The Halloween Full Moon and You

I’ve had a few questions on Twitter and also on my website about the Halloween 2020 Full Moon and what it means.

If you are a Premium Member, check your personal birth chart now to see if you have anything at 8 degrees of the zodiac signs. That part of your horoscope, by sign and house (life department) will be triggered on October 31st, 2020. Yes, Halloween.

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What Kind of Trigger? Economic shock. Share markets react to a sudden bolt from the blue. As it’s Halloween, common sense says hackers or Anonymous might be involved. Beyond logic, we may be looking at Wall Street responding to a jaw-dropping event. What happens in your own world, depends on your own chart. 

If you have anything in your chart at 8 degrees, the shockwaves from this will reach your life – rather like hearing something in the distance. It may be very good for you – or just a mixed bag. For example if you have Uranus at 8 Virgo, Panacea at 8 Pisces and the Moon at 8 Aquarius  then this opposition at 8 Taurus and 8 Scorpio will form trines and sextiles to Uranus and Panacea, even though there is a T-square with the Moon.

Take your own chart apart if you have factors at 8 degrees because the economic shock on Halloween, 31st October 2020, will be different for every person, depending on her aspects.

The American Astrology Chart

The best chart for America, in prediction terms, is set for January 2nd, 1776 at 12.00pm in Cambridge. The time is guesswork, but the date is precise. It survives on a letter which names ‘The United States of America’ for the first time in history. You might call it a birth certificate.

USA ALternative Chart - The Halloween Full Moon and You

This chart shows Diana at 8 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups. The fiercely independent woman in one of the two parties: the Republicans or the Democrats.

This woman is right in the crossfire of the Halloween 2020 Full Moon and it affects the entire political party before the election, actually. It is enough to scatter the election.

The Woman in American Politics

So, are we talking about Nancy Pelosi here, or Kamala Harris, AOC, Hillary Clinton, or Melania Trump (whose chart is certainly hit?) It’s a shock. And it disrupts voting.

Much as I’d love to line up all the charts for you, we have the usual problem, in that Hillary Clinton’s birth data has never been verified.

Full Moons are D-Day

The Full Moon at 8 Taurus opposes the Sun at 8 Scorpio on October 31st, 2020 at 2.49pm UT. What is really remarkable is the opposition from the Sun at 8 Scorpio to Uranus at 8 Taurus which takes place at 3.53pm, hours later. It’s an electrical storm over a crossroad.

A Full Moon is always D-Day. The divisive month of truth. The crossroads we have to face. You can read more about the Full Moon phenomenon here.

I use ‘crossroads’ because an opposition is always one half of a Grand Cross, waiting to happen. People who have factors at 8 Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius are in the middle.

This involves billions of us, because so many people were born with outer planets at 8 Scorpio or 8 Aquarius, so the Halloween cross-current in the world economy is global and it’s big.

The Queen Mother and Halloween 2020

People sometimes ask me if an astrological chart can work after you are dead. It certainly can, and does. The Queen Mother will be affected by the Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition on October 31st, 2020. How? Wallis Simpson.

The Queen Mother was born on 4th August 1900 with Uranus at 8 Sagittarius

The data at is a mess, as so many attempts have been made to confirm the birth time (some of them quite wrong) but the date is a matter of historical fact, so we can trust that.

No matter what time the late Queen Mother was born, she would still have Uranus, the planet of rejection, at 8 Sagittarius, the sign ruling foreigners. Uranus describes the Queen Mother’s rejection of foreign people.  She famously exiled and ostracised the American divorcee Wallis Simpson. What happens on 31st October 2020, even though the Queen Mother has passed away, will echo a long-gone story from last century, but it will directly involve America and Americans. The Special Relationship.

Melania Trump – Chiron at 8 Aries

I am deeply concerned about what Melania Trump is going through, as I write this on October 12th, 2020. Her husband is the centre of attention, as usual, but there is no sign that her children or stepchildren, or even her friends, are supporting her while she deals with her COVID-19 diagnosis, at the White House.

By the way – Melania Trump’s birth data is more reliable than Donald’s and was collected at Astrodatabank here, part of (shown below). I don’t use Donald Trump’s supplied birth details any more as he has given two completely different dates!

charles deluvio rynR1JQzEIY unsplash 400x600 - The Halloween Full Moon and You astro 2anz melania trump 407x600 - The Halloween Full Moon and You

Melania and Halloween Astrology Trends

This Halloween Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition will aspect Melania’s defiant, rebellious, angry natal Chiron by semi-sextile and quincunx. It is exact. This is Melania in her full military look wardrobe. How does a Chiron in Aries woman react when she is pulled into a Full Moon like this? And a Sun-Uranus opposition? Whatever this is, it is an aggressive act. It is also about ‘the fight to be myself’ and self-assertion.

Donald Trump is a narcissist. Melania is now center stage on Halloween.

The Melania Horoscope is dramatic.

Chiron is in Aries in Melania’s First House of Self. This is about Melania’s face, name and reputation. Her brand, as Donald Trump’s wife and First Lady. These are really dramatic transits.

About Chiron

Chiron is a maverick. He is a punk music teacher. He is defiant. Dennis Elwell described Chiron as a gadfly or heretic. Melania Trump is about to commit heresy on Halloween.

For more on Chiron in your own chart, please see this feature. I filed it on February 17th, 2019 and it singles out Melania’s Chiron sign, Aries, in the year 2020. We are now ‘there’ with her, not only because of her Chiron Return, but also because of this shocking Halloween Full Moon.

Your Patterns at Eight Degrees

Michael Lutin, my colleague (and a fellow speaker at the astrology conference of the year, Breaking Down the Borders 2020) used to say “If it’s not in the chart, it’s not in the chart.”

It’s really important to interpret the two oppositions from Taurus to Scorpio (global economic shock) only as the weather, or climate. How you respond to that electrical storm is really about your own chart.

“A House on Your Estate” – Think of the factor you have at 8 degrees as a tenant in a house on your estate. You might have Uranus at 8 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, for example.

The Lightning Storm

Along comes a crackle of lightning, and then along the forks on the horizon, comes a sudden, shocking sheet of light. Your house shakes, but the way it works out for you, depends on your tenant. Any aspects from your tenant (say, stretching to other ‘tenants’ in the chart, also at 8 degrees) tell you how your estate, as a whole, is affected.

So, always cleave to your own chart for the story. How do you dance in the financial storm of Halloween 2020? That’s the answer to everything.

breno machado in9 n0JwgZ0 unsplash 600x400 - The Halloween Full Moon and You

Dealing with Uranus in Taurus to 2026

The centrepiece of the storm on Halloween 2020 is the planet Uranus, which is not even one-third of the way through his long journey in your finance chart.

Uranus is about the total replacement of the old economic, bank and share market system – with something radically new and different.

  • Money Laundering is Over – and more…
  • Tax evasion is over.
  • Monopolies (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and most American Big Tech) are over.
  • Piggies are finished (with thanks to The Beatles).

Tracking Developments at Eight Degrees

A Full Moon squeezes a response out of people, organisations and governments. This one opposes the Sun in Scorpio, the sign of sex and money. An awful lot of bad marriages based on wealth and real estate are going to hit the rocks on Halloween.

We are also going to see family trusts hit, because Scorpio rules death and property. You’ll see this among the people you know, but also in news headlines that reflect the larger message.

Tracking future transits at eight degrees is very wise, if your chart is affected (at a distance) by what goes down on Halloween.

So, for example, we have a helpful and healing Jupiter transit at 8 Aquarius next year, 2021.

To get there from here, though, we will all have to dance in an economic storm on October 31st, 2020. It’s worth remembering that Uranus liberates. Uranus transits are Independence Day.


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207 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    This is shaping up to be a horrible day to not look forward to by all accounts.

    Do you have any advice with Cupido 8 Scorpio, Panacea 8 Gemini, Mercury 9 Sagittarius and Minerva 9 Virgo? It has already been one hell of a year.


    1. Patricia, it has certainly been a hell of a year. The issue with 2020 is that we lose; we take losses; we have one upset after another; then we realise at some point in 2021 that we are better off. This will happen to you. Even the oppositions of Uranus at 8 Taurus to your Cupido at 8 Scorpio, work out in the end. Basic advice is not to go into anything new or complex, in October. It’s the wrong timing. You will have enough to deal with at Halloween, figuring out how you meet change, with change. Scorpio is a fixed sign and can be ‘fixed’ in the past. Fixed, glued and nailed to a particular way of doing things, or thinking about life. You are now being urged to do what does not come naturally and let go! I have had a few readers with Scorpio and/or Taurus placements who do not want to reduce their income; who do not want to job share; who do not want to stop shopping; who do not want to go half-vegetarian and save a fortune! Classic fixed sign stuff. None of this should be scarey, all of it will set you free. Cupid is about sexual and financial relationships, or family financial relationships. There is someone or something there tying you down, and you don’t want to admit it, or have not stepped back and seen it. That will change. Your Panacea is really about 2021 which you will adore, as what was so difficult in 2020 with the internet becomes a breeze and in fact you will pull off a short course; blog; website; book; communications HQ triumph. More power to your elbow.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    My birthday is on Halloween and my Sun is at 8. What is the big surprise ahead for me?


    1. Too funny CG but Happy Birthday in advance. The reality of Uranus transits is that we are always taken aback. We think we know, we can anticipate or see into the future (as astrologers and psychics) and they just jump on us. Life can change in 90 minutes. The very best thing to do, is to get yourself into the most flexible, adaptable, loosey-goosey position you can. So that you can meet change with change. The astrology is a weather report. Expect electrical storms. When everything is illuminated, you can see how you might break free from someone/something/some place which was really restricting you. It takes great insight to see that. At the time (Halloween 2020) it will feel as if you cannot see beyond the next day or two. Yet, later on, you will look back and realise you were hugely held up and held back by something which really had to go. So it goes. Let it go.

  3. Hi Jessica!
    I only have Hygeia at 8 degrees in Leo- I know of fifth house things (my son and / or any parenthood potential relationships etc.) but how does Hygeia and the Economy tie into this full moon for me?
    Thanks again and again!
    Blessings to you from New Jersey!

    1. Waving to New Jersey from Tasmania. What you are going to find are that economic shocks in America and the world on Halloween, send ripple effects into your own life, in terms of your son. The Fifth House and Leo are about him. With Hygiea there, you protect him. In fact you are a very protective tigress or lioness for all children and teenagers. You see off predators and guard their territory. You have some work to do on Halloween. It will stretch you but it will be fine. The ripples and waves from bigger economic realities in Washington, but also around the world, set off some challenges for you with your son. Time to do some research; some homework; get across the situation; seek knowledge; seek people who are experienced and helpful. You can also use your Astrology Oracle cards and book to guide.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have read about this worrisome aspect in October monthly horoscope from Susan Millar too. Of all the aspects in the birth chart, I think the role of north and south nodes is the least clear to me. Now I have both north and south node at 8 degrees in Leo and Aquarius respectively. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for the onslaught of this aspect?

    Thank you! Your insights have been really helpful is some critical junctures in my life. Sometimes I realize it as it’s happening and sometimes when I look back I realize you were right about some personal issues. As always, thank you so much.

    Stay safe!

    1. Susan Miller and in fact all professional media astrologers should be across this (and would be). I have not had time to read her work lately or the Astrotwins, who I think are marvellous, but I will do that now. Thanks for your kind words, R and I will now look at your chart. North Node at 8 Leo in the Fifth House of children and teenagers (and sexual relationships) is quite naturally opposite the South Node at 8 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friendships and groups. The North Node describes karma from previous lifetimes which is quite hard work, as you have to deal with endless repetition and it can seem as if you are rather hidebound by it. This is very much about pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions – but also adoptions, IVF, and accidental pregnancy. It is also, far more commonly, about sons and daughters who have a normal conception and birth process, but for you, present a whopping karmic lesson. Often the children of a North Node in Leo person are familiar from other lifetimes as family members or even partners. Into Leo and the Fifth House in general, come children and teenagers, quite outside your role as parent. Tremendous karma is indicated here. You are owed, but you also owe. This is an intensely personal placement and I wouldn’t comment further. We also have your Aquarius South Node. Now, this is easier karma, but you would still have known the friends in the group, before. It is not unusual for people to meet new friends/make new friends/join a new group and have a feeling that it is all rather familiar. The prior incarnation can be an army, navy or air force unit. It can go back further in history and be some 17th century astrological society, or a group of male politicians. If you look at ‘Node’ on Search you will find a lot of material on these mysterious points in the chart. The economic shock of Halloween 2020 will send ripples into both these areas of your life. It will put you into a T Square. Add more people to the situation to solve it. This may be your son. It may be your childhood friend. I also suggest you look at Sacred Geometry on Search to find out how you can create easier patterns from what is essentially a test. Very good things can come out of this but you need to work your chart.

  5. Wow. Thank you for yet another helpful article, Jessica, I have Mars at 7 degrees and 18 minutes in Scorpio. How will I be affected?

    1. You are very close to the 8 degree pattern but not quite there. I can interpret Mars at 7 Scorpio, though, in your Eighth House as you have been experiencing the opposition of Uranus at 7 Taurus to natal Mars for the first time in your adult life. Your Mars stand alone, unaspected, like a soldier in the field. You fight about money, houses, charity, business, valuables, values, apartments. You do so in the context of partnerships (like marriage) but also family relationships. Scorpio is personal. It is about the dowry that parents give their daughter, the bride, in a marriage. It is also the ‘kiss or kill’ nature of so many sexual pairings which can feel intense; dangerous. Also irresistible! Now, for the first time in your life, you are experiencing the economic shock of COVID-19 in your country and the world. It is absolutely challenging you to change. What is on paper; legacies, wills, mortgages, loans, share certificates, superannuation or pension agreements, bills of sale, title deeds – is now being blown around the room as if there was a huge gust of wind in your space. It is very, very important that you get expertise on your side. Two heads are better than one. You are also approaching the transiting squares of Jupiter and Saturn at 8 Aquarius so you must be in this for the long game. It’s a different world out there. Find out as much as you can about it and update regularly. This will help you zig-zag. I strongly recommend that you do not get involved in any kind of conflict involving money, property, charity, objects, business – unless you have expert advice.

  6. Very interesting posting, thanks Jessica. Your thoughts on ” what goes up goes down” – fortuna @ 8 Cancer and panacea @ 7 Scorpio would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Mary

    1. Fortuna at 8 Cancer in your Fourth House is likely about the price of houses, land and apartments, or new developments with banks and interest rates. Don’t worry too much about Panacea as she is too wide for this aspect. We only work with exact aspects in solar charts. Mary, Fortuna in your Fourth House is about much more than this, of course. It is about the actual house, apartment and/or garden you call home, and the physical state or condition of where you are. It is also very much about your town or country. Fortuna in your chart reveals how you spin the wheel of fate and fortune for others without realising what you are doing. You may never know. The Fourth House is also about your family on both sides, your ancestors and your household. Fortuna is always of benefit. She spins (you spin) in quite a random way and it can all feel like a lottery or a chocolate wheel. A raffle or a game of chance. Yet, sooner or later, you put people up where they belong. What happens on Halloween is very much like this.

  7. Hey Ms Adams, I’ve been really enjoying the site, especially with your blog posts, some of your predictions are scary on the point such as the virus and Trump’s problems in October. I guess the numerical stars in the skies don’t lie, as other astrologers in the past able to predict certain events and I heard how the former president Ronald Regan survived his assassination (by the skin of his teeth) because he consulted his personal astrologist.

    I’m sorry if this is a bother, but I’ve been struggling with my own personal end as of late, so I need some advice. My mental issues were already tanking since the lockdowns begin in Melbourne, even with regular checks from my counsel thanks to my current enrolment in uni (They’ve been very good to me and helped me to keep me afloat through the dark times). But after hearing the budget along with the passing the bill for “Reforms” for Uni, I was devastated to the point that I’m starting to question myself if I even have a future. I wanted to study Juris Doctor next year, but due to my financial situation and my autism spectrum status, I don’t know if I could even be allowed to study to become a barrister in my current circumstances. As if this isn’t bad enough, my natal chart indicates there’s more to rock the boat for this month, as if my misrable situation isn’t enough for 2020. I have a 8 degree Saturn in Sargitarius, which means my education is going to be greatly affected big time and it will involve with old men and hard realities. I don’t know if it’s even possible I see myself at the other side by the time this ends, as I’m tired of seeing my ‘hour of the sun’ has been robbed or pass on many times in my lifetime despite my best efforts to get my whole act together.

    Will there be a possibility if I can get a job in the justice sector despite all of this? Or a future for me somewhere that is not being locked up in my own personal hell?

    1. Thank you. I am happy to help and I have your personal birth chart in front of me. I am so sorry you have been put through this massive amount of pressure in Melbourne, because as a university student in particular, you are so strongly affected. It is not just the huge personal tests of curfew and home-stay, for weeks on end, it is also this other issue about your financial future, as you want to become a barrister but are finding this situation so hard to deal with. You are also autistic. You have a keen sense of justice, which I can see you in your chart, and this is a deeply unfair situation which you will never forget. In fact it will be the making of you, because the future does in fact look bright for you, and one day you will be battling for others, as you know exactly what they must deal with. Your Saturn at 8 Sagittarius is indeed fated in your chart, in the Ninth House of academia. So here we have a case of ‘tell me something I don’t know’ as you move into the Full Moon at 8 Taurus, the Sun at 8 Scorpio and Uranus at 8 Taurus. Just as you expect, the changes to the Victorian, Australian and world economy are going to mean you have to meet change with change. You will be extremely successful in education, or academia, by October 2021 so please don’t worry. I know that at the moment, the difficulty you are dealing with (I think all Victorians are heroic) is making you think in a particular way, quite pessimistically, but quite frankly this October 31st pattern just makes you realise how much you want to teach and learn. You will be educated by a female professor or tutor within 12 months who is outstanding in her field. You will be published and/or graduate. Try not to worry too much about ‘where’ and ‘when’ and ‘how’ as that will fall into place for you. In fact, you have a delightful Jupiter sextile from 8 Aquarius to natal Saturn at 8 Sagittarius and, eventually, the South Node will move to 8 Sagittarius and you will find that some very good karma from about two decades ago, not to mention previous lifetimes, will come into play. Your spirituality or faith; your moral or ethical direction; your belief – is all part of what unfolds. In the meantime you need some relief from being at home, so use the inner space of your mind to explore what is possible for you. Try some of the Reiki distance healers on YouTube. I recommend Grand Reiki Master Sandip Jain though there are others. Have a look around. This will help your mind, body and spirit. So will meditation. So will hypnosis, if you want to buy Paul McKenna’s book and download on happiness and give it a whirl. Do use this opportunity to pursue these things as later on you will be so busy learning or writing.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are doing well. Loved this blog post, a lot of good information to digest. Can you please give me some insight on how Uranus at 8° in Libra and Bachus at 8° in Capricorn are going to be triggered/affected, my moon is at 10°scorpio will that be affected too since it is so close in degrees?


    1. Thank you very much JF. First of all, this kind of astrology works on zero degree or exact orbs, as it’s really about sacred geometry and the mysterious patterns that unfold between us all. Uranus at 8 Libra is square Bacchus at 8 Capricorn, as you say, so this dance between Uranus at 8 Taurus, the Sun at 8 Scorpio and Full Moon at 8 Taurus will ask you to ‘meet change with change’ in terms of your former, current or potential partner. This may be a sexual partnership, like a marriage, or a professional partnership, like a business agreement. You have natal Uranus in your Seventh House of duets, occasionally duels, and double-acts of all kinds, and here we find you in a lifelong pattern of rejecting people, but also rejecting the institution – very likely common law marriage, or marriage itself. There is a part of you which does not want what you create, romantically and sexually in particular. This will be brought into the wider economic and financial story of 31st October 2020, so this might (for example) be your former lover’s bills to your business, or a current partner’s inability to pay his or her way, with the house or apartment. The Bacchus placement is about work as play. Success as self-indulgence. Career as fun. Social-climbing (social mountaineering) as part of a party scene. This is also brought into the story. Bacchus was the Roman god of Bacchanalia, a wild and abandoned cult devoted to feasting and probably orgies! So you have this asteroid there in your Tenth House of career, university or college and also unpaid work. He will also be woken up by the transits of Halloween. In general this is a pretty disruptive transit so you may prefer to clear the decks and keep life very simple. Try not to add anything or anybody too new at this time. Uranus is a symbol of independence. I suspect this is really about how you view a former, current or potential partner, as you need freedom *from* this person or are seeking freedom *through* them and when the world turns upside-down economically, this may be the chain reaction that begins the dance.

  9. Hi Jessica. I have Ops at 8 degrees Capricorn. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how this plays out in my chart? Thanks

    1. Ops at 8 Capricorn stands alone, unaspected, in your Tenth House of success, ambition, achievement, success and social position. This is usually your career, but it can be your college or university degree, or your unpaid work. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs slowly to the top. Ops is Saturn’s wife; a symbol of strength in the face of adversity. This is your optimistic side, which takes on all comers – anything and everything – in a very grounded, practical and down-to-earth way. The transits on 31st October 2020 involve the Sun in Scorpio, sextile Ops, and the Full Moon in Taurus, trine Ops. You also have Uranus trine Ops. So, you are more than ready for whatever lightning bolts crackle overhead in the greater national or world economy. There is something liberating about Uranus transits, even though they shake the top of the mountain and challenge you to stay on and stand firm. They do set us free, in the way that electrical storms set us free from sticky, humid, hot, stagnant conditions. They bring release and relief, even though at the time we are stunned at the sudden break in the weather. I hope this gives you a stronger sense of what to expect. But as always with a Uranus transit, we have to say ‘expect the unexpected.’

  10. Jessica, thank you so much for this article. I have also been following your US election posts quite carefully. I have Saturn at 8 Taurus. Could you please let me know what Halloween might bring for me? I definitely plan to stay home based on your advice!

    1. Saturn at 8 Taurus in your Second House of values, valuables, property, charity, money and business is a solid symbol of wall-building, defences and much protection against what life throws. Saturn reveals what you do to make yourself feel more secure in a world which is never particularly comfortable or easy. Like the planet Saturn, which has rings, you have ring-fenced yourself, and that will be put to the test on 31st October 2020, as we find the Sun at 8 Scorpio opposite your Saturn, and the Full Moon at 8 Taurus, right on (or in conjunction with) your Saturn. At the same time, for the first time in your adult life, you have Uranus, a symbol of radical change and ‘the last thing anyone expected, including me’ right on 8 Taurus, so you have Uranus conjunct Saturn. The Sun is still right opposite, so this is all very public. It can be seen from a distance by onlookers. Essentially, you now have to examine all the decisions you have made about money, very carefully. It may be loans or credit cards. It may be insurance or shares. Pension or superannuation. Mortgage or a legacy. Uranus challenges you to change and you may prefer to keep life very, very simple as you move towards Halloween. Try not to add anything or anybody new and complex, financially (for example, getting a new accountant or switching banks). You will actually be personally involved in what is a national and global jolt, and it is very useful to be in a flexible position, so you can rapidly adjust and adapt to what is required. Uranus in Taurus wants a replacement. Not a reset. What we are seeing is a real moment of truth for the old system, no matter if we are talking about the massive debts that countries rack up, or money laundering, or even the use of paper currency. You are right in the middle of that. Being informed is also incredibly helpful so read right around the subjects that concern you personally in October so you are one step ahead.

  11. Whoa! Very interesting about Melania! Nothing at 8 for me but a few things such as moon, Venus, MC/IC at 9 degrees could
    You take a look at my chart and tell me if this personally impact me in a some way. Hoping the aspects are in the positive column. Don’t know how much more this Cancer can take!.

    1. No, 9 degrees is too wide so you won’t really register this global economic shock in any personal way (unless your birth data is wrong, of course).

  12. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn at 8 Aries and the sun at 10 Aquarius. I’m about to launch a partnership with an Indigenous Australian that is very much Age of Aquarius. Should we wait until November or even post December 21st?

    1. If this was me, and I had Saturn at 8 Aries in the First House of branding, self-promotion and name – I would wait. Wait for Halloween to pass, but also wait for Mercury to come out of shadow, from November 20th. Good luck with your partnership.

  13. Hi Jessica, No one is talking about what happens if Trump loses the election to 1/20/21 timeframe. Trump doesn’t know to act when he will become a “lame-duck” President. In ~78 days he will definitely break more things that harms all of us in the world. Is there any chance that he will be removed during these ~78 days, especially if the virus rages during the fall/winter months?

    There is no reason why 78,000+ people need to die (1,000+ per day) because of his failed leadership.


    1. You mean 20th January 2021 (reading the American dates backwards). My friend Olga Morales predicted, in April, on this website, that the American election would be delayed. I agree with her. The whole democratic process will be back and forth until 20th November and for reasons, involving this man and his wife, that are yet to come about. Much closer to Christmas Eve comes the end of evil from the top down. The new power is across, for the people, by the people. I am very sorry about what happened to democracy in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. But your constitution will be changed so it never happens again.

  14. Hi Jessica, Such great insights and perspectives you give. What is your thoughts about Salacia
    08° Aquarius 00′ 15?

    1. Thank you. Salacia at 8 Aquarius in the Eleventh House is co-existing in two separate worlds with friends and groups, neither of them real or ordinary. This is the chart of someone who escapes from reality in her surf lessons with friends, or who chants in Buddhist meditation circles but also has a friendship with a woman who dresses up as a mermaid for a telegram service. Nothing about your social life or friendships, or the groups, is what most people would call regular. It will be challenged and changed, probably because of the financial position of friends, on 31st October 2020. Yet, you know who your friends are, and which groups to call home, and this will repay you in 2021 when Jupiter goes to 8 Aquarius. It will also be a very serious matter, as Saturn goes to 8 Aquarius too, later on.

  15. Jessica-
    I have Diana who you describe as a “fiercely independent woman” at 8 Taurus. My sister has Venus also at 8 Taurus.
    We were both born under the sign of Aries. How will the full moon affect the both of us?

    Thank you for your insights!

    1. If you two have any financial obligations, any commitments with a house, apartment, business, the family legacy, a car, valuables and so on – you will be challenged to change, quite radically, on Halloween. You are both Aries people who will be involved in a financial revolution until the year 2026, embracing the new inventions and technology ahead, which will really move everything forward, in terms of banks and currency.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in Scorpio at 8 degrees, how will this full moon impact me? Thank you!

    1. Saturn builds walls of protection as it can feel so raw on the inside, and in Scorpio, you have a lifelong pattern of needing to defend yourself against difficult challenges involving sex and money (marriage and mortgage, commonly) and death and property (the family inheritance, or your own legacy). Now, a national and global economic shock shakes your walls. You need to find out if your first and second line of defence still work for you, or if you need to create new structures in your life which are going to help you more. Jupiter in Pisces in the year 2022 will trine your Saturn and that will help you move on from anything that challenges you to change, at Halloween 2020.

  17. Hi Jessica, As always thank you for your informative post. The predictions have been jaw dropping. With each breaking headline in the news, I always say Jessica called it and there is always hope for an improved tomorrow which is so relieving no matter how bumpy the ride has been. With Panacea at 8 libra and Aesculapia at 8 pisces, any insights on what to expect?

    1. Thank you. Panacea at 8 Libra in your Seventh House describes your approach to former, current and potential partners, which is always to seek the cure, the remedy or the fix – even if there are moral or ethical issues. You have done this with your exes and will do it again with a current or potential partner. Aesculapia at 8 Pisces in your Twelfth House is about your religion, astrology, Tarot, spirituality or counselling. Just when you assume something or someone is over, it comes back to life. So this is the chart of someone who will find the economic shocks of October 31st send ripples into relationships but also beliefs. It’s not direct, it’s indirect, but you’ll still feel it in quite a personal way.

  18. Hi Jessica
    I have neptune at 8 capricorn. Can you please tell me what should I be mindful of at this full moon?

    I also have ops at 22 libra. Astrologer Penny Thorton has talked about libra new moon as one being of new chapters? What new chapter can I think of?
    Thank you.

    1. Neptune at 8 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition, success and position is the holiday from reality. This is people who want to be Olympics gymnasts or professional musicians. The Full Moon is an economic shock (Uranus in Taurus the sign of gold bullion and bull markets) and D-Day (a Full Moon is always D-Day). This will affect the jobs market for you and make you get real. A useful way to deal with Neptune in Capricorn is to shun all these ideas about ‘influencers’ having jobs by loitering on Instagram, or YouTube stars somehow making a living from it (it seldom happens) and instead to create two vocations. One is the unreal bubble and the escape. The other is real, more boring, but pays a wage!

  19. Hi Jessica – I hope you are doing well and staying healthy in Tasmania 🙂 Thank you for this and all the American and Global politics you shed so much light on – you definitely a trusted and primary source of news for me! I have been telling folks since your prediction, Trump would be going down in October and it happened under a full on the first day of October – you are amazing and astrology really does work! I am curious are the south and north nodes always at the same degree in one’s chart and what does it mean to have 8 cancer and 8 cap aspects in relation to the upcoming full moon – to say I am nervous is an understatement. I am so nervous about Uranus and what this means for my home and money etc…. Wishing this comment finds you in a peaceful space 🙂 Thank you

    1. Well, thank you very much. Don’t be nervous about this Uranus in Taurus transit but do get yourself into a nice flexible, bendy position. You are going to meet change, with change, and it will set you free. Not a lot of people talk about the war in terms of men being liberated from boring factory jobs, and women being liberated from life as a housewife, but it happened. This cycle now will bring total independence, snapped chains and tremendous new freedoms to us, but it takes great insight to see it at the time. Your North Node and South Node axis in Capricorn and Cancer, is about working for the family as a firm in a previous life. It is also about having to treat the family as a company, which you also learned in another life. There is a lifetime of tremendous ambition to be at the top and stay at the top, but also a big pull backwards towards patriotism and your country, culture, heritage, history and roots. All this is in the frame on Halloween. In fact the world economic shocks will make you even more certain about your priorities. Is it your position, mission and ambition, or is it those at home? Is it your town and country, or is it something else? You may want to steer clear of major new decisions about home or career in October, though, as any new commitments will be made on Mercury Retrograde, but also be affected by this Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition.

  20. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for another exciting instalment! I have nothing at 8 deg but I do have a bucketload at 9 and something at 7. Can I breathe a sigh of relief or is it too close for comfort? I imagine it relates to children and home given it’s predominantly in Leo and Cancer.

    1. Too funny. Uranus in Taurus until 2026 is a rollercoaster, 1934 to 1942 just about sums it up for the global economy (same cycle). Sharlene, the Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition are too wide, but you will certainly see the old world economy rules rocked. In the Thirties the war was against Hitler. In the Twenties the war is against Covid. So, then as now, we are going to see supply shortages, rationed goods and the usual rules on salaries and the workforce radically changed…

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t know if its all the Capricorn weather, the full or new moons or Mars that is wrecking havoc on my emotions and life. Nothing is wrong but nothing is right either. Life finally started turning the corner for me around the 24th of March and then the world shut down. I met an amazing guy birthrate 07/19/80 Yerevan Armenia at 11:50 pm. We have an amazing connection but it stops there. The quarantine brought us together and made us closer than either one of us expected. I understand where he’s coming from considering he is a Cancer and the mess he went through in the recent past with his relationships (divorce 2018 and the end of a year long serious relationship in 2019). I don’t know what to make of all these commitment phobic individuals that keep coming into my life. This one is the most concerning since everything feels so real, our friendship the chemistry. What is not real is the commitment on his part and labeling me as “his friend” only. I don’t want to let it go because it has been so long since I’ve had this type of connection to anyone, but I fear I will eventually lose him anyway. Confused and exhausted emotionally, any advise?

    1. I am really sorry you have fallen in love with the wrong man. You have Saturn at 27 Leo in the Fifth House of motherhood which is your whole answer. This is not about love, sex and marriage (long-term) it is about pregnancy, children, teenagers. Given that you could fall in love with anyone, why do you keep being smitten by men who do not want to get married? Could it be because part of you has questions about being a parent? It’s not a bad idea to sit down with your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to dig deeply into this. The Fifth House is associated with all sorts of things from illegitimate children, to infertility, to abortion, to IVF and stepchildren. Saturn is about life lessons and patience – the learning that brings you to the fulfilling ending. You were born in 1978 so in 2008 you passed thirty and are now in quite a different age group in terms of easily having children. The future may be about stepchildren, or a future husband’s nieces and nephews. With Saturn there is never any rush! As I’ve said, it takes time. But have a look at parenthood. And be a realist about men who are looking for babies. Saturn is always best to work with when there is a fair bit of hard work and discipline, to get to the goals. And you keep on being made to learn until you get it. When Jupiter goes into Aries in 2023 there will be a Jupiter-Saturn trine and there will be a serious contender then. Until then find out why you only want men who do not want to get engaged. There are a billion chaps on the planet. Why them? And what do you honestly feel about being a stepmother now and dealing with another woman’s children? I find it really interesting that you have not mentioned his children from previous marriages. If they do exist, is there any reason why you’ve bypassed that in your question?

  22. Jessica,
    Thank you and thank you again. Just from reading your article you educate me a lot.

    With the aspects below what do you know how I will be shaken on October 31, 2020:

    Neptune 08° Sagittarius 18′ 54″

    Jupiter 07° Pisces 59′ 14″
    Pluto 07° Libra 58′ 33″
    Vesta 07° Sagittarius 40′ 22″
    Psyche 09° Aquarius 38′ 36″

    What do you think Jess?
    Any feedback for me?

    Thank You

    1. You are the third reader to have factors at 8 Sagittarius. There are billions of people who will be affected. You escape from the real world through foreigners and foreign countries. You are the cruise generation and that industry will be rocked by the events of Halloween. So, it’s indirect. It may be that cruise travel is off your agenda in 2020, 2021, and so on. Neptune in Sagittarius is also about border-free travel. Open borders. (Neptune does not recognise borders any more than the sea respects sea walls). So, it doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to see that radical new world economic rules on tourism, trade, import, immigration and export will have a long-term impact on your plans. I would suggest not venturing into that in October as you are in uncharted waters, literally.

  23. Well I have always felt sorry for Melania but doubly so now! Thankyou so much Jessica but now I am having a freak out as I have Neptune at 8 Scorpio. Hoping as you say that this is just a tenant in my house but it’s a tenant I would rather evict right now. Ha Ha!. Hope you can look at my chart to see where this might affect me.
    P.S. So glad you are in Tassie during this terrible time. It you have to be locked away from the rest of the world, what a beautiful place to be locked away.

    1. Thank you. I’m just putting the kettle on – it is a very windy morning here in Tasmania – but we are celebrating two months of eliminating COVID-19 so are pretty happy. Your chart does show Neptune at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House. You are in the fantastic plastic generation, encouraged by banks to borrow money on credit cards and to take out mortgages. Neptune is about non-reality. So what we have here is a house or apartment that belongs to a bank, at least until you pay it off, or possessions which seem to be yours, but belong to the bank, until they are paid off! Of course you may have shunned all that years ago, but I hope you can see what a common example of Neptune that is. You are now going to see billions of people who all have factors at 8 Scorpio challenged to change. For this reason you may want to keep any new decisions or commitments for another time, as you will have your hands full with the existing accounts.

  24. Hi Jessica

    Hope alls well in Tasmania, lovely part of the world .
    Can you tell me how Neptune 8% in Scorpio and Fortuna in Aires play out.? I’m taking a guess that I not being real about my finances or partnership or is it something els?
    I have also been thinking about The First Lady as we have not herd anything about her condition. Could she be really sick and what about Baron? I think she would her child before Donald.
    Thanks and may we all survive and grow and bring in 2021.

    1. Thank you Baroona. Yes, Melania Trump certainly has Chiron at 8 Aries and so there is something inside she just can’t hide, to quote the song. In your own personal chart, Neptune at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House is your bubble, financially. So you have a different world, with your bank account, house, apartment, valuables, shares, pension, superannuation, charity, assets, to most other people. You live with it, so you may not realise what an odd space it is for you, but it has become a kind of comfortably numb existence. Having a credit card or loan is a good example. It’s not your money but it feels like it. Try to keep your financial life very simple in October as you will have enough to deal with on the 31st, with pre-existing arrangements. Nothing will stay the same after that Sun-Uranus opposition.

  25. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for such an interesting article as always. I can’t wait to see your forecasts turning into reality soon!
    On the other side, I feel “lucky” by getting “great” angles. This time it will square my MC in 8 degrees of Leo and IC in 8 degrees of Aquarius. It is also a close connection to 7 degrees of my Chiron in Leo and 9 degress in my nodes in Capricorn and Cancer.
    I am just going to close my eyes and believe in sucessfull and good story starting on 30-31 October and withouth quatation marks.

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you. Your MC is 8 Leo, your IC is 8 Aquarius and that is all you really need to use. The Scorpio-Taurus aspects on Halloween create a Grand Cross in your chart, so if your birth time is absolutely accurate, life with friends and groups – and also the world of children and teenagers – is hard work then. It gives you a bridge to cross. So you may want to keep things very simple ahead of time. It’s not the moment to adopt a child, for example, and it’s not the moment to join any particular society, association or community group.

  26. Hi Jessica

    I have Scorpio in Jupiter at 8 degrees. Can you please tell me if that means that I dodge a bullet when the degrees become exactly opposite Taurus in Uranus 8 degrees?

    Kind regards

    1. No bullets. You’ve had Full Moons in Taurus your whole life, and although the Sun-Uranus opposition is pretty new, you had one last year. Jupiter in Scorpio at 8 degrees protects. Jupiter is the golden safety net everyone has in her chart, and you have it in your Eighth House of finance, legacies, houses, apartments, valuables, shares, pension/superannuation. Halloween will rock your world, because the world will rock – but you will be protected.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    What a year! Reading your regular posts has helped me understand and navigate this tumultuous year so, thank you.
    The only thing I have at 8 degrees in my natal chart is my MidHeaven in Sag. Am curious to know how this will play out with the upcoming Full moon.

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is strictly accurate, then your Midheaven or MC at 8 Sagittarius is about your main achievements and accomplishments in life, which will ultimately prove to be with foreigners and foreign countries. The Halloween Full Moon and Sun-Uranus clash will have an impact on that. You are the second person I have just spoken to who has a Sagittarius factor at 8 degrees. You’d have to suspect that there will be a chain of bans on travel, tourism, immigration, imports, exports around this time. That will obviously affect you if so.

  28. Hi Jessica – my moon is at 7 degrees scorpio and i also have mercury at 8 degrees capricorn , and. Ceres at 8 degrees sagiatius … im not sure what to think? I feel i should be worried?

    1. Mercury at 8 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and university is semi-sextile Ceres at 8 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners. So there has always been a connection between your job, your voluntary efforts or your education – and people from other nationalities and countries. This will be at the heart of what happens with the national and world economy on 31st October. A predictable example would be a particular nationality/country banning travel from places with high COVID-19 infection, which of course affects the staffing where you are, or the deals which are in process. Without knowing anything at all about you, I would say that you need to keep talking, keep asking questions and keep negotiating with work-related issues and in terms of foreigners, you may want to keep life very simple and uncomplicated in October so you have less to sort out at the very end of the month. This strongly applies to overseas travel, even if you are contemplating it.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I have Juno at 8° Aquarius and my former partner has his Saturn at 8° Aquarius (born 21\12\1962). I am concerned about this as nothing is really yet finalised with the financial side of our separation. Could you help me please see things a little clearer?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. This is really about the friends you have, or the friends you shared as a couple and I suppose, as with any separation, friends can pick sides, or you can wake up to find yourselves in different social circles or social situations, because if there is financial uncertainty, nobody really wants to put you two at a socially distanced dinner table. So, the Full Moon and Uranus at 8 Taurus, and Sun at 8 Scorpio, really squeeze a group you belong to, or a friendship. You might say the ripple effect of economic overturn worldwide has an effect on that community or organisation, and specific friends you have. This is a bigger deal for him than you, as he will have his Saturn Return in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups in 2021. Your Juno is commitment. You ‘marry’ friends and wed yourself to societies, teams, associations and other networks. As a rule of thumb you may want to keep that social side of your life very simple and minimal before Halloween. If you were to wade into any new group, for example, you would be doing it at a really difficult time, astrologically.

  30. My Mercury is at 8 degrees Retrograde in Taurus? I am interested to know how Halloween full moon may play out with my chart. It sounds like the next month will be interesting times!

    1. You also have Minerva at 8 Taurus and Psyche at 8 Aquarius, in a square. This square becomes a T-Square on 31st October, as the Sun at 8 Scorpio, Full Moon at 8 Taurus and Uranus at 8 Taurus create the T-shape in your chart. This is the moment to add new people or organisations to your situation with the money, house, apartment, valuables, charity or business. Doing so breaks up the tension of the T-Square. Look up Sacred Geometry on Search to see how to do this. In general keep your life very simple financially from this point forward as you will have enough to deal with, in terms of your existing banking or budget. Uranus turns the known world upside-down and it does so, to liberate us, from situations, places or people which were going to keep us tied down for years. It takes real awareness to handle all the unknowns and all the uncertainties – and understand that this massive change will ultimately turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to you. Meet change with change, if you can. You can also read more about Uranus in the guides that come with membership.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fascinating information. My North Node is at 8 degrees at Capricorn. How would you interpret that?
    I would greatly appreciate your precious insight.

    1. You have the North Node at 8 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, success, status, position and achievement. The South Node at 8 Cancer in the Fourth House is automatically opposite. You have reincarnated to deal with the challenges of your family in the light of your career. At the same time, your family is the reason your career (or social status) happens at all. The karmic challenge from previous lifetimes is to make it all work together, somehow. Even if there is a huge conflict between being the relative of so-and-so, at the same time that you need to hang on to success – you must find a way. I suspect this would be far more of a deal on the Sun-Uranus opposition and Full Moon on 31st October. Given that this is a shock to the global economy you would assume this is about your house or apartment, citizenship or residency, unpaid work, paid work or study – and likely a mixture of both. A very simple example would be the price of an apartment dropping in a city where you wish to rent or buy, so it becomes suddenly affordable. Without knowing anything about you, I can’t say more than that, but you can expect questions about your relatives and ancestors, your immediate family, to be entwined with questions about your vocation, calling and role. Meet change with change; that is the best advice for a Uranus transit.

  32. Sorry, please forgive me to take the liberty to develop my precedent question. My North Node at 8 degrees at Capricorn conjuncts Venus of the man whom I love . His Uranus is at 8 degrees at Scorpio. How this full moon would impact this?
    I would greatly appreciate your insight.

    1. Your lover has Uranus at 8 Scorpio and is going through the Uranus-Uranus opposition, which is a rare occurrence making it essential that he meets change, with change. This is an economic revolution on the markets which will pick up his own budget in a very personal way, so you are going to see the situation timed by the Full Moon on 31st October, as the Sun-Uranus opposition kicks in. He will be set free from someone or something that tied him down, no matter if this is a house, bank, apartment, tax position, investment, possession, and so on. At the time it can feel disruptive; like the world turning upside-down. Later on, when he looks around him, he will realise that he was being ejected from a situation that would have utterly trapped him.

  33. Thank you for this information. I have Apollo at 8 degrees Gemini. I looked this up on your legend and it says that a man who is possibly bisexual will figure in to my life at that time. i happen to be meeting a mogul who fits that description, on that day. Is there anything more I should know?

    As always, thank you

    1. Apollo did love both men and women and one of the reasons I use the (Roman) asteroids is that bisexuality and homosexuality are now part of daily life – which they never were back in 20th century astrology when the horoscope ended with Uranus. It’s very interesting that you are meeting a bisexual mogul on Halloween, as your natal Apollo at 8 Gemini in the Third House is semi-sextile the Full Moon in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus – and quincunx the Sun in Scorpio. He will reflect an aspect of you, back to yourself, so he will mirror you. It is possible, however, that your meeting will be delayed or cancelled, or there will be a glitch with paperwork or other arrangements so be aware of that. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is retrograde. You may find this takes you where you need to be in 2021, though, directly or indirectly as a result of this: eventually the North Node goes to 8 Gemini in your chart and you will be taking a leading role on a project, concept, plan or brainwave that uses your way with words, ideas and images.

  34. Hey Jessica – my apologies!!! I’m posting this again as it may have been missed in the earlier comments. All good though if it hasn’t!! … I could just really use the guidance at the moment especially as I am looking after my elderly parents here at home with one of them (my Stepdad) in palliative care. Much thanks!!!

    Hi Jessica,

    My birthday falls bang on the Halloween Full Moon this year and, with a Sun at Scorpio 8 and a Pluto-Panacea at Virgo 9 (not sure if that counts though) I’m approaching the end of the month with just a little trepidation. I’ve read that a full moon birthday has the potential to reel in a year of good things but, as we know, Uranus sits tightly with this one, so – lol!!! Any insights for this full moon baby would be greatly appreciated 😉 And thanks again for being such an uncanny predictor of the cosmic weather – your accuracy is an absolute blessing for all of us and one that I so often feel very thankful for!!! Love and light Jessica

    1. Thank you very much. You have Uranus opposite your Sun by transit and so Halloween is really about your identity in a very public way, in relation to family and property, sex and money (usually marriage and mortgage) and the personal side of the financial realities of your life. Uranus in Taurus is always the challenge to change and thinking differently and being able to switch your plans around is a huge asset as October ends. I would expect your parents to be part of the story as Scorpio rules the legacy and will, the inheritance you make, and also they make. It’s not a bad time to look at that, and especially so if the government where you are makes any decisions from on high, about your allowances, benefits and so on. My hunch would be that it is really about your stepfather and your mother, and that the ripple effect from wider changes at the top of your nation will reach your sure. Sun Scorpio is really well-known for her financial, charity, property or business arrangements and although Scorpio is a fixed sign, you are being asked to dance in the storm. Later on when Jupiter goes to 8 Pisces in 2022 you will have a tremendous opportunity to save or make money, or cash in kind.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I am not sure if I read it correctly but it seems I have Venus 8 degrees at Scorpio, Mars 8 degrees at Virgo, Uranus 8 degrees at Libra, and Chiron 8 degrees at Aries…so many! I only know they are in 9th, 7th, 8th and 2nd houses. What kind of challenges or opportunities would they be?
    Thank you!

    1. It’s a good time to be ready for anything, and to understand that if you want to be free, you have to make quite radical changes in your life. At the time they may seem rather challenging, as Uranus at 8 Taurus will oppose your natal Venus, and also pick up questions about work, be it paid work, unpaid work or study. Nothing about 2020 is normal, of course, but for you it seems likely to challenge your ideas about family and money, or partners and property. It all happens at the same time, so being prepare to alter course is very smart. In fact it will give you far more independence than you ever dreamed of, and Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House is really about the constant quest to be ‘free from’ or ‘free through.’

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I love your insight and forecasts, especially about trends and us election. We are in pins and needles here with oct 31 approaching and November elections. Have signed up for the conscious cafe event in November and looking forward to it! Please let me know what I can expect or how I can prepare given my horoscope below (also have Scorpio rising in case that impacts anything ). Thank you!

    10° Cancer 32′ 21″
    21° Taurus 58′ 26″ R
    06° Aquarius 06′ 32″ R
    03° Gemini 11′ 00″
    07° Sagittarius 00′ 24″
    11° Scorpio 16′ 12″

    1. You won’t be directly affected by the shock to the world economy on Halloween, but in a general sense, you may want to start making room for changes to your budget, your attitude towards money, property, shopping, charity, business and the rest. It is a very good time to be flexible and in a position to change your plans quickly if you have to, and this applies until 2026. You will find a bridge to cross on October 31st and will probably have to adjust your ideas about your house or apartment a little later, when Uranus goes to 10 Taurus and will sextile Panacea at 10 Cancer in your Fourth House of property.

  37. Hi Jessica, a small addendum if I may… I would like to visit my mother in Canada but COVID has prevented travel and am looking at the best times to visit next year – would you suggest visiting after January 2021 (I recall your warning about January…) thank you again for all your help and hope you are staying well I’m Tasmania

    1. Thank you. Yes, I would avoid January 2021 from an astrological perspective, as we are approaching a T-Square with Sagittarius, Gemini and Neptune which will be critical for travel and travellers.I don’t know where you live – if America – then you will need to adapt and adjust as conditions change all around you, ongoing.

  38. Really interesting article. Thanks Jessica for sharing your insights with us.
    I don’t have any factors at 8 degrees, but my daughter has Moon 8 degrees Capricorn in her 9th house. She (and I) has put up with ongoing mental and physical health issues for these past two years or more. Schooling has been a struggle this year. Any insights for her on 31 October? Will there be relief in 2021?

    1. I am sorry about your daughter’s health issues, and you have some too. Her Moon is in the Tenth House of ambition, striving, success, social status and peak achievement. It will never be as hard for her, as it has been. Not for another 29 years anyway. She will be fine with her studies and her work but it is important she finds other places to achieve success in her life that are outside school.The aspects on Halloween do transit her Moon and she should be allowed to be herself, progress at her own speed and find out who she is. The pressure has been huge on her in 2018 and 2019 in particular but it will be noticeably better when Saturn changes signs in December.

  39. Hello Jessica and thank you for this valuable information. I too feel very sorry for Melania Trump. She appears to be so sad. And no wonder! I am concerned about my chart, as I have already had one shock during the first week of October. Would you please take a look and tell me what you think? At 8 degrees I have my Sun in Taurus and Minerva in Leo. I have Saturn in Libra at 9 degrees, Apollo in Taurus at 7 degrees.

    I am toying with the thought of selling my home at a discount just to get rid of debt, and invest in Bitcoin (late). I have no idea where I would go, and I have a limited income at my age. Sound crazy? And, of course, I have a large handicapped dog to think about. He is my main concern. I love him dearly. Please tell me what you think, as I trust your knowledge.

    Carol (no last name, please)

    1. Thank you Carol. You are actually moving through Uranus in Taurus which is right in your Second House of values, valuables, property, possessions, money (but most of all your values). I understand your dog comes first. You are thinking about knocking down the price on your home and selling it, and investing in Bitcoin. Just keep tossing ideas around until 20th November while Mercury goes backwards across your finance zone. There are too many variables and unknowns but you could gain from research and homework. With your Sun at 8 Taurus right in the Uranus and Full Moon pattern, you want to be free. You want to be independent. There are ways to do that, and ways not to do it! And timing is all. Can this wait until at least after Mercury is out of retrograde on 20th November? Further ahead get the best advice you can afford, but you and your animal friend will be fine. You do need to make changes, but October, November is not the greatest time.

  40. Hi Jessica, I have Ceres at 8 degrees Aries plus IC 09° Aquarius and MC 09° Leo. Not sure if 1 degree matters in this instance. I’m also an aries. what impact do you see this having in my life?

    1. Ceres at 8 Aries in your First House is about how you are seen and appear; your name and face; your brand and reputation. It’s not the real you, but it is how we see you. Financial shifts, at a distance, in the wider world, your country and perhaps your circle will have an indirect impact on that, near Halloween, and you have a choice to make about yourself.

    1. You will have to set a new life budget once the Full Moon has passed and put a price on particular situations, people or places. It’s very personal. You may want to save a small fortune, for example, but find the cost is too great. You might take a drop in income in exchange for freedom from work you do not want to do. It is hard to say more without knowing anything about you, but in general, you will see a dramatic change in the outside world which will have a trickle-down effect on you and the budget choices you make.

  41. Hi Jessica

    I only have Juno at 8′ Aquarius in my chart … does it have any significance in the current astrological climate? Thanks for your insight.

    xxxx Natalie

    1. Yes, Natalie, this is about a friend or group on Halloween and the friendship or circle you are most ‘wedded to’ or committed to. Of course sometimes people with Juno in Aquarius in the Eleventh House marry their friends. What you do is important as it will have long term impact in 2021.

  42. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your work and insights . I have sun, Ceres and bacchus at 9. Would be very grateful if you could look at my chart. Curious as to how this moon may affect me. It’s been a year of twists and turns…hoping for something positive.


    1. What you will notice most is that there is a huge difference between your money, your value system, your principles, your ethics, your beliefs about abundance or poverty, charity or taxation – and property of course – and what others price so high. On Halloween you will find that there is a real values gap.

  43. HI Jessica, how does my chart look to be impacted with this full moon? In my birthday reading you also made reference to this and i am curious for your insight. thank you

    1. You have Panacea at 8 Aquarius so the Full Moon will form a T-Square to this asteroid in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. You reach for friendships, communities, societies, associations, clubs and teams for the cures, fixes and remedies in your life. They are not always black and white, morally or ethically, and can be grey areas. This is on the line on Halloween and will become increasingly important later on when Saturn and Jupiter go to 8 Aquarius. So the choice you make about this person/these people on 31st October has a long term impact and you will need to take your time.

  44. Thanks Jessica for an interesting article. For the body of work you generate consistently and of high quality, you might be working if not thinking for at least 20hrs a day to produce so much content. Answering so many personal questions, context switching and weaving the global hot spots into readings is mind blogging. It make me think your chakras are awakened. Hats off to you.

    In recent news US congress made a case of breaking up Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, they’ve become too powerful, monopolistic. Judge Amy Coney Barrett nomination hearings are going on, 3 weeks away from elections. Prince Harry might return to UK for talks with Queen. Texas restricting number of ballot boxes per county. In California some fake ballot boxes showing up with intent of destroying the ballots. Wild fires continue to burn California. I live in Bay Area, California. Recent fires in/around Bay Area stared with lightning few weeks back. I woke up in the night to witness almost a July 4th firework like lightning display. I read many folks moving away from San Francisco yet property prices are still going up, high number of new IPO’s minting overnight millionaires every day. Stock market at all time highs almost every day generating wealth in abundance for few and creating the wealth/income gap more and more (including my company stock). Hope stock market takes a break to cool down the exuberance, that is the only way California real estate can cool down and give a chance for everyone to participate. Uncertainty in elections can give a pause. I read somewhere Trump is preparing army of lawyers to contest the outcome and lot of speculation what role Barr (US Attorney General) will play in election outcome. October 31st being so close to election can’t wait to see what unfolds on this day that can affect so many in the world. Companies like Google cancelling new office space deals with possible work from home forever scenario for part of it’s workforce (Microsoft announced permanent WFH recently). It all feels surreal, like the red Mars like atmosphere in Bay Area because of smoke and haze from wild fires burning few weeks back. The mild earthquakes for few days recently, and the possibility of Yellow Stone volcano erupting in news recently.

    I don’t have any planets at 8 degrees in my chart. I have an Aries spouse, two teenage girls, one an Aquarius and other Gemini. Any suggestion on how I can weather or prepare for upcoming world events. Thanks in advance.

    1. Funnily enough I work a 3.5 day week, but thank you. There is a lot in your message and obviously America is at the heart of climate emergency but also a wildly unstable situation with its erratic leader. You live with an Aries, Aquarius and Gemini and so this is a strongly fire-air household and nobody will ever be bored. At the same time you personally need to ground. If you do not already do yoga, meditation and/or walk this is the time to begin. It will help you in the forthcoming Taurus and Scorpio transits.

  45. I’m waiting for interest rates to come down to refinance a mortgage (even during Mercury retro since it’s a re-finance).

    1. You live in California and want the banks to drop the interest rates on mortgages for you to lower your repayments. You have to really know what you are doing in October, November as we have Mercury Retrograde in a circuit until 20th November and the shock of the Uranus-Sun opposition and Full Moon on the same day, 31st October, which is highly unusual. It’s an unpredictable period and you have a high Scorpio/Eighth House and Taurus/Second House count. Please be aware of just how hard it will be to control and contain finances with this astrological line-up.

  46. Hi Jessica, my sun is @ 8 virgo but i have ceres @7 Taurus and Uranus @ 7 Libra . How is this full moon affect me? Will the 7ns also be in effect? I have also 2 factors in scorpio thats jupiter @2 and Neptune @ 28.

    1. The Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition will pick up your Sun, so Halloween is about your paid work, unpaid work, studies or housework. Also your lifestyle, food, drink, exercise, daily routine and sense of service and duty to other people. Your work ethic. You will need to meet change, with change. Try not to look over your shoulder at 2019 as if you’re going back there with a few twiddles. It really isn’t like that at all and the sooner you get on board with the new world, the better.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    You have a lot of predictions this year that are coming through and I have been enjoying all your posts. I am not very strong on interpretation when it comes to my birth chart and though I try to analyze, when a certain degrees hit close to me, I need your help. I have Ceres 08° Virgo 53′ 24″ (also Venus 07° Taurus 14′ 56″, Pluto 09° Virgo 32′ 25″). What does this mean for this coming Holloween Full Moon? Thanks for your help. Tess

    1. Thank you. Okay, so Ceres at 8 Virgo is about your work, housework and unpaid work, which is where were born powerful and born to be so influential, but also where you periodically have to step down, give in and give up! Sometimes this is because of politics; sometimes it can be because of a health issue. It is a lifelong pattern. Venus is pretty close in a trine from your income, business, property and charity sector – and Pluto is on the other side, which makes these issues about power, empowerment, control, giving up control, sharing control even more intense. Tess, if you can steer around Halloween for discussions and decisions which are job-changing, life would be easier. There are better times to get stuck into change. Long-term, though with Uranus hovering around 7, 8, 9 Taurus we have to say that the economy and its radical changes will certainly affect your work, unpaid work or housework, and you need to meet change with change. Twist and turn when the world flips and keep moving. Uranus will trine Ceres from 8 Taurus, and then trine Pluto from 9 Taurus, so 2020 and 2021 will ultimately change your life and you will feel so much more free, independent and liberated, but you may prefer to skip Halloween for day one.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your insight and heads up, I think I will hole up during that Halloween weekend with plenty of cake and cocoa!

    Well I have been through the mill lately with illness and allergy reactions, currently on antibiotics.
    I feel I am just not coping well Jessica at the moment as my son has been home sick, back to school, home and back again – yes you did say that would happen.

    I have lost over £600 on my stocks and shares this year. I am hopeful that by the time retirement comes it will go back up and exceed it self in 8! years time.

    I have Psyche at 8 Scorpio, Fortuna 8 Leo and Hygeia 8 Aires. So health and motherhood but what about Psyche?

    Hope your all well.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you Louisa. I am sorry about the illness with both you and your son. This is Virgo and Sixth House territory (for you) Uranus at 25 and Pluto at 20 Virgo are in a T-Square with the North Node and South Node passing over 25 and 20 Gemini and Sagittarius. Time to get deeply back into your Uranus and Pluto positions and figure it out; problems can usually be traced back to work, housework, probably looking after your sick child, and general unresolved questions about employment, service, duty, workload, and the rest. Look up Virgo and Sixth House on search and also the planets involved, Uranus and Pluto. This does pass but it’s deep and it takes time – transiting Pluto at 25 Capricorn in January 2021 will be there for most of next year and a Pluto Trine Pluto means ‘transformation’ so you may as well get stuck into that. It also means transformation with work, so that will happen alongside whatever you end up doing about your health. Financially, it’s hard to say if shares climb back up without knowing the chart of the company. In general, what does well in the new world is electric, solar and wind powered. And – particularly short-haul or local transport. That is really down to the Gemini transits ahead, but that is another story. Skip Halloween for major decisions or action plans as it ties up too much of your chart and you will need time and space just to process what is happening financially, all around you.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the insightful post. I have Sun at 8 taurus and im not sure how will 31 Oct affect me. Are you able to advise?

    Many thanks.


    1. Sure, you shine because of your charity donations, your gift for houses, apartments or collector’s items. You radiate and glow when you get that part of your life right – the money, the property, possessions or good causes. When you have Uranus right on your Sun (Uranus conjunct the Sun) you must change course. The old world is disappearing. You must examine yourself and your values, most of all, which means what you will and will not sell out for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. To keep life simple avoid major decisions or action plans on that Full Moon.

  50. Jessica, I would be most appreciative if you could review my chart for 10/31. I have four positions at 8 degrees and it seems to be a great deal is directly impacted. Sun, Chiron, Pluto and Minerva (and three of them are transiting those same planets at the same time). Your work has been a source of great wisdom to me. Thank you!

    1. Okay, so anyone who has a stellium at 8 degrees of the signs needs to know that there are polar opposites out there, with banks, world economies, currencies, property prices and trade – differences and divergences. This creates static in your own life, though you don’t say which signs are involved, so I can’t tell you where. We also have a Sun-Uranus opposition which is really about finding new independence, breaking free, and in many ways cutting away the past so that one can be more liberated for the future. This is lovely to see, but the reality of these transits on Halloween is that they are disruptive. So you may prefer to avoid big decisions or action plans around that time – allow a day before and after.

  51. Wow – this is a very enlightening article! I haven’t been able to get the song Freedom (ft Zak Abel) by Kygo out of my head this week. I have Uranus at 8 degrees Scorpio. My husband and I just started building a new house and haven’t been able to sign the mortgage documents yet due to delays and errors. Will this have an impact on our build? Your insight is very much appreciated.

    1. Freedom is also just another word for nothing left to lose, isn’t it! You are having Uranus opposition Uranus for quite some time, into March 2021. Your mortgage delays are classic Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, which ends 20th November. It’s in your Eighth House of sex and money, so no surprises there. From 20th November things flow in chronological order, but you still have this opposition, which is all about engaging with a revolution that turns the known world upside-down, so you can invent all that is new, liberating, and untried. This is wild weather and I hope you have the best financial advisor you can afford. You will need a co-pilot.

  52. Hey Jessica, hope this year is treating u safe and well. This is one of the year that actually moved things up a bit for me on my financial and career side. I have four big planets close to 8 degrees (+/- 1 degree), my company announced a lay off of around 30 prominent people today, quite worried about myself that If that happens to me this time too, its gonna take me back to square one. The world is shaking right now. Keeping fingers crossed with a thought that this too shall pass.
    Please suggest if you see some big changes coming my way, I should be knowing about. Thanks a lot!
    Stay safe and blessed!

    1. Yes, the world is shaking. Your company is shedding jobs. The good news is, the new world will be better than the old world. It takes huge insight to see what was wrong with the former global economy, and that the only solution was a total replacement. You have the Moon at 7 Taurus in your Second House of money. Uranus, the planet of shock, radical change, revolution, freedom and independence, was right on 7 Taurus in May 2020 and returns there in the second half of November, and also December 2020. He is there again in February 2021 before moving on permanently, so you have a window of about four months to ‘meet change with change’ in terms of your money, house, possessions, business or apartment. Uranus transits liberate. They can feel like an electrical storm, and it is wise to engage with the storm and invent and innovate your new world. Easy for me to say; different for you to do! Yet, your luck is in with work until just before Christmas 2020, so if ever there was a time to squeeze the most out of your work and employment situation, it is now. Read more on Uranus on Search and in your guides. As a general rule, get yourself into as flexible a position as possible, with tons of wiggle room and space, so you can twist and turn, as life twists and turns around you, economically. As I said – the prize is freedom. You can’t buy that.

  53. Hi Jessica — I have Saturn in Aries at 8* and Proserpina at 8* in Aries. I feel like I just want to hide under the bed with my dog. LOL. I have no intentions of doing anything until after November 20th but I get the sense that won’t help. xxx

    1. You’re fine. Astrology is a weather forecast. I just advised an umbrella, so that is all you really need. Given this is about your brand, name, image, appearance, reputation – you clearly would not check in for new business merchandise, a photo shoot or a legal name change on 30th, 31st October, 1st November. The Saturn-Proserpina conjunction in Aries is about your serious (Saturn) go-between (Proserpina) role as a bridge (Proserpina) who must keep two powerful people or organisations happy. Saturn makes it a heavy business. Aries is the First House of ‘Me’ so how you present, is tremendously important. Just skirt around big decisions in this general area, on that Full Moon.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I would so very much appreciate if you could tell me what this means for me. I have Jupiter at 8 Leo, Salacia at 8 Aquarius and Proserpine at 8 Scorpio, my own sign. I also have a custody and safety hearing two days after the full moon, and wondering about the impact of Mercury Retrograde on that. Thank you so much!

    1. This is a good example of a fated Full Moon in your life. They knew D-Day was coming too and had to roll up their sleeves and get on with it. The outcome changed everything even though it was obviously so immensely challenging at the time. You will need to meet change, with change. Scorpio is a fixed sign but you must try to ‘unfix what is fixed’ about your approach to life. Margaret Thatcher said “The lady’s not for turning” but actually, you have to be like The Byrds and ‘Turn, turn, turn” around Halloween. To everything, there is a season. This is a season of transformation, and it will really help you to move with the changes and go with the currents and tides, rather than try to push back or go the other way. Later on, you will realise you were being set free from someone (or something) that would have absolutely tied you down long-term and got in your way. Life has other adventures in store for you.

  55. Thank you Jessica for a great article! I had read this in your monthly horoscope as well. I’ve got quite a bit at 8 or 9 degrees in my chart. But my Ascendent is 8 Scorpio so will be opposed by Uranus and the Full Moon. I always read mixed things on the ascendant. Some astrologers swear by our rising signs and that they are more accurate than your Sun. Can you provide a little insight and any advice for Halloween would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is just your shop window. It’s not the entire Liberty store; it’s three sheets of glass at street level. You also need a strictly accurate birth time to know, for sure, your Ascendant is 8 Scorpio. You do have other factors at 8 degrees, though, and so you may prefer to steer around that Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition, just because it would be so easy to over-react to the pressure of Halloween itself rather than think steadily about 2021 and beyond.

  56. Hi Jessica, thank you for your consistent output of fascinating articles. 2020 has hit every area of my finances already, i’ve lost all my self employed work & my part time job and i have 2 worthless rental properties that have had me imprisoned for over a decade & i’m now struggling to sell them. Despite the rental income being the only money that’s kept me just about afloat this year, i just can’t handle the worry of these properties any longer & i just want out. As the year progresses i’m finding it harder to believe i will find any kind of freedom from my money worries. With 5 planets at 8 degrees, is this going to be a very scary Halloween for me? Thank you. Out of interest do you prefer to be called Jess or Jessica?

    1. Thank you. I prefer to be called Jessica. I am sorry 2020 has left you without work and you are finding the sale of your two rental properties very slow. You are lucky to have the bubble of the rent, which as you say, has kept you afloat. This is down to Neptune transiting your solar Second House of property and money. In fact Neptune stays there until 2025 so with or without the money from any sale, you would still be cushioned. In fact long-term you stand to gain or save, as Jupiter goes into the same chart zone in May, June, July 2021 and again in January 2022 and most of that year. Your prospects are really good and you should be optimistic though I realise you downhearted at the loss of work income now. Fortuna at 9 Taurus in your Second House of money is being transited by Uranus (upheaval) at 9 Taurus for the first time in your life. Fortuna is that part of you that controls fate and fortune for other people, financially, and I suspect this is your tenants and/or agency. You would have no idea how much you push the swings and roundabouts of fickle fate and fortune for them! Or, perhaps, others whose destinies you spin around, without knowing what you are doing. The randomness, lack of certainty shock and lack of guarantees is a classic outcome of Uranus conjunct Fortuna in Taurus. There is another pass in March, April 2021 and that’s it. So, this gets better for you, in terms of having a more predictable financial existence. Skip Halloween itself for big decisions as you don’t really want to be doing that on a Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition. You have more time than you think, and more choices than you think. If anything I think the loss of your job has hit you most of all, and yet there is plenty of rehearsal and research time there, until 20th November. There may be a few false leads or back steps, pauses or rewinds, but once Mercury (information, news, paperwork, announcements) goes normally from 20th November you are in an excellent position to tie up loose ends and begin or deepen an intriguing relationship with a former, current or prospective employer. This would take you into mid-December. Just to reassure you again – things can and do get better for you.

  57. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. Forgive me for asking the same question – it’s feeling important at the moment. I have quite a pile-up at 7-9 degrees with Saturn at 8 Libra – I am happily partnered and with two littlies (unmarried as yet but planning engagement). My personal life (or just life!) has been stressful this year (lots of ups and downs) and my Taurus and I are going through a very, very bumpy patch which is rare for us – will this moon be positive for the two of us? Any tips? I know that Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra – is this contributing? Thanks so much for your time and energy. Lauren x

    1. Thank you Lauren, hope you are well too. I’m sorry you and your Taurus partner have had a rough patch in 2020. You are strongly Pisces and so extremely sensitive and you feel with your emotions, rather than think with your head. Given that you are a family, there is a rather repetitive and stuck situation which has been going around in circles for you since May 2020 and is really there to take your mind back to the year 2002 and any karmic lessons or rewards from that year. This may have been with quite a different boyfriend or the same man. March and April 2002 might remind you of something, as in those months the North Node of karma, past lives and soul debts and credits was right in your zone of household and extended family. That’s in your Pisces chart. It’s rather publicly about your immediate family; perhaps his side, perhaps your side – and maybe the actual house or apartment. More privately you do have pressure on your Libra stellium in the Seventh House of partnership. This will ease up over time. Skip the Full Moon and a day either side for any serious discussions with your Taurus partner as this is a time for space, peace and quiet not D-Day if you can avoid it. With factors at 7, 8 and 23 Libra you are dealing with the economic shock of 2020 (Uranus at 7, 8 Taurus) which goes away next March 2021. You also have Pluto at 23 Capricorn square Pluto at 23 Libra. That’s a major issue about who or what is in control, and who or what has power. It lifts after Christmas and although you could come close again in October, November next year, the worst is over. In fact 20201 will be a huge improvement on 2020. Another reason for the aggravation has been Mars Retrograde at 23 Aries – he is there again just before Christmas – and at 23 Aries is of course opposite your Pluto! No wonder your scales are rocked but this gets better as time goes on and from after Christmas into New Year the biggest provocation is over. You may want to plan a chilld Christmas though with as little pressure as possible on both of you. Have a look at Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra in your Seventh House. That is who you are and this is what 2020 has been all about for you.

  58. Hi Jessica thank you for another very interesting blog. I’m very interested in the US election and the Trumps astrology it’s fascinating how it’s all playing out. You mention that both yourself and Olga Morales think the US election may be delayed, what astrological aspects could I look for to watch that unfold? On a personal level my ascendant and descendant are at 9 degrees as I’m only within 1 degree of this Halloween full moon will I still be affected by it? And if so in what areas of my life? Thanks in advance if you are able to get to this question as I realise you have gazillions of them coming at you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the wonderful Olga Morales did predict the American election would be delayed, back in April. Mercury Retrograde is enough to do that, in Scorpio, which rules sex and money, but also death and property. It is also in Libra, the sign of marriage, separation, adultery and divorce. This is one of the reasons the election will be derailed: Melania and Donald Trump. I am having a quick look at your birth time, which is nice and specific. This suggests the Ascendant and Descendant degree and sign are correct, but you will not notice a particularly life-changing outcome from the Sun-Uranus opposition at 8 Taurus-Scorpio, or the Full Moon on the same angles. This is more a general outcome. A classic example is a sharemarket crash which reduces the value of your pension or superannuation. We may also be talking about a property crash, so that the rent you can charge your tenant goes down, and there are also (suddenly) houses and apartments at bargain prices, or perhaps mortgages at really low interest. These are just two typical examples of Uranus in Taurus; we’ve seen it before, in the Thirties. You might call this the electrical storm on Wall Street that sends rain to your town. Far more important for you is the traffic at 0-1 degrees Aquarius at Christmas. This is terrific for you. We’re talking December 18th to 28th, so given this is the most sacred, spiritual and powerful time of year – all sorts of wheels are turning, no matter if it is the family reuniting, friends getting in touch, old lovers making contact – or just the year-end round of promotions, resignations, retirements creating a chain reaction with work and money. The end of the year also brings people moving out of houses and apartments, or moving into them. It’s a big one for you because it hits your chart in the nicest possible way; do use it.

  59. Hello Jessica,

    I am currently at crossroads whether or not to choose me (and ending a relationship)? Saturn RX in Taurus 7.59* quincunx Apollo in Libra 8+*?
    Lots of fears and doubts. Your guidance is welcome.

    1. As Diana, Princess of Wales once told Panorama, “There were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded.” Over the next 12 months you must confront the three of you. This may be you two and your child. It may be you two and his lover. Your lover. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus was in a love triangle with her husband Vulcan and lover Mars. She was also in a triangle with her son Cupid and his lover Psyche. We associate Venus with three. Apollo in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, separation, divorce, common-law marriage and affairs, is also associated with passion running high. He was bisexual, actually. My guidance between now and the end of 2021 (when at last Saturn leaves 7 and 8 Aquarius) is to extract yourself from the situation. Pull out. This leaves the other two to also pull out. It’s like open heart surgery but time heals all wounds. This could go on for another 12 months but you are not going to enjoy a single moment of it. Just to repeat – time heals. Things can and do mend emotionally once the scar tissue has healed. This is a depressing period in your life which will pass. You have a great deal of thinking to do: use The Astrology Oracle cards and guides, and also Your Oracle for a second opinion. Use the Tarot too. Good luck.

  60. Your articles are always thrilling (and sometimes scary).

    I checked my horoscope and I have a few aspects at 8 degrees:

    08°  Leo 27′ 07″

    08°  Libra 53′ 14″

    08°  Sagittarius 51′ 38″

    Can you do your voodoo (that you do so well) on my chart?

    Thank you and stay safe in Tasmania.

    1. Too funny. I am not here to scare you, but I do want to warn you. I did it twice with the virus because I wanted my readers to be sharply aware of those dates I gave, so that they took a virus seriously when it arrived. It’s the same with money. We have a Uranus-Sun opposition and a Full Moon at 8 Taurus-Scorpio, the fixed signs, on 31st October – long associated with banks and taxation. Later on in 2021 we will see Saturn go to 8 Aquarius, another fixed sign. Okay, so you are in the zone. I will set aside Minerva and Diana to focus on Uranus at 8 Leo in your Fifth House. Why? Because Leo is also a fixed sign and we are now looking at fixed crosses, oppositions and squares for a good 12 months or so. To be born with Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is to reject pregnancies and also reject children. Your body may actually do this, so there may be a history of miscarriage, for example. I have no idea what role a younger generation plays in your existence, but the Fifth House is really about children, teenagers and young adults. The heirs to your throne. It is also about the royal bedchamber, so not only marriage, but also affairs and even one-night stands. Uranus is about the rejection dance, so you are highly productive, fertile, inventive and creative here. It’s not just about physically giving birth to offspring; it is also about teaching, mentoring, guiding and ruling the young. This is lifelong so it can be true when you are dealing with (say) work experience people in their teens, or students in their twenties. Uranus always pushes away those/that he creates, and yet by doing so, somehow manages to produce even more. This is the famous accidental and sudden Uranian process of innovation and new invention. Uranus was the father of Saturn and the Titans, who threatened him, so he pushed them away. Saturn rebelled, castrated Uranus, and the genitals accidentally produced the birth of Venus. We do associate Uranus in Leo with accidental pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy and abortion. It is also about children split by divorce or separation between their parents. Tremendous freedom, space, independence, originality and autonomy is usually the outcome and Uranus in Leo can produce all sorts of wildly creative and productive, positive outcomes. It’s just never going to be the white picket fence. The Brady Bunch is a good example of Uranus in Leo. What you experience on Halloween is a dramatic squeeze in your country’s economy and the world’s economy too. The squeeze will absolutely impact how you see babies, children, teenagers and younger people. Also sexual relationships which may lead to step-parenting, for example. What you do and say has long-term impact, as Saturn will be at 8 Aquarius, opposite natal Uranus, in 2021. He is gone by the first week of December that year, but this transit will challenge you to change, and change again. Take your time and take good advice, where the world of parenthood is concerned. Even being a godparent, aunt, uncle, grandparent can be an issue on this transit. You have not had this in your adult life. Uranus at 8 Taurus is also square natal Uranus, so it really is a case of the clay of your life being on the potter’s wheel. You and your world will be reshaped by this. Consciously attend to that so it does not just happen to you.

  61. Thank you Jessica. I’m hoping it will set me and my child free. The safety hearing is for domestic violence and the last three years have been governed by fear and instability and thinking on my feet. It’s been adjourned 12 times in two years. D-Day – Operation Neptune – seems about right for the nebulousness, not to mention the length of time this situation has been in place. Is Jupiter at 8 Leo significant for my little person?

    1. Operation Neptune, well spotted. I am sorry you have been forced through domestic violence, but for whatever reason, this has been timed quite precisely for you. Perhaps the long delays had their own rhyme and reason for your and your child. Jupiter at 8 Leo in your Fifth House describes your basic protection and good fortune as a parent. No matter how dire things can become (and you went through years of Leo eclipses very recently) you will always have a safety net and the guarantee of twists of fate, which really help you. In fact, luck is always on your side, not only with your own child, but with children and teenagers in general. Halloween will put the Sun and Uranus in a T-Square with your natal Jupiter, but also the Sun and Moon. The squeeze is on. Later on you will experience Jupiter at 8 Aquarius opposite natal Jupiter at 8 Leo (to your advantage) so we’d have to say the difficult time of reckoning is October 31st but the useful next chapter is January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th 2021. You do have Saturn at 8 Aquarius also opposite natal Jupiter soon after this, notably February 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th. This is challenging, no doubt about it, but in astrology you always cleave to the natal chart, not the transits, and the fact is – you were born with Jupiter the planet of the biggest and best solutions, square Proserpina at 8 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, legacies and property, death and inheritance. This was or is your marriage, assuming you were married to each other. Proserpina is important here. She was the go-between who crossed from her husband to her mother. She is a symbol of who or what bridges the gap between two powerful people, or two powerful sides. This all works out for you long-term but I am not going to whitewash it and say 2021 is an easy ride. It’s challenging. But it’s also very good, in terms of outcomes. You will need to give yourself time out, peace and quiet, space – so you have somewhere to recharge your batteries, receive distant healing, meditate and exercise. This ‘dance of 8 degrees’ begins on Halloween and does not stop next year, but by the time Saturn in particular has moved right off 8 Aquarius, from December 2021 you are well and truly on your way. The other useful thing about 2021 is Chiron at 8 Aries in a trine to your Jupiter at 8 Leo and the North Node at 8 Gemini and South Node at 8 Sagittarius, also making great aspects to your natal Jupiter. You and your child are well supported in 2021 despite the hard work.

  62. Dear Jessica,

    I have several planets at +\-1 at 8 degrees Including mercury in Leo, mars and fortuna in Virgo, Pluto in libra, ops and south node in Taurus and north node in Scorpio. I’m currently transitioning between jobs and am awaiting news on whether I’ll transition to a new job or whether I’ll lose my job. My Former manager is quite a monster and is trying to control where I move and who I work with which has made is very difficult for me. Could you tell me how this full moon might impact me? Thanks so much!

    1. I am sorry you are working for a monster. The days of the monsters are finished as between November 8th and 13th we find people who try to dominate and take over, are demoted, disappear or sometimes meet their maker, actually. This is the famous Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Until then you have the Sun-Uranus opposition and Full Moon on 31st October to move through. Try to keep financial, property, charity or business decisions out of it, then. The conditions are too unstable and there are too many contradictions. Later on, in that second week of November, you will see a reshuffle in your work place or within your chosen profession that results in a completely different set of conditions for 2021. As you are a Sun Leo (just) you will also welcome the departure of Saturn from Capricorn and your solar Sixth House of work on December 18th. The slow, stuck, thwarted nature of this cycle is notorious and you have been enduring it in 2018 and 2019, and much of this year too. You will find 2020 ends with a dramatic finish, workwise, but you will see an end to the Pluto issues and the Saturn issues too, just in time for Christmas. Jupiter in Capricorn will give you a way out, or a way through, before he departs Capricorn on December 19th. Just skip Halloween if you possibly can. Of course you may have no choice, but the ultimate outcome is very much on your side.

  63. Hello, Jessica, Your work is terrific, one of my favorites on the web. When your post spoke of “The Strong Woman” activated by this Full Moon, I was surprised that you did not include Ivanka Trump in that list. According to the data at, her birthdate is October 30, so she has Sun at 7 Scorpio and Moon at 8 Sagittarius. On Oct 31 her progressed Moon is 8 Taurus, her progressed Pallas is 8 Libra, and her progressed Mars at 26 Virgo conjuncts her natal Diana at 22 Virgo.

    Would you say she’s got some surprise battles ahead? It has been whispered that D Trump would prefer to have her succeed him as President, instead of VP Pence, should he be removed from office somehow.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. I completely forgot Ivanka Trump as another Diana figure, but you are correct. Thank you. I don’t use Pallas or progressions but I will look at this chart at if we can trust it – and see if there is anything dancing in it. I think you’re quite right and I appreciate you pointing it out. She’s very likely a contender for that Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition sweep at 8 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus, if we can rely on the birth data.

  64. Pluto! How did I miss that? Power, control – 7th house, yes, it’s all coming into focus now. I was stuck on Saturn, and I guess Jupiter also. Thank you – that’s immensely helpful just knowing that and having a little roadmap to keep in the draw. Thank you again 🙂

    1. It’s a pleasure. Pluto is best handled with willpower and self-control, as we know, but it really works and the power you gain is with you for life.

  65. Hi Jessica.
    i have MC at 8 Capricorn and IC at 8 Cancer. what does this mean for me ? .
    thank you

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, then your MC (Midheaven) at 8 Capricorn in the Tenth House describes your job, unpaid work or course. Your IC (Immum Coeli) at the other end, describes where you come from: the family history and background. With an IC at 8 Cancer you come from matriarchy: mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers dominate the family experience. So does property. Perhaps – real-estate. On the 31st of October the Sun at 8 Scorpio opposes Uranus at 8 Taurus, exposing and illuminating our awareness of an economic revolution and financial upheaval not seen in our adult lives. On the very same day, the Sun at 8 Scorpio is opposed by a Full Moon at 8 Taurus, revealing what does not add up. What we might call a conflict or contradiction; a critical crossroads. This may be money laundering, which I have predicted for some years, or a sharemarket crisis. There is no direct impact on you at all. If your birth time really is accurate, there will be an indirect impact. So, for example, you may find that you want to adjust your career path, or rethink the situation with the family, or your home. Your rent or mortgage, perhaps, or the situation of a parent or sibling. I should have thought your direction in life – your ambition – would be most affected.

  66. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your guidance!
    I need to step back, choose me….and focus on me. Nurturing, loving, calming myself and breathing through 2020/2021.⚘

  67. My dear Jessica, what can you say about my northnode at 8 degrees virgo end southnord at 8 degrees pisces in my chart? You have a lot of predictions this year that are coming through and I have been enjoying all your posts. Thank’s and best regards

    1. The North Node at 8 Virgo is the key here, in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work, housework and study. You have lifetimes of being in service. You have likely been in the army, navy or air force. You may have been a maid or butler; a member of the working factory class. You may have been a valet to a French noble, expected to be his servant but also his doctor. In this lifetime you are developing your karma and progressing with your commitment to service and duty. I expect what happens on 31st October is an economic shock (the definition of Uranus in Taurus) which will have a ripple effect on your pay packet. Virgo also rules your health and wellbeing, of course, and your fitness for duty. The North Node in that sign also suggests many lifetimes of dealing with questions about your own medical condition, resilience and immunity in the face of viruses like this one. Again, I think it is wider economic shock in your country and around the world, which will be the deciding factor in your choices. You are clearly in possession of a budget which will need a rethink and a new angle after Halloween.

  68. Hi Jessica

    This all sounds ominous … I have my sun at 8 degrees in Leo – hence a square to it, and vesta in Sagittarius again at 8 degrees !

    Since I don’t have kids nor am I seeing anyone (5th house) – could you please help me interpret how this full moon may impact me ? Crossing my fingers it has nothing to do with jobs and finance – I am following ur earlier advice and actively reaching out left, right Center!

    Also since I just applied to a company in the UK – would vesta being at 8 degrees in Sagittarius be a negative at this full moon – another woman competing for the same job perhaps? Separately, I have always wondered what the meaning of a tribe between my sun to vesta was – does it mean I compete with other women always for a man? Appreciate your time and advice!!

    God bless

    1. Thank you. Your natal Sun at 8 Leo in the Fifth House describes how you stand out and shine (or sometimes find yourself exposed) in relation to sexual partnerships and pairings; pregnancies; babies; children; teenagers; Millennials. There is a perfect trine to Vesta at 8 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia, education, publishing, the worldwide web, foreigners and foreign countries – and regional differences. Vesta of course describes situations with one male and two or more females, often in harem conditions. There are a number of ways this aspect will manifest in your life. One of them is teaching in a female-dominated class, in your role as professor or tutor to a group of teenagers. It’s rather like The Police song, Don’t Stand So Close To Me (which shows how ancient I am). We might also be thinking here about the example of a godson, whom you acquire because of a friendship with two foreign parents who would like their boy to have a godparent in another country. He may have several sisters. However you have brought your Fifth House and Ninth House trine to this point, and it may be about this job application in the United Kingdom, you can bank on a T-Junction, crossroads choice on 31st October. Your Leo Sun will be at the junction of the transiting Sun and Full Moon opposition in the finance, economy, bank and business signs – Taurus and Scorpio. We also have a Uranus-Sun opposition at exactly the same point. The squeeze is on for you with a past, present or potential sexual relationship; pregnancy; baby; infant; child; teenager; Millennial. Perhaps, more broadly, with a younger market or junior demographic. It will come, at a distance, from a global squeeze on the old world economy. The natal trine will be activated by this transit on Halloween, so yes, you would expect a Vesta scenario. The trick with astrology is to know the transit before it happens; understand the symbols; sidestep any obvious pitfalls. Astrologers regularly can and do avoid issues because they know what is coming. So can you.

  69. Dear Jessica,

    I have Pluto at 8 deg in Libra and Neptun in 9 deg Sagittarius. In which way can be this Full Moon significant for me?

    Thank you very much

    1. Pluto at 8 Libra in your Seventh House is really about your need to have control, and the upper hand, with a former, current or potential partner. The partnership can be love or work. Pluto is a symbol of how we seek power, through willpower, and how we try to have everything in hand, so we are running the show. Pluto in your chart will be aspected by these economic and financial patterns, which will pick up your country and the world, likely through the banks, currency or the sharemarkets. For you, this immediately gets you thinking about a former, current or potential partner and how to play it. I am sure you have learned from enough in your life, to realise you can’t dominate or take over. Some kind of compromise over the controls is your best bet.

  70. Hi Jess,
    I’m a little concerned primarily with 8 degrees Moon in Virgo (also Apollo in Leo and Cupido in Libra) but from this I take it to be careful with my health and the health of my family? Also, I have a whole heap of planets either side of 8 degrees – 7 degrees Hygeia in Cancer (my home) – and 7 planets at 9 degrees. Can I expect to feel significant after effects from the Halloween full moon? Never really been one for Halloween anyhow…maybe I’ll just seek shelter until this passes.
    Any insights would be appreciated,

    1. The Full Moon and Uranus-Sun opposition will sextile and trine your Virgo Moon in the Sixth House. That basically means, your need to be needed at work, with your housework, unpaid work or study is the focus. What is happening in your country and around the world on that radical change with economies won’t have a direct impact on your lifestyle, but it will mean you gather your energy and focus on mothering the family, of course, but also anyone you work with or for. There is also the question of your own health and wellbeing to consider; you are very good at caring for others but on Halloween you need to care for yourself, mind, body and spirit. This Halloween transit is a tight squeeze for the world, and it will bring out your maternal instincts. As it also pulls in Apollo in Leo in the Fifth House (leading the young) and Cupido in Libra in the Seventh House (your partner; the father of your children) this is clearly about a work/life balance at home and as Apollo in Leo is in the middle of the Taurus-Scorpio oppositions, a T-Square is formed. This means it becomes important to add new people, to the situation with your children, and perhaps younger faces as an entire generation. When you bring in other people or organisations, the typical tension of the T-Square is broken up.

  71. hi Jessica mam,
    I read your article the day it was published here and I was like cool but now as 31st October is getting closer I am getting scared for I have my Venus and Pluto both at 8 Scorpio, also cupido at 8 Capricorn. I don’t know what to do?

    1. Astrology is not here to scare you. It is here to help you avoid what you do not need to walk into. Just avoid decisions or action plans about your finances, house, apartment, business, charity or possessions on October 30th, 31st, November 1st. You were born with an exact Venus-Pluto conjunction at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and property. Everything from insurance to pensions and superannuation falls in this house. When you experience the Uranus opposition and Full Moon, you need to meet change with change. That means not complicating your life now until November 1st with anything too new or big, financially. Why? Because there will be enough to do, around Halloween. So try to keep life very simple. Later on when Mercury is out of shadow on November 20th, and your Venus Return approaches by December, you will be able to make a strong decision about a complicated relationship which needs total concentration and has a major impact on all you earn, own or owe. So basically – don’t buy your property or change banks on Halloween! There will be more than enough for you to deal with and yet by December you’ll have made good choices.

  72. Thank you Jessica, spot on regarding matriarchy Im already thinking of a change in career path or slight deviation, taking control of my own path, giving something back ! . I have been allowing others to stand in my way , influence my career direction, fear of the unknown …. leap of faith required i think , you only live once! big lesson this year. Oh and just read your Daily Mail article , superb !

    1. Thank you for confirming the astrology there. Yes, 2021 is so radically different to 2018, 2019, 2020 that you are best suited to a ‘replacement life’ rather than just going back to what was there and trying to make it better, or repair it. The future suits what can be invented and created; produced by you. I would say, definitely co-created with others, as 2021 is about new friendships and new groups, or perhaps very different versions of the old. Thank you for your compliments on The Daily Mail cover story about me.

  73. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter and Saturn at 8 degrees. I would very much appreciate your insight on this for the full moon please. It’s been a very interesting and surprising year so far with some real unexpected developments in my career, dream come true stuff. Just hinted at but it’s feeling good and i am keeping everything crossed! Thank you, I know you get so many requests.

    1. You have Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 8 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules former, current and potential partners. We associate Jupiter with the biggest and best. The partner can be romantic and sexual, or professional and strictly business. There is huge potential here for the two of you. From little acorns mighty oaks do grow. This does not mean Halloween is not a challenge; this is going to require hard work! Thank you.

  74. Hi Jessica – I thought I had only one aspect at 8 degrees. Aesculapia at 8 Aquarius, but just found out that my natal nodes ate at 8 degrees as well. North node in libra at 8. Yikes! Am I in for a rough ride?

    1. Aesculapia at 8 Aquarius in your Eleventh House will be at the heart of a T-Square involving the Sun, Full Moon and Uranus. So this is about a friend or group which finds you performing miracles – in a healing capacity – as you are here to bring something or someone back from the brink. It may be a friendship which is just about over, or a group which is close to being permanently broken up. There will be tension here, but add people to the story and the T-Square is less tight. Look up Sacred Geometry on Search to find out how to do that. You may prefer not to mix friends and money, or a group and business, between now and then, just because you don’t want to introduce anything or anybody new into your life – it will involve work for you on Halloween which you likely don’t want.

  75. Dear Jessica,

    Based on my strong Taurus sun and 10th house stellium, which features Saturn right at 8 degrees, what would you consider the effect this Halloween Full Moon will have on me?

    Thanks very much.

    1. Saturn is at 8 Taurus in your Second House of values, valuables, property, business, charity, money and possessions. You have the Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition right on your Saturn (Uranus conjunct Saturn) and so you may want to get yourself into as flexible a position as possible so that you can meet change, with change. The key to this transit is adapting and adjusting, and as Uranus is associated with quite radical changes, and Taurus is a fixed sign, it will be helpful if can move to ‘unfix the fixed.’ Values, most of all, fall here. So what you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. Try to give yourself as much room to move as you possibly can; a great deal of space.

  76. HI Jessica:
    I have Saturn at 8 degrees i Virgo. Would you please let me know how that will affect me? Thank you 🙂

    1. Sure. You will need to look at what you do, to defend and protect yourself, with health, fitness, work, housework and your daily routine. Do you have health insurance, for example, and is your food and drink intake okay? How is your fitness, sleep, relaxation? What about employment, study, or unpaid work? Saturn is the planet surrounded by rings, like steel walls, or castle defences. Inside is the planet – exposed. Saturn is also pale yellow, to our eyes. The colour of mild anxiety! We think about ‘cowardy custard.’ So what happens on Halloween makes you feel ‘all the feelings’ yet from this, you focus on building, reinforcing and strengthening your walls or fences. The only issue to watch out for is that what you structure in your life, to make yourself feel better, is not more of a concern for you, than the actual thing you are trying to keep away from you!

  77. Hi Jessica,

    I have a lot of Scorpio placement (Including Sun at 6 and Moon at 4). I also have four 9 degree placements (Minerva in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, Vulcano in Libra and Psyche in Aquarius). I am a very anxious Scorpio, always thinking of the worst ahead and plan accordingly. My way of dealing with unpredictability is careful planning and the attitude of dancing in the storm is so NOT natural to me, Jessica. Will my chart be triggered? The past 2-3 years have simply been too heavy 🙁

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Just another note on your chart. It is very unusual to have Sun and Moon in Scorpio and you may want to hit Search and read what I have written about people who have Libra and Scorpio factors together. Which you also do.

  78. Hi Jessica,

    I have a lot of Scorpio placement (Including Sun at 6 and Moon at 4). I also have four 9 degree placements (Minerva in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, Vulcano in Libra and Psyche in Aquarius). I am a very anxious Scorpio, always thinking of the worst ahead and plan accordingly. My way of dealing with unpredictability is careful planning and the attitude of dancing in the storm is so NOT natural to me, Jessica. Will my chart be triggered?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Scorpio is not an anxious sign so let that go. Scorpio is however fixed and does not like change. Your Sun and Moon are there so you live in your Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and property, and business and personal life. Bill Gates (Scorpio) did not just marry Melinda; they began a charity foundation. Your chart is not affected by the Full Moon or Sun-Uranus opposition as you have nothing at eight degrees. However, in general, you need to use this period (until January 2022) to try and balance the books, financially, but also karmically. Look at the features I have written on the North Node and South Node. You have quite a lot of action in both your Scorpio chart and your birth chart, in terms of the money, house, apartment, charity, possessions or company. If you owe, you must repay. If you are owed, you will collect. It takes just over a year or so.

  79. Hi Jessica

    I have Jupiter at 8 degrees in Leo. Being a big planet what kind of effect will that have near the end of the month.

    Thank you

    1. You were born to give back, to lovers, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young adults. Why? Because you are blessed in this area; you may be a very successful teacher, for example, or a fulfilled mother. There are many variations on the Jupiter in Leo/Fifth House theme. Sometimes you end up being a leading light or mentor/shining light for much younger people. The 31st October brings a T-Square for you. T stands for tension. It’s tight. The wider national and international economic situation will be a real squeeze, yet from this, you will find your natural protection, good timing, luck and so on, works out very well for you with much younger people.

  80. He Jessica could I ask a question about my Son please?
    He has had a troubling year but has managed to avoid redundancy with his job by adapting to the company’s needs and has managed to keep his football coaching ongoing so that he will be able to go to university next year . He has had to pivot and turn to keep all this in the air but I’m a little concerned about his factors at 8° Saturn in Aries, Psyche in Virgo and moon in Cancer. He was born in 1997 at 00.46.
    Will football be part of the future? It is his dream to coach.
    Thank you for all your time and effort answering these questions.

    1. Of course. If your son was born with Saturn at 8 Aries in 1997 then he was born in March. He has a very close (one degree) aspect between Saturn at 8 Aries and Uranus at 7 Aquarius. His entire life is about to change, as transiting Uranus at 7 Taurus, Chiron at 7 Aries, Jupiter at 7 Aquarius and Saturn at 7 Aquarius sweep through. Chiron and Uranus come first. Yes he will be a football coach. One team be his dream team in 2021. Long-term, we also find Pluto going to 7 Aquarius in the year 2028 which sextiles his Saturn and conjuncts his Uranus. If he is still coaching teams in 2028 that is an unforgettable year. He was born to coach.

  81. Thanks so much for everything you have shared. I am not familiar with Salacia (in Aquarius) and Fortuna (in Leo), but it looks like they will be highlighted by the 10/31 full moon, both squaring natal Uranus. I’ve had my eye on transiting Pluto sitting on my natal Venus (will complete its last pass soon) and am curious about what this full moon holds. There has been an ongoing personal situation, which is very painful, but at least on one level, the worst is behind me (in that I have stepped out of denial, thanks in large part to Pluto’s handiwork). Curious to know if this full moon will reveal more. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. You have a painful personal situation – I am sorry about that. This year is so difficult for so many people, because of the peculiar way the planets have lined up. Uranus at 7 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money is the issue. The Eighth House also rules family and property, so we associate it with houses, apartments, legacies, wills and insurance. It is very much about the bank, but also the bonk. As Uranus is just one degree away, natally, from the 8 degree pile-up on Halloween, you’d have to say that the national and global economic shock will have a ripple effect on you. So, for example, the value of your pension or superannuation shares may be in flux for a time, or you may find that an apartment or house you thought was beyond your reach becomes affordable, as people sell off and cut their losses. Yet, it is really the exact squares and oppositions you need to track, so you are in a good, flexible, open, spacious situation where you can meet change with change. Try not to over-commmit too tightly with money, property, charity, business, possessions in 2020, 2021. Why? Uranus at 7 Taurus and later on, Saturn at 7 Aquarius and Jupiter at 7 Aquarius too. The idea with Uranus in Taurus is to understand that the financial weather until 2026 is wildly unpredictable and there will be great build-ups of tension, restriction, confinement (typically, when countries have to send everyone home and put them on curfew) followed by sudden, exhilarating, liberating breaks in the weather when everything changes (release from the rules). Think of life as an economic concertina and you’re getting there. This does personally sweep you up in 2020, 2021 so you need to dance to that weird, wild new music. Try not to sing from an old score.

  82. I have Pluto in Scorpio @ 7’40 in my second House. It’s pretty well aspected to my 10th house Mars/Mercury Conjunction of Cancer in the 10th house. But I also have Neptune in Capricorn in the 4th @ 7’17. They just shut down my workplace because of a covid case. My north node is also in Aries @ 9’34. <—That doesn't seem that close though. I imagine I will have to deal with potential employment/self esteem issues? Any advice on how to weather this???

    1. I need to spin your chart because you are using a house system I don’t recognise. You have Pluto at 7 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance. You have Neptune in Capricorn at 7 in your Tenth House of career. Your workplace has been shut down because of Covid-19 so you have obviously had to sort out insurance payments or they will have needed to organise unemployment benefits for you or work cover. This is a classic outcome of an Eighth House-Tenth House issue. Your problem has been, and still is, Chiron at 7 Aries, transiting your First House of title, image, appearances. You also have Uranus going to 7 Taurus, right opposite your Pluto, from the second half of November and first half of December. He then goes back to 7 Taurus in February 2021, March 2021. Please get yourself into a flexible position where you can meet change with change, yet the upheaval will end when Uranus goes off 7 Taurus, so the second week of March next year. The challenges, long term, continue, as Saturn goes to 7 Aquarius in September 2021.

  83. Hello Jessica,

    2020 is just full of treats! I hope Melania turns out to be a force of good during this election, maybe she will be the person to unravel her husband in the end. I have the queen mother aspect, Uranus 8 Sagittarius, but also Cupido 8 Capricorn. Any advice on how to tackle this full moon?

    1. I am afraid it is darker than that for Melania Trump and I hope she has one good, loyal friend to help her during these transits. You only need one. She’s been betrayed by someone just recently, so you’d have to hope she has proper help at hand. Okay, so you will find that the economic shocks of Halloween have a distant effect on your plans to travel (Uranus at 8 Sagittarius in the Ninth House) and to pursue particular sorts of work relationships (Cupido 8 Capricorn). A classic example would be your ideas about a Christmas holiday in a neighbouring region are disrupted by the holiday cottage company going broke, which means the planned work get-together with someone you fancy (Cupido) is postponed. I’m being quite negative with this interpretation. The actual Taurus-Scorpio oppositions will pull out the unpredictable, erratic, unexpected side of your travel plans (Uranus) and yet the Sun, Moon and Uranus make trines and sextiles to your Cupido, so what comes to pass will actually help you with your passion for your career, or your passion for a staff member, employer or colleague – and your tremendous desire for a particular role or goal.

  84. “Piggies are finished (with thanks to The Beatles)” LMAO!-) [tries hopelessly not to ROFL]
    Saw this vid on twitter which [gracefully] sums it up for me right now … though I’m [still] peacefully waiting [in the storm, too] to finally dance in the rain; open armed with my face unequivocally held high – towards the heavens!
    Though, if I could further put it into words, then perhaps it might go a little something like this as well: we have all been prepared for every new moment in this school of life… so let’s shed their outdated ‘culture of fear’ and embrace every opportunity to grow! If we [finally] choose to stand tall, speak up and express (not suppress!) ourselves through a new ‘collective compassion’ culture, then we’ve surely got this!!
    This is oft hard to understand – but when lightening strikes and the heavens display vivid colours that we’re not yet familiar with – then just remember that just those with integrity have won the match before it begins!
    And, welp, if there’s any negativity in it at all, then here it is: those with little to zero integrity; it’s only just begun! so wax up, secure your ankle straps … because the swell might be disguising a washing machine 😉

    1. Lightning strikes, as you say, and there are vivid and unfamiliar colours. Uranus in Taurus is the revolution in the economy. It is rare that we see it alongside Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The correction in society. For all that to come together, straight after Americans almost complete the vote on 3rd November, tells us that Piggies is instant history. In fact, the pace of change will be breathtaking from Christmas into New Year.

  85. I am a taurus sun with a libra ascendant. I have natal Mars in 8 degrees in Leo in 10th house sextiled by Jupiter in Virgo in the 12th and trined by Venus in the 6th house in Aries. I have been trying to change jobs for the last few months and lately I have been having nice interviews but no concrete offers.

    On the 31st, my Mars will be squared by uranus, Sun and Moon and trining Chiron who also shares the 10th house in my natal chart but will be transiting my 6th house on the full moon.

    On the 30th I will be interviewing with a company I’ve been dreaming of working with since I interned there while at University.

    Any thoughts please?

    1. I don’t use this house system so I need to just use what I can see, which is your Taurus Sun. You have a job interview coming up on October 30th, and you dream of working with them. Give it your absolute best, because either with this company or another one, (from Christmas) you will have a stunning year of solid achievement in 2021. In other words, do the journey and process, not the rush to the end goal. You may very well end up working with your dream company, but even if you decide not to do that, or fate decides for you, there will be spectacular opportunities, vacancies and offers for you, from the moment Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius together, in your solar Tenth House of success, a few days before Christmas – lasting throughout most of next year. Any delays or complications you meet between now and November will be down to Mercury Retrograde in Libra in your solar Sixth House of work. For more on that please see Mercury Retrograde on Search.

  86. Thanks so much for this great article Jessica! I’ve just had a heads up that somewhere I freelance for has been withholding money I could be due. I have a shed load of things at 7 degrees and 20 degrees, it’s going to be a very interesting week chasing people up to see if I can get a payout or if they’re up for giving me more work, despite the current job situation!

    1. Go for it. You are going to see a lot of instability and uncertainty from accountants in the final week of October, and of course that makes people more open to change, as clearly the old system or budget is not working. By the time you get to the stunning Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of the second week of November, there will be reshuffles, mergers, departures, promotions and appointments in your profession. This means the books will be balanced differently and there will be a lot of plot twists for you with freelance work, but also money. The trick with this cycle is to keep talking – keep asking – keep showing you are open to different options. This conjunction falls in your Tenth House of career, very close to a sextile with Uranus at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, possessions, valuables, charity, houses, apartments. What happens, in general, with work or employment conditions towards the middle of November is going to enable you to be your own revolution. There is quite radical change in the air here with your finances. I have seen this cycle when women choose to go bankrupt, for example, and then go on to be far more successful financially. I have also seen it when the world turns upside-down because one company goes bust, only to see the employees go independent and do far better than they ever did on a salary. You will have your own path based on all that you have been doing since Christmas 2017.

  87. Jessica, thank you for your insights. After digging further into my four 8 degree Natal positions, I see that the addition of the fifth 8 degree transit of Uranus in Taurus on 10/31 creates a special Mystic Rectangle known as a Lucifer’s Rectangle (per Kepler). I’m a bit concerned considering the advice from yourself and other major astrologers as to the global events occurring on the Halloween weekend. I have 8 degrees Natal at: Chiron in Pisces 1st House; Sun in Aries 1st House; Pluto in Virgo 7th House; Minerva in Scorpio 8th House. What is the significance of Lucifer’s Rectangle at this particular moment in time? Thank you! ⭐️

    1. I’ve never heard of Lucifer’s Rectangle, nor would I ever use something called that, I have to say. And I need to spin your chart to use the Natural House System, my preferred prediction method as you seem to be using something else with Chiron in Pisces in the First House. Let me look at your chart. Pluto in Virgo, Chiron in Pisces, Sun in Aries, Minerva in Scorpio is really about work, lifestyle, health, fitness, profile, mental health (Virgo-Pisces-Aries) and money (Scorpio). As the Full Moon falls at 8 Taurus opposite your Minerva at 8 Scorpio, and Uranus at 8 Taurus is also opposite Minerva at 8 Scorpio, this is a challenge to change. The challenge is to your inner wisdom (Minerva) which we might call your ‘wise old owl’ when it comes to finance, property, charity or business. I am sure you have a very clever strategy worked out with your bank account, insurance, pension/superannuation, credit card, investments, shares, mortgage, rent and so on. Normally you just get on with it, but now we have global and national economic shock (Uranus in Taurus) making you look at what you have figured out, and with new eyes. Health insurance would be part of that, because of the Virgo Pluto. I would call this a lifestyle reshape for you, forced by unpredictable financial conditions with the government, big business and the larger picture. The Taurus-Scorpio oppositions are actually (if you split them up) rather useful semi-sextiles and quincunxes to your fearless, self-promoting, image-aware Aries Sun. I think we’re going into questions here about your shape, and the shape you are in. And this will reboot that, perhaps with diet or fitness alterations. You will also find that when you split up the oppositions, the Taurus factors trine your Pluto, so that is absolutely you taking control of your work, housework, unpaid work, exercise, food, drink, medication, healers, doctors and the rest. And the Scorpio factors sextile your Pluto; similar story. Really, the only thing to be mindful of is your Minerva. Yet, this wise old owl with the calculator has seen you through just about every high and low you can imagine, and she will do so again. I recommend you hit Search but also your guidebooks, free with membership, to find out more about the asteroid Minerva in your chart. You may have owl synchronicities near Halloween. Pay attention to them, they will help you.

  88. Hello Jessica,

    Really fascinating to read, and this coming week is sure to be a really interesting one; if a little anxiety ridden!

    I was checking my chart and see I have Pluto 08° Scorpio and Ops 08° Pisces – the 8 degrees in Scorpio would suggest the full moon will be a big impact? My husband and I recently came into some money from his family and are in the process of buying a new house with it, so it makes me a little anxious to see the 8 degree with Pluto and Scorpio – power, money, property etc. Would Pluto suggest this would shift the balance in our favour? I’m just starting to really get into analysing my chart and your site has been a fab way to start; hopefully I’m getting the jist of the celestial bodies and their impact.

    Thanks for any insight you can give 🙂

    1. Thank you. Okay, so you have Pluto at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House and you are buying a house with a family inheritance. You are also doing this with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Give yourself a ton of space and time to go over the paperwork, read the fine print and get a second opinion if you need to. You may also want to step back from everything and ask yourself if you have enough wiggle room. Enough room to move with your decisions. Uranus requires that we ‘meet change with change’ and in opposition to Pluto, you have some questions to answer about the balance of power between yourself and your husband, or perhaps a third party. Don’t be anxious please, astrology is here to help you negotiate with the future and awareness is all you need. You can now make informed decisions.

  89. Dear Jessica,
    I have my Asc/Desc at 8 Taurus/Scorpio, and Pluto at 8 Libra. What does the Halloween full moon mean for me? Any insight from you is greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is absolutely correct, then you project an image to the watching world which is related to your values, finances, house, valuables, charity, apartment, business and the rest. Richie Rich has a Taurus Ascendant. A Scorpio Descendant describes your former, current or potential partners who are entwined in the most passionate, obsessive, occasionally risky and intense relationships with you. Fifty Shades of Grey is pretty close to the mark – or A Date With a Vampire. Pluto at 8 Libra would be there no matter when you were born, and you are driven, heartfelt, highly sexually motivated and intensely emotional about your partners. What happens on that Full Moon will challenge you to change. If your birth time is right then this will be specifically about the money, the house or apartment as it stands with a certain someone. The best thing to do when Uranus is aspecting your chart is to understand that you need to be free, and anything or anybody that stands in the way of that freedom has to change in your world, or perhaps leave your side. The future will jump into the present very quickly on Halloween. That can feel so odd, as if time has become a concertina, but try to ground yourself, and ‘fix the unfixed’ about yourself which is good advice for someone with two fixed sign angles.

  90. Hi Jessica, I’m reading tonight’s NZ Herald story about body doubles being used To cover for Melania over the course of trump’s presidency. I watched the debate and did notice some tension between the pair as they were exiting stage. I would love to see all conspiracy theories disappear but this one has me intrigued in light of your predictions about Melania. What do you think?
    Meanwhile I have My sun 8 Taurus so think I’d better stay home on Halloween! Thunderstorms are predicted for Dunedin. Uranus!
    Thank you for your wonderful articles.

    1. Thank you so much, Kris. Melania Trump needs a good and loyal friend to support her from this point forward. Having been betrayed by one so-called friend and treated with such a lack of respect by her husband, you can only hope that a solid girlfriend will appear. Your Sun at 8 Taurus is being well and truly triggered by transiting Uranus, the planet of radical change. It’s so typical of astrology that you would also have lightning over Dunedin. You will be personally affected by what happens to the global economy, which of course has a domino effect on New Zealand too. Uranus is really about understanding that you are being liberated from someone or something that would have tied you down, long-term. It’s a game-changer because it puts you on a fork in the road – and although at the time it can feel as if you have to meet change with change, very suddenly, when you would rather not – ultimately you come to see that had you kept on going the way you were, you would have ended up missing out on aspects of life which are only possible for you when you are independent. When you are free.

  91. Hi Jessica,

    I have just read the article above and saw I that have Minerva 08° Cancer 34′ 01″, Hygeia 08° Pisces 05′ 50″ & Panacea 08°Sagittarius 21′ 21″ R. Could you please tell me how the full moon will affect me? I’m confused as to how this full moon will affect me. i don’t know how to read my chart.

    Also, do you also take into consideration the Planets and asteroids which are+\- 1 from 8?

    Thanks A

    1. Thank you. In solar chart work we only use exact aspects so it’s far more simple to work with Minerva at 8 Cancer, Hygiea at 8 Pisces and Panacea at 8 Sagittarius. The economic upheaval of Halloween actually benefits you, in terms of your house or apartment, your town or country. For example, you may find that a block of land you want becomes affordable. Your Minerva at 8 Cancer is very wise when it comes to rentals, real estate, property and so on. Hygiea in your Twelfth House is really about your religion, your astrology, your Tarot, your spirituality, self-help, counselling and so on. Your inner world. You are very protective there and quite cautious. That will also come into play. Panacea is how you approach travel, foreigners, those interstate, publishing or education. You are full of solutions and answers with all that, but you often have a moral or ethical conundrum to go with the big answer. This will also come into play on Halloween. It may be one story that pulls the whole thing together, or perhaps two/three separate stories which are running alongside each other. Minerva in Cancer is also rather wise about family matters. She has strategies for both her family or shared household.

  92. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for such an insightful post! im a Capricorn and have Neptune at 8 Sagittarius, Mars in Taurus 7 degrees and Venus in Aquarius 9 degrees, how is this full moon going to affect me? hopefully in a good way 🙂


    1. Thank you Reham. Your Neptune at 8 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, foreigners, emigration, publishing, academia and education is the key here. You escape from the real world by roaming far and wide, or by roaming on the worldwide web. It’s rather like a hot air balloon, or a scuba-diving surfing safari. That’s been a way of life (all your life) and you’ve found lots of experiences involving that above list, which have taken you away from the real world and into another one. The economic shockwaves of Halloween don’t directly affect you, although I do have my eye on your Mars at 7 Taurus later on (and into 2021). I’ll get onto that in a moment. In general you may want to look at your involvements, plans or connections in other regions or countries as they are likely to be affected by the events of 31st October. You also have Uranus conjunct your Mars in the Second House of values, valuables, money, houses, apartments, charity and business – for the first time in your life. It is really important that you get yourself into a flexible position so that you have plenty of wiggle room. You are going to have to meet change, with change, and not be stuck with arrangements which tie you down too much or keep you stuck. The idea is to surf the waves not realise that you are stuck in the sand, so if you can possibly free yourself up, that would suit this transit really well. Eventually Uranus will pass on, but this is a rare and life-changing transit, affecting your life budget. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. Look up Uranus on Search and Uranus in Taurus and the Second House to see what is going on.

  93. Hi Jessica,
    I really enjoy your insights!
    I have the following:
    Moon 8 Libra 2’ 12
    Fortuna 8 Libra 52’ 25

    Can you tell me what the full moon has in store for me?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You were born with ‘the need to be needed’ when it comes to former, current and potential partners. In romantic partnerships or work partnerships, you tend to mother the other person. You can attract lovers or professional other halves – who are quite needy or missed out on mothering. Fortuna exactly conjunct shows you randomly spinning the wheel of fate and fortune for others without realising what you are doing. So a relationship or partnership with you is quite a number. You send your former, current and potential soulmates up and down, up and down. What happens on Halloween triggers that. You won’t be directly affected by the economic shockwaves of the transit, but at a distance, you are likely to find you once again send someone in your life all the way up, or all the way down. Communication is the key, because you won’t see and won’t know so much of what is going on. Ask away…

  94. Hello Jessica,

    Here’s my birth chart I just figured…please help me figure whats in store for me? Also, We (me and husband) are navigating through our start up which we launched Nov2019, could you help me please see what we should plan for and what to look forward to? Thank you for all you do!!
    Much Love from USA, such an anxious time for us here!
    Sun: 22°54’44” Capricorn
    • Moon: 07°16’19” Aquarius
    • Ascendant: 03°07’25” Libra
    • MC: 03°15’03” Cancer

    1. Thank you. I am thinking of you in America. It can and does get better – just before Christmas Eve. Okay, so you have your Moon at 7 Aquarius, and you are a mother to your friends. You adopt them, cook for them, accommodate them, house them and look after them – when they need you. You need to be needed, by your friends. You also do this with groups. Good causes, clubs, teams, societies, business ventures, social circles that become work or charity missions- and so on. You have Uranus square your Moon in 2020, 2021 which challenges you to change the way you operate. Later on Jupiter and Saturn both go to 7 Aquarius in 2021, so next year is terribly important for the art of friendship and group co-operation. You will be rewarded wonderfully well for the hard work required in this, next year.

  95. Hello Jessica,
    İ write you from İstanbul. İ read your analysis Every month and every Sunday. İm leo rising sign and your analysis are very helpful for me. Thank you.
    İ want to ask you about my daugther. She has Mars (8 degree 51) and North node (6 degree 31) in aquarius. Uranüs is so slow. Uranüs Retrograde and forward… very long time- a few months. Could you explain me how the full moon affects her?
    Actually im worried about her. Please help me what should i pay attention to her?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Your daughter has Mars at 8 Aquarius? If she does, then Uranus at 8 Taurus is square her Mars. This is just a few months, but she needs to look at her friends and the groups she belongs to, and is affected by. She should try to avoid putting anything in writing, or in photographs or video clips, on the internet, if it is going to cause issues with friendships or social circles, clubs, teams and so on. Only because the internet is hard to erase. You should not worry about her; this is a temporary phase when she needs to hone her friendship skills and really look at the people she is associating with. Mars in Aquarius in the Eleventh House can describe ‘frenemies’ which is Nancy Mitford’s famous term for half-friend, half-enemy. There is often a history of feuds or breaks. Yet, Jupiter (hope, healing, help, happiness) goes to 8 Aquarius early in 2021 so she will soon do some repair work, and have it done for her. In fact, one particular friendship within a group in 2021 will change her life for the better. You can encourage her in that.

  96. Dear Jessica,

    At first I would like to thank you for your very insightful astrology posts.

    This weekend is the ‘renowned’ blue full moon, which gives me a lot to worry about, because the aspects seem to affect my chart in a violent (?) way. The full moon is conjunct Uranus at 8 in Taurus, which is square Pluto at 9 in Virgo (and conjunct Mars), ánd my natal Pluto is inconjunct Jupiter at 9 in Aries.
    Could you please tell this Taurus how to sail through this severe astrological weather or am I mistaken for being al little more nervous than I should be.

    Thanks in anticipation to your much appreciated reply.


    1. There is no violence in a Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition by itself. Sometimes, if Mars is pulled in, there is anger and that can occasionally lead to violence. You have Mars at 22 Leo which has nothing to do with this. The Full Moon is at 8 Taurus. The Sun is at 8 Scorpio. Uranus is at 8 Taurus. That is what you are dealing with here. You have absolutely nothing at 8 degrees and 9 is too wide. Eventually, Uranus will move to 9 Taurus and trine Pluto at 9 Virgo in April 1st to 18th 2021 which means the economic revolution in your country, has a domino effect on your work, unpaid work or study. Also your lifestyle; food, drink, fitness, doctors, healers. April is a very important month, when you could easily take on a new work project, begin part-time study at home, go on a diet or take up a new kind of exercise. You would be liberated (Uranus) and empowered (Pluto) if you used your willpower (Pluto) to pull it off.

  97. Hi Jessica, I love this analysis, thank you! What does it mean for my chart with Hygeia 08° Leo 09′ 51″ AND Vulcano 08° Scorpio 48′ 17″?

    1. Well, it’s over now, but a seed was planted for 2021, when Saturn and Jupiter also go to 8 Aquarius and oppose and square the same pattern that unfolded Saturday, Sunday. As America is so far behind New Zealand, and I have readers in both places (I don’t know where you live) I would give it until end of Sunday to see the full and final story. Be extremely careful about what you start. What you start may have bigger consequences than you see at the time. It’s no big deal to avoid or evade, to sidestep or skip past something or someone which rings alarm bells for you. And you’re halfway there. So don’t go there.

  98. Hi Jessica, once again you have me at the edge of my seat reading your posts! I have my north node in 8 Leo and my south at 8 Aquarius. Leo in 5th house rules kids or teens. I have a teen daughter and she is turning 18 on Nov 2. She will be going to College next year, so I guess I’m about to go through another big change in my life, and I feel very anxious about it. Can you tell me something about it? I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. Too funny. I guess you saw by now that Melania Trump allegedly used a body double for her appearance with her husband, PM Johnson announced a new month of restrictions in the UK and Wall Street sank. You are anxious about your teenage daughter, a Scorpio, and you have your North Node at 8 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood. I can see why the transits concern you, but let’s have a better look at mother and daughter now through 2021. Your chart is telling you to focus on yourself and the group you belong to (now) or will join by 2021. This group is truly Aquarian in nature. A brotherhood and sisterhood of equals. It is very special and blessed in your life. In fact you would be aware of it now, as Ceres is in Aquarius, and ever more so from December 20th, 2020. There is so much potential here. Don’t just get your feet wet, think about building a swimming pool.

  99. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you and all are journeying well on this, the Lightest Full Moon of our monumental 2020 year.
    If you find a moment to share, can you please give me some insight into the full moon. affecting my char at 8° Virgo sun and many close aspects.
    A day of huge change and uranus, moon, sun light, which I wish to embrace, yet feeling so anxious.
    Warm thanks

    1. Tara don’t be anxious. Astrology is about ducking and diving, and avoiding issues. I just had a reader whose Juno was at 8 Aquarius in her Eleventh House of friends. It would have been at the sharp point of a T-Square with the Full Moon and Sun-Uranus opposition. Right on cue, a former old friend, whom she had secretly disliked for years, got in touch. The friend was attacking her. She knew the transits and ignored the email, which was meant to goad her into a reply. Simple stuff. I’ve had other readers this week with similar placements like yours – Virgo Sun at 8 degrees. The issue for them has been alcohol and/or drugs which they were sorely tempted by on Halloween, but avoided. Similarly witchcraft, which is a problem anyway but more so on a Full Moon. Tara by now you will have followed the advice and sidestepped a drama.

  100. Hi Jessica,

    I have Vesta at 9 Taurus, MC at 9 Leo, IC at 9 Aquarius and Salacia at 8 Aquarius.
    After 20 years in this family set up/dynamic, we are finally on our last steps in allocating the finances and real estate (as in a will and living will), mainly because I spurred it and gave an ultimatum of sorts. One meeting today, more to follow…. with hopefully a final conclusion by US thanksgiving or so. The 3 other people involved are Taurus, Virgo and Libra.

    What do you see? Thank you so much!!!

    1. You are doing this on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio so it will take until 20th November to finalise every detail, with some changes and perhaps a reversal affecting the discussions or paperwork made since 28th September.

  101. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for this!! I have Chiron 8 degrees Gemini along with Juno 8 degrees Virgo.I also have Pancea 20 degrees Scorpio, I think you mentioned that 20 degrees was relevant too.
    I am having a very rough ride this year and it feels like nothing is solid. Do these factors give any insight to what can change for the more positive or what to watch out for?
    Thanks so much! I am a double Libra, Scorpio moon.
    Jenni x

  102. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for all that you do!!
    I have Chiron 8 degrees Gemini along with Juno 8 degrees Virgo.I also have Pancea 20 degrees Scorpio, I think you mentioned that 20 degrees was relevant too.
    I am having a very rough ride this year and it feels like nothing is solid. Do these factors give any insight to what can change for the more positive or what to watch out for?
    Thanks so much! I am a double Libra with a Scorpio moon.
    Jenni x

    1. You are now well and truly past this Full Moon and I hope sidestepped a potential problem person or situation. If you are having a tough time in 2020 you will be delighted to know the worst is almost over in November and just a few days before Christmas you have a genuinely new year to look forward to when one of your biggest problems will vanish. The situation with your family, house, apartment, household, town and/or country in 2018, 2019, most of 2020 has been utterly challenging but the downhill slope is here from Christmas so take your feet off the pedals and enjoy the difference.

  103. Hi Jessica
    I posted earlier in October but it’s still awaiting moderation. My sun is at 8 Sagittarius, North node 21 Scorpio, Venus 23 Libra, & Moon 18 Scorpio, Asc 17 Aquarius. It feels like there are some seismic shifts happening beneath my feet, which I’d like as my career has been unmoving for years after a severe knock back in 2008-2010. My love life has been more like the life of a nun, as a single mother since 2014 with very little action. And I’ve been stuck in the US since 2010 via my German ex’s job, though I’m British and grew up in Asia with no obvious tie to the US. I don’t want my 10 year old boy growing up as an American so would love to expose him to another culture. My divorce settlement is about to be finalized after years of amicable mediation, and in the last week of October I found that my ex has hired a new aggressive lawyer to represent him so it seems that might all become an unexpected fight. I don’t know…. Now I’m freaking out re the election because of Trump wins, staying in the US will feel unbearable to me and my liberal values. Yet, all these pings at the degrees and signs in my natal chart would suggest no more stagnation, right? I would love your thoughts. I’m praying that the recent new moon at 23 Libra will bring the possibility of love back into my life. But I’m also eying the eclipse that hits just before my birthday right on 8 Sagittarius again. What might all this mean for me? Thank you

    1. I am sorry it is taking me longer than usual to get to my desk to answer the comments this time. You are a single mum in America and don’t want your ten-year-old son to grow up there. Meanwhile your former husband has a new aggressive lawyer. You are worried about Donald winning. Okay, so some of this I can tell you now. The Democrats will run America in 2021. What you are seeing now is something I predicted three years ago: election chaos on Mercury Retrograde! The issue is really your child, of course, and the tension and pressure will disappear after the first week of January. Can you wait until then to make your final decisions? If your only reason for not staying in America is the President you might just love Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2021. I think you are trying to make choices on a lot of retrograde (or stuck, backward) cycles which is rather like swimming against the tide. If you can possibly allow things to be in flux for a while, but think about moving towards choices from 20th November, with a promise that the aggression will disappear along with Mars Retrograde in January 2021, life might feel a bit easier. Yes, you will love again. But for now, your child is front and centre.

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