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Nostradamus’ Corona Predictions

Nostradamus has just proven himself to be the greatest astrologer of all time. How? He named the COVID-19 variants, as far back as the 16th century. So, what else does the master see for 2021 and beyond?

How Nostradamus Predicted COVID-19 Variants

Ever popular on Twitter (where images of him, like this one, have been viral right throughout the virus) Nostradamus is easily the astrologer with the longest paperback shelf life in the world. There are good reasons for that. He is specific with names. And – if you know the astrology – timing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) began renaming COVID-19 variants in the first half of 2021, using Ancient Greek letters.

The Greatest Psychic Astrologer of All Time?

In doing so, they might just have made Nostradamus the greatest psychic astrologer of all time. In the quatrain below, from a 17th century translation of the famous prophecies, is a clear reference to Kappa, Theta and Lambda. The word mors, which follows, is Latin for death. The rest of the puzzle is in the first three lines.

Nostradamus authors over the centuries have interpreted this to mean all sorts of things (including American space exploration) but it’s actually very simple. This is about the European Union and it is about three COVID-19 variants, we are just beginning to know. It would be a mistake to interpret this with any finality in June 2021. There is more to come.

E4JxTIgVkAAEA68 600x333 - Nostradamus' Corona Predictions

Nostradamus and Lambda

The Lambda variant, which was first found in August 2020 in Peru, has been called a “variant of interest” by WHO after being detected in at least 29 countries, mainly throughout Latin America. We already know about the Kappa and Theta COVID-19 variants, from India and the Philippines respectively. Now, turn your gaze back to the first line of the Nostradamus quatrain. Here is the word ‘troupeau’ from a French website, some 500 years later, discussing vaccines. The modern interpretation of ‘troupeau’ is herd. So, Nostradamus saw a future headline about herd immunity. As below, L’immunite de troupeau.


Limmunite de troupeau from Vaccines Today EU 600x338 - Nostradamus' Corona Predictions
L’immunite de troupeau and Nostradamus


Why Lambda?

In June 2021, we have to wonder, if we’re talking about herd immunity – why name Lambda, but not the Indian variant, Delta? After all, it is Delta that is most concerning epidemiologists in the United Kingdom, as it is evading even double vaccination.

The answer to that is really that Nostradamus usually has his reasons. For that, we have to look at the rest of the quatrain. Lambda comes from Peru and is a problem in South America. Yet it is now in 29 countries. Some of those countries may indeed involve the ‘nine’ predicted, in the original forecast, explained below. This is a recent take on Lambda.

LAMBDA 600x400 - Nostradamus' Corona Predictions
Nostradamus saw Lambda

Nine or Neuf in the Nostradamus Corona Prediction

What is really striking about this quatrain, above, is its reference to ‘nine’ or, as every schoolchild in French class knows, ‘neuf’ in the first line. Who or what, are the nine?

Nine Countries and a Corona Bond

Well, nine European Union nations in April 2020 moved to support the launch of ‘Corona bonds’ – a debt measure to help support the health industry, during the pandemic in Europe. This story ran in the Financial Times (below) some 500 years after Nostradamus first wrote his prediction. “Nine eurozone countries issue call for ‘coronabonds.'” What is also interesting about this story is the image of a bull. Now, that’s obviously about a bull market, from a financial media perspective. Yet, as an astrologer, Nostradamus may also have been seeing the North Node in Taurus, which begins in January 2021. His clairvoyance, over five centuries into the future, may have tried to make sense of both words and images. (In astrology, the North Node in Taurus is heavy financial karma for the world economy).


Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 6.45.50 am 600x236 - Nostradamus' Corona Predictions
Nostradamus saw a Financial Times story first.


The Nine Countries and Nostradamus’ Predictions

Germany and the Netherlands opposed those nine E.U. countries hoping for the Corona bond. Thus the separation and division Nostradamus mentions. As a Frenchman, he would have been concerned that France, Italy and Spain were in the nine, but two of the European Union nations rejected the plan.

Below, The Sun among other newspapers gave widespread coverage to the new WHO names for COVID variants.


WHO Nine Variants 600x499 - Nostradamus' Corona Predictions
Nostradamus and variants

The Corona Virus and Nostradamus’ Methods

Nostradamus worked with clairvoyance (clear sight), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear understanding) as a professional psychic astrologer. He clearly saw (and saw clearly)  newspaper headlines and websites centuries into the future.

Nostradamus ‘heard’ names, sometimes slightly wrong by a letter or two. Hitler was famously recorded as Hister. Vladimir Putin turns up as Butin.  In my forthcoming book, The Secret Language of the Stars, I will look at the three great languages of astrology (English, French and Latin) and how Nostradamus juggled all of them on several psychic channels.

Just translating from French to English doesn’t always work with The Prophecies. My edition was translated in 1685, over a century after Nostradamus had recorded his predictions. The translator, Dr. Theophilus de Garenciers was doing what so many Nostradamus authors have attempted ever since: pure linguistics.

Once you realise that Nostradamus was seeing whole newspaper front covers, in English, the quatrains become clearer. Translation isn’t enough. You have to see what he, clairvoyantly, saw.

Nostradamus and Corona

The word ‘corone’ has traditionally been translated as ‘crown’ and thus associated with various Kings or Queens, since Nostradamus first published his prophecies in the 16th century. This is a good example of a corone/corona quatrain, below. Some things stand out about timing. The river and the new Celtique, or Celtic. Is this Ireland or Scotland, reborn, after Brexit? You can see the word ‘Empire’ and discord. The young Prince. Is this Harry?

Corona Concorde Virus Nostradamus London Library 600x302 - Nostradamus' Corona Predictions
Nostradamus and Corona Mysteries

Nostradamus, Astrology and Timing

Once the timing is understood in the quatrains, which can cover the same basic subject matter, but over four sentences, cover two or three years, the astrology can be decoded too. The above quatrain is clearly about the 2020’s, but each line covers a different news story, some months apart. And some of it is yet to be revealed, although the astrological future of Scotland has shown independence, for some years now.

The Nostradamus Jigsaw Puzzle

Perhaps this is Nostradamus’ world and we’re just living in it. In which case we’ve ended up in a very strange place indeed.  So what can he tell us about the origins of COVID-19 – and our hope for a happier and better future?

Putting the puzzle together, means trying to decode the great astrologer’s peculiar blend of English, French and Latin – which is truly, the secret language of the stars.

One thing is certain about Nostradamus. Given that the astrologer was peering so very far into the centuries ahead (he was easily the most ambitious psychic of his time), it would be a mistake (and has possibly always been a mistake) to translate the quatrains, up to the present day.

For all that he has given us a complicated puzzle to solve, Nostradamus also gives some literal clues. If we wait long enough, they literally appear in the news.

What the most famous French astrologer of all time has done, with his COVID-19 variant forecast, is not only name a mutation of extremely new interest to WHO; he has also hinted at a split within the European Union, ahead. And the United Kingdom.

Now, what do you think?


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37 Responses

  1. Wow Jessica I have always thought Nostradamus to be the master astrologer and it is extraordinary what you have found here. Cant wait for your new book!!! Does Nostradamus say how we extricate ourselves out of the current turmoil?

    1. The answer to COVID-19 is the end of globalisation and mass tourism, and it is coming (in part) by January 2022, when the North Node in Gemini cycle completes. From the year 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini, we will see the replacement of the above, with local economies and local travel. This is partly because of the virus, which never goes away and continues to mutate, carried by tourists and migrants. The last time we saw Uranus in Gemini, historically, there was a new carve-up of the world, following the war. Germany split in two, for example. The planet was cut up into quite different new regions, and for whatever reason, some became off-limits to travel and trade. In this century, it is not the war, but the war on COVID-19, which will achieve that. Uranus in Gemini, last time, also coincided with rapid advances in computers, following the work of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park during the war. Gemini rules computer communication. Finally, Gemini rules transportation. The last time we saw Uranus in Gemini, post-war, we also saw what had been an army vehicle (the motorcycle) evolve into the motorbike, for public use. Given all that Mr. Musk is doing, it’s only a matter of time before 2026 rolls around, and with it, an electric aeroplane, car, bicycle and motorbike revolution. The very nature of these things, though, is that they can only cover short distances. In that way we will see local replace global.Nostradamus has covered this in quatrains spread out over the pages of The Prophecies, so the puzzle today is to put the pieces back together to see the whole story!

  2. This is very interesting. But also, can’t we look to the planetary positions during the Spanish flu? I think many of them are in the same place AND COVID is following similarly to the Spanish Flu. I think in addition to Nostradamus; Can we also look backward not so far to 1918-1920 and study the timeline, variants, and countries of that flu which pretty much vanished by summer of 1920?

    Just a thought!


    1. Thank you P. Way back at the start of this pandemic in March 2020, I began posting stories about the mutable sign cycles, which of course picked up the Spanish Flu, as well as the Black Death. In fact, the mutable sign cycles also occurred during the start of AIDS. You are correct; the planets in their courses are following the same loop we saw at the start of the 20th century. If you have a look on Search for COVID-19 and/or ‘mutable signs’ you’ll find the original predictions. The mutable signs – Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo – are always the culprits when the world has a plague. Cycles of slow-moving planets like Neptune, or slow-moving factors like the North Node and South Node – always appear during highly infectious outbreaks, which are carried through sea ports, airports and open roads. In fact, we literally have the word ‘mutate’ hidden in the events of 2020, 2021 and beyond. Mutable signs and mutable sign weather brings a rapidly mutating virus. The Grand Cross of the mutable signs is a cross to bear for people with factors in all those signs. Gemini is domestic flights (well, those are out, for many people). Sagittarius rules emigration and international flights and cruises – that is completely out in large parts of the world. Pisces rules religion, which seems odd, until you realise that large religious mass gatherings in India and also the outbreak in Roman Catholic Italy, are part of the problem. The airborne virus thrives in close-contact situations and the Indian variants including Kappa were spread through Pisces-style religious events. Finally, Virgo rules vaccination and the immune system – no need to explain that one. We have mutable sign cycles all the time in astrology, every few decades, but the problem is – when we have entire generations of billions of people, born with mutable signs in their chart – being triggered by mutable weather. This was an accident waiting to happen, for years, as everybody born in the Sixties has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (health) and there are billions more, much younger, born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius (foreign travel, emigration, globalisation). The best example we have of the mutable sign ‘accident waiting to happen’ problem is AIDS. It was carried by the airlines, into the airports and then around the world. Throughout every cycle of the mutable sign weather we have ever seen, going right back to The Black Death, the answer is travel bans and quarantine. Unfortunately there are some politicians and businessmen who have a financial stake so large, in airlines and hotels, globalisation and so on – that they are actively encouraging viral spread around the world. This is the big conundrum of the Twenties. How to save lives by hugely reducing tourism and stopping globalisation. Yet, the astrology says – it’s coming. Uranus in Gemini from 2026 absolutely blocks Sagittarius through opposition, so you’re going to find that local (Gemini) beats global (Sagittarius) for many years.

  3. This is very interesting. But also, can’t we look to the planetary positions during the Spanish flu? I think many of them are in the same place AND COVID is following similarly to the Spanish Flu. I think in addition to Nostradamus; Can we also look backward not so far to 1918-1920 and study the timeline, variants, and countries of that flu which pretty much vanished by summer of 1920?

    Just a thought!


  4. This is extraordinary Jessica – Nostradamus has always impressed me so I am really looking forward to your new book!!
    What does Nostradamus say happens next?

    1. Thank you. I am researching Nostradamus in the light of his COVID-19 predictions, but also looking at his exact mention of a Guardian news story about PM Boris Johnson. Something that is becoming clear, is that the quatrains were out of chronological order. Yet, when you put the jigsaw back together, the story becomes clear. Nostradamus saw Brexit and also the pandemic, and his visions seem to have been of websites showing the media headlines. What happens next is the separation of the old United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland into four. This is about border control; sealing the borders. This is very much the Australian approach, and as you’ve probably read, this country has separated herself into states, and each state has governance over its airports and ports, so in a state like Western Australia, which has brought Covid-19 cases down to Zero, it’s been about the state Premier and the people who voted for him, defying the Australian Prime Minister (who wanted to keep borders open) and shutting down. What Nostradamus is talking about in Europe and also with the UK seems to be about that sort of separation. This makes sense. People can only put up with so many orders to stay indoors, and deal with closed business, before they want an alternative. So far, for whatever reason (this is where it gets really interesting in Nostradamus!) PM Johnson has kept the airports open. That’s going to change. Scotland, for example, may decide to vote on independence and thus gain control over who comes into the nation, and how they come in. Given that Scotland is so similar to an Australian state, she could copy the Western Australian (or Tasmanian) model tomorrow an eliminate the virus. In Tasmania, where I a writing this, we have not had a single local case out in the population for several months. Now, I really need to find Nostradamus talking about Australia, although he would have been peering into the future of a country which had not even been discovered!

  5. Hi Jessica, hope all is well in beautiful, sunny Tasmania.

    D’humain troupeau neuf seront mis a part,
    De Jugement & Conseil separez,
    Leur fort sera devisé en depart
    Kappa, Theta, Lambda, mors, bannis, egarez

    I don’t know much french or latin but have tried to do something not based on linguistics but thoughts that came to me after reading the article.

    Of the human nations, nine shall stand apart
    Judgement and Counsel separate
    Their strength shall be divided on departure
    Kappa, Theta, Lambda, death, banishment (quarantine hotels and red list countries) loss

    I think I saw the 9 on your twitter feed 11th June standing in front of the Ecodomes of the Eden project in Cornwall separated by the Queen who made everyone laugh.
    The nine being the G7 leaders and the President of the European Commision, Ursula Von de Leyen and Charles Michel the President of the European Council. They were standing apart, literally as in social-distancing and metaphorically as in Climate finance and northern island trade borders.
    1220 million doses of covid vaccine were promised to the developing world also, which is a start.

    Tropeau also means herd – so a reference to herd immunity in the french article.

    With judgement and Counsel the thought came to me that maybe Judgement was the Politicians and Counsel the Scientists. I do hope they can work together but this opening up of Europe internally for holidays worries me. Ideal conditions in hot night clubs and bars to spread new variants. Are the European politicians over-ruling their scientists?

    1. Thank you. Yes, the winter sun is shining across the beach in Tasmania, as I’m writing this on the Solstice. I love your interpretation of the quatrain. The nine G7 leaders who were photographed with Her Majesty the Queen literally separated – now that is interesting! As you say, social distancing, but also some separation over borders. Yes, ‘herd’ is the French translation, and vaccines and the herd immunity philosophy were widely discussed in the French press. Nostradamus appears to have seen whole websites or newspaper articles, clairvoyantly, so although a phrase like ‘herd immunity’ would have made no sense to him in the 16th century, ‘herd’ certainly did. Whatever comes from this quatrain is only partly evident in June 2021. It is important that he did not mention the Indian variant known as Delta. Instead, he talked about something so new, that WHO have only just identified it as a variant of concern – in South America. Something I have learned about the quatrains is that they don’t describe one event, in one month. They can talk about a story developing over months or years. So this is being written as we watch, and ‘the nine’ will emerge more clearly, as unfortunately the latest variant also makes itself known.

  6. Thanks Jessica. This is a fascinating article! I have no knowledge of French but when I heard the word troupeau, I immediately thought of Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada…

    1. That’s really interesting. Nostradamus did hear with 16th century ears. It’s rather like us, hearing a strange word and trying to pin it to something we know. Perhaps he did hear Trudeau!

  7. Hi Jessica, thanks for the fascinating read! His predictions have been eerily accurate. I am particularly concerned about his prediction about the next big earthquake in California – as I understand it, its interpreted to occur later this year. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.
    I actually live very close to a fault line and it has always been on my mind.

    1. California earthquakes (and earth changes in general) are really ruled by Pluto, in astrology, as he has governance over everything below ground; below the earth’s crust. So, we watch for Pluto transits across the American chart, but also the chart for California. Pluto in Capricorn is about mountains (Capricorn the mountain goat) but also the peak/the top of corporate life, so penthouse suites atop towering high-rise. Nostradamus had no idea about Pluto of course; he worked in the 16th century and Pluto was not discovered and named, for astrologers to use, until the 20th century. Yet, his quatrains have an odd way of being timed by Pluto transits. For earth stress, you look for stress created by Pluto in transit – so in square to other transiting factors in Aries or Libra – and in opposition to anything in Cancer. When we look at the ephemeris for the Twenties, we find Jupiter in Aries doing that, up ahead. So, you would be looking at Los Angeles (high rise) but also the more mountainous regions of California. Yet, this also involves a detailed look at the astrological chart for the city and the state, if you have it to hand. I’m travelling at the moment, so don’t have access to it, but at a pinch, that is what the transits are showing. In astrology we give the underworld (the depths of the earth) to Pluto; the sea to Neptune; the sky to Uranus.

  8. You are so very fortunate Jessica to be able to see the future. Thank you for sharing your special gift with us. Precognition just blows all our notions about the working of the Universe out of the water.

    Talking of water, I understand ‘fleuve’ can relate to any flow of water and wonder of the quatrain refers to the Celtic Sea, or ‘La mer Celtique’ in french. This sea lies between southern Ireland, southern Wales, Cornwall and Brittany and was so named at a meeting at Dublin in 1921 of fisheries experts from Ireland, Great Britain and France – when the Irish War of Independence was being settled by partition.

    The Celtic waters are of course so named because Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany are considered Celtic countries or regions (Cornwall had a special designation within the EU). The waters are once more, a hundred years later, being fought over in respect of fishing rights. Plus ca change…………………

    I have always understand a prince of the church (an ecclesiatical prince) to be a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church – though it could be a high ranking person in any church. Prince Wiiliam is the current Lord High Commissioner of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland though I don’t think the Queen has any authority (represented by the sceptre) over the Church. Maybe as a representative of the Monarch, William will ease the political tensions between Scotland and the rest of the UK – he is certainly trying hard during this Covid pandemic.

    1. Thank you. Precognition is an interesting business, and Minority Report reveals how it can work (if you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s worth a look). You are quite right about the French-English translation of the world ‘fleuve’ used by Nostradamus. I love your research on the Celtic Sea, which was at the heart of debates about fishing territory and rights back in 1921. Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany are back on the map again, for much the same reasons, in 2021, which Nostradamus knew. You also amaze me by your discovery that Prince William is Lord High Commissioner of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The young prince and his ecclesiastic position. Meanwhile, Scotland is making moves towards independence. I hope people reading this article also read your comment, here. Much appreciated.

  9. War on Covid – the Virus with a 99.7% recovery rate whose total global deaths are dwarfed by many other preventable illnesses and whose cases are measured with a test to designed to detect DNA fragments of generic coronavirus up to 6 months old? No, this is not the war on Covid, it is the war on the elites who are using Covid as an vehicle to lock us down and impose a total digital surveillance society where we are denied basic human freedoms.

    There is nothing at all in those quatrains to suggest they speak about sickness. Why would N be “concerned as a Frenchmen” about EU division over Corona bonds? Pasting a modern sense of EU and French national identity onto a man who was born barely 2 decades after his homeland Provence was forced into union with the North is interesting to say the least. The 3 Greek letters seem to pertain to the 9 who are set aside – which you are saying are the EU corona bond countries – so the “variants” are tangential. Not saying some of the quatrains don’t work like that, they do – but seems a stretch in this case.

    The 9 are set apart from the “human flock” (although it can also translate as herd but in this case flock is clearer) and the 3 have already been scattered so this is from 2018. He even has the letters right for one of the names which is remarkable although I think he is seeing the visual representation of those letters which is more pertinent. Much closer to his home. It’s is heartening he sees the end.

    Liz’s predictions/comments seem on point though. Hopefully the “people reading this article” will realise what value-added they are getting.

    1. COVID-19 divides people and here’s the proof. I’m not sure you’ve read all of Nostradamus? The quatrains are out of chronological order, and there is a separate quatrain about plague (virus, we would say today) which matches the references to the new variants. I’ll go into this in more detail in my new book. The translation is ‘herd’ in most English-French dictionaries which matches media references to herd immunity, exactly.

  10. Hello again Jessica in the golden country. That should be golden as in solar panels and not coal. Australia has the sun, coal is so yesterday.

    This quatrain completely threw me when I first read it. Quite often there are subjects on this website which are beyond me but I learn from the articles and also the comments and that way gain some understanding.

    Fleuve qu’esproune le nouveau hay Celtique,
    Sera en grande de l’Empire discorde:
    Le jeune Prince par gent Ecclesiastique,
    Le Sceptre osté Corone de concorde,

    A river (flow/trend) which names itself the newborn Celtic/Celtish,
    Will be a “big thing” in the discordant (divided, un-united) Empire:
    The young Prince through an ecclesiastical gentleman,
    The Sceptre (Authority/ Benign rule) removed from the Crown of Concorde (United),

    I think this is about the UK and its separation into original countries which I know you have spoken about in other articles. I think you are right in saying that it is only a matter of time before Scotland votes to go its own way, (for good or for bad).
    I think it is also about a coronation, but of a “young” prince.

    The celtic countries are Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland, also Cornwall and the Isle of Mann, which is semi-autonomous already. You have spoken of their going their own ways with respect to Covid. They are already devolved – so the process has started.

    Le jeune Prince par gent Ecclesiastique,
    – the young prince (maybe Prince William) through a religious gentleman (Archbishop of Canterbury)
    Le Sceptre osté Corone de concorde,
    – In the regalia the sceptre represents authority, governance and the Crown the Regent. The orb (God’s Earth) is not mentioned.
    Will King William be regent of a smaller Kingdom and Scotland a republic?

    There is a wonderful photograph of Princes William and Charles taken by the Duchess of Cambridge in December 2019, with Prince Charles resting his head on William’s shoulder.
    I just feel an important conversation happened at this time and Prince Charles does love his conservation work and is unafraid of speaking out. He would make a wonderful King father.

    1. Thank you. This quatrain does seem to be about the near future. Yes, the separation of the United Kingdom into Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England is coming. How interesting that you see a coronation for Prince William at around the same time. It is possible that there is a typical Nostradamus vision of a website or newspaper in the last line, though. Very early on in the pandemic in 2020, a Concorde pilot who had flown Her Majesty the Queen, passed away with COVID-19. That would be a straight visual snapshot of a media story, by Nostradamus, 500 years before it happened. I’ll take a closer look at this quatrain again once I’ve put the kettle on, thank you for your insights. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with your interpretation.

  11. Hi jessica

    I haven’t read much of Nostradamous and nothing I write impinges on your amazing psychic and astrological insights, so many of which turn out to be palpably true. However, if the two quatrains you highlight are linked then I think they have a deeper spiritual meaning.

    The eight Celtic territories are widely considered to include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany, Galtcia and Asturias. I would add Cumbria as a ninth – though the territory has long been absorbed into Northumbria.

    Now, in some circles, Greek letters of the alphabet are believed to carry meanings of their own – so for example K (Kappa) represents the core of something, the core principles as it were; T (theta) is the path, the way of living and expressing those principles; whilst L (Lamda) is a release, the channels removed.

    Thus the nine Celtic peoples are divided – Celticism is dead, Celtic ways of life are banned or barred and Celtic energies scattered and dissipated. But maybe we are in for a revival. Maybe Celtic forces have merely been sleeping and are about to be reawakend. If so they are deep and wild and need careful handling,

    Well those were my thoughts last night.

    1. Thank you! It’s hard to say how deeply Nostradamus was diving into the meaning of this quatrain. What you say is very interesting, though. I wonder what other readers think?

  12. Reply to Helen
    Thank goodness somebody on this thread sees through “covid” for what it is. Agree with your first paragraph. Thanks for posting.

    1. Not sure what you mean, there. My godson’s father, Matteo de Cosmo, died from COVID-19 in April 2020 in New York after a short hospital admission. My colleague Sandeep Jain died from Covid-19 in India in May 2021, also after a short illness.

  13. Thank you, Jessica again for an interesting article. Are we looking at COVID causing the end of globalization to help heal our environment? For those who do not take COVID as a serious threat, it doesn’t matter. The realty is COVID changed our lives forever. The heat going on in the U.S. now and the severity of fires the past few years is continuing to change our lives as well whether a person believes in global warming or not.

    1. The astrology is clear about rising sea levels (Neptune in Pisces until 2026) caused by Climate Emergency. Climate Emergency is caused by globalisation. Does COVID-19 end globalisation? Yes. It takes years, but it accelerates from 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini (the revolution in local travel and transport) and opposes the Sagittarius (globalisation) placements of billions of people. It’s a new world carve-up, very similar to the aftermath of the last war, and it means a totally different angle on holidays, apart from anything else. And mass consumption. For whatever reason, 2026 looks like the big turning point.

  14. Thank you for a very interesting post. After reading through the comments, and bearing in mind what you said about Nostradamus seeing newspaper articles, i wo der if “hay celtique” might be “celtic revival”, a phrase that recurs in the news.

  15. Hi Jessica, Did you happen to see anything regarding a possible housing price correction, US in particular? If so, when and by how much? Some are saying 20% drop. It seems Covid has ignited or hastened many potentials.. I was thinking of selling my townhouse as we bought it close to the top.

    Thank you for Nostradamus correlations. I always found him extremely cryptic.

    1. It really depends where in America you live, as there will be a great difference between states and also between city and country. The next couple of years, 2022 and 2023, see the same economic patterns as the last war, when of course townhouses, apartments and houses went wildly up and down in value, depending on how the war was going at the time. We are going to see the North Node in Taurus (money) and South Node in Scorpio (property) which always repeats the past, but also Uranus in Taurus (the revolution in the world economy). That combination is reminiscent of the late 1930’s and early 1940’s and given that billions have planets in Scorpio (the sign ruling mortgages) there will be huge financial strain as stretched home-owners are forced to sell. You are strongly Scorpio so will feel that – but you can also do well from a shifting market and in astrological terms, would be looking to buy and sell, or find some other solution, from May 2022 onwards.

  16. Dear Jessica

    Wow! This is powerful. It is amazing that a psychic could predict centuries ahead. One of the things I have always wondered is this – could individuals find personal predictions for themselves in Nostradamas’ writings – if they knew what to look for? I just wondered.

    I also have these questions – does the Coronavirus never end? Does it become like the flu? And would we need a vaccine every year? I am so sorry for asking this if you have already answered.

    Stay safe and thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you. You won’t find personal predictions in Nostradamus but you will find predictions that personally affect you. COVID-19 is never ‘cured’ by vaccines. I had a look at the vaccine charts in 2020 and it was clear that the quest for some kind of solution would go on forever. The answer is the end of globalisation. Nothing else will work. There is stubborn resistance to that by politicians and the public, who want to keep flying. Eventually people will get tired of constant outbreaks, though, and a large number of regions, as well as countries, will shut the airports and ports, the highways, and copy the New Zealand and Australian models. Nostradamus predicted a shrinking world. That’s it.

  17. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your insights. I have noticed that in many of your readings you mention 2026 very often. I have read Andre Barbault “Planetary Cycles” Mundane Astrology and he also mentions that 2026 is harmonic Saturn-Neptune conjunction at the central point of an encouraging double sextile to Uranus and Pluto which are trine to each other. Then he goes on and says “It will probably be a change for the better when the headline will be more agreeable and civilisation of our new mini Great year at last becomes an adult.” I have to say I am very much looking forward to 2026, but on the other hand, having my and my partner’s families overseas is a bit of a worry. Hope we can all meet in those travel bubbles you have been talking about in your previous blogs, that covid-free countries will have travel bubbles.
    Take care. Cheers.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Andre Barbault has become famous for predicting the pandemic (he uses that exact word) many years before it came to pass. I agree with Monsieur Barbault about 2026. The future does look bright and later on, we will realise that Mother Nature was forcing us to change, being cruel to be kind, really. The future is local not global. There are no ‘vaccines’ just ways of injecting ourselves to increase our immunity and keep us out of hospital should the worst occur. So the future is injectables, testing, quarantine, border control and the occasional closures. At a certain point politicians will realise they lose their jobs when they get it wrong, and the public will tire of so many restrictions, leading to local life. Bubbles and bridges with other Covid Zero nations and a greater focus on your town, region, country. Nostradamus saw this too. It’s the end of globalisation. No more McDonalds on every street of the world. No more mass tourism. No more constant economic migration. He put it very simply, but the quatrain was probably tied to the specific virus names he mentions in the text.

  18. Hi Jessica
    I’ve always been fascinated by the quatrains of Nostradamus – there are so many intriguing interpretations.

    I have also, in my life, received “messages” which come to me without seeking… often surprising me by their accuracy. They usually come to me in order to help someone else.

    I get a sense with Covid-19 that there will be other variants which will eventually “burn out” for a while and return again after many years. I believe humanity is being sent a message with all the natural disasters which are taking place around the world, that we need to look after our planet, which we have been disrespecting through mass consumerism, pollution and unbridled pillaging of natural resources. It is a warning in an attempt to stop us destroying our beautiful Earth. We need to stop seeing ourselves as being defined by separate countries, religious divides, cultural differences and think of us all as one people. Working together is the only way we can get through these trials and save our home… Earth.

    1. The astrology would agree with you. It is not just COVID-19 but also other pandemics which are the problem. Darwinism is write large here. The 50% of human beings who are voting for the 50% of politicians who are driving species to extinction through Climate Emergency, are themselves being driven to extinction. It’s pretty obvious, if you look at any gathering of Donald Trump fans without masks. Charles Darwin was an amazing man.

  19. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for replying to my post. I agree with you about evolution.
    Humanity, as a whole, seems to repeat its mistakes over and over – never learning and continuing on a path of factional conflict. Throughout the ages there have been those who have come through to help enlighten others and show us that, as human beings, we are all linked (a bit like Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious). They come in various guises and have often been derided for their efforts. Their aim is to raise consciousness and awareness.

    You have the gift of seeing patterns and signs in the cosmos and interpreting their meaning. Your predictions and messages guide and illuminate, but also help us to evolve.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the collective unconscious is behind the success of COVID-19 as a contagious virus. It came along during the Pisces-Virgo-Sagittarius line-up in the sky and hit an entire Virgo generation. That is really the key to it all. The Virgo generation are concerned with their health and immunity, their fitness and wellbeing. However, they are also deeply concerned with work. You don’t have to be a master astrologer to see that the collective unconscious of everyone born in the 1960s desired time off work – less hours – paid sick leave – job-sharing. That’s what happens when you are strongly Virgo and have to endure Pluto in Capricorn (domination by big business) for over 12 years. None of this is new knowledge in astrology. I’ll talk a bit more about this in The Virgo Weather event for the Victorian Astrological Association, coming soon…

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