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New Moons and Full Moons to 2030

Even if you only use one part of astrology every month, make it the New Moon, Full Moon and Eclipse cycle.

Even if you only use one part of astrology every month, make it the New Moon, Full Moon and Eclipse cycle. In this feature I’ll give you key dates until 2030 and the information you need to know about peak times and ‘time out’ times in your life.

There is a reason why the lunar cycles were used at Avebury and Stonehenge, thousands of years ago, and still are today. They work!

All the patterns that matter at Avebury and Stonehenge use the classic cycle of 28/29 day and night patterns of the Sun and Moon and they are still there today in the stones and holes, thousands of years later.

In fact – much of our language is based on those old Sun and Moon memories. In astrology the Sun is a father figure. He is in turn the son of his father.

Thus, we end up with the word ‘Sun’ or son.

The Moon is hidden in month, mother and mom. The Moon has always been mother, in astrology, just as the Sun is father. All of these astrological observations are very old.

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51 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica!

    This was very instructive. I was not aware of this side of horoscope and I felt very confused by the Moon cycles before. This explains a lot!

    There is a New Moon in Scorpio soon, along with other asteroids already there. How do they interact for a Sun and Moon Scorpio?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. You’re going to see 2022 and 2023 foreshadowed by these lunar cycles on the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart. Over the next couple of years we will see some quite sudden upheavals in the world economy (Uranus in Taurus) which have a domino effect that also affects you. A classic example would be the worth of your pension or superannuation or the value of your property. Uranus is neither negative nor positive but it does deliver the last thing you expected. So, for example, if you own a home in a Zero Covid region, you may find the value skyrockets. Uranus in Taurus has commonly shown itself already in 2020-2021 as furloughing and also government handouts for people unable to work. We have also seen some employers bargaining with their staff, paying them a lower salary as an exchange for working from home. All of this is freedom and it is typical of the transit. Yet, in 2022 and 2023 we also have the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio and that triggers oppositions for billions, based on their marriage/mortgage and also any family property situation (for example, parents whose adult children still live at home, or must move back in). You are also affected by this, likely through six degrees. You may find your own income or salary is influenced, for example, or the property market around you is less easy to predict. As a general rule, anybody with a fixed-sign chart, which you have, is wise to ‘unfix the fixed’ and to become as flexible as possible, as quickly as possible, so that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Try to get yourself plenty of wiggle room, so that when life zig-zags, which it will, you can zig-zag with it.

  2. Hi Jessica. Great articles.
    The coming new moon will fall in my moon, and the coming full moon(lunar eclipse) will fall in my sun(solar return). How will the coming new moon and full moon affect me? How do I use it wisely? Thank you.

    1. Yes, you are a Sun Scorpio who is going through some lunar cycles, and also the South Node in Scorpio in 2022, 2023 and North Node in Taurus, opposite your Sun in the same time-frame. It’s a good time to understand the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart because now through 2023 you will find it emphasised every 28 days or so, sometimes in quite an intense way. It’s the difference between your income, your budget, your values, your debts (if any), your possessions – and those of other people. This is classically a difference of opinion between a couple over what matters most. They may have quite different salaries, debts or savings but they have to agree on (say) the cost of renovations or home repairs. Beyond sexual relationships and property, possessions and money – you tend to get family questions with Scorpio-Taurus. So this may be the family home left to you and your siblings, say, or the contents of your own will, which name (or do not name) particular people. All of this is going to come around sooner than you think, hinted at on the lunar cycles of late 2021, but a far bigger deal in 2022, 2023. The solution is compromise and negotiation as you are never going to get on the same page as particular people! Yet you can find common ground. As a rule of thumb if you are going to meet, or sign, you may want to skip the Full Moons in particular.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the lesson .
    Your knowledge is much appreciated .

    May I please ask you an important question .

    I’m booked in and paid for the surgery next Tuesday 2nd of November . I don’t have much choice as the availability date of the good surgeon is always limited . And I didn’t have a chance to ask YOU earlier ….

    I have phobia of being put to sleep , when my body isn’t in my control .
    I’m very worried . My children are still little . I am all they have .

    I’m Sagittarius .
    My daughter is a Leo .
    My son is a Libra .

    Now Sun and Mar also are in Scorpio from 30th Oct .

    Should I be worried dear Jessica ?
    Or Am I just having anxiety in my head ?

    In July when Saturn was in Aquarius by himself without Jupiter
    ( at the next degrees to Aquarius in SouthNode in my chart )
    My only sibling suddenly passed away .
    I am still denial and trying to comprehend what really happened in my heart and my mind .
    I never knew that amount of pain ever exist on earth until that day 14/07/21 .

    Dear Jessica, if YOU say this one 2nd November is NOT a good day I will have to cancel the surgery even I already paid all my money $10k for it . I trust YOU this much .
    My anxiety isn’t helping me with decisions right now .
    I rely on your confirmation .

    Thank you so much Jessica .
    I hope to hear from you soon .

    1. I am so sorry you live with anxiety. I am sure that your sibling passing away did not help. Anxiety is a medical condition which can be helped with prescribed medication, which your GP can offer you, but of course there are natural solutions as well. Many of my readers swear by the books and audio recordings of Dr. Claire Weeks, which do not involve drugs at all. It is very important that you are supported for your anxiety and for the possibility of post-traumatic disorder or shock, which would make sense, given what you went through in July. So this is a separate issue to surgery. Any time we look at surgery we go to the Sixth House of hospitals. I will use both chart systems for you to see if there is anything concerning. As a Sagittarian you have Uranus in Taurus in your solar Sixth, on 2nd of November. He has been there since 2018 and will be there until 2026, so this is a long cycle of physical and mental health changes, requiring you to also change. You are already doing that – you booked surgery. Uranus transits tend not to be an issue unless you are refusing to make changes, usually with work, housework, health, fitness, wellbeing. It is only when you persist in sticking to old structures which trap you, or confine you and also restrict other people – that you get the classic Uranus upheaval. We look for oppositions or squares involving Uranus to see if that’s likely, in your solar chart, and if there are, we then zero in on your natal chart to see if that validates what we see on a personal level. You have the usual Scorpio-Taurus oppositions that come at this time of year, but you have had these before, since Uranus moved into Taurus back in May 2018, and you survived October-November 2018, 2019, 2020 didn’t you! If I could see some rare, historic opposition of Uranus and, say, the South Node, on the day of your operation I might look twice. But there just isn’t. So please don’t worry. You are doing all the right things – liberating yourself from a medical condition with surgery – you will feel free once it’s done with. The actual anxiety symptoms can be tackled with help from your doctor. If you want to think about something nice while you are recovering, daydream about your home in 2022 as the improvements you are planning to a couple of rooms will make Easter quite wonderful. With Vesta and the Descendant as the only factors in Virgo in your natal chart, in the Sixth House of the body, there’s really no story there either. It would be different if you had a stellium in Virgo in a difficult position in your birth chart, and that was about to be triggered – but it’s just not. What I think you’ll get from that combination, mostly, is a sense of gender politics in the healthcare system, when you see so many male doctors and surgeons, and a majority of female nurses. That’s Vesta. The DC or Descendant is about your former or current partner, so perhaps you are filtering your experiences now through that person in some way. It can also point to the person you feel is against you; in Virgo this can show up as a medical professional who wants to go this way – and you want to go that way – and you’re already being told that there is a date you cannot change. So that makes sense to me as an astrologer. I can’t make your decisions for you – it’s your body and your life. The control is yours. So control your anxiety too; that’s what these oppositions are showing up; you are living with a very, very common mental health issue which is getting in the way of much-needed surgery for the rest of you. Call your GP for help with this.

  4. Hello Jessica, I love the triggers the moon sends out but the Oct 21st the Full Moon sat on my natal Mercury and I received news about my teaching role ending, I was anticipating some news but I (and many others) was devastated. The next Full moon is conjunct not only my Sun but my North Node as well. The next Full Moon 19/12 on Jupiter and in Feb 1st my ascendant. And finally in May 1st the New Moon is conjunct mercury again. I can almost see a pattern of fall and rise. Is this how you interpret my moon transits?
    Thank you for your time, astrology is my distraction and peace at the moment.

    1. I am so sorry about your teaching role. It takes more than a Full Moon to be in conjunction with Mercury to end a career, so let’s look. You are a Sun Taurus with Mercury at 14 Taurus. The lunar cycle triggered something bigger, which is very common. Your Pluto-Uranus conjunction at 15 Virgo in the Sixth House of work. You also have Ceres at 16 Taurus, very close by. So this is the job (Virgo) and the salary (Taurus). Okay, so long-term you are being moved into a completely different field. This begins very slowly from 2023 and the second decade of the Twenties will give you more power, more control and more influence. You are basically a very earthy, Taurus-dominant person who is being shown radically new and different ways to make money. At the same time, alongside the Uranus in Taurus transit which is behind this, you have the Pluto in Capricorn transit finishing up. So in both house systems I use for you, the teaching role was always going to morph into something else. This is an ending but it will bring about a new beginning. You will be given an opportunity in November, and again in December, which is the best way through 2022. It’s not perfect and it’s not easy but it will help you carve a path through next year. From 2023, as I said, the biggest professional transformation of your life begins. Deep breath. Use the Tarot on this website to help you validate things as you go along. I know what happened was a shock, and especially are you are so heavily fixed-sign, but try to find some nice YouTube hypnosis or meditations to get you through, or distance healing, and slowly but surely spin around to pivot position.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Very helpful explanations of the moons influences. I always feel the moon very deeply in body and mind. Maybe more than I really care for actually, lol. My Leo husband and I are planning another move to a different country. We are in Central America now (originally from US) and are planning a move to Portugal within the next year and are trying to plan for the best results. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Perfect timing for both of you to emigrate, starts just after Boxing Day and opportunities pick up again from May 2022. Your combined charts suggest emigrating to Portugal works out. Just be aware that you may not be able to flip-flop back to Central America from 2026 as we go into the big, long opposition of Uranus to all the Sagittarius placements of billions – and Sagittarius rules foreign travel.

  6. Hi Jessica, I will try you again and hope you have time for my message. Would love to know the best date for us to get married in the next 3 months or so? Partner born 30th Nov 1971. Will organise the day for what ever date you say! 🙂 Thanks Kate

    1. As a Sun Leo you are sneaking under the radar with Jupiter in Aquarius in your Seventh House of marriage. Saturn is there too, so this is serious (as if you didn’t know) and nobody could pretend it’s not hard work in 2022, with Saturn there alone. Your Sagittarius partner also has to be factored in. December 17th-19th is out as it’s a Full Moon in Gemini in his Seventh House – not useful. His best bet is a nice aspect to the transiting North Node in Gemini and they’re just not there. I think I’m going to have to look for a new angle for both of you. The Seventh House is about marriage, pure and simple. Two sides of the same coin, two halves of the same pear or pair. What will probably work better is to look at this marriage from the point of view of money, the house or the apartment. The possessions. A good bargain for the pair of you, on paper, with sex and money being the priority, not so much classical ‘pairing’ in any sense. This takes you nicely into January 2022 which is far better, as long as you both realise that’s what this is going to be about. You’ll have Jupiter in your solar Eighth House of intimate unions and financial transactions and that is the biggest and best cycle in 12 years. He will have Jupiter in his Fourth House of property – same story, but told through the lens of the actual roof and walls, as well as the bedroom. Friday 7th, Saturday 8th January 2022 finds the Moon in Pisces alongside Jupiter in Pisces. That’s your best bet, but you should also get everything clearly communicated between you both – and in writing. You have just enough factors in Scorpio, also in your Eighth House (in your natal chart) to find some nice trines in there from the Moon and eventually Jupiter, so it augurs well on a material/sexual basis, but as for the rest of it – it will be hard work. That’s what the charts are telling me. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  7. Thank you so much for your response Jessica .
    I’m incredibly grateful for your kindness .
    Of course my Doctors would say I will be fine , I trust their medical advice . They are good Doctors .
    But has been in years to me , Your insight has been proven above that dear Jessica . I trust YOU and the Universe more .
    Listen to your advice instantly I feel safer and ready for the surgery .

    Unsurprisingly YOU are correct in everything you said .
    To be exact, yes ! My surgeon is a male Doctor and he refused to do how I wanted in term of cosmetic . He insisted to do with his way for now . Which required me to have another surgery in future for cosmetic !!
    I am very not happy about it .
    But I don’t have much choice .
    I depend on his excellent skill .
    He is one of the best in my city .

    And also Housing !!
    Yes I’m getting ready to put my house for sell when Jupiter gets into Pisces . And I am preparing my financial to get the loan to buy a bigger land for my dream home .
    (but not a bigger loan )

    Why and how I could do that ?
    I was in much doubt with my decisions about my house renovation last couple years or so ,
    I divided one room into 2 rooms – while everyone thought I was crazy – I have made it more functional, more use , up the value .
    But Lived in middle dusty of house didn’t help with my raising mind .
    Classical Neptune !!
    Your prediction monthly and weekly have gave me confidence to believe in my design ideas and to finish the renovation dear Jessica .
    So here we are , my house is ready for a better price in 2022 . And I am ready to move to the new , suitable , better lifestyle suburb for me and my children .

    Thank you so much again .
    Your knowledge and kindness are much needed and appreciated more than you ever know .

    May you have a wonderful weekend dear Jessica .

  8. Dear Jessica,
    I’ve been a member of your online community for over a year now, and it’s been truly revelatory. I’m a Taurus who has pretty much had it with darling Uranus and the changes that have happened that, when all is said and done have, yes, have been for the better, am a little worried about my Vesta in Scorpio/ Sun in Taurus opposition what with the impending change of nodes, and recently had lots of fun playing with the anagrams of friends and family that confirmed so much about my growing up years.
    What I’ve been concerned about for awhile is the fact that when my granddaughter was born two years ago yesterday, the astrology columns were wild about the new moon in Scorpio being opposite Uranus in Taurus and how unexpected and possibly negative events could ensue. As it turned out, my granddaughter was born on September 28, 2019 at 9:05 A.M. in Northern New England, after a harrowing ordeal that could have cost the life of my daughter and granddaughter. As it was, my daughter was severely injured and spent the next month being tended to in her living room as she couldn’t walk at first, let alone get up to her bedroom. The baby was born with a broken shoulder bone and with much nerve damage in that arm. We three are very close and I now watch the baby four days a week to keep her out of daycare until she can be vaccinated. My question and my worry is about the future- the astrology of her time of birth- the difficult new moon she was born under. She is a highly fixed Scorpio who blends quite well with her fixed Taurus grandmother. The Mom is a Pisces. I sent for all three of our charts from you many months back. Could you take a look?
    Thank you for your very interesting work. I’ve been wishing I could ask this of you for awhile, and thought after reading this piece, that I would give it a go. Be well.

    1. Thank you. Your granddaughter was born with a New Moon in Libra (it was exact at 5 Libra at 6.28pm on September 28th 2019). That’s not the problem with the nerve damage in her arm, or the life-endangering birth. Your granddaughter was born with Mars in Virgo in the Sixth House almost exactly semi-sextile your Pluto in Leo. What does it mean for her to have Mars in Virgo, immediately connected to your Pluto in Leo? Well, you were born to want to control parenthood. Pluto needs to take over. You likely did this with your daughter and now you have your grandchild there too. It will help to understand Pluto in Leo in your natal Fifth House as much as possible, because the great lesson about that is – you have to compromise. You will have control for about half the time. The child’s Mars in Virgo is about fighting, pushing, battling – through the body. Virgo rules health, mental health and wellbeing and its rulership of the Sixth House is about the body carrying the spirit, and physical issues which have an automatic bearing on school, college, university, career. So from her first breath she was really in warrior pose. And her immediate connection with your Pluto in Leo goes on. I don’t see your daughter’s details but I would not be surprised to hear she also has factors around 25, 26, 27 degrees (near the Mars-Pluto links in the other two charts). The good news is, this does get better. The child’s Mars in Virgo is being triggered by transiting Pluto moving back and forth over 25, 26, 27 Capricorn. And of course it’s also triggering your Pluto. This transit can only happen once in all your lives. Pluto moves off 26, 27 Capricorn for the very last time by January 2023. I think January, February 2023 will be a turning point for you and the child, as we also find Saturn going to 26, 27 Aquarius in February right after the end of that Pluto cycle. That suggests a difficult but useful sign-off decision about the nerve damage or other issues. So, not the New Moon (although it has a lot to say about the father of the child, who you do not mention). This is really one of those ‘journeys’ charts and she has an undeniably intense journey until February 2023 with you as well, and it will teach both of you so much, even though she is very small. She will learn that her body channels her spirit and that everything about her body influences her learning, her achievements, her daily life as well. That will stay with her forever. You will learn that you cannot have total control, which is a classic Pluto lesson. Have a look at the Tarot to see the comment about January, February 2023 if you want validation, further. There is a support group or an excellent friend who comes centre-stage after Boxing Day who will help you so much in 2022, either by being a rock to lean on, or by taking your attention away from the little girl, so you can find some space.

  9. Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I did think my Jupiter and Pluto in Leo had something to do with my concern. I gave up a role in a nature reserve and also a social connection to devote the time to my granddaughter. COVID also came to call and that was that. Baby’s father is a Capricorn whose birth year I’m unaware of. He’s healing from a rocky childhood, and loves the baby and took care of my daughter when she was helpless. He has thanked me profusely for my role, but what you say is true. The tarot and oracle agree with your outlook. It also often turns up the card with the three woman, ( to me they look like women), with the raised cups. At least for now, I think they are us.
    Many blessings, Jessica.

    1. The Three of Cups is terrific as it’s about female solidarity and sisterhood. There is also abundance around (the harvest) but you all need to do something with that, to make the abundance flow. Thank you.

  10. Hey Jessica – thanks so much for this and all your other interesting articles. But still being a newbie it’s sometimes almost a bit overwhelming for me… I love the moon – what do I have to expect from the new moon in Scorpio with my stellium in Scorpio? Where will the biggest triggers be or better how can I use them for a positive outcome? I’m really looking forward to a hopefully positive turn in my life (most of all in the social/ relationship part of my life). I do not want to miss a good opportunity 😉 Thanks so much !!!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra who has Scorpio weather in the Second House (money) of her solar chart, until the middle of December. This is a nod to 2022, 2023 which are about financial, property, charity or business karma. So take your time with decisions as they need to work long-term. In your natal chart, your Scorpio stellium is in the Eighth House, which rules sex, death and money. So, typically, a mortgage and marriage, but also a family legacy. Again, what you do about the big-ticket items in your will, in November – until mid-December – lasts a very long time in 2022, 2023. It’s the same with any sexual relationship where you share the rent, say, or foot the bills together. Your social life is not really a story, and the sexual relationships won’t really take off in any important way until May 2022 – you do not say if you are single or with someone so it’s hard to say more.

    1. A Sun, Moon, Mercury Mars in Taurus question! You have a stellium in the Second House of money, shares and gambling. Jupiter (luck, protection, abundance) is at 2 Cancer in the Fourth House, so I assume you buy and sell shares in property. Jupiter doesn’t aspect anything else in your chart, so I don’t think you’re going to end up buying Elon Musks’s rocket, but you’d want to track the transits of the Moon in Cancer, to see what happens. I would be astonished if you were not in a terrific position with a house, apartment or property investment when transiting Jupiter goes to 2 Pisces for the first time in 12 years and trines your natal Jupiter at 2 Cancer, January 9th to 13th 2022, and Ceres (sharing, compromise, divisions of the territory) is in Taurus then too, at 28 Taurus, in exact conjunction with your natal Sun at 28 Taurus in the Second House of finance. So something very big indeed is coming up for you. Use the Tarot to see what.

  11. Hi Jessica

    I am a Sun Taurus @28 degs. The Full Moon in Taurus on 19th November will touch my sun. It will also conjunct my eldest sister, Sun Taurus, 26th April, on her Mars and Jupiter @ 26 Taurus. My Mom , Sun Capricon, the Grand Dame, 97 years old, had a merciful release passed on in spirit on 30 October. My sister and her son were living with her and another grandson. I drew a Death Tarot Card and Eight of Swords of Swords before she passed so I knew she was going. I visited her in the hospital. Her grandson withdrew all the money in the joint account for funeral expenses and flat renovation. My sister told us the flat will be sold and distributed to us. I drew the Queen of Swords for the coming full moon lunar eclipse. Eclipses never reveal information that maybe hidden for years. I do not think the Queen in the Tarot card refers to me. I am not a person who smites others. Please share your reading with me on the Queen in the Tarot. Will Moms flat be sold ?
    Thank You so much.

    1. Thank you Evelyn. The Full Moon at 27 Taurus opposite the Sun at 27 Scorpio on 19th November is also an eclipse. A cover-up or blind spot. It is very close to a conjunction with your Sun in the Second House of money and property. And very close to your sister’s Sun at 26 Taurus. Your mother’s grandson took all the money out of her account to renovate the flat, and your sister has told you it will go up for sale and benefit you. Your Queen of Swords card in the Tarot, relevant to that eclipse, shows a strong woman with a sword, keeping threats at bay, with butterflies decorating her, and the butterfly is a symbol of Psyche. You have Psyche at 1 Taurus also in the Second House of money. Yet, the eclipse is a long way from there, so it’s not about that. Psyche was immortal; she lives forever. This is your mother. Your mother in spirit is in charge of that eclipse. Unless the flat is actually put up for sale on that date, the cover-up and blind spot will not be about the apartment. It will be about your mother in the spirit world so say a little prayer for her now. Will you get the money? Yes. At the moment you are stuck with the nodes in the Second/Eighth solar house of your chart and they are about situations where you hear the same thing, or see the same thing, repeatedly. Yet that ends on 19th January. The actual negotiations will happen when Mercury goes into Sagittarius and into your solar Eighth and your sister’s solar Eighth. That happens November 25th to December 13th. Skip December 4th as that’s an eclipse in Sagittarius. Mars goes into your solar Eighth (legacies, joint finances) from 14th December until 24th January and that will speed things up. Try to avoid potential conflict then. That feels to me as if your mother is very much on the scene in spirit (Queen of Swords; Mars rules swords as you know). Yet you will have this all done and dusted by January unless this man’s chart, which I do not see, shows something highly unusual. If so, you would be waiting until the Full Moon on June 14th, also in Sagittarius, also in your solar Eighth.

  12. Dear Jessica – thanks a lot for your reply. I’m not in a relationship. It’s more the opposite, I’ve been single for quite a while and would love to find a partner. Is there a silver lining somewhere? You mentioned May 22? Regarding marriage and mortgage – I’m separated (not officially divorced) but a divorce is not on the table at the moment, what is ok for both of us because the paperwork won’t be easy (we own a house 50:50). I think there is no urgent problem/decision about money/mortgage/marriage I have to make in my life right now – what seems to be a good thing when I understand you correctly. Meaning I do not have to worry too much about November and all the eclipses, moons and transits?

    1. Thank you. Love, sex and romance show up in the Fifth House, Seventh House and Eighth House so let’s see what your solar chart (Libra) suggests. Saturn in your Fifth House in 2022 isn’t particularly great if you have children (you are separated but I am unsure if you have a son or daughter). In fact it’s very hard work. If you were to date somebody who had children from a previous marriage, that would be burdensome, for example. Yet, that cycle is over by March 7th 2023 and it’s really about offspring, or other people’s offspring, rather than anything else. Your solar chart cycles, in terms of finding a new partner or even reconciling with your ex (believe it or not) begins on May 11th 2022 and Jupiter, a symbol of opportunity, hope, growth, improvement and expansion will move into your Seventh House of partnership, engagement, marriage and common-law marriage – from that point. This is your Libra chart we’re talking about, but as Jupiter in Aries will also oppose Uranus at 1 Libra in your natal chart, you can expect a sudden, highly unusual, most unexpected turnaround, likely with your ex – but possibly with a new person – and that would happen in May 2022 and again in October and December 2022. To be born with Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House is really to invite upheaval and periodic revolution, which makes you reshape relationships and rethink what freedom, space and independence means in a marriage or partnership. It’s really about periodic reinvention of commitment, and this Jupiter opposition is quite rare; you’ve not seen it since 2011. Oppositions are always a stretch. They are hard work, yet Jupiter tends to benefit you, even when he is in an opposition to Uranus, and I don’t think you’ll forget 2022 in a hurry. Liberating – exhilarating – and utterly unpredictable. So, November isn’t really tremendously important in terms of the long game with your ex, and also with anyone new. You’re really looking at 2022.

  13. Hi Jessica thank you for an awesome article just wondering if you can help me understand how this new moons and full moons will affect me I’m not too sure where I have them or they fall in my chart kind a new to this stuff still.

    1. Thank you. So, you are a Sun Sagittarian so the most important cycles in your solar (Sun Sign) chart and natal chart (Birth Chart) together very much concern the Second House of money, property, business and charity. In your solar chart you have Pluto there in 2021, 2022, 2023 and in your natal chart you have Uranus in Taurus, and the North Node in Taurus, also in your Second House in 2022, 2023. So that’s two angles on the same film. The film is really about your life budget. Reshaping who and what you value most; who or what you consider to be so precious to you that it’s priceless. You’re going to find the New Moon on Sunday 2nd January 2022 is a new start with your finances, and it looks as though a complicated personal situation is part of that, possibly with a family member, extended family member or within a sexual relationship. The Full Moon in Cancer, opposite the Sun in Capricorn, on Monday 17th January 2022 is a bridge to cross and then this particular pathway finishes on March 6th 2022, with this person. You were born with Jupiter in Taurus (always protected with money matters, property, possessions and periodically extremely lucky) so this is a really important period in your life, where you get all the numbers together and make decisions that really reflect your own value system. You have Jupiter at 17 Taurus in your natal chart, so June-July 2022 (when Uranus moves to 17 Taurus) is the start of a sudden revolution that benefits you. Try to stay as flexible as possible with your life budget so that you can move quickly when you need to. There is a second episode in October, November 2022 and the final instalment of this thrilling, liberating, exhilarating chapter is April 2023. By then you will be so far removed from where you are now, you’ll be shaking your head. And free.

  14. Hi Jessica

    Your reply has been a comfort to me. You correctly interpreted The Queen of Swords Tarot card is my late mother in spirit. The Queen of Swords was drawn twice. Intuitively, my mother grandson is a Sun Libra 12/10/1988. I drew the Knight of Swords tarot . My interpretation is a man who is impulsive, in a frenzy state , and anyone who blocks his way is an enemy to him. He has mutable signs of Virgo/Pisces/Sagitarius/Gemini. His mother is my eldest sister and I am in a difficult situation. Is his chart unusual ?
    Thank You for any guidance.

    1. I’m glad the reply is a comfort, Evelyn. The Knight of Swords is of course related to the Queen of Swords, your late mother. The best way to work with Pamela’s Tarot is to creatively visualise different outcomes. If you find him too frenzied, take away his sword and slow the horse down. Take the horse away and place it in a stable. Put him on foot. Change the weather so it is less windy and stormy. Unless you can see an outcome you want, you won’t get it, so you have to visualise a new picture. You then need to see how it could happen, astrologically. The knight is on a horse. That is Sagittarius. He’s also on a journey. That is Gemini. When the nodes leave Sagittarius-Gemini on January 19th so will his quest, finish. This is not going to last.

  15. Thank you Jessica for your insights. I happened to read this just now as we are very close to the New Moon in Scorpio (just hours away). I’m looking at my natal chart and the current planetary positions on your website. The Sun and Minerva are at 12 Scorpio, Mars at 3 Scorpio, and Vesta at 23 Scorpio. I have the following placements in Scorpio: Venus (and Descendant) at 12 Scorpio, Mars at 3 Scorpio, and Jupiter at 23 Scorpio (as well as placements in Vesta, Aesculapia and Vulcano). So a stellium in the same sign as the new moon, along with Jupiter. Have I hit the jackpot?
    In your post, you say that I should use this. I would love your insights on how? I have literally just been sitting in the lawyer’s office today, discussing how to proceed with a financial settlement in a divorce to my best advantage. The last few months since initiating separation from a long marriage have felt super stuck (and, yes, repetitive).

    1. No jackpot with Scorpio and Eighth House factors, but yes – a good financial settlement with your divorce. Scorpio rules sex and money, of course, and you were born with Jupiter in Scorpio in the house of intimacy and finances. Also, possessions and property. This is phase one, and phase two will come when the transiting South Node of karma goes over your Scorpio placements, moving backwards from 29, 28, 27 degrees next January. The node is about karma and what is owed, or owing, spiritually and it can manifest in lump sums as well. This is a long, long cycle for you as it will take a couple of years for the node to reach 3 Scorpio as it moves backwards. By now the New Moon has passed but you will have used it to make a new beginning, with your lawyer, so this is well-timed.

  16. Hi Jessica
    I am not a premium member so can’t read the entire article. Can you please suggest me a journal layout (intention writing etc.) and ritual for new moons and full moons. Long before you published this article I decided to align more consciously with the lunar cycles as I am deeply affected with the moon’ s movement through the 12 signs of the zodiac. I have been learning a lot from you since the last 8 years. Thank you.

    1. Could I suggest a journal layout for you? I’m afraid it’s rather hard if you don’t have a chart for me to see…

  17. Hi Jessica, great article as always.
    I’m just curious if the transits in January 2022 will highlight decisions and turning points for me.
    I, like many of us, am living in a state of uncertainty. And I’m a little overwhelmed by the possibilities in some way. I’m conflicted between attempting to take a brand new job or rearranging my current one. Maybe to take courses and obtain a new degree? How can one find motivation and inspiration to develop the ideas to happen?

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards, Justina

    1. Thank you Justina. You are a Sun Virgo with transiting Jupiter and Saturn in your Sixth House of work, in 2021. The obstacle (Saturn) and the solution (Jupiter) are both there for you by December 29th. You wonder if you should take a new job, reorganise the current job or study for a degree. When it comes to work, your solar chart suggests you should accept the imperfect answer by the end of December 2021. It is solid, sensible and will sustain you in 2022. You will find you are tempted to obtain a new degree by 2026, despite this, and it will involve foreigners or a foreign country. So the short-term is either quickly getting a new job or reorganising the old one by the end of December – to get you through 2022 – but the long-term is absolutely about higher education involving other nationalities. You will love the years 2023-2024 in that regard. Do what you have to do, now.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I am considering hiring a village hall or similar to offer a series of yoga and reiki classes in my local neighbourhood. I qualified as a yoga/reiki teacher in July. Being a yoga teacher isn’t guaranteed to be very lucrative, although can be very rewarding but maybe using the new moon, I can get off to a good start. I was looking at the new moon in January 2022 as a launch date but I’ll be away on the exact date of the new moon, how long do the effects of the moon last or do you have a better date to run with?

    1. Great idea. Congratulations on qualifying as a yoga and Reiki teacher. You want a great launch date, so look to Virgo factors in your Sixth House, which is work, service, duty, lifestyle and it also naturally rules healing and exercise. It also has to line up with your solar chart (Sun Libra). As you are in a fantastic position with the latter, as you have Jupiter (luck) in your Sixth House for most of 2022, that gives you a nice range of choices. You were actually born with Jupiter at 3 Virgo so I suggest transiting Jupiter at 3 Aries, which will quincunx natal Jupiter from May 28th to June 2nd. If you can’t wait that long, you could use that as your second term, perhaps. That transit can only occur every 12 years so it’s worth waiting for. You could go for transiting Jupiter at 3 Pisces opposite natal Jupiter at 3 Virgo, January 14th to 17th 2022. Even an opposition can work with Jupiter, but be aware you may be inundated. You may also have at least one fat yoga student. It happens with Jupiter (a gas giant)!

  19. Hi Jessica, hope you are well and had a very happy Diwali. Maybe even lit a lamp/ candle at the new moon 🙂
    I may have two somewhat opposing requests here for guidance, so apologies. (The Libran conjunction in me? Lol.)

    I met an Indian man on the May 26th full moon, while teaching a masterclass at my UK alma mater, who came on to me quite directly for a bit. I was sensible given the 13 – 14 year age difference, but we met 4 – 5 times b/w then and early August, mostly talking about professional subjects (entertainment industry) over a coffee/ walk in the park or so. Recently, I invited him to a personal event (dinner party) on the 4th Nov new moon, and we ended up being/ sleeping together on 6 Nov, Venus Retrograde. May I ask what you see here?

    I’ve been hoping to move back to India for a while (Mumbai/ Delhi with a lateral if not step up in work opportunity/ financial stability), meeting a life partner, marriage & children. The urge/ calling has got stronger and stronger since July 2021 as I’ve been feeling I am living outside of/ away from my authentic life, personally and artistically. I’ve been living in London since 28 Feb 2017 and have not had great dating/ romantic opportunity here or social grounding/ community, although have had achievements in the professional arena. I’ve been trying to find a job in India before resigning my automotive tech job, so as not to be reckless. It has so far proven tricky but I am still trying. I’ve been single for years, fleeting relations apart, and want to enable myself as much as I can to bring true companionship, marriage and children into my life, and not let it pass by.
    Hope you get a chance to respond. Warm wishes.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind. You met an Indian man on a Full Moon and it’s now ended up in bed. You are a Sun Cancer who has Pluto transiting the Seventh House of love, sex, marriage and common-law marriage at the moment. In fact Pluto stays there until March 23rd 2023. You want to get married and you’re in the right cycle for that. Yet – the May 26th Full Moon was also an eclipse with the Full Moon at 5 Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries, academia) opposite the Sun at 5 Gemini (the internet, local travel, communication). An eclipse is always a cover-up or blind spot. I am not sure how much you know about him. The 4th November New Moon in Scorpio was better (no eclipse, not full) but still – you met him on a very difficult lunar phase. You have Uranus at 5 Sagittarius in your Ninth House natally, and he appeared as an eclipse was in conjunction with Uranus. I’m not crazy about that. Please validate, confirm or deny using the Tarot and The Astrology Oracle, but I can’t think of too many astrologers who would be jumping for joy. You can double that message if his plans involve you moving back to India or having a British-Indian dual country relationship – it is far too Sagittarian for comfort. Your prospects of having a marriage and mortgage, or a common-law marriage and lease/joint bank account are extremely good from the moment the South Node moves into Scorpio on 19th January 2022 and it remains there in 2023 as well. In fact a great deal will shift very quickly from that date. The obstacles and blocks you have had with moving back to India or even taking a job in another country will disappear as the nodes leave Sagittarius (foreign countries as mentioned) and Gemini. Any new relationship in 2022, 2023 will be about money, possessions, property as much as it is about sex. In your solar chart (Cancer) the New Moon in your Seventh House of duets, couples, pairs is a new beginning, very close to New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day 2022 and in your natal chart, Proserpina and Psyche in Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money, now wake up. When the South Node is in conjunction with both of those, karma from around 19 years previously will come back to you. That sounds like action, to me. Not without obstacles, as the North Node is in opposition, but for all that, in both charts I use for you, it looks like 2022 or 2023 for commitment.

  20. Hi Jessica, good information and great article. Can you talk about when the same degree is repeated often. Next year many of the new moons will occur around 12° which is the degree of a yod in my chart Saturn/Mars/Venus . What does this foretell for me?

    1. Thank you. Mars at 12 Scorpio and Saturn at 12 Aries are worth a closer look in your chart. I don’t work with yods, although I understand Venus is also very close by at 13 Virgo and Panacea is also at 13 Virgo. You could take this combination and look at it every which way: Mars quincunx Saturn; Venus conjunct Panacea; Mars sextile Panacea and so on. The pattern is about finance (Scorpio) self-promotion and presentation/packaging (Aries) and work (Virgo) so the lunar cycle at 12, 13 degrees will pick that up for you. There are issues about pushing yourself forward, being upfront – being seen – which you need to sort out. You can do that easily when Jupiter goes into Aries from May next year. In fact, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is healing and historic.

  21. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for this article! I am just wondering when will be a good new moon for me to launch my online course for the second time? I am thinking Jan or Feb 2022. Last time you suggested a time for me and it went quite well! Thanks so much! So, I wonder if you could have a look at my chart when you have the time and give me some tips this time too! Really appreciate!

    Also, something to share, I went to one of your online workshops and you mentioned specifically for Aries ( I am a Sun Aries with Aries and Pieces stelliums) that I would lose weight if I want to. I was quite shocked as I was indeed trying to lose some lockdown weights. And interestingly, I did lose weight! I am someone who never had the will and discipline to lose weight and I am surprised this time I am successful. In fact, I feel quite a big transformation is coming. I am aware that Chiron is in Aries, Jupiter is entering Aries next year. I feel a strong sense of changing many things, even thought of breaking free from my marriage as I feel the intense need to be totally free. I haven’t felt this way for such a long time and I am getting a little confused about how to move forward. Could you please give me some advice on how to use this period of time wisely? I know I am a strong-headed Aries and worried that I make emotional moves.

    Thank you so much Jessica for your guidance all these times!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the launch date went well for you and also that you lost weight. You are in tune with your Aries Chiron transits in the First House of appearance, but also identity and name. So you are also questioning your marriage. You won’t really know the full story until Jupiter goes into Aries next May 2022 but there will be some new choices then about yourself, and they will arrive really quickly. You want to launch an online course and there’s a good New Moon on Sunday 2nd January 2022 in Capricorn, together with Mercury (the internet) in Capricorn. Venus is retrograde in Capricorn so there may be a female involve who goes backwards and forwards: she might sign up but not show up, or miss some classes, or a woman colleague/peer involved may go back and forth for some reason. You have Bacchus in Capricorn so enjoy being ambitious and can make work feel like play. Have a look at your Bacchus in Capricorn and see how it feels about a 2nd January launch – people will be in the mood to start new jobs or courses then – in fact it will feel like fun.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve had a pretty tough year mental health-wise. I took some time off work between May and September. I am now back at work full time. I currently going through counselling to try to heal from past trauma. I am thinking about undergoing a relatively new therapy (EMDR) and wondering when a good time to start that would be. My sun sign is in Capricorn and moon sign is in Taurus. I understand I have a significant new moon on Jan 2, and a full moom on Jan 17. Based on my birth chart, would you start the therapy this year or wait till early next year? I expect the therapy to be mentally exhausting, but I desperately want to heal and stop being stuck in the same anxiety/depression cycles.

    1. I am sorry you have had such a rough year. It’s good you have had time away from work to recover and I understand why you are drawn to EDMR. You want to know when to start treatment for the best results with the anxiety and depression. Okay, so those two conditions are always linked with Virgo and the Sixth House. You have Psyche at 17 Virgo and Cupido at 23 Virgo in the Sixth House. When we look for cycles, we also look for the same/close degrees. So, you have the North Node at 22 Cancer and South Node at 22 Capricorn. That is just one degree away from aspecting your Cupido. I will let you unpack all that with your flipbooks, but basically you will be pleased to hear you are in the right space for recovery. You went through a very rare opposition from transiting Neptune at 17 Pisces to your Psyche at 17 Virgo last year. Have a look at Psyche in your chart – she was opposed in 2021. You also had the rare trine from Pluto at 23 Capricorn to your Cupido at 23 Virgo, and that can only happen every quarter-century or so. No wonder it’s all come to a head, but you are going to turn the corner very well. The worst is over. Pluto is now at 24 Capricorn and moving forward, far away from that hotspot, by next year. Neptune is also well away from that 17 spot he occupied in 2020. Uranus trines to your Virgo placements start to roll from June 2022 and as this is a symbol of freedom and liberation, you will be set free from what ails you. If you really want to dig deeply into what is going on, and why it might be going on, have a look at Psyche and Cupido in art and story. Psyche had a jealous mother-in-law and jealous sisters in some stories. Cupido had a problematic mother. Sometimes paintings online can trigger ‘Aha!’ moments. Sometimes reading the mythology around the archetype can be useful. The Sixth House is not just about mental health it is also about work. It’s very common in astrology to find that the subconscious mind is directing the malady or ailment, as there is a strong drive to get away from the work, or reduce it or replace it – underneath. That’s something else you may want to have a look at. I would certainly be looking at females and their behaviour patterns around you. You can start any time and it will work out for you long-term Kim.

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