Jupiter In Your Astrology Chart

Jupiter fixes everything, when he spends about a year, going through one house of your horoscope, cleaning up one department of your life. Even if you have been put through an absolute stinker of a cycle in this same area of your birth chart, Jupiter will clear the air for you eventually as the cycle does its work.

This feature was updated on 14th May 2024.

William Lilly was a fan of Jupiter. (The spelling which follows is all his own). He wrote, in Christian Astrology,

“He governeth the sweet or well sented odours.”

When Jupiter goes into a new sign and house of your horoscope, a window opens.

Stelliums and Jupiter

If your birth chart reveals more than three horoscope factors in the same sign Jupiter happens to be passing through, then you will have one of your biggest and best years since the last time it happened, twelve years earlier.

The area of life ruled by the sign in question will be repaired in detail and depth if there is anything to be fixed – and if it’s in basically good shape, you can expect the most fantastic outcomes. Jupiter in Scorpio will fix money concerns for a lot of people.

Watch for the days when Jupiter is at the same degree and in the same sign as anything in your chart. That’s the rare and wonderful Jupiter conjunction and if there’s an issue with that area of your life, a window will open on a solution, remedy or cure. It’s like the Playschool window, but better. Open wide!

In mythology, Jupiter was symbolically the Daddy of all help and healing, as he was father to Apollo, grandfather to Aesculapius and great-grandfather to Hygiea and Panacea. Three of these icons were named in The Hippocratic Oath taken by all medicos.

How do you know when Jupiter will cross the same degree and same sign as your stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and/or Pisces? Check my website for daily updates here on Jupiter’s sign and position.

I Should Be So Lucky

51GRgLRiBWL. SX382 BO1204203200  - Jupiter In Your Astrology ChartThis old association between Jupiter and luck comes from the Bibliotheca Classica of John Lempriere, a classics scholar. I found a free copy from Harvard Library online if you are curious about the mythological origins of Jupiter and the other planetary symbols mentioned in this book.

Jupiter was Saturn’s son, doomed to be eaten by his father. His mother Ops saved him. He was raised on milk and honey, then when he became a man, he took over from Saturn and ruled the world. He could have castrated Saturn with his own scythe or killed him, but he set him free to invent Italian agriculture, putting the scythe to quite a different use. Jupiter is benevolent. This planet in transit produces win-win outcomes if you are prepared to try.

Often, when Jupiter arrives in a new sign, in a new house of your chart, there will be an immediate problem to solve left over from another cycle, before wonderful things can grow. Life gardening may be required, initially.

William Lilly noted, “He usually produceth serenity, pleasant and healthful North Winds, and by his gentle Beams all ayes the ill weather of any former Malignant Planets.”

This cameo, below, shows you Jupiter’s famous eagle. From this comes the idea of expansion. The bigger picture. For the Romans it was an eagle’s eye view of a large landscape to conquer.

JUPITER RAWPIXEL 826x1024 - Jupiter In Your Astrology Chart

What’s Your Jupiter Sign?

Your Jupiter Sign tells you your Jupiter House and that’s where you were born protected at worst, and sensationally fortunate, at best. That’s where you should always push, push, push your luck. Even if nothing happens immediately, one day the seeds you planted will turn into a fabulous orchard.

I know a brilliant headmistress who has Jupiter in Leo in her Fifth House, ruling the ‘heirs’ to her ‘throne’ and she has raised generations of other people’s children, as well as her own, to super success. She has no idea what her astrological chart looks like.

A lot of people ‘do’ their Jupiter sign and house quite instinctively, because it comes naturally. You tend to find that around age 12, 24, 36 and so on (the Jupiter Returns) you are given opportunities which help you to pursue the areas of life described by your Jupiter sign.

If you have other horoscope factors in the same sign/house as Jupiter the story becomes more complex. It still has a satisfying ending!

Your Jupiter Return

Your Jupiter Return, when Jupiter goes back to the same sign and exact degree/ number it occupied at your birth, is extremely fortunate. It’s an opportunity to make more of an opportunity that you were already born with. An ability, skill set, talent or approach to life that works beautifully for you and always will.

People whose horoscope factors are ‘on’ your Jupiter (conjunct it at the same sign and within one degree) benefit from you a lot.

If your Jupiter is at the same sign and degree as another person’s, you will be fortunate for them. Knowing your Jupiter Return and also the hits your Jupiter makes on other people’s horoscopes (and theirs on yours) is the stuff of which great astrological secrets are made. You can read more about your Jupiter Sign and House on my website – just hit the search button for a detailed look at your natural luck.

Jupiter shows that part of you which can afford to relax and be generous with other people, because life is kind to you here; you feel blessed and so you spread the good fortune.

People with Jupiter in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, ambition and achievement climb to the top from around age 12 and just keep going. A chain of big wins, promotions and hot jobs means – they’re prepared to share. They help others up behind them. Sure, they are sometimes taken advantage of by users, but Jupiter in Capricorn types just sail on to the next adventure.

A key phrase for Jupiter is Happy-Go-Lucky.

Lucky Thunderbolts

Jupiter’s grandfather was Uranus, the planet we associate with lightning. Jupiter carries the mythological DNA by being responsible for thunder. Boom!

Jupiter is the Twitter Thunderclap that suddenly multiplies everything. We associate Jupiter, above all other things, with tremendous growth. When people speak about a boom (business is booming, her career is booming, my heart went boom across the room) they are unwittingly referring to Jupiter’s thunder.

Jupiter always brings thunderous applause from astrologers, because he is a welcome arrival in your horoscope. When you use your Jupiter natal placement to the maximum by giving back, you are also applauded by those who need to experience what you can give.

Jupiter in the Ninth House in Sagittarius can make you the scholarship girl who gets lucky with not just one, but three fellowships and then stumbles across a future academic career at university. Jupiter can help you become an international expert in your field, so that later in life you set up your own school and dole out scholarships to others, too. Boom!

Relief and Release

Jupiter was the thunder that brought the rain, that fertilised the crops and broke the heatwave. We associate Jupiter cycles (like those you saw will come through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and so on, to 2020) with relief and release.

If you have prepared the ground, when Jupiter arrives to feed the situation, you can grow big things quite rapidly. Spot Jupiter in any museum from New York to Rome. He will be holding up thunderbolts even if the ends have broken off!

The flash of lightning that is followed sometime later by the rumble of thunder, is like Uranus (the grandfather of all revolutionary creation and wild invention) skipping his gloomy son Saturn to go straight to his wonderful grandson Jupiter instead. Next time you see a storm, note the sequence in the sky. Crackle, pause, boom. Our ancestors linked Uranus to lightning and Jupiter to thunder over 2000 years ago.

When Jupiter and Uranus dance together in your horoscope by exact aspect, you will also experience the electricity and excitement of a situation breaking, then the tell-tale pause of anticipation, before the blissful release and relief of Jupiter, feeding what you need.

Use It Or Lose It

Sometimes people waste the cycle of Jupiter and then it’s gone, within a few months. There is no other cycle in astrology like this one, for lazy anticipation and complacency. Why? Jupiter is so often seen as a win in the lottery of life, when in actual fact, all he really does is hand you the number choices, the balls, the machine and the prize, just above your head.

I had a client who had Jupiter going through her Seventh House of love, sex and equal partnership. She could not wait. Right on cue, a seriously promising date turned up. Attractive, if not perfect. Great taste. Funny. Successful. Highly intelligent. Nice.

My client totally blew it. In the end, it was the imperfections that stopped her from responding to his gentle moves. The man did not return. She was forced to do some life gardening, getting rid of all the weeds and rocks that had gathered in her life, cluttering up her potential for love and happiness. Working on herself made her a better partner for the next person. Years later, it turned out to be the same man. Jupiter came back into her life and so did he. Jupiter is generous!

If you plant a seed or do some life gardening on a Jupiter transit of your chart, even if nothing grows, it can always do so again, when Jupiter returns and makes patterns in/to that same horoscope zone. Try it. This planet is about benevolence and generosity and even if you ‘lose it’ rather than use it, Jupiter can make the tiniest effort return to you, for the greater good, later on in his cycle.

JUPITERRAWPIXEL 251x300 - Jupiter In Your Astrology Chart

Jupiter’s Family

When Jupiter lines up with his family of asteroids in your horoscope (they are all passing through together, making aspects or exact patterns) it’s like a lovely long-life massage.

Who is in the family tree? The Jupiter family all hold special blessings in different ways. There is Ops, his mother. Juno, his wife. Minerva, Fortuna and Diana, his daughters. Apollo, his son. Aesculapia, his grandson. Hygiea and Panacea, his great-granddaughters.

When the family trigger your own Jupiter placement, you find that life flows. You are the right person, in the right place, at the right time. If Jupiter is in a sign and house where you have other hard-work chart factors, or more difficult transits, he story may be complicated but it’s still beneficial as he and his family pass through. If you are optimistic and maximise the opportunities you are given, then life rewards you.

The Romans used to tag Jupiter as Optimus Maximus. This is one of the reasons astrologers have always linked this planet to hope, growth and expansion. Those old Latin root words are hidden in optimism and maximum, which tell you all you need to know.

On your next Roman Holiday, note that the Temple on the Capitoline Hill was known as Optimi Maximi. It translates as ‘the best, the greatest’ which is why astrologers are always so excited to see Jupiter in a new sign, in particular.

This change of sign is called the Jupiter Ingress and my astrologer friends on Twitter stay up late for it, if they have to. I have welcomed many a Jupiter Ingress in my pajamas with a bemused boyfriend wondering why all the lights just went on at 3.46am while I’m aiming a bottle of Bollinger at the ceiling.

Jupiter in Real Life

The astrologer Patric Walker had Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House. He was the King of Sun Sign astrology for a younger generation (he was not in his first flush of youth when he became famous) and held court for billions of readers when he pushed his Leo Jupiter and ruled a vast global kingdom of younger horoscope fans. He left the legacy of his personality, fine standards and brilliant technique to all his ‘heirs to the throne’ in the business. Patric worked his Leo Jupiter and it worked for him.

If you have Jupiter in Leo, you will find your buried treasure when you also become Queen or King of a particular kingdom, made up of the heirs to your throne.

BARACK OBAMARAWPIXEL 240x300 - Jupiter In Your Astrology Chart

Barack Obama has Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups. He got lucky when he joined the Democrats.

The United States of America (see the chart below) has Jupiter in Gemini, the sign which rules communication. Hollywood and the Internet are lucky for her.

Do you have Jupiter in Aries in the First House? Push yourself as a brand. Self- promotion works well for you. Become instantly identified with what you are pushing or promoting. Caricature yourself and enjoy it, because it’s going to work well for you.

Your USP will become the USP of your product or your project if you have Jupiter in Aries in your First House of image. Got long legs? Use them!

Both John Cleese and Bob Geldof have this Jupiter sign. They walk their talk, and talk their walk, and it’s made them rich and famous.

Jupiter protects. It’s your safety net. No matter how many mistakes you make, or how awful life can be in other ways – your Jupiter sign and house will always stand you in good stead. Jupiter is astrological insurance.

Bill Clinton has Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House which rules his marriage to Hillary. She is his luck factor, no matter what. His horoscope says, he was blessed when he married her. Bill Clinton has a lot of factors in Libra and the Seventh House. It’s complicated. His marriage to her has not been straightforward to say the least, but she never gave up on him. Lucky!

Coco Chanel had Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules real estate. Have you seen those photographs of her apartment? Cancer rules patriotism as well as property. Chanel went from being just another face in the fashion and perfume world, to a superstar, when she made France and the French her inspiration. Paris is Chanel and Chanel is Paris. Her city became her lucky brand.

Do you have Jupiter in Sagittarius? Try taking your talent, skills and expertise overseas. Think about taking it worldwide. Don’t stay stuck at home with a domestic audience and market. Sagittarius is about foreign travel.

In common with many astrologers, I have read for some famous people over the years. Astrologers have a code of ethics which means we never talk about the content of those readings. I always began with Jupiter. Famous people are just like you and me, they want to know the good bits. What amazed me was how they intuitively ‘did’ their Jupiter. No wonder they became the biggest and the best.

Once you find out your Jupiter sign and house, get to know it in some depth as it contains many layers of meaning and possibility, all worth exploring over your lifetime. This is also where you can rise to become the biggest and the best, if only for a day or two every 12 years.

It is your Jupiter achievements which are usually the most dazzling in your life, but if you look at all those charts of the great and good gathered by Rodden, Clifford and Schofield (also the biggest and best in the field of data collection astrology) you will soon see something striking.

Every single prominent person began using his/her Jupiter natal placement from a young age. You don’t just sit on your bottom, open up your hands and wait for the goodies. Be proactive. Maximise your optimism.

Edited extract from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams.

Main Picture: Jupiter/Rawpixel

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30 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please guide what areas of my life should i be exploring to maximize around what time frames. Thanks in advance.


    1. A really simple rule which will work all your life is to welcome who/what is new when Jupiter enters a new zodiac sign. So, as Jupiter moves into Aquarius and the Eleventh House of your chart within days, starting with a real bang, with The Great Conjunction in Aquarius (at the same degree and sign as Saturn) you may want to put December 21st, 22nd in your diary as the time to join a group, or reboot a group involvement. Perhaps more than one circle of people, too. Friendship old and new is also very much favoured at this time. Jupiter will move into Pisces and your Twelfth House a few months later, which I will give you exact timing for, in your extended weekly Premium Member forecast, and as this cycle is about religion, hypnosis, Reiki, mediumship, Tarot, dream interpretation, counselling, therapy and spirituality, if you find your own path then, or deepen the one you are on, it will benefit you. The middle of 2021 is a real sea change in that regard.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    Fascinating that Jupiter stays in Aquarius for only 5 months!
    Could you please help me understand what it means for me? I imagine my 27 Aquarius Ceres placement is most relevant here, which trines my Sat-Plu-Asc triple conjunction, sextiles my Neptune, and is in semisextile with Diana and Aesculapia. That’s as far as I got. Merry Christmas!

    1. Jupiter spends a great deal more time in Aquarius than that – it is a two-step, interrupted by Jupiter’s quick move to Pisces. Ceres in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is about the groups, social circles, networks of friends and clubs, teams or societies which you supply. You are outside them but they need you. It’s rather like Twitter, where many people with Aquarius factors (according to my observation) are like satellites circling the other constellations. People do better, achieve more, find their common purpose and produce amazing results together with your assistance. Yet, you occasionally have to step down, come down and climb down, as there are changes in the balance of power, or even critical moments of transformation. Jupiter actually solved Ceres’ problems with Pluto for her by bringing about a new system for her, with a compromise share agreement. As Saturn will also pass Ceres, you’d have to expect this is about a cluster of people with a common cause and there will be a dramatic switch in rights, roles and responsibilities which benefits you.

  3. I have Jupiter at 0’57” Aquarius, in the fifth house (Placidus).
    It is the only planet I have in Aquarius, yet I feel very “Aquarian” in many ways (but then, both of my parents were Aquarians, so that may have something to do with it). Typically “Aquarian” attitudes and activities do feel natural to me, and I thrive in them. (Give me a computer to repair and I’ll be happy – and no, I don’t work in IT – and I can’t stand conventional, stereotypical thinking and acting.)

    Yet transiting Jupiter conjunct my natal Jupiter is one of the few transits I’ve come to fear. Every time the conjunction was exact (or almost), a close relative died, and the rest if the year wasn’t good either. (In fact, 2008/09 were unimaginably horrible – the absolute worst so far – at the material level).

    I hope it was just a coincidence.
    And (even though it sounds as a non sequitur) I hope this world becomes a kind and happy place for all living beings.

    1. Your Jupiter Return in Aquarius has nothing to do with relatives dying but I cannot see your chart so can’t really comment further, and you don’t give a birthday. The Great Conjunction in Aquarius will empower the United Nations after a long period without power or control, which is good to see, and bring about new communities of nations, outside the European Union, who agree on the Climate Emergency and COVID-19 measures. That may touch your life quite personally – around 21st December.

  4. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter 02° Aquarius 17′ 32″ R…this is my Jupiter Return? Can you tell me how the this placement will effect me on 21/12/20? Thank you and Merry Christmas. Kate x

    1. Merry Christmas Kate. Yes, this is your Jupiter Return. An opportunity to take full advantage of your natural gift for giving a community or network what it needs. You are never really on the inside of such social circles or groups, but very much essential to their existence as you pour in what you have – to great effect. For the first time in 12 years you find this makes a massive difference not only to their lives but to their own. People power is a precious thing but as Jupiter returns it’s memorably important and will result in the most breathtaking outcomes if you take the chance.

  5. Hi Jessica, I’ve been loving all the information leading up to this month and the great conjunction to happen shortly, partly because there seems to be a lot of activity lining up with my natal chart. Today I have Jupiter conjunct my natal sun ( Saturn has just left), but also panacea conjunct my natal Uranus and juno, Ops conjunct my natal mercury and Minerva, vesta conjunct my natal psyche and Ceres conjunct my natal Vesta. I’m wondering what to make of that? It seems rather busy a few hours before a new moon solar eclipse also. Finally I will have the great conjunction on my natal salacia and aspecting my natal cupido. Do you have any insight or advice?

    1. You may want to let the eclipse pass before you make judgements or take action, even though you are being spurred to act and judge by those other transits. Even Jupiter’s conjunction to your Capricorn Sun in the Tenth House of success, status, achievement and ambition can be less useful, immediately, with an eclipse nearby. For example, we just saw a Google blackout. That is typical of an eclipse. In general, though, what December 2020 and in fact the year 2021 are all about is the end of a very difficult time, in terms of your title, image, appearance, reputation and profile. It has involved enormous patience and effort, but close to the 18th of December, you can farewell the last 2-3 years. 2021 will look and feel so much lighter, brighter and easier and you are now in a position to save or make money.

  6. Hi Jessica
    These wonderful articles send me down a wonderful path of exploring. It is so interesting but also quite complicated for me but these lessons are certainly helping. Unfortunately I try to cram learning everything at once and then get confused but I see I have Jupiter in Aries and will research that more. Wish I would’ve know this when I was younger. I will have Jupiter transiting my 8th house once he moves inTo Aquarius and I know this could be a good thing financially. I also see that around March 21,2021 Transiting Jupiter will conjunct my Saturn. What could this mean? would love to know how best to prepare! Thank you for everything!!

    1. Astrology takes years to learn and we have plenty of time. I am still learning all these years later. When Jupiter transits your Saturn at 21 Aquarius in the Eleventh House there is hope, healing and breakthrough for you, with a group, circle or community of people. It’s really about the walls you put up, or defences you built (a shell) to make yourself feel more secure, based on past difficult experience with clubs, teams, societies, associations or just the social round. Possibly Facebook if you are even a member. What happens when Jupiter comes along, gives you sweeping answers to some quite old and complex questions about how to work around/with clusters of people, and what emerges will change your life if you let it.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I was wondering if you could advise me on how best to work with my Jupiter in 2021 (and beyond!) – I have Jupiter at 27 degrees Cancer, with True Node and Apollo at 27 degrees Virgo. Could really do with some good news, as my lovely dog suddenly became ill and died a few days ago – so many people have had much worse losses this year, but I’m really feeling the impact to myself and on the whole family. Animals tend to help keep us human sane, I always think!

    Hope you are feeling a good deal more festive than I am! Thank you in advance.and Merry Christmas.

    Love and light,

    1. I am sorry you lost your animal friend, but dogs continue in spirit, as I am sure you know. It’s very sad when they leave us, and I am sure you also know you are experiencing the end of Saturn in Capricorn, and he did in fact transit 27 Capricorn and oppose your Jupiter in Cancer (your household and home) and trine your Apollo in Virgo (which rules small animals). Saturn is out of your life from 18th December and you will experience Jupiter at 27 Pisces trine natal Jupiter at 27 Cancer in 2022 and love the new beginning – again, for home and household.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for keeping us hopeful, entertained and informed throughout this past year. Birthday on the Solstice – and Great Conjunction – so with saturn/moon in Aquarius, thinking it’s time to get ‘me’ back after 8 years of medical treatment and the last a hell year of G.I. issues… So wishing the best of everything to all the Christmas birthdays and ’63/’64 vintages! Your wisdom and insight is much appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much and I hope you can join us for The Great Conjunction as you need to listen to the message for people with Aquarius factors. You will see huge healing and progress in 2021 as Jupiter is a remarkable planet to have cycling through your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Better friendships, new friends, new social life expansion, the life-changing impact of people power, will all make next year unforgettable.

  9. Hi Jessica
    I have just been offered a one off babysitting job, although I’m hoping it leads to more work from the family. It’s the first job I’ve had in literally 12 months! Any insights into how I’ll fare job/money wise please?
    Thank you!

    1. I think I have written about this before, but it is the right path for you. Just look back at previous replies for any specific notes. But yes, this is the path to the new world and you can put some of the disappointments behind you. One foot in front of the other.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I will have my Jupiter return this year, and I also have moon, Salacia, and Panacea (from Jupiter family) in the same sign (Aquarius). How best can I use this period of benevolence?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Things will happen very quickly for you, so make the most of who/what appears with your social life, old friendships, group commitments, new introductions, team efforts or organised networks – from this weekend, actually. You will find that Jupiter’s transit of your Eleventh House of people power changes your life for the better as it triggers so many factors in your chart. Even Saturn also in the Eleventh House is just a tool for useful transformation, as every obstacle you jump, offers you a reward further up. By Christmas 2021 you will look back at what you’ve achieved and realise you’ve altered your own path in life, very successfully. From 2023 what you began, will bring you quite a lot of control and empowerment, if you work the situation with a particular friend or group, but that is another story. New friends you make by March are meant to be. You will always be a little outside the situation with them or slightly apart but they need you!

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I’m excited for Jupiter to transit Pisces and high five all the planets and asteroids I have there. Would love your take on that. But my pressing question is: Jupiter and Saturn conjunct Venus and Jupiter in Gemini in my natal chart: what does the conjunction and the natal placement have to do with my career? Most people turn to love/relationships with Venus, but I’m not particularly interested in that right now. I’m most interested in ascending in my career (writing/books/film and a new ad(vocacy) agency).

    Thank you for your insight, Jessica!

    1. Jupiter at 21, 22 degrees of Aquarius in 2021 will trigger your 21, 22 degree placements, both in terms of writing and also finance. There is a whole pattern in your chart about that, and every so often, it is activated. Agents, scriptwriting, publishing and aspects of communication you have not tried yet, work to your total advantage next year. The year may begin slowly as Mercury Retrograde is with you but it picks up sharply mid-year. As these things are developed over time, success comes in layers, not just with one project, but I suspect two or three. There is karma here too as the Nodes go through your Third House of internet and Ninth House of books, and what you have done for others in the past without expectation of reward, ironically enough is about to reward you.

  12. Thank you for reply, Jessica. I wasn’t necessarily expecting one, so I am all the more grateful for it.

    I was born at 29 degrees Pisces – at a time of another jupiter/Saturn conjunction. So, now not only can I look forward to the Dynamic Duo hitting my natal conjunction, but also to Pluto approaching my natal Saturn. Lucky me.
    Obviously (I hope!), I am not expecting you to analyse the situation for me; but it might be interesting for others who are in the same boat. You’d think that many astrologers would have written about this particular situation – a conjunction hitting the natal conjunction (plus Pluto!) – but no, no luck so far.

    Anyway, thank you again. You’ve become my go-to astrologer lately.

    All the best.

    1. So you have Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn both at 29 Pisces and are set to experience a sextile from Pluto at 29 Capricorn, eventually, and closer to home, you will experience your Jupiter Return at 29 Pisces in the year 2022. This is about religion, spirituality, counselling, therapy, astrology and/or the psychic world. It involves going within and it will help you get over some obstacles which belong to the past. Pluto will transform the situation. I think the year 2022 will be a game-changer for you. Shifting on the inside.

  13. Dear Jessica,
    So prophetic, the prediction about the cover ups. Prince Andrew was seen with Peter Nygard in 2000.
    I have never come across such precision in world events from an astrologer. (#ORACLEJESSICA)

    SORRY to bother you.

    Thank you for answering my questions in Conscious Cafe.

    From what you wrote, may be I will lose my home to developers. They pay little.

    Their lawyers are sharks.

    Jupiter And Saturn opposite my natal Venus in Cancer!! ( Natal 11th house)

    (When I see plantations, I get the sense that you own them )

    I wish you and your team the best.
    I wish you an amazing , happy and fun Christmas. Millions are grateful.

    1. Tillie, I didn’t realise Prince Andrew had been seen with Peter Nygard. We are now looking at the conclusion of the Epstein-Maxwell drama aren’t we. Thanks so much for your comments. You are unlikely to lose your home to developers unless your Venus in Cancer (in the Fourth House in the Natural House system) is directly opposed by transiting Pluto, but you would know that. Pluto is eventually gone from Capricorn in 2023 of course. It’s funny about the plantations. I do have a very modest couple of vegetable and herb beds but mostly eaten by wallabies!

  14. Hi Jessica – I have Jupiter in Scorpio and have recently reconnected with someone from my past (12/22/77) – we worked together about 10 years ago. He lives in NY and contacted me on my birthday this year. One of the first things he said to me was, he has always been enamored with me, told me he had a stable job and just bought a house and then said I should move there with my daughter to start a life together. He has a pension because he works for LIRR and other benefits as a combat injured army vet (he was a para trooper and was deployed twice during war time). My daughter is 13 and will be going to high school next year, so this will affect her greatly if I decide to make a move spring/summer 2021. I have no idea what to do, I feel like my life has been so unstable for so long I don’t remember what it feels like to have both feet on the ground thriving instead of surviving. Can you please help, advice, guidance, timeline. What should I do? Thank you for helping this worried libra. p.s. I only mention all that stuff above because I think my Jupiter placement has to do with others peoples money and resources benefiting me. I really do appreciate your help.

    1. If someone from your past comes back into your life and immediately invites you and your 13-year-old daughter to go and live with him in New York, you do have to look at Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finances/sex and money/property and partnership. He’s an army veteran so you’d also be looking at Mars. Can this possibly wait until after January 6th for an answer? From that point forward you will have a better idea about where he stands and if he’s going to change or delay any of what you’ve spoken about. This has been very, very fast which is typical of a Mars transit, but it’s retrograde, so going backwards and forwards, which is why a choice after January 6th is more useful for you, when the cycle stops. My concern is the long term and your daughter. Does he have children of his own? If so, those sons or daughters would be a huge part of the story and need to be factored in. You don’t give your daughter’s chart, but from 2023 as she is approaching adulthood you’ll have to account for the decisions you made in 2021, if you decided to move. You want, need and deserve happiness but I think this is so intensely personal for both of you, and there are so many unanswered questions about the role children (even a former girlfriend’s children) play in his life that you might gain from reading the cards for yourself too. Have a look at Your Oracle (the guidebook on this site) and also The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook and work your way around your most private questions. He is a man in a hurry and you have to ask why. That would be one of my first questions to an army man on Mars Retrograde.

  15. Hi Jessica
    I have 11th house Capricorn and 12th house Aquarius both empty. what does this mean? thanQ athena

    1. Capricorn rules your Tenth House and Aquarius rules your Eleventh House, in the Natural House System. If you have nothing in either sign, it just means your personality and destiny is not defined by career, and nor is it defined by friends and groups. Other aspects of your existence, say who you are.

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