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Oppositions in Your Natal Chart

Oppositions in your natal chart are unusual. You are looking for two factors at the same degree, or number, in opposite signs of the zodiac.

Oppositions in your natal chart are unusual. You are looking for two factors at the same degree, or number, in opposite signs of the zodiac.

It can explain a lot. Why you have a wrestling match going on inside you. You may have the Sun at 4 Pisces opposite the Moon at 4 Virgo, for example. One part of you wants to escape from the real world. The other part of you wants to work hard at organising it.

When Events Trigger Oppositions

Sometimes an event that pulls you in two, or pulls other people in two, happens when an opposition in your chart is triggered. So, you might have Mercury at 10 Leo and the Ascendant at 10 Aquarius. Along comes Saturn at 10 Aquarius and the whole inner conflict is ignited.

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78 Responses

  1. Hi, Jessica, thank you for your great article.
    By checking the chart, I see one opposition, Bacchus at 7 Capricorn, and Minerva at 7 Cancer. what does this mean to me ? I seldom notice this two planets and aspect before. So when nodes at 7 in any sign it will trigger this conflict?

    1. Yes, any transits of the slow-moving factors like the nodes (every 19 years) or Saturn (every 28 years) at 7 degrees will have an impact on the opposition. Capricorn-Cancer is always about the pull between success, ambition, achievement, ‘going places’ and ‘making it’ and the lure of home, the known, the family, the house or apartment and so on. It can work the other way too; this is the person who would prefer home comforts, the heritage, culture, history, roots, family tree, ancestors – to Bright Lights, Big City. Bacchus is about pleasure and Minerva is about wisdom so there is also a pull here between the hedonism of success or status and the wisdom of what/who is at home, or from your family background. Musicians often sing about this sort of pull. Yellow Brick Road, with lyrics by Bernie Taupin, articulates Elton John’s life in terms of small town England and big city Los Angeles. The push-pull of Capricorn-Cancer is usually a background story until transits trigger it; Jupiter at 7 Pisces will be useful for you in reconciling the differences. That’s not too far away.

  2. Hi Jessica – I have one opposition – Saturn at 27 Leo in my fifth house opposed by Venus at 28 Aquarius. Any insight on how this could play out? I read that the Oct 2021 full moon is at 27 Aries. How much of a stretch is this full moon going to bring?

    Thank you!

    1. You will actually feel this opposition twice every 28 days or so, all your life. The Moon will move to 27, 28 Leo and 27, 28 Aquarius on one full lunar cycle, so although any Full Moon at that degree will stretch you more dramatically, you have that tension ongoing. The astrologer Sue Tompkins once likened oppositions to having someone ring the front doorbell while another person banged on the back door. You can’t deal with both at the same time. Leo is of course about sexual relationships (courtship) and also the heirs and pretenders to the throne – godchildren, pregnancies that never came to term, stepchildren, sons, daughters, younger relatives and so on. Sometimes, an entire court of younger faces: a whole generation to be led, guided, and shown the way. Saturn there suggests a great deal of concentrated effort on making yourself feel secure, protected – less vulnerable and exposed. It usually comes because of the very good reason that you have difficult experiences. So, your life story may have already confronted you a couple of times, either through sexually intimate involvements, perhaps, or a younger generation – from babies to Millennials. That is quite hard work by itself but it is complicated by friendships and group commitments in your life, which frequently involve emotionally complex and quite intimate connections. No such thing as pure friendship or people power with Venus there; you are always going to find vanity, insecurity and passion as well. Understanding both Saturn and Venus, and the Fifth and Eleventh Houses, is a good way into creative, inventive handling of the clash. It will never be a walk in the park but it need not be a marathon either.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for (like always) interesting article and i try to understand well but looking at birth chart (i am premium member) i think i have several oppositions in my birth chart Venus 03 Cancer + Saturn 03 Scorpio as well as Cupido 05 Gemini + ASC 05 Scorpio , North Node 15 Capricorn + South Node 15 Cancer. Trying to understand unless i am wrong. Can you please help me? Thank you .

    1. Thank you. Of everything you’ve listed, only the North Node at 15 Capricorn and South Node at 15 Cancer are in opposition. So there is a tug-of-war here involving where you come from (class, culture, family, heritage on one side) and where you are going to, or where you have landed (social status, success, position in life). Cancer rules your roots on mother or father’s side, and Capricorn rules social mountaineering (Capricorn is the symbol of the mountain goat). It commonly shows up in adolescence or the early twenties when you are tempted to ‘marry up’ as they say, or you are offered academic or professional opportunities which mean leaving family, town or even country far behind. The nodal opposition can also flip around, so that you find (having made it) you are then lured back to where you came from, even though it’s not really up there as a professional milieu. Working with the nodes will take you all your life. You actually had a trigger for this very recently.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus in 14 Virgo and Chiron in 14 Pisces… I feel like I am constantly fighting my desire to be a maverick entrepreneur… with my desire to tick all the boxes I wanted to achieve in my day job. How can I let Chiron win?

    Also my Venus is in 6 Sag today – what does that mean for happiness? I am poised to quit my job.

    1. An opposition is commonly resolved by acting out one sign and not the other. You are acting out Uranus in Virgo and ignoring Chiron in Pisces, which is about solitude, religion, spirituality, counselling, self-help, therapy, meditation, Buddhism, Tarot and the psychic world. Chiron is about extending all known limits and to do that, alone, takes a lot of time and energy – which you are currently putting into work (Virgo) and your day job which are you quitting (Uranus in Virgo attracts upheaval). You recently had transiting Uranus, the revolution, at 14 Taurus perfectly trine natal Uranus and also aspecting Chiron, and in fact he goes back to Taurus 14 April, May 2022 and again in January, February 2023. I am not sure what your business is, but if it revolves around Virgo pursuits (Mind, Body, Spirit) by then, I don’t think any astrologer would be surprised. This is a helpful transit for you, as Uranus trine Uranus and sextile Chiron often is, but it is going to make you really aware of the need to look after both sides of yourself. The side of you that wants to serve others, in perfect detail, with a lifestyle and routine that is all about method and order – while dealing with that side of you that wants to escape from reality into your own soul or psychology. The other key period is September 2022 when the nodes are at 14 Taurus and Scorpio, aspecting Uranus and Chiron again. So this is a complete work and lifestyle reshape, taking you to 2023. You may well find that the issues you have about working for the man (or the woman) but also needing to experiment and explore by yourself, spiritually, or with your mind – are reflected in an entire demographic. So that is your market. Sort out your own inner conflict and you will serve them and they will pay for it. Anita Roddick used to say, what irritates you, makes you money!

  5. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well! I have a few oppositions in Leo/Aquarius and Taurus/Scorpio (which I’m guessing will be picked up by the nodes next year?). Would you be able to give me some more context? Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you. The angles and nodes are at 10 Aquarius/Leo in your chart so there is a lifetime push-pull between friends and groups, and sexual relationships – but also the world of pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and Millennials. So this is the person whose friend asks her to be a godparent but is then disenchanted with the godchild so the friendship is affected. Or, this is the person whose lover does not get on with her friends. I am sure you will have lots of examples in your own life. The eternal Leo-Aquarius paradox is really about having children, and having a group of friends or allies in your life. It’s King Arthur’s problem; he has to bring up the heirs to his throne but how can he do that when Queen Guinevere is flirting with Sir Lancelot and the knights of the Round Table are in disarray? The Taurus-Scorpio in the mix, which will certainly be picked up by the nodes in 2022, 2023, is really about the financial, charity, business or property angle. So you might be in a household where you pay very little rent to your friend, the landlord, but he wants your former lover to move into the spare room. This Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio pattern is the stuff of which songs, television sitcoms and great novels are made. As a general rule, to avoid strain in your life, minimise the stakes where the oppositions occur. So common sense says, you would not mix money and friendship, charity and the group, business and the children (or young relatives) and so on in a year full of heavy fixed-sign weather. And you have two of them. The Tarot can help you find other ways to reduce the stretch of those oppositions all being triggered by the nodal cycle.

  6. Hi Jessica, I have Uranus in Libra at 28 opposite Chiron in Aries at 28, what does that mean for me please? Also you mentioned in an earlier article that the arrival of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio on 19th January, 2022 and they land at 29 Taurus and 29 Scorpio. Since I have my north node in Scorpio at 27 and south node in Taurus at 27 I guess not long after that I should expect something karmic related to 19 years ago to do with money?

    1. You will already be aware of the regular upheavals with the duets and duels in your life, from sexual relationships to professional partnerships. Either side, or either you (or he/she) requires freedom at such times. The upset is a set-up, and both of you are always set up to be liberated even though the loss of stability is hard work. Whenever that has happened in the past, it has had an impact on your image, name, reputation, appearance, profile. A very common outcome of this opposition is the person who leaves a stifling marriage and gets the old surname back. There are many ways to experience Aries-Libra. People with factors at 28 degrees of any sign will bring it out. So will transits at 28, particularly of the cardinal signs, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra. You are approaching that in March-June 2022 with Pluto at 28 Capricorn. Perhaps this is entwined with the questions about your house, money or apartment which come with the nodes crossing 27 Taurus-Scorpio in February 2022, just before this cycle. Aries is about self-interest, flying the flag for oneself and others, self-promotion, wearing the badge or uniform – being first to push forward – being ready for a fight, campaign or conquest. Libra is about ‘the two of us’ or ‘me against you’. The other really big chapter in this story with a duet or duel in your life is Jupiter at 28 Aries in May 2023 but that’s another story.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    It looks like I have multiple oppositions in my chart: ASC at 23 Taurus and DESC at 23 Scorpio. I also have Ceres at 27 Capricorn, MC at 27 Capricorn, IC at 27 Cancer and PSYCHE at 27 Capricorn – I’m not sure what all of this means here or if it is of any great significance. It also looks like I have North Node at 00 Aries and South Node at 00 Libra. Thank you for any help in better understanding these.

    1. I have covered Taurus-Scorpio and Cancer-Capricorn and also Aries-Libra in other replies, if you want to read over those. None of this is really important in 2022, 2023 except Taurus-Scorpio. In those years you must make decisions about a house, apartment, business, charity or sum of money which pit your value systems against those of other people. To reduce the pressure, lower the stakes. Make it less central to your existence if you possibly can. The financial choices in 2022, 2023 will have to be made against a background of tremendous impermanence, instability and volatile conditions until 2026 for the whole world, and your own country. This does affect you. It may affect the value of your pension or superannuation, for example, or the marketplace for your work. Reduce debt as much as you can and get as much freedom to move as you can, for 2022 and 2023.

  8. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for your very insightful articles. Your previous blog on expecting delays just came true for us. We were expecting to get our Green cards but before our file got picked up, the dates retrograded by 2 years. This has ended all hopes for GC this year. Nor are we confident about next year. Can you look into my chart and see if there is any hope at all? My daughter is Aquarius 16 yrs old and at the cusp of wanting freedom to work. Same with my husband, Gemini, who can’t quit his current employer. We are stuck in limbo since 2008. This feels like a hopeless quest now. After reading some of the articles on projected economic difficulties in the US, I’m now even more worried. Can you give me any insights or pointers on what to be prepared for?
    Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you for confirming the true prediction, Maggie. You want a Green Card and have been trying since 2008. Long time. You are also worried about the American economy. You are a Sun Leo whose luck is in, with emigrating, from the second half of 2022. It may or may not be America. Your luck persists in the first half of 2023. With the South Node in Scorpio as well, in 2022, 2023, you will relocate in either of those years. You will have karma with that place, or those people, from the years 2003, 2004. There is a crossroads in October, not far away, when you will have to deal with the realities about America and any other foreign country. It may be at that point that you realise how great the public health risk is, in particular states. And how high the death toll has been. I am not sure what motivates you, but there will be an incomplete and unsatisfactory situation with a foreign country or foreigners in the next week or two. This is useful though as it helps the grand solution from May next year. Look right across the map and then back to America.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you always for the insightful articles.
    I do have bunch of oppositions in natal chart… But I wanted to ask you about transiting nodes coming into my Taurus-Scorpio pairs… I’m guessing this will happen in 2022? What should I expect from this particular transit?? We are expecting a child next year (due date early April) so likely Aries-Tiger year child.

    1. The Taurus North Node and Scorpio South Node in 2022, 2023 will take you back to karma from 2003, 2004 as you owe, or are owed. This may be literal, so it’s about money, a house, a possession, an apartment. It can be thematic or symbolic. Uranus is in Taurus as well, so the global economy is undergoing a series of shocks during a long revolution until 2026. The child will raise questions about the money or home, of course. So that’s at the heart of this. When you have a child, you change or make a will. So do other people. That is a Scorpio matter. Taurus-Scorpio is about the age-old difference between your values and those of other people. So there is a lot to figure out with your co-parent and co-pilot. Even if you two are on the same page, it may be that you and your family/his family are on different pages, for example. Don’t forget Uranus in Taurus is the background trend. These are unstable markets for a very long time.

  10. Mars is opposite my Neptune within 1degree orb which which will be brushed by the nodes early next year. How will this react with potential karma? Thank you for your time and expertise X

    1. Thank you. Mars-Neptune in Taurus-Scorpio needs watching. The conflict is between your life budget, your money, your possessions – and those of your partner, former partner or family. It is about values as well. Ethics and bottom line, financially and morally. You can end up with a Scrooge McDuck but you are generous…or it reverses. You are very careful with money and someone else throws it away. Other examples of Taurus-Scorpio are people who are very wealthy but shun the environment, and people who sacrifice what they want, to save nature. It goes on. The nodes going across this are going to take you back to 2003, 2004 in 2022, 2023. So there is a debt to be paid or repaid. You owe, or are owed. In general you may prefer not to make big financially related decisions when the opposition is triggered, either by the nodes or anything else. Mars wants to act quickly and reacts in the heat of the moment. Neptune wants to escape from the real world. It turns up a lot with debt as the fantasy is that the shopping belongs to you, but it belongs to the bank. Or you get involved with family members, or lovers, on the most difficult and complex level, in terms of wills, inheritance, legacy, living wills, mortgages and so on. Watch those opposition triggers like a hawk.

  11. Hello Jessica
    I have a few oppositions in my chart and was hoping you could shed light on them with respect to my vocation. I have no idea what to do with my life from a money making perspective and the only thing consistent is that I’m forever at loggerheads with myself. I’d secretly love to create something and market anonymously online since I’m painfully self conscious and shy, but money or lack of it, seems to be the bane of my life.
    Is this a self sabotage from a Saturn placement or is it the natal oppositions? Thank you x

    1. You don’t say what you can do. What your talents or abilities are. This is a buyers’ market if you can solve people’s COVID-19 problems. Those problems are going to be, the care of people sent home with the virus, to recover – as Singapore is proving. So that’s the gap in the market. Nobody wants to be in that space with people who are sick. So the new market in 2022 is for anything online with heals. By computer, radio or television. At a distance.

  12. Hello Jessica. Thank you for another great article. From what I can see, I have oppositions almost in every sign in my chart the same degree. It is hard enough being a Gemini where I am constantly have to decide between two sides inside my inner conflict, but also being torn between city cbd living or buying a big land outback. Could you see how the next couple of years will affect my birth chart?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are Gemini-Sagittarius polarised. Buy somewhere that you can please both sides of yourself. One half of you wants foreigners and foreign places. The other wants locals and the neighbourhood. You can have foreign people in your own country and nationality of course. On a practical level, with commuting, transport and travel try to figure out a place where you can nip back to the neighbours but also explore the wide blue yonder.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    It seems I have a double opposition in Capricorn/Cancer and maybe one in Virgo/Pisces, which is just under 1degree orb. I’d love to understand these more, hoping it may help me out make some progress. It’s feeling increasingly hopeless as time passes!

    Thank you!

    1. Cancer-Capricorn is a lifetime challenge to integrate the family with success. To find a way to make it, but to please the family. This goes deeper into your roots on either side. The class you came from, the country, the culture. How do you find a way to look after that? Cancer-Capricorn is also about the family itself and any issues with/for relatives and how that affects the social status or success in life. That’s a big one. And Capricorn can help you succeed, but then you have relatives to answer to. The creative resolutions are lifelong. Virgo-Pisces is very common with people who go to extremes. Perfect Virgo archetypes are really Madonna in her macrobiotic soup phase; Jeeves cleaning up after Wooster. You can do Virgo to the final degree but then your Pisces side will lose it and want to escape – in any way possible. Again it’s lifelong so you need creative resolution.

  14. Hi Jessica, my nodes en gemini/ saggitarius houses have a lot of oppositions. I studied my chart trough your writings a lot this week. And suddenly everything makes sense. I also realized that you really a one of a kind. I feel so empowered by your wisdom. I want to thank you for that.

    I am moving houses but have to wait a while untill the new house is cleared for me. In the meantime i have no house because i need to leave this one. For the first time i am not panicking about it, instead looking at the bright side of this. Suddenly i decided to use this pauze and go to marocco, the land of where my parents came from. I want to write and unite east and west. I want to tell my story and journey, combining it with recipes of plants and herbs. Writing about patriarch and matriarch worlds. My roots are from berber people, the native people. Before Islam came, they had even a female queen. And she is still remembered through songs. I noticed that the last 10 years more and more berbers are influenced by Arabic and western life. And that’s ok but I want this rich ancestor heritage to live on and on in the form of a book.

    I am so curious what your eagle eyes are seeing in this. I would be so gratefull if a wise talented woman like you would have a look at this.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Gemini who needs to write, to shine. To star. How you write, where you write, and what medium is the key. You have been blocked for a long time. That block lifts next January. You have been living with the North Node in Gemini in your natal Third House of media, internet and publishing for the first time in 19 years but that ends as 2022 begins. That will stop the repetition of all you have heard and seen. You will be free to move forward. From 2026 some of the ideas may actually transform with new technology.

  15. Hi Jessica after checking my chart it appears I have a number of opposing signs – Sun 27 Libra, South Node 27 Libra, North Node 27 Libra, MC 3 Scorpio, IC 3 Taurus, Ac 12 Aquarius, DS 12 Leo, Chiron 26 Pisces, Uranus 26 Virgo, Ceres 26 Virgo, Panacea 7 Libra and Saturn 7 Aries. This seems to be a lot!! can you help me with these please?

    1. I have answered you elsewhere, but in general, the most important oppositions are Leo-Aquarius and Pisces-Virgo. The Chiron/Uranus/Ceres opposition is rare. Pisces and Virgo are both signs you express, but doing one seems to stop the other. The more you work hard, look after your health, do your daily exercise, have good sleep hygiene, do the housework properly – the more your Pisces side will yelp. People commonly do Virgo and ignore Pisces because society prefers Virgo. Yet you need to be across both signs. Have a look at them in your flipbooks.

  16. Jessica- you wrote that oppositions in the natal chart are rare. I see 3 natal oppositions in mine: Taurus- Scorpio, Leo-Aquarius and Virgo-Pisces. My nodes are also in Virgo-Pisces. How will these affect me? I have many conflicts and wonder if they will be triggered in the years ahead. Thank you.

    1. Of these, Taurus-Scorpio is most important as in 2022, 2023 you have crossroads choices to make about your values, money, life budget, house, apartment, charity, business, valuables. Comparing and contrasting yours with those of others is the big ask. Yet you will make or save money when Jupiter goes to Taurus, from May 2023. With Uranus in Taurus as well the moving wallpaper is erratic, unstable, unpredictable trends with retail, income, the economy. So you need to be flexible and open to change, but you will also ultimately do quite well. Leo-Aquarius is really about friends and children. So, falling pregnant by a friend, is one example, or having a friend make you a godparent, is another. Doing a group goal with friends to help children is a third. This being an opposition there are always conflicts. Virgo-Pisces is really about your unconscious mind (Pisces) and how it controls your health (Virgo). That is a really interesting one to explore. If you do have any health issues, now or later, see how you are programming them and for what reason, unconsciously. Matthew Manning is a good author in this field.

  17. Hi, Jessica. Thank you so much for your insights. Looking at my chart, I see that (if I’m understanding it correctly) I seem to have quite a few oppositions: Mercury at 27 Cancer/Cupido at 27 Capricorn, North Node at 20 Cancer/South Node at 20 Capricorn, Sun and Ascendant at 23 Cancer/Descendant at 23 Capricorn, MC at 17 Scorpio/IC at 17 Taurus. This seems like a lot. Fairly early in my adult life, I decided that I could either preference home/family/loved ones/spirituality or personal ambition/achievement, and that I needed to choose home/family/loved ones/spirituality in order to live with myself. Now, however, I seem to be in a new cycle where the choice may be coming up again–and now that my family are safely launched and strong, I seem to have the time and space to turn toward more individual and public-facing pursuits, as well as to integrate the opposing parts of my nature. Does this make sense, per my chart? Thanks for anything you can tell me, especially about this current cycle and what’s coming up.

    1. Cancer-Capricorn is really about family or career. You will have this your whole life but it is more intense in 2021, 2022 and part of 2023 as Pluto in Capricorn ends his cycle. It tends to flip. So you left home and family, familiar town and region, to make it. You have now made it, and will look at going back to where you came from. Musicians spend a lot of time singing about this. Uptown Girl – mechanic wants someone from uptown NY and he’s from Brooklyn or Queens. It can be through marriage or dating (marrying up). You also get Cancer-Capricorn when the family is the career, but the family affects the career. Cancer-Capricorn issues will be so much less intense when Pluto changes signs in 2023.

  18. Hi Jessica. Thanks for the excellent article and content. I am enjoying the premium member content. I have the South Node at 23 Sagittarius and the North Node at 23 Gemini. Helps to explain allot. What does this mean for 2022 and 2023. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can plan for?. I was hoping life would settle down. Thank you for your time. Kindest Regards

    1. The repetition and stuck, circular situation with foreigners and foreign countries (Sagittarius) and local travel, commuting but also the internet (Gemini) in 2021 will stop in January 2022. It’s been more intense for you because this nodal transit has triggered your nodes. There is a lifelong opposition here, so the issue is usually language differences. It can also be the rift between wanting to attend to local connections and communication, versus foreign needs and demands. Churchill had this during the war. He was torn between speeches on BBC Radio for the British audience and then having to ‘speak’ American with Eisenhower, or dealing with the Free French. You will have your own way of manifesting it. Yet, the most stuck situation is over in January.

  19. Hello Jessica, I have one opposition I am particularly interested in. It is the ASC 15° Leo vs DESC 15° Aquarius. Would you be able to share some detail how this opposition could be playing out in my life?

    Thank you,

  20. Actually, if I can add to the previous comment, I just noticed that there is an opposition in my South and North nodes at the exact degree (North Node 03° Aries vs South Node 03° Libra). Thanks!

    1. Nora, the Ascendant and Descendant are always at the same degree in opposite signs. So are the nodes. So you are picking up on two natural oppositions or unavoidable clashes in the chart. Leo-Aquarius is about the need to figure out complicated situations with friends and children. So often, a close friend and a godchild. It can also be about friends who are involved in a fundraising program for children. Groups are also Aquarius-ruled so this may be a formal group like a teenage cricket club. All your life you will find variations on that theme. Your nodes in Aries and Libra are about self-awareness, self-confidence, self-interest, self-promotion – versus the marriage, the work partnership or the common-law marriage. So it’s Me/We/Us and whenever that is under transit, it comes alive. Solutions for you with this will come from May when Jupiter enters Aries.

  21. Dear Jessica
    I have 7 Opus in Capricorn and Fortuna 7 in Cancer. I wonder if you might explain what this might mean for me.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Sure, Selina. you have a basic conflict between where you come from – your home town, home region, homeland – and where you want to be. So this is the person who has to move to go to university/college or to get a better job. Fortuna suggests it’s often out of your hands. It can also show the person who leaves the family tradition or family class/background behind to move on up. It can flip around as well. So if you play the Cancer side of the opposition, it may be that you do not want to leave your home town, family and roots in order to make it. You’d rather have security. If that is the case you would put your career energy into renovating a home, or working hard to buy one.

  22. Waving a big Hi from diagonally across the globe in New Jersey!

    Thanks again for a deeply insightful article. Maybe a basic fundamental topic but I will ask your explanation anyway because it will help memorialize the connections in my mind as I learn more. North node and south node being exactly opposite makes sense but are MC & IC always in opposite signs at the same degree? Same question for ASC and DESC. Is IC always same as sun sign – or mine just happens to be that way?

    Also, Taurus-Scorpio axis is important till 2026. How do I interpret my north node Taurus till 2026? Is this correct – New ways of making/saving money. Multiple income streams. (not-so-random side-note – I got into couponing. Ugh, this inflation.)

    Taurus is so much about home & hearth and yet some of the interpretation about reducing debt confuses me. Home-buying is exactly the same as getting in debt/mortgage. So, against the Taurus/Scorpio background, the question becomes — to buy a home or not to buy a home?

    Ciao for now!

    1. Hello to you in New Jersey. The angles and the nodes are always in opposite signs, correct. So we all have three oppositions to start with. No, the IC is not always the same as the Sun Sign. That is just your chart. You have correctly interpreted Taurus-Scorpio in your chart and the nodes in those signs in 2022, 2023. The world has economic karma from the last war, and also the forming of the EU, to sort out. We are all affected by that karma. If you are stuck about buying a home/not buying a home, you may want to use the Tarot. I have a few readers who would never dream of borrowing to buy a home; they would prefer to pay cash and get something low-budget. So a home is a personal matter; you believe in borrowing from the bank to get what you want. The Tarot is worth looking at for 2022, 2023 in particular, given your chart. You may well find the suit of Pentacles/Coins turns up to answer your question.

  23. Hi Jessica

    I have several oppositions in my chart:

    Ops – Taurus and Prosperina –
    Scorpio – 22

    North node -Gemini and South Node Sagg at 23

    Asc – Libra and Desc Aries at 17

    MC – cancer and IC Capricorn at 25

    We are planning a relocation next year, new jobs, new home, new country – all yet unknowns, what does my chart say about this? Any guidance would be most welcome.



    1. You are living out the oppositions in your chart now and also in 2022 by emigrating with a new career for both you and your partner, Krys. Without the other chart it is hard to do more than generalise, but you two would already be aware of different life budgets. That will be a bigger deal in 2022, 2023 as the nodes cross your Taurus-Scorpio opposition. So, different values, but different incomes, is a major question on that transit. Your nodes suggest the new country is an old country, in terms of past life experience. You have been there before. Your greatest issue will be language or accent differences – basic communication and understanding – and again, you’ve been there before. Your Libra-Aries and Cancer-Capricorn is about the huge gap between ‘me, me, me’ and ‘the two of us’ and also about where you come from (your home town and homeland) and where you want to get to (Capricorn ambition). You will need a great deal of time and space to yourself as you are moving into transits which trigger all these issues at the same time that you are moving and starting new jobs, so take it easy and take it slowly; the Tarot can tell you more.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another great article. I have found I have three different oppositions in my birth chart at the same degrees and wonder what sort of clashes these would involve.

    1) Nothnode at 16 Sagittarius, Southnode at 16 Gemini, 2) Asc at 16 Cancer, Desc at 16 Capricorn, 3) MC at 25 Pisces, IC at 25 Virgo.

    These oppositions seem quite striking to me. What should I be looking out for and do these oppositions symbolise the fact that they need to be karmically resolved in time.

    Thank you very much!

    1. The Sagittarius-Gemini opposition is really about tackling foreign people and foreign countries when there are language differences. Gemini rules words, ideas and images – Sagittarius rules who/what is abroad and overseas. It extends into academia and publishing and the worldwide web. It has been a bigger deal in 2021 because the nodes have crossed those signs. The Cancer-Capricorn clash is about how you appear – versus who your partner is. In those signs it suggests issues again about where you come from, and where you belong. There are considerable issues here about your nationality and the reality of globalisation. Particular partners in your life will pick that up for you. The Pisces-Virgo opposition is about your family or ancestors. You come from hard-working, likely working-class stock on either side. Your mission in life is to escape that, actually; to transcend it. It is very likely that a relative or ancestor also had health issues which affected his/her job. Again, your quest this time around is to try and reach beyond that.

  25. Morning Jessica and I hope you are keeping well. My weeks are full but I enjoy spending Sunday mornings catching up with you’re page. Wow – Again I’m looking at my chart with fresh eyes. I’m now seeing Mercury at 22degrees Libra and Jupiter at 21 degrees Aries? Not exact but similar at 1 degree off? I know that Jupiter in Aries is significant in my chart – I thought it was ‘un-opposed’ – now I’m not so sure. I’m trying to reflect on my story here – Jessica, are you able to offer any clarity please as I’m currently planning a career escape and wonder what roleMercury could be playing here? Also, I see in the asteroids at 21 degrees Juno in Leo in opposition to Diana in Aquarius. I’m happily single and have been for some time so have strongly identified with Diana. Juno’s placement I’m looking with re-newed interest. As always any insights would be greatly appreciated?

    1. Thank you very much. One degree orb is not exact, but when there are transits going over 21, 22 degrees you will feel the opposition. You are going to have your Jupiter Return there starting next year, so it’s around the corner. Aries-Libra is not career; not unless your job is a partnership. Aries is self-promotion, self-reliance, self-awareness – Libra is ‘the two of us’. It can be ‘me against you’ sometimes. Capricorn and Virgo is usually work, but the Aries-Libra in your life will come alive when April 2023 brings transiting Jupiter to that point. Mercury in Libra talks and writes via a duet or duel. Jupiter in Aries does well upfront; front-and-centre. If that dovetails with your work, yes, it will be about work – it is far more commonly about a marriage or work partnership where you are the front person. The Juno-Diana opposition in Leo-Aquarius is about the difficulty in committing to have children, when there is such a drive for independence elsewhere. Juno married Jupiter and paid the price as he was a philanderer and also stole the limelight from her. Diana was Jupiter’s daughter and begged him to release her from children and marriage. So actually, a Jupiter figure looms large in all this. Perhaps a father, grandfather or previous male partner. Diana in Aquarius is pretty happy; she hunted in a group and kept things very light-on with both friends and lovers. Her lover Endymion was asleep when they had sex so was a passive partner for her active life.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Just looked at my chart and see what I believe are oppositions in my natal chart. I understand that ASC and DESC are always in opposition which then leaves the flip-flopping Uranus and the taskmaster Saturn to oppose one another at 14 degrees. Sounds like a bad combo to me.

    In VIRGO
    ASC 29° Virgo 12′ | Cupido 29° Virgo 54′ | Uranus 14° Virgo 56′

    DESC 29° Pisces 12′ | Saturn 14° Pisces 03′ R

    As you’ve likely intuited, I am trying to prepare myself for the next chapter of life which will be “Chapter 1” for what it’s worth. I’ve been re-reading the “Foreword” for quite a while now and it’s… B-O-R-I-N-G!

    Money – At present, I’m still flat broke and in debt but still modestly optimistic for better finances per your prior comments on my chart.

    Relationship – I think the universe is currently lining up a happy and fulfilling relationship. I’m guessing about the new girl but feel in my heart that I’ve remodeled myself so extensively that I no longer have the Virgo expectation of a perfect partner. Nobody’s perfect, me least of all. I don’t know when or even how she’ll appear in my life. I only have a vague notion that she is enroute to fill a significant void in my heart. She may not be a perfect fit, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m totally fine with that. If we’re happy together and make a good team I’ll take that any day of the week.

    If the natal chart oppositions (assuming I read them correctly) mean I screwed, then don’t answer this query but instead let me live in hopeful ignorance.

    On the other hand, if there’s anything I should be doing right now to prepare for “Chapter 1” please let me know.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you. Uranus in Virgo exactly opposite Saturn in Pisces is a useful challenge to have, and at 14 degrees, you have been through a Grand Cross recently, with the nodes at 14 Gemini/Sagittarius. You will have your Saturn Return up ahead, and transiting Saturn will opposite natal Uranus. So how do you prepare for April 2024? Understanding the polarity of Virgo-Pisces is useful. It can affect money. It can affect love and sex. Virgo is about work and the body. You work for the money and obviously bring your whole body into a sexual relationship. What is different about your chart is that Saturn is opposite in Pisces, the sign ruling the soul, the spirit, the psyche and the subconscious. To some extent this drives what happens with your job, or your whole body, actually. So if you are not aware of how you unknowingly program yourself this is a good time to find out. Oppositions typically see us overdoing one sign at the expense of the other. Saturn in Pisces usually has to learn lessons about religion (for example) the hard way. Pisces is about religions, as well as psychology and psychics. It’s hard work. A religious school or religious family members is quite common with Saturn in Pisces. So messages about the work ethic, and homework, and the body (all Virgo) programmed by nuns, priests, devout relatives and so on are worth paying attention to. You will have your own story. But dig into Pisces-Virgo. Get in touch with the unseen, invisible part of yourself that we might call the soul, or the astral body, or ‘the hidden self.’ That can make the rest of life so much easier, especially with your Saturn Return coming up. Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House can appear as upheaval with work or the body, which I am sure you know, and being aware of the reasons behind those regularly irregular upheavals in your life can really help. See what the Tarot says too.

  27. Hello Jessica, thank you for this article. I’m fairly new to this and trying to learn more about my birth chart. I think I have 3 oppositions on my chart. Can you tell me more about what they might mean? I’m on the cusp of starting a new business venture in e-commerce and thinking about moving soon. I’m ready for a change of scenery in my life and home. Thank you so much for your site, it’s helped me immensely and always right on par.

    ASC 18 Sag/DESC 18 Gemini
    IC 10 Aries/MC 10 Libra
    North 11 Aries/South 11 Libra

    1. Thank you, I’ll pass that compliment on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. You are reading your chart correctly. The angles, the IC/MC and nodes are always in opposite signs, and you are split between Aries-Libra and Sagittarius-Gemini. So there is an age-old debate about being first (by yourself, for yourself) and co-operating with another, in a marriage or professional partnership, say. If you do one and not the other, you feel off-balance so the trick with Aries-Libra is to try and find your other half in work or romance, who can put up with your need to be ‘Me, me, me’ which Aries is. Sagittarius-Gemini is always about who or what is foreign to you – figuring that out – making it work with language differences, for example. It depends on an accurate birth time, as the angles always do. Yet, the nodes are absolutely in Aries-Libra no matter what time you were born. And as the nodes show past lives you may have been divorced in a previous existence, and agree to meet that person in this one. It happens!

  28. Dear Jessica:
    I am always curious about an opposition on my natal chart, that is: Pluto at 27°Scorpio —— Moon at 24°Taurus. Because I have a scorpio rising, i always see Pluto as Lord of my chart. What I also want to mention is that I have Sun and Venus conjunction at 24°Leo。They both square Pluto and Moon. So I have two obvious T-Squares on my chart. As last article said, I’m definitely a fixed sign person. I want to ask: How can i treat these three different fixed energy and transform these intense patterns? And what will happen to me when Uranus have a conjunction with my Moon at 24°Taurus in the next few years?

    1. In modern astrology, using asteroids, that is quite a wide orb – an exact opposition is zero orb. It sounds as if you are using a different system, and certainly with the ‘Lord of the chart’ as well. Something you may not have done, but should try, is to look at the pile-up at 22, 23, 24 degrees in your chart. The aspects are many and varied, but you’ll find that the transits of the nodes at 22, 23, 24 next year trigger the whole pattern. So that’s the national and world economy karma (going back to the war, actually, as well as the founding of the EU) creating a domino effect which has an impact on your life as well. Diana’s at 23 Scorpio in your chart, almost exactly in opposition to the Moon at 24 Taurus. You could just work with that opposition alone to understand what is going to happen when the nodes land on 23/24 and then, in the short-term, Uranus goes to 23/24. Diana is a symbol of feminism. She refused to marry or have children. She had a lover, Endymion, who was a passive mate. She was a huntress. Germaine Greer has a Diana-Moon aspect. The Moon is of course about mothering, caring, nurturing, protecting – in Taurus this is financial, or expressed through a house, an apartment, possessions, charity, business, finance. These two symbols are about to challenge you to creatively resolve inner conflicts about family and money; partners and property; joint finances in general. Look up Scorpio, Taurus, Diana, Moon because that’s the story here. Your flipbooks are a good resource. Only you can decide how you are going to sort out your budget and bank balance to meet your needs.

  29. Thankyou Jessica for such an interesting article. Looking at my chart, apart from the nodes, IC/MC, Asc/Dsc which are always opposite I have Minerva 26 Leo opposite Proserpina 26 Aquarius. I do not have children and probably now never can due to cancer treatment this year which has affected my fertility. I’d love to know what this opposition means. And do oppositions exist if one degree out? I also have Ops 13 Scorpio opposite Psyche 12 Taurus and Uranus 28 Libra opposite Chiron 27 Aries. The last two years have been massive with health, justice, spirituality, writing, friendship with a pandemic thrown in for good measure!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the angles and nodes are always in opposite zodiac signs but you have spotted an opposition which comments on your inability to have children. I am so terribly sorry about this, as the cancer treatment has affected your fertility. Minerva in Leo is a symbol of the wise Queen who teaches her wisdom to a younger generation. You are a natural teacher or academic, actually. Queen to a younger court. Leo is the lioness with the pride around her and in astrology the lion is an ancient symbol of monarchy. Thus the link with heirs to the throne, pretenders to the throne. The opposition is within you. There is another part of you which is a go-between with/for the groups in your life. These always involve allies or friends. You feed the needs of the group, or the friends, and are very much the middle person between two powerful friends, or two powerful clubs, teams, societies, associations and so on. So these double roles in your life don’t agree. It looks as though Proserpina has won for the moment. You tend to ‘do’ one end of the opposition or the other in your life, and you are experiencing Saturn in Aquarius, slowly moving into opposition with Minerva and a conjunction with Proserpina. That can only happen once every 28 years. You also have the transiting nodes moving to 26 Taurus/Leo next year. So this is a real squeeze on Minerva. Fortunately Minerva always has an answer and so will you. You have Venus and Cupido in Leo too and so your natural inclination is towards substitute parenting, step-parenting and so on. You will find your way to do this, during the long Saturn in Aquarius transit, but also with Jupiter in Aries trine your Leo factors in the same time-frame. So there are ways through and around this, with a younger generation, no matter how difficult this Saturn transit is (he has opposed your Venus). Oppositions can work with a one-degree orb, and your have another relationship-linked opposition here; Uranus in Libra in opposition to Chiron in Aries. This is about ‘the two of us’ always pulling against ‘but me’ and Aries-Libra is accented in your chart over the next few years as Jupiter will trigger that at 27, 28 Aries and of course you will have your Chiron Return. Figuring out ‘we’ and ‘me’ and ‘me with you/me versus you’ will be a memorable episode for you; you will be enormously helped to do that with that Jupiter transit. You’ve survived cancer. You will relaunch. A new look, perhaps a relaunch with your writing, is coming. Jupiter changes signs to Aries in May next year and it’s a nice long transit taking you into 2023. The Ops/Psyche opposition is about money, property, business, charity, valuables. This is also relationship-linked as Scorpio is sex and money (marriage and mortgage, classically) and Taurus is your own income and your own values. So there’s an inner debate there that is lifelong and may show up with particular partners along the way. You go through this again as the nodes go into Taurus/Scorpio from next year, into 2023, so you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that this entire story is about a former or forthcoming sexual partner and a ton of choices to make in a very short space of time.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    Looking at my chart i have found three oppositions: Asc at 16 Gemini and Desc at 16 Sagittarius, North Node at 26 Sagittarius and South Node at 26 Gemini, MC at 24 Pisces and IC at 24 in Virgo.
    Is there anything in particular I should look out for?
    Many thanks,

    1. Gemini-Sagittarius and Pisces-Virgo oppositions are turning up a lot with reader questions, Marianne. So have a look at some of the other replies. Gemini-Sagittarius is always about language, understanding, comprehension – locally and globally. So there are obstacles with foreigners and foreign tongues. You can be a migrant, speak English, but not be understood because of your accent. That can happen. Or you can struggle with work because half the office is bilingual. Pisces-Virgo is about finding the elusive balance between the housework, the volunteer work, the daily routine, the study, the unpaid work, the regular exercise and ‘proper’ eating and drinking – and the church, the meditation, the yoga, the dreams, the hypnosis, the Tarot, the therapist, the self-help books. It is very commonly resolved by rethinking the 24 hours in every day so there is plenty of time for both Pisces and Virgo!

  31. Thanks very much for the earlier answer. The depth of analyses is really how I learnt to combine astrology with Pamela’s tarot and Shaman’s Dream Tarot to make small daily decisions ahead-of-time and saved so much heart ache!

    So, I’m going to share my interpretation of three oppositions and would love to know your thoughts
    1. Nodes – soul path, we are born with south node qualities are learn to integrate north node qualities in this life time.
    2. ACS/DESC – ASC is how the world views us, DESC is how we secretly view ourselves
    3. IC/MC – fourth house – so the family I am born with and MC is about the people/family I choose over my lifetime.

    1. The nodes are actually a circuit, so you are not born with south node and must take on north node qualities. You have to do both. The old myth that the north node was the dragon’s mouth, and the south node, the dragon’s anus, led several generations of astrologers to say you should take in/consume your north node and get rid of/excrete/delete your south node. This is absolute rubbish, as any brief glance at the natal charts of the great and the good will reveal. Destiny says, at certain points, you have to pursue the qualities and destiny of both signs and it will still never be easy! Yet, it has to be done. Ascendant is image, Descendant is always your partner or opponent. IC is the family and ancestors, MC is your highest vocation or calling. You have some free flipbooks as a member which will go into this in more detail. Thank you.

  32. Dear Jessica
    maybe it’s not too late for me to ask for your reply:

    My chart shows three oppositions, I think, Mars 11 Cancer to Saturn 12 Capricorn
    Moon 27 Leo to Chiron 27 Aquarius and Fortuna 27 Leo to Chiron 27 Aquarius too.

    I’ m always feeling the intense influence of the first one…
    Waht about the other two however? How can Ι interpret them?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Vivi. Cancer-Capricorn is (as you will read in other replies on this page) the split between the family background, roots, class and parents – and the need to do better, to make it, to succeed. It is also the conflict between the people at the top, and the system, and the need for security and home comfort. Leo-Aquarius is always the conflict between friends and groups (Aquarius) and lovers and children (Leo). So your lover may not relate to your friends, or you may become involved in a group devoted to children or teenagers (like a football charity) and find complications with the people. Leo-Aquarius can also show up as the affair with the friend (the sex is Leo; the friend is Aquarius) which would threaten the solidarity of the group if you two let your relationship affect the organisation. You can play the opposition the other way. Being in a group of some sort, gets in the way of you having the affair you want, with a face within that club, team, circle and so on. Leo is intensely personal. These are YOUR children or YOUR partners/lovers. Aquarius is not personal at all. It’s about THE group and not you. Vivi, the Tarot can often help you sort out what to do about these sorts of conflicts. With Saturn in Aquarius in 2021, 2022 moving towards 27 degrees eventually, it will be a big ask. Golden rule; lower the stakes with friends, groups, lovers and children so that when Saturn turns up, it’s not such a huge deal. I just had a reader whose former lover, from an old trade union she was involved with, wants meetings with her about a new project. He’s married now. She’s not. Ahem.

  33. Hi Jessica
    Wow what a hard time I am having at the moment, I have just left my job as had huge moral dilemmas, so again lost! I have quite a few oppositions in my chart – I do have a few questions thou – my ACS and DESC I am sure Pisces is my rising sign but for some reason on your chart they are reversed, could you please explain.
    For oppositions where do I start lol –
    Saturn in Pisces @17 – Pluto in Virgo @17
    Jupiter in Gemini @21 – Fortuna in Sagittarius @21
    then of course my nodes Gemini and Sagittarius @0
    MC in Gemini @ 21 – IC in Sagittarius @21 – same as Jupiter and Fortuna
    any help would be much appreciated please and thank you

    1. You have a big Gemini-Sagittarius split in your chart so the Third House and Ninth House are always at odds with each other. Gemini rules language and Sagittarius rules foreigners, so foreign languages, or foreigners who cannot speak or write your language, are an issue. Lost In Translation can be a real concern with that opposition (it’s not just an interesting film). Churchill had this and of course his great challenge during the last war was German code (Enigma machines). Adapt this to your life now and you will soon see Sagittarius-Gemini schisms. There tends to be an issue with globalisation on the worldwide web (Sagittarius) up against your need to get through (Gemini) as well. The Saturn-Pluto opposition is worth your research and time. Pisces-Virgo is the conflict between wanting to escape from the real world and having to do the washing-up. It is the difference between the need for religion, the Tarot, Buddhism, meditation, dream interpretation, hypnosis, mediumship, self-help, counselling – and a day job. Often the body will act out what the subconscious wants. So if you are doing too much drudgery and not permitting yourself enough escapism or alternative reality, your body will produce something which stops you doing the job. Or stops you doing the housework. Have a look at that. Check when the Moon is in Virgo and Pisces, twice every 28 days as it will usually spell it out for you. It can work the other way. You can be too much of an escapist so your Virgo side is neglected and ‘something’ will happen to you, or ‘someone’ will happen to you, which pulls you up short.

  34. Hi Jessica I asked a question on 23.10.21 for which a message is showing “awaiting moderation before it’s approved”. This is the second time this has happened. Can you please clarify:-

    Have l wrote something wrong or asked an incorrect question? ?

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

    1. It’s not ‘moderation before approval’ so much as 12,544 comments I can see in the queue on this website. I get to my desk to answer as many questions as possible, every week, but unfortunately there is a long waiting list. The absolute best thing I recommend is a double reading. Use the Tarot and then The Astrology Oracle together to answer your question. This is what I do for myself, and for friends. Follow the instructions. Keep a journal. It works!

  35. Hi Jessica,

    I could really use your strength today. You told me a few years ago – I have a cardinal cross. This week has been unbearably hard with loss of job. Definitely karma at play – since this is my old boss from a few years ago – what are the odds this person would destroy my life TWICE in a lifetime. I am holding steady – to see if you can send some balm my way to calm the nerves. Really need your voice of reason with what is happening and help me stay strong.

    Love your work – thank you in advance and for all that you do!!

    1. I have answered you elsewhere and you will get a terrific new work opportunity at any point from the end of December 2021.

  36. Literally bawling my eyes out right now – you have the kindness and light, so unique. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and help sort so many lives!! Much love

    1. Thank you. Tears can be so therapeutic, can’t they…this works out for you. I have posted some dates to use with your other comment.

  37. I have sun and moon opposite in Libra and Aries, with my sun conjunct the descendant and south node and my moon conjunct the ascendant and north node. I’ve always had an inner conflict of doing more for others than I do for myself. And I’m so indecisive. How can I use this placement positively instead of it being a constant internal struggle?

    1. Your Jupiter in Pisces in the Twelfth House reveals psychic gifts so you can answer your own question. Ask your unconscious to give you the answers in a dream before you go to sleep then write it down. Use The Garden Oracle, The Tarot and The Astrology Oracle to validate your answer three times. Then the trick is – doing it!

  38. Hi Jessica,
    In past years you have offered individual natal chart readings. Will you be doing any individual natal chart readings this year?

    1. Thank you. The 2022 Astrology Reports go out in time for 1st February, Lunar New Year, and as a Premium Member you can be one of the first to order (the first 120 people have access to an online Q&A forum near their birthday). I’m just putting the final touches to the reports now, which are based on your Sun Sign solar chart, but also your natal chart – together.

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