Dealing With Pluto Transits

When Pluto makes an exact aspect to your chart, lining up at the same degree as one of your planets, asteroids, angles or nodes – what works?

When Pluto makes an exact aspect to your chart, lining up at the same degree as one of your planets, asteroids, angles or nodes – what works?

Pluto at 24-29 Capricorn

In 2021, 2022, 2023 we find Pluto moving across Capricorn at 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 degrees. Along the way, this symbol of overwhelm could aspect your natal chart.

The aspect itself doesn’t matter, as much as the story Pluto is telling. The ‘what’ of the episode in your life will be shown by the horoscope symbol you have at 24-29 degrees, its zodiac sign and house.

Example – Pluto in Aspect

I recently saw a reader who was experiencing transiting Pluto at 24 Capricorn semi-sextile her natal Ceres at 24 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, publishing, academia, foreigners, foreign countries and education. Her trip overseas to attend a conference was cancelled. Boom. Pluto had taken over.

What Pluto Does

Pluto overwhelms, dominates and takes over. Pluto shows up as powerful people or organisations. Prime Ministers, Presidents and Premiers, for example. Pluto can also show up as men (in particular) who want to take, and take over. In the Roman mythology from which we derive astrology, Pluto was the abductor of Proserpina, whom he seized and took down to Hades, away from her mother and everything and everybody she knew. He controlled the agenda – for a time. In a moment I will also look at why Pluto is compromise and how to work with the transit.

More Examples of Pluto

I recently saw another reader come to this website with a question about Pluto at 24 Capricorn, aspecting her Moon at 23 Gemini. This brings us to the question of orbs, or the difference in degrees.

Allowing One Degree Orbs

In modern astrology, which uses asteroids, you can allow up to one degree’s gap, or difference, with an aspect. So, if Pluto is transiting at 24 Capricorn, you will feel it if you have the Moon at 23 Capricorn. Or any planet at 25 degrees.

Astrology is based on Sacred Geometry, or angles, and although an exact aspect is what we’re looking for, you will still feel a transit with a one-degree orb.

The Story is In Your Chart

The story is in your chart. The secondary issue is Pluto in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House. The primary issue is always what is under aspect, or under transit.

So, going back to the reader with the Moon at 23 Gemini, the takeover/domination/overwhelm was actually with her car and a particularly controlling car mechanic (Gemini rules commuting). She was also having issues with communication, which Gemini rules, and a social media website.

Finally, Gemini and the Third House rules the voice. It was significant to her, that she lost her voice on this Pluto transit and also that she was staying in the home of a friend who constantly interrupted her!

So what can you do about Pluto?

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91 Responses

  1. Hi again
    Sorry I thought I had my Capricorn moon at 25 degrees but I was so wrong, I libra sun at 24 degrees but my IC at 23 degrees in Cap.
    So my sun and IC is squaring Pluto in Capricorn 🙂

  2. Halo Jessica, the new site is excellent. Onwards and upwards!
    Within couple of months after Pluto entered Cap my whole career crumbled. It was very frightening, I had no choice but to accept that my way of life had been completely and utterly transformed into the exact opposite to what it was or to what I wanted it to be. It is actually way, way better only I couldn’t imagine it at that time. Acceptance came with loads of self-work.

    Now Pluto is targeting my Nodes, soon it will conjunct Cupido (not too concerned with that haha) then my Sun, ASC/DESC and finally at 29 my IC/MC.

    Can you please interpret this for me it is all major stuff I don’t know where to begin.

    Thank you and stay as safe as you already are on that beautiful island 🙂

  3. Hi Jessica. very informative article.
    I have Mars at 27 libra, Sun at27 scorpion, Uranus at 25 Sagittarius, Juno at 28 Aquarius, Chiron at 27 Gemini, Cupido at 29 Taurus, Fortuna at 29 Virgo, Psyche at 29 Libra. Could you tell me what does that mean for the incoming Pluto Transit?
    I am very interested in Pluto, and I have Pluto at 10degrees of Scorpion, Moon at 12degrees of Scorpion and Mercury at 9degrees of Scorpion. I am working with the Pluto energy the whole life.
    Could you kindly answering my questions and give some suggestions. Much appreciated.

    1. Pluto is at the late degrees of Capricorn and sweeping your chart, in so many different areas. Duets and duels. Sex and money. Death and money. Foreigners and foreign countries. Friends and groups. The internet. Money. Work. Health. Essentially you will find that people or organisations which dominate, want to take over, are 20th century masculine/male, control and domineer – are everywhere. The answer is to resist. On a global scale, the ‘resistance’ in America won against Trump. He was Pluto in Capricorn for many millions of people. You might also say Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, are Pluto in Capricorn. This gives you an idea of the organisational side of the transit. It can be a government or a big business which you feel is pushing down hard from on high. Resisting and controlling your own life and own self is very important. You are the boss of yourself. You can strictly organise your world so that you feel you are in control and then sit it out, waiting for the Pluto types to topple. They always do. Be very careful about allowing any new person into your life until 2023 who is domineering or obsessive. In your own life, you have Pluto in the Eighth House of sex and money, death and property, with a stellium. This is where you need to rule. You will never totally rule; in fact you will always have to step down and step back, compromising madly! Uranus in Taurus will oppose your Scorpio stellium so you need to be loosey-goosey and flexible about the agreements in place, if you can. Have a look at features on Uranus in Taurus I have filed to understand that better.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the article. I have a lot of asteroids/planets in cancer and have had a lot of opposition since 2008. I am wondering when you send the end of it for me and how I fare at the end of it all?

    1. Strongly Cancerian people ‘live’ in their Fourth House and an apartment or house (or garden is never just an abode to you; it defines how happy or unhappy you are in life. Having those Pluto oppositions for years, you may have been affected by a bad council or government, in your view, with decisions handed down that affect your quality of life locally. This goes beyond the house or apartment into your roots, heritage, culture, sense of belonging to a town or country. Cancer rules home town and homeland. The Pluto aspect is typically men or male dominated organisations which dominate and take over. The worst is over! You had the heaviest part of the cycle in 2018, 2018 and part of 2020. You are now on the downhill slope. By 2023 a lot of this since 2008 will be ancient history. In fact, starting at Christmas, you begin to see improvements not possible in years, as Jupiter in Pisces trines your Cancer factors. This helps you a great deal with where you live and how you live and where you belong – throughout 2022. Then, a year after this, you realise you will never again have to put up with all that you endured.

  5. Dear Jessica, the site new layout is excellent. Onwards and upwards!

    Not sure if my comment was posted yesterday, connection was unstable so here it is again.

    Within couple of months of Pluto entering Cap a had a full brunt of it. My highly paid and successful career crumbled and yes, some Cap type people pulled the rug out. To quote your previous answer, I (since than) measure my success with what I’ve achieved on the inside, which has already brought an elevated status with my peers and more contentment that work ever had.

    Seeing Pluto transiting all over my chart is uneasy. It is on my nodes now, than it’s Cupido (not too concerned with that haha ) than it will hit ASC/DESC and my Sun to finish with IC/MC at 29. The core of me, all under Pluto’s thumb. Don’t know much about aspects, can you help me discern where will hard lessons lie and if there are some plutonic “blessings in disguise”?

    Thank you Jessica, stay safe on your beautiful island.

    P.S .My mind keeps coming back to that Cupido I have happily dismissed already, being single a long time and not missing being coupled at all nor having any desire to look in that direction. Hmm, what say you?

    1. Thank you I will pass that compliment on to Asporea. You have been through a Pluto transit like no other. Pluto is out of your professional sector in 2023 which ends the intensity and frequently the politics over who/what is top dog in your field, work place, industry. If you are happily by yourself in a world of couples, that is perfectly fine, according to your chart. Cupido is not always about love or sex, no – not at all. It just shows desire in any part of life. The end of Pluto is really the end of lessons about empowerment through willpower for you, and control through self-control. The more disciplined you are and have been since 2008 the more potent a force you have become. You have a couple more years to polish off the art of being a dynamo.

  6. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this Hope of Things Changing for the better !! I Live In The USA and i can’t Wait For The Controlling GOP Politcians !!!!! To Be Out Of Our Lives…Thank You Again …

  7. Dear Jessica,
    Please help, im a Virgo sun sign can you advise me of how Pluto will affect me please and in what areas and how I can overcome them thank you kindly xx

    1. Sure. As a Sun Virgo you have been living with the transit of Pluto in Capricorn in your solar Fifth House since 2008. The Fifth House describes pregnancy, fertility, abortion, babies, stepchildren, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and/or young adults. Your role to mentor, guide, set an example and steer this generation has been the focus of the Pluto transit. It is very common to be taken over, dominated or challenged by people or situations in these years. So, for example, your granddaughter may be bossy with your great-grandson and you feel sidelined. Or, your daughter may control your life because of your financial situation. The possibilities are endless and I don’t know if you have children or not, if you want them or not. The situation with Pluto is usually one of willpower. Using self-control, you control things. It was at its worst in 2018, 2019 and part of 2020. The worst is absolutely over. Yet at Christmas and into New Year, you will once again have to master yourself, in order to run your life and control what happens. This has been a very long and demanding cycle for Virgo but it ends in 2023, you will be relieved to hear. Another classic example is a separated or divorced couple who differ over a child’s education. Or, a bossy mother-in-law who wants to supervise a child’s diet. It’s on that level. Sexual relationships which may end in parenthood are also Fifth House material. So for you, the situation may have been dominating lovers who try to take over. As always, self-control gives you control.

  8. Fantastic and useful article Jessica! I was wondering if you could look into my chart and tell me what to expect from the upcoming transit of Pluto in Aquarius opposite my natal Saturn in Leo at 1. I have a natal Saturn-Uranus opposition and am worried about this Pluto transit which should last a couple of years. My husband has his natal Saturn in Leo at 0. So we both will be under this transit for a while! Really worried what this might mean for us?

    Lots of good wishes to you and thanks in advance for picking my question!

    1. Thank you. This is obviously about children (if you have them) or godchildren, younger relatives or junior in-laws. In other cases, depending on your plans with your husband, it is about fertility, adoption or abortion. Pluto opposing Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House in your chart, and also your husband’s, is really about forces which appear to be beyond your control, challenging you. Very occasionally the children, teenagers or Millennials in the picture are those you work with (or for) and sometimes have a voluntary role with. So, a school or a charity. The emotional impact is the same. Pluto oppositions can feel like you are being taken over. The answer is to find the willpower to become empowered. In fact, Pluto’s gift, is a sense of control, through self-control. Tremendous self-awareness, self-respect and quite real empowerment, but only if you have nerves of steel. A classic example is COVID-19. You may want a baby but you realise that if you are in a country where the government has endangered children and teenagers by refusing to have a Covid-safe policy – becoming a parent seems fraught. This is where the willpower comes in. It’s hard to say more without knowing your situation but in general, you have enough clustering around 0-1 degrees to suggest that parenthood, or bypassing parenthood, or next-generation concerns – dominate your life when Pluto makes the ingress from 2023. Lower the stakes now. On a very basic level, if you want to have a baby, start now. If you want to adopt, start now. If you want to avoid children and be free of offspring, start now.

  9. Hi Jessica, I have Pluto in Virgo at 22 degrees, I’ve always been a little concerned about 22 as it such a powerful, transformational and potentially destructive number combined with the forceful energy of Pluto. Please can you share any insights on what this could mean for me based on other factors in my chart. Thank you so much and fantastic articles as always. Best wishes 🙂

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 22 Virgo in the Sixth House is not really about numerology, so much as astrology. You want and need control of your food, drink, drugs, prescribed drugs, body, health, mental health, fitness, and so on. To that extent you have tried everything your generation has fallen for. Being vegetarian, going low-carb, joining a gym, doing yoga, wearing trainers on the street, chugging mineral water, taking vitamins, trying gluten free (stop me if this is becoming boring). You also need to control work. You are very good at delivering, and have an exceptional sense of service and duty, but you also need to be the boss of yourself. So, you could be the invaluable wheel in a major firm, but would need to be completely in charge of your own space and schedule. Many people with Pluto at 22 Virgo have already gone through transiting Pluto at 22 Capricorn, trine natal Pluto, and so have deepened a commitment to working for themselves, or had ructions with employers which have resulted in more independence. Yet, the big lesson all this time has been that you are not a machine and that your own delicate self-care has to come first. Especially in 2021 when immunity is the new black.

  10. I was wondering if there are any aspects of the Pluto transit that will bring the PR war of attrition between the Sussexes and the British Royal family to a head, with one party “Pluto-ing” the other?

    1. The problem is actually the United States of America, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the Royal Family. Meghan has played her active part as has Oprah Winfrey and of course Prince Harry. But really, this problem is bigger than the personalities involved. Remember, Ghislaine Maxwell is still behind bars and there is lot of information and documentation in this very high-level diplomatic crisis.

  11. Hi Jessica ,

    Thank you this enlightening article.
    Oh well, now I know why you told me early on, this year is a very unusual for me.
    Just found out that there are totalI 7 planets/asteroids/Nodes at 24-29 degrees,
    in different zodiac sign and house with my natal chart,
    all are about to trigger by Pluto……… son is leaving us for Oxford in September,
    I will attend series of “Energy” class start from September.
    And , I did witness some partnership breaking among friends……..

  12. In fact I also have Pisces at 21 degrees Mercury! So not sure what that really means when you say life-changing!

    1. Mercury at 21 Pisces in the Twelfth House is psychic; usually communicates easily with the spirit world; is telepathic with living people and animals. Highly sensitive, reads the room or other people fluidly and may be clairaudient (hears spirit). The slow transit of Neptune over 21 Pisces is life-changing. It happens in a long-range, subtle way and the usual boundaries between yourself and others disappear. Prophetic dreams are common or the development of, say, an ability to read Tarot without needing the handbook. Pluto’s sextile to Mercury around this time, from 21 Capricorn, tends to intensify the abilities. Spiritual healing is another aspect of this.

    1. Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House wants to control sex and money, and your generation is fascinated by Fifty Shades of Grey but also internet porn, it has to be said, and especially internet porn where you can never really go to bed unless the rent, or the mortgage, or your pay packet, is in the equation. Despite the need for total control of (say) marriage and mortgage, it never quite works, so there are usually periodic compromises. A classic example is serial monogamy moving in and out of relationships and apartments. You already have transiting Uranus at 4 Taurus right opposite your Pluto, so you have had a major upheaval already, probably involving a lover, partner or friend with benefits. Pluto in mythology was a sexual obsessive who seized Proserpina and abducted her, to Hades. He made her his bride. Then her mother intervened and Proserpina ended up being taken away from him for half the year. So, with Pluto in Scorpio, you never really get the absolute control you crave. You have to back down or give in, either because of other people, or because of fate itself – destiny. Scorpio also rules death, taxes, property and family – so you sometimes find you have a great need to take over, where all that is concerned, too. This is the person who makes their will or inheritance with a huge amount of feeling and emotion. It’s never just a quick five-minute job with an instant will kit! Again, this may have been an issue recently with the Uranus opposition. It would have involved the legacy you make to others, or the legacy made to you. Uranus is ‘challenging you to change’ and I am sure that whatever happened with finances or property was probably a shock. A new chance for more delicious control will come in 2022 when Jupiter moves to 4 Pisces and makes a trine to Pluto. You’ll enjoy that.

  13. Hi Jessica
    Can you describe how a conjunction with Pluto to a natal planet plays out please?
    Currently Pluto is conjunct my ascendant.

    1. Sure, Baroona. Transiting Pluto tends to show up as people who want to take over. Sometimes, organisations. You get swaggering people who throw their weight around and dominate – usually without consultation. That sense of entitlement is typically Pluto. It never works and they always get shooed out of the room, or relegated to second division. They shrink or are demoted, like the real Pluto. Downsized and diminished. The Ascendant is your name, image, profile, appearance or reputation so that is being ‘Plutoed.’ Of course this depends on an accurate birth time. Sometimes the Pluto experience is down to a corporation or large group of people. So, for example, if you were in the army and had this transit, you would have a bossy Sergeant Major acting for an entire platoon, telling you to shine your shoes, get your hair cut and the rest.

  14. Thank you so much for the great article! The Pluto transits to my moon at 23 Cap and sun at 23 Scorpio have been brutal the last few years. Things were getting better until the end of July. Lately communication, especially with my dating life has been like shouting into a void. I met an amazing person on the new moon near 17/18 Cancer on July 9 in the US and the communication issue is magnified, though at this point, I’m thinking maybe he’s (Capricorn around 12 degrees, not sure of birth year, just a day) just not interested. (17 degrees tends to be a sensitive point for me with relationships, especially if Mars hits 17 degrees.) Anyway, I’m trying to figure out if I’m stuck in a holding pattern with dating until Pluto goes direct again in October, or if there’s something else causing challenges and if I can work around those challenges. Thank you!

    1. You and Capricorn are both on the freedom trail with love and sex (and for him, particularly, fatherhood). Nothing less than wave after wave of independence will do, until 2026. So, for all that you have chemistry with both the Moon and Sun in Capricorn, and you are both professionally or socially ambitious – there is also this issue of an unpredictable, space-filled, freedom-filled personal life to be honest about. On this current transit of Uranus (a symbol of autonomy and emotional oxygen) you will tend to find that unless you throw away old ideas about marriage and children, commitment and a joint bank account, promises and mortgages – you don’t get very far. I am not sure how fixed you are, as a fixed sign Scorpio Sun. What you are picking up here is not so much Pluto as Uranus. Rather than do head miles about dating, or look at Pluto, you may want to focus on the transits Uranus is slowly but surely making to your whole chart. At some level he wants to be free from having to be a father, ever – or liberated by suddenly welcoming parenthood. If he already has children, which you don’t say, the liberation would be a huge twist in the tale with a son or daughter which gives him a way out, or a way through. For your part, you need to look at the choices you are making about love and sex, in the light of the institution of marriage. It is entirely possible to be happy with someone in 2021-2026 and in fact it would be astonishing if you did not have a major choice in 2022, 2023. Yet, a conversation with yourself about the ties that bind, traditional partnership, conventional commitment – is long overdue. I just had a Capricorn reader who has fallen in love with an infertile man. Her mother is not happy. She is delighted. This is an extreme example of the drive for freedom now, with Uranus all over so many charts. One way or another, Uranus will have his way with you, and it is better to be conscious of what is actually going on, and who you honestly are, rather than keep stumbling into dating situations you do not like or need.

  15. Dear Jessica,
    It seems that we are living ‘in interesting times’ to a higher extent than usual. I have quite a few planets/asteroids in Capricorn (13 Salacia, 20 Ops, 29 Minerva) and Cancer (16 Juno, 22 Cupido, 29 Ceres). But what I am even more interested in than Pluto’s transits, is August 2022 conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Taurus which is, alas, conjunct my natal Sun. “Lightning and wildfire” as you described their movement made me shudder. I live an area that was struck by two strong earthquakes last year. My apartment – in an old apt building – though it survived the quakes, lost a lot of value. I cannot decide whether to sell it at any price I can get or renovate it (which I was planning to do shortly before the earthquakes struck and then delayed it). And now I have to think about next August … How is one is to weather Mars/Uranus conjunction natal Sun?
    Thank you. My best wishes.

    1. Yes, we do live in interesting times. You are also living in an earthquake zone and your apartment dropped in value. You want to sell, perhaps, or renovate. You are a Taurus with Ceres at 29 Cancer, so you are experiencing action in your Second House of finances, ruled by Taurus in your natal chart, but also oppositions, on a recurring basis, to your Ceres – just to name one factor in your chart. Ultimately on this long cycle in 2021, 2022, 2023 Pluto will oppose Ceres. This transit is associated with earthquakes because Pluto ruled life under the surface; to the Romans he was in charge of Hades; in mythology he had a trident and a chariot pulled by black horses, on which he rode from the depths, upwards into the light, where he did not belong – the earth cracked and shook. Synchronicity in astrology is proven, no matter how mysterious or peculiar it seems, and as Pluto slowly opposes the late Cancer degrees of so many countries (and so many people) we are going to see more earth changes and quakes by 2023. You need to look at your life budget. By that I mean what you will pay for, in terms of what money cannot buy. Only you can calculate that. Put a price tag on peace of mind, security, enjoyment of your space, the need to make money, the need to save money, the desire to avoid financial loss (even). That requires a bit of time and thought and maybe a pen and notebook. The Tarot can help you with that, on this website. Only you can make those decisions, but you are going to have to make them. Are you at risk of another quake? Yes. Pluto’s opposition to natal Ceres brings a risk of that. Ceres was of course his mother-in-law in mythology. Should you worry? No. You just need to look at your life budget. The Uranus conjunction to your natal Sun at 18 Taurus will liberate you, financially, with charity, business, property, your values and/or your valuables. It will happen suddenly and publicly. It won’t be a particularly big deal as there is nothing else in your chart at 18 degrees tied in. So it is a one-off experience, and will be textbook. Neither negative nor positive; it is what it is. Liberation, independence and freedom (from) something, or through something. Sometimes the ‘something’ is a someone.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. I am curious as to how this long transit will affect me.
    I have Pluto at 26 Virgo but there is a lot going on all along this Pluto transit in my chart.
    Pisces at 24 Prosperina, Libra at 24 MC, Aries at 24 IC, Taurus at 27 Mercury and 28 Saturn, Leo at 28 Apollo and Scorpio at 29 Jupiter.
    Life had been pretty peaceful for me for a long time until the last year and now I feel my work and health autonomy are at risk. That seems suggested by Pluto in Virgo, but there seems to be a lot going on in my chart along this transit that feels significant, but I cannot sort it all out as I am new to astrology. I would really appreciate your insights. Thank you.

    1. Yes, you are being Plutoed, as he is now at 24 Capricorn, moving into a trine with natal Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House of work and health, housework and wellbeing. Your MC rules your ambitions in life, and your goals, so Pluto is now square that in your chart. You are coming into your mot complex Pluto transit, at a time when the pandemic is influencing your lifestyle, job, health and fitness – but of course. So, you are now at a point in your life where you have to sit back and look at your routine and schedule. Your bathroom time. Your kitchen cupboards and the fridge. The clock and the calendar. What is on your computer. All the Virgo details! September should be the start of a new approach as you are in the perfect position to set new rules. This will require great self-control and willpower but unless you lean harder on yourself, you may find Pluto comes into your life via a person, organisation or situation which seems to take over. It can be overt (management dictate terms, or politicians try to control what happens to your life) or it can be nicely disguised as someone who is ‘helping’ but actually dominating. You can even end up with a dog who tries to dominate on this transit and of course that can affect your lifestyle and work too. There are two tasks here. One is to reshape your 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you feel you are in control. The other is to actively push back and firmly resist anybody or any organisation which you see is attempting to change you; change your life; strong-arm you. There has to be give and take and tremendous compromise. It may need to go in writing or be spelled out. Anybody or anything crossing that line is not going to magically go away or back off; Pluto persists. So before anything ever becomes an issue, push back and stop that from developing. The Tarot on this website can also help you, should any situation turn up.

  17. Kia ora Jessica – very interesting to read your last 3 Blog-articles. And also a bit overwhelming for me. Why? In my birth chart I have 14 symbols at 24-29 degrees (Pluto article), a Libra stellium (4 factors) and a Virgo stellium (6 factors). Meaning there will be a lot going on in my life in the next months and years I guess… There have already been a lot of changes in my life since the start of the pandemic. I moved from Europe to NZ, had to look for a new job twice within 6 months and with this also had to move twice. I’ve hoped that the biggest changes are over now and the only bigger change to come will be a new relationship…
    Regarding the Pluto transits from 2021-23, which aspects of my life will be triggered the most? Or is every symbol as affected as any other?
    For the Libra aspects I’m not sure what to expect – I have an ex-husband but we get along well. He will move into my/our house in October because I emigrated to NZ. Do I have to expect issues with that? There is also a “could-be-partner” in my life but it is complicated – will this be the duel/ duet?
    And for all my Virgo aspects – you say the days from 16.8.-16.9. will be important. Being in lockdown in NZ and not being able to go or do anything I suppose I will probably start a special diet or reduce my sugar consumption… You write that Pluto at 23 degrees in Virgo will be life-changing. I started in a new job on 9.8. (nanny for a wealthy family) – is this the major change and finally the restart for my life here in NZ or is there more to come?
    Thank you so much for all your interesting articles and your help – very appreciated ! (PS: I’ve been waiting for a new partner / relationship for many years – is there a chance I do not have to wait for too much longer?)

    1. Thank you. Yes, your chart is under transit from Pluto, moving 24-29 Capricorn from September 2021 until 2023. This is about New Zealand and life there, but also your former husband moving into your home. You are also a nanny in a rich family and wondering if you could start a new relationship. Actually all these themes are connected in your life. To beat COVID-19 and have a normal life in New Zealand means willpower and self-control (being at home, being indoors) and that is exactly what is taking place. This will empower you personally and as a resident of New Zealand give you tremendous self-respect, potency, clout and standing. You are now in an elite group of regions triumphing over Covid. You are entitled to the self-respect and pride that comes with that, and it will intensify in 2022, 2023. The former husband is really much the same thing. Self-control and empowerment, power and willpower are all merged here, because of course there is a temptation for you two to rekindle the relationship. That is not impossible but to make it work again you would need great willpower – of course. It’s the same if you begin a new relationship, which is very likely. To live with your old husband and have a new lover in the house will require nerves of steel! Finally the rich family is another classic Pluto challenge. You have a power relationship here. You control the children. The head of the household controls your salary. Negotiating these kinds of relationships requires great self-control and again that is Pluto’s hallmark. This rather intense time in your life ends in 2023 as Pluto moves off 29 degrees and into 0 Aquarius. You will be a different person when it is over; reborn, actually. And a seriously effective force in the world.

  18. Hello Jessica,

    I do not have my birth chart handy. I am from India, right now in USA. I am a scorpion (November born, 1984). I lost my job 2 years back and would like to know if there is any chance for me this time of the year to do something in my career. will I get any opportunities?

    1. I am sorry you lost your job. You will have a fantastic new project or just a new career in the second half of 2022 and by 2023 will realise it was the turning point you had been waiting for. If you would rather study than work, it may be a degree. Of course you can find work long before then, and you should not stop trying, but it will be the second half of next year which rewards you. Keep your hopes high and also think about updating your skills; learning online; making yourself more employable/marketable. You should be using Open Culture online if you are not already. You also need to look at your presentation and packaging, your profile and self-promotion. Use the new technology online during this Uranus transit of your chart, no matter if it’s photography retouching and filters, or just basic MS Word Spellcheck.

  19. Hi Jessica, reposting my comment, hope I will be lucky this time…

    Dear Jessica, I would like to know what this Pluto transition means to me as I have some planets on these degrees. Mainly Moon 27 Aries Venus 28 scorpio Saturn 23 virgo MC 24 scorpio IC 24 Taurus, Fortuna 27 Leo I see a lot of overwhelm here! I am worried about Aries moon and virgo Saturn. Can you shed some light on this please.
    There was a work situation where I was sidelined by my manager , but I fought back and got what was mine to begin with . This happened a week ago. Dont know if played out under this planetary position.
    Thank you and lots of lovexxxxx

    1. Thank you for reposting. I am glancing at the comments here and we’re at 12,156 so there is quite a long list I’m attending to, today. Your Pluto transit is quite long and as Pluto is now at 24 Capricorn, he is aspecting your chart/has aspected your chart/will aspect your chart for some time. In fact you won’t end this transit until 2023. You just saw Pluto at work with your manager. This kind of undermining or sidelining is typical, unfortunately, and I am pleased that you pushed back and won. Well done. In general, in 2021, 2022 and some of 2023 (as the cycle ends) you will need to do your best to avoid people or organisations which take over and dominate. If you can possibly avoid ever getting involved in the first place then do so. Set firm boundaries from the very beginning with those who seem controlling. And if you need to wind back an involvement (dilute it, minimise it, reposition it in your life) then do so. A good example is the lover who comes into your life who is obsessive, either about you or about some aspect of your existence, and quite clearly wants the reins or just takes the reins. This is yours to control and you should push back. I mention this because Pluto will sextile Venus in Scorpio when he moves to 28 degrees. There is no need to worry at all about Pluto, but the trick is to nip controlling people or organisations in the bud, well before they become a problem. Get in quick. Get others on your side if you have to and collectively push back. You can use the Tarot on this site to help with your strategy as you go further into the cycle and by 2023 it’s over.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Very informative article. I have a lot of factors between 23° to 29° and have been through a lot of changes. Please can you guide me about how these will affect me:
    Moon 27° Libra, Mercury 23° Aries, Mars 25° Cancer, Jupiter 27° Gemini, Saturn 24° Leo, Juno 27° Capricorn, Bacchus 24° Taurus, Hygiea 28° Sagittarius, Cupido 23° Gemini, and Psyche 23° Scorpio.
    I have been co-parenting my child with her father for the past 5 years, now he has re-married and a new mother figure has been thrown in to the mix, which I am trying to embrace as a positive.
    I look forward to any feedback you may have and thank you for your amazing insights.

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere, but just quickly, if your child now has a stepmother as well as you, those late degree placements at 23 to 29 are all being triggered by Pluto. Whenever that happens, you have to use your willpower to be empowered, and your self-control to gain control. Retreat into your own rules for living and run your own self and your own world. Once the cycle has gone for good in 2023 you will realise that you have become stronger, more self-reliant, more potent, more influential and you will develop an entirely new relationship with yourself. In fact you will be reborn, as Pluto leaves Capricorn at 29 and moves into Aquarius at 0.

  21. Thanks so much for this Jessica, I’m reading all your replies to others with interest.

    2008 onwards has been utterly overwhelming in terms of career and family angst and drama! There’s definitely been a double dose of estrangement from domineering mothers in my and my husband’s lives and I’ve had to give up my career so his can flourish. I think my moon and ascendent are both at 23 degrees ( Aries and Leo, respectively) please tell me spring is on the way and I get a break from Hades!

    1. A break from Hades is always good. Pluto transits do tend to accompany domineering mothers, as Ceres (his opponent) was the entitled and possessive mother of his wife, Proserpina. You often get this played out with a mother-in-law and son-in-law but a new arrangement always comes and it usually empowers everybody, including the younger wife/partner caught in the middle. Giving up your career for your husband is surrender to Pluto and I doubt that will last, to be honest. Pluto never has outright power or control; he always has to step back or step down. So by 2023 at the very latest I would assume a change, there.

    1. Pluto’s trine to your Moon from 24 Capricorn, to 24 Taurus, is a change in the balance of power in your work sphere, or perhaps more widely in government or business – which empowers you financially. It allows you to take control of your money, house, business, valuables, charity or apartment. This feels quite momentous, like earth plates shifting, but you will also take the reins. Your Moon in Taurus in the Second House needs to be needed, financially. So you take care of people by paying for them, or accommodating them, or funding them, or looking after their finances, charity, business, property. You are now living in radically different conditions, which began after 2018 and have intensified over time. That does not stop until 2026 when you need to be as flexible as possible to change your budget rapidly as circumstances require. That is the background to this story. The actual trine is about using self-discipline to ‘own’ your budget.

  22. Hi, Jesscia.
    I feel the Ceres, Proserpina and Pluto family/dynamics are very important to me. My Pluto is at 10 in scorpion, Proserpina is at 8 in Sagittarius, and Ceres at 13 in Capricorn, in consecutive signs, and similar degrees.
    I have an obsessive/Plutarian lovers. His Pluto is at 11 in Libra in his AC, and Ceres at 7 in Gemini opposite to my Proserpina. His Venus is at 29 Libra at my Mars. His Mars is at 26 Gemini opposite my Venus.
    And my mother’s Pluto is at 7 in Virgo, and Ceres at 11 Gemini opposite my Proserpina.
    I feel the power struggle with these two people.
    Can you add more information or interpret more about the relationship between me and my lover or my mother based on the information i provide?
    Thank you. learn a lot astrology by reading your articles.

    1. Thank you. The power and control issues will drop away gradually, as Pluto is aspecting your lover’s chart in the later degrees of the sign. You also have transiting Uranus at 10 Taurus opposite natal Pluto at 10 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money. You are strongly Scorpio/Eighth House and experiencing that through your lover and mother. This needs to come back to the legacy you leave either of them, and any legacy they have, which names you. So it’s about the money, house, valuables or business. A complete rethink of your security, lifestyle and finances long-term is a good idea. What you are feeling emotionally or psychologically with both these people is actually about your life budget. What you will, or will not, sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be precious to the point of being priceless. What would you pay, for example, to be more free? It will cost but you may feel the price is worth paying. 2022 and 2023 will really emphasise this for you as the North Node goes through Taurus and the South Node goes through Scorpio. This is karmic in nature and begins in January next year.

  23. Thanks a lot for your reply – my ex-husband will move back into my/our house but there is no way we want to revive our relationship… (I’m not interested at all and he has a new partner). I just hope we do not start argueing about the house, mortgage etc. I have been trying to find a new partner for quite a while, without any success. Will I have more luck in the next 2 years? If yes – will it be a totally new man or do I already know him? You say I’ll need a lot of willpower – does that mean it will be a complicated relationship or will the circumstances be complicated? Will he be the “way out” of my visa issues and help me to stay in NZ for longer? I’m still hoping for a happy ending… Can you see that I’ll stay in my nanny job longterm or will there be another change again? Your insights are very much appreciated, thanks!

    1. You will be offered a better job or promotion at any point after Boxing Day and will have accepted (because it is irresistible) by May 2022. It will be a huge improvement in lifestyle terms. Whatever the story with your former husband you will need to use tremendous willpower and self-control – resisting arguments can be as much hard work as resisting the chance for a rekindled flame. As you say, you are not interested, so perhaps the Pluto transit is just about refraining from conflicts. I didn’t know you had Visa issues in New Zealand. Those will end, one way or the other from January 2022. As for future love – your best choices in 12 years arrive in the second half of 2022.

  24. Hi Jessica!
    I hope you are well. I have a lot between 24-29, and its a bit overwhelming to look at, tbh, and I am wondering if you can tell me what it means for me with regard to your post. I have my moon at 28 Aries, vesta 29 scorpio, nn 29 Aries, sn 29 libra, salacia 24 Capricorn, psyche 28 virgo, minerva 28 sag, Chiron 28 pisces, and Uranus 23 virgo….like almost everything. I’m kind of nervous.

    any light you could shed, I would really appreciate.

    Many thanks and be well,

    1. Thank you. Late-degree patterns like this, Teri, mean it never rains but it pours for you. No need to be nervous, but you do have the sort of life where everything tends to happen at once. The Pluto transit over the final degrees of Capricorn picks up a great deal in your chart, in quick succession, so 2021, 2022, 2023 is really about owning your life. Running your own self, and your own existence, and your own space – using self-control you may not have known you possessed. Pluto is often ‘met’ in a range of disguises. He can be the pushy and ambitious Millennial who is arrogant enough to try to take over or control senior colleagues. Pluto can also be the intense, rather manipulative lover who little by little, attempts to own the other person, or lay claim to his or her life in some way. Pluto can be experienced politically, but with personal impact. So this can be the Premier, President or Prime Minister who dominates and twists democracy, to the point where it affects your life. We saw this with Donald Trump and COVID-19 in America back in March 2020. The airports laid open to the virus; people died. Is Pluto always negative? Yes and no. The experience of the person, organisation or situation for you in 2021, 2022, 2023 is really hard work. Yet it will be the making of you. Why? Because you will have to become so much more disciplined to deal. You will need to learn new coping skills and that is a good thing. You may have to hit the self-help books or just watch a lot of Ted talks on YouTube! You may get help or counselling. Yet, from this will come a new you. A far more empowered person, with a great deal of hard-won self-respect and a tremendous lot of new life skills that were not there before. The only solution with Pluto ‘types’ is to push back. You run yourself and your world. They must compromise with you or face the consequences. That’s how it will be. You tend to find that Pluto people who cannot step down or step back, actually leave the scene in some way. This applies to organisations as well as individuals. Pluto has to share. Back off, basically!

  25. Thank you for the informative article, Jessica. Worried about this one. I’m a Capricorn, my natal pluto is at 24 Scorpio, Mars 23 Cancer. I just got laid off from my dream job. Guessing that that was the work of Mister Pluto. Is there more doom on the way?

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been laid off, that is very hard to take. The issue is actually Saturn (your ruling planet). You will find your work and employment situation goes backwards and forwards in September, October early November with a few false starts, before it settles down into being what it is meant to become. A bigger concern is money. You have solutions here but you need to act on them before December. Do all you can to negotiate and compromise so that you end up with a secure income source to rely on in 2022, which is a tough year for everybody, not just you. The time to be proactive is now. There was a lesson in your lay-off. What was it? Step back and try to see it. Use the Tarot on this website to help you. Once you tell yourself and the universe you have learned your lesson and will not make the same mistake again, act on it and understand that it is Capricorn’s path to mature through life and attain wisdom through hard experience; from there comes achievement. In fact from 2023 you could be in such a powerful position financially or with property; for now, though, you need to figure out what you are being taught about salary, budget, income, and so on – put it to use – and sort things out for yourself before a chain of useful chances disappears.

  26. Hi Jessica, good to be back and have your new website happening.
    I have Venus 28 Cap and Pluto has been drinking down on this for years now! Retrograding back and forward over my Venus!! So tricky.

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Capricorn transiting over natal Venus in Capricorn in the Tenth House is very hard work. The Tenth House is about status, success and social position. So, making it – in the system – which may involve having a prestigious marriage or relationship, as much as it is about your work, unpaid work or study. Capricorn is the mountain goat who scales the heights of a towering edifice. In your case that may be the establishment, as represented by academia, or the corporate world, or high society, or big business. Venus tends to form complicated relationships with her employers, staff, colleagues, clients. The relationships are always about making it. Venus does not become involved with the underlings; she goes for those who are on the up, or who have already made it. Now, along comes Pluto to dominate that. In fact you may find that a man who embodies Pluto comes along (he takes over and controls). Sometimes it is a whole organisation, so there can be a corporate takeover. It can be a policy made by the government, which also takes over (furloughing). The usual rules apply. The transit will make you far more aware of your Venus in Capricorn and what to do/what not to do. She can be a bit of a social climber so you need to look at that. You may also gain from looking at Pluto on this website and in the guides that come with membership. The time-honoured way to triumph over Pluto is to sit it out, but to sit it out with a system you create, based on your own self-control and self-mastery and self-discipline. Push back. Eventually the Pluto person, situation or organisation will topple and you will emerge with a wonderful new sense of self-worth.

  27. Hi Jessica I have pluto in virgo at 25 -will there be any improvement for me -I am struggling to read my chart and how it will impact me. Im not thin or obsessed with the gym though-must have passed me by.I am looking forward to Politicians being restored to their rightful place as servants of the people, paid for by the taxpayer.

    1. You are an ‘earthed’ Capricorn with Pluto in Virgo, another earth sign. So you are grounded in practical realities and do best when you are connected to the ground beneath your feet, actually (not pie in the sky). Pluto in Virgo is not thin, nor gym-obsessed, but is here to discover power through the body and self-control of that body. Wild swimmers, who can be a chunky lot, come from that generation! Everyone born in the Sixties has Pluto in Virgo like you. I am sure you have friends who struggle with being fat, as much as you have friends who obsess about what they eat (gluten intolerance, vegan and so on). The politicians who yanked democracy so hard will come to nothing by 2023. Pluto in Capricorn which we last saw with King George III (who went mad) is usually about despots or dictators. It is amazing that we have seen this in progressed societies, but lo and behold, every single thing possible that could be used to thwart democracy has unfolded. That’s now slowly fading, but not without a couple more demotions and departures. By 2023 you will see some of the prime offenders stepping down, or crashing down. The new system starts in 2023 and there will be a feeling of ‘never again’ by so many.

  28. What an interesting and insightful article, so much of what has happened globally and personally makes more sense and hearing so much domination won’t last is very hopeful. I turned 46 in August (Leo) and had the worst couple of years of my career a few years ago (bullying and harassment) that I am still recovering from. Here’s hoping my Jupiter 24° Aries 42′ 13″ in my 12th house helps then (and the course of CBT I just started). I have the moon at 25 degrees in Scorpio in my 7th house and I was wondering how that might aspect the upcoming Pluto transit this year or next? Fascinating understanding the Pluto aspects for my family including the Pluto in Virgo and younger Pluto in Sagittarius members (who are indeed obsessed with travelling). Love it.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we are all suffering through Pluto in Capricorn, because most of us are not in the top 1% currently running the world! Pluto in Capricorn is about the very few mountain goats who climb to the small land area at the top. There is no room at the top, really, but those who are there tend to dominate, while they cling on to the peak. That is why we all feel so outrageously controlled, even in a democracy, and you have seen how democracy is being trashed all over the planet, since this transit began in 2008. The bullying and harassment you have to endure in your career were a micro example of what is happening on a macro level. I am sorry about that; those people will be consigned to history if they are not already and you are in fact a more potent individual for having been through it and used your willpower to get through it, too. I use a different house system to you. I need to spin your chart. Jupiter in Aries is in the First House not the Twelfth House. The Moon is in your Eighth House not your Seventh House. What we have here is the chart of someone who must do all the work she can on a duet or duel by Christmas. Of course, sometimes the duet can become a duel, if you are in a stormy sexual relationship. Duels can also be professional: a double-act with a business or career project. Whatever this is, there is a clear case of one-against-one (or ‘the two of us’) and it will pay off in 2022 if you put in the effort now. There are problems here. Wonderful opportunities, to be sure, but also challenges to overcome. Try to tackle every single thing you can in September-December and lock it in, so that the solution is there to get you through 2022, which is hard work. From 2023 if you two stay the course (a partnership of some type will be very much part of your life by then) it will transform into something really powerful. In fact, a classic power couple arrangement is not out of the question after 2023.

  29. Hi Jessica I’m wondering if I will find a new live in my life anytime soon, thank you . Rosalie.

    1. I think you meant to type ‘love’ and in fact you will have an opportunity to date someone new, in the second half of 2022. This person will expand your horizons and open up your view.

  30. Hi Jessica, a super interesting reading, as usual, thank you.
    I fear a bit the arrival of lord Pluto on my mercury in capricorn (28 degree) and then my stellium in aquarius (moon at 1,55 opposed jupiter in leo at 3- Mars at 5 square chiron in taurus at 5, and sun at 7, plus lots of asteroids tat follow). I know i shouldnt…Because i cant make otherwise and i have to deal with him in the best possible energy.
    I have been working in tech since a long time, a boys’club where i fight to include more women in the tech area and more equality and ethics. I feel quite tired by the capricorn weather and i am thinking of buying a little house in the countryside, and go there as much as i can, try a new job in mediation (i am starting a training) and maybe work partime for a few months. Just to try new things, new life. I am single with a lots of friends, and a city girl, but my values have been shifting in a painful but liberating way, as what used to make me happy…is not longer working. Many thanks for your advices and your wisdom and your generosity.

    1. Thank you so much. The Pluto transit will indeed result in Pluto’s conjunction with your natal Mercury in the ambitious sign of Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. The boys’ club is a result of the long Pluto transit which began in 2008. This is textbook stuff; Pluto is associated with men who lord it over everyone else, or try to, although they are inevitably cast side by fate. The most spectacular example of this is Donald Trump, who abused power (the Climate Emergency worldwide) and not only became infected with COVID-19, as astrology predicted, but then lost an election in a spectacular way. Today he faces the law. Now, when Pluto transits your Mercury there will be a similar outcome at work, or within the tech industry. Mercury does in fact rule computers and of course communication; the written and spoken word. Pluto will transform the hierarchy and you will see demotion (which Pluto rules) but also promotion (that also happens at the same time) and very commonly, mergers or compromises, so that there is a reshuffle in the hierarchy. Nothing to fear, but be aware that this transit will require a lot of willpower and self-control, which is ultimately how you are going to find yourself in a far more powerful position. There will have been times when you felt disempowered and quite powerless – as you have learned, the only way forward is to become your own boss, psychologically, emotionally and mentally. Also, to take practical steps to carve out a niche which you can ‘run’ and orchestrate. Trying the new life is a very good idea and you are quite right to want time out – a countryside escape – a new job – a part-time schedule and so on. Mercury in Capricorn in the Tenth House is about your role as the messenger in a gigantic corporation, business, administration or institution. Perhaps the establishment, as a whole. For the first and last time in your life you will be asked to examine how you communicate; what you say; what is on paper; what is on your computer as a very great deal will depend upon it. Even now, you can prepare by examining what you are signing your name to, or even putting online without a name; what is being recorded and remembered. Mercury rules information as well as communication and Pluto coming to stay in the Tenth House, alongside Mercury, is rather like being dominated by a person who wants to take, and take over. Well, that can’t happen – communication can’t be affected like that by all the laws of nature and astrology. Pluto cannot and will not last, but there will be a long period when you feel as if you are being squeezed or squashed. Your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media relating to your profession will be affected. When this happens you will already be prepared, because you have been reading your astrology ahead of time. What comes out of this period will permanently alter your workplace communication. Mercury in Capricorn is the mailroom assistant on the ground floor of a massive corporation. Pluto coming to stay in the mailroom is the boss, or the ultimate boss, trying to take over the system. It never lasts but while it does, Mercury has to push back and the way to do that is through tremendous self-discipline.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you for this wonderful overview of what happens during Pluto transits. I would be most grateful if you could take a look at my chart and let me know how this Pluto transit will affect me. Are there things that I should focus on?

    Many thanks, Sophie

    1. Sophie, ever since 2008 you have been dealing with transformation within the family circle. There may have been funerals, sadly, but the Pluto transit of your solar Fourth House, and in opposition to transits of your natal Fourth House, has changed the dynamics between you and close relatives, or members of your shared household. There may have been people moving in or out of your house/apartment, for example, which immediately changes the pecking order (if we can compare ourselves to chickens!) and the chemistry within the family tree. You sometimes see people moving back home, for example, or the pandemic may have resulted in huge, life-changing decisions for family members which have also affected you. A daughter may decide to uproot from another country, for example, back to the old home town or homeland. You can also see changes in the health status, sometimes, or financial/career situation, of particular relatives which has a massive impact on you too. Sophie, Pluto tends to be rather extreme by transit so there is usually a feeling that things are irrevocable; there is no going back. At the same time you are over the worst. The heaviest side of this cycle is over. It is not unusual for the house, the apartment, the garden, the street itself or the neighbourhood to go through physical or structural changes which reflect what is happening psychologically or emotionally. So, Covid may have done that – or greedy property developers. This cycle is very much about power and how power is used, so your issues may have been with the council or the government having a direct personal impact on your life. As I said, the worst is over, and life is a lot less onerous than it used to be, but you will have some choices to make again about the family, household and/or home – in December 2021, January 2022. Choose carefully as this puts you on a particular path in 2022 and perhaps 2023 as well. From 2023, though, you will be amazed to wake up and realise you are not thinking about ‘that’ or him/her/them/this – every single week. The issues disappear or you no longer care about them. Home and/or family/household will no longer require so much consistent struggle and effort, Sophie. And it’s the same with your home town or homeland.

  32. Hi Jessica

    I am thinking of investing in a start-up company (Biotech, novel cancer medication), and have about 15 days until the deal closes. Is there anything in my charts to suggest this is a bad idea or bad timing? Not sure if this would relate to my Pluto in Scorpio, or more a Taurus placement.

    Thank you for your assistance,

    1. The boring answer is, you need to look at the start-up chart with your chart, Shaolee, and figure out what is going on. We are now moving out of Virgo weather and into Libra weather and Mercury is retrograde in Libra. Was the offer open much earlier, since late August? If so, the better time to invest might have been then, before Mercury (contracts) turned backwards. But you really need the chart.

  33. Hi Jessica!
    Oh boy Pluto trining Virgo in Virgo season, ON MY BIRTHDAY , 17 september. yikes!! Not to mention all the other things happening this week in the skies. I feel a bit like a lone bowling pin with is it five? balls ( planets) rolling toward me very fast. Wait. It’s supposed to be five pins, one ball, not one lone pin,five balls or more!!! What on earth. Help!

    I just finally read this article and i see Pluto is in Leo in my chart. What can I expect? Should I be hiding under the covers on my birthday? Pluto has NEVER been my friend. And of course as Scorpio rising and stelliums, I am Pluto ridden on an entire nother level as well. No, hasn’t been my friend. What is he doing visiting my birthday?!? lol. Can you provide me some input on this one? Thank you!

    1. Pluto at 25 Leo is hooked into your whole chart, actually, so any sons, daughters, previous miscarriages or abortions, stepchildren, adoptions become central to your life and times. There is frequently a role with children or teenagers, perhaps young adults, through work or unpaid work. So, teaching or football coaching. Pluto in Leo in the Fifth House finds empowerment through the heirs to the throne and also the pretenders to the throne. This is important, as self-control gives one control and that is at the heart of who you are. It is not unusual to have situations where power struggles or control issues arise with children, teenagers or young adults. So, at school for example, there may be conflicts with the other students, with the younger face concerned, with teachers or ‘the system.’ It’s not inevitable but it’s common. Also common are questions about who holds the reins in the parental partnership, or former partnership (child custody) – or with the in-laws, who all have an opinion about how a child should be raised. Over the course of a long life you tend to meet Pluto in many different disguises. It can turn up as a children’s charity project which gives you lasting influence or clout. It can turn up as a job involving teenagers where you have tremendous power over what happens to them. Jupiter in Aries from the second half of 2022 will slowly trine your Pluto and that is an opportunity to go to the next level with younger faces.

  34. PS I am actually ( illegitimately, of course, there were a few of us made , lol, history says) descended from Bonnie Prince Charlie (Stewart) , for real, my Grandma had records. I know through which Highland Clan. So I am descended from a “pretender to the throne” ( although he wasn’t he was actually the true Heir) for real, but that is as close as I can get to what you have shared here. I am befuddled. I suppose my life story is pure generational karma, dna, the sins of the fathers to the seventh generation ( its not third or fourth,as the bible says, its seventh) that sort of thing. But I am still wondering what is store for me at this birthday transition. Hm.

    1. Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer in your Fourth House tell this whole story, from the step family, to your ancestry. You also have the South Node in Cancer, again in the Fourth House. You are over the worst, actually, as Pluto’s long opposition to Cancer ends in 2023. He has been in Capricorn making slow oppositions since 2008, which is a very long time. Even when Pluto is not clashing with your Fourth House family/home/ancestry factors in direct opposition, he regularly opposes the Moon on her lunar cycle through your Fourth House, every four weeks or so. This can be really hard to live with, long-term, and you have had it for 12 or 13 years now. That struggle to feel at home, in your home, and also to feel right about the family, is partly down to the Pluto oppositions, which can only occur every 248 years or so. As I said, the worst is over. In fact, once Jupiter enters Pisces in December 2021 and trines your Cancer factors into early 2022, you have an opportunity not possible in 12 years to heal the past. You do actually need to talk to your family in spirit, if you have not already done so, and seek help for closure. The issues with the Fourth House are not just about your own family or ancestors, they are about your own children, or lack of children, and the need for some kind of clan or tribal feeling. To have your fertility taken away is karmically criminal for those who did it. They will have to answer for that if they have not already done so. You can and will reconnect with (say) a grandparent, or great-grandparent, or other relative whom you identify with. This is the case even if he or she has passed away. You need to recognise what you have inherited from them. It may be a talent. They will help you and the signs will be strong and clear. Quirks of fate are often the signs. Odd little turning points that you did not make happen, but happen to you. This is 2022. Later on you realise you were being guided by your ancestor, or perhaps a couple of them. Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2023 for good and an extremely difficult cycle is over. Cancer and the Fourth House are not only about flesh and blood, but also the physical house or apartment, the garden, the residence in general (it can be a house boat), the town and country. So you have been through the Trump years as well and because of your Fourth House transits, have found the political to be personal. His karma will be terrible indeed, but that is not your problem. You are now slowly coming towards the light at the end of the tunnel and should do all you possibly can, December 2021 until May 2022 when the 12-year cycle of Jupiter in Pisces comes to assist you. Jupiter will trine the Moon every 28 days in your Fourth House and even that is enough to set you on the path to a new appreciation of your heritage, roots and culture. If you find a branch on your family tree reappears in 2022 don’t be surprised.

  35. Jessica, as usual, your insights have just amazed me. I thought i was enduring huge neptunian weather (which is true by transit and progression in my chart) and that they were behind every loss in the professional area this year, as i was forced, as my team, to train other people that in the end took our jobs…I let it go because i wasnt as strong as the corporate structure, and i was greatful in the end for the free time…And reading you super precise answer, i realize its more pluto already operating behind the scene. Just after writing to you – and indeed i work in a big corporate company – we were asked to connect on zoom to learn that half our management was dismissed…Not always for the best, as everything is being restructured in not a super nice way, concentrating powers in not the best decent human hands also…Someone who had been previously dismissed for moral harrasment through his management…is rising again. And in our team, we need to find new jobs, and we are quite forced to go to another structure in the same company, where the power struggles are known to be hard. I want my freedom back but i know that i cant except if i leave this job (and i need the money in 2022 to buy me another part-time life in the countryside). Besides, i have a small but demanding coaching / spiritual job, where i can use the best in me and can be myself : it helps me to stay focus – so i guess, as you say, its super important to keep control in a way. Many many thanks again for your strong and wise advices, i wont forget.

    1. Thanks so much. This does work out for you, the coaching/spiritual job is the right choice and the worst is actually over. You don’t have too much longer to go with this Pluto cycle. Stay in the game.

  36. Hey Jessica,
    looking at this article and dealing with the current Mercury retrograde shadow is disheartening, especially I’m struggling to move out before the shadow period occurs but no avil. Now it’s here and the situation with my family is deteriorating futher, especially with my father, I want to know if there’s a way to mitigate this effect? Everything is so confusing that I can’t decode my chart properly.

    I’m determined to get out before my life breaks down in several parts. I don’t care if Mercury retrograde or lockdowns. I just want to leave and finally get some peace that I’ve always wanted for so long.

    1. As a Sun Taurus you have Mercury backtracking in Libra in your Sixth House of lifestyle, daily routine, housework, work, health and wellbeing. In your natal chart you have Mercury backtracking in your Seventh House of duets and duels. So really, Mercury is not a concern with your family or home. You are more likely to see delays and rescheduling with work, chores, unpaid work – than actually moving to a new apartment or house. There is nothing stopping you, just be aware of other people’s Mercury cycles! So – the landlord or landlady, other tenants, the real estate agent – just be aware that they may hit a loop or pause button in September, October with you. I hope this works out for you; you sound as if you’ve had enough.

  37. Hi Jessica! The new site is absolutely stunning! Cheers
    I’m wondering how this Pluto transit will effect my Gemini stellium in all those later degrees.. thank you.

    1. Thank you I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. You are strongly Gemini and inhabit your Third House. This is really the house of words, language, ideas and vocabulary. It begins in childhood or adolescence, usually with a sibling or cousin to practise reading with, or storytelling, or just the acquisition of new verbs and nouns. This is why the Third House is linked to the media and internet, publishing and education in later life – but also to the importance of a brother, sister or cousin. It is usually extreme; very close or hugely distanced. This story continues for you until 2023, and Pluto’s quincunx to your Gemini factors in the Third House will deliver new situations where you must test your own power and control in a situation, against the need for others to feel their power. There may be a project online, or a website, or a situation with a sibling/cousin where you have to figure out each individual need to dominate. The Third House also rules commuting and short journeys. This tallies with the communication focus of this sector in your chart as ideas travel and messages must be delivered by courier, or by plane. It’s about connections. Again the Pluto quincunx suggests something or someone more powerful, having an impact. It may be that the council or government puts restrictions on airlines or destinations, for example (which is already happening) or that you find you have to adapt and adjust with your usual commuting. Pluto always, always changes us. We have to meet change with change, when he arrives.

  38. Hi Jessica, any thought on when I would see the light at the end of the tunnel? I have lost my job in 2014, 2018 and 2020 Dec. Each time I picked myself up and moved on except the last time. No luck in finding anything yet. I feel so defeated and powerless. My sun is at 18. capricorn so I thought I was out of Pluto’s control. It’s just getting worse. I feel like I do not have the strength to be strong and carry on. My north node is in Aquarius and natal Saturn is in Taurus at 14. almost conjunct transiting Uranus. I want to break free but feel caged in from all sides. I was disappointed in love at very tender age but shouldered on from there, but losing my vocation which was my true and only north star has been devastating. Your perspective would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I am really sorry you have been through this. You have lost your vocation and have been stoic about soldiering on but have understandably had enough. Pluto and his transit in Capricorn has been really tough for people with the Sun in that sign, or any other factors actually, like Bacchus, Salacia and Proserpina (which you have). In fact that is a stellium. An unusually high count of Capricorn factors all in the Tenth House of ambition, social position, status, standing in society and the rest. What Pluto tends to do is come along and take over. So you end up with organisations, people or situations which dominate. It never lasts and this will not last either. The reason it feels so intense at the moment is that Pluto is sitting on the final degrees (the late 20s degrees) of Capricorn and of course this is where you have some key asteroids. An obvious way out and through is to upskill. To study, part-time or full-time, new skills which become selling points and assets. That would suit your chart as you are ambitious. The path of Capricorn is slow but steady, though, so there is no question of suddenly lurching up to the top. You have to pay your dues and plod up there. Putting your head down and concentrating on what you know you do very well – and finding a place for that – is also about adjusting and adapting to the new world you find yourself in. So there are a couple of things going on here. The first one is a need to study, train or update existing skills. Maybe to add something quite new you know you would be good at. The second story is really about taking what you can already do, and finding the pivot that will ensure you are paid for doing it. That may mean charging less or doing it part-time or whatever. The whole story here is very positive long-term, as eventually Pluto will empower you. You will come away with more control and clout, more influence and kudos. You will also never go through the huge difficulties of the last few years. Pluto will not return to 18 Capricorn in your lifetime. Later on, as Jupiter goes through Pisces in 2022, he forms sextiles to all your Capricorn factors so the opportunities will come in a chain. You will also find that 2022 is different, as the North Node goes to Taurus and South Node goes to Scorpio. This trines and sextiles your Capricorn factors, so you are being supported in all directions, when it comes to your place in the world. It just has to be different, or handled differently, and it will be. At the moment, in September 2021, you need a break. You are strongly Sagittarian and ‘live’ in your Ninth House so you need to be in a foreign culture or country among foreign people. If you cannot physically relocate yourself, and very few people can or should, at the moment – then you need to go online to fill that gap. It will make a massive difference to you. Start with Open Culture if you have not already.

  39. Dear Jessica,
    Once more a great, very informative article! It’s not easy to “deal with Pluto” and his kingdom the under world, after all only few survived their journey there (Hercules, Orfeaus, Theseus, Odysseus..) and since 2008, many Capricorns. You once wrote that when Pluto will leave the sign of Capricorn he will shut the door behind him. Could it be a professional partnership ending?
    The stress experienced for many Capricorns as myself during this long transit generated a good deal of fear and self doubt. I would like to know what type of changes could occur during these last 2 years of Pluto in Capricorn for me. Would an opportunity to relocate (to the house I once lived with my parents before they passed during Pluto transit) appear, especially with Jupiter in Aries?
    Pluto crossing over my Venus also “ended” my love life and the way I used to love and be loved back. The power of decision!
    Do you spot in my birth chart any worthy opportunity for an equal and respectful love relationship during these last 2 years of transit? I am really waiting for the last chapter of Pluto’s transit to unfold in my life, the conjunction to Minerva and then the conjunction to Fortuna in early degrees of Aquarius..mostly because after joining your site’s community I adopted a cohesive view over transits and I need a wise result to re-evaluate my Good fortune, as shaped through all the unexpected transformative experiences.
    Thank you for your insight!

    1. Pluto in Capricorn is still in your natal Tenth House of success, status, achievement and ambition, and that house of your natal chart is so important, because we find your Sun there. This is how you shine (or not) depending on how hard you work, and what fate is doing at the time. As Pluto has been there since 2008 it has been a very long transit indeed. Two more years to go. Starting with your solar chart, as a Sun Capricorn person, the first thing to say is that all the questions about who/what is in control, or who/what has the upper hand or power, disappear from 2023. Your career becomes less highly charged with these issues and in fact you will never be in the impossible situation of 2018, 2019 and most of 2020 again. It’s over. Looking towards love, sex, marriage and partnership – we find something else. The chart does not suggest a life-changing duet, but it does show tremendous freedom, space and independence in terms of your sexuality, and also in terms of children. This is sometimes a new relationship with a person who does not want children, or cannot have them. This liberates you from ever having to be a parent. It really depends on what you define as freedom. If children would set you free, then it may be a new relationship or even a one-night stand, with a baby or stepchild at the other end, or a planned pregnancy (though Uranus in Taurus tends to be unpredictable). This cycle I am talking about runs until 2026 and I would be amazed if you were not involved with someone new in 2022, or 2023 when you also have the North Node in Taurus. All this happens in your Fifth House of parenthood choice. Uranus is surprising. The last thing anybody expected, comes to pass. There will be an opportunity to relocate, possibly to the old parental home, maybe somewhere else, in the second half of 2022. I am reading your solar chart (Capricorn) with all this, which is a very good basic barometer. For the rest, we go to the natal chart, and see if the same story is being told twice. Your MC or Midheaven is in Leo in the Fifth House, so that’s your calling in life; your highest achievement. It was always going to involve children or young people and as Jupiter will trine your MC this suggests that you will find your way with younger people, and you will do so in a unique, unconventional way. This is not going to be a standard relationship path – you will put the jigsaw together in your own way by 2023. Again, looking to the natal chart for any transits in the Fourth House of property, ruled by Cancer, we are searching for the same story told twice. It isn’t there, at least not in straight terms about a house and garden, or your parents. Instead we find a lot of Scorpio factors – Scorpio ruling sex, death and money. These will be aspected by Jupiter in Pisces, in a chain of stunning trines, in the first half of 2022. So, yes, there will be a number of chances to invest in real estate and it would happen quite quickly. You also have the South Node in Scorpio in 2022 so that sets the situation up. The next year is a game-changer.

  40. Hi jessica having moon 23 ops23 scorpio Apollo 24 Gemini what can I expect with the pluto transit now thank you.

    1. You don’t have too much longer to live with Pluto in Capricorn, as you have lived with him since 2008 and he has gone by 2023, but the same story is told twice in your natal and solar chart. This is about the house, apartment, money, business, valuables and/or charity. Scorpio rules the finances in your life which are all bound up with other people (for example, a mortgage and marriage, or the legacy you are going to leave family members, or the legacy they are going to leave you). Pluto rules Scorpio and so there is a theme here. It’s picked up in your solar chart too where Pluto is transiting your Second House of life budget, your own incomes and debts, and also your value system. What you will or will not sell your soul for, and who or what you consider to be so precious it is priceless. Pluto in your life is about understanding the need for self-control and willpower to regularly turn things around for yourself. Nothing else will actually work. As Pluto in Capricorn regularly transits the money signs Taurus and Scorpio, twice every 28 days in your chart, it’s regular to the point of being every couple of weeks. The only way to really sort things out, if you feel dominated or stood over, either by the bank, or by people in your life, is to push back and own your own domain. Run your own world and run yourself, as if you were your own bank manager or accountant. Doing this is empowering and will actually change your life. It will be more obvious in December 2021, January 2022, when you realise that you call the shots, not them/him/her or ‘that’ and even though 2023 will be a huge relief as it brings a completely different cycle financially – you still have a sign-off decision to make no later than January 2022 about something you currently find really hard to get a grip on.

  41. Hi Jessica, very interesting read indeed, my partner and I are both Cancer sun signs, I have Pluto at 7 Scorpio and my partner has Pluto at 1 Scorpio. The past few years have been very challenging to say the least. Our relationship has truly been through the ringer, I have lost friends and cut out family members from my life, I have built walls up around myself and have lost trust in many people who were like family to me, I honestly don’t have the words to explain everything we have been through. My partner and I separated for just over a year however have recently started seeing each other again but things do not feel quite right, I am finding it hard to trust him. Can you shed any light on our Pluto placements please? Anything would be appreciated. Kind regards Tess

    1. You are in a ‘shedding’ phase Tess – and have lost friends and cut off family – and are still not sure about your partner. You have a Cancer stellium, so it never rains but it pours, with your family, household, home. Your partner is also Cancerian. December 2021, January 2022 will put you both at a Christmas and New Year crossroads when you have to decide if you are going to change things and go forward together or part company for the second time. At about the same time, something new (or someone new) comes along – with a foreign accent or passport; maybe a foreign birth certificate. You will switch your view of the world so it becomes larger, by January 2022 and that may play a part in your decision about your partner and his about you. In fact the same thing will happen for him. New opportunities with fantastic potential are showing up in another part of the world or a foreign connection, then. The situation with your family is best fixed by Christmas if you possibly can (and if you want to). Your whole problem has been Saturn in Aquarius in your solar chart, in the Eighth House of family legacies and wills. I expect you have changed your will or they have changed theirs. You do have answers with Jupiter in Aquarius but they end after Boxing Day. In your natal chart, we find the Scorpio patterns in your Eighth House, all slowly being squeezed by Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, which is the same story, played differently. If you don’t resolve with the family by Boxing Day, 2022 won’t change much but from 2023 and for many years into the future, the entire dynasty transforms and you will find yourself in a powerful position.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for this article, it’s very interesting and insightful. Pluto has been really capturing my imagination of late,

    I think Pluto square my natal Pluto is responsible for the bit of a rut I’m in at the moment. I had a relatively comfortable pandemic so far thankfully, but all the languishing hasn’t helped my mood. Also my sister (and best friend) emigrated this year. I’m delighted for her but I feel that might be something to do with feeling a bit flat.

    I’d appreciate any expert insight you might have.


    1. Thank you. Feeling flat and languishing are common responses to being indoors so much, and to the enforced slowdown we are all going through. Pluto square Pluto is not behind the rut, but as a Sun Cancer person you have been going through the South Node transit of your solar Sixth House. It ends in January 2022, and the feeling of a circuit, or repetitive hamster wheel, will vanish. The South Node moves backwards through the zodiac and life also goes nowhere fast, when this transit is with you. In the Sixth House, it is in the chart sector that rules daily routine, food and fitness, health and wellbeing, mental health (depression or anxiety, insomnia, phobias and so on) and particularly housework, paid work and unpaid work. It all goes together in the Sixth House but you have been given this cycle where nothing you do or say makes a difference to the days. In your natal chart we find Psyche at 13 Virgo also in the Sixth House. You have had Saturn at 13 Aquarius aspecting that in 2021 but also the transiting North Node at 13 Gemini and South Node at 13 Sagittarius. That is enough to slow anyone down and make them stuck. That pattern is slowly breaking up in your chart, and the combination of both your natal and solar chart together will make 2022 much more mobile, flexible and helpful in 2022. Psyche is famous for her sisters. Having lost your sister you are feeling the full impact of your Psyche in Virgo in the Sixth House under hard aspects, so have a look at that. Working with Psyche in Virgo in your chart will help you a great deal, and use the Tarot on this website for validation. It can be really useful when looking at mind, body and spirit connections.

  43. Binty says:
    25 August 2021 at 8:13 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    Hi Jessica, a timely post for me, Pluto opp Mars. After reading your blog, I checked my partners chart and his Saturn is at 26’04” Cap and Pluto 10’04” Vir. We have been locked down here and I have had plenty of time to observe myself and my situation. Fortunately I live in a rural setting and have space to get outside. For the past two years I have been having regular massage/physio to release the emotion built up in my body, has really helped tone down my fury to anger. Any pointers would be appreciated, cheers

    1. Mars at 25 Cancer in your Fourth House is under slow opposition from Pluto at 25 Capricorn and you’ll feel it at 24 Capricorn and 26 Capricorn, too. Your partner’s chart shows Saturn at 26 Capricorn, so it’s very close to an opposition. (Not exact though). Mars in Cancer in the Fourth House is always a pointer to ‘the terrible twos’ as your first Mars Return was around age two. You could not speak and were under lock and key with your parents, particularly your mother, so the body learned to bottle up anger then. You are doing the right thing by using massage to release the feelings, but you need more than that! Going right through your childhood and teenage years, actually, you have been provoked into angry episodes and have come out of it being a classic Mars in Cancer defender or attacker. It’s a bit like football. You grow up in a game where you learn the rules, and they are about holding the line with a lot of tension (goalkeeper) or pushing past others in a fast and furious way (centre-forward). Mars is very much about the physical body. So although a physiotherapist is kneading tension out of you, which helps, it may be that you need to more directly look at your parents or siblings and how you were put in a game which you are still playing, perhaps when there is no great need. I guess it depends on the partner you are living with. A new game may be required. You are no longer in the family home. Sometimes the need to attack and defend comes because of the actual house or apartment; the town or region; the country. It can work on all levels with Mars in Cancer. Understanding old patterns is useful. Use the Tarot to help you do that, on this website. Mars also likes a strategy and a training program. He is a soldier. You need a plan of action and some action – to contain and control the need to attack or defend. If you’re in the countryside then there may be a decent martial arts class near you, for example, but you will find your own outlet. I would avoid renovating or DIY on the exact Pluto-Mars opposition; it’s too stressful. (Good excuse to not do it).

  44. dear Jessica, could i please seek some advice regarding transiting Pluto on my personal chart. i am Capricorn. my moon natal chart, is squaring transiting pluto for the last time. exact kind of now.

    i a teacher semi retired, work 2 days casually school term special education. age 66yrs. live on border of NSW and Qld. home in qld and school in Tweed Heads.

    this afternoon 12 october 2o21, border protrol qld my home state, have sent investigation border police (three men) to my home to investigate my border pass and work letters and passport for the v….

    despite i have followed all protocal and provided all evidence…crossing the border to go to work two days per week. i been left confused and more or less told i can not travel to work…

    is this Pluto squaring my moon i have a medical exempt. thus. i am the unusual different human been.

    hate life…always in tears

    please if you could shed some insight i would be so greatful

    1. I am so sorry about this. It must have been a dreadful shock and I hope the tears are therapeutic (a good cry is often what the human body orders, in times of crisis). You are an older person, teaching casually, on the Queensland-NSW border. You have had a Mercury Retrograde nightmare. Too much red tape in a time of great fear and confusion. Not your fault. Possibly not their fault, but the three policemen in question are also affected by this cycle. Take a deep breath. I am sure you are fed up but you are being shown that Zoom education is an alternative. Are you using that? Of course free or affordable camera-based teaching and learning is across many platforms, not just Zoom. You do matter and are not just a number in their system, and should come back to yourself, gently circling back to who you are, what you can do, and how you can help people learn. You will be thrilled by an incredible opportunity locally starting after Boxing Day (glimpsed) and real by March-April 2022. It will involve the internet and the local scene. And exhale. You are not the only person feeling pressured by mistakes this month. But you are required by those who need to learn from you, and special education is also where parents and children feel the strain too. Hang in there. You have a 24 Cancer pattern which is about home, and your home town, and homeland. That has been well and truly opposed by Pluto at 24 Capricorn for the first time in over 240 years. Once gone, never again. Capricorn of course rules authorities – the men at the top.

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