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Astrograms – Name Secrets in Astrology

Anagrams and astrology charts meet in the middle with Astrograms, which show you the truths about yourself and your life, concealed in the jumbled letters of your full name. These are also reflected in the symbolism of your birth chart.

Encoded in your name is a story. Perhaps, several stories – and some uncannily accurate messages about your destiny and personality. Of course, some astrologers would say that personality is destiny.

Use Anagrams to Find Out Horoscope Secrets

Anagrams and astrology charts meet in the middle with Astrograms, which show you the truths about yourself and your life, concealed in the jumbled letters of your full name. These are also reflected in the symbolism of your birth chart. Go to any anagram website like thewordfinder.com to decode your name now.

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9 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    My sun sign is Aquarius, and I find this fascinating as I am deliberating between two names as I embark on my writing career. I have used an alias since I began to write seriously, but my partner suggests I use my own name (which is also his) for ‘networking’ possibilities now that I am moving towards publication. I have been called every possible variation of my given name over the years.I did the word search descrambler and one came up with the word scribbler in the first line. I’ll take that as a sign.
    Years ago, we changed our daughter’s name. We completely disregarded her original moniker, using her middle name and then adding a family name. I wonder how it changed her life, although at the time I never considered it.

  2. That is both fascinating and slightly uncomfortable reading the anagrams for my maiden and married names. Thanks for the interesting article as always.

  3. Good day October 18 1938
    Hope you are well
    Have tried to follow your work in astrology ,realizing it is a guideline for each individual, I have stellium s in so many signs 7 in sag 5 in libra and 4 in many others , does this add to my horoscope being all over the place . Each month I use it as a guide ( in medical field) and each month it appears there will be some relief …. But relief always seems to be pushed further out , September pushed to October , October to November then after Christmas , now May of 22, am I reading, my horoscope wrong, any guideline would be helpful. Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Libra person looking for medical answers. This article is not actually about that at all, but you could run your name through an anagram finder to look for clues. You will have hope for the future with doctors, healers, health, healing after Jupiter enters your solar Sixth House of wellbeing, on Thursday 30th December 2021. This is the symbol of solutions and win-win outcomes in astrology. He has not been in Pisces in your solar Sixth House of health for 12 years. Jupiter in Pisces makes a stunning conjunction to Neptune on 9th-12th April 2022. That is your fortunate escape from the real world.

  4. Very interesting Found some in mine – Twin win limelit chime chic entwine when well wheel nice lenience cent methicillin clementine wine new ice –

    1. Thank you Shellyn. You picked up twin, which is Gemini, hidden in your name code. You also have ‘win’ and twin. And we could say ‘nice win, twice, Gemini.” The fact is your chart is beautifully angled towards Gemini people, places and organisations. Gemini the twins. You have the Moon and Venus in Aquarius, so the chances are high you will have trines with a high percentage of Gemini people. Maybe that is when you have wine to celebrate?

  5. My name is Errin Taylor..I’ve always wanted to become a writer…but I’ve found the words “Nor Literary” in my name; does that mean I should not pursue writing?

    Thanks Jessica! ❤️

    1. Too funny. Also ‘not literary’. But that does not mean you cannot write Mills and Boon novels.

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