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The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

What does The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on 21st December 2020 mean for your horoscope? Join Jessica Adams live as it happens in a free worldwide event from a caravan named Wanda in Tasmania, with top psychics Tara Buffington in America and Kyra Oser in Canada.

The Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction in Aquarius

On Monday, December 21st. 2020 at around 1.30pm in London, Jupiter and Saturn will form a Great Conjunction. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to see these two planets in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, separated by a mere 0.06º – 6 seconds of arc. In astrology we know this is going to change your life in the Twenties so please join us. It’s free. Global!

I hope you’ll be there for my YouTube Premiere as it happens, and for questions both on YouTube and on Twitter, live. I’ll be joined by psychics Tara Buffington (below, left) and Kyra Oser (below,Right) in America and Canada. You can find us @jessicacadams and @astrologyshow.

Tara Buffington 2021 600x579 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Kyra Oser 2021 C 600x600 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius







Timing The Great Conjunction Right – on December 21st 

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the zodiac sign of Aquarius takes place at these times, below. Adjust for Anita Bacic Jessica Adams Bicheno December 18 2020 by Rod Paterson The Great Conjunction 337x600 - The Great Conjunction in Aquariusyour city: I will be gazing through the telescope from a caravan named Wanda in Bicheno, Tasmania with artist Anita Bacic whose Wanda Round project opens in January 2021.


In indigenous astronomy in Australia, what we call the Zodiac was called ‘the dreaming road’ by Aboriginal people. So together with Anita’s partner Rod Paterson and fellow artist Louisa Jenkinson, we’ll be on the dreaming road with Wanda the caravan and friends at the appointed hour. To see Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction like this, gives us a glimpse of what might have been The Star of Bethlehem. Here, Anita is looking at the Moon near Jupiter and Saturn.

Join Us Live For The Great Conjunction – As It Happens

Where is your time zone here? We’ll be on YouTube and Twitter from the exact minute Jupiter and Saturn align. This is a really good moment to set an intention, as these two planets in Aquarius are going to permanently alter one area of your life throughout the rest of the Twenties, with the deepest changes yet to come from 2023 when Pluto also moves into Aquarius.

  • United Kingdom 1.30pm – December 21st
  • Hobart 12.30am into Tuesday, December 22nd
  • New York 8.30am – December 21st
  • Los Angeles 5.30am – December 21st
  • Sydney 12.30am into Tuesday, December 22nd
  • Melbourne 12.30am into Tuesday, December 22nd

YouTube Premiere and Live Tweet

Join me on Meetups in New York, London and Sydney on the 21st-22nd of December 2020 to see the YouTube Premiere about the astrology of The Great Conjunction in Aquarius and how it affects your horoscope until the year 2044. It’s free and we have over 2000 people interested in astrology and Tarot from America, Britain and Australia. Join us. That’s me (left) and Wanda Round artist Anita Bacic in Bicheno, Tasmania with our first glimpse of Jupiter and Saturn moving closer in Aquarius in mid-December 2020. (Photograph: Rod Paterson).

The Great Conjunction Bicheno December 18th 2020 Rod Paterson  600x337 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius


Tarot and The Great Conjunction

I will analyse one Tarot card (The Star) twelve times, for the twelve signs (including your own)  to interpret The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, on the 21st of December 2020. The Tarot of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite was created in 1909 by these two members of The Golden Dawn, both of whom were trained in astrology.

America – Click Here

Australia – Click Here

Great Britain – Click Here

The Aquarius cycle that begins with The Great Conjunction on 21st December 2020, goes on for years as Jupiter, Saturn and finally Pluto move through the sign of diversity, community, equality and the human family. The Star was the Tarot card I drew for this historic event and at the YouTube Premiere, I’ll read for you, based on that card and together with Tara Buffington and Kyra Oser, take your questions.

The Great Conjunction in Aquarius and World Predictions

When Jupiter meets Saturn in Aquarius, we will see new groups emerge, worldwide, as the old institutions, like the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – and the European Union – split up into new regions. New international friendships and alliances will form.  America, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand will be part of a redrawn world map. For you, The Great Conjunction is a power point in one area of your life. Plug in on the 21st and 22nd of December with Tara, Kyra and I, as we join Alicia Richardson from The Astrology Show in hosting a global Q&A session about Jupiter and Saturn.

The Meaning of Conjunctions in Astrology

The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius“A conjunction always provides a strong focus to a chart, and a certain amount of ‘oomph’ and motivation. One might say that several eggs have been laid in the one basket.” Sue Tompkins, The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook, Flare Publications, London 2006.

Tompkins, in the same book, associates Jupiter in Aquarius with progressive thinking, reform, freedom, humanitarianism and democracy. She talks about organisations with the words ‘Friends’ or ‘Brotherhood’ in the title. Saturn in Aquarius, in her view, is here to teach us about tolerance. “Tolerating people who are different in some way and accepting those who pursue alternative lifestyles.”

So, here we have an ‘oomph’ of a day on December 21st, 2020, when there are global and personal statements being made, all over the planet, about the human family. Groups of us.

Women Step Up

City of Ladies - The Great Conjunction in AquariusAquarius is about equality within a wider group and is about women inhabiting their own space, freedom, place and power.

In another Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction in Aquarius, in 1405 a “militantly feminist book” according to The New York Times made its debut. With characters like Lady Reason and Lady Rectitude, The Book of the City of Ladies was centuries ahead of its time. That year, 1405, we found Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction from January 14th to 21st, at 23 and 24 degrees of Aquarius. The Book of the City of Ladies by feminist Christine de Pizan tells the story of famous women ‘housed’ in the city. I am sure you can see that Kamala Harris as the first female Vice-President of the United States is a reminder that we are in a new Aquarian age. Just as they were back in 1405.

The New United Kingdom

I told The Daily Mail on the 19th of October 2020 that the astrology showed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would split into four separate nations in 2021. That is based on history and astrology. In another  small Age of Aquarius, back in 1405 again – we saw the country divided into Northern England, Southern England and Wales. This was the famous Tripartite Indenture. This photograph by Davi Mendes shows the usual United Nations line-up. That will look very different by the time the four nations – perhaps the five nations – separate and then find a new way to reunite.

c7ir2go9qxc 600x400 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Jupiter and Saturn: Dava Sobel

Planets Dava Sobel - The Great Conjunction in AquariusWriting about Jupiter in The Planets (Fourth Estate, London, 2005) Dava Sobel notes “Jupiter assumed its astrological mantle of benevolence and largesse in Babylonian times, around 1000 BC – long before Sir Isaac Newton (a Capricorn) grasped the planet’s true physical enormousness by watching it pull on Galileo’s moons. The ancients had no way to assess the sizes of the planets or the distances between them, so their association of Jupiter with grandeur poses a mystery for astronomy and astrology to share.” Saturn, for Sobel, is associated with Gustav Holst’s composition in The Planets. “Forced to comment publicly on The Planets, he let it be known that ‘Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age’ – at nine minutes forty seconds – was his favourite. ‘Saturn brings not only physical decay,’ Holst said in the planet’s defence, but also a vision of fulfilment.’

This is interesting given that Jupiter is there with Saturn in 2021 and gone by 2022, when Saturn reigns alone in Aquarius. We must be surely talking about a global reform for the homes which accommodate older people, in the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also Aquarian in thinking. Groups (groups of senior citizens living together). Watch what happens near 21st December, 2020 to see if Holst’s interpretation of Saturn is echoed in the headlines.

Columbus and the Conjunction

Fated Sky - The Great Conjunction in AquariusAstrologers and astronomers see Great Conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn every 19.6 years. As far back as the 15th century, it was thought that these celestial meetings between Jupiter and Saturn chimed with important historical events. The rise and fall of empires, the birth of religions (it is certainly true of Islam) and other milestones seemed timed by the moment that Jupiter and Saturn met in the same zodiac sign, once again (it takes about every 960 years for that to happen, thus the emphasis on massive global change). The French astrologer and chancellor of the University of Paris, Pierre d’Ailly, convinced Columbus that the Great Conjunction of their own time, was in his destiny. It was his chance to spread the Gospel. The voyage that led Columbus towards the Indies was “spurred on by an astrological idea” according to Benson Bobrick, in The Fated Sky (Simon & Schuster, New York, 2005).

Scotland and Wales in 2020

I have been predicting at The Conscious Cafe and elsewhere, that there is no miraculous ‘silver bullet’ vaccine, according to all these mutable cycles in astrology. So, what is the answer? Elimination. Looking at these ancient charts for other Great Conjunctions, and bearing in mind the reality of Brexit as well as Covid, it does look as if four separate nations will emerge, with closed borders, to eliminate COVID-19, within. Rather than daydream about a magic perfect potion on a magical mystery tour, the British will look to Australia and New Zealand for models of elimination.

This brings in another old prediction, made on May 13th 2015, that Scotland would seek independence from England, despite rejecting it the first time, in a referendum. I said she would try again in 2019 (which she did) but it may be 2021 that does it.

Watch Wales and Ireland in 2020

We are even closer to a break with England in 2020, though, because of this Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This time it will be Wales and Ireland who encourages Scotland on matters of borders. Watch. The Tripartite Indenture is back, in a new way. Those Aquarian principles of feminism (Scots leader Nicola Sturgeon) and alliances – are also back. The great comfort of astrology is that everything has happened before in one form or another.

ax9atqd qyo 600x400 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Eire – Republic of Ireland

The astrological chart for Eire, the Republic of Ireland, shows Jupiter at 0 Aquarius, so she has her Jupiter Return close to December 21st , as well as transiting Saturn on her Jupiter. This adds to the vision of a separated United Kingdom with alliances between the four nations. Just before Christmas Eve there is a huge opportunity for Ireland within the wider group, at the same time that a serious new commitment is required. Now this may be the United Kingdom itself, or the European Union.

Four Nations

Team sport is ruled by Aquarius and the Four Nations Tournament features England, Wales, Scotland, Italy and the Republic of Ireland. From December 21st , 2020, the stage is set for a slow separation of these nations from their original agreements (for example, Italy within the European Union) and a new ‘coming together’ after separation and elimination. This is a long cycle which takes us into 2022 (Saturn in Aquarius) and 2023 and beyond (Pluto in Aquarius). The Italian chart shows she is very, very close to leaving the European Union by 2022.

Islam and the New Age of Aquarius

Did you know Islam came to us on another Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius? In April 610 we saw Jupiter and Saturn at 24 and 25 Aquarius, across the first eleven days of that month. Muslims believe Islam is a faith that has always existed, but it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in 610. Aged 40, Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel in Mecca, who gives him the first pages of the Quran.

Feminism and the Year 610

Professor John Esposito sees Muhammad as a reformer who condemned female infanticide, exploitation of the poor, murder, adultery and theft. In other words, he was a very Aquarian figure. Muhammad fought gendercide.  The year 610, The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, delivered Islam to the world, which Professor Bernard Lewis claims, “denounced aristocratic privilege, rejected hierarchy and adopted a formula of the career open to the talents.” Very Aquarian.

The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire rose in the year 610 too. Roman Emperor Heraclius reformed the government to reduce corruption. The question has to be asked, will President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris achieve the same, in another Great Conjunction era?

From Latin to Greek

What is really interesting about 610 is that Emperor Heraclius replaced Latin with Greek as the official language of the Roman Empire. Heraclius was also the first Roman Emperor to engage the Muslims; in the Islamic tradition he is portrayed as an ideal ruler. If we repeat this Great Conjunction in Aquarius thinking and apply it to 2021 we are of course talking Zoom, translated. And also, perhaps, a Christian American President who wants to heal religious separation and conflict of the past.

Solidus of Emperor Heraclius Wikimedia Commons - The Great Conjunction in AquariusOne World Thinking

Heraclius was the most celebrated Byzantine emperor and a hero in Islamic literature. You can see the wavy Aquarius logo at the bottom of his portrait. This is typical of astrology – it appears through synchronicity. Emperor Heraclius was diplomatic with the Croats and Serbs in the Balkans. He tried to bring peace into Christianity and pursued religious harmony. One world thinking. Aquarius is about pooling resources. Here we have a strong message about Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius from history. It is about religious tolerance, brotherhood and sisterhood, and humanitarianism. The human family.

The Federation of Arab Republics

The Arab Federation was the union of Libya, Syria and Egypt ‘born’ on the 2nd of September 1971 at 9.00am in Cairo (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). The Federation has a horoscope revealing the Moon at 1 Aquarius and Neptune at 0 Sagittarius. On the 21st of December 2020 or very close to it, we are going to see the most incredible revival of the FAR which finished on the 19th of November 1977.



Saudi Arabia

Born with Jupiter at 0 Aquarius, on January 8th, 1926 at 12.00pm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has Jupiter at 0 Aquarius and will experience her Jupiter Return near the 21st of December 2020, but also Saturn conjunct Jupiter. This is big. In her later 21st September 1932 chart set for 12.00pm in Riyadh, she has Mars at 0 Leo. This is a statement about youth and in fact Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s youngest populations, with about 50% of them being under 25. Christmas 2020 is an intense crossroads for these young Saudis.

Jared Kushner and Saudi Arabia

As I write this on Monday the 30th of November 2020, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, is heading to Saudi Arabia as regional tensions rise over the killing of an Iranian scientist. So, in about one month from now we are set to see an historic revision of where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands within the group (Aquarius) She is in several groups. The GCC is one. The United Nations is likely the important one.

Spain and the European Union

Spain was also ‘born’ with Mercury at 1 Aquarius. Close to December 21st, 2020 her role within the European Union is challenged, becomes more serious, but also grows and expands. Mercury rules her language, media, education and web presence. Spain’s domestic flights are also ruled by Mercury. There is huge news here, as Christmas approaches. (Image: Jaunt and Joy).

of emrp0jwg 600x400 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Russia and the United Nations

Russia has many charts, but one clearly shows her rebirth at the end of the Soviet Union. Here she has Saturn at 0 Aquarius, so will experience her Saturn Return, but also Jupiter on her Saturn, close to December 21st . Set for the 5th of December 1991 at 7.30am GMT in Moscow, it shows an unforgettable Christmas when the Soviet hammer and sickle flag was replaced at the Kremlin by the new Russian tricolor.

Unforgettable Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 will also be unforgettable. Serious, heavy, karmically binding (the Saturn Return) and a lesson for modern Russia. Jupiter on her Saturn is there to fix her, however. You’d have to expect NATO is the other group here. Other charts for Russia also show factors at 0-1 Aquarius (for example, the end of Communism on the 24th of August 1991 at 6.30pm GMT in Moscow moves Saturn on to 1 Aquarius). If we also include the Yeltsin Tank chart of 19th August 1991 at 8.00am GMT (Moscow) we find three versions of Russia all lumbered with Saturn at 0-1 Aquarius.

The Ukraine

False corruption allegations about Ukraine by Donald Trump levelled at President-Elect Joe Biden made headlines during the election. The impeachment of Donald Trump was linked to President Zelensky of Ukraine so it looms large in December 2020 as we approach Electoral College. Ukraine has two charts which, sensationally, show factors at 0-1 Aquarius both times, decades apart. She was born on the 22nd of January 1918 at 12.00 in Kharkov USSR with the Sun at 1 Aquarius. She was reborn under independence on August 24th, 1991 at 5.31pm in Kiev, USSR. Her Saturn was 1 Aquarius, so linked to modern Russia.

December 21st, 2020 and Kushner-Trump

A new world order falls into place at a critical and historic moment, close to the 21st of December 2020 and it will involve Jared Kushner and Donald Trump.  Not necessarily because their charts chime with the times (we have conflicting birth data for Donald Trump and Jared Kushner has an X Rodden Rating, so neither horoscope can be used).

No, the real story here is the fact that Russia and Ukraine have their Saturn Return at The Great Conjunction. Saudi Arabia is also implicated. The United Nations has its karma with the Trumps and Vladimir Putin close to the 21st of December 2020.

Jupiter Defined

A conjunction or meeting between Jupiter and Saturn is rare, but Jupiter always wins. He is Saturn’s son, his redeemer and his saviour. For all that Saturn is a symbol of hard karma, challenges, lessons, waiting games, tests, trials and fear – Jupiter is about hope, optimism, solutions, breakthroughs, win-win outcomes, resolution and new beginnings.

That is why the other years of a Great Conjunction in Aquarius were milestones in religious tolerance and feminism. It will be the same from December 21st 2020 into the year 2021, then from 2023 when Pluto enters Aquarius (and passes that key 0 degree again, from the 24th of March until the 11th of June 2023) when we can expect all those nations – Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Libya, Syria, Egypt, the Republic of Ireland (Eire) – to utterly transform.

2023 600x253 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

March to June 2023 Predictions

There will be an historic change in the balance of power involving the United Nations, the European Union, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, NATO, and other groups which are populated by those countries.

Between March 24th and 11th of June 2023, three years into the future as I write this, we will see departures, promotions, mergers (an Arrivals and Departures Lounge) which Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Libya, Syria will never forget. It will bring deep changes within the United Nations and other global alliances.

Jupiter and Saturn

What does it mean when Jupiter is in conjunction with Saturn; side by side? I really like the classic book, Making the Gods Work for You by Caroline W. Casey (Three Rivers Press, New York 1998) which describes a good prayer to Jupiter. “Open my path before me and grant me the opportunity to be of maximum good in the world.” (Jupiter was known to the Romans as Jupiter Optimus Maximus.) Casey continues, “Jupiter says that abundance invokes abundance. Gratitude to life invokes gratitude.” In the original myth, Jupiter could have punished Saturn for his sabotage of others, but instead he forgave him and rewarded him with a new role – as teacher.

Casey suggests rituals, which I love. The Great Conjunction on December 21st, 2020 suits this Jupiter ritual. “Believe nothing,” she writes, “entertain possibilities. We connect to something larger than ourselves when we perform a ritual. Think of it as a Spirit Fax…Because very often we do not know what we want, Jupiter says, “Tell yourself what you want to feel like by the beginning of the next season.” Expansive? On track? Simultaneously safe and exhilarated, adored and independent? Jupiter is the travel agent who will figure out the situations that will produce these feelings.” You can find Caroline W. Casey and her radio show and book here.

Robert Hand, Planets in Transit

Robert Hand’s analysis of transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Saturn has something to say to Russia, perhaps. (If Russia was a person). This comes from his classic book, Planets in Transit (Whitford Press, 2001). Robert’s website is here.

“Events and circumstances will make it clear that you have neglected much that must be done, and the structures of your life that have held you back will seem intolerable.”

The Solstice and the Great Conjunction

What astrologers are most excited about, this 21st December 2020, is the fact that the Solstice falls on the same day as The Great Conjunction. The Astro Twins 2020 Horoscope Website by Ophira and Tali Edut, astrologers for ELLE, is a really good source for professional astrologers as well as clients and regular horoscope readers.

They write, “When fine-tuned, they (Jupiter and Saturn) are complementary forces, creating a solid structure that can turn your visions into reality.”

Liz Greene on Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene - The Great Conjunction in AquariusSaturn: A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene, was published by Weiser Books, Boston in 1976 and is the best book ever written on this planet in astrology.

She says this, about Jupiter-Saturn contacts:

“Like the figure of mythology, Jupiter wins any battle which may ensue because of his natural authority, that of the inner man.”

In my experience as an astrologer, it doesn’t matter which zodiac sign Jupiter and Saturn are in; the conjunction always sees Jupiter’s expansion, growth, hope, optimism and luck (he was born lucky) triumph over his father’s pessimism, self-sabotage and famous thwarting of the life force. Saturn serves up the issue; Jupiter fixes it.

Do You Have Aquarius Factors?

Your personal birth chart is like a vast country estate. On it there are twelve houses, with tenants inside. If you have Aquarius planets, asteroids, points or angles, then your Eleventh House of friends and groups is important. The tenants inside tell you what kind of person you (who is living inside you, in terms of how you are socially, or with circles and communities). Do they get on? There may be inner conflict, or perhaps clubs, teams and solid friendships are a harmonious part of your life.

Jupiter and Saturn in Your Eleventh House

Transits are temporary residents. Jupiter and Saturn will take up residence in your Eleventh House on 21st December, with a bang of the door and a loud thumping of suitcases. Jupiter moves out on May 14th 2021 and moves back in again on July 29th. He then goes for good on 30th December (allow a day either side of these dates for world time zone differences). Saturn is in residence, until March 7th 2023. Then Pluto moves in, as he moves out, on 24th March, about a fortnight later. Pluto is more or less resident in your Eleventh House, in Aquarius, until January 20th, 2044. This is an Age of Aquarius.

The Star of Bethlehem

Was the Star of Bethlehem at the birth of Christ, actually a Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction?  David Plant has written an excellent feature for Skyscript, Deborah Houlding’s cult astrology website. The New English Bible tells us the three wise men were Magi, or astrologers. So, is this what they saw, when they pointed at “a star, a star”? Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction do in fact look like one dazzling star.

 “Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judaea in the days of Herod the King, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying “where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east and have come to worship him.”

Tarot Readings About the New Age of Aquarius 

The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Fotolia 101425635 Subscription Monthly XXL e1607909596494 600x514 - The Great Conjunction in AquariusThe Sun. A dazzling triumph for children. The infant here is on a horse, emulating Sagittarius. The South Node is also in Sagittarius that day, 21st December 2020.

Of course, the infant in this card is a symbol of ‘the younger generation’ or Millennials. They were born with the outer planets, Uranus and Neptune, in Aquarius – so they come into their own in 2021 as a powerful force for change.

The Aquarius wavy line logo is pouring out of the Sun. Sagittarius rules foreign relations; the worldwide web and the planet. Aquarius rules alliances, like UNICEF: the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. (The United Nations’ Children’s Fund).

On a psychic level you would have to see solar power in this card. That guarantees a brighter, better future for children. Today’s generation. Can the world reach (Aquarian style) agreement on solar? You would also have to see global warming in this card: Climate Emergency and Greta Thunberg, and the schoolchildren on climate emergency strike #FridaysForFuture.

Jupiter in Aquarius

The Star. You couldn’t make this up. It is genuinely the Aquarius symbol; the water-bearer. Pamela Colman Smith, who created it, was a Sun Aquarius. Here is the circle of shining, brilliant stars, with a superstar at the centre. It is the European Union flag, but one star has fallen. That is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This card is The Great Conjunction card for the YouTube event I’ll be interpreting for all 12 signs including yours, with further personal questions and answers, in a live session with Tara Buffington and Kyra Oser.

Tarot Deck The Star 600x400 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

We might also see the Stars and Stripes in this card. There is a lot to interpret. Do we take the blonde maiden as a real person? Again, it might be Greta Thunberg. Perhaps she is a symbol of female power and feminism in the new world. Kamala Harris? There is typical Jupiter abundance in this card. Her two jugs overfloweth.

Saturn in Aquarius

The Four of Coins. Saturn in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus (money) on February 8th 2021. Saturn is shown by the defensive body language here. Saturn is ringed and this leading figure in the world economy – a treasurer or banker – or a symbol of the share markets – is heavily defended. There is a group of four here. (The four coins). Perhaps it is the four nations: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. You can see a hard border dividing two cities here – a concrete roadblock. We also have to see the G4 here don’t we, in the Four of Coins? Brazil, Germany, India and Japan. This card is about strong defences, structure, barriers and borders (Saturn) but also money (the square to Uranus in Taurus). The idea of alliances and groups is of course the four nations, but also the G4 and I think both play a part in this cycle.

Tarot Deck Four of Pentacles 600x400 - The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius

I have drawn the same card twice, which seldom happens. The Four of Coins.

I am peering way into the future now, but Uranus goes into Cancer (property) from June 2033. Pluto is still in Aquarius, then. Uranus is a revolution. Cancer is houses and apartments, home town and homeland. Pluto in Aquarius is, as we’ve seen, about the four nations and the G4.I am beginning to wonder about the four pillars of the United Nations by this stage. You can see the ‘pillars’ in the background. The person in the centre is seated on one such pillar. I think we are going to see the most radical transformation of property ownership on the planet in our adult lives, and it will come when Uranus goes into Cancer alongside Pluto in Aquarius. These are the four pillars:

  • Peace and Security
  • Human Rights
  • The Rule of Law
  • Development

The Age of Aquarius

So is this long stay of Pluto in Aquarius, picking up from the departure of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, actually ‘the age’ or just ‘an age?’ Debate goes on among astrologers about this. Are we talking about the precession of the equinox into Aquarius? People have been talking about it in since the end of the nineteenth century. The song ‘Aquarius’ from the musical Hair was linked to Sixties counterculture. Working astrologers have seen how slow-moving planets or the Nodes, moving into Aquarius, bring a huge focus on groups. The internet arrived for popular home use on such a cycle. By 1999 when Uranus and Neptune were both firmly in Aquarius, it was a Happy New Year for the Worldwide Web and what would become ‘social media.’

Further Listening and Reading

Listen: Stephanie Johnson on The Great Conjunction, talking on The Astrology Show

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Images – Via
Photographs of Jessica Adams and Anita Bacic: Rod Paterson.
Tarot Images: Justin Tabari.

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  1. Thanks Jessica – that was fascinating read, looking at all those patterns. Do you think there any kind of ‘echo’ for people with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in their own chart, when the two meet again? I wondered because I have them both at 8 Libra…

    1. Thank you. There is no echo, except that through various relationship phases with former, current or potential partners (over your lifetime) you learn how to be opportunistic, optimistic, generous with others – and also cautious, patient and methodical. Your partnerships are like castles, built big but over time, with moat and drawbridge and a huge view. As a castle-builder type you will understand exactly why so many groups, friends, allies, circles, communities, networks come together on December 21st, 22nd for a different sort of world – where you are – but also across the planet. On a personal level you are waiting for Jupiter at 8 Aquarius to trine your natal conjunction and Saturn at 8 Aquarius to do the same, in 2021. Those dates will turn up in the extended forecast every week for Premium Members.

  2. Could you comment on those of us for whom this conjunction is exactly over their natal conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 1961? I was born on Aug 15th 1961 so its right on my natal Jupiter.

    1. This is about your role giving a group, circle or perhaps a bubble (COVID-19 bubbles becoming common) what is required to sustain the people power inside and the mutual support of those friends and acquaintances. It’s important, it’s rare and it will help you enormously. A classic example is the football coach who helps a team to victory, or the conductor who makes the orchestra on Zoom play music to our ears. For more, look up Jupiter on Search; Eleventh House; Aquarius.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I have natal Sun 0 Aquarius, DC at 0 Aquarius, AC at 0 Leo, also MC at 1 Aries.
    Could I expect any change after two years of professional nockdown?
    Thank you

    1. Your Sun at 0 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends, communities, groups and collectives helps you shine brilliantly, gain admiration and praise for your outstanding role supplying people with what they need – to achieve results through people power. This takes a new turn around 21st December with both a serious new challenge and a wonderful, big new solution and opportunity. It may or may not be professional in nature; it may be outside work too. Without a chart I can’t comment on the angles, just the Sun.

  4. Hi, Jessica

    Could you kindly have a look at my chart, please?
    I have “points” at 1 degree. What will it be the best area or theme of my life to seed in 2021 and grow by 2044? and what will be the obstacles by then?

    I wish I can join Meetup but wish you have great audience.


    1. Thank you. The Meetup will be on YouTube afterwards so have a look at the Tarot card reading for your sign, Virgo. You will be amazed at how quickly and radically things can change, from today until March 2021, and even if you go backwards and forwards with your new lifestyle, daily routine and workload, you will be really happy about the solutions that appear next year. You will put tremendous energy and time into one or more projects and plans which satisfy your need to give people your best, and in your current role, or another one, will pull off something quite amazing in 2021. You will also be given an answer to an ongoing health or mental health question. Towards the middle of next year there is a terrific opportunity to improve life with/for your partner, former partner or potential partner in love or work. Just say yes, and make even more of it in 2022.

  5. Hi Jessica.
    Many of the points in your pieces, and comments by readers, are about conjunctions with the Jupiter/Saturn meetup on the 21st. This meeting trines my natal sun. Does that suggest that I shine light on this, or that it energizes me? And how long are these transit angles in effect? Is this like a solar return where we can see the shape of the year ahead? The shape of this 20 year long transit until the next conjunction? Or is it a shorter duration? (Geminis have been eating our vegetables for a while. We could use with some activity with more air.) And how does this conjunction impact nodes in Aquarius? thanks so much. All the best in the coming year.

    1. That is interesting, if you have your Sun-Apollo conjunction at 1 Gemini receiving a trine from the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (by one degree) you will absolutely be the centre of attention online. It may well be at this global gathering on YouTube, Meetups and Twitter, which would be interesting. It is interesting that you sign yourself Ee, which is a very Gemini thing to do. Twin letter ‘e’ and E together. In general, do all you can to focus on the web, the media, languages, IT, computers, publishing and/or education as you finish 2020. In fact there will be a rare chance to do just that, to your total advantage, near Christmas. Later on when Pluto moves to 1 Aquarius, after the year 2023, you will retrace your footsteps to Christmas 2020 and realise that is where something special began. From 2023 it transforms your life, empowers you and gives you the reins. I suspect that foreign people and places will circle the situation for you. Perhaps regional differences.

  6. Taurus May 11: will my “love life” improve with my husband (he is a Leo August 9) ? Or should I just move on…….?
    Thanks so much

    1. Your husband is the key here, as in 2021 he will either pursue successful counselling with you, or think about an amicable separation. The situation with the finances, house and/or apartment for you, with him, is karmic in nature and a great deal of this will be about the money or property; the possessions or assets. This requires a lot of thought and karmic balancing, yet will be done by January 2022. I would be amazed if he had not made the decision in 2021 but you can rest assured he is doing it at the best possible time. If you do need to look for marital therapy, or a split, then 2021 would be the best year in 12 to do it.

  7. What will this mean for me

    I am starting a mew business and it has been slow but we recently had a client Janet Roach from the real housewives of Melbourne it was a shock and I’m hoping something will develop from this. Any chance you could look at my chart and give some guidance with money and business

    Thanks Jess

  8. Hi Jessica. Absolutely fascinating article and so timely, thank you! Aquarian here, born 1988, and I’ve been feeling a shift over the past few weeks after a very difficult 2018/2019. My last tarot readings over the past three months have all had three common cards – the sun, the star, and the tower (and knight of coins occasionally too). I am excited to see what comes – I feel a huge shift in the works. Thanks for illuminating where some of that feeling is coming from.

    1. Thank you so much. The Sun, The Star and The Tower suggest a completely new beginning; walking away from the way you used to live, into a new future you create. Having had the shock of 2018 and/or 2019 and realised that nothing and nobody was ever going to be the same again, you have an option. You can go back and rebuild, or reconstruct, or just shrug and leave the scene, heading towards a replacement existence. It really depends on what you think of the home and/or work situation you had before, that was hit. Were you really happy with all that or do you need something else? The Sun is of course about babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or Millennials. Their growth and joy in life, is something you can share in. They really matter, that younger generation. This card sometimes appears if you are going to be teaching people a generation or two younger than your own, or it can appear if you begin dating someone with children from a previous marriage. Finally, The Star is the card I drew for The Great Conjunction event on YouTube, so we are doubling up. It is of course about people power and pooling resources within a community. You can find out more about that on my YouTube channel.

  9. Wow I pulled the Four of Pentacles (coins) as well earlier this year. I really enjoyed reading your analysis on it, and now I am rather curious whether I was also pulling the card as a prediction for future revelations to come, especially as it might manifest in my life (currently going through a huge transition involving finances and change of residence.) Thank you for your amazing analysis, loyal forever follower here, you are amazing Jessica!

    1. Thank you so much. The Four of Coins is great, as it’s financial security and the freedom to choose what you want to do with the money. I would say the property market is worth a second look, though. It is really easy to be sitting pretty with the money but let a good chance to sell, buy, invest or lease pass you by. This sounds like it’s unfolding now with your life events. The sign of Cancer is hidden in the curled arms around the coins in Pamela’s deck and this may be a clue in your personal birth chart.

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