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UK Predictions 2021-2030

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been reborn, without the European Union. What does the rebirth astrology chart for the UK on 31st December 2020 in London at 12.30am (signed by HM the Queen) show? UK Predictions 2021-30 are amazing!

UK Predictions 2021-2030

Well, the United Kingdom predictions for 2021-2030 are now easier. We have a new UK astrology chart. The nation has many, based on different stages in her history. What is astonishing about the new United Kingdom astrology chart set for 12.30am on Thursday 31st December 2020 (when Her Majesty the Queen signed the EU-free country into law) is the ancient connections. This is the chart, courtesy of Astro.com, which shows she is a Capricorn. Ambitious. Traditionalist. Conventional. No change there. But what is really different, is Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. That shows the separation of the four nations within.


UK 2021 407x600 - UK Predictions 2021-2030

The United Kingdom Astrology Chart – After Brexit

What we have here is an astrology chart that confirms the nation will split into four (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) temporarily, to fight COVID-19, but perhaps permanently, as Scotland will leave. I told the Daily Mail that in 2021, the country would resemble her old self, at the time of the Roman Invasion, on 27th August 55 BC at 4.00pm on Walmer Beach, Deal.

The 55 BC Astrology Chart for Great Britain

We have a chart for that, which lines up perfectly with the new chart. In 55 BC we found Jupiter the lucky planet in Aquarius. When the United Kingdom was born again, after the European Union, Jupiter was again in Aquarius. This rules groups and friends. So, the four allies – England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

UK Predictions 2021-2030 in Astrology

Here we have a country that is a lot like the United Kingdom of the year 927 AD. We have an astrology chart for the UK set for 12th July 927AD at 12.00 noon in Eamont, near Penrith. This is the UK Unification chart. It shows Venus at 9 Cancer. The new reborn country has the Sun at 9 Cancer. That is an exact opposition. (Image: Yangki Suara, Unsplash).


td kzoejb 0 600x400 - UK Predictions 2021-2030


Scotland and Wales – Away From London Forever?

This is when Scotland surrendered and the Welsh later succumbed. What happens in 2021-2030 is a new spin on an old story. The four nations will close borders against each other, eliminate COVID-19 then selectively re-open to each other. However, Scotland may well depart permanently either because of a second referendum voting for independence – or for other, more complex reasons. In other words, constitutional change lets her leave, but stay!

Incredibly, the UK Coronation of William the Conqueror on 25th December 1066 at 12.00 noon in London shows a chart with the Sun at 9 Capricorn, lining up with the new UK astrology chart Sun at 9 Capricorn, and the 927 AD chart with Venus at 9 Cancer. June 3rd to 20th in the year 2035 brings Uranus to 9 Cancer. That is the temporary break-up of the whole island, politically and perhaps geographically: there may be earthquakes, erosion, flooding or similar.

UK Predictions 2021-2030 and Scotland

Astrology can and should be specific and date-stamped. No orbs and no vague guesses at dates. To do this we line up the charts to spot patterns. Again, on 3rd April 1603 at 1.30am in Richmond (the Dynastic Union of Britain and Scotland) we find that 9 degrees is important. The Moon is at 9 Capricorn, so in conjunction with the Sun in two other charts, and also with Venus.

The 10 Capricorn Hotspot in the British Horoscopes

This is extremely close, just one degree away, to the Sun at 10 Capricorn on 1st January 1801 at 00.00 LMT in Westminster, which shows the UK Union Astrology Chart.

We can start pulling in 9-10 degrees as a hotspot, and the 7th December 1922 chart set for 3.28pm in Westminster (the UK Reorganisation Astrology Chart) shows Pluto at 10 Cancer. That is highly significant.

Date-Stamped Turning Points for the New United Kingdom

Uranus at 10 Taurus is pretty obvious a sign of global economic shocks and surprises, affecting the new nation –  and he lands there from 19th April 2021 until May 6th. This is the first ‘shake’ in the nation’s seismic post-Brexit shift.

You’d have to say April 23rd, 24th, 25th 2021 was critical as an all-change date for the country,  because we also find Venus at 10 Taurus and Mercury at 10 Taurus. The North Node is heading for 10 Gemini and South Node heading for 10 Sagittarius, May 7th to July 13th – straight afterwards. You’d bank on electrical storms (Uranus rules the escape of lightning) 19th April to July 13th, 2021 which coincide with the radical departures, differences and revolutions within the country itself.

Ceres and the UK Chart on June 4th-5th 2021

Ceres is usually ignored by astrologers for some reason but I used her to predict Brexit against the odds. She is at 10 Taurus on June 4th and 5th 2021, and that’s in the same time frame. This is stormy global weather for currencies and economies, wildly unpredictable, that triggers some of the waves of change you’ll read about next at 10 Downing Street.

luqkrtiedlo 600x427 - UK Predictions 2021-2030


Flying High! UK Predictions 2021-2030

The old United Kingdom stands alongside the new United Kingdom of 2021. We have ancient Roman roads and watchtowers, alongside more recent buildings from the 1920’s and they all hold the island up. So, what happens for the country by 2030 has to hit all the charts. That means we are looking for 9 and 10 degree transits by the slow-moving outer planets, the Nodes – and particularly in Cancer and or Capricorn. (Trafalgar Square image: Mike Lacey, Unsplash).

UK Predictions 2021-2030 are easier once you begin with that, then work your way out into the other striking placements of the new, post EU Britain. What are the most striking things about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland between 2021 and 2030?

The Royal Family

God Save the King. The new King is good with money, was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, and has distinct left-wing tendencies, with a sharp line in defence against the right wing in politics. He is close to nature, loves the good life, flies the flag for the British wine industry and will be associated with a golden dawn for the nation. But is it William or Charles? You guess.

10 Downing Street and Female Power

UK Predictions 2021-2030 would not be complete without a good, long look at politics and the future of 10 Downing Street. On 2nd January 2021 as I write this, PM Boris Johnson has successfully led the nation past the historic 2016 vote for Brexit, into a thumping landslide victory for the Conservative party – and into power. Yet, we are in a pandemic. So what next? It is a woman, not a man, who heals the ailing nation. This will be the third female Prime Minister, or a ‘power behind the throne’ influencer.

r90orwfzebe 480x600 - UK Predictions 2021-2030


A Female Prime Minister?

By 2030 we will have either a successor to Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May, or an extremely powerful woman who is ‘the power behind the throne’ or right next to it, at 10 Downing Street, who takes on the NHS and fixes both the ailing National Health Service, from dentists to doctors – and also the soul of the nation itself. She will be green, politically, and connected, spiritually. She will attend to an ailing House of Windsor and problems for and with, the heirs to the throne, growing up fast.

London Town

What of London? We will see new rules for publicans as sweeping new laws ruling pubs and closing hours, capacity and legal limits come into the city and transform it. The Thames will be cleaned up so it is suitable for swimming and the boom in wild swimming over hotter summers and springs will bring a wonderful revolutionary detox for every river no matter how small or polluted. The country will seem closer to the city as nature thrives and parkland opens up.

London and her Sister City and Group

London will rejoin a group of other cities – allies and friends – or start a new collective between them all. Her ‘sister city’ will become her other half by 2030. The connection will be overground, not underground. Reached by water. The birth of The Thames will be the most obvious, dramatic, spectacular feature of the Twenties in London, along with her local waterways, ferries and ‘the new ferries’ too. It is possible that London will become part of a group of councils who form a new collective.

(Image: Jordhan Made, Unsplash).


0wzltetxe04 600x402 - UK Predictions 2021-2030

Space and Scattering in the Twenties

Most of all, what we see  in terms of UK Predictions 2021-2030 is many different nationalities and political groups who cannot agree. This will lead to scattering and ‘the new space’ as although some people may choose to set their differences aside and work really hard to build the new nation together, but some will give up and leave.

Particular cities and towns across the United Kingdom will see too many differences; too many individual groups – and co-operation may seem like such a hard ask, people will pack their bags.

Going Home Across the Channel

They may return to their home countries or just spread out across the nation, so that there are thousands of miles between them and everyone else. This is a classic sign of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius together and if the collective cannot join forces it will spread out and separate.

For some, it’s over the English Channel forever. We are also going to see tribal and political relocation, as people in one county or region realise they cannot overcome their differences and pack their bags and move on.

Over to you. I know many of you are professional astrologers and psychics. Have you already seen some of this? Can you add to it? What is this new chart telling you?

Main photograph: Emily Wang, Unsplash

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21 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year.
    Thank you for another interesting and insightful article. I was just watching the news and seeing how families in Hong Kong are either moving to Taiwan or the UK due to not agreeing with the current government and it seemed to echo what you were saying about those packing their bags and moving over the Channel.
    I also saw my birth chart resonated with this new UK chart. So many conjunctions or orbs with my natal chart. I have to say, I would love to move back to the UK if the Fates allow it.

    1. Yes, we are going to see Hong Kong but also Taiwan (Zero Covid) invest in the United Kingdom. The European Union will have infighting, but it is the rich input of Asian money into the UK which will supply her – abundantly so, actually. All these charts point to the same thing. You will certainly see the different tribes in the United Kingdom make choices to leave the country. I just answered another reader who wanted to know if the approximate 4 million Europeans in Britain would all return to their own countries. Well, astrology does not do numbers, but the chart does suggest that uniting as one, to replace and rebuild the nation, will be really hard work for some – so rather than keep on trying to do that, they will depart. You will have an opportunity to return to the UK between May-July and again in December, then again in 2022. It would be on their new terms of course, so you’ll have to accept all the new rules and regulations, but you may well say yes.

  2. Hi Jessica, happy new year! What do you see for the U.K. – Australia relationship? Will it become easier to live and work in each other’s countries?

    1. That’s a good question. Australia is still a constitutional monarchy and here we have a king who is decidedly green – and the Greens in Australia are a political force to be reckoned with. We also have a very new version of London which is interested in forming her own groups and alliances, creating friendships and duets, within the wider circle. There is also quite a divided nation, in terms of its very different tribes – nationalities and also political views. Even football loyalties. What you can see with this is commitment. There won’t be the old free and easy movement of people from Britain to Australia (my own days of spending half the year in each country are finished for the time being). Yet, if you are prepared to ‘marry’ the country in question and commit, you will be offered advantages and privileges to encourage you to stimulate trade and business between both. There may be tax concessions for example. That’s coming.

  3. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your predictions. I have been meditating on them whilst watching the snow fall.

    I may be completely off beam but it struck me that the use of ‘sister’ together with ‘water’ often denotes ships. Thus the Titanic had two sister ships, the Olympic and the Britannic – the latter of which sank in the Aegean Sea after hitting a mine during WWI. The lead ship, the Olympic, had a career spanning 24 years before being scrapped.

    Anyway, I googled it and came up with two ‘sister’ ships currently under construction – HMS Glasgow and HMS Cardiff. A third has been orderedby the Royal Navy and will be named HMS Belfast. The next batch of these type 26 frigates has also been announced and will be named HMS Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, London and Edinburgh.

    The Royal Australian Navy has ordered three, named Hunter, Flisman and Tasman; whilst the Royal Canadian Navy is currently planning to order one, but the name has not yet been chosen.

    So a group of eight British Global Combat Ships plus the four Australian and Canadian ships which could presumably be deployed by a Council based in London and Adelaide?

    I’d love to know what you think.

    1. That is a really interesting interpretation of London in the Twenties. I agree about the ships. I had not factored in the Royal Australian Navy or the Royal Navy, but it would make perfect sense that one offshoot of the new London is a new emphasis on sea power. In and around London, you can see why water transport will be chosen over the London Underground. For most Londoners the immediate focus will be the new, clean Thames – and the creation of outdoor swimming ponds, rivers and so on. The Serpentine is famous but it will become just one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of open-air swimming spaces. For other Londoners the focus will be on ships and shipping, as you say. Some of this is shown in the old historic charts for Great Britain. British sea power and ‘Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves’ are all suggested by these old horoscopes, being brought to life again in the Twenties.

  4. Happy New Year Jessica!
    What an interesting blog post! I especially find the prediction about Thames river swimming so exciting and uplifting!
    What do you see happening to brick and mortar shopping in London?
    Will we get everything online or will new types of immersive experiences be part of how we shop?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I work on a psychic level, as you know, and use my clairvoyance along with astrology to see the future. I am seeing the strong Aquarius signature in the new British chart (the water-bearer who supplied the Roman baths of the old empire in Britain) but also a particular vision of clear water in the Thames. In fact this looks like a sweeping transformation of all the waterways, rivers, ponds and so on. From The Serpentine to the areas of the river affected by sewage. Shopping is something I looked at a few years ago, when Uranus in Taurus was incoming (he arrived in 2018). It’s over by 2026, in its current form. Everything will go online and be delivered. This is of course expensive, so the market in recycled, secondhand and used goods will skyrocket and open air markets will replace the old shopping centres. This also has the advantage of being easier and faster, as supply chain shortages, particularly from China, will be a problem. There will be immersive online shopping experiences as you predict, and you will be able to create an online body double of your size, height and shape – to try on clothes and shoes for you. The vacant shops will be converted into eBay shops, selling just one product – so, for example, you’ll be able to go to the eBay Women’s Shoe Store and choose, just as you used to with a chain like Russell & Bromley in London. The pop-up shop or pop-up market will become a normal part of daily life. This all suits the Uranus in Taurus cycle. If you realise we last saw this during the war, when rationing was normal and goods would suddenly appear, then disappear (depending on erratic shipments) you’ll get a stronger sense of what is ahead. This cycle ends in 2026 so we have about six years of these developments, but it is the end of manufacturing and mass consumption and so helps also end the climate emergency.

  5. Dear Jessica, fascinating as ever. Are you suggesting some of the four million eu residents will return across the channel or unhappy remainers? Will London twin with Paris or Copenhagen if it is a water connection? I must admit I do not think the brexit remain division will heal for many years despite pleas by Johnson and Gove.
    Is that what you are implying? I for one will not forget the bitterness ever
    The first casualty for me are the unfortunate covid sufferers in UK where the NHS is overwhelmed as you predicted for this Jan andwho will not be able to be flown Northern France where hospital beds are empty.Other EU countries have been sharing patients across borders where they have capacity. What does the William conqueror chart mean in relation to today given that was the last French Scandinavian invasion of the UK?⁷

    1. Thank you. Saturn and Jupiter together in Aquarius take us back to the days of the Roman invasion in ‘Britannia’ and Aquarius is the sign which rules all the tribes. Some of the (almost) four million Europeans in the United Kingdom, not to mention the Remain tribe, will work out their differences and start the rebuilding and replacement work ahead. Others will not be able to reconcile their differences and depart – either scattering across the country and spacing out, as happened before – or going back home to Europe over the English Channel (which also happened). It sounds like you are more interested in politics than astrology. I’ll go back to this feature and add more specific details about the new London (and the Thames fit to swim in), later.

  6. Hi Jessica & team,
    Thank you for your tireless efforts to communicate all your insights.
    My Q, Manchester England has been one of the few cities to stand in opposition to Boris J & Westminster politicians to fight for Northern recognition & its nuances.
    I’m a proud Mancunian for its heritage of hard work, music & suffragette movement.
    What does the future hold for Manchester and it’s mayor, Andy Burnham?

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to everybody here. I would not be at all surprised if Andy Burnham became a shining star in a cross-party crisis leadership team. As you say, Manchester is a very special city. It remains to be seen if PM Johnson will pull that coalition of different leaders together, or be challenged by a rival who believes they can do it better. I’ll be interested to see if Labour also acquires a new leader and if that turns the key in the lock.

  7. Dear Jessica, Happy New Year! and thank you for your insights.
    These four years run up to brexit have thrown me a bit off course. I do have the permanent settled status, but to be honest even if i had a British passport I still would not feel “settled”. Maybe I am too sensitive but those words from the last two PMs – “citizen of nowhere” and “they treat the UK as their own country” really made me sad, because yes this country for me has always been the home country I choose as home and not by mere birthright. And I am guessing all that Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces weather for years to come is not going to stabilize the situation. Could you tell me if there is any upside and where in my horoscope in the next few years- if you cannot see my chart my dob is 9 Dec 1960 and my Asc is also Sagittarius.

    1. Happy New Year. I can see your birth chart here. You’ll have some marvellous choices about home, home town and homeland between May and July, December and for several months in 2022, when you can either finally settle (in a more settled way) or relocate. Your priority will be escaping and the environment you need to experience a total departure will be on offer to you then, no matter if it’s a particular region or country, or just a very special house or apartment.

  8. Happy new year jessica.i find you fascinating. Have read lot about you and wish I had seen you on thus morning. I’m in turmoil.i am afraid take vaccine.some family said I should and others up to me.do you see if I gave effects if I have as read about others and scared.im 63 soon.

    1. It’s up to you. I understand why you might be scared. But Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip have just had the jab. So there you go. Royal approval.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Happy New Year!! I have always been fascinated by your prediction. I am wondering what’s the impact of house prices in the uk, with such positive results with Brexit, will house prices increase in 2021? Thank you so much

    1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will break into four nations by 2022 and house and flat prices will rise or fall, depending on which of the nations you are in. Brexit will be very successful, but you are going to find massive change with property partly because millions will – ironically – leave. That is leave, without the capital L. Watch London.

  10. Thank you very much !! Jessica , I felt excited to see your reply. I never thought you would reply my question. My heart melts. Stat safe .

  11. I saw today that Nicola Sturgeon is talking about getting a referendum if she wins a majority for the SNP in the next elections in May, regardless of what Boris Johnson thinks (though this could be an inflammatory headline).
    I know you have said before that Scotland will go independent, and you mention it again here – but I wondered if you have any more detail on timings, or stumbling blocks that will happen. I am half Scottish and half English so I’m genuinely curious as to how this will all pan out.

    1. This could go any number of ways. We don’t have an accurate time, place and date of birth for PM Johnson that is AA verified, unfortunately. Scotland herself is easier; we have the old charts for the nation. She’ll leave the United Kingdom. It’s unclear if this is temporary, with a return to the UK once she’s reached Zero Covid (or Low Covid) – and controlled her borders and quarantine. The economic situation in 2022, 2023 might decide if this is a permanent departure or just for a year or two. Johnson must decide if he can form a cross-party, cross-nation alliance leadership group and that really depends on Nicola Sturgeon’s fortunes and opinions. If he cannot do it, another leader might.

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