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November 19th Eclipse Astrology

A Full Moon Eclipse will take place on Friday, November 19th, 2021. In astrology, this means a nearly total eclipse – and a nearly total picture of missing information.

Your Horoscope on 19th November

A Full Moon Eclipse will take place on Friday, November 19th, 2021. In astrology, this means a nearly total eclipse – and a nearly total picture of missing information. Your horoscope will be affected by the usual missing information or partial view that happens on an eclipse, so be aware that Friday is like driving with only one headlight, or watching life with one side of a pair of glasses missing.

Cover-Ups and The Queen – and Prince Charles

This is about a cover-up involving Her Majesty the Queen (Taurus) and Charles, the Prince of Wales (Scorpio). Eclipses are traditionally portents for the Royal Family and in fact, Charles married Diana near two eclipses.

There are two more stories about Scorpio/Taurus matters (sex, death and money) in the news now – which will see a cover-up. The first one is Ghislaine Maxwell and the second one is Barclays Bank and Jeffrey Epstein. Watch for what you’re not shown on 19th November. It takes years for the public to find out the truth when an eclipse takes place.

An eclipse is a strange thing. Normally a Full Moon (below) is like a spotlight on a mirror. It reveals and reflects, very clearly, what is there. On an eclipse though, everything is in shadow. As you might expect, very little is clear at all and history tells us deliberate cover-ups take place then. We are usually distracted by what is obvious and never see what is tucked away…

Unsplash Full Moon - November 19th Eclipse Astrology

Your Sun Sign

I’ll look at your Sun Sign in a moment to show you the issues. There are two. One picked up by the Full Moon and the other by the Sun. Skip that day for big choices that would put you on the wrong path. A Full Moon looks like a big, white full stop. And it is a full stop. You should pause. I will also look at your natal chart to see if it’s triggered.

Opposing Factors

Opposition, opposite opinions, opposing factors – these are all to be expected when the Moon is opposite the Sun. So, within yourself (perhaps) and certainly with those around you, there will be mixed feelings and contradictions. Complex situations and perhaps, conflicts. November 19th is a good time to take it easy. To give yourself and others a lot of space. It doesn’t really matter if you are asleep in bed when it happens, or wide awake. We live in a 24-hour world, so everyone is affected, across Friday 19th and perhaps just before and after – the 18th and 20th. Give Taurus and Scorpio people more space (and find it for yourself if you are Taurus or Scorpio) as the eclipse pulls on those two signs.

Eclipse Visibility Unsplash - November 19th Eclipse Astrology

Long-Lasting Impact

This will be the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440, and the longest until 2669. NASA are expecting it to last 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds. This lunar eclipse will have a long-lasting impact on you. If you take a particular path while it occurs, you may be travelling with low visibility. Only a small sliver of that Taurus moon will be visible. Think of this as a sign that only a very tiny part of any new path will be visible. Wait before you say yes, no or maybe.


All images: Unsplash; Main image; Bryan Goff, Unsplash

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72 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    It’s November 17 and I feel all over the place, not happy. Last year around this time I was struggling at work (involves foreign people) , it was around that time last year when I started having panic attacks. After some therapy I started to feel fine. But Now one year later I feel like I am slipping back into that same patterns. I am scared and I think it might be the eclipse hitting me.

    Can you please give me some insights?

    I have sun at 26degrees Virgo .

    Thank you.

    1. The Sun at 26 Virgo in your Sixth House of health (and mental health) is close to the eclipse, at 27 Taurus/27 Scorpio. Just skip today, Friday 19th November, for big choices or action plans – involving work, health, mental health. That’s all that would be affected, and it would be a case of being ‘in the dark’ as we are looking at shadows with the Sun and Moon. Nobody likes not seeing/knowing so try to make your choices another day if you can. Struggling at work and having panic attacks is no good. Your body affects your state of mind (if you are overbreathing, which is common with panic attacks, you send your parasympathetic nervous system into a state where your peace of mind is hard to find). You also have it going back the other way – you worry about work, and/or foreign people there, and so you put your body into a constant state of emergency – fight or flight, they call it. It will take a bit of time to sort this out, but you will do it. In your solar chart, just as a Virgo, you have Saturn (the learning experience) and Jupiter (the solution) in your Sixth House. There are some stunning patterns from Jupiter at 27 Aquarius to your natal Sun in December, so it’s the right time to find actual answers for a chance. Have a look at the feature I posted on Depression and Anxiety and start there. This works out.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this detailed post on Nov 19 eclipse. I have 4 factors at 27 degrees but no current situation or conversation around money, house, apartment, shares, insurance, superannuation/pension, business, charity, purchases, sales or investments. Is that about to change? Should I be concerned? Any guidance will be helpful.
    Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. Your factors at 27 Virgo-Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius will not show up with any financial news or discussion directly. What you will find is that if you make judgements or take action today, Friday 19th, and maybe Saturday 20th, you’ll realise months or years later, that you were completely blind to what you needed to know. I will give you an example. Virgo rules work. Gemini rules your transport and short journeys. Sagittarius rules foreign people and countries. What goes on out there today, in the wider world, with the sharemarkets, money laundering, big business, cryptocurrency, taxation – will have a ripple effect on what you have in mind. Because you cannot know and do not see – it is best to skip choices or action. So, then, not the time to book a flight (not that most sane people are doing that anyway: Europe’s COVID-19 figures are at an all-time high today). You’ll realise later on why it was smart to skip Friday.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    How’s life? Hope you and puppy are well.
    I have Vulcano 28 Taurus, Jupiter 26 Scorpio. Is 1 orb still within range for an eclipse? Interesting, as an opposition, and a conjunction- well close. So my interpretation is restraint (Vulcano) vs expansive optimism ( Jupiter) in the finance houses. Quite true for me for a good few months: sell car and finish paying off debt; sell car and get more reliable one (more debt); get a mortgage/loan ( none at moment) to complete house renovation; stay debt free but live with older part of house in much need of rebuilding. Fear, common sense, security, walking towards my vision etc, all opposing each other to the point of stalemate and indecisive stagnation. I recollect another Capricorn reader had a similar experience of just not knowing which way to turn for the best so did nothing. It’s hard and quite unlike me.
    Love your insight but appreciate others have more need.
    Phew! Well that’s me done cheering you for the day 🙂
    Be safe x

    1. Thank you. Tessa the dog rolled in a dead seagull on the beach today so she is happy. (Scorpio weather, sadly lots of dead seabirds because of the storms). Your one-degree orb in Scorpio-Taurus is enough for you to want to skip today, Friday 19th November, for big choices. All the big picture things you want to do should wait. You will not see or know, what you need to see or know. So skip Friday, maybe Saturday. The classic eclipse experience is to realise in a few months, or years, a Homer Simpson ‘Doh!’ moment of truth. But just avoid. In terms of you Capricorn readers, yes, doing nothing is sometimes the best idea. This goes against your nature, and yet some things are bigger than you are. We are being forced into a slowdown and stop-start to halt consumption and to assist a massive replacement economy, and that’s down to Uranus in Taurus until 2026. Uranus always flips everything upside-down. Having shopped, and consumed, and eaten, and drunk, and bred ourselves into a Climate Emergency, we are now being forced to go slow-mo. Same cycle as the Little Ice Age and the Black Death in the 1350’s though thankfully not as nasty. So you will find you have to sit and wait. And sit and wait. And actually everyone is doing that.

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you for your insights. I’m still new to figuring out the interpretation to my birth chart. Is there anything significant that I should be mindful of?

    Many thanks, Sophie

    1. Thank you Sophie. In terms of next year, from May 2022 the useful planet Jupiter moves into your zone of opposition and ‘the other side’ so in 2022-2023 (Jupiter stays that long) you will gain by siding with those who seem to be against you, or encouraging them to move their position to join you. This is a little like being in politics and as former Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom (David Cameron and Theresa May) are both Sun Libra, let me use that as an example. For whatever reason they are going to find they are up against a range of voices or opinions. Then they realise that despite that, everyone’s world view and mindset is very alike. So what is the point in pushing back? Once you, Sophie, are united with those who temporarily oppose you, you will find that unity and solidarity work wonders and you can collectively build a very, very strong position together – or create something new and impressive.

  5. Dear Jessica, does this mean that post lunar eclipse various truths will come tumbling out? There seem to be numerous stories from the U.K., US, India – among others – of economic offenders among the high and mighty. Even from the British Royal Family! Who usually never get dragged into these kind of controversies. So will cover ups which are indicated in the lunar eclipse, be revealed shortly? Also, just today I was reading about Russia and China working together on a missile program – indicating an era of friendship. But since this is the time of this major lunar eclipse, can we take as more misinformation? Thank you!!

    1. It usually takes years after an eclipse which is total, or nearly total, for people to question the accepted version of events. So to use every astrologer’s favourite member of the royal family, Diana, the Princess of Wales, married near two eclipses – and passed away near another. So it took years for Andrew Morton’s veiled autobiography (her notes, her story) to come out with the truth about Camilla and Charles. Then, after she was killed in Paris, it took years for proper enquiries to emerge. The awful thing about eclipses is we never, ever know the truth. We just know that there’s been a cover-up. It will be the same with Taurus-Scorpio matters today, Friday 19th November. So – tax avoidance, money laundering, the property market, cryptocurrency, the sharemarkets and so on. Scorpio is most definitely about sex and death so this is obviously Epstein-Maxwell. It will be years. Years and years.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    What a long strange trip this year has been, especially since mid July. My old job is gone, so much of the seed work has fallen into place, and by the end of the year, some significant progress including a manuscript being done, or every close to it. Now, this eclipse is within one degree of my natal Sun and Mercury.

    This is the day after my booster shot, so I’m foggy and groggy, but I can say this is spot on in my world.

    Thanks, and I hope all is well.


    1. Thanks so much Jeff. And also for the pointer about Italy. Yes, this year has been a long, strange trip. We’ve not seen these aspects in our lifetimes.

  7. Hi Jessica: I have been a member for just over three months now and find your info on tomorrow’s Full Moon eclipse fascinating. My Asc is 27 degrees Libra. Would appreciate any comment you may wish to make.

    1. Thank you. Your Descendant is also 27 Aries. If your birth time is spot on, then the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse is about a financial, business, charity, sales, purchases, property cover-up around you; others will be left in the dark. This affects you at a distance, and it would be about your profile/name/title and also your other half, or the other side (Descendant). The giddy joke of an eclipse is, you have no idea anyway. It’s so completely hidden that you just can’t see. So as a rule of thumb, don’t act/judge/decide dramatically about matters which would affect your profile and your partner/opponent on Friday 19th November.

  8. Hi Jessica, yesterday I was asked to give a statement against my manager against the wrong practices she was doing at work. I have moon at 27 Aries. Even though manager is inefficient and racist , I feel bad to be in this situation. This happened unexpectedly when I presented my self before the investigation team regarding an incident at work. Some one already exposed my manager and I was asked questions about wrong practices at work amd I had to tell the truth. How do you see it effecting me in coming weeks.
    Thank you for any insights Jessica. Lot of love……

    1. There will be a cover-up today, Friday 19th November, as the Full Moon at 27 Taurus is opposite the Sun at 27 Scorpio. You have the Moon at 27 Aries, Fortuna at 27 Leo, so whatever they come back with/whatever you decide today and Saturday 20th November is pretty misleading. I am sorry your manager is so awful. Try to let Friday, Saturday go by. Come back to it all on Monday. There is a business, financial, possessions or property story around you/around work and it’s totally unseen and unknown. So try not to judge, act, choose or do anything about Aries matters (reputation, title, name, profile, photograph, film of you) and younger people (your children, or those old enough to be your children, say, interns and so on. Ditto any sexual relationship. Those are all Leo matters too. Eclipses can put you on a blind path for years so skip it if you can.

  9. Hi, I have Saturn in cancer 26 degrees, sextile this moon? I turned down a job offer yesterday and hope it was the correct decision. Many thanks Jessica.

    1. You are a Sun Pisces and turned down a job offer during quite a stuck cycle with the South Node in Sagittarius in your solar Tenth House of career. The South Node always takes you backwards, it’s a very odd time, but it ends on 19th January. Perhaps you felt the job would keep you stuck in the past, or you’d seen it all before. That can happen on this cycle. In your natal chart we find lots of patterns around 27 degrees but none of them are strictly career related. There seems to. be some kind of blind spot, distraction or cover-up going on today, Friday. A bit of a mystery. It may or may not be related to your turning down the job; it depends if the job was in media, publishing, the web, education (Gemini factors) if so – then yes – because the Gemini side of your chart was triggered.

  10. Hello Jessica,
    Another grwat article. Thank you. Thought you’d find this a bit synchronistic! I had an operation on my eye on Wednesday and will now be unable to see out of it for the next couple of weeks. I’m wearing an eye patch at night too. Literally a cover-up and not being able to see! My vision should be sorted out in a couple of months.
    Much love

    1. Juno at 27 Virgo in the Sixth House of health, Ginny, how could you not go through the ‘blind spot’ eclipse experience, when that Moon is at 27 Taurus? A perfect trine. Juno is of course, commitment. I trust your commitment to clear vision will see you through, literally.

  11. Hi Jessica…hope you are well during this period. I have had heightened levels of anxiety and strange feelings of tightness in my throat . Any comments you have on my birth chart, will be highly appreciated. My natal north node in taurus is at 27 deg. Many thanks

    1. Okay, so I wrote a long piece on anxiety and you need to have a look at that. A tight throat is a symptom of anxiety. It’s a medical condition and your doctor can help, but so can other options (free or affordable, not involving medication, and all in the feature). The eclipse has now been and gone, and presumably you skipped that day. Not because the sky was going to fall, but because you would have been in an information blackout about finances, business, property, charity, shopping, sales. Eclipses are weird things and it is months or years before you look back and realise how little you knew. That is why you skip them. You are a Sun Scorpio and in both chart systems I use for you, will sign off from a really stuck situation with your money, apartment, house, company and/or valuables – near Christmas Eve. You have been going around in circles but it ends then, as the Mean North Node and Mean South Node leave your solar zones of money and the material world. At last you can make changes that affect things.

  12. Thank you Jessica for this great article. I thought about you today when I heard President Biden was asleep during 1 hour for a medical procedure and Kamala had the opportunity to be acting president for that time. And he’s a scorpio with a birthday Sunday 21st. It’s fascinating!!!
    On a personal note, I have my North Node 27 Virgo,South Node 27 Pisces. It sounds I have a karmic question with this eclipse.
    Also I have Cupido 26 Leo, Juno 26 Capricorn, Prosperina 28 Virgo, Mercury 28 Leo…it’s a lot right?
    As usual, I’m taking the opportunity to thank you for enlightening us, you are the BEST!

    1. Thank you for letting me know that. Kamala Harris was the American President. For a moment. And yes, the eclipse very, very close to his natal Scorpio Sun suggests a cover-up. You are also entangled with that eclipse because of your chart. The odd thing is, you will never really know. We often have a blackout on an eclipse. It takes months or years to even get to the point where we ask ‘What?’ because the overall picture is obscured. So, trust that Friday was a mystery to be revealed. Far more important, actually, is 2022 and 2023. You will make, save, be given or lent – substantial money.

  13. Hi Jessica, hope you are well. It’s very interesting I am a little confused about the lunar eclipse factor and what it brings whether it reveals truth or if you need to be wary of that truth. I have recently separated from my Aries partner and have had a Camilla Charles dalliance with a Gemini man (June 7 1973 3am Melbourne) for 10 years at times when it was possible/we were single etc. Unfortunately he is seeing someone else atm but recently declared his love for me now that I have separated from my partner. I guess time will tell if he has genuine feelings and if they are worth him separating from his partner of 3 years but at times it has felt like true love between us that is a bit like Charles and Camilla – with timing, reputation and duty standing in the way. I guess due to the nature of his declaration being around the eclipse I’m not sure what to think. 8 years ago he also declared his love for me also but I guess I wasn’t sure what to think then either he wasn’t single when he did it. It also could be lack of self esteem on my part to scoff at his declaration or Pisces gullibility to fall for it? However I’m coming up to a natal Jupiter return so hoping for good luck and luck in love. I also have my natal Jupiter, Uranus and my moon at 27 degrees being triggered by the eclipse. Are truths being revealed to be believed or is the eclipse not showing the whole truth? Perhaps time will tell but would be grateful for anything you may also have to add here, especially as I have so many things at 27 degrees! X

    1. Thank you. No confusion with an eclipse – it always conceals, it never reveals. It does exactly what it does in the night sky – it obscures, covers up and blacks out. Fortunately you didn’t act or judge dramatically on the 19th. You are a Sun Pisces who has been involved with a Sun Gemini. Actually, in your solar chart, sexual relationships are not the story. They are not important. Looking at your natal chart, it’s the same thing. There’s really nothing of historic importance going on – yet. This changes from Christmas and in 2022, 2023 you/you both will have to look at the money and the property. It will come down to the house, the apartment and/or the bank account for both of you. You gain in the second half of 2022 and first half of 2023. This may be because of him, but I think it will actually be under your own steam. Your own income or savings/assets/gains. This is interesting as it shifts your feelings and outlook. And that does impact how you feel about lovers.

  14. Hi Jessica, please can I get some insight on impact of this full moon/lunar eclipse based on my birth chart mainly in work relationship/finances and career? Thank you

    1. The eclipse has gone now. You are a Sun Libra so hopefully you did not judge/act about money on the eclipse day, November 19th. (Only because you would have been whistling in the dark, to coin a phrase). Essentially, 2022 and 2023 are about your finances, house, apartment, any charity or business. It’s intense but worth your time and energy. This goes beyond the budget, into your life budget. You will need to price what money cannot buy. This may be your credibility; your compassion for others; your loyalty; your independence. It is literally about what you cannot buy in a catalogue or from a shop. It may involve family members or a partner in either year – that is common in this cycle. Have a look at ‘Eighth House’ on this website as that is really where the story is, in both years. Evaluating others’ values means reckoning up with your own values, and this has been a long time coming.

  15. Thank you for your supportive reply Jessica. Yes the healing takes committment to the details from me – lots of drops and keeping my head still – so stuck indoors at home on a pretty strict routine. (Juno in Virgo) But full recovery is a good probability so the surgeon says.
    You couldnt make this up!

    1. Absolutely. Couldn’t make up the astrology. Juno often arrives with peacocks, so if you spot some, you know why, Ginny.

  16. Dear Jess , this couldn’t have been more spot on. The duet/duel with my wife ended on the eclipse, with us parting ways. While great love for each other, a reoccurring loop of karma around our children that has played out endlessly since 2003, became to much for us both to bare. I’m shattered, but also realise that it had to come to a head and I find my self in an isolated spot, mainly from my own doing. With everything coming up the next eclipses, is there more bad news for me or some glimmer of new beginnings.

    1. I am so terribly sorry you have been through this break-up with your wife and of course the children are involved too. You obviously need time, space and self-care for November, December, January and I hope you can make that happen. You were born right on 4.00am and are Zero Scorpio, highly unusual. The financial, property, business, possessions questions no longer takes up so much time – it ends near Christmas Eve. This is in both chart systems I use for you, solar and natal. This is really important and takes the practical issues about the break-up into account: literally, the accounting. The karma is done near Christmas and you can then escape from a very stuck situation. You have Saturn in Gemini so communication/internet/words/media/language is a lifetime learning experience. I mention this because you have just been through the North Node in Gemini. That is in your natal chart. In your solar chart, as a Scorpio, we find Pluto in Capricorn. Same thing. So there is a significant story here about being heard/being read/reading/listening/understanding/speaking/hearing. You would be amazed to find out just how much the split was about communication. Or maybe you know that. You are in a fantastic position to improve that and make great breakthroughs, any time from post-Boxing Day 2021, through May 2022, and then again at the end of 2022. It may be a course, it may be a medical issue. Communication is the answer to a great many questions and you are in a really good place with that. As for the marriage, you are now on the freedom bus until 2026 and you will be liberated. You will have one/more than one unique people to date, or go further with. I am also not discounting a reunion with your wife. Use the Tarot as you proceed to help you, on this website, and also use The Astrology Oracle and our new Garden Oracle, which is your Christmas present.

  17. Wowow I had my second Vaccine on the 19th – Moderna which in turn allows me know to go out with friends / places / restaurants / bars/clubs -friends ! Made me reflect that I haven’t done that in years and have lost friends being a Capricorn – all work no play

    1. We live in a stop-start world now, as two injections are not enough, and three injections do seem to work (look at Israel) but who knows what will come next? I am so glad you have had your break and some fun and relaxation. We do live in a stop-start world though, a little like the last war, and there are no guarantees – we have to ‘kiss the joy as it flies’ to quote the poet. The big, big story in your life is financial. With Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Second House of money, property, charity, business in 2022, and Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, in your natal Second House (same thing) this is a really epic year of decisions for you. You have the South Node at 12 Taurus and many lifetimes of being rich and poor. What happens in 2022 and actually 2023, is historic and central to your life and times. The life budget goes beyond other people’s price tags and delves into your own evaluation of who/what is precious and who/what is priceless, and that is what the next two years is all about. Meanwhile, if you do not already have the best financial advisor you can afford, definitely go there.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have factors at Gemini, Libra, Capricorn and Sagittarius, how will this affect me?

    Many thanks


    1. Well, the eclipse has gone now, and it was really about your finances, house, apartment, valuables, charity, business and related issues. I hope you did not act, judge or sign then. There was most certainly a blind spot there, or a cover-up. It takes time to show itself, and then of course you realise you did not know/could not see at the time. No big deal, unless you did something dramatic on eclipse day, which I am assuming you did not. Still on the subject of money, 2022 and 2023 are the most important years in almost two decades for sorting out your security, life budget and banking. It begins as 2021 ends and 2022 begins and will take you a couple of years to complete. You have Uranus in Scorpio in the natal Eighth House so you will find that you invite quite radical changes, or are a catalyst for them, as the South Node moves closer (transiting South Node in conjunction with natal Uranus). It’s a very good idea to put a price on freedom. You cannot! No more than you can price independence. Yet this is what is on offer and it would be wise to go with it and try and evaluate how deeply precious autonomy, space and liberty really is, financially.

  19. Hello J !

    Txs as always for your tremendous work ´N help.

    U are truly a Gift.

    Would love if U have a lil’ time for an insight on my Birth Chart? ´N sorry for my English.



    1. Thank you MY. Okay, so looking at your solar chart and natal chart together we find you’re a Sun Gemini and you have the North Node transiting your solar First House of image, self-promotion, appearance, reputation – at the same time that you have Chiron transiting your natal First House (same thing). This ends near Christmas Eve, so the repetitive, circular questions about how you project yourself online and in the real world, also end. In fact, all that you learned by being stuck for so long this year, will help you from May 2022, when Jupiter (expansion, opportunity, growth, fulfilment, remedies, solutions) moves into Aries, and you experience transiting Jupiter in conjunction with your South Node at 2 Aries, for the first time in 12 years. This is big. You reincarnated with past-life issues about being upfront, front-and-centre, ‘seen’ and visible. Sometimes this happens because you wore a uniform in a previous incarnation and were in the front line. It may have been sport – and again, wearing a sports kit and being in the front line may have identified you. This is really here to be figured out and rectified, and that will happen in May, June 2022. The other major story in your life is financial. In your solar chart we find Pluto in Capricorn in your Eighth House of sex, death and money in 2022, and that goes on at the same time as the South Node in Scorpio in your natal chart of sex, death and money. Let me clarify. Death and money is the legacy you write, which benefits others. It is also any will or legacy naming you. So it’s big ticket items. Not that anything is necessarily going to happen, but you have the Moon and Uranus in Scorpio in your natal Eighth House for a start. Sex and money is commonly marriage/mortgage but also apartment share/partnership rent. You have some important choices coming up in 2022 and 2023, when this double transit in your Eighth House goes on. You will discover that to feel empowered over such matters, you need to use your willpower. To feel in control of it all, you need to use self-control. There is also karma here, going back around 19 years, so 2002/2003 has a story which thematically and symbolically will recur for you. If you have not already thought about updating your will, look at a trusted professional to help you in the next couple of years. And really look at the things money cannot buy, in sexual relationships or family relationships, as the world might hang a price tag on them, but you need to look deeply at what/who is precious and priceless to you. Finally MY, you have more twin cycles going on with career. You will be very happy about this. You will be promoted, win an award, have a huge hit, get a prestigious new position – from the end of 2021 into 2022, until May – then again at the end of the year. Pluto in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House of success and Jupiter in your solar Tenth House. You have Ceres in Capricorn so very recently went through a change in the balance of power in your work, or your chosen field, with unpaid work or academia. You can put that behind you in 2022 as you come across incredible opportunities to go higher, further, faster.

  20. Wow !

    I was expecting for some accurate information : wow! It does make deep sens for me.
    I will cherish n keep carefully all your priceless informations for months n’ years coming.

    Just hope You come in Paris one day!!

    God keep you safe n Bless U.

    With All my Love n Respect,



  21. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this article about Nov 19 eclipse. I don’t have factors at 27 degrees I only have these bellow,:
    Diana 28° Sagittarius
    Uranus 28° Libra
    Moon – 29° Gemini
    Proserpina 29° Scorpio
    How will eclipse affect me?
    Thank you

    1. The eclipse has now been and gone. It’s always funny when people ask “How will the eclipse affect me?” because the whole point is, you have no idea! That is why you don’t judge or act on eclipse day. If we use the example of Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding with Charles, Prince of Wales (it occurred near two eclipses) the entire world failed to notice Camilla Parker-Bowles in the congregation. The headline story was hidden from view, because everyone thought the headline story was Diana. We tend to be hoodwinked on eclipses. There is frequently a very big spotlight diversion and we do not see the truth because we are not looking for it. That would have been the case with you, on November 19th, but of course you avoided judging or acting dramatically that day, so you’re not particularly affected, I should have thought. Diana and Charles and Camilla, of course, walked into the love triangle of the century.

  22. Hello Jessica, I’d love to have your thoughts on these eclipses and Uranus in Taurus transition based on my birth chart. Am I on the good side or bad side in all these influences? I got into trading, still working at the main income providing job, around May and June this year and want the trading will be my main income in the future. Thank you, astro sister!

  23. Hi Jessica, hope you had a good weekend. Would it be possible to give me some insight on my birth chart, please? Everything has been stagnant for a while and I feel like I’m going nowhere.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarian and have the South Node in Sagittarius, which is always stuck. The wheels spin backwards. That ends in December or January, depending on which node system you use. Either way 2022 is the wheels going forward again. You will be thrilled at the opportunity to have a better home, as you see renovations, decoration, repairs or actually move. This is January-May in the first phase. If you have been stuck with love, that disappears as 2021 ends and the North Node leaves your solar Seventh House. From May-October 2022 and January-May 2023 you will be given an opportunity to welcome children, stepchildren or godchildren into your life. Stunning trines from transiting Jupiter in Aries will pick up your Leo factors in the Fifth House of parenthood, teaching, mentoring, and substitute parenting. This is really new in your life and it will feel great.

  24. Hi Jessica

    Hi Jessica, hope you are well. Love this article, as I have been worried/excited about this eclipse for weeks now.
    I am a scorpio sun and have my ascendant/rising at 27 scorpio, as well as Venus and Ceres at 27 Sag. Since 2018 I have been suffering bullying in my workplace, along with many colleagues, and since July this year there has been an investigation about the matter by the Union. However, last week we were informed that a person who has been involved in advising senior managers is now in charge of this investigation on the HR side. I am wondering if there is where this eclipse cover up is going to happen… Can you explain a bit more how this might unfold and whether this means the cover up is the end of this story? Thank you x

    1. This Pluto in Capricorn transit is appalling at the senior corporate or business level. It began in 2008 and stops in 2023 and it can’t come soon enough. You are a Sun Scorpio and so I suspect the bullying has been tied to email, or communication, or the unfair control of communication (you have issues with the way you are heard/not heard/read/not read). This transit affects everybody so you are not alone. This ridiculous controlling, power-tripping behaviour in big business, at the top end of things, can’t and won’t go on much longer (politicians being part of the problem). When people behave badly in power, they are copied by those further down the food chain. And we have seen a huge amount of that. So I want to emphasise it’s not you, it’s the system and also the cycles and after 2023 you will never have to even think about it again. The eclipse was a cover-up and blind spot regarding your reputation so it’s very likely that was under inspection. This would be normal in an HR investigation so don’t pay too much attention to it. Presumably you didn’t act or judge dramatically, about yourself, on the day/night. The eclipse has now gone. You will love the work situation you end up in from May 2022, until October, and then again from January to May 2023. It’s the best possible work situation in 12 years. This is your solar chart. You are strongly Sagittarian in your natal chart and will have transiting Jupiter trine that stellium. In plain English, opportunities, hope, growth, expansion not possible in 12 years, for your overall lifestyle and workload, and in relation to your interest in foreigners and foreign countries. And, more broadly, education, academia, the worldwide web and/or publishing. I have no idea what you do, but those are Sagittarian options. At the very least another nationality or culture will be involved in the expansion and improvement to come with your job situation. So you win this. You either find what you deserve in a different organisation, or you get rid of this toxic situation where you are and are rewarded with promotion, a hit project, and so on.

  25. aries- I have been getting a lot of those “money, house, apartment, shares, insurance, superannuation/pension, business, charity, purchases, sales, investments.” in my daily horoscopes. i’m not planning on transacting on any of those things – just renewing my rental contract in q1 next year. however, I do have a lot of bearish positions in the markets. Can you tell me anything specific regarding those factors, my ignorance is just saying there’s nothing to see here…

    1. So funny. You are an Aries and renewing a lease and have shares, and you don’t think there’s anything to see. You have the South Node moving to Scorpio and your natal Eighth House of investments and property in December (or January, depending on which node system you use). At the same time, because the North Node is moving to Taurus, alongside Uranus in Taurus (same time-frame) you are about to embark on a 2-year cycle of karmic settlement with money. If you are owed, you will gain. If you owe, you will have to pay up. It’s seldom literal (to the same people or from them) it is usually symbolic. Yet, you can’t really opt out of nodal cycles and you will be returned to the past, with rather repetitive situations in 2022, 2023. These are previewed in November, as there are transits in Scorpio, which are setting things up. When you have questions about the share market in 2022, 2023 always go back to the last Taurus-Scorpio node cycle. If you believe in past lives, go back to the 1350s. Some people do and you may have been either a peasant or landlord then, dealing with massive upheaval in agriculture!

  26. Hi Jessica, I think you are insightful and amazing. I’m wondering if you could shed some light on an artistic and publishing project I’ve been working on since 2003. It’s been a journey so far of near triumph. I was born at one a.m. on March 29th. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. That is a really long time for a publishing project, so let’s see. You are a Sun Aries with stuck transits of the South Node and North Node in the worldwide web and book sectors: Gemini and the Third House and Sagittarius and the Ninth House. This is beyond you; it is the industry. Nothing has moved forward in 2021 because the nodes always move backwards. This stops in December, if you use the Mean Node, which my colleague Richard Nolle does, at – or in January if you use the True Node, which many others do. Either way you start 2022 with no more stuck patterns. I think you will enjoy Jupiter in Gemini in your Third House (natal and solar charts) and that’s not too far away; enter contests then, or try for an agent. You may get even luckier than that but I can’t see a chart here so assume you’re not a member.

  27. Hello Jessica,

    I really enjoyed the Adele article, actually she and I have the same rising sign of Aquarius. I can tell because I wear my makeup just like her!

    Anywho, my apologies if this is off topic, but I just found out in my progressed chart, I have Venus Rx in until about my late 60’s. I’m 41 years old and have been single/divorced since late 2009. Does this mean my love life is on hold until then? Can you please take a look at my chart and possibly shed some light on this Jessica!?

    Thank you! ❤️

    1. You and Adele – Aquarius Ascendant – I suppose you both project, to fit in with a group. She fits in with her fan base by playing the part they prefer, and that is heavily costumed and made-up diva. That’s interesting. Maybe you find that looking like Adele helps you fit in with friends of yours who are also devotees of Adele? Anyway. I don’t work with progressed charts. If you want a new lover then you are looking at the fact that you are a Sun Taurus (like Adele actually) and you need transits of Leo (moving in with someone), Virgo (becoming a stepmother), Scorpio (marriage), Sagittarius (sex and money) to have a serious partnership. In 2022 and 2023 the South Node goes through Scorpio and your Seventh House of marriage, in your natal chart. Do you have anything in Scorpio, the sex and money sign? Yes. Uranus at 24 Scorpio in the Eighth House of intimacy and finance. When the South Node goes to 24 Scorpio for the first time in around 2 decades, you will have a sudden, unexpected, exciting (Uranus) turnaround with a lover who immediately raises questions about income, rent, mortgage and so on. It will be unpredictable, as Uranus always is. It will also be karmic. Something about this fling or perhaps relationship, owes a great deal to life as it was about 2 decades before, the last time the South Node was in Scorpio. So in both charts I use for you, solar and natal, this is a rare story. Use the Tarot on this website to find out more.

  28. Thank you Jessica! How do you see this eclipse effecting me? It’s close to my moon in Taurus. Blessings, Aquarius Dreamer

    1. The Sun in Aquarius gives you a solar chart that tilts towards career matters in November. The eclipse has now gone, but of course in your natal chart it was on the Second House/Eighth House axis of salary. Hopefully you didn’t act or judge in any direction on the 19th, as you would have been unable to see or know what was going on with work, income and so on.

  29. Hi Jessica, hope you are well.
    I am new to the site & really enjoying all your posts…thanks for all the insights.
    Still getting to grips with the birth chart, I’m a capricorn (Sun at 18°) Moon at 13° Aquarius, Venus at 26° Sagittarius & Uranus at 28° Scorpio…anything meaningful here? I like many, have found myself going through big changes during the past 2 years since covid…lots of turbulent (relationship breakdown & change in circumstances) & now find myself in a “stuck” situation, particularly with regards to property & career. I’m watching, waiting & trying to be patient! Anything promising ahead? Thank you x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn at 9 Libra in your Seventh House in your natal chart. That tells you everything you need to know about the relationship breakdown. I am very sorry about that; it must have been very hard. At the same time that you had to deal with COVID-19, you also had transits in the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Capricorn – either opposing your Jupiter-Saturn conjunction or square them. In plain English this is huge pressure on your ability to keep the scales of a two-way relationship balanced, and the sense of unfairness or injustice may have made you leave, or the other person may have quit, in a way that still seems deeply unfair to you. On the plus side, you are in a terrific position to create a new partnership in future, as any time you have transits in the air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, they trine, or make flow patterns, with your natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Sometimes they change your life and when Pluto goes to 9 Aquarius in the second half of the Twenties, one new partnership certainly will. It’s good to try and figure out what it means to have that conjunction so you can evolve, progress and avoid any mistakes from the last one. You have a few flipbooks here and also card decks to assist with that. Property is easy, as you will be in a fantastic situation from May-October 2022 and January-May 2023 as Jupiter in Aries will transit your solar Fourth House of real estate for the first time in 12 years and he is always about maximum optimism, and the greatest and the best.You have a nose for property with your Cancer Fourth House stellium in your natal chart and even the quincunx from Jupiter in Aries, to that cluster, will help you. Think big then. A stuck situation with work will vanish in time for Christmas and New Year. No more repetition.

  30. This is the third try to post the comment… Hope it goes through well

    Hello Jessica, I’d love to have your thoughts on these eclipses and Uranus in Taurus transition based on my birth chart. Am I on the good side or bad side in all these influences? I got into trading, still working at the main income providing job, around May and June this year and want the trading will be my main income in the future. Thank you, astro sister!

    1. Thank you for your patience. Okay, so your solar chart shows life from the Sun in Capricorn perspective in 2022 and it’s about finances. It’s the same in your natal chart; you have a Scorpio-Taurus pattern on the financial axis of your horoscope. To start at the beginning, you have the problem and the solution (Saturn and Jupiter) with you until the very end of December 2021, then just the problem remains – in 2022. You will also have karma from around 2 decades ago, so you are owed, or owe others, or perhaps both – and that has to be reckoned up, as the North Node and South Node also go through Taurus and Scorpio on the financial axis of your natal chart. So the same story is told twice in both chart systems from two different angles. From 2023 when Pluto enters your solar Second House and Saturn slowly starts to depart, there is a promise that you will become far more financially powerful, if you use your willpower. In your natal chart, this is around the time that Jupiter in Taurus in your Second House of personal income starts to open up vast solutions and breakthroughs for you. This is a good kick-off for Pluto, and from 2023, well past 2030, it will be finance that is your source of control, if you have the control. This is really the long, long transit of your solar Second House as a Sun Capricorn person, but of course there will be very hard work involved, as along the way, Pluto in Aquarius will square the natal Scorpio and Taurus, Second and Eighth House placements you have. I hope you can see what is going on here. In general, the Sun’s transit of Aquarius will always highlight what you cannot square, or what is hard to compromise or make work – and that is always the final week of January through third week of February. Why? Because the Sun will always transit your solar Second House and consequently square natal Scorpio/Taurus placements. And the Sun will form a conjunction with slower outer moving planets like Saturn (in 2022) and later on, every year from the mid-Twenties, Pluto. So you may want to avoid February as a rule of thumb, because it’s such hard work. We could say the same for August, when the Sun is always in Leo for the first three weeks, always in your solar Eighth House of other people’s money, and always square your natal Taurus/Scorpio axis. It would be interesting for you to keep a record of trading experiences. I have left the best part until last. From May until October 2022 then from December through May 2023, you have Jupiter in Aries in your solar Fourth House of property and real estate with all his opportunities and solutions. After that, of course, he goes into Taurus and will slowly but surely form conjunctions with Taurus factors in your natal chart. That expands, improves, and boosts whatever you’ve held, or are holding as Taurus is the sign to associate with the stubborn, fixed sign bull, who refuses to yield. That should give you some clues.

  31. Hi Jessica, my sun is under Virgo and moon under Pisces at 3.01, Venus in Leo at 0.03, Jupiter in Cancer at 1.20. I was also born on a full moon. It has been difficult since 2013 as I have been in through this ongoing litigation exposing the parties involved. When do you see a possible end of all of this litigation and justice being finally served against this very bad people?


    1. I’m sorry you’ve been caught up with litigation. You are a Sun Virgo so you have been living with Neptune in your Seventh House of duels, separations, divorces, battles, feuds, conflicts and contests for many years. Neptune can bring confused and confusing people and situations. The good news is, Jupiter goes into your Seventh House just after Boxing Day, so there will be a breakthrough and solution from very late December 2021 until May 2022, when the first phase of that cycle finishes. You’ve not seen this for 12 years so please use it.

  32. Hi Jessica, Thanks! It’s funny you say 12 years, as issues started on May 2009, 12 years ago. The litigation started in 2013 and still going on. When you mean first phase of the cycle – I’m assuming you mean I finally get my Justice I am do and as well as the hundreds of other people that also have seen their money through fraud lost? Hopefully, when this is finally over, its over for good and I and these others don’t have to deal with it again in our lifetimes.

    Thanks again Jessica!

    1. Yes, the astrology is very clear about 12 years ago. Hard to say more without a chart, unfortunately, as I can only be very general, but pick a Tarot card and follow the instructions – it should help you. Thank you.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I’m in turmoil just now and I’d really like your take on my chart. It was brought to my attention shortly after the eclipse on 29th November by my son that his father has been cheating on me. I am disgusted and hurt and my heart goes out to my poor son. My ex partner is a dominating and controlling person, I have brushed so much of his abhorrent behaviour under the rug to keep the peace. Now he is acting like he is a victim. Can you please see how this is going to play out. I want to move on with my own life but feel it could be a serious battle ahead. His dob is 17.04.72.

    1. I’m sorry about this situation with your son and his father. Have a look at the feature I wrote a few years ago about The Leo Weather as this period of cover-ups probably tallied with your former partner’s life. He is a Sun Aries; the eclipses in Leo fell in his solar Fifth House of sexual relationships, existing children (like your son) and potential stepchildren or pregnancy. So go back. The dates are in the feature. Ask The Garden Oracle about the past, present and future of the situation, then if you have more questions, use the single-card outcomes to shed light. I hope this works out for you as soon as it possibly can. You can validate what The Garden Oracle is telling you, by using the Tarot and The Astrology Oracle, also here for you now.

  34. Hello Jessica. I love reading your material. You always give us so much to think about. My question relates to my decision to retire at the end of December. I’m not too concerned about 2022 but more about the following years as you have mentioned in your previous articles. I also had my Saturn returned in 2019 and it was a bumpy ride. Can you help me make sense of my financial future at all? oh, eclipses got to love them!

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a new member and this is my 3rd try. If this does not work out, i won’t try to leave a message anymore.
    I’m retiring as of Dec. 31, 2021. As per your other predictions, it would seem we are in for a huge change financially and otherwise in our silly world. Everything you have written i find extremely informative. I’m terribly concerned with financial accountability and personnal
    finance. We plan on leaving our native city next year and try our luck elsewhere in the country (Canada). I encountered a huge shock when my eldest sister passed unexpectedly in Nov. Since then, i have not been the same! Can you help me understand what is going on in my own chart? Thank you. By the way, love the garden oracles! Plants are my thing! Keep up the good work.

    1. I am sorry for the long queue – today I can see 12,784 comments at the top of the screen. You are retiring and want to move elsewhere in Canada. You are also recovering from the loss of your sister, which was very recent – I am sorry to hear that it was also such a shock for you. Okay, so I use both chart systems for accuracy. In your solar chart we find you are a Sun Aries who has the North Node of karma transiting in Gemini, in her Third House of siblings. This is a karmic cycle which can only happen every 19 years or so; look up North Node in Gemini on this website, and the North Node, Third House in general. You have lost your sister; there is a karmic story there going back around 2 decades and you have gone full circle with it. You do not say if you also have other siblings or cousins; if so they would be part of the karma too. Gemini rules sisters, you see, and you have your Descendant, Diana and Proserpina also in Gemini in the Third House of siblings in your natal (birth) chart. The same story told twice. You can look them up too. You want to move? This seems most likely mid-2022 as you hit the Cancer weather in your Fourth House of property. The issue would be money rather than anything else and there is absolutely money to be saved or made in 2022, 2023, two of the most important years in your financial future. Use The Garden Oracle alongside The Tarot and The Astrology Oracle to ask about that; you’ll get validation three ways.

  36. Thank you Jessica. To answer your question, I had no idea she was terminal. My family made me beleive that she was recovering from her cancer and was on her way to recovery. She passed on Nov. 11. Yes I have other siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. I love the Garden Oracle. I have consulted it and keep track of the findings. As for moving, it is definitely about money- we won’t be able to afford our current location in the near future (my husband will continue working for another year at least). The new location is still a mystery for now. We’ll make our choice when we find it. Thanks for your answer. It was greatly appreciated.

    1. I am so very sorry about this. It must be very hard to take at this time of year and I hope 2022 brings easier times for you. I am glad The Garden Oracle is working for you – the numbers will add up financially with your new home.

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