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2021 Astrology Events With Jessica

2021 Astrology Events With Jessica Adams take place on Zoom, on YouTube and also in person, at selected venues in Australia. They are always free, although as a Premium Member you have preferential booking on the waiting list. Special guests in 2021 include Jane Teresa Anderson, Tara Buffington, Natalie Delahaye, Debbie Frank and Stephanie Johnson. Add these dates to your 2021 calendar now.

2021 Astrology Events With Jessica

Attend YouTube Premieres (and ask professional psychic and Tarot expert Tara Buffington questions, in real time). Come to sociable Zoom gatherings and meet some of the best astrologers, psychics and dream experts in the world. Make new friends. Jessica’s events are always free, but you must waitlist at Meetups. Numbers are limited for live and Zoom events, and first preference always goes to Premium Members. Thank you.

Waitlist Free for Jessica’s 2021 Astrology Events Here

Choose your nearest time zone to attend Jessica’s 2021 Astrology Events on YouTube and Zoom and meet other people who share your interests. Special topics in 2021 also include Tarot, Jung and dreams.

Astrology and Tarot America

This Meetup is based in New York but we’ll be with you across America on most time zones.

Astrology and Tarot Australia

This Meetup is based in Hobart and is usually friendly to most Australian or NZ time zones.

Astrology and Tarot Great Britain

London Calling! Join this Meetup to take part in YouTube and Zoom sessions across the U.K. Find other people in Britain and around the world who share your interest in horoscopes, Tarot or dreams. (Image: Austin Distel, Unsplash).


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Sunday 14th March – Time, Prediction and Dreams

Join Jessica and special guest, dreams expert and author, Jane Teresa Anderson, at an in-person event at beautiful Salamanca Place in Hobart, on Sunday 14th March, from 2pm-6pm, to look at time, prediction and dreams. Jessica Adams and Jane Teresa Anderson will also launch a Time Prediction and Dreams YouTube premiere, free, to accompany the event. (L-R: Jane Teresa Anderson, Jessica Adams, Dr. Maria Kempinska, Alicia Richardson.)


Jane Teresa Anderson 600x600 - 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica Jessica Adams Studio 65 February 24 2021  365x600 - 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica Dr. Maria Kempinska 442x600 - 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica


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Join Jane Teresa, Jessica, Maria and Alicia in March 2021

In addition to the YouTube premiere, you can join Jane Teresa Anderson and special guest, Dr. Maria Kempinska MBE, in an exclusive Time, Prediction and Dreams Zoom gathering.

Originally Britain’s leading comedy club founder, Dr. Maria helped launch the careers of Eddie Izzard, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Graham Norton before graduating with an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing. She is an expert on the work of Dr. Carl Jung, who (as Jessica discusses at the YouTube Premiere) remains the biggest name in science for the world of astrology, Tarot and dream interpretation.

The live event in Hobart for a maximum of 30 guests, will be held on Sunday 14th March 2021 from 2.00pm to 6.00pm in the stunning and spacious Founders Room, Salamanca Arts Centre, Level 2/77 Salamanca Place, Hobart. (Entry via Woobys Lane). Your host will be Alicia Richardson from The Astrology Show. (L-R: Tara Buffington, Stephanie Johnson, Natalie Delahaye).

Friday 9th April – Aries Weather and Your Horoscope

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Stephanie Johnson - 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica

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The Aries weather is coming in April 2021, but how will your horoscope be affected? As Chiron and Salacia in Aries turn one area of your life into a holiday from the real world, if you know the astrology secrets, you can have an intriguing month. Join Jessica Adams at a YouTube Premiere to look at your zodiac sign and personal birth horoscope with Tarot cards from Tara Buffington.

A special Aries Weather Zoom gathering after the YouTube Premiere has finished will follow with two of the world’s best-known astrologers, Stephanie Johnson and Natalie Delahaye.

Special Guest Natalie Delahaye Natalie Delahaye, Sun Sign School tutor, acclaimed astrologer and hypnotherapist, will join us for this Zoom after-event for students. Natalie has been featured several times in The Daily Express and on CNN World News and was the first astrologer to obtain the birth time of Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge after a guest at the royal wedding commissioned a chart for Prince William and Kate.

Special Guest Stephanie Johnson Stephanie Johnson, Sun Sign School tutor and Co-director of Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd, the creators and international publishers of the Solar Fire suite of astrology software, joins us for this Zoom after-event for students. Stephanie is the author of the Solar Fire and Solar Writer Astrology Reports and holds a BA in Journalism, the FAA Practitioners Certificate, FAA Diploma, the Cert. Medieval Astrology and Master of Science in Esotericism.

Tuesday 11th May  – The Taurus Weather

Uranus in Taurus will turn one area of your life into a radical new space for freedom, independence and revolutionary change, if you know the astrology secrets. Join Jessica Adams at a YouTube Premiere to look at your zodiac sign and personal birth horoscope with Tarot cards from Tara Buffington.

You can join Jessica in an exclusive Taurus Weather Zoom gathering after the YouTube Premiere has finished with Stephanie Johnson and Debbie Frank, astrologer to Diana, the Princess of Wales. 

debbie frank - 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica
Special Guest Debbie Frank

Debbie Frank (above) will join Jessica and Stephanie for this outstanding Zoom after-event in May. Debbie has written horoscopes and columns for the Daily Mail online, Sunday Express, Hello, Instyle, Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror. Her media reach also includes BBC2’s Steve Wright Show where she is a frequent guest astrologer. Debbie’s most famous client was the late Princess Diana and Debbie became one of her inner circle in 1989 and they remained steadfast friends up until her death. Debbie is the author of Birth Signs, Baby Signs and her most recent book, published by Penguin Books – Debbie Frank’s Cosmic Order Guide to Life, Love and Happiness.

Thursday 22nd July – The Leo Weather

In July and August, Psyche, the Sun, Mercury and Fortuna will all pass through the zodiac sign of Leo. One department of your world is about to shift for quite some time. Join Jessica Adams at a YouTube Premiere to look at your zodiac sign and personal birth horoscope with Tarot cards from Tara Buffington. Jessica and Tara will answer questions live on YouTube. Special Guests: Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson. 

Wednesday 15th December – The Sagittarius Weather

On 15th December Mars in Sagittarius forms a rare conjunction with the South Node of karma, also in Sagittarius. How are you affected? Join Jessica Adams at a YouTube Premiere to look at your zodiac sign and personal birth horoscope with Tarot cards from Tara Buffington. Special Guests: Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson.

Wednesday 29th December: Pisces Weather 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Jupiter enters Pisces for the longest time now, where he will stay in 2022, bringing breakthroughs, solutions, progress and happy endings. Together with Neptune in Pisces, this is an historic cycle for you not possible in decades. How are you affected? Join Jessica Adams at a YouTube Premiere to look at your zodiac sign and personal birth horoscope with Tarot cards from Tara Buffington. We will also have a Christmas Zoom after-event with some amazing astrologers. Special Guests: Natalie Delahaye, Stephanie Johnson, Debbie Frank. As this is the last of the 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica you can expect some Christmas presents at the session.


Jessica will also talk at ticketed events online in 2021, which require paid booking, below.

Change Your Luck! Jupiter in Pisces

The Conscious Cafe, London – Tuesday 30th March 2021, 11.00am to 12.30pm

This will be one of the most popular of the 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica as everyone wants to see Jupiter change signs in their chart. Jupiter is the lucky planet in astrology and he joins Neptune in Pisces, in unique patterns not seen since 1855 and 1856. Jupiter is about opportunity, hope, growth, expansion and progress. Neptune is about the holiday from reality we all need in 2021-2022.  How will you be affected by these stunning patterns? If you have your personal birth chart bring it along and a pen to write down dates.  Jessica Adams will also talk about the impact of this wonderful new cycle on the 12 Sun signs in 2021 and 2022. You will have a sneak preview of the cycle to come today, Tuesday 30th March, as Neptune in Pisces is exactly conjunct Mercury in Pisces. Book now at The Conscious Cafe.

Use Astrology and Tarot to Predict the Future

Sydney Astrological Research Society – Wednesday 7th April, 7.00pm

Join Jessica in a live Tarot card reading, showing how to combine your astrological chart with a single card, to give instant information about your past, present and potential future. The Smith-Waite Tarot was created by two people trained in astrology, Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite. In this Zoom session you will find out how to use the free Tarot readings on Jessica’s website along with your transits, to confirm what you see. Please bring along any Smith-Waite deck on the night if you have one and together we’ll predict April in Australia. This Sydney Zoom gathering is for Tarot readers as well as astrologers, as part of 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica. Book here.

Animal Astrology and Psychic Pets  

Sunday April 11th 10.00am to 11.15am

It’s National Pets’ Day across Britain, and The Conscious Cafe in London will host a special Zoom with Jessica, you (and your cat, dog, or other animal friend). Earlybird tickets £8 plus commission. Standard tickets £10 plus commission. On the door £12 plus commission.Every ticket price will include a recording to be sent to you afterwards

This is a unique ConsciousCafe event with astrologer and psychic Jessica Adams for lovers of astrology and pets (Image: Tran Mau, Unsplash). Join Jessica Adams and some very special guests including Rachel Wells (author of the Sunday Times bestselling Alfie series) in this fun online event which will enable you to meet people’s pets all around the world and discover all kinds of delicious secrets about your pet that you never knew before.

Animals have Sun signs too. You are invited to photograph your friend’s paws for a complimentary psychic Pawmistry reading. Find out how to decode your animals’ paws and about animal healing. Even, discover the best dates in 2021 to adopt from a shelter. We will finish with a special New Moon meditation for you and your cat, dog, budgie, rabbit or other creature. This is the only one of the 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica to include your animal friend, so don’t miss out. (Image: Tran Mau, Unsplash).


tran mau tri tam 7QjU u2vGDs unsplash 600x450 - 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica


Photograph Your Pet’s Paw for a Psychic Reading

You are invited to email a photograph of your pet’s paws to Jessica’s colleague Alicia [email protected] Jessica will choose a selection of photographs to feature during the event and she will give several ‘live paw readings’.

If a reading for your pet’s paws is not included in the live session, Jessica will do her best to include it a reading for you on her website in the days after the event

If you don’t know your pet’s date of birth, use the adoption date. Please bring your cat, dog or other companion animal into this exclusive Zoom session with astrologer and psychic Jessica Adams and let our pets meet each other around the world. Book now at The Conscious Cafe.

When Gemini Weather Repeats

The Astrological Lodge of London: Monday May 24th 

The Mercury Retrograde in Gemini cycle that began with the shadow on May 15th ends on July 7th, as Gemini weather repeats three times. In June, the North Node of karma also repeats in Gemini.  We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 26th May with the Sun at 5 Gemini opposite the Moon at 5 Sagittarius and a New Moon Solar Eclipse with the Sun at 19 Gemini and Moon at 19 Gemini on 10th June. Your chart may be affected. In this event Jessica will talk to you about your own birth chart – and your solar chart – as the Gemini weather repeats. She will include the asteroids  – Fortuna and Cupido will also be in Gemini in June. Finally, the future is coming towards us in May and June 2021, as Uranus in Gemini in 2026 is on the line. We won’t travel, use the telephone, commute, publish, teach, study or use the internet the same way, ever again. Join us to find out why it all starts now. Book here.

Watch the YouTube Clip with Jessica Adams and Penny Thornton, Gemini Season, about 2020-2022 and this cycle. We hope you enjoy these 2021 Astrology Events With Jessica.



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