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Fixed Signs in Changing Times

Fixed Signs in Changing Times

Fixed Signs in Changing Times (held in partnership with The Astrology Foundation, New Zealand) was held as a Zoom event on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th 2021.

In this feature I will look at some of the key points of our rare, historic Fixed Sign weather until 2026. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. As we approach unusual fixed-sign weather from 2022, it’s time to meet change – with change. That can be hard if you have fixed sign patterns in your chart, but there are answers.

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The Taurus Weather of January 2022

Taurus rules the Second House of your natal chart and thus your income, bank account, house or apartment, charity, business interests, valuables and your values. Taurus is a fixed sign. If you have anything in Taurus, this is a statement about your values. Your life budget. What you will (or will not) sell your soul for. Who (or what) you consider to be priceless.

This new Taurus weather in 2022 begins with a bang. Ceres (the forced compromise) turns direct in Taurus at 27 degrees of the sign on January 14th. So, although your life budget has already been changing since 2018, when this cycle began, around January 14th 2022 you’ll be asked to move position again. This is even more important if you have anything at 27 Taurus.

The Money Revolution

Uranus (the revolution) turns direct in Taurus at 10 degrees of the sign on January 18th. The North Node (karma) enters Taurus for the first time in about 19 years, also on January 19th. Again, if you have anything at Taurus 10 or Taurus 29, you’ll feel it most. Look at the headlines on January 18th, 19th to see the shift in the world economy.

The South Node enters Scorpio, again – for the first time in about 19 years – on January 19th.  It goes to Scorpio 29, so if you have anything at Scorpio 29, you’ll feel it more – yet financially, everyone with Scorpio factors is affected.

Scorpio rules joint finances; classically marriage and mortgage, but also anyone who names you in a legacy or will. These two nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio at 29 degrees of both signs. The transit of Saturn and then Pluto in Aquarius (below) the sign of the water-bearer is immediately up against these two signs. They are square each other (at odds with each other) in your horoscope, so there is tension. Aquarius rules groups and friends. So there is an obstacle there, if you have Aquarius factors.

Aquarius istock 300x252 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Jameson Stellar Atlas , 1822 (iStock)

The World Economy – January 14th to 19th 2022

What does all this feel like with the world economy, your country’s economy and your own money? Picture a space where you store all your tax returns, your share certificates, your weekly budget sums and the rest. We might call this the Taurus and Scorpio space in your chart. The Second House and Eighth House.

Now, imagine four people in and around those spaces. One seems to invite upheaval wherever he goes (like the invention of Bitcoin, or Blockchain, or new laws on money laundering). It’s very new. It changes all the time. It’s unstable.

Another stirs up the most intense feelings and emotions, and is all about making deals – forced bargains. Two more players are intent on bringing back the past, so that old karma can be settled. They are concerned with life as it was around 19 years before. So, April 14th 2003 until December 26th 2004. This is an important point. In 2022 and 2023, the whole world will be returned to the business and economic karma of 2003-2004. Trade. Loans. Deals. This will affect you directly, or at a distance, if you have fixed signs in your chart. If you have Leo factors, for example, what goes on financially in 2022 and 2023 will affect the world of sexual relationships; babies; infants; schoolchildren;teenagers;Millennials.

Do You Have Factors in Taurus or Scorpio at 10, 27, 29?

You will be among the first people who have to ‘unfix the fixed’ as you will experience Uranus, Ceres and/or the North Node and South Node triggering the financial aspects of your life. Some old, entrenched views and attitudes will have to go. Some of these might include beliefs about money: perhaps you think the European Union will always be there. As we’ll see later in this feature, it may not be. At least not in the form you saw it, about 19 years ago.

The Fixed Signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo

The fixed signs, which are always challenging and changing each other – are Taurus the Bull, Scorpio the Scorpion, Leo the Lion and Aquarius the Water-Bearer. Taurus and Scorpio the rule money in your life as you’ve seen. A reminder that Leo rules sexual relationships, but also babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and Millennials in your world. Aquarius rules your friendships and groups – another reminder of the very different priorities the fixed signs have.

Fixed means just what it looks like; unyielding, hard to budge, resistant to change, settled to the point of being stuck. So, whatever you have in Taurus, Scorpio,  Aquarius and/or Leo will show that. If you have factors in two, three or all four of these signs, they can show up as inner conflicts in your life.

So, for example, Aquarius and Leo placements can show a conflict between becoming a parent and having an active social or group life. Perhaps there isn’t enough time. Scorpio and Taurus (and either Aquarius or Leo) suggest mixed feelings about the money and the group (this may be a charity and fundraising) or perhaps the financial cost of having children. You’ll have your own story, if you have more than one of the fixed signs showing up in your chart.

The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio to July 2023

If you have anything at all placed in those signs, the transit of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio between January 19th 2022 and July 17th 2023 will trigger your chart, asking you to remember what you owe, or what you are owed (money, property, charity, business, valuables) between April 14th 2003 and December 26th 2004. Perhaps that was when you took out a mortgage. Inherited money. Separated from a partner (and split the possessions).

April 11th 2022 – Saturn and the Nodes

Saturn at 22 Aquarius is square the North Node at 22 Taurus and square the South Node at 22 Scorpio, on April 11th 2022.

This T-Square between Saturn and the nodes will play out in your chart if you have anything at 22 Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and/or Leo. Even if you don’t, locally and nationally – globally – we will see a big gridlock in the economy on April 11th 2022.

It’s time to ‘unfix the fixed’ then. Any T-Square can feel tight and tense, and it will require action. It’s like three cars wedged against each other at a roundabout. Something or someone must give way. Giving way is fixing the unfixed.

People make astrology happen. There are now many millions more Aquarian types on the planet than we’ve seen before. These Millennials were born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius.

These young adults may be any zodiac sign at all, but they all share an Aquarius DNA signature in their horoscope. They are here to unite, across all genders, sexual preferences and skin colours – to pursue people power for a common cause.  To pool resources. To supply the community.

There are other generations, born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio who will clash with them, as we go through this Fixed Sign weather. They may have to change their values. So close to April 11th 2022 we may see Millennials going their own way, as a large group, financially.

Children and Teenagers Charts iStock 300x200 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Generation Aquarius (iStock)

Eclipses and Blind Spots – Taurus, Scorpio

An eclipse conceals, it never reveals. You can be blind to whomever/whatever is in plain sight, on an eclipse. So can other people. This is why astrologers like the late Debbi Kempton-Smith used to advise steering clear of them. (Allow a day before and the day after to allow for the world to catch up with itself). We do have eclipses triggering the fixed signs at this time.

We have a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th 2022 at 10 degrees of the sign. If you have anything at 10 degrees Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and/or Leo avoid the 29th, 30th and 1st of May 2022. Even if you don’t, you can expect a cover-up involving money, currency and business on April 30th 2022. It may be months or even years before we look back and realise something was going on. Big.

The May 16th Scorpio-Taurus Total Eclipse

We have another cover-up and blind spot on May 16th 2022. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse finds the Sun at 25 Taurus and Moon at 25 Scorpio. Again, this period is best avoided, as it may be months or years before you realise what was being concealed. Globally, this will likely be about cryptocurrency; perhaps the sharemarkets; taxation in particular.

If you have anything in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius at 25 degrees, steer clear of the 15th, 16th, 17th for assuming or judging about your money, property, charity, valuables or business. You will not see and cannot know. An eclipse is like driving along a highway with broken headlights and no street lamps.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus in 2022

Mercury Retrograde is a time of ‘re’ events. You can expect retracted statements, rescheduling, product recall, and reversed decisions. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will concern the banks; the sharemarkets; cryptocurrency; property; the world economy. We are going to see delays and changes – a state of flux – then. If you have fixed sign patterns, especially at 26-29 degrees in your chart, you may want to choose another time to pursue those matters.

Leo Getty Images 300x300 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Leo (Getty Images)

Taurus 26, 27, 28, 29 Degrees

Mercury moves across Taurus at 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees, forwards and backwards from 24th May 2022 until 13th June. If you have anything at 26-29 of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and/or Leo then this roughly three-week period will coincide with internet issues; extreme weather; computer concerns; transportation, information and communication delays and reversals – concerning specific Taurus matters – so, currency exchange, for example, or cryptocurrency. This will indirectly or directly affect the matters ruled by those signs.

Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius 26 Degrees

Don’t get caught. You’ll often see websites, apps and so on declaring that Mercury is ‘out of retrograde’ on June 3rd, 2022, but in fact he is just going back over his own path and is about to stand still. This is Mercury Retrograde Shadow.

It is common to see suspended situations at such times. If you have anything at 26 Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius you will notice the backwards traction, particularly near June 3rd.

The constellation of Leo (above) shows the rather fixed nature of the sign, even in a sketch in the sky. The lion is hard to move. You can see it in this illustration. Leo is solid, planted firmly, like a stone lion outside the New York Public Library!

Yet, the time has come to shift, if you have Leo factors. Staying where one was, in terms of a younger generation (which Leo rules) is not an option until 2026. You may want to move on things, though, after Mercury Retrograde has passed.

Fixing the Unfixed – What Does It Mean?

To fix what has always been so fixed about yourself can be tough. Bending and flexing; being more adaptable and open. This will take a great deal of effort, as it is not in your nature to be so changeable if you are heavily Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and/or Taurus. Yoga can help because it makes you flexible. So can swimming, for the same reason. Pilates. Any stretch or flex, from surfing to ballroom dancing, can allow your body to lead your mind.

If you think about the impact that Uranus (the revolution, the shock) has already had moving from 0-14 degrees of Taurus, since the year 2018, you’ll see why you’ve been forced to shift. Whatever you have in your chart at 0-14 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius has been shaken to its foundations. So – finances. Perhaps your house or apartment. Your salary. Your children. Your friendships.

Are You Heavily Fixed?

In modern astrology, using the asteroids, the chart has 34 factors. Of those, on average, one-third (around 11-12 factors) will be fixed. If you have many more than 11 factors in the fixed signs – Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius – then you are heavily ‘fixed’ as a person and can be hard to shift. Yet, in 2022, you are going to have to do that. And beyond. Uranus in Taurus, for example, will be with you until 2026. So, when they zig – you zag.

We are now in the ‘squeeze’ zone for years, with the slow-moving outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and eventually Pluto (as well as the North Node and South Node) crossing the fixed signs. So if you don’t want to feel pressured, you need to change.

July 31st 2022 – Uranus and the Nodes

The revolution is well and truly with you on July 31st 2022 when Uranus at 18 Taurus is in a conjunction with the North Node at 18 Taurus and in opposition to the South Node at 18 Scorpio. Mars is closely by at 18 Taurus on August 1st, 2nd 2022. Venus is at 18 Cancer, the sign that rules the property market and real estate.

What do we mean by Uranus and revolution? Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. (Uranus rules new inventions and the latest technology; in Taurus it has always been about these two in particular). There may be more innovations and inventions by July 2022 as Uranus moves rapidly and instantly.

Uranus turns the world upside-down. In October 2021 as I write this, we live in a world of high-street banks. Big, mainstream banks which are virtually identical. There are fixed tax structures to allow the super-rich to get away without paying their fair share. What comes at the end of July and start of August 2022 will flip some, or all – of that. And there will be other shocks we have not even thought of. Uranus can be like that!

The European Union and the Euro in July, August 2022

The nodes, as we’ve seen, are about karma. The past coming back to be settled. Old debts and credits, sometimes quite literally, certainly spiritually, need to be paid or accepted. This seems very likely to be about the Euro and European Union, which affects all world trade. Certainly, about Brexit and its aftershocks.

The past comes back to you in late July and early August 2022 (and in fact to the world) so the unresolved financial, business, charity or property matters of April 14th 2003 until December 26th 2004 return. This is when the European Union was largely set up. Watch supply shortages then and also the value of the Euro. Do not underestimate COVID-19’s rolling impact.

The Scorpio Factors in Your Chart

The Scorpion (below) which is the ancient symbol for the zodiac sign Scorpio, has always been linked to sex, death and money. One of the reasons for that is that the scorpion can sting its partner to death during mating, or eat it. The old astrologers had a sense of humour. Where is the financial connection? Marriage or partnership, centuries ago, was always a matter of money, valuables or property. And of course, ‘Until death do us part.’

So, even though these big-picture matters like the E.U. seem quite remote, particularly if you live in America or Australia, they are not really so remote. The domino effect of karma for the European Union coming around in July, August 2022 will have a ricochet impact on your own life. Perhaps your husband’s job. And he pays half the mortgage. Maybe, the progress of a divorce settlement – and your wife now lives in Europe. The end of July 2022 is a volatile time. Plan accordingly. You may prefer to wait until the dust has settled in the world economy before you make big judgement calls about property or shares.

Scorpio Getty Images 300x300 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Scorpio (Getty Images).

Backtracking to April 2003-December 2004

August 24th 2022 – Uranus Retrograde – is another signal for change. Another backwards turn from Uranus (the revolution goes into reverse) takes place on August 24th 2022 so unfinished business is with you or others then, financially. This takes place at 18 Taurus, so if you have factors at 18 Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius this is a major challenge to change; to unfix the fixed. If you did not do it before, you will have to do it then.

The Impact of Taurus/Scorpio Weather on You

Beyond the world economy and its twists and turns in 2022, if you have Leo factors, you will find that your children (for example) or the teenagers who are tied up with your career (another example) are indirectly affected by bigger financial waves. To bring this down to earth, you may decide to rewrite your will, involving a young niece, or exchange your job as a teacher for less income. You may find a godson needs money for college/university.

If you have Aquarius factors (friends and groups) it may be that the economic climate of 2022 is going to result in funding questions for your football team, or important business questions for your band. Perhaps a friend needs to borrow money or you do. It’s from these big-picture changes, listed above, that you see the smaller trickle-down effects. The bottom line? You may want to avoid these ‘change’ dates for signing or accepting signatures, because those documents will be ‘born’ with quite unstable timing around them. If you can sell your home at any time, and you have fixed signs, you may want to pick dates.

October 23rd 2022 – Saturn Direct 18 Aquarius

Saturn changes direction at 18 Aquarius on 23rd October 2022 just before the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, another fixed sign. This suggests quite an intense time for the world economy and you as well, no matter what degree your fixed signs patterns are. In fact, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio on October 25th,  opposite the Sun at 2 Taurus, just before Mercury also goes into Scorpio on October 30th. So, this lead-up to Halloween is complicated. This may be another period to avoid, unless you know what you are doing with your chart.

Astrology is really about conscious avoidance as well as deliberate choices. Eclipses are best skipped. You have 365 days a year to select options, so why choose the day of an eclipse? (Or the day before, or after).

Eclipses Near Halloween 2022

The financial time-frame which sees a first eclipse on October 25th is pretty tight, we find the Full Moon lunar eclipse (a total eclipse) on November 8th, with the Moon at 16 Taurus and Sun at 16 Scorpio. Remember these two eclipses and the golden rule that when you cannot see – and do not know – it’s easier to act or judge another time. Particularly with your money, or property. History and astrology tell us that eclipses often chime with important world events when the whole planet is hoodwinked.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes in Fixed Signs

Just to give you an idea of how unusual this period in your life is, the slow-moving outer planets and nodes are in a procession through the fixed signs – Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus – until 2026. They overtake each other at various times, but throughout 2022-2026, all of them will trigger your ‘fixed’ side. So you will be asked to change your ways, repeatedly.

Your Second House (Taurus), Eleventh House (Aquarius), Eighth House (Scorpio) and/or Fifth House (ruled by Leo) are the spaces where various challenges to change, will be played out. It may mean breaking the habits of a lifetime. Giving yourself permission to unbend, unwind and relax with the idea of a new approach is helpful. Hypnosis can help (Dr. Paul McKenna has generously offered his audiobooks free on YouTube, which may interest you).

The new (radically new) economic climate will come from the world economy and your own country’s economy, partly because of the most recent node cycle in Taurus/Scorpio which was April 14th 2003 until December 26th 2004. There is another crucial cycle, too, which concerned the last war. To finish I will look at the backdrop of these two cycles and what we can expect in 2022-2026. It is these big shifts around the planet which result in immediate impact on your money or property (Taurus and Scorpio) your friends and groups (Aquarius) and the world of sexual relationships, children or young people (Leo).

Jupiter in Taurus
May 17th 2023 until May 25th 2024
Saturn in Aquarius
December 18th 2020 until March 7th 2023
Uranus in Taurus
May 16th 2018 until April 26th 2026
North Node in Taurus
January 19th 2022 until July 17th 2023
South Node in Scorpio
January 19th 2022 and July 17th 2023

Natal Chart iStock 300x199 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Your natal chart, or birth chart is vital (iStock)

Economic Karma and Your Natal Chart
On 3rd September 1939 (when war was declared) Saturn was at 0 Taurus, the Moon was at 0 Taurus and the South Node was at 0 Taurus. That’s rare. It was time to ‘unfix the fixed’ in the world economy. Rations. Supply Shortages. Male breadwinners off to war. The beginning of war debt, as countries borrowed and lent. Thanks to the South Node, karma then comes back 2022-2023.

Your own personal birth chart, or natal chart, will also tell a karmic story if you have the fixed signs in important horoscope patterns. Perhaps there is even a family history which pulls in 1939 and there are some very old questions, dating from that year, about economic sacrifices, or profits, losses and so on. Maybe your grandfather gave up a secure job to volunteer for the army. Perhaps your great-grandmother lost her home.

July 11th 2023, finds the Moon at 0 Taurus and the North Node at 0 Taurus – and the South Node at 0 Scorpio. That is a mirror image of the state of the world economy when the Second World War broke out, on 3rd September 1939. These node cycles are respected and known in India (in Vedic astrology) but also turn up at Stonehenge. The Aubrey Holes are a node calculator!

Who Owes What to Whom, From 1939?

On the day, when war broke out, on 3rd September 1939 – we saw that historic line-up of Saturn, the Moon and the North Node and South Node at 0 Taurus and 0 Scorpio,  on the very day that the United Kingdom declared war on Germany, two days after Germany had invaded Poland. France also declared war on Germany. The active allies near that date, including Australia and New Zealand, were also drawn into the karma. 

What comes to pass in this new Taurus-Scorpio node cycle starting in 2022, will involve the European Union. The astrology says – it’s time to settle some old karmic scores. This is very specifically about Poland and the E.U. And here’s the reason why – for that, we have to move forward in time to another Taurus-Scorpio node cycle, which appeared in 2003-2004.

Karma Calling From April  2003 to December 2004

The nodes were last in Taurus and Scorpio (the economy signs) in 2003 and 2004. This is quite a recent wave of economic debt and credit, on a spiritual level, but also a literal one. Deals were done. Some world economies were invited. Some were not. Some countries switched to the Euro. Some, like the United Kingdom, retained the pound.

Germany (Europe’s largest economy) entered recession in 2003. Year one of the last Taurus/Scorpio node cycle. The E.U. economy became official on May 1st 2004, the second year of that cycle, with 10 new member states, including Poland. This wheel is set to turn again – it turned first when war was declared, and then when many of the nations drawn into that war, struck a deal with each other, decades later.

We will see tension between Aquarius (the group) and Taurus (currency) and Scorpio (economy) in 2022 and 2023, and there will be a serious challenge to the solidarity of the E.U. with other nations determined to follow the U.K. and Brexit.

Fixing the Unfixed In Your Life

You can make the astrology work for you, knowing in advance what is ahead. The transits to come are hard work at times, and potentially quite lucrative and beneficial at others. The trick is riding the waves. Rather than sticking in a fixed position to your board and being dumped, you need to know when to shift position.

During the event in October 2021, I will go into more detail about this, using your comments here, as well as a live Q&A session on the day. Over the long-term, there will be more to say about patterns like Pluto in Aquarius (from 2023) and I’ll keep you updated with information in your Premium Member package.

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    It is fun to follow your predictions. You are uncannily accurate. Sometimes I realise much later what your forecast actually meant. You are truly blessed.
    Some of the most sensitive points in my chart are in fixed signs and at degrees close by. Ascendant itself is at 23 Scorpio and Sun is at 18 in many aspects with other factors at 17/18.
    Last year’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction also hit many of these factors, but it just has not come to any meaningful fruition. Is there a possibility of my relationship with money undergoing a change here? I love learning and doing new things, but my skills have not given me the monetary fillip that they deserved. I can also say that I have never lacked for money to do anything that l truly wished to do.
    Can I create wealth in the weather ahead?
    I also wished to point out that Indian soldiers had fought in both the World Wars for Britain. With very little recognition of their efforts. Karma from 1939. Also as you had indicated in earlier posts, India is going through a trial by fire. Esp. after the Afghan crisis. India is close to touching a billion jabs. And its online vax portal is stellar. You must check out the India Stack innovations. There is a lot happening in fintech in India.

    1. Thank you. Last year’s Jupiter and Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn was one degree away from aspecting your Ascendant and so not exact. It would not have made a huge impact on you. The Ascendant in your chart is also just your appearance, presentation, packaging, name. Your ‘first look/quick look’ based on your surface, not your substance. It also depends on your birth time being correct to the minute. So, when people talk about the Ascendant I tend to put it down on the list. It’s really not that crucial and people frequently miscalculate it because their parents don’t remember their birth time exactly. You want to create wealth. You are a Sun Scorpio who has been stuck with the node cycle in your Second House and Eighth House all year, so it has been difficult, it not impossible, to change anything. What you get is the same old thing, day after day. This ends on 19th January 2022. This will come as a huge relief, as finally you can affect your financial world. Going further ahead, for anything major in your chart, you’re really looking for 2024 (Jupiter in Gemini and your solar Eighth House of joint finances). Jupiter continues into 2025. Do we see the same pattern in your natal chart in 2024, 2025? Yes. You have Ops at 17 Scorpio in your Eighth House, natally, so you were born to pursue amazing solutions with money, business, charity, property – through partners or family, most likely. In 2024, for the first time in 28 years, Saturn at 17 Pisces will trine Ops. This feels like the beginning of something life-changing, and you will see why from July 8th 2025, when Uranus (the revolution) enters Gemini, and the Eighth House of your solar Scorpio chart. Uranus liberates and offers independence; total freedom. It’s certainly not about loans or mortgages. So you lay the foundations for the late Twenties as time goes on, when if you take every change you get, you will be free of debt, if you want it.

      Thank you for the reminder about 1939 and India. (India being the home of karma and node discoveries!) I will do some more research and update this feature, on the massive karmic repercussions of 3rd September 1939. It may be that this date is also resonant in the Indian chart. And yes, the new war is on COVID-19 and there are debts to pay and repay.

  2. Hi Jessica, I’m coming along and can’t wait! It’s been in the diary since you announced it.

    I’m thinking of two possible options. One is a career pivot out of education and to a year long post-grad course that could see me carve out a role around behaviour and innovation (what makes people tick!) in the corporate space. The second is to invest my time into an idea—a community for women in the side (having had a successful blog in the past, I think there is *something* in this idea). Of course, I could do both…

    I am in love with the community idea. And I would also love to get into innovation in the corporate space. I still have career goals to tick off and feel like I still haven’t made ‘that one idea’ happen or am ‘known’ despite working bloody hard, I haven’t realised anything, I feel if I’m honest, to its full potential both in my career and side hustles.

    Would love to know if you see anything in the stars for me? An optimal time to relaunch or launch? I really want this next move to be IT!
    I think I’ve always backed away from being in the spotlight or really putting me hand up for things, I’ve kind of waited to be picked or told I’m talented. I’m ready to rip the bandaid off and go for it now.

    I’m a little worn out from all the trying and also I want (NEED) to make proper ‘I can afford a house’ in Sydney money!

    Thanks Jessica!

    1. Thank you so much. You are interested in a post-grad course and putting innovation into corporate life. Also a community for women. You also want to make proper money, as Sydney’s property market is so overpriced. First up, you are a Sun Aquarius and your best financial cycle in 12 years is coming; Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, luck) is moving into Pisces and your Second House of money saved, and money made – just after Boxing Day 2021. Jupiter will stay with you until May 2022 then return October-December 2022, so you have plenty of time to consider your options. It should be possible to pursue your values (the Second House rules your ethics, principles and ideals – which cannot be sold) as well as money. Are we seeing the same patterns in your birth chart in 2022? Yes. You have Jupiter natally at 9 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finances. Transiting Jupiter will reach 9 Pisces and make a perfect trine, in February 2022. Uranus will be very close by at 10 Taurus (the opposition) so January-February looks like the turning point for you. It won’t be perfect, as a Uranus-Jupiter opposition can be a bumpy ride, but your innate good fortune with money, property, charity, business will help. This pattern is pretty rare so no wonder you are feeling the impetus to change, now. Chiron is also at 9 Aries in February 2022, making an aspect to your natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Long-term I suspect the answer for you is the money you make or save with a home, and that will happen in unusual, unexpected ways until 2026.

  3. Hi Jessica, I’ve attended a few of your Zoom events and I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m a sun Virgo with stelliums in Leo, Libra and Scorpio, although my chart shows one degree out for some of the dates you mention. Is the impact still the same with that one degree difference? How will this effect me financially?

    As I write this I’m currently trying to resolve a property issue with a sibling I don’t have a relationship with anymore, it’s a disempowering situation I have felt has been really unfair for many years. I would dearly like to cut that tie completely and have two options right now that I’ve been tossing up about. One could potentially put me in a much better financial position but it’s not guaranteed, there is a risk. The other option is guaranteed but I would have to take a much lesser amount by signing over a share of the property. I’m nervous about making a decision on this during a Mercury retrograde but have also been pushed into a corner by my sibling. What would you advise? I appreciate any clarity you can give me on this issue. Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thanks so much. The property issue with your sibling will show up in both your solar and natal chart. You are a Sun Virgo and in your solar chart the problem is karmic in nature; the South Node in Sagittarius is crossing your Fourth House of family and property. This situation will resolve in the Sagittarius weather that begins in November and ends in January, as the ‘traffic’ in that sign fades away. You have two options and your sibling is pushing you into a corner. Do not be pushed. I am sure there are any number of good reasons why you can put this forward to November and you may want to use that as a reason to delay. You are looking at money here as well. Please don’t worry. You will make or save a small fortune in the second half of 2022 as Jupiter (abundance, lucky breaks, win-win outcomes) goes into Aries and your solar Eighth House of finance, property, business. This situation has been really tough but it does get better, within months. It’s the same in your natal chart. Your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of serious money and property, will all receive a perfect trine from Jupiter as he goes through Pisces in 2022. Your timing for that is really close to the timing of the Sagittarius cycle, so again it’s after Boxing Day and from then, into 2022, until May. This augurs well astrologically.

  4. Wow really insightful as always, my birth chart has a seriously itchy trigger finger next year reading this but forewarned is forearmed. After the last 14 years feeling so so so chaotic it’s reassuring to have a weather forecast. Be interesting (not sure that’s the right word) to see how these factors play out both personally and globally. Thanks so much for your work, it’s always on point.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I will be there and am looking forward to it! I have 2 factors 10 Taurus (moon and Hygeia) and haven’t had any fixed situation for years. I have moved countries a few times and have really been thru constant change. I am now looking to create a business (already started but keeps evolving into other aspects and offers) and have some real thinking and figuring out to do. Finances have also been pretty crazy and not in a good way, lol. Hoping to see this “unfix” itself and I can finally have some serious financial success! Could you take a look at my chart and tell me what you think?

    1. Thank you. It should be quite a useful session as we have a lot of people coming. You are a Sun Cancer and in your solar chart the most important financial period of your life is unfolding, right now. Do all you can to pursue solutions and systems that are going to work, by December. After Boxing Day your luck runs out. So use November, December (Jupiter makes unusually helpful patterns then) to get those offers and nail them down. Whatever you have in place should protect you in 2022. That year is hard work for the entire world, financially, and we are all in the same boat. So try to use this Jupiter cycle to sort out as much security and protection as you can. From 2023 it all becomes transformative, as Pluto moves into the same chart zone (in your Cancer solar chart, the Eighth House of sex, death, money and property). He remains there for years, beyond 2030, so the thread throughout this period from 2021 past 2023, past 2030 is the same: the big-ticket items in the legacy which you name other people in, and the big-ticket items in other people’s legacies which name you. It doesn’t necessarily mean these legacies or wills are read out, or anything necessarily happens! It can, of course, but the real meaning of this long cycle is that you evaluate people. And they evaluate you. In your natal chart, we see plenty of opportunities to make or save money in the future; to do well with a house or apartment. I’ll talk more about that at the event.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    I have nothing in Taurus and Scorpio. Is it positive or negative? Thanks a lot.

    1. It just means that money does not define you. Property does not say who you are. Business is not central to your core being, nor is charity. Thank you.

  7. Jesica,

    Thank you for this article! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    According to my birth chart I am totally fixed, however that’s ok I am learning how to bend with a wind. In these unpredictable times I feel as if we are under the spells of some dark powers where only dear God Holly Mighty with the light can help humanity.

    In case of war, or maybe we are all entire Earth under some invisible treat and in all this chaos will where I am now be safe at all or will it be better to move go somewhere else. What do you see for me and also for my sis (August 27, 1970 birth). She lives in Canada…

    Thank you

    1. You’ve mentioned your sister before. Do you have a Family and Friends chart for her? All I can really go on here is her Virgo Sun. If she is not already married or in a sexual relationship, one will be offered to her between January and May. If she is with a partner, then that partnership will offer solutions, breakthroughs and opportunities at that time.

  8. Hi Jessica.
    I will attend the event” Fixed Signs in Changing Times”. I am very interested and I a heavy fixed sign person.
    Could you tell me what will happen to me in coming the fixed season? Is that possible I get settled in a relationship or get married in the coming years? what will be the area “fixing the unfixed”, that need to adapt or change? I want to be prepared and be proactive to the changes.
    My sun is at 27 scorpion, MD is at 21-22 scorpion, pluto is at 10 scorpion, cupito is at 29 Taurus. and many other planet is four fixed signs.
    Thank you very much.

    1. You want to get married and you could do that, but it would never be predictable, stable or secure. Does that mean you should not or could not? No, not at all, but you need to look at the astrology of Uranus in Taurus until 2026, in your chart. A conventional or standard marriage is not really going to work as anything too restrictive or inhibiting will limit you or your husband, to the point where there has to be upheaval or rebellion, in the pursuit of greater freedom or independence. Old-school 20th century models of marriage tend not to do very well on a Uranus transit of your solar Seventh House. The other option is you do not marry, but have a very different sort of sexual relationship (or relationships, plural) which gives you and the other person a lot of freedom, space and rather exciting uncertainty. This will be offered to you in 2022, 2023. It’s really important to remember that golden rule about giving freedom but also asking for it. Try not to fall in love with a married man! Some women do this, and it’s really because they can never be with him, except for rather exhilarating brief encounters. That keeps both of them nicely free of the routine of marriage, but it’s a really bad idea. I am sure you never would. Though you would be amazed at how many readers with this same cycle do!

  9. Thank you for the clarification on 23 degrees.
    Regarding India, you may also want to explore the Bengal famine of 1943. War and food concerns. Opinion is divided on the responsibility for that.
    Re Saturn in Pisces, India (and its neighbour Pakistan) is revisiting the ‘Two Nation Theory’ (based on religion) which led to the partition of India in the light of what is happening in Afghanistan. It is said by a certain group of scholars that some of the most radical Islamic forces find their intellectual oxygen from the Deobandi ideology promoted in certain parts of India. And politicians had walked on egg shells around such groups. However, these discussions are now getting mainstreamed. What is the Indian version of Islam. How it is different from the Islam followed in other countries and how it interacts with Hinduism and what do these things mean in the context of Indian nationalism.
    I will look forward to your article…

    1. I looked at India on 3rd September 1939 at that unusual lineup at 0 Taurus and it’s not a date that features in the last war. So there is really a separate story going on about India and global karma, and you may want to look at the feature I posted on the astrology of India, elsewhere on this website. What was showing up very strongly was a sweeping change with birth control, childbirth, population rates and so on – a Leo story. I am not an expert on Indian history and you certainly are! But you may find the astrological view interesting.

  10. Hi Jessica, fascinating read!
    I have nothing in Scorpio or Leo, Aesculapia at 2° in Taurus. I’m self-employed in pharmaceutical industry and am doing better than ever at the moment. How’s this weather going to affect me?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have a huge stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House, so will be strongly affected by Saturn in Aquarius in 2021, 2022. Starting in January next year, the South Node goes into Scorpio, so you are going to experience a Scorpio-Aquarius story in your life, which is there now, but will become quite powerful as 2022 begins, and still be there as you go into 2023. A Scorpio-Aquarius story is always about friends, allies and acquaintances (even though you may have forgotten some of them) who have passed to spirit. Aquarius rules the connections and communities; Scorpio rules memorials, obituaries and ‘life after life’ as souls of the departed move on and evolve. On a global level the bottom line is, by 2022 most of us will know a friend, or a friend of a friend, who has passed away from COVID-19. Also on a global level, the return of Charity with a capital C to human consciousness is coming. It has to, in this age of selfishness, and the Saturn in Aquarius cycle will make it front-and-centre. You will be affected by this. I don’t know if you will be involved, but you will be profoundly influenced. It won’t really kick in until January 2022, but there are certainly signs of something now.

  11. Hi Jessica what a fab article, I have loads in Aquarius so have lots of fixed placements. However I also have asc at 29 Scorpio and desc at 29 Taurus, would Panacea count as conj asc at 00 Sagittarius, albeit out of sign? In either case any insights on how this would affect me would be much appreciated. Sadly no investment portfolios or big property decisions etc so curious as to what it may mean for me in 2022. Jill x

    1. Jill, the Aquarius side of your chart falls in the Eleventh House of groups and friends, who pool resources so everyone can be part of the whole. This is the thinking behind community swimming pools, but also charities, Zoom yoga classes and so on. You supply groups all your life – you give them what they need – without ever being fully immersed or involved. Aquarius is always apart, but also indispensable to her friends, allies and acquaintances. Saturn going through this zodiac sign in 2021, 2022 is tough. Saturn tests us. Friendships and group involvements have been tested quite heavily for you, and that does not change next year. We associate groups like the Red Cross with Aquarius and other humanitarian organisations. You can already see them tested by this pandemic – financially and in other ways. How does Saturn move through Aquarius for you? Well, the Scorpio factors in your chart, and the Scorpio transits, suggest that we need to look at the reality of friends and acquaintances who have passed to spirit or will do so in 2022. Scorpio has always been associated with the spirit world and of course it rules the Eighth House, also ruled by Pluto – the Roman ruler of the underworld, where he was in charge of departed souls. So, this is a classic Scorpio-Aquarius story in your life, and in the lives of many others going through the Saturn in Aquarius transit, at the same time as the South Node in Scorpio transit, in 2022. It’s intensely spiritual and it will involve a much, much deeper look at friends of yours who have left you, over the years. We make our wills and legacies, or other people do, but actually the material world is far less important over the long-term, than that which is of high spiritual value. So – compassion. And yes, the Aquarian word, to end all words, humanitarianism. I think there will be a huge call for you there, now through 2022. It may for example involve a charity and a friend or acquaintance, passed to spirit, may be involved. That would be one example of this unusual cycle in your life. Beyond that, on an even more powerful level, we are going to see the core Aquarian values come out really strongly by 2022: Diana, the Princess of Wales, was rather Aquarian in nature and she understood the message. Given the global situation you will feel this magnetic pull towards it and it will actually be bigger than you, so don’t be surprised if fate takes a powerful hand, should you decide to get involved in the Aquarian pursuit of ‘in it together; all the people, for the people.’

  12. Hi Jessica –

    These movements are exactly zinging my chart in a few areas with Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus factors! What do you see for me?

    Saturn in AQ 23 degrees
    Scorpio – Neptune 17 degrees, Juno 27 degrees
    Taurus – Diana 2 degrees, Hygeia 5 degrees, Fortuna 9 degrees, Prosperpina 27 degrees

    I was also curious about the asteroids piled into Taurus – do they have the same “weight” as the major planets??

    I also recently started dating a Taurus. Things are interesting, to say the least.

    Many thanks, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Yes, astrology is divination, so the asteroids are just as important as the planets. The Saturn in Aquarius placement in your chart is far and away the most important as you go through your Saturn Return in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends. There is a tremendous call for charity donation and volunteering in 2022 coming. You will rise to the occasion. It may be rather a heavy ask, but it is important. If you do move towards that in any major way, you will be divinely assisted; helped by the spirit world, actually. I think you’ll find it hard to ignore the need to help and to make the world a better place. These things always cost us in terms of time (if you volunteer) or money (if you donate) but the benefits to humanity are priceless and you’ll feel called, as they say.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I am very much looking forward to attending the meeting tomorrow!
    Thank you for your previous response regarding my divorce, what you detailed in your response and in your blog regarding the nodes and being owed, is absolutely spot on. I got married on 10 May 2003 and will come full ‘nodal’ circle with a divorce next year.
    I now wonder what transiting Uranus will bring in the coming years when he will square my Leo sun and oppose my Scorpio ascendant. I have an inkling this will impact my career and earnings? I would really appreciate some clarification.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    1. Thank you Andrea. I am glad the astrology was spot on and look forward to seeing you at the event. So you are a Sun Leo and we always look at the solar chart first for the news headlines. You will make or save a fortune in the first 5 months of 2022 and then again, towards the end of that year. This is Jupiter (abundance, expansion, win-win outcomes) in Pisces in your solar Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. You will gain. Does this show up in your natal chart too? Yes. You have a Cancer signature in your Fourth House of property, household and family. So the gains (money saved or made) will be through a house or apartment, through a relative, or perhaps through someone else at home. Long-term, you will certainly have that Uranus transit to deal with. The square to the Leo Sun will be ‘the challenge to change’ with children, teenagers or Millennials in your world. It may be, for example, that you need to deal with your godson differently, or a niece. If you are a parent it goes without saying that they are growing older and that makes a huge difference; the Sun-Uranus square will really show you that you need to alter how you give care. The Scorpio Ascendant is pretty superficial; just the need to change your appearance in some way.

  14. Hey Jessica, I appreciate this article very much. I am a Virgo sun with lots of fixed sign energy. This will be my nodal return & I hope I’m right to be excited about it:
    North Node at 12 Taurus
    South Node at 12 Scorpio
    Lilith at 10 Taurus
    Pholus at 7 Taurus
    Sedna at 9 Taurus
    Hygeia at 1 Taurus
    Pluto at 2 Scorpio
    Saturn at 22 Scorpio
    Venus at 4 Leo
    Ceres at 5 Leo
    Mercury at 20 Leo
    Mars at 24 Leo
    Eros at 25 Leo
    Jupiter at 8 Aquarius

    I met my was(hus)band during the Scorpio/Taurus nodal reverse in 2012. Surprisingly he popped up again recently as you’ve mentioned a possible post-divorce episode among other possibilities with Jupiter moving into my 7th next year…we shall see.

    Thanks sooo much for reading my message and your feedback on any possible outcomes will be appreciated. With thanks Janera

    1. I’m not sure why you are using Lilith, Pholus and Eros – they are not in the Roman family tree of astrology. Stick to the system we were given by the Romans around 2000 years ago for a nice clear horoscope reading! You have Taurus/Scorpio nodes and Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio. A definite signature in Leo (children, godchildren, younger relatives, other people’s children) too. So life in 2022, 2023 is really about dealing with karma. You don’t say if you ever had children with your former husband. If you did, they are at the heart of decisions you both make about money in 2022, 2023. If you did not, and that chance passed you both by, there is still a lingering question for you about how you are to lead, guide and mentor younger people. It’s hard not to do that with Ceres, Venus and Mercury in Leo – as well as Mars. Of course, that costs. But you will have to add up the price as we go through these transits. Perhaps it will be about volunteering for a children’s charity (another reader has a similar chart to yours and just asked me a similar question). If there was an abortion or miscarriage in your history, then the 2022, 2023 transits will pick that up and there will be a chance to make peace with the past in some way. You will reshape your life budget; who or what you value most – as you go through Uranus, the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio, as well as Saturn in Aquarius – just talking about the next couple of years here – but obviously long-term you will be living with Uranus in taurus, which will oppose your natal Saturn at 22 Scorpio. Watch that year and try to minimise the amount of debt you are in, if you possibly can.

  15. Bingo. You are spot on as usual. The PM has spoken about birth control in some speeches. In some states, already policy incentives on population control are being legislated and debated.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the India astrology chart clearly shows that historic Leo pattern.

  16. Born on the 1st of September 1970.
    I have a bad and good memory woth the nodes in this axis back in 2003.
    My rising is in Leo @24
    Fortune @23 Leo
    Mars @ 28 Leo
    Neptune @ 28 Scorpio
    Jupiter @ 2 Scorpio
    Midheaven @ 29 Taurus
    Ceres @ 7 Taurus
    Juno@20 Taurus
    Saturn @ 22 Taurus
    The artical is clear but how will the factors impact my life as a Virgo. I lost my wife back in 2003 through a child miscarege.

    1. I am so sorry you lost your wife in 2003. Children are of course ruled by Leo and you have those patterns in your chart; you also have Scorpio in your chart, which rules sex, death and money. If you are thinking about life over the next few years, the Taurus, Leo and Scorpio in your chart suggests that you will need to reshape your life budget with one eye on the part children are to have. You can’t really be so strongly Leo without needing to have children, teenagers or Millennials in your life on some level. You may adopt them; marry someone who has them from a previous marriage; decide to make a niece, nephew or godchild the focus of your money. Take your time deciding. Children are expensive (obviously) but at the same time you have to be able to fund something or someone that speaks to your need to guide, set an example and lead to a younger generation. It may be working with a children’s charity; volunteering for the Red Cross, for example.

  17. Hello Jessica, thank you again for your tremendous foresight. I did indeed pay dearly for my freedom, have already had to unstick some entrenched patterns in recent years, and was finally been released from a tremendously difficult family/work situation. 2018-mid 2020 were intense Pluto, Ceres, Saturn, nodal pressure cookers. Yet over the past year things have eased up, I’ve had some financial blessings, yet am being frugal, paying down debt, while performing necessary updates on my home (Pluto on nodes). I’m at long last working on a novel which I hope to publish next year (some Jupiter in Pisces subject matter), and joined a related online class. I do have planets at some of the degrees mentioned and a Saturn return approaching, and wonder how you see the upcoming fixed sign weather impacting my chart.

    1. Thank you. Well, we start with the solar chart, which shows the public weather. You are a Sun Aries going into the financial climate of Uranus in Taurus, the North Node in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio in 2022, 2023. It’s good you are paying down debt. Essentially, the tides of time are bigger than you, for your national and global economy, and there is rather a lot of karma to be paid off and paid back, particularly within the European Union, which of course affects all world economies. This has a domino effect on your life in 2022, 2023 and when we look at the natal or birth chart, we find the Taurus-Scorpio axis is pretty busy. You were born with a conflict between your values (what you will sell your soul for, and what you will not; who or what you consider to be precious to the point of being priceless) – and those of others. This is a common pattern in the charts of people who marry someone whose life budget is quite different; their values are in conflict. Or, there is a gap between the family’s view of money and property, and your own. Yet, in all cases, you have to name these people in your legacy, and find yourself named by them in their own last will and testament! (That’s Scorpio opposite Taurus). Scorpio also rules sex and property, of course, so with a chart full of Taurus as well, there is usually a history of sexual relationships or marriage where one’s bed partner was not always one’s true economic partner. All this comes back to you in 2022, 2023 and inevitably with this kind of climate, you have to reshape, rethink, re-examine what was there before. So if you were always a shopaholic who used retail therapy to make yourself feel better, that may have to stop (purely because there is a supply shortage, or because the local shopping centre has been shut down due to COVID-19 outbreaks). Or, if you always generously gave your money to charity, or didn’t care about money, Uranus in Taurus seems likely to reverse that, so you find yourself becoming far more conscious of the value of your salary and savings. It’s really on that level. Uranus is about ‘the world turned upside down’ to quote a famous folk song from 1781 when it was discovered; the most unlikely, unexpected and highly unusual events come to pass. You will need to meet change, with change, in the next couple of years as market forces worldwide turn around. This is easily the most important trend in your chart long-term and you do stand to gain, when Jupiter goes into Taurus too, but you are in this for the long haul and likely need to look at paperwork, contracts and deals with your eye on 2022-2026. What is there now, may not be there then.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Can you please talk about NZ chart please? Our government has really turned against us. Covid not inder control, homelessness very high, rocket high house prices.
    Thank you

    1. There are a few New Zealand charts and I’ll cover that at the event. Actually, compared to world figures on death, New Zealand certainly does have COVID-19 under control. The sacrifices made by people there have saved lives – far many more, per head of population – than most other countries. I’ll look at the NZ economy, the cost of houses and apartments and so on – which are very high against salaries – at the event. Thank you.

  19. Hi Jessica, from İstanbul.i read your blog and its really illuminating, thank you so much.

    İts too important for me. So i will be happy if u answer me. Virgo sun but 16 degree rising leo. April 21,2022 I will attend the congress in Lozan, Switzerland. İn april, Chiron in Aries 13 degrees. Sun, Uranüs and Mercury in Taurus. At the same time; transiting North Node conjunct natal North Node in Taurus.
    İm not sure to attent to congress because of Chiron in 9th house. What do you say for me?
    İm sorry if here is the wrong blog for this question.
    Thank you so much.

    1. You’re booked for Switzerland in April and wonder if that is the right move. You have transiting Uranus (the unpredictable, the unexpected, the unlikely) in Taurus in your solar Ninth House of travel. That particular cycle goes until 2026 so flying anywhere is always going to be a bit of a gamble, assuming you prefer your life to be full of known factors. There is no birth chart here so I can’t see your natal Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius. It really depends on what you have in your natal Ninth. We live in a world where Singapore proves to us that even if 83% of people have had two injections of Pfizer (and others) it does not stop cases of COVID-19. In fact, in Singapore, cases are at an all-time high. COVID-19 will be with us until at least 2026 too and as it constantly mutates, in this mutable sign weather (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini cycles and people) it will always be switching direction. The choice is yours.

  20. Phew, I think I will have to join this event! I’m feeling this weather already… a lot of resistance. I wonder if I can truly let go and let it just flow past me?

    1. Yes, the word ‘resistance’ is really important. The more fixed sign types push back, hold on, resist and refuse to bend – the harder change actually is. The nature of the change we are about to see with Uranus in Taurus until 2026 is so great (even greater than we have seen since the start of the pandemic) that it requires constant readjustment. A good question to ask when you find yourself pushing back or holding on, is – why? Is this habitual or is it for another reason? Uranus transits always ask us to meet change with change – constantly.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you again for your insights. Although I don’t have a lot of factors in these fixed signs I do have Saturn at 29 Taurus which looks like it will be triggered on my birthday, 19th January (my sun is at 28 Capricorn). I have been fortunate to have maintained my employment in allied health throughout the covid lockdowns and enjoy what I do, yet I can’t help but sense this is going to change things. Looking back 19 years, I was on maternity leave for most of 2002 to 2004 having had 2 of my 3 children in that time. I’m not sure if it is because Saturn is involved, or because it falls on my birthday, but I’m feeling a little anxious about what this could mean. Maybe I am also aware and influenced by the current Uranus transit of Taurus. My life certainly turned upside down as Uranus moved through Aries. I would be interested in your interpretation.

    1. People with fixed signs tend to react in quite a visceral way against change, so dealing with the shock of the pandemic since March 2020 (and the resulting economic shocks) has been a massive challenge for people with Taurus factors in particular. You also have a Saturn 29 Taurus/Sun 28 Capricorn trine so you are earthy, grounded, prefer the known to the unknown, and so on. It goes without saying that at the very end of the cycle, in the mid 2020’s, as Uranus goes through the final degrees of Taurus – you will change your career and your budget. Uranus will form a conjunction with natal Saturn and trine your natal Sun. It is very common for people to downsize and liberate themselves from debt at such times, or walk away from high-paying jobs or lucrative lifestyles within marriages, because they prefer freedom to commitment. That can happen. There is really no point in speculating, though, suffice to say that the Uranus transit is quite long so the more you loosen up, little by little, every year that it runs (now through 2026) the easier it is to adapt and adjust when you get to 2025-2026. Uranus is the revolution that sets you and everybody else free. The best analogy I can give you is the end of British rule in America in 1781. It shocked people at the time. The slave trade was turned upside-down. Taxation changed. Americans became independent. For all that is was an unstable, disruptive time, it liberated everybody and they became who they were supposed to be. It will be like that for you as well. So, little by little, as you are asked by circumstance to pivot and twist, try to do that. This will be very much about your values. Your life budget. Who or what you consider to be so precious that it is priceless. In this way over some years, you come to value it more.

  22. Hello Jessica. Very interesting article. These degrees in Taurus and Scorpio are exact as in my natal chart. Also cannot ignore that 2022 has so many retrogrades. I was investing in cryptocurrency since late 2020, but how do I know if these degrees will affect me in negative or positive way? Is there any way from my chart to tell this? Thank you 🙂

    1. The most important financial cycle of your life ends in 2023, and as you have been there since 2008 it will be a huge change for you. So, it looks as though 2021, 2022, 2023 are the big cryptocurrency years when you decide to get in, or get out. You will be given information in December, January that helps to make up your mind.

  23. Hi Jessica. Can I just say your October 6 prediction was spot on for me. I got a sudden unexpected big bonus. Thrilled to bits as my career fell apart last year and I took a job well out of my comfort zone and it has turned out to be great. Driving to my new job on the other side of Auckland, I have discovered a lovely little bay with a gorgeous little park. Expensive homes but I would love to live there. Any hope I might move there?

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad the prediction came true. Your best property cycle is here, now, and ends in December so be quick if you want to use that. Next year would be hard work and test your patience (classically, a mortgage) but from 2023 you would find sheer willpower with property would put you in an increasingly powerful position. The other option is that you don’t do anything this year, deal with the realities of property in 2022 (which will really test your patience) but then finally decide, from 2023, that you are going to move and commit. Whatever you choose, you will be offered the chance to move on up from 2023 and beyond 2030, actually, and gain far more influence, clout and importance through your apartment or house, or perhaps the area itself.

  24. Thank you Jessica. I could not agree you more. Though the freedom of relationship (plurals) is quite a challenge for me. For a typical scorpion, I alway value one to one relationship a lot, cannot accept disloyalty. But it does become a challenge for me since 2018 when Uranus entered Taurus. I told you before, it bring me an unpredictable man, who offered me freedom of relationship before(have plural relationship at the same time). I did not agree, but still it happens(everything just happened so quickly, within a few days). I had a boyfriend at that time, I did not feel good of it. I cut the relationship with this new guy. And then he married with another woman because of pregnancy. Then later he contacted me several times(keep contacting me after a while, even though I blocked him many times), because he still value plural relationships and want me to accept it. I do not feel good about it. And I told you his chart information in the previous comments.

  25. I appreciate your input. Some of the ‘upside down’ Uranus patterns have already showed up. I have indeed become more conscious of my own finances after previously being very generous, finding myself wanting to stay rooted – in younger years was happy to move around more frequently, also have more personal freedom and returning to self-employment after struggling in a constricting work and family care situation for years. We’ll see what other inner and outer changes come.

  26. Dear Jessica, we got some disturbing news regarding our first son’s university course. It appears he’s been under some kind of stress/fear and is now planning to push his graduation by an extra year (2023). That in itself is not the problem but for a decade, I have felt something was not quite right – he’s secretive, withdrawn. And I fear he is unable to pull himself out of what I can only call a trough of inaction/depression. Sometimes it is like he is under a spell. I have asked you about him before in an indirect way because I assumed i was imagining, but nevertheless i got his and the rest of the family’s extended charts done. I feel he has always self destructed his chances and gifts and when I saw this blog on fixed signs, something clicked – because there is no earthly reason for my beautiful, bright, much loved boy to have continuously self sabotaged his life, friendships and studies. I have tried getting him into therapy to no avail. This is his chart – he was born 13th October 1999

    19° Libra 45′ 10″
    04° Virgo 34′ 01″
    15° Taurus 32′ 20″ R
    08° Sagittarius 33′ 37″
    23° Libra 45′ 49″
    24° Cancer 34′ 43″
    25° Scorpio 48′ 01″
    09° Scorpio 44′ 06″
    15° Libra 36′ 52″
    06° Pisces 54′ 53″ R
    00° Cancer 16′ 44″
    10° Aquarius 03′ 56″ R
    05° Sagittarius 23′ 16″
    27° Sagittarius 28′ 21″
    12° Aquarius 54′ 06″ R
    02° Sagittarius 02′ 05″
    06° Virgo 47′ 45″
    01° Taurus 26′ 58″
    15° Libra 53′ 10″
    26° Virgo 03′ 30″
    10° Libra 50′ 44″
    13° Virgo 04′ 55″
    06° Aquarius 28′ 27″
    11° Scorpio 39′ 54″
    01° Taurus 17′ 49″ R
    01° Aquarius 35′ 15″ R
    10° Sagittarius 29′ 52″
    24° Capricorn 34′ 43″
    01° Scorpio 26′ 58″
    10° Capricorn 52′ 13″
    08° Sagittarius 21′ 55″
    22° Scorpio 42′ 46″
    13° Scorpio 19′ 53″
    10° Leo 03′ 56″ R

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this. Virgo and the Sixth House show depression. Virgo rules health. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication. Depression and anxiety are the common colds of mental health, aren’t they. He has a stellium there (higher than average Virgo count). The reality is, his body acts out what his subconscious mind wants (perhaps he does not want to be at university, or pursue a particular career) so he finds himself unable to operate normally, on a physical level. He can’t study or work. Nine times out of ten when people have any health issue that stops them studying or working, it is because their subconscious mind resists, so as they consciously cannot let themselves nix the degree, or ditch the job, the body kicks in and delivers for them. He has Ceres at 6 Virgo and Ceres is an indicator of depression, very commonly. I filed a feature on Ceres a few years ago if you want to look this planet up on Search. Salacia at 6 Pisces and the Moon at 5 Sagittarius are almost exactly in a T-Square to Ceres. A T-Square is tight and tense and so it’s not really helping. So yes, this is someone who has to find a new way of coping with all sorts of inner conflicts and tensions. You also need to find a new way of managing this. He wants to defer and you are quite right to be concerned because of course a degree is a future career. As this is an intensely personal situation between the two of you, and his father, whom you’ve not mentioned, I suggest using the Tarot to unlock some puzzles. You can use it on this website to ask really basic questions about the present – and then move onto the future if you wish. You can also obtain useful angles on the past. This does work out well for him in the end and he will have a powerful role to play with children, or even teenagers who were like himself, as he is now, at university. This may be as a father, or as a teacher (or similar). This makes a tremendous difference to both of you. He will be reborn into that, like a chick hatching and cracking its own shell, and although in 2022 you will both have to go through the shell stage, from 2023 it becomes really clear to him that if he has enough willpower he can make being a good father, or a father figure, his mission. That may or may not have anything to do with his current degree. The financial side of his life is of course another matter and that needs to be sorted out, as best you can. Yet there are more important things in life than money and he may well find that, too. As will you.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    As always, your article is a fantastic read but having 13 factors in fixed signs (stelliums in Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) left me feeling worried. I have already had a bumpy road up to 2021, and now this…..
    I would be grateful for any piece of advice on what you see in my chart that I should pay attention to. Thank you and see you tomorrow! Wouldn’t miss the opportunity to listen to you live.

    1. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you at the event too. Strongly fixed people do worry about change, and it’s quite normal. Yes, your ride in life would have already been bumpy, but consider this to be training wheels. The first thing to know is that tests and trials with friendships, your social life and the groups in your life will end from 2023. You have reached the halfway mark. Friends who are meant to be there for years, will pass the test. Other friendships will go, partly because of distance rules in the pandemic, but perhaps because your values no longer agree. You will be tempted to get involved with a charity or humanitarian effort in 2022, or give to someone closer to home. It will feel rather heavy, but you may also feel drawn – and you will be helped if you do say yes. The Leo-Taurus patterns suggests major questions about your values, again, and the world of children, teenagers, Millennials. There is a fair bit of inner conflict showing up but it works out well as you make new decisions about your life budget and reshape your thinking about money, business, charity, younger people, friends. It’s all rather new and your old self pre 2018 would be so stunned at what comes to pass by 2023, but you have every right to change. And meeting change, with change, is what you will do.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this fantastic article! I have stelliums in Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio, with several of these factors at 29 degrees (North Node in Scorpio, South Node in Taurus, Ceres and Psyche in Taurus). My Sun and Aesculpia are at 28 Cancer, Uranus at 28 Libra and Chiron at 28 Aries. You mentioned having Taurus factors at 10 degrees too and my IC is at 11. I’m expecting this weather to have a huge impact on me, especially since I’m searching for my first home. The market in Melbourne is out of control but I’ve a house deposit so can move quickly if something reasonable is available. I’m also a single mother of two primary-aged children and am open to meeting someone kind. Can you please look at my natal chart and share your astrological and psychic insights with me? Thanks!

    1. You’re looking to buy your first home in Melbourne and have a deposit; you are also raising two children by yourself. Long-term you will obtain your first home, and it will put you in a powerful position if you have the willpower and self-control with your plans. That is after 2023. If you did buy now, luck would be on your side until Boxing Day, but after that, you have the reality of a year of Saturn sitting on your chart, so 2022 would be a really big ask. From 2023 it all changes again and that is when you realise using your willpower with business, property, money will empower you. The actual home (house or apartment) is not that important in your chart. The bigger deal for you is the end of a relationship cycle that began in 2008 and is over by 2023. That cycle coincided with the birth of your children and your ex-partner has been a powerful presence throughout as the father of your children. That is no longer the case after 2023. You are very likely to merge finances or property after 2023 and so a lot of your chart is really about that Pluto transit which begins then, taking you far into the future beyond 2030. You will have an incredible career opportunity in the second half of 2022 and will likely take it.

  29. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for writing this post and hosting the webinar which I am very much looking forward to. If you have time, please, I was wondering if you could look at my chart and share any insights you may have. While I do have all four (4) fixed signs in my chart, they are not at the degrees mentioned in your post. I am wondering if my North and South Nodes, respectively in Scorpio and Taurus, are significant as I am in the middle of a job search. I was headhunted this week for a legal position with a company whose values (long term thinking, protective of all stakeholders) appear to align with mine, and while I thought that the corporate world was not for me and planned to return to a law firm if there was enough business, I am intrigued. There is also apparently significant room at the company for growth, which is what I want. I haven’t had much work stability since 2009 and I would like to put down roots for many years. I am also interested whether you see any possibility of a serious romantic relationship in 2022. I don’t need to be formally married, and the clock ran out on having kids, but it would be great to be in a supportive relationship with a wonderful man. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you. It should be a good gathering of people, most of whom have fixed signs in their charts. You’ve been headhunted in a company with potential but you want to know about a new man as well. Funnily enough neither is important, given your chart. You could easily take the job and gain from good karma you acquired about 19 years ago in your career. If you are owed, karmically, you will be repaid by this new role. Yet all doors close by January, not just with this, but with other offers too. The karma will complete and you will end up where you are meant to be. The real focus now and beyond is inner work. This may be religion, the psychic world, self-help, therapy, counselling and so on. Hypnosis, meditation or Buddhism. It’s huge and it’s not of the material world, but it is far more dominant than anything else, now through 2023 and beyond.

  30. Hello Jessica
    I hope I’m not too late for commenting as I have had a full on week to deal with!
    It appears that me and my young son will have aspects of our charts triggered.

    Sun Cancer with Sun 8 deg, SN 7 deg, Vesta 22 and Proserpina 27 deg Cancer
    Taurus – Bacchus 14 deg, Minerva 26
    Leo – Venus 0 deg, Mercury 1 deg
    Scorpio – Psyche 9 deg
    Aquarius – Salacia 3 deg, Jupiter 10 deg, Hygeia 25 deg
    Libra – Uranus 18 deg
    Capricorn – Cupido 18 deg.

    My Sun Capricorn son (26/12/2011 with known birth time):
    Taurus – Jupiter 0 deg, Fortuna 8 deg
    Scorpio – Diana 12 deg, Juno 20 deg, Vulcano 24 deg, Bacchus 29 deg
    Aquarius – Venus 6 deg, Aesculapia 9 deg, Neptune 28 deg

    In 2003 I separated and eventually divorced from my first husband and enrolled at University for my degree to get an Australian qualification and better paying job. I am still working in same profession, though now I started a side food business that I want to really make profitable going forward. Can you please tell me how does the Karma from 2003/2004 play out for me now?

    2019/2020 I divorced from my 2nd ex-husbully(band) and I had a son with him. My son stays 2/3 custody with me and 1/3 custody with his dad.

    I am really intent on increasing my income via my side business, in addition to my part time work, as working full time will result in paying more in out of school care and not being able to participate too much in his school activities like sports and assemblies.

    I also want to sell my current small place and move to a bigger house with a yard so he can play and have a dog and garden.

    I’m pretty good with managing my financial affairs well, but I know that I need to make more money to get to where I’d like my son and I to be in 1-2 years time.

    Please Jessica, can you tell me what you see coming up for me and my boy in the years ahead?

    Thank you so very much.

    1. You are a single parent with a good side hustle and given your chart, need to sort out security and a home long-term. Your best bet in the short-term is actually a foreign market or foreign people who are near you. You can see why this would work with cuisine! (Just ask all the rich pizza bar owners or sushi vendors). However it works out for you, the first 5 months of 2022 will put a foreign nationality or culture in front of you and the door will open. Next year will be a tough ask financially; no doubt about it. You can have excellent cash flow on this cycle and still feel a heavy burden. It is really common for a loan or mortgage, or rent, or some other situation to feel like lead. That’s okay you can take it on. Keep your eyes on the long term beyond 2023 when Pluto changes signs as from that point forward, self-control will put you in control and willpower will make you financially powerful. Funnily enough a house or apartment is not the be-all and end-all for you. This is not going to be about putting down roots and gaining from property. Not according to your chart. It will be about (very likely) a new relationship or marriage. This is long-term. But that’s another story.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    Love all your articles, predictions, they are written in a fascinating way and I always read them with pleasure and interest. I will attend the Zoom event, however I leave here the comment as I have a lot of fix aspects in my birth chart (see below) and I would like to know what are the easy/difficult periods for me in terms of: relationships, buying a home, finance, especially in relationships&family as the last 2 years were really hard.
    ASC 09° Libra
    Sun 04° Scorpio
    Mercury 08° Scorpio
    Venus 03° Scorpio
    Pluto 17° Scorpio
    Diana 00° Scorpio
    Moon 18° Aquarius
    Salacia 24° Aquarius
    Cupido 26° Aquarius
    NorthNode 02° Aquarius
    Jupiter 11° Leo
    SouthNode 02° Leo
    Vesta 27° Taurus

    Best regards and have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with a lot of factors in Aquarius/Scorpio and some in Leo and Taurus, so you have a big fixed sign signature. The biggest changes for you will be with property and family in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. You will probably move or renovate and it will be quite a significant relocation or overhaul of a house or apartment. Within the family itself, past 2023, you will see a change in the balance of power. A classic example is a family member moving back in, which changes the pecking order, or a family member moving out or just leaving the scene. Being so fixed (resistant to what is new and different) you may have to alter your approach to be more flexible. It takes practise! You have already have some Uranus in Taurus oppositions to your Scorpio factors so by now, 2021, you have gone through the shock of the pandemic and its impact on your money, or somebody else’s money (or other financial position). That has been okay practise for getting used to pivoting. The other issue here is friendship. You’ll become involved in charity, or ‘charity begins at home’ by 2022. It will be hugely important for you to get involved in a major campaign of volunteering or giving. Donating, or donating your time and energy from pure instincts and humanitarian motivation. A game-changer.

  32. Hello Jessica! I’m excited to attend my first event with you. I’m stuck on uncertain current/future matters of income, bank accounts, possessions, property and apartment lease ends April 2022. I am so worried. Also, do see love and children in the future? Please guide me. Thank you very much for all that you do!

    Sun 24° Gemini
    Venus 9° Leo
    Saturn 27° Libra
    Neptune 27° Sagittarius
    Chiron 29° Taurus
    ASC 29° Capricorn
    MC 18° Scorpio

    1. Astrology is supposed to reduce worry. You read the weather before it happens and plan ahead so you can maximise benefits and minimise issues. So your financial cycle ends in 2023. The financial cycle that started in 2008 has been really long, intense, and complicated. Yet from 2023, amazingly, you no longer have to think about money so often. You have been put in a really powerful position with finance, houses, apartments, business and so on – but you have also found yourself controlled by other people, or their situation, or big organisations. The worst is over in terms of the burden with this but you do have to make a major choice in December or January (a sign-off decision). You have a Taurus-Scorpio chart so if you do go into a relationship in future, talk about the values you both have before you move in. This is a classic indicator of sexual relationships where two people disagree over values. For example, one of you may be an eco-warrior who votes Green and the other may be a Liberal voter who believes in borrowing lots of money for lots of shopping! It can be on that level. You will already have seen this in your life. The MC/IC Scorpio-Taurus axis in your chart suggests it’s a family theme actually. Some of your ancestors had marriages or business partnerships like this; different values.

  33. Hi Jesssica
    Looking at my chart and also husbands (who you prepared for me under the family and friends) it looks like we will be impacted by this fixed signs weather. My husband (17/12/1956) has his North Node in Scorpio 28 55 and his South Node in Taurus 28 55 as well as
    26° Scorpio
    01° Scorpio
    21 Scorpio
    00 Scorpio
    07 Scorpio
    26 Leo
    6 Leo
    03 Aquarius
    08 Aquarius
    We will have been married for 38 years on 23 October this year and we can see things are becoming a bit more difficult in terms of changes that are within our control and outside such as children. We have sold property in the last 12 months moved, completing renovations and are gearing up to commence our build down the south coast all while one of our children has moved back home and is going through a relationship breakup. We are so looking forward to starting the build down the coast but with COVID we have had delay after delay.
    Being Gemini and Sagittarius we have been affected by the nodes and have been working on releasing and boy have I felt it. The relationship is changing and I can see things now with more clarity than I have had in the past and I can see where I thought I was a lot more flexible that I have been. Self reflection and some isolation over the past couple of years has really challenged me to have a long deep look into areas and patterns of behaviours that I just did not see. I really hope that I will be able to unfix myself a whole lot more and relax into life!!! Thanks for your referral to Paul McKenna and his Hypnotherapy. I love Natalie Delahaye’s recording and when I am tired during the day I sneak off and listen to it (absolutely love her voice). Also during lockdown a very generous local Hypnotherapist was offering free Zoom Friday Evening sessions during the whole lockdown with her final session last night. Thanks again and looking forward to the Zoom and also into your insights for what this Fixed signs weather holds for me.
    Many Thanks
    Linda x

    1. Thank you Linda. And I’m glad you like Natalie’s work and found Dr. McKenna’s work useful as well. For all that we are going through an intense time as a planet, the Neptune in Pisces cycle is converting many people to meditation, yoga, hypnosis and actually – we are gaining from the enforced time indoors, inside our own heads. It’s changing us. Okay, so there is a big Scorpio and Eighth House signature here. This is you and the beneficiaries of your will (the children and of course the other half of a marriage or partnership) but also those who name you in their legacy too. None of this means any legacies are actually read out by 2026, but you do have to get real about meeting change with change. This means rethinking every aspect of assets and debts and constantly shedding what you used to know, before 2018. That is when this cycle began. You will find some periods more important than others: November is very important as the Sun goes through Scorpio then and around every October-November you’ll be in a lunar cycle with the Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio, so Halloween until pre-Christmas. Maybe this always coincides with a family birthday or other event on the calendar that gets you thinking about fiscal relationships. Have a look at property values; life insurance; superannuation and pensions – with new eyes. Every time. One key thing about this long cycle is that you can adapt and adjust one year then find that the government or financial institutions alter their course the next. Meeting change with change until 2026 will be very important for you. Try to be in a flexible position so that when life zig-zags, you can zig-zag with it. Don’t get too lumbered with heavy, immovable, fixed situations when Uranus is in Taurus.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your article, I am trying to take in and understand what it means for me.
    I have:

    20° Taurus 46′ 03″

    02° Taurus 15′ 36″

    09° Taurus 09′ 41″

    27° Taurus 47′ 27″

    05° Taurus 45′ 54″

    17° Scorpio 15′ 20″

    28° Scorpio 14′ 20″ R

    Would appreciate any advice or explanation you can give, if possible.

    Thank you

    1. Okay, so you have a stellium in Taurus (money, charity, shopping, business, income, debt, taxation) but also factors in Scorpio (joint finances; usually marriage and mortgage, or two people living together, or the family’s legacy to you, or your legacy to the family). Ever since 2018 you have been require to ‘meet change with change’ because of much bigger factors out there beyond your control. That goes on until 2026 as Uranus, the planet of radical change, new inventions and innovation (but also uncertainty and upheaval) goes across everything you have in Taurus and ultimately opposes your Neptune in Scorpio, as you get towards the mid 2020’s. Try to keep the bubble small in your life. Your Neptune is the bubble, and it involves partners or relatives. Borrowing a lot of money is a bubble. It’s not your money; it is an illusion. A property bubble is another one for obvious reasons. So long-term try to minimise anything that is not real. That is an escape from reality. The holiday from the real world, financially, that comes with credit cards or borrowing to invest (say) is unlikely to last that Uranus opposition to Neptune. You will also have Uranus in Taurus in conjunction with Saturn shortly before this; another wake-up call. The whole point of astrology is to minimise outcomes by prior knowledge. So you have to have some kind of lesson here, about money, charity, business, property. The lesson can be pretty light if you act now. Do all you can to get out of debt. If you enter into new arrangements with, say, relatives or a partner – get a second opinion from a tried, tested and trusted professional and read the fine print. Good housekeeping for someone with a chart like this!

  35. Hi Jessica, I am very grateful to have found your website a few years ago. Your insights and advice has really helped me even before the pandemic. Thanks to you, I have learnt to let go and just go with the flow. Over the lockdown, letting go has helped me see and understand so many things about myself, unlocking many other things. It’s had a positive affect on my relationship with myself, husband and with others. It has flowed to my husband also, he is learning to let go and I can see things changing for him and his relationships with his family, work and friends.

    I’ve had a long messed up relationship with finances. Recently I’ve taken control by letting go of blame, taking responsibility and changing my perspective on ‘not having enough’. I’m committed to paying my student debt, and after that mid-2022 start saving. I have been thinking about buying property (never thought my husband and I would, as financially we had focused our spending on gaining life experiences. We love to travel, so we used to see mortgages as a burden to our freedoms) – not sure if we will eventually choose the property path or if this was just an idea in my head. Not sure even where we could afford – Flinders Is. Tas?? We are living in his grandmother’s home, but not sure how long we’ll be here because the family plan to sell it soon once she passes away. What do you see for us regarding finances and property

    Also I’ve always wanted to know if it means anything that:
    I have Saturn and Pluto @ 27 Libra – he has Uranus @ 27 Scorpio, as well as
    I am Sun 11 Scorpio – he has North Node 11 Leo

    I have a Family and Friends chart for him. He’s the Sun 01° Capricorn Moon 13° Cancer

    I also have a question about my family dynamics: mother (20 Capricorn), brother (29 Leo) and his kids (son libra sun, daughter scorpio sun) – but I think that’s a heavier question I’ll have to save another time..

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you so much. I do hear this from some readers – that being indoors during the pandemic has actually had benefits. It has improved your relationship with your husband. However, you have financial issues over many years. You have a student debt (let’s be honest, not really your fault: when I was a student education was free!) and you want to buy a house or apartment. Your husband’s family have their own ideas. Okay, first thing first, any discussion you with with your husband about the pair of you, should be treated as a rehearsal or first attempt until 3rd November as you have Mercury Retrograde in Libra, crossing your chart, in the Seventh House of marriage. For the longer-term, we look at the fact that you are a Sun Scorpio having Saturn transit your Fourth House of property in 2022. Reality check. That is probably the outcome with his family and the home you now live in. He is a Sun Capricorn, which helps a lot. He has the best property cycle in 12 years arriving after May 2022 and by Christmas that year will have found an irresistible solution or opportunity. It will involve getting away with something quite audacious that more conservative people think is outrageous. For you it is a complete lifestyle relaunch and upgrade. So you are both clearly moving. And yes, you may move to an island, which would be a lifestyle turnaround for you. None of this happens without a burden on both your shoulders in 2022. You will both feel it. Him, financially. You, just in terms of the patience required with the current set-up with his family and that home you are in; taking on a new place. The other possibility, and I am not discounting this, is that his family changes their minds in the second half of 2022 and you stay where you are but there would be improvements to the property itself, or the way of life there, that benefit you. Have a look at the Tarot on this site to see what it’s telling you about the second half of 2022. Longer-term, from 2023 for many years into the future, you would both find the new Pluto cycle to put you in a powerful position with money and property, if you have the willpower. You would obtain tremendous control and influence (clout!) by using your self-control, with one specific home, and one specific local area and country. To say this is a transformation from 2023 is the understatement of the decade. You’ll not have experienced anything like it, but if you follow the Pluto rules together, you will be so empowered beyond 2030.

  36. Can’t wait for today’s event. My north node is 22 degrees Scorpio and I have uranus in scorpio, moon in Taurus, plus five factors in Leo. In 2003-4 I was falling in love with my now ex-husband, moving in together, getting pregnant with our oldest and getting engaged. My focus then was building a life together and supporting his new career. What might my karma look like based on this?

    1. Thanks so much. The answer about karma really depends on who owes what – to whom. The last time you went through this North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio cycle, you were helping to support his job. Does he owe you financially or spiritually? Morally or ethically there may be debts or credits there. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition in the chart is really about ‘his values, my values, our money’ and it is common for couples to disagree about their life budgets with that going on. The Leo stellium is of course about your pregnancy then and the children since. The odd thing about the nodal cycle is that it’s out of your hands. It’s almost as if the universe decides ‘you owe this’ or ‘they owe that’ and to some extent you have to allow for the astrology to operate irrespective of what you might think, or he might think! A good example of this is Poland. An entire nation. Days after posting this feature predicting that Poland would be caught up in karma with the European Union, news comes in that the Poles are leaning towards quitting the E.U. which of course would mean they follow the United Kingdom. That’s significant because these nodal cycles go back to 2003 when Poland joined the E.U. and further back to 1939 when the U.K. made the massive sacrifice of war, because Poland had been invaded by Germany. So there is something bigger than all of us with these cycles. Your child, or children, will likely be at the heart of what unfolds with your ex-husband in 2022, 2023 and yet you will find closure, settlement, the circle closing – by 2024.

  37. Thank you so much Jessica lots for me to think about there. Your response is much appreciated as always. Jill x

  38. Hi is this fixed sign weather going to effect me..I’m bit worried about my leo stellium and my Saturn in Taurus at 16..Working full time in nursing home but I really don’t want the covid boosters but it is going to come down to job or no job,which means financial I will have nothing..Im worried about having no money to I won’t have a choice but to get it..Which is upsetting me. How will south node affect my neptune at 29 Scorpio…Thank you Jessica

    1. Israel has shown us three Pfizer injections (and likely more) is essential in helping to battle Covid. You work full-time in a nursing home so are on the front line. I understand why you are concerned about serial injections – a lot of readers here feel the same way. Health, immunity and wellbeing are Virgo/Sixth House; Pluto and the South Node are in Virgo in your chart, so you need control over your body. You have to ‘run’ your own health and wellbeing, your mental health and so on. It’s also karmic. You have one or more lifetimes of being both patient and nurse, or patient and doctor, so you have come onto the planet to resolve some issues from those lifetimes. With all that going on, you have major choices. Virgo is also work. You have to work to make money. You do have choices. You do not have to work on the frontline. I am sure you know this. You are working full-time in a nursing home but employment out there is wide, variable and far more open for options than it used to be. This is your life and not mine but if you are finding that the prospect of a third injection and likely a fourth, (because Pfizer we know stops working after 6 months) is not for you, then you have some decisions to make about how to work, when to work, and how to balance the reality of budget against things that money cannot buy. I strongly urge you to look at a ‘deal’ with your current employer, but even better, something bigger, more positive and more delightful – you are about to go into the best career cycle in 12 years, starting just after Boxing Day. What you see by May 2022 could easily tempt you.

  39. Hi Jessica: I’m really enjoying your talk today – I’m really wondering about my Saturn in Aquarius, along with all this crazy stuff with Taurus/Scorpio. I’m currently staying very flexible, living on a boat in Auckland, volunteering for the Coast Guard, but am wondering how to think about other opportunities that might be upcoming. I have family overseas in the US. So much fun to see you in person! Many thanks, Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa. You are a Sun Taurus with Aquarius factors too, so will really feel the fixed sign weather in Auckland and also in the US with your family. Your Coast Guard work and perhaps another 1-2 groups you are involved with will pay off in the most fantastic way in the first four months of 2022, and end the year nicely too. Anything you do with the community in mind, involving your friends, will take you higher, and you will see the first signs of this just after Boxing Day but more strongly in March 2022. A stuck financial situation will end in January 2022. Watch America and actually other countries beyond NZ as in December, January there will be a change there that could allow you to feel more in control – and be in control as well. Perhaps it’s Australia. I guess it depends on what you consider to be foreign. Long-term, your career is the real story and from 2023 it completely transforms. Quite powerful people and organisations will play their part in your long-term future.

  40. Hi Jessica, I have Sun 11, Neptune 13 and Venus 24 in scorpio (11th house). Moon 3, Saturn 5, Diana 6, South node 3 Aquarius (second house) and Mars in Leo 11 (8th house). I would like to go to Paris to take a course from January to June in 2022 coming from the US. What can you predict around maintaining my finances in 2022 and 2023 and beyond?

    1. Spinning your chart to the Natural House system which I find best for prediction, you have a Scorpio pattern in the Eighth House of sex, death and money. You also have Aquarius and Leo factors. You want to go America-Paris for a course in 2022. Think carefully about Paris in 2022 as you need to be aware of the realities of being there. Ask the Tarot for validation but it may be quite difficult in terms of the accommodation; the people in the accommodation; the fact that the situation back home in the US may be a big ask, for some reason. Really do your homework on this before you uproot yourself – the Tarot can help in that respect. Financially, the most stuck and repetitive situation in around 19 years ends in January; it is also one of the most important financial episodes you will ever go through as there is karma which must be completed, and it will be, as 2022 arrives. You will be offered a sexual relationship and both of you will find it very, very hard to resist. You may also feel as if fate has taken a hand!

  41. Hi Jessica
    I am currently listening to your zoom meeting on fixed signs
    I am a Taurus Sun Taurus Saturn and Aquarius North Node .I live in Melbourne and I am a Health care worker ,whilst I am very grateful to have a job ,but like many Health Care workers I am burnt out ,I have a strong urge to change careers , I am currently studying to pursue this ,but also like many Melbournians I have a urge to move , is this a good time to pursue these or should fixed signs hold off
    thanks for your insights
    kind regards

    1. Thank you. And thank you for being on the front line Amanda and saving so many lives we will never know about; Melbourne protects the whole nation by doing the work. You want a new career and/or to move. As a Sun Taurus the story is about income, the cost of an apartment or house and so on – and it is stuck at the moment – yet from January 2022 you will find you are free to choose and act, in respect of your finances and budget. There is a solution for what you feel is a really heavy obstacle with your career, which you should take – in November and/or December. It’s a way through a heavy and difficult situation. Whatever comes out of it is not perfect (there is no perfection in 2022) but it is the absolute best way you can look after yourself next year, professionally. From 2023 you will in fact use a massive change in the structure of your profession, and perhaps one other that you are interested in by then – and take back control. In fact from 2023 you could become quite powerful, partly as a result of the demotions, departures, mergers and promotions that occur either within healthcare, or in another career path you might select by then. The house or apartment situation is actually less important than anything else! I know it matters to you but your chart is saying, the future is actually about career, achievement and ambition. There may also be some voluntary or charity service ahead and this will add to your C.V. long-term; that is not why you do it, yet it will be part of the story. The property or real estate situation doesn’t really feature as a strong story in your future, but what is really interesting is in another country – at the end of 2021, into 2022 and 2023 you may well think seriously about emigrating or taking a temporary work visa (having passed every test) to try somewhere quite different. That’s another option; the Tarot may help you there, Amanda.

  42. Hi Jessica, I am writing this as I watch your live event – your talks and written work is amazing. Thank you.
    In 2003/2004, I was two years into a relationship with my ex-husband, for whom I left my country of birth (Brazil) and previous career. In 2004 our first son was born. In 2022, we will be finalising our divorce – official procedures should start in March, two years after separation. And while I would love to move in with my current partner, with whom I am deeply in love, I can’t see how this can happen as we both have shared custody of our children with our respective exes and live in different cities in the UK. I have lots of Scorpio, Aquarius and some Leo in my chart. What to expect of 2022?

    1. Thanks so much. You are already seeing the karma of the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio come around; it will be obvious from January 2022. Your divorce becomes final just as the wheel turns. You owe each other and there will be closure. You also have a new partner, and two sets of children, and live far apart in the UK. You are a Sun Scorpio and need to use every solution offered to you with your house, apartment and/or family/household in November, December. Despite really heavy obstacles and hindrances there will be a way out, not a perfect or easy way out – but a way out – by Christmas. Try to use that answer to help get you through 2022 which is hard work in terms of your home, household or property situation. From 2023 it changes hugely and you begin to see how empowered you might become via family and property. The more willpower you use with that, the more impressive your position becomes, far beyond 2023 actually. You will complete the karma with your ex-husband by the time the nodes leave Scorpio-Taurus in July 2023 and it will feel as if so much has shifted and can be put behind you.

  43. Hey Jessica!

    Thank you for the insightful session. I always take a lot from it. I decided to venture into a new business and got caught in the middle of the pandemic. Needless to say, it’s been quite a ride. Could you please share some insights about what’s ahead, given my chart below?

    Sun 24° Taurus
    ASC 25° Gemini
    Moon 24° Capricorn
    Saturn 25° Taurus
    Uranus 09° Libra
    Mercury 28° Aries
    Jupiter 02° Sagittarius
    Pluto 27° Virgo
    North Node 18° Aquarius
    MC 06° Aries

    Have a great day!


    1. Thank you John. I am glad you got a lot from the event. You have a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Taurus in the Second House of income and debt, cash flow and savings. It’s just one degree away from being exact. Yet, at 24 and 25 degrees of Taurus it is also connected to your need to succeed (Moon in Capricorn) also at 24. You may want to keep the stakes low here. A Sun-Saturn conjunction is always a lesson to learn, in terms of your name or face being promoted and/or public. You are going to come up against this in March 2022 when the North Node goes to 24, 25 Taurus and South Node goes to 24, 25 Scorpio. In fact it is karma going back to August 2003. Hopefully you have records of that month or can remember that year as the circle has to close in March 2022, no matter if you owe others, or are owed; owe the universe – or the universe owes you. In March 2022 we also find Pluto at 27 Capricorn, exactly trine natal Pluto at 27 Virgo. You prefer to control your work; dominate your own career; take/take over with particular roles, projects and plans. That goes into hyperdrive in March 2022 at exactly the same time that you are figuring out your business and money, possessions and property. That is why lowering the stakes or minimising the business stories now will help you later. There is quite clearly a major change coming with work and money and as it triggers your natal Sun-Saturn conjunction, which always a lesson to learn about how you ‘shine’ in the world or how visible you are (for whatever reason) you might want to keep life as simple and streamlined as possible. On the plus side, once Jupiter goes to 24, 25, 26, 27 Taurus in May 2024 you will have one stunning opportunity for expansion and brilliant solution – after another. You have that sort of chart; it never rains but it pours.

  44. Kia ora Jessica – amazing fixed signs seminar, thank you. My question is:

    What is happening with my “career” in 2022? I’m a low-level public servant, and my current contract runs out in Aug 2022.

    Sun is 22 Aquarius, closely conjunct north node in the 10th.
    Mercury is 6 Aquarius conjunct MC at 3 degrees.
    Saturn is 16 Taurus, near the ascendant at 9 degrees.
    Uranus is at 13 Libra in the sixth.

    I did a Tarot shuffle on your website, and was given the Ace of Cups

    1. If you were asking about your career in the public service in 2022 and drew the Ace of Cups, you are actually being given an answer about something completely different. The Tarot wants to talk to you about your emotional, personal life – either with friends around you or perhaps the world of children. It’s good news and putting work to one side for the moment, in whatever time-frame you were asking about, there will be a feeling of renewal and fulfilment; your cup runneth over, emotionally. Okay, going back to the job question, you will make or save a lot of money in the first half of 2022 and again in the last two months. So, because of work or for other reasons, you will be offered solutions and opportunities with money as Jupiter transits your chart in Pisces – starting just after Boxing Day. You will get more information about your position and also about the entire picture of your profession and perhaps one other (an alternative work choice) in November, twice. That will help you make up your mind in 22.

  45. What can I expect at work? Sun and Venus in Aquarius, Moon and Saturn in Taurus, and Jupiter in Scorpio.

    1. You will find out where you stand with work in November near the 4th and 19th. You do have a choice to make then that will affect 2022.

  46. Yay for me? 6 lots of Aquarius including my sun and moon both at 6, born on the 6th at 6pm and Leo ascending plus another. Sounds like fun….
    I hope it is. I can’t take much more internal conflict, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

  47. And I’m so sorry. My comment appeared so abrupt.
    I truly appreciate all your insights and was discussing some of your predictions around the fire last night with 2 of my sons. One is an interested sceptic who likes to hide his interest in “out there” subjects. I hope to keep talking with him about your articles. He’s an old soul.
    Thank you again.

  48. Thank you so much for the amazing talk as always, the other thing I do notice of course is that with COVID we need to be very flexible and adapt; and with the work I do I have been made quite aware and can’t plan accordingly! Of couse as a very fixed sign person, it is something I have to learn, adapt and accept in order to move on. I do feel a sense of change already with a new job, and I do feel that the Universe set me up with my current opportunity since 2017/2018. But I also wanted to move on even further – I feel like I am still a little stuck in my past, and therefore I haven’t moved on for my romantic life. So when I heard that the Jan 2022 – Mar 2023 may potentially be about children, legacy, partnership and romantic engagements – I am interested. Not just because I am going to become and aunty in April, but what does that mean for me personally.

    And yes – I would love to be able to get on top of my finances too!

    1. You are a Sun Leo who also has Scorpio factors. Becoming an aunt in April is part of the Leo journey, but there is even more going on. Your love life will move on to the point where you must choose to begin a new relationship either with an old partner, or someone you’ve not met before. It will be quite a dramatic choice. It could come as soon as November and December, actually, but if not – you would make the decision in 2022, 2023. As we saw with The Lovers card at the event, anyone with Scorpio factors is going to see that the COVID conditions actually brings on a new wave in relationships, worldwide. People indoors want to be released to enjoy themselves and people indoors have nothing else to do but explore sex in a new way. You will find the person in question feels as struck by the fated nature of the situation as you do. You can walk away – but it would be hard.

    1. No need to apologise at all. I’m glad you are talking to your sons about astrology. You are strongly Aquarian so the headlines in your life in 2022 during Saturn’s second year in Aquarius are really about charity or good causes. You will hear the call and have to make the choice. This seems likely to be an organisation where volunteers are essential and fundraising and donation count. If you do decide to get involved, you will be amazed at the wind beneath your wings, which will start carrying you at warp speed.

  49. Hi Jessica. I am waiting for the meeting to start but had a couple of questions. First, I am in a position where I need a vehicle and have a couple of options right now. It is ridiculously to get inexpensive vehicles in the country I am in right now but I have an acquaintance willing to sell her car to me inexpensively (it’s old but reliable) now (ugh Mercury retro but need a vehicle!)or wait for a tuk tuk that is being built in the upcoming month. The tuk tuk would limit my travel range of course. Another decision I face is that I am being offered a couple of different spaces to put my business. The one I am currently in serves its purpose but is somewhat limiting as I share the space and can only do production there. I have a couple of options for retail space, as well. One needing a lot of work and is iffy in that who knows whether covid will allow the business I need to prosper as well as the fact that it is a small space with limiting factors for what I do. Another is an actual ideal space, much more expensive but with room to evolve into a few different options for us but it won’t be available until January although we are in talks now for commitment. Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. How interesting about the tuk-tuk – you are clearly not in central London! You are across Mercury Retrograde, and realise that it won’t be until November 3rd that the planet of short journeys and transportation is out of the retrograde loop. You also have a choice to make about your business space. You are a Sun Cancer and so enjoy the biggest and best travel cycle in 12 years, just after Boxing Day. It’s your choice not mine, but I would wait for whatever vehicle is going to transport you around this foreign country. Jupiter goes into your solar Ninth House at the end of December and joins Neptune (the holiday from the real world) in 2022, so whatever transports you (and it may be a third option) will allow you to explore where you are, so that ‘local is the new foreign.’ Use the Tarot to get confirmation on your choices. If you see The Chariot turn up with either choice you will know you are right. The business space is really about career and as your career will take off in the second half of 2022 it would seem you are destined to end up in the correct location by May; from there you achieve take-off and will achieve amazing things. The stuck situation with work will disappear in January once the nodes change sign. So your timing with January sounds about right, even though the new place is far more expensive. Look at the ‘few different options to evolve’ because that is the key. Growth. Again, the Tarot can help you with validation.

  50. It was my first time attending one of your events today Jessica. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!
    I have 12 factors in the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius). My 8 year old daughter has 11 factors in the fixed signs (7 of those in Scorpio). She often talks about what our dream house will look like, which includes a big yard with views and space to have two dogs of course! I can’t help being caught up in her fantasy! Do you see our family achieving this one day, without us having to be in debt with the bank up to our eyeballs! I’m thinking Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 will be a big time for us.
    Thank you for your time Jessica!

    1. Thanks so much for coming along; I’m glad you enjoyed the event. You and your daughter are both strongly fixed sign, and your daughter has inherited your Scorpio side; the sign we associate with death, sex and money. To put it more gently, Scorpio is usually about marriage and mortgage and of course ‘until death do us part’ in the wedding vows. For richer for poorer, for better, for worse. With Mars at 27 Cancer in the Fourth House of property, you are a renovator and in fact will have several opportunities to either move and transform a home, or to do something radically new with your existing space (dogs included). You are quite right; Jupiter in Taurus will help. However, even before you get to that part of the story, you will see Jupiter at 27 Pisces making a perfect trine to your natal Mars next year. 2023-2024 are very special and will show up as government and council policies that help you with property, but also X factors in your own financial life story which help you to get the biggest and the best. When Jupiter goes to 27 Taurus and makes a sextile to Mars at 27 Cancer in May 2024 it puts the icing on the cake.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    I just attended the Fixed Signs zoom and got so much out of it! Thank you.
    I have Taurus sun, mercury, venus; and Neptune in Scorpio and Uranus in Leo. I have had really difficult Pluto transits in the past, and am rather dreading the Saturn affects in 2022. Especially since the weekly and monthly Taurus horoscopes you have done are indicating that work will be very difficult in 2022.
    Could you shed some light on 2022 and work for those of us with Taurus heavily in our charts and what that may mean for us?


    1. Thanks for coming along to the event Shauna. You may want to take every solution with career you can see in November, December to set yourself up securely for 2022. There will be resolutions on offer for particular work obstacles in those months thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius, and it would be wise to take them. You will find 2022 is a stretch, professionally, or with employment. No need to dread it, just put your head down and get on with it. In actual fact, the more powerful position you achieve after 2023 will owe a lot to what you did in 2022. So the promotion, new role or greater load of responsibility from 2023 really comes about because of the path of 2022. You don’t get one without the other. I suspect for you this is going to be about salary. You will need to make choices about money in relation to work and that’s really such a personal choice, it may be useful for you to draw a Tarot card here, and set yourself a time-frame to ask about.

  52. Hi Jessica, very exciting lecture with many hard changes but also many things to look forward to. There was one thing that made me think though. You mentioned something about a 19-year cycle that starts on Jan 19th. Looking back, 1983 and 2002 were defining years that set a different route in my life. You also said to look for factors in Scorpio. I have venus(4deg) and Neptune(11deg). And I have a full house in Aquarius (6 elements). Should I expect a big change in my life again? Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the last time we saw the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio was April 14th 2003 to December 26th 2004, and of course the nodes go backwards in time, around every 19 years, from there. What you’re going to find is that there is unfinished business from 2003-2004 which must now be completed. It will concern your money, house or apartment, business interests, possessions or charity commitments (or those of another person whose life strongly influences your own). The universe tends to decide what the karma is. Much as we’d like to say we are owed, or perhaps that we owe, what you will find is that events that are bigger than you, tend to sort it out for you. While you are going through 2022 in particular, though, you may find yourself rather stuck for a long time. In the session we saw the Hanged Man for Scorpio factors in the chart. There will be several months of hanging around, waiting for things to change. When the time is right, though it will be you who does the changing. This will be in connection with the family tree on either side; your mother or father’s side, and if you married, your husband’s side.

  53. Okay so let’s use your Scorpio chart and natal chart to see what is going on. You need work, are running out of money and rent. There is a solution there with the apartment or house situation and it likely involves a family member, or someone in the household, if you share. Use that solution no later than December, although I suspect the actual answer may not appear until November or December. Try to take it and run with it by Boxing Day at the very latest. Either renting or living rent-free (or with subsidised rent) in 2022 is hard work; no doubt about it. Yet you will be relieved to know that from May 11th 2022 you enter the best cycle for work in 12 years. That doesn’t mean you wait for that and sit on your hands, of course – you should keep chasing jobs now, but what happens after May, and again in early 2023 looks like a stunning new role or a promotion; a big hit or a definite achievement. So you could pick up work between now and May but see it turn into something epic or find a superior substitute in the second half of next year and first half of 2023. The general feeling of going round in circles with money and being stuck will end in January 2022.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I’m so sorry but I completely missed the Zoom event – I got tied up at work. Will there be a recording available to watch later?
    I have 16 factors in Leo, Scorpio and Taurus combined, and none in Aquarius.

    Are you able to give me any pointers as to how this will affect me?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    1. Thank you so much. I believe we have a Zoom recording on the way for you – have a look at the Meetup page for your country as Alicia is managing this delivery. You are a Sun Leo in a good financial position in 2022 with your solar chart showing Jupiter (growth, expansion, improvement, reward) in your Eighth House of finance, property, business, valuables, charity. At the same time, in your natal chart, Jupiter trines, or makes a perfect angle, to your Scorpio placements, also in the Eighth House, and makes a sextile to your Taurus factors, in your natal Second House of budget and bank. So do whatever you can to snap up everything and everybody on offer to you. The signs will show first just after Boxing Day. Do all you can in 2022 to protect the future – I think you will do that anyway – you have that kind of mindful chart.

  55. Thanks so much for your reply and wonderful event. It was so great and you and Alicia seem to work so well together with these things! Very fun and pleasant. Regarding the vehicle, my husband is pushing for this car deal now and I am hesitation due to merc retro. He is kind of driving me crazy and stressing me out as he has been stressed and anxiety ridden since we got here. It is even causing him physical health issues and he is aware but not doing things about it and just getting more anxious and short and I am losing patience. He is an important part of the business, too but he has bee. So frustrating to be around and I find myself just shutting down. He is a Leo 22/08/73

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Alicia over there in Bondi Beach. Your Leo husband wants a car deal. Honestly, Mercury Retrograde is just about having Plan B, C and D. So if this is causing tension, see what you can supply in terms of a back-up plan. It sounds as if it has become the focus for anxiety for him, whereas the actual car deal question itself is not that big a deal. It will move forward of its own volition from November 3rd and around that time, he will also stop doing head miles. (For whatever reason). So, not long to wait. There is a solution for him with you, which he needs to snap up by Christmas. It’s a strong solution and it may have shown itself just recently. Give him a nudge in November or December. It is actually epic in nature, though that’s not obvious now. It would be, by Christmas.

  56. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply Jessica! Fingers crossed I can find a reasonably priced house in the next couple of months because I’m tired of renting. I’m excited at the possibility of meeting someone nice (which he would have to be for me to consider merging finances and property) and getting an incredible career opportunity in the second half of next year! Yes, I left my ex-husband and eventually divorced him on this Pluto cycle when I realised he’d never change. It’ll be sad for my kids when he leaves again (he’s been overseas for long periods but is currently in Australia). But he was abusive to me and is still controlling and undermining so it’ll be a relief to not have to deal with him so much. Thanks again for sharing your special gift! Take care.

    1. I’m glad this is working out for you already and yes, it does get so much better. Thank you.

  57. Hi Jess
    thank you for today… I have Neptune and Moon in Scorpio… Leo and Taurus have a few factors while none in Aquarius… it was funny that sex was such a huge factor in today’s talk as well as the cards… so Scorpio… My question is what do my horoscope factors mean for me personally in 2022 and 2023… have been on my own for a very long time and would definitely love to meet someone.

    PS I am all for the local community and each community thriving, what I don’t agree with is the federal government not treating all the states equally… that is how it looks to me… time will tell I guess… and lastly.. what are your thoughts on people who believe the vaccinated people being the ones to spread the Virus… I have friends who think this and I was curious what your thoughts were on it.

    1. You will be offered the chance of a sexual relationship over the next couple of years and it will be fated, powerful and central to your life path. Having said that you may still walk away, but I think if you have had enough of flying solo you may just want to get in the cockpit. So to speak. Where it takes you after that is up to both of you, but sex will always, always be the key factor in what unfolds. As for the Australian government, what we are seeing with the individual states running the country, is really about some very old karma between NSW and Victoria, going back in 19 year cycles. That ends in January and from that point on, these endless, stuck questions about the neighbours (Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney) vanish. It looks like a new policy then or a new attitude. Perhaps new leadership as this PM is Taurus and stubborn with it. People who have had AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and the rest can spread COVID-19. That is a fact. Singapore proves it. But so do people without the double shots. The central issue is – do the needles keep people out of hospital so that beds are kept free for cancer patients? Yes they do. I recommend the epidemiologist Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter who comes from a Harvard University background and is an excellent source on COVID-19 facts.

  58. Thank you very much, Jessica!
    It is very kind of you to share the insights.
    We’ll see you at the next session.

    Have a great week.

    1. Cheers John. Absolutely, we’ll have another mind-boggling event in December (or two) with Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson, joining Alicia and I. Thank you.

  59. Just have to comment, Im blown away , looking at how you are replying to people ,taking the time to answer back with depth and compassion , helping others during these crazy times ,your support is amazing ,your a true humanitarian
    Thankyou x

    1. Thank you so much, that’s really kind. I hope I’ve answered your questions, somehwere…

  60. Hi Jessica,
    Your event this morning was really informative.
    You mentioned around 2023 (I think) that people will come together with dealing with things (eg covid, health) due to the Aquarius influence and the “Harry Potter” generation, my question is how?

    Since Aquarius is the group, will Australia Nationally (group) or individually by State (group) go down the “Mandate and Segregation” road permanently? And what does this mean for the vaccinated and unvaccinated?

    Any insight you have would be appreciated. Thankyou.


    1. Thank you. Yes, the generation who grew up reading Harry Potter and thus the views of J.K.Rowling (a huge fan of Jessica Mitford, born to be on the left of politics) are now coming of age. They were born with the outer planets in Aquarius, the sign of the group. Diversity, community, equality. As we go into Pluto in Aquarius from 2023, this generation will grow into politics and business roles with great power attached. Australians who are now teenagers or going into early adulthood will be required to pursue one world thinking. This will be because of climate emergency by then, but also the persistence of Covid and other potential pandemics. As scientists are saying now, Australia can’t pretend other, poorer, countries don’t exist. This will change in the most potent way from 2023 for all kinds of reasons, but a shift in the White House being the main one. Pfizer, AstraZeneca and all the rest will ultimately be put to the test as Saturn goes into Pisces, around this time, and opposes the Virgo positions of everyone born in the Sixties, who has Uranus and Pluto in the natal Sixth House of personal and public health. So that’s your answer. A serious, heavy, future test. I would speculate that the long-term outcome will be a return to tourism and business travel as it used to be. Expensive and rare. A life-changing experience. That comes after 2026 when Uranus in Gemini wipes out the Sagittarius placements of billions through opposition but that’s another story!

  61. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am a very heavy fixed signs in Leo and Aquarius.
    I just got a job offer last week to work for the largest crypto company in my country. The company was founded on Feb 15, 2014 with Aquarius signs as well.
    I am super excited to join the company, but will this be a good career choice? Your article mentioned “Fixing the unfixed”, so I wanted to understand your view on this. Thanks J. Stay healthy and safe, God Bless You.

    Regards, Ipey

    1. It’s good you have the company foundation date. This is a Sun Aquarius organisation which stands out brilliantly when it hires in the name of community, diversity, equality – and is really affected if there is any departure from that (and criticism of the same). It’s the largest cryptocurrency company in your country. This company, quite apart from its own hiring policy, particularly with women, is also very dependent on its allies within the crypto world. The group. There is also a question here about trade unions within the organisation and any other professional associations that protect members with their rights. That is the first question you should be asking, actually. How is the solidarity between you and your fellow employees and what is in writing, to look after your interests? You will save or make quite a lot of money in 2022, perhaps because of shares here, or liquid assets, but be aware that it doesn’t last much beyond 2022 and there will be a heavy reality check further up the line. So you really need to know what you are doing, if you are going to plunge into the unpredictable world of crypo during Uranus in Taurus. Long-term your career may surprise even you. It will also liberate you and exhilarate you. The Tarot can help you with that – have a look at your 2022 choices.

  62. Thank you again Jessica for this blog and this morning’s Zoom meetup,

    You always provide so much to think about and learn. For example realising that my Gemini partner has so many more fixed planets than Sag me which explains some things:

    Leo – Moon 21,Proserpina 2, Bacchus 4, Apollo 12, (I have no Leo)
    Taurus – Saturn 2 & 14 Hygeia, (I have no Taurus)
    Neptune 27 Scorpio (versus my 4 Scorpio factors including Fortuna 24)
    Aquarius 11 Ceres & 13 Psyche (I have Juno16, Ops 18)

    If you have time, I would be grateful for any advice in relation to particular risk periods and or issues to be extra careful with. We are still riding that Covid rollercoaster but probably improving how we react.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Patricia. You have a fixed-sign partner, so that’s a discovery. It can be useful to know about these things, as you may be more sensitive to Gemini’s resistance to change. You are a Sun Sagittarius who also has a fixed sign story in your chart. Reading both your solar and natal charts together, for the public story and the private one, it’s really about money, property, business, valuables and/or charity. You have Pluto transiting your solar Second House of life budgeting, and Uranus transiting your natal Second House too – opposite everything in your natal Eighth House in Scorpio. So this is about the two of you, dealing with ‘our money’ and ‘my money’ and of course questions about entwined possessions or property. The cycle ends in 2023 but as the transits of the nodes go through Taurus and Scorpio in 2022, 2023 you may well spend the next couple of years sorting out the things money cannot buy. Figuring out a new mutual life budget, actually. What and who you consider precious to the point it is priceless. Who and what you will compromise over, or absolutely refuse to bargain over. He is in a similar cycle with his solar chart, actually, and it will usually be December, January of any year that things come to a crossroads choice for you both. In this way you end up really enjoying what you discover you value most and a price tag may not be relevant, even though it obviously costs or offers real money.

  63. Thank you for the zoom presentation Jessica and for accepting questions here as well. So much to think about and absorb.
    I seem to be lined up with a few of the fixed elements you mentioned above. The NN at 28ºTaurus and Neptune 22º Scorpio. Not too long after (if I’m reading the ephemeris correctly) Jupiter will be conjuncting my stellium in Pisces then move on to trine Neptune. What is your impression of this potential combination?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Patrick. Yes, Jupiter will form a conjunction with everything you have in Pisces in the natal Twelfth House and then make a perfect trine to Neptune, which is of course the ruler of Pisces. You are also a Sun Pisces who has transits in the solar Twelfth House so this is the same story told twice from two different camera angles. The film is really about God, or the Universe, or your inner life. I am sure none of this is news to you, but ever since Neptune went into Pisces many years ago, there have been such confusing and confused episodes with religion (say) or spirituality; self-help, the psychic world or counselling – that it has been hard to find a clear path. That is already changing in your favour and just after Christmas, the global Christian celebration of the Nativity – you find yourself in a completely different position. In the Middle Ages this cycle really was about God and it still is today, even though we now find Humanism is so popular and many people are more interested in talking to their therapist than they are to a priest! It’s a very personal choice but it’s obvious from your chart that it’s life-changing and it begins very soon. It will be ongoing, beyond 2023 actually, as Pluto goes into your solar Twelfth House for the first and last time in your life. That will be empowering.

  64. Hello Jessica
    I have Venus in 7 and Pluto in 8 degree scorpio in house 7? Is this the reason that I could not have a romantic relation till now (maybe Pluto in house 7)?
    and mercury in 28 degree in scorpio in house 8. what is the effect of transits on me? I feel like I am a loser in love and work in two previous years.

    1. Not necessary to feel like a loser in love. I am not sure where your chart information is coming from, but Venus and Pluto are in Scorpio, so in your Eighth House in the Natural House system I use. Mercury is certainly in Scorpio, also in the Eighth House. A really simple answer to your question is money. If you can find a way to make the money, house, business, apartment, valuables less of an issue – than love and sex – then life will be a great deal easier. Work is a different matter and I can’t see a chart. But sex is basically intertwined with questions about bank accounts or real estate here, and that needs to change, if you are stuck. Have a look at what the Tarot is telling you and how to pursue a new direction there.

  65. Hello Jessica, I am definitely a fixed sign person. I have almost 12 elements in fixed sign. Especially Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. And I am a Chinese.
    Sun 24° Leo
    Moon 24° Taurus
    Rising 7° Scorpio
    Pluto 27° Scorpio

    I want to ask that what may happen to me, and what do i need to pay attention to from now to 2026?

    1. Yes, you are very fixed. You know what you like, and who you like, and what you do not. You are a Sun Leo who is on the way to saving or making rather a lot of money in 2022. It begins after Boxing Day. Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth, solutions) goes into your solar Eighth House then, and in your natal chart, Jupiter will trine your Pluto in 2022 and also make quite a nice angle to your Moon. So you will have more, in terms of money saved or money made. It is very important that you get the best advice you can afford so you handle that wisely in 2022 to shore yourself up beyond that.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the event today. I really enjoy your work. I have fixed signs in Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. I am a year into retirement from a 32 year career in finance. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of inner work and taking classes in spiritual development. My husband passed away 3 years ago. Due to an issue with property I haven’t been able to get his estate closed. It has been one delay after another. I am wondering if anything in my chart indicates when this might be resolved and if there is anything else I might need to pay attention too coming up? Many thanks for your insight!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your husband’s estate is still not resolved. You are a Sun Scorpio, and now close to retirement, but the delays are going on with the paper trail and so on. This is likely to resolve in January 2022 when the nodes leave your finance, property, business sectors. It depends on what is at stake, though. If this is about the family and a particular house or apartment, you may want to treat next year as two separate stories. One would be financial (the end of a very repetitive situation with your budget, income or bank) and then the actual property/family question as a further year of tests – life exams – requesting you to take it slowly. You have said an issue with property. There is a solution which would ease things a great deal in front of you now. It may have arrived quite recently and out of the blue. Take every change you get with the house, apartment and/or family by Boxing Day at the latest and although there is no perfection, there is certainly a really solid way out and through, and 2022 would be a great deal easier. On another note entirely you can always light a candle, and have a word with your husband in spirit – thinking about the interests of everything and everybody here, including himself of course. See what arrives.

  67. Hi Jess, Thanks for last night’s zoom. It was brilliant. Apologies if I’ve sent my comment too many times, but it looks like it’s not not going through?
    I wanted to ask about my chart, I’ve 7 planets in scorpio, my South node at 27 degrees Scorpio, my asc at 29 Scorpio, and Ceres at 23 taurus. I’ve also a love interest who has a Leo stellium, a uranian moon at 27 Leo and North node at 27 Leo (our nodes cross) and Ceres at 23 Taurus. I’ve been stuck romantically for 10 years, despite best efforts :). No action. Do you see anything changing ? I’m 37 in a few weeks and would love to be a mum.

    1. Thank you. The comments are going through and by this Sunday, I’ll have answered the questions here – including yours, here, now. You will be offered the chance of a sexual relationship between now and 2023 and it could be significant. So, not just a roll in the hay. This may be your love interest who comes good, or a substitute who is more important. You would like to be a mother, which is a completely different question, and you may want to treat the two stories as separate. A passionate, close and intimate (educational) relationship – and then the subject of parenthood. Doing that will make your life much more simple by 2023, but your chart suggests if you’ve been stuck for 10 years, an awful lot is about to change. If you want it.

  68. Jessica
    Thank you for your wonderful site and rich blogs. They are a minefield of insight and learning – and I’ve a lot of that to do for sure. I’m really struck by your writing on the end of cycles, it’s really resonated with me.
    I have Sun (29 ◦) , Moon (23 ◦) and Mercury (02 ◦)in Aries and Mars in 01 degrees Taurus. North Node in Taurus (25 ◦) and South Node in Scorpio (25 ◦). Venus (13 ◦) and Saturn (24 ◦) are in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio (21 ◦), Uranus (15 ◦) and Pluto (16 ◦)in Virgo. I’ve a fair bit of Capricorn in my chart (DESC, Diana, Fortuna, Bacchus, Apollo, Salacia, Prosperina and a few others) which I was never aware of until I had my birth chart done on your site.
    I had a really tough event happen nearly 19 years ago career wise which has really impacted life across the board since – and left a really strong sense of injustice etc (but that I know is in the eye of the beholder!). I’ve been thinking about the ending of cycles and would be grateful for any insights you can give.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. If you had a tough career event around 19 years ago, you were caught in a lunar node cycle. As a Sun Aries you have ongoing professional issues, actually, since 2008 (when Pluto changed signs) and that story is there until 2023, when you end a chapter. You have known what it feels like to be in a really powerful position, in terms of success and status – in recent years. You have also learned about testing your own sense of power and control and figuring out the politics, either with employers, colleagues, staff, competitors – or with more personal connections in your life. There will be two more reshuffles around you. One at the end of 2021 and another at the end of 2022. The Capricorn stellium in your chart is about ambition and in this cycle you have both your solar and natal chart in agreement. Until 2023 you need to accept that the worst is over (the heaviest and hardest) and figure out what success means to you these days. It may not mean what it once did. It may not mean what it does to other people. The chances of a merger, demotion or promotion very close to home are high as this year ends and next year begins. Even if you let that pass you by, or it passes you by, you will still be helping yourself to round off the cycle, with a sign-off decision about your work, unpaid work or perhaps study made as 2023 begins. That’s when you’ll really know this era in your life is over. You will be where you are supposed to be.

  69. Hi Jessica,

    Super interesting to hear what you predict for the world last night for the world in the coming years. I believe I am more Cardinal vs fixed in my signs although I am not 100% sure about that. Can you tell me how I can best focus my energy in the coming years to successfully surf the upcoming changing waves for me and those around me?

    Thank you! As always v.appreciative for your insights. Hope you are keeping well,

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have a strongly cardinal chart. You are a Sun Cancer person who will always feel the lunar transits in Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aries four times every 28 days or so. Of these four, the Capricorn transits have been most important since 2008 and have always been about career, unpaid work or study – on a regular basis. In the second half of 2022 you will be offered stunning solutions and opportunities related to your job, or other role in life. In fact by 2023 you will have enjoyed answers not possible in many years. This looks like a period of empowerment, control, influence and real clout in your chosen field. You’ll be involved with quite potent people and organisations then, or serious plans. You may be promoted, take a new position or take on a hugely important project in the second half of 2022. Defining success for yourself – what success actually means in this life – is the big theme of the Twenties.

  70. Hello Jessica,
    I just want to thank you for mentioning Dr. Paul McKenna in your article. He is amazing! With many fixed signs in my chart, I may have just beaten my terrible addiction to nicotine.
    Thank you, again xo

  71. HiJessica,

    Always fascinating to read your articles and as I have 11 planets in fixed signs, I wondered how this will affect me next year.
    I especially wanted to know a bit more about the euro situation, as I have quite a bit of euros in an account in the Netherlands and have been wondering whether to convert it to pounds, in order to buy a property in England.

    Many thanks,

    1. Marianne, you are in such an unpredictable cycle with Euros, the Netherlands, pounds and England (not to mention British property) that you would gain from watching things on Twitter, on a daily basis. By all the laws of astrology we are going into an E.U. rethink, reshape and relaunch heavily involving Poland, from as early as January 2022. That month is important, as you will be released from quite a stuck and repetitive situation with your money, property, business, valuables and/or charity that month. The question about property matters less than other concerns in 2022, according to your chart. 2022 is really about success, status, ambition, achievements, position and ambition. So you would have to compare and contrast England with the Netherlands and other places, in order to figure out the long-term plan. It would be about career, actually, not real-estate.

  72. Hello Jessica…I feel very grateful for the opportunity to have attended the meeting yest. I hope this is the first of many to come. I stumbled on your website end of 2019/2020 and this has been my lifeline and guidance through some of the toughest times of my life. So a humble thank you.
    2002 I was 17 and met my leo ex husband whom is extremely narcissistic. Managed to break free from the abusive relationship, lost everything, relocated 2019 for work while my child had to stay back with him as I had no money to look after her. I haven’t seen her seen 2019 due to covid and travel restrictions. Im on my feet again, thank God. From the great conjunction I start legal proceedings for custody of my daughter.
    I’m studying for my post graduate in cbt therapy and doing placements for a charity org and hoping to continue after, I am accredited so I can give back to the community.
    I’m trying to change jobs so that I can get a mortgage so I can prove that I can give my daughter a stable home.

    I have a huge number of placements in fixed signs and really hope you can give me some insight of what the years to come looks like for me. It hasn’t been an easy ride for me. Please share your thoughts with me, good, bad and ugly so I can prep myself so I can be strong for my daughter.

    I whole heartedly Thank You

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for coming along to the event. Yes, we have more in 2022 and I’ve just been chatting to Alicia about what we might organise. Your Leo former husband may have had bad parenting; that can happen if you end up with a Lion King narcissist. By that, I mean that he was taught how to rule, lead, be the centre of attention, the star of the show. That can come from a father or mother, actually. But you end up with an abusive relationship. You are also a Sun Scorpio and so part of your path in life is to understand sex, money and property. Also sex, death, money and property. (And family as well – usually a legacy or will). You did the work, paid the price, put your daughter first and are now in post-graduate study and attempting to alter jobs. Okay so take a deep breath because the karma over money, charity, business, valuables or property ends in January 2022. You are given a very long break from endless loops and circuits with that, until 2026, when you will be liberated from/through property and the bank. That is a very long way off. Yet, Uranus in Gemini will set you free from 2026. Closer to home, you have a fantastic cycle of problem-solving with and through your daughter which begins after Christmas. It peaks in March, April 2022 and is then back for the end of 2022. It will be a holiday from the real world, involving her. Perhaps even other children, teenagers or Millennials as well, actually. The really big change comes in the second half of next year. You will find a a way to relaunch body, mind and spirit which makes a huge difference to your lifestyle and daily existence. You mentioned therapy. That ticks a box. It may be that or something else, but you achieve take-off in late 2022.

  73. Hi Jessica, Gees, you are an amazing Soul! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift, I have learned so much and appreciate all you give to so many. Have been a premium member for several years and love your events. “Thought I finally “get it”, but of late am getting so confused when reading my charts. Your Zoom event helped greatly in regards to my fixed signs, and I see I will be getting involved with groups & volunteering big time in 2022. I moved in 2003 from NJ where I was happy, so involved and had many friends, to Florida, where I have for the last 19 years, been alone (husband gone months at a time, no true friends, and groups social just partook, did for others, but still outsider. Hubby retired now, but shows no love & 3 true friends have passed. The groups thing I think I get, but have also stellium 6 of Sagittarius, how will that play out??? Really appreciate your help!

    Sun 17 Aquarius
    Moon 19 Aquarius
    Mercury 09 Aquarius
    Venus 00 Aquarius
    Mars 25 Aquarius
    Pluto 15 Leo
    Ceres 18 Leo
    ASC 13 Auarius
    Vulcano 18 Scorpio
    Sagitt. Chiron 7, Vesta 5, MC 2, Aescup.24, Salicia 29,

    1. Thanks so much, I will pass that onto Alicia Richardson. You are heavily Aquarius so are going through a very tough time of tests and trials with friendships and also groups, as Saturn goes over your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant. Jupiter is also doing this, so what is happening to you is actually an historic detox and clear-up. You really have to way back in time for this. Either with friends who have passed away, or those who are now here – or fading fast – or just no longer friends – there is some karma. You may not even remember, but you do need to go back around 19 years, and then around another 19 years, to see the story. You need closure too. You are owed. Some people on a soul level will repay you, spiritually. Perhaps it matters more to them than you, for whatever reason, but if long-gone faces turn up, there is a reason. You also owe other people. You might owe them a huge thank you, for example, that was never given. More recently, perhaps you owe an apology. Others may not be aware of secret reasons for past behaviour and that is up to you to decide – if you want to fess up or not. This all sounds quite deep and it is. You are going through the 12 year cycle of Jupiter; the 29 year cycle of Saturn and from 2023, the 240 year+ cycle of Pluto – all picking up friends and groups. This has been and will always be your path in life even if you go on and off it. It really matters and that is why you now feel so much movement, and yes – challenge – in connection. The Sagittarius factors are about foreign people and places. The side bar story is those from other cultures or countries, but also places far away. From 2023 as Pluto slowly starts to go over Venus at 0 Aquarius, beyond 2030 actually – you will realise that people power within a group of friends is so powerful and all that took place in 2020 and 2021 was for a reason.

  74. Hi Jessica
    Somewhat related as I was looking up horoscopes of my husband on your site and I used to have him as a member but then lapsed after the change on website and never re-upped his due to a tight budget (I will not give mine up as it is a life necessity for me, lol) but as I look at the chart that your site created awhile back and see he has 6 degree factors( Ceres 6 sag, nn 6 cap and sn 6 cancer) that transiting Saturn going direct (oct 11) will effect, I was trying to decipher it more. I have another app on my phone (TimePassages)that also created a natural chart using same exact everything and it shows his nodes at a different degree (4). I am not sure what to make of this as it could definitely have meaning or be very off. Thanks for any help and I will be signing him back up very soon!

    1. Thanks so much. Your husband is your question, here. He has 6 degree factors and yes, Saturn direct in Aquarius triggers that. Let’s start with you though. You are a Sun Cancer with Pluto (self-control, willpower, disempowerment, empowerment, intense challenges and possible rewards) in your marriage zone. You started this in 2008. He is your training wheel. He is teaching you, one way or another, to balance the scales constantly in your life and steel yourself to measure the needle in the middle and try to get it right. The rest could be legal. If you were not doing this with him, you would be doing it with an ex, or perhaps a work partner. Somehow, Pluto has to show you that over a very, very long period of time, you must try your level best to be diplomatic, tactful, open, levelled, measured, and the rest. He will have Saturn at an angle to his South Node in Cancer, as 2021 ends, then Jupiter in Pisces will move to 6 degrees and form a trine in 2022. There is a great deal of karma here with his mothers’ side, father’s side and the family or domestic life he has created with you. He will be given a rare chance to consolidate that karma by May 2022.

  75. Hi Jessica

    Loved what bit of the talk you gave yesterday, will you be sharing the recording as I’d love to hear it from
    the start?
    Im going through a very messy and unexpected marital breakup at the moment since May after 22 years and 3 children. Can you see what might the outcome be regarding the home and children? I’m a premium customer, so if there’s anything you can see from my chart I’d appreciate any feedback.
    Love your new site.
    Thank you so much x

    1. Thank you. I’m unsure about the answer to that one – suggest Asporea (here) or Alicia (at Meetups) can help with the recording question. I am so sorry you are going through this end of the marriage with three children, after 22 years. No wonder you are turning to astrology. Okay, so let’s start with your solar chart. You are a Sun Leo. That is very important. Take a deep breath, and use the solutions you are given in November, December 2021. They are not perfect answers but they are solid, and they will help you so much with your former husband. The father of your children. This will turn things around pretty quickly. Using what you are shown or given in November, December, you then go to January 2022 and the end of some karmic which involves him and your children. The wheel turns, the circle closes, what’s done is done. So from January you are then free to move, change and see your actions actually affecting your world, instead of always experiencing Groundhog Day. With your ex or anyone new, or just the absence of anyone new – 2022 is a stretch. No other way of saying it. Patience is required. Yet you will be grateful to your 2021 self for having seen and used the chances to make things as good as they could be, for the future. You will be glad you got a resolution and got it signed off in law. From 2023 the wheel turns again and you will need to use your self-control to have control with him, and possibly a new partner. You will need to use willpower to gain empowerment. You can and will do this. Another partnership may appear at this stage (say a work partnership) and what you learn with this person helps you with the much harder issue of your ex. Use the Tarot here to give you validation on timelines.

  76. Jessica, You are so precious! You soldier on, even though your nation is getting whalloped. Heart goes out to all of you and you are one powerful warrior to stay the course despite what you are in the midst of !
    Hey, astrology isn’t getting off my back is it!!! Everything has been VERY personal in my chart, every conjunction, trine
    and transit the last couple of months. Now I see the week ahead offers Saturn stationary at 6.

    GUESS WHAT: as you see, of course, my Saturn is , at 6 degrees. And where, of course? In Scorpio. THese readings could not be more accurate or more personal if were sitting together in person over a cup of tea or maybe a beer! and going over my chart! Of course my issue is i MUST GET OUT OF THIS TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CITY , I am months late as things american close in. They are talking about restricting travel of the unvaxxed here soon, that’s me. I have a driver, a moving truck reserved, but STILL havent found a place to rent in my destination: PEOPLE ARE BEING JUPITER AND SATURN and the government is crushing me with false refusals ( they dont want the poor, on rental vouchers, leaving cities.)!I WILL BE SAFE IF I CAN GET TO THAT TOWN: lots of strong unyeilding patrios, lots of people with guns, lots of people with farms, land, cellars, hidden cabins. ASTROLOGY LOOKS HOPEFUL FOR LATE NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER. THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO HEAR. AND I THINK I MAY FIND SOMETHING IN THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO: TWO LATE!!! PROBLEM! Weather is against me too. WINTER STARTING NOW A FULL MONTH OR MORE EARLY, AND HEAVY. My driver, nor anyone else, wont drive me ( have to drive me, not allowed on public transit without two masks), AND my things… on snowry mountain passes. This was supposed to have happened already. I have been trying since january!! Maybe I can get a ride out if I can find a rental in the next two weeks. But EVERYTHING I own will be left behind. US getting ready to confiscate goods of unvaxxxed. And preparing to open the long- ready fema (death) camps. !!! I would never have a way to come back for them! I just want a quiet, safe, affordable home and my more precious things ( going through and getting rid of half) But I know if I leave them till spring, I will never get them! ALSO: Every storage unit in this town is full, nothing coming open in near future. And I cannot possibly afford a moving company!! I have indeed been school in self care for health, herbs, natural remedies, being wise as a serpent and learning people skills, masaging a difficult employer, understanding montana communities…. all year… but now…. can you offer me any hope? Thank you bless you- Bronwen

    1. Thank you Bronwen. Australia is mostly very lucky actually. Just two states in trouble and even that is very minor compared to the worst-hit countries with COVID-19. Karma with the house, apartment, household and/or family ends in January 2022 and you are no longer stuck. You will make or save money in the second half of 2022. As always with Sun Virgo people the mind, body and spirit links are crucial. You are now in this for the long haul and will gain from addressing that, as you go through the long Aquarius cycles of 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond.

  77. Sorry Jessica, my mistake – I only told you my stelliums in fixed signs. I also have stelliums in Cancer (Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Juno, Aesculapia and Vulcano) so a house/security is important to me. I also have stelliums in Aries (Jupiter, Chiron, Vesta and Panacea), Virgo (Venus, Minerva and Cupido) and Gemini (Apollo, Hygeia and Fortuna). I have a lot of stelliums! If I can’t find a home to buy by the end of the year, once Jupiter goes into Pisces will my stellium in Cancer “outweigh” Saturn in Aquarius (although my natal Saturn is in Cancer too)? Thank you!

    1. Like all Sun Cancer people you are looking at the home, emotionally (Cancer rules the Fourth House, the Moon (roots) and also the family tree). Cancer is a water sign. Feelings not finances. Your chart is telling you that finances are actually the story. You will be given good solid answers to very, very tough questions about the price of renting, having a mortgage, or the costs of renovating and so on. Try to use those to get you through 2022. From 2023 you will find the wheel changes again, as Pluto changes sign, and from that point on, financial empowerment, which of course involves a home, is yours to take, if you can use your willpower and self-control. We are in a different world from 2023 and home prices will reflect that, as will possible new sources of income or other financial benefit to you.

  78. Dear Jessica, your very helpful weekly horoscope has touched a chord for me. Could you please look over my chart and give some insights for my future. I was very interested in your potential reply to the person who posted in the Leo Weather thread who felt they had let opportunities pass by but she had some technical issues and the reply wasn’t published. I think your readers learn a lot from your detailed answers. I would like to move forward with my life but can’t see a path.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Taurus looking for a path. Look to your friends and groups first. You are either already involved with a good friend, or will make one – starting after Christmas and into the sociable months of January, February 2022. This is gold. You may be reunited with a friend or just be introduced to someone whom you know is good for you, from the start. In March, April you realise that friendships within circles or communities of people, overlap into more circles, and that this is where life expands for you and improves. Dramatically. People power can take you a long way then and a true Olympic spirit will prevail. By May you realise friends are so much more. A second chapter comes as 2022 closes. Do all you can to fix issues with/about career/success/status/unpaid work/position/mission/ambition as you depart 2021. Get a system in place taking care of what concerns you – so it sees you through 2022. You were born with Ceres in Aquarius and what you learn about people power, compromise, the group, friendship, deal-making by 2023 will be with you for years into the future. In fact it is through a circle of people that you could achieve it all.

  79. Hi Jessica. Thanks for the heads up on fixed signs as I have many. Especially interested in what you suggest for the meaning of the nodes, as they will be reverse my natal nodes please. Thankyou.

    1. You just snuck into the Sun Sign of Capricorn there. This year, and also 2022, 2023 and beyond are about the dramatic reshaping of your financial, property, charity and/or business landscape – for many years to come. This works in both your solar chart and natal chart. The reshaping is beyond money. You will have to put a price tag on what is priceless. So, if your father gives you a free room in his home, you cannot really put a price on the rent or bills he pays for you. And if you do more than is ever asked for your wife, in terms of the computer time in her business – there is no actual written calculation. So, I hope you can see what this cycle is about. Emotional, priceless, complicated life budgets! You will really go into this quite deeply in 2022, 2023 and thinking back about 19 years will help. Karma circles around in those years and must be balanced by 2024.

  80. Hi Jessica,
    I’m looking for ways to expand my work in Acupuncture. Is it possible or beneficial next year with my North Node Return in Taurus? Should I partner with others, or “open my own shop”, or being employed in a healthcare system? Many thanks for your insights!

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius so let’s start with that. Your work is about Uranus in Taurus in your solar Sixth House until 2026, so you have about five years to break away, experiment, be radical, be free, be independent. Open your own shop, according to astrology. Or, find a way to partner or be employed, but somehow be independent; free to move; your own person – in your own space. Uranus is about the breakaway people who reject where they came from and what they had, and whom they could belong to. If you follow Uranus in Taurus work will never be predictable or known until 2026; always moving and changing. However you will also be genuinely free, excited and exhilarated by the oxygen. The money is a completely different matter, but by 2023 you are over the intense questions and much sooner than that, in 2022, you benefit from a particular house, apartment, family member or flatmate and that will make a difference to your plans.

  81. Hi, Jessica.
    By comparing the chart who are important persons in my life. I think my birth time maybe 11:42 am, which is 3 mins earlier. then the AC change from 6 to 5 at Aquarius. does any other planet position change much? Do I have to change the birth information in the website?
    And I am not sure if my intuition is right. 🙂

    1. The Ascendant is really not important. It’s only your appearance, image, packaging, presentation, reputation, name, face, shape or style. And that changes as you grow older. It is also the number one thing people get wrong in their chart, because it is based on accurate birth time and very few mothers ever remember (can you blame them?) If you are talking about important people in your life, I can tell you immediately. Scorpio and Taurus people. The issue will always be the same. Money or apartment. House or valuables. Shopping or business. Charity or ethics. Until 2026 you will find Scorpio and Taurus people raise those issues with you – and you become who you are.

  82. Hello Jessica,

    I’m so sorry I missed this event, I love your discussions on upcoming transits – always so prescient! You have been amazing with all your responses, I am looking forward to reading them all.

    Have been trying to get my head in a new way of thinking, really need things to change. So far not getting anywhere fast which makes me question my efforts, and how to change them! As I have the nodes at 6º Taurus/Scorpio aspecting a few houses, natally and by transit (Saturn in Aquarius) I’m wondering if this will bring those houses into focus too? I often wonder how you decide which are more important areas or the main focus when there’s a line up? I’m particularly interested in how the Saturn in Aquarius aspect might play out, if this is ok to ask?

    PS – You are so lucky to be in Tasmania – am dreading the repercussions of ‘freedom’ in Sydney !

    1. Thank you very much. The best way to ‘do’ your chart is to look for striking signs. A lot of factors in one zodiac sign (stellium) is a crowded house, or if you are a Finn fan, a Crowded House. That’s where the main core of the personality is but also the destiny, which makes the personality. Most people have an average of 2-3 factors in a sign. If you have more than 3 it’s a stellium and it matters. Sun, Mercury, Fortuna, Saturn, Cupido in Aries in your First House of self-promotion, presentation, and forward thrust (in any conflict) is crucial. So your identity, appearance, name, reputation, face, shape, style, packaging – becomes crucial in the second half of 2022 when Jupiter goes into Aries and forms conjunctions with your Aries factors, not possible in 12 years. You will relaunch then. Have a rebirth, renaissance. Chiron is in Aries too so you are already going through the process of trying to see what you can get away with, in terms of how you present. A lot of people use fake names, avatars or double identities, for example. That is one way.

  83. Just wanted to say thank you so much for replying to my comment Jessica! I am most grateful and looking forward to what the future holds for myself and my family.

  84. Good evening Jessica! I have a stellium in Leo with only 2-3 in Scorpio and Aquarius. Single parent with three teens, my oldest was born October 28, 2003. Looking at purchasing a home next year…Anything to watch on that end?

    May I ask if you see anything standing out with the future events and my chart?

    Thanks so much and have a great night!

    1. You just made it to Sun Leo status, along with your other fixed sign patterns. You will make or save money from late December 2021 thanks to the Jupiter cycle in Pisces in your solar Eighth House of finance, property, business, valuables. That stays with you at the front and end of 2022. Jupiter in Pisces will trine or have perfect flow with the natal Scorpio factors in your chart, so as a single parent you may gain from your teenagers’ father, or perhaps from another lover/partner or family member. Scorpio/Eighth House is about the ties that bind financially, but in this case the same story is told in both charts, so you gain or save December 2021 to May 2022; then the closing months of 2022.

    1. Saturn is always about preparation, but you may want to use other aspects of your chart too.

  85. Hello Jessica, I am definitely a fixed sign person. I have almost 12 elements in fixed sign. Especially Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. And I am a Chinese. Sun 24° Leo Moon 24° Taurus Rising 7° Scorpio Pluto 27° Scorpio I want to ask that what may happen to me, and what do i need to pay attention to from now to 2026?

    1. Yes, you do have quite a fixed chart. I am sure you know the Sun in Leo is hard to budge, particularly on matters involving babies, children, teenagers or Millennials. Once you have made up your mind on those matters you tend not to move very much. Your career has changed quite a lot since 2018 with one episode of rejection (like being turned down for a job) but that has also made you far more independent. That need to be free is very important; being liberated really matters professionally. That can be done as a side hustle by 2026; it doesn’t have to be your actual job. You could have two or three possibilities, actually, as Jupiter (opportunities, growth, expansion) is up ahead in Taurus, also in your career sector as a Leo, and in your salary sector, in your natal chart. So cast your eyes beyond 2022 as much as you can. New inventions and innovations, new technology and progress will be interwoven with what you do now, but also for the next four or five years. Some innovations have not yet even arrived but they will make a tremendous difference to how you operate. With this cycle you are always advised to leave a lot of space to experiment and explore professionally as anything or anybody which ties you down will probably attract the Uranus upheaval that this transit is notorious for. The more you are aware of this climate in your life, which is about the unexpected, unpredictable, unprecedented – the more you will be in tune with the times. This does take you somewhere! Once Jupiter has cycled through Pisces and Aries in 2022, you will be on your way to a second career or new career, either in tandem with the first one, or in a replacement for it.

  86. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for the opportunity to teach us about the fixed signs in our natal charts. It was nice to see you at Zoom and listen to you. I am a Sun Taurus trying to find a path forward but cant see it . I know finding part time work will be difficult in 2022 when the NN is in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio I will be in the Uranus in Taurus unpredictable cycle in 2025-2026. I hope we do not need to downgrade to a smaller apartment. I have a few fixed signs in Leo, Taurus, Juno in Scorpio @ 6 , Chiron @ 5 Aquarius,Saturn in Scorpio Eighth House of finance, property , wills and inheritance,. My husband has Saturn and Venus in Scorpio. Could you please have a look at my chart and would appreciate if you cold give me any insights for 2022. Thank you for your help.

    1. Thank you Evelyn. If you want part-time work then it will not necessarily be hard to find it; you may find it (with Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Tenth House) but realise it’s a heavier ask than you thought. There is no evidence you would have to downgrade to a smaller apartment either! I am working with your Sun Sign chart first, but as a Taurus you don’t have anything in your Sixth House of work, Tenth House of career or Fourth House of property that would suggest anything of that nature. Saturn in the Tenth, which you already have, and which continues in 2022, is associated with difficulty in obtaining work, sure, but it can also be the part-time job that is rather demanding. When we switch to your natal chart to see what is going on, Ceres at 25 Capricorn in your Tenth House tells the same story in a different way. Transiting Pluto is hovering around 25 Capricorn so you will be required to compromise (Ceres) on a deal (also Ceres) with your husband, but also with employers. The cycle of Pluto in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House is rare and of course Pluto and Ceres had to strike a deal with each other in the original Roman myth as well. You do have quite a fixed chart, and your husband ties into that with his Scorpio placement. Thinking about 2022, you will absolutely be involved in a new arrangement with him, in December, January but also very likely with a prospective employer. January seems important; a rather stuck situation with your finances will end then. Even if 2022 is a test of your patience in terms of your position, mission and ambition – from 2023 you are in quite a different cycle for your career and could easily make a huge change that year which gives you more control.

  87. Hi Jessica

    Slightly off point but I read an article today (10th October) about major sunspot activity which could disrupt satellite communications and electricity grids.

    Do you think solar storms are created/ affected by the position of the planets?

    Many thanks

    1. I think sunspots have been a talking point in astrology since I first started going to conferences! Thank you.

  88. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the fascinating read! I am fairly new to astrology and trying to still absorb and understand as much as I can, a lot to learn still. I have quite a few Taurus factors mentioned. I am a Sun 01 Cancer.

    Would love to know what this means for me for 2022. My husband is a Taurus and I would like to do his chart too. Lots of changes happening at the moment. We’ve been waiting patiently to buy a house for a long time, we got the deposit, right as prices sky rocketed. So we are holding off, hoping that something suitable and within our price range comes up.

    We have 4 teenage daughters. One Aquarius, Pisces, Leo and Virgo, would love to do their charts too and learn more.

    Thank You
    Jade xoxo

    1. If you and your husband both have Taurus factors, Jade, then you ‘live’ in the Second House together which rules money, charity, business, valuables, property. So until 2026 you have Uranus in Taurus (the unpredictable) and therefore your finances are subject to constant change according to all the laws of astrology – mostly because of him. You are a Sun Cancer person too, so this picks up your natal Fourth House of property. You’re most likely to see the instability, which can of course work either way for you, whenever you reach something like the nodal cycle in Taurus-Scorpio and that begins in January 2022, taking you into 2023. Jupiter in Pisces will help, as it forms a trine to your natal Sun, after changing signs after Christmas. It will also sextile your husband’s natal Sun in Taurus, though you don’t give the degree. If it ‘s close to 1 degree, like your own Sun, then you’d be looking at a far more optimistic picture after Christmas, into January 2022.

  89. Hi Jessica

    I love your astrology blogs. Wondering if you can forecast the future for a team like the San Francisco 49ers? If yes, I would love to hear what’s in their future? Will they be winning any Superbowl in the near future?


    1. That would take a chart for the team; a chart for the opposition; charts for management and so on – and then the Tarot, RG. I don’t have time but you are welcome to try! Thank you.

  90. Jessica & Alicia, Thank you so much, this has helped me tremendously, and I see I have alot of work to do in what time I have left. I”m startinthg now! – Alicia, special thanks to you! – You were the icing on this cake, a helpful, gracious co-host, making this one of the best zoom events ever. I mean that, thank you both!

  91. Hi Jessica,

    I have Sun at 10 Scorpio and a stellium in Aquarius. Do you have any advice for me for 2022? Thanks

    1. Yes, there are two stories going on here. The first one is about sex, intimacy and the power of physical honesty and closeness in your life. You are moving into the South Node in Scorpio cycle in 2022, 2023 and will be shown a chance to merge, discover and explore with a lover. This may be your partner now, if you are in a relationship – or if you are single – you will be put in the right time and place for a new bond between you. The Aquarius stellium is about friends and groups. Old friends, more recent friends, the ability to make new friends (or not, in a pandemic) and the role that old group commitments will play in the future. You are being tested here by Saturn and only friendships and groups which are right for you will change as they must, to suit your future life. You will see that in a strong way in 2022 and by 2023 come to also see that what was going on in 2021, 2022 was the foundation stone of a completely different sort of social life. I would say that, given the pandemic impact on social gatherings, social distancing, geographical distance and the rest. Yet, the astrology tells you this too. There is a stunning solution and opportunity in November, December that will address the most serious issues around friendship and your social life – it may already be building – do take it and use it.

  92. Hey Jessica, sorry I could attend the meetup for the Fixed Signs session due to personal events. The article was insightful and interesting. I might have to do another read through just to write the notes down, as I get the feeling that there will be some turbulence in my journey somewhere next year.

    Also thanks for replying to my questions from the previous article about the finance weather. Not only do I find it insightful and hopeful, but also you’re quite right about my mum when it comes to being tight around money. There’s a reason why I haven’t brought up my father, it’s because I’m not exactly sure of his birthday. I managed to get the information off from my mother recently. He’s a Sun Taurus (13-05-1942) much to my surprise, while mother is definitely a Gemini (17-6-1942). There’s also a story to this and why mum was very controlling when it comes to budget.

    Dad manipulated mum and my brother (sadly no birthday) into investing in his personal business years ago, which they were initially were against at the time due to the risk. It went under in 2008, but we didn’t know the extent of his trickery until the debtors claimed our old house and my brother’s credit went downhill as well since dad found a way to connect his name to the business. Mum barely save the other house that we had by simply pushing me to put my name on it. It gave me so much burden that I wasn’t prepared nor happy about it, especially when clearly it’s just only in name. However, there’s no other choice, as me and mum are fully aware that if she puts her name to this house, dad will wiggle his way to claim for himself and kick me and mum out in the street. That’s why she’s tight, as there was a power struggle between them and I’m stuck in the middle.

    My brother seems to be lucky to have his own life and family, while I felt like I’m several steps behind in life.

    Now I just want to move out as I had enough of all of this and wanting to seek peace. I rather let my mother kept this house and me moving out, but not only my mum is reluctant to let me go (she had some helicopter parent tendency due to me in the autistic spectrum), but dad seemed to have some financial and psychological power over us. I’m currently seeking help at the moment, but I’m worried about not being to escape from my dad’s grasp since he always gets the lucky strike, while seemed to take the bad luck from his actions. Would there be any hope for me to escape from all of this and finally be able to have my life back? I felt trapped and uncertain about my future.

    1. Thank you and I hope we will see you at a future Meetup event in December, or 2022. That is a really tough story with your family finances. You have had enough and want to move. There is no ‘always’ about your father’s run of luck so try to set that idea to one side. Things were, what they were – at the time – the climate is very different in 2021 and beyond. You feel trapped and want to be your own person. You are a Sun Taurus who had all that Leo eclipse/node activity in recent years (rather like Her Majesty the Queen, actually; for her the hidden story was Andrew, her son). Everybody is the same when it comes to the astrological cycles. I’ll just repeat what I said. What works for you is friendships and groups. When you are shown an open door by a friend (old or new) and the circle around them, go through it. It will answer so many of your questions and solve issues for you.

  93. I have several planets in fixed signs; however, the ones that I am most curious about are the ones at six degrees, as Saturn will be stationing at that degree. How will those effect me?

    I have Mars at 6 Degrees of Aquarius, My Asc at 6 Degrees of Scorpio, My Asc at 6 Degrees of Taurus.

    I have other planets in close orb at 5 degrees but they are not in fixed signs so not sure if they matter.


    1. Saturn stations direct in Aquarius at 6 degrees for quite some time – he stood still yesterday – and in conjunction with your Mars in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends. This picks up your Ascendant and Descendant, but only if your birth time is strictly accurate. If so, matters of image (Ascendant) and also polar opposites, or opposite numbers (Descendant) may be involved. It’s really the transit to natal Mars that matters most ,though. You have Juno and the IC (Immum Coeli) in Aquarius too, so friendships are more like marriages (Juno) and there is a family tree history here (the IC) with people power, among allies, which powerfully affected the destiny of an ancestor. It is common to find Aquarius IC patterns when a grandparent or great-grandparent was in a trade union; the military, navy or air force – the Suffragette movement – and so on. You have inherited this and have to work it out. Mars shows heat and speed, action stations and instant response to perceived threats or competition. So you can play that out with friends or inside the group, or unite with others to push back against opposing forces. It’s a conscious choice. Saturn sitting on Mars so heavily is really a long and drawn-out learning experience involving your friend or the circle/s you move in. It’s wise to slow down and deal with what is there rather than join a new club (say) or make a new friend – or try to rush through decisions which affect a friendship. Once Saturn has gone, he’s gone, but he remains in your Eleventh House with Juno, which tends towards heavy commitments, and of course the family history. Aquarius is really about giving groups and friends what they need, to stay together. Aquarius is about helping others to pool resources without actually getting in the pool. Thus the association with a slightly remote role. Aquarius is an air sign. You circulate but don’t do more than supply oxygen to other people’s space – it’s too suffocating to get up close and really personal. You were really born to campaign for a cause or use your considerable energy to help people power achieve a mutual goal. Saturn will slow that down and make existing choices from the past seem heavy but it’s over fairly soon. Long-term though Pluto will go onto Mars and that is when you really do need to be aware of the ties that bind with friends and groups alike. If something is going in writing with those people around that time (far into the future) then read the fine print.

  94. Hi Jessica

    Thank you so much for your reply. I feel apprehensive, yet also a tiny bit relieved. I have no debt, have never been a credit card spender.

    Also am truly astounded at the accuracy of the asteroids (recent subscriber, still learning) – such an eye opener!
    I am working through your e-book on asteroids – amazing, thank you for this brilliant resource! Recommend all subscribers read it if they haven’t already.

    So …

    Years ago, I insisted we pay off our mortgage (sun Cancer, Hygiea in Cancer, protecting my home) both my husband and I paying off bits when we could, though it was not easy but a major relief when achieved (Ops in cancer).

    My Neptune bubble in Scorpio is interesting – I was banking on an inheritance due to me, but I am no longer convinced it will get to me, through no fault of my own and am powerless to do anything about it. I wanted to use part of it to pay for a major essential home maintenance project. I have decided to trust my Hygiea in Cancer again anyway, not rely on the inheritance (Neptune bubble) that I no longer believe will arrive, and I’ll pay for it out of savings since maintenance work is protective.

    Ceres has certainly given me ups and many downs in income. Panacea has provided me with solutions with ethical issues attached (e.g. had to give up a healthcare job for ethical reasons – it hurt, but was the right thing). Yet I have learned that sometimes I have beaten myself up unnecessarily, and harmed my finances for no good reason because of what were, at the time, ethical reasons.

    I did a lot of volunteering for charity and was a major pioneer in a cause I care about – the freedom I needed (Diana in Capricorn) generously provided by my wonderful husband (Jupiter in Libra – not that we are rich, far from it). I am a good campaigner (Aries Ascendant, Libra Descendant) yet I have noted how my work not only raised a lot of money for certain organisations (none for me – I somehow felt even unable to take expenses – again, Panacea in Taurus – now see this was not only harmful for me, it was silly) and also I can see how my own work gave several people linked with this cause a major career boost (Fortuna in Capricorn).

    I may have got some of my interpretations wrong? but this is how I see it so far.

    Taking your advice, I have been working today on my accounts, putting in place a thorough system, doing my research, because it’s the first time in several years I will earn enough to pay tax.

    However, I have been looking at my horoscope today/this week, and wondering about any other opportunities for further income, and what I could use in my chart to help me.

    I have a stellium in Leo, and have for years been writing children’s books and poems on and off – never had luck getting an agent. No factors in Gemini or Sagitarius either to help out.

    I have:

    10° Leo 54′ 36″

    01° Leo 04′ 35″

    17° Leo 09′ 00″

    23° Leo 42′ 38″

    Could the above help me? I have no children, but children (and animals) seem to like me. So I wondered about making YouTube videos and finding a way to generate a little income from them. (Have to find a way to safeguard/protect them too?).

    Despite my challenging Taurus factors, in your view do you think it could work, or should I try to persist with finding an agent or leave it for a year or two? I know it’s possible I will never get anywhere with them.

    I am not really keen to be so public on You Tube despite my Aries ascendant, but being keen to pull in some extra income for the future I am finally considering it.

    02° Aries 39′ 19″

    21° Aries 13′ 03″

    10° Aries 21′ 08″ R

    I still haven’t grasped the meaning of retrogrades as I have here.

    I had another idea about starting up a cause that has been in my mind for a while and would help people, this time, finding a way to fund my work, but not sure it’s a good idea given my Neptune in Scorpio.

    Thank you so much Jessica, any feedback appreciated. I am learning a huge amount from you and trying to make good use of it.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are picking up astrology in a way that works for you. It does take time but it’s worth it (especially with asteroids). You are strongly Leo and have to ‘do’ the Fifth House of sexual relationships, children, teenagers and Millennials. Leo is the king of the jungle. Even for women with a Leo signature this is about monarchy as an archetype. So, heirs to the throne; the royal bedchamber; pretenders to the throne. All of this has been building for some time. What are you going to do about the godchildren, for example, or the younger cousins, nieces, nephews and so on? What are you going to do about stepchildren, sons and daughters – nor or later? You have looked at entertaining and educating children as a professional path but it’s not served you to date. The basic elements may be right (the need to amuse or inform) but actually the path is not correct. This is such a personal choice the Tarot can help you there. In 2022, 2023 we see Leo squeezed by Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio climate change in your chart. What is squeezed out of your life by the end, 2023, will reveal how you are best to lead, to guide, to mentor, to set an example. That is really what Leo is all about. Sometimes it does show up as an interest or sport which unites the generations so there is no gap between younger and older. Astrology is like that. So is music, or riding. It may be more personal for you. You won’t really see the story begin until you are into February next year and the Sun in Aquarius opposite your Leo factors will reveal who and what the priority has to be.

  95. Thank you for your response Jessica. You had previously mentioned Uranus in Taurus symbolizing a revolution in agriculture. I then wasn’t at all surprised to see this link highlighting an innovative use of electricity mitigating harmful elements of industrial animal waste.



  96. Hi Jessica

    I have quite a number of planets in Scorpio and Aquarius.

    Sun 16° Aquarius
    Moon 12° Scorpio
    Mercury 00° Aquarius
    Pluto 20° Scorpio
    Vesta 19° Taurus
    Ceres 02° Scorpio
    Apollo 17° Scorpio
    Panacea 22° Aquarius

    I work in the performing arts which has been tough throughout this covid period. It has been quite a tough but busy few years. Ive been thinking about returning to school however there has been some doubts about whether it’s a good career move or if it’s the right course for me. I’m hoping a slight change in diversifying my skills will lead me overseas or increase my income salary. I was wondering if you could please advise me? Thank you so much.

    1. You do have quite a fixed chart, there, and will be involved with theatre groups, ensemble casts, groups of musicians and so on, for your whole life. You want to study. You will have a stunning chance to do that in the second half of 2022. Of course you could start earlier, but the real gains would come after May next year, on and off until Christmas. This would involve speech, language, singing, scriptwriting, poetry, recital, stand-up work and so on. It’s about the microphone. You will also make or save money in 2022, with clear signs from late December, as Jupiter trines Ceres in your financial sector. It’s the same in your solar chart too; Jupiter enters your Second House of money made or saved.

  97. Thank you for your kindly reply.
    When you talk about Scorpion and Taurus people are important for me. what do you mean Scorpion and Taurus people? Sun sign? or nodes? or other constellations? I do have many important Scorpion and Taurus people in my life. Like my father is a Sun Scorpion, my mother is a Sun Taurus.and I had Scorpion or Taurus boyfriends before. But when Uranus enter in Taurus, it brought a Sagittarius man into my life. He has nodes in 21 Scorpion and Taurus, Uranus in 5 Scorpion. Another important person to me he has sun moon in Taurus, and Neptune in 5 Scorpion. and My father has nodes in 5 Aquarius and Leo.

    I was asking about the ascendent. Because in one of your blog article you wrote, “One of the reasons we know this Sagittarius Ascendant is correct, is the T-Square formed in the heavens when Diana died. She was born with the AC at Sagittarius 18 and passed away with the True South Node at 19 Pisces and True North Node at 19 Virgo.” So I thought the AC was important.

    1. It’s a pleasure. Yes, your chart shows that you learn about your values, through Scorpio and Taurus people, and your parents are both born under those signs, so you can see how the astrology is operating. You have also had Scorpio and Taurus boyfriends. Both those signs will have taught you about charity, perhaps, or apartments and houses – about giving versus sharing or taking – and so on. The Sagittarian man has his nodes in those signs so it is a similar story. This is really about your life budget. Your own ‘sharemarket’ within as you are the person who decides to place a higher or lower value on what/whom can’t be bought and sold. The Ascendant can be important in transits if you are a famous person in the public eye (like the Princess of Wales) but in general, it’s just about image. Appearances do count if you are high-profile but if you’re not, a great deal less so.

  98. Thank you for the feedback, Jessica.

    I do have an interesting job opportunity coming round this week that could lead to money in 2022, if we all live that long. I am not feeling very hopeful about our futures right now! It would be nice to believe for that light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, as you suggest, keeping my body as healthy and mind as stable as I can, under the circumstances. Winter just hit weeks early, meaning I am likely to not get out of this very dangerous city where I have no support and to the place where I DO have support and would be safer–nobody wants to drive the mountain passes in blizzards. Sadly, this kind of storm should not have hit till January. Stuck in ANOTHER way now.

    1. That’s good about the job opportunity this week; there will be multiple ways to save or make money ahead. An early winter is hard work, isn’t it? Your chart suggests you would gain from meditating, using hypnosis, yoga and other ways to escape within. In fact, starting just after Boxing Day, you are in a cycle of tremendous gain from inner work. You probably have your own sources but there will be new discoveries of people or practises which truly help.

  99. Hi Jessica, thank you for Zoom session, it was very informative! I have so many fixed signs, so how does this play out with increasing my finances significantly? Since, I have so many fixed signs, is it the quicker and more I am willing to let go, the smoother this cycle will be for me?
    My sun sign is Capricorn
    Bacchus 23 Scorpio
    Uranus 06 Scorpio
    MC 15 Scorpio
    Minerva 22 Scorpio
    Cupido. 18 Scorpio
    North node 19 Scorpio
    Mercury. 07 Aquarius
    Salacia 05 Aquarius
    Saturn 00 Leo
    Fortuna 15 Leo
    Apollo 14 Leo

    Thank you!

    1. Try to take the solutions now available to help ongoing, difficult situations with your cash flow, income, the house or apartment, your business interests, possessions and so on. Sometimes they are staring you in the face but you don’t see them. Be proactive about doing all you can until December, to pursue solid chances to make things better for 2022. That year is going to call for patience, staying power and a firm strategy with your money. From 2023, however, you begin to see the end of the hard stretch and the beginning of potential empowerment, financially, with real transformation possible. Given your chart I expect this will involve friends and groups. We’ve seen this before in history, with people power turning around property, charity, business or bank structures. So collective and community banking were born under these kinds of cycles. What you do from 2023 will transform the way you serve groups in your life in particular. That is quite a long way off; closer to home, you are going to experience the transiting North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, after January 2022, which will cross over your own nodes in those signs. So a great deal of the next two years will reflect karma from 2003 and 2004 and it might be useful to have a look at that now, on a financial level. Expect closure.

  100. Hi Jessica,

    I have come across your Videos and website page and it is very interesting. I am located in Australia, Sydney. Things here have been a disaster. Lockdowns, police brutality, mandatory vaccinations are just horrible. I have come to the conclusion that I want to leave Australia. It’s a nightmare here. I am refusing to take the vaccine but things here are looking uglier for the unvaccinated by the day.

    I wanted to ask you what do you see for Australia coming in 2022 in terms of lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations? Will things get better based on the astrology forecast? Any possible major financial crash for markets in 2022? I am looking to move to possibly India, Singapore or Sri Lanka but options are open. Certainly travelling overseas for the unvaccinated may also not be opened which would be very problematic.

    Australians seem to be very complacent with the governments and media propaganda. I just hope to see a more clear and peaceful 2022 ahead. I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Thank you Dave. I used to live in Sydney and know it well. There is a whole generation of people, not just in Sydney, who were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, the sign of public and personal health. Uranus is a symbol of upheaval, rebellion and revolution. Pluto is a symbol of control and issues about empowerment or a loss of power. Put those two in Virgo for everyone born in the 1960’s and you can see why vaccination has become such a huge issue, along with other measures put in place to stop the overwhelm of hospital beds and staff in this pandemic. Everyone has his or her opinion and you obviously feel compelled to emigrate to India or Asia. I don’t know if you are in that age group but the politicians controlling Sydney certainly are. So, views are strong. The astrology tells us that this goes on for years. As you would know from the example of Singapore, 83% of people have been double injected with Pfizer or Moderna now, but they are also looking at an all-time high of COVID-19 cases. The difference is, those who are infected are recovering at home. In fact Singapore has made home recovery the norm. I am passing this on as Singapore is on your list. I strongly recommend the epidemiologist Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter and elsewhere; he is a global expert on the virus. I hope that helps. In general, anyone with Virgo chart factors (and this may be you, if you have your chart done) will have been under tremendous pressure in 2020, 2021 which eases in January 2022. Virgo rules the body, mind and spirit and anybody with factors there has been squeezed, no matter what their views on Pfizer, AstraZeneca and os on happen to be. It’s good to see that the nodes are changing signs in January away from two of these pressure points.

  101. Hi Jessica,

    I have many fixed signs factors in my natal chart, so I am a bit concerned by so many changes ahead. Mostly because I feel that many things in my life have already been “unfixed” since 2018. Over the last 3 years I have been through a lot of failures / betrayals / unexpected events (including Covid) in my professional life. This impacted unfortunately my work but also my personal life. I am today in a situation where I lost all self-confidence and start being really concerned by my material and financial matters for example, I also find it hard also to trust people again….all this is quite new to me. I have always welcomed change in my life but since 2018 it looks to me like “bad karma” !
    Can you see in my chart any explanation for these past events ? Will this fixed sign weather means more changes for me ? When should I reach a new equilibrium in my life ?


    1. That sounds very tough, to go through a bad career patch where trust is eroded and have to build your confidence again. You are a Sun Aquarian who went through a cycle not possible in 19 years; the transit of the North Node in Cancer, in your solar Sixth House of work. Try to let that go. That is the last important transit in Cancer in your Sixth House of career, employment, service and duty – for a very long time. While that was taking place, in your natal chart, you also had Venus and Vesta in Capricorn in your Tenth House of professional life, under a transit from the North Node in Capricorn, not to mention Saturn in Capricorn (both cycles not possible in 28 and 19 years respectively) so you see – what happened was rare. Venus and Vesta are associated with female exploration of self-worth, sometimes vanity or insecurity, usually patriarchy. So it is very likely that what happened to you was about women in a male space and how they operate. I am sorry you went through it. If you are curious about this look up Vesta and Venus in features but also in the flipbooks that come with membership. Take your time with friends and groups in 2022 and allow them to be tested so that you end up with proper friendships and communities by 2023, when what you have in your life (and who) is meant to be there for the long term. In fact from 2023 the friends and groups become powerful, transformative and empowering. You will come into your own from 2023 because you have learned about people power.

  102. Thank you for responding Jessica.

    I thought I was being topical in regard to sun storms – with a spectacular display of light today. I hope some of your readers saw it and enjoyed it.

    Very best wishes

    1. Thank you – hopefully people did see that and follow up. In Tasmania we just had a spectacular light display this evening.

  103. Thank you for another interesting article. I wonder if the karma/debt is what we as a society owe ourselves since WW2. I don’t think I am a fixed “person” but I do have factors in Scoprio and Aquarius. In particular, Saturn at 10 Scorpio. Will certainly need to take notes and be attentive during the transits.

    1. The line-up in Taurus on 3rd September 1939 was about values, primarily; it cost the United Kingdom and France a great deal to act on Poland when the principle of democracy was at stake, so the outcomes (in astrology terms) would specifically be about those countries and the ripple effect across the European Union, towards the rest of the world. I’ll post a sequel about particular nations affected, a little later, which will pick up on countries who have factors at 0-1 Taurus and/or Scorpio, all triggered by those original North Node and South Node cycles. Your Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House of complex finance, property, business, charity, valuables is obviously a lifelong learning experience, but when the South Node moves to 10 Scorpio after changing signs in January 2022, you will find life as it was 19 years before, more or less, returns to you.

  104. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this fascinating and very informative zoom session. Thank you to Alicia for being such a gracious host. Always learning so much from you. I am convinced you are an astrological alchemist! Being a Taurus Sun with a Taurus stellium, I will have to be alert to navigate the NN in Taurus and, retrogrades and eclipses for sure! Being a “bendy” Taurean, looking to “unfix” my work life situation and simplify my life going forward from 19th January 2022 and hoping to downsize and relocate from family property and business from 7th March 2023 onwards ( NN’s being out of the way and Jupiter in Taurus then benefiting). The family, partner Pisces and two adult daughters, one an Aquarian and the other a Scorpion are very fixed and would like everything to continue as normal! You explained the key factors and degrees to take note of. Can you please shine a light on the asteroids, and fixed factors and signs , being pinged in my chart, 11 Minerva and 28 Vulcano in Taurus, 16 Neptune, 29 Juno in Scorpio, 26 Ops in Leo, 10 Psyche and Panacea 29 in Aquarius in my chart and how to best navigate this and ride the waves? Thank you so much Jessica, any feedback very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much and I will pass that onto Alicia. In your solar chart you are a Sun Taurus going through the end of a very stuck situation with finance or property, in January next year. January 2022 sees the end of the transiting nodes in your Second and Eighth Houses. At the same time in your natal chart we find Uranus in your Second House; the North Node in your Second House; the South Node in your Eighth House. So this is the same story told twice. From January, what never moved or changed, begins to do so. This is about your partner, not so much the children. Huge, karmic questions with and around your partner will prevail in 2022, 2023 and take you both back about 19 years. All this goes over Juno (marriage, or common law marriage) and also Ops in Leo is a parenthood indicator. But really, it’s about your other half. What you two decide by 2023 will close a circle. What you’ve not mentioned, but will be an absolute highlight of next year, is a circle of acquaintances and allies among whom solid friendships are golden, or will become so.

  105. thank you for the reply jessica. i wanted to do a master’s course but it involves policy making. should i be looking at something else? is this course about the microphones in my own country or overseas?

    1. The Jupiter in Aries transit in your Third House of microphones, telephones, computers, lights and cameras will offer you huge chances to reshape the future, and it may involve your MA plus a side hustle, or actually be an alternative to that. It sweeps you up in the second half of 2022 and by 2023 you are thinking about the long-term future in a very new way, in terms of how you communicate and connect. This is not overseas. It is local. From 2026 new technology not yet invented will lure you into a new phase of all this connection and communication with the world – from the end of your street, actually. Use the Tarot closer to the time.

  106. Hello Jessica
    Another thought provoking article from you. I have a highly mutable birth chart but I do have four factors in Scorpio, three in Taurus and two in Aquarius, including Saturn at 22 Aquarius. Will I be affected by that T-square in April 2022?
    After five years of caring for my parents at the end of their lives, while still working part-time, I have decided to leave my job at the end of 2021 and to take at least a year off work to rest and recover while taking a creative writing course, living off the proceeds of my parent’s house sale. It feels like a big decision for me as I have lots of Virgo factors that make me want to take on work, duty and service but I really feel like I need to break away from this to recover and re-introduce some enjoyment into my life. I hope it is the right decision to make, I am trying to change my ways. I will miss my work colleagues and with Covid 19 in the UK it is difficult to make new face-to-face connections with people.
    I was also interested in you talking about Karma from the 1930s. My parents were both children when the second world war broke out. One grandfather, disabled in the first world war, went to London to help repair houses during the blitz. My other grandfather was an ARP warden in his local community. One set of grandparents sent my mother and her brothers off to be evacuees to keep them safe, which must have been a huge sacrifice to make. My parent’s house, which I am now beneftting from, was built in the 1930s just before the outbreak of war in the UK. I feel a debt of gratitude to the people of that time.
    How is 2022 looking for me?
    best wishes

    1. Thank you Pauline. How lovely your parents could do that for you. Their home is now your path to a new world. You also have a story going on with your grandfathers. And the home is also from that era. Astonishing. You are really living the astrology in quite a profound way. As you might expect, as a Sun Gemini with transits in your Eight House, and with transits in your natal Eighth House in your birth chart, both years 2022 and 2023 will be a dramatic sign-off with finance for many years to come. What you do in those years will be there for the rest of the Twenties and you will find yourself making long-term decisions even though you might have thought, those had gone – with your parents’ house sale. You do have a role in publishing if you want it. It would involve foreign people or places. It may be online or print publishing, Pauline. It is hinted at now, could become real by Christmas, would involve a huge stretch of patience in 2022 but from 2023 could change your life. Beyond that, though, 2022 and 2023 are about continuing to reshape your life budget as you are doing now. The course means living off savings. You are evaluating what money cannot buy, which is something new after years of duty and service to your parents and employers. You will have a new name, perhaps two names, after 2026 and may be writing with them, or pursuing some other role in publishing/broadcasting. But that’s another story.

  107. Hi Jessica
    Fantastic article. I’m feeling at a crossroads in life – do you see this astrology impacting relationships for me? I’d like to meet someone. On the other hand, I’m thinking of returning to Australia. BW, Aquarius Dreamer

    1. The really important changes in love come after 2026, but that does not mean you do nothing until then. I guess it depends on what you want from love, sex and romance. Is it about living with someone? If so that would be possible by 2026, but it would be with the house or apartment in mind first, and the relationship second. Any stuck situation in dating will end in January 2022 as you had to do some karmic time as a parent, or as a parent-who-never-was (or a parent-who-might-be, or parent-who-will-never-be). That karmic wheel rotates for closure in January. If you do return to Australia it will happen suddenly and in an unusual way. You are also free to shock yourself by ending up in the last place you ever thought you would live in.

  108. Thank you Jessica.

    I am really impressed by how detailed your answer is. It is also reassuring to know that there is an astrological explanation to what I have been experiencing over the last years.
    You are referring to 2023 , does it mean that that the complicated influx will last until then. I’d rather know !

    Thanks again

    1. The most important favour you can do yourself as a Sun Aquarius is to use every financial opportunity, advantage and solution in 2022. There will be two rounds of them. What you acquire will help you find a way out, or a way through. Money changes everything, as the saying goes, and what you make or save is the key to so much else in life you need to change. The most sudden, astonishing, events in your country and also in the world economy will help you. So, focus on 2022 and re-invest the money made or saved into who and what matters most for the long-term.

  109. Hi Jessica

    As always thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. Can you please have a look into my chart and advise how the fixed sign weather may affect me in the next few years please? I have my MC in aquarius, moon in leo, jupiter, ceres in scorpio and chiron in taurus.
    Many Thanks

    1. You are a Sun Cancer person going through Aquarius weather, beyond 2023, in your zone of joint finances, property, business, valuables and charity. So that is the big change area. It is most evident in 2022, 2023 when in your natal chart, we find the South Node in Scorpio in the same zone. So there are two stories told twice here. You will be reshaping your values, life budget and personal sharemarket. None of the shares are in anything material, even though they will translate into the house, the apartment, the bank account and so on. What you will see is the things that money cannot buy, lined up in columns and rows. You do the calculations and you will find that all the waiting games of 2022 help a new phase of empowerment from 2023 when you really start to see how financial security or other assets can translate into control. This is a long, epic story in your life and with Chiron in Taurus, the transit of Jupiter in Taurus (not that far off) will mark a long period when you discover there are fantastic opportunities to get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable. Just don’t rob a bank please. This is not a Woody Allen film. I’m joking.

  110. Dear Jessica,

    I loved the Zoom call as always! Thank you for creating this community and sharing your wisdom. I learn so much from both the questions and your responses.

    I am currently experiencing Saturn opposing my Sun and Mars in Leo, and I feel it! I believe transiting Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus will conjunct my natal Saturn in Taurus within the next few years. What are the possibilities when those heavyweights converge? What else strikes you from my cornucopia of fixed placements?

    I am open to change. I know I need to change as does the world. I sense we are in the midst of a powerful transformation of consciousness, which will allow us to transcend deep and pervasive personal and collective challenges and experience more joy and contentment than we can imagine. Take heart everyone! You are not alone.


    1. Thank you Meg I appreciate it. You are right about the transformation of consciousness. We are coming out of Pluto in Capricorn, which began in 2008 and has resulted in a tiny amount of power and wealth in the hands of a very few at the top. That is over in 2023 and the lead-up is now. People power takes over from 2023 and that is why these twin challenges: Climate Emergency and COVID-19 – finish the cycle in 2022, 2023. You are going through oppositions to your Leo factors which make sexual relationships, children, teenagers, young people – very hard work. This ends in 2023. You will be helped a great deal by Jupiter in Aries trine your Leo factors, at around the end of this Saturn cycle. So there are ways out and through. The conjunctions to your natal Taurus story are about a life budget reshape. Uranus tends to flip us around so we surprise ourselves. So this is about shopping, ownership, valuables, houses, apartments, charity, business, investment and so on. What or who you were – was a pre-2018 story. What evolves during these Jupiter and Uranus transits in Taurus will give you the luxury of surprising yourself with your life choices and you will achieve freedom through that. A State of Independence.

  111. Thank you Jessica, this really gives me perspective on what needs to be done within the next couple of months. I really appreciate all of your help!

  112. With my ascendant at 22 Taurus, what could happen? It really looks like I will have a lot of changes in the next few years. I am single now. Could that change?

    1. Yes, you have a stellium in Scorpio and the South Node will go over Scorpio in 2022, 2023. So, in those years you will have the opportunity to sleep with or date someone new. Money or property is automatically a going concern, if so. This may be because they are broke and you are rich, or vice-versa. It can be less dramatic; there is just an income gap. There can be a difference in values. Politics usually expresses that because people pay tax and politicians take it! Scorpio-Taurus is big in your chart and you will find that the new potential lover teaches you a lot about your values.

  113. Loved the event – don’t think I’ll ever look at The Lovers card again in the same way.
    I have a stellium in each of Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio and I’m a Gemini Sun.
    I walked away from a dysfunctional professional relationship in 2021 and left behind a project I put a lot into. So I’m now rebuilding my professional life. I’ve used the time since I left (23 July 2021) to work on a novel and almost have a full first draft (understanding I have more work/ drafts to do). I’ve been taking writing courses and getting a lot out of them.
    My questions are then really around this professional rebuild and supporting myself financially during that rebuild.

    1. Too funny. Thank you for coming along. You walked away from your career and a project, and are writing a novel. You are a Sun Gemini who is entering the biggest and best professional cycle for 12 years, starting in late December. It takes you to May, with tremendous opportunities and solutions professionally, and then picks up again at the end of 2022. Salacia at 21 Capricorn is the key. Jupiter will form a sextile to that in 2022. Salacia functions in two worlds, neither of them real. So writing is one non-reality, unreality career. There will be a second job. Both will do really well for you, and from 2026 there will be new inventions/new technology where you will take one idea and place it, with great excitement.

  114. It is so wonderful that you take the time to reply to us Jessica. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for answering my question. Thank you!

  115. Hello Jessica. I would love to hear your opinion on if we should sell our newly built small house in Wanaka now before 2022 or shall we keep it as a rental ? What i understood from today’s webinar about fixed signs there are a few tumultuous years ahead of us. My husband has major planets in Scorpio as you can see in his chart (Urs Blum). Maybe you can give me a hint about this. We also own a piece of land outside Wanaka which we are thinking of selling too. Is it wise to sell a big block of land (12ha) right now looking at the next 5 years or shall we keep it as a sanctuary if things get crazy? Our idea is to sell both properties and then buy a property with land and a house on it here in Wanaka. But the housing market is hugely expensive now and not many suitable properties come onto the market. Normally we have a clear direction in life but right now we are stuck in our decision making. I would appreciate your assistance in this. Thank you so much. Warmly and with much gratitude. Doris Blum

    1. Thank you Doris. Going to your Capricorn chart first for this house sale question – your best opportunity in 12 years to sell or rent (either will work) with luck on your side, is May 11th to October 28th next year, then again from December 21st 2022 until May 16th 2023. Jupiter in Aries, a symbol of abundant good fortune is usually associated with ‘more, more, more’ so the fact that you also have land is appropriate. You are in a hugely expensive housing market but Jupiter provides solutions. What shows in your natal (birth) chart at the same time is similar. Your Fourth House of property, ruled by Cancer, shows the Moon at 20 Cancer, so Wanaka is an emotional matter for you. This goes beyond mere prices. I think you will find your answers line up very easily from June next year. June, July, 2022 brings Ceres in Cancer by transit, so there is a compromise or deal then. It is about the two of you figuring out a way forward together, but also deal-making with buyers and sellers. In July 2022 the nodes go to 20 Taurus/Scorpio which creates sextiles and trines (huge flow aspects) to your Moon. So it’s winter next year, according to the astrology, and you’ll get just the right conditions around you for welcome, easy choices. I don’t have your husband’s chart so suggest you use the Tarot to validate what is in the astrology. Use the Astrology Oracle too, about that time-frame I’ve mentioned.

  116. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your articles you are very talented lady, I missed the zoom meeting as at the moment I dont know if I am coming or going at the moment and are rather down . I have nothing in Taurus or Leo but Aquarius is my sun sign and I have Neptune in Scorpio. I would love it if you could please look at my chart and see how this all affects me going forward as with no job at present wondering if I should sell up and move somewhere more affordable but with the pandemic the property prices in NZ have just skyrocketed and all reality are overpriced. I realise this might be too late but putting it out there thank you

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you. Come along to other Meetup events – we are already planning 2022. You are allowed to feel down without a job at the moment and those overpriced New Zealand homes. You are a Sun Aquarius so we start with the solar chart. You will be thrilled at the outcomes with a house or apartment in 2023 and 2024 as Jupiter (opportunity, progress, answers, expansion, growth) goes into Taurus in the property zone of your chart, along with Uranus, the symbol of sudden, unpredictable, exciting events. Never say never to anything with a house, apartment or other residence in those years. In your natal chart, in 2023 and 2024, we also find your two Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of joint finances, picked up by Jupiter in those years. Of course you need to think about 2021, 2022. You will be taken back to the past, starting in January next year, and continuing to 2023, in terms of your job history or study. Use what you did, or knew, or pursued back in 2003 and 2004 to help you with 2021-2022 as you may have earned good karma in those years and if so, it’s due back to you.

  117. Hi Jessica, I wanted to see if you can look at my chart to see how this affects me in the upcoming years. Still trying to understand what’s fixed and what I have to look out for to change. You wrote about being impacted 2018 and I definitely think I was. I’ll have to do more research about how it got me to this point. I see a lot of things popping up in Taurus and a few key ones in Aquarius. Still trying to understand what it all means. Thank you for all that you do.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with the Moon in Aquarius, so you are fixed sign influenced, even before you begin to look at the rest of the chart. Pluto in Scorpio is also very fixed. The next couple of years with the nodes in Taurus/Scorpio will challenge you to change your life budget. If you have always shopped at supermarkets and at department stores, you may change your mind about that. If you have always been nervous about investing, or business, you may shift that. The nodes in Taurus trigger questions about your income, your debts, your charity, your possessions, your values (ethics and principles above money) versus the finances, property and so on, of other people. Usually family or partners. A classic example you can see all around you now is that some people want to let COVID-19 rip after most people have had two injections. They are prepared to let some die for the benefit of the many. They are doing life and death economics. Others in society find this repugnant and want nothing to do with it. So there is a fundamental split between Taurus (my values; every life is priceless) and your values (we can put a price on death, do the sums and make a choice). Other classic examples of Taurus-Scorpio include the married couple who cannot agree on renovating the house. The Taurus-Scorpio family where opinions are quite divided on how the parental home should be handled after the will is read. The Aquarius factor in all this is friends and groups. If you want a nice easy life you will minimise the connection between friends, groups and money in 2022, 2023. Especially next year.

  118. Hello Jessica, thank you for this article. I read it thoroughly tonight and read the two articles you linked, as well. I only wish I could have attended your presentation; I know it was so good I would have brought the popcorn. I’ll keep a better eye out for upcoming events. My husband and I are moving towards divorce after 31 years. We have six children from the ages of 14-30 years. Some of my children have special needs or are differently-abled. I just graduated from college and want to return for a Master’s soon. I was also recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD and I am learning how to better organize and plan everything around me. 2022 onward concerns me but I also believe so much growth potential awaits. I learned tonight I have 14 factors within Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius! Okay! In order to unfix my fixedness, I found Dr. Paul McKenna on YouTube and am also looking into beginning Pilates as well as getting out into nature more often. I am a Leo and concerned how I will affect my children. I have points in all four fixed signs. In Taurus, I have: Ceres 4° MC 11° Panacea 12° Saturn 21° and Juno at 10°(!) In Leo, I have: Moon 0° Sun 8° Mars (and Part of Fortune) 9° ASC 18° Minerva 21°. In Scorpio, I have: IC 11° Proserpina 19° and Neptune at 28° In Aquarius, I have my Desc at 18°. How may I learn to zig when planets zag? I haven’t found a way to keep this house; I think I will have to sell it and I wonder if I will be able to own a property again. Although, my mother (April 27, 1944) talks of moving here to live and contribute and be with her grandchildren. If I rent, I am concerned the rate of inflation may cause me and my children to move several times if I am putting much time into University again. I am also concerned about being able to find a place to grow food beyond kitchen windows and balconies if food supplies become more unstable. I am starting to downsize and sell what I know I do not need in order to have more financial flexibility to shelter and feed my family. Perhaps I also need to not worry so much but it feels like I may not get to visit my important family friends who live in Europe for a long time and I am mourning that possibility. I feel so alive there. However, I do see how I am letting myself focus on fear and some defeatism about how to make the best of life for my family in the future. And yet, it’s also possible I could make a decision to change my children’s futures for the better. They could see me happier and more present with them and maybe someday see their parents in good relationships as well. Please advise wherever you think best. I have felt the Tower card so strongly the past year and am now sensing more of the Fool; why should I be so fixed as to not leap when there is an infinity of Universe right above my head? Thank you so much for this space to comment. I’m posting again because my last comment was held up for moderation.

    1. Firstly, I should explain comments are not held up for moderation – the wait is really because there are over 12,511 of them as I check this website today. Popcorn? Too funny. Come along to more events and do bring it. You are really having a number of transits, by the sounds of things. ADHD diagnosis, divorce and six children – and an MA option. You also have property questions, so there is a lot going on. The children are an absolute priority; as it should be. Start with your solar chart. You are a Sun Leo. The most important transits, are those which also show up in your natal chart. So, career, aims, goals and ambitions are high on the list. In your solar chart you have Pluto in the Sixth House and Uranus in the Tenth House. In your natal chart you have Pluto in the Tenth House. When we look at your natal chart for aspects in the Tenth House of career and social position, and the Sixth House of everyday work and study, we find a huge stellium in the Sixth House in Virgo, which of course also rules mental and physical health. So your need for an MA, but also your ADHD, is in there. You would gain from looking at your Virgo stellium and seeing how things are when the Moon goes through Virgo every 28 days or so. You have Fortuna and Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House of vocation, calling and highest achievement in your solar chart, too. So you are suited to two careers. Two callings. (Salacia is about the happy co-existence of two careers, neither of which have anything to do with the real world). Given the slow, slow cycles we are seeing in Taurus (Uranus, North Node, Jupiter) which make perfect angles to your Virgo and Capricorn factors in your natal chart and also pick up your Tenth House and Sixth House in your Leo chart, you can take it as read that although your children are key, the next few years will be solely about the MA if you take it, and/or a position, mission or ambition which is as high as you can go. This will be a profound reshape. Along the way you will also come to understand your ADHD better and have some real breakthroughs in understanding as Jupiter in Pisces opposes your Virgo stellium in your natal chart, starting just after Boxing Day, and continuing in 2022. The role that the subconscious plays in programming your mind, body and spirit should not be underestimated. Jupiter’s transit will make this more obvious to you so you can begin to explore why you have produced ADHD for yourself. That would be the astrological view of it, as in astrology Pisces/Twelfth House opposes Virgo/Sixth House so the subconscious mind has a direct relationship with physical and mental health.

  119. Hello – I missed your event
    “Fixed Signs in Changing Times
    Your Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius Factors to 2026” and was curious if there is a way to purchase the event video.
    Take a peak at my chart and you will understand why I am asking for the reply 😉
    Warmest Regards

    1. Sure, Rachael, Asporea are pursuing a sales point for this event video now. You are a Sun Gemini with an extremely fixed chart. So yes, you do need to be aware of the years 2022, 2023 in relation to the world economy. It does affect you, as the planet (and your country) goes through fated Taurus-Scorpio weather in 2022, 2023 which is all about trade and shares. These are sign-off years for you with your money, house, business and/or apartment. You will spend a couple of years getting closure and finishing up, and this may be a loan, a mortgage, an income source, a pension/superannuation plan, an investment and so on. This is really a test of your willpower and self-control. Saving, not spending, would be a typical example but it may be more personal than that, Rachael. So this may be a marriage/mortgage or a sexual relationship/rented space. It may be the family legacy left to you, or the big ticket items in your own will, left to others. You have learned so much about power and control channelled through money, business or property in the last few years. Undoubtedly 2018, 2019, 2020 were the hardest obstacle courses, but now the obstacles are more manageable. Try to get the best advice you can afford in December, January when you’ll need to make a choice about all you earn, own or owe. Yet, from 2023 onwards when you enter a new phase involving a foreign person or foreign country, you can put all the accounting behind you.

  120. Hello Jessica, thank you again for those wonderful insights about fixed signs. I had also a lots of pleasure reading you answers to the questions above, its always a great part of your teaching process about Astrology.
    I have a LOT of fixed signs, being heavily aquarius (11), a bit of scorpio (3), only Jupiter in Leo and Chiron in Taurus. I have felt and i am steel feeling Saturn transit on my sun in aqua (7 degrees) and i feel stuck in many parts of my life but especially in my flat in Paris, where i had to endure many many issues. I have started this year looking for a small house in the countryside to leave part-time from Paris (a city which has become incredibly difficult to live in, on a daily basis). As in many part of the world, its super hard, the prices have so much increased since covid and people are running out of big cities. Its a difficult process, i have stopped in September because i felt discouraged but i have the money and the intimate conviction that i have to move so i am going to start again looking this month (November 2021). Do you see any transits that can help me finding this new place to live ? Thanks for your guidance and wisdom.

    1. Thank you so much. I understand Paris is hard to live in, day to day. Everyone wants to leave the big cities and this has pushed prices up. You are still hoping to move, so what does the astrology say? You are a Sun Aquarius, with transiting Uranus in your Fourth House of home, home town, and country. Uranus is a symbol of upheaval, revolution, radical change, freedom, space and independence. You will most certainly move and it will be exhilarating and exciting. Uranus is in Taurus in your solar Fourth House in 2022, 2023 alongside the North Node, also in Taurus, for the first time in 19 years. So there is karma here, going back around two decades, and you will get closure on unfinished business dating from that time, involving property, the family, a household, or a particular town/country. Your instincts are correct and you will save or make a lot of money in 2022, at the same time that this new cycle takes place. So by 2023 you should be rehomed. Keep searching. Something that often helps readers: sketch what you want, make some notes, leave it by your bedside and light a candle. Ask your spirit guides for help. When clues and signs come, do follow them.

  121. Thank you Jessica,

    I am a huge follower of yours and have been for years. This is my first comment however.

    I have a lot of fixed signs and am going through exactly what you describe.

    Is there any advice you could give me, my relationship is in turmoil or possibly ending, my housing situation is in a radical change, my career seems stable (mortgages), but literally every area of my life is radically different than even 60 days ago.

    Could you take a look at my chart and give me some advice?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry you are going through turmoil in your relationship and have questions about your home. You are a Sun Taurus (one fixed sign) and have many more fixed signs in your chart. Okay, so the next two years will sort out the relationship on a karmic level, no matter if you two stay together or go your separate ways. Even if you were to part company, there will still be a connection there in 2022, 2023 as karma between both of you needs to be settled up. This cycle begins on 19th January 2022 and lasts until July 18th 2023. If you stay together, there is still a need to settle up/reckon up karmically, and that would take both of you until July 2023 to do; if you want to know more about this cycle, look up ‘transiting South Node in the Seventh House’. It can only happen every 19 years. The housing situation is also karmic in nature but that ends on January 19th. You will have paid your dues, but also been repaid, as the nodes in your mortgage and budget sector, finally stop being stuck in the property and money signs. I hope those dates and that information helps you see what is going on. The karma can often be things we do not remember or were never aware of at the time. It always dates to around 19 years ago, in the period before, so in terms of relationships, what begins in 2022 with this person owes a great deal to 2003, 2004, no matter if it was another person – or the same one. You will rejoin a group, join a new group, renew old friendships, make new friends – from the end of December. By April 2022 you will be extremely happy with your renewed social life.

  122. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your long long-term forecast.
    I have 10 factors in fixed signs. Sun @16 and Juno in Aquarius; Vulcano, Ceres@02 and North Node@19 in Taurus; Saturn@19 and Pluto@13 in Leo; South Node@19; Chiron@25 and Psyche in Scorpio. My partner has 11 factors: Sun@18, Mercury, Minerva and Aesculpia in Aquarius; South Node@9, Moon@20 in Taurus; Mars@24, Ceres@12, and Ops in Leo; North Node@09, and Diana in Scorpio. As Nodes are changing signs next year, what I am concerned is the opposites of our Nodes. We have separated since 2019 Jan for three years. Now we are discussing on how to rejoin and work together but my partner is fixed and difficult to move. What will be our relationship at work and personal next and coming years? Thank you for your insight predictions.

    1. You’re apart from your partner and wondering how you can reconcile, and when. You are a Sun Aquarius and you have been separated since 2019. Okay, your chart suggests that the children you have, or the children you never had (deciding not to have them, unable to have them) is the karmic issue between you. You don’t mention if you are parents or not, but the astrology is very much about a cycle of karma for you as potential parents/actual parents – or the loss of any chance at parenthood at all. You tend to get stuck with cycles like this, and you’ve had a couple of years of backward traction, without real action, as the North Node has been in Gemini, in your solar Fifth House of pregnancy and parenthood. In your natal chart you have Saturn at 19 Leo in the Fifth House (same thing) which can also be quite hard work. You are approaching Saturn at 19 Aquarius in transit, which will form an opposition to your natal Saturn, so you really need to look at this question of sons and daughters (or no sons and daughters, ever) and how you are going to deal with the reality of a younger generation in your life. Your partner has Ceres and Ops in Leo in the Fifth House, so that’s telling you (again) what the main concern is, long-term. Thinking about you specifically, if you have Saturn in Leo then you do need to have a younger generation in your life some way, somehow, no matter how challenging that is. There has to be a plan. Something constructive and productive, to make those younger faces fit into your life. If you cannot do it with your partner, then you may need to do it without them. Saturn is a really major symbol in a birth chart and it can take a lifetime to figure out. You can’t avoid the question of those born 1968, 1978, 1988 and so on. This may be about adult children, grandchildren or younger nieces and nephews, or perhaps a younger demographic or junior audience. It’s hard to say more without knowing anything about you, but at least you are being shown what it is you must resolve. Do use The Astrology Oracle and The Smith-Waite Tarot on this site to help you.

  123. Jessica,
    I have been trying to figure out what’s going on in my chart. This upcoming lunar eclipse will conjunct my north node in Taurus almost exact in my 7th house. I feel a lot of $$ energy and have recently jumped into cryptocurrency investment. This eclipse seems very karmic and I would love to know more.

    11/28/1984 6:07am Cincinnati oh.

    Also I went to comment on an older post about the body and astrology, regarding my daughter Olivia, but commenting was closed.

    My daughter is 4 and has very mysterious undiagnosed neuromuscular issues. I think she was adversely affected by vaccines. She is not autistic and was recently ruled out autoimmune encephalitis. Also everything else major is negative including MRI and genetics. After deep diving into her chart it’s just fascinating.

    DOB 2/1/2017 at 9:27pm Jupiter, Fl.

    She has Neptune in 6th house in Pisces with no major aspects to Neptune. Chiron is also in 6th house Pisces. She has her ascendent at 29 degrees Virgo. And get this. It makes a grand cross to her angles, ASC, MC, Venus, and IC all 29 degrees. In fact her whole chart houses are at 29 degrees. What in the world does this mean! I need help! Will she miraculously recover? Does this mean she will heal herself then be spokesperson to heal others. She is progressing now on a protocol I give her: rifaximin (gut), high dose fish oil and medicinal olive oil. Olive oil seems to really cause significant healing which is also interesting bc her name is Olivia which means olive tree.

    I find her chart very difficult but also very beautiful. I would love to hear your take on this as I truly value your posts and insight!

    1. I’m afraid you’re not logged in so I can’t see. your natal chart, or your daughter’s. You really need a birth chart to talk about money, or health. It also sounds as if you are using a completely different system to me; if your daughter has Neptune in Pisces it’s in her Twelfth House, not her Sixth House. Her Ascendant in Virgo is actually in her Sixth House. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Thank you.

  124. Dear Jessica, thanks for your always insightful sharing. could you help me check what would happen for me in the Changing Times based on my current chart? And I have another question: if one pre-empts or changes according to the predictions of Astrology/Taro/Oracles.., does s/he change her/his destiny? If so, the predictions would not be accurate for this kind of people; If not, the destiny would unfold itself, no matter what we do or change now?
    Love and peace:)

    1. You are a Sun Aries with Venus in Taurus (fixed) and Pluto in Scorpio (fixed) among other fixed-sign patterns. You’ll find that the Smith-Waite Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and astrology itself will work for you, but it’s up to you to decide how big/small the story is in your life. For example, I can see from your natal and solar chart that you are in for unpredictable times with your finances until 2026. The years 2022 and 2023 are very important in this story. You can control how much this affects you by deciding to lower the stakes, or keep the amounts small – that means that when the world turns upside-down, as it often will, there is less to gain or lose, actually. So you manage the levels of adrenaline. Some people price their peace of mind very highly and if you are one of them, you may prefer to keep the stakes low until 2026 and place less pressure on yourself. So, for example, gambling on Cryptocurrency or a huge mortgage may not be your preference, if you happen to value a relatively low-pressure life over a wild rollercoaster ride. I hope that helps explain what is going on.

  125. hi Jessica. i have just read “the fixed signs in challenging times “

    thank you for the insight, just which i could understand it more. i have a question, i have a different housing system. so, how does that work for me. i am a Capricorn, although my natal Saturn is. Scorpio . i have had a very tough 10 years, Saturn returns, Pluto conjunctions and squares. i am exhausted from worries. to top it all off, i been tossed out of a casual job, because of my medical exemption status was rejected, and my teaching job ended. i 67 y in January. i am tied.. Jessica. so over scrapping for money, worrying about the next pay or job. hay do i fit into 2022. i am single, have good son, Capricorn as well. any advice would be very much appreciate. i am aloner ( keep to myself) you might say, been so hurt by family, friends, lovers, and bosses in my 67 y of life, i just keep to my self and have only a few friends. life full on just trying to work and do home duties. i do not trust too many bosses or friends, it been all shit with bosses for many years. they been PLUTO..

    how do i survive 2022 – 2026., thank you for your posts

    1. Worry is not useful, is it, and it’s usually a Virgo issue in the Sixth House. You have Jupiter at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House so can always beat it. (This is using the Natural House System). Exhaustion is also Virgo/Sixth House – and again, you always beat it. In fact, Uranus, Neptune and Panacea are also at 0 degrees, so tied into your Jupiter. As your Jupiter at 0 Virgo in the Sixth House of mental and physical health, wellbeing, housework, paid work, unpaid work, daily routine, lifestyle – is a big story – you may want to know the dates to come. As you go towards Christmas, you reach a crossroads with all this. The Mean North Node goes to 0 Gemini. The Mean South Node goes to 0 Sagittarius. They pick up your Jupiter at 0 Virgo in what is called a T-Square. It’s a T-Junction. This is when your natural optimism, hope, opportunism will kick in, with both work and health. I do wonder if you are going to benefit from some employment, retirement, furloughing, insurance issue. Getting there would be tough, but once Jupiter leaves Aquarius and goes to 0 Pisces, there is an opposition to natal Jupiter and that suggests to me that your natural luck with all work and health matters kicks in. This happens right at the end of 2021. You can have a look at the Tarot, and The Astrology Oracle, to validate. But the timing is there. It’s very close to Christmas/start of the new year. And Merry Christmas. We have all had ghastly bosses, haven’t we!

  126. Dear Jessica , thankyou very much . I feel blessed to have learned so much about astrology from you .
    I have been re-reading all your posts to get a better understanding .

    I needed some guidance from you on my chart as well as my company registered on 10-dec-2014 . We were thinking to launch IPO in India around may – July 2023. We are into fashion business – clothing and footwear . Is this a good idea and a good time ?

    You have mentioned about the volatile market conditions and also that I have uranus in scorpio at 1degree , moon -10 scorpio and nodes at 22 scorpio / Taurus . Uranus is square my Saturn at 1 Leo and sextile my Venus at 1 virgo .

    As a person , all my life , I have taken or was always pushed to take an innovative approach to finance which is so true with my Uranus placement in my chart . It’s been hard work though , maybe because of my Saturn placement .

    I would want to understand on how to move forward with the IPO idea .


    1. Thank you. So you want to launch your Indian clothing and footwear company in May-July 2023. You are a Sun Libra and in your solar chart you have the transiting South Node (karma) in Scorpio, North Node (more karma) in Taurus, Uranus (the unpredictable) in Taurus – in 2022, 2023. In your natal chart you have the North Node at 22 Scorpio and South Node at 22 Taurus. You come from a culture which is built on reincarnation and you are now in a cycle when the past (not just past lives) comes back to you. It is the same with both charts. Is it good karma or bad karma? You have Uranus at 1 Scorpio square Saturn at 1 Leo, so it’s hard work. You obviously know your chart pretty well, as you’ve mentioned these aspects. Think really carefully about launching anything in 2022, 2023. It’s not you. It’s the currents of the world economy. Even your company is in a similar cycle, as it’s a Sun Sagittarius company having Pluto transits in its solar Second House of cash flow. This again goes across 2022, 2023. I am going to flip your thinking around and ask you what you want from life. What is your life budget? Put a price on peace of mind, freedom, security, integrity and the things money does not buy. Really dig into what you are trying to get here, because there are other ways to get it. Use the Tarot, the Astrology Oracle, and from December 1st, the new Garden Oracle on this website to give yourself a psychic reading. Stress costs and peace of mind pays. You have not said if you have children, godchildren, nieces, nephews – or if you want children – this is a huge part of this story.

  127. Thankyou so much for the guidance. Yes I have a son (7-july-2001 india)who is studying and I have my nephew (5-july-88 india) who runs the business with me .
    We are an Indian company and were thinking of listing our company for an IPO in india (initial public offering) .
    I wanted to be aligned with the astrological weather and seek some insight from you .
    Also what would call an IPO ? Is it an Aquarian thing ? Don’t know why I have been relating it to the same . Nevermind , maybe it’s just a stupid question 🙁

    1. Okay, as a Sun Libra you want to list your company on the most difficult cycle for the world economy since the war. Deep breath. When I say ‘difficult’ I mean stuck, because the nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio, the sharemarket signs, and yet also unpredictable and volatile, as Uranus is in Taurus. This cycle is associated with disruption to industry, business and even the core issues – agriculture, farming and food. We had it during the last war which of course began on 3rd September 1939 with the London Stock Exchange closing, and then rations arrived, and ongoing disruption to the global economy as breadwinners and consumers became soldiers, sailors and pilots. Some people did very well from the war, but you need to have that kind of chart. You have Uranus in Scorpio natally so you are a source of regular disruption, to yourself, and to others who share financial, property or business agreements with you. I’m really not crazy about the thought of the South Node conjunction to natal Uranus in your Eighth House as it is karmic in nature, pulls you back to the past, and is also innately disruptive. Uranus is always revolutionary, radical and frequently a shock. You’re on that road from the start of 2022 as the nodes steadily move backwards through the money signs. You have Saturn at 1 Leo square Uranus at 1 Scorpio and that’s very, very difficult on this transit. Leo rules the young. That is your son and your nephew. Your nephew runs the business with you. I’ll leave it there, but this is your life not mine, so please use the Tarot and Astrology Oracle on this website to personally validate (or not!) the timing and situations I am showing you here. In India I believe they call the nodes Rahu and Ketu and they are also karmic.

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