittarius, Gemini or Virgo can challenge the commitment. This is quite a common placement in the charts of monks. Neptune at 13 Pisces made the conjunction in November, December 2018 if you remember Christmas that year. (A time when people gather in churches). That was a very confusing and confused period, if also rather escapist and inspiring. A classic Neptune trip. Have a look back at your old emails then, or your diary, and you will begin to see how this conjunction works in your chart. Neptune was also there in 2017 so this is really a two-year period when you found the relief and release of departing from reality, but probably ended up all at sea. We do see this transit when people join cults. The cults can be run by those who are quite out of touch with the real world, and sometimes money is lost, unfortunately.

  9. Hi Jess!
    Another great and informative article
    My natal Jupiter in on my natal ascendant- how would you interpret that?

    In terms of my Jupiter in Capricorn, I always have and can keep a job, but isn’t the 10th house more than that?

    Also it’s my Jupiter return this year but it’s not been such a great year with the COVID situation. I hope it might get better?

    Much love and kindness

    1. Thank you Jen. You were born with Jupiter at 21 Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition, achievement, success, status and the AC/DC song, It’s A Long Way To The Top. (But great when you make it, which you regularly do). If you were born at 44 minutes past the hour, your MC or Midheaven is also at 21 Capricorn, in a perfect conjunction, and your IC or Immum Coeli is at 21 Cancer, opposite, in the Fourth House of family, home, town, country, household. Yes, there is far more to Jupiter conjunct the MC in the Tenth House than just keeping a job. You last experienced your Jupiter Return here in April, May, June 2008 – and again in November, December that year. What you experience in 2020 owes a great deal to what you planted then. Jupiter is an expression of your natural good luck, protection, potential for abundance, opportunism, and ‘big delivery’ reward. In return you give back. So, if you are promoted, or thrown a prestigious project, or win an award then you tend to help others up the ladder. This year you are set to have your Jupiter Return at 21 Capricorn in the first week of November, just prior to the American election, so I would guess that the outcome of that, helps your own professional situation, at a distance. For example, a thumping victory for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, might have a huge ripple effect on non-white women as a demographic, market and so on. I am speculating now but there is something about the American election which resonates with your chart. You did have Jupiter returning at 21 Capricorn in July, so what you planted or grew then, will come to fruition in November. Jupiter is really about being proactive. He shows you the opportunity and you snap it up (hopefully). A new job or promotion is not impossible now. A number one hit or massive result is also within the realms of possibility in November.

  10. Hi Jessica, I hope you’re well & healthy. Thank you for another incredibly insightful article! This could explain my innate mantra that I’m incredibly lucky…and while I certainly am and have been blessed in so many areas of my life, it’s only when I slow down that I reflect on just how difficult my life has actually been and that ultimately I was primed to be a people pleaser. Which I’m sure is how it goes for many – though it’s quite possibly my personal life metaphor: ‘emotion VS career’ and further: my own undoing IF I don’t continually commit to making less emotional choices; developing and honouring my self-worth; and [especially in this recent time around] when it’s required – standing tall with grace regardless of the immense pressure to be my former people pleaser. That said, if you have some time please Jessica – and if it’s even possible to define, I’d be most grateful to hear your thoughts on how I could choose to move forward in a more enlightened way according to the massive Jupiter influence in my birth chart. Without going into too much detail, this time 12 years ago, I built my dream life off what I realise now was me running from the realisation that my family unit will sadly never be what I desperately craved. Though I believe it all began a week before my 11th birthday (Friday, 4 December 1992 to be exact) when my Mum left, my father [further] checked out & it was every child for themself. Which it’s only after completing this cycle recently that now I understand, a) that it’s a cycle, and b) that I get to choose the path I deserve moving forward. [Just like birth I guess.] So, given the work I’ve recently been doing and am committed to moving forward, I believe that the energy I’m feeling now towards the next cycle is totally different. Magic like. An opportunity. A complete rebirth. Perhaps a shift from me/ego and fear based energy ≈ to an awareness that I can (and already have been unconsciously) remain standing tall and contribute in more conscious ways that honour my innate values for family togetherness and soul level peace/balance. Therefore, if I am indeed correct, I wonder if astrology can astutely connect my emotional/career loving sides to facilitate a new foundation and legacy that I/we will pass down with aplomb to my beloved nephews and nieces? Many thanks in advance, Vicky

    1. Thank you Vicky. I am very lucky to be in Tasmania where we have eradicated the virus. You have a Jupiter chart signature? That would make sense if you were aged around 12 when you were given a way out or a way through of a hard family situation. Jupiter protects. It is possible that you were protected when presumably other family members stepped in to help bring you up. Certainly 12 year cycles and Jupiter in particular are worth working with. Maybe what was given to you by aunts, uncles, grandparents is now what you give to nephews and nieces. That can happen. I don’t see a chart here but have a look at Jupiter and his aspects.

  11. Hi Jessica, Always thankful for your blogs and horoscopes. Always been so accurate and insightful. Thanks for your hard work!
    I have Jupiter in Capricorn. My Sun is in Pisces. I think i have my Jupiter Return this year. I would appreciate your insight on the outcome of Jupiter’s return in my chart.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you Enkhbileg, I appreciate it. You already had your Jupiter Return at 2 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and study. You have also had Uranus trine Jupiter from 2 Taurus so by now you should have been put on the right professional, academic or voluntary path. There will be another shift in your favour at Christmas as Jupiter goes to 2 Aquarius and Saturn goes to 2 Aquarius in January, once again making an exact aspect to your natal Jupiter. You would have to expect that year-end retirements, resignations, promotions or reshuffles benefit you.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    Love this article and am fascinated by how the celebrities you meet instinctively “do’ their Jupiter placements – would love some insight into how to do that, as a boost of good luck is always welcome! Please could you shed some light on how Jupiter and his celestial family play out in my chart? I have Jupiter at 27 degrees Cancer; Apollo at 27 degrees Virgo (also True Node at 27 degrees Virgo); Minerva at 5 degrees Cancer; Panacea at 4 degrees Libra; Fortuna at 5 degrees Libra; Ops at 14 degrees Libra (Pluto at 14 Libra as well, plus Neptune at 15 Sagittarius) ; Diana at 23 Scorpio; Hygiea at 21 degrees Sagittarius (Mercury at 21 Leo); Juno at 25 Capricorn; Aesculapia at 2 degrees Pisces (Saturn at 3 degrees Virgo).

    Thank you in advance. Stay safe and well – looks like things are on the up for lovely Australia, touch wood. Hope things will get better for all of us soon – lots of local lockdowns here in the UK and slightly confusing edicts and mixed messages from the government (Mercury Retro Shadow, perhaps?).

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,


    1. Thank you Angelina. Britain will eliminate COVID-19 eventually, once the Prime Minister decides to deal with the nation as four nations, not one. We have eliminated the virus in Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory with other states following. Your horoscope looks after you in terms of your country, actually, as Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House is about natural protection and luck as your safety net, no matter what. Your local area, home town, birthplace and/or nation is your ‘bounce’ factor. And of course when life is at its best, you can be tremendously fortunate with your citizenship, residency and particularly your property. This also is true of the family circle, which can benefit you and protect you. Jupiter is sextile Apollo and aspects the Nodes so much of this is karmic in nature. Virgo and Cancer are great signs to have placed like this in the chart, as they are about lifestyle, gardening, the house or apartment, the local swimming pool, health centre or gymnasium, and the way it all works together. Jupiter at 27 Pisces in April and May 2022 will see transiting Jupiter trine natal Jupiter which is a stunning pattern and even though Jupiter will oppose Apollo and your Node, it still works for you. Pluto has only recently been in opposition to Jupiter then, in March 2022, so that looks like a crucial crossroads year for you with the house or flat, or larger questions about your local area or country. Even though the squeeze is very much on, during Spring 2022, it will work out fine for you. Jupiter Optimus Maximus, the Romans called him.

  13. Hi, Jessica. Thank you for your replay and I hope I could receive your insight regarding my chart, once more.

    The last response from you ended with the word “unfortunately” and this post was about the lucky area in my life! Oh, dear.
    I am suprised to hear that my chart is similar to the one among monks.
    What do I do with it? I feel I’m just gonna waste Jupiter as I can’t really think myself stepping into a religious group or live like a nuns. But if it is astrology for me, I think I found this website in late 2018 (however, I didn’t have time at all to indulge in this place until quite recently.)
    I hadn’t felt any impact from Neptune conjunction either. In late November I was with whole family in Japan, enjoying our little child. Christmas was disastrous as we had to go to A&E. Since I had a child, I am facing reality every single moment, except when my child is sleeping.

    Is there any other way you could interpret for me? Pisces is actually what I should step into?

    Sorry, Jessica but still Jupiter is mystery to me 🙁

    Hope you could give me a little bit more guidance on Jupiter.

    Thank you

    1. The situation with your child will become easier in stages, beginning now, until October 14th, then improving again, quite dramatically, from November 8th to 13th and finally, once and for all, from December 18th. The worst is over.

  14. Thank you Jessica, for your reply.

    It is not still clear to me how I can use my Jupiter, though. But as you mentioned to other people on here, I should read it as I have a good luck in area of Astrology, psychic, religion etc. At least, Jupiter is in Pisces where Jupiter is comfortable ( that is what I heard but not really sure.)
    What will be your guidance when there’s a good luck in where I don’t really relate to? Or am I being blind keep saying that I don’t relate to the area while I am enjoying astrology so much?

    Hope you have a nice cup of tea.

    1. Jupiter in Pisces in the Twelfth House makes hypnosis, mediumship, Tarot, dream interpretation and/or meditation very successful for you. It’s worth pursuing.

  15. Hello, again.

    You wrote:
    “You ‘marry’ the beliefs, or the people, or the organisation. It’s never particularly easy, and of course squares and oppositions at 13 Sagittarius, Gemini or Virgo can challenge the commitment. Neptune at 13 Pisces made the conjunction in November, December 2018 if you remember Christmas that year. That was a very confusing and confused period, if also rather escapist and inspiring. A classic Neptune trip.”

    I had to go to A&E for my child. exactly on Christmas. Do you think that is because I have opposition in Virgo in my natal chart?

    You wrote:
    “Neptune was also there in 2017 so this is really a two-year period when you found the relief and release of departing from reality, but probably ended up all at sea.”

    I conceived my child in 2017 and it was and is miracle. But then, after my child was born, it has been very tough days ( I am deeply thankful and happy though). So maybe this is what you mean “all at sea”?

    I have
    Jupiter (r) at 13 degree in Pisces conjunct Juno (Jupiter’s wife)
    Nearly trine Saturn at 15 degree in Cancer
    Nearly oppose Ops at 11 degree in Virgo

    As you suggested, I am trying to know how the conjunction worked for me.

    Thank you!

    1. Your child is the escape from the real world (the miracle conception) and that’s your whole answer. So every question you have about love, sex and marriage is really about parenthood. Neptune is best handled the way professional surfers handle the sea. Have rules. In the middle of non-reality and unreality, there needs to be some kind of container. You can read more about Neptune using Search.

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