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The Leo Weather 2021

The Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Psyche, Fortuna and Mars are all in Leo in July and August 2021. What does the Leo weather mean for your sign and also for your personal birth chart? Join us for a YouTube Premiere with special guest astrologers Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson. Premium Member? Your question may be answered in a Leo Weather Zoom event.

Leo Weather with guest astrologers Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson.


The North Node in Leo

May 10th 2017 to November 6th 2018

Leo Aspects

21st July

Venus at 29 Leo in conjunction with Proserpina at 29 Leo. Triggers August 21st 2017 eclipse New Moon and Sun at 28 Leo

24th July

Full Moon at 1 Aquarius in opposition to the Sun at 1 Leo. Triggers January 21st 2019 eclipse with Sun 0 Leo Moon 0 Aquarius

27th July

Sun at 4 Leo in conjunction with Psyche at 4 Leo Triggers eclipse of July 27th 2018 with Sun 4 Leo, Moon 4 Aquarius.

29th July

Mars at 29 Leo in opposition to Jupiter at 29 Aquarius Triggers August 21st 2017 eclipse New Moon and Sun at 28 Leo

30th July

Mercury at 6 Leo in conjunction with Psyche at 6 Leo

1st August

Sun at 9 Leo in conjunction with Mercury at 9 Leo
Mercury at 10 Leo in opposition to Saturn at 10 Aquarius Triggers eclipse January 31st 2018 with Sun 11 Leo Moon 11 Aquarius

2nd August

Sun at 10 Leo in opposition to Saturn at 10 Aquarius Triggers eclipse January 31st 2018 with Sun 11 Leo Moon 11 Aquarius

8th August

New Moon 16 Leo in conjunction with the Sun at 16 Leo very close to the eclipse at 15 Leo back on August 7th 2017

9th August

Psyche at 9 Leo in opposition to Saturn at 9 Aquarius

11th August

Mercury at 28 Leo in opposition to Jupiter at 28 Aquarius Triggers August 21st 2017 eclipse New Moon and Sun at 28 Leo

20th August

Sun at 27 Leo in opposition to Jupiter at 27 Aquarius Triggers August 21st 2017 eclipse New Moon and Sun at 28 Leo

22nd August

Full Moon at 29 Aquarius in opposition to Sun at 29 Leo Triggers August 21st 2017 eclipse New Moon and Sun at 28 Leo


The Astrology of Leo Weather 2021

An unusually high number of astrology factors passes through Leo in July and August 2021. In fact, it’s already started.

  • Mars entered Leo on June 11th.
  • Venus entered Leo on June 27th.
  • Psyche enters Leo on the 14th of July.
  • The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd of July.
  • Mercury enters Leo on the 28th of July.
  • We have a New Moon in Leo on August 8th.
  • Fortuna enters Leo on August 24th.


Which area of your life shows overdue improvement and how can you fix a persistent mystery that arose on August 7th and 21st, 2017, January 31st and August 27th, 2018, regarding this same area of your life? You had eclipses along the Leo axis of your astrology chart then. A cover-up took place and you did not see it. Now you know about it, you can tackle it.

Which Area of Your Life Does Leo Weather Affect?

  • Aries

    Your son or daughter. Any pregnancy that was terminated or ended in miscarriage. Your nieces and nephews. Any godchildren. Sexual relationships with parenthood potential through pregnancy or step-parenting. Grandchildren. Children or teenagers you are involved with through your career (teaching, for example) or your non-profit commitments (coaching a cricket team).

  • Taurus

    Your nationality and your country. Your family, on three levels: the family you created with your partner; the family on your father’s side or mother’s side. Your ancestors. Your house or apartment. Your property investments. The household.

  • Gemini

    The worldwide web in all its forms, from Twitter to YouTube. From your email account to your website. The media, including newspapers, radio, magazines and television. Your telephones, both landline and cell or mobile phone. Your computer. Your local and short-haul transport and travel, which may involve your car, bus, train, yacht, helicopter, domestic flights.

  • Cancer

    Your business interests. Your finances. Your investments and shares. Your pension or superannuation. Your valuables and possessions. Your trust fund or inheritance. The legacy you leave to other people. Your house or apartment. Your charity.

  • Leo

    Your name or brand. Your photographs or YouTube footage of you. Your reputation. Your public image and profile. Your wardrobe and hair. Your cosmetic surgery and cosmetics. Who or what you represent publicly. Your logo. Your portrait.

  • Virgo

    Your religious beliefs, if you have them. Even if you do not believe in God, the influence of the Anglican or Roman Catholic church, for example. Therapy and counselling. Psychics and psychologists. Mediumship. Your idea of what the Universe is.

  • Libra

    The groups you belong to, from formal organisations like charities and teams, to informal circles of friends. Old friendships. New friends. Your social life and your social media online, like Twitter or Pinterest. Secret societies, associations, networks.

  • Scorpio

    Your role in life, paid or unpaid. Your highest ambitions. Your career or calling. Your business interests and professional history. Your Curriculum Vitae, or reference, and everything listed there. Your work history but also your future.

  • Sagittarius

    People from other countries, cultures and nationalities. Travelers, travel and tourism. Schools, universities and colleges. Traditional and digital publishing. Anything which is foreign to you, even in your own country – a language, for example.

  • Capricorn

    Family legacies, trust funds and any inheritance left to you, or which you bequeath. Sex and money, so (for example) a marriage and mortgage. Business which is personal, involving the family, or your partner. Charity, property, valuables.

  • Aquarius

    Your husband or wife. Your boyfriend or girlfriend. Your partner. Duets and double-acts which are not sexual – so, for example, two business partners, or two friends who share a house together. Duels. Separation or divorce. Conflict and competition.

  • Pisces

    Your health and wellbeing on all levels. Mental illness, like depression and anxiety. Your physical condition, ranging from the common cold to more serious, chronic conditions. Your paid and unpaid work. The housework. Your lifestyle and routine.

Do You Have Leo Factors in Your Birth Chart?

Check your personal birth chart to see if you have planets, asteroids, points or angles in Leo, in the Fifth House of your own horoscope, based on your time, place and date of birth. You can also do this for your family and friends, if you would like to order a chart for them, with instant email delivery.

Leo in astrology has always ruled the heirs to the throne. In other words, your sons or daughters, any stepchildren, and if you have no children – the pretenders to the throne. In modern life, we might say these are your godchildren, nieces, nephews or far younger cousins, if you have them.

The Next Generation and Your Leo Factors

A quick way to think about Leo factors in your chart is – the next generation. Sometimes this can mean an intern or work experience candidate. It can commonly mean a class of children or teenagers, if you are a teacher, or more unusually, the audience for a children’s book. In fact, famous novelists including J.K. Rowling, Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter are all Leo.

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Leo and Pregnancy, Children and Sexual Relationships

If you have Leo factors, but also factors in Aquarius, Taurus and/or Scorpio (which line up with them at the same degree) you are more likely to have complications in your life story, with unwanted pregnancy that ends in abortion, or an unplanned child who is then the trigger for a relationship or even a marriage.

Unplanned Babies and Leo

As you might imagine, infertility but also illegitimate children are part of the Leo story in astrology. This sign of the zodiac has ancient symbolism and as astrology is over 2000 years old, it really does cover ‘royal bastards’ as they used to call them, centuries ago (usually a king’s lover, giving birth to children outside his marriage and own family). So, this is why Leo is associated with adultery and also babies born on the wrong side of the blanket, as they used to say.

Leo Weather in 2021 and your Leo Factors

The Leo weather in 2021 is really important, if you do have Leo factors, because you are setting up the future. Over the long-term, the slow-moving planet Pluto will form an opposition, lasting months or even years, to your Leo factors – at any point beyond the year 2023 until 2044. That might seem too long into the future to think about, but – children grow up, don’t they.

Oppositions are exactly what they sound like. They are times when you are at odds with yourself, or other people are at odds with you. So, if you are tempted by an affair in July-August 2021, think about the children. If you want to break ties with your son or daughter, nieces or nephews, godchildren or grandchildren (or their parents) try to project into the long-term future.

Using July and August and Leo Weather

With a bit of planning, you can use July and August 2021 to get what you want from life, in either your regular zodiac sign chart (solar chart) or your personal birth chart. So, for example, if you want to have a baby, you might think about using the Leo New Moon on Sunday 8th August to conceive. If you need to address issues with a child, teenager or Millennial in your life, you may want to use the Mercury in Leo phase (good for communication) which starts on July 28th and ends on August 11th.

If you are a Leo (which may be why you are reading this article) then you have Leo Weather in your First House of image, name, branding, reputation. Perhaps it’s time to forget pandemic dressing or pandemic hair, and start putting effort into your appearance again.

The Leo Eclipses of 2017-2018

I mentioned past eclipses and why they will come back to you in July and August 2021. Eclipses are always a cover-up and blind spot. You simply did not see (or did not know about) what was going on, at these times. You can double that message if the eclipses fell on exactly the same degree as your Leo factors.

  • August 7th 2017 – Sun at 15 Leo, Moon at 15 Aquarius ECLIPSE
  • August 21st 2017 – Sun at 28 Leo, Moon at 28 Leo ECLIPSE
  • January 31st 2018 – Sun at 11 Leo, Moon at 11 Aquarius ECLIPSE
  • July 27th 2018 – Sun at 4 Leo, Moon at 4 Aquarius ECLIPSE
  • August 11th 2018 – Sun at 18 Leo, Moon at 18 Leo ECLIPSE
  • January 21st 2019 – Sun at 0 Leo, Moon at 0 Aquarius ECLIPSE


What To Expect in Leo Weather

Unfortunately, you’re never going to get to the bottom of the mystery or puzzle that still remains, from the dates above. This is where you were left in the dark, which is what eclipses do. The lack of insight, probably concerns the area of life I mentioned at the start of this article. For example, if you are a Leo, an unknown person may have been using your name, in your own profession, impersonating you online. If you are a Taurus, then the mystery may have involved your own son or grandson.

The Good News

The good news is, even though those eclipse puzzles will never be solved (above) you can still use the Leo weather to make headway and bring about long overdue improvements, in the areas of life I mention. In fact, that New Moon in Leo on Sunday 8th August is a new beginning you’ll want to make the most of. Just remember – whatever you set up – lasts a very long time.

The Leo Weather Event

We are completely booked out for the in-person Leo Weather event in Melbourne in July. However, you can join us (from anywhere in the world) for a YouTube Premiere with special guest astrologers Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson, and a Zoom after-event with host Alicia Richardson, where I will answer selected questions left by Premium Members in the Comments section on this feature. Any questions I don’t have time for in the after-event, may be answered here, a little later.

Thursday, July 22nd and/or Friday, July 23rd, 2021 – If you are not already a member of our Astrology and Tarot Meetups groups in New York, London and Hobart, just look for us here:

  • America – Click Here
  • Australia – Click Here
  • Great Britain – Click Here


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189 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,
    My birthday (Leo) is coming up in July. A lot of what you wrote here is making complete sense to me re my past.
    Any insights for me for the year or years re health, career or family? We are waiting for a Green card since past 10 years now and praying fervently 2022 is our lucky year.
    Also how do we know when something is in opposition to planets in your birth chart?
    Thank you for the hope and insights you provide.

    1. Thank you Maggie. Hard to say if you will acquire a Green Card, without a personal birth chart to look at. In general, it will be easier in 2022 than it ever was in 2021, as we have oppositions (clashes) between the Sagittarius South Node, which rules emigration, and the Gemini North Node, which rules the local community. You can see why in an age of pandemic, the locals don’t really want a lot of incoming arrivals from foreign countries with possible COVID-19 risks. So, you may find the general climate out there more amenable next year, when the Nodes change signs. It’s the same in your own chart. If you have transits through the opposite signs (Aquarius) then they push against your Leo factors. As Leo rules your godchildren, son, daughter, any possible stepchildren linked to a new relationship, unplanned pregnancy, younger relatives – you may well find that this becomes harder work than it ever was, particularly in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond, as we have Aquarius weather then, in opposition to your Leo factors.

  2. Hi Jessica, I started reading this article and felt goosebumps immediately. My life and that of family was manic at that time with so much going on, but particularly I thought of my Sun Aquarian brother, who around that time told us he was terminally ill with cancer. He then passed away, unexpectedly and unexplained, just a few weeks later around Oct 19 2017, but 6 months of coroner investigation found no resolution, and noted there was never any cancer. People in his circle would come forward to me and then vanish again before saying anything, and I accept that only he knows what happened. When I again look at the dates I feel so strongly of Dean. And also, just realised my mother passed on the eclipse on 11/8/2018 (but was then resuscitated against instructions to later pass again on the 21st) Your articles at that time, and now, give me comfort, and strength, and trust in the universe, and trust in the cycles of us on our personal journeys thru life and lives. Thankyou Veronica

    1. Goosebumps are often a sign that the spirit world is close by, as your guide, or perhaps a family member or friend, sits in your aura and tries to overshadow you, so that he/she can impress upon you certain messages. It may happen to you again as you read this. It may very well be your brother, who so sadly passed with cancer, apparently – just a few weeks after those two eclipses. The coroner investigation did not move you forward, which is so difficult, but I also have to say that eclipses tend to never be fully revealed. For years afterwards, it is always a mystery. It may be like that with Dean. Veronica, it is quite true that your mother passed away on the eclipse on 11th August 2018, with the Sun at 18 Leo and Moon at 18 Leo, covering each other up. You were born with Aesculapia at 18 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, status, position and mission. That may interest you, as this asteroid in your astrological chart is associated with resuscitation, revival and so on. You can look it up in the books that come with membership, or try Search. I am really touched that this website has helped you along the road, with those two losses and hope it becomes easier for you as time passes.

  3. Hey Jessica thank you for this insightful article. I am a Virgo Sun, with Venus, Mercury, Mars, Ceres and Eros in Leo phew! The Leo – Aquarius eclipses was the start of the separation of my marriage(sad & dreadful). I honestly dont care anymore about any cover ups during that time as I’ve had some psychic revelations about it over time. Alas let’s see, trusting and hoping for a good & pleasant Leo season. (Although I can already feel my ego coming out to play) Looking forward to possible news from the UK Royals, always interesting. Have a good Leo season! Thanks for your light on our paths, Jessica.

    1. I am sorry about the end of your marriage. The eclipses in Leo were really tough for so many people, and it sounds as if your astrological chart was triggered. Thank you for your kind words, and I hope you find a way through, as the planets in their courses, in the sign of Leo, go over those old eclipse positions.

  4. Hello Jessica
    I’m a Sun Cancer with Venus at 0 deg Leo and Mercury at 1 deg Leo.
    I’m pretty sure that I got triggered by the eclipses on 31st January 2018 (I have Jupiter at 10 deg Aquarius and Aesculapia at 11 deg Aries) and 21st January 2019 (I have Venus at 0 deg and Mercury at 1 deg Leo).
    In early March 2018 I asked for a separation and I’m now happily divorced from a very unhappy marriage. I unsuccessfully attempted several rounds of sperm donation to have another child in 2018/2019, but now I am basically resigned to the fact that I may have only 1 child.
    As a result of the separation and divorce I have had to look for ways to increase my income, which I did by taking in extra hours at work and starting a new ”side hustle” food business.
    Throughout those dark and hard periods of my life (late 2017 to 2019) I read your website religiously for insight and help for the best way forward, emotionally and financially.
    Jessica please can you tell me anything to help me about my income/business/financial prospects and child issues? I’m currently working on some ideas for food products to add to my range by end of this month. I’m hoping to earn more to afford a loan to move to a bigger place suitable for a growing boy in a year or 2. Also, is it feasible to keep pursuing seeking another child, or am I ‘deluded’?
    Thanks for your website as it helps us your readers through many sad, weird and wonderful travels.

    1. Thank you so much. You’re a Sun Cancer who has left a bad marriage (common on the cycle you have had since 2008) and with a child, you need more income. You have a food business and want to know if you can have another child. First of all, loans are extremely risky on Uranus in Taurus cycles. This one lasts until 2026. Uranus is ‘unpredictable’ and Taurus is ‘income’. This is bigger than you, this is the whole world economy until 2026. So, borrowing money is not something you will find many astrologers telling you to do – not without guarantees. This is your best interval for making or saving money. Late July to late December. So try to focus on that. You and your growing son will need a bigger space, which is possible, but the focus now is on taking the opportunities which will be offered to you in late July-late December to make the most of a situation you already know about. However, try to avoid going into heavy debt in 2022 and from 2023 in particular as it would add to your mental load. You will do extremely well in work and business from May next year, with a stunning opportunity, either related to the food line, or a second option. In fact you’ll pull off a so-called impossible achievement, starting from May 2022.

  5. Hi Jessica, Hope you are keeping well and thank you for your continued events, they are honestly the highlight of my days since COVID hit, they always provide such reassurance in such an unsure climate. I would love to know how the leo weather might affect me, as I have no leo in my chart? I just had a baby, and my husband and I are finding our balance again after such a life change. Is there any weather that might support getting back on track together?

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that on to Alicia, who runs Meetups. Congratulations on the new baby. You gave birth near Mercury Retrograde, as May and June were dominated by this cycle, and that can be quite tricky, as there is no routine, no normality, no day-to-day ‘knowing.’ Of course this is normal for all new parents, but children who come onto the planet with Mercury backwards and stuck, tend to have issues hearing/listening/understanding/knowing but also connecting! It is the same with parents. No matter how long you have been married you can misfire connections and communication. The situation will improve from July 7th and you’ll feel a lot better about it all in just a few weeks.

  6. Hi Jessica
    I’m wondering if you could please help me?
    I have five children and I’ve recently been involving myself in some writing challenges online, targeted at a young adult audience.
    I’d also really love to say that I could birth another child but sadly that’s no longer the case. It’s very much a Queen of Cups journey; I’m often wondering how much of a role I will play in my children’s life as time passes by. Any suggested perspective/angles I could take to optimise this Leo transit, would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you x

    1. If this is a Queen of Cups journey then the challenge is to take one relationship (parent-child or husband-wife) and plant it in the real world. At the moment it is not in the real world at all. In fact it may be confusing and confused. How do you do that? You take action and move yourself, and the relationship, into a more ordinary and grounded setting. That is the Tarot wisdom.

  7. Hi

    Thank you Jessica.

    My BF has Mars in 17 Leo and I have my Venus in 21 Leo. I am a bit older than him and i have children.

    Please share anything you can see.


    1. If you can aim to complete all your goals involving your children by Christmas, you’ll be in a good place. Starting in late July and ending in late December, you have advantages, opportunities, offers, options and support for being a parent. Perhaps, through him. Perhaps, for other reasons (a sympathetic school, for example, or useful organisations and people to help your son or daughter). It is much, much harder in 2022 when you will have the realities of parenthood to deal with. From 2023 it becomes a demanding new area of your life for many years. So, in July and August 2021, when so many questions about existing children, or future children, or future parenthood/step-parenting are around you, it is also time to think about next year, quite seriously, and in fact the years to follow 2023. The long term has to be in the discussion, rather than ‘just for now.’ This year gives you a pretty easy ride.

  8. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article, and I am actually very curious, about my lack of Leo factors. I have nothing in Leo – is this bad? Do I need to somehow “make up” for the lack of Leo in my chart? Is Leo weather a bad time of year for me? (and I will say, I do feel drained physically in the middle of the summer). Does it mean I will never find true love again? One of the truest loves over the course of my life so far was a Leo, and boy was he ever! But, we did get along quite well. Thanks for your insights, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Lacking a zodiac sign in a chart just shows that the areas of life, ruled by that sign, do not say who you are. They do not define you or describe you. A low or or zero Leo count, just means children don’t really have much to say about your personality or destiny. Not in any deeply meaningful way. You can have children without Leo factors, of course, but your son or daughter will not underscore your identity or life path very much. Love is ruled by Libra (if we are talking love, sex and marriage). As a rule you will find potential husbands appear when you are in Libra weather of any year, typically September and October.

  9. Good morning Jessica, I do have factors at 5 in all but Taurus, I can’t have children and neither can he, but I did go through a lot of craziness in 2017 and 2018. I have Juno and it kinda makes me nervous. What do you see for me?… thank you for your time

    1. Not being able to have children (and the same with your partner) is a not uncommon outcome of Leo weather, if it transits your personal birth chart. The craziness of the eclipse years also makes sense. No need to be nervous about Juno in your chart. You will gain through babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and/or Millennials between now and 2022. In fact, you were already made an offer to gain from a generation gap in your world, or a chance to bridge such a gap. You may or may not have taken the offer from June 2021. Yet, putting that aside, you were also given a second big advantage in June, with this age group, which you should certainly capitalise on. Take what is there and double the advantage or treble it, for yourself.

  10. Dear Jessica,
    I so wish I had known about you back in 2017. I do wonder if all the lies that were said and accepted in the period between 2017 – 2019 that made me think that I was Alice in Dismaland will come to light now. The lies from that period hurt and caused practical (serious) difficulties for me. Dare I hope the record will be corrected? Thank you so much! Nat

    1. Thank you. Too funny about ‘Alice in Dismaland’ Nat, but you sound as if you emerged in good shape. Okay, the deal with those Leo eclipses is that you will never get to the bottom of it all. It is annoying, but you will never be able to confirm who/what/where/why/when. Karma will out. You have to trust that karma will serve that person, or those people, as it always does in astrology. It is amazing how often deceitful people who get away with it, on an eclipse, come to a sticky end later on, when the cycles rotate in the horoscope. I’ve seen it happen a lot in this game. What is actually possible for you, in 2021, 2022, 2023 and what will make up for things is this – you only just stumbled across a superior option for yourself. It’s very new. You might not be sure about this exciting option, or interesting new potential advantage. Yet, you should trust the process and see what it gives you in July and August. Because if this works, and it likely will, you are going to end up with such a huge plus, that you won’t even care about what happened. In fact, you’ll make that/them/him/her totally irrelevant by 2022.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your article, it helps a lot to read your insights. I was hoping an easy July and August this year, but apparently there are many aspects that will affect us. I have many Leo aspects in my chart, I have a Leo Sun, with Asc, Mars and Mercury in Leo. I have been relocated several times since 2017, maybe even since 2014 due to academic reasons. And I had more or less a stable personal life but lately feeling worried about the future both for myself and others due to the political, financial, environmental, social issues my country (Scorpio) is facing.
    Do you think this feeling of being trapped will fade away soon under the Leo weather?
    Thanks for your insights once again.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Leo and in July and August will be in a position to rethink your hair, wardrobe, make-up, body shape and type – and any medical or dental concerns which affect the way you present, online, in the real world or in the media. This is an unusually high Leo cluster in your First House and you have your Ascendant there, which rules your shopfront. Things you personally put in motion will work for you, but you will also find fate intervenes and you are given a profile, some press, or a spotlight which makes you try harder – or you are thrown some useful advantages which help you improve the way you look. In addition to this, there are opportunities for you to create a different image, brand, name or profile. It is hard not to worry about the pandemic in 2021, but if you look after your own world, and run your own life, you will hugely improve your chances. This means turning your back on crowds, which I am sure you already do, and understanding that just like smoking (passive smoking) and drunk driving (dangerous drivers) these are all modern health risks which we just have to manage. Your immunity can be helped, studies show, through meditation, exercise, relaxation, the happy brain chemicals, a plant-friendly way of eating and so on. I am sure you know all this backwards! But the point is, we are in mutable sign weather (Pisces-Sagittarius-Gemini) for years, and as it pulls in billions of people with Virgo factors, which rule the mind, body and spirit, it is down to us to rule our own lives and selves. For example, if you are in academia then you may be in a position to negotiate at-home work, or part-time, at-home study, which helps enormously.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I was indeed totally blindsided by the Leo eclipses, especially in 2018. Feel like the fog is lifting now. I have Apollo and Desc factors in Leo, sun sign Scorpio. Can you please tell me how my career will be affected by this Leo season or anything you see significant in my chart? Thanks

    1. Those eclipses hoodwinked a lot of people or at least left them in the dark – unaware – and it was really nobody’s fault. Eclipses do what they are going to do! The man who saw the most eclipses of the 18th century was Captain Cook. He thought he was an explorer. He was actually a tool for King George III to colonise countries and destroy native inhabitants. He was blind to it, as you would expect from someone who was a serial eclipse chaser! So, sometimes ‘we know not what we do’ and at other times we’re just utterly fooled. I am glad the fog is lifting now. Your career is in the frame in July, August and you will be able to take steps to see off any issues which remain. I’m not saying you’ll get to the bottom of the mystery, but you will be shown a fantastic way to dismiss any outcomes from 2017, 2018, 2019 which you are still not happy about. In other words, you’ll have something so amazing professionally, with unpaid work or study, that you will find the dribbling aftermath of those eclipses to be quite irrelevant. Try to do all you can in July and August even if it means being very, very busy.

  13. Sorry Jessica, hadn’t realized I wasn’t logged in when asking you the question. Leo opposite Aquarius makes sense to me as my daughter is sun sign Aquarius. And although I love her to bits, we are at loggerheads ever since she has become a teen. So thank you for the warning, I’ll try to keep my cool as she struggles on her journey towards further education.
    Take care. Maggie

  14. hi Jessica
    My son and I recently moved back to my hometown to see if this time I can restart my life here. My son wants to move to nyc where he was born but we are dealing with a difficult inheritance and we have all most of our property investments in our last country. I felt very lonely there after my husband passed away and that is why I want to come back to my hometown, but I cannot see the way financially speaking that I can move anytime soon and that my son can live where he wants,

    1. Rose I will answer this in the Leo Weather event, on Zoom. If you are unable to attend, check back in the first week of August, where I will go into this for you, o this feature. Thank you.

  15. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. I remember very well the 21st August 2017 eclipse since I have Mercury at 28 Leo so that day, after reading your horoscope I was looking for any clue. But nothing obvious. I also have
    Sun 22 Leo
    Vulcano 23 Leo
    Cupido 28 Leo
    I’m a premium membership so I’m looking forward for the event this month.
    I hope you can help me solve the puzzle.
    Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom. It means so much to all of us.

    1. Thank you. Well, the thing about eclipses is that you never actually know! This may have been about your godson and his situation at school, or it may have been about an abortion or miscarriage involving a friend or family member, that you were never told about. It happens. Leo is not just about the children or pregnancies in your personal world. It is also about younger people in your profession or with your unpaid work. So this may have been a children’s charity you were involved with, hiding things from you. No need to sit there and get tied in knots figuring out what you never saw. There will be hints about it by August.

  16. Hi Jessica, could you please tell me how this Leo weather will affect me, i do try to work it out myself but don’t know if I’m always correct, thank you Jill

    1. Jill, you will be brought to a decision about a godchild, son or daughter, young relative (or possible future role as parent or stepparent) in July and August and some of the clues will already be there. So, for example, someone may have got in touch who has children, and wants you to be more involved in his life. Or, you may have found an old email from a friend whose son you are a godmother to. It’s on that level. It will happen very naturally and easily and you may find that light is shed on a couple of situations from 2017, 2018, 2019 when you were left in the dark.

  17. I have Venus Aquarius 3 and moon Leo 12. My partner has cupido 27 Leo as did his previous affair partner/friend. The tarot gave me the devil, and aesculaepia 8th house in the oracle. Can you please help? He has Venus 21 scorpio Thank you

    1. I am not sure if this is about you and your partner, or your partner and his former lover. Only you will know. Basically, these are two people who need to break free and either split up, or be together. They either want to sleep with other people but are chained together, or (this also happens) they desperately want to have sex but feel blocked or stuck. If one person makes the first move, he or she can then help the other break free. This is about sex, death and money as well, so it is about the ‘until death do us part’ and ‘in sickness and in health’ part of the marriage vow, which usually involves paying the rent, or paying off the mortgage, which is where the will or legacy comes into it. It’s intense. It sounds as if the affair took place on the Leo weather, during those eclipses. If so, then July and August is time to talk. You and your partner need to be honest about what is going on, either between you, or (still?) between he and she. Fortunately the time is absolutely right to make some changes and the freedom, space and room to move will be incredible. Ask yourself who or what you are intimidated by or scared of. There is no big, bad devil or ogre. There is no scary monster. It is far worse to be stuck.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    From an electional point of view, would it be a bad idea to start a major project (like a business and brand) during this Leo weather considering that Pluto will oppose that Sun? What would such an opposition mean, also considering Pluto is in Aquarius?

    I’m realizing that my daughter (29 Leo Sun) will have that opposition at 31 years of age. She was born Aug 22, 2011 so she also has an exact Sun-Nep opposition at 29 Leo/29 Aqu. In fact, in late July 2042 there will be an exact T-square with Ceres at 29 Sco. What could this possibly be about? Legacy, inheritance? At the same time she will also have an exact conjunction from Nep to her natal Jupiter at 10 Tau. How would you interpret this Jessica? Thanks

    1. If the brand targets babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or Millennials, the Leo weather is ideal for a launch. Yes, Pluto will eventually oppose any Leo factors by transit, but every brand has challenges. The classic Pluto in Aquarius challenge to Leo factors, is the group, or the people, versus the parents in any situation (or the prospective parents). To give you an example of this, after 2023, and for many years into the future, we are going to see the power of the global community (the United Nations, WHO) in opposition to people who want to have numerous children, on an overpopulated planet, with a raging pandemic and a Climate Emergency. So that’s a cut and dried example of Aquarius-Leo polarity. Your daughter will indeed have the opposition in the years ahead, and yes, money, property, charity or business will be involved. It’s years away, obviously, but something she or you may want to think about, is carefully checking the terms of any will or legacy which she makes, or which names her. It is such a simple thing but it can save a lot of trouble. Aquarius rules friends and groups, so if they are somehow involved in this sort of paperwork, she may want to look twice. A classic example is a financial situation which involves her own future children, but also a very old friend. It’s on that level. You’ll know it when you see it and astrology is all about minimising issues.

  19. I can remember these years i had a big conflict with my brothers…..they are all Air signs…Gemini, Aqurius and Libra. They accused me wanting to write my name on a Title deed on our late fathers prace of land and many other things which honestly i didnt do. They called me so many names including a witch. It was so painful that i became depressed for some month and felt unsecure for the first tome in my life with my family. I have factors in Leo. I am a Virgo Sun but Leo Rising @ 24, Lillith @ 29, Fortuna @23 and Mars @ 28 Squaring Neptune @ 28 Scorpio. In Aquarius i have Pholus @28 exactly opposite Mars and Squaring Neptune. What happened those years is still existing today as through these problems the communication between me and them were off. Are the planets coming to repaire or to rewind the problems. Please let me know so that i can prepare myself earlier this time. For referencemy BD is 01 sept.1970 at 5:30am in Malindi Kenya. Sorry am not yet a Member…bt soon i hope.

    1. I am so sorry you were put through this, during the Leo eclipses. How dreadful for you. Yes, you have a lot of Leo factors and the eclipses would have triggered your chart. Leo rules fatherhood. It also rules uncles, nephews and nieces. So the situation with your father’s property automatically raised issues about your own children, if you were to have them one day (and the inheritance) or any existing children. Also, no doubt, about the inheritance and your nieces or nephews, either in the future, or existing. Do not use Lilith by the way, she’s not part of modern astrology (which is Roman). I am not sure where Pholus comes from either. Basically, July and August will help you to see what you did not know, and could not realise, in 2017, 2018, 2019. That is not a bad thing. The eclipses have gone. You will now be shown what was hidden in those years. Not all of it, but enough to help you make sense of the future. The karma with the family ends in January 2022 and it will not return for 19 years. You are in a terrific position to form or restart a partnership as well. It may be personal or work.

  20. Hello Jessica! I hope you are keeping safe and well. My MC is 13 degrees Leo and I am a sun Aries. Back in 2017 the eclipses brought about a false blossoming of my then career which turned out to be a dead end. I retrained and was lucky to get a lectureship, but in the current climate it is a variable hours contract. Yesterday, at the T square, I was told out of the blue that student numbers have collapsed and my hours are seriously reduced. Is there any hope for my career path now or should retrain again or go back to my original calling? I also have Venus at 12 degrees Taurus, so my income is looking volatile. Many thanks for your time, Catherine

    1. Thank you. The teacher-student relationship is ruled by Leo, and your MC there describes your vocation with younger people. Catherine, you are also a Sun Aries going through Pluto in your solar Tenth House of career (he has been there since 2008) and you have Venus in Taurus, the money sign, with unpredictable Uranus crossing over here, in your chart. The good news is, despite the intensity, it passes. Uranus does not spend forever at 12 Taurus and in fact is just as likely to liberate you and set you free, as it is to challenge you. You want to continue lecturing, and are wondering if you should go back to your original calling. I can’t see a chart here, so all I can really do is talk to you about your solar chart. There will be an upheaval at Christmas and in January 2022 which benefits you, in your profession, or a sideline career, if you have made sure that you are on side with the people who can help. For example, someone may resign, so you take that post – or there may be a merger – which opens up employment. It’s hard at the moment but Pluto cycles reward you in the end, for willpower, self-discipline and self-control and yet it takes time. It cannot be rushed. What you end up with by 2023 is something you can be justifiably proud of, which will be there forever, professionally.

  21. Dear Jessica,

    I wish I had found you before late 2017! I hope I would have been more prepared for navigating life after the end of a 20 year relationship in 2016 and some other significant life changes. Well, now I know…

    If you have time, I have the below Leo and Aquarius placements. Any insights, please?

    ASC 11° Leo 27′ 10″

    DESC 11° Aquarius 27′ 10″

    Fortuna 02° Leo 54′ 15

    Some context – I don’t have kids (turns out I could not have them), and have someone on and off in my life (another Pisces with Apollo 05  Leo 57′ 17″ R, assuming a 12 pm birth time) who has kids he’s devoted to, but he doesn’t want more kids given his age. His older teenager daughter has developed some severe mental issues during the pandemic, and I’m quite worried about her health (and his stress).

    Alternatively, I don’t know if this Leo weather relates to my sister and her young adult kids who I used to be quite close to, but with my sister’s divorce in 2019, we have grown further apart (it already started at the time of my divorce). They have barely checked in during the pandemic, and while I appreciate everyone has their own stuff to deal with, between the distance that was developing before the pandemic and lack attitude towards COVID, I’m not exactly eager to maintain the relationship.

    Thanks for any insights you can may provide. Cheers.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you walked into Leo weather after the end of a long relationship and so there are still a few mysteries from those Leo eclipse years. Your Leo Ascendant and Fortuna would have been triggered throughout. If you think of the Fifth House of your chart as a real house, and inside it, you find all the lovers, partners, godchildren, fertility testing, potential stepchildren and the rest – that is where there is a Leo lion’s head on the door. In eclipse weather, that house would have been in the shadows, with faulty lighting. You would have seen clearly, then not seen at all – and then sometimes the curtains would have been pulled, so that you were in the dark. I hope that gives you a sense of what was going on in 2017, 2018 and 2019. This may be about the teenage girl with mental health problems, whose depression or anxiety developed in those years, before the pandemic, but with not much attention paid. It is just as likely to be about your nieces or nephews, though. Something to say about the current obstacles is that you have Saturn in Aquarius, which has blocked you once and is now slowing you down again. It passes. Yet, July and August will shed a bit of light on your nieces or nephews, and also this teenage girl. You will never have the full and final story, but you will realise how much you did not see, and could not know, a few years before.

  22. Hi Jessica, I hope you are keeping well. I’m actually supposed to be attending the Melbourne Leo weather event but I’m living interstate and unsure what the travel situation will be! It was supposed to be a ‘me time’ trip away from my ‘heirs’ and family responsibilities… very Leo haha. Anyway in the event that I can’t get there I thought I might ask here instead.
    I have the North Node and IC in Leo along with many factors in Aquarius and Taurus, how will this season affect me? I looked back to the Jan 2018 eclipse (which I believe was pretty close to my 10degree placements) and can’t think of anything of note. I’m not sure if this is related to my children – Virgo and Pisces – who interestingly were both unplanned! Wanted but not scheduled (and after years of being told I would struggle to conceive). I have found motherhood to be one of the hardest things I’ve attempted in my life. Rewarding but very challenging!
    Hopefully I will see you in a few weeks – I have been looking forward to it! 🙂 Thank you as always for your guidance and time.

    1. Well, we are still in Mercury Retrograde and it’s only July 4th, so let’s see what life brings after the 7th, when the planet ruling travel, in the sign that rules short journeys, corrects his motion. The eclipses in Leo would have absolutely involved your children, and you may still be mostly unaware of a story involving one or both of them, which wasn’t made obvious, and may have been covered up. As you say, motherhood is hard work, and part of the journey involves Leo eclipse years, when you cannot know, and do not see. A basic example of this is Charles, Prince of Wales, accepting the actress Meghan Markle into his family. She was not only a Leo, she was the potential mother of his grandchildren. He obviously had no idea about the Markle family politics, or the fact that he would end up replacing her father at the wedding of the year, with very little notice. So you see…we go into eclipses as parents, or grandparents, and just don’t see what is there, either because people are desperately trying to cover it up, or because it’s not exactly a secret, but we just don’t notice it at the time. There is really nothing to worry about here, the eclipses are over, but you will find that throughout July and August, things come up that make you question what was really going on with the children, or perhaps their education or friends, at the time.

  23. Dear Jessica thanks so much for your great sharing and love. May I ask about any details about the influence of Leo weather on me? Although I do not have many Leo factors in my chart. Thanks again for all your perspectives and inspiration.

    1. This is really about babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and Millennials in your world. A godson, for example. Various factors will bring this centre-stage for you in July or August, so that you are able to make a long overdue decision about a particular boy or girl, or a particular young adult. The overdue decision has been hovering for some time but you’ve likely done nothing about it. There may also be a relationship here, or a potential relationship, with someone who could bring pregnancy in the door, or a person who has children already, but is unhappily married and looking for an affair, or even a way out. It happens on Leo weather.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    I remember very well both summer 2017 and 2018, I think at around that time I actually started to read your blog carefully and became a real admirer of your work. I know I needed something to clarify why I felt so stuck despite the fact that everything seemed perfect to people close to me. At exactly the same time when eclipses were happening, I had numerous stop – start moments with a friend I feel in love with but somehow I was stiff, insecure, million questions going through my head, and I just ran away… I would so much like to go back in time, I am smarter now 🙂 So, what would you suggest to a Virgo with leo hair and kitten courage, how to use well this summer and not make too many mistakes during this Leo weather? Thank you for the time you dedicate to all of us readers!

    1. Thank you – that must have been an unforgettable summer for you. Falling in love with a friend then running away, is not such a bad thing during a chain of Leo eclipses. Leo rules parenthood potential and pregnancy potential, too. It also rules stepchildren. Had you consummated the relationship a child may have come into the story, and perhaps there are some mysteries or blind spots there, that you avoided as a result. Space does not allow to go into the myriad possibilities, but all sorts of things are covered up when women become pregnant, or adopt, for example. And sometimes there is no actual concealment, but there is a blind spot about a child. As a Virgo Sun person you are in line for a new relationship by the end of July, or the beginning of something which starts properly after Christmas. Certainly by the first quarter of 2022, you would have been given one or two excellent chances to pursue love.

  25. Thank you so much for replying and, you are right, our home and when would be a good time to find a new house and location for us, our finances/mortgage and wills are a big theme right now. Thank you!

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks as always for your amazing insights. Like some other commenters, it was around this eclipse period that I found the solace and guidance of your work and haven’t looked back since.

    Despite my empty 5th House, I do wonder whether these eclipses were involved in the slippery behaviour of the publisher who courted me and, after many promises of a contract, unceremoniously ditched me – between the periods of Nov 2017 and Oct 2018. It was a very dark time for me, and yet it taught me a lot and I’ve since had quite a bit of success.

    May I seek some guidance regarding my day job income options? After stepping back from a decade of casual academic teaching which always compromises my health, I’m really trying to find another more independent part-time income stream – but nothing’s working so far! I’ve tried tutoring ESL online, and had no problem getting students but the pay from the company was impossible (8 US p/hr). And I’ve tried setting up profiles on tutoring sites that allow me to set my own rates, but nothing has come of it. I just taught a writing workshop as part of a residency which received glowing reviews, but it turns out I was not paid for it. My next plan is to offer writing workshops for kids and teens on a different platform, which I’m hoping will work. But it’s so competitive and I feel disheartened, and am wondering whether I’ll have to return to the university teaching that leads to stress meltdowns and insomnia due to the way casual academics are treated by the corporate uni system.

    I’d so appreciate any advice or tips that you’d have time to share?

    Thank you so much,

    1. Thank you so much LT that is really thoughtful. Publishing is Sagittarius or Gemini, so the Ninth House or Third House, and the Leo eclipses were not part of that story, but other transits certainly were. You tend to inhabit your Ninth House and Third House, as you are strongly Sagittarius-Gemini and the poor behaviour of your ex-publisher in 2017 and 2018 tallies with tough mutable sign weather. The mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo as you probably know. You were sent into pretty difficult conditions with transits in those signs and yet you learned the hard way, what to do – and succeeded. Now you want to earn proper money for teaching or tutoring, rather than going back to academia and the corporate university system. LT, the competition is out there, because people have found a demand and need. So treat that as a good sign rather than something to put you off. The global English-speaking world has discovered the need for online tutoring, infotainment and education as a way of dealing with constant school or university closures. You may want to tilt the emphasis with your paying work so that this is not your sole source of income, especially in 2022. The idea of not having to return to the establishment is correct – you will not – and the instinct about children, teenagers or Millennials is right – it will end up being exhilarating for you. The rest has to be reimagined, though, and it may be that you need to have more than one part-time income source, perhaps from a wildly different area of expertise – or with something you could train in that is more lucrative than $8 an hour. 2021 is the year to do it – July-December brings opportunities and solutions for your income questions that will make a difference to the way you work. Don’t dismiss any project of your own, either, and think about the world of podcasts, for example, as a different way of channelling the same talent or skill. This is like moving the cubes around in a Rubik’s Cube puzzle. There are elements there to be shifted, and changing one (for example, what you intend to do about your house or apartment after May 2022) alters another. One way or another, though, you will get to where you need to be. Do not be disheartened by 2021. You are still living with the Nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius and of course that means. you have two sets of oppositions to get through. It was the same last year as well. This does end (in January) but I have a feeling your way with words, ideas or images will take off in a wonderful new direction, partly as a result of recent let-downs. You have the sort of chart which shows you excel when you hit an obstacle. Deep breath. Something else about your chart I can see – hypnosis could be very good for you in 2021, 2022. Try Paul McKenna on YouTube.

  27. Dear Jessica,thanks so much for your reply and foresight. It’s so amazing that I dreamed of a baby last night! Yes, just after I left a question here. The adorable baby has his own parents, but when he saw me, he turned to me and opened his arms, his father handed the baby to me, and his mother sits behind me (and his mother is one of my former classmates). I interacted with the baby happily, as he is too cute to refuse to almost everyone, and all other people (classmates) are sitting around us, watching such a warm and funny life show between the baby and me.
    I don’t know whether this dream reveals similar predictions as in your reply.
    And for a potential relationship, I feel puzzled about the meaningness of it, does it align with my soul’s agenda? What attitude should I take when it happens? I appreciate for your any more guidance.

    1. That dream is interesting. Are you familiar with the work of Jane Teresa Anderson? She is a friend of mine and one of the most brilliant dream coaches and authors in the world. It can be hard to tell if a dream is a prediction or just a message. It sounds like a great vision you had anyway. Classmates are important. This may be a message about you teaching, guiding or mentoring a child, or children, plural. Yes, the potential relationship aligns with your soul’s agenda.

  28. I have only MC at 12 degrees in Leo. Any meaning?

    I have several other 12 degree factors as well but not in Leo:

    Moon 12 deg Aries
    IC 12 deg Aqu
    Minerva 12 deg Virgo
    Saturn 12 deg Pis
    Venus 13 deg Aqu

    Anything interesting?

    1. Horoscope factors at the same or close degrees tend to show a life where it never rains but it pours. It’s dramatically good, or dramatically bad. Transits going across 12 degrees, or close to it, tend to trigger a great many things at the same time. The self-interest of Aries. The work, unpaid work or study shown by Virgo. The religious belief, spirituality, psychic ability or counselling/therapy shown by Pisces. The friends and groups, shown by Aquarius. You have left out the MC opposite the IC but that is also locked into this pattern. Saturn in conjunction with your Venus at 13 Aquarius tests friendships. Even old friends you might have thought would have been close forever, are put into an examination room with you. 2022 will show who and what lasts.

  29. Hi Jessica – I have Pluto in Leo and Fortuna in Leo are you able to advise what that means for me please?

  30. Hi Jessica – I have Pluto and Fortuna in Leo are you able to advise what that means for me please?

    1. Yes. Pluto in Leo in the Fifth House describes your need to control (Pluto) your children (Leo) but also to use birth control, which is a literal translation of Leo-Pluto. In fact, your generation were the first to be offered the Pill in 1969 and so you can see how that placement plays out. Pluto in Leo people did not have to submit to three, four, five or more children the way their parents did, and grandparents too. Children born during the last war came into the world with Pluto in Leo and perhaps wanted control over parenthood, because their own parents never really had it; children were sent away by the government as evacuees so the state dominated what parents wanted. I am sure you can see how Pluto in Leo has shown up in your life. Later on, in the Fifties (when you were born) Pluto kept on going in Leo, and so by the time you all reached adulthood and marriage/parenting age in the Seventies, you had choices to control your private lives, in a way that was quite new. The trick with Pluto is to understand that need for control. Sting writes about it a lot (being born in the Fifties, loving someone and setting them free) and so on! (Sting is a fan of astrology). Fortuna in Leo in the Fifth House reveals how you influence the lives of children, teenagers and people old enough to be your children – those adults now on the planet who are a couple of generations or more behind you. The influence is blind. Fortuna was blind. You spin the wheel of fate and fortune for younger people without realising what you do. Teachers often have Fortuna in Leo. They have no idea how much they are shaping and influencing the lives and destinies of their pupils! In July and August, you will have new and useful insights into all this as the Leo weather picks up some familiar themes and stories in your personality and your life. If you rejected having children, for example, or were never able to have them, it may be that you come into contact with your godchildren (for example) or that you attract the romantic interests of someone who has children from another marriage. Leo weather can be like that.

  31. Thank you, Jessica. I don’t know Jane Teresa Anderson, but I will search and learn from her as you mentioned such a great coach and author. Actually, I keep interpreting my dreams for years, and a few days before, I dreamed of a book which is named <>. Interestingly I interpreted it as a book that related to theories by both Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung although I didn’t find such a book existing in reality.

    Thanks for your confirmation, I will bravely face any potential relationship directly, and just be true and best myself.
    Peace and love.

  32. Thank you, Jessica. I don’t know Jane Teresa Anderson, but I will search and learn from her as you mentioned such a great coach and author. Actually, I keep interpreting my dreams for years, and a few days before, I dreamed of a book which is named . Interestingly I interpreted it as a book that related to theories by both Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung although I didn’t find such a book existing in reality.

    Thanks for your confirmation, I will bravely face any potential relationship directly, and just be true and best myself.
    Sorry for the missing book name, please see this message.
    Peace and love.

  33. Thank you, Jessica. I don’t know Jane Teresa Anderson, but I will search and learn from her as you mentioned such a great coach and author. Actually, I keep interpreting my dreams for years, and a few days before, I dreamed of a book which is named: Freud Jung Psychology. Interestingly I interpreted it as a book that related to theories by both Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung although I didn’t find such a book existing in reality.

    Thanks for your confirmation, I will bravely face any potential relationship directly, and just be true and best myself.
    Sorry for the missing book name, please see this message.
    Peace and love.

    1. Thank you. Jung was the father of modern astrology, and it is amazing how delving into Jung produces the most astrologically symbolic dreams. Do find Jane Teresa Anderson online. She’s marvellous at what she does.

  34. Thank you Jessica for your replies and your time. I have asked you a few questions now and your responses are always thoughtful and kind. Best wishes to you and your family.

  35. Hello Jessica, Thank you for this article–fascinating as always. I am looking forward to the Leo Weather event. I am a novelist a la other Leos (same birthday as JKR, etc), and the past eclipses of 2017/18 frame with kind of stunning accuracy the last couple years’ submissions, rejections, projects that fizzled out with no explanation, and one especially weird episode in which my name and reputation were on the line. All of that is in the past now, but it has been a long, bumpy and unclear ride! I am hopeful that I am on a smoother path now with my current projects. Do you see things getting clearer at all now? Thank you.

    1. That’s a shame about the rejections and fizzer projects – I assume you write for children or teenagers? The Leo weather was about the entertainment and education of younger people, and the relationship between the generations. Speaking of J.K.Rowling, those eclipse years 2017, 2018, 2019 coincided with a split in opinions and loyalties with the Harry Potter film cast. Rowling’s private life is her own, so we have no idea what was hidden from her or covered up, but it’s certainly true that by the time she landed in 2020, there was a parting of the ways with actors like Daniel Radcliffe. Let’s go back to your chart. Writing and/or publishing across all formats is a Gemini-Sagittarius matter. (This is quite separate from actually writing for children or teenagers). You have six factors in both signs, out of a total of 34 horoscopes, so almost one-sixth of your chart is dominated by the world of words, images and ideas. You say your name and reputation were on the line too. You are a Leo, so the eclipses took place in your solar First House of branding. I’m afraid you will never get to the bottom of one particular episode, but on another level, you shouldn’t really care, as those Leo cycles are now history. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your horoscope is under passing pressure in 2021, as the North Node in Gemini is opposite the South Node in Sagittarius, so your own chart is also under oppositions from both ends. This does what you imagine. You are at odds with yourself, or just dealing with others who are coming from opposite ends of the spectrum (say, as publishers or commissioning editors). The Gemini-Sagittarius split may also be within, so (for example) you procrastinate, or can’t find inner agreement over the medium, or the company, to use. This ends in January 2022 and with it, ends any ongoing obstacles now. In fact, once Jupiter changes signs to Aries in May 2022, and spends around 12 months there, you will have stunning trines from Jupiter to your Sagittarius chart factors, and sextiles to your Gemini factors. So keep beavering away on projects now and see where they take you in 2022-2023 when the planet of opportunity, good luck, useful timing and solutions is firmly on your side. Later on, when Uranus (new inventions) goes into Gemini from 2026 you will be able to take any number of projects and use emerging technology to manifest them. And yes, J.K. Rowling will probably be doing that too. With or without the young cast members who publicly betrayed her, ahem.

  36. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for another really interesting article – looks like Leo weather will be interesting! I have Sun at 0 degrees Virgo, with Mercury at 21 Leo (trine Hygiea at 21 Sagittarius); and also an Aquarius Midheaven (10 degrees); Chiron at 9 Taurus, Moon at 12 Taurus, Uranus at 12 Scorpio – please could you shed some light on how this may affect me over the coming weeks.

    Many thanks! Lots of love, light and blessings to you!


    1. Thank you Angelina. You will relaunch in August, September with a new look, new regime, new lifestyle. You will look and feel better. You’re moving into Virgo weather which picks up your chart.

  37. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your earlier replies and insights. Really love your articles and always look forward to the new ones! I don’t have much Leo in my chart so wondered how, if at all if this Leo weather would affect me? Thanks in advance!

    1. You will see friends or family making huge decisions as parents – by September – there will be pregnancies, separations, divorces, engagements, marriages, people moving in/moving out of properties and so on. This affects you through six degrees.

  38. Thank you so much for your generous response, Jessica. A reply from you always makes my day. Have filed it for reference. Blessings : )

  39. Hi Jessica! I don’t know exactly how this Leo weather with the stelium in my chart can affect me. Can you please help me? Moreover how do you think it was hidden for me in the eclipses and should I try to clarify now? Thank you very much. Best wishes

    1. You may only just be waking up to what/who was hidden in plain sight in recent years. In other cases you may find out by the end of August. I just had a reader who discovered that the children’s charity she had been involved with, was not what it appeared and neither was a key colleague. Those ‘Aha’ moments help future steps.

  40. Thanks for this article Jessica. I only have my Descendant in Leo. Could a partner appear during this Leo weather? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Yes, a potential partner or other half, could appear. But the Descendant does not always describe love, sex and romance. It may be a work partner.

  41. Hi,
    My leo sun is at 3* unaspected, there are no major aspects. 26.07.65. Mercury at 28* leo. I seem to attract men with north node in leo conjunct my sun and pluto conjunct sun or moon..

    1. The North Node in Leo men have karma around parenthood/babies/children from other lifetimes and are attracted to you, because you are a channel for their karmic lessons on some level.

  42. Hello Jessica,
    I am a Sun Pisces with no planets in Leo at all – however my MC is in Leo (3 degrees). So that would be my 6th house in my Solar Chart, and 5th house in my personal chart? Is that correct?
    How should a Leo MC influence my life, and in which area(s), and how does it work with an Aquarius IC?
    Thank-you as always, for your time and efforts.

    1. Correct, your MC is in Leo in your Fifth House. The MC or Midheaven is your highest achievement. The peak. It’s where you move heaven and earth to hit the heights. It need not be your career as it can be a calling or life theme. In Leo it is about leading children, teenagers and/or young adults. Being Queen to a younger court.

  43. Hi Jessica, hope you are well 🙂 I am looking forward to the event. After reading the article, and checking for Leo factors, I don’t seem to find any. Does that mean there are no changes for my career? I am an academic who has been bored out of my ears by my job for years now, looking everywhere for a change and never finding it – divorce procedures in the past two years did not help either. I have struggled to established goals and publish, even though I love researching and writing. Are there any good news ahead?

    1. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you at The Leo Weather. You do in fact have Apollo in Leo in the Fifth House, so you are a born leader to children, teenagers and young adults. You are now divorced, born again in many ways, and want a new career and hope to have a book out too. Hold those goals. You will have sensational opportunities from May 2022 and should focus on 2022-2023 to get what you want. It is entirely possible that you will pair up with someone too.

  44. Hi Jessica. Love your contribution here. I felt January 2020 strongly and reading your blog since then.
    It’s been a rollercoaster for me since April 2020 and it looks like it won’t stop for years? Although ups and downs I have an inner feeling of many business opportunities and possibilities, yet I feel huge pressure of time and opportunities I missed. It feels like life has sped up twice for me. Would highly appreciate some advice for a Leo like me who cares about others but feels loosing since 2020. And it is strange as my 1st saturn return (2017-2020) has been fairly great in all aspects of my life (born 1990). About to make important investments and new business partnerships and this Aquarius wheather makes me think is it to stop me or accelerate me? The first Saturn square Uranus in Februrary 2021 wasn’t good, but the second one in June opened many possibilities for me and was positive. Can’t figure this out.

    Sun Leo 12°24’10 in house 2 direct
    Moon Capricorn 24°24’32 in house 7 direct
    Mercury Virgo 8°51’03 in house 3 direct
    Venus Cancer 19°13’47 in house 12 direct
    Mars Taurus 15°10’30 in house 11 direct
    Jupiter Cancer 27°07’59 in house 1 direct
    Saturn Capricorn 20°29’59 in house 6 retrograde
    Uranus Capricorn 6°15’07 in house 6 retrograde
    Neptune Capricorn 12°24’37 in house 6 retrograde
    Pluto Scorpio 14°59’50 in house 5 direct
    True Node Aquarius 7°18’54 in house 7 direct

    Sending my best wishes and energies to you

    1. Thank you. Well, your career and your vocation (they can be two things) has already taken you in a very different direction since 2018 and you now find yourself getting away with what you used to doubt. It’s important to be positive about the things that are working. You have obviously been rejected twice, with two big knockbacks, either in interview situations, or because you have been let go. Actually you may have had three rejections which make no sense to you, as you are really good at what you do. Have you trained in a new field yet? Or two new fields? Either or both will work out really well long-term for you if you stick with the study and you also do the work (practical experience). You also need to look at doubling up with a work partner who can meet you halfway if you’ve not already done that. This does work out for you, but the trick is experimenting, adventuring and trying in 2021. Not just sticking to the old career or methods.

  45. Thank you for the article Jessica! I was wondering, as many Capricorns whose lives are going through deeply (plutonian) tranformative experiences, could the upcoming Leo weather bring new sexual relationships and is the new moon, sun and upcoming mercury in Cancer, supportive to that direction? I have Jupiter in Aquarius and many factors in Capricorn as you can see
    Thank you!!!

    1. It is really about children and how you feel about having them in your life. This is the case until 2026. I am unsure if you already are a parent or not. Essentially, forget partnership or marriage; the story is being a parent, step-parent or adoptive parent, for some years to come. The choices you make about that, no matter if you state them or not (put them on a dating website) really decide what is happening. So, yes, the Leo weather will bring the opportunity to get together with someone who has children or wants them – but the overall picture for years to come is about your own feelings. You may want freedom and space, independence and autonomy, which might point your sex life a certain way.

  46. Hello Jessica!
    Iam so happy to have found you! Being interested in astrology for years and years but only seeing (or reading) the hard aspects at didnt do me much good. So therefore I am thrilled to bits to learn how you put it all together 😉 I have uranus in my 12. house in Leo, and Ascendanten in Leo – mars and saturn and minerva and ops in my 5th. in Capricorn. So can it be that a cronic illness will be revealed? I do have children and grandchildren.
    Thank you 😉

    1. Thank you. The thing to do with your chart is scan it for matching degrees. You have Mercury at 16 Pisces and Ceres at 16 Cancer, so that’s a match. These patterns, when horoscope factors line up, are the most important in the chart. Using the guides that come with membership, you can interpret and decode. So, Mercury is your ability to communicate. In Pisces in the Twelfth House, you do this through religion, the psychic world, mediumship, spirituality, dreams, hypnosis. The trine to Ceres in Cancer is a flowing pattern, so this ability to get through to people by prayer, telepathy or ‘sensing’ with your sixth senses is aligned with your role as mother (Ceres) particularly to daughters (Ceres had a daughter named Proserpina) and with the family in general. Ceres is a position of great power and productivity, so no wonder you are a matriarch. You have Mercury trine Ceres, if you want to look it up elsewhere on line. You asked about chronic illness. Look to Virgo and the Sixth House for that. You have Pluto at 0 Virgo aspecting anything in your chart around 0, 1 degrees – and sure enough, we find you have that too. It is really important to understand what it means to have Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House. Essentially, you want and need total control over your body, so this is the person who is very firm on her diet, drink, drugs, prescribed drugs, doctors, dentists, healers, fitness and the rest. You were born into a generation who put gyms and health food shops on the high street. They were never there before the Pluto in Virgo people arrived. You get empowerment by controlling what you do and do not eat, for example. There may be major issues about being in control/being out of control around food – in the past. Virgo also rules work, and the service and duty you perform for other people, which includes paid work, but also voluntary work, and housework. Classically, if there is a subconscious resistance to doing the chores, or a subconscious need to *not* do a certain type of job, the body will produce symptoms or chronic ailments which serve a purpose and release that person from the task. In astrology terms, this is an opposition from anything in Pisces, which rules the subconscious mind, to Virgo itself. People with body issues that go on for years often have a Virgo-Pisces opposition and you do, in fact, have that. Vulcano at 1 Pisces is opposite Pluto at 0 Virgo. Vulcano in Pisces in the Twelfth House is a symbol of tremendous self-control and repressed feelings and impulses, channelled through religion, dreams, spirituality, or just – the subconscious. It is in constant conflict with the need to control both the body, and work, so this is pretty complex. Ask your subconscious mind to reveal the conflict to you in dreams and write that down when you wake up. Sometimes just describing the health issue out loud will give you the clue. So, for example, thinking about another reader who had the Virgo-Pisces opposition; she called her condition ‘a pain in the neck’ and ‘a headache’ and she then realised she was talking about the customers at her salon. Because she never gave herself enough time off work, her subconscious mind manufactured complaints which actually forced her home early, and the clue was always in the condition. It’s tricky! But I hope this gives you food for thought.

  47. Hi Jessica

    I wanted to let you know that I did take your advice and am using self control and will power to change and help me get on track to get a job ( Pluto in 6th house transit) – and it’s working!

    I offered to mediate as a good will gesture between two powerful parties who were in court ( & it’s going very well) – and some freelance consulting work which I did not want to do but after your advice on changing myself & as a fixed sign not fighting it, – Well I am enjoying the freelancing and the money does not hurt! Further more Things look positive that I will get a job with one these parties who I am mediating for – the party I do not want to work for has offered me a role already; I am hoping the other party or some other role will come by – if I get these two to resolve amicably – it will be very big news in my industry. So thank you – your advice set me on the right track – I am hopeful!

    Jessica the advice I would truly appreciate now is as follows if u can please spare some time for me – the leo eclipses did blind me to what was going on – I met someone actually in august 2016 which was also a partial term eclipse – fell headlong in love, we have been on and off since then – while I have only now in therapy begun to figure he has a pattern know an dismissive avoidant due to childhood trauma and unless he himself is willing to change there is not much I can do – every time he feels too much, he shuts down and pushes me away – then blames me for creating a fight if I ask for my emotional needs to be met. I thought he was simply a player earlier, he keeps saying we have something special but seems addicted to very short term flings and then returns, saying I am the only one that matters – apparently it’s about distancing himself as he associates fear/pain with love subconsciously. Lightbulb went off on all his past behaviour over the past 2 months in therapy – so some of the hidden things from. eclipse season is finally coming to light.

    He too has leo factors – sun capricorn with moon in Leo opposing Venus in Aquarius – furthermore Uranus is soon to conjunct his IC at Taurus 14 degrees. So a lot of upheaval in his life as Well.

    I am sure I have played my part as well in this push pull dynamic ( therapy is making me see this) and am willing to do the work – we have broken up as off last month – and are supposed to speak when we meet when I am in delhi next ( I live in Bombay ) – my question is, I want a stable, secure, supportive loving relationship – I am tired of this toxic up and down and constant hard work – do u see this situation improving with him – I do love him so – but for the first time feel I am willing to close the door completely. Alternatively, given Jupiter is in my 7th house, do u see this as Jupiter helping me weed out what was not helping me &’will be bring someone new who is right for me into my life? Do u see a committed and happy relationship for me Jessica – I would very much like one.

    Your response and guidance would be as always much appreciated!


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback and I am glad the prediction helped you find work – in fact you have done even better than that – you are spoiled for choice. The issue with this man is parenthood. Until 2026 he will be seeking freedom, space and independence (from) children or perhaps through them, if he feels trapped by never being a father. So this characteristically produces a man who only wants to have relationships with women who cannot have babies, or do not want them – or sometimes you find a man who has been childless all his life, rejecting women who are not going to become mothers for him. It really depends on where he is at in his life, but the unreliability and lack of commitment is because of that. It’s not you. It’s what he wants/does not want as a potential father. He also has the Moon in Leo (parenthood) in opposition to Venus in Aquarius (affairs with friends) and he is coming up to the heaviest and most difficult cycle of his life, in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. Given he’s not come through for you, you’d have an easier time with another lover. Of course you will be in a new relationship and be happy, when the time is right. Therapy is obviously helping, that’s good. Your new work pathways will also help. Did you know it’s often the case that we do not find partners until we are ‘finished’ in some way? Until we have made big changes that reshape our lives to better reflect who we actually are, these days? Then, suddenly, the right person appears. I don’t think you are yet finished; you are work in progress, but you are making great progress too.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    These are my factors in leo, aquarius, taurus & scorpio.
    How do I interpret this and what is the ‘R’ in some of these factors?

    Aesculapia 27° Leo 14′ 11″
    Mars 19° Aquarius 55′ 53″
    Salacia 19° Aquarius 22′ 23″
    Panacea 18° Taurus 12′ 38″ R
    Sun 18° Scorpio 14′ 05″
    Mercury 23° Scorpio 26′ 11″ R
    Venus 09° Scorpio 27′ 08″ R
    Pluto 07° Scorpio 44′ 01″
    Ceres 13° Scorpio 25′ 35″
    Diana 22° Scorpio 07′ 09″

    1. The R stands for Retrograde, so the asteroid or planet (like Mercury) appeared to be moving backwards when you were born. You have Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in the Eighth House of mortgages and marriage; inheritance and legacies; life insurance and common law marriages. You will have episodes in your life where the paperwork has to be rewritten two or three times, or the agreement changes, because it was never put in writing. Be aware of that and always go over things carefully before you sign or accept signatures. In general, this is a fixed chart. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio are fixed signs. You dislike changing your ways, or change in general and as you grow older you may find you stick to the world you know and ignore what younger generations are doing! The Mars-Salacia conjunction in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups suggests that you inhabit two different worlds, neither of them real, with teams, clubs, circles, communities. I’ve seen this pattern with people in scuba diving societies and also virtual reality gaming clubs.

  49. Hi Jessica, thankyou again for another great article here. It seems so many changes coming up and I value your advice on them . I am a sun Capricorn with 5 factors in Leo and 4 factors in Aquarius. I also have my north node at 14 degrees Taurus which I believe will soon be conjucted by Uranus.
    I am currently full time tradesperson studying part time in community work, hoping to finish up next year and transition into this field.i am also flirting with idea of writing a book. I have 4 children , 3 of them teenagers whom live with me , which I am trying to help transition into adulthood and all it’s responsibilities. I’m not in a relationship , as I experienced and sensed some strange going’s on around the eclipses of 2017 and 2018 when I was in one and am now guarded of my peace of mind, property and protecting my children . I would like a companion though . I am in my mid fifties and wondering how everything will go in the future as I am trying to set my life up ( sounds funny but probably fitting for a Capricorn) . Any advice you have here would very much be so helpful , thankyou Sue
    Jupiter 2 degrees Leo
    Apollo 6 degrees Leo
    Juno 12 degrees Leo
    Moon 22 degrees Leo
    Panacea 29 degrees Leo

    Aesculapia 2 degrees Aquarius
    Fortuna 6 degrees Aquarius
    Diana 10 degrees Aquarius
    Proserpina 11 degrees Aquarius

    1. It’s through the children, and other people’s children, that you will find your decisions are made. There is a real prospect of at least one new relationship, possibly more, by 2026. In fact, it could begin now through August in a small way. You or the other person will want freedom from children, or freedom through them. So, this may be a man who broke up with his girlfriend because she wanted babies and he didn’t. He is looking for a woman who is in agreement with him: pregnancy is not an option. At the other end, you can get men who feel trapped by being childless and desperately want to become fathers or stepfathers. So, lo and behold, they find you and your family. A companion is a great way of putting it. Age will not be a barrier. Life has some surprise for you over the next 5 years, but as I said, something interesting may kick off in July and August.

  50. Hello Jessica – thank you for this opportunity. I think you’re very gifted & accurate. I wish we were able to get full readings especially for birthdays! Mine is coming up on the 19th of August and thank you for answering questions here. I’ve spent 20 years working in entertainment film industry. It’s been very difficult since about 2008 and although I was at a senior level, I haven’t been able to find work since 2017. I truly believe this is my calling and I’ve been trying to get a job at the same level or in a more creative capacity, but it’s proven impossible. Perhaps it’s agism, but I have no idea what other career to explore. In addition, since about 2017 I’ve had a number of health issues that left me with MCS & severe fatigue so much so that I had to leave California to try and get better. Lastly, since 2015 I’ve had additional financial issues with unpaid taxes stemming from my time living abroad, etc. However despite all my efforts, I have been unable to get things back on track in any area of life. I know I am at a crossroads with the money running out, between being out of work for many years, health troubles, financial tax issues. I need to know three things; When will I get a job? Should I keep pursuing work in my industry or go back to school for something and if so, what? And lastly, will my health & financial situation improve?
    This is also the first time I’ve seen my ascendant reflected as Scorpio – It’s always been recorded as Gemini and I’m not sure if I did something wrong. Thank you again for any light that you can shed on the situation.

    19-Aug-1972, 12:22 (40.8262101,-73.502068)

    26° Leo 45′ 46″
    25° Sagittarius 47′ 29″
    10° Leo 38′ 48″
    11° Cancer 12′ 16″
    02° Virgo 56′ 51″
    28° Sagittarius 32′ 16″ R
    18° Gemini 53′ 52″
    15° Libra 38′ 49″
    02° Sagittarius 29′ 41″
    00° Libra 35′ 37″
    16° Aries 58′ 46″ R
    18° Libra 54′ 54″
    08° Gemini 02′ 41″
    24° Virgo 51′ 11″
    17° Leo 39′ 59″
    17° Aquarius 39′ 59″
    09° Scorpio 27′ 39″

    1. Thank you. The closest full reading I can offer (I only do them for charity auctions) is a 2022 Annual Report and you are eligible to order one of those, as a Premium Member, towards the end of the year. Be quick as they sell out on the same day, in our experience. Thank you for choosing me as your astrologer. You have been out of work since 2017 in the entertainment industry but have not given up. You wonder if it’s ageism within the film business. You have fatigue and unpaid tax, which must make you more fatigued. So let’s take the chart apart (by the way, if your Ascendant differs from the one given at, please contact Support as we use their software). Basically you are articulating a Virgo and Sixth House problem. Work and health are ruled by that in your chart. Mars and Ceres are both there, so this is a battleground for you and a quest for control. Mars is about conflict, inner conflict and attack/defence mechanisms and Ceres is about dealing with people or situations which seek to take over – and ultimately compromising. Fortuna, Panacea and Psyche are also in Virgo in your Sixth House so there is a massive story there (you have a Virgo stellium) about serving other people and doing your duty. You were born to serve, but you also have to figure out how to do that without becoming ill, or exposing yourself to toxic employers. Even though you obviously want to be in the film industry still, I suspect that your body has taken over. Look at your unconscious mind and any unadmitted or repressed resistance to work. Particularly the sort of work you had before you became unemployed. There may also be issues about other kinds of jobs out there, which are a very long way from what you had. In astrology, the Pisces-Virgo axis of the chart reveals the unconscious mind (Pisces, Twelfth House) and its manipulation of the physical body (Virgo, Sixth House) so that chronic health problems or medical issues which obstruct work, actually achieve something for us. Quite often it is the avoidance of a job at all; unconsciously we don’t want it. Virgo is not about glory, status or high success – it is about working for the man, (or the woman), performing chores, daily tasks, putting someone else first. If you have not yet taken a deep dive into that entire question, now is the time to do so. It should be possible for you to perfect, in some detail, your skills and abilities, so that you are of service, but of superb service, and happy with the deal you get in return. This may mean working part-time, or working from home. It may mean service on your terms. The actual industry is less relevant than the gig. So, you may go sideways into an area like education, for example, or publishing, or something else that interests you – computer gaming or something else related to film. It may also be the case that you give up on that side of life altogether and head for a radically different field. You do need to change. You are stuck. You are spinning your wheels because you’ve not done the radical thing required to get yourself out of it. That will be very easy, funnily enough, in 2021-2026 as Uranus, the planet of revolution, visits your chart more than once. As for the money, your health has stopped you working to earn; your lack of a job has stopped you earning; all you can do is forgive yourself for that, promise yourself and the authorities you will pay when you can, and put it in writing. Then take that load off, because there is nothing you can do about it, in a cycle like this one, when half the world (in 2022 and 2023) will be grappling with an enforced economic upheaval. You are caught up in that. So just absolve yourself as much as you can but do make the commitment to yourself and others that. you will do your best to sort things out, when you can. Now, update your skill set and yes – retrain if you must. Have a look at the Tarot to help you go more thoroughly into the loaded question of your Virgo/Sixth House stellium and how you are going to be of service; to serve. Minerva at 8 Pisces is opposite Fortuna at 7 Virgo in your chart. That is almost an exact opposition. Minerva is your wisdom. In Pisces it is unconscious. It pushes against Fortuna (your ability to control situations for others, without seeing what you are doing) in Virgo, which describes work. So there is a big story there. You can focus on that opposition to discover more. And I strongly recommend working with your dreams, which are the gateway to the unconscious mind, to find out how you are unwittingly in control of what is going on, even though consciously you obviously dislike being unemployed very much, and need the money. I do wonder if there have been episodes with work where you felt you did not see/could not possibly know the extent to which you were responsible for others’ highs and lows in the film business and if that has not, at some point, blocked you. Fortuna steers fate for others, blindfolded. The Wheel of Fortune.

  51. When / or if I will find a new job soon?
    Whether i am going to be able to buy a house, or will I continue to rent?
    Where should I live?
    I lost my job December 2020, and have had no offers even though seeking employment.
    I have been looking for a home to buy for over a year in New England, but the prices keep escalating and I cannot find one that is safe and affordable.
    I was living in California and became east coast bound due to the pandemic. Running out of money renting airbnb and corporate housing. Is New England the right place for me?
    I am 77, and not vaccinated due to the rumors and questionable safety of the vaccines.
    Thank you for your counsel. I am at the end of my rope.

    1. You don’t say what work you do, or are prepared to do, but at the age of 77 you are obviously past retirement age. Having said that, you are in a cycle when you can get away with virtually anything, in terms of paid work, unpaid work or even study (training for a new career). You are renting, want to buy a home, and have been unemployed for almost a year. New England is expensive and you wonder if it’s the right place for you. I understand your obstacles at the moment and what you are going through. Out of all the issues, sort out your home first. I can’t tell you if New England is preferable, or less preferable, than any other part of the country – because I do not know what you would accept. A few hours spent with the Tarot, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle will help you sort out which part of the nation is the best bet, but please get a move on, and make your choices from late July through Christmas, before the Jupiter cycle ends. Yes, you will be given an opportunity to fix some or all of your problems with your home, and the local area, but you have to act on what you are being shown – and know what you need and want. Say it aloud. Speak it, into a mirror, or write it down in a notebook and say it out loud, requesting help from your friends or family in spirit to guide you. Now, on the work front, you will be in your best professional cycle in 12 years, starting in May 2022. You will be amazed at what 2022 offers in the way of a promotion; new role; better lifestyle and work option. Don’t sit around waiting for that, though, you need to throw yourself into online life and really use the internet. The worldwide web transforms every other week, and within that world, there are empowering choices for you, to use your way with words, ideas and images (online) to find the control you need. I suspect part of your problem to date has been that you are not mastering the worldwide web. Maybe you have tried to, but given up. Well, now is the time to back in there and really use this Pluto cycle (until 2023) to find out what’s going on, with the internet, and how to exploit it, and turn it in your favour. It may be a matter of educating yourself; a great deal of education is free these days. It may be a matter of summoning up your willpower to quite deliberately change what you are doing, and stick to it, too. Again and again, your chart suggests the world of words – communication – perhaps, languages – certainly the written or spoken word. Vaccination? Get onto Twitter and follow the epidemiologists. The people with the facts. I like Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter. You will get the latest updates on COVID-19 there and what scientists have to pass on.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for you insight to our Leo weather!
    I think my eclipse had to do with my children who kept me in the dark about their own issues. Last year was a very dark period in my life with them and my health has suffered because of it. I feel at a crossroads with work and health I’m currently unemployed and working on children’s books which aren’t getting any traction. Will you look at my chart should I give up and go back to “regular” work? Or should I keep going with my side hustles? Thank you!!

    1. I am sorry about your children. Yes, one or two of them likely hid their issues from you, during the Leo Eclipse years of 2017, 2018 in particular and unfortunately you had a hard time as a mother in 2020. You are also seeing obstacles with your children’s books. Sometimes life is tough for a time, before it turns. You wonder if you should go back to a regular job, as you are not working, and your health is also an issue. The answer is yes, and firmly so. The situation with the children will end in January 2022. Either the problem will vanish or you will no longer be concerned by it. You are also in a tremendous position to earn proper money, not from the same old regular job, but actually from something completely different. It’s like stepping stones. You won’t get to where you are supposed to be professionally (which is very exciting and happens quite suddenly) unless you set off on the first stone. The side hustle of children’s books may in fact work out for you within 5 years, and using alternative technology or new inventions which are not here yet (possibly interactive or 3-D). So hang on to the ideas and the passion, but for now, use this cycle you are in to sort out your lifestyle, job and wellbeing. They are all connected, but you are stuck, and only you can get yourself out of it. In fact, your body is telling you to change what you are doing. Now is the time to get out there with your C.V. and profile, as between now and August you are at your most visible to potential employers and should shine as brightly as you can, while you have your Solar Return.

  53. Hi Jessica, I wonder if you could shed some light on something which has always puzzled me. My sun sign is Virgo, my Ascendant is Leo and I also have Leo factors in Psyche and Apollo. Apart from a love of all felines, I don’t really feel I match the description usually given of someone whose Ascendant in Leo; so much so that I have wondered in the past whether my parents made a mistake on my time of birth – but they were adamant that it was correct! My Moon is in Pisces and Venus in Cancer, and I can relate to both of those signs, but not to Leo. I don’t have any other fire in my chart, but I do have a fair amount of water, so is it the case that the Leo Ascendancy has been “watered down”? I am quite shy and retiring and something of a home body! I’d also be grateful if you could give me your astrological perspective on my current situation. Husband and I moved to a new part of the country just before Covid hit. It’s supposed to be our dream home but I don’t feel settled. Do you see another move for us or do I just have to give myself more time to feel at home? Many thanks.

    1. You will feel more at home from January 2022 (to begin with your question at the end of it) as Christmas and then New Year suggest you either make decisions about the existing place/local area which help you to feel more comfortable about it – or you do in fact decide to move. The situation takes off towards the end of November and then by mid-January you will have made up your mind, or put particular plans in action. You will find the issue is gone by the end of January. The Ascendant is another matter. A Leo Ascendant is really just your image, brand, reputation or appearance. The Ascendant is only ever the window display at the front of the store: the contents inside can be quite different. Leo is a symbol of leadership – particularly leadership of younger people. Queen to a younger court or King to a younger court. There is a lot of inaccurate information online unfortunately (about all astrology) so I hope you’ve not been reading any of the usual nonsense! Leo is an ancient archetype of royalty, but we can’t all be monarchs, so the symbolism is really about guiding, steering, influencing, dominating – children, teenagers, young adults. The heirs to the throne. So, a lot of Leo Ascendant people are teacher types, or parent types, on the outside. Or they may appear to be authority figures in professions where younger people are important. This gives a certain characteristic look, style or attitude: confident (even if the confidence is a performance), authoritative, and a little removed and superior. ‘Someone to look up to’ is the idea – so Leo Ascendants are associated with upright posture and usually, a class act. You do have Saturn exactly aspecting your Leo Ascendant which can put the brakes on, though. That can inhibit and restrict things, so that the shop window is less easy to arrange and display, than is usually the case!

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I have Leo at 27 in Cupido.. plus Bacchus at 27 Scorpio and Ceres at 27 Capricorn.

    I read earlier you were mentioning to someone else about the same degree in different planets/asteroids.

    What does that mean for me in Leo weather.
    Thanks – from Sydney lockdown.

    1. Well, apart from anything else, people in Sydney are now at home with the children, seeing what usually only teachers see. You don’t say if you have children or not, but this Leo weather is about both teachers and parents, and of course younger generations, from infancy through to adolescence and perhaps Millennials too. So, for astrological reasons but also logical reasons, everyone is thinking about the young. You have an exact line-up there, which suggests that every time you make decisions about (say) pregnancy, or contraception, or being a godparent, or educating your children, or looking after younger relatives – you also bring in questions about money (Scorpio) and your own role in life (Capricorn). So, it’s all connected, which is why even something as apparently remote as a much younger cousin, or a junior relation through marriage (your partner’s nieces or nephews) can matter a great deal. Essentially, you did not have the full story or see the whole picture with all this, back in 2017, 2018, 2019. You will never actually know for sure, but at least by August 2021 you will know – what you did not know – and as a result of that can make some new decisions about life. It is very common for people to cover things up where pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, illegitimate children are concerned. Also – of course – infertility, impotency or even venereal disease. None of this is exactly fun, but it is Leo’s territory, as this sign of the zodiac has always ruled the line of succession in any royal family (heirs to the throne of monarchy) and so after 2000 years of history and astrology, we inevitably associate this sign with adultery, say, as much as giddy romance. And it naturally brings in questions about parenthood, too, or ‘failure to launch’ which is where King Henry VI comes in, but that’s another story. You’ll have your own story going on, and it’s about to shift exponentially.

  55. Hi Jessica

    I have a few factors in Leo that I didn’t know much about; 24 Psyche, 20 Apollo, 11 Aesculapia & 29 Vulcano. I also have Salacia at 19 Aquarius (I’m a Capricorn rising but only at 28 degrees so Aquarius is within my first house as it goes up to Pisces in the Placidus system. That also means I often see Leo in my 7th House).

    Over the past few years I’ve built a business and am feeling called to move in to a direction that’s more centred around ‘healing’. I’m not sure if that’s relevant. I also have two notable Leos in my life (a member of my family & an ex) – again not sure if that’s relevant too.

    Thanks so much x

    1. Healing is really Virgo and the Sixth House. I will need to spin your chart if you are using the Placidus house system so I can read it correctly. You’ll find healing, wellbeing and immunity are here to stay as growth business prospects, as the generation born in the Sixties has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, also in their Sixth House of doctors, healers, hospitals, food, drink, fitness and so on. Mental health, too, so anxiety and depression are the common colds of mental health for this generation. That is really your demographic as apart from the obvious pandemic, now defying vaccines (and here to stay) we also have transits which are going to directly impact Generation Virgo. As a mass market, look to those people in their fifties, and/or sixties. They are also of course more concerned about their own vulnerability to the Delta variant of Covid. From this come answers for you, and for them, over the next few years. In fact when Saturn moves into Pisces and opposes Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in so many charts, you have an instant market for anything that can help those people deal with Saturn in opposition to natal Uranus and Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto. Those born in the Sixties want total control (Pluto) over their health (Virgo) which is why they have made gyms, diets and even trainers so popular. Somewhere in there, is your pathway, if you can stay the course.

  56. Hi Jessica! Thank you for your predictions. Can you please help me to interpret what awaits me having 26 Mars, 17 Cupid and 16 Apollo in Leo? Thank you very much. Best regards

    1. You tend to get the prospect of potential younger in-laws on Leo weather, or depending on your situation, the chance of pregnancy. Getting together with a new lover who has (say) nieces or nephews, or godchildren, who might come into your life if you were to commit. You don’t say if you have children already. If you do, then July-August is about decisions which will affect their education, wellbeing and relationship with you. The Leo weather is also about godchildren and your relationship with their parents, but also with them. One of the things you will realise by August is that 2017, 2018 and 2019 were dominated by cover-ups or your own lack of insight. This is pretty common as people tend to conceal issues with children, teenagers or even adult offspring as it’s often such a sensitive matter. So you probably don’t know the half of it. You may find out, a quarter of the half, by August. This helps you make new decisions for the future.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are well and I think its so great that you take the time to do this! I wonder what this Leo weather brings for me; I am a sun virgo with Jupiter at Leo 19 and Vulcano at Leo 21. Although professionally and health-wise things are going along terrifically, I have had one hell of a year in my personal life. I was involved for the second half of last year with a man from Britain – a sun Leo – born 7/25/1975, but have not heard from him since January of this year. I would love to get off the rollercoaster:) Any insight you could give, I would truly appreciate.

    1. Thank you, Teri. The Leo has issues with his former partner, or perhaps another person who was also interested in him and that is the answer there – it is not you, it is his own complicated life. Obviously the second half of 2020 was dominated by the pandemic anyway and as it sounds as if he was in Britain and you are in another country anyway, there are practical reasons why a casual relationship is impossible. We are living in times when one has to commit, if there is to be romance in another place. We cannot travel for love any more – we have to move for it. I still think you should be optimistic about your love life, though, Teri, as if it has not worked out with him on this Jupiter-Neptune transit in Pisces (which ends over the next couple of weeks) it will certainly do so with another person, just near Christmas, into New Year and peaking in Easter 2022. If there is going to be a turning point with this Leo, it will happen just after his birthday, certainly August-December. Either way you are in a good position so keep the faith as by 2022 you will have had an opportunity to date, mate and relate in a new way, on a higher level.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    I guess eclipses have triggered my chart, as I have Venus at 23 Leo, Ceres at 12 Leo and Diana at 7 Leo. The eclipse years have been intense and full of drama. Since then people and situations have vanished from my life. I am now having a period of peace, space and quiet. But still looking for focus and certainty to move forward. What can I expect from this Leo weather? 

    Thank you.


    1. Justina, you will be given a chance to put a jigsaw puzzle together about the children, teenagers or Millennials in your world – perhaps the potential pregnancies, lost pregnancies around you, or with you. It is like a picture you did not know was there, but someone may confess to you by August, or you may be told. The Leo weather will trigger those eclipses (I will go into this more in the YouTube Premiere) and so you will know – what you do not know. What this changes, is your entier approach, and by September you will have made some new choices, perhaps involving a godson, maybe involving children – if you have them. Sometimes the issue is a younger person who is close to you as he/she might have become your niece or nephew, for example. You will realise, even now, that people have been covering things up and this will help you rethink the rest of the year and beyond.

  59. Hello Jessica and team,
    I am so excited to see this event for Leo season and really excited to attend. I really enjoyed the one for Taurus weather.

    I am a Premium member and have my Sun and 4 more planets/asteroids in Leo. My boys are now young adults and are doing well. My question is about my career. I have been looking forward to this time, when they are out of university to focus on my career and goals. The last couple years have been very challenging with something or other coming out of left field. The August 2017 eclipse fell at 28 Leo and my Sun is 27 Leo.

    I am looking for a new position. I would love some guidance on how Leo Weather will impact my career and possibly my life moving forward.

    Thank you so much in advance.


    1. Thank you Sumati, I will pass that on to Alicia. You are strongly Leo and are a teacher as much as a parent, which is why your children have done so well. They are at university and your Leo side in the Fifth House of guidance, mentorship and leadership has found an outlet – your sons are your reward. You want a new role and one will come to you. It will happen suddenly and in a unique, unusual way. You have that combination of Pluto and Uranus in your chart until 2023, so 2021, 2022 and some of 2023 will be about turning to alternative projects or goals which were not on your agenda before. They will excite you (always a good sign) and involve you inventing a new way to deliver. In fact, you will find that necessity is the mother of invention as you more or less create your own individual approach, which will be successful and reach the right people in the right way. The Leo weather ahead is about your sons, but also perhaps about educating others. If you have not looked at that kind of role for yourself it may well appear for you soon.

  60. Hi Jessica!

    thanks for another wonderful article.

    August is a big month for me, as I’m moving from NYC (where I’m from) upstate to work for a jewellery designer. I’ve been having a super hard time since 2012 when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and then passed in 2020. Since then I’ve dealt with more family loss, and abuse from both of my parents new partners (they divorced when I was five)I’ve also had a lot of stress related health problems like migraines, stomach issues, and hormonal imbalances from all the grief, and of course the pandemic on top of it all. Neptune is on my ascendant at the moment, so I’ve been having a lot of trouble making decisions and knowing whether or not Im on the right path. I’m interested in healthcare, education, and creative writing, and plan to be upstate for a year to recalibrate and try to heal, before taking a job at an art school in California next fall.

    I’m doing my best to take care of myself (therapy, receiving reiki, acupuncture) but just want some reassurance that I’m headed down the right path. Do you see things shifting for me in August when I’m planning to move? What do you see for me in the next few years? Any advice on how to release these traumas and step fully into my life purpose? I feel stuck in a victim narrative loop. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been put through the wringer with your family. No wonder you have seen your body carry out the issues. You have rightly diagnosed stress. It can be hard to find answers when you feel anxious and have symptoms like migraines, so the first port of call should be regular, daily healing, meditation or hypnosis sessions. I am sure you already use this or have been told to do so. Yet, there is always space to try new professional help and amazingly, on YouTube, much of it is free. Beyond the Reiki and acupuncture, there are other answers for you. Moving can be stressful, even if upstate NY is a good place to be and you obviously enjoy your work with jewellery. So although the Neptune transit can be confusing, you will also find when you can reduce the anxiety by trying other methods, as well as the symptoms in your stomach, life in general will just seem more manageable. People often give their subconscious mind away when they put things into words, and if someone is a headache, or something is a headache – that is what happens. If you cannot stomach something/someone, that is also what happens. The word imbalance is related to Libra and you have Chiron there in your Seventh House. Libra of course rules the scales. So when you talk about hormonal imbalance that is also, likely, the battles with others. Libra rules the duel as well as the duet. Have a look at Chiron in Libra when you can. Your interest in healthcare and education could combine later on, as you are in a good position to train in the field of wellbeing, having practised on yourself. You know how much the spirit and mind, and also the subconscious mind, affects the body, which acts out issues to try and get you what you need. Sometimes a headache just stops you thinking. It also gets you time out and time away from who/what your soul can’t deal with. Aries rules the head and rams head-butt and thrust with their heads; have a look at that as well – in fact, all words with ‘head’ in them may unlock things for you. Living in your head, for example, or going headlong into situations, or going in head first and so on. The delay before art school in California is wise as you do actually need to buy yourself time to recover from your father’s passing and the further losses and abuse from the new parental partners. The focus in your chart is not so much on location or even moving but it is on inner space, therapy (as you say), healing and the relationship you have with your God, or the Universe. You are about to become far more involved with a group of people, among whom there are friends. It is a golden opportunity as much as it is a challenge but you should try to do all you can to figure it all out and put the building time in, by Christmas. From that point on into 2022 the path is internal, spiritual, perhaps related to the psychic world or Reiki, certainly not external or ‘out there.’ Your instinct about healing is correct. Yet from this will come a future work path or vocational path, as your calling is not necessarily always going to be your main income source; however your calling will bring in learning/teaching, perhaps art – certainly recovery and rebirth for people.

  61. I’ve seen you talk about various Pluto “generations” but not those of us baby boomers born with Pluto in Leo. How will the Leo weather affect those born with Pluto in Leo, especially with the upcoming opposition of Pluto to Leo?

    1. Good question. Pluto in Leo people were the first birth control generation and the literal translation of Pluto (control) in Leo (offspring) is the Pill. This has reshaped everyone’s destiny in terms of children, grown-up children, nieces, nephews and godchildren. Pluto is also about power and how it is used, especially for parents, aunts, uncles, godparents, grandparents. This also works professionally: Pluto in Leo people who become teachers, or work in childcare, or have voluntary positions with adolescents – tend to want to rule. Pluto is about necessary compromise, though, so there is never much more than a 50-50 outcome with others. The turf has to be divided so that power is shared. The chain of eclipses and the North Node in Leo in recent years coincided with a period when the truth was concealed, or perhaps staring you in the face, but you did not see it – you were distracted by other people or situations. Now, with the transits in Leo going back over those eclipse points, you will realise that some things will be forever kept from you! That’s okay. You can accept that and still make progress in your life. Much of this will trigger your Pluto in Leo, though, so there will be questions about how much you can or cannot control everything, and the need to strike some kind of deal with others, so the territory is shared.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts & learning more about astrology. I have been looking at my husband’s chart and was wondering if you could give me some insight on his current work. He did have a lot of ups & downs in the past few years in regards to work but has found a great new position that he really enjoys. However it is several states away in Texas with him returning home about once a month. Do you see this as a permanent job or will he have opportunities elsewhere? We are trying to make the decision to move from Chicago but are cautious due to the past job losses. Also I believe you mentioned on Twitter that Texas will be going through some changes shortly. Thank you!

    10-Aug-1981, 01:42 (39.8403147,-88.9548001)
    Sun 17° Leo 32′ 48″
    Moon 14° Sagittarius 34′ 24″
    Mercury 17° Leo 34′ 40″
    Venus 20° Virgo 05′ 11″
    Mars 15° Cancer 15′ 48″
    Jupiter 07° Libra 38′ 45″
    Saturn 06° Libra 23′ 24″
    Uranus 26° Scorpio 03′ 00″
    Neptune 22° Sagittarius 14′ 25″ R
    Pluto 21° Libra 58′ 09″
    Chiron 22° Taurus 42′ 24″
    ASC 21° Gemini 52′ 10″

    IC 28° Leo 01′ 58″
    Diana 09° Leo 26′ 48″
    Bacchus 22° Leo 57′ 24″
    Apollo 19° Leo 30′ 01″
    Cupido 00° Leo 19′ 47″
    Psyche 08° Leo 48′ 49″
    NorthNode 01° Leo 37′ 59″

    1. It will work out well for your husband with the work commute and/or a move from May 2022 so I’m not sure of your timeline here. The situation would be set up now, with a good outcome in the second half of next year. You can also use the Tarot to get a second opinion. Thank you.

  63. Thank you so much Jessica. I agree re space- it doesn’t really matter where I am I just need to be able to go within. The move upstate is actually to leave a living situation with my family, get some space from nyc and the triggers it brings, and find my way on my own. To also be in nature and around farms and animals which is also important for my health! There is a wonderful community of healers upstate that I am looking forward to connecting with. Really appreciate you responding, sending you all my love.

  64. Hi Jessica

    Your Leo weather forecast definitely rings true for me in terms of issues with children. Thank you!! Your insight would be really welcome as I have been struggling this past year, The mystery for me is around my children and my future with them.

    I have a 20 year old son and a 16 year old daughter. I have had issues with my teenage daughter who has been “opposed” to me for the past year but increasingly more in the last month. I believe I am making headway with her but would like to know if Leo weather will help improve matters. I have changed how I deal with her opposition – but would like to see her make changes too. Specifically her attitude towards my partner, but also to her own future and school work. I plan this summer to get her to commit to a regular study plan to improve her grades ahead of important exams next year – which I think she can do, but if she doesn’t will impact her (and me) for a long time into the future. I want to have a good relationship with her way into the future but worry I will lose her if I don’t strike the right balance between getting her to take responsibility but having empathy for what she has gone through these past few years.

    She is an Aquarian.
    Sun 26° Aquarius 08′ 30″
    Saturn 06° Leo 25′ 48″ R
    MC 17° Leo 06′ 58″ (same as me).

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you Dawn. Yes, Leo rules children, teenagers and young adults – both on the intensely personal level and also on a professional level, or with unpaid work. I am sorry your daughter has been so difficult. She has issues with your partner and her education and future career. You want her to do better and study harder but also worry about losing her. There is a lot of Aquarius-Leo in this combination of charts and you are up against her peer group; her friends; her internet networks. Aquarius rules friends and groups as you may know. Leo is the Queen of the court. She is falling in with the court, who are rebellious – not only towards their parents, but also towards teachers and authorities in general (politicians). You are playing out the Leo side of the spectrum, quite rightly wanting loyalty and obedience, but from someone who has chosen her age group/peers rather than you. So it’s not personal. You’ll find a vast number of teenage girls doing much the same thing, and it can be very frustrating to want the best for your child but find yourself unable to steer her. There are some creative ways through the Leo-Aquarius maze, which will in fact come up repeatedly in 2022, 2023 and beyond. Your IC-MC axis is there so you actually understand it quite well, yourself. The IC or Immum Coeli is your ancestry, roots, family tree, heritage and culture. Your MC is your highest achievement – your quest for the pinnacle of accomplishment. It’s not always your career. She also has her IC-MC axis in these signs, so I suspect you are both acting out something your ancestors did too. Have a look at the family tree. You may find Aquarian groups in there (trade unions, army units, the navy, the air force, grassroots political movements, clubs, sports teams) but also evidence of leaders (captains, generals, managers and so on). The Aquarius-Leo challenge is to do what is best for the group, which has a shared vision, by offering good leadership. You cannot lead her friends; you are the wrong generation. Yet, you can tune into her group/groups and find out what works. You cannot control her friends but you can introduce her to friends who want to succeed, or friends who are studious. As your ancestors are locked into this, I suggest lighting a candle and asking them for help. You have to keep the people happy, and the people in this case are teenagers, who are a different kettle of fish. At the same time, you cannot let the people trample over what you have worked so hard to achieve, which is parenthood. Sometimes your subconscious mind knows the answers but you have to trigger it through hypnosis. I also suggest you try the Paul McKenna hypnosis sessions on YouTube, which are free. I’ve had good results with readers who suddenly see some answers. One last point: do not try to control her appearance. She will be experimenting with that for years.

  65. Hi Jessica

    I only have the south node in Leo, what does that mean? Thanks Julie

    1. The South Node in Leo is automatically opposite the North Node in Aquarius, and both the lunar nodes describe your past lives, your karma, your purpose for reincarnation this time around, and any unresolved issues with people in this lifetime. The Leo-Aquarius polarity describes lives spent as members of a group, team, court, circle, club, community or similar – dealing with the realities of having a ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ figure at the top. You have also done it the other way and found that you are the leader, with a circle of followers. This can happen in the forces, so there may have been a past life in the army, navy or air force. Knowing both sides, you find yourself better able to deal with these issues about solidarity, loyalty, leadership – but also betrayal, jealousy and even mutiny – in this life. It doesn’t have to go that far, of course, but Leo can attract the wrong sort of people and the worst sort of behaviour, as those who are obliged to pay court, offer up service and be part of the circle can occasionally rebel. Aquarius can also play out some characteristic themes. It can be very hard to be part of a community, a team, a network – dedicated to the pure vision of something good for all of you – when there is some kind of despot or tyrant at the top! These are really the extremes of Aquarius-Leo Nodes, but they may belong to the past. The occasional odd dream may reveal what your past life was. In this lifetime, your quest is to pull together both Nodes, so that you are the contented follower of an outstanding and well-loved leader, or the admired ‘Queen’ of a court where people feel blessed to be of service.

  66. Hi, Jessica. I hope your days are beautiful and you are feeling the same, because you are! I am not sure if you’re still answering Q’s here before the meetup, hope it’s worth a try. Mine is about all of it. I have the summer (in Chicago) off, but haven’t been enjoying any of it. I am trying to enjoy the moments taking care of my father/parents, but it’s becoming my primary living situation to the point where I’m living like a hermit. I need the “group”, I need to find a passion again, I need to start dating, I need something more to live a happier existence. Please help guide me with my chart and help me understand when this can begin for me, when will I move forward to making my life needs come first. Is this LEO weather going to help? Is there anything psychically you can offer? Whatever it is, thank you! 😉

    1. You have some karma to complete with your father and parents but it does not last forever. The Leo weather is about them and their parental relationship with you (for them) as much as it is about your need for a date. Chicago summer is also pandemic summer and dating is hard for everyone. Get to friendship before you go to romance. You have a great need for a group, correct, and one is waiting for you by Christmas.

  67. Thank you for your kind advice and feedback. If you wouldn’t mind clarifying your comment “I do wonder if there have been episodes with work where you felt you did not see/could not possibly know the extent to which you were responsible for others’ highs and lows in the film business and if that has not, at some point, blocked you. Fortuna steers fate for others, blindfolded.” Does that mean something I did unwittingly impacted other people for worse and that in turn, somehow ended up blocking my own success? Or do you mean something else?

    I hear your comment on the 6th house. I did pray on how to align my work with the Devine and this is what I came up with, another reason I’m loathe to leave film as a caters. But, I also hear what you’re saying about working yourself to death, which is sort of what’s required in the marketing/ publicity aspect of the film industry. It’s part of why I wanted to do something different in film, something more creative, because I didn’t feel like I could advance in what I was doing and I was only giving my time and energy toward promoting others. So what was there to promote me and nourish me? If you’re constantly responsible for promoting others and putting others forward how do you get recognition yourself. I felt it was an issue for female executives especially. So, I yndeestand your comments to say whatever industry you go into, you have to figure out how to both take care of yourself and do your job. And more importantly how to protect yourself by not overextending but still advance in your career. It’s the creativity and spark that attracts me to this field. So what is the issue and how do I resolve it?

    You also say, “you are spinning your wheels because you’ve not done the radical thing required to get yourself out of it.” Could you please clarify that as well? What is the radical thing?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes, unwitting influence is what Fortuna describes. Your industry is transforming and you are yet to make the radical change, that requires. You will know it when you see it.

  68. Hi Jessica,

    How will Leo Weather affect me? I have the South Node in Leo 14° in the 12th house. It is in opposition to Mars in Aquarius 13°.

    Thanks you!

    1. Cristina, you have Leo-Aquarius karma from at least one past life. You have been a leader in a group and had to deal with the classic Henry V dilemma – heavy lies the head that wears the crown. Being responsible for people in the circle or team, dealing with issues about loyalty, but also coming to see the beauty of a worthwhile group with a natural hero/heroine in charge. The Mars opposition to the South Node and conjunction with the North Node suggests the army, navy or air force (if the past life was 20th century) or older forms of warfare, if further back. You will have an echo of this in August. Time to remember what you once knew and who you once were.

  69. Hi Jessica,

    I have DESC (06°) and Apollo (04°) at Leo. Do I have a chance of having a relationship and becoming a mother again, my 2 sons are with my ex husband. Thanks

    1. You need to be free and independent, more than you need another marriage. Does that surprise you? It’s true until 2026. You may want to look at ways of being with another person which give you more room to move.

  70. Hi Jessica,

    I am planning to put my house on the market the beginning of Aug. Does the astrological weather seem right to do this and will the sale go well?

    Thank you!

    1. Property is Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio so you want useful transits in Pisces, Virgo, Cancer – actually. We have a sensational Pisces transit from Christmas 2021 into 2022 but that is too late for you. The Virgo weather in August will certainly help you as it hooks nicely into Cancer (actual property), Taurus (cash negotiation) and Scorpio (bank loans). This is as true for others as it is for you. It continues in September.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    My birth chart:

    Sun is 28 Libra 14′ 38″
    Moon 22 Virgo 32′ 46″
    Rising sign is Pisces
    The only Leo aspect in my chart is Minerva 29 Leo 07′ 22″

    Will this Leo weather /cycle make my employment search any easier or more successful?
    What about dating?

    Many thanks!

    1. Elizabeth, your best dating chances in 12 years arrive from May 2022 so next year is a happy hunting ground. If you want a job now, use your Virgo Moon in August Virgo weather. The trick is being of service; fulfilling your duty; having a healthy lifestyle which supports very hard work; putting others first; perfecting the tiny details of your craft or skill. The world craves Virgo types to make the wheels go around so if you can prove you will do that for someone, you will be hired no later than September.

  72. Jessica
    Just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for your generosity particularly, during these challenging times globally. Your insights, openness and guidance helps so many people. This new way of connecting is something we will all need to master to stay connected. For some of us it may take a while to adapt and adjust but I guess change is the only constant and embracing it, experimenting with it and getting comfortable is the way forward. The zoom session was fabulous and the discussions, questions and answers of other people’s questions widened the perspectives for me. You have answered my questions in the past and I really appreciate the time you take to do that and I am grateful that I am a member of your community.
    Thank you
    Linda x

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that on to Alicia, Stephanie and Natalie and to Asporea who produce the YouTube events. It is a very new way of connecting but as you say, Linda, it widens the perspective!

  73. Hi Jessica, I really enjoyed your session this morning. I did ask a question / make a statement in the comments of the zoom call about some negativity I’m getting from my current boss about the new role I’m going to – I was included on an email I wasn’t meant to receive saying that he thought I was over egging my new role.

    I must admit I’m feeling a little down and starting to second guess myself. I’m going from a role where I’ve been held back and felt like no one could see me to a much larger organisation, in a more senior role with more money. I can see why I’d be getting some negativity from where I currently am – despite being held back I am very much respected and valued by the leaders and I’m sure my boss would be getting some questions as to how this happened. But now I’m also starting to get concerned that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’ve pulled a few tarot cards and I got the 5 of coins and 10 of swords and I can only hope they are referring to what’s happening now as I transition out of the role and not what I have to look forward to in the new role. As a single parent with a mortgage I really did try to be careful to make a good, safe move, to a place where I will be valued and can stay for a long time. It’s taken me a year to find something that felt right and I until yesterday I was so excited about the new job.

    Coincidentally, the meditation session on confidence with Natalie was great and very timely with me starting a new job on 24 August. As I mentioned, my last day is 17 August and will be some interesting aspects that day to my natal chart.

    Any insight would be very much appreciated.

    1. With the Tarot, try to set deadlines and timelines otherwise the cards will show you the never-ending long future. You need to be clear about the question, too, rather than hoping they suggest a particular answer. Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot is crystal clear and a strong source of accurate guidance if you go in with the right mindset. So rather than pull a few cards, just pull one. One is all you need. If you are single parenting with a mortgage then you need no-nonsense advice on work and money. Go back and see if you get the same cards. And do use Natalie’s self-confidence meditation with the new role. You are in deep Virgo weather then and the key is a commitment to duty and service to others, in fine detail, perfecting the task as much as you can…the cards may also validate that.

  74. Hi Jessica,

    Happy Leo season, if I remember correctly it’s your birthday coming up, so many happy birthday wishes.
    Could you give me some insight into this area of my chart. My son has been an area of concern for me as he has had problems with low self esteem, depression as is being tested for ADHD and Autism. He is sad because he was rejected by his school and his misses his friends. My concern is also about the future of my relationship to his father. I have been looking for a way out of our relationship but I’m afraid I could make matters worse for me and my son.


  75. Hi Jessica,

    I was looking forward to the Leo weather event, but unfortunately, I was riding in a car and could not listen to it, I hope the zoom part is recorded and will be posted soon. I’ve had a sad story in regards to children some years ago and now that I read astrology I am thinking maybe that was because of my Saturn and ceres at the same degree. Could you please have a look at my chart and tell me how my life will be affected in the near and far future in this leo weather, I have Ceres at 26° Leo and Diana at 24° Leo plus factors in Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. Many Thanks, be well-Aylin

    1. I am sorry you missed our Leo weather event Aylin, but the YouTube program is up permanently, of course – and we’re having a look at the Zoom footage later to see if we can edit this into a recorded show for you. I am sorry you have had a sad time with children. Yes, Ceres square Saturn from Leo and the Fifth House can show up as difficulties with becoming a parent, or just being a parent. Let’s go straight to your pure Leo factors. Ceres at 26 Leo, Diana at 24 Leo, are very close. In combination, this is a paradox. You want to use up your entitlement to parenthood, or being an aunt, godparent, grandmother, stepmother – you demand to have your natural control of this – you don’t see why you cannot do what you were born to do, and be a kind of supermother/powerhouse of productivity where babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults are concerned. At the same time, Aylin, you don’t want to have children or be married. Diana is a symbol of independence, freedom, non-commitment, wildness, autonomy and space. So you are at odds with yourself and could be making choices about love, sex or parenting, step-parenting that meet that conflict. Nothing happens, or things happen, but in a complicated way. Sometimes the body gets involved so you end up with some really difficult challenges, just from your own health perspective. So far I have given you the problem and not the solution. The solution is creative. You need to find a way to have a younger generation in your life, which you deserve (you are a natural Queen to a younger court. You were born to mentor, lead, guide, set an example). Yet, how do you do that without getting married and giving birth? Is there a third way or a different way? Have a look at the Tarot and ask some questions in that direction. Your best opportunity in years to get the core of what you want and need (but perhaps in an unusual approach) is from May 2022 as Jupiter enters Aries and trines your Ceres and Diana. Just bear in mind there is no perfect solution or easy way. You do have Saturn in opposition to Ceres and Diana later, and many years later – Pluto. So none of this is a walk in the park, but if you like the challenge of a mountain – it’s here.

  76. Hi Jessica,
    Looking back to the very upsetting events from 2017, I realise that probably some of them were related to the eclipses that were very close to my natal planets.
    I have Sun and DC at 0 Aquarius
    Moon at 13, 31′ Aquarius opposing Saturn at 14 Leo
    Pallas at 28 Leo
    I had to leave my carrier at the beggining of 2018, that was coused by the decisions from 2017, my mother was very sick and died in September 2018.
    I had many carrier proposals in 2018, but I started the job on the eclipse of July 27th 2018 and it was not a good decision. It was also close to an eclipse on January 21st 2019 when my carrier has changed.
    Now I have Uranus square my natal Saturn ant Saturn square my natal Uranus at 11 Scorpio. At the same time I have extremely complicated and unpredictable situations at work and my father diagnosed the 4th stage cancer.
    When is this going to be over? Thinking about changing a job, but not shure if it’s a right time with current “horoscope”.

    1. I am so sorry your mother passed away in 2018 and your career was also so difficult then. Your father has also just been diagnosed with cancer. I completely understand why you want this all to be over. Okay, so this is not really about the Leo weather, but it is very much about the transit of Uranus (revolution, radical change) in Taurus in your solar Fourth House of family. You may want to put your career and work way down on the list as the issue is not that – it is your family circle and/or household. You say you have Uranus at 11 Scorpio in your chart, well it may help to understand that transiting Uranus in Taurus is exactly opposite, from 11 Taurus, for the first time in your adult life. I am sure you would like more certainty, stability and security from work at the moment, but your chart is suggesting that you focus on your father and also on other family members who can help you there. Both you and he are already trying to adjust and adapt to life without your mother. You have to think about your house or apartment situation, which of course comes back to income from work, too. Even if you own a property or have secure rent, there is still the question of the long-term future isn’t there. It is very important that you find a way to renew, recreate, rethink the relationship with your Dad. You may have to invent your path. I recommend you see how other people have handled serious illness and bereavement with a parent and find allies and supporters who can help you lean on them. You are not alone in this. Your horoscope suggests to me that you may be deflecting the feelings about your family and especially your father, onto work. Your career is a good distraction from the real issue, which must absolutely be the ongoing experiment with ‘the new family’ and particularly the quite radically different situation with your Dad. You can’t be expected to give time and space to that alone without help so make sure you have at least one other relative taking the load even if it is the last thing you thought would happen. I also think you would benefit from Me Time. With Jupiter in Aquarius August-December 2021, the opportunity is there. A new look? Why not. A new name or image, even just online? Why not? In the meantime if you have not already organised your mother’s legacy completely and/or your father’s legacy, as well as your own legacy to others, now is the time. You only get one Uranus-Uranus opposition in your Eighth House of finance, property, possessions once in your adult life and it is wise to have something in place which is as flexible as possible – allowing plenty of wiggle room. I hope this works out for you, as best as it possibly can.

  77. Hi Jessica,
    You might have seen my question but I couldn’t see a reply. I read this article and thought of my son. I would really appreciate if you could give me some insight as he has been a concern for me. He has been suffering with low self astern since high school and is being tested for ADHD and Autism. He is sad because he was rejected by his school and his misses his friends. My concern is also about the future of my relationship to his father. I have been looking for a way out of our relationship but I’m afraid I could make matters worse for me and my son.
    Thanks you Jessica and happy birthday wishes

    1. I’m just sitting down to answer the questions now, with a cup of tea – the birthday is well and truly at an end, but thank you! I am sorry your son has to be tested for ADHD and Autism. (At the same time, some of my best friends are…) Yet it is something I’m sure you’d prefer to skip, if you possibly could. With Mars at 13 Leo in the Fifth House, you would fight for your son, and already have. Chiron is at 12 Taurus, almost exactly square, so you will see what you can get away with, in terms of money, possessions, property – in order to battle for him. That would not happen all the time, just when the square is triggered by cycles passing through. Vesta at 14 Taurus is also almost square Mars, and this is a symbol of ‘many females competing for the approval/attention of one male’. I have seen this with children and do wonder if your mother (say) or your mother-in-law is there too, or perhaps female friends, sisters, female godmothers, aunts and the like. It’s good to be aware of issues like Vesta in the chart so you can sidestep the usual competition between women that can happen if one man (even a little boy) is at the centre. You have Fortuna at 22 Leo so you spin the wheel of fate and fortune for him, without knowing what you are doing. She is at the helm of destiny but blindfolded. It’s neither negative nor positive, it just means you present highs and lows with no insight about the impact. Now, normally none of this is a particularly big deal, but as you were in Leo weather for years, it is only now, in August 2021, that you are beginning to be aware of what was hidden in plain sight, especially in 2017, which was a major eclipse year in Leo. This is uncovering and recovering time. You can and will get to the bottom of it. You do have to lean hard on the right professionals but also supportive friends and allies in 2022, but from 2023 Saturn will slowly start to move off Aquarius (in opposition to Leo) and it will be some years before Pluto comes along to 13 Aquarius, in opposition to your Mars. It’s so far off it’s not even worth thinking about now, but as it will reveal another possible battle for/about your son, and because we’ve just seen that there is a financial angle, I strongly recommend trying to go your own way, independently, with your budget for him – as much as you possibly can. That way the stakes are low and you have less to sort out. In general, what you are going through is short-term and I can see in your chart you will be supported by strong people, if you ask. The relationship with his father is shown in your chart by Libra/Seventh House and the zone of duets and duels. You have the Sun and Pluto there, in the sign of the scales (‘balance’ in French astrology) and I am sure you know all about that. In fact you are at your brilliant best when you negotiate symmetry, harmony, justice, fairness and balance with the other side, be it your child’s father, or any other person in a duet or duel. You can learn a great deal about what to do/what not to do by looking at Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House and all that involves. It will help you a great deal with strategy and tactics. Something that occurs, when looking at your chart, is that you do not want to hang every warrior instinct, every passion, every emotion just on one human. Especially a much younger human who is yet to really develop. There will be days when that is really tempting to do but it may be useful to find something/someone else to use your superb practical gifts on. You are can-do and need an outlet for that. You will also feel better because you’ll get faster results, sometimes from other concerns you take on board. You are one of nature’s jugglers.

  78. Hello, Jessica.

    I hope it is not late to ask a question.

    Could you look at my chart please? I have Venus at 19 Leo and Minerva at 5 Leo. I also have a stellium in Aquarius.

    My child is very different from the child I used to be. He doesn’t like new things/person, at nursery he heavily relies on a key person but when he leaves the nursery, he will say “I don’t want to see you tomorrow “ to the key person. he doesn’t like to play outside but with toy cars inside the house. On the other hand, he seems to be very aware of surroundings and seems to understand situation well. He doesn’t like other young children and it seems because they don’t care someone else’s space (of course they don’t!)

    I’m worried that I am doing something wrong to him that he is not open minded person from such a young age. Maybe I did something wrong that he doesn’t have confidence…

    It is a good timing to read this post as I should be able to use it to have long lasting effects. Will I understand what he needs from me? My child was born on 1st June, 2018.

    Could you read my chart and give me some insights please? Even if it’s not about child, I’d like to know it.

    Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this with your son. You have Venus and Minerva in Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood, and at 5 and 19 degrees, pretty widely spaced. You have a long transit of your natal Fifth House of children, in other words. In your solar chart, as a Sun Virgo, you also have Pluto in your solar Fifth House, so this is the same story told twice. To begin with the obvious question, have you taken the lad to your doctor? The astrology clearly shows hard work in 2021, 2022 and part of 2023. That hard work may be because of his personality; a stage he is going through – or he may have a condition which a medical professional needs to look at. Never blame yourself or feel guilty; always look for the facts first. Fortunately Minerva in Leo is ‘wisdom about children’ quite literally so you were born with quite deep insights into the world of children, teenagers and young adults. You will resolve the issue with willpower and self-control. This will empower you and give you control. The ‘how’ of the rules you need to learn is down to sheer knowledge, research and solid advice. You are not the only person going through this sort of situation and you are not alone. If you are strongly Aquarian, then support and even the answer (that would be a relief) will come from a new or old friend within a larger group, like Mumsnet, or the school PTA. This does not last forever but you do need answers. Let’s hope it’s just a phase. He is very small, isn’t he, and it may just be down to Extended Toddler Syndrome – but if you can organise an in-person or Zoom consult with a GP first it would set your mind at rest.

  79. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for the Zoom Leo event.

    The question I posted in the Zoom chat regarding flow aspects to Aqua and Aries is pasted below, in case you have time to respond. Thanks again.

    “Thanks for this Jessica. I have a few factors in Aqua and Aries, including Jupiter @ 20 Aqua and Ascendant @ 14 Aries. I’m planning to launch a tutoring business for teens and wonder whether you have any tips about launch dates? Should I want till next month’s Leo New Moon? Thank you : )”


    1. The Leo New Moon will work really well for you, LT as it falls against the background cycle of Mercury (education, internet) in Leo (teenagers). You have Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House and transiting Jupiter has just gone back into the Eleventh House, so I suggest using social media like Twitter; local community groups; old and new friends. Double your luck. From April 2022 you may want to rebrand and relaunch and put your own face forward, and your name – with a new spin. Jupiter will then be in Aries and very much on side, as he slowly moves towards your image-conscious Ascendant. Your real name, LT, not seen here, is an exact match for Aries – that is the gemstone.

  80. Dear Jessica Adam’s,
    Thank you again for your wonderful article on the Leo weather. Very insightful indeed. I was curious to ask if it may be at all possible to offer some support when reflecting on my natal chart as I believe to have a lots of factors present in Leo which includes Hygea, Juno, Minerva, Mars, Chiron and Moon. I seem to be experiencing themes of health and hospital at the moment but not sure where to turn as I am aware to have Fortuna in Aqaurius being conjunct by Saturn. Sorry if what I am to have written seems vague at all but any words of support, guidance and insight shall be greatly appreciated. Take care, kindest regards, Bea

  81. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you again for your wonderful article on the Leo weather. Very insightful indeed. I was curious to ask if it may be at all possible to offer some support when reflecting on my natal chart as I believe to have a lots of factors present in Leo which includes Hygea, Juno, Minerva, Mars, Chiron and Moon. I seem to be experiencing themes of health and hospital at the moment but not sure where to turn as I am aware to have Fortuna in Aqaurius being conjunct by Saturn. Sorry if what I am to have written seems vague at all but any words of support, guidance and insight shall be greatly appreciated. Take care, kindest regards, Bea

    1. You are strongly Leo, Bea, living through Leo weather. At some point you will have to figure out if you want children or not, and what role children, teenagers or young adults are to play in your future. Being conscious and clear about that can make a difference to issues like health, for example. You may decide you want to be ‘the good aunt’ or ‘the fairy godmother’. In other cases you may want babies very much or be prepared to adopt. These questions are more important in Leo Weather which runs until the end of August. This isn’t relevant to hospital, unless the condition you are admitted for, prevents you from having children. Then, of course, it’s absolutely central. Finding out how you are to teach, mentor, guide, influence or set an example to the young will change your life, once you commit to it.

  82. Hi Jessica,

    Firstly thank you for another interesting article as always. I was reading over the article again and it most definetly jumped out at me more so this time around. I would love some insight from you.
    I have Leo Minerva 13° – Leo Midheaven 29° – Leo Vulcano 29°.
    Also Aquarius Moon 14° – Aquarius Psyche 15° – Aquarius Hygeia 15° – Taurus Mercury 5° – Taurus Cupido 15° – Taurus Apollo 15° – Scorpio Mars 17°.

    Stay healthy and safe.


    1. Thank you. You are strongly Leo and live in the Fifth House. Every chart is like an estate with twelve houses. You reside in some more than others and if we were to open the door of the Fifth House we would find your godchildren; projects involving children or teenagers; pregnancies that did (or did not) happen; sons and daughters; nieces and nephews; paid or unpaid involvements with those young enough to be your own children. You have quite a fixed chart, with Aquarius/Taurus/Scorpio/Leo so have fixed views on the part that children will or will not play for you. You either definitely want them, say, or definitely don’t want them – as you grow older. Strongly fixed sign people tend to dig in with fixed views as they age. By the end of August you will realise what was kept from you, or what you did not see, regarding a key child or young adult.

  83. Hi Jessica, I’ve really enjoyed learning about the eclipses and this Leo weather information and thank you very much for your all previous replies!
    I was in a relationship during the recent eclipse years and have noticed that a lot of the upcoming Leo weather aspects will trigger both our charts, but am unsure about the storyline(s) could be. I was hoping you could shed some light on what they all mean? I’m wondering if I should brace myself for some kind of a shock revelation, come-back or some kind of final closure?! He has Sun and Chiron in 9 Aries and Mars in 10 Capricorn while I have Jupiter in 9 Scorpio (I believe this is relevant to astro-weather on 1st, 2nd and 9th Aug 2021?). I have Psyche in 16 Virgo and Minerva in 16 Pisces and Mars in 16 Libra (relevant to 8 August 2021). I coincidentally also met him on the 8th August so assume whatever unfolds over the next month is probably to do with this particular old flame! He has Pluto in 28 Virgo (pinging the 11th August), Mercury in 27 Aries (pinging the 20th August 2021) and Moon in 29 Taurus (so pinging the 22nd August 2021). I have Diana in 28 Libra and Apollo in 29 Libra. He also has 3 Leo factors: Apollo 24 Leo, Hygeia 4 Leo and South Node in 22 Leo. There are also some more aspects – 1 degree off those Leo aspects you listed, that I can see in both our charts – do they mean anything or relevant? I’d love to know what you can see for me and thank you for your insights and advice!!

    1. Thank you. No need to brace yourself about revelations. Basically something or someone was in plain sight and you never saw it. I will give you an example. A reader (Sun in Leo) had a chain of eclipses in her solar First House of appearance. During those eclipse years she had skin cancer on her face and never saw it. She only just got alerted to it by her doctor who removed it. It was staring her in the face (her own face) in the mirror and the return of Leo Weather in July, has woken her up. You and this person share a huge amount of karma, so for an old flame, he still delivers emotional heat for you. He is also your astrology teacher because poring over his chart is teaching you how to use the horoscope. Is that his function in your life now? Well, it’s part of it. He has the South Node in Leo so he is here to explore parenthood, but also alternatives to parenthood. I suspect the story across those eclipses was about being a father (or not). The South Node at 22 Leo is not only crossed by these current Leo transits (like the Sun in August) it is also under opposition from Saturn at 22 Aquarius, over the short term. Saturn will automatically be in conjunction with his North Node at 22 Aquarius in his Eleventh House of friends and groups. I think the issue for him is any of these – fertility, unplanned pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, adoption – and sometimes just the secret need to avoid being a parent at all. It’s karmic. He has been faced with all these issues in one or more previous lifetimes and come back to deal with it, once again. You have the North Node at 22 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, in exact aspect. So you also have karma, around the issue of starting a family, and dealing with your own family. You two found each other to explore that.

  84. Thank you for your advice, Jessica.

    I thought my tough time are going away! I had really tough time from since he was born, perfectly aligned with your prediction. But I thought slowly it is going away, and from 2022, I will have more time… oh, dear. Thank you for your practical advice, too. He is alright. I think it’s me who weren’t ready for such a strong willed small person.


    1. We all have Saturn in our chart somewhere and that’s the work we have to do in life. So you are not alone. Everyone has a person, situation or organisation which stretches them – so much. On the plus side, you will love what 2022 brings with meditation, Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis, dream coaching, Buddhism or healing.

  85. Hi Jessica,

    I am really trying to wrap my head around how exactly to interpret the degrees, factors etc. I have ASC in Leo at 18 degrees in my birth chart data, and just hoping that someone can help me make sense of what this may mean with regards to the Leo weather?

    Thank you SO much in advance 🙂

    1. Sure, astrology is a different language and it takes time. I can’t see your birth chart, so you are not logged in, but if you have an Ascendant in Leo at 18 degrees, you project a Leo image. Your profile is Leo, Crystal. No matter who you are on the inside, you present a brand which is ‘Queen to a younger court’ so you may have children and super-parent them. You may be a children’s author, like J.K.Rowling or Beatrix Potter (both Leo). You may have much younger siblings or relatives and lead them, guide them, mentor them. Being Queen to a younger court can also show up in paid professions like teaching, or unpaid volunteer work (like the Brownies or Girl Guides). I hope you are getting a feeling for your Leo ascendant. What it means to have an Ascendant at 18 degrees of Leo, is basically that when the transiting Sun also reaches 18 degrees of Leo in August 2021, you will be in the spotlight or public eye for a day. It will involve your ‘queen’ role to your heirs, or pretenders to the throne, or the younger court in your life. You may, for example, be invited to an engagement party for a young woman who is your new boyfriend’s cousin. You’ll be the star of the party even though most of the guests are half your age. Or – you may be asked to become a godmother to a friend’s new baby.

  86. Hi Jessica
    It has been a trying few months for me. Will it soon be over? Any solution re my career path & study & work. Thank you. Leo

  87. hi Jessie
    I’m thing of studying nursing. GOOD outcome? I try really hard applying myself with mediocre returns. ThanQ. Leo

    1. You probably have Virgo planets which is common in nursing. Virgo is the next sign along from Leo so the chances are high. If so, that will tell you more about your potential as a nurse.

  88. Hello Jessica, hope this finds you and the team well. Site looks great! congratulations. So I was not going to post a question but wow I have a lot of potentially positive things happening right now and wonder if it has to do with my Nodes in Leo/Aquarius? First I am starting a romantic relationship that seems to have a lot of potential (I am single now); and there are some very positive career developments that may tempt me away from the company I’ve worked at for two + decades. Would appreciate any thoughts or counsel – many thanks as always!

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. Yes, your Leo-Aquarius nodal axis is being transited by the Leo weather. It is very much about children, pregnancy, babies, younger potential in-laws and the next generation. So, the reason your new relationship is so timely is that you are with someone who must figure out his/her path with younger people, at the same time that you do. If you want the same things, nature will take it course. If neither of you want children, for example, it may be that you are content to have his/your much younger cousins or godchildren, take up that role. If you do want a baby though, and so does the other person – it’s game on.

  89. Hi Jessica:

    I am a Leo and recently celebrated my birthday. An annual, jarring wake-up call.

    The nouns that best describe my life? Stasis. Stagnation. Limbo.

    I’ve never “fully launched”. Never stepped off square one. I’ve always struggled to discover what my true and right work is. What my life’s purpose is? I look at everyone else and wonder, how are they affording this or that, how are they so successful, etc.

    I’m not a “deep thinker”, or very philosophical. But I do possess an advanced degree from one of the world’s leading universities – a degree that I’ve never fully used in the “real world”. For some reason, and one I can’t explain, I just stopped pursuing or advancing in my field of study.

    In my life, I generally default to what’s the most “reasonable” at any given time and tend to focus intensely on worst-case scenario outcomes. Any changes that do happen, are usually due to “critical” circumstances, with my response being some sort of fancy maneuvering to maintain the status-quo.

    I’ve managed to somehow become very comfortable with the lowest common denominator.

    For far too many years now, I’ve been sidetracked and have languished in a job that I don’t find any satisfaction in and that pays me very little (+/- 30% of the real-market value) – a job that I, quite frankly, had a major hand in developing. Nobody’s making me remain in this job.

    I’ve squandered my prime, professional earning years, failed to plan for retirement (I have nothing at all set aside), failed to achieve financial independence and security, and have not achieved any personal or professional success whatsoever.

    I suffer from a lack of self-esteem, confidence, and faith. I fear change – and it might be that I also fear success.

    I’ve never married and don’t have kids (never wanted any), I continue to live with my elderly parents (late 80s) and a sibling – never having established my own identity or independence.

    Many of my contemporaries are either retired and very well-settled or heading there fast. Of course, I can’t work “forever”, nor can I depend on my parent’s fixed incomes for too much longer to help buttress my personal income shortfall. There are no fail-safes or financial cushions in-place.

    I don’t know why or how my life got so de-railed. I have no decent excuse for any of this! It’s all kind of a mess…

    Luckily, I’m fundamentally healthy (hopefully for the rest of my life), I have no addictions (with the exception of caffeine) and I enjoy many convivial friendships and the support of my family.

    I need to somehow figure out how to make a huge windfall of money to help me establish a stable and successful present and future – whatever’s left of it.

    What is it that distinguishes me from everyone else? What are my unique gifts that I can contribute to the world and that will also best benefit me? What’s the right direction for me to head at this point?

    Most days, I feel that I don’t know how to spend my time or what to do? It all feels useless and I’m aimless.

    I was once advised to do “what makes my heart sing.” But I honestly don’t know what that is? No clue! Have never known.

    Funny thing is that most people think I have it all together, but in truth I feel like an utter fraud. My life’s a basic mess of my own creation.

    I need to do a complete 180. How can I do this?

    Unsure how astrology can illuminate this situation. If it can help??

    Any insights you might have would be so very appreciated!

    1. Your birth chart is showing as 31st July 2021, unfortunately, so you have either mis-typed the date, or the new website is playing up. I am sorry about this. I was quite ready to go into your chart in some detail and depth, but sod’s law – you’ll have to resubmit. Thank you.

  90. Hi Jessica:

    Thank you for making me aware of the birth date issue. I just submitted a support request to correct the “year”. All else appears to be accurate.

    I’d like to add a couple of other comments.

    If at all important, the 3 date ranges for my current job are: June 1997 – April 2007 || October 2008 – March 2009 || August 2013 – Present.

    The quote “do what makes my heart sing” was actually “do what stirs your heart”. It’s a subtle but perhaps important difference.

    Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. The dates aren’t so important with the current job. Doing what makes your heart sing/stirs your heart does matter!

  91. Thank you Jessica for so kindly taking the time to reply.
    Is it possible to come to Tasmania and study with you?

    1. I’m afraid we keep having COVID-19 scares in Sydney, New South Wales which make travel into Victoria and certainly Tasmania impossible. You are very welcome to study online. It’s often free, although the VAA event, The Virgo Weather, is ticketed. You’re welcome.

  92. Hi Jessica,
    How will this Leo Weather affect me? I have Minerva in 5 degree Leo R and Vulcano in 22 degree Leo R. Besides that I have Sun in Aries and Libra ASC.

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. You may already be seeing it. The issue will be a godson (for example) or a children’s charity. Perhaps an abortion in your past, or a new boyfriend’s abortion (in his past). It is very difficult to generalise without knowing anything about you. Are you straight, gay, lesbian, married, child-free, a parent and so on…Leo rules all these things in Leo weather. One way or another though, a momentous choice is coming.

  93. Thank you for answering me so thoroughly! The trine to Ceres in cancer is making me “read” my youngest son IF there is something dramatic going on around him. I get this anxious feelings from nowhere in my gut and boom in the next couple of days something terrible has happened at his school for example(when he was younger)I have two sons and two stepdaughters. But I am not so good at reading the girls? And my mother? Never read her before now at her old age. Difficult combination.
    Pluto in virgo in the sixth house always give me guilty feelings eating rubbish, but I still do 😉 – and my exercise routine is equal to zero these days.Never did much of it either apart from the years from 42/43/ til about 53/54. (and then I really did it). My body is too fragile and exhausted.
    Repressed feelings in the twelfth house is about abandonment issues and comments from my father and other males in my life I think.
    I will try to ask my subconscious to reveal if there is more issues or conflicts going on. Thank for your dream tip 😉 Will do!
    I have asked another question under “Virgo weather” about this virgo/pluto in sixth house placement coming up..
    Thanks a million, I will scan for matching degrees also! (and yes I am a matriarch;-)

    1. You may want to focus on your Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House before you even get to the children or other parts of your life. With that placement in your chart, you must absolutely have the lifestyle, daily routine and kitchen/bathroom set-up you need, to keep yourself running smoothly. A lack of exercise and rubbish food will take your power away. You actually become disempowered with work, housework (your whole day) if you give your power away to this/that/them/him/her and so psychologically even if you just do the most basic Virgo-style reshape by September you will be amazed at the difference. The diary is the key. Your dreams will help you. I suggest looking at Jane Teresa Anderson’s website; she is one of the world’s leading authorities.

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