Breaking Down the Borders

For those of you who came along to my talk on prediction at the 2020 Breaking Down the Borders conference, here are some notes and links to take home with you. Thanks to all of you who were there, with such excellent questions.

The Future of America and Mental Health

During my talk about Donald Trump, Melania Trump and the future of America, I mentioned why mental health would become a new national concern.

I can see it in the horoscope for the United States. This (below) is the American chart I used to predict Joe Biden would be President (below) and also, Donald Trump’s impeachment by Nancy Pelosi. Take a close look and you can see the mutable sign ‘weather’ which picks up Virgo (depression, anxiety) but also Pisces (pharmaceuticals).

Not the 4th July 1776 Chart

I call this the ‘Alternative America’ chart because it’s not the usual July 4th 1776 chart, but it works a lot better. And just to repeat, I never use the supplied data for Donald Trump as it has changed twice. For me, this is ‘dirty data’ as Lois Rodden called it. We have to remember this is a self-confessed fraud who gave it to us. (He settled out of court for fraud in 2016).

I made this prediction in The Daily Mail on 19th October, 2020 without using the supplied Trump data at all, as I stopped using it in 2016 when I realised there was no point in relying on the horoscope. As we know now, Joe Biden did in fact go on to become President, despite the ‘shambles’ I saw with Mercury Retrograde, which will end on 20th November, 2020.

19 Oct Daily Mail TRUE Court Case Delays 600x375 - Breaking Down the Borders

19 Oct Daily Mail US Election Nov 20 600x375 - Breaking Down the Borders

Ronald Reagan and American Mental Health

Here in the American chart on this page,  you can see Panacea (illegal drugs like cocaine as well as legal anti-depressants and tranquilisers) in Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules public health. Neptune is at 24 Virgo and Panacea is at 19 Virgo. My concern is the trine from Neptune at 24 Virgo to Fortuna at 24 Capricorn in the Tenth House, which rules the President of the United States and the First Lady. That is exact.

Of course, it’s always been there. Perhaps this is where the story of Ronald and Nancy Reagan comes from – she hiding his memory loss. There may well be more White House secrets about drugs or alcohol and mental health, at the top.

An audience member at my talk, at Breaking Down the Borders, suggested part of the new, intense concern with mental health would also be triggered by Trump voters who had lost. This is a wise comment. We know the virus is a risk in 2020 and 2021, but how do you ‘mask up’ against  a mental health crisis?

Michelle Obama and Depression

What we have here is the chart of a country about to admit there is an elephant in the room. Mental health (which includes the Alzheimer’s disease suffered by former president Ronald Reagan) and also embracing the frank admission of ‘mild depression’ by former First Lady Michelle Obama. Michelle shared her diagnosis with the world in 2020.

Let’s time the crisis in American mental health at the top, with a view to increasing awareness of the issues, to minimise the potential problems.

The transit of Pluto at 24 Capricorn between Sunday 27th December 2020 and Monday 25th January 2021 will trigger Fortuna at 24 Capricorn and Neptune at 24 Virgo.

Between 27th December 2020 and 25th January 2021, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will be at the heart of deep, new, serious questions about the state of the nation’s mental health, no matter if the issue is depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or memory loss. We have all been so concerned about the virus, haven’t we, but the mutable weather (Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius transits, triggered Virgo in the American chart) tells us, this is about the mind.


AMERICA 600x563 - Breaking Down the Borders
The USA astrology chart.


Other Notes From the Talk

I mentioned John Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary of Mythology was free online. It’s the best go-to source if you are searching for the meaning of planets and asteroids in the chart. You can download it here, as copyright expired and Harvard among others have kindly donated their copy.

The United Kingdom and USA – and ‘The New Local’

We were also talking about how the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would split up into the old four nations, in order to aim for elimination of COVID-19. This is ‘the new local’ thinking about life. The North Node in Gemini in 2020, 2021 and Uranus in Gemini, from 2026, will end globalisation and start a new way of thinking. Call it neighbourhood, suburb, village, town or community, but it’s coming.

Copying Australia and New Zealand

Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan will become models for new COVID-19 management systems as each country adapts their template to suit local conditions. Within the United States of America, I believe Hawaii will lobby the new White House for rights to shut her borders and go for elimination, with a view to opening up a bridge and bubble with New Zealand. We may well see New York and California following suit.

I feel very lucky to be in Tasmania, Australia, where we eliminated the virus (zero new cases for over 28 days) well over two months ago now. It was great speaking to you all over the world, from there, at Breaking Down the Borders and I hope you enjoyed it. I can answer any more questions you have @jessicacadams.

Resources and Contacts

Astrology can really help, but only so far. If you, or anyone you know, needs to call a helpline, to talk to someone who can listen, in confidence – please do call The Samaritans in your country.

The USA contact for The Samaritans is here.


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34 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for that. It was really great. I did ask a question but was strangely was a bit nervous so cannot even remember the answer, lol. I will have to wait for the recording. Can you have a look at my chart and let me know of anything I should know. I do have a lot going on and have a bunch of questions about so so many things but sometimes feel I cant ask what I need to clearly. Maybe you will see what I need to pay attention to, lol.

    1. Thank you. I am not sure why you were nervous! Please do collect the recording and check the Tarot card (if there was a Tarot card involved) and put it on your desktop. The most important news in your life is the end of about two-three years of struggle, strain, patience, stoic effort and sturdy stamina – involving your former, current or potential partner. This duet or double act may have ended, still be with you, or always ‘potential’ but you have been dealing with the heaviest weather in years. It vastly improves this week and is mostly gone by Christmas Eve. You will have a financial, property, charity or business solution by Christmas Day so please pursue that.

  2. Thank you for this! Even with knowing ahead of time that relief from the narcissist-in-chief and his party’s madness was coming, it was hard to trust in the predictions and hang in there … and even more difficult to prepare ahead of time. Who can prepare for gaslighting like what we’ve experienced in the last four years in the US? With Trump’s mental health tied to the US’s state of mental health, I wonder if there’s a connection to your prediction for this week on 12th Nov. I’d like to know what to prepare for in the several months of psychologically damaging propaganda from Trump and his cabal! I have Pluto in Virgo at 22 degrees – wondering what to expect and how to help. PS, my home state of Oregon just decriminalized all drugs this election with a public health initiative designed to treat addiction as a mental health, not criminal issue – yay Panacea and Virgo!

    1. Thank you. Waving to Oregon from Tasmania, Australia. I know what you mean about trusting the process. Even as an astrologer of over 30 years’ experience, I was rattled by walking into The Crescent Hotel pub in Hobart at 6.00pm on Wednesday night and seeing Trump and Pence claim victory on the television! There are so many issues we all need to sort out, pretty quickly, as rapid change comes. It’s all good news but the sheer pace can be mind-blowing. Meditation is an excellent mental health safeguard. Like brushing your teeth, for your mind. Your Pluto at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, daily routine, lifestyle, wellbeing, mental and physical health is perfectly trined by transiting Pluto and Jupiter at 22 Capricorn. This is historic, dramatic and will empower you to accept necessary changes which bring about a completely new world of work, service, duty and also self-care. By Sunday the process is complete. You naturally want to control what goes on here. You can be so passionate you are obsessive. Jupiter’s trine suggests a really useful, necessary, period of improvement so there is a lot more balance to your lifestyle once Sunday has passed. I very much expect it is the domino effect of reshuffles, mergers, departures, promotions and appointments at the top of big business and politics which will have a knock-on impact on your own world.

  3. Thanks for another brilliant article! I know the Pluto Jupiter conjunction is at 22 degrees Capricorn this week, I have Bacchus at 22 degrees in Aquarius and I wondered how that might affect me (only if you have time!). Thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you so much. Okay, so you have a semi-sextile from Jupiter and Pluto at 22 Capricorn, in your tenth house of career, unpaid work and academia – to your natal Bacchus at 22 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. Passing trends which indirectly affect your social life, social circle, clubs, teams, friendships, societies and so on – come from the top. So, what you see this week playing out with the men at the top of big business, politics, royalty and other power centres – has a domino effect on you. Bacchus is about pure pleasure, hedonism and deep self-indulgence. I predict a Bacchanalia for you and your friends, or others in the group. An obvious example might be the departure of President Trump (a Capricorn event as he is a man at the top) and the celebrations which unfold, if you happen to be a Democrat. There are other examples but obviously you know your own life best.

  4. Thank you for an excellent talk last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Two questions: Melania seems like someone who is drowning not waving. Will she be able to extricate herself from Trump if she chooses too. What has she been hiding from over these last months, or have they put her into hiding?
    Secondly Pfizer have just announced a vaccine with 90% efficacy. Some medics are saying it hasnt been properly tested yet. Will this be the Decembet turning point when Saturn and Jupiter go into Aquarius?
    Not a day goes by without some ground breaking news eh?

    Thank you again

    1. Thank you Ginny. I agree with you. Melania is ‘out at sea’ and ‘not waving but drowning’. I am very worried about her, based on her chart, and wonder why she used a decoy when she recently had those aspects to her Chiron in Aries in the First House. As for the vaccine – I am afraid this is not the solution for the virus. It has arrived on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, reminding us of all the failed vaccines for HIV-AIDS which of course arrived on Pluto in Scorpio. This is a sexually transmitted virus which *nobody* is really talking about. This goes beyond masks and social distancing. I am standing by what I told Conscious Cafe some months ago. There is no cure and there is no vaccine. But the sharemarket soared, as this news came through – even though the results were not peer reviewed.

  5. Hi Jessica, your previous article that you wrote on elections prediction a chaos during Mercury retrograde that pretty much described everything to a T really helped me to survive anxiety of last week. The day of the election when Donald Trump appeared to be winning all I was thinking was your article when you said that it was a retrograde and things will change and Biden will win. I’ll be honest, a few times I thought that you were wrong and even swore to never believe astrology in my life ever again … but to my relief, the good beat the evil and Biden won. Thank you for writing that article, and for this one, it was my guiding light in times of utter despair.

    1. Thank you so much! This is one of those comments I will take a screen shot of and keep, to remind me what 2020 was like – you are very kind. I walked into a pub in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia at 6.00pm on Wednesday night to meet friends for a Zoom chat. Instead I saw Donald and Mike declaring victory and my jaw dropped. How could the astrology be wrong? But it wasn’t. In fact, it was completely right. This was always going to be a Mercury Retrograde election and this was just like Truman in 1948 all over again. Anyway – we now have the fantastic solutions of Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto, all week long. And then the New Age of Aquarius for Christmas. It’s real and it’s happening. It’s here!

  6. I also have Mars at 22 degrees , so somehow I’ll be affected. All I wanted is for the Clown and Hitler in chief to be out!!!

  7. Hi Jessica, As I write this Mr. Trump has just fired his Secretary of Defense. This move by the President makes one wonder if he will conspire with the replacement Secretary of Defense to resist departing the White House on January 20th, 2021 by engaging US armed forces against civilians (think photo-op at Lafayette Park). One can only imagine military tanks and troops being stationed behind the layers of fences already erected around the White House to keep Mr. Biden out. Jess, do you see a “peaceful transition of power” in January? or is there going to be some kind of bizarre standoff between the outgoing and inbound President with the military sandwiched between them? It is the Senate’s responsibility to curb such an abuse of power, but the Republican majority has already given Trump a “pass” during the impeachment earlier this year. Just curious to know what you see. Thx

    1. A foreign enemy is behind the chaos, and is manipulating the situation to increase the risk of lone gunman violence in America. Trump is over. He was over in October, which I predicted in February – when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. This illness has been proven to have lasting effects on mental health. The fact that the situation is being exploited with him, by an evil foreign power, is something that stands out to me in the horoscope. Thank God for Joe Biden and his good soul and merry heart. And his strength.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Many thanks for this post – I had to miss the event due to a scheduling conflict, but am looking forward to the recording and your events later this month. I’m getting excited about 2021. If you have time, please – will orbs factor into the Pluto Jupiter conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn? If so, I have Apollo 23° Cancer – how could I be impacted? Same question re Mars retrograde at 15 Aries – do orbs come into play? I have Minerva 14° Sagittarius and Psyche 16° Gemini.

    As always, thank you!

    1. Thank you. The orb at 22 is too wide for an opposition to Apollo at 23 Cancer, which is the main issue, but you were born to lead with your house, family, apartment, household, town and/or country. What you will see by Christmas is a change at the top of politics, business and power, which calls you to lead. It will work out well for you. In fact Jupiter was Apollo’s father. It may feel intense for a few days, but you will gain on a real estate level, perhaps with relatives, maybe with the local council and so on. It won’t be direct, it will be indirect. So, for example, you may find politicians step down or stand aside, and that helps reverse a policy which you found so difficult, affecting how you feel about your environment, or even the environment, full stop. You will take the lead in a smaller way, though, as a result.

  9. Hi Jessica..Getting a bit worried over the transit of Pluto at 24 Capricorn as it will trine my Chiron at 24 Virgo..maybe my Mars at 23 leo?..And Uranus at 23 Capricorn…Strange reading this article as my consultant told me that I’m now a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s because of my brain injury,I do have memory loss,but it is improving over are these transits going to effect me..And you were right again about my legal case,Its going to another date. 5th time..,which I haven’t being told when,yet,. .Thanks Jessica..

    1. A trine from Pluto to your Chiron is not a problem. There will be a reshuffle in your workplace or within your chosen profession, field or industry which empowers you to see what you can get away with, in terms of your daily workload and lifestyle. I am sorry you are still dealing with memory loss from brain injury. Did you know you can work on your brain, the way you work out at the gym? Have a look on YouTube for the latest research on using this ‘mind muscle.’ Whatever transpires with your employment, unpaid work, paid work or study situation when that trine comes around will really help you. It will be a fresh start. The other thing that will really, really help you is hypnosis and meditation. Try Paul McKenna on YouTube.

  10. Tad disappointed- I have been a member here on this website for nearly 6 years, on and off; albeit, when I could afford it – was truly excited about Breaking Down The Borders – so went in paid my $40 USA bucks – I’m in New Zealand so nearly twice the price – tried Sunday to get in – Tried Monday morning again – failed USA but would not allow me to connect to the Group/ podcast. I am based in Auckland so high speed internet browser – I have since written to Your office personnel- and, now find that I want to try and get a possible refund back – not agreed yet – then I have to contact America myself with the link provided and have it out with them – actually to say I am disappointed is and understatement – just out of pocket would be more to the point – wonder if this will get wiped or posted – All the best
    Sheri Le Fleming Burrow

    1. I am really sorry about this Sheri. The conference was of course held on Mercury Retrograde. You are due a recording of my video, of course, and you need to contact Breaking Down the Borders to arrange that immediately. If you still have an issue would you please contact Support on my website, although we are not responsible for the conference itself. They will be only too happy to help get you the video I am sure, and discuss the issue with you. Again, apologies, but this is a pretty difficult Mercury Retrograde Shadow we are all having. Thank you for booking, and thank you also for such a long membership of the website.

  11. Hi Jessica,once again your work prove that the stars don’t lie! So much joy to see your prediction came true and knowing that the future is hopeful but even though it requires lots of work to get there. I have vesta ceres bacchus in 22° and apollo at 23°. How will this week Jupiter and Pluto conjunction at 22° Cap affect my life and will there be a positive change? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. I always trust astrology not deluded politicians (ahem). We were all celebrating too, in Australia, as this is the road to solutions for Climate Emergency and COVID-19. You have enough 22-23 degree patterns there to gain from tremendous changes in the balance of power at the top. This will be corporate, business and political. Unless you are in line for a new job, retirement, a new degree or similar, the impact will not be direct. Indirectly, though, you stand to gain. So it’s not just Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (the change in power) indirectly helping you, it will probably be other news we hear about by next Monday. Vladimir Putin has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and has announced his retirement in 2021, for example. He has denied that (it was reported in The Sun) but that is a good example of a shift in one country, taking power away from a power abuser, which can have a domino effect on your own life. And yes, it is all good. Very, very good.

  12. Hi Jessica

    I have the Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn exactly oppose my Jupiter in cancer at 22 degree & also trine my Venus/prosperina conjunction in Virgo/also at 22 degree.

    Oppositions u suggest are not necessarily the best news – so even though the conjunction in Capricorn is a good thing how does it stack up with my Jupiter opposition please.

    Assuming the trine to Venus/Proserpina is a good thing in my house of work & health – I have my fingers crossed some decent job offer comes up as the market is slowly but surely opening up!

    Appreciate your guidance

    P.S – even though I had waitlisted for the 2021 forum – I have not received any mail – is it already all done? I missed out this year, but 2019 was fab – I would really really want to be part of 2021 please! Do guide me how I can go about ensuring I get a place !

    Thanks as always

  13. Hi Jessica

    I have the Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn exactly oppose my Jupiter in cancer at 22 degree & also trine my Venus/prosperina conjunction in Virgo/also at 22 degree.

    Oppositions are not necessarily the best news – so even though the conjunction in Capricorn is a good thing how does it stack up with my Jupiter opposition – please advise … does it cancel out the good?

    Assuming the Jupiter Pluto conjunction trine to Venus/Proserpina in Virgo is a good thing in my house of work & health – I have my fingers crossed some decent job offer comes up as the market is slowly but surely opening up! Do u see this Jessica … I have been proactively reaching out as u advised – no breakthrough so far but am
    Hopeful! My depression is much much better – more optimism and joy and I am excited to get back to work and the real world.

    Appreciate your guidance

    P.S – even though I had waitlisted for the 2021 forum – I have not received any mail – is it already all done? I missed out this year, but 2019 was fab – I would really really want to be part of 2021 please!

    Thanks as always

    1. I am so pleased your depression has lifted. No, the 2021 charts will not go out until Asian New Year 2021, so you are fine with the waiting list. (And thank you for the compliment). Okay, so this opposition to natal Jupiter in your Fourth House of family, household, town, country, apartment and house is powerful and useful. The trine to Proserpina and Venus at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House of lifestyle suggests, a life-changing turnaround for your whole way of life, particularly in regard to your own space, but local surroundings too, as the last of the 22 degree pattern unpacks, by next Monday. Yes, it is an opposition, so there are polar opposites here, but with Jupiter on your side, you are very much protected or even helped by what happens. A classic example would be a bad tenant suddenly moving out, leaving you free to accept a far better tenant, at a higher rent, thus enabling you to repair your own home and upgrade it. You will have your own story, but basically it’s powerful, intense, involves tremendous changes around you, but you gain in terms of feeling at home, and having a an improved lifestyle too. Your Premier may be replaced (here is another example) following corruption charges, and so greedy property developers who took donations and favours from that person, are shown the door – much improving your neighbourhood. That is another example.

  14. Hi Jessica, In the upcoming few months, will either Trump or Melania have a mental health crisis (beyond what we have already seen)?

  15. Can you look at my chart and tell me what I should know, what I should solve or past life memories and karma? But Unfortunately, What you see now there birth time I can only guarantee allow no more than 10 minutes before or after, can this chart still work?
    I through translation software to ask you question, there may be some grammatical problems Or other questions, please forgive me and I hope you understand my question, thanks for the great article!

    1. North Node Aries, South Node Libra people (like you) have karma with former, current or potential partners. Usually husbands or wives. This goes back many lifetimes and with particular partners, there would be debts or credits of a spiritual nature, involving both souls. When we say ‘soulmates’ we don’t mean happy every after. We do mean there is a soul contract, between lives, made by the pair of you. If you feel as if you met a partner before, the moment you meet them, that is why. The Aries Node is also about karma, but it is really about your lives spent in war, fighting in uniform or flying the flag. Again there may be past life memories which surface with a particular country including your own. You can really explore this Aries node/Libra node further if you want to, and it will be more obvious to you as 2021 arrives, because Saturn and Jupiter both aspect your Nodes.

  16. Hi Jessica! Signed in for your event, but was beset with network problems and unable to attend- I did get a recording of the video so will be watching this weekend (have already gone through this website!). I was wondering if you see anything with regards to biodiversity restoration? I know you said the climate emergency will be mitigated, painful as it may be, but I wondered if you saw overall healing in terms of wildlife and saving species- i.e. restoring the biosphere and healing Earth on all levels? It’s something that concerns me so much, especially as I see the other specifies (from sharks to tigers to koalas to insects!) that are being hurt due to our actions.

    1. I’m sorry you missed the event but pleased you have the recording. Yes, the planet will be saved. Why? Because the new economy by 2026 actually makes climate criminals pay enormous fines. Others will simply go bust, as petrol is over and so is paper. Cars are already in decline because people work from home, and audiobooks and ebooks overtook paperbacks in sales in the UK this year. So you see…Mother Nature has this in her hands. The other change you will see by 2026 on this new Uranus in Taurus cycle is that a higher price (priceless, even) will be applied to species, flora and fauna which is endangered. A new style United Nations with much, much younger faces, will ensure that diamonds and gold are put in their place on the markets, alongside butterflies and badgers. Generation Aquarius, today’s teenagers, are coming…

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