Chemistry Lessons for Women – Part II

Chemistry lessons in astrology work between couples, friends, family, flatmates/roommates, colleagues, staff, employers. Part 2 explores for women with sun signs in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

Part one in this series of Chemistry Lessons for Women explores these lessons for women with sun signs in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo.


  • A Partner with Libra Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. You are the other side of each other’s scales. You meet in the middle and classically have a deep concern with equality, fairness and justice, both in marriage or partnership, and in the world as a whole. Sexism, racism and other ‘isms’ are where you bond, intellectually and ideologically. This is a really good two-way street for you both to walk, and it is highly unusual to find two Libra types (your Sun in Libra and your partner’s Libra stellium) splitting. If you do break apart it will be because of other zodiac sign stellium clashes getting in the way.
  • A Partner with Gemini Factors – You have always identified with the most romantic books and films, but what you may not have realised is that all the greatest fictional lovers relied on one thing: good communication. With a Gemini type in your life, you’ll have it, and you’ll love the way s/ he articulates everything so clearly. There will be lots of short trips to amuse you, and a tremendous inclusive atmosphere when you go out together. You socialise, connect and enjoy being the couple who arrive and instantly lift the mood at dinner, or a party. This is an incredibly sociable combination, and the Gemini type is a wonderful networker and people-connector, which suits you fine. Emails will keep this one alive.
  • A Partner with Leo Factors – You’ll know it’s good when you catch your partner having a small boast about you at a party. You are the natural other half in their kingdom, their domain. This relationship is about pep talks and ego-feeding from you to them. You are rather good at bending and flexing, which is just as well, as there will be the occasional two- act drama. Essentially you know how to please people, give way, bend and flex. The heavily Leo person will end up with godchildren, children or teenage projects/plans, sons and daughters, nieces or nephews at the center of life for long periods of time. As a natural partner, you are the co-pilot and co-parent, perhaps, or just the co-creator. As you understand how to make marriage work and the Leo type was born to be King or Queen to a younger court, this can be a forever family if the rest of the chart agrees. A real dynasty.
  • A Partner with Aquarius Factors – The big saving grace of this relationship is your mutual ability to stand back from very emotional or confronting situations and reason them out. There is a lot of Air in this combination, and Air is the element which prefers logical reason over irrational emotion. If you both share a cause or a political viewpoint, this could be a relationship which changes the world as much as it changes both your lives. You believe in justice and a fairer planet. The Aquarian type is also likely to have strong ideas and views. You’re sociable too, and the Aquarian type has a big network to explore. The Sun Libra and Aquarius stellium blend is about tolerance, space, a real need for a fairer world (sexism and racism can be a concern), or other isms. It’s so often about the friends and the group with the pair of you, too.

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  • A Partner with Scorpio Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. You connect in the Eight House of sex and money, death and property, finance, charity, possessions and deep bonding. Thus, the contents of the legacy or will, should things become serious, are also a definition of what the core of the relationship, partnership or marriage actually is. Everything is in that sealed envelope if you are looking for the emotional or sexual truth. Scorpions can eat each other or poison each other, during sex. The old astrologers had a wry sense of humour. There is an edgy, risky, dangerous feeling to your passion for each other. You are not like other couples and the common theme of money and erotic desire is what makes this work, or even fall apart.
  • A Partner with Cancer Factors – This relationship will bring out more passion, tears and depth of feeling on one person involved than either of you have ever seen before, but if all the other Factors agree in your horoscope, it’s Love. Common-sense will go out of the window a million times, as feelings rule the day here. You get your sense of identity from all your passions and obsession. If one of them includes Cancerian type, then every time you look at him/her you will feel as if you have come home. Children, pregnancy, babies, adoption and fertility (and your yes/ no decisions) will be absolutely pivotal to the commitment you make. Similarly, the in-laws, particularly the strongly Cancerian person’s parents or siblings. Love or hate, you will be drawn into that situation. You are two watery types, and it really is about blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids, if you’re honest.
  • A Partner with Virgo Factors – Being together has an electrifying effect on one partner who will start to think about their body more, use it more and care about it more. If the sex is great, the relationship will be too. It is the barometer. If you have other plus Factors working for you, with compatible zodiac signs in both charts, then this could have staying power. Although you are obviously more emotional than the Virgo type in this relationship, you admire their commitment to hard work and efficiency, either at home or on the job. You are temperamentally quite different, but the Earth-Water connection between your Scorpio side and their Virgo side will result in a nice balance between grounded love and emotion. Earth supports water. Your bodies speak the same language, and you understand that body language matters quite as much as the rest. The Virgo type can add up the decimal points in the Scorpio type’s accounting.
  • A Partner with Capricorn Factors – Let’s just say that this relationship will bring out a sexually obsessive streak in one of you and leave it at that. But it’s passionate, to the point where you feel defined, physically, by each other. If you have lots of other astrological plus Factors on your side, then this partnership will have what it takes to last a lifetime – and the Capricorn type believes in permanence, full stop. Security. Stability. Status. A successful partnership or marriage. You are a true power couple at heart, and if you decide to join forces on a business, or on any kind of campaign, you will really rock the world. Scorpio-Capricorn can be powerful, a force to be reckoned with.
  • A Partner with Pisces Factors – You both understand that there are some fated or mysterious aspects about life, love, death or sex that cannot be easily explained. The sex could be psychic. There is a massive amount of feeling and emotion between you, as you are both watery emotional types – and one partner finds a release through music, film, art or books. This is all emotion, no common sense, but who cares? You identify with heroes and heroines (real or fictional) who are driven, deep and complicated. Somehow, the Pisces type releases these same qualities in yourself, so you end up feeling more at home in the world – and far more like the person you know you are, deep down. Expect a poetic wedding ceremony. Pisces-Scorpio is quivering emotion, raw passion, deep empathy, tremendous sensitivity and it is essentially the stuff of which the arts is made. You’ll need other Factors in both charts to ground this in the real world of supermarket shopping and rubbish night.

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  • A Partner with Sagittarius Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a symbol of far-reaching global vision, broad regional reach, and a tremendous grasp of ‘all that is’ in the context of God, heaven, hell and the rest. Or just – the Universe. It really depends on which one of you is committed to quantum uncertainty, and which one of you just wants to chant. Travel or travel in the mind brings you together. There are usually two languages in such a partnership. Publishing, the worldwide web, education, academia and the broader intellectual picture of life, is also something you paint together. At your greatest point of achievement, the pair of you use the luck you were born with to cast bread upon the waters.
  • A Partner with Aries Factors – The theme song for this relationship should be like a Ramones song: ‘Hey ho, let’s go!’ You want to get out there and explore the bigger picture, which is why so many people with foreign accents or passports, foreign interests or global passions end up in your life. The Aries type makes it all possible, and for once you will be with someone who actually enjoys your need to wander, explore, and ‘travel in the mind’ if you cannot actually travel. You are both Fire types, so the enthusiasm factor is doubled when you get together. The partnership will come into its own when you share an incredible sense of mission about the journey, be it intellectual, spiritual, religious, philosophical and so on.
  • A Partner with Leo Factors – The Leo type respects, and approves of, your need to travel, explore, learn, teach or publish and be damned. All these passions of yours make you a class act in the Leo type’s eyes. There is a Fire-Fire connection between you, which makes both of you come alive and generates phenomenal energy and enthusiasm. You can fizz like fireworks when you both get revved up about the same things. You like reporting back from whatever (or whoever) you have been exploring lately; the Leo type makes a good judge. A five-star travel experience, or an outstanding course or workshop you share, will be one of your best memories. Sagittarius-Leo is basically Sir Walter Raleigh venturing into The New World to bring back Good Queen Bess a potato. Perhaps Captain James Cook exploring Australia and reporting to King George III. A big question about how ideologically ‘on’ you are together (sharing the same world view) is at the heart of it all. If that’s not there, it’s hard work.
  • A Partner with Libra Factors – The Libran type believes in relationships so much that s/he will put up with almost anything from you – including your fascination with another culture, region, belief system or nationality, even if it means nothing to him/her. If you share the same sense of humour, or Mr. Micawber outlook – you’ll be amazed at how much it becomes the backbone of the relationship. The Libra type is here to adapt, adjust, swing, flex, blend and bend over. You meet that in a sexy sextile pattern, with all your fundamental trust, belief, faith and optimism. The match is forward-looking, onward- and-upward. It’s rather like The Two of Us, and in fact Paul McCartney found a Libra type in Linda McCartney. You make a formidable combination when travelling or travelling in the mind. It’s highly likely that your personal philosophy or beliefs dovetail with the Libran’s view of the world, as you’re both concerned with what’s fair, right, just and true. You would not actually be together if you did not share a philosophy.
  • A Partner with Aquarius Factors – If you are both curious about the same ideas, theories and philosophies, then you will find harmony through the books on your combined shelves. There’s a tremendous amount of freedom and space – real oxygen – in this connection. You need someone who accommodates your need to travel (on weekends, or even around the world, over a period of years) and the Aquarius type can give you that. Travel in the mind is also important, so it has to be a cerebral adventure too. You also like the big picture, and can’t stand narrow-minded, suburban, old-school attitudes. The Aquarian type is sympathetic and can accommodate your need to explore bigger ideas. You may meet in a web group of some kind. Maybe a Meetup. Sagittarius rules the worldwide web, and Aquarius rules groups.

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  • A Partner with Capricorn Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. And vice versa. You are both well-known for being ambitious, rising high in life – sometimes sinking very low and starting from rock bottom again – yet dazzling with another achievement. To understand the pair of you, look at the combined C.V. as everything for you two is about status, success, working the system, beating the system. Sometimes leaving the system, and that is also a classic Capricorn outcome. Social climbers, yes. Social mountaineers, even. If you can have dinner with anyone, why not have dinner with the right people? The biggest deal for either of you is professional disappointment or some kind of academic/school let-down. From that, everything else comes, but in the fullness of time, when you two connect, it is with big, big goals and the practical common-sense that makes the achievement of them, possible.
  • A Partner with Taurus Factors – If you’re both typical, then a combined bank account will be an incredible motivator in the relationship. Real wealth is possible, as you know what it takes to get to the top professionally, and your Taurus-influenced partner has a nose for business, investment or finance. Seeing your investments go up in value is an aphrodisiac. The exception to this is the Capricorn/Taurus couple who have rejected capitalism altogether, in which case you’ll be like a real- life version of the ‘70s sitcom The Good Life, as you dig and plant your way to hippie heaven. More commonly, you do very well in the system that you both respect so much; the corporation or the world of banks and property. It’s really a personal choice. You either grow strawberries and win prizes (going off-grid) or you take over Wall Street.
  • A Partner with Virgo Factors – When you first get together, plant a tree somewhere. Growing gardens, animals or children will be a happy cornerstone of this relationship. If your other astro-package signs agree, it’s a hit. There’s a tremendous focus on becoming solid home or landowners, and no matter if you do it on the cheap or you spend a lot of money, it’s the productive, practical side of this partnership which will most excite you. You both know the value of hard work too. You do it for different reasons, but you genuinely know why job-related venting matters – and you listen! Virgo is about the very tiny, affecting the big. So, small pills and big consequences. The Pill arrived with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, an historic cycle. Virgo is also about the miniscule details of everyday life, and their impact on the whole. Respecting the Virgo need for a plan; a system; a long shower or bath; essential oil – is your key to making it work.
  • A Partner with Scorpio Factors – You are drawn to powerful people with impressive CVs or business cards, and the Scorpio type has the money, the house, the apartment, the business or the charity kudos. This suits you fine – you’ve never seen the point of falling in love with a total nobody. The Scorpio type will also supply the sexual passion, on a level which you may not have experienced before. You are proud of your ambition, your position and your staying power. You are the person who makes it to the top, sometimes from unlikely origins. The Scorpio type massages your ego beautifully, as his/ her astrological connection to you is supportive and encouraging. Your status and success inspires sexual passion or even obsession in the Scorpio type. He or she is hooked into money and marriage, property and passion. Earth supports water and holds it. Capricorn Sun women carry and convey Scorpio stellium types.
  • A Partner with Pisces Factors – Just in case you forget to stop and smell the roses (or visit the aquarium) the Pisces type will be there to guide you gently by the hand. It’s so easy for you to get caught up with climbing to the top that the arrival of a Pisces type in your life can feel like a holiday. Their occasional ‘no boundaries’ issues are expertly managed by you – in return, the Pisces-influenced person can bring a bit of imagination, magic, faith, quantum uncertainty and wonder into your world. S/he is intuitive, and that can surprise and impress you. At the same time, the Pisces type’s fantasies and daydreams can become realities, with help from you. Earth supports water. You support, hold, contain and give weight to the Pisces stellium type. Yet, earth is nothing without water. Too dry and crusty. You require the Pisces type to enrich you. To make you see the point of who and what you actually are.

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  • A Partner with Aquarius Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. Aquarius traits show up in childhood. A natural need to join clubs or create them – Enid Blyton gangs. Sports teams are another Aquarius outlet, but sooner or later, one of you heads for a proper good cause. It might be Amnesty International, or Surfers Against Sewage. People power comes naturally to you, and once you decide upon a collective cause or community, you don’t even have to think about the sexual relationship (and you do a lot of thinking; you are air signs who live in your heads). Aquarius-Aquarius connections are best embodied by Yoko Ono and John Lennon. They fed the group (The Beatles) but were always outside the group. They supplied the band (Plastic Ono Band) and the movement (hippies) but were always a little apart. This is the true Aquarius. Without you two, nothing works for the circle you know so well, but you are never really immersed. You don’t get in and merge. Ahead of your time, you embrace the latest, greatest, newest technology, innovations or inventions.
  • A Partner with Aries Factors – This is a definite plus factor. One of you seems prepared to try absolutely anything, which leaves the other partner full of admiration. There’s some manic energy in here occasionally, so channel it into sex or mutual goals, not fighting. The Aries type can be pretty feisty and up for mental fisticuffs. The other person’s life outside your relationship gives you space, which you definitely need. You ‘feed’ the Aries type on some level, and they feel more like themselves when they are with you. In turn, just being around them seems to energise you. This makes all your brilliant plans or unique, offbeat ideas seem actually viable. Your finest hour is finding a people power cause or goal you believe in and having the fight and the might to make it.
  • A Partner with Gemini Factors – Ever fallen in love with someone? (To quote the Buzzcocks). Along comes the Gemini type, whose gift for asking the right questions, and sending the right emails finally makes you feel understood. Never underestimate how comforting this is for you! The Gemini type knows how to probe and prod you, until even your most futuristic or idealistic views or opinions begin to seem viable. At heart, this is what you always wanted – permission to be yourself. The Gemini type’s incredible curiosity and clever mind helps you be yourself as never before. He or she can articulate what you know. Question what you don’t know. You believe in people power and pooling resources. Gemini does the Twitter feed.
  • A Partner with Libra Factors – Of course, the Libran type would rather have united coupledom – but his/her relationship skills are advanced enough to enable them to let you have your freedom. You need independence in a partnership, or you begin to feel distinctly strange. The Libran type is flexible enough to allow it. You are both influenced by the element of Air, which is light, breezy and free. Just being around the Libran type can make you feel as if someone has opened a window. The more Factors s/he has in Libra, the more comfortable you will feel. They tolerate your tremendous need for tolerance, too. Rejoice! The Aquarius Sun-Libra stellium combination is air-conditioning. You are both air element people. This is a classic sight in a group, club, team, network, circle (like a yoga class) where two people pair off. There is not necessarily the earth factor here (the house or apartment, the bills) or the water factor (the sex, soul and spirit) to keep you two together. You’ll need to look at the two charts in more detail to see what works for you on a practical level, or an emotional one.
  • A Partner with Sagittarius Factors – You do bring out the best in each other. You could surf island beaches or just the internet together, decide to change the world or change yourselves. The combination of Sagittarius and Aquarius Factors between you signals ongoing changes (never a dull moment) and plenty of ideas, exploration, intellectual or actual travel and midnight conversations. Neither of you want to small, narrow-minded, domestic, suburban life. Both of you want a bigger picture, or a more fascinating planet to live on. If you share a cause or campaign, you’ll change the world. Sagittarius-Aquarius translates as UNICEF and the UN but also French foreign language groups or – really commonly – book clubs that pull in authors from all over the world on Goodreads.

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  • A Partner with Pisces Factors – Part of you is your other half. Pisces-Pisces is ungrounded, prefers non-reality or alternative reality. Prone to drinking too much or taking illegal drugs, or sometimes cast aloft on prescribed drugs which alter reality. Pisces-Pisces is about the ocean. Art. The imagination. Mythology. Perhaps, quantum uncertainty. It is whimsical, surreal. Not really that great at knowing the price of milk these days, or butter. Inspired by music, movements, themes, bands, fashion, deep science, God, the Tarot and all escape. The funniest thing about you two is that you both have strong ideas about what is real and not real. But the truth is, everything is real. The ‘real’ reality is where you both stand or fall. If you don’t really agree on the bubble, you both think you are floating around in, this is most unlikely to work. The other common issue with Pisces-Pisces is that you both depart normality and trip the light fantastic (or not fantastic) to the point where the real world steps in and it becomes awfully hard and heavy. A trade-off with your spectacular story, and ‘normal’ is a good one.
  • A Partner with Taurus Factors – This could be fabulous if your other signs agree. Some wonderful experiences, indulgences and escapes lie ahead for you as a couple. Only money limits imagination here. There’s bound to be a big emphasis on the sensual pleasures of being together – wine, spas, good music, art, cinema and other indulgences. So much depends on how rich or poor you are, or how your value system (your attitude towards money) is constructed. If you’re hell-bent on a million bucks, your shared life could be like a Hollywood fantasy. If you’re into alternative lifestyles or eco-consciousness, though, it will be skinny-dipping in the river at dawn for you. This really works if your ideals match. Then the Taurus type can save or make money to fund the escape you believe in – the other world you inhabit.
  • A Partner with Cancer Factors – If your personal charts are also in synch, this will be a classic love match, full of healing, self-sacrifice, and destined to bring out something saintly and special in you. You make each other feel as if you matter, and that you have something important to offer. If other Factors agree, it’s love. Children, babies, pregnancy, adoption or fertility issues will be a huge concern once the relationship gets going – your greatest source of joy, or your biggest source of bonding. It’s the same with the in-laws, your parents, siblings or the other person’s. This connection between you is emotional, irrational and like a real-life film. It’s watery, based on feelings, fluid, and defies mere logic. Cancer- Pisces is sensitive, telepathic, and the family story on either side is part of the turquoise tapestry you weave together.
  • A Partner with Scorpio Factors – You’ve always identified with the poets, the more eccentric scientists, the filmmakers, the saints, the artists and the musicians. The Partner with Scorpio Factors will remind you of this and allow you to move closer to your goal of a more imaginative, escapist, abstract, theoretical or spiritual life. The obsessions and passions of the Scorpio type, as well as their darker and more twisted emotions, are understood by you without judgement. Together you are dominated by feelings, not common- sense, and although that makes for a partnership that can sometimes be utterly chaotic, you’ll also see more sexual heat and romantic passion than other couples see in a lifetime. Scorpio is about sex with an edge. The risk of marriage is one of you dies before the other. Dylan Thomas was strongly Scorpio. Do not go gentle! Less morbidly, Scorpio is about money, possessions, property and sexual desire. Beyond all the feelings you immerse yourselves in and the erotic escapades, there is the serious question of marriage and mortgage. Or love with a legacy or will behind it.
  • A Partner with Capricorn Factors – The Capricorn type builds the foundation for your personal Disneyland or nirvana. S/he has that practical, grounded core that you need, if you’re ever going to turn your fantasies into realities. You long to take the Capricorn type by the hand and show them a different world; you’re always encouraging them to take weekends in strange, alluring destinations or experiences – or at least, putting The Lord of the Rings on the DVD player and parking a brandy in their hand. What you get from them is a wonderful message that it’s okay to be sensitive and imaginative, and all those other things that the modern world rejects. Earth supplies water with support. The Capricorn type holds and contains the Pisces type. At the same time, earth is dry and lifeless without water, correct? Pisces supplies Capricorn.

Edited extract from The Secret Language of the Stars by Jessica Adams.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I am Pisces and my partner has a stellium in Aries. If the Emperor card represents propeller heads then this is him. It’s daily exhausting for a Pisces to be around an Aries stellium but a lot of Pisces and Aries seem to end up together….As a Pisces you are saying this are happening in 12th house so I have been praying every day and meditating and have been blessed with the inspiration to make salt. I feel obsessed, inspired and possessed about this idea and am researching it day and night – I feel like it’s been an awakening of a new direction for me. I’m sure people around me feel I’m hair brained. I’m worried about myself bc I’m wonderful at ideas but having the confidence to follow them through is sometimes where I became unstuck. I have a huge vision and passion for this salt empire and I would love any perspectives you might have on this because I’m 47 and so many things have not gone to plan. I see myself in green fields surrounded by lots of saltwater (I’m a sun moon Mercury ♓️) and a dog and being grounded and very successful – what a dream. Sending a lot of love to you for all your awesome guidance for people. Anything you might psychically see I would love to hear. Oh and also any thoughts about me and my scorpio sister, it’s all a bit strange there – scorpions can sting. Thank you x

    1. The partners we choose are chemical/alchemical and we select each other to create new experiments, for whatever reason. So sometimes it’s full of coloured puffs of smoke, loud explosions and swearing! You chose each other for some huge reason, as you could have each chosen anyone at all, so to some extent, you have to do the karma. The karma of being in the same house or apartment together, or dealing with your respective families together, ends in January 2022. The pursuit of salt is interesting. Do you have Indian heritage or past lives? India is waking up through crisis and of course Gandhi’s Salt March was pivotal in her history. Beyond that, you may be picking up some kind of solution for a greater problem. Making salt is highly unusual but you may in fact have a guide taking you there. Your sister will be at the heart of the last thing you expected, by 2026. You will be liberated and set free, through her – or by separating from her. No point in predicting it, but it’s coming.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I am a sun sign Scorpio and it wanted to know if an Aries partner (10 April 1968 )world be a good fit for me. There always seems to be a communication problem. Thanks

    1. Okay, so your soul wants freedom. You are in a cycle until 2026 when you are going for independence and space. Not so much lifetime marriage and permanence, with a predictable duet, every day. This isn’t even really about an Aries partner, or any sign at all. It is about being honest about your real feelings about commitment. Society says marriage is happiness. That is not true for everyone. Ditto, children. You are in a cycle now, with Uranus in angles to your chart for another five years, when you will fall in love with people who are impossible to marry, if there is no other way of forcing yourself to be free. It is actually better to be honest if you do feel unsure about lifetime commitment, so that you can at least be with people who love you, who will communicate properly with you, and be with you on whatever level/for as long as – you both decide. It is very, very common with this transit, for people to fall madly, obsessively in love with those who have no intention at all of having sex with them, let alone committing! Why? Because it means you stay free and single. I hope you can see what I am getting at.

  3. Hi Jessica, I hope you are feeling better and in good spirits 🙂 The timing of this blog is perfect. I met Sam (2/20/87) 4-5 years ago at the beach while on a walk with my soon to be ex-husband (2 weeks until final after 2 years of being separated). He was running a boot camp – he asked me to follow his fitness studio on social – I did and he followed me back. On 4/14/21 I made a decision to hire a personal trainer and immediately thought of the studio I had been following on social all these years – a studio I pass by regularly when running errands in my neighborhood. The decision to hire a trainer for me was a demonstration in self-love. So I made the call and Sam called back. I immediately felt a sense of support and familiarity and excitement. I shared with him my recollection of when and how we met and he said he remembered meeting me (yeah ok lol). 3 days later I had my first consult with him on 4/17/21. The energy was incredible and lingered all weekend – butterflies! The next day he text asking if I could go on a walk. We decided on the beach. Not once did it cross my mind that we had agreed to meet at the beach where we met. As we started walking, he stopped and said – Here, this is the spot we met, I remember. He was right, it was the same exact spot, I guess he really did remember. After that walk, we decided it would be better for me to work with the other trainer, because we wanted to spend time outside of training and his business getting to know each other. This is so layered and I am being asked to practice patience with him as he is not a very expressive individual – his approach to life is all logic. We feel aligned and If I am honest, I feel like he is the partner I have always imagined and dreamt of having. Do I follow my feels or proceed with caution? I feel like I am falling faster and deeper and it scares me. What do you think/see/feel, Jessica? Thank you for taking the time and energy to help – I appreciate you and have so much respect for the work and love you put out into this world!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, he is extremely important, for years into the future. He is your teacher. Sam is here as a mentor, guide, tutor – and so you should be honest about what you feel. This cycle is really long, taking you past 2025. See what you can get away with. There is something about the friendship, which is really outside the norm. You or he may be breaking with tradition or convention, just by trying to be together. This is fine if you are honest about it. You can’t promise hearts, flowers, a white wedding cake and white picket fence on this cycle. But – you can promise a dazzling education in what it is possible to achieve by experimenting. By breaking with tradition. By daring! I just don’t think you could be content knowing you had settled for the road most travelled. You want the road less travelled. In fact you have never been on this road before and neither has anyone else. Not really, as it is in 2021. So be truthful. See where it takes you. The journey, the journey, the journey. He is going to teach you a huge amount.

  4. Jessica, i don’t know if this is the right place to ask but i need your help. I asked the Oracle today about what lessons do i need to learn or what house/aspect do i need to focus. It gave me Venus and the 12th house. How do I interpret that?

    1. You need to learn about complicated relationships with religious people, therapists, counsellors, astrologers, psychics, dream coaches, hypnotists, and others who tend to your soul or spirit. Your psyche. These lessons are really about connections which feel so personal. More like mother-son, or in-laws, or lovers, or spouses. You might be talking about a priest here, or a clairvoyant. It’s on that level. And sometimes the relationship is with your God, or your spirit guide. Venus is about the need for balance, fairness, harmony and equilibrium – between two sides.

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