Taurus Weather 2021-2026

The Taurus Weather of 2021-2026 will affect your finances, house, business, apartment if you have Taurus factors and/or Scorpio factors in your personal birth chart.

The Taurus Weather in Astrology

It is unusual to see so many factors in Taurus in the months of May and June, 2021. What does it mean for your usual horoscope and also your personal birth chart?

The long, long Uranus in Taurus cycle (the world economy slowly turns upside-down) is emphasised in May-June 2021 with the Sun in Taurus until May 20th; the New Moon in Taurus on May 11th; Mercury recently in Taurus until May 4th; Venus recently in Taurus until May 9th; Ceres in Taurus from May 9th until July 31st.

You may switch banks. You may cut certain people or organisations out of your business model. You might pursue something entirely new, in terms of income. It’s that kind of climate.

What It Means For You – May, June, July 2021

Particularly if your birthday is May 1st-5th, or you live with/are affected by May 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th birthday types (or even organisations ‘born’ then) you’ll be swept up into a revolution. A radical change that offers so much more freedom, space and independence with money or property. It will also be a shock, of sorts. The trick is not to try and hang onto the past.

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Using Taurus New Moon Week – 2021

The Taurus New Moon on Tuesday the 11th of May 2021 is a good one, falling with the Sun and Moon at 21 Taurus, almost sextile Neptune at 22 Pisces. Not every New Moon in astrology works, but this one does.

That is a nice match between business, charity, property, buying, selling – and the world of religion, spirituality, the psychic, and the psychological. This is why my friend Debbie Frank chose to launch her new astrology book on that New Moon.

If you want to make or save money, say, through the Roman Catholic church; through Tibetan Buddhism; through the Tarot; through therapy – that is a good fresh start. We could also add – dreams, hypnosis, Judaism, Hinduism, counselling, astral travel, the chakras, the aura, mediumship, and psychic astrology.

New Moon – Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

On the same day as this Taurus New Moon, which helps you all week (May 10th to 16th, 2021) something quite rare happens.

We find Mercury at 11 Gemini (which rules the media and the worldwide web; publishing and education) almost in conjunction with the North Node at 10 Gemini. That can only happen every 19 years. So this is a booster signal. I’ve talked about the financial, property, business or charity angle. Here, we have a rocket under that. And it’s digital.

Basically, whatever is online for you, or in the media, in the book world, in education or academia, just before Mercury turns (so May 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th) is part of a fantastic flow pattern. This goes right around the world. It’s about selling and saving, but it’s also about the mystical or metaphysical; the psychological or psychic.

Add the Gemini factors in and you have something that will work really well online; on television; in the newspapers; in book form. You will see a great many launches, relaunches, announcements and big moments connecting business and media; charity and publishing; banking and the worldwide web; education and corporations.

True Predictions About Taurus Weather

TAU2018 profile - Taurus Weather 2021-2026The Taurus weather has been with us since May 2018 in extreme form, changing the world economy. Here are some old predictions to show you what we are living with in 2021 – and actually, right up until 2026.

Taurus is about world trade and global business. This is an old prediction about Great Britain made back on April 4th, 2017 – adopting a Swiss model after Brexit.

The Express proved astrology right on April 13th 2021, so my forecast of a Swiss-style Brexit looked about four years into the future. Radically different trade between countries is just one example of the Taurus weather. You can take advantage of it, if you know the astrology rules. Britain’s now in a different space. Knowing that, ahead of time, will have helped you – I hope.

How Your Sign is Affected by Taurus Weather

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175 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I am loving all these zoom sessions, thank you so much for organising. I would love to know if you could look at my chart?

    I am trying to thread together how these will impact me over the coming years. I have a direct hit with Taurus at 21° Chiron at 17° Taurus and 6 hits at scorpio.

    Ops 25° Scorpio
    Aesculapia 06° Scorpio
    DESC 21° Scorpio
    Jupiter 09° Scorpio
    Ceres 20° Scorpio
    Apollo 02° Scorpio

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia Fulton, who organises our Meetups around the world. Yes, you have a chain of oppositions from Uranus in Taurus to your Scorpio stellium. They are pretty widely spaced, so you get breathing space every year or so, just to adjust to the changes. What is going on, is bigger than you. So it affects your parents, or grandparents, or other relatives – and their legacies to you – because of the instability of the world economy. Pensions and superannuation; shares and property prices and so on. You are heavily Scorpio and that is as much about the former, current or potential partner/lover, as it is about the assets. So here too there is ongoing change, almost to the end of the cycle, in April 2025. Try not to lock yourself in too tightly with paperwork, contracts, agreements. You will need to zig when the world zags. Keep it flexible, light, open, and the rest. Transiting Uranus opposite natal Ceres in 2023 is likely to make a compromise, deal or enforced share-out necessary. You would also benefit from a smart pair of eyes, looking over your financial or property documents.

  2. Thank you for this thorough article.
    I have factors in Taurus and Scorpio.
    How this will affect me.
    Thanks you again.

    1. Thank you. Well, this is a reshape of your old life budget, basically, and it is time to put aside what you thought you knew about houses, apartments, valuables, possessions, shopping, selling, earning, paying, and the rest. You are in the sort of cycle that can result in massive changes. You may move if you have not already done so. You may completely alter your taxation position, or the way you live your life, or do your banking. This goes on until 2026. There is no point in making change for the sake of change, though. Your goal should be freedom. Freedom from borrowing from the bank, if at all possible. The more you can cut the cord with lenders, the better.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I am a sun sign Scorpio with only IC at 20 Taurus. I can already feel the sweeping changes Uranus in Taurus is making in my personal and professional life. Will I be able to settle down in a stable job and in my personal life before 2026? Do I have a chance for resettling now that I am out of a long, abusive marriage ? Sometimes I feel so directionless. Thanks

    1. Congratulations on being out of a long, bad marriage. You’re hoping for a new home and partnership. You don’t say if you have children but they are the key. It may be a son or daughter who is very good news for you in 2021, 2022 and helps you find potential companions. You could also date someone with children from a first marriage, in the next couple of years. The most profound changes will be with you beyond 2030 and involve your house or apartment. The one in you are in now will either be unrecognisable after 2023 or you will just move on up (at least once) into a totally different home or area. It will be the making of you, actually, and you may become involved in local council politics or perhaps wider politics, as it affects your region or country. That is far into the future. You have the Sun at 10 Scorpio. Uranus is at 10 Taurus, opposing your Sun, for the first and last time in your adult life. February 2022 ends the cycle. Until then, you will be free (free at last) but also feel destabilised. Grounding and ‘earthing’ are good ideas, on a daily basis. Root chakra yoga or meditation and walking on the grass; the simple things. Having what you are going through (transiting Uranus opposite the Sun) can feel like an electrical charge. You can feel wired, or scattered. It is a really good idea to get into the habit of doing something every day, for an hour or two, that connects you to the earth again.

  4. Hello Jessica

    I’ll be listening in to the Taurus Weather from Perth at 5am!

    I am a Sun Cancer with both Bacchus at 14 and Minerva at 26 Taurus.

    1) I have been taking on additional (casual) 10 hours at work since last year to increase my income. My question what are the chances of making these extra hours permanent by my employer?

    2) I also started an online food business last year after my separation and divorce. My question is what are my chances of making this business venture successful and profitable?

    As a Sun Cancer, one of the many consequences of the separation and divorce from the narcissistic ex was that I experienced the full effects of Uranus in my friendships and groups. My ex is regarded as a ‘person of great influence and position’ by many in my friends and community groups. I can’t say that this has been a bad thing; as the peace, space and quiet it gave me led to opportunity in creating the business and focusing on my healing and growth.

    Your insights and response would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thanks and cheers,


    1. I will be in Tasmania with a cup of tea at 7.00am at sunrise, and looking forward to seeing you there in Perth, though apologise for the timing (we have to try and find a compatible time for Texas-Sydney-London-Hobart and it’s not easy, DQ). You’ll be in a dream position career wise, with your online food business, but also your other work, from May 2022 – so allow about a year. You can start now, actually, but the breakthrough would come in 12 months. You are in the sort of cycle when you can get away with things. So ask for permanence if you want it, and see if you can score that direct hit. Do aim as high as you can for 2022 and 2023 as so much is possible. You have done really well to leave your narcissist ex, even though he is regarded as a somebody, in your social circle. You know the truth. You’re going to make new friends this year, and next year, too – who will set you free from that world. They don’t even know who he is. You’ll also find the entire network of foodies/chefs/cooks/caterers opens up to you and there will be a charity involved too.

  5. Kia ora Jessica – wow, there is a lot going on! I got 3 factors in Taurus (at 7, 15 and 20 degrees) so my 2021, 2022 and 2023 will be affected. In addition to that I also have a lot of Scorpio factors (15, 22, 25 (2x), 27 and 28 degrees) – what again will affect my 2022-2026. I feel like I’m already in the middle of the revolution… I was on a holiday in NZ when I got stuck due to Covid – 2 weeks ago I resigned from my job back in Switzerland and then finally got my work visa here. Now I have to sort out my life I left back in Europe (house, mortgage, divorce, retirement provision). Will there be another solution than selling the house? Maybe renting out to support my low salary here? Will I make it here in NZ (financially)?
    Plus there is an ongoing story with a married man with kids (born 10.07.1971 in Liverpool) – will he have the courage to leave his family, will it be his wife (06.11.1972 in Liverpool) to make the decison? Or will they keep going with their stressful marriage? I think I would be able to take a lot of stress (family and work) off him and help him with a new start. Am I selfish?
    And finally my job – I would be a teacher, will work now as a nanny but feel that there is more coming. In which direction should I look – counseling, traditional healing or will I end up as a housewife and partner of a business man?
    Sorry for a long post but there is so much going on at the moment and sometimes I’m a bit lost (although my gut feeling tells me that it’s gonna be ok… Any tips would be very appreciated, thank you so much!!!

    1. You are already in the Uranus in Taurus zone, having left Switzerland while on holiday in New Zealand. Meanwhile you are in love with a man who is married with children. You wonder if you should teach, be a nanny, heal, or even marry a businessman. There is a lot going on here, and the excitement and liberation (the madness and lack of certainty) is pretty typical of a Uranus transit. Your Taurus-Scorpio indicates stress if you pursue this married man. I have said that before. You could easily be named in a divorce. Be extremely careful. His wife is a Scorpio. Beyond being named as a third party, if you venture into adultery with a Scorpio woman while Uranus is in Taurus, you are asking for trouble. The new life in New Zealand is off to an uncertain start, but you can make it more stable by trying to pull back from the riskier, less ‘known’ moves. Jobs you have never tried, men who are married with children, rather speculative ideas about rich husbands and so on. You don’t say if you are qualified as a teacher, or could train – but that is actually your best bet. If this man is going to leave his wife and children at all, it would be in 2022, but as there is another potential lover that year who is actually free and single, you may prefer to wait. You will know where you stand with love, sex and partnership by 2023. Look at teaching opportunities in New Zealand which link you to Switzerland online.

  6. Hi Jessica. At a time when most people my age are retired, I find myself still loving my work and even thinking about going for a promotion which I have tried 3 times to achieve – do you see any success this time around? I have Jupiter at 12 in Taurus, Hygeia at 16 Taurus, Uranus at 17 in Taurus, Prosperina at 21 Scorpio, Chiron at 11 in Capricorn and Desc at 21 in Virgo.

    1. Transits not possible in your adult lifetime are coming, financially, as Uranus moves to 12 Taurus and begins the pattern for you in a fantastic way. Now, it’s hard to say if that is promotion or just a business sideline; it may even be personal (shares or other benefits). Uranus moves to 12 Taurus in the final week of May and kickstarts the change. You were born protected, with possessions, money, property – and have frequently been outright lucky. Your Uranus Return at 17 Taurus will be exhilarating and liberating, financially. The trines to Chiron in Capricorn in the Tenth House suggest getting away with the so-called impossible. You are a natural mentor, guide, tutor or rather maverick ‘foster’ figure in your chosen field and I suspect that is the way forward for you; there would be the money available to be able to do that, or you would be rewarded for playing the punk rock elder. (Chiron was found in the year punk rock broke; 1977). This looks tremendously exciting for you; just be aware of Uranus opposite Proserpina in 2023-2024. You play the go-between then, likely with a legacy (yours to others) or theirs to you. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. That is perfectly fine, but look at the dates on the paperwork and if you are asked to play the middle person in a situation with a house, apartment, valuables money and so on, think carefully about what that would entail in those years.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another wonderful and insightful article. I wonder how it will affect me? I quit my job last October, and it was needed. Started therapy and I’m on unemployment service now. That gives me stress. The stupid part is I paid for it all my working years but they can be quite pushy. I’m at a point in my life that I simply cannot see the outcome of my future. I’ve been depressed a few months, slowly finding my way back up. Felt guilty for not working and still feel that way. But I really need this time to heal everything that happend in my childhood. Let’s hope the unemployment service cuts me some slack, and leaves me alone.
    I need reassurance I guess. I would rather work from home. I’ve done that the past 10 years and that was fine by me. But I just can’t see it before me. ( what to do, what to become) My bf isnt rich enough to pay for it all, so I need to bring money to the table. My unemployment money will stop December 2021. So after that I’m on my own. Can you give me some insight ? Or even better ; Good news? Thank you for reading this. Regards Coco

    1. I am really sorry you are living with depression following your resignation. You also have childhood issues to sort out. You’d like to work from home and your boyfriend doesn’t have the income to cover both of you. Your benefits run out in December 2021 and not surprisingly, you need answers. Coco, always look for Virgo/Sixth House patterns with depression and work issues. You have Saturn at 12 Virgo and the North Node at 8 Virgo. You also have the South Node at 8 Pisces. The biggest and best period for inner work; meditation; therapy; hypnosis – in 12 years – will be with you when Jupiter goes to 8 Pisces in February 2022, when you will make a breakthrough. That’s just a small part of the story. (There may also be a fantastic turning point with your religion; psychic ability; healing; spirituality). In fact you have been involved with the church in at least one lifetime and possibly more. Saturn is widely linked with depression in astrology. I strongly recommend you read around the subject to see what other Saturn/Virgo people do. You are experiencing a major opening up of old fear and undoubtedly some really difficult experiences as Uranus moves to 12 Taurus, to trine your Saturn. That is happening right now. Transiting Uranus trine natal Saturn, they call it, and it is time to look at how you over-defend yourself, or possibly leave yourself exposed, with all Virgo matters. That means the tiny details of everyday life, as well as serving others; working for them; even the housework or walking the dog. There is a fair bit of fear there, and fear is often dressed up as avoidance, or anxiety or mental block. The Virgo-Pisces combination in your chart is your gateway. You need to understand your unconscious mind better and the impact of the spirit or soul on the body. Everything you can do that for that is mostly free. Dreams can help (dream coaching or a dream journal). So can hypnosis and meditation – very much so. None of that job situation happened without a purpose and the purpose is actually to get you to dismantle the walls and barricades, moats and fences of the past, and find a new way to feel safer and more solid about work; about your depression; even about the basics of daily life and daily routine. Your chart shows just these transits, and having been through the worst, you will now climb out, slowly and safely. Virgo-Pisces Nodes are also associated with the phrase ‘Fake it until you make it’ and people with these patterns do really well by acting, as they feel they should be living. Or even doing the washing-up! Faking going for a one-hour walk, faking yoga at home on a towel; all that stuff helps the classic Virgo-Pisces type, as Virgo is the lifestyle detail and Pisces is the make-believe. I think Jupiter’s transit of Pisces, across your Nodal axis and opposite your Saturn, is going to help you more than you realise. You will ultimately be in a radically different line of work by 2026; independent; free; often exhilarated – and yes you can do it your way – at home.

  8. Hi Jessica, I don’t know where to start. I am a scorpio with lots of scorpio in my chart (not so much Taurus but Uranus is opposing everything) undergoing a divorce in the UK right now – not very acrimonious but not plain sail either – at the same time that dealing with my mother’s reckless approach to money and property purchases in Brazil (my home country) has been an ongoing hassle for a year now. I guess these are both 8th house issues. Reading your Taurus weather ( I will be attending the event tonight too) I am left wondering whether I should just move to a remote island and wait until 2027? What to expect and how to proceed? Thank you!

    1. Mercury at 25 Scorpio in your chart can help you avoid particular deadlines or dates in paperwork now (for example, the end of a business term or mortgage) as Uranus is at 25 Taurus in June/July 2024, back again in November that year; finishes in April 2025. So that’s a neat use of astrology. Yes, you are going through a divorce with your Sun at 10 Scorpio opposed by Uranus at 10 Taurus. You are over the worst (and it is the same with your mother’s situation) and yet there is one final six-week period of decision making, just after Christmas 2021 this year, through January, finished in the first week or so of February. It’s good you have kept your sense of humour. You also have your Nodes in Sagittarius/Gemini so are going through karma involving Brazil, your home country, but also your life in the United Kingdom. This also ends in January 2022, so I would say that the first month of next year is decision time for you, about some very old karmic issues which are bigger than you are. Do what you have to do, but know that January 2022 is the turning point. More happily, there is the most tremendous relaunch of your face, shape, style, name, brand, title, profile coming once Jupiter moves into Aries from May 2022.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all your insight.
    I’m still learning how to read, understand my apply my chart.
    Any advice on whether a good time to buy property? I just added more money to my retirement plans but wondering if this is a smart thing to do?

    Last but not least, good time to take the COVID vaccine? Not vaccinated yet as I am so nervous about it. Now I’m concerned about variants from India etc. I just worry if the vaccine will have long term health impacts, just the unknown.
    Thanks so much.

    1. If you do get vaccinated find out what you are taking. I am amazed that nobody ever asks about the difference between Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Everyone is worried about the Indian variant and we also have the South African variant too. See what the epidemiologists are saying. Twitter is an excellent resource. The issues with vaccines is that they are big money. That’s the big problem! Find out how often you will have to update your vaccine, depending on which it is, and what the pros and cons are, because they change all the time. It may be that you are only 75% protected, for example, so you have to alter your lifestyle permanently, to suit a world where a mutating virus is going to mutate – constantly – in mutable sign weather. You want to buy a house or apartment. That completely depends on the country in question and I’m afraid I can’t see where you live. In general, you will find it’s all about location, location, location. If you had bought in Delhi when Modi was boasting about India’s success with the virus, for example, you would now have lost on that apartment, particularly if it was near the crematorium. You see what I mean? In the new world it will literally be about where – which region – and what is the situation with local resources, high-density overcrowding Covid-19 risk and so on…I think you know that already.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I am considering selling my house either this summer (2021) or next summer (2022). I do have Taurus placements but can’t figure out the best time to sell. I was thinking putting it on the market August or September of this year. I’m thinking of investing in electric car parts too.. Any advice for me according to my chart?
    I appreciate your insight and time,
    Thank you

    1. You’ll get the information you need about the property market over summer so your instinct was right. You need more information you do not have, but that will appear now through June, July and particularly near July 10th when you may decide to make a commitment. You may want to do your research in July 2021 in particular and as Ceres in Taurus is also with you, the time is ripe for negotiation. Your negotiations will also be with yourself, as you do deals with yourself about what is most worthwhile to you (beyond the price tags other people might use). Electric car parts – absolutely right for the times. Jupiter (abundance, opportunity) goes into Gemini (cars) from May 2024. But keep moving with your research. Musk and Tesla are not the only games in town and there will be even more radical and exciting arrivals from 2024, taking over from 2026 with the North Node in Gemini. Look at the market for parts: Mercury rules markets – the marketplace. Everything you see and hear in that world which goes wrong, is delayed or cancelled mid-May to early July is ripe for reconsideration later.

  11. I have so many Scorpio placements. I think I have already got a taste of the transiting Uranus and as a fixed sign I feel very uncomfortable with dancing in the air with changes. Is there anything in my chart worth pointing out in relation to this transit, Jessica?

    Thanks a lot for any insight!

    1. Fixed signs like Scorpio don’t really like change at all, and as you say, you are dancing in the air with your Scorpio stellium. That’s okay. It takes time to adjust to Uranus in Taurus, which began in 2018 and is with us until 2026. In fact, so many of the situations which are coming, were set up in 2018. The turn towards digital currency. The turn away from notes and coins. One of the reasons that is going to take off is that the value of a pound, a dollar, a euro and the rest – changes just about every day. India’s stock was high when Modi was boasting about her success with COVID-19 at the start of 2021. Her stock has fallen. She produces vaccines. Go figure (and really figure – do the sums about the world economy). For you every big wheel turning backwards and forwards, also spins your own wheels. To say that this is bigger than you, and bigger than all of us, might help a bit. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. You want to control. You want to run this thing. Actually, you cannot do that on this transit, which astrologers have been predicting for years. You have already had a taste of transiting Uranus. You can use this Taurus weather until July, to completely revamp your life budget. Really look at what is going where, and why – and to what purpose. You need to put a price on the things money cannot buy, too. Maybe you put a very high value on independence, or a very high value on a person. Or a dog! It’s priceless to you. Nobody else except you can re-budget and re-calculate. Your chart suggests working from home in quite a different way by 2026 and you may take a salary cut to do that, because your time at home is more important to you than any amount of money. So this is a good time to get real about what is going on out there, and rethink your numbers.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you once again for the insightful article /taurus weather.

    Since last time I wrote to you (about 6 months ago) something has changed in my life: a former/past romantic partner came back into my life again, 5 months ago. He is going through a divorce. (dob 30.04. 1963). But we cannot see each other because of covid restrictions. We live in different countries. Since some weeks he pulled back somehow.

    I am strongly scorpio (premium member) and I want to know, if I do have a chance in this year to come to get a promotion at work and relocate? I work in the international industry and if I relocate there might be a chance to meet this former partner and be close to him.

    Sorry for being so long.

    Thank you for your understanding,


    1. Thank you Juno. Your potential lover is divorcing and in another country so COVID-19 has stopped you. You’re very Scorpio and need the intimacy! You have fallen in love with each other precisely because you cannot get married. You get the chemical high of sexual longing and missing someone/longing for them, without the hard work of actually having to be together. This is pretty common on Taurus-Scorpio weather. At least one of you wants to avoid the pain, and he is divorcing, so he knows it. Juno, your name is a symbol of commitment in astrology. Commitment with Juno is about accepting the lifestyle and prestige of marriage to a successful man, and the loss of freedom, autonomy and space that comes with it. So it’s a mixed blessing. I suspect that for all your Scorpio intensity and need for sexual connection, there is also a part of you that never wants to get married and have children at all. Thus, your ex comes back and you start daydreaming. This mixed feeling within you (wanting total commitment; for example, having someone move countries for you in a pandemic – or yourself, moving, to be with a lover, during a pandemic) is showing up with your attraction to him. He gives you both sides. Total separation or absolute closeness with very high stakes. There is another lover for you who won’t bring out such extremes, in 2021 or 2022.

  13. Hi Jessica getting ready for the Taurus weather session on Youtube and Zoom with you and your guests. I am curious to know how the Taurus weather will affect me personally based on my chart. I am really new to astrology and your website has stirred an interest in this topic as with other esoteric practices. I have started to invest in crypto and re-joined social media after a long absence and isolation.

    Many Thanks Jordan

    1. Thank you Jordan. I’m very pleased that the website has helped your interest in astrology. You are strongly Capricorn and coming towards the end of the long Pluto in Capricorn cycle, which has transformed every aspect of your career since 2008. Every so often on this cycle, particularly when the Moon is in Capricorn (every 28 days) you realise that the balance of power, or the politics, needs to be addressed. If you feel others are being manipulative, or misusing some kind of power, somewhere – then you have to act on that. You also have to be aware of your own power. How can you empower other people? You have ended up in a job, or particular field, where the politics is rife and people can be highly competitive, controlling, invested in their own total control – and the misuse of power can be pretty common. It always rebounds, of course. Those are the Pluto rules! Yet, rather than be bored watching other people or large organisations get instant karma, you may want to be far more aware of the Pluto in Capricorn transit mission – to give others the power and the control – and that usually means educating them or sharing resources. I suspect you are already doing that. The Taurus weather by July 31st will help you get your work and money back on track, sizing up what has worked since the madness of 2020 and getting rid of who/what now shows itself to be a waste of time. Deep breath. It starts now.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Looking forward to the sessions today. I have Neptune at 19 Scorpio, Jupiter at 16 Taurus, Neptune currently T-squaring my natal nodes, and stelliums in Sagittarius (Asc), Capricorn (Sun), Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. I feel like there are fireworks going off all over the place, and the best plan might just be to find a cave and hunker down for a few more years! Any help or encouragement appreciated!

    1. Thank you. Finding a cave, not so much – but do become better informed about your money and your likely income sources. There can be a tremendous amount of evasion with Neptune in Scorpio. Escaping from the realities of the bank; superannuation; the pension; property; credit cards; shopping. Getting real is the best favour you can do yourself in Taurus weather. What you sort out now is better for you later. Rather than assuming, guessing or dreaming your way through your budget, you really need to look at what you spending and what you receive in return. Who or what is worth it, and who or what is a mistake? Taurus weather moving across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart now, is a really good early lesson. If you have been funding people who are not worth it, for example, you need to be a realist and end it. If you are paying out a lot of money to just ‘get by’ with some results, you may want to ask yourself why you think a so-so result is good enough. This is the time for refunds. It is the time for axing arrangements in some cases. It is really important to realise you are not alone. The whole world is going through this (with each other) and you’re seeing greed, as well as cheap behaviour – no doubt. At the same time, if others are being generous with you, perhaps it’s time to repay that generosity in a way that feels right to you. You want to avoid that feeling of ‘no such thing as a free lunch’ and so must find a way to settle up, even if you cannot actually pay. This all sounds pretty philosophical and spiritual, and so it is. Others have to realise that there are no free rides and they may owe you (some kind of minimum). That’s not too much to ask. Taurus is about values. Taurus weather is about your own values. Your ethics and morals. Taurus is also about taste. Who and what you love or really feel quite put off by. You have been coasting along for most of the last 1-2 years (especially in 2020 when everything had to be made up on the spot) and now it’s time to get real and make changes.

  15. Hi dear Jessica,

    I’m so looking forward to this Uranus in Taurus event today! I have loved learning more about Astrology and the Tarot through your work leading up to and during this life changing era we’re all going through.

    Where to begin? I have Taurus factors at 3 degrees Mars, 17 degrees Apollo, and 29 degrees Saturn. I have escaped home to NZ from Montreal due to the pandemic and am living with my wonderful Capricorn sister and Taurus brother-in-law in the the countryside near the beach which is so good for my soul. We’re just outside of Wellington where I started my life as a student 30 years ago, and now I’m back at the same uni doing another Masters degree in Indigenous Studies which suits my radical Aqua stellium with sun 26 degrees, mercury 25 degrees, bacchus 4 degrees, Salacia 1 degree and the North node at 5 degrees. My PhD and research are in educational technology though, and I have noted your predictions for Canada being a leader in online learning going forward. I feel like I’d have to give up my research and work for the NZ ministry of education if I stayed here as there is a job freeze at unis with the borders shut to international students. I also have a stellium in Capricorn with 24 Minerva, 21 Aesculapia, Jupiter 1, MC 4 and Ops 5. I’m looking for a stable job now and to settle down. I’ve lived such a carefree life of travel these past 27 years – true GenX poverty jet set style! I met a millennial in Montreal just before leaving from NZ whom I have a strong connection with. She is also Capricorn and Aqua stellium and very focused on how to make money in a way that i have never been. My Pisces stellium seems to complement her Scorpio stellium as we are really interested in all things esoteric and we have a distance reiki connection. She also has a Leo stellium (artist with a focus on kids, puppetry, sculpture) to complement my Aries/Libra stelliums – honestly, I’ve never met anyone quite like this!

    We have been looking into crypto and NFTs as she is an artist. In a composite chart we share the Sun 5, Jupiter 26, Mercury 9, and Mars 15 in the 8th house in the sign of Aqua. We are wondering if this is why we are putting our heads together during these changing times? I still have to sort out my divorce with my ex in Canada (a serene Scorpio Libra) and my Canadian citizenship so that would indicate that I’m returning to Montreal but perhaps only to tie things up? I think the Capricorn millennial and I are level-headed enough to know that things need to be more grounded if things are to become a relationship. I’m just grateful to have this weird and wonderful friendship at a distance during these times of great change.

    Thanks, I realise that the time for the session to start is close and that you may not have time to see this. Very much looking forward to today’s session!
    Lanny xo

    1. Lanny, we ran out of time, in that session with Alicia Fulton and Stephanie Johnson – and as you saw my screen went dark – so I am spending extra time today working on your answers. I mentioned cryptocurrency and the world of new art (NFT) today and you are tracking that. Suffice to say it is extremely unstable. That’s a given, right? Yet, it really depends on your priorities. Do you want to feel the ground beneath your feet, or do you prefer the exhilaration and excitement of risk? I don’t use composite charts, but you and the artist in question – the Millennial – are obviously bonding over shared values. You say you want a stable job and to settle down, and are in New Zealand, which is great for that. You are also finalising a divorce and questioning your Canadian citizenship. What you are actually doing is giving yourself mixed messages. You want certainty and answers but have been flying around the world for years. You do actually have to make a choice about money, accommodation and belonging to a place, no later than January 2022, when the Nodes leave Sagittarius-Gemini, which dominates your chart by transit. You have time. But you will have to choose. There may be some past life karma here, involving Canada and/or New Zealand.

  16. Hi Jessica ! Thank you For the Taurus Weather on YouTube and your Work.

    Maybe a look on my chart and how to navigate financially with this period to 2026? Thanks a lot! God bless You

    1. Thank you. The most important thing about your chart is the end of a very demanding cycle for your finances, house, apartment, business interests, charity, funding, valuables – and the rest – in 2023-2024. That will help you move right away from a period of many years when you found yourself with too much power in situations where people found themselves with very little. For example, helping out a broke friend, or supporting a relative in trouble. At the same time, you have been power-tripped by people who used your generosity to manipulate situations. That is now in the past. You have also been put in a position where just paying the rent or mortgage (for example) has been about the power dynamic between two people who need each other. You must both decide, how much and on what basis. The absolute worst is over, but you will still find that by 2024 you can move into a completely different life budget with new numbers; new priorities; new people or organisations. If you ever felt used since 2008, you never will again. If you found yourself using money (or a property, for example) as a way of getting what you wanted, you need to question that. Was it a fair bargain or not? All this swirls around as we conclude the long Pluto in Capricorn transit.

  17. Hi Jessica thank you for another insightful article. I have quite a few planets in Scorpio and wonder how the taurus weather will affect me in finance, carreer and life in general? Do you see a relocation or any pivotal moment between now and 2026 on my chart? Many thanks for your insights!
    Jupiter 05° Scorpio 52′ 55″
    Ceres 22° Scorpio 55′ 51″
    Mars 16° Scorpio 18′ 45″
    ASC 07° Scorpio 57′ 28″
    Diana 07° Scorpio 57′ 18″
    Aesculapia 11° Scorpio 22′ 38″

    1. Uranus oppositions from Taurus to Scorpio suggest that this is about the big ticket items in your will and inheritance, but also the big ticket items in legacies which name you. Houses and apartments. Insurance payouts. Shares. Companies and so on. Check the paperwork ahead of time to make sure you are in a flexible position, so if the last thing you expected comes to pass, you can pivot and twist. Uranus tends to bring the last thing we thought we would see. Remember he was found in 1781 when the Americans threw out the British and Elizabeth Freeman won her freedom from a white master, changing the game for slaves everywhere. We’re talking about a radically different economic and political world here, and it has a trickle-down effect on you, with Uranus opposite Mars, then Uranus opposite Ceres. So check where your pension or superannuation is. Go over the fine print with the bank. All of that. Look particularly at any sexual relationship which involves money, as Scorpio rules sex and cash. Have a look at your will, or your expectations of someone else’s will, if you have them at all. Being free to move, light on your feet, and able to wiggle (rapidly) is a huge, huge asset between now and 2026.

  18. Thanks for the recent video event Jessica. I have North Node in the last degrees of Taurus, due to conjunct with Uranus in 2025. One of the keywords you mentioned earlier was; reversal of fortune. Could that indicate a Dickensian proportioned plot twist in my life?

    Also what kind of thing might one expect when Uranus opposes Aesculapia, as it will do in my chart?

    The leonormid card that you drew in the reading has me thinking about a few things. Pollinator corridors in rural and urban settings that have slowly been established as of late. Buffer zones of wildflowers on farmland in Bavaria , butterflyways in Canada, for instance. As well, regenerative farming no longer seems to be of fringe interest.


    1. Thank you, Patrick. The Lenormand Card showing the spade, the flowers and the wilderness behind – is something you’ve picked up on in an interesting way. Wildflower buffer zones fits. Pollinator corridors, too. The card that turned up is good news for us all, as it clearly shows ‘the spade’. Venus at 29 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and status, aspects your Nodes of karma very closely, in Taurus and Scorpio. That’s really the main story here, and you’re looking at a professional relationship (Venus in Capricorn) or perhaps a personal relationship or marriage (Venus in Capricorn) which is about status as much as everything else. This double act or duet of yours becomes part of a huge karmic story in January and February 2022, as you experience the Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio and Pluto moves slowly closer towards your Venus, where he will make patterns not possible in your lifetime, about a year later, February 2023. Transiting Pluto conjunct Venus is the transformation of the duet, so that you must find self-control to have control, and willpower, to be empowered. So when you suggest a Dickensian plot twist, you are correct. There is something fated about this, going back around 19 years, which begins in February 2022, involving the money, property, business, charity, shares and valuables – but very much the other person. Karmic settlement and a new life budget will be the eventual result, but leave space and time on your agenda for what must absolutely be done, as clearing the decks is probably more useful than over-complicating your life. If you do begin a new partnership or duet of any kind, obviously seek a second opinion from a financial professional. Be aware of that Pluto transit over your Venus.

  19. Hi Jessica
    Can you please see my chart how is this weather going to affect me? Especially regarding owing a home?

    1. You will be offered your best chance in 12 years to have your own home in the rest of 2021, 2022 and if you cannot buy it, or rent it, there will be other ways to acquire it. April next year is an excellent time to get the keys or finish the next stage of a renovation or improvements. But you can start now. Jupiter is about to go into your solar Fourth House of property.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the lovely Zoom and you tube evening, it was the first astrology event I have attended online, and it was really enjoyable. I have quite a few placements between Taurus and Scorpio, I am wondering what impact these will have astrologically in the next year or two. I am looking forward to more of these wonderful events.
    Best regards,

    1. Thank you so much R and you are very welcome. Having the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart (Second House and Eighth House) crossed by Uranus, the North Node and South Node will only happen once in your life. I mentioned in the YouTube Premiere that it’s wise to start reading the financial pages, even if you don’t usually – and to be updated and better informed about the ever-changing world of banking and insurance, finance, property and so on. Give yourself permission to think laterally. I have friends who have stopped taking out insurance because they are sick of the insurance company’s greedy and lazy attitude. They have joined a class action lawsuit against one insurer, who will not pay up, and they are buying silver antiques instead, and storing them in a safe. If they need home repairs in future, they will sell some silver. That’s just one example and I am not for a moment suggesting you do that. If you realise that Uranus turns the known world upside-down, you’ll quickly see that the old model of borrowing trillions, living on the never-never, turning to fossil fuel and land clearance (destroying nature) to fund the short-term – is very 20th century. That will no longer be remotely viable by 2026. Have a look at what is working! In Singapore they are wiring up plants to remove COVID-19 particles from the air. If I’d had more time in the Zoom after-event, I would have gone into that a bit more, but I will leave it up to you to discover. You might also want to think about electric bikes; bicycles; new inventions from 2024. The unusual, unique and unheard of, is coming. No matter if you want to save money or make it, you’ll be updating yourself weekly.

  21. Also, that card you drew had me thrumming with the latest images from David Hockney. The hopeful images of Spring in Normandy. Everything else was cancelled or disrupted last year, he noted that Spring was not cancelled. His advice is to look, really look at nature.


    1. Love Hockney, and one of his paintings turned up on my Twitter feed. Thank you! Spring was not cancelled – and he reminds us to look at nature in the middle of upheaval. Thank you P.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I want to say that I hope to see positive changes in my life with the Taurus weather. But it has been rough so far. Many rejections across te board. I am a Cancer and I do have Mars at 22, IC at 23 and Moon at 26 in Taurus and IC at 23 and Neptune 10 in Scorpio. What can I expect during the next 5 years?

    1. I’m sorry about the rejections, which can feel really hard. This is shown in your chart. You have Uranus (the planet of rejection) going right across it, so have been hearing ‘No’ a lot, or have had rude people not reply to you. This is actually perfectly normal on this transit. The whole point of it, is to get you to come up with a radically alternative solution. This will work for you, change your life and liberate you. The golden rule with Uranus is the U words. I defer to Rex E. Bills and The Rulership Book on this point. Financially, with work, business, your house or apartment, charity, valuables, shopping or sales – until 2026 – think about what works with uncertainty. What works when everyone else is feeling uncertain? Think about what is uncommon, unusual, unconventional. Think about new undertakings which are unexpected, unique, unprecedented. Think about what is an original and exciting response to upset, upheaval. When they zig, you zag. You are strongly Taurus and so naturally prefer things to stay the same forever. Taurus is a fixed sign. You are pretty fixed about what you want, need and know. Yet, in this climate (which we’ve not seen since the war) the smart money is on forgetting about who/what is not working, or does not work, and focussing your mind purely on the unusual, unique, inventive, original answer. Lateral thinking is it. Swerve sideways in your ideas. You can use the Tarot on this website to help you.

  23. Hi Jessica thank you so much for today! I am so happy i could attend and learnt so much. The chats were great, your guests were wonderful ! I am SHANI STEWART in terms of the chart but i changed my name three years ago, hence the dual personality thing lol.
    so i don’t see my earlier post but I hope you could quickly answer. As you see i am Virgo with Scorpio rising, Gemini moon that is just BARELY past Taurus, and a whole scorpio Stellium so a lot of this heavilly pertains to me. At last september’s event, which was a LIVE, and on my birthday of all things, ( new moon) you were kind enough to pull a card for me and answer my question about how difficult my new home already was. it has gotten worse. It is so bad that now i am battling environmental illness/ pollution/ terrible pollen or something here, literally allergic to this damn missoula, montana place. YOu were right about a male person of influence coming in and possibly helping me relocate, a friend that wouldn’t make a mate as our spirituality and many beliefs are diameticaly opposed, but a good brother. He is trying even as i type to get people in another part of the state to help me get out of here , I thinki its a matter or survival now. They are VERY CHRISTIAN (not my gig!) and dont like me and I dont care for that part of the state , i dont feel its the right direction, but he is trying to find somebody who could at least drive a uhaul (lorry) for me and help me move. interesint timing. When you get time, might you be able to possibly draw a card or give me a word of insight? sept 17 1954 Richland washington well you see my chart there under shani stewart, I am a premium member under “shani stewart. ” Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I read the Tarot for you last September on your birthday and told you a man would help you relocate from your environmentally troubled home. He’s trying to get you of there – good. Yet, they are Christians and you dislike the area. Now he’s trying to help you with a lorry to assist you to move. I won’t say more to protect your privacy as you are giving your real name, but you are now able to draw your own Tarot cards to progress. Ask ‘What will come my way if I accept the offer, over the next 12 months?’ If you reject the answer, ask again ‘What is my next best option to move, within the next 12 months?’

  24. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you hosting the great session today. I believe that I posted a comment earlier but am not seeing it, so decided to repost. Sorry for any duplicates. I am a Leo Sun (27°37), with Libra rising (1°03), Moon in Scorpio (2°07), Neptune (19°31) and North Node in Taurus (19°58). The last couple years Uranus in Taurus has put my career through the hoops. I have been in and out of jobs. When do you see me getting a new position and could you shed some light on what to expect over the next couple years? Cancer is my tenth house with both Mars (27°05) and Jupiter (23°16) there.

    I am also born in 1966, so have Pluto (17°30 and Uranus (18°35) almost conjunct natally. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. Much as you’d love to have stability and permanence in your career, you are in the wrong cycle. You have a Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, so actually your entire life is full of sudden events which set you free from jobs or projects which confine you, or from unpaid work or study which cramps your style. Now and again the pattern is triggered and you find yourself unemployed, or getting sick of a particular role, so you quit. You are also a Sun Leo with transiting Uranus in your solar Tenth House of career until 2026. I am sure the last couple of years have been utterly unpredictable, as the cycle began around then. You also have Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio which suggests past lives where you did it for the money (worked at what you loathed to be rich) and also found yourself threatened by loss of security for refusing to sell out! The solution for this is to find yourself 1-2 sidelines or courses which may not be paid at all. Cake! The bread and butter will come from where bread and butter always comes – your C.V. skills and assets. However, you will eventually find that what you were doing on the side, because it just happened to you – or took off – will become a source of extra income or perhaps eventually your main income. The main thing to do with this transit, is not to let yourself get to the point where you are silencing yourself on resentment you feel about any people who keep you small or get in your way. Don’t just let it build up. Be truthful with yourself. Talk to the mirror if you have to. Who are you, what do you want to do, where do you feel most free, where do you feel (not) free and what is possible? Sit down in Taurus Weather and really sort things out. Your success now will not be other people’s success. You have to do what is true for you. Otherwise Uranus has an odd way of pulling the rug.

  25. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the two events today – I am intrigued by the Taurus Weather. I made changes to my life in 2018, 2019 and 2020 whereby I left corporate life, and a profession I loved after 35 years, moved to the Gold Coast and set myself up to be financially independent. Thanks in part to following your blogs and a supportive partner. Life is good and I am thoroughly enjoying my new found freedom perhaps a little ahead of my degrees in Taurus.

    I have factors in Taurus (Sun, Moon, MC and Volcano), and Scorpio (Neptune, IC, Diana and Hygenia). I many new interests and my question is to seek guidance on what path would be suitable for me for the next chapter of my life? The interests closest to my heart are astrology, financial astrology, blockchain technology, crypto currency and finance – all of which require learning from scratch. Are you able to provide any guidance on a suitable direction for me so that I can narrow down my focus – even if it is not one of the above interests? Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you for coming along to The Taurus Weather event. And I’m flattered you have used this astrology website to help with some decisions. You sound like a natural astrologer, with your interests dovetailing with the Uranus in Taurus weather. You also have factors in Scorpio and/or Taurus from 9 through 25 degrees so are being pushed into this cycle of instability now (at a time when the Australian government is borrowing a vast amount of money; the budget timed for Taurus weather). It will continue, with pauses for thought, until 2025, so you are in a good place to do a lot of research, learning, study. Not so much leaping into practise. The only reason I say this is that Uranus oppositions can arrive so suddenly. You may prefer to be your own guinea pig, create a website, issue disclaimers and practise on yourself. Uranus opposite Neptune, for example, can come as a very sudden, confronting wake-up call about borrowed money. Credit cards and mortgages. Neptune is fantasy. The escape from reality. There is a generational influence here, so. You may find you are part of the story, and Neptune in Scorpio people who have borrowed heavily for a mortgage (for example) or whose pension/superannuation is tied up with other Neptune in Scorpio advisors (typical) will all go through the shake-up and wake-up together. I hope you can see where I’m coming from. Great time to research, study and learn. Not a great time to launch into the business of advising others professionally. Feel absolutely free to disagree. I’m afraid I can’t recommend any financial astrologers to teach you, but strongly recommend you begin by tracking Taurus and Scorpio transits in a journal and finding great astrology books from Margaret Hone, Howard Sasportas, Caroline W. Casey, to help guide you. You’ll be your own best guinea pig and teacher. Use Monopoly money to start.

  26. Thank You!!!
    Just hope you are still with us a long time!! We need you!!!
    Bless xoxo

  27. Many thanks, Jessica, for your earlier reply! I’m very fortunate to be in NZ right now, very true, it does seem like the bleedin’ obvious answer lol! Thanks for the reconfirmation that I need to make some solid choices in the near future.

    Herewith, some more thoughts on the Uranus in Taurus weather. It has been such fun following your work on Uranus in Taurus and the revolution to our financial systems. Following are some of the rabbit holes I’ve been down, which may be of interest to you and the blog membership. I’ll let you know how I get on as the months go by…

    First up, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the Ethereum platform for building decentralised applications in the open-source blockchain space. Also, the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, he is a huge figure in the blockchain and crypto worlds. Ether appears to be the other big crypto currency to watch in addition to Bitcoin, which has had to make hard forks to reverse engineer hacks – if these terms ‘ether’ and ‘hard fork’ don’t scream Uranus in Taurus then I don’t know what does! His birthdate (31 Jan 1994 in Kolomna, Russia) has a freaking awesome stellium in Aquarius: (Sun 11 Aqua, Mercury 28 Aqua, Venus 14 Aqua, Mars 2 Aqua). He has Jupiter in Scorpio at 13 degrees, Pluto in Scorpio at 27 degrees, and Minerva in Scorpio at 5 degrees. Boom! Over to you, Jessica.

    Something that has caught my attention and that of many others in the Etherium space is the volatile rise of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) for digital works of art. After your comments today on this, I’m wondering if Bacchus, the patron of the arts who was also known to get around in bullhorn garb, and his relationship with Pluto and the underworld – death and resurrection – has any part to play in our roaring twenties financial revolution? Might his energy of cathartic decadence and freedom after the pandemic might be at play here along with Uranus’ lightning bolts??

    Bitcoin Clarity, a book written by a millennial, queer woman from the US, Kiara Bickers, who describes herself as having nothing to lose in a financial world tipped against her generation, has dived deeply into the culture of hype and the thinking around bitcoin to provide some clarity. For me so far, her writings have provided the best entry point into the crypto space with useful mental models to understand not only the ethos behind the P2P technology that speaks to the Aqua revolution and Uranus in taurus weather but also to the way that our relationship to money is being reconceptualised in the era of late capitalism. She also provides helpful tips for how not to get hacked by scams in the crypto space.

  28. Hi Jessica, as a baby boomer, this is a topic of interest and sorry to have missed the online event due to family obligations. I hope to be lucky to have my request read. Looking at my chart, I have Venus at 23, Psyche at 10, Neptune at 15 and Panacea at 17 in Scorpio. Could you please let me know how to interpret these factors in my chart relating to these 4 factors.

    Back in 2019, there was a mention about Neptune at 15 in Scorpio and Ceres at 16 in Virgo and when Uranus moves to Taurus at 15, 16 in May 2022 and then again in Feb/April 2023, I need to be in a position to make changes. This was mentioned in April 2019 and I would like to know how it would affect my job/career and other aspects in my life.

    Thank you!

    1. No problem; the YouTube event will be up for many years, and Justin will edit the Zoom event and this will go onto my channel a little later. Your career is ruled by Capricorn and Virgo, as you know. With factors at 7 through 29 degrees of both these earth signs, you are grounded, sensible, down-to-earth, understand hard work and also big ambition, and are in the last stages of the Pluto in Capricorn transit in your Tenth House of roles and goals. Uranus is at the other end of the earth trine, moving slowly through Taurus, making aspects too. So you will have at least one more reshuffle in your workplace or chosen field, to come. A change in the balance of power, as Pluto completes the cycle by 2023. You may be promoted, or snap up a prestigious and lucrative project. You may switch roles and find more influence. All that is entirely possible in such an earthy chart, and the radical changes to the world economy by 2026 will be behind this. The economic shocks will not stop, and although most people interpret that negatively, with a chart like yours, you will use the end of fossil fuel (for example) or the crisis with vaccine production (India is collapsing as a manufacturer) and so on – to find a new path. The only real rule with this transit is that when there is a reshuffle in your work place or industry, that the game of musical chairs is thought about in advance, so you know which chair you want, when the music stops, and who you want to be with. The other rule is, whatever power you acquire, and there will be a fair bit of it, hand it back to people so they can be empowered. Those are the Pluto laws!

  29. Hi Jessica thanks again for a great YouTube and zoom session this morning. Would love to know what the Taurus weather hold for me personally.

    Ps hope you enjoyed the (Cupitt’s) drop!


    1. Thank you Linda. What has been happening since 2018 is a slow revolution in your ideas about God, angels, astrology, Tarot, mediumship, the spirit world, psychics, Buddhism, hypnosis and the rest. The inner world. It is really common to question, question, question on this cycle. Sometimes you find yourself signing up for counselling or therapy on this transit. That is also your inner world. The questioning, confronting and challenging doesn’t really stop until 2026, so give yourself a ton of space and time to have the luxury of altering course. You don’t have to put up with any situation, organisation or person that prevents you from being free to do (insert word here) or pursue (insert another word). That may involve some rebellion from you, in Taurus weather (now through July) as you may have had enough of faking it. If you go to church to be polite to the family, that is faking it. That is one example! And of course we can have a relationship with God or the Universe we feel is not authentic. That is private. It’s your soul, looking in the mirror. Uranus transits are notorious for taking people to the point where they will not put up with going through the motions for the sake of a quiet life, and so at some point, you have to try and give yourself permission to make changes constructively and creatively rather than hold it all back and wait for some kind of eruption. Liberate yourself. If you can, liberate others. That is what this cycle is all about. Dreams are also part of this cycle. Dreams, astral travel, therapy, the I-Ching, the Sabian Symbols are all valid contenders for your transits to 2026, as the Pisces/Twelfth House zone of your chart is well and truly covered by a range of transits. You will not be the same person on the inside, as early as next year, actually – and perhaps it’s time.

  30. Dear Jessica,

    Again thank you for the event today. It’s always a pleasure to me to learn. My horoscope was talking about a mentor being around and I was waiting. Now I’m feeling that you are my mentor. I really like your approach of astrology, traditional and modern with a rock n roll touch 🙂
    Regarding Taurus weather, I’m wondering how it’s gonna affect me. I thought it would be through my 10th house and at the same time is it possible in my 6th house?My life has been really shaken since Uranus moved into Taurus (I had cancer then became vegan, athletic and obsessed with my well-being which is the opposite of who I was before)
    I’m a premium member so you can access my chart. I have my descendant at 21 TAURUS.
    (I’m french living in LA so sorry for my improving English)
    And again thank you for everything you share

    1. You are really kind, thank you. And I’m very flattered (though I think you’ll find a proper mentor in the real world!) You are a ‘change merchant’ as they say. You like change and do not mind the challenge, which is why you left France, moved to Los Angeles and survived cancer to become a vegan athlete. You are still in your body/mind/spirit transformation cycle until 2023, then very suddenly, it stops. Your Descendant (DC) is about a former, current or potential partner. It can be marriage. It is sometimes work. You will be in a duet that changes everything for you from 2023 onwards. A power couple. Yet, you two will have to sort out who has the upper hand. Who has the most influence or control. It will be a constant challenge to get it right. Make sure any paperwork you sign is looked over by a professional who can advise you, with this person, so you sidestep common issues later on.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Really great article. Hope you are doing well. I have got capricorn, taurus and scorpio factors. So what these will bring into my life in terms of health, marriage and income. Plz look into my chart for some insight about this Taurus weather affecting my life.

    I have been looking to buy house for a long time without any luck. The prices are too high and low advertised house price going high in auctions. Also have been looking to invest in shares.

    Also when this covid havoc will end.

    Thanks heaps.

    1. Thank you. The COVID-19 havoc will continue for years, as different countries experience different variants, at different times. The issue is globalisation, which took over the world up until 2008, and the continued need for travel/emigration by people born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius, some of whom were only born in 2007 and are still young teenagers. As astrologers, we always wondered where the economic instability of 2018-2026 would come from, and this is why. Having said that, some companies and individuals have already made a handsome profit from the pandemic, and not just Big Pharma. Amazon, for example. What you are seeing with house prices is frustrating, to date, but that will change. So will you! What you want from a home will be reshaped over time, as well as your preference for a particular area – you will find incredible opportunities with property from May 2022 until October 2022, then again from December 2022 until May 2023. So keep hoping, but be prepared to allow yourself the luxury of changing your mind a little, on what you really want. With work and business, be updated as often as possible on a rapidly changing world of economics and career prospects. There will be some months when it literally alters in 48 hours. We have just seen that in Delhi. There will be other ‘Delhis’ in the future, and yet from this, will come opportunities as people have new needs that must be met. Stay flexible with your work options and where possible educate yourself with new skills that will be at a premium in the new world. Just imagine if you had a delivery company in January 2020…

  32. Thank you again Jessica for all your insights shared on your channel and website. Obviously I don’t have anything in Taurus, and understand that its about children (others, millennials and your own) which I completely got as a single parent what you said on YouTube – the impact any crash will have on the cost of children.

    I’ve got a very specific rumination I’d love some of your gifted insight on.
    1) Would a business (natural skincare) focused on children (allergies, skin irritations/ health) be the correct usage of this transit for me? Obviously, the parents would be mostly millennials, and younger. I’m sensing that I need multiple income streams feeding under one umbrella led by me as the face … (Brand Me). This would allow me to then develop other digital programs/offers for their parents that are more holistic about their life, leadership, mindset, pivoting etc as a community builds.

    2) The other idea that I’m playing with is a complete spin from that generation and targeting my age range and above as they navigate the questions of ‘who they are’ pre & post menopause ( could just focus on this alone), dealing with anxiety, post career/job restructures, retirement, etc.

    Just a little unsure what has the most stickiness a.k.a glue – not that I can’t do the latter too when one has got grounded and established.

    I’ve moved the end of December so have no debt on the house front aside from tarting up the place to sing with Feng Shui alignment But its really about developing my self esteem and self worth from doing what I enjoy – Helping people. Making a difference with life throws them lemons and supporting them when the S**t hits the fan and they lose confidence in themselves as a parent, mother, women, human.
    Since I know what that feels like. 🙂 I know ‘getting visible’ is key for me this year and been working on it so I’m not playing small.

    Big Love and a thousand blessings for all that you share. x

    1. Thank you so much. The astrological weather is right for what you want to do, and you have actually spelled it out at the end – to yourself. And perhaps to your guides who will be waiting to assist. You need to make an income and hopefully do even better than that – and you want to help. You understand crisis, because you have been there. As you are going straight into Mercury Retrograde in Gemini until July 7th, this would be a very good time to just sit with that intention, read widely and listen broadly – and watch – and see what comes your way. When you talk about ‘Brand Me’ you are correct, but even that will need research. Your focus on menopause will work with Generation Virgo. They all have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, were born in the Sixties, are either going into menopause or have passed it, and are going through the toughest cycles in many years. In fact, the mutable sign weather in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces is extended, so Generation Virgo really welcomes help. Your chart speaks to that and it would work for you. The research is Queen, though. Look at the competition and the marketplace not just once, but twice, three times, during this retrograde. If you do want a self-branded launch then Jupiter in Aries is ideal, from May 2022.

  33. Thank you Jessica. Really appreciate your reading, I am really struck by the amount of time and patience you have put in answering so many questions! Your reading really stuck with me and I will really look into your recommendations.

    1. It’s a pleasure and thank you for your kind comments. I am sorry I was cut off on the Zoom After Event today as I did have your questions by my side, but at least I can go through everything now, with a nice cup of tea and more time.

  34. Hi Jessica (hope that you’re well … thank you for today’s meetup!)
    Re the above: Gulps! But wow, wow, wow! Just looked back on some key dates since 2018 – which I stood tall and didn’t compromise on (just one being my email dated 03 Aug 2018 to my former coach (that works for the coach that’s “not your guru”) explaining that I didn’t want their job ! after his remarks about women/the me too movement). Needless to say that the transits occurring in my chart for all of these events since Uranus in Taurus are rather interesting. That being said, I was just speaking to my accountant yesterday about how I can access more of my superannuation. I’d like to put some of it to better use but the only way I can access it is by meeting a financial hardship criteria – which I won’t ever qualify for. So I’m wondering if you see Australian’s being able to access their super again in the next financial year?
    Too, it looks like the shockwaves are only going to gain momentum… And since 2022’s August weather in Taurus will transit my Chiron, and Ceres is connected, I can’t help thinking of how my Chiron conjuncts my Mum’s Sun 18 Taurus (she also has IC 16 Taurus, Ops 3 Taurus, Proserpina 12 Taurus and Jupiter 28 Scorpio R, Neptune 5 Scorpio, Ceres 21 Scorpio R, MC 16 Taurus and Cupido 00 Scorpio R). We’re also both Moon in Gemini. Our relationship is, welp, complicated is an understatement. But briefly, she left my family a week before my 11th birthday and at 13 she completely disappeared from our lives. I reconnected with her when I was 19. The latter alone was incredibly difficult and looking back – if I had the wisdom that I do now – I probably should have left it because a) she didn’t want it, b) it isolated me, and c) the pain when being tossed aside by her is incredibly unbearable (which happened again in 2014/15). Our relationship over the last 20 years has mostly been by way of telephone, and while she brings many positive aspects to my life (in my [mostly] rose tinted view of our relationship), there has often been a power struggle around money. Not to mention that there is an energetic exchange that runs so deep that we’ve often been able to feel each other from opposite sides of the country. So I’m wondering if perhaps there’s anything you see coming up that I might be able to improve and get a head start on? Perhaps some inner work that might finally set me free.
    Thank you for your time. X

    1. Never underestimate the Nodes in Cancer-Capricorn when it comes to the family. Her Majesty the Queen has this Nodal axis. So do you. You can only go so far, before you run into your family. Of course every child would say that, but in your case, your mother has influenced your entire life, very heavily, and will go on doing so. That is the karma. The Nodes reveal past life agreements (lives between lives) and soul contracts, so you two have agreed to return, to try and sort something out spiritually. It may be as basic as forgiveness. Or, self-sacrifice. This can happen when souls go through heavy incarnations together. Everyone has the Nodes somewhere. Yours are Fourth House (family) and Tenth House (success in life). Try not to get too stuck there. The reason it has all been so heavy, for so long, is that Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, and every 28 days you have a Moon in Cancer-Pluto in Capricorn opposition, falling right across your Fourth House and Tenth House. As a simple rule avoid calling your mother when the Moon is in Cancer! You are strongly Gemini. Writing a memoir, diary or journal will help you. Then rip it up and recycle it. You have asked about Australian superannuation. Yes, that will be opened up again, likely in 2022, and certainly from 2023. Paul Keating will find it goes against everything he tried for, and his Labour party values, but that is the way the wind is blowing. Your own personal situation would require a financial advisor, though, not an astrologer.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    It is probably a problem with my browser, so I repost my question and, please, tell me a few words about it and my job.
    My sun sign is Sun 18° Scorpio 38′ 38″ and I have a stellium in Scorpio. I do not have any factors in Taurus. There will be three oppositions between transiting Uranus and my natal Sun (Jul 29, 2022, Sep 19, 2022 (R) and May 4, 2023). I work in an office. What can I expect from this Taurus Weather in the years ahead?

    1. You are strongly Scorpio and ‘live’ in your Eighth House. So if your life and personality was a sprawling country estate, we would walk up to the eighth house of twelve, with 8 on the door, and go inside – and find you. Surrounded by financial documents, valuable items, a large bed (Scorpio rules sex) and also your will – and other people’s wills and legacies, naming you. (Scorpio also rules death and property). Now, imagine someone rapping on the door, then bursting in, trying to change everything. That is Uranus. You can imagine why it pays to have your house lightly arranged and easily changed, so that there is less effort and pressure when you realise Uranus has moved in for a time. Scorpio is a fixed sign, but the less fixed you are; the less you expect total permanence; the less you invest (in every sense of the word) in things ‘never ever changing’ the better. It’s rather like having a house guest who wants the furniture in a different place. The lighter the furniture and the less of it, the easier it is so temporarily do that. I am talking symbolically, but we are talking about your local economy and national economy here. You are not alone. Billions of us have Scorpio placements and what we are seeing is Uranus wanting to move just about everything, from its previous place. That will involve a shift in your life budget and values, and particularly in relation to the bedroom – and perhaps the family.

  36. Hi Jessica I have Moon at 20’ Taurus and descendant at 21’ Taurus and 4 planets in Scorpio I’m just wondering how the Taurus weather will affect my life?
    Thanks you for your wisdom and guidance

    1. Thank you. Have a look at deadlines on contracts, paperwork, loan repayments and so on. If you spot June 2023 then think twice because Uranus at 20 Taurus is right on your Moon at 20 Taurus that month. I see you are in Australia. That is the end of the financial year. So use astrology to minimise potential disruption with the taxation, house, shares, and so on – be aware of 2023 as ‘the challenge to change’ and make the changes as small as possible. You are also strongly Scorpio and have Uranus in a long opposition to that side of your chart. Another deadline to watch is the end of 2023, with Uranus returning to oppose your Moon. The Moon shows you, how you need to be needed – with finance. You can ‘parent’ others with cash, or a home, or a charity and so on. Questioning that before 2023 is a wise thing to do. The final pass is March 2024 and then the ‘challenge to change’ has gone, at least in terms of your fiscal mothering. The more flexible you can be, the better. Try not to do the Taurus head-down, hooves-down approach as it doesn’t really work when the financial climate is so unpredictable. You need to be bendy! You can do all this ahead of time, starting now. You will have a new life budget by 2024, also because Chiron moves to 20 Aries and make a semi-sextile to your Moon, so this feels like a rebirth for you. Your values, especially regarding family or partners (or anyone else you mother, financially) seems certain to shift, so that you end up being a great deal more free and independent.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    I have a Taurus Stellium. I would be so pleased if you could let me know how the taurus weather might affect me with regards to my career and property and travel?

    Thank you

    1. Taurus weather intensifies on June 9th, 10th 11th with the Ceres-Uranus conjunction. In plain English that is your finances, values, house, apartment, valuables, charity, business interests – confronted and ‘challenged to change’ as a new deal or bargain must be struck, either by those around you (which affects you) or companies nearby (which affects you) or you, yourself. Travel is under Mercury Retrograde from mid-May to early July so if you honestly think that everyone around the world can just get around as they used to – no. Long-term, you will be figuring out financial turf and territory until February 9th 2022, and you may want to skip November 19th 2021 for choices in between, as it’s a blind spot. Jupiter in Taurus in 2023-2024 sees you gaining, profiting, giving back.

  38. Thank you for a great Taurus weather get together on YouTube last night. I am so sorry that I missed out on the meetup afterward with your special guests. It’s my own fault for not signing up on time. May, I please ask about my chart. I have two factors (moon and Jupiter) in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio. My degrees seems to be hit every year until 2026. My husband is a Taurus and so is my mother is there a link to all our Taurus factors. Is this good or bad financially. Also, do you see another move for me? I just turned my life upside down since March 2021, and moved across the Atlantic. Many thanks, and I really appreciate and looking forward to your events online.

    1. An edited version of the Zoom will appear on my YouTube channel, so just remember to subscribe and check back in a little while. You and your husband and mother have the classic Taurus-Scorpio patterns that connect families, their legacies to each other, and the value of those legacies (for example, the price of an apartment in the years to come). You were born with Jupiter in Taurus in the Second House, and Jupiter protects. So even though you are both/all going on an unpredictable journey until 2026, with very sudden changes to your local and national economy that affect (say) interest rates, taxation and the rest – you will always land on your feet. Jupiter is the most famous of the old planets and was known in Southeast Asia and India, by different names. The Romans associated him with the biggest and best, so Uranus eventually in conjunction with your Jupiter will give you what you need. Do all you can to keep it real, financially. I know that is really hard to do, in an age when everyone is borrowing money, and every country too. The Uranus-Neptune oppositions are not just personal to you, they will take place for many millions of people. The bubble of borrowed money will burst. The property bubbles will burst. There is no other way of saying it. Neptune is distortion and confusion. Scorpio is banks. Scorpio is also mortgages (sex and money) and of course it is death and money (what we put into our wills, and what other people leave us). All this is classically about the housing and property market, for the majority of people, and their pension/superannuation. Thus the need to try and lose debt as much as possible, until 2026 and to keep it real. We are already seeing about one in three people with Neptune in Scorpio dealing with economic shock as bubbles burst. Those people have Neptune in the first ten degree or so of the sign, and Uranus has been moving across those ten degrees. People who borrowed heavily to finance holiday homes in COVID-19 hit countries where nothing is certain any more – it’s that kind of thing. As I said, you are really helped by your Jupiter in Taurus, but in general, try to rein in anything too Neptune in Scorpio in your life, as the more that is resting on a kind of distorted reality, the tougher it is to deal with when Uranus comes in. You have Neptune at 19 Scorpio and Uranus will oppose that from 19 Taurus in May 2023, December 2023, January and February 2024 (I suspect January 2024 will be the peak moment of decisions) and into March that year. You know Never Never Land in Peter Pan? In the old days, people used to buy on the never-never. That is a really good expression of what is going to happen, as lighting hits Never Never Land and everyone wakes up. All that you and your people can possibly do to bring down borrowing – do it. We’re all in the same boat but some of us will have boats that work, better, when the time comes.

  39. Great article as always! My heart skipped a beat when I got to the Czechoslovakia part! I am from the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) and for couple of months I have been having the gut feeling that something is brewing up here….(recent conflict with Russia only confirms that, approaching elections and other stuff as well).
    Also I completely agree that there is no coming back to normal. I have been saying that since the begining and my friends were laughing at me! Anyway, I have been thinking also about recollection from the CZ, but the current situation put a stop to it….So what is your opinion on the chart of my country? Are there some big changes coming up?

    Thank you so much for your insight!

    1. Thank you. The chart I used was for old Czechoslovakia, which is obviously the wartime version of your beautiful country. Yet, of the seven charts we have (including the more modern Czech Republic chart, set for 1st January 1993) here we have a moment in time that must be answered, decades later. What happened in 1939 and following, must be answered for, and the Uranus Return at 14 Taurus in the zone of economy, business, currency, trade is a shock. It picks up property, most likely buildings from around 1918 and onwards, and is of benefit there, so we may be looking at the preservation or rebirth of houses, apartments, and crucially – land. The rebirth of the old architecture but also the countryside. The territory and borders. This is very much about a partnership or duet. The 1993 chart shows Jupiter at 13 Libra (nations with joint agreements) and Uranus will be very close to aspecting that at 14 Taurus. So let’s see what comes, but it will have a huge impact on Europe. Uranus turns retrograde at 14 Taurus on August 20th and stays there through the end of Summer and start of Autumn 2021. One thing is certain. What comes is out of the blue, sudden and jaws will be on the floor.

  40. Hi Jessica! I have a pattern I can’t work out at the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on April 21st 2024. These two planets are at 21 Taurus. I also have natally Chiron 21 Cancer, moon 20 Virgo, Pluto 20 Scorpio, Juno 22 Capricorn, and then there is Mars transiting Pisces at 22 degrees.My sun is 7 degrees Aries and natal nodes are not far away at 24 degrees cap north node and cancer south node – in fact they are now progressed to 22 degrees. Is this about a new career direction and money?many thanks for all your advice so freely given, Catherine

    1. Catherine, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus in April 2024 is exceptional and will form a perfect sextile to your Chiron at 21 Cancer. You have other factors close by. Just focus on your natal Chiron in Cancer in the Fourth House (Natural House system). You have a lifelong ability to get away with the outrageous, the audacious, the impossible – with property. Houses, apartments, and other residences or land. This comes alive thanks to an economic revolution at Easter 2024. So your government may force the banks to drop mortgage interest rates to all-time lows, for example. Or you may find the laws change so that people can crowdfund tiny house developments on cheap land, sold off by the government. It’s really on that level. I have no idea what your situation is, but look up Chiron on Search, and also Cancer, Fourth House, then happily submit to the most welcome economic upheaval in decades which will directly benefit you. The Virgo/Scorpio/Capricorn patterns are about much the same thing. Lifestyle. Finance. Ambition. It will all come down to one property.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your response. My question above was posted before the Youtube session yesterday; I was distracted from focusing on what you were sharing there, and was not able to connect with the Zoom portion of the event afterwards (because husband, (teen) children, and duties to same, real or perceived) (very much like the muddy, mixed channels you spoke of in the Pisces Stellium Forum), so I will have to go back and give it a good listen again today. As you summed up for my question, “You have been coasting along for most of the last 1-2 years (especially in 2020 when everything had to be made up on the spot) and now it’s time to get real and make changes.” — you are 100% correct, and I know it. My issue and persistent concern is I cannot get clarity — I have no confidence in any of the paths laid before me, all come with a great cost, and at this juncture in my life, I feel neither brave nor wise enough to take my best shot. I have, almost literally, to fly without a net. I am a 1965 Capricorn. I don’t really do flying. 🙂 Thank you so much for your brilliant insights — I am learning so much from you and, if nothing else, have become acutely aware of the corner/ledge I have backed myself in/onto. Sigh.

    1. The Zoom after-event will be edited and broadcast on YouTube along with some previous Zoom aftershows from earlier this year, so you will not miss anything. Just check that you have subscribed to my channel and it will pop up in due course. Sarah is literally transcribing the Zoom events, and then Asporea have to cut it, so it all takes time, but I hope you’ll find a little more of what you are looking for. Thank you for validating the prediction. When people talk about focus, mud, coasting, clarity, nets – that is Neptune. So you are speaking your chart. We automatically go to your natal Neptune to see what is happening to that, but also transiting Neptune, now in Pisces, to see what it is doing to your chart. Neptune at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex, death and money is the star of the show here, because you also have transiting Neptune only recently at 19 Pisces, making a trine. In September, October, 2020 and January, February 2021 you had the trine. To be born with Neptune in Scorpio is to have a lifetime pattern of sexual relationships or partnerships (sometimes pure business or career) but also family relationships, which are all at sea. Confused and confusing. The answer is to set firm boundaries. You may have to do this often, so that everything is very clear. Anchoring yourself and your emotional boundaries, your psychological gates and fences, with former, current or potential partners is useful. So is doing the same with relatives. Scorpio is about your finances, house, apartment, valuables, business interests, assets and any debts. It always involves sex or death. So, marriage and mortgage or your legacy to others – and their legacy to you. It’s also a water sign. Emotional and pure feeling. These things cannot be rationally sorted out, because they cross all sorts of lines. You have been drifting and floating through that cycle, and are slowly, slowly coming out of it. The final quarter of 2021 may take you there again as Neptune goes to 20 Pisces (very close) but after that he moves away and life will feel more solid. What really helps on a Neptune-Neptune transit is grounding. Daily routine, yoga which puts your base chakra on the earth, sensible and slightly boring things like cooking, gardening, cleaning. Have a look on YouTube for some good professionals offering their services with yoga and meditation free, and have a look at the general concept of getting back down to earth. Feel the anchor. This does not last.

  42. Hi Jessica

    IC and Chiron in Taurus, MC, Uranus and Diana in Scorpio.

    Dating an ex who I have been in an on off with and understand from my therapist is a dismissive avoidant – can’t handle relationships basically (!), looking for a job ( in India, this new wave is not helping) and while currently low on finances, hoping a sizeable chunk I am
    Owed by govt will come in the next two three months, plus moved out of my parents house though low on finances – I guess freedom
    Was required!

    Very rudderless, don’t and can’t deal with any more rejection or changes – ans need to earn some money asap and would like to ideally move either to be in delhi with my boyfriend or else out of this country !

    I would be so greatful if you could tell me what you see over this year and next!

    1. You may want to ask yourself what you get from your former partner in 2021, because in 2022, 2023 and following the energy required increases. If you have a difficult person now, to be honest with you, it does not get easier by itself. You are also living in a pandemic, low on money, feel rudderless and would like to move to Delhi to be with your former boyfriend, or leave India altogether. There is a lot of Pluto here. Pluto can be really difficult until you give in. You are being forced to change your lifestyle. You do not want to. You have already done that so many times, but here it is. You are going to have to work differently. You may have to actually live differently; reshaping and rearranging your daily routine, and the small details of day-to-day existence. As a strongly fixed sign person you dislike being made to do that, by the universe, but it actually works really well for you, once you give in. Step back from what is happening and try to see it as enforced lifestyle and work style change. Actually, it will empower you. It will make you healthier on every level – physically, mentally. It will make you better off, financially, because this is the cycle on which hard work, with meticulous attention to detail, and deliberate effort to upgrade your skill – rewards you. So the universe has you by the scruff of your neck and I am sure the last 2-3 weeks have been really difficult, but try to see what you are being shown. You have to change. And you will be happier when you do.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a premium member. I’m currently in career transition and have been struggling to find a new job/source of income. I’m wondering if 2021 will open up more opportunities & promise in terms of finding employment. After your webinar yesterday, I looked and my chart and was shocked to see how much scorpio is in there! Any guidance/advice welcomed! TY!

    Vulcano: 19 Scorpio
    Aesculapia: 19 Scorpio
    Mercury: 13 scorpio
    Neptune: 18 scorpio
    Diana: 27 scorpio
    Fortuna: 6 scorpio

    My chart:
    Libra – Sun
    Pisces – Rising
    Virgo – Moon

    1. I’m glad you tracked your chart placements and found the Scorpio stellium. A stellium is more than three factors (three is average in modern astrology) and here we have four asteroids and two planets. You have been put through the classic Uranus-Fortuna opposition at 6 Taurus/6 Scorpio already. That can only happen once in your life and you have done really well to keep moving, despite the instability, and to keep trying – with the search for new work. I mentioned all the U words with Uranus. Unconventional, unlikely, unique, unprecedented, unusual, and very much – u-turn. That is now your task, should you accept it. Try to be open to anything and everything. I have seen people become astrologers on this transit. They resented having to do that; they wanted a nice acceptable job in business, but that’s what happened to them. You cannot ever predict the work or money outcome on this cycle, but you can certainly make room for progress by accepting that you need to forget life before 2018. Really, just move on from it. Scorpio is a fixed sign and strongly Scorpio people have embedded ideas, habits, beliefs about what makes them happy, or secure, or not. You may want to look at that. Patric Walker used to say ‘Life is what happens to you, when you are making other plans.’ You are about to be blessed with incredible opportunities to work in a new way; a better way. Work can be paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time, or a combination of both for you in 2021, 2022. You’ll see the first open door shortly, and try to go through it while it is there. If you can ‘unfix the fixed’ about yourself, your approach, your budget, your life then you will be doing the absolute best thing possible, astrologically, speaking, to deal with this radically different world, to 2026.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    What do you see in Astrology, “the threat of inflation (or) hyper inflation caused by the governments money printing(particularly United States)” in this cycle. Do you see governments banning bitcoin?
    Thank You

    1. Really good question. Hyper inflation is Jupiter-Neptune and when Jupiter moves into Taurus, he will oppose the Neptune in Scorpio placements of people born in the 1960’s; thus the heavy mortgage borrowers. It doesn’t last, but as Jupiter is expansion and growth and Neptune is all that is not real; just a version of reality – we are going to see the economy bent out of shape. This distortion could easily result in particular currencies from specific countries becoming value-less and of course the printing of money (and the digital churning out of currencies like Bitcoin) adds to that unreality. Yes, some governments will ban cryptocurrency completely. Yet, we are also moving towards a one-world digital currency. And it’s for the people, by the people, so it is not Bitcoin. That is for the rich. This is Pluto in Aquarius, from 2023, which is about the community, not the elite. And it will change everything forever.

  45. Thank you Jessica for sharing your knowledge with us and taking the time to shed some light on my current situation. I will take your advice and see what I can do about it. JoAnna

  46. Hi Jessica,

    It has been an absolute joy to watch as your previous predictions have played out like clockwork. Really Great work!

    Next years transiting Uranus,North Node and Mars will oppose my natal Saturn/Juno conjunction with a trine to natal Mars. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You


    1. Thank you GB that is really kind of you. So you have a Scorpio placement and you are expecting oppositions from, at the least, the North Node in Taurus and the Uranus in Taurus transits. Essentially if you are married or have a family, that will be disrupted. The breadwinner may no longer win the bread; the economics of the home may alter. I can’t see a chart and you don’t mention degrees, but if the Saturn-Juno conjunction is exact, then look for transits to that – exactly. You may want to get your affairs in order so that you are flexible enough to deal with the challenge to change. Sudden entrances and exits in your life which trigger the usual budget are also pretty likely, and in general, if you ‘unfix the fixed’ you’ll be doing really well. Scorpio is of course a fixed sign. Juno is marriage. Saturn is hard work. Look at the paperwork in particular involving other people and make sure you have plenty of wiggle room.

  47. Hi Jessica
    I am relatively new to Astrology, and have found it fascinating how you have accurately predicted events and changes across the world. I trade the share market and have been trying to relate your posts to my mathematical equations. Whilst I believe we have been of similar opinions, I would love for you to confirm how my Scorpio factors are effected in this Taurus weather in particularly financially and career. I have a few career options and I am unsure which it pursue… a new business idea or staying within my skillset. This has been playing very heavily on me, as I have guilt over not financially supporting my family.

    Thank you

    1. Sharemarket trading is volatile until 2026 to say the least, and I understand you want to support your family, but you need to know that you are in Taurus Weather until 2026 and economic shocks come out of the blue. Not just once, but repeatedly – and so trying to pin down mathematical equations or ‘certainties’ is really not advisable, from an astrologer’s point of view. A really good way to make or save money on this transit is to read the room. Except you are not reading the room, you are reading the world room! Look at what is going on and ask yourself what people need. For example; anyone who was selling bicycles in 2020 did really well. Nobody wanted to take the bus or train to work (COVID-19 is airborne) and nobody wanted the traffic jams that came, when people all got in their car at the same time. So bicycles boomed. So did books. People wanted to read more, contemplate more, when they were indoors. Strongly Scorpio people know what others’ needs are, and just a little research could take you a very long way. Ask yourself what happens when the supply chain in India collapses. Right. That is exactly the kind of thing you should be looking at, if you want to invest time and energy in whatever is going to pay off. It may not pay off forever, but for a short time, you may find you can meet demand with supply.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    I had been having a particularly rough week but thanks to your “you tube” and “zoom” events was able to re-focus and not feel so afloat.
    Please know I sincerely appreciate all that you do and how grateful I am that we can all have access to your invaluable knowledge, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.

    Since 2017 it has been one hit after another. 2017 one of my very beloved pets passed, 2018 my other beloved pet passed, then 2019 to present, financial issues. Thanks to finding your website and reading your insights, I am able to continually re-frame my perspective to keep a positive mindset. I certainly have my ups and downs, my good and bad days but I constantly use your insights as the compass to plot my own course forward.

    Would you please be able to look at my chart and explain my Taurus /Scorpio factors? If you have planets and/or asteroids in both Taurus and Scorpio, which energy is the most dominant in your chart? Which will affect your life more? My moon is in Scorpio and honestly it really feels like my Scorpio factors are running the show that is my life at the moment and Taurus isn’t even getting a look in. I am trying to understand how I can use these energies for the most positive outcome.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. I’m really pleased the YouTube and Zoom events have helped in a rough week. I really appreciate your kind comment, too. I am sorry you lost an animal friend – that is very hard – and it can take years to really adjust and adapt if you were close. You are strongly Taurus-Scorpio and so will often feel pulled in two different directions, emotionally and psychologically, by the basic fact that so many people or organisations are against what you believe. Your values are Taurus. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. The opposition from Scorpio suggests regular bouts of inner disagreement with yourself, usually about money, but sometimes about broader issues, like the way your taxes are spent. When you go through a transit like Uranus in Taurus you tend to find the split or conflict is not inside you, it is in the outside world. So you may find yourself living with a government whose values go against your own, o living with a partner/family who have totally different ideas from you about the material world, or finance, and so on. All of this can be quite difficult to live with long-term and you may want to wind down the volume on it by deliberately minimising the triggers. Something that is worth knowing is that Taurus-Scorpio can deliver ‘The best things in life are free.’ If you have not yet reminded yourself about that, it may be time to enjoy the freedom of having something for absolutely nothing. And actually, a lot more than ‘something’ as until 2026, this cycle, for all that it challenges you to change your ways – will also show you the simple truth that for all sorts of reasons, wonderful experiences or situations that come at no charge, are at your fingertips. It may be walking the neighbour’s dog (you have access to a pedigree friend without paying) or just the incredible resources on the internet, where you can attend the world’s great university courses online at no cost at all. You’ll see this more and more over the next few years. In the meantime, try to choose your battles, if it’s about your values, and turn down the volume on the noise. There are other things to do in life than try to constantly push back against who/what is so very hard to change quickly; long-term a lot will change and you will be glad to see it, but there is no ‘instant’ in 2021-2023.

  49. Hi Jessica, glad you are feeling better and very sorry to miss the Taurus weather event, the comments and feedback are terrific as usual. I have a stellium in Scorpio and wondering your thoughts on my chart…am embarking on a new and promising relationship with someone I’ve known for some time but feeling cautious with Uranus opposite all these planets (Aesculapia, Mars, Vulcano, Venus, Jupiter). As always so appreciate your insight. All the best to you and the team.

    1. Thank you. Wise to be cautious about the new relationship, as Scorpio placements at 11 to 27 degrees in your chart will be opposed by transiting Uranus (the challenge to change, as you know) and also squared by Saturn in Aquarius along the way. If this relationship moves through the whole transit until 2026 then rapidly changing economic trends will affect the other person as well as you. Income sources may shift, for example, or an alteration with property price (up or down) may be a catalyst. All that instability and impermanence is hard work, and to make it easier, you need to look at what you are committing to, with the money, house, possessions, apartment – and if it becomes serious – your legacies to each other. Scorpio is about ‘until death do us part’ and ‘in sickness and in health’ and also ‘for richer for poorer’ and even though marriage has fallen out of fashion, the old astrology will still show up. The intensity, passion, intimacy and depth of Scorpio relationships comes partly from the undercurrents surrounding the commitment. So, with Uranus pushing back against all that, you may want to get second opinions on any binding contracts between you, if it comes to that, and certainly avoid anything too complicated with each other, even if it’s never written down. At the most basic level you are both going to have to get tested and possibly vaccinated. In the Eighties this transit was about HIV-AIDS and in the Twenties it is about COVID-19.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your article.
    I have sun in 1 Scorpio, 1 Taurus in Mars, together with my Chiron in 18 Aries, ASC in 5 Aries and Jupiter in 3 Aquarius.
    How the Taurus weather will affect?
    Thank you and much much blessings,

    1. Phoebe, now through July you will sort out your business interests, income, finances, assets, investments, house, apartment, valuables, possessions and the like. Charity, possibly, or taxation. It may feel rather concentrated and intense but you must get your money’s worth from particular places, situations, people, organisations or all that you own. You may already feel short-changed by particular people who are all take and no give (or no share) – that is pretty typical of this transit, with a Sun-Mars opposition. You may be taking a second look at who or what you have been paying for and asking yourself if you need to alter that. By the time you get to July you should also have a really solid idea of how to make money or save it. It may be there now, actually, but you need to do more research and then crucially, move on it, over the next few weeks, even if takes you one or two attempts to get there.

  51. Hi Jessica…I’m reposting my question from above as I wasn’t sure if maybe you just missed my question. You were so incredibly kind to reply to all of the comments and thought maybe you just missed my question. I loved the Taurus YouTube and Zoom yesterday and was thrilled with all of the information. I do think my situation has a lot to do with my nodes. I’m still a beginner and learning so much thanks to you! I’m loving your books and horoscopes and of course your predictions. Your are amazing! If you do get my question below and have time to reply that would be fantastic. I’m sure you see something I’m missing and will help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks a million and stay safe!

    Hi Jessica! First, thank you for all you do and for always educating and inspiring me!

    My question is regarding the nodes and the kick off the the Taurus new moon going into eclipse season. I have been having groundhogs day with apartment/home issues for over 20 years and I’m hoping the nodal return will remove the blocks or karma that is causing this issue. My natal chart has Saturn, Chiron, Ceres and IC in my 4th house and the transits especially with Neptune in my 4th have been extremely difficult. Plus, I’m sure my Virgo and Scorpio stellium probably complicate the situation. 1984 my parents got divorced and I felt like I didn’t have a home anymore and 2002 my apartment was burglarized and all my belongings and my manuscript I had been writing for ten years got stolen along with everything else. I was devastated losing my novel I was writing, 386 pages gone, it was like losing my best friend. As I writer I’m sure you can relate. I’m hoping I’m on the receiving side of karma now and hoping the Nodes are the secret and this new moon will be the beginning.

    I would be grateful for any insight. Thank you so so much! Much love to you and your family!

    1. You really have had North Node-South Node karma going around in a wheel. In 1984 your parents divorced and you lost your sense of home, and on the next cycle in 2002 you were robbed and those involved saw fit to steal your work. How absolutely appalling – you must have been devastated. If it’s any comfort, Jilly Cooper once left her novel manuscript, also hefty, on a London bus and never saw it again. This was in the days before computers and she had to start all over again. Apollo at 7 Virgo and the North Node at 7 Gemini and South Node at 7 Sagittarius are all in an exact T-Square in your chart. I suspect the sense of a loss of home when your parents broke up was about the loss of daily routine; lifestyle; day-to-day regularity – all of which Virgo rules. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is obvious in the case of your stolen novel. Gemini rules writing and Sagittarius rules publishing. It’s tough to have a T-Square. You fix it by adding people or organisations to the central problem and find it resolves into more useful and easy outcomes. Look up Sacred Geometry on Search to find out more about how to do that and what it means to have an exact T-Square in your chart. You can also fix T-Squares and avoid future issues by using Tarot; The Astrology Oracle; Your Oracle – all on this website. Ask how it’s manifested to date, how it might turn up again and what you can do about that, ahead of time. It’s worth knowing this as we go into mutable sign cycles (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) for years, and you need to find a constructive way to resolve that mutable T-Square. It can be very creative for writers; the tension results in inspiration.

  52. Hi Jessica, Thank you for the lovely event! I just watched it back on YouTube. I have a Scorpio stellium and my nodes in Taurus/Scorpio. How could this affect me in the following years?

    1. Thank you so much. The Taurus-Scorpio combination is classically about the difference between your values and those of your former, current or potential partners – usually we associate Scorpio with marriage, husbands and wives but of course it can be common-law marriage. In a perfect world you and the other person would have the same ethics, morals, life philosophy – the same political views, the same ideas about taxation, shopping, property prices, and what is valuable, as opposed to what is really not. The opposition in your chart suggests it’s harder work than that and you will regularly come across this kind of see-saw with another where you have to try and level the balance between you, financially, as you will likely have different salaries or assets, but also have quite different views on what’s worth it in life and what is not. All of this becomes more critical until 2026 and on the most basic level you may find yourself and another having a different point of view on the place the pandemic takes you to. So, for example, one of you may value good health and civic responsibility to others more than holidays, but the other wants to risk flying after vaccination (even though we now know that places like Changi Airport in Singapore have suffered COVID-19 outbreaks among vaccinated staff!) That is a really random example and it’s unlikely to apply to you at all, but you get the picture. In the last war the issues revolved around values. The bottom line really was about life and death. It’s the same until 2026, and we have to mention this because your Scorpio patterns in the Eighth House are about ‘Until death do us part’ and also ‘In sickness and in health’. Scorpio can be fearsomely intense and very deep, as I am sure you know. This may not just be about partners, either, it can be about family members. A long and winding road is ahead, financially and with property, but you will find your way towards who/what you know for sure is precious to the point of being priceless, after various tussles, and that makes everything feel so much richer.

  53. Hello Jessica,

    Im in awe of the depth and breadth of your visions and knowledge which, Im sure, were gained through hard work and study. Just a bit of feedback. Im Sagittarius with my Asc at 2 degrees 51 minutes of Taurus. You mentioned that Sagis could have health issues because of Uranus going through Taurus, i.e. my 6th house.. Well, in Oct of 2018 I got blue-lighted into hospital with pancreatitis caused by complications from an op to remove my gallbladder. I enjoy good health and always have done. I wondered where this critical event had come from and now I know. Thank you again for yet another insight.


    1. Thanks so much Ginny, that is a great compliment and I’m very flattered. The feedback is also welcome. Yes, Uranus (shock, radical change) went into your solar Sixth House of health from May 2018 and in October you found yourself in hospital. It came from nowhere and you had always been healthy. Usually the Sixth House is about work, unpaid work, housework and/or study – as well as the body. So if the physical health or mental health falls down enough to prevent some kind of regular task or labour, in astrology you then go back to that, to find out why your physical self might have intervened to stop the rest of you from doing the job – or perhaps more than one job. You also had Uranus in conjunction with your Ascendant at the same time, which can only happen once in your adult life, so you were suddenly seen in a very different light – by those who knew you…

  54. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the very interesting article and video. Also comments you make individually here are so precise and insightful- just amazing! You haven given me some your insights in the past and they are like advice of wise grandparents that I keep going back to, time to time. As having both Taurus and Scorpio stellium, my life has never boon boring 😉 Though it feels like I just turned a corner, would like know what will be ahead. I would appreciate your insight. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, that is a lovely compliment to read. You have Saturn at 22 Taurus in the Second House of finance, values, charity, property and business. You are also strongly Taurus-Scorpio as you say. This is classically a life where your values are your own (very strongly so) and often at odds with the values of other people. So you may find yourself in a relationship or marriage where the pair of you cannot agree on purchases or bills, for example. Or you may end up in business, or in a charity, with people who are possessive with money and yet you are generous with it! It’s on that level. This is lifelong but more obvious now, with Uranus in Taurus. Values, values, values is what it’s all about. This really will reach into business for you, or the income you have from work, perhaps from a partner or family member. You will be making judgements about people, organisations, and plans – based on your ethics and morals. You know what you will not sell out for. For example, in 2022 and 2023, when the Nodes are in Taurus-Scorpio, you may find once and for all that you must choose with whom you do business, based on their soul. Not what they can do for your profit margin. Saturn at 22 Taurus is worth watching. That is hard work. April, May, June 2022 sees the Nodes right on 22 Taurus-Scorpio so karma is at play then. You owe, or are owed, spiritually, and this may go back into past lives, possibly during the last war. Uranus goes to 22 Taurus in the second half of 2023. Check dates on paperwork (like investments or mortgages) as that will be a time of ‘changing to meet change’ and the usual protection or boundaries you use with money or property, valuables or assets, will be challenged very suddenly. Astrology is about minimising issues so be aware of the timing and keep the stakes as low as possible. You can use the cards/oracles on this website to give yourself more information ahead of time.

  55. Hi Jessica. I very much appreciate being a premium member. Thank you for all you do. I have many Scorpio factors in the 7-10 degree range, mercury, ascendant, Neptune, and then Venus @ 8 and Pluto @ 5 in Virgo. So oppositions and trines at the same time. I have no other planets until 21 degrees of Leo and Libra. Uranus has now passed these early degrees and now what happens next for me?. As you stated with 2nd and 8th house active, my Business has slowed, clients have paused their work with us. Funding for a big project is taking a very long time and I have poured much of my time for free into something that could hit it out of the park leave me rebuilding my income stream or retire. Thinking of selling our house to free up cash. Any thoughts about the next few months would be most helpful. I remember you saying when you saw the 2020 Capricorn rather you knew it was time for you to get out of London. I’d love more certainly about a good direction. I hope your new direction paid off for you. Cheers

    1. It’s a pleasure to help and thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes, it’s true that I left England forever when I saw the old prediction about a virus on 10th January 2020, coming to pass. Okay, so you are heavily Scorpio and you ‘live’ in your Eighth House of sex, death and money. Commonly known as marriage and mortgage; life insurance; legacies, wills and property. Your business is slow and funding is taking a long time for your project. You are wondering if you should sell the house. At under 10 degrees, of the Taurus-Scorpio axis, you find yourself dealing with economic shocks to the system that reach you. Uranus is now at 11 Taurus so just past that cluster. He goes back to 10 at Christmas, and is at 10 Taurus in January, February 2022, at about the same time that the Nodes switch to Taurus-Scorpio. That feels like the sign-off to me. You will do have you have to do, and then be rid of the disruption, uncertainty, challenge and obstacles. You may very well sell your home at that point or there may be another option for you. You have Minerva at 22 Taurus and for the first time in 19 years, the North Node goes to 22 Taurus in April-June 2022, with the South Node opposite at 22 Scorpio. This is huge, as Neptune is at 22 Pisces in the same time-frame, and will be alongside Saturn at 22 Aquarius. Jupiter is at 22 Pisces, as if that wasn’t enough, so your timing is the first quarter of 2022 and that is when your wisdom will come into play, about finance, business, property. You will really know your Minerva then. She is the goddess of wisdom in Ancient Rome, always seen with an owl, and you may have owl omens. Find out more about Minerva because she is part of you and she is about to wake up in March-April 2022 in particular. You may find yourself teaching, advising, counselling, mentoring.

  56. Hi Jessica. I really love your work and amazing predictions! What interesting times we have chosen to live in or have created as our reality!
    Regarding our financial health and wellbeing, please let me know if I have this right.
    As I understand it through reading your posts and those of others in a similar field, the best we can all be doing is 1) have as little debt as possible and invest in our own home and local neighbourhood rather than globally 2) where possible choose to live where we have land or share land so that we can grow our own food in future 3) look at our risk concerning shares and superannuation and make adjustments if necessary 4) hold cash or traditional investments such as silver and gold so that we can remain flexible. (And of course look after our physical and spiritual wellbeing and be ready for lots and lots of change!)
    Thanks so much Jessica. I really appreciate that you share your insight and guidance to help us all.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is amazing that we have all sized up the world and walked into COVID-19. You are not the only person wondering what has made us all, enquire about what is there for us in the present and future – and come up with this. On some deep level we must all fear it very much, or want it. For whatever reason. Regarding the astrology of Uranus in Taurus, and the Taurus weather of the North Node, you are quite right. Reduce debt as much as you can. Keep it real. Don’t ‘own’ things you do not own, and possess what has uncertain value. The best advice we can get on the new cycle of Uranus in Taurus, North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio, is to look at the last war. In September 1939, Uranus was in Taurus, and so was the South Node. So we are seeing a ‘flip’ of the Nodes, which describe karma. There were huge debts forged in September 1939; spiritual; emotional; psychological. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland stood firm on a promise to Poland, so Poland became indebted at that point. It goes on. The European Union will now play out the karmic issues of the war. America and Japan, for obvious reasons, owe each other – and are owed. America also owes Europe. So does Ireland. Out of all this comes a huge overturning of the world economy in 2022, 2023 and ongoing, sudden and radical changes to the share market, global trade and property prices – until 2026. Even in Australia, which was involved with the war at a distance, there were questions about repayment of spiritual debt. The ANZAC partnership with New Zealand also came full circle during the last war. So, in Australia, you will see that the relationship between these two countries, which have won Zero Covid status, is key. The more you can get yourself into a position where you can control your own home, finances and lifestyle, the better. In fact, the key phrase for Uranus in Taurus is ‘independent finances.’ One of the first things that happened with the shock of war, was that women became breadwinners and went out to work in men’s jobs. They won freedom in a week. That was then, this is now, but once again – finding a way to become financially independent, so your security and lifestyle is not depending on what bankers want, or what politicians do, is a really good idea. If you can possibly do it, right down to growing your own food, then do it. You are strongly Virgo and built for paid work, unpaid work, housework, gardening and the fine details of daily duty and service. You have Mars at 12 Virgo which is under a trine from Uranus at 12 Taurus (historic) until the second week of June. In fact, June 2021 is going to radically change the way you see work, service and duty. It will be sudden and liberating.

  57. Thank you Jessica for the insight!!!! Omgoodness! I wasn’t seeing the T Square so I will absolutely research about that and the sacred geometry! Yes, losing my book was devastating. Thank you for the story of Jilly Cooper. It’s been a process of grief and rewriting. I imagine it was the universes way of saying the story wasn’t ready. I always forget about the Astrology Oracle on your site and said of course, let’s ask! I received the IC card which couldn’t be more perfect! It’s all about my IC in the 4th house, my roots, my family, my apartment. I need to rebuild my foundation. I definitely need a plan by the May 26th eclipse. I’m certain it will be life changing! I just started to study the tarot. I’ve always had readings but finally bought a deck during Covid and have been studying and loving it! Plus, you’ve taught me so much! I love the Lenormand cards each week with the weekly horoscope. You are an angel to share your time, wisdom and kindness! Thank you again! Sending you so much love!!! Be safe!!!!

    1. I’m glad The Astrology Oracle answered your question. You can actually use the Tarot on this site, along with that. I’ll give you an excellent third site to add to your reading. Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols at which uses astrology too. Thanks for your kind words.

  58. Hi Jessica thank you for another brilliant article and for your help and support especially this week. You have been my Angel.

    I would love to know if you could look at my chart? I actually am a little terrified of changes all types of changes that are coming and I am alone. I never thought about it this way. But going trough high level of grief from last year, looking for a new opportunity, closing all legal matter after last year my little Bro passed away and nine more far and close family members, and now the sale of the company I work for brings me shivers and sometimes I don’t know how to handle it but I am doing all I must do…

    I have quite a few planets in Scorpio and wonder how the Taurus weather will affect me in finance, carreer and life in general?
    Do you see a relocation or any pivotal moment between now and 2026 on my chart? My sis (August 27, 1970) is giving me a lot of empowerment and support and I do the same for her every day however she could not even come from Canada to our Bro funeral as borders are closed.

    And this Covid Vaccine that everyone are taking I wonder will it become law where we must take it to remain at work or will we loose our jobs.

    You asked what is this new opportunity I am pursuing and that is senior manager for bio pharmaceutical and company was born on April 8, 1980. I wish on my second panel interview with many people there will be one member to love me and fight for me.

    I have

    Sun 11° Scorpio 06′ 07″
    Venus 10° Scorpio 26′ 17″
    Mars 04° Scorpio 28′ 16
    IC 02° Scorpio 38′ 20″
    Proserpina 29° Scorpio 34′ 35″

    NorthNode 10° Sagittarius 27′ 41″
    SouthNode 10° Gemini 27′ 41″

    Thank you for your feedback, support, and time.

    1. Thank you, it is a pleasure. I remember your brother only passed away very recently and that is a massive loss, which takes so much time to adjust to, doesn’t it. You are being considered as a Senior Manager for a company founded on April 8th 1980. That is really useful information. It’s very Virgo – no surprises there. It is bio pharmaceutical business. I mentioned the bottom line (their budget; your salary) before and that holds. That is what this is all about. It goes even beyond your C.V. into pure budget. The company has Ceres at 11 Taurus (budget, profit) and you were born with the Sun at 11 Scorpio, right opposite. Venus is almost exactly opposite in your chart, at 10 Scorpio. Meanwhile in May 2021 we have Uranus at 10, 11 Taurus. This is fate and it can only happen once in your life. You and the company are coming from opposite directions, financially. They are in upheaval, with reshuffles internally and also changes in the balance of power in the whole industry. You need to know about that instability. You need to look at the salary; bonuses; taxation; costs; price that cannot be measured in money terms. Your values. Their values. Read the fine print on what they do and what they plan to do. Ask around. You do have a choice.

  59. Hi Jessica
    In 2019 I left Australia for overseas. I don’t think it was the greatest decision financially. It does worry me now I’m getting older and when I eventually get back to Aus (stuck here for now) that I’ll be way behind. How does the Uranus in Taurus weather effect me? Blessings

    1. This is a chart full of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius – so three fixed signs – all being transited by Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto after 2023. Your task if you should accept it, is to invent a new life budget. You left Australia and it’s not working financially, but it may do. You are growing older and are stuck, because Australia has shut the gates. Actually, what you are being asked to do, now and until 2026, is to put a new price on what money cannot buy. Your new country and the old country will both change dramatically. Australia may not be the nation you remember. Your current place may alter too. Putting a budget price on whatever you can’t purchase (Zero Covid in Australia; that is priceless) or perhaps the special merits of your current country (whatever attracted you there) is your new challenge. You’ll make your decisions based on that new costing, over the next few years. You have permission to alter your thoughts and do not have to be stuck with any one thing. Give yourself that freedom to shift position; it will feel right.

  60. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all of the information you share. I have found the astrology spot on at times, sometimes in shocking & unpleasant ways in these current Uranus cycles, but also freeing too – which was long overdue. Interestingly, mid-week I suddenly had some unexpected thoughts about moving/selling my home for a variety of reasons (timing jibed with the new moon). An ocean/water view would be an ideal lure for a potential relocation. However, moving was nowhere in my mind (not for many years anyway) and I’m attached to my home, so it seemed a strange, intrusive, unsettling idea, and amidst COVID. But there it is, the ‘U words’ you mentioned… the unexpected, unusual (for me), a u-turn under consideration. I’m also in the midst of career changes, finally resuming creative writing goals long delayed.
    Any particular insights for my chart in this long Taurus/opposite Scorpio cycle?

    1. Yes, Uranus can come as a shock you don’t want. It can feel like being hit by lightning in an electrical storm. You are thrown, and it can also feel like touching an electric fence. Big jolt. You have found the freedom that comes from it. This puzzles some people, but actually, lightning breaks up tension and thick air. Rain can make everyone feel free; excited; exhilarated. You are now having the U words in connection with your home. Home is Cancer, and you have the North Node at 26 Cancer, opposite the South Node at 26 Capricorn. Pluto is at exactly 26 Capricorn as you read this. This transit can only occur every 248 years or so, and it’s rare. Pluto returns to 26 Capricorn in January 2022 and then the transiting Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio start heading towards 26 in February 2022. This looks like a move and it would be irresistible or unavoidable, timed for planning, speculation and perhaps a final outcome around January-February 2022. Ceres goes to 27 Taurus, so very close by, on Friday 14th January 2022 and turns direct, for good measure. To figure out your choices look at Cancer, Capricorn, North Node, South Node.

  61. Thank you Jessica. Those words never seem to be enough to acknowledge your gifts and the generous way in which you share them. Yes, there has been a shift in the way people see me too, specifically in my adult kids, who no longer see me as some immortal superwoman …. and about time too!

  62. Hi Jessica

    I have the Moon, Saturn, Juno, IC and panacea all in Taurus, what does this mean?

    Thank you

    1. Julie, a stellium in Taurus can often show up in the names a baby is given. Almost as if the parents know. So your name sounds much like jewellery. And jewellery can be priceless (ask Elizabeth Taylor in the Sixties) or it can be fake; faux. If it’s faux Chanel, that’s costume jewels, and worth a mint. If it’s some horrible cheap plastic thing, made in China – well. It’s worthless until an artist recycles it. These issues about value, worth, cost, price are woven into your personality and life. They are also set to fundamentally change in the most radical way until 2026. You probably just saw Elon Musk refusing to deal with Bitcoin as it is an environmental issue for him. We’re moving towards that, now, and as Uranus in Taurus is the last thing we expect, you can bet your bottom dollar, that your world, and the entire world, will turn upside down by 2023. The Moon is your ‘need to be needed’ so you spend on people or animals, or you use possessions or property to shelter and help. Your maternal instinct goes into money. You are the accountant who actually cares about the tax return! Saturn is there too, so you have your most difficult lessons around cash, houses, valuables, charity, business, apartments. The golden rule with that is hit the books. Hit the websites and videos. Juno is commitment, so you have a lifelong pattern of making massive commitments (like marriage) in exchange for the good life and security, then wake up and realise you are trapped to some extent. The IC is your ancestry so your ancestors were rich or poor; were tied to retail, Communism, banking, charity and so on. You have inherited that path. Your Panacea is your problem-solving ability, channelled through cash. Yet there is always a right or wrong about it. Only you can decide what is ethical. All this adds up to one thing, Julie. VALUES. Your value system will alter by 2026 in response to a transforming world. By meeting change with change, you will get the very most from this cycle and realise that freedom can’t be bought.

  63. Hi Jessica, I’m wondering how this Taurus weather will affect my chart? I guess it is good for my Capricorn stellium but not so good for my other stelliums in Scorpio (opposition) and Libra& Saggitarius stelliums (quincunx?) but don’t really know how to translate it further. I want to own my own home one day but my finances have been unstable and insecure for a long time so want to know if there will ever be a time when it becomes affordable, perhaps with a partner? Will my love-life improve with the Taurus weather? Currently interested in an Aries man with Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn stelliums. From what you said in earlier comments, I’m wondering whether if it’s possible that I may immigrate overseas despite the ongoing covid situation at some point? Also thinking of launching a website, you-tube channel and publish an e-book this year wondered if you could recommend some good dates to get these projects off the ground please and any advice? not sure whether to do everything myself or hire professionals for this. Am excited about this period of Jupiter in Pisces! Appreciate any insights – thank you!

    1. You want to get married and buy a home. You want to emigrate. You also want to launch a website, YouTube channel and e-book in 2021. Okay, so sweeping the whole chart, let’s see what is possible by Christmas. Yes, you will make or save a fortune. And money changes everything, to quote the song. Start now. Jupiter (the opportunity) just moved into your solar Second House, and that opens the door. You have Jupiter himself at 9 Scorpio, so the Jupiter 9 Pisces trine to that, is unusual, amazing and comes good, in February 2022. Don’t sit around waiting for that delivery, though, organise things now. You will move by 2026. Not necessarily to a foreign country; it may be within your own country. You have to remember that the pandemic is with us until at least 2026 as COVID-19 mutates constantly and the world has failed to be consistent in closing borders. So it goes on, and what you have in your dreams and fantasies about switching countries in 2021 may no longer apply by 2022, 2023 and so on. You want to write; that will take you on a terrific journey, but you may find you want to use your voice as well (or instead of writing) and embrace more than just an e-book. Communication offers you a huge spread of possibilities across all mediums and media in the year 2022. Again, don’t sit around waiting for it; get a wriggle on now. I’m not seeing marriage this year.

  64. Thank you, Jessica. This is a very insightful detailed note on Uranus in Taurus. I am a long time follower of your writeups. Your dailies/weeklies are getting more and more accurate by the day – eerie almost 🙂 You said “travel in the mind is coming” and guess what I am sitting in one part of globe and writing/publishing in a whole opposite side of the globe! Talk about intellectual travel.

    I am loving Uranus in Taurus but talk to me about marriage possibilities you may see in my chart. Totally separate topic!
    Do you see more chances that I might meet someone with similar mindset of settling down? Of starting a family? COVID complicated and delayed so many of my dating timelines.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you. You want to get married. I can’t see your chart on here, so you are likely not signed in, as a Premium Member. Marriage is a Seventh House/Eighth House matter and so we look to Libra and Scorpio. Log in next time if you can.

  65. How very true! I definitely see that pattern of my career/success being held back by family. And yes, it’s very karmic … emotionally, she does feel like my child at times. Which is probably why forgiveness has never been an issue for me. Ooh, that’s interesting you say I’m strongly Gemini. Assuming that’s because of my IC, so I took a look at other family IC’s and WOW! Interesting too that I’ve been trying to research my maternal ancestors and cannot verify just yet but there’s some talk of a connection to media and pictorial journalism. Which would actually be synchronicity at its finest if it were true because of today’s date. I don’t hold much breath for it but still cool to read and learn more about my IC. Thank you for the tip to write – so fitting! And let’s face it, I could write a trilogy and further direct it hahaha Oh, and thank you re superannuation/accountant too. X

    1. It’s common to feel that someone is like a child to you, if there is karma, and we tend to switch roles through incarnations, according to the Tibetan Buddhists, who are the experts on reincarnation. You have looked at the family charts and found the pattern, which is good. Gemini does rule media and pictorial journalism. The whole IC/MC/AC/DC complex can sometimes be uncovered by looking at resemblance. From memory I posted a long feature on the Ascendant and Immum Coeli (IC) and how it dictates appearance and family characteristics, if you want to look up Search. Princess Diana was a great example.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for such a thorough article. I have read it about three times.

    I have Uranus in Scorpio 28th degree — also Juno and Fortuna, but I am intrigued by Uranus and this transit. How will this affect me? I’m almost afraid to mention that my partner is a very scorpio-scorpio with an even bigger stellium there.

    I also wanted to say that I have greatly missed your meet-ups at The Barge. It was great fun.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much. I miss The Barge at Brighton Marina too. Eventually I’ll come back and we can do it again. (Just waiting for the United Kingdom to split into four and pursue Zero Covid – it will happen). The 19-28 degree cluster moving between Taurus (your money) and Scorpio (their/his/her money) is the one to watch. So that’s about the same time-frame, actually. By May 2023 Uranus goes to 19 Taurus and the story with your house, apartment, pension, income and so on, begins. This also takes place as the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio slowly move to 0 degrees, which hits your Juno at 0 Scorpio. So look at the dates on the fine print of financial or property documents, and see 2023 if you can. We also have Jupiter at 0 Taurus in May 2023, so this looks like a substantial period of change for you. If your partner is heavily Scorpio and he is part of that story, with you – he will be drawn into it. The thing to remember about Uranus transits is that they can be confronting, unusual, challenging, but they are also immensely liberating and they change things for the better, long-term. Uranus moves to 28 Taurus in June 2025, so this looks like a couple of years of shifting around, and I suspect a house or apartment will be your big gain there, or the property market in general, as Jupiter (opportunities, luck) goes to Cancer and your Fourth House of real estate, from June 2025 as well. Along the way Jupiter will trine your Scorpio factors and sextile your Taurus factors, so 2025-2026 is the answer.

  67. Hi Jessica -Thank you so much for your blogs and horoscopes. It’s a pleasure to read them.

    Recently the CDC announced vaccinated people can go maskless. What do you think the repercussion are since getting both the vaccines can still spread covid. Not sure where this is going and what are your thoughts on this?

    When will this COVID go away?

    1. Thank you. The Universe has a funny way of working, and sometimes chooses famous people to deliver a message. The world ignored the Indian care home where over 30 vaccinated people were infected with COVID-19. Now, Americans are paying attention because famous media figures and sportsmen are also reporting with infection, despite vaccination. So, as John Lennon said, ‘Gimme some truth.’ I am not anti-vaccination. I am pro-vaccination but I am also pro-truth, and astrology is a really good signal through the noise. COVID-19 is about a tool kit. So, we need to combine travel restrictions (the most important factor of all, in mutable sign weather), mandatory quarantine, masks (always masks) indoors, restricted mass gatherings inside and outside…the lot. Vaccine attempts so far have been shown to reduce the severity of COVID-19 which is excellent, but COVID-19 is not going to go away. It will continue to mutate, and the world will continue to play catch-up. The only fast answer, then as now, was Zero Covid policy. Australia did it. New Zealand did it. There is a model. You have to go and talk to your politicians to find out why, in the rest of the world, they are not straight copying it.

  68. Dear God Holly Mighty

    Wow wow wow

    I almost forgot to search how this company is doing financially and what is going on inside of the core of business and bottom line….

    When you mentioned price that cannot be measured in money terms I went to do my research and found out they had layoffs and they constantly are cutting the cost so there are reviews online that company is good but this branch where I applied in Thousands Oaks California is maybe for sale or only offices will be demolished and hotels resort will be built…

    So when I think about price that cannot be measured in money terms will be if I must work for them Saturday and Sunday meaning seven days….

    So if I get offer I better get good one as this may financial help for me when I don’t have a job but also it may be possible that I am going from one sale to another and to heal instead to Sunny Heaven where it is possible these people will work me to death….

    So what I negotiate it better be good…

    And you are right Jessica they are in upheaval, with reshuffles internally and also changes in the balance of power in the whole industry.
    Covid is changing their busses like many others something we have never seen before…
    Covid will crush many CEO’s many companies and will further utter instability.

    But the problem is that I must accept better anything then nothing and be careful what is there for me…

    Read the fine print and make them write into the contract if they lay me off in 2021 and 2022 they will pay salary for both years as my departure package…

    And I will have to be able to jump from as tiger to search for new opportunity…

    Life is already tough but let’s ask them to pay 197,000 $ salary and I will get a new title so it’s a win-win and I will not work Saturday and Sunday….

    If I get the job as this company location is all over the world you deserve a gift that I will deliver to you to Australia as you are my Angel telling me assess your risk….

    Thank You with

    1. Thought so. I’m glad you did the research and found their layoffs, for a start. There will be more. You do have to read the fine print and look at departure packages, absolutely. And look at the hours, absolutely. You cannot put a price on your weekend off, can you? It’s priceless. No need to send a present, I am happy to help you with your questions any time. I hope you find the final answer.

  69. Hi,
    Re-posting the question because I wasn’t logged in last time I posted the question. Classic mercury re-do. Ha!

    I want to get married this year. What tips can you give me? Where should I look? How should I play this? Thank you in advance!

    1. You are already seeing the very first clues and signs about a far more rewarding and fulfilling future with another person, in a duet which is right for you. These are all really encouraging indicators and by the time you get to the end of July you should be on your way. Further afield, just after Christmas 2021 there is a terrific opportunity with the same person, or another, leading to a very happy New Year’s Eve. It is possible that you may commit around St. Valentine’s Day or Easter 2022. Hard to say without seeing the other chart, but there are 1-2 faces there waiting for you.

  70. Hi Jessica,
    I know Mercury begins its retrograde cycle mid May and how that affects our daily lives. Saturn also begins its retrograde cycle in May. How does Saturn’s retrograde cycle affect our daily lives?
    Kind regards

    1. Yes, Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius on Sunday 23rd May and remains there until Monday 11th October. On a global level this is the UN and WHO going backwards. Aquarius rules the global community. The international brotherhood and sisterhood. On a day-to-day basis this means no consistent global management of a rapidly mutating virus, and so you can expect the stop-start nature of business, finance, property, the economy to continue. It will not be until 2023 when Pluto goes into Aquarius and Saturn is out, that we finally see some kind of genuine world response to the virus that should have been locked out on January 10th, 2020, when the first Chinese man died from it in Wuhan. So in your own life, you may want to create a lifestyle, if you have not already done so, which just assumes this thing is not over. And will not be over, Julie.

  71. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the Taurus Weather event, eye-opening as always. Alicia did really great work handling the event and replying to every comment on the meetup. I am sure there are more people working behind the scenes for bringing that up to us, Thanks to all of them.

    Could you please have a look at my chart, I only have IC 13° Taurus and North node 09° Taurus, a lot of factors in Scorpio plus Mars 26 degrees of Virgo. I am single (never married) and does not have shared resources with anyone, although i help my family sometimes. Also, i am set for a job decision to make soon, to stay in the academic (research) side of healthcare, clinical or move to the industry?

    Thank you so much,


    1. Thanks Aylin, I will pass that on to Alicia Fulton, and to Asporea – who, as you say, make things happen behind the scenes. The career decision is really well timed and you will be blessed with an abundance of choices, not so much about super-duper success at the top, but really about lifestyle improvements, tied to work, and more job satisfaction and advantages which come from a particular position. We see this when the workload tallies with better health and wellbeing, so it may be that either in academia or the actual health care industry, you find what you want. (There may be a discount on health insurance, for example). This is already in motion and you are already seeing good signs. Do all you can in May and June, despite some stuck or fluctuating situations with academia, which end on July 7th. Wheels will turn after that and the final three weeks of July is all systems go, for a better lifestyle/workstyle. You then have a second round of opportunities just after Christmas, which is classically the time for promotions, job offers, awards and so on. This takes you nicely into January-May 2022 when you should be sitting pretty as the new role or project is a holiday from the real world. Financially, if your birth time is strictly accurate, then the last thing you expected to happen, with your family, home, home town, homeland will happen as Uranus goes to 13 Taurus and is in conjunction with your IC. That happens in June, July 2021 and again in October this year. The pattern repeats in April 2022 and that’s the end of the known world turning upside down – yet it will be liberating. As I said, it does depends on an accurate birth time. Your Nodes at 9 Taurus-Scorpio are evidence of past lives being both rich and poor, and for obvious reasons, when Uranus moved to 9 Taurus in 2020, all that came rushing back into your karma. COVID-19 came to stay. That cycle is now far behind you. You are heavily Scorpio, as you say, and the Uranus 4-26 degree transit (already in motion, here until 2025) will slowly but surely ‘challenge you to change’ with your will, legacy, life insurance, any mortgages/loans, pension, superannuation. Uranus is the unexpected, the unusual and the unprecedented. When it comes to oppose your Scorpio factors, you have to be light on your feet and move with the necessary times. As you are not married, this seems likely to be the family, but of course by 2025 you may well be in a new relationship and a house, apartment, money or possessions may be shared. It goes without saying that you read the fine print on any paperwork carefully and try to get yourself into a flexible position so that when Uranus opposes the Scorpio placements of the billions, particularly in 2022-2023 in the light of Europe and America, and Japan too – you can zig-zag with the zig-zag.

  72. Hi Jessica! Thank you for your reply! Just listened to your Taurus weather clip on YouTube and had a few more questions:
    Do you see any potential in Cardano or Ethereum – as having better potential for the future one-world cryptocurrency than Bitcoin? Wondering if it is safer for money to just sit in the bank – making no money – or invest in some cryptocurrencies.
    Will the Full Moon eclipse in Taurus at 22 degrees in Nov 19 2021 affect or be relevant to all the 22 degree placements in my chart or other people’s charts if they have 22 degrees in anything?
    With the new electric plants you mentioned, I hope they use them in to upgrade the air-conditioning systems in public transport, aeroplanes, airports and quarantine hotels to minimise the risk of covid for those essential international flights for people who really need to travel – do you think that could be a possible future application of these plants?
    I remember reading a Linda Goodman book (back in the day!) where she wrote that she thought Vulcan (Vulcano?) would one day be discovered to be the true ruler of Taurus. I wondered what you thought about this and if whether Vulcano’s transits would change any interpretations of this Taurus weather?
    Thank you in advance!
    PS – I’ve have been noticing some funny astro-coincidences lately: One fine day after 10 years of using a Disneyland-bought keychain (Mickey and Minnie with Pluto) I suddenly realised the connection with my Pluto in Libra! Last week, when Jupiter went into Pisces last week, a salesman forgot to put my car-fuel voucher through and offered me a free pencil instead…which had the word ‘Maximus’ on it! Wasn’t Jupiter’s other name Optimus Maximus? Thought the stories might give you a laugh! 🙂

    1. Thank you. There are so many competing cryptocurrencies. Elon Musk has just led the way by endorsing Chia, which is less harmful to the environment than the rest. These things use an awful lot of electricity. Musk likely channels Tesla, and is usually right and also ahead of his time. What he has seen, is very clever. Forcing people to pay for highly desirable, much more affordable, greener options (like electric cars) using the currency he wants you to use. It’s over-controlling but it’s also rather exciting for people who feel trapped in a US dollar dominated system which is wrecking the planet. Have a look at Musk long-term, but there will be other ‘Musks’ coming up behind him. Basically, you would be pre-empting the biggest change of all in digital currency if you invested in anything now. That change is Pluto in Aquarius, which is power through the people (people power dominating the world, in groups). It sounds as if you attract synchronicity in your life, with that Disneyland Pluto keychain. Have a look at what the universe is saying to you this week, about the future of money, and the future of the planet. The ‘electric’ plants I mentioned are such a perfect fit for Uranus in Taurus (Uranus rules electricity: Taurus rules plants) that this does look like the start of a new industry. This may be the early prototype. Air filtering with nature, inside and outside buildings, is the kind of thing you can imagine crowdfunding investors becoming excited about. With Uranus in Taurus, it’s really important to remember that new inventions come about in odd ways, and reward those who back them. The last time we saw this cycle, during the war, the urgent need for innovation to beat the enemy, basically led to the creation of the computer. We can thank Alan Turing for that, beavering away at Bletchley Park. Anyone who backed Turing (had he been another Steve Jobs) would have made a fortune. So keep an eye out for what seems to be about 50 years ahead of its time, on this cycle. It’s usually on the money.

  73. Hi Jessica, thank you for always sharing your unique and insightful wisdom with us. I love reading your blogs and always try to integrate your advice. I’m a Virgo Ascendant (15 degrees), Taurus sun (21 degrees), Libra moon (16 degrees), I recently turned 26. As I’m going through the motions of being in my mid-20s, I’m thinking of careers, love life, and my life’s work – all that good stuff. I recently moved from India to the US for a graduate degree in business and finance. I’m very interested in being an investor for startups (think venture capitalist) and wondering if that’s a good career move for me? and which part of the world would be a good fit for me in the long run (America, India, or a combination of several places because I want to have my impact around the world.) Also would appreciate any advice and readings on my love life/relationships – I’m single but looking to meet potential partners. Again, thank you for your work for the world and us. Much love and light!

    1. Thank you. You are asking life-changing questions here, and I can’t see a chart, but you are a Taurus and that is useful information. Using just your solar chart, I can confirm that you shine at your brilliant best when working with finance, property, valuables, charity. Venture capitalism is interesting but when Uranus goes to 21 Taurus in conjunction with your Sun you will be under inspection; gain publicity; suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself thrust in the limelight, along with your values and your money. That is 2024 so make sure you pass that inspection. From 2026 Uranus in Gemini radically changes your values.

  74. Hi Jessica,

    So interesting, thank you. Have just reread your posts on the nodes as this Taurus weather will affect my North/south Node. So far the past 4 years I’ve really had to focus on my health and well-being, struggling to make progress in life matters of money making, career, future proofing. The 7 years before that was an extremely challenging time trying to juggle all of those with health issues.

    I’m wondering if you see this transit having a positive effect or bring change in these areas for me?

    Thanks and best wishes

    1. The body has to come first with a stellium in Virgo, and never more so than the Twenties. You have Virgo factors from 2 to 25 degrees of the sign, so any time you see slow-moving cycles from 2 to 25 of the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius) the challenges are there, to put your health and wellbeing before money or success. We are in mutable sign weather for some time, so the reshaping of your lifestyle will continue, as you get better at making it work, every other month. Uranus in Taurus will trine (make stunning flow aspects) to the Virgo factors. you have in the Sixth House, as late as 2025, so the radical change in the world economy and the revolution in your own country’s economy, will help you create a way of life, on a daily basis, which allows you to manage your mind, body and spirit connection, in a way that suits your new budgeting. So, for example, you may find that your government decides to put money into home education via Zoom and offers subsidised training for people who want to become part-time teachers. That might just be you. Or, you may find the boom in immunity education and support which is coming (for people with Long Covid or people who wish to bounce it off, better) also benefits you, because there is a sellers’ market for anyone who is knowledgeable about mind, body and spirit and can play a part in the new wave. What we are seeing at the moment is the knee-jerk reaction to the virus. The ‘jab’ which is actually any one of a number of attempts at a vaccine. As 2021 will prove, there are no silver bullet solutions or magical miracles. In fact, as we’re seeing in India and America (the Yankees’ team) people who have been twice vaccinated are still being infected. Thus, eventually, attention will turn to vaccination as one of a range of tools to handle the pandemic. Testing; mandatory quarantine; controlled borders; immunity. That last one is something you know about, having been put through the last few years. Using yourself as a guinea pig in the laboratory of life, you can find out what actually works (who works) and what is free or affordable, which is the big keynote for people who are having difficultly juggling work and health. The reality of the Sixth House is that body issues, or mental health issues like anxiety or depression, usually point to mixed feelings or unresolved concerns about actually working. So, you go back to the job, or the jobs, and start there. A very simple but powerful trick is to talk to the mirror. Chat to yourself. See what comes out about work, housework, success, ambition, career, schedules, hours, conditions and so on. There may be some useful dreams after that which are a little like a key unlocking a padlock.

  75. Great information, thank you, Jessica.

    I have Uranus at Virgo 14 degrees, and Jupiter at Taurus 16 degrees. I have a stable job, but I am taking a course to learn real estate. I am not dropping the old job, but intend to have two jobs. I am also considering bitcoin as an investment. Any thoughts on these developments? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Minerva at 15 Gemini, Pluto at 16 Virgo and Jupiter at 16 Taurus is the classic real-estate agent combination. You are going to do extremely well as an agent in any field, actually; you could work as a literary agent. Minerva is your wisdom. In Gemini and the Third House, you have innate wisdom about the media, the internet, advertising, education and publishing. Allied to Pluto in Virgo, you can use your way with words, ideas and images to help you control (Pluto) your work (Virgo) and gain (Jupiter) financially (Taurus). You can play that combination a number of ways, but acting as the go-between online for property investors is sensible, especially as we are going to see so many dramatic upward and downward shifts in property as the pandemic rolls on. Bitcoin is a different kettle of fish and you need to look at the chart for Bitcoin itself in comparison with your own. I think there is an old feature on that somewhere if you want to use Search. In general, digital one-world currency and also intensely local currency (even, confined to one village) is the future by 2026. When Jupiter moves to 16 Taurus and you have your Jupiter Return, and Uranus moves to 16 Taurus, on your Jupiter, you will save or make money.
      So 2023 and 2024 have unforgettable potential for you, with that astrology chart.

  76. Hi Jessica

    Could you please take a look at my birth chart to see how Taurus Weather effects me over the next few years. I am awaiting a reply from you dated 29th April regarding my birth chart and until l receive l am unsure how to move forward. Many thanks for your help.

    Regards Linda

    1. I am sorry for the queue with questions, Linda, it looks as if there are 12,897 of them at the moment. Okay, so you are over the biggest shock, financially, as Uranus (the planet of upheaval) already passed 5 Taurus, where your Fortuna is. That explains the episode where a wider economic unknown, in the UK (it may have been anything from Brexit to Bitcoin) found you unwittingly influencing other people’s financial, business, property or charity positions in quite a random way. Fortuna spins the wheel of fate and fortune for others, blindfolded, without knowing what she does. That wheel was on high rotation in an electrical storm, going into the middle of 2019. You have a five-year Uranus in Taurus cycle left, and 2022 and 2023 will challenge you to change. This is not personal to you, it is actually the whole of the UK, which is about to be shifted to local, not global. This massive change, towards reliance on local economies, not EU status or even the usual globalisation dependencies, has a trickle-down effect on you, so you may want to check where your pension/superannuation is; what you have invested in; what the experts say about (for example) the value of house and flat prices against the reality. The more you can get out of debt the better. Easy to say and hard to do, but you will be much more free and easy 2022-2026 if you are not weighed down by burdensome loans, as the idea over the next few years is to be flexible enough to snap up solutions and opportunities when they appear, and be light on your feet if you have to change direction. It’s hard to say more without knowing anything at all about your finances, company, house, apartment, investments, banking and most of all – your values. Different readers have different values. Some are sworn capitalists who really dislike the idea of being forced to live a more simple life and quit global currency betting. Others are already there and do not want any more inequity between the rich and powerful, and the not so rich and powerful! So it really depends on you. Growing your own food, keeping your own chicken, repairing what you have, recycling the rest, appreciating what is free (not on an interest loan from a bank) is a really smart approach to life in the Uranus in Taurus/Pluto in Capricorn zone.

  77. Hi Jessica, the Zoom session was pretty good and very enlightening on the subject of the Taurus weather. Also, as soon Uranus is in Taurus early on, immediately I’m working on preparations to soften the blow since my sun sign is in Taurus, among other planets and asteroids in my natal chart.

    I remember the advice you gave me last year, which help me out of the depression fog I was dealing with at the time. It wasn’t easy, especially with the lockdowns, confinement in a household I wasn’t very comfortable with and financial issues; but at least I made it, my physical health is mostly intact. So thank you.

    My experiences from the lockdown had me reflecting on my viewpoint of the world and my current lifestyle. I’ve decided I want to make some changes to my house because the lockdown had made me realised how important it is to have a sanctuary in your own home. My current house and the occupants had made my stay less than feeling secure and happy.

    However, in order to change that, I need some funds. This is where I’m trying to sort out my current degree and career in the arts, journalism and eventually in law. At the moment, everything has gone to a standstill. This is where I was wondering if both of my Taurus and Scorpio placements has something to do with this stalemate in recent times. Admittedly, I feel like I’m standing in the eye of the storm since late 2020 when the property of my art studio group has been sold off and we haven’t found a place to move to since. (The notice due date is in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, which didn’t help matters.)

    I’ve been trying to apply internship placement in a major organisation that I couldn’t disclose the identity at this time. While I’m having progress with the application. Unfortunately, the said workplace was going through some sort of restructuring, so the news of my internship status has been delayed for quite a while, to say the least.

    Since those matters are now in the hands of the universe, I’m trying to push through my graphic novel project in the meantime, while dealing with my own relationship, where it’s been going slow and steady due to my significant person had some trauma he’s working through. Their sun sign is Scorpio.

    I know that’s quite a handful, but will I be able to secure my internship? Also any advice for my relationship, art project and getting my house sorted?

    I’m aware of my financial obligations in regards to my house, which I’m trying to pay off in a timely matter before the other shoe drops. I also do vaguely remember about 2002. It was also a traumatising year for me, so I’m pretty mindful about not repeating past mistakes this time around.

    1. Jupiter in Pisces is about to return to his birth position in your chart, so you are set to experience your Jupiter Return in the Twelfth House. Jupiter makes wonderful patterns along the way (he is the symbol of solutions, opportunities, breakthroughs, big answers, simple good luck and good fortune). In Pisces, he makes terrific angles to Taurus (money) in your chart but also Scorpio (again, finance, business and property). You have a lot going on. Try to focus as there are not enough hours in the day for a graphic novel, a boyfriend, an internship, the house and so on. Jupiter in Pisces is psychic. There can also be too much telepathic or spirit world input so you become confused and can confuse others. So narrow it down. What is the priority? You have a fantastic first wave of this cycle in May, June, July, then it returns at Christmas, ahead of the first quarter of 2022, which will deliver what you want, in core form, if you did the work in 2021. You also mention a degree – that is almost enough by itself. Super-focus, set firm goals, use your psychic ability to guide you and really use your Jupiter Return, which will expand, increase and enhance your abilities with Tarot, mediumship, meditation, hypnosis, and so on. Perhaps psychic art.

  78. Thank You Jessica,

    I am moving on with other opportunities and companies because this company I work for born in 1942 is going trough sale… My intuition tells that whether I go with a sale or if there is no sale I am in trouble big trouble… I don’t think they will give us anything in case there is shout down and there is no sale. So I must find a new opportunity.

    Tomorrow I interview with company born on May 6, 1902 so maybe just maybe I get this opportunity. Their stock is more than 450$ per share so maybe they will pay well…

    I am so terrified how difficult is to find next step in life and next opportunity.

    Thank You for your help

    1. No need to be scared. Good idea to look for new work (the research) on Mercury Retrograde as you can go backwards and forwards until July 7th with the negotiations, fact-finding and so on. The Taurus company tomorrow, will not know for sure what their budget is until the first week of July, so everything is just a discussion. You have your own ideas about what you want from a job/from a salary so I suggest you are clear with yourself then step into the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and Your Oracle on this website, set a deadline and ask some firm questions for guidance. That will really help. This is the system I use for myself and my friends.

  79. Hi jessica ,
    Thanks a lot for this amazing article for the future changes waiting for us. Youre an amazing person I really would like to meet you and learn something from you.
    At the moment i am curious how these changes are going to affect my life??. if you can help me understand something about it and what it is going to bring me in my future?? Last few years have been really tough in my life like a nightmare. A very difficult marriage . Unsupportive husband and a little child .. a lot of things i have been dealing with .. more specifically my studies i am also doing PhD.. which requires lots of time and attention.i am completely at a mess ..
    Asc Leo 4° ,
    Scorpio Sun 28° with MERCURY 12° and with Pluto 6°.
    Saggitarrius Moon 4° , with Saturn 20° and with venus 22° and also with Uranus 25°.
    Capricorn Neptune 10°
    Aries north node 0.5° with Jupiter 20°
    Libra Mars 28°

    can u help me understand what it is for me .. One more thing I m in academia and in to teaching and writing field ? do u also see any in my career or it will be same with change of medium? how do u see my martied life? and lifre with kids? do u see any ease coming ?? when do u see my career growth bcoz i m stuck with my degree too?? Any help with buyinh my own house?? please help me look into these things If any possibility??
    Lots of Love nd Regards

    1. Christina, thank you. You are a Scorpio in a bad marriage with a child. You are also completing your PhD. Okay, so the marriage will either transform or end. You probably know that. It will not last in its current form beyond 2026. You will negotiate a deal with your husband between now and the end of July and it may involve different child care, or a different approach to your child’s education. It will be about time and energy, perhaps financial investment, divided and shared. Beyond that, you two will need to figure out the sort of relationship you are going to have, just about every year until 2026, so try to accept that it will always change, and you will always be figuring out different adjustments with each other. You will be free. The sense of independence will be incredible, no matter if you stay together and he gives you more space, or you break up and find the exhilaration of autonomy. If you can control your goals with writing, the internet, video, audio, teaching and use tremendous self-discipline, you can become a really powerful professional, in 2021, 2022, 2023 – the last year of potential. If you want the best for your child then negotiate terms with him or others, in 2021, 2022 and aim for April as an end point. Use your luck now.

  80. That’s quite fitting given there are many children in my adult world. Which is no wonder that my little sister and I can just look at each other and burst into fits of laughter for no reason at all – I’d say we’ve been at this rodeo before and intrinsically know that laughter might be the only way through:) The media connection is supposedly via the Illustrated London News (first edition was 14 May 1842). Though, I’m not sure how accurate it is. My mother in-law says she knows a good genealogist, but I’m waiting for an actual visual on the family Coat of Arms (via heraldic achievement) before pursuing it further. Nonetheless, the article you mention is the one that enabled me to look at my immediate family’s IC and piece them together – thank you! Needless to say that once again; astrology never ceases to amaze me!

  81. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another wonderful article. My DOB is 7/29/74 and I was wondering if you could see anything great coming up in my personal/love life. This area of my life has been stagnant since my divorce. I separated from my Libra ex-husband in 2014 and our divorce was finalized in 2018. I have only gone on a handful of dates since then. I’ve been full time teleworking since the pandemic and per recent guidance this may continue indefinitely. Will this impact me meeting someone?
    However, on the bright side, I was able to sell my home above the asking price in late 2020. You may/may not remember your prediction that I would benefit from Amazon moving to my area. You also predicted independence and freedom coming in the form of a new job that I also started in late 2020 which provided freedom and independence from a micro-manager.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the prediction came true for you about Amazon. Okay, so you want to remarry. You can experiment and explore with who/what is out there in 2021, 2022, but it will not be until 2023 and later that you realise you can be one half of a really powerful duet that you have not experienced before. Together you and the other person can be formidable. A real team. The big ask, after 2023, is that you learn to work with each other’s need to be the one in control. To be top dog. If you can do that, though, you have an unforgettable double act ahead.

  82. Hi Jessica, the zoom session was very enlightening and eye-opening as always!
    My North Node is at 12 degree Taurus in 8th house, which I know will hit me very strongly. Currently I’m the major caretaker of my sick dad (and mum occasionally) while struggling to keep myself afloat financially with my coaching business(which I also use Chinese Astrology and HumanDesign as supporting tools). Which direction should I look to improve my financial situation and to clear previous accumulated cc debt ASAP?

    Although I’m very willing to take care of my old parents by living with them as a single child but deep down I also yearn for my independence, and living true to myself in a space I have control in. Is there any favourable opportunities from now till 2026 for me to move out finally at age 36+, and finding my love? Thank you Jessica in advance!

    1. Thank you. Your North Node is in Taurus in the Second House; your South Node is in Scorpio in the Eighth House. You are set to have Uranus at 12 Taurus in June 2021, November 2021, March 2022, April 2022, and you also have your Node Return. That holds in 2022, 2023 so the next couple of years will reshape your life budget. You need money because you are primary unpaid carer for your dad, and sometimes your mum. You also want to be free. And you want to get married or have a partnership. Your current role (coaching and caring) will not be there forever, and you will have a completely different career. Ask yourself what is staring you in the face. It’s not coaching. And you need something that will help you have a life, as much as you also need your parents to have a life, too. The challenge to change is there, from Uranus in Taurus, and if you have not already done the work on that, it’s time. In fact you will be shown a potential new deal on career matters by the end of July, following the last thing you expected in June 2021. You will need to nut out a deal regarding your role, professionally, but perhaps academically (students can win grants) and certainly as caretaker for the family. Try to create the space and independence consciously and creatively, right now, and move towards that. As for a partner, from 2023 you will realise you can be one half of a power couple. That cycle runs for many years and it will change your life.

  83. Hi, Jessica

    It seems my question is hidden from your view. Thank you for this article and YouTube video, unfortunately couldn’t have been able to join your live sessions. I don’t feel positive about our future as whole. I appreciate your work. I can see you are trying to help us navigate difficult times. Thank you.

    I don’t have much planet in both Taurus or Scorpio but transitioning planets in Taurus will create lots of aspects to my natal planets. Would you kindly look at my chart and tell me what is significant, if any, for coming few years?

    Thank you!

    1. I can see this question. Your karma with the family and perhaps with your home town/homeland finishes in January 2022 and you will have finalised a great deal by then. There is a certain unreality and non-reality about your feelings regarding a partner, former partner or potential partner, too. That can be a nice holiday from the real world for you, a sort of bubble to float around in, but once Jupiter leaves Pisces in 2022 you will have to come down to earth, so try for a bubble that is not a total departure from the everyday. Long-term the biggest impact on you from Uranus in Taurus will be your view of foreign people and places; other cultures; other nationalities. You have already started on that road and you will be a completely different person, regarding the same, by 2026. Some of this is because the ongoing pandemic will literally separate you from particular countries or their nationals. It will utterly change so many global relationships. There may be other more intensely personal reasons why you have headed for a particular region, nationality or culture in recent years (Uranus went into Taurus in 2018). You’ll have to constantly update yourself every few months on this cycle but you will also learn so much. And it may feel liberating. Exciting. If you are doing it right, you should feel quite free.

  84. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you very much for another very informative article!
    Heavily Scorpio person here…ASC 20 degrees, Venus 21 degrees, Uranus 13 degrees Scorpio…very worrying….
    This in combination with South node moving through my Sagittarius placements (loads of them, including Sun), then continuing to move through my Scorpio placements in the following years. Too much to handle???
    Thank you very much,

    1. Thank you. No need to worry, Win, just use what you have seen happen in 2020-2021 as motivation to change. The challenge to change, is really what the Taurus weather, opposite your Scorpio placements, means. If you are not aware of where your pension/superannuation funds are, and how much control you have, update yourself. It’s the same with insurance, the bank, property prices and values and the rest. This is a really good excuse to get real about the huge changes which have taken place, some of them quite deliberately put under our radar, since Uranus started moving through Taurus. The people who did best from the American Revolution of 1781 were quick to change. They ditched the slave trade, ditched the loyalty to King George III and the United Kingdom. They embraced the new economy and the new country. They moved with the times and in fact invented the new America. Today it is the old America but their descendants own some rather nice land in Manhattan. You get the picture. Update yourself and get ready to invent the future, just about every year until 2026, and your fixed sign Scorpio placements will do best. The only issues are really going to be for people who still think it is 2017 and they can invest in lumps of coal, or recreational shopping and so on. Taurus opposite Scorpio is about the earth’s economy as much as anything else. Anyway. I am sure you know all this!

  85. Thank you, Jessica.

    Yes I moved back to U.K. in 2018! And now I’m worried about my family and friends in Japan as it has near Authoritarian regime.
    By the way, Prince Harry is Virgo and do you think he also separate himself from …. America?

    Thank you!

    1. The Uranus in Taurus cycle timed your move back to Britain exactly. Japan will be in the hands of people power from 2023 so no need to worry about your friends’ future. Authoritarian regimes are going, going, gone within 2-3 years. Yes, the Duke of Sussex is a Sun Virgo. He will break with America. You are quite right. It will be sudden, too. Expect the unexpected from Harry by 2026.

  86. Thank you so much for everything that you do. I’ve learned a lot and it has been so helpful.

  87. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for great article.
    Have been reading a lot about various predictions from Economists in America. All doom and gloom, advising people to invest in stocks etc. Some economists state that the middle class and poor are being crushed at the expense of the very rich in the world, due to all the governments’ of the world printing excessive money. Do you see the inequality created by the governments’ around the world by printing money? Some economists say that the dollar will become worthless ? As you predict Uranus in Taurus will see stock etc to go up and down. We are living in a very unpredictable world? Some people have made lots of money recently, there are winners and losers due to the pandemic.
    Is good that U K have left Europe. Europe is in a terrible state economically? We can’t trusts the bankers or the governments? Astrology explains certain things that are happening around the world.

    1. Thank you. What you’re going to find after 2026 is that local people/local communities/towns/villages/neighbourhoods rule. So they will have their own digital currency and marketplace, and their own local economies, based on what they want and need. This is the combination of Uranus (the change) in Gemini (neighbours) along with Pluto (the new power) in Aquarius (groups and networks) coming. You can see why. The years 2022 and 2023 see a return to currency crisis and also supply shortage as we hit the same cycle as the last war. Then as now people use their common sense and pool resources in a hands-on way, with neighbour assisting neighbour. It’s the pull away from billionaires in America, towards ‘all of us’ where you live.

  88. Good Morning Jessica,

    Maybe this question doesn’t belong under this article, however can you please look this up Jess please as Tara Buffington also mentioned pope in her reading and she could not connect it what is coming:

    This is very strange, but it looks like people are waking up to what you mentioned that there is no silver bullet vaccine. Please see below as you pretty much predicted:

    Thank you for everything and more…

    1. Thanks so much, I will pass that on to Tara Buffington. Yes, there is no silver bullet vaccine and there never will be. The misinformation about ‘the jab’ leads some people to believe that they are all the same. AstraZeneca is only 60% effective against the Indian Covid variant, though. The quest for ‘the vaccine’ for this endlessly mutating virus is really like Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail. Unfortunately it’s all about the share market. Pfizer is better, with 88% effectiveness against Delta (the Indian variant) but that’s still not what most people dream of, when they talk about ‘the vaccine.’

  89. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the great article.
    Baccchus 13 degrees Capricorn
    Prosperina and Vulcano at 23 degrees Virgo
    Panacea at 18 degrees Taurus
    Scorpio factors in sun, mercury, venus, pluto, ceres & diana.

    What areas of life do the heavenly bodies represent ? And do the factors mentioned above include heavenly bodies ?
    For the planets I think sun was for identity or image, venus – appearance & pluto – death ?
    I was reading this article to understand the heavenly bodies and planets.

    1. Thank you. Pluto is never death. He rules the Underworld, where souls go after passing over, but Pluto is a symbol of a fundamental change in the balance of power – not dying. So let’s clear that up straight away. You can decode your chart using the Premium Member guides that come with your membership and the private access features, using Search. You are strongly Taurus-Scorpio and your finances, which those signs rule, are tied to work (Virgo and Capricorn rule your job and career). Until 2026 you will be required to rethink the way you do business, or work or organise your career. Some of those choices will be enjoyable and some will be forced upon you. You may, for example, train in a new skill, or return to an old skill with an updated course and attitude – and do very well – finding a sideline. However, it is also possible you will be turned down in the career game and so forced to find another way of making money. That’s not so enjoyable, but you will be shown the way and it will end up working well for you, although in a completely different manner. One thing to bear in mind throughout is that the old rules of finance and economics no longer apply. If you are not already across the reality of the pandemic and what it has done/what it is going to do – to the world economy – you need to update yourself. Find out where the gap in the market is. Nobody wants tightly packed planes and hotels in the Twenties, because Delta is so easily passed in seconds, by casual contacts who merely breathe the same air. So the tourism industry has been decimated and will continue to be so, as evidence shows hotel quarantine is dangerous. So what comes in its place? Local daycations by bicycle or car, or Shank’s Pony. That’s where an entirely new line of income is set to open up. What else? Home education for all the children being sent home from school. Or, home entertainment for children, which is not just television. I hope you can see what I am talking about here with your chart. You have a strong nose for finance. Yes, the Sun is your image. Your branding will be financial, tied to valuables, charity, property – eventually. To get there, you need to tap the gaps in the market as this is not the same world any more.

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