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Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology Forecast

What does the Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology Forecast reveal about PM Scott Morrison and his church, or the Liberal National Party, In April? Why is local travel for campers, hikers and bushwalkers set to boom? What month will New Zealand seal a deal with Australia?

Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology Forecast

Every Boxing Day, December 26th, I look at the year ahead for Australia. Isn’t it incredible how much has changed in 10 months? We are starting 2021 with the gates firmly shut against Sydney, for a start.

At the end of 2020, the Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, finds Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has closed the Queensland border to NSW and in Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews has done the same. And that’s just two Premiers.

As you might know, I work as a professional psychic, but also an astrologer. When I look at Australia I see PM Scott Morrison with fish surrounding him. That is the fish of the Christian church. I can also see boats around him. Now – is that the Ruby Princess? Or is it two ships with one COVID-19 case each, on Sunday 27th December 2020, as I publish this feature? I am talking here about the men with the virus diagnosed on the HMAS Kuttabul at Elizabeth Bay, near Kings Cross – and HMAS Rushcutters, at Edgecliff. He begins the year 2021 all at sea.


wetxkeilmom 600x400 - Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology Forecast

Gladys Berejiklian, NSW and the States – March

We are back to border closures and more restrictions within Sydney and NSW in March. Watch the Victoria-NSW border. Why? Sydney was founded on 26th January 1788 at 5.21am with Neptune at 21 Libra. Libra rules partners and Melbourne is Sydney’s partner. Neptune moves to 21 Pisces on Sunday 21st March. We also have Chiron at 8 Aries sextile Chiron at 8 Gemini and of course Gemini rules short journeys. Check the fine print on flight or ferry bookings for March if it involves NSW.

PM Scott Morrison Crisis – April 2021

This looks like a leadership spill within the Liberal National Party government or a Horizons church issue. It is a critical month for Morrison and as it is Easter there will be timely questions asked about his chances of a resurrection.

The Good News for Australia in 2021

jegqpfkhewy 480x600 - Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology ForecastThe good news for Australia in 2021 is New Zealand. The two nations, the Land of the Long White Cloud, and the land of the Australian Backpacker, will finally be ready to open up an air bridge and two-nation bubble.

There is a potential problem with one air route, or quarantine strategy, however, which must be addressed by both countries to avoid a crisis. Otherwise those high hopes for the two nations will not carry through. If both nations can fix that, this is good news.

Beyond New Zealand, within Australia, the travel and tourism industry will be reborn with a focus on the great outdoors, budget holidays and hiking, camping and bushwalking. If you’re a frequent Patagonia shopper you’ll love 2021.

Local, regional and interstate holidays and vacations, even weekends, with a focus on the natural environment, will boom once people figure out the best way to travel.

Trade Deals 2021
Australia will use her long-standing relationship with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and her Japanese involvement, to pursue new deals in 2021 together with New Zealand. There is a major risk with the United States, though, that must be addressed to avoid a crash. Australia should look before she leaps into the brave new world of trade.

Australia and the World
There are real risks for Australia and her involvement with other countries in 2021, and she needs to remember that karma comes back. Australia in 2021? A Psychic Astrology Forecast just has to warn the nation about particular foreign countries.

There is karma from 1788 with her historic relationship with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There is karma from the Vietnam war. These are just two examples.

Australia is far better off thinking locally not globally in 2021. Export, foreign trade deals and tourism require extreme care or the outcome looks bad for the country. Going for the first option is not her best option. Australia needs time to research!

Looking at the South Node in Sagittarius (foreign people and places) and North Node in Gemini (flights, quarantine, immigration, export) you’d have to say Australia would be better off concentrating on interstate trade, a local economy and forgetting ‘the world’ as a whole. Yet within that new world there are amazing options, if her PM does the work.

Australia in 2021 – Every Month in Psychic Astrology

January – We will discover that Prince Andrew has had Australia in his sights. The Ruby Princess or another ship will again be the focus of the Australian media. Will the cruise ship COVID-19 tragedy of 2019 be enough to sink PM Morrison? It’s not going away. This ghostly ship I am seeing may also be HMAS Kuttabul or HMAS Rushcutters, both with COVID-19 cases.

February – A ‘special relationship’ trade agreement with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It’s possible that a deal with New Zealand will also be struck in February 2021. The old ANZ relationship means: “It’s time to talk.”

ylxqrypuwqg 600x405 - Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology Forecast

March – This is when Australia is at the greatest risk from hanging on to globalisation. She should turn back and focus on local and interstate trade, travel and economy. The nations she is considering deals or mutual arrangements with in March are ill-timed. We live in a world with a constantly mutating virus and trade, transport and travel conditions change all the time.

April – A huge economic prize is there for the taking in April 2021 for The Lucky Country. The value of the Australian dollar could be hugely boosted by events that month. Digital currency like Bitcoin may also be a rich answer for many Australians.

May – Australia will take the limelight with an opera-style singer (or someone with big enough lungs to sing opera) at the Eurovision Song Contest. She will be the centre of attention at the FIFA Under 20 World Cup with an amazing coach or captain.

June –
Women celebrate in politics, entertainment and culture. We may see an all-female sports team carry off a major victory. A group of very different women from all walks of life will dominate the front pages and feminism will score a huge hit. Are we talking Penny Wong or another champion of the sisterhood?

July – This is a month for mourning although there is hope for a better future. COVID-19 has not gone away and will make headlines again. We will see two or three famous Australians in the world of entertainment and/or sport lost to us in July.

August – The High Court of Australia and/or an international court of justice, will decide what is fair for the nation in a prominent case which makes front page news in August, from Canberra to the world.

7zb7kuyqg1e 1 600x400 - Australia in 2021 Psychic Astrology Forecast

September – Either Julia Gillard or Pauline Hanson (perhaps both) make headlines in September as we are reminded why one was Prime Minister and another has swung elections. A major battle could be on for both women, if it all goes further. Not necessarily with each other! Yet – I am seeing one or two women with red hair wearing Boadicea’s armour.

October – Australia will try to take her plans overseas without enough preparation and foresight in October and is risking an important project as a result. Our leadership in October is to blame if Australia does not do the homework first.

November – The Melbourne Cup could easily go to an owner or jockey who has won three other substantial cups on the circuit around the world, before but is not particularly motivated to win this one. There are major Melbourne Cup problems.

December – The year ends with another attempt to take an Australian project to the world, but it may fall over as quickly as it was proposed, without the right people in charge! Despite that, Merry Christmas 2021. The year 2022 is calling, but that’s another story.


That’s Australia in 2021 – Psychic Astrology forecast complete! Now over to you. What are you seeing for Australia next year?


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16 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica Compliments of the Season and wishing you a very Happy 2021. Thank you for this post, I was eagerly waiting to read it.
    I had a question Victoria is planning heavy investment into South Asia and also extending online studying opportunities to the sub-continent. Would love to hear your thoughts. I still have I think some karma with foreign students until 2022, Have I interpreted that correctly? Many thanks again Josxx

    1. Thank you. Victoria is right to look at South Asia and particularly Covid Zero countries like Taiwan. Yes, the new university and college world will take off in 2021 with the South Node in Sagittarius, and we are looking at radical new technology which helps remote study and teaching, and the development of new language translation and second language skills. I can’t see your chart, Jos, but if you have Sagittarius and/or Gemini factors, in 2021 up until January 2022 you will pick up good karma from past years but also past lives. You have perhaps lived or worked in another country and good karma from all you put into that place or its people will come back in surprising ways. The magic phrase is ‘English speaking’ for 2021 as the world map is redrawn and Victoria cleverly starts to look at New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and so on. Watch Hong Kong.

  2. Be great to see the Kiwi – Aussie combo back up and running Jessica. There’s a fundamental bond between the two countries, we are definitely 1st cousins and it would be nice if the politicians remembered that.

    1. I would love to have an astrology and Tarot event in Christchurch in 2021 as that old Hobart-Christchurch flight path is something we all remember fondly in Tasmania. Melbourne will become the go-between for New Zealand and Australia in the end.

  3. Morning Jessica, Always tune in to read your articles while the house is still asleep. It would be so wonderful to see a turnaround in how the Aust govt looks at the nations health, aged care, mental health, inequality, pumping in resources to address it. Do you see a move to a government that focuses on the way of life on the people as opposed to corporate interests at any stage? Thanking you. V

    1. Good morning and hope you are having a nice cup of tea. Yes, we are going to see a radically different government in Australia and it will happen rapidly. The Ruby Princess has not gone away and PM Scott Morrison is unaware or that, or ignoring it, but that particular ship has not sailed in 2021. In fact, the story of the 2020 admission of cruise ships carrying infected people into Australian ports will be (potentially) a tidal wave enquiry. It is possible it could sink him. The other issue is of course rising sea levels in Australia and flooding, which is of course caused by the climate emergency. I foresee a do-or-die moment in April. The other fascinating thing to watch is the partnership of two former Australian Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull. That is going to become a movement far greater than the campaign against Rupert Murdoch. Other politicians from all three parties: Green, Liberal National and Labour – will be drawn in. I am not discounting Penny Wong as a future PM of Australia.

  4. Hi Jessica

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .
    Well since you asked, I’m going to have a crack at an armchair amateur astrology prediction. The 1967 Australian chart on another of your posts really pings the great conjunction. Given our indigenous are a nation of tribes and Aquarius rules this, I going to put it out there that our First Nations people are going to get greater recognition at the very least or the Uluru Statement from the Heart will get up and they will be properly represented in Parliament.
    What do you reckon?

    1. You are bang on Sharlene. Thank you for your prediction. I had not even thought of that, but one of the greatest leaps forward for the world in our New Age of Aquarius will be the empowerment of indigenous people in the United Nations. About time too.

    1. Waving to wonderful New Zealand. My last predictions for that country were some years ago now, so I need to write a new feature. They have of course come to pass as the astrology always showed NZ would be a key player in 2020 world politics; of course NZ has become a model of elimination of COVID-19. Looking into 2021 and 2022, there will be a bridge/bubble agreement with Australia and Melbourne and Victoria will become the hub. You will find Hawaii considers separating herself from the rest of America, copying the NZ model and trying for a bridge-bubble with trade and travel. There is a risk Australia-NZ will lose it through carelessness, though, and I’ll talk more about that in a feature for an Australian website, in an interview with Ros Reines, which I will link to on Twitter in January.

  5. Hi Jessica

    Nice to see the predictions for Australia and I do hope it all leads to a government who will take climate change and the environment seriously at the federal level.

    Personally, I feel a little stuck in this island (though I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world in these pandemic times) and understand that international travel will look so different whether I like it or not. I’m skipping ahead a little bit do you think I will get to live elsewhere for a little while in 2022? I have completely discounted such thing in 2021 as I feel 2021 is a full focus on myself and finding stability on the extended family front.

    Thank you again for the Australian predictions. Always enjoy them.


    1. Thank you Shaolee. We will have a new Australian government who will co-operate with the United Nations on the climate emergency and I’m afraid history will not be kind to PM Scott Morrison, his government, and his lump of coal. You want to move in 2022? That’s really about anything you have in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, and of course Sagittarius in the Ninth House of international locations. Gemini rules short flights, so that’s closer to Australia: New Zealand is obvious. You will be given the power you need to do that in December 2021, so pretty close to the year you are hoping for. It would happen very quickly, involve a specific house or apartment, and very likely a key member of your household or family.

    1. Victoria becomes the middle state between New Zealand and Australia. So, we once we are over the NSW wave that is coming January-March, eventually the two nations will reach sensible agreement on trade, tourism and travel and it will be Melbourne that is the go-between city for the two countries.

  6. Hi Jessica
    I’m a Queenslander through and through. I really hope next year fares better for us all. On a personal front, I’m applying to university for an Bachelors degree and hope to have my application done by early January. What do you see in terms of the outcome?
    Thank you! X

    1. Hard to say specifics about the University of Queensland or that state in particular without having a bunch of charts to compare to yours, but in general, if you are grounded, focussed, have done your research about particular places and actually other states or distance learning internationally, you will have fantastic results with a BA or other useful qualification by 2022.

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