Conjunctions: Sharing Exact Degrees in Astrology Charts

A conjunction (when two factors, in two charts, are the same degree and zodiac sign) shows you what the relationship is all about.

What does it mean when you realise that a family member, friend or regular lover has astrology chart factors at the same degree as something in your own birth horoscope? It’s a match, but does it show compatibility or conflict? Exact degrees are important.

When Your Astrology Charts Line Up

A conjunction (when two factors, in two charts, are the same degree and zodiac sign) shows you what the relationship is all about. The sign and house is the clue. Different planets at exact degrees in the same signs are rare but crucial.

A house in astrology is a life department – a space where you focus on particular issues and themes. A place where you ‘dwell’ in terms of your personality and destiny.

Examples of Houses and Signs

Princess Diana 4 - Conjunctions: Sharing Exact Degrees in Astrology ChartsFor example, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, had the Sun and Mercury in Cancer in her Fourth House, which rules the family, but also the nationality. She famously married into the Royal Family but was also powerfully affected by her own family and her parents’ divorce.

She was ‘very, very British’ and flew the flag for her country. Diana’s Sun was at 9 Cancer and Mercury was at 3 Cancer.  I’m sure you are wondering if Charles, Prince of  Wales, shared those exact degrees, in that sign. I’ll look at that in a moment. First, let’s consider a straightforward way to analyse your chart.

Your Astrology Chart is Like a Village

If you picture your chart as a village, with 12 houses spread over the landscape, with each of the zodiac signs on the front door, and then visualise your planets, points, asteroids and angles within those houses (see Venus as a beautiful woman, for example, or Uranus as an unpredictable tenant) you’ll start to get a feeling for your life and personality.

Now, imagine someone entering a house, who has a conjunction with you. The same zodiac sign and degree turns up in their chart too. Imagine that person as the planet in question (say) sharing your house with you and your planets. You’ll get a quick picture of the chemistry between you.

If that person is a family member, they were born in one of your houses. In fact, it would have been obvious from their first day on earth. Perhaps a new baby raised immediate issues about finances, in which case he or she may have shared exact degrees with you in the sign of Taurus (Second House of banking) or Scorpio (Eighth House of marriage and mortgage).

Charles and Diana

Diana, the Princess of Wales, should really have married a man who shared her zodiac sign degrees with her, for a happier home life; a better family relationship; a stronger sense of nationality. She was strongly Cancerian and ‘lived’ in her Fourth House. A man with exact degrees in Cancer, in the Fourth House, linked to her own might have lasted with her.

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90 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks a lot for this amazing conjunctions article. I am quite interested in articles and videos given by you. and following you for quite a long time. However, I am not native English speaker so find it difficult sometimes in understanding clearly. but still i always read and try to understand.
    when I look at my chart ..
    I find quite close conjunctions of factors in same house with very close degrees. like Saturn Venus and Uranus vulacano in sagittarius very close degrees.
    On the other hand, Neptune Pluto Mercury Aesculapia and Sun in Scorpio again very close degrees.
    Capricorn sign is also filled with conjunctions.
    I have huge emotional setbacks. and issues in my routine life with all my friends and close relations.. r there any issues with my chart i am very curious to know?? why is my life so complicated?? curious what changes in the whole world are going to bring for me?? Is there any ease is coming? I want to buy a house for my family any suggestions for investment in property? Investment in shares gave me big losses so not thinking of doing so again.. is jupiter giving me any good news? Now I am also afraid of self-promotion whenever I do while looking my jupiter sign I failed very badly..
    desperately waiting for any suggestions from your good self.
    Take care
    Thanks xx

    1. Thank you. I admire people who can speak and write a second language. You say you have a complicated life. You want to buy a house but you lost on shares. Let’s start at the beginning and scan your astrological chart. Panacea, Ops, the Ascendant and Vesta are all in Leo, all in the Fifth House, which describes your relationship with babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and Millennials. You are queen to a younger court. You say you have a family so I assume you are a parent. You are here to lead, mentor and guide the children. You will be in a good position to do that in the second half of 2022 and may also be influential with other people’s children or teenagers; other people’s Millennial offspring. Your Moon at 4 Sagittarius is perfectly trine your Ascendant at 4 Leo, so you are the world citizen mama, who is a born teacher and student. This works very well with your maternal image, or your role as a guide to younger people. This works for you all your life. You could actually teach languages, perhaps, or take a voluntary role imparting your wisdom to teenagers. There is a lot to work with there. If you want to earn from a new income stream that would be a good source for you. Jupiter moves to 4 Aries shortly and creates a stunning grand trine. That is your moment, if you want it.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I’m after an additional income stream aside from my babysitting job.
    As you mentioned once years ago, my role in life is to look after and write for children. I’m confused…being a mum is my absolute first mission in this lifetime but I don’t care much about writing for kids!
    Does this mean I’m destined to not earn additional money or have another purpose anywhere?
    I guess I’m hung up on what you mentioned all those years ago, lol!
    I can’t really think about anything else I’d rather be doing than being a mum… but I really need an additional income stream urgently! Do you see any fun work coming up for me that will bring in some extra cash?
    Thank you x

    1. You are a mother and babysitter and yes, you could write for children. Perhaps you think that means fiction. Actually, it is about remote learning and there is a new Zoom market for those who can entertain and/or educate younger people online. It is possible you can do that immediately without qualifications, but you may also gain from training so that you can attract a higher fee.

  3. This is so fascinating. I am going to start looking at all former jobs, ex-husbands, friends, houses I’ve owned, and places I’ve lived. Also will use it moving forward when deciding where to work, live, and who to associate with. Thanks for this amazing post!

  4. Help! This was sooooo interesting. I just bought my daughters chart. I already had my sons. One I get along with quite well and the other has been a challenge forever. My daughter and I have not spoken for years (her choice, not mine). While I have Saturn 21 Aquarius, she has her N.node 21 Aquarius. My south Node is 20 cap TP her Fortuna 20 Cap. And more:
    Me: Venus 09 cancer
    her: MC 09 Cancer
    Me: Neptune 12 Scorpio
    Her: Mercury 12 Scorpio
    My son and I have a very good relationship. He is easy for me to get along with and we are close
    Me: Pluto 10 Virgo
    Him: North Node 10 Virgo
    Me: moon 10 Taurus, Hygeia 10 Taurus
    Him: Diana 10 Taurus
    Me: Saturn 21 Aquarius
    Him: Sun 21 Aquarius
    (Remember my daughter N. node 21 Aquarius)
    He and I also have panacea and psyche 21 Scorpio
    And my 09 Scorpio psyche conjunct a his 09 Scorpio MC.
    Please shed any insight you can on these very important relationships in my life. Is there a software I can use to assist me to understand these dynamics better? I also would like to look at my husbands as we share 15 Gemini (my a esculpía to his moon)
    24 cancer (my Mercury to his Apollo)
    04 libra (my vesta to his Venus)
    Thank you so very much, Jessica!

    1. Stephanie Johnson’s AstroGold and Solar Fire software offers chart comparison – you can find her at if you like. If you and your daughter have not spoken for years, look to Mercury (communication) to begin the comparison. She has Mercury at 12 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, sex, death and property. You have Neptune at 12 Scorpio, in exact conjunction with her Mercury. This is about her house, apartment, bank account, valuables, business interests. Have you cut her out of your will? Has she cut you out of her will? That is a common outcome of this. Your Saturn at 21 Aquarius is also in opposition to her South Node at 21 Leo, which rules her children (should she have any) or her intention to become pregnant, adopt, become a stepmother – or not. That is another key issue between you. Your son is easier because you have the Moon at 10 Taurus, and she always shows your maternal instinct and role as mother. That Moon is perfectly trine his Pluto at 10 Virgo. Your best chance in years to shift the situation with your daughter will come in 2022 when Jupiter, the healer and helper, moves to 12 Pisces and creates a trine to your mutual 12 Scorpio placements. At that point it may be time to talk about money, property, valuables, charity. The situation with your husband is also fairly typical in that you have a conjunction in Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family, and another one in Libra, in the Seventh House of marriage. So it’s no surprise that you two got together. You may want to watch the Vesta-Venus conjunction, though, and to find out more, look up both those factors on Search. They can bring complicated relationships with other women or girls – I suspect, like your daughter.

  5. Hello Jessica – I hope you are well. Once again, your post is _very_ timely. I’ve been doing some reflecting on my love life the past week to prepare for eventually dating later in 2022, timing dependent on a possible job move and the pandemic. The best men I have been involved with are (a) Mr. Serious – a serious relationship I broke off a few years back for various reasons (still love him, still very close friends, no way we are getting back together for a number of reasons, including living in different countries), and (b) Mr. On and Off – a proven friend when times are tough, and a fantastic emotional and career support. Still, I’m considering distancing myself from him since if we haven’t become serious in five years (albeit a turbulent five years for us both), I’m assuming nothing will happen at this point. While it is a friends with benefits situation, his inconsistent attention is discombobulating and painful. I have Mr. Serious’ exact birth time, and know Mr. On and Off’s birth date. So, after reading this post, I compared placements between me and the two men, and the two men themselves. Both men have Mars in Sagittarius, Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto in Virgo, Vesta in Taurus, and Salacia in Capricorn, albeit all placements are at different degrees. Both men work in the same field I do and were born in the 1960s, so perhaps the overlap in their charts is not surprising.

    If you have time, please, my questions are:
    1. While these men are fantastic friends, I’m wondering if the similarities in their charts are signs of placements to be avoided, given my chart and desire for a committed relationship?
    2. Mr. On and Off has Mars 06° Sagittarius and Vesta 13° Taurus. I have Cupido 06° Sagittarius, Neptune 13° Sagittarius, North Node 13° Scorpio, and South Node 13° Taurus. Any significance? I appreciate it may be difficult to assess without his birth time and full chart.
    3. I really want to get my baseline life – health, career, finances including real estate ownership – in a stable place before pursuing a new committed relationship. My divorce in 2016 took a lot out of me health, financially and career wise. Any signs that stability may happen in the next 12 months?

    Finally, speaking of the pandemic, I recall your concerns about the Sputnik vaccine. The MD-PhD candidate of the following blog post argues the studies were faked:

    Thank you, as always, for any insights you can share.

    1. To begin at the end, thank you for the tip-off about Sputnik. It had an awful chart, for an important vaccine. Now, the romantic side of your life is really down to the man with Vesta at 13 Taurus, aspecting your chart exactly. He gets ego satisfaction, security or even material benefits from being the man in the harem. Be careful with him. He may have grown up in a family where he was the only boy, or had relationships where he was King Henry VIII with six potential wives running around. Have a look at Vesta on Search. You can get around it but it takes a lot of hard work, and this Vesta pattern is about the money, the house, the apartment, the valuables – even if you are not together – it looms in the distance. Women who fall in love with Vesta men either do not want to be married and have children (pretty common, if not conscious) or they are alpha females who want to compete with and beat other women, for whatever reason. In the former case it takes great awareness to realise that you are choosing to be in love with someone who is unreliable because you know perfectly well he will not get engaged to you, ever. (So you avoid the loss of freedom that comes with marriage). In the latter case, if you are not aware of your need to be better than another woman, or to triumph over another woman, it might be useful to get in touch with that. Vesta is big in the chart of Prince Andrew and Richard Branson. Both ‘harem’ men. So there is a lot there to figure out, just with this man alone. You are divorced and it took a lot out of you. Perhaps your subconscious mind does not want to go through that again so you have become attracted to a Vesta man! See what the Tarot tells you as well.

  6. Thanks Jessica, this is awesome. I bought my sons chart and he and I have so many degrees in common.
    Me: Moon Taurus 2
    Him: Mercury Cancer 2; Aesculapia Cancer 3
    Me: ASC/DEC Libra 17
    Him: Chiron Pisces 17; Vesta Libra 17; Saturn Scorpio 17; Ceres Libra 18
    Me: Sun Sag 16
    Him: Uranus Aries 15; Venus Taurus 16
    Me: Ops Scorpio 1
    Him: Moon Sag 1

    When I saw the Vesta placement I laughed out loud, as my son is the only male in a house of two women (me and my mom). Could you explain the other aspects to me? He is currently in therapy as his father is not involved and it affects him deeply. He has serious separation anxiety when away from me.

    1. You and your son do share exact connections in Cancer-Taurus (the money and the house or apartment) and also in Libra-Scorpio (the parental marriage, and again – the money or apartment/house). Melly, if his father is not involved because he will not pay for his child, that is already showing up in the chart. You need to be careful you don’t make your son your partner, though. That is always a risk with Libra placements when there is no marriage in the house. The two of you against the world is a very strong theme here, but if he becomes your other half as he grows older, neither of you will find it easy to obtain a partnership, yourselves. Separation anxiety is a sign of that even now. As he grows older, a best friend, or even a girlfriend/boyfriend, will fix that. So will your own pursuit of duets (whatever sort of duets they are). You both need to find ‘two’ somewhere else. That is also the case with your mother, as that’s not the answer either – Vesta can be quite hard work if that happens. Something as basic as tennis, or any two-way sport, can sometimes take care of those sorts of patterns.

  7. Thank you Jessica, your article about same numbers in the same sign is sooo amazing!
    I already recognized that my Leo man and I both have 22 Libra in our horoscope but some weeks ago I got his horoscope from you (30.07.60) and found much more in common.
    He: Venus 17 Leo
    : Proserpina 08 Leo
    Me: Uranus 17 Leo
    : Mercury 08 Leo

    He: Saturn 13 Capi
    Me: Salacia 12 Capi

    He: Pluto 4 Virgo
    : Apollo 3 Virgo
    Me: Pluto 3 Virgo

    He: Bachus 02 Libra
    : Moon 22 Libra
    Me: Aesculapia 02 Libra
    : Juno 22 Libra

    He: Ceres 25 Aquarius
    Me: Chiron 25 Aquarius

    He: Neptune 06 Scorpio
    Me: IC 07 Scorpio
    : Cupido 07 Scorpio

    We first met at March 1st 84 and dated for about a year.
    We met again in August 21st 20, living a whole life in between without any contact but similar experiences (big move, separation, child issues, money issues, depression) at similar times.

    In another personal prediction you wrote “I will get what I want” about March/April 2022 but struggles later relating to his ex.

    We are very much in love with each other, his move to Hamburg is planned for October 21 and he’ll be in HH as well at Thursday for about 3 weeks flat searching and celebrating my birthday and the 21st.

    Could you give me some insight please?

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards

    1. Thank you. The Scorpio, Libra and Leo connections between you are the real relationship or marriage indicators, Christiane. You will enjoy the trine from Jupiter at 6 and 7 Pisces, to your Scorpio connection – in 2022. That is an opportunity (Jupiter) not possible in 12 years to escape from the real world (Neptune) through sex and money, property and commitment (Scorpio, Eighth House). Juno in Libra is a marriage indicator. She was Jupiter’s wife, actually, and there are quite a few paintings of this famous couple together. This is a complicated relationship but it is passionate, intense and closer to what the poets and musicians call love, than most.

  8. Hi Jessica
    What does it mean when transiting fortuna conjunct your natal sun exact on cancer?
    Thank you!

    1. Transiting Fortuna usually shows up as person, organisation or situation which is random, powerful, and circular. She is the goddess who steers the ship of fate, with her rudder, and she wears a blindfold – so she does not know what she does. In Cancer, in your Fourth House, she is turning the wheel of destiny with your house, apartment, town, country, household and/or family. It may feel like the Wheel of Fortune, or a spinning wheel. Just when you are on top, you go down. Just when you are at rock bottom, you go up. Because she is on your Sun, it is all very public. The sun exposes, highlights and illuminates. So everyone can see what is going on. This does not last. Transiting Fortuna is temporary, but for a short time, you may be visibly caught up in the highs and lows, ups and downs, of family life. An obvious example is flux in the rental or mortgage market, or in the value of property prices. In Australia at the moment, it would be the random nature of the pandemic, as the state of Victoria reaches zero Covid cases, only to swing back to 11 cases the next day. As that happens, you can see why an entire household or family would be up and down!

  9. Hi Jessica, great article, and I am really enjoying the new website. I am curious because the Venus Neptune opposition this week is right on my south node in Virgo and north node in Pisces. Any thoughts on what that might mean for me? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The South Node and North Node reveal past lives as they work backwards through the zodiac signs, and backwards through time. This is the endless loop – Dragon’s Head eating Dragon’s Tail, eating Dragon’s Head – and so on. You can see it in the astrolabes that Chaucer knew, so this idea of an eternal circle of incarnations is very old. In India they call the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu. Same principle. The Indian or Vedic astrologers believe that the Nodes show karma. You would be strongly aware of the Virgo-Pisces karma in your life and personality at the moment, because the slow-moving planet Neptune is triggering that in your chart, exaggerated by Venus. Essentially Pisces and the Twelfth House is about religion, spirituality, meditation, dreams, psychics, the unknown parts of the brain or mind, alternative realities, distorted sensory experience, miracles, psychologists, psychiatrists and the subconscious mind. Sub means ‘below’ and we associate it with submarines – ruled by Neptune, which rules Pisces. Subliminal messages are Neptunian. It’s on that mysterious, hidden level, far below the surface of the conscious mind. So Pisces is fluid, enigmatic, somewhat unknown, intangible – yet compelling. Neptune and Pisces are powerful, and run the Vatican and the Roman Catholic church with all its money and clout, worldwide. They run the Big Pharmaceutical industries and also alcohol and illegal drugs. That has quite a pull on the planet. Virgo and the Sixth House, at the other end, is somewhat related. They both rule hospitals, doctors, nurses, surgeons and healers. Virgo rules health, fitness and mental health. Virgo rules your fitness for duty; your ability to serve and work, as dictated by your wellbeing. If you are a well-oiled machine then you can make the wheels go around for others – your clients, customers or employers. If there is a conflict about working, or even volunteering or studying, then this conflict may be expressed through poor health which prevents you from showing up. The Virgo-Pisces opposition in the chart usually shows one or more past lives along these lines. So, you may have been a nun or priest, a monk or bishop (Pisces, Twelfth House) but your health would have tested your faith (Virgo, Sixth House). I recently had a reader who was studying theology with a critical condition. He was living out Virgo-Pisces as he subconsciously did not want to be at university or indeed studying God – but his family had paid for him to do just that. They prayed for him and trusted God, meanwhile he was struggling. Your own life is your own life. I have no idea what you do, what you believe or how your health and wellbeing is, but as Neptune transits that Virgo-Pisces axis in your chart, you would have to expect people, organisations or situations which raise the question of God, or the Universe for you. Perhaps – your feelings about the pandemic; vaccination; immunity. Maybe – the pandemic’s effects on your part-time or full-time job, or studies. Virgo-Pisces is an expression of the pandemic we call COVID-19 because the virus is transmitted in mass religious gatherings where unmasked believers put their faith in their God. They invariably are infected. If you want to step back from the whole global situation with open eyes, using astrology, you would have to call it a mass unconscious rejection of workaholism. We have collectively and unconsciously summoned up this virus to stop working so hard, and to stop working at all. Why? Everyone born in the 1960’s has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, the sign of health/work and Neptune in Pisces is slowly but surely opposing that, in the charts of billions. People are sick (literally) of working for the man and so our subconscious has ordered a situation which will get us out of that. Job-sharing, working from home, or the three day week will beat Covid in the end. Not vaccines. That would be the astrological reading of this entire situation! Perhaps your life is a reflection of that in some way; Virgo-Pisces does operate at a very deep level, though, so it may only be your dreams that reveals what is actually going on. Do remember, write down and analyse your dreams. Jane Teresa Anderson is a very good guide.

  10. Is there still an effect of transiting planets on ones birth chart, when the position of a planet in the natal chart is one degree away? In the current weekly horoscope you talk about factors at 22 virgo and 22 pisces on 10th August. I being a cancerian have pluto and bacchus both in 22 virgo in the second house and the south node in 23 virgo in the second house and north node in 23 pisces in the eighth house. I wonder whether the nodes in my chart will still be affected on 10th August? Thank you for your tremendous devotion to you work which helps so many people!

    1. Thank you. Yes, we allow a one-degree orb (one degree’s difference). Astrology is based on Sacred Geometry, which we find in nature, architecture, mathematics and art. The stunning shapes are almost precise if you have transits or aspects at 22 Virgo and/or 23 Pisces. You have a 22/23 degree pattern right through your chart in several signs, and that’s enough of a tight gap, to register the impact of transits across either degree, actually. You’ll find this with other people who have planets or asteroids (say) at 22, 23 degrees of any sign. You will also notice the astrological weather as it sweeps over either of those degrees. Neptune at 22 Pisces is now triggering that whole pattern in your chart. Anyone with anything at 22, 23 degrees of any sign, in any house, will be experiencing people who are Neptunian: all over the place, all the time, no boundaries, an escape from the real world, a holiday from the everyday, a ‘trip’ but also potentially rather confusing or confused. You can get lost in such people and then find yourself in over your head. Organisations or situations which are Neptunian are characteristically: flooding, heavy fog, sea mist, boundary-free or border-free, eroding, melting, blurring – you get the picture. Neptune is easily contained and controlled. Think about sea walls or swimming pool maintenance and upkeep! Yet there is also something alluring about Neptunian people, organisations and situations as we live in an all-too-real world at the moment and Neptune takes you away from that.

  11. Thanks Jessica! You’re right, his father isn’t around (never has given a cent, nor he he even met his child).
    We struggle financially- but we always make it through miraculously (I’ve got Jupiter in Scorpio). I’d love to find a partner, but find it difficult to date.

  12. Thank you for your response. I have been having a few offers of different places to live (and some to work$ lately so I will just take it slow on decisions.

  13. Thanks for the reply. I had this question for quite some time. Regarding Neptune: I read your answer of the comment above @Colette and quite found myself in it. I studied theology after being with the buddhists and joining satsangs, but I am a teacher for fine art in school at the same time. To stay focused is very hard sometimes. I was completely overworked for some years and since 2017 I have a health concern to put it mildly. The neptunian impact in my horoscope might be reinforced by the fact, that the ruler of my north node house, Scorpio is also the sign my Neptune is in, in the fourth house. I am stunned by the precision of your words.

    1. Thank you. It can take time to sort out Neptune in the chart, but art is a good outlet. Balance is all. If you overdo Neptune you can end up all at sea, or in over your head. Neptune works best when restricted and channelled, just like real water. So – boundaries like firm scheduling for painting, say, or photography, can be a godsend.

  14. Hi Jessica, I have a quick question, if I may . Can we use 1° either side for what you’re teaching to be accurate?

    1. Yes, a degree of one orb either side works for aspects and transits, in modern astrology. It is all based on Sacred Geometry.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I have just had a relationship breakdown and our charts show the following:

    Me: Pluto 24 Libra, Vesta 24 Aquarius, Neptune 25 Sag, Chiron 25 Taurus, Sun 26 Gemini, Aesculapia 26 Libra.
    Him: Venus 24 Gemini

    Me: Mercury 7 Gemini, Mars 7 Libra, Fortuna 7 Aries, IC 6 Taurus, MC 6 Scorpio
    Him: Mars 7 Gemini, Sun 6 Cancer, Mercury 6 Cancer, Uranus 6 Virgo, Proserpina 6 Cancer, Pancea 8 Pisces

    Me: Nth N 13 Cancer, Sth N 13 Capricorn, Moon 13 Taurus, Proserpina 13 Leo, Pancea 13 Cancer, Minerva 13 Taurus, Ceres 13 Scorpio, Bacchus 12 Taurus, Hygeia 12 Leo
    Him: Diana 13 Cancer, Apollo 13 Virgo, Pluto 11 Virgo, Ops 11 Virgo

    Me: Juno 3 Capricorn, Vulcano 4 Aquarius
    Him: Sth N 2 Capricorn, Aesculapia 2 Leo, Minerva 2 Gemini, Asc 4 Virgo, Saturn 4 Pisces

    Me: Diana 18 Libra
    Him: Cupido 18 Gemini, Fortuna 19 Cancer, Chiron 18 Pisces, Hygeia 19 Gemini

    Me: Saturn 15 Libra, Cupido 16 Virgo, Salacia 16 Aquarius
    Him: Neptune 15 Scorpio, Vesta 15 Pisces, Psyche 14 Aquarius.

    I would appreciate any insights.
    Thank you

    1. I am very sorry. You have a Libra stellium in the Seventh House of duets and duels. Life is a balancing act for you but it does not always balance. You will spend your whole life in various duets with others, trying to get the scales to align and the see-saw to be symmetrical. There will be times when it is easy and very rewarding (a successful partnership) and times when no matter how hard you try, you cannot do it. Let’s talk about Pluto in Libra. You are a textbook romantic whom Jane Austen would have written about. You become obsessed with lovers and want to take them – sweep them away with you – but also control the relationship. You can take over a relationship which the other person feels most happy with, if it is just a couple of nights a week – and move your belongings in, or perhaps move all your emotional or sexual baggage in. That is Pluto in Libra. His Venus in Gemini wants to word-flirt and engage in pillow talk, which aligns beautifully with your chart, but it’s his lone Venus aspecting a slew of factors in your own chart, so the issue here for the other person may be ‘too much’. You two are great online (Gemini). However he has Diana (independence, liberty, freedom, space, non-commitment) in Cancer in the Fourth House of home life, so it is very unlikely they would be happy with a marriage with a white picket fence and 2.5 children. You also have Diana in Libra in the Seventh House, alongside Pluto, which is so interesting. You contradict yourself. You want to take him and take over the relationship but you also want to avoid commitment. Diana was the goddess who begged her father Jupiter to release her from the trap of marriage and motherhood, so he made her the huntress who only ever sleeps with men who are not active or engaged with life. Endymion slumbered, he was never her active partner. As if that was not enough you also have Saturn in Libra. What was your parents’ marriage like? The image in your head you have of love, sex, marriage and equality is really important. The style or structure of a partnership is really important. Not everybody does well in a bank advertisement relationship. Some people need something quite different. You will be able to heal/help yourself when Jupiter goes into Aries and opposes your Libra stellium. It won’t be easy but it will work. That’s not too far away. For now you need time out, space and a secure place to lick your wounds and hide away. This can and does become easier and with time out from everything you will come to see him as an education. I strongly, strongly recommend you stay offline regarding him if you can as his Mars on your Mercury at 7 Gemini is really fast to put fingers on the keyboard and it’s out of alignment with the emotions. Your best bet into the long-term future is to look at the different love styles/sex styles of people who have made it work in the real world, as half your problem is the structure or ‘shape’ you have chosen for your heart and soul to inhabit. What works for others will not work for you. You have to find your own set-up.

  16. Both me and my husband have IC at 22 degrees in Cancer. Also I have Saturn at 13 degrees Sagittarius and he has Uranius at 13 degrees Sagittarius. I am puzzled what does this mean as I am new to astrology. I would appreciate your explanation. Thanks

    1. It is unusual for two people to have the IC at the same degree and sign. You both have ancestors who come from a strong matriarchy. Classically, your mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers ruled. The Sagittarius link in the Ninth House is about foreign people and places, and how you both/either handle different cultures, nationalities and countries.

  17. Hi Jessica, I’ve been reading these comments with interest. I’ve often wondered if I have a past life connection with my son. The first time I made eye contact with him I felt an inexplicable jolt of recognition, and we have just always understood each other.

    Him: Sun 7 Libra
    Me: Pluto 8 Libra
    Him: North Node 25 Pisces
    Me: Sun 24 Pisces

    Any insights?

    1. Yes, the North Node and South Node in his chart are in aspect to your Sun. His North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo suggests a past life in a religious order (Pisces) when illness (Virgo) was handed over to God. I don’t know if your son has had a chronic condition in this lifetime or been through a medical episode with you. You shine most brightly when you are at church, meditating, involved in Buddhist practise, following your own spiritual path (using astrology for example) or tuning into the universe. His past life hooks into that. You have found each other in order for him to examine the body in relation to the spirit. I am sure you knew him the moment you saw him. Of course in the Middle Ages, religious people were the only hope for those who were ill.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Firstly, love the new site layout! And also really like the ‘Astrologers Diary’ at the top of the weekly horoscopes, I often find myself checking your twitter to get your take on what’s happening in the world to see if you’ve tweeted any insights, so this is great.

    As soon as I read this article, I hopped on and ordered my husband’s chart from your store to compare our charts and we have quite a few hits. Does anything stand out to you? We have a passionate but fiery relationship that runs so hot and cold. We have a 13 year age gap so maybe that’s it. It has always been a real meeting of the minds but sometimes I feel like the passion has fizzled out a bit. We got married in Nov 2008 so maybe its just the length of time and because we’ve become comfortable.

    Any insights would be much appreciated.

    Mine: 05° Foruna/Aquarius VERSUS His: 05° NorthNode/Aries and Southnode/Libra
    Mine: 14° Salacia/Aquarius VERSUS His: 14° Juno/Sagittarius and Ops/Capricorn and Fortuna/Libra
    Mine: 15° Psyche/Virgo VERSUS His: 15° Diana/Virgo
    Mine: 19° Minerva/Pisces VERSUS His: 19° Panacea/Saggitarius
    Mine: 20° Ceres/Scorpio and Bacchus/Capricorn VERSUS His: 20° Vesta/Aries and MC/Pisces and IC/Virgo
    Mine: 21° Asc/Taurus and Proserpina/Cancer and Desc/Scorpio VERSUS His: 21° Moon/Capricorn
    Mine: 23° Venus/Capricorn VERSUS His: 23° Libra/ Vulcano and Capricorn/Salacia
    Mine: 25° Juno / Sagittarius and Ops/Scorpio VERSUS His 25° Mars/Libra and Pluto/Virgo and Psyche/Sagittarius
    Mine: 26° Neptune/Sagittarius and Pluto/Libra VERSUS His: Salacia/Capricorn
    Mine: 28° Hygeia/ Cancer VERSUS His: 28° Chiron/Pisces and Minerva/Aries and Proserpina/Cancer
    Mine: 29° Diana/Libra VERSUS His: 29° Sun/Sagittarius

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Firstly, love the new site layout! And also really like the ‘Astrologers Diary’ at the top of the weekly horoscopes, I often find myself checking your twitter to get your take on whats happening in the world to see if you’ve tweeted any insights, so this is great.

    As soon as I read this article, I hopped on and ordered my husband’s chart from your store to compare our charts and we have quite a few hits. Does anything stands out to you? We have a passionate but fiery relationship that runs so hot and cold. We have a 13 year age gap so maybe that’s it. It has been a real meeting of the minds but sometimes I feel like the passion has fizzled out a bit. We got married in Nov 2008 so maybe its just because we’ve become comfortable.

    Any insights would be much appreciated.

    Mine: 05° Foruna/Aquarius VERSUS His: 05° NorthNode/Aries and Southnode/Libra

    Mine: 14° Salacia/Aquarius VERSUS His: 14° Juno/Sagittarius and Ops/Capricorn and Fortuna/Libra

    Mine: 15° Psyche/Virgo VERSUS His: 15° Diana/Virgo

    Mine: 19° Minerva/Pisces VERSUS His: 19° Panacea/Saggitarius

    Mine: 20° Ceres/Scorpio and Bacchus/Capricorn VERSUS His: 20° Vesta/Aries and MC/Pisces and IC/Virgo

    Mine: 21° Asc/Taurus and Proserpina/Cancer and Desc/Scorpio VERSUS His: 21° Moon/Capricorn

    Mine: 23° Venus/Capricorn VERSUS His: 23° Libra/ Vulcano and Capricorn/Salacia

    Mine: 25° Juno / Sagittarius and Ops/Scorpio VERSUS His 25° Mars/Libra and Pluto/Virgo and Psyche/Sagittarius

    Mine: 26° Neptune/Sagittarius and Pluto/Libra VERSUS His: Salacia/Capricorn

    Mine: 28° Hygeia/ Cancer VERSUS His: 28° Chiron/Pisces and Minerva/Aries and Proserpina/Cancer

    Mine: 29° Diana/Libra VERSUS His: 29° Sun/Sagittarius

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Asporea. It is always fascinating to look at a marriage using astrology for the first time. This is karmic for him. He knew you before. His South Node in Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels trines your Fortuna. He has been both with you and against you in other lifetimes, perhaps on opposite enemy lines in battle, and certainly married to you. Fortuna turns up again in his chart in Libra, again in the Seventh House of duets and duels, in aspect to your Salacia. As Aquarius turns up too, I suspect this is about an army, navy or air force unit if we are talking about past lives in the last century. If earlier, then it would be a military group, and both a marriage and a fight. You would be amazed at how many people from the last war agree to incarnate and meet again, to replace hate with love. You have plenty of connections in Scorpio which is sex, death and money (classically the marriage and mortgage but also the will and inheritance). Making the will or changing it will be a very big deal for both of you and trigger some past life karma. That’s for sure.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Cam you help me understand the connections I have with this man:
    Me: Mercury 6 Scorpio
    Pluto 6 Scorpio
    Saturn 6 Sagittarius
    ASC 6 Sagittarius
    Minerva 6 Aries

    Him: Mercury 6 Taurus
    North node 6 Taurus
    South node 6 Scorpio

    Me and Him: Bacchus 22 Sagittarius

    Me: Vulcano 7 Virgo
    Diana 7 Scorpio
    Him: Saturn 7 Aries

    Me: North node 20 Aries
    South node 20 Aries
    Him: Vulcano 20 Gemini

    Me: Aesculapia 17 Leo
    Him: Panacea 17 Leo
    Mars 17 Libra
    Ops 17 Cancer

    Me: MC 18 Leo
    IC 18 Aquarius
    Him: Pluto 18 Virgo

    Me: Moon 23 Sagittarius
    Him: Neptune 23 Scorpio

    Me: Panacea 24 Taurus
    Him: Diana 24 Pisces

    Me: Ceres 28 Libra
    Him: Chiron 28 Pisces

    Me: Fortuna 4 Gemini
    Him: Proserpina 4 Aries

    Me: Apollo 26 Leo
    Him: Vesta 26 Scorpio

    1. There is enough Leo and Fifth House chemistry there to suggest that the issue is pregnancy, abortion, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, young adults. You do not say what the connection with him is so it is impossible for me to guess. You sometimes see an attraction between people with this sort of chart combination, because neither of them can have or want children. Being together avoids that risk. You also see it, conversely, when people want a stepparent for their son or daughter following a divorce. Finally it can appear when one person is so desperate for a stepchild, adoption or baby they will fall in love as a means to an end.

  21. Jessica, I am afraid I am always unable to understand the ‘what’… 🙂
    I dated a guy (15/05/1976) and broke up with him in June 2017. We have some water and fire sign exact placements at 29 degrees I think. Not too many other aspects. He is in a different country. Calls up once a year. I have tried to shrug him off (so has he!) for real practical reasons, but there seems to be a pull of the Nodes here, it seems. I do want to protect myself, so unsure of what I should do.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. You have fallen in love with somebody you can never marry or have children with, because you unconsciously do not want to marry, nor have children. Of course it may be conscious. You may have decided that you want to avoid a wedding and never have a baby with anyone. You are going through a phse in your life when you do not want commitment, no matter if you can admit that or not. That is why you are safely obsessed with someone who is not interested in you, who lives overseas. You are ‘keeping yourself safe’ from real partnership and real offspring. When you think about the billions of people you could be marrying and having children with, you have to ask yourself why you have chosen him, out of all people, who can never be yours. There is often a fantasy with this kind of chart that you can pull off an Elizabeth Bennett and change him. Alas it’s not going to happen. Yet you also have a desire to take over and transform – use your personal power to change somebody’s mind and heart – and that can be useful. If you take who you really are at the moment, which is a free and independent spirit, who wants to test their personal power – you can actually channel that into something like a project, or a course, or a goal that has nothing to do with love and sex. Then it will work for you. Once you understand who you are and what you want/don’t want, then you can find it. This may be a phase you are going through or it may be for life. Only you know that.

  22. Hi Jessica – many thanks for the warning. If I may please ask a follow up – this is disturbing, as Mr. On and Off was to help me in September and beyond with preparing a business plan for later this year/next year a job move (where he knows I can’t hire him given the relationship as a consultant, which is what he does for my industry, so no financial benefit to him). He also has an ancestor that was prominent in the court of a descendant of Henry the VIII! I was planning on heeding Mr. On and Off’s counsel as appropriate, since as you may recall I really want to change jobs for various reasons. He counselled me in 2019 on interviewing and preparing for the current job, which has given me even more experience and helped turn me into a bit of a rarity in terms of my experience, and has also helped in navigating some of the issues I have experienced in that workplace throughout. In light of your warning, is it better not to consult him about the job move, and should I just put in some distance generally? The job looks to be a rare opportunity in a good environment, and while I want to pull out all the stops, in doing so, I don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize the opportunity or come back to haunt me later. Thank you.

    1. No need to be disturbed, just be aware. Use the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and Your Oracle to get second opinions on what I’ve just passed on. It’s too odd that he had an ancestor in the court of King Henry VIII and the synchronicity around Vesta is thus rich for you. The only issue here is really Vesta. One male, two or more females. You can manage that, especially at work. It’s rather like Sir Richard Branson and Virgin. He likes to run marketing with many female flight attendants and one pilot, or in the past – himself and two or more women in the picture. For some reason, the women at Virgin agree with this, and the business works (or it used to, before COVID-19). So, Vesta can be harnessed professionally if everyone agrees to play the game, for whatever reason. But do find out what his game is in terms of other females.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for posting this article. It seems to have come at the right time in my life. Please ignore my previous comments. I dint have the right information then. I just bought a chart for someone whose time of birth I don’t know. I have used 12pm, as suggested in one of your previous articles.
    Will this person be a keeper or should I steer clear ? What themes do you see ?

    Me: Juno 23 Sagittarius, Cupid 23 Sagittarius
    Him: Neptune 23 Sagittarius R

    Me: Hygeia 01 Cancer
    Him: Moon 00 Cancer, MC 00 Cancer, Bacchus 00 Cancer, Hygeia 02 Cancer

    Me: South Node 20 Libra
    Him: Pluto 21 Libra R, Juno 22 Libra

    Me: Vesta 2 Aries, Minerva 1 Aries
    Him: Desc 00 Aries

    My factors – His factors:
    Venus 9 Scorpio R – Venus 1 Leo,
    Cupid 23 Sagittarius – Cupid 9 Cancer,
    Juno 23 Sagittarius – Juno 22 Libra,
    ASC 26 Libra – ASC 00 Libra,
    South Node 20 Libra – South Node 1 Aquarius R,
    North Node 20 Aries – North Node 1 Leo R,
    MC 27 Cancer – MC 00 Cancer,
    Aesculapia 27 Leo – Aesculapia 13 Leo,
    Diana 22 Scorpio – Diana 17 Cancer,
    Panacea 18 Taurus – Panacea 27 Taurus,
    Pysche 09 Virgo – Psyche 23 Cancer,
    Jupiter 12 Pisces – Jupiter 02 Libra,
    Saturn 09 Sagittarius – Saturn 03 Libra,
    Uranus 20 Sagittarius – Uranus Scorpio,
    Neptune 3 Capricorn – Neptune 23 Sagittarius R,
    Pluto 7 Scorpio – Pluto 21 Libra R

    Heavily Scorpio – Heavily Cancer, Leo

    Based on my factors, what kind of person would be good for me ?

    Thank you very much! xx

    1. His Pluto at 21 Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels, is in conjunction with your South Node at 20 Libra, in the same place in your own chart. That’s big. You also have the North Node at 20 Libra in opposition to his Pluto at 21 Libra. We look for exact aspects in chart comparison, so the numbers have to be the same, or one degree away, to have any impact. His Juno at 22 Libra is pretty close to his Pluto. Please be aware that he can be romantically or sexually obsessive. He may want to take you (which can be sexy) but he can also take over. Juno is a symbol of commitment. Pluto is a symbol of dominance and domination. Do you know anything about the previous lover, or lovers (plural)? Find out. You two can have a lovely time travelling in the mind (the Sagittarius link) or travelling locally/regionally (pandemic safe) as you have a dreamy, escapist link in that sign in the Ninth House. However, you have past lives dotted with duets and duels, likely marriages and divorces, and he pushes your karmic buttons. This is not an easy involvement. You would have to ensure he would step back and compromise with you, so that he could have you, and have the relationship, for half the time – as he wants it. The rest, he must disappear or back off. Pluto was sexually obsessed with Proserpina and kidnapped her from her mother. She married him, but her mother won out, and Pluto was forced to accept Proserpina’s absence for half the year. This kind of lover or partner does well with flight attendants, people in the army and anyone else who comes and goes. If it’s permanent marriage, or a live-in relationship, it can be intense, even overwhelming. Who would be good for you? Not him, to be perfectly honest with you. Not in a marriage. You have a Sagittarius stellium and need someone you can explore the local area with, or study with/learn from/teach. Your Nodes are worth researching. You have karma around duets and duels from other lifetimes. Take a look at that Libra-Aries axis.

  24. Dear Jessica, may I please ask what the impact of Jupiter currently transiting over my natal triple conjunction at Sat-Plu-Asc and my natal Neptune be? Many thanks.

    1. At 26, 27, 28 Libra you have a tight pile-up in the Seventh House of duets and duels. Neptune is also at 27 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Jupiter is transiting the last degree of Aquarius so forms a trine, and a sextile. Transiting Jupiter is always a situation, organisation or person which is abundant, open, full of largesse, positive, unconditionally generous. In Aquarius, this manifests through friends and groups. This augurs well for your duet or duel. The double-act may be sexual (marriage) or professional (business partnership) or more unusually a platonic friendship. The duel may be a feud, dispute, conflict or competition. It can be benign (sport) or legal (divorce). The hook to Neptune suggests that a foreign culture, nationality, country or passport is involved. Put all that together and you’d have to say you are going to balance the duet or duel in a spectacular way not possible in 12 years (it takes that long for Jupiter to rotate in Aquarius). A group or friend will help, directly or indirectly, and there will be a foreign twist.

  25. My ♌️ man and I are very passionate and romantic. I’m looking forward to what the future will be!

    Thanks again Jessica

  26. Another quick question Jessica.

    I was surprised to note that Barack Obama and Meghan Markle were born on the same day – August 4th – though 20 years apart. Is there any significance in this?

    Many thanks for sharing your insights – five star I think!

    1. Thank you. The connection here is Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden. And from there, the connection is of course Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. There is a reason why the top rung of Democrats saw fit to get involved in the Winfrey interview with Meghan and Harry. A few psychics are in the know, I guess, and your intuition is pretty active for you to zero in on Obama and Meghan. You should work for MI6.

  27. Loving the new website and meaning to comment to you. A few months back you predicted that my social media creation content will take off, well 3 weeks ago while filming for the real housewives of Melbourne Janet Roach (Leo) rang me for help with a creative project.. things were going good then halted due to covid.. Things picked up again ( designing teapot packaging for Coles / Chemist warehouse to present their new TV AD) then She was filming and it got in the way .. she managed to come visit my work which was amazing and we had a brief meeting but due to parking and filming she had to make it quick… Now just 2 days ago they messaged and said due to Lock down Again! They decided to do the teapots them selves and couldn’t wait… I now have 6 amazingly designed teapots (card board box packaging) and feel I wasted my time …. But Jessica you did predict all this! AMAZING .. I hope something comes good of all this.. I know she is Leo (Fire) and I am Capricorn (Earth ) and I am feeling a little … Burnt haha Cheers! Thanks for reading

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment on to Asporea, my webmasters. I am so glad my prediction about your career has come to pass. The Real Housewives of Melbourne is a huge show, congratulations. It’s a shame that COVID-19 keeps getting in the way, but Victoria will once again reach Zero Covid and your charm will do the rest.

  28. Another prediction from you… hmm Janet has just messaged she wants them But to not do anything else and she will contact me after lockdown…. thankyou so much for the reading 🙂 cheers

  29. Hi Jessica, thank you for sharing this article. No doubt the astrology holds the key to our relationships and the people around us. After reading, I have decided to compare mine and my partner’s (Carl) natal birth charts and the findings are just astonishing. I did not know, we have so many same degree aspects. What is interesting is that we both were born in USSR countries but met here in Sydney.
    From your professional point of view, would you care to venture based on our natal charts, what date, period of time, would be the best to get marry and have children in a near future to ensure a strong long-lasting relationship? Thank you in advance.

    Mercury in Gemini 22
    Mercury in Leo 22

    Sun in Gemini 3
    Mercury sextile Venus 3
    Mercury sextile Mars 3
    Venus square Jupiter 3
    Mars sextile Neptune 3
    Marc conjunction Pluto 3

    Uranus in Sagittarius 25
    Lilith in Cancer 25

    2nd house in Libra 26
    3rd house in Scorpio 26
    8th house in Aries 26
    10th house in Taurus 26

    Venus in Libra 26

    1. Transiting Jupiter at 26 Pisces is helpful for a wedding and first attempt at conception, although your houses are strange to my eyes – you are not using the Natural House system. Libra rules the Seventh House of marriage, not the Second House of money. I am not sure why you are using Lilith. Just use the chart you have with Premium Membership and it will make a lot more sense! There is a nice sweep of 22-26 degrees here in both charts, pulling in Libra (marriage) and Leo (children) so let’s say April 2022, when Jupiter goes from 21 to 27 Pisces and you also have a stunning transiting conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter at 23 Pisces, which is rare and special. That is very close to your mutual Mercury position and even though it’s a square it is still a Transport of Delight, to quote Spike Milligan.

  30. Hello Jessica,
    I would like clarity on the birth chart you provided me as a premium member I am trying to figure it out. As mercury retrograde is near I am wondering when is the best time to get married. I am libra he is virgo. I would appreciate your predictions.

    Thank you x

    1. Marriage is Libra, Seventh House and if you are merging finances and/or property it is also Scorpio, Eighth House. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra are all at 18 degrees. So, it never rains but it pours for you with love, sex and marriage. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. Marriage and mortgage; your will; what is left to you in a husband’s will. Libra rules the actual marriage, separation and divorce. Sagittarius is the odd one out here. It rules foreign people and places. There must be a foreign, international or overseas twist in this tale. Watch the date on financial or legal matters; April 2023 finds Uranus (shock, upheaval, radical change) at 18 Taurus right opposite your Uranus at 18 Scorpio. This is the Uranus-Uranus opposition in astrology and it will turn your world upside down if you do marry this man. So you are asking me about the right time to marry, but I am already looking at the long-term future. It continues into May 2023. Chiron is also really close at 17 Aries in May 2023, and actually bang on 18 Aries in June 2023. This is going to be a rocky road and a bumpy ride – are you ready for that? Of course it can be passionate, thrilling, exciting and closer to the poetry and rock’n’roll of romance than a safe relationship. When to marry? Jupiter at 18 Pisces, hands down. This takes place 19th to 22nd March 2022. Please get the paperwork completely checked before you commit. This marriage will need to be extremely bendy and flexible with all legal bases covered – financially, with possessions, with property.

  31. Thank you for the answer Jessica, so interesting about our past lives. Interestingly, my husband was in the military for a short time straight after school. What is uncanny, is that we are in the process of finalising our will (due to be signed today) but moved to next Friday. It is the first will for both of us ever, and we are doing it only because we recently had a son in March.

    You are always so spot on! I try and say this every time, regardless if you answer of not, but your website and the time and energy you put into answering is a lifeline—a glimmer of hope for many of us. So thank you, I know just how lucky we are to have you and your insights.

    Thanks again.

    1. Astrology is usually ‘of the moment’ and I am not surprised to hear you were finalising your wills as I answered your question. And thank you so much for the compliment, which I share with Asporea and Alicia Richardson. You are very welcome.

  32. Thank you! We got separated at 17 due to me moving with my parents and got back together 10 years later, got married and have children. By some chance our mothers are born on the same day and have same names 🙂

  33. Hi Jessica

    Can I please understand the karma involved with my ( now) ex boyfriend who I was in an on off thing for five years?

    My Saturn conjuncts his north node at 0 degree Virgo and his Saturn conjuncts my north node /Mars/panancea stellium again in Virgo at 27 degrees.

    We also had my Vulcan(15 degree)& his moon conjunct at (16 degree) in leo – my Vulcan was also opposing his Venus which was at 17 degree Aquarius – he was constantly cheating but always called those women as off no consequence – I am ashamed to say I accepted it and stayed. I recall reading that Venus constantly cheated on Vulcan – I wish to avoid any such Placememt in the future.

    I also seek to understand given both Saturn and north nodes are karma – I have wasted 5 years had my heart broken and sadly to say now at 43 chances of children are low – what was I to learn from him and he from me – Virgo rules daily life and routine – not sure how this fits in.

    I am as always so greatful to you and heartfelt thanks for all you do for all of us on this site.

    Thanks again

    1. The North Node is always, always a past life involvement. Saturn in aspect to the North Node and South Node (they are always opposite and both show karma) is very difficult and unfortunately he also had Vulcano aspects with you. Vulcano was cuckolded by Venus with Mars. Do not be ashamed that you accepted his cheating. You had to learn and you did. You will be happier next time. You have not wasted five years at all, but you have been put on a different path with children. This may be because you are destined to be a step-parent to somebody else’s children in future (even if they are older or even adults). It may also be that you are fated to be a mother substitute to godchildren or young relatives. You went through years of Leo eclipses (you can look the Leo eclipses up on Search or watch the Leo weather event on YouTube). These fell in your Fifth House of children, pregnancy and babies. So you have been blind to what this unfruitful relationship was doing, which was actually putting you on a different journey with much younger people. At 43, as you say, it is most unlikely you will become pregnant. And yet you stayed for five years. Some part of you must have mixed feelings about having a son or daughter, or you would not have chosen that. Being aware of that and owning the emotions is part of the journey. You can and will be happier in love by Christmas if you snap up an opportunity that has either recently appeared, or will do so. It will be hard work. Yet if you do the work, and continue that in 2022, from 2023 the two of you will find you empower each other.

  34. How kind, thank you. Fascinating Jessica! I’ve tried to add this up. The company I work at since March 2020 is going public this month, I have shareholding (abundance) and a nightmare of a boss (duel). This my first corporate job ever + in another continent + in a very white male dominated tech unicorn for cars (all things foreign but a group?). My boss is away on hols for 2 weeks too (balance of the duel as C suite get to know I was behind a lot of the work?). Does this make sense please?
    I did notice later I also have Ceres at 27 Aquarius, Diana + Aesculapia conjunct at 27 Capricorn, which should suggest a woman? I can imagine both Diana + Asc representing me, but can’t put Ceres in perspective. If you have a moment, what’d that entail please?
    Since a month, I’ve been feeling I am only moving further away from my authentic life, although I worked really hard the last 5 years hoping it’ll enable me to get closer. I’ve pushed myself as hard as I could the last 2 years to adult and do a (first) conventional full time job. I am feeling a strong urge to resign (Of course, my boss is also partly the impulse) and move back to India latest by January, even if with nothing in hand and go back to the creative industry in some form. Isn’t it also partly up to me to make choices to find my way back. What do you see, please?

    (I couldn’t reply inline so pasted our previous comments below)
    Jessica Adams says: 11 August 2021 at 10:16 am
    At 26, 27, 28 Libra you have a tight pile-up in the Seventh House of duets and duels. Neptune is also at 27 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Jupiter is transiting the last degree of Aquarius so forms a trine, and a sextile. Transiting Jupiter is always a situation, organisation or person which is abundant, open, full of largesse, positive, unconditionally generous. In Aquarius, this manifests through friends and groups. This augurs well for your duet or duel. The double-act may be sexual (marriage) or professional (business partnership) or more unusually a platonic friendship. The duel may be a feud, dispute, conflict or competition. It can be benign (sport) or legal (divorce). The hook to Neptune suggests that a foreign culture, nationality, country or passport is involved. Put all that together and you’d have to say you are going to balance the duet or duel in a spectacular way not possible in 12 years (it takes that long for Jupiter to rotate in Aquarius). A group or friend will help, directly or indirectly, and there will be a foreign twist.

    DB: 10 August 2021
    Dear Jessica, may I please ask what the impact of Jupiter currently transiting over my natal triple conjunction at Sat-Plu-Asc and my natal Neptune be? Many thanks.

    1. Yes, you have added that up correctly. This story is bigger than you, though, and what you will find is that your natal Neptune at 27 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreign people and countries, is common to so many millions of people, that you have to bow down to new world trends ruling the pandemic in 2022 as you are going to see a completely different set of rules about visas, residency, borders and so on. Your boss is only part of the story. I doubt very much you will be able to move back to India unless you take the new world into account, and the new world is coming up fast.

  35. Dear Jessica,

    My closest relationship is undulating. Him: Rock band and recent cheating … Me: shocked and standing tall with a lot of separation. Our home and business have felt trapped since 2008. We were childhood sweethearts and seem to love each other a lot. Can /will we survive this shake-up and re-think? We both say we hope so. It’s just incredible to see this playing out. I have decided to spend one month apart. Married 6 October 2002. His bday 11 October 1966. He seems to be shaken up by eclipses which in turn affect me.
    Thank you for shedding some light… I very much thank you.

    Him Mars 29
    Me Venus Aquarius 29

    Him Sun Libra 17
    Me Sun 16 Aries

    Him Pluto 19 Virgo
    Me Pluto 16 Virgo

    Him Jupiter 1 Leo
    Me Jupiter 25 Gemini
    Me Moon 1 Scorpio

    Him Saturn 24 Pisces
    Me Saturn 23 Pisces

    Him Chiron Pisces 22
    Me Chiron Pisces 23

    Him Mercury 8 Scorpio
    Me Prosperpina 8 Capricorn

    Him Moon Virgo 13
    Me Cupido Sagittarius 13

    1. Rock bands are notorious for infidelity, aren’t they. I am sorry. You both hope this works out but you are taking a month out from this Libran, whom you also married when the Sun was in Libra. Couples with a long and winding road usually have exact connections. You have the crucial Venus-Mars conjunction at 29 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups. This is not unusual with musicians and their girlfriends and wives, for obvious reasons. Venus was seduced by Mars, and also seduced him, and together they actually cuckolded Vulcanus, who was the husband of Venus. This pairing is associated with passion, desire, vanity and – sex for the sake of sex. This is enough to glue two people together for life within a marriage but unfortunately envy or jealousy is usually one of the reasons that desire is there. You are also poles apart in terms of your ego and self-confidence, your public identity and pride. He gets it from his marriage to you, but also other relationships – perhaps. You get it from being number one. Being first and coming first. The Virgo aspects aren’t so important as they are too wide. The Jupiter-Moon square is central. You don’t say if you ever had children or not. If he has Jupiter in Leo then he is carrying around an archetype of Zeus himself, who was the most fertile of gods and who had a huge family by different women. This does not square with your tremendous ‘need to be needed’ in terms of sex and money, the inheritance and will you share together, the marriage and mortgage, or the rent and the possessions you share. The Pisces conjunctions are really about your religion, spirituality, psychic ability, your belief in God (or not) and your psychology and psyche. Did you marry in church? If a priest or vicar was involved in the agreement that is tremendously important. You also have another Scorpio contact (sex, death and money) with his commitments on paper (presumably will, inheritance, insurance, the house or apartment) and your ambition, career and status. There is a reasonable amount of Scorpio here, with the scorpion swishing its tail around. Have a look at a long piece I filed on Scorpio/Libra in the chart and those kinds of couples. What should comfort you is that 2022-2023 is the last time you two will ever have to deal with the loaded, heavy, burdensome question of his group – and groupies. Jupiter goes to Aries and triggers that Libra-Aries see-saw between you in a helpful way. Saturn will go to 29 Aquarius and trigger your Venus and his Mars in the house of friends and groups. That is reality check but you two have to take it. I would imagine that the issue is other men in the group, or around the group, as well – and perhaps their own girlfriends or wives. Yet, 2022-2023 is the last conversation you will ever need to have about it. The bottom line for you two, is the bottom line. The money. The house or apartment. The bottom line below that is actually God, if you did in fact include him in your vows. You can and will sort this out, but you need to know that you are in a 29-year Saturn cycle which is why it feels so heavy. He must put a value on what you have together, not only emotionally and sexually, but financially. You two also need to sort out the issue of fatherhood with him – could it ever have happened, has it happened, is he a father, does he want to be a father/not want to be a father and so on. This will be a really big deal with that Jupiter in Leo in his Fifth House, under transit.

  36. Wow Jessica, thank you for all of that and your time in doing it. You nailed Zeus…My husband has 3 children from 3 different wives in his early days. I lived in Paris after rejecting his marriage offer in the 80’s when we were young. We never had children together which is an arrow through our hearts. We have considered foster parenting and adoption but the trapped nature of our business/ home circumstances has stopped me. Do you think it’s possible to move this energy and have children around us? We would love that. Thank you so much.

    1. You seem to have married Zeus/Jupiter – at least, as Rod Stewart once noted ‘Never a dull moment.’ (He was a bit of a Zeus himself). You’d like children in your life. You only have to ask. Frame the words carefully and ask friends and family in spirit, and your spirit guides, to find the best possible way to make that happen. You will know the signs when they appear.

  37. Hi Jessica, thanks for another interesting article. Would you be able to tell me what these patterns with an old boyfriend?: I have Mercury 15 Aquarius, Mars 16 Libra and he has Venus 15 Aries and Mars 16 Aries and Neptune in 15 Saggitarius. His moon is 8 Gemini, Jupiter in 9 Gemini, Uranus in 8 Scorpio and my sun is 8 Aquarius. Thanks!

    1. When it comes to love and sex, always look to Libra and Scorpio. So the story here is your Mars in Libra, which believes ‘All is fair in love and war’ and will fight boyfriends for fairness, particularly in relation to sexism. His Uranus in Scorpio has regular upheavals with the house, money or flat/possessions. So it’s Indoor Fireworks, as Elvis Costello noted. There is a great deal going for you, in terms of chemistry, though. He is strongly Aries, though, and that can manifest as self-interest with men in particular, and even narcissism and selfishness, unfortunately. Your Mars in Libra would fight that very hard.

  38. Thanks Jessica….I have a burning question about synastry and conjunction of ASC/DC & MC/IC. My husband and I have the exact same angles/degrees to all and they fall in the same houses…is this unusual or common? And what does it mean for the longevity/pathway of a marriage? His South Node also conjuncts my Mercury.
    My birthdate: 13 May 1976 @ 7:28am
    His birthdate: 26 Sep 1973 @ 10:47pm

    1. It’s quite common for husbands and wives to share the same degrees. His South Node is in conjunction with your Mercury and his North Node is automatically in opposition with your Mercury. It’s a 3 Gemini/3 Sagittarius pattern from the Third House of communication, education, publishing, internet, media, commuting and short journeys – to the Ninth House of academia, books, foreigners, foreign countries, travel. There is a past life here for him, with you, when you very likely had language differences. In this lifetime the issue is once again communication, being heard and read, and understood. As the transiting Nodes move to 3 Sagittarius/Gemini in September, October 2021 you two can expect to face an historic crossroad about that very issue. Drilling down past the actual communication, the question at heart may involve a project, course, trip or relocation, or perhaps a foreign nationality or city.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus in Virgo 14 and Chiron 14… you mentioned the new moon in Sept and if it triggers our charts in the weekly forecast.

    I am hoping my boss might give me ‘leave without pay’ to study on the opposite side of the world… would this be a good time to ask?

    As a Capricorn – I am a little worried about my ‘bump’ in the road this week.

    Thanks Andrea

    1. Andrea, the New Moon at 14 Virgo on September 7th does fall exactly on Uranus at 14 Virgo in opposition to Chiron at 14 Pisces in your chart. You want to study overseas without pay. Yes, do ask. Even the act of deciding you are going to ask, changes your destiny immediately. If your boss consents then that is one fork in the road. If your boss declines, that is the other fork. You have to do something, with that chart, because unless you are proactive about radically changing, the universe will probably pull the rug and make you change anyway. A New Moon in conjunction with Uranus is highly unusual. The opposition to Chiron suggests you have an unconscious conflict about the situation which you may want to pay attention to. A dream could reveal it. Long-term, you will be involved in a fantastic new course or project commencing January 2022.

  40. Hello Lovely Jessica, On seeing this blog and reading so many of the fabulous replies I’ve dug out my Childs report from your site (25/01/2014 8.46pm) . I’m curious about a comment about libra and vesta placements for single parents that you mentioned above to one of your readers. My child has Vesta at 25 in Libra, my Moon is at 25 Virgo, and their Moon is Scorpio 25.

    We share the following exactly;

    Apollo. – Me: Libra 8 Child: Libra 8
    Minerva – Me: Pisces 14. Child: Pisces 15
    Hygeia – Me: Cap 03. Child: Taurus 03

    On looking at both charts. I can see quite a lot of shared degree in different signs. For example,

    Me: Moon 25 Virgo. Child: Moon 25 Scorpio & Vesta 25 Libra & Salacia 25 Pisces
    Me: Uranus 22 Libra. Child: Mercury 22 Aquarius,Saturn 22 Scorpio,
    Me: Ceres 21 Scorpio Child: Mars 21 Libra & Prosepania 21 Gemini
    Me: MC Cancer 14 & IC Cap 14. Child: Venus 14 Cap
    Me: Prosapina 12 Cappie & Ciron Aries 12 Child: Jupiter 12 Cancer & Pluto 12 Cap.

    Would love to hear your insights on the dynamics that we share. Blessings and Thank you always for your amazing blogs and gift you share.

    1. Thank you. It is not unusual for mothers and children to have quite striking chart connections. In fact, the astrologers Michel and Francoise Gauquelin researched natural births in France and discovered babies seem to choose the right time to be born, to share chart similarities with one or both parents. Vesta is about gender imbalance. You don’t say if your child is male or female, or if the father is still on the scene. You typically have one male/many female scenarios with Vesta. It is important to be aware of that asteroid above all other things, because patterns for future relationships for both of you are set by how you deal with it. A classic example is one man, two women (the current and former girlfriends) and a mother, mother-in-law, aunt, niece – all dominating a situation. The heavy emphasis on Libra in both charts suggests that figuring out male-female difference, sexism and even misogyny, feminism – is the key. It is why you are here together. Libra is also concerned with marriage equality; gay and lesbian equality. There seems to be an agreement here between both of you as souls that you will learn about men and women together, pink and blue, boys and girls – through shared challenges and achievements. There is also enough Scorpio here to suggest that it’s the convention of marriage that is the teacher.

  41. Hi Jessica, I’m interested in dating someone with the following placements and noticed lots of same degree numbers. Would you mind comparing these details with my chart please and would love to know what you see about him/us – any story or love potential?
    He has Sun in 17 Aries, Mercury 21 Pisces, Venus 11 Pisces, Mars 1 Gemini, Jupiter 8 Aries, Saturn 21 Saggitarius, Uranus 26 Saggitarius, Neptune 8 Capricorn, Pluto 9 Scorpio and Chiron 17 Gemini. Unsure of his birth time but said his North/South Nodes were in 11 Aries/11Libra. Thank you once again for your time!

    1. With love and sex, you always look to Scorpio and Libra. Here we have someone who wants control (Pluto) over sex and money (Scorpio, Eighth House) and the upper hand (Pluto) over property and relationships, especially in terms of marriage and mortgage (Eighth House). He’s a dominator, but has learned to compromise. His Node axis in Libra/Aries suggests lifetimes of juggling marriage against self-interest, divorce against ‘me’ and two versus one. He’ll be hard work if you commit. What do you know about his exes? You have Jupiter at 9 Scorpio so would benefit him financially, in business, with your house or apartment. You have Ceres in Scorpio in the Eighth House so I would be cautious about any financial or property agreement between you. You need control too. Have a look at Ceres, Pluto, Scorpio, Eighth House on this website and in your guides.

  42. Hi Jessica

    This is what I was looking for. Thank you for writing this. It will be very helpful if you could clear this doubt.

    1. I know that the exact pattern matters but is there an orb you can apply?

    2. When the planets conjunct in a man’s and woman’s charts will there be any kind of relationship automatically formed or a relationship by choice?

    Man 23 Oct 1979 (Pluto in Libra) with Scorpio Stellium (Venus, Uranus, Mercury Moon).

    There are a lot of exact contacts between his and my Saturn, Mercury South & North Nodes

    Man’s Juno conjunct my Cancer South Node – 0°07′ difference (trine by his Scorpio mercury)
    Man’s 0° Sun Conjunct my Juno in Scorpio – 0° 40′ difference (sextile by my Capricorn Jupiter)
    His IC conjunct my Diana in Cancer – 0° 50′ difference
    His Scorpio Moon Sextile my Virgo Mars -0° 40′
    His Scorpio Moon Conjunct my Scorpio Hygeia
    His Jupiter N Node conjunction in Virgo Conjunct my Apollo
    His Leo Mars 16° – My Leo Venus 21°
    His Libra Pluto sextile my Leo Venus – 1° 40′

    Party Pooper aspects
    His Pluto conjunct my Uranus 2°
    His Dsc conjunct my Uranus 2°
    My Uranus conjunct his Dsc 2°
    His Uranus square my Venus 1°
    His Neptune opposite my Saturn 1°

    NOt sure where this would end. Thank you for your insights. all the best.SK

    1. Thank you SK. Yes, you can use a one-degree orb difference, so you would feel another person’s Uranus in square to your Venus (using your example) or a man’s Neptune opposite your Saturn. All astrology is Sacred Geometry and so one degree is close enough for the classical shapes to appear. The Juno contacts are important. Juno was Jupiter’s wife and gained from the marriage as he was greatest and best of all the gods. He overshadowed her, however, and in fact her bird is the peacock. The pea hen as we know is rather dowdy and it is the male who gets all the attention. So the Romans had a sense of humour. Juno longs for commitments, gains from it, and the connection with the Node suggests a past life, married to each other. Sometimes the marriage is unfaithful or stifling. Jupiter was unfaithful to Juno. He also dominated her and so she had very little space or freedom. So we have to be honest about that symbol in the chart; it’s a mixed blessing. The fact that is Cancer/Scorpio suggests home, family, sexuality, property and money are part of the story, and that rather suits Juno. You have Diana in Cancer though so you are essentially a free spirit. You do not want nor need marriage and children, family and mortgage. Diana refused children and marriage and was made a huntress. You can go ahead and commit but part of you would feel trapped. He has a Scorpio Moon so deeply enjoys complicated financial, sexual and/or property based arrangements. It makes it all the more interesting for him. Sooner or later Scorpio Moon men get to the core basics of their legacy (what they leave) or the legacies left to them, so you don’t really find too many potential lovers who are just in it for the romance, the fizz and the fun. They can play it that way but they will be keenly aware of what sex means; and it means ‘who gets what’ in an inheritance. The Venus-Mars link is too wide, but as you both have it in Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood, pregnancy, step-children, abortion, adoption, IVF and so on, you would have to be aware of the parenthood issue. This is particularly true because transiting Saturn (tough challenges) opposes the Mars and Venus in both your charts for the first time in 29 years, as you go into the Twenties together. The Uranus-Venus square and particularly the Saturn-Neptune oppositions are tough. Nothing is impossible but we always look at the transits for people who are falling in love – here we have a Scorpio Moon which has been opposed by Uranus in Taurus, or will be, by 2026. I can’t see his chart so can’t look at that too easily. Uranus will most certainly square your mutual Venus and Mars in Leo. So beyond all other factors, this attraction is going to come down to ‘The economy, the money, the property’ and that is absolutely what will decide it.

  43. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your article.
    I have a secret lover. Our relationship is quite complicated, unpredictable and like a lighting, jaw dropping kind like relationship. Progressive and revolutionary. A lot of Challenge. It began in July 2018, when Uranus entered Taurus, brought such a Uranus man into my life.
    His moon is 0 Aquarius and my south and north node is 0 Libra and 0 Aries. does that mean we have some karmic connection? it had such a familiarity when we met the first time. it was like we know each other for long time and aroused the soul memory. so we had the relationship immediately after we met. Even I had a stable relationship at that time, and even now.
    The other conjunction is that his south and north nodes are at 21 Taurus and 21 Scorpion. His North nodes conjunct the middle point of my sun and moon and my MC.

    His Venus is 29 libra, Mars is 26 Gemini. I have many planets at late degree. Mars 27Libra, Psyche 29 Libra, Sun 27 Scorpion, Juno 28 Aquarius, Cupido 29 Taurus, Chiron 27 Gemini, Fortuna 29 Virgo.

    His Pluto is 11 Libra, Neptune 11 Sagittarius, and my Pluto is 10 Scorpion.

    And he is a Sagittarius, Sun 13 Sagittarius.

    Is that possible we get some positive progress in our relationship in the coming years? Any Clarity?
    And is that possible I settle down in this or any relationship? or get married in the coming years, with this man or other man?

    1. Yes, your secret relationship began with Uranus at 0 Taurus (the shock of the new) aspecting his Moon at 0 Aquarius and your Nodes at 0 Aries/Libra. You also have other chart connections in the late degrees of the signs, so Pluto, transiting at the end of Capricorn, is also picking up your chart. It began suddenly and was ‘born’ under a Uranus transit so will never settle down into predictable routine. Marriage seems unlikely unless it is a very different, inventive, innovative, original sort of marriage. Uranus in astrology is not conventional, it is deeply unconventional. You will find the year 2023, if you are still together, is the big one. Pluto squares his Venus before going on to form a conjunction with his Moon, so there are major issues that year about who or what controls the relationship. Power imbalance is common. So, for example, one of you may pay for the other; or one of you may work for the other. In order to sustain this long-term beyond 2023 you two will have to transform what you had back in 2018, assuming you are still together by 2023. Pluto will square your Mars as well, and as this is also in the Seventh House of duets and duels, you will both have to deal with questions about one of you taking over, or trying to ‘take’ territory in some way. Feeling bossed around can happen, but so can feeling dominated. You can both do an incredible amount of useful transformation and personal progress together, if you motivate each other enough sexually and romantically, but also out of fundamental love. If that is not there, then it can be really hard to do the work, required, to make this sustain. Libra is about fairness and can be about a duel as much as a duet, if the balance goes. As he has Pluto in Libra he needs to take over. You have Mars there and will fight if you have to. Pluto in Scorpio is your own need to run the show, or stake your claim – take your territory – sexually and financially. You may well have known each other in a past life and have agreed to be together in this one to resolve, once and for all, a prior issue that was never settled last time around. Yes. It is complicated!

  44. Yes, thank you very much for your reply. It resonates deeply with me. And his Saturn is at 2 Leo. after Pluto squares his Venus, and conjunct with his moon, it will opposite his Saturn. We are both complicated and intense ourselves as a individual.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    I would like some help in understanding aspects of my partner’s and my birthchart. Its been an extremely complicated and heavy relationship over the past 5years. So many ups and downs, yet some amazing breakthrough moments together, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Still working some serious issues around trust and commitment. Could you please help me to interpret the dynamics of our relationship and the best way to navigate through these ups and downs in the future?

    His birth details are 20/8/87 at 5:30am in Wellington, NZ.

    I am particularly curious about my MC at 14 Sagittarius conjunct with his Saturn at 14 Sagittarius and ;

    My moon at 18 Leo opposing my Venus at 19 Aquarius (how that may effect my life in general).

    It has been a long hard road with alot of pain and heartbreak but we finally seem to be in a really place. Sometimes things get so foggy, and I feel like hes not being %100 truthful. I am unsure if maybe its just my own fears that stem from the past issues.

    Thank you so much for creating this website, it is my sanctuary.

    Kind Regards,

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn and you are with a Sun Leo. In your natal charts you also have some conjunctions and oppositions. You have had lots of problems and wonder where it’s going. You have a tremendous need for freedom from/through children which began in 2018 and runs until 2026. You don’t say if you are a parent, or if he is a parent. Assuming neither of you has children, after five years together (and had no stepchildren to bring into the relationship), then it’s a good idea to have an honest conversation with yourself about parenthood, long-term. This also includes being aunts/uncles to younger nieces and nephews, and any godchildren. You can fall in love or stay in love with anyone, so why him? Perhaps he does not want children so that lets you off the hook or he is infertile and unable to have them. It can work the other way too. If at your core you want children then you may generate problems within the relationship, quite unconsciously, which push him away. Why? Because you want to be with someone who wants to be a parent with you, and so you figure out ways to make him leave first. In his chart, parenthood is also an issue (until January 2022) and then it falls away. If there is a son or daughter in the story that changes everything and you really need to start with that, because that is the whole answer to just about every question. The Tarot can help you with that too.

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