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Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Prediction: Your State of Mind is Everything

On Saturday 30th October 2021 at 9.00am in Bedfordshire, via Zoom, I’m talking about The Alchemy of News Prediction. This feature contains all the notes from that event. You can watch the clip on my YouTube channel.

Astrology is Alchemy

Alchemy in astrology is you (the astrologer), the calendar, others involved and the question. Mixing that up makes for date-stamped and accurate news prediction, but what part are you, the astrologer playing?

Jung’s interest in quantum uncertainty and the role of the observer in any experiment – like a reading – is worth debate when the world always wants to know the winner of an American presidential election – or the outcome of a pandemic. Your state of mind is everything in these experiments. It’s the crucial ingredient. As I’m discussing at the A.A. Conference, just like Lisa Simpson (below, from Twitter) we experience the universe as a projection of our state of mind. Astrologers project houses.

Projection @NoContextBrits 300x171 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Getting It Wrong: The 2016 US Election

In September 2016 The Guardian asked me who would win the US election and on Saturday 1st October 2016 they printed my prediction: Hillary Clinton would win, because Jupiter was in Libra and that favoured equality. A female president.

My state of mind at the time was: distracted, disinterested, busy and – I should not have made the prediction. Most of all, I loathed Donald Trump. I wasn’t a huge fan of Hillary Clinton either but I couldn’t even bear thinking Donald could be a serious candidate for President. (The Guardian story below).

Hillary Clinton 1 300x75 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Wrong call. Bad call. Yet the wrong call was a great gift as it showed me that it is the astrologer’s state of mind, in forecasting, is everything. Beyond technique, as we’ll see in a moment. Because I used a diet cookbook for another election and got it right!

You Get What You Expect

You get what you expect: Jupiter in Libra during the November 2016 US election did mean Hillary Clinton did win almost 2.9 million more votes than Donald Trump. So I was right about women doing well with Jupiter in Libra. But I was wrong about the presidency.

I remember suspecting I would be wrong even as I told The Guardian that Hillary would win – but I didn’t have time to do the chart for Inauguration Day, January 20th 2017, and I didn’t have time to look at all the 20 USA charts in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion – and I certainly didn’t have time to rectify the charts of Trump or Clinton.

They badly needed rectification. The DD (Dirty Data) chart for Hillary Clinton was a problem and so was the fact that Donald Trump changed his birth time from 9.51am to 10.54am.

Astrologers are believers by nature and what you believe will get you the result you expect. I believed I was ‘getting by’ with the prediction, I believed it might not work, and yet I believed in Jupiter in Libra. Astrology delivered.

Tarot Cards 247206502 scaled 1 300x200 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Intention and Belief in Prediction

I’m yet to meet an astrologer who doesn’t believe in religion, Buddhism, Wicca or a higher power. Nicholas Campion researched this in his book, Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West (Routledge, London and New York, 2016) and I told him at the time I was a Roman Catholic who was drawn to Tibetan Buddhism. I still am.

The point is, astrologers and astrology readers tend to trust. They accept and take on faith. They believe in the invisible. And all of this is extremely important if we are to understand the science behind accurate astrology prediction.

For all that sceptics and critics say astrology is pseudo-science, it’s closer to the heart of the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics than most people will ever experience. And the gateway to many worlds is trust, belief, acceptance. When a Tarot reader sits down with a cup of tea, and her favourite deck – no matter how weird and wonderful – she is a quantum event.

George W. Bush and Crab Royale

Before I get on to the topic of the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (also known as parallel universe, or the multiverse theory of reality) I’d like to talk about a correct US election prediction. I hope this will prove my theory that it’s state of mind which is everything when seeing into the future.

ABC Radio called me up in 2004 wanting to know if John Kerry or George W. Bush would win. Exactly as happened with The Guardian, I found myself busy, pressed for time and so on.

The media typically want everything now, or the next day, and with 20 US charts and again, only a C rated chart for John Kerry, I wasn’t keen. (Rodden Ratings, based on the work of Lois M. Rodden in insisting on verified birth data, can drop as low as DD or Dirty Data, as they did for Hillary Clinton).

Hillary Clinton Dirty Data Nearly 2.9 Million 300x240 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

I Used A Cookbook and Called It For George W. Bush

I used a cookbook instead. I was new to Bibliomancy, so I followed the rules. Total focus, intense concentration and a clear intention that I really, really needed to know the winner of the 2004 election.

I used the South Beach Diet Cookbook. I found a random recipe. Crab Royale. Clearly the winner would be Cancer-Leo. I looked up the John Kerry chart. Three factors in Leo. Nothing in Cancer. I looked up George W. Bush. Two factors in Cancer, four in Leo. I told the ABC Bush would win. He did.

2004 John Kerry 3 Leo nothing in Cancer George W Bush Crab Royale South Beach Diet Cookbook 2 factors in Cancer 4 in Leo 300x97 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Walking Into A World of Prediction

In the Many Worlds theory of Quantum Mechanics, we walk into one world out of trillions whenever we measure it. Just the act of making a quantum measurement decides where we end up. Intention is all. You can use something as silly as a diet cookbook and have a profound result – an accurate result – using astrological symbolism (Cancer and Leo) – but only if you try.

We live with ‘quantum uncertainty’ or constant randomness at the very small particle level. Everything is everywhere, all the time. Until we look. Until we observe. Then it becomes – that. The world in which I could tell ABC Radio the correct result of an election where the polls said Kerry but my cookbook said Bush – is just one of trillions of realities.

Clocks and Calendars

The most common measurement the average person makes is with the clock and calendar. Perhaps longitude and latitude. They wake up, see it’s Saturday 30th October 2021 in Bedfordshire, it’s 9.00am and it’s time to see Jessica Adams talk about prediction.

None of that is real. All of it is a construct. Yet the majority of people trust time, accept the calendar, and believe – this is real. Astrologers are peculiar because their construct is the ephemeris or the software and it’s based on the idea that you can predict the future by studying the past. Yet, according to the Hugh Everett III explanation for the weird behaviour of the quantum world, we’re perfectly in step with Many Worlds.

Many Worlds theory explains why we hit the Cosmic Jackpot with our planet. It’s also known as the Goldilocks World theory and physicist Paul Davies is its creator.

Our universe is fine-tuned for life. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Like the porridge in The Three Bears and Goldilocks. But why? Davies argues that the multiverse, contains many different universes including ours, which is just right. We won the cosmic jackpot.

Monkeys Writing Shakespeare

This is the idea of there being so many trillion worlds, or trillion realities, that in one of them, monkeys with typewriters are writing Shakespeare. There’s a one in a trillion chance that could happen if you leave them in a room long enough.

Much as I hate to insult astrologers or astrology, the Many Worlds/Goldilocks/Cosmic Jackpot view of reality, so popular with physicists, nicely explains why our predictions come true too. There are a trillion universes where they don’t and we happen to end up in one that does.

Measuring Reality

Measuring reality makes it so. And with all their aspects and degrees, that is what astrologers do. This is the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. “There is nothing meaningful until the measurement is taken,” writes science author Brian Clegg in Dice World (Icon, 2013). “There is no point worrying about where a particle is or what it is doing, it’s just a probabilistic mess. Nothing really exists until the measurement is made.” The Copenhagen Interpretation dates from 1927 and the work of Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg.

Horoscope Meetups Cover iStock 173990072 300x225 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Another spin on quantum mechanics is Many Worlds. This was Hugh Everett III’s thesis. “Each time there is a quantum ‘decision’, the universe splits into two. Both versions of the universe then exist in parallel,” according to Brian Clegg.

So, getting it right in astrology prediction is really well explained by our faithfully, unquestioningly, whole-heartedly walking into a world where we have measured transits, aspects, angles and the rest. We trust it will work and it does.

Normal people use the clock and calendar. Astrologers do too but we also use the tools of what Carl Jung called synchronicity. Quirky time. Weird time. You might say it’s a case of things liking to happen together. Like a recipe for Crab Royale and a Cancer-Leo President. If you are going to predict the future, you need to know yourself very well, and your state of mind very well – and to trust your belief so much – that you walk into Prediction World with complete acceptance and trust. Then, in my experience, it will come about for you.

Astrology is Divination

Astrology is divination, which is the view of Maggie Hyde and Geoffrey Cornelius from The Company of Astrologers. Their book with Chris Webster, Astrology for Beginners, Icon Books, Cambridge 1995), sets this out very clearly.

There is no single reality that an astrologer can discover with the right technique. Or a computer. The astrologers, the humans, are at the heart of the work. In their book, Hyde and Cornelius talk about Carl Jung’s “synchronicity version two” which is “implicating the observer in the things observed.” This is the “secret mutual connivance between the material and the psychic state of the astrologer.”

My favourite example of this on television is in Michael Palin’s Pole-to-Pole. He visits Patric Walker on Lindos, his Greek island home, while filming his travel series around Europe. Walker tells him Mercury is Retrograde. Days later, the Palin crew run into frustrating delays. Now, we all know Mercury Retrograde is an illusion. So what happened? (Palin tells the story in his book, below).

Palin 300x134 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Predicting the News Twice

As I came to know more about the important of intention, belief, trust, acceptance and wholehearted purpose – with astrology prediction – I began making predictions twice. I published them as far in advance as possible, used specific words and dates and got real. This made it more valid for me. It was like a second medical opinion. I used three techniques: The solar chart, the natal chart and the Tarot of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite, who were astrologers as well as Tarot readers. (The Smith-Waite Tarot, which you can find on this website).

I convinced myself. I walked into the world where it worked, because I trusted that it would, having tested it. And so it came to pass that I called Brexit twice and the 2020 virus twice. I walked into Astrology World.

Brexit Predicted 2015

5th July 2015


Uranus also dominates the charts for England and Scotland. England will eventually leave the European Union.  Scotland will ultimately leave England. Europe is breaking apart and this is the start.

Brexit Predicted 2016

This ran as soon as David Cameron, then PM, announced the referendum date and a chart could be drawn up.

If the result is ‘Goodbye EU’ in June 2016 the revolution will only gain in heat, energy and power and it’s going to bring in Scotland, headed for Indie status. If for any reason the result is ‘Stay’ in June 2016 then nobody will accept it. This is not the end. If anything, it will only add to the push for independence, later.

The Virus

28th March 2019

ITV  followed this prediction up with an interview on This Morning which has now received one million views on YouTube. It ran on the front cover of The Daily Mail.

“Between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, 2020, there will be a critical change in the balance of power between the United States, China and Europe. It will also involve New Zealand, either on questions of trade or as a major non-NATO ally. We, the people, need to track this before it even comes to pass to make sure the stakes are kept as low as possible.

One Last Note – Post-Millennium Bugs, Hackers and Viruses

As an astrologer, I always deal with American readers who type day, month and year dates in reverse order to British and Australian calendar dates. Yet, no matter how you key in the date of the eclipse on 10th January 2020, you end up with what looks like a memorable code. I am going to leave this with you. This is not my area. But I need to mention it. Over to you! This eclipse falls right in the extreme Capricorn ‘change’ weather zone. And when keyed in numerals, it looks like this. Very odd.


Result: China Reports First Death from New Virus” The New York Times – January 10th, 2020

The Second Virus Prediction – Date-Stamped with WHO

November 11th, 2019

Prediction: “Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th March? This period is particularly chaotic because we also have a Full Moon in Virgo (organisation and order, clashing with flooding and confusion) and the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune (randomness) across this period. In fact, you can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses, and regular traffic, air traffic and shipping affected by wave after wave of rain/flooding.”

Result: “WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic” The Guardian – March 11th, 2020

Cruise Ships Scramble To Find Safe Harbour Amid COVID-19 Crisis” The Guardian – March 16th, 2020

Tarot Deck The High Priestess 300x200 - Astrology, Alchemy and Prediction

Synchronicity and the Tarot – Lining Up With Astrology

I hope it’s really clear that it’s intention and focus just as much as technique that brings us accurate prediction. All of the above were used with Tarot cards as well as solar and natal charts.

Please use the Tarot on my website now – quite free to try – with an extended interpretation for Premium Members. See its comment on your horoscope this week, today or this month – which is based on your solar chart. If you are feeling adventurous then use your natal chart as well. This is just another technique, of course, but the key is that you can get confirmation visually, and sometimes see the astrological symbols in the card. This convinces and confirms for you. It builds trust and acceptance. So you can walk into Astrology and Tarot World.

Changing the Past to Change the Present

Can you change the past? Based on quantum mechanics, you can walk into a world where the past can be seen very differently. And that in turn can change your present and future. If you dislike your life then change your house system. There are over 30 houses systems to choose from in Solar Fire. Try to read your own history through all of them until you find a history you like.

A True Story

I’ll give you an example of this. During the Global Financial Crisis a famous pair of glossy magazines would not pay me. This was back in 2008, 2009 which were very tough years for British media astrologers! The tax bills came. I was in trouble. My chart told me I was in trouble, using the Placidus house system. I had Second House and Eighth House oppositions being triggered by some horrid transits.

Changing Your Horoscope and Reality

One day I ran every house system I had in Solar Fire software through the Second World War. All the big events: the start of the war, the D-Day landings, Pearl Harbour, the end of the war, Hiroshima, Nagasaki. I did that until I found a house system that actually worked in back prediction. It was something new to me and I called it the Natural House System. It put Aries on the cusp of the First House, used whole sign equal houses – and so the angles went into houses too. Quite radical!

Testing the Natural House System

All my Premium Members have this chart system delivered to them, so you can try it now if you don’t have one. When I ran my own chart through Natural Houses I ended up with lucky Jupiter in my Second House of money and possessions, and lost the difficult Second House and Eighth House oppositions. I could not believe my good fortune.

I thought about my history, through that filter. Had I been lucky with money and possessions over the course of my life? Yes. Actually, I had. I had won scholarships to university worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a teenager I had entered and won dozens of competitions: it used to be my hobby.

Changing the Past Filters

By changing the filter on the past, I had a new horoscope. I could validate the truth of it though I had never entertained having Jupiter in the Second House before! But here’s the clincher. A few hours after sitting with the new chart and throwing out the old Placidus horoscope, I checked my bank account. The thousands of pounds owing to me from the two famous glossy magazines had been paid. Every last penny. If you want to see how others experience life with the Natural House System, just read any of the Comments, below any of the features on this website. There are many thousands of testimonials.

Intention Experiments With Astrology

The point is, in our many, many, many worlds – there is a world which can convince you it’s real – which you can walk into any time. And it may well be a better astrology world than the one you are in now. You just have to try!






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86 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the insightful session on Astrology Association.
    Still wandering about my Moon and then Four Wands? Mouldy flat – money to move -to buy.
    My Mother died recently and my brother inherited everything. My son got nothing as well. Maybe this is why I drew to cards. I have hired a lawyer. Maybe have to go to court?

    Thank you,
    Anne Margareta M

    1. Thank you. The Four of Wands is a very good card if you need a new space to live or stay. There is a family and/or friendship celebration on the way, perhaps Christmas or New Year, maybe some other gathering. There is a big welcome and a lot of goodwill there. Ask for what you need. I am sorry about the situation with your mother’s will. Ask the Tarot about the lawyer you hired and follow the usual rules on timing/checking. You are a Sun Aquarius in a really useful new money cycle from after Boxing Day, until May 2022, and then at the very end of 2022, so whatever happens, you will be protected and helped financially, either saving money or making it.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Very interesting and surprising!
    How can I change my relationship destiny with the natural houses?

    1. You already have a Natural Houses chart, as that is provided to all Premium Members. In that chart, Libra rules your Seventh House of relationships. You have Mercury, Mars, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, all in Libra in that house. We also look to Leo, which rules pregnancies and children. Leo rules the Fifth House of offspring. You have Bacchus, Apollo and Ops in Leo, in that house. So ‘know thyself’ is the rule to changing relationships. Using the flipbooks that come with membership, find out what that means about your personality. How can you get what you want by working with who you are? A great opportunity for a new or better relationship comes from May 2022 when Jupiter moves to Aries. Jupiter will trine your Leo factors. Jupiter will oppose your Libra factors, which is hard work, but as you always gain from Jupiter, you will still benefit from the relationship tests.

  3. Is there an astrologer that can help one run their chart through natal houses to find the prefered chart?
    I would pay for that!

    1. You could ask Stephanie Johnson at Seeing With Stars to do that, or she could recommend someone I am sure, from Solar Fire, her software company. State what you want – that you currently have problems with using another house system. As there are over 30 house systems it should be possible to find one that brings you closer to useful patterns that give you what you are looking for. Once you get the chart work backwards through your own history to prove to yourself that it’s validated. Then you ‘walk’ into that reality, or that destiny.

  4. Dear Jessica
    I have learned so very much from you! Thank you for your generosity. I wish I would have learned all of this 30 years ago but I am so grateful for it and you now. Cheers!

  5. Hi Jessica, what a brilliant article! Thank you so much for this. I also believe that what you expect and ‘know’ to be will come to pass, that we all have the ability to experience a reality using physics and the tools we have at hand. Can you please tell me a little more about how to change the past filters in order to experience the present and future I want? I have some very specific things I’m focusing on and seeing a different past would be invaluable for this. Again…thank you x

    1. Thank you so much. The Zoom edition of this talk will be available for purchase after the conference, I’m told, for anyone who missed it. To reframe the past you need to try different house systems until you get what you want. So many astrologers and astrology users, feel trapped by their house system and a fate they don’t want. This is really nonsense, as there are a multitude of realities out there, according to Hugh Everett III’s famous Many Worlds explanation of Quantum Mechanics. So, if you have access to Solar Fire software, you can run your data through all those house systems until you find a symbol you want, in a house (or life area) you want. Changing the filter is exactly right. You are re-remembering the past. This is the experiment I tried years ago, during the Global Financial Crisis, when a couple of very famous glossy magazines refused to pay me for my work. My chart seemed to trap me (I was using the Placidus house system). When I changed the chart to Natural House, I ended up with Jupiter (abundance) in the Second House of money. Looking back at my childhood and teenage years, I realised to my surprise I had ‘forgotten’ what a magnet I used to be for prizes (I entered competitions as a teenager) and scholarships (worth a lot of money at university, back then). So I accepted the new me, the new past and then – within hours – was paid every last penny owed to me by the two magazines. A huge sum appeared in my bank account, without warning, overnight. I’m repeating this true story to motivate you to try those 30+ house systems. Here’s the kicker, though. Given your time, date and place of birth it may be possible that you cannot get what you want. But – you may get a variation on a theme that helps you in other ways. You have Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. They are currently in your Tenth House of career. That may shift completely depending on the house system you use. If you are satisfied that you have validated and confirmed ‘the new past’ then you can go ahead and use a different reality. You will have walked into a different world. It’s worth a try.

  6. Such a great read, thank you. It was doing bibliomancy with you at an event this year that I experienced an aha moment on my own filters/reality. Trying to change how you see things is pretty challenging, unfortunately my chart stays the same in the Natural system, except Chiron moves into 12th house! I’ve tried most of the others and they didn’t change either. I know I definitely focus too much on Saturn, feel burdened or restricted in public expression. As well as the difficult aspects. I guess that has come from trying to avoid repeating the same mistakes. I would love to know if you see another way I could change my filter on this.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you. Bibliomancy is quite astonishing, isn’t it? With the right conviction, you can walk into a particular world. Yes, changing how you see things is challenging. You can’t fool yourself. I’m surprised you’ve not seen changes in your horoscope using all the 30+ Solar Fire options. At least one of those would throw your planets into different houses. It is important that Chiron goes into your Twelfth House using the Natural House System, as this enables you to get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable – with religion, self-help, spirituality, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, therapy, dream coaching. The inner world. So if you wanted to fix your issues, you would try those and know that Chiron enables you to sail past the usual conventions, restrictions or rules. You have a stellium or unusually high count of Pisces factors in your Twelfth House, so you ‘live’ there. You were really born to experiment and explore the inner life, the subconscious mind, the soul and the spirit. Ask the Tarot to show you the best way to use your Twelfth House/Pisces patterns to get what you want (within the next 12 months). If the answer does not dawn immediately, allow destiny to play out. So, for example, if you draw the Knight of Coins and you don’t know a man like that yet, he may appear later, and be the key person you need, to pursue hypnosis. That’s a random example.

  7. Is there any way of checking other house systems without having access to the Solar Fire software Jessica?

    1. Yes, you can try the many house systems on offer at and see where your Jupiter ends up, or your Saturn (that is a good way to quickly check the veracity of what you are seeing).

  8. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your explanation.
    After i change the House system to Natural House system which you are using, I do find many things make more sense. and can read my chart better with meaning. Before it really confused me a lot with different house System.
    You said you are using three tools “The solar chart, the natal chart and the Tarot of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite” measuring the time or make the prediction. What’s the different between solar Chart and natal chart? I am a little confused? The chart we get as premium member is a solar chart or a natal chart? It uses Natural House system. For example, I am a sun Scorpion, so in my solar chart the sun is in the 8/Scorpion House. But in the natal Chart, the sun is in First House. Does this what you mean? Or maybe my understanding is wrong. Can you explain? My birth Chart has two forms as solar chart and natal chart? or it is just the natal chart, solar chart means something else? And how do you use these two charts exactly? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The Solar Chart is your Sun Sign chart, based on your being a Scorpio – you have the Sun in Scorpio. This is the standard house system used by most media astrologers, and it shows you your public life and visible self. It’s the headlines of your life. The natal chart is your birth chart, based on your time, place and date of birth – which you receive as a Premium Member. The natal chart shows you your personality and also your destiny, as transits move through it. Your solar chart shows you a limited snapshot of your personality (you are a Scorpio) and shows you your public, news headline, destiny. I hope that explains the difference.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much; this is one of my favourite articles yet as I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection between the power of conscious belief, and the power of astrology to affect reality. It prompted me this morning to run my chart through a house systems comparison tool. I found that depending on which house system I choose (such as Regiomontanus), I could potentially swap my Saturn in the 9th House for Saturn in the 8th House. (Most other factors appear to stay in the same Houses, but additionally I could also elect to have Mercury and Neptune move to the 9th House instead of the 10th.)

    My interest in potentially switching my Saturn House is due to the ongoing struggles I keep experiencing as a writer. Along with constant near-misses with publishers, residency applications & submission acceptances, I just had devastating news from my agent early this week about the need for a re-write on a book I’d hoped was near completion. This is all despite years of obsessive work and dedication, as I watch (and wish well) writer colleagues move on up and publish. I feel like there’s always something that holds me back from true success, and am now doubting myself terribly.

    I would be so grateful if you could share any insights regarding whether this will get any better? My suspicion is that it could be the limitation and constriction of Saturn in Sagg. in the 9th House of publishing, in my current chart.

    Thank you so, so much as always if you are able to answer this. I don’t know what to do; it feels like throwing breadcrumbs into a void.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you LT I am glad you like it. How much fun did you have putting Saturn in the Eighth House, not the Ninth House? All that you are experiencing as a writer sounds like Saturn in the Ninth House and you may be fed up with it. When you say ‘years of obsessive work’ you are articulating Saturn, who is associated with Kronos his Greek predecessor, and thus ‘chronic’ and ‘chronological’ and the slow passing of time. This is a really interesting experiment with reality, as your new Regiomontanus house system may well remove Saturn from the Ninth House for you and put Mercury and Neptune in there instead. The trick is checking your own history. You need to be satisfied that you are not just trying something to see if it works; you have to actually know for sure that the new house system does! So go back into your past and find old dates from contracts, letters, emails and so on – and check them against the new house system. The one house system that never changes is your solar chart, and for you as a Sun Capricorn, this is really at the heart of who you are and what you do. I don’t know how au fait you are with your astrology, but once you get a new chart you trust and like, locate the best dates for publication in 2022 and then go to your solar chart to cross-reference for useful transits at the same time. Your Ninth House in the solar chart is always going to be about August, September as that is when the Sun is in Virgo and lights up the Ninth. So, if you find that time zone is also showing in your new house system, that looks like publication time.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    well this is a revelation! I am definitely going to look for another house system that’s kinder to my finances. The last few years have been a roller coaster.

    1. Do try other house systems. You have to convince yourself, so make sure that the transits in your history show you the truth, but once you find you are satisfied with the change, and more importantly – you have a good Second House/Eighth House – you may well find that what happened to me, happens to you. I was astonished at how rapidly I was paid by glossy magazines who had run up huge debts; within hours of switching to the Natural House System and dropping Placidus. I did have to be thoroughly convinced of the new house system, though, and that’s the key. You can’t fob yourself off with something just because you end up with trines from your Second, or whatever – it has to fit the past. All you are doing is trying another angle on the past and if that gives you a happier angle on the future, you may well find the new world delivers for you!

  11. Thank you so much for this article Jessica its explained things really well for me. I was around 11 when I first drew my natal chart inevitably using Placidus. Using these large orbs I have a prominent kite and all my mutable signs intercepted along with the accompanying ‘double cusp houses”, which has all proved accurate for sure but perhaps also incredibly limiting. You’ve done a great job of pointing out the disadvantages of sticking with a system just because it is the default. Many thanks once again, Jill x

    1. Thank you Jill. That is so impressive that you drew a chart at that tender age. You were probably an astrologer in a prior incarnation. Placidus was a monk, of course, so his filter on reality leans towards men, and towards celibacy. You’ve found your own filters quite limited with that way of seeing reality, so are open to something else. That could be quite exciting for you; the trick is to run the chart through as many house systems as possible, and try narrow orbs, try asteroids and so on. If you make a hypothesis about a past event, like a property move, or a job, and see it fulfilled, then that is a house system worth considering. You need to persuade yourself before you can step into the new reality, but if you also find you end up losing the astrology you’ve never liked, that’s a bonus.

  12. This is the first time I’m learning of this technique. I’ll have to try it because my expectations from looking at my chart and the reality over the course of the year have not been matching up.

  13. thank you for this post! my daily horoscopes seem to repeat a theme around banking, money, investments etc. Is there any more light you can shed on this?, going into 2022…how bad/or good are my transits/natural house system? how long do these last?

  14. thank you for this post! my daily horoscopes seem to repeat a theme around banking, money, investments etc. Is there any more light you can shed on this?, going into 2022…how bad/or good are my transits/natural house system? how long do these last?

    PS: my comments seem to be in moderation the whole time?

    1. Thank you. There is no moderation for comments, just a queue and there are 12,585 names on the list today, so that is the explanation for you. You are a Sun Aries with Pluto in Scorpio so in both house systems (solar and natal) you have a lot to sort out with your finances and property in November 2021. The more you can do now, the better off you will be in 2022, 2023 as you are going into a cycle not seen in about 19 years when the South Node will form a conjunction with your natal Pluto in Scorpio. This is karma from the past returning and you will need to settle spiritual debts, pay or be repaid – with money, a house, an apartment, a business, charity, valuables and so on. It is usually through a family member or a sexual partner. So do as much as you can now, in this Scorpio weather, to sort things out – you will be glad you cleared the decks later.

  15. By sun sign i have stelium in scorpio and by natal chart pluto n Uranus in Virgo and have always faced challenges and struggle in work place. Thanks for your last two articles on mental health and this one…both seem to be your way of helping your readers through these difficult times because you know. Any guidance from you on career front or financial stability would be appreciated. Trying to get a job in foreign country or a better pay package…. No success so far. Thanks for all.

    1. The Sun Gemini chart shows great career opportunities commencing on December 30th, running until May 10th 2022, so that is your first window. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, solutions and abundance will move into Pisces and your solar Tenth House of success, ambition, mission and position. You have Salacia at 26 Capricorn in your natal chart (I use two charts at once to time things) and so Jupiter will sextile Salacia, which is terrific, April 22nd to 26th 2022. Salacia is a symbol of someone who operates in two different fields at the same time, none of them real. So this is two alternative ways to earn a crust – not the usual ordinary sort of work – you will find you can easily double up then. Salacia jobs tend to be something the career advisor never told you about, because they are a holiday from reality. Use 2022. Use the Tarot to see what it tells you about that time-frame too.

  16. Hi Jessica, I always love reading your Rock and Roll references and thought you’d enjoy this tidbit I discovered while watching TV last night. Everyone knows Elvis (Aaron) Presley was the “King of Rock and Roll” but… there may have been someone else in this world with nearly identical genes and astrology to Elvis. As it turns out, Elvis arrived in this world exactly 35 minutes after his twin brother Jesse (Garon) Presley who was unfortunately a stillborn baby. Garon – Aaron? We can only guess why the parents chose rhyming middle names. Of course there can only be one King so the stillborn twin must have been written in the stars. I only wonder if they would have been identical in appearance. How mind blowing would that have been for the world? Just wanted to share my discovery. Cheers 🙂

    1. The Presley twin, how astonishing – I do remember now, it was very sad – he was a stillbirth. Imagine two of them on the planet. I must take a look at the Elvis chart again some time, and see what’s there in Gemini and/or Cancer.

  17. I have been living in my extremely difficult sad past for more than a year. I do not know how to leave the past behind and start living in present, how can I use Natural House System?

    1. Okay, well the chart you see here is a Natural House System chart. You want to change the past. You can do that with a different house system by getting a different filter on the past. What do you want to change? You don’t say if it’s money, love, health, family or something else. If you don’t have Solar Fire software then use the free chart service at to try Placidus, Equal House, Regiomontanus, Koch and so on. See what moves in your horoscope, according to the house (or life department) where you want to see the change. Then test it with your own history. If you can believe it, and it’s better news for you, then start using it. You really can do that, according to all the laws of quantum mechanics, if we use the Multiverse.

  18. Thank you very much for the advice and response. You are dealing with tons of messages. Grateful. God bless you.

  19. Jessica I just love the depth of every article especially this one which gives absolute sense – power of intention and our attention on what we observe – the filter through which we perceive our own reality(ies)

    I loved how you used it to empower your well-being – I too intend to reframe my past for my own true well being – I innately know this as truth

    Can you guide me as per my Jupiter in scorpio and Saturn in Taurus in my natural house chart thank you

    ps I am always mesmerized by the photo of Pamela WS on your website – I see you in her eyes and smile

    1. Thank you. I had a profound encounter with Pamela Colman Smith in the pub in Bude where she lived, upstairs. In fact, a friend of mine burst into tears – without any reason and without warning. I am a huge fan of Pamela’s as you can see. Reframing your chart with a different house system could be really interesting for you. Using the Natural House system we find Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Taurus, so there is an immediate story there about your own money, your own value system, your own life budget – versus that of sexual partners, and family members. The Scorpio stellium in your natal Eighth House would move, if you were to try another house system and that would mean a complete change with your finances and property, possessions, business interests and charity commitments. I suppose it depends if you want that. You may prefer to leave your world as it is. For as much as Saturn in Taurus is very hard work, with your own income, house or apartment – Jupiter in Scorpio offers lifelong protection. So, no matter how difficult things ever are for you financially, you always have an umbrella. People step in to help, or the universe is benevolent. That’s the Natural House system. Being so strongly Scorpio you are going to experience most of the stories through legacies which name you, or your own will, which names other people. So, the big ticket items, which have intensely personal and emotional value to you, or to other people. In order to accept a new world, or a new reality, you would have to be satisfied about a new angle on your own past, depending on where all those Scorpio factors end up. If you are happy with that, expect a profoundly different existence.

  20. Hi Jessica. Very interesting piece thankyou. I distinctly remember the time you posted the H Clinton prediction in 2014. It’s interesting because this was around the time I ‘tuned’ into you somehow and for quite a few months thought that your mindset was in flat out mode, and I was worried on a spiritual level that you may get burnt out! I also was fearful of D Trump being elected, and allowed my personal mindset to influence me in certain political conversations. For all that, isn’t it wonderful to have the opportunity of wise reflection and humbleness. Much appreciated, love your work!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, that period in my life, when Trump was ascending, was dominated by channelling and my spirit guides were also very concerned about the global economy. It was rather intense and as you know, mediumship can be really tiring. The American election of 2016 was a huge lesson for me. If one is to use astrology, follow the rules! Lois Rodden’s data rating system is there for a reason and to ignore the DD (Dirty Data) warning on Hillary Clinton’s chart was not a smart move on my part. I would have actually been better off using the South Beach Diet Cookbook and trying bibliomancy again!

  21. Thanks so much for your response, Jessica. And yes, I absolutely did have fun finding a chart where Saturn was out of my 9th House! As it turns out – after playing around with a few more charts, I found one that’s even better for me (using the Sunshine House System on, in which I not only lose Saturn in my 9th but also my Ceres and Diana from my 7th House of mental health (the two factors linked to my OCD). Instead, they’re in my 5th. I was thrilled! But the new chart still makes sense, as I’m ‘free’ or independent of children/babies, but also have experienced Ceres compromise issues regarding this. Thanks again : )

    1. Too much fun that you sacked Saturn from your Ninth House of publishing in an effort to have an easier time as an author. And you lost Ceres and Diana from your Seventh House. It’s good that you backtracked and realised the new chart works, in terms of your life history – you have Diana in your Fifth House of parenthood and are free of children. The Sunshine House System on is something I’ve not tried – maybe other readers can experiment.

  22. Hi Jessica, Thanks! I noticed that there was Mercury Retrograde during the President election in 2020 and we all saw what happened. Since, there no Mercury Retrogrades during the important 2022 and 2024 elections, should that help the Democrats over the Trump Republicans (Trumpublicans)?

    I read that you expect a recession in 2022 and 2023, that’s typically not good for the Presidential party.

    Any insight would be helpful as we saw tonight in Virginia and New Jersey governor elections, don’t takes things for granted.

    Thanks again

    1. The United States has a recurring problem with Mercury Retrograde during elections, as the date is always fixed – and sometimes the results do have to go to court. I very much doubt that the Republicans can hold power in this new cycle: Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (community, equality, diversity) in 2021, Saturn in Aquarius in 2022, then Pluto in Aquarius, from 2023. They would have to utterly transform and bring in women at the top, and particularly non-white women. The whole planet is heading towards a global sisterhood/brotherhood not seen in over 240 years so only politicians who really respect that are going to be in power. Kamala Harris is far more on-message for these forthcoming Aquarius transits than anyone else at the top. Aquarius is the Roman water-bearer who supplied the communal baths where all classes, colours and genders shared the space – literally pooled their resources. That is a pretty powerful archetype in astrology and we also have an entire generation born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius (Millennials) who are just waiting to claim their power on the world stage. That’s really Greta not Donald.

  23. Hello Jessica. Hope you have been well. I am wondering how this upcoming eclipse will affect me that is happening at 3 degrees in Taurus? I have a handful of planets at 3 degrees. I have been struggling with my health recently for the last 6 months regarding my lower back pain which is a mystery and recently started to dig deeper and doing lots of other tests to find out perhaps there is something else hidden behind it. I remember you always mention that the eclipse hides something and you cannot see what is it. Wondering could you have a look how this eclipse will affect my birth chart? I have the following at 3 degrees: ASC Gemini at 3, Cancer at 2, Ceres at 3, IC in Capricorn at 3, MC Cancer at 3, Libra at 2, Aries at 2, Proserpina at 3. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The eclipse in Taurus is really about money, and it’s a blind spot or cover-up, so skip that period for big decisions. Your lower back pain has nothing to do with that, and it is really a Virgo/Sixth House matter. Bacchus at 12 Virgo and Psyche at 5 Virgo are both in your Sixth House of medicine, food, drink, wellbeing, doctors and healers. Bacchus is associated with food and drink (too much of) so I have to ask you, if you are overweight or you over-indulge in alcohol. The Bacchanalia in Rome was a time of self-indulgent feasting – they likely also got high. Psyche is about who/what lives forever, after a time of tests and trials. I mention this because you recently had T-Squares passing over 5 and 12 Virgo, with the North Node at 5, 12 Gemini and South Node at 5, 12 Sagittarius. This would tally with the last 6 months. Psyche was made to work very hard (housework, errands, chores) by Venus so we also associate Psyche in the Sixth House in Virgo with back-breaking tasks. (Psyche completed them and was gifted immortality). Astrology runs on synchronicity, which is why I mentioned these two myths. Perhaps there is an unconscious resistance to boring housework, for example, or there is an unconscious need to escape from work through Bacchanalian pursuits like drinking wine or over-eating rich food! I’ll leave it with you.

  24. Hi Jessica, I just saw that Jupiter is in 22 Aquarius and it trines my Saturn and impacts some other 22 degree factors in my chart. I remember you saying that trines make things happen. Mercury is currently at 26 Libra and I think they hit my Venus, Neptune and Pluto factors at 26 degrees. Would I be right to assume this means some kind of solution/positive outcome is likely to do with relationships/duets/duels in my life? I’m single and wondered what you could see about my love-life? Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius so let’s start with the solar chart, because I use both charts for accuracy. You are stuck with the North Node in Gemini (repetition) in your Fifth House of sexual relationships, until 19th January. Nothing has happened, and you have been stuck, because you had to complete karma from about 19 years ago. This may have been a previous partnership, a pregnancy, or similar. (Even a one night stand). From January 19th the node changes signs so the loop is finished. At last you can do and say things, and affect the world – it will move with you – rather than stay marooned. There is really nothing important and long-lasting there in Leo (marriage) or Gemini itself (sex leading to pregnancy) in 2022, but from 2026 your entire life will change in relation to your own or other people’s children. That will be a revolution of many years. Obviously you want dates before then, so look after January when the wheels turn again. You have a stellium in Libra which would be picked up by a trine from the Sun, from the final week of January 2022, and that’s useful for you. In general you need to be honest with yourself about marriage and children, as you have Diana in Libra and even women who get married and have children, with Diana in Libra, tend to find commitment difficult. So the marriage breaks up, or they have affairs, or have to hand the children to a nanny, and so on. You also have Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House, along with Diana, so there is a fair bit of caution there about the institution of marriage. You may want to look at alternative ways to play the game of love and sex, which is an extremely big deal to you, according to your natal chart. Reading your solar chart as well, though, at least you can see the end of a stuck, circular situation as 2022 comes in.

  25. How can I use this to bring new interesting friends into my life. After moving from NSW to WA in 2002 while transiting Uranus transited natal Pluto and Mercury – an abrupt change – it has not been so easy to make new friends as it was in my youth, but I have bought a home, paid off my mortgage and have a reasonably well paid job and become more creative. I want more fun and friends in my life.

    1. You are not logged in, so I’m afraid I can’t see your birth data. I suspect you have natal factors in Aquarius and the Eleventh House of social life, friends and groups and are suffering from Saturn in Aquarius, making conjunctions there, which can feel very gloomy and hard, for a short time. You moved to a new state and can’t find anyone like you; trust that if you do have Aquarius factors it’s not going to last beyond 2022 and if you only have Aquarius factors in the early degrees, it’s almost over anyway. Saturn transits can be an absolute bore, as I am sure you know. But it does get better. Please log in next time.

  26. Capricorn 6/11/21
    Your ruling planet Saturn and Jupiter, his son, have offered you tremendous financial solutions in 2021. Cash in hand, perhaps. No tax. Easily done, to the point of being free. Instead, you have learned some hard lessons about what is required to deserve the money or free offerings that come your way. You have made mistakes and yet will now be shown some solutions, before 2021 ends.

    Tremendous financial solutions in 2021? learned some hard lessons on what’s required to deserve the money? I can assure you there were no such offerings in any shape or form.

    Now, what’s for today?

    1. Most unusual for a Sun Capricorn to have not been offered new income, or favours worth money, in 2021. I’ve just had feedback from a man who started dating a woman with a yacht she offered to lend him; a woman whose friend offered her cash rent on a spare room in her house; a man given a new contract for building work…all three Capricorns. Yet they made mistakes so are now looking at correcting them! Perhaps you are not a Capricorn.

  27. Thanks for your reply. I have contacted your IT support desk as I would think if I”m registered that my chart would be available.

    1. I think the issue is that you’re not logged in, unfortunately, which is why your chart is not appearing. Thank you.

  28. Thank you very much Jessica! I’m in shock ahah. I didn’t know we had the power to change the way we see our chart. I’m feeling like you just opened a new dimension for me (again!).As a Leo, I’ve always been disappointed with an empty 5th house especially since having kids is my biggest goal. I’m going to check right now. Merci beaucoup!

    1. But you don’t have an empty Fifth House. If you are a Sun Leo you have the Sun in the Fifth House. You have Mercury, Cupido and Vulcano there too, so a stellium. One way or another you will guide the younger generation, either by having children, or having godchildren – or students.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    It’s me again. I guess you have a lot of comment and I tried to figured out myself but I’m a bit confused now.
    One day you told me that Virgo was in my 6th house and in my horoscope this month, you are talking about Scorpio being into my 4th house. Are you using 2 different systems? Thank you very much as usual for the light you are bringing

    1. Yes, I use two different house systems for Premium Members. The Solar House System and the Natural House System. The former is your Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign chart and shows the public weather forecast. The latter is your Natal Chart or Personal Horoscope and shows the private climate. Virgo rules the Sixth House in your personal birth chart and in your public birth chart, as a Leo, you have Scorpio ruling your Fourth House. The two work together very nicely. The Sixth House is lifestyle and housework, the kitchen and bathroom, the home office – and the Fourth House is the apartment or house.

  30. Hi, I’m really interested in understanding if marriage is on the cards? I have had relly bad luck with love and really want to know if marriage and kids are in my future?

    1. You are a Sun Gemini so dealing with stuck karma which ends on 19th January. You have been living with the South Node in Sagittarius in your Seventh House of marriage, common-law marriage, separation and divorce for quite a long time. That disappears in January 2022. It really depends on what you want from love. If you see love as a financial agreement (mortgage and marriage) or a merger of possessions (splitting the rent and the whitegoods) then that’s an Eighth House matter and you are in a powerful position with Pluto in your solar Eighth House in Capricorn between now and 2023. We also find the South Node in Scorpio in your natal Eighth House at exactly the same time. So, you may want to make your choices with one eye on the other person’s bank account. You have Pluto at 7 Scorpio so can be rather controlling and obsessive (did you know?) which you may want to avoid. Yet, when the South Node goes to 7 Scorpio in February 2023 you will experience ‘Transiting South Node conjunct natal Pluto’ and that’s rare. It takes place in your Eighth House of sex, death and money. Classically, ‘until death do us part’ in the wedding vow and ‘for richer for poorer, for better for worse’ at a wedding. Children are a separate issue but your Eighth House in both systems is lit.

  31. Thank you for the reading. What is the impact of Pluto at 7 Scorpio? Having a controlling partner? Is there anything about the potential type of person that would be suited or could come into my life?

    1. Actually, Pluto is you. The horoscope shows the person. So you are controlling, passionate, obsessive, powerful, influential, potent – in partnership. Pluto was the god of the underworld – Hades – and fell in love with Proserpina, a maiden tied to her mother’s apron strings. He broke all the rules by coming up from Hades in his chariot, breaking open the ground and seizing Proserpina, spiriting her back to his domain. In the end he was forced to give her up for six months of the year, so Pluto is usually about dominating, taking over – then being forced to step back or step down – to compromise. This has already happened to you before and it will happen to you again, but every time it does so, it becomes easier, because you know yourself better. You know what to do – what not to do. Just looking at Pluto in art online can help you identify solutions. There are also numerous sculptures of him taking Proserpina – one by Bernini is very famous. Self-awareness with astrology is the key to balance and you can also try the Astrology Oracle on this site and The Tarot to help you ask ‘How do I manifest my Pluto?’ and figure out what to do about that. Pluto is closer to the core of real passion than anything else and in Scorpio it is always, always about money in the end too.

  32. Hi Jessica
    Sorry if I come across a bit dim here. Where can I find my solar chart that you refer to in answer to a question from a member above (also showing asteroids)? I have checked and cannot see the solar chart offered. Am I right in thinking I would have Cancer in house 1 (as I’m a cancerian), Leo in house 2 etc? How do I find out where the asteroids go? If I prefer the solar chart, can I see if I can make that more important than my Natural house chart?

    Also, how can I find out when transits are going to end?

    Many thanks Jessica

    1. Good question. Your solar chart puts the Sun Sign on the cusp of the First House and uses equal houses, so 30 degrees per sign. You have the Sun in Cancer so your Solar Chart shows Cancer on the cusp of the First House and Leo on the cusp of the Second House and so on. Solar Fire definitely offers this chart service and in fact Stephanie Johnson made PDF chart wheels for Sun Sign School students showing the system. You can use your solar and ignore your natal if you like. If you are satisfied with the truth of the solar, just use that. It’s your reality! Transits, asteroids and the like are also found in Solar Fire. You have your natal chart here though so you can draw around a biscuit tin and hand-write the asteroids, planets and so on, into a chart. Just pop Cancer on the First House cusp. Gemini should be on your Twelfth House cusp when you finish.

    1. Thank you. Whenever companies commission these surveys, I always look to the transits, never the sign. It’s so interesting to see what happens, for example, when you have a sign like Pisces going through a 2018-2026 transit of Uranus (the unexpected) in Taurus and the Third House (driving). You might also be looking at Capricorns who have Neptune (confusion) in their Third House of driving. Then there are the Scorpios who have Pluto (power, control) in their Third House of driving until 2023. I imagine all of this would produce some results on the road; I guess it depends how big your survey sample was.

  33. Hi Jessica
    I have been using the astrology oracle , every time I ask a question pertaining to prospects of the possibility of a future relationship, I get the same cards ,Mercury and 6th house ,I have tried on different times and asked in different ways ,and it is always the same ,I am having trouble interpreting it ,as I am not comfortable with internet dating mercury (communication ) and 6th house represents medical which is my field of work , I was wondering if you could help interpret this reading thankyou

    1. Mercury in the Sixth House, is very much about medicine and hospitals, and you work in a medical field. If you were asking about general prospects with a relationship, the cards are telling you this is a Mercurial man, with Gemini or Virgo factors in his chart, who is the go-between in terms of information, computers, the media, publishing, education and academia. He may in fact be in a medical field as well – that can happen. So there is someone out there for you. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, who moved quickly, had a way with words and was the middle man. I hope that helps you spot who this is!

  34. Hi Jessica, I could really use your strength today. You told me a few years ago – I have a cardinal cross. This week has been unbearably hard with loss of job. Definitely karma at play – since this is my old boss from a few years ago – what are the odds this person would destroy my life TWICE in a lifetime. I am holding steady – to see if you can send some balm my way to calm the nerves. Really need your voice of reason with what is happening and help me stay strong. Love your work – thank you in advance and for all that you do!!

    1. I am so sorry about your job loss, that is rotten news. And it is the same boss. You are a Sun Libra who does not have long to wait before new job opportunities appear, which they will do after Jupiter (luck) enters Pisces and your solar Sixth House of work, just after Boxing Day. From that point forward, far into 2022, you have Jupiter on your side. It’s the same in your natal chart. You have a stellium or unusually high cluster of factors in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. With the same timing, we see transits in Capricorn (ambition) starting near Christmas and going well into January 2022. The position you end up with, or the combination of work/study you end up with, is far superior to what you had in 2020 so don’t look back.

  35. Still crying and reading. Thank you for always being the light for so many of us. I believe…I believe…deep down I know better things are to come, so hearing it from you has me even more energized. It’s crazy how many factors I have in Capricorn. I am super ambitious and I am planning and plotting a big leap forward in my career. Each time I have been kicked down in my career, I have pushed harder to take a step forward. So much gratitude for you and your quick response – I just needed the assurance to bolter my confidence. Today is an important day for me – so I am going to mark it and look back after boxing day to see how it all plays out. No looking back.

    Keep spreading the light – you make a difference. Much love

    1. Thank you so much. You may want to light a candle and ask your friends or family in the spirit world to help you with your career, at the moment the cycle begins. So that’s 4.09am UT (Universal Time) on 29th December 2021. That is when Jupiter, the astrological symbol of optimism, solutions, growth, hope and expansion moves into Pisces and your solar Sixth House of work. Things begin to get better from that point, and you will also find useful opportunities near these dates, below. You have factors at 12 degrees, so very close to that amazing pattern on 18th February 2022. Extremely useful for professional life and pretty rare.

      6th January
      Jupiter 1 Pisces and Moon 1 Pisces
      2nd February
      Jupiter 7 Pisces and Moon 7 Pisces
      18th February
      Jupiter 11 Pisces and Uranus 11 Taurus

  36. Hello Jessica, I don’t know which thread to write in, writing this here please. I was applying for academic research and funding but now the funding is not working out I think. The prof said yes in Feb for research, I said no unless funding, and now it seems a no from their end for this. This whole period of trial and tribulations for getting into research with funding has been such a ride since 2018, with breaks of a year and a half and two, because of matters at home to be completed. I was just zip zap zoom mode.

    Now I am very exhausted, not simply because of this but 2021 has been a wake up call for health. I sacrificed for several years my health bcz of bad ppl around giving stress and deliberate tension and my own career life matters ( who am i, what am i doing). Ppl can really take advantage, I now realise. I understand it all now, so even when this funding came to be a no now, all I was and am thinking of is getting my health back. I have never been to a doc so frequently and now 2021, (since 2018 actually on and off) the doc’s is the only person I am regularly at. It seems so ridiculous and makes me angry that I am not living my life. Am very feddup of being in this place (precarious) and just need to leave this country. Acad research in UK univs is my way out I was working for, but now it seems ££ is difficult. I value my work and me, in that I am not paying for this. And any case I don’t have the £££ , but it is not worth it all.

    Me, I am physically active and up and about, my usual self. But these health matters – I know these muscle pains and stresses have come because of negative energy from external sources – there are many ppl around who would want this – I know. but I am now wondering how soon can I get back to my healthy self with no doctor’s visits and meds. I do breathwork and yoga slowly (muscle stresses here- just manifestation of -ve energies , I feel). Also, I have to move out of this present country permanently Jessica with £££. I have been financially dependent for many years, now am very tense because of this whole funding thing not panning out. I am very stressed and tense frankly about this Kindly, what insight you see it’ll be helpful. I am Mar 21st ’78 Aries Sun 0 degrees, kindly.
    Am terrified, I do not know what to do now career wise, intuitively and intelligently with £££. Moving to UK for this research was what my focus was and is. But this funding isn’t happening now. All I know is I need to move. Family is in California, my research work all is in the UK univs where I completed my Masters in 2015-17 (what tough years as I had moved fields – sciences to arts, but I slogged it out, just slogged it out, now I can’t take a no at this stage further research. It is so difficult).
    I write for a prof’s journal since 2019 but it is now slowed down as the pandemic is ending (I mean the real world is opening up) and so writings are fewer. I can volunteer but just don’t feel like anymore, free working like this. Hence, your insight and what you see much appreciated Jessica if you have time. Merci for this.

    1. Anxiety disorder can result in muscle aches and pains, but also in the more obvious signs, like the need for the doctor. I can see why a lack of money, even after your MA qualification, and some time in academia, has contributed to your feelings of anxiety. In astrology we look to the Sixth House, ruled by Virgo, to locate reasons for anxiety and possible solutions. Breathwork and yoga are already a very good idea, as the body-mind feedback is helped by both, and Virgo has always ruled the link between mental health and physical health. You are not logged in, unfortunately, so I can’t see the chart, but I suggest you look at your Sixth House and particularly any exact aspects between factors in Virgo and the rest of the horoscope. Academia is ruled by Sagittarius, and is in the Ninth House, so you would also be looking at that – and money is ruled by Taurus and the Second House and Scorpio and the Eighth House. You might also want to see ‘Help For Your Anxiety or Depression’ which I posted on this website recently. I hope this works out for you, thank you.

  37. Dear Jessica, tonight I watched your presentation at The Astrological Association from the 30th October 2021. So Fabulous. I appreciated how both the video and the above article really helped me to learn something I think will prove fascinating to experiment more with and expand my confidence in what I notice. Also, I loved seeing all of your books stacked behind you. I’m very curious to learn more; I’ve looked up the books you recommended and am eager to inhale them! So, I participated in the tarot portion and asked the question: “What is the most important story in my life at this time and how can I best manage it?”
    Here on your website, I picked the King of Cups. Really interesting since many others pulled cup cards as well in this Scorpio weather.
    My question is am I on the right track in Astrology World to look at the King of Cups, look at my charts, and then notice, for example, the fish or dolphin in the water is near my North Node in Pisces? Or maybe think his foot is pointing out my IC is in Scorpio and research what that might reveal? Anyway, thank you so much. What a fun exercise!

    1. Thank you so much. Your King of Cups card from the Smith-Waite Tarot shows the most important story in your life is a man who is out of touch with reality. You are quite right to look for Pisces. You can see the fishes clearly in the card. You are currently experiencing transiting Neptune in Pisces in your birth chart, at 20 degrees and you have a few factors at 19 and 21, which is very close. So, a man who is rather like King Neptune, moving through the sign of Pisces, is picking up your money, perhaps (Saturn in Taurus is under transit) or Proserpina in Scorpio in your chart suggests both money and sex, and sometimes property and family, so you usually find big-ticket items in your legacy, or in a man’s will, are involved. See what you can find. And please do pursue those books I mentioned, I think you’ll enjoy them.

  38. Hello Jessica

    Thankyou for this article; interesting, new (for me!) slant on things. What do you think will happen to the unvaccinated in Victoria? As time goes on, (and as you say as the pandemic continues until 2026). Will they continue to be excluded from entry to shops etc?

    Currently getting medical treatment for significant health issues (only MC in Virgo!) that will continue for a few years, so for me it’s a debatable issue as to whether it’s best. Not to mention fitting it into already busy treatment and side effects schedule (likely ill from it). Dr says it’s up to me…so I’d say likely not eligible for medical certificate re exemption. The medical issues are unusual, very niche treatment so can’t research the issue.


    1. The situation with people who’ve not had their injections of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and so on is global and Austria is dividing its people into no access/all access isn’t it. You have medical treatment already and it’s ongoing so you have really valid questions about getting injected in Victoria. It will ultimately come down to three injections, as Israel is proving three work (two are not enough) and so you need to bear that in mind. I strongly recommend you go to the epidemiologists and scientists for the latest. I follow Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter who is excellent – he is a Harvard epidemiologist who posts daily. The facts are, worldwide, two shots keeps you out of hospital, usually. People in the ICU wards and dying, are not injected. It’s an intensely personal issue and you are not logged in, so I cannot see your chart, unfortunately. But read the science. Look at what your particular condition is all about, in terms of injections, and see what is happening in large population nations. The UK government keeps detailed records of any side effects, for example. Two of my friend have died from COVID-19. Neither of them were injected. They died in weeks and were otherwise healthy, in their fifties. So in that sense, their tragedies were typical of what is happening out there. Israel is Zero Covid today. Have a look at that country and see what is going on, in terms of your own condition and situation.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    I just discovered your website and am astounded. I have a question concerning a stalking situation that’s been going on for 5 or so years now. It started in 2016/2017 where a group of women would stalk me to work and hook up with men around me behind my back. Then my sisters druggie abusive boyfriend got angry with me for trying to protect my family, and he asked a group of gang members and drug dealers to stalk me around and harass me in order to scare me.

    Come to 2021 and I move to a town in Denver, and essentially my entire neighborhood is now helping my stalkers bring men here from my past and various places I’ve lived and trying to deceive and manipulate them into marrying these stalker women and women associated with my neighbors. These psychos have formed into towns where many of them all move to and live around, with all these men they’ve manipulated into marrying them. It’s become a full time operation in my neighborhood now.

    I have no idea why most of these women have chosen me to harass like this. They run me out of jobs and anytime they see a man is attracted to me they do everything in their power to convince him not to date me, with whatever lie they chose to tell that day. I’m at my wits end and truly despise these people, it’s worn me down and they’ve done everything they can to destroy me spiritually, emotionally, physically, monetarily. They destroyed my education, career, they constantly poison my food if I eat out and one of these people works in the restaurants. I can’t go out of my home anymore without them showing up. They’ve even stalked me out of my state of Colorado on many occasions, even getting on a plane across the country. They even stalk me to self defense classes I’ve taken to protect myself from them. They may be a coven, maybe some horrible Christian cults, maybe some gang members. They’ve managed to brainwash these men against me and turn them to act out violently against me now while they pretend to feel sorry for me eventhough they’ve been doing this to me for years, and they go out of their way to reach everyone I communicate with and either trying to convince those people into joining them or they threaten them.

    My question is, who are these people and why are they doing this? How can I protect myself besides just moving away (I may have to move outside of the US at this point because these people seem to be from everywhere). The police will not help me and some have even been caught helping and protecting these women that they are most likely sleeping with and married to now.

    Any response or advice would be more than appreciated. Sorry for the long message, it’s just a really frustrating situation.

    Thank you!
    Sincerely, Rita

    1. Okay, so you are a Sun Virgo, Rita. Let us begin with your solar chart. I assume you are offline, with your life? That you are not on Facebook, for example? You had the North Node in Cancer transit your Eleventh House of groups in recent years and that would be my first concern; that you are still online – your name and face – perhaps your location – remain there. Obviously remove them. You must be suffering from anxiety and/or depression. It sounds as if you are certainly dealing with anxiety. What has your doctor said to you? If you have not yet made an appointment with your doctor about the strain on your mental health, it’s time to do that as well. Or to seek a second opinion. You are strongly Virgo in your natal chart and whatever affects your peace of mind, always affects your body (tension in the muscles, for example) and then it’s a feedback loop. Physical tension also makes you lose peace of mind, or it affects your sleep and so on. You need to break the loop if you have not already done so by seeing your regular doctor or an alternative one. I hope you find what you need, Rita. Stalking is very common. There are ways to deal with it. You have to have peace of mind and strength of mind to do that. If you do not have support from a doctor or health professional now is the time to get it. You can also try the non-traditional route and pay a professional to clear your space, and clear your energy field, and set up auric protection for you. But sort out your anxiety and/or depression with medical help as an absolute priority, please.

  40. Hi Jessica ,I asked the tarot cards what I was thinking at the time and I was impressed at how accurate and specific it was ,when I asked about the future ,I had trouble trying to figure it out however im sure that will come with time and more practice. and I have a silly question to ask , if you have no planets in the relationship house ,the seventh like mine does that mean your not meant to have a soul mate ?

    1. An empty Seventh House just means you are not defined by your lovers or partners. A marriage would not ‘say who you are’ to coin a phrase. Your personality is not described, and never will be described, by your other half. Keep using the Tarot and jot down notes in a journal. The accuracy will be second nature in no time.

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