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Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Sun Signs – Part 2

You can see your choices and issues with brilliant clarity, when the Sun travels through your chart. It shows you people, projects, places, organisations and situations in detail. It’s like having a spotlight or microscope turned on one area of yourself and your life.

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In this week’s lesson, you can see when (and how) the Sun lights up a particular sign in your chart. It will also bring your attention to a specific department of your life.

What is just a normal part of your life, or yourself, will be inspected, examined, discussed and may even be photographed or filmed, so get ready. Sun cycles (also known as solar transits) are useful. They show you where you’re at. How you’re doing. What needs to change – or what to repeat.

Sun Cycles for Life

The Sun passes through the same cycles and houses in your life, at around the same time, every year, triggering a spotlight on the same house of your Sun Sign horoscope, also known as your Solar Chart. This is why any part of yourself, or your world which does not bear really close inspection can be upgraded over a twelve- month period, ready for next year’s spotlight.

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Sun in the First House

This always occurs when the Sun is passing through your own sign. Your birthday! Zero signs ahead. The Sun is in Aries, now if you’re an Aries. It’s in Taurus, if you’re a Taurus. Your personality will be in the spotlight for a few days, as people scratch their heads trying to work out who you really are, and what you’re really all about. This is just one example of the intense focus you can expect on your character, spirit, style and general you-ness, at this time.

If you are naturally shy or a private person, this cycle can be uncomfortable. If you are an Aries (it’s your Sun Sign or regular sign) you’ll be photographed (maybe at the birthday party), or forced to stand up and make a speech, or singled out at work (surprise! here’s your cake!) and generally made a fuss of. Of course, if you have a rotten birthday during this cycle – and nobody cares, nobody calls, nobody writes – you’ll experience another side of the Sun in the First House.

That’s the scorching self-analysis that comes when you ask yourself “Who am I? What do people think of me? How do people really see me?”

The First House is about your name, face, reputation, image and appearance. It’s about your surface, as opposed to your substance. When the Sun passes through this zone of your chart, it will single out and clearly pinpoint who you are, at least as far as the rest of the world is concerned. It will show you, very clearly and obviously, how you’re seen. Even famous people become over-exposed now. It’s like standing on an old Hollywood film set under a giant spotlight.

This can be an amazingly illuminating and useful time. The Sun says “How are you doing? How are you rating? How do you feel about the way other people view you?” If your ego is wonderfully massaged now, then you’re clearly projecting the right image out there, or sending the right signals. If you find yourself bursting with pride, in the most public way, then you’ll know that the work you’ve put into your appearance, and your people management, is paying off.

And if you feel invisible? Or too scrutinised? Or even overlooked? Then listen up. The Sun is highlighting what you most need to pay attention to, so that by this time next year, you can shine brightly – or even brilliantly. Quite apart from your birthday, this cycle will bring other developments which put your name or face out there, where other people can give them more time, energy and attention.

A passing camera crew may pick you up as part of a vox pop for the 6pm news. You may end up in the local newspaper or singled out in an online forum. You may wake up to find yourself at the catalyst of events in your personal or professional life, in a way that suddenly has everyone gawping at you, or sizing you up, or making up their minds about you.

Are you worth the price of admission? Are you worth a full roll of camera film? Are you one of the Seven Wonders of your suburb? Do all you can now, to make sure you’re up to scratch. Remember, everyone will be looking.

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Sun in the Second House

The Sun moves to the next sign along, from your own. So, for Aries, the Sun will be in Taurus on this cycle. For Taurus, the Sun will be in Gemini. You are counting one sign ahead.

Here’s the score: Your financial position, your salary, your money management, your assets (possessions or property) and your debts, will be in sharp focus. Your values will also be in the spotlight. That means what you will and won’t sell out for, and also who (or what) you consider to be priceless. Are you good at fundraising? Recycling? Do you give money away or are you a shopaholic or hoarder?

As The Sun travels through your Second House, it asks “Is this bank statement a towering achievement, or does it remind you of your failings? Is this investment you made actually something worth showing off, or does it need more work? Does your personal code of values pass inspection, or are you about to receive a ‘Must try harder’ school report from the universe?

It’s the kind of cycle when you can either be nabbed for shoplifting or given a huge tax return. It all depends on what you’ve been doing with your life for the last twelve months. This time last year, you put certain things in motion where your finances, lifestyle, business interests, security, property or values were concerned. What happens now will either prove to you what a brilliant job you’ve been doing – or embarrass you into making long overdue changes.

This cycle is about singling out the most important aspects of your financial, business and property world, as opposed to the forgettable trivia. Never mind the change on the bar bill that you still owe from Saturday night, what about your end- of-year bonus? You could become publicly admired and acknowledged for what you own or earn, now. Have you done brilliantly? Are you an ace negotiator? A clever DIY accountant?

Now is the time you’ll get the ego massage or pat yourself on the back. And…what about this? Do you have the kind of values which impress other people, no matter how rich or poor you are? For a week or two, you could bask in the limelight as your integrity and principles turn you into a star.

If the financial, business or property picture falls short of your own, or other people’s, expectations, use this chance to make a plan for the next 12 months. You have until this time next year to get things right. You need to be confident about your cash situation and security now, so if you’re not, crunch the numbers (or your values) until they can pass inspection, a year from now.

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Sun in the Third House

The Sun moves two signs along from yours. For Gemini, the Sun will be in Leo and for Cancer the Sun will be in Virgo. You are counting two signs ahead of your own.

Communication – your way with words and images, or ideas and messages – is in the spotlight now. It’s time to be admired and recognised (even celebrated) if things are going well; your memo, speech, website, blog, statement, essay, academic paper, letter, meeting, postcard, song lyric, screenplay – or just your ‘big talk’ – could work wonders for you now. And if not? The Sun in the Third House says “Take a course, buy a Thesaurus, brush up your language skills, clean up your handwriting, upgrade your computer, update your web knowledge, ask advice, learn how to connect…”

You will have another chance to shine at about this time next year, so use this month’s experiences as a launching pad for a very different kind of future – and hopefully one that will make you proud of your communication skills, rather than uncomfortable or even regretful.

Remember: When the Sun is in the Third House, people will be reading, listening and watching with greater focus. Never assume you can just ‘get by’ with an important speech or assignment now; your audience will typically be much more attentive than usual.

What kind of driver are you? What sort of tourist or traveler are you? How would you rate yourself on the road, in the air, or on the water? All these questions matter more now, because an important trip, or an important transportation issue (car, bike, anything) is about to go to the top of your list.

Choose your destiny. You can either be proud of your expert understanding of the air miles system, or end up red-faced at the check-in desk, when you miss your flight. Your car can be your golden chariot, or your private L-plate hell. Everything is far more exposed and important now. So, give it your best shot.

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Sun in the Fourth House

The Sun is three signs along from yours. So, for Leo, the Sun is in Scorpio and for Virgo, the Sun is in Sagittarius.

The Fourth House of your chart rules your home (typically, your house or flat, but sometimes your temporary accommodation). It also rules your family (that means parents, siblings and relatives, as well as partners and any children.) Because ‘home’ often means flatmates to people, they will also be prominent in this cycle. And, of course, the place you think of as home can also mean the country you were born in, or the country you live in now. In relation to all of the above, The Sun now asks, “Are you proud of all this, or not?”

It all depends on how much work you’ve put in, of course, but also on your luck, to some extent. You can put your home up for sale now and be thrilled to find it sets new records for property auctions in your street. Or you can open the cellar door one day and find that the dampness problem you’ve been ignoring has finally reached your wiring. I literally saw this sentence, just now (having originally written it in the first version of this book, 10 years ago.) Guess what? All the electricity in this little house by the beach has now fused. Twice!

I am sure you will gather your own Cancer/Fourth House stories every time you hit this cycle and reread these notes!

All The Sun does is throw a spotlight. It’s neither good nor bad by itself, but it will pick up what’s prominent about the home front. Everything is terribly public now, too. Perhaps that’s why it’s so common to find guests staying in your home. Now suddenly, the kitchen (or your relationship with your parents) is on full display. And you quickly realise how embarrassing your flatmate is, or alternatively, how stunning your DIY bathroom paint job is. You never know this stuff until you catch yourself watching other people – also watching.

Our home lives and families are often a background track. That will change now, as you find yourself staring, long and hard, at everything from the state of your wardrobe, to the citizenship requirements of that country you’re emigrating to. The Sun asks, “How confident do you feel about this stuff?”

The answer can be incredibly revealing. You’re either up for a big ego massage now, or a come down. It basically depends on how aware you’ve been of the need for maintenance work over the last 12 months – and that means your relationship with your mother, as much as it means your relationship with your rising damp.

This can be your finest hour, if your son singles you out in his Oscars acceptance speech, or your new neighbours drop in, just to ask you who painted your gate. Don’t worry too much if it’s clear the home front is not all it could be, though. This is simply your cue to do what’s required, for at least another 12 months, so that next year, you can bask in what you’ve achieved.

Read every sign, follow up every piece of feedback, and pay attention to what’s obviously going right – or not so right. What you learn now can show you what to do next time, as well as what not to do. To see our relatives, families, houses and flats – even our homelands – as other people see them, is a huge cosmic favour. You’ll have amazing clarity now, so use it.

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The Sun in the Fifth House

Count forward four signs from your own. The Sun is in Aquarius now, if you are Libran or in Pisces, if you are Scorpio.

This cycle is about your godchildren, fertility, stepchildren or young relatives. It is about your sons and daughters. It is about paid or unpaid work involving children or a much younger generation. It is often about generation gaps and how you close them.

Never has your sex life (or lack of it) seemed quite so important. The Sun says, “Are you jaw-droppingly spectacular in bed, or not?” It also asks, “Are you proud of your approach to dating at the moment, or just a bit…embarrassed?”

Leo rules courtship and courting. It is the ancient symbol of royalty. It rules the bedchamber, mistresses, adultery and ‘heirs and spares’ which arrive as a result. Only Scorpio and Libra have such a strong connection with sexuality.

These are classic Sun Fifth House scenarios now: An all-night home DVD or photography session in bed, which makes you look like a porn professional. Or…an embarrassing case of brewer’s droop.

Then we’ve got – an internet dating flirtation that goes nowhere (because your e-romance skills aren’t up to scratch) and…your first orgasm, since going into therapy for childhood abuse.

Sex is so personal; I have no idea what will come up for you now. But I do know it will be a)vitally important and b)your chance to get total clarity and insight.

You might be one of those people who thinks about sex all the time – or maybe you’d rather have a cup of tea. It doesn’t matter. For two or three weeks in a row, now, you’re going to have to look at all this stuff. How successfully you do, or don’t, get people in the sack. How well you do, or don’t, handle your post-baby lack of libido. How you feel about vibrators, condoms, safe sex, oral sex, and strangers licking your hand.

This cycle will either be an ego massage (“Yes! I could do this in public and get paid for it”) or a reality check (“Aaargh!) It’s just about pride and ego, of course. But this relentless spotlight on your sexuality is useful. It can show you what and who you like, and don’t like. And…what and who needs to be appreciated, reworked or set aside.

This cycle is about any entertainment or sport that brings you and a younger generation closer. Not so much horse racing. More riding. Football, music and games (and books like Harry Potter) are also Leo/Fifth House things.

Children (your own or other people’s) also need a second and third look now. The world of children can include areas like adoption, abortion and fertility – and childcare and education. What happens now depends on where you’re at in life, but you will find that everything about your connection to kids is now up for general inspection and scrutiny.

Don’t be surprised if a son, daughter, godchild or young relative is now in the spotlight – for better or worse. He could pick up a sports trophy, or she could be hauled in front of assembly for hiding a mouse up her tracksuit. You get the picture!

The Sun picks up everything, like a searchlight on a Hollywood stage. As it sweeps across, use it as much as you can. It’s showing you what you’ve done right in connection with children, and what requires much more time and energy. Do you congratulate yourself, now, or send yourself a ‘Must Do Better/Think Harder’ memo?

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Sun in the Sixth House

This cycle occurs when the Sun has moved five signs ahead of your own, so for Sagittarius, it’s when the Sun is in Taurus and for Capricorn, it’s when the Sun is in Gemini.

Let’s consider the health, fitness and wellbeing aspect of this cycle first. Everything about your body will be a lot more obvious now – which is why it’s classically a time for a medical check-up. People get their teeth done at this time – and either bask in their dentist’s praise or crawl off to the chemist for dental floss.

The Sun reveals (within a few days of this cycle beginning) what you can be proud of, in terms of your health – and what is clearly in need of attention. It exposes what is central and important – what can’t be overlooked.

It’s a very good time to get the once-over on tooth decay, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, bone density, and anything else you can think of. Even if you are already receiving medical or alternative health treatment, this three-week period is extremely useful, as it can give you much clearer insights on everything. You’ll get a better view of what’s actually functioning, or not functioning, now (and that includes your doctor, natch.)

You’ll be put in a position where it’s easier to clearly rate treatments, diets, gurus, opticians, ‘miracle’ cures, doctors, hospitals, clinics, nurses, surgeons, health insurance staff, and associated areas. Can you pat yourself on the back now for making the right decision – and should you be throwing roses their way? If not, The Sun says, “You have another twelve months to improve these areas of your life, before I come around again and open it all up for inspection.”

The Sixth House is also associated with part-time and full-time work, and the chores you do at home (if you don’t have a job), together with any outside interests which you think of as your duty (volunteer work, for example.) It’s about the stuff you do, on a daily basis, which is for others rather than yourself. Sure, there might be a salary involved, but there certainly isn’t any glory! In this cycle, you’ll be asked to scrutinise your working life carefully.

Recognition, praise, even fifteen minutes of fame – it can all come your way now. It’s just the Sun giving you feedback, and telling you that you’ve done a good job, doing your duty, over the last 12 months. If you have developed a routine which actually functions properly, and a work ethic which actually tallies with your wellbeing (as well as the lists or schedules in your diary) then this cycle will reward you. A tremendous ego massage could be coming – just for the things you do for others on a regular, weekly, basis. You could become well-known, even celebrated, for your work ethic, and for a job well done.

And if you are already cringing at the thought that your performance might be up for inspection? That’s good too. It means you’re already learning what the Sun has in mind. Between now and this time next year, you’ll have a second chance to organise yourself, balance your health and wellbeing with your duty to other people – and to get the kind of lifestyle you can justifiably be proud of. Take notes while you can. The issues will seldom be this clear again!

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Sun in the Seventh House

This cycle always occurs when the Sun is opposite you – in your opposite zodiac sign. For Aries, it happens when the Sun is in Libra. For Taurus, it happens when the Sun is in Scorpio. You are counting six signs ahead.

Your partner, ex-partner or potential future partner will be in the spotlight now. So will your enemy, opponent or rival if you have one. Everything about these relationships will be on show to other people now. What’s your marriage like? Is your ex-partner still single, or does she/he have someone new? Is your current crush right for you, or not? The Sun will illuminate and expose all the corners of your key relationships with partners – past, present or future.

You probably have at least one enemy, opponent or rival who bored you so much that you eventually slid off the sofa, cross-eyed and passed out in a stupor, from the sheer monotony of having to deal with their issues. For a week or two, now, this person will be back on your radar. It’s your chance to examine how well you’ve handled the feud to date, and where things stand now.

Are you going to win the Nobel Peace Prize for your astonishing diplomacy and Dalai Lama like compassion? Or is this all going to end up in a brawl in the pub lavatory, complete with people taking mobile-phone photos?

If you marry or become engaged now, expect more attention than you imagined and a glaring lack of privacy. Ditto, if you break up or get divorced, or if a partner passes over – the Sun will shine a torch into the most closed-off areas of your personal life, so prepare yourself for this.

The advantage for you? Total clarity. No confusion, no illusions. You will be able to look at your marriage, relationship, single life (or connection to an ex) as the world sees it. You may feel a little naked, but you will also be updated. It’s a wake-up call.

The Sun, as you’ll see from this section, is neither good nor bad. It just exposes everything for a three-week period, so that other people can gawp, and gossip, and you can make up your own mind about their angle. Is it right or wrong? Or just useful? This cycle is your annual inspection and maintenance check – as performed by the world in general. You have had a whole twelve months, now, to get your love life – or your people problems – into shape. Now, the Sun says “No more procrastination. It’s time…” Think of it as your annual check-up.

If you’re single, a new person may come along who highlights what you need to work on, in terms of your dating style/technique – or who shows you (gloriously) just how brilliantly you’ve developed since your last break-up. Forget the dents to your ego, or even the spectacular highs, though. It’s not about that. It’s about working out what you can congratulate yourself on (and stick to) – and addressing where you need to work harder and learn more.

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The Sun in the Eighth House

This happens when the Sun has moved seven signs ahead of your own. For Gemini this happens when the Sun is in Capricorn and for Cancer this happens when the Sun is in Aquarius.

Mortgages, tax, inheritance payments, partnership investments, commission, loans, settlements, debts, joint assets and shared resources (anything from a racehorse to a photocopier) come under the rulership of the Eighth House and Scorpio. It’s about what you own, earn or owe in relation to a second or third party. The Sun will single out all the important issues for you now, so you have a chance to sort out what (or who) is making you feel confident, and why.

However, it can also expose flaws and problems. If it does, don’t ignore them. You’re being shown these wobbly bits, so you can spend the next 12 months correcting it all.

You can have a big moment of glory, now, if you’ve put the work in, and your timing has been right. Your devotion to an aged neighbour results in a surprise mention in their will – or that holiday home you bought with your friends doubles in value. The Sun can highlight special achievements – the glittering prizes you’ve got some kind of stake in, or share in, thanks to other people.

The Sun can also hand you an uncomfortable memo. It says “This is what should be special, glorious and brilliant about you. But it isn’t.” That’s your cue to see an accountant, get a second job to pay off your debts, or sell the racehorse.

Embarrassment can be a wonderful motivator. And that’s all the Sun does, really. It shows up the not-so-great aspects of your financial, lifestyle, business and property management. And its swings at your ego force you to finally (finally!) take a long, hard look at whatever it is you’ve neglected.

The Eighth House also rules sex. What is most noticeable or obvious about your approach to sex now? Destiny will show you, for the three weeks that this cycle is operating.

A new lover may come along who suddenly shows you just how much you don’t like all-night marathons. Or you may be deeply, deeply single – but switch on the TV at midnight to discover a sexpert documentary that (weirdly) seems to be all about you.

The sex issues that come up during this cycle tend to be deeper, darker, more intense and more complicated than at other times. This is your chance to see them (very, very clearly) and sort out where you’re at. Are you a proud erotic explorer, or do you need retraining? This cycle will show you. Scorpio rules the scorpions and their weird sexual ritual, when they can sting each other to death or cannibalise each other. This is about power, not just shagging.

Death and dying are also Eighth House concerns. A lot of people (maybe including you?) never think about these things. Either way, fate will have a funny way of steering you towards these issues, at this time. If the transition from life to the afterlife directly and personally concerns you when this cycle comes along, it will illuminate and clarify what’s effective – and what’s not – about the way you’ve been managing things so far.

Death and dying are taboo subjects. But the Sun will single them out for closer attention now, turning its brilliant spotlight on what is normally ignored, or hidden, so that you are given a rare chance to clarify what does, or does not, make you feel confident. Are you on track, or do you need to rethink your approach? Now’s the time to ask. The focus on life insurance, legacies, wills and testaments at this time will clear up a lot.

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Sun in the Ninth House

The Sun has moved eight signs ahead of your own. For Leo, the Sun will be in Aries. This is the cycle that Spy magazine was referring to, all those years ago, when Leo Princess Anne had her intimate correspondence with her future husband published.

What is it that sets you apart from other people – in terms of study, publishing or your beliefs? What is it that’s truly special, even brilliant, about you in terms of your life on the internet, your travels, your relationship with other cultures? What’s at the core of you as a student of life, mentor, guide, writer or web guru?

What happens over the next three weeks will help to reveal all. Alternatively, if you are way off track, the Sun will expose what needs to be corrected and adjusted.

The most important aspects of your academic abilities, your teaching or lecturing skills, your religious, spiritual (or other) beliefs – and even your potential as publisher or author – will be on display now. You may feel as if you are watching yourself, watching yourself! You’ll be tremendously self-conscious about your performance and status in these areas but bear in mind that the rest of the world will also be watching, too. You can show off your grasp of the big picture now – but in a classy way! If you are long overdue for special attention and admiration, then now is the time you’ll get it.

You could pick up a diploma, a degree or an award. Your ideas and beliefs could win you admiration, recognition, respect. The Sun turns a spotlight on this aspect of your personality and achievements now, so if you have truly turned into one of those people who has something special to offer, you can now pick up some credit. More importantly, you’ll know you’re on track – which will help you make future plans, too.

But…this cycle can also show up your weaknesses. If you’re too narrow-minded about the world, too willfully ignorant, too much of a philistine – that will all be on display now. If you’ve been slack about your commitments as a student or teacher, or if you’ve been letting your publishing responsibilities slide – that will also be more obvious to other people now. The Sun says “I’m not here to deflate your ego. I’m here to show you what’s wrong. So, get on and fix it.”

The Ninth House used to rule sea voyages a few centuries ago. Now it rules long-haul flights, foreign countries (to visit, or live in), and people from other countries and cultures. It also rules any part of the internet you find foreign. What happens over the next three weeks will either give you quiet pride in your ability to fit in with other countries and cultures or reveal your tunnel vision about any nation or person who is different from you!

It can happen because you’re actually travelling. Or because you’re in closer contact with people from (tick one) Europe, Australasia, or the USA. Either way, this could be your finest hour, or a chance for a major reassessment. How big are your horizons? Are you a born explorer and adventurer, with enough faith to leave your old ideas about the world behind? That’s what the Sun will ask you now.

Others will applaud your world-citizen grooviness at this time – or look away, embarrassed, as you show how blinkered or afraid you actually are. It’s a time of reckoning, and it’s invaluable. Use it and learn from it. You’ll have the same cycle in around a year, so come back here for a progress report!

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The Sun in the Tenth House

The Sun now moves nine signs ahead of your own, so for Virgo the Sun will be in Gemini and for Libra the Sun will be in Cancer. Do you have Capricorn chart factors? The final week of December through the third week of January will reveal a lot about your ambition and success rating.

You are more than your career, or your social status, or your ‘position’ in the world. Of course, you are – that’s why you’re reading this on the sofa in your tracksuit pants, eating cold baked beans from the can. But – for around three weeks, now, you are going to be seen purely in terms of your business card, your achievements, your success, and your mission.

Are you a full-time Mr. or Mrs., with a partner whose money, power and/or children defines your own status? That role too, will be up for inspection now. The world is watching.

If you’re getting it right or wrong, you’ll know about it, within days of this cycle starting. You can get promoted now, but you can also be called into your boss’s office for a little chat. Do you have any idea about what you’re well-known for, in your particular industry or field? Do you know what you’re ‘famous’ for, in your social world? That’s what the Sun will single out now. Its brilliant, relentless spotlight will sweep around your name, reputation, CV and success rating for around 21 days, showing you what’s what.

The same trends apply to you if you are retired, unemployed or have full-time home duties – but this cycle will be about the roles and goals you have, on your own merits. Other people’s feedback will give you a useful yardstick for measuring yourself, and your life, at this time. Are they seeing all of you? Of course not. Their view is only restricted to your most outstanding features – the aspects of yourself and your life which you’re best-known for.

Nevertheless, you have to remember that this stuff is your neon advertising, and consequently you will now find that your status and success is under scrutiny. Everything about your performance at work will now be much more obvious, for better or for worse. Projects, plans and people will come along which expose how astonishingly marvelous you are – or how desperately you need to work on yourself. What the Sun reveals and exposes now is a direct result of all the effort you have put in, since around this time last year. Did you match perspiration with inspiration?

Were you good with timing? Did you push all the right buttons with your boss, clients, colleagues, or other important contacts? People get promoted now. They get new jobs. They are headhunted. They win awards, receive lavish praise, and generally get heads the size of watermelons. You could be one of these people, but only if the Sun decides you have paid your dues – and your timing has been good, for the last eleven months.

Less dramatically, this can be a time of a little necessary spit and polish on your career (“I really must do something about that presentation”) along with a minor twinge of glory (“You really liked my dinner party for the boss?”) If you are ambitious by nature, remember the month that this cycle comes along, and every year from now to eternity, make a mental note to be your best now. Shine brightly, show off brilliantly (but modestly) and showcase your work.

The audition for success lasts all year, but this month lets you know the score.

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Sun in the Eleventh House

The Sun is ten signs ahead of you now, so if you’re a Capricorn, it’s in Scorpio and if you’re an Aquarian, it’s in Sagittarius.

Friends are often in the background of our lives, but not in this cycle. Within just a few days, you’ll feel as if you are watching a Hollywood film of your life, with one or more of your friends cast in the starring roles.

You’ll either feel like standing up in your seat at the end and applauding, or giving the whole show a thumbs-down. Either way, you get to learn about your friendships, and what’s brilliant (or disappointing) about them. At the same time, the Sun will illuminate your own performance as a friend. You’ll be thrown into situations which highlight exactly what you bring to your friendships. Are you getting it, spectacularly right? If so, you’ll feel a warm glow. If your friendship skills could do with some work, though, a rather uncomfortable or even embarrassing episode will make the problem very clear.

Social events will come along now, which throw you and your friends together. Or they get caught up in their own little life episodes – which suddenly, directly involve you. Everyone is watching – so how will you perform? More importantly, how effective have you been, over the last 11 months, as a friend? That’s what the Sun will really expose now. Events over this three-week period will emphasise what’s wonderful, fabulous and marvelous in your social life – as well as what’s dismal and dull. But, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s clear that this particular friendship wasn’t knocked up in a single afternoon either. So, look back, and back, and you will see that everything about this three-week period is actually about the last few months, or even years.

You now have a rare chance to understand what’s worked best for you, in terms of your friendship with a certain someone – and what you know you’ve let slide. Either way, you win. Your friend can make you feel incredibly special now (in which case, just keep doing what you’re doing) or… a little disappointed with yourself, and him/her. Do you know you’ve got something special with this person, but you’ve let it fade away? If so, don’t dwell on it – just fix the problem, while you have this rare chance to sort things out.

This cycle is also about group involvements. Together, you can all shine at this time. Does your group also involve others born under your sign? Then the chances increase that you’ll collectively get some kind of praise, recognition, attention – even fame.

Naturally, you’ll need to have earned it. Did you spend the last 11 months making all the right moves, at all the right times? This cycle will turn a spotlight on the end product of your shared, so enjoy yourselves.

If you haven’t really put much into this group involvement, that’s also going to show. The situations and people that you lacked time and energy for, have accumulated and the results are now there, for the world to see. Aargh! But once again, the Sun isn’t here to depress you. It’s here to help you. This group could be, should be, outstanding. So, fix it. It’s worth it. One day, it could even be a glorious part of your life. Check back here, this time next year, to see…

vuwdlbxgogg 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Sun Signs – Part 2

Sun in the Twelfth House

The Sun is eleven signs ahead of your own, at this time. If you are a Pisces the Sun is in Aquarius and if you are an Aries, the Sun is in Pisces.

You’ll become better-known for what you do behind the scenes, now, than you do for the upfront stuff. The Sun’s spotlight will swing on all the things you achieve privately, or by yourself – away from other people’s attention. This cycle is all about The Secret Life Of You. Have you been quietly recording your own album, while your rock band’s been on tour? It will be released now, for the world to judge. Have you privately been seeing a therapist, to help fix your marriage? You’ll share it with others now. It’s about what you do quietly.

The Sun is neither negative nor positive, it just works like the real Sun – illuminating whatever it touches. When it moves into the Twelfth House, it lights up anything and anybody you have been keeping to yourself, so that everyone else can see it. Are you a heroic backroom boy or girl? Others will applaud it now. Your low profile (you secret star, you!) will win you ratings.

The Sun always ‘finds’ (like a laser beam) those aspects of yourself, and your life, which are outstanding and special. The bits and pieces in your personality, and in your world, which are characteristic and unique. The fact that it’s all under wraps is irrelevant. Now is the time for you to inspect the hidden projects and plans, of your true, secret, inner self. Do you have something to be proud of, here? Or could it all do with a lot more effort and energy?

You can feel exposed at this time – as if you’ve suddenly been made aware of everything that you’ve been covering up, or even forgetting about yourself. The exposure is useful, though, as it will enable you to get in touch with who you really are, when nobody else is around. What’s inside your clockwork?

This self-examination can happen through meditation, dreams, psychic experiences, astrology, counselling, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, therapy, or keeping a journal. It can happen through being ill, going on retreat – or through being forced to live/stay/ work in an isolated place, cut off from normal life.

This cycle sheds light on the person you actually are, when you’re not out there being someone else’s friend, sibling, parent, child, partner, boss, colleague – whatever.

The world peers in now and says “Ah! That’s who you are – really. We always knew there was more to you than that.” You will feel, quite literally, self-conscious now – conscious of yourself, as it really is. You only get one chance a year to see the real ‘you’ on this level – but if there is anything that needs fixing up about your inner self, it will be impossible to ignore.

Your secret self is known to Jungian and Freudian psychologists alike as your unconscious. Mediums call it your spirit. Right now, it may feel as if it’s all of you. Whatever you call it (or however you see it) you will now get a bright, accurate picture of this inner you. Are you secretly rather proud of him/her? Then you’re on track. If you have doubts about this core self, though, now is the time to address it, while you and others have this three-week period of clarity.



You are used to seeing yourself, and your world, from the same old angles – but what angles do others have on you? Your brilliance (or the brilliant things in your life) can be exposed at this time, or you can feel rather shy about what’s under scrutiny or discussion, because it’s not up to public inspection! Either way, what needs to stay/go will be wonderfully clear. Sometimes you can really use a review.


Extracted from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams. Available on

All images courtesy of Unsplash.


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  1. Hi Jessica, many thanks for publishing all these helpful articles. I have North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio both at 9 degrees. As you accura predicted in your weekly horoscope on Wednesday 7 October there was a Mercury Uranus opposition in 9 degrees in Scorpio and Taurus and something horrible and unexpected happened to me at 06:45 in the morning CET, this came out of nowhere. It was so shocking, unbelievable and has nothing to do with my life, it felt like in a very bad film. There is unfortunately again the 9 degrees full moon opposition between Scorpio and Taurus on 31 October. Could you please give any advice or insight, it would be so much appreciated. Since Uranus entered Taurus, lot’s of bad and unexpected things keep happening to me, I do not understand the purpose and the reason, everything seems unjust. Will it get worse? If yes, could you please let me know in which year?

    1. I am really sorry about your shock. You have the Nodes at 9 Scorpio-Taurus so have several lifetimes of being rich and poor. Now you are here in 2020 to evolve, spiritually, and it will be through the world economic crisis, which affects you personally, and through your emerging life budget, which is about your values. What you will or will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. It is possible you had a past life during World War Two or earlier, in The Great Depression. That may ironically have made you rich. Now, you are being told to ‘meet change with change’ in terms of your money, house, business, charity interests, valuables, possessions or apartment. Taurus-Scorpio is fixed (two fixed signs) so this can be hard to do, but it must be done. In fact it may feel liberating. I had a reader like this many years ago who decided to go bankrupt and thus lose her tax bill. It was hard for her to do that but she let it go. Later on she sold everything she had, cut her losses, got out of debt and downsized to a hugely simple life, and never borrowed money in such large amounts again. Everyone is different and you will have your choices to make, based on your own values, particularly after the Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition on Halloween.

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