Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Vesta in the Horoscope

Vesta is a symbol of gender imbalance in your horoscope. The asteroid Vesta is common in families where there may be one former husband, a mother and two daughters.

Vesta is a symbol of gender imbalance in your horoscope. One male and two or more females. The asteroid Vesta is common in families where there may be one former husband, a mother and two daughters. You also see it in harem situations where one man has many female fans.

Vesta comes to us from Rome where the Vestal Virgins left home to live together in an exclusively female environment. They were ruled by the Pontifex Maximus; always a man.

They were in an odd situation, having their own legal power in Rome. Yet, they were dominated by their male ruler who could order them to be sentenced to death, if they were found to have had sex. They had to remain virgins.


kevin delvecchio 7noZJ 4nhU8 unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Vesta in the HoroscopePhoto by Kevin Delvecchio


When Vesta is Painful

This might explain to you why this horoscope symbol can be so painful. It often describes situations where a woman must deal with a man’s ex-girlfriend or ex-wife and the competition for his approval can feel toxic.

Vesta does not have to be negative. With a sense of humour, two or more women can work around the man. If you think about that good old-fashioned British sitcom from the 1970’s, Man About the House, you’ll see why writers love Vesta in comedy.

If you have exact aspects with Vesta in your chart, you’ll find that these ‘one male/many female’ scenarios have an unusually powerful impact on your life.

Vesta in Art

The Vestal Virgin Tuccia by Giovanni Battista Moroni - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Vesta in the Horoscope
The Vestal Virgin Tuccia by Giovanni Battista Moroni

The Vestal Virgin Tuccia by Giovanni Battista Moroni shows the facial expression and body language we often see when ‘one of the many women’ is tired of constantly competing for a man’s approval. Or, perhaps, of feeling trapped by a man. Vesta can feel very difficult unless you find a way of working with her.

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a beautifully written account of what it feels like to be in a patriarchy, dominated by male power, and stuck in a family of sisters competing for their father’s attention.

Jane Austen wrote about other Vesta scenarios: Mr. Darcy and his bitchy female relatives and the competition for his hand in marriage, from other women.

Jane Austen had Vesta at 19 Aquarius in her Eleventh House of friends and groups, in aspect to Saturn at 19 Libra in her Seventh House of marriage and sexual relationships (she never married) and Mars at 19 Capricorn in her Tenth House of career. If you are studying astrology, ask yourself how she played that!

Vesta at Work

You may be one of several women working with a male boss, for example. The old phrase from Women’s Liberation ‘the sisterhood is powerful’ sums up Vesta very nicely.

By transit, Vesta shows exactly what you might imagine. A passing situation where women outnumber men. It can sometimes involve babies or children, so there may be a new baby boy in a family of women – grandmother, mother, sister. He rules the roost and they dance around him. This can be unhealthy for obvious reasons and can feel very difficult.

Men often play Vesta deliberately as it gets them attention, ego massage or other benefits. You sometimes see this with flatmates/roommates when a male encourages the females to compete for his attention or approval.

Example Charts – Vesta in Action

Men who are serial ‘players’ will classically refuse to let go of an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend because it gives them too much delicious power over the new one!

How does Vesta work out in your chart? She may be unimportant, if unaspected, but central to your story if she is locked into aspects with other asteroids, planets, points or angles.

By sign and house, Vesta will show you where the female overload is.

Women can obviously have Vesta patterns as much as men.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson (The Duchess of York) was born on 15th October 1959 at 9.03am in London. She has Vesta at 18 Libra in her Seventh House of marriage. She has a complicated relationship with Prince Andrew, Duke of York – and Vesta is semi-sextile her Ascendant at 18 Scorpio. The Ascendant is her image and Scorpio is ‘sex and money’.

When we look at the charts of her daughters, we find Eugenie, Princess of York born on 23rd March 1990 at 7.58pm in London, with Vesta at 27 Pisces in the Twelfth House of religion, dreams, astrology and therapy. It is exactly square Ceres at 27 Gemini in the Third House of writing, media and publishing.

Her sister Beatrice, Princess of York, was born on 8th August 1988 at 8.18pm in London. She has Vesta at 12 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, unpaid work and study (also health). Vesta at 12 Virgo is semi-sextile Apollo at 12 Leo, the royal sign, in the Fifth House of offspring and young people.

Prediction is about transits, and we would expect that when Saturn moves to 12 Aquarius in April 2021, Beatrice will meet challenges. Quite likely involving her father, Prince Andrew, who has been linked to the Epstein ‘harem’ but is also the male head of an all-female family.

Speaking of which…

Bill Clinton and Vesta

A good question to ask about Vesta-type men is really about female validation of their patterns. You can’t act out The Temple of the Vestales scenarios without complicit women. Women often have no idea they are doing it!

Bill Clinton, also linked to Jeffrey Epstein, but obviously the male head of a family with two women (his wife and daughter) has another Vesta scenario in his recorded history: the famous Monica Lewinsky affair.

Born on 19th August 1946 at 8.51pm in Hope, Arkansas, Clinton has Vesta at 6 Aries in the First House of image, reputation and branding. It is very close to his Ascendant (also image) at 5 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage and the Midheaven or MC (vocation) in the Fourth House of family. His Descendant, which describes his partner, is at 5 Aries also in the First House of image and the IC or Immum Coeli at 5 Capricorn is in the Tenth House of position, mission and ambition.

In all cases I am using the Natural House System.


pawel furman jo21H 4lYFU unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Vesta in the HoroscopePhoto by Paweł Furman

King Henry VIII and his Six Wives

The King was born on 28th June 1491 at 8.45am in Greenwich. He had Vesta at 11 Virgo in his Sixth House of work, unpaid work and health. It is very close to a semi-sextile with Vulcanus (self-control, power) at 12 Libra in his Seventh House of marriage and divorce.

The pain that women in particular feel with Vesta placements in their charts can be as deep as the pain no doubt felt by Anne Boleyn. Vesta pushes our buttons as this archetype has long been associated with quite brutal male power over a number of females.

If you are born into a Vesta family or marry into one, by only ever having daughters, then you can’t avoid it. Awareness is all in astrology.

If you do have Vesta issues try to avoid getting a crush on a man who quite obviously encourages female ‘friends’ to gather around him. He may never have sex with any of you and keep you dangling for years.

It is very important to understand that you can be complicit with Vesta men. You buy into it. Why? That is a really good question to ask yourself! Maybe you don’t want to get married or have a baby, deep down, so you obsess about a Vesta type who will never commit, because it means he can prolong the ego boost of having several women vying for his favours. Vesta men play favourites all the time.

At this point I should really look at the natal chart of Mr. Trump, for obvious reasons, with his female entourage. Yet, we have two conflicting birth dates for him, both given out by himself or his staff, and so this is DD rated. (Lois Rodden’s famous rating system gives him a Dirty Data classification. At least in my opinion).

Famous Men With Vesta Patterns

Jimi Hendrix spent his life surrounded by groupies. Vesta always turns up when there is a harem. He was born on 27th November 1942 at 10.15am in Seattle, Washington. His chart shows Vesta at 16 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups (literally, groupies) very close to a square with Mars at 17 Scorpio in his Eighth House of sex and money.

Woody Allen is infamous for having had an affair with his adopted daughter while still with his co-parent Mia Farrow. Born on 1st December 1935 at 10.55pm in Brooklyn, New York, he has Vesta at 12 Pisces in his Twelfth House of religion, astrology, dreams and…therapy.

Vesta at 12 Pisces can be unconscious, as the Twelfth House rules the unconscious mind. If you have it as a woman, for example, you can quite unwittingly have a lifetime pattern of falling in love with men who are committed to other women, or men who make you compete with other females. Woody Allen’s Vesta at 12 Pisces is very close to an exact aspect with Chiron at 13 Gemini in his Third House of writing (his film scripts are often about Vesta situations). He also has the North Node at 13 Capricorn in his Tenth House of success and the South Node at 13 Cancer in his Fourth House of family. Again, if you are studying astrology, you can take this apart and interpret it quite easily.

Kurt Cobain was born on 20th February 1967 at 7.20pm in Aberdeen, Washington. I interviewed Kurt when I was a music editor. He had a lovely sense of humour. He was born with Vesta at 24 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, but also family and legacies.

It is exactly trine Chiron at 24 Pisces in the Twelfth House of religion, astrology, dreams and therapy. Kurt was very unlikely to have known about his Vesta placement, but he did used to wear women’s dresses when he was with Nirvana. That’s really amusing because he was ‘being’ Vesta with the other two male members of the band.

Kurt obviously leaves behind Courtney Love and Frances.


alexis brown Xv7k95vOFA unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Lesson: Vesta in the HoroscopePhoto by Alexis Brown


Vesta in Summary

The whole point of astrology is awareness, so you can work with your chart, your life and other people. Rather than blindly ‘do’ Vesta by repeatedly falling in love with men who are surrounded by other women, try to avoid the pattern.

If you cannot stop the feelings and are in the relationship, at least see through what is going on. If your new boyfriend refuses to stop his ongoing telephone friendship with his old girlfriend, a really good way through that, is to become friends with her. Seek her out. Don’t be scared of her or hate her. Remember all women are in it together in situations like this.

The Vestal Virgins had to figure out a system to support each other and presumably stay sane. And also – stay safe. This ancient archetype from Rome has a lot to teach us. If you are interested in Vesta, have a look at the art and sculpture about her online. Often, these images will teach you more about the meaning of Vesta than anything else. The data sources for everyone in this feature have come from the excellent  and have ‘pass’ Rodden ratings. The calculations come from Solar Fire, which has a program of Roman asteroids and other heavenly bodies. You can purchase that at




Feature Image: Omar Lopez

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54 Responses

  1. My Vesta is;
    Vesta 07° Sagittarius 40′ 22″
    It looks like I have no problem with my Vesta aspect as I have no man in my life…
    Funny I mentioned…

    Any feedback is welcome…

    Thank You Jessica

    1. Vesta is not always about love or sex. In Sagittarius she wakes up when you travel; relocate; deal with foreign people and places; regional differences. She can surface if you teach or study, write or publish. At 7 Sagittarius you will find some karma when the South Nodes goes to 7 Sagittarius later on. By January 2022 you can put a Vesta episode behind you. I see this pattern frequently with women who work with the airlines.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Glad to hear there have been no new Covid cases in Australia, hope you are staying well.
    I would love some insight on how my chart is affected with Vesta placement @25° Leo and you mentioned in your post that where Bacchus is placed is important as well ( Capricorn for me) .

    1. Thank you JF. Yes, we eliminated COVID-19 in Tasmania over two months ago now. Vesta in Leo can turn up in your Fifth House when a baby boy is born into an all female family and they begin to compete for maternal rights! It can also turn up more obviously in situations where two lovers must allow a third party into the relationship – the female ex who is always on the phone. Child custody can bring Vesta into the space if a couple are separated and the man plays daughter and former wife against each other. I am sure you have your own stories to tell. It doesn’t have to be negative; with a sense of humour and some awareness it can work well. You’ll notice it more in the second half of 2021, JF.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    Really interesting to learn about Vesta – I knew about the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome (and how they could be “scapegoated” in times of bad fortune for the Roman Empire!), but all the rest is totally new and fascinating.
    I have Vesta at 12 degrees Sagittarius, with a couple of other factors at 12 degrees – Mars 12 Libra; Moon 12 Taurus. I have no idea what this means (does it make a Yod to the Moon?), so any insights would be wonderful.
    Thank you again for all the mind-expanding knowledge!
    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,


    1. Thank you, Angelina. Vesta in your Ninth House wakes up when you travel, relocate, deal with foreign places and people, or distant regions. Sometimes a course or book is involved. The angles to Mars in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners suggest classic Vesta competition around just one male, and the Moon in Taurus will bring in questions about your budget in relation to that. The pattern is not alive all the time; it wakes up occasionally.

  4. Hi Jessica, I have 1 degree Vesta in Taurus in combination with 1 degree Prosperina in Cancer and 1 degree Juno in Scorpio. How do these play off each other? If at all.

    1. Vesta in Taurus attracts situations with shopping, sales, the house, apartment, charity, valuables or business where one male plays the Pontifex Maximus and the females around, play a fairly complex game. I’ve seen it before with two women who worked in an antiques shop (not unlike Acorn Antiques actually) and one man played Mr. Clifford! You have to be a Victoria Wood fan to understand the analogy, but in general, your Vesta will surface around the material world.

  5. Hi Jessica

    Very interesting article. I have a very female dominated family. Could you explain how Vesta works in my chart, I’ve Vesta at Gemini 0deg. I note I have Jupiter at 0 deg also.

    Thanks, H

    1. Thank you. Vesta surfaces with the media, the internet, publishing, education, academia and commuting and short haul travel. The neighbourhood and local living. These are Gemini and Third House matters. It is very likely that you learned to speak from a female in the family (sisters often babysit each other) and so your abilities online, with English or other languages and the rest may have a lot to say about competition with her. Of course your mum may have taught you.

  6. Hi Jesscia,
    I have Vesta at 26 Aquarius in a square with Ops at 26 Scorpio and Fortuna nearby at 27 Aries. I just realised after reading that I do indeed mostly encounter man with complicated relationships with their exes and never seem to cut them off. I also never wanted children. Does that match with how my placements play out and how does Fortuna play a role in here?

    1. Yes, your chart is exactly right. You fall in love with men whose former wives or girlfriends will not go away. Doing that helps you never fully commit and thus you have probably kept yourself out of a few potential accidental pregnancy or step-mothering situations! Fortuna in Aries is your image, photograph, YouTube clip, appearance. If you date online that would make sense. If you want to change the pattern then just be aware of what you are doing and you can sidestep it.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    I have Vesta in 28 Aquarius, Salacia (r) in 28 Aquarius, Proserpina (r) in 28 Aries, Ceres (r) in 29 Aries and Jupiter in 26 Libra. I was wondering what this means for me?

    1. Female friendships in groups, clubs, teams or even online (on Twitter) can be dominated by a man who uses the situation to do one of several things; play you off against each other for ego benefits; use the conga line of female friends to avoid having to ever actually have sex with any of you; build up his profile with other men. We tend to get this pattern when Vesta is in the Eleventh House. Jupiter is too wide to be important, but the Aries-Aquarius combination is very much about your appearance. How you look and project, how well you photograph or shape up on YouTube, is part of of the story. At the end of the day, sisterhood is powerful.

  8. Hello, Jessica.

    I have my Vesta at 5degree in Scorpio with;
    Nearly trine Bacchus at 4 degree in Cancer
    Nearly sextile Apollo at 4 degree in Virgo

    I haven’t really had any experience like “competing” except family although not difficult . My family is dominated by women and one of my sister seems to compete with me to get attention from my brother since little. But I’ve never seen her as competitor and I always feel she is wasting her energy.
    I hope my chart is not anything serious but if you see something, could you tell me what is it and how I can avoid difficulty in future?

    Thank you.

    Ps I like to have your prediction regarding Usa after this The election. How people prefer peace can prepare?

    1. You just articulated what it means to have Vesta in your Eighth House of family money and property, in aspect to Bacchus in your Fourth House of relatives. Your sister competes with you for your brother’s attention and you think she is wasting her energy. Good call. My only question would be about the will made by one or both parents; perhaps your brother; maybe your own will. Eventually in the years ahead that pattern in your chart is triggered so a little thought and care well ahead of time may help you minimise any issues.

  9. Morning Jessica. In looking at your article on Vesta, I can relate it entirely to my work situation, (but not to my home situation, where I lifelong have been the only female amongst male dominated family situations). But certainly at work it has become a major issue yet again, where all would be good with reporting to a male boss but a female 2IC is currently giving cause to a rethink my career future. I have had this dynamic (at work) in the past though where the vestals were very supportive, so to speak, and it was a lovely work environment – but I am back to vestals with competition unfortunately. I do wonder if because the work environments have been earth based (farming, landscaping, growing, agriculture – very taurus) that that ties in to my chart. Maybe i need to do a Diana right now and go it alone! Thanking you for your amazing political astrological interpretations also!

    1. Vesta at 15 Cancer in your Fourth House is an odd one, as when men dominate, it is often mother and daughter who find themselves having to deal with the politics. Perhaps your mother was not around? Your work situation is really a classic case of Pluto and Saturn (hard work, long stretches, people politics) in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, where you already have a stellium in Capricorn anyway. There will be a sweeping change next week in the actual workplace or within the industry which will see demotions, departures, promotions, mergers or just a psychological reshuffle of power. Claim your part of that when it happens, but the heaviest burden of all is over around December 18th.

  10. Hi Jessica , hope your having a great weekend and are well and safe ! Can a woman do Vesta ? Eg One woman with a lot of men following ect Thanks for the article on Vesta .I have Vesta ……… at 00 Gemini but doesn’t seem to fit my experience or maybe I just don’t have a firm grasp on the meaning .Thanks again for a great read !

    1. Thank you. I am very lucky to be in Tasmania which has eliminated COVID-19. Vesta in Gemini in the Third House will turn up online, with publishing, education, the media, academia and sometimes domestic flight, or commuting. So you see it with women who go into online projects with mostly females and a male webmaster. You can see it on airlines like Virgin which have mostly all-female flight attendants but a male pilot.

  11. Hi Jessica
    Having my Vesta at 11 Pisces along with so many other signs at 11, I’m wondering how exactly this pieces altogether in my life. I’m hurting emotionally in a dead relationship but thankfully I’m not pining after another married man or someone else who typifies a Vesta situation. Nor is my partner cheating. I’m curious to understand how this impacts me with so many 11 degrees to consider!! Thank you x

    1. Do you have daughters, or his mother an issue? His sisters or your sisters? There is often competition between females for a male’s approval and it does not always have to involve love and sex. Sometimes it can be a female friend of his – platonic. Very commonly it is about the family. You know what to do.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    This is very insightful! Thank you! I have Vesta at 18 Capricorn (+ 7 other Capricorn placements), IC at 18 Taurus and MC at 18 Scorpio. Is this a significant pattern? How should I think about it in my life?

    1. Thank you. This is obviously about your career, unpaid work or college/university life. Capricorn rules your Tenth House of slow but steady achievement, tremendous ambition, social mountaineering, and all that moves you on up. It’s very much about the establishment, the solid structure that has been there forever, and the system. You are now almost at the end of the toughest cycle of your life, as Saturn (slow, stuck, waiting games) leaves Capricorn on 18th December, and just this week, we see the marvellous solutions of Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto, also in Capricorn. Vesta will have been part of this. It’s a lifetime tendency to attract situations with one male, two or more females (including you) and it can pan out in female-dominant professions, like ballet, but with a male authority. Vesta and her angles to your finance zones (if your birth time is strictly accurate) suggests that questions about your salary, bonus, material rewards (many jobs come with perks) always lead back to the other women, or girls. The solution is always the sisterhood.

  13. Hi Jessica…really enjoyed reading this and researching more about Vesta. I have Vesta in 15 Virgo, alongside Saturn, Venus, Sun all at 15. Do you have any wise words on what this may mean with these placements? Thanks so much for all you do 🙂 x

    1. Vesta in Virgo in the Sixth House of work inclines you to jobs where you have one male superior, or perhaps one male heart-throb, in a sea of women. This also applies to study and to unpaid work too. So you can go into a voluntary position in a charity shop, for example, and find the male boss has four women staff and you are one. Just being aware of Vesta can help you sidestep the obvious pitfalls. She’s not there all the time but when transits come along and wake her up you will have that whiff of gender politics to deal with! Awareness is all. And a sense of humour. Virgo also rules health, hospitals, healing, yoga, and so on. Perhaps you have wandered into situations with many nurses and one doctor, or a meditation class with a male teacher and 25 women!

  14. Hi Jessica, wonderful article as always. I dont get really vesta in my life but i wonder if i am not blinded by something.
    I have vesta at 21 aquarius, conjunct ceres at 20 in aquarius also, Venus (20°) and Neptune (19°) in sagittarius, Pluto in libra at 19° and Uranus at 20° scorpio. I know something is being played but its like i cannot see it or dont want to see it.
    Many thanks for your help. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. Vesta in Aquarius in the Eleventh House usually surfaces in childhood. She is very close to Ceres so I am amazed you have not spotted the female/male politics, even when you were in the Brownies, the Girl Guides, the local netball team and so on! It’s a lifetime pattern of gender imbalance in social circles, clubs, teams, societies, associations and so on. We can sometimes be blind to Vesta and not realise how we participate.

  15. I have Vesta 7 degrees Leo conjunct my Descendant (I know my birth time) and square my Sun, Neptune and Jupiter stellium, which runs from 4 to10 degrees Scorpio. I am a single woman with mostly women friends. I would equate a prominent Vesta with a kind of sublimated sexuality, where that energy is channelled into work or service or some other cause.

    1. You have found a way to use Vesta constructively with other women. It was quite true that in Ancient Rome, the Vestales often united and joined forces together to make the system work. It can go both ways. You find Vesta with women who don’t need a man, as well as Vesta with women who have huge gender politics with men!

  16. Dear Jessica,
    Love your instruction and predictions!
    Would you mind taking a look at my chart and explain what my Vespa placement means?
    Many thanks,

    1. Lou, I am interested in the mis-type, as Vespa is obviously an Italian scooter! Maybe there is a message behind that. You do in fact have Vesta in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Maybe there is a Roman story in your life somewhere; the Temple of the Vestales was literally in the Roman Forum. Beyond that, just watch out for gender politics when you travel or have anything to do with other cultures and nationalities.

  17. Hey Jessica I’m loving these Astrology lessons, thank you kindly. I finally found a birth chart with all the Asteroids which helps so much in the understanding of path. With already gone through a heart wrenching divorce(which lead to debt: mortgages, owing money) from a man who is well known & enjoy the attention from women I think I can accept my Vesta in Scorpio.
    I also have virgin like attitude when it comes to sex & sexuality, hoping this will change for the better. Gratitude & Blessings to you Jessica

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like the lessons. I am sorry you are coming out of a divorce. You probably have factors in Cancer in the Fourth House of your chart (house, apartment, household) and so have been really pressured by the Capricorn weather of the last 2-3 years. The worst is over this week and from Christmas Eve the burden lifts.

  18. Hey Jessica
    Very interesting read on Vesta.
    I have Vesta 13 Virgo, Venus at 13Libra and Ceres 13 Capricorn. I work with 6 women and have a males boss who is a Virgo. Seems very appropriate in my work place. What do you think?
    Thanks for your time

  19. Hello Jessica,

    I’ve got Vesta in Leo trine Chiron and sextile Uranus Libra quincunx Moon Pisces. All at 4*.
    Very curious about these aspects

  20. Dear Jessica,
    I respectfully but strongly disagree with this advice relating to Vesta: “….If your new boyfriend refuses to stop his ongoing telephone friendship with his old girlfriend, a really good way through that, is to become friends with her. Seek her out.” For me, this course of action backfired; tremendously worsening the situation. The type of ‘zero ethics’ woman (one who goes after a man in a committed relationship – live in boyfriend or husband) will NOT be friends with you / join forces with you in sisterhood, in order to oust him. If she’s gunning to replace you – for financial, lifestyle, or status upgrades – things she is obviously is too talentless or just too plain lazy to create for herself, it is a fatal error seeking her out. Just my two cents, coming from extremely painful experience.

    1. I am sorry you had a rotten experience with a man’s old girlfriend or wife. You tried to be friends and it backfired. That is good to know. She had zero ethics and wanted to replace you. I am sharing this with other readers who may agree with you! Vesta can be toxic and perhaps not every female in the temple of Vesta is who we want on our team.

  21. Hello Jessica,

    I have Vesta at 4* Leo sextile Uranus Libra 4*.
    Vesta Leo is trine Chiron 4* Aries + Uranus Libra is quincunx Moon Pisces 4*.
    Your explanation and guidance on these aspects are welcome. ⚘

    1. Vesta in Leo in your Fifth House of sexual relationships, pregnancies and babies, infants and children, teenagers and young adults – suggests gender politics. It ties into a pattern of sudden upheavals with former, current or potential partners that come out of the blue and change everything, usually leading to a revolution. This is a lifelong pattern to date. Chiron in Aries is about how you present yourself in online dating (for example) and how you sell yourself sexually or romantically by the way you dress, the way you package your photographs and so on. The Moon in Pisces at 4 degrees is tied into this massive pattern in your chart, revealing a strong ‘need to be needed’ via religion, astrology, therapy, Tarot, mediumship, healing and other invisible pursuits. Awareness is all, so do some homework on Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House and Vesta in Leo in the Fifth House (the key factors) to identify your patterns and reshape them.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I would love your help with how to deal with my Vesta in Gemini as it closely aspects my Bacchus (in Capricorn), Moon (in Cancer) and Ceres (in Scorpio). I have 3 sons and 1 daughter but I don’t feel there are any major issues at home.
    Relationships are always tricky for me as I usually find myself getting involved with the unavailable/don’t want to actually commit types. Also, I prefer the company of men rather than women as woman say they find me too threatening/intimidating? Any advice for me with decoding my Vesta?
    Warm regards

    1. That’s a good Vesta question Jen, thank you. You prefer men to women, because women rather rudely say they find you threatening. Bacchus in Capricorn in the Tenth House and the Moon in Cancer in the Fourth House, along with Ceres in Scorpio, in your Eighth House, are just one degree away from your Vesta – as you say. Every time you ‘do’ career, family, household, finance – Vesta comes along for the ride in your emails, your telephone calls, conversations, letters or text messages. This is easily fixed by awareness. If any part of you at all rises to the challenge of competing with other females, or even beating them, just knock it down. You know sisterhood is a far more sensible option!

  23. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you very much for this very interesting article.
    I have Vesta at 19 Virgo, Apollo at 19 Cancer and Ops at 19 Gemini.
    My birthday is at 19th of August, Leo but 5 planets in Virgo. About 15 years ago a fell for a Leo man, owner of a gym, very sporty, always surrounded by women. He was not able to decide completely for me and I quit but it took me years to get over it.
    Last year I feel for my yoga teacher, very sporty, surrounded by women, nothing happened except passionate shared glances. At last I stepped out of the situation.
    Since August I am in love with a Leo man, Cancer ascendent, not sporty, very kind with me. We met about 36 years ago, dated about one year and lost track. I went back my steps and nowadays we are able to talk! My Cyrus man.
    My dad was a Gemini, very sporty, I loved him very much and so did he.
    I recognized the trigger sportiness and surrounded by women but I can’t see how it works all together. Do you have some inside for me?
    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

    1. Thank you. I love this feedback Christiane because it so perfectly describes Vesta. You just analysed your own chart perfectly. You know the pattern now and will never repeat it. You can now move on to relationships which don’t come with gender politics.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Congrats on the US election prediction – what a relief!

    If you are still taking comments on this post, can you please help me decode what Vesta 29° Aries means? Battle of the sexes? I’ve become even more feminist during the Trump era, so would not be surprised. And my father raised me to not be intimidated by men.

    And a suggestion if I may for the helpful weekly astrology lessons – if there is set rule as to when and when not orbs apply, I think that might be useful to know. Thanks again!


    1. Thank you. Vesta in Aries in the First House is about your image, presentation, packaging, profile, reputation, title and name. What you project about yourself has a great deal to do with other women. You either join forces with them or compete with them. If you are a feminist this makes sense. We would expect to see Vesta in Aries in the First House for any Suffragette around 1910-1920, as she united with her sisters to wear the white, purple and green of the movement. I like your suggestion about orbs for the weekly astrology lesson and will file a separate piece on orbs. Thank you.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I have Vesta at 19° Taurus 47′ 37″
    As far as female balance in my family, I come from many strong single females, but my own family is half male and half female.
    Vesta is in my Ninth house if I’m correct? I’m not sure how that relates to me, but I’m hoping for a breakthrough in publishing, and a new career in writing. Is this where the Vestal females could play out in my chart?
    And as for your Trump predictions, I’ve said it before, but I’m so blown away by your accuracy— I’ve always been fascinated by astrology —now more than ever!


    1. Thank you Chrissie. Vesta is in Taurus in your Second House of money, houses, possessions, sales, business, charity, apartments and related matters, like insurance and legacies. It sounds as if Vesta in your chart is about your strong, single female family and perhaps the impact of your father, grandfather, an uncle and so on. It would be absolutely about the economics, so the bottom line is probably a legacy made by him/her/them or you. You are in a cycle of experimentation with writing until 2027 so have about seven years to explore what you can get away with. I suspect the medium may be more than books – for example, radio or podcasting. Perhaps theatre or even a technology we have not seen invented yet.

  26. Hi Jessica, thank you for another great blog. Could you help Interpret Vesta in my chart for me? Because I have a lot Vesta in Scorpio, descendant 29 and Taurus pattern occurring all around 29. I have four daughters two sons and a taurean husband, who has a very dominant mother figure. What themes or bullets do I need to dodge? I love women and feminine energy so was hoping Vesta in my chart would point to my work but I’m not quite sure what the chart is saying. Thank you

    1. Thank you. Vesta is best handled by looking at the art. So find Vesta on Google Images and look at the paintings. They will speak to you about your own situation with your four daughters and a dominating mother. You sound like you are handling Vesta right. The trick is to have a sense of humour. Jane Austen knew that when she wrote Pride and Prejudice. Read that again, or watch the DVD again. Keep seeing the funny side and remember: sisterhood is powerful.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for a great meetup, I forgot to ask a question, I have Cupid in 19 Sagittarius, could you please give me a bit of clarity as to how this is going to affect me.


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