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Psychic Readings for Yourself

 If you’re a Premium Member, then you can use The Garden Oracle, the Smith-Waite Tarot and The Astrology Oracle together, and be your own psychic. In this feature, I’ll show you a number of spreads, so you can give yourself powerful and accurate readings. These are the methods I use for myself – so they are tried, tested and trusted. I am often asked if I give personal psychic astrology readings. I only do this for charity auctions and the last two readings went for well over $2000.

An accurate psychic reading is priceless, though, and the good news is – you can do this for yourself. You may eventually become so skilled at using the cards and books on this website, you can also read for others.

Find all the cards here.

The Astrology Oracle Guide - Be Your Own PsychicPamelas Tarot - Be Your Own PsychicThe Garden Oracle - Be Your Own Psychic

Psychic Oracle Cards, Tarot and Guidebooks

The accompanying guides, Pamela’s Tarot, The Astrology Oracle Guide and The Garden Oracle are in your membership library (My Flipbooks). You can take your time with these cards and guidebooks, and they are tree-free. In this feature, you can discover a range of different spreads which will help you answer your biggest questions. I’ll also share professional tips.

Tuning Into Your Current Soundtrack

First of all, tune in. This is like tuning in a radio to find the right station without static, or dropping the needle onto the right groove on a record. You will need an hour to yourself and a notebook to write in. Use a mirror to address yourself. Even a hand mirror will do. Be clear and state your intention: “Please help me, to help myself” is a good one. Make up your own promise to yourself. “This reading is for my highest good, and the highest good of all” is another intention that many professional Tarot readers use.

Mick Haupt AMMP 300x200 - Be Your Own Psychic
Paul Haupt, Unsplash

First Step – What Is On Your Mind?

Ask ‘What’s on my mind?’ and use The Astrology Oracle (two cards), the Smith-Waite Tarot (one card) and the one-card option from The Garden Oracle. You will find all the cards in the Divination section.

Example Reading:
What was on the mind of a reader who had just hired a landscape gardener and builder to remodel the property to include a new podcast recording studio, following significant storm damage? By using the cards, it’s possible to acquire an accurate visual message about life, today. Once the present is showing up in the cards, the future can then be predicted with a personalised psychic reading.

The Smith-Waite Tarot: The Empress
 “Lying back and enjoying a rich harvest, shown by a lush garden, a luxuriously comfortable house or apartment, or money rolling in. There are some cautionary notes about not letting things spoil or be wasted. For all that The Empress is loving her space and her place in the world, gardening is required.”

The Garden Oracle: The Choice to Rebuild
 “When a way of life is over, you always have the choice to rebuild. It’s really a matter of weighing up the advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, rebuilding can help you create something new from the remains of what you had before – but this time (hopefully) – in a way which prevents any more problems.”

The Astrology Oracle: Cupid and the Third House
“The Third House is about getting your message across. Being heard and read. It usually describes computers and telephones, fax machines and the spoken word across all mediums. On the most fundamental level it is about connecting. As you might expect this Astrology Oracle card is about desire. Cupid was the son of Venus and he could inflame longing and passion with just one arrow.”

Third House 1 213x300 - Be Your Own Psychic Cupid 1 213x300 - Be Your Own Psychic

Choose the Spread to Suit You

Once you are tuned in to your current state of mind, as accurately shown in the cards (allow yourself two attempts if you need it) proceed. Choose a spread to suit you. This is how professionals give a psychic reading: they select the right spread.

Creating Harmony

This is a good spread if you feel a lack of harmony or order in your life; if you feel disorganised or out of sorts. It’s about ‘now’ – the current month.Your aim is to sort things out to get life on an even keel. Using the Smith-Waite Tarot created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite, choose a card to show where you are falling behind. Which area of life are you failing to put enough time, focus and energy into?

Next, go to The Garden Oracle. Choose one card here, to reveal where you are overdoing it. This is a message about a situation, person or place, taking up too much of your time.

Finally, use The Astrology Oracle. Choose two cards to show you the reward. This is what you can expect if you follow the advice of the Tarot and The Garden Oracle to pursue harmony.

The Problem Solving Spread

Use The Astrology Oracle to show you what you want. Use The Garden Oracle (one card reading) to reveal what (or who) is getting in the way. Finally, use the Smith-Waite Tarot to show you the solution. This is a quick, useful psychic reading.

Love and Sex

This is a really useful reading for a relationship or marriage and it covers the next six months. Use The Garden Oracle (single card) to show you what you gain most from the partnership. Then use The Astrology Oracle to reveal what he/she gains most from your duet. Finally, use the Smith-Waite Tarot to reveal where the next six months takes you. (If you don’t want to go there, use The Problem-Solving Spread, above).

Validation and Confirmation

This is a simple three-way spread, to validate and confirm an answer you need. Your question might be basic: “What can I expect if I book this cosmetic surgeon?” or “What will be the outcome of taking this new job?” The trick with the Validation and Confirmation reading, is to set a time limit. Within what time-frame is your psychic reading? Think of this as a second and third opinion from the Tarot and Oracles, rather like having three medical opinions.

Choose the one-card reading from The Garden Oracle, or if you want more detail, the three-card reading, which will show you the past, present and future of your question. Then, choose a reading from the Smith-Waite Tarot and The Astrology Oracle for confirmation. The same message told three times is a strong indicator.

The Film of Your Life

This is a powerful psychic reading for a difficult memory. An episode in your life you would rather forget, but it still affects you. The way we remember the past affects the future, but interestingly, our ‘take’ or Director’s Cut on the past can be unhelpful.This is your opportunity to allow the film of your life to rewind so you can see three new camera angles which will help you.

Use the Smith-Waite Tarot, The Garden Oracle single-card reading and The Astrology Oracle to show you an alternative version. A fresh take. Your intention should be to help yourself progress in life, be happier and more successful, by seeing the past differently. This is a deeply healing reading. As your memory of the past is ingrained, it may take some detective work to get to the truth, but this new angle on what happened can change your life, for the better.







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34 Responses

  1. Hi Jess
    I’ve just read my monthly December horoscope and was concerned about the Uranus/Saturn square on Christmas Eve! I have a few planets at 11 degrees…can you see anything in my chart? Oh and another quick question, can you see anything about a global cyber attack anytime soon? Thankyou so much and Happy Christmas!

    1. Christmas is an odd one, because it’s very near the end of family karma, or household karma, for you. You’ll be about three weeks shy of closure and completion. This does not necessarily make Christmas hard work, but you may feel as if Christmas 2021 is rather too much like Christmas 2020 in terms of relatives, or people who share your home. No change. Once you are into the third or fourth week of January, though, you’ll realise ‘that was then, this is now.’ It’s the same with friends and your social life. Christmas and New Year put a huge focus on friends, just as December 24th puts the emphasis on relatives. As you go into January 2022 you may sense that the time has come to ditch emotional baggage from the past, particularly 2018, 2019, 2020, which were so very difficult. You can and should be optimistic about a very different sort of social life for Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you very much for posting this amazing article, it ‘s really hit me, I believe so.
    Recently, I feel very uncertain, so I tried to have Creating Harmony reading, and the result are,
    1. Smith – Waite Tarot, The World; Grounding, focusing & Concentrating, its all about settling down, taking a deep breath & doing research
    2. Garden Oracle, Taking Risk; yes, I am daring to take risk, both stock & crypto market (I lost my unrealized potential gain).
    3. Panacea and the 7th House; yes, I have separated with my partner 4 years ago, and he doesn’t like the way I invest. While for the Panacea, does it mean that there will be a cure to our relationship and with moral question, though?

    I will keep this article, so I have clear guidance on any uncertainty that I face in the future. Again, thank you so much for your hard work to educate us, giving the light and assist us facing the future.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thank you M and I am glad you are finding the three-way reading method useful. To create harmony, you need to begin with your ideas about Europe and America, Australasia – shown by The World card. How are your current thoughts about the rest of the world/travel/international connections influencing your state of mind? Taking Risk is something you are deciding will apply to your investments on cryptocurrency and also the sharemarkets. (That’s your decision, personal to you). Panacea and the Seventh House is about your former partner, from four years prior, and the cards are telling you that the ethical or moral issues are really important, and only you can decide what is right or wrong. Try another reading and keep a journal; that can be really useful.

  3. Thanks jessica. I did a three way reading asking about my desire to buy a home and meet a partner. I got the 10 of pentacles, Ceres in the 9th house and striking a beginning. My interpretation is I’ll achieve both those goals perhaps unexpectedly and with some type of compromise. I’m a Cancer Sun with stelliums in Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus (including my nodes and MC/IC), and Aquarius so i anticipate being positively impacted by Jupiter moving into Pisces and the nodes moving into Taurus and Scorpio. Perhaps there’s a karmic element to the new home and man. I’ve been raising kids on my own in a rental property so I’ll be delighted to experience change in these areas. I also work in international education so compromise in the 9th house makes sense with Omicron. Can you please share any psychic insights you have, particularly with the timing? Thank you! Best wishes for 2022.

    1. Try splitting the questions up on future readings so you ask separately, about buying a home, and meeting a partner. You have children and are renting by yourself, working in international education and wondering what 2022 might bring. The timing question is crucial. You always need to set a deadline for the question, otherwise the Tarot and The Garden Oracle, and The Astrology Oracle, will return a reply about ‘forever’ – the next 50 years for all you know! So frame the questions separately and try again, stating ‘By the end of 2022’ or ‘Within two years’ and so on. Your reading, to me, sounds as if there will be a change in management or structure within your job, or the whole industry actually, and that will give you new angles on purchasing a home and/or meeting a new lover. The Ten of Pentacles is a terrific card to see financially, but it is not necessarily about meeting a partner you can split a mortgage with, or move in with. It’s really about family money, as you can see the grandfather, children, and couple under the money. What you are seeing will be shown to you in a different way, if you go in and try the readings as suggested, yet it’s positive. No doubt about that. And your horoscope shows you will indeed be ‘Striking a Beginning.’

  4. P.S. I double checked and realised i have my MC, South Node and Ops in Scorpio so that’s three factors, not three or more for a stellium.

  5. Lol. I mean North Node, not South Node. I’m having one of those days and it’s not even Mercury Retrograde yet. 🙂

  6. Hello Jessica,

    I’m a single woman looking for love. I asked the Garden Oracle what’s the current state of my love life life and these cards popped up:

    I am woman

    Successful Ideas

    The Determined Man

    …can you help me decipher this?

    Thank you! ❤️

    1. You asked about Past, Present and Future presumably, as you chose a three-card shuffle. In the past you were an independent female – didn’t need a man – “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” was the old Women’s Liberation slogan. Maybe you weren’t that radical, but you were essentially a feminist and going your own way; doing your own thing. Now, in the present, you are enjoying successful ideas. You are on top of one or more strong projects or plans. Likely, professional success or academic success. Sometimes, it’s unpaid achievement. In the future, you will have the option of dating a determined man – just like the character described in the card.

  7. If you’ve both been stuck, January 19th 2022 ends the usual lunar node cycle of repetition. You have had the North Node in your Fourth House of family. YoToday
    Monday, December 13th, 2021 Your Horoscope for Leos, Will I a Pisces born on March 19, 1960 at 6:00 am and my husband a Leo born on August 1, 1968, at 8:36 pm, ever be able to build a family either with Adoption or Guardiahship? We appreciate all that you do :-)Grinning face
    8:28 AM · Dec 12, 2021·Twitter Web App
    View Tweet activity

    Jessica Adams
    Replying to
    If you’ve both been stuck, January 19th 2022 ends the usual lunar node cycle of repetition. You have had the North Node in your Fourth House of family. Your husband has had his South Node in the Fifth House of parenthood. A karmic circuit ends then. Thank you.ur husband has had his South Node in the Fifth House of parenthood. A karmic circuit ends then. Thank you

    1. Thank you for your patience. Twitter is terrific for quick questions but if you and your husband want to adopt a child, become legal guardians or foster, you need both natal charts as well as the solar charts and a lot more space. Okay, so with Pisces and Leo we have the same cycle of stuck, repetitive, circular ‘no change’ showing up. For Pisces it has been the North Node in Gemini in the Fourth House of family. For Leo is has been the South Node in Sagittarius in the Fifth House of children. This cycle began for both of you on 5th May 2020 and ends on 19th January 2022. So, having been stuck in Groundhog Day since May 2020, you are now free to do and say things – which will actually get some action. In 2022 one or both of you will be thinking about different states or even different countries as there are plans, projects or ideas you want to ship. There may even be a question about relocating – temporarily or permanently. This will have a big effect on how you see prospects with child adoption or fostering. Who knows what or who is out there in a different part of the map? Maybe the issue has been your location all along or the locations you have been researching. This idea about travelling or moving is strong in both your charts in 2022. Pisces and Leo. The second half of 2022, actually, shows opportunities not possible in years. Use the Tarot to validate what I am seeing for both of you, and use The Garden Oracle (new) as well, but I think 2022 and 2023 are really about considering moving or emigrating, as quite clearly some goals could take off there, rather than where you are now. What leads you for work or business reasons, maybe for academic reasons, might also guide your hand with children or teenagers in need of care; you could begin by looking at areas within your region, country or across the water (even) where there is a good match between a home for your plans, but also a space for parenting. I hope that helps you.

  8. Thanks for your valuable advice Jessica! I split the questions and used a 6 month time frame with the tarot because that’s the divination method that resonates most with me. I got the fool for the house question and your interpretation mentioned a possible relocation and a reminder not rush (I’m excited but also a bit of scared because I’ll be buying on my own). In terms of the man, I got 7 cups which I was surprised to read is the most important card in the deck. I read this as a maybe/maybe not and then pulled another card taking the same question with a 12 month time frame. I got the hermit which I interpreted as a period of self-examination. I’ve been on my own for a long time so hope it doesn’t mean I’ll be solo for the whole 12 months! If you can add anything to my interpretation, I’d be most grateful!

    1. Thank you. The Fool suggests a giant leap with a new home location, but do your homework as you may be tempted to just order the removal van, but the Tarot is telling you there are many alternative ways to escape and get away to a new place – and some are much safer than the ‘first thought, best thought’. If you want a new man in your life, then the Seven of Cups is telling you to get real and get clear about what you want. At the moment you are losing yourself, or forgetting yourself, and daydreaming about what you want from a relationship (it is all mixed up with a new house or apartment) – but you also have a ton of fears. None of it is real. The Seven of Cups is a reminder that you have to believe and trust in what you want, but also realise that what/who repels you, or confronts you, about a man, is also in your head. It’s not real. The Hermit is telling you that in your current frame of mind/approach you would be alone for another 12 months. So you need to radically alter your attitude and mindset to change that. These cards are about ‘Be your own psychologist’ as well as ‘Be your own psychic’ and can be quite demanding but also rewarding. You can go back in again to explore the Seven of Cups using all the oracles/decks to find out where the confusion is coming from, how you can get real about what is currently not real, and so on.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I had an interview for a new job on Dec 9th. It was the result of a LinkedIn message out of the blue. I’m unsure if I should take the job if offered. The company itself is located 500km away, but I could work remotely from my home office. I currently have a job and my current company is having a strategic review, which essentially means that are thinking of selling our division of the company off and seeing if any potential buyers come to the table. I know things at work are tough now, but I have this feeling that things will improve, after we are sold. Though, I’m also realizing that might just he wishful thinking.

    I asked what I should expect if I take the new job?

    These are the cards that I ended up with

    – Proserpina in the Twelfth House
    – Inspiration and perspiration
    – Present
    – Wealth across the generations
    – Page of swords

    If I’m understanding things correctly, it’s saying if I take the job, I can expect some turbulent times, and it will be hard work. Did I interpret that correctly, or am I way off? Any help is much appreciated!


    1. This is a real career crossroads for you, isn’t it. The job offer is on the table and you could work from home. Your current job is in flux as they are selling the company. You asked what you could expect if you took the new job (I hope you set a deadline). Assuming you were asking about 2022, then the answer was actually a bit confusing, Kim. Go in again and just draw one card from The Garden Oracle, one card (Tarot) and the usual two cards (Astrology Oracle). Keep it really simple and set a deadline. Then ask about your current job, same process. You can then compare them. A stuck situation with your current and possible future employer ends on 19th January 2022 in any case. The wheels go around again and you’ll know where you stand with the merger, sale or takeover. The key to your entire career is duty, service, day-to-day commitment, a strong work ethic, a willingness to try for perfection with the details. That’s your ongoing Gemini cycle, which is intense in 2022 and extremely important from 2026. This episode now is part of that general trend. Try the reading again and ask your question in the mirror.

  10. This is brilliant! Thank you for the sample questions and the instructions on how to tune in properly. I tried it with the mirror and there is a subtle but noticeable change in energy when tuning in that way and I was blown away by the accuracy of the subsequent answers to my questions. I also really like the descriptions you have written in the Garden Oracle. They are spot on, comprehensive and really helpful. You’re a very talented and eloquent writer, Jessica. Thank you for everything.

    1. Thank you so much. I am really pleased you tried the mirror technique and got better results. I will pass this on to Justin Tabari who created the card and book imagery.

  11. Dear Jessica
    I would sincerely love to hear your take on this psychic reading I did for myself using all the cards on your website. I was asking about yet another possible new relationship, this time with a man I first met and went on one date with in 2016 who out of the blue contacted me recently saying he’d never forgotten that date, so we went for a 2nd date a few weeks ago where the conversation never stopped and we’re planing a 3rd (though it might not be possible till mid January).
    So from the Garden Oracle for the situation I got ‘Finding Peace’ for the past, ‘Leave the Past Behind’ for the present and ‘The Eligible Male’ for the future which seemed spot on in terms of my and his readiness for this. Then I consulted the Astrology Oracle to ask what he wanted from rekindling the connection with me and I got Ops and the 7th House – again seemed spot on. However for the Tarot I asked what will the relationship develop to look like over the next 6 months and I got The Tower! This completely threw me, it seems overwhelmingly negative, like ‘run away’ this will be a disaster…. However a small hopeful voice in my head is asking, could it mean head over heels in love? love struck like a thunderbolt?
    I know you’re super busy but if there’s any chance then I’d love your thoughts on this….
    Thank you!

    1. This is a good use of the cards. You have accurate replies there and you can trust them. You have a third date with an ‘eligible male’ and he wants a hopeful solution to his partnership challenges. I’m sorry The Tower appeared over six months. This looks like something that would go really well at the start and then suddenly remove all the security you both had. This is your chance to use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle again to solve the issue before it happens. Ask how you can prevent the end of this relationship – if you can at all. Ask if he should just be a friend, not a partner. Or, a brief fling, not a marriage. And so on – you will have your own questions. You can’t really change The Tower – it is what it is. The sudden shock that throws everything and everybody out of their place in the world. Yet it is there for a reason; there is something about him which invites that. There are ways around this. You also need to ask the cards about alternative men. You are absolutely going to end up in a very, very important partnership in 2022 but you want it to be as peaceful as possible. Obviously!

  12. Hi Jessica, I keep getting confirmations between the decks about career and family surrounding questions on me and my mate, who is very career driven. I know you’d mentioned things about my 10th house before and I know Saturn will be in Pisces soon on my sun and that’s a career aspect as well. I’m sensing that this must be the underlying issue that’s occurring in our relationship unbeknownst to me. Is this showing anywhere in my Astrology as a conflict choice between career and family or does this have anything to do with the Saturn/Uranus square?

    1. You are a Sun Pisces going through the very end of the lunar node cycle in Gemini (your family) and Sagittarius (your career). A lot of the issues you have will stop on 19th January 2022 when the lunar nodes change sign. It looks like you will renovate your home or move, and change the family circle, in the second half of 2022 and first half of 2023. Using the decks is best done once, with total focus, and a firm deadline in mind – write it down or take screen shots of the relevant pages in the flipbook, showing your cards.

  13. Hi jessica my yearly prediction for 2021 was the sun and it said yes to pregnancy alas it hasnt come true this year. Also we are in a prediciment about our property and wills etc we dont know what we should do. whether we should invest elsewhere or extend our current property.

    1. You do actually have two weeks to go. The Sun is not only about pregnancy; it is about godchildren, nieces and nephews, and youth as a whole. The Sun is about joyous outcomes regarding them all (and any children you or your husband teach). Your questions are really personal and as your husband’s chart is not here, I think you should both use The Garden Oracle, The Smith-Waite Tarot and The Astrology Oracle. Read for yourself and ask him to read for himself. Then it works.

  14. Hi Jessica, i just read my horoscope but couldn’t see where to post the comment anymore so I’m doing it here. You mentioned checking whether we’ve factors at 00 degrees. If I’ve factors at 29 degrees in the sign before, should that be taken into account? (I’ve lots of factors at 29 degrees.) Thank you.

    1. Yes, 29 degrees still works in the zero-degree patterns of the planets. We can allow one degree’s orb (one degree’s difference) in modern astrology. Thank you.

  15. I just read my Capricorn 2021 year horoscope, I think it all passed me by, not one thing related to my 2021.

    1. I recognise your name from an Australian magic shop. Perhaps it’s just a wild coincidence! Too funny.

  16. NOTE!! I accidentally posted this in the Conscious Cafe Blog Post and it was meant to go here:

    Dear Jessica! I have been using the Tarot daily. I have to say its nothing short of incredible. I got Ace of Wands and Ace of Cups and both days question was about what I most need to know in my life right now and writing my book. So they BOTH mention that there is an idea that must be brought down to earth. Until I do that it just remains and unbirthed idea. The Ace of cups also had the W, the word Python and cloud. I am studying the Python language and working on internet and cloud computing classes too! Then I asked this morning what is the most important thing I need to know for my father, who is elderly and I am caring for him. OMG It was him to a “T” exactly him, his life and his situation and mindset right now. It was the King of Cups. And he is a Cancer. Thank you for providing this amazing too. I have Tarot cards and took a small class on them but your insights go way way beyond anyting I know at this point. It really hit me when both cards said if I want to make something a reality I have to take it from an idea to bring it to earth. Also the card for my dad said that I need to get on his level to communicate! Wow I’ve been trying to pull him back into reality and to see things my way. What a paradigm shift. And then entire boat thing, WOW. In his younger days he canoed the Mississippi, sailed the Atlantic and lived in Costa Rica and did a lot of sailing and talks so much about all of these adventures as if he is still there, especially the Southern Cross. He loved seeing that out in the middle of the pacific. He is also a pilot. A great adventurer, he hiked the Applachain trail 3x and rode his bicycle across the USA then mailed it to Hawaii and rode it all over Hawaii. He’s never really been a part of society, just a traveler on one adventure after another. I don’t know what to make of his situation now. My brother and i are trying to get him to go to Fla to stay with my brother who is retired, has a nice one level home. My fathers home really is not safe for him and its far from me so I am spending hours each day to and from his house and taking him to doctors. Some days I feel he will get better and other days I feel he is slipping away. He keeps telling me he talks to entities and there are not bodies. He says everyone knows eachother by vibration and each persons vibration is unique. He also says that the colors he sees are not of this world and that the represent emotions. He said too that the entities are preparing him for life without a physical body. Its so fascinating to me,, not only because he’s not on any meds, just high blood pressure, but also because he is such an athiest and never in a millions years would have consciously spoke of such things let alone admitted he believed and/or was experiencin such things. If possible, I’d love to know any advice you have for me on him. His birthdate is July 14, 1944, born in Washington D.C. around 6am but no exact time is known. I know how busy you are and how many comments you get so no worries ifyou can’t get to it, he is not a premium member! THIS card for him also reminds me of my grandson, whom I also care for and has autism. But this card describes him a lot. He is not water sign though and majority of his planets are fire sign, esp his Sun is in Aries along with Mars, South Node, Uranus, he is a firecracker for sure but aloof like the man described in the card. And we are told we need to go into the Autistic world to reach them and not try to drag them into our definitions of reality!

    1. This is fantastic feedback on the Smith-Waite Tarot on this website, thank you so much. I am pleased you are receiving the purely psychic information about your life from the cards – at their best, this is how they work. You do not even need my interpretation for key words like ‘Python’ which leap out at you. Anyone born on July 14th 1944 is at a point in their lives when the legacy needs to be updated, with one eye on any children, godchildren, grandchildren – but also partners and former partners. This is a practical matter in a time of pandemic – common sense would say we need to update our will anyway, and perhaps insurance – but for him, with that chart, it’s about taking stock of personal, emotional matters as well. And that is priceless.

  17. Hello Jessica, your writings guide me to plan for the future. But I am unable to fully understand the terminology. Regarding Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2022, could you please help me to know about my financial journey in 2022? Thank you!

    1. Mercury is information, communication, negotiation and transportation. In Taurus in your Second House of money, charity, property, shopping, selling and Retrograde, it goes backwards. It gets stuck. During the periods you see here when Mercury is moving in irregular ways, you’re best advised to avoid signing or accepting signatures, to aim for everything in writing, read the fine print, and have Plan B and C. You are strongly Taurus and so will be more affected than most people.

  18. Okay I have to comment some more! No response needed. I just want to say how much I love your oracles. I use them all but primarily one card Tarot reading. They are so spot on its spooky. Not just something I can try to apply to my situation but really directly about what I am asking. I used the other cards to get confirmation but mostly the Tarot is so clear I don’t really need confirmation. Today I did a reading for me and it was so good its set the tone for my entire day. But the craziest thing, I was doing a reading for my dad, I hit shuffle, and then I was meditating on the situation before I chose a card, BUT, the deck started going crazy and chose its own card. My hands were in my lap. I swear this was so surreal and, of course, the card was perfect. I am so happy. Thank you for providing this. It’s really been helping me through so much. Often we are in a situation and we tend to be blinded to answers and options because of our attachment or worry. But these cards provide answers and wisdom that can only be attributed to something beyond us. THANKS

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. The Tarot in the hands of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite was a practical tool to help people get through 20th century challenges. The First World War, The Spanish Flu, The Wall Street Crash, The Second World War and the rest. So they had to be accurate, specific and give hands-on advice. They still do. That is so interesting about the spontaneous shuffling online. Really interesting. I’ve not heard that before. It may be a one-off incident but perhaps spirit is taking over here. Let’s see.

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