Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021

Mercury Retrograde from May 15th to July 7th 2021 will bring crisis talks for Eurostar - and global airline cancellations and rescheduling. Patric Walker told Michael Palin what this cycle could do. New for 2021? Covidiots at large until July 7th.

May 15th to July 7th and Mercury Retrograde

The best way I can explain Mercury Retrograde to students and astrology amateurs in their twenties is Monopoly. I know you’re a regular reader or even a professional astrologer, so you already know the score. A board game is still a fast way to think about what is going to happen to use May 15th to July 7th, though. Imagine you have chosen the train as your Monopoly piece. Now, imagine what happens when you are constantly moving backwards around the board or getting stuck. Then retracing your steps. The whole game is affected. Every player is affected. That is Mercury Retrograde May 15th to July 7th 2021.
(Main image: Joshua Hoehn: Unsplash)

Patric Walker and Michael Palin

Let’s talk about Patric Walker and Michael Palin. Two great men who were thrown together on Mercury Retrograde by the BBC. As Patric knew, it’s best to warn people in advance – though Palin was told halfway through his world trip.

Sure, I gave you the warning dates for May-July 2021 way back on December 26th 2020 so you could plan ahead, but not everybody can organise their diary that far in advance. That happened to Michael Palin.

As a special guest on Michael Palin’s Pole to Pole, he threw the program. Politely.  The image is from the interview, now on YouTube – and the extract is from Palin’s bestselling book.

Patric Walker Pole to Pole Michael Palin - Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021 Pole to Pole 600x343 - Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021

 Loathed by Dawkins – Still Correct

Loathed by Professor Richard Dawkins, Patric Walker was still proven correct about Mercury Retrograde and Michael Palin’s trip, as explained in Palin’s book, Pole to Pole. Palin did in fact run into Mercury Retrograde travel planning problems. It’s even dated. This is textbook stuff: waiting over an hour for the disembarking queue to clear. A further half-hour wait on the quay.
Pole to Pole Patric was right 600x211 - Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021

Patric Walker and John Lennon

If you are curious about Patric Walker and his friendship with John Lennon, whose travel plans he also helped to politely influence – you can see a more detailed account of Lennon’s visits to Walker and his reading with Roger Elliott, here.

The Future of Eurostar May-July 2021

Let’s get back to you, especially if you are in Europe or the US. Ignore what you read or hear about the world’s most famous train, Eurostar, during Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021. It may be its collapse; takeover; revamp – but nothing will stick – according to all the laws of astrology. Eurostar was born with its official opening on 6th May 1994 and as you might expect, a Gemini signature. Venus was at 10 Gemini and Ceres at 3 Gemini. Gemini is of course, ruled by Mercury. More often than not, Mercury Retrograde stops or slows down Eurostar. 

How Mercury Retrograde Stops Eurostar

On 2nd September 2015 hundreds of Eurostar passengers were left stranded in the dark, after their train to London was stopped in its tracks by migrants – on Mercury Retrograde Shadow. On 11th September 2008 the Channel Tunnel fire also obstructed Eurostar – on Mercury Retrograde Shadow. In April 2021, as I’m publishing this, Eurostar is vulnerable to collapse, due to COVID-19, losing 95% of her customers.

Eurostar May 15th to July 7th 2021

Only Covidiots will board Eurostar from May 15th to July 7th, but it may yet even be cancelled. Expect news headlines about a Eurostar sale, rescue loan, collapse or other media misinformation when Mercury is retrograde, May 15th to July 7th. The really interesting thing about Eurostar is actually the future, though. This isn’t over. Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (trains) in exact conjunction with her Venus at 10 Gemini and Ceres at 3 Gemini. The train will be reborn in 2026-2028.

Eurostar in 2026, 2027, 2028

All the mess and muddle of May-July 2021 will be history by 2026 and 2027, when Eurostar is relaunched with new technology, a new travel booking system, and innovations we have not even dreamed of, yet. We can time this exactly, using astrology, to June 2026 and the date of Saturday 4th July 2026 is significant – so perhaps America will be involved. There is more progress in April 2027, but the real breakthrough comes in June 2028 when Uranus moves to 10 Gemini in a perfect conjunction with the original Eurostar Venus at 10 Gemini. We can time this to June 22nd, 23rd in the year 2028, as Mars moves to 10 Gemini. There will be twin Eurostar services or trains, or twin tracks.

Covidiots and May-July 2021

The rise of “Selfish Covidiots” as The Guardian describes them – is a well-known problem in 2021. Sadly, covidiots can potentially kill. What’s almost as idiotic as drinking disinfectant to deter COVID-19? Assuming your ‘jab’ means you can fly wherever you like, whenever you like. Or your test. We see constant evidence from science that this just isn’t the case.

One Dubai-New Zealand flight tracked by scientists tells us that after 18 hours on board, with two infected passengers (who had both been tested and passed) seven passengers tested positive for COVID-19. (Image: Mika Baumeist).

cmll0ud6aee 480x600 - Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021Mercury, the Mind and Mindless Behaviour

As Mercury rules the mind, and Mercury Retrograde coincides with people changing their mind, as well as ‘absent-minded’ behaviour (when Mercury is absent from a sign, for example) will we see more mindless Covidiots during Mercury Retrograde? The fact is, mandatory masks in airports, on flights and on airline buses and coaches – make no sense – when people take them off to eat and drink. Which they do. Frequently. So this is a good example of absent-minded Mercury. What are they thinking? Well, nobody’s thinking.

What the WHO Says About Vaccines

The WHO (World Health Organisation) claimed in February 2021, that being vaccinated may stop you getting sick, but it will not prevent you from passing the virus onto others. And further – no vaccine is 100% effective. Mercury rules the media, and also airlines, so you would expect there to be more misinformation and outright deception, about the various attempts at vaccines, and ideas like vaccine passports, in May-July 2021. Later on we will see that classic post-Mercury outcome: the retracted statement.

Mercury Retrograde and COVID-19

This pandemic is so new to the world that astrologers have only had just over a year, to study the impact of Mercury Retrograde on your travel plans; buses; trains; coaches; tourism. The answer, of course, is Zero Covid. Copy the Australia and New Zealand model. Yet, as we’ll see in a moment, even that is vulnerable on Mercury Retrograde.

Margaret Hone on Mercury

Around 70 years ago, Margaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol.S wrote The Modern Textbook of Astrology (L.N.Fowler & Co. Ltd. 1951) and gave us this, on Mercury. “Much can be learnt of the nature of each planet by thinking of the nature of the god named after it in the old myths, which were the stories of the planets. Mercury was the swift messenger of the gods. When considering a chart, the judgement of the mentality of the person and of his type of nervous reactions will depend largely on his Mercurian characteristics, ruled by Mercury.” A really good example of Mercury Retrograde (the stuck mentality of people) can be seen in large outdoor protests with no social distancing and no masks.

ns1kv6o0nfk 480x600 - Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021
Image by Kajetan Sumila


Backwards Mentality and Mercury Retrograde

If we talk about a ‘backwards mentality” we are literally describing Mercury Retrograde. Similarly ‘stuck thinking.’ It seems safe to use astrology predict that between May 15th and July 7th 2021, we will see a backwards mentality emerge at airports and train stations. That would be an exact interpretation of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The stuck thinking of life before COVID-19. The fact is – the only safe travel is between Zero Covid airports. So, airports between destinations with zero cases.

Which Countries?

Because Mercury is going backwards and forwards across 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 degrees of Gemini, we look to countries with factors at 16-24 Gemini to see where the problems will arise. This should also help any of your family or friends who don’t use astrology, to plan. If they are departing or arriving in these destinations, they can expect cancellations, delays or rescheduling. From this you can make predictions. The well-known Vatican mail service will be in disarray at some point between May 15th and July 7th, because Mercury rules the post, as well as transport.

Australia and New Zealand Rescheduling

The Australia-New Zealand travel bubble will be at risk, as will domestic travel within Australia, from May 15th to July 7th 2021. Why? You can see the various astrology charts for Australia and New Zealand. They’re all triggered.  This information on Australia and New Zealand astrology charts comes from my own research, and in addition, The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer (2004).

The Mercury Retrograde Hit List 2021

There are several astrology charts for some of these places but in at least one ‘birth’ horoscope we find factors in Gemini at the affected degrees. If your personal birth chart shows Gemini factors at 16 through 24 degrees, your short journey planning, commuting, worldwide web use and media involvement will go backwards and forwards – perhaps come to nothing – between May 15th and July 7th 2021. It’s a great time to rehearse, review, research. It’s not a great time to go full speed ahead.

Countries Affected by Mercury Retrograde 2021

Vatican City – Sun 16 Gemini
Cyprus – North Node 16 Gemini
Australia – Pluto 16 Gemini
Germany – Jupiter 17 Gemini
Italy – Uranus 17 Gemini
Cuba – Pluto 17 Gemini
Papua New Guinea – Mars 17 Gemini
Philippines – Uranus 19 Gemini
Iraq – Moon 19 Gemini
Jamaica – Mars 19 Gemini
Japan – Uranus 19 Gemini
USA – Mars 20 Gemini
France – Uranus 21 Gemini
UK – Pluto 21 Gemini
Russia – Uranus 22 Gemini


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43 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this Jessica – what does the Mercury Retrograde mean for South Africa?

    1. We have five charts for South Africa, and given that you have the South African Variant, which AstraZeneca is failing against, we can find one of the five, which clearly shows that: so we are looking for Virgo/Sixth House problems, which relates to public health. They would have to be rare, so involve slow-moving planets which can only make those patterns every few decades or centuries, as COVID-19 is such a rare event. Obviously AIDS-HIV would be the same problem and also show up in the chart from the Eighties. The clear winner is the Republic of South Africa, born on 31st May 1961 at 00.00 EET in Pretoria. She was born with Pluto at 5 Virgo and there is an entire generation of South Africans, also born in May 1961, who have Pluto at 5 Virgo, too. They were the first generation to be hit with AIDS in the Eighties as they reached marriage age. Now, they are the generation most vulnerable to COVID-19, according to some, as they are ageing. We are going to see a crisis in South Africa when the North Node reaches 5 Gemini and South Node reaches 5 Sagittarius. That takes place from September 4th to 8th, 2021. This involves tourism, travel and immigration (which Sagittarius rules) and domestic flights and transport, which Gemini rules. There is a moment just before which is also quite risky, with Ceres at 5 Gemini on August 19th to 22nd. The Node-Pluto T-Square can only take place every 19 years, and 19 years before that, so we go right back to 1984, just before HIV-AIDS became public, three years later. It is entirely possible that what happens with COVID-19 in South Africa is linked to people with HIV. That would not be a total surprise. There will be a massive shift in the economy when the North Node goes to 5 Taurus and South Node goes to 5 Scorpio in February, March 2023 and then a necessary change, in April, May 2023, as Saturn goes to 5 Pisces and opposes Pluto at 5 Virgo. South Africa has been reborn so often, hasn’t she, but there will be another huge rebirth, as the result of COVID-19, within three years.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    I’m currently in the UK (following all the rules, and not taking a place for more than a year now). The promotion for taking the vaccine is very strong however they are finding new variants coming from different neighbourhoods/different strengths every month, and at the same time they are saying the vaccine doesn’t protect against those

    Do you think the delusion of the vaccine passports will come this year or only after? They talked about putting into place around the end of May

    I wish they could listen to you and opt for the zero covid policy!! Massive testing and new rules.

    Thank you for more useful information

    I’m still hopeful

    All the very best!

    1. Anyone trying to put vaccine passports in during Mercury Retrograde is going to come a cropper. Okay, so you are educated and updated on the truth about COVID-19, which is a lot more than some people I see on Twitter. Just do what you have been doing. The future is a combination of vaccine attempts (some of which work, for some of the time, and some of which fail) and life outdoors – and life without crowds. Negotiating deals where we work from home is also part of the future. In astrology we look at the long cycle of Uranus (shocks, radical changes) in Taurus (the world economy) until 2026 and just know that COVID-19 and its many variants will be with us for years. Eventually the world economy will shift towards what AOC called ‘A Green New Deal’ but of course it will be every country’s own version of it. The countryside, nature, the great outdoors become very, very valuable and we will also see what Singapore academics are just discovering – electric plants filter the air and remove the COVID-19 aerosols. This is very new technology but ultimately we are going to see that particular kinds of plants and trees, plus fresh air, are better than gold as an investment. There will be a big migration away from the cities and towards working from home, part time or full time (or taking early retirement) into rural areas by 2026. We are also going to see a move towards the coast, and a move towards life on the water. Again, more space and fresh air. What you are seeing at the moment is the stubborn refusal of politics and big business to accept Uranus in Taurus. They want normal. There is no normal. The deluded fantasy that there is a magic vaccine that cures COVID-19 and prevents us from getting it, and passing it onto others, is ironically the reason that there will be continued outbreaks in world capitals and other big cities until 2026. In the Tarot, this is shown by the Ace of Coins. In the Lenormand, by The Anchor.You can get ahead of the game by constantly updating yourself on these trends, which will become a way of life by 2026. At some point people will wake up and realise that the Indian COVID-19 has mutated again, and that ‘the vaccine’ (but which vaccine?) falls down against it, just as the AstraZeneca vaccine failed against the South African variant. At some point. You can’t really be a professional astrologer and see these transits (not just Uranus in Taurus, but also the mutable sign transits and the mutable sign generations being affected) without realising that there are an awful lot of Covidiots in 2021 who do not realise – this is going nowhere. We all wish it was different, because life is so tough and downright cruel for so many – but it is also true that the new reverence for the sea, and for wilderness, and nature, and the move away from overcrowded cities and suburbs, means the Climate Emergency will slowly be reversed. Uranus tends to deliver the last thing anybody expected. Astrology expected a virus back in 2019 and it was possible to date-stamp its arrival, which I did. Astrology, using the same techniques, expects all I’ve just quickly detailed for you. Thank you for asking the question; I am asked it a great deal by the media and we needed an April update!

  3. Hi Jessica !

    SO SO impressed ( and still !) by all your GIFT from Heaven.
    It helps me SO much in all areas of my life.
    As a Gemini, I deeply feel in harmony with your predictions.
    I’m just beginning all concerning CRYPTO and bitcoins etc. ( I have you can see factors in Scorpio Taurus…)
    It’s like a REVELATION for me.
    Any advice please for my journey?
    I’m also a flight attendant for a Big French company.

    Love you so much feel like you are kind of Guardian Angel for me.

    1. Thank you very much. Namaste. You are a flight attendant in France with an interest in Bitcoin and the rest. You have a lot of factors in Gemini and Sagittarius which is pretty common for people in tourism or travel. As you no doubt know, 2020 and 2021 are two of the toughest years on record for your industry and this does not stop until January 19th, 2022. The reason for that is that anyone born with factors in Sagittarius 0-10 degrees is dealing with an opposition, or clash, from the North Node, also at 0-10 degrees. Saturn is also involved, at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 degrees from July-December, so the second half of 2021. He slows travellers down when he is aspecting Sagittarius factors like that. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a second pattern taking place, with Neptune at 20-23 Pisces square the Sagittarius placements of everyone born with factors at 20, 21, 22, 23 Sagittarius. So for quite another group of travellers or tourists, or people in the airline business, there is a situation which is impossible to square. Bumpy ride and Plan B, C and D is a good way to travel in 2021. COVID-19 is mutating all the time, as we’ve just seen in India, with catastrophic outcomes. If you have an interest in cryptocurrency that is also pretty bumpy until 2026. Hugely unpredictable and only lucrative in the very short-term. Yet, it will replace paper and metal currency in countries where the local value of money collapses. Your best bet is really to find a lifestyle and career which is neither of those things, to be honest with you. If you have not already been thinking seriously about a third way, now is the time. We have mutable sign weather for years and years, in Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and that means constant change. So something that is more stable, more certain, and not mutable in nature (nothing to do with globalisation) would be a far better bet, in terms of the astrology.

  4. Hello Jessica
    Once again thanks for your advice
    I only have Gemini on my IC at Gemini 27°, Minerva at 07° and the SouthNode at 28° on Gemini plus
    Mercury on 11° at Sagittarius.
    I need to going to my country Spain this summer to visit my family,
    How Mercury retrograde will affect me? Its Spain very much affected by this retrograde?will be better to wait after the retrograde?
    thank you very much

    1. Make sure you have Plan A and Plan B until July 7th, both with the actual booking, or the travel itself, if you choose to fly to Spain on Mercury Retrograde. There are two charts for Spain, one set for 19th January 1479 in Madrid, with no time, and the other set for 22nd November 1975 at 12.45 CET also in Madrid. Both have factors in Sagittarius (foreign people and places) which tells you all about Spain as a foreign tourist destination. They fall at 0, 1, 28 Sagittarius in the first chart and 11 Sagittarius in the second one. And you have Mercury at 11 Sagittarius, so your Mercury is right on Spain’s Neptune at 11 Sagittarius. It really depends when you are going. Saturn moves to 11 Aquarius July 8th to 22nd, and I don’t think many astrologers would tell you to just hop on a plane and take off to Spain then. Saturn tends to slow things down, as you probably know.

  5. Ooohh my Venus & Descendant @10° Gemini are conjunct the Eurostar’s Venus! Me thinks I might love Eurostar but maybe I’ll wait until 2028 to take a ride!

    1. Too funny. I used to love Eurostar too, but what we are seeing here is a radical rethink of the train itself, the service and the nature of Paris-London travel.

  6. Good morning Jessica

    I note your comments regarding Eurostar: “all the mess and muddle of May-July 2021 will be history by 2026 and 2027, when Eurostar is relaunched with new technology, a new travel booking system, and innovations we have not even dreamed of, yet”.

    I also noted previous comments about the irish Sea (boundaries, fishing wars, Douglas et al). Do you think proposals for a tunnel from the UK mainland to Northern Ireland, or even Eire/EU have any merit?

    Many many thanks as always for sharing your insights with us.

    1. Thank you. Funnily enough I was looking at a Nostradamus quatrain which predicted the problems with the Irish Sea (March 2020) and it exactly laid out what happened that month, right down to the death of the Queen’s former Concorde pilot. So you might say, the Celtic destiny is written. Yes, the tunnel will take place after 2026, with Uranus in Gemini, the sign that connects local destinations. There will also be more radical transport options then. Nostradamus saw a revolution for Scotland, Ireland and Wales – and Brittany – which he knew well.

  7. Hi Jessica, curious whether you think it’s safe to travel locally interstate during Mercury retrograde within australia or best to postpone until after July 7th? Thanks!

    1. Don’t know about safe, but we are going to see more problems than usual with domestic flights; interstate borders; hotel chains. Your common sense would tell you that, even without Mercury Retrograde, as Victoria is requesting a big increase in international entries and India is in the grip of a crisis with a new COVID-19 variant. Australia is talking about bringing back thousands of people from India, alone. So – would the average bear wait until things have settled down and sorted themselves out, in May and June? Yes. Even without astrology. But if you use the famous Mercury Retrograde cycle, you would look at everything again after July 7th has ended the loop.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve got an exam in June and am also a Gemini is it even worth attempting in Mercury Retrograde?!!


    1. 2021 is one of those years when the whole point of academia for you, is attempting – working – trying – jumping over any hurdles – getting to the other side by December. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini just requires Plan B and Plan C. So, for example, you would double-check your spam filter if you are missing messages, which is a classic example of Mercury Retrograde. I don’t have any astrological information for the university or college here so it’s hard to say where the delay, change or rescheduling will come from, but just go ahead.

  9. Hi Jessica I hope you are well. I’m so sorry this question is not really related to this article but could not find a recent one which fit my question. My query is would you say that homropathy falls under or is associated with Chiron, Panacea, neither, both or some other heavenly body entirely. Any advice much appreciated and apologies once more for the randomness. Many thanks , Jill

    1. Very happy to help answer this question, Jill. Homeopathy actually has snakes/the Rod of Aesculapius (sometimes called Asclepius) written into its textbooks, and we find that in the asteroid Aesculapius in your chart, along with his father, Apollo and certainly the daughter of Aesculapius, Hygiea. At 16 Pisces and 15 Aquarius in your chart, you have a link between two of those (with one degree’s difference) and this is really about a group of homeopaths, or a friend who is a homeopath but a member of a bigger circle. It has served Her Majesty the Queen very well for over 90 years, hasn’t it…

  10. Hi Jessica, I’m so grateful for your insights and blog posts. I work in Singapore but feel very detached from my family in various parts of Australia. It sounds that the possibility of seeing them this year is patchy at best. My job here is not as secure as it once was. I have North Node at 28° Sagittarius and South Node at 28° Gemini, and a couple of days ago I used the Astrology Oracle on your site and returned Uranus/ Seventh House. I guess I’m just wondering… when will there be good news? Any advice or interpretations you can offer would go a long way toward putting my mind at ease. Many thanks, and hope you’re enjoying that crisp clear Tasmanian air.
    Best wishes

    1. Sarah, thank you. Well, you are in a cycle not seen in 19 years in terms of travel, foreign people and places and residency. As you know, the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius are returning to trigger your own Nodes, in the same signs. You are concerned about your job and seeing your family again. Finance will make the decision for you, and that will come when the Nodes move to 28 Taurus/Scorpio (the property and money signs) in January-February 2022. As Scorpio rules intimacy and money (typically marriage and mortgage; or lovers sharing the rent) and your card was Uranus/Seventh House, this sounds like a choice based on that. Uranus is the last thing you ever expected. The Seventh House is not only about sexual partnerships, though – it can also. be about work partnerships, or even platonic duets, like two friends sharing an apartment. Uranus is sudden, liberating, and immediately makes independence essential. I am not sure what time frame you were talking about but I suspect the start of 2022 is really important in terms of your income. You are very lucky to also have Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) at 28 Aquarius making stunning patterns to your Nodes in December 2021, near Christmas, so this looks like a three-step at the end of this year. You will get the map out and see options for yourself, and the calculator and make the maths work in your budget.

  11. Hi Jessica I have Mercury at 18 degrees Gemini and wondering how this is likely to impact me – many thanks.

    1. Any plans to travel or welcome travellers will be delayed, rescheduled or reversed on this long Mercury Retrograde. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg today as Fiji has the Indian variant, and India is verging on collapse. This creates a chain-reaction. So I am sure you are staying nicely put, but you’ll see other people’s domino effect, have an impact on your own game – possibly at work, maybe in your personal life. It is an excellent time to create second, third, fourth versions of something that matters to you (online or on paper) and go for the final outcome after July 7th.

  12. Hi There! Hope al is well!
    Can you provide some info on how Mercury Retrograde will affect me once it goes past 19 degrees- i nhave more than a few factors at 19!

    Thank you!


    1. What you’re going to find is that the airlines, cruise companies and airports have to retract their promises and statements worldwide, along with the train networks. People tend to talk a lot of twaddle just before Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and all this posturing about ‘opening up’ and ‘back to normal’ is really mistimed, as so many nations around the world have mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) around this degree and of course your own plans will be affected. This may be a friend in London who was going to spend two weeks in Barcelona, or a work ally in Fiji who suddenly realises a project is derailed. Your own life will be triggered by delays, rescheduling and even total reversal, as other people find their wires are crossed or their travel plans shudder to a halt. India is an obvious worry and this is not going away.

  13. shoot I think I commented when I wasn’t logged in!

    I’m curious how the mercury retrograde will affect creativity? I’m gearing up for a Chiron to natal Saturn transit in my first house and would love any advice. I’ve also started doing some writing (essays, poetry very mercury) and am considering publishing a body of work. I also have been drawn to music making and have about half of an album at the moment. I am experiencing quite an intense Neptune transit which makes it hard to focus, and has me a bit foggy.

    I am hoping to launch an online tutoring business to help high school students with humanities writing and college essays– cause I’m at a bit of a crossroads with work. In what ways can I use mercury retrograde to my advantage, and what are you seeing for me, in regard to publishing// music making/ teaching? I’m very interested in genre bending, (perhaps combining song and sound in an audio book!) and am also curious about your thoughts on the future of hard cover books. I absolutely love reading more than any other medium (I find physical books so immersive and film/tv is a lot for my nervous system). So curious about your thoughts on how publishing will be affected with the south node in Sagittarius? where I also have my natal Pluto in the ninth. One of the eclipses will be exact in the fall! Thank you so much xoxoxo Olivia

    1. The First House is self-promotion so that is an interesting transit, as by nature you park everything in the front window. Your image, persona, style, shape, name, title, brand is a very big part of who you are. You are judged by your exterior and may find that particular trends and fashions pick you up and carry you along for years, because you fit the look. You fit the attitude or the projection. You want to publish, release an album, tutor students, trying audiobooks and so on. Olivia you are the product and always will be. This applies no matter if you are teaching or writing, or putting out your music. You have Aries weather for years, so you may want to look at the impact of (say) Jupiter in Aries coming up, as well as Chiron in Aries. Later on, Neptune goes into Aries. At that point the immersive technology you are talking about will become a reality and you can project as a hologram, with several versions of yourself. Right now, on Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2021, it’s the most basic thing of all: trying second and third drafts of your projects with one eye on July 7th as time to start thinking about launch. Strongly Aries/First House people find they become the lyrics, or the lyrics are them, or their body/hair/make-up/clothes does the work for them. So you get someone like Dave Davies from The Kinks, who wore ‘kinky’ clothes (effeminate boots and shoes) way back in the early Sixties and then later on played unforgettable guitar on Lola. He spoke his truth and dressed it.

  14. Thank you so much for this Jessica what does the Mercury Retrograde mean for Scotland and the Scottish election happening just now and for independence

    1. Funnily enough I was in Edinburgh for the first referendum, on Mercury Retrograde, and it was really clear the decision would not last, and there would be another vote. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is back with us again (the timing of politicians in Scotland leaves a lot to be desired) but long-term the nation will become independent, control her borders and her economy. I think I posted a feature on this quite a few years ago, now, if you want to look at Search…

  15. Many thanks Jessica for your insights, I will have a great time looking into all this and cant believe I overlooked this connection! HRH sure is a great endorsement for homeopathy! Jill x

  16. Jessica,

    Please help me understand what is going on with this World called Earth and the people living on this Earth in connection with COVID-19…

    I can’t believe this…
    Relaxing rules on wearing masks in US…
    I live in US…
    So I cannot believe that right after or during April Fool Moon the announcement about relaxing mask roles restrictions loosened but masks required but so many people don’t wear them….

    In same time we see India COVID-19 variant mutations….

    Jessica are we all mind stuck…
    Why everyone is getting COVID vaccine that is killing and why is nobody explaining as this doctor that the vaccine may not be answer to this COVID-19 mutations….

    Everyone is just going for it….

    What can you suggest for me I am in central US….

    1. This is a really good question and you are not alone. I have heard from quite a few readers who are dismayed at the COVID-19 mutations, but the decisions made by politicians and businessmen to let masks go. The best thing you can do is create your own policy or strategy. Stick to it. So – make it a habit to shop at small local stores, not big, crowded supermarkets. Skip department stores and shopping malls. Don’t fly, if you are in a COVID-19 country. (New Zealand and Australia are okay as they are both Zero Covid and have a bubble together). What we are going through is literally mutable weather. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius. We have billions of people born with factors in Virgo or Sagittarius. Virgo rules public health. Sagittarius rules airlines, airports, cruises, ferries and ports. This goes on for years and the smart thing to do is create your own approach and your own lifestyle. If you don’t want to use the gym, go wild swimming. If you don’t want to work in an office, strike a deal with your employer so you can work from home. There is no silver bullet vaccine and anyone who thinks they have had a magic jab and that’s the answer is really denying what epidemiologists are saying. Of course vaccination is sensible, but it’s not the whole story. You have to add in all sensible measures too, like avoiding crowds and aeroplanes. I should also add that immunity is gold. Having a strong immune system makes you so much better off. That depends on relaxation, meditation, exercise, good food and the rest. Do your own thing and keep your own rules for yourself. That way you can be in control even if other people are endangering themselves and others. This is a really strong message to all mutable sign types with Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and/or Sagittarius placements. If you cannot travel, travel in the mind – take a course online.

  17. Jessica,
    I scheduled an interview on May 10, 2021
    I was able to resolve IT troubling frozen calendar

    It’s so so important for me to win and be good on interview process

    Do you see how will my interview flow from May 10 to offer stage will it be possible positive feedback and an offer because it’s Mercury retrograde

    Any feedback will be appreciated and if this is my dream job

    Thank You

    1. May 10th is a Taurus New Moon (emerging) and the Sun in Taurus is also joined by Ceres in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus. So they are all about the money, and so are you. You may want to look at what you gain, beyond salary. Discounts? Shares? Perks? They may want to look at what you can offer them, financially. Saving? Profiting? Mercury is retrograde in Gemini soon after, but that is really confined to the internet, short journeys, the media, publishing and education. If your interview was about a job there, you would be concerned. If it wasn’t, and isn’t, the issue is the budget – yours and theirs. Uranus is about the unlikely, unusual, unconventional, unexpected so open your mind.

  18. Thank You Jessica,
    I had first interview today and next step is discussion with hiring manager and more people on panel interview.

    What do you think will I be the one chosen after the interview…

    Thank You for your feedback…
    If you see possible relocation…

    Thank You

    1. They will dither around, until July, changing their minds about the salary; the conditions; the likely people and so on. You are walking into Mercury Retrograde here. It is impossible to say if you will get the gig, without the chart of the company or the charts of the other contenders. You also haven’t said what the job is…Basically your luck in 2021-2022 is with teenagers, children or Millennials. Your role and goal should embrace that. So if you are required to be a mentor for interns, or the market is schoolchildren, you’re in luck.

  19. Thank You Jessica

    Do you think I will have a job with current company as something strange is going on…

    This looks like sale behind closed door while employees don’t know anything…

    With sale or without sale what happen to me…

    Thank You

    1. The financial situation which never changes, no matter what you try to do about it, ends in January 2022. To some extent, you are going through karma from about 19 years ago, and maybe 19 years before that, so you have to put up with it, but know it will be over. Try to be philosophical about what is so stuck for you financially, as you have seen it all before and survived – and seen better days too. People at work will try to get away with the most outrageous things in 2021, 2022, but you can go one better and pull off your own amazing feats and accomplishments! You must already have your jaw on the floor at what some faces at work have tried to get away with. The sheer audacity is something else. None of that goes away in 2021, 2022, but what is quite useful for you, is the chance to try a few things of your own. You can do that at the current place, or another.

  20. Hi Jessica, we have to travel from Japan to France on the 3rd July (we already canceled our vacations last year). The Mercury retrograde will have an impact on our leave? Thanks a lot.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is at Gemini 20 degrees on Saturday 3rd July when you fly from Japan to France. Gemini rules short journeys and Mercury rules the flight (even 2000 years ago he had winged sandals and wings on his helmet). You have Aesculapia at 20 Aries in your First House of name, title, face, image, profile. Mercury will trine that, exactly, when you depart. You may want to go into your passport, visa, passport photograph, name on all the paperwork, and so on. First House issues. Gemini also rules computers, telephones, data and language issues. The stalling of Mercury on your departure date is not really about the trip itself, so much as you and your profile, for whatever reason. What happens then is a throwback to the previous time Mercury stood at 20 Gemini on May 19th, 20th and June 10th, 11th so those are your dates. Your decision is ultimately your own, but you are choosing to travel between two COVID-19 hotspots as I am sure you know.

  21. Hi Jessica I watched your your YouTube video on Taurus weather it was excellent, really informative, you are way ahead in this field – thank you! Personally I am really hoping like a lot of people to fly from the UK into the US at some point this year, to San Diego actually. I see from your blog that the US has 21 degrees of Gemini does this imply it may lockdown again? Do you think travel between the UK and US will reopen and be at all possible this year? Thanks in advance Jessica

    1. Thank you so much. You want to visit America and fly out of a British airport, to San Diego. Your decisions are your own, but I would not. Not on your Nelly. I just tried going from Zero Covid Tasmania to Zero Covid Sydney, in Australia. I wanted to see what happened. Everyone in the departure airport had masks. One woman was taken away by security in the queue for not wearing a mask (good). We then passed security and went into the departure lounge. No masks. Everyone was eating and drinking. We boarded a Jetstar flight. The trolley came around with more food and drink. No masks. Landed in Sydney. Same story – bars and cafes open – no masks. If you want to try that experience with the UK, where the Indian variant and South African variant are at large, and the USA, where we just saw Yankees players get infected despite being vaccinated twice – well, it’s your choice. It really is, and I can’t make decisions for you. The pandemic is not going away in the UK or USA long-term, because people keep flying. It’s really that simple. I wish it was a happier answer but we have to get real about this thing, and astrology called it, a year before it happened. Twice.

    1. Thank you so much. Looks like the astrology was right about the Trump casinos from May 25th as well (that prediction was made in October last year). The Eurostar rescue will not work out. Their timing is so wrong, astrologically! (If anyone was even thinking about buying a ticket, ahem).

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