The Sagittarius Weather Event

On Thursday 16th December we’ll be looking at Sagittarius Season 2021, which includes these unusual patterns, following the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th 2021.

Our Sagittarius Weather event begins with a YouTube Premiere with guests Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson and continues with a Zoom session for Premium Members. Comments are now closed and all questions will be answered by Wednesday 22nd December. Please make sure you are waitlisted for our 2022 Zoom events on Meetups. Now read on.

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229 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Interestingly I have many factors in Sagittarius (as Diana, Neptune, ASC, Panacea and North Node) and it is 20 years that I’m leaving oversea. It seems that I will continue working oversea in the coming years too. Can you see in my birth chart data that I will come back to my country at some point? Thanks a lot

    1. You are strongly Sagittarian and ‘live’ in your Ninth House, so if we opened your front door we would find your passport in the safest of places, plenty of luggage to spare, objects gathered on your travels and a computer full of all kinds of global connections. The issue for you in 2022 and 2023 is that Mars in Gemini will make it hard to get in and out of the house. You’ll be blocked, stopped and delayed from travelling so be aware of that. Mars is retrograde, or getting stuck and going backwards, in the opposite sign to Sagittarius, which is Gemini. I think you are underestimating the pandemic. Long-term you also have the same issues, as from 2026, Uranus goes into Gemini and that is the beginning of the end of globalisation. You’ll still have the foreign connections but it may not be in person. New technology from 2026 will place your hologram self in online meetings with people from other countries and the language translation will be automatic.

  2. HI Jessica,
    What do you think about Astrocartography ?
    I’ve read a bit about it and it seems to be reliable to some extent.

    1. Astrocartography has never worked for me, much as I would love it to. All astrology is divination, so we should try all these different techniques and methods, but when I saw I had no lines at all crossing through the United Kingdom, I knew it was so wrong. And I had a Venus line in Western Australia. I’ve been to Perth half a dozen times and never had a relationship!

  3. Hi Jessica – I have been trying to struggle through a degree in engineering as an older nontraditional student and found that the quarter-based school was set up to be too difficult, with no support for students, and was a waste of money as I was basically teaching myself at home alone and it was not working well. I seem to have a knack for economics / finance and the ability to predict which stocks will go up dramatically, which has helped others I’ve told in the past, though I myself at those times did not have money to invest so I never benefitted personally. But I have saved a little to start doing that now on my own. I also have an exceptional gift for healing and keep having teachers show up and I fix a lot of people’s bodies with ease, yet I want that to be a hobby, not a profession. And in the meantime, I do odd jobs as a handyman because those are always available, though I do not want to do those anymore as it was not what I chose to do for work, but what was available without a degree. I am out of school until I find a better one or more clarity, but no progress so far in that regard. So yes, stuck. Wondering if you have words of wisdom for me in relation to this, much appreciated they would be! Thank you.

    1. Sometimes you are pushed by fate, to do what you were always supposed to do. I am sorry the engineering degree was not what you wanted or needed. If it’s any comfort, I have had quite a few readers who enrolled in online courses in 2022 only to find they were let down by them. You are a Sun Virgo who is brilliant at serving other people, in great detail, and with careful attention to the small things, and with no expectation of glory. You also have a natural understanding of the way a job, or unemployment, or a course, can influence the psyche, spirit and mood so much, that the body carries out orders. (When people struggle with their work they tend to develop symptoms which stop them doing that work!) You have a stellium in Virgo and are a healer, as you know. You don’t want to make this a profession, but the universe may have other ideas. In 2022 it may all seem too hard, but from 2023 you will be shown just how powerful you can be, when you develop your healing ability, and this may in fact be your main path by 2030 if you want it. I suspect you have one or more spirit guides. Predicting the sharemarket is sometimes the proof of that – somebody is impressing upon you which shares to watch, from spirit, in such a subtle way you may not be aware of it. You will in fact study again, as you know, and take more than one course by 2026, with fantastic results. Have a look at The Garden Oracle and work your way around questions (set yourself a deadline) about all the different paid/unpaid work options available to you. If you are in fact being encouraged by spirit to pursue the path of healing it will show up there.

  4. Hi Jessica

    I am a cancer sun with Juno, Uranus, Neptune and Descendant in Sagittarius. Can you please advise what the sag weather means for me in 2022 and onwards, particularly in the area of love and work. Many Thanks.

    1. As a Cancer Sun you have your final full year of people politics challenges with partners, former partners or potential partners. You have been living with this cycle since 2008 and have probably seen it all; phases in your love-life when you could have been part of a power couple; situations where you had to question who had the control, power or upper hand in a partnership; awareness (as a couple) of them/that taking over your lives. This is the last year, as I said, and the worst is over. If you are single you may have had an ex who tried to dominate you, or may have attracted dominating types. This is also fading fast in 2022. From 2023 your love life will be a revelation as for the first time in many years you can have a duet without the power or control issues. Work-wise, you should grab the career peaks in 2022 (they will be amazing) as you will come very close to the people at the top. It will not last, but don’t spend too long concerned with that, as the merry-go-round in your work place or chosen field will take you around again, and once again you will be at the peak before you know it. As a strongly Sagittarian person you are driven by travel/by foreigners/by foreign countries/by travellers – but do not push against the tide in 2022 and 2023 as a very long Mars in Gemini transit will be pushing against you. You may want to carefully consider your plans in that direction as Mars in Gemini opposes your Sagittarius factors and any major plans in that department will also be opposed, blocked or obstructed.

  5. Thanks for this article Jessica. Do you mean Pisces moves into the 9th house for Cancerians? Btw my natal Neptune is in Sagittarius and pre-COVID I definitely escaped and deepened my spirituality through overseas travel. I also married (and divorced) a foreign man so this resonates with me. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will enter the Ninth House for Sun Cancer people using the solar chart system. I think life with foreigners and foreign countries is on the turn for Cancer from 19th January, as the lunar nodes depart their natal Ninth House/Third House and by then, Jupiter with all his benefits and Neptune with all his great escapes, will be in the solar Ninth House. So it is the end of a stuck situation for you and the start of something fantastic.

  6. Thank you to the person who mentioned Astrocartography! I’d never heard of it so I quickly tried it out and was blown away by the results, e.g. my AC line went through a country I did volunteer work in and the part of Ireland where my former in-laws came from…the former impacted positively on how I was perceived and the latter sometimes more negatively for moving to Australia with their son. An IC line went through a different region of Ireland that my ancestors came from. I’ll definitely investigate this further. Thanks again.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    Very much looking forward to the Sag event as a sun Sag with birthday on the Dec 4 eclipse and a horoscope dominated by Sag/Gemini/Virgo/Scorpio factors. I started a new job in August which I love but now a major organisational restructure so all back in the air again. Would love 2022 to be a year of getting fit and healthy. The planets might be hinting at a move although I am resisting currently. Gemini partner still working interstate with all the Covid challenges including will he make it home for Christmas.

    But I followed your advice re the timing of a virtual catch up with school friends globally last week 8/9th Dec (Aquarian influences), realising that getting back to the UK anytime soon was a pipe dream. It was fantastic and everyone had a great time with the years melting away. Amazing!

    Kindest regards,

    1. I’m pleased you enjoyed your school reunion online and very, very pleased you are staying away from airports and planes. The interstate situation with Australia will become quite critical in 2022 so your partner needs to be aware of all possible outcomes there with border cosures.

  8. Hello Jessica, I am a sun Capricorn with Neptune, Diana, Fortuna and my IC all in sagittarius. What does this mean for me in 2022?

    1. The internet based project, course or plan is very special and quite important, and you should take all the opportunities you receive to expand your language, literacy or translation skills until May, and then from October to December. If the project or course sustains into 2023 then you may go back and forth with it, for several months in the second half of 2022, but from early 2023 you will consider it a done deal. From 2026, this or a second qualification, brainwave or concept will amaze you and you will realise it all began back in 2020, 2021, 2022 as a process.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    everything that you wrote about Virgo and her career in this Sagittarius weather is true for me. Although my working life is better than for ex. in 2019, I still feel too dependent on others – on cooperation with them. I tried to develop my own activities (as a consultant) and even everybody is very interested in the beginning then something happened (for ex. pandemic, they moved away, they closed their business..) and prospect business doesn’t come to its fruition.
    I would like to ask you if this full moon can mean the closing of this situation. I have Chiron in 27deg Aries, Sun 26deg Virgo, Moon 26deg Pisces and Bacchus 26deg in Sagittarius.

    Can I hope for some successful individual projects and interesting education possibilities next year?

    Thank you.

  10. This is very interesting. Actually, I’m working from home for one year and a half and I really like it. I like the idea also of the hologram. The issue is that we are not leaving in our home country (my wife is Japanese and I’m french) and we hope to visit our country one time per year. Thanks again for your response.

    1. I think holograms sound a bit futuristic, but actually, given the way that Omicron is spreading in New York, Italy, London – it’s a safer way.

  11. Hi Jessica, Fascinating reading about global events through the lens of astrology. Thank you for sharing your gift. I have the North Node at 26 Sagittarius and the South Node at 26 Gemini. What might that mean during the Sag/Gemini opposition transit? I am also curious to know what might be the significance of my having both Jupiter and Uranus in lockstep at 24 Cancer in the 12th House. Thanks for your insight.

  12. Hi Jessica I am a Taurus sun with Sagittarius in Neptune and Jupiter ,I remember your talk with fixed signs in the future ,will the Sagittarius factors help with the upcoming future or will it cause more challenges , I have been single for 5 years and though I was content with that ,I think with covid and working in medical ,I have strong desire for change both with my career and relationship status , can you advise me on where these factors can lead thankyou 🙂

    1. Thank you for doing the work in the medical sector and hanging in there for the rest of Australia. I am sure you want a change. You are a Taurus Sun, as you say, and the time has come to ‘unfixed the fixed’. There is no magic wand for an instant miracle with career. Yet you will realise from 2023 that the whole point of 2022 (hard work or a waiting game) is that it prepared you for real power later. In fact, you will slowly transform your entire career from 2023 for some time to come, finding yourself with your hands on the controls and quite a lot of influence. In both charts I use for you, we find Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Tenth House of career in 2022, with Pluto in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House of career. The message is: keep going and keep structuring what you want from success and status. Build and build and do all you can to protect yourself. By 2023 you should have achieved something substantial and as you go into 2024 you will realise it’s a whole new era. professionally. You want a partner. It will revolve around the money or property between you, as the South Node in Scorpio goes into the Eighth House of your natal chart in 2022, 2023, and that’s basically sex and the bank. In your solar chart, that same node goes into your Seventh House of partnership. You’d have to try very hard in 2022 and 2023 not to be with someone.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Please help. I am heavily sagi, and really want to get a new job role that has been published live today! When is the best time for me to apply? I desperately want it! I see it as a sign it’s come open today.

    1. Oops, I am rather late to this, Lilly, but for time-specific questions in future, use a three-way reading: The Garden Oracle, The Tarot and The Astrology Oracle together will talk to you. I hope this works out for you. Though it’s actually 2023-2024 that brings the most sensational career moves…

  14. Dear Jessica, I come to you again as I watch my 22-year-old and 19- year-old struggle to navigate life as university students in India. Which as you have predicted, is going through a critical time. The politics, the pandemic – and as we have a large, multinational, multicultural, family, the inability to meet loved ones – is taking a toll on them.

    My question is – as the young of India, who you have predicted will be the future of our country, how does the Sagittarius weather impact my boys? The older one seems to have a lot of factors in Sagitarius:

    19° Libra 45′ 10″
    04° Virgo 34′ 01″
    15° Taurus 32′ 20″ R
    08° Sagittarius 33′ 37″
    23° Libra 45′ 49″
    24° Cancer 34′ 43″
    25° Scorpio 48′ 01″
    09° Scorpio 44′ 06″
    15° Libra 36′ 52″
    06° Pisces 54′ 53″ R
    00° Cancer 16′ 44″
    10° Aquarius 03′ 56″ R
    05° Sagittarius 23′ 16″
    27° Sagittarius 28′ 21″
    12° Aquarius 54′ 06″ R
    02° Sagittarius 02′ 05″
    06° Virgo 47′ 45″
    01° Taurus 26′ 58″
    15° Libra 53′ 10″
    26° Virgo 03′ 30″
    10° Libra 50′ 44″
    13° Virgo 04′ 55″
    06° Aquarius 28′ 27″
    11° Scorpio 39′ 54″
    01° Taurus 17′ 49″ R
    01° Aquarius 35′ 15″ R
    10° Sagittarius 29′ 52″
    24° Capricorn 34′ 43″
    01° Scorpio 26′ 58″
    10° Capricorn 52′ 13″
    08° Sagittarius 21′ 55″
    22° Scorpio 42′ 46″
    13° Scorpio 19′ 53″
    10° Leo 03′ 56″ R

    My younger one seems to have less:

    09° Leo 17′ 50″
    24° Virgo 02′ 52″
    24° Gemini 56′ 36″
    15° Sagittarius 03′ 36″ R
    04° Leo 31′ 31″
    22° Cancer 27′ 30″
    14° Cancer 43′ 17″
    29° Taurus 02′ 56″
    18° Taurus 05′ 45″
    12° Pisces 20′ 18″ R
    29° Gemini 58′ 28″
    16° Sagittarius 23′ 51″

    Despite our government and society in general acting as if everything is back to normal – I am deeply concerned for my sons’ welfare in light of the pandemic and economic predictions you have made for India. How will they be impacted? I guess I’d always hoped they’d play a part in making our country a better place. Thank you!

    1. You have a young Leo and Libran and are completely right to be concerned about their future in India. We look at the really long transits of Pluto to see what is in store, and Pluto goes into Aquarius from 2023, when the South Node (past life) of your older child starts to show. This child incarnated to be part of a global community of young leaders and is already learning now, about how to be part of a group, how to act outside a group, and how to figure out leadership within a group as well. The next big cycle we see is Neptune moving into Aries and so for both children, actually, their path to adulthood is about very serious relationships with partners who change them. These are not usual teenage dating rituals; they are proper partnerships and will be central to their plans. The future of India is really based on what happens in 2023/2024 when so many elections take place all around the world, at the same time that Pluto leaves Capricorn. The one-man domination of a nation has been a feature of the world since 2008, and a handful of men have controlled the climate and the pandemic. This is on the way out and you will be amazed at the change in world politics and in India from 2023. As a general rule, your children should be bilingual if possible, and certainly connected online to friends and groups in other countries; this will sustain them for years, as that is the way the planet is heading.

  15. Sagittarius sun, Gemini moon, here – hanging out for 18 January when I hope this very stuck, repetitive situation with a marriage ending will resolve, or at least shift in a good way.I have the Sun at 19 Sag and Neptune at 1 Sag. He has Bacchus and Ops at 19 Sag. Any advice for me in relation to this situation? At the moment, I am trying to be very patient and trusting that things will work out for me in the end.

    1. The end of the lunar node cycle in Gemini-Sagittarius on 19th January only ends the repetition and deja vu. It does not actually end the story, because in 2022 you have Ceres and then Mars Retrograde in Gemini, on that axis. It is the same for your husband. I am sorry you have a separation/divorce to deal with, but you will strike a deal and compromise about who/what is in control, in the first half of 2022. Avoid a battle in the second half as it will drag on. Much as anger is an energy (John Lydon) and can help to sever the ties that bind, try to sidestep heat or impulse on Mars Retrograde in your solar Seventh House. You don’t say if you have children. If you do, they are a fantastic bridge or open gate for you, May-October 2022.

  16. Hi, Jessica. I have a stellium in Sagittarius. 5 planets. How does this sagittarius season will influence me?I feel a total new me is born after the eclipse. It is a process.
    Thank you.

    1. Not so much the eclipse, which was just a cover-up, but the rebirth is definitely here after 19th January when the brick wall you keep hitting with certain people is over. It can feel like you’ve seen it all before – same as it ever was, to quote Talking Heads – but the lunar node change on the 19th is substantial.

  17. HI Jessica,
    I’m a Sun Cancer, and only have 1 Sagittarius factor (at 9 Neptune) but I have Mercury at 27 in Gemini – I’m thinking the 19th might be interesting for me, but I’m wondering how to make the best of it?
    I am loving your new Garden Tarot and using it with the Oracle and Smith-Waite Tarot is really giving me some incredible insights – Thank you so much.
    I am really, really looking forward to the deja vu situation coming to an end – I am quite literally drained from going over the same thing with someone, who will never ever budge. I just want my mind and body and time to be free. I don’t care how hard I have to work. Hopefully my Jupiter in Aries will bring some momentum for the first half of 2022.
    Thanks again for a fantastic post….
    DinP xxx

    1. I’ve answered you elsewhere, but yes, the deja vu of the lunar nodal cycle is pretty dull isn’t it. And it can feel draining. I call it Groundhog Day. It does in fact make you a better human being although to get there requires huge staying power.

  18. Hello Jessica
    I have so many factors in Sag. Mercury, Diana, Fortuna, Aesculapia, Prosperina, and South Node. Wow! I had a magnificen job during the 2003-2004 timeframe mentioned. My kids were small and I was married to a pretty good man. Fast forward, I have not been able to work for years, cared for a dying friend, then my mom as she died, and now my special needs grandson since 2015 with no end in sight on being able to get some normacly for him. He was born between two eclipses on Mar 23, 2015. I am hoping we get some breakthroughs for him. But as long as he’s the way he is and we have to treat him at home there is no way, that I can see, that I can go back to work. I keep trying to set something up on social media but with him I am only getting a few hours sleep, its 24/7. I just pass out the minute he does and try to get as much sleep as I can. NOW I am also caring for my father. He was born July 14, 1944. I swear I must have agreed to come as a caretaker in this lifetime. My dad, other than hypertension and osteoporosis, seems to be in relatively good health. BUT, he keeps having dreams that he is with groups of people, but he says not physical, its all mental. They talk by mind and you know others by their vibration. He also says in some dreams its very colorful and colors represent emotions. He is also “seeing” things that are not there. One night he said that my grandson was there with us, that he was dancing and happy because he saw me happy. He kept pointing to the left and saying “DONT YOU SEE HIM, HE IS THERE, RIGHT THERE’. My dad is completely blind in his left eye and has been since childhood. He is also seeing geometric shapes and coins in front of his face 24/7 both with his eyes open and shut. I am baffled by all of this. My dad has never been spiritual or regligious. He would make fun of me if I ever talked about God or Spirit. He’d say, “I have my own imaginary friends I don’t need yours”. So to hear him just talk so non-chalantly about all the “entities’ he meets in his dreams every night is weird. I’ve also been with many people when they die, my grandmother, my mother, Clara, my Aunt, and others. I have seen and heard all the same stuff, seeing relatives, going on a trip etc. I fully get the dying process. But I’ve never cared for anyone who is having dreams with entities, and seeing beings while wide awake and by all accounts is healthy according to all doctors tests. He is having some cognitive decline but the only medication he is on is blood pressure. Not sure what would cause these dreams and visions. I am trying to see any patterns or returns from 2003=2004 but my life is 100% different. I had a great job, my kids were little, I was in a good marriage. Now I can’t work, caring for grandson and father and living with my daughter because I had to sell my house to help care for my grandson. What is up????? I feel like I am on a gerbil wheel right now. I am not complaining my aunt told me that “God never puts a need before you that doesn’t need to be met” so I just roll with it, but it seems like a gerbil wheel that I can’t get off from. This same aunt, who died right before my mom at the age of 101, called me from her death bed. We were told she was dying and could not talk anymore and not to call. I was caring for my mom who was in the same positions so I could not go see my aunt, who I was very close with. Anyway, my dying Aunt called, when I saw the number I thought for sure it was her caretaker, but it was my aunt, I almost dropped the phone. She said this to me, “Patrice, you are going to write a book, its going to be a best seller, you have no idea what it is now, it will come to you. Just wait, you will see”. Then she hung up.She died soon after that and I never talked to her again. I am still waiting for this “book” to be birthed through me ha ha!

    1. Your special needs grandson is part of quite a long cycle which involves Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Aquarius (from 2023) so you may need a long-term plan as well, and one that is flexible enough to allow you to change, when change is needed. The message about your bestselling book is intriguing, isn’t it. Merry Christmas.

  19. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your blog of Sagittarius weather. I’m Aquarius@18. In Sagittarius I have Asc.@12, Bacchus@12, Jupiter@22, Salacia@28. I have NN @ 19 Taurus. My work and personal partner also is Aquarius,18. He has, In Sagittarius, Pluto@0, Asc.@4, Jupitar@11, Bacchus@12, Juno@22. He has SN @ 9 Taurus. We have many astrological similarities. He worked for me for 3 years but he quit the job because of low income. I got 10- year China contract in May this year. Because of pandemic, I can’t go to China for the time being. I give instructions and advice online. I called my partner back to work together; not just as a subordinate but as a joint business associate, eventually to become a heir. He seems hesitant. I’m naturalized Japanese. He is Japanese. And here we have China contract. All are foreign to each other. Will he come back and work with me? Will this China contract make us prosper? I’m also waiting for one or two Japanese contract. Will that be materialized in 2022? Thank you again for your insight predictions.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius, so checking your solar chart, we find constant change with your home life (I assume your partner lives with you) until 2026. In fact, your Sun Aquarius partner is part of the story, for as long as you both have an apartment or house together, you will find that life is full of odd occurrences, twists and turns that change everything in a moment. You are both Japanese and have business interests in China. You also want a Japanese contract. I think the issue for him is Japan itself; perhaps his family there; certainly his status as a Japan native and his feelings about home. It’s not what it was, and I’d say that even without the pandemic. He will be in this cycle until 2026 so the more you try for domesticity and security with a rent, mortgage or property investment, the harder it’s going to be. Security and constancy is really hard to come by when Uranus is in Taurus in both your Fourth Houses of home town, home, family, household, real estate. You will save or make quite a lot of money in 2022, either because of the Chinese contract or for a totally different reason. This is in both chart systems I use for you; solar and natal. The question of him coming back to work with you depends entirely on what he feels about Japan, but also his feelings about sharing a home with you. If you want to check the timing I am giving you please use the new Garden Oracle.

  20. Hi Jessica, Thanks for this article. I’ve got 3 Sag placements -Asc, Moon and South Node, plus quite a few Gemini placements including Jupiter 28. As a child I moved about with my parents across continents, then came to Oz on my travels. But honestly, I have no desire to travel long or short distances these days and an happy on my farm. I am hoping we will continue to be able to work from home, given this Omicrom variant and I wondered if you had any thoughts as to the impact of the virus on Australia going forward as our leaders seem intent on opening up despite what is happening abroad. Many thanks, once again.

    1. You sound like one of those natural psychics who can see the way the wind is blowing and you have put your Gemini and Sagittarius self to sleep for a while. This is wise, given the realities about foreign travel in the Twenties. Working from home will actually become the norm as time goes on and although your solar Sixth House of lifestyle and work is a huge stretch in 2022, it becomes easier from 2023 and from 2024 this looks like quite a powerful lifestyle change as you take control of when to work, how to work, where to work – and why. I’m afraid Australia is no different to any other country where people have had two injections of Pfizer or AstraZeneca and the rest. The astrology is clear. For as long as the Prime Minister and Premiers allow travel without quarantine, we are going to find the variants take hold. That’s in just about every plague cycle we’ve recorded since the 14th century. The problem is travel. You can manage your own wellbeing and lifestyle, of course. You can also negotiate your own working existence.

  21. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fascinating article.
    I’m sun Aries and have Neptune, ASC, Diana, and Nort Node in Sagittarius.
    I moved from Croatia to UK 28 years ago intending to only stay for 2 years. Am still here though. I did two degrees here and have a lovely English husband and nice local friends. However, my heart long to also have a little apartment in Zagreb (Croatia) and live there part of the year as well as I have family and close friends there too. The issue is money-my brothers have borrowed my inheritance money in 2011 and have been playing every trick since then not to return it even though they earnedlots of intereston it. Sadly, I’ve now had to engage a solicitor to help me recover it and my relationship with my brothers has turned very sour (I had no idea they had so much hatred for me).
    Anyway, my question is, can you see in my chart any hope of me managing to buy an apartment in Zagreb any time soon and living part of the year there?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry about your brothers borrowing money and trying not to repay you – how awful. You want to buy an apartment in Croatia and live there for some of the year. You are a Sun Aries who would find it quite hard to cross-commute long-term as the Third House and Ninth House of your solar chart (ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius) show quite a few obstacles. The Third House is short journeys and the Ninth House is foreign countries. You have that Gemini-Sagittarius pattern in your chart which is really common with people who prefer to live in two countries but the reality is, we are moving through tough cycles for many years into the future with Mars Retrograde in Gemini in 2022 and 2023, and then Saturn in Pisces, which squares all the Gemini and Sagittarius in your chart. If your question was solely about money that is easy: you will save or make a small fortune from the second half of 2023 onwards. If it’s about the actual realities of living in Britain and Croatia at the same time, that’s a whole other ballgame and it will be a harder game to play than you are used to. That’s the long term.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I have resigned from my current job ending a 7 year old power and control issue with my boss. By 3rd week of January I will be joining a new workplace which has offered me an exciting role with progression in position and money. How will this cycle affect me in my new career?


    1. Well FA it is rather hard for a Sun Aries to put up with a controlling boss when Pluto is in Capricorn in your solar Tenth House. No wonder you needed to resign. Long-term you will no longer have people politics to deal with much after 2023 and from 2024 you will congratulate yourself on having gone through years of tests of your willpower and self-control (and succeeded). You will end up making or saving a lot of money after you relaunch yourself in the second half of 2022 and first half of 2023. New image, basically, and perhaps a new title. The second half of 2023 ushers in fantastic financial solutions and opportunities. Try to get everything in writing with the new position and as quickly as possible; Mercury Retrograde is upon us sooner rather than later. If you have to sign on Mercury Retrograde make sure you have flexibility if anything changes or is delayed.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Looking forward to the event! My midheaven and Neptune is in Sagitarius, my Mars, Psyche and Ceres in Gemini. I’m publishing my urban fantasy novel in weekly installments through the next few months and am struggling with how to build a reader audience in new ways beyond the old FB and Instagram which just feels salesy and saturated. When might be good timing to build in new ways?

    Thanks for your amazing insights. They help me navigate my goals so much!

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Gemini-Sagittarius which is the mark of a writer or publisher. You’re caught in the oppositions, actually, with the lunar nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius until 19th January, then you have two long transits in Gemini in 2022 and 2023, which oppose your Sagittarius factors. You are articulating your chart when you say that you are writing urban fantasy (Neptune is the escape from reality) but find Facebook and Instagram salesy. The former is Sagittarius and the latter is Gemini. Have a look at mediums which go beyond a novel. The future is wildly beyond that, from 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini. That’s only three or four years away. Until then, try to open up your ideas so that they can be applied to different formats, outlets and channels as this will give you the ‘bendy’ flexibility that all these oppositions require. Sticking doggedly to one outlet or one format is unlikely to work on these oppositions. You may also find that you can apply what you know/what you have from your writing to quite a different sort of occupation: a door will open to that in 2022.

  24. Hello Jessica,
    As a Leo Sun, in my entire chart the only Sagittarius I have is Fortuna at 2°…yet I have lived in a foreign country since my twenties (I am 59 now) and married twice while abroad, as well as a twenty year long career in the publishing industry. How curious!

    I am so looking forward to Jupiter moving on to Pisces (I actually have Jupiter in Pisces). Will this give me that much needed boost?

    1. Fortuna at 2 Sagittarius is square Hygiea at 3 Pisces, almost exact by one degree, so every time you ‘do’ your Pisces, you ‘do’ your Sagittarius. It’s rather like having two planets tied together, in an egg-and-spoon race. Gemini is the other great publishing signature, and it also rules foreign languages. Mars at 18 Gemini is one degree off a sextile with Mercury at 19 Leo. Bacchus is also at 19 Leo. Publishing for children, Millennials would work well for you, if you don’t already do it (Leo is Queen to a younger court). You’ll have your Jupiter Return in Pisces, yes, which is successful therapy, meditation, spirituality, psychic work, hypnosis or other inner pursuits, like religious faith. You might say you were born for this year.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I am quite anxious this season since I feel it is going to be a big decision time for my job and relocation. I am sun Scorpio with stellium in Sagittarius (Venus, Neptune, Juno, Ceres, Fortuna, Psyche & North Node). Will this be a good time for me to accept a job offer and move or will it be better for me to wait longer? I am trying to move back to the state I came from so that I will be close to my boys but that seems impossible. Do you have any advice for me for 2022 ? Thanks

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a solar chart that suggests anxiety is not necessary, as you enter the biggest and best cycle for work and lifestyle in 12 years, in May 2022, lasting until October 2022, then with another return cycle in early 2023. You may be a little too early for long-term job decisions now, but ask The Garden Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and the Tarot to see about timing. I suspect you’d be better off seeking new work and a relocation (lifestyle upgrade) in those time-frames. It’s very similar in your natal chart, in the second half of 2022 and opening months of 2023, as we find Pluto in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career making all the right moves. In terms of relocating from a purely property/family point of view, 2022 would be hard work, but sometimes you have to trade the obstacle course with real estate, the home state and the children against other benefits. Long-term, though, it looks a great deal easier.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Any light you could shed on my love or relationship area. I am sort of re entering the dating stage since this October after being married and single for a long time. As everyone knows dating can be so complicated and unexpected.

    I wish I could skip all the heartache and chance upon a fulfilling relationship. Wishful thinking! Any insights would be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks so much.

    1. You are a Sun Libra who shines brightest in a balanced, fair, harmonious two-way street. You are in the best place in 12 years to find that from May-October next year and in the first months of 2023 as Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) joins Chiron (getting away with the impossible) in your Seventh House of marriage and common-law marriage. At the same time, you also have serious Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Fifth House of pregnancy, adoption and stepchildren. It is not out of the question that a potential date would have a child from another relationship; that would fit the heaviness of the situation. I suspect that the next relationship will have a heavy emphasis on finance or property as you have Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, and the South Node in Scorpio will cross over that, for the first time in about 18 or 19 years. Complicated and unexpected? Yes. You said it. At the same time, you have the sort of chart which suggests you prefer something you can throw yourself into. Either in 2022 or 2023 you’d have to try hard to avoid it.

  27. Hello Jessica
    Your comments to RD so resonates with me as a Sun Cancer.
    I have Ceres, Neptune and Juno in Sagittarius.
    Recently following a conversation at work, I came to realize that the reality that my chances of climbing higher to more responsibility and higher pay in my current government job of 15 years is almost nil. I operate an an online food business as a side line, and import my main feature item I sell from overseas at high air cargo cost. With the current pandemic and its impacts on world economy and global air transport; and your comments in relation to global travel, borders, economic challenges, etc I decided to explore creating and selling other new items by using locally sourced food products so that I don’t have to depend too much on imported products. In 2022 I now want to use all opportunities of time and resources to develop and grow my food business to a profitable and sustainable level. Will this be a better way to stop the feeling of the occasional feelings of frustration and ‘spinning the wheel yet going nowhere” in my working life? With Sagittarius being my 6th and 9th house, and also with Jupiter going into Pisces with Neptune (my 9th house), Please can you advise me what the Sagittarius weather holds for me particularly in 2022/2023?
    Thank you heaps Jessica.

    1. Looking at local options is a smart move. Food business on a neighbourhood/town level is wise as that is the way the astrology is turning. We are beginning to see inflation, globally, and also the reality of the new COVID-19 variant. Politicians will do whatever they are going to do (or what they are told to do by the businessmen who have funded them) but you need to be a realist about what is actually going on. People in Australia in particular can be closed to the rest of the world, but just one look at Israel, South Africa, the United Kingdom and it should be obvious that we are going to see supply chain shortages not to mention continuing problems with tourists and business travellers spreading the virus. Your sideline business may need a rethink. The good news is, on a career level, you come across fantastic solutions and opportunities from May 2022, until October, and then again in the first months of 2023. Transiting Jupiter and Chiron are in Aries in your solar Tenth House of success then. At the same time, in your natal chart, we find transiting Pluto (power, control) in your natal Tenth House. So that is a double whammy and whichever line of business you end up with, watch for the open doors.

  28. I am a Pisces sun, Libra rising, Cancer moon with Neptune and the North Node in Sagittarius. I have stelliums in Aquarius, Aries, and Taurus. Can you please offer some insights for me in 2022 and beyond, particularly in the areas of love, work and relocation?

    I’m a premium member and have my birth chart data filled out. Thanks!

    1. Your Pisces solar chart shows nothing substantial with love, but you will be tempted to move in 2022. Just be aware that if you move in the second half of the year you will need Plan B and C as Mars Retrograde is with you then. Work shows a release from a stuck wheel situation on January 19th as the lunar nodes change signs. That will make the biggest difference to you; knowing that you can finally affect the outcome of things.

  29. Hi Jessica! I am a sun Sag as you know and i was wondering what Sag season means for me in the area of work? I’ve kinda had it here but cannot imagine my life without my boss, as we’ve worked together for over 10 years. He is the reason I am where I am, so to speak.



    1. Melly, you have unpredictable Uranus in your Sixth House of work, using your solar chart, until 2026. At the same time, in your birth chart (natal chart) you have Pluto transiting your Tenth House of career. You are very likely to leave or find the whole work space changes around you in 2022, or 2023. Both these cycles go on across this period so being open to a new direction professionally is a smart idea. Uranus in Taurus tends to operate quite suddenly, like a lightning bolt.I’ll go into this question more at the event. Thank you.

  30. Hi Jessica – I have a Sag stellium and recently got my passport renewed, issued11/16/21. I have already planned a trip to Greece with my Aunt Fay (my middle name) who has never been, for end of march/beginning of April 2022. My sister lives in Las Vegas which is a short way from Los Angeles, which is where I live. I feel very drawn to traveling in 2022, to places I’ve always wanted to go like Greece. I’m excited and wonder what you see. thank you

  31. Hi Jessica, I’m looking forward to your upcoming event! I’m working on my business that relates to teaching, empowerment and intuition for parents/caregivers and children. I would have liked to launch by the end of the year, but it will have to be pushed to a later date. Being a Capricorn sun and rising, are there other target dates that are optimal to launch?

    Also, before I launch the business, will starting an informational Youtube channel be a good idea during this Venus retrograde time period?

    Thank you!

    Sun Capricorn 18
    ASC Capricorn 22
    Neptune Sagittarius 12
    Venus Sagittarius 9

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I am a sag sun as I’ve told you many times lol. I am doing an open university Pgce secondary English teaching and most of it is online so you are incredibly accurate with my horoscopes. I love learning, but I am slightly terrified about the amount of work at the moment! I really hope Jupiter helps me out in January as you’ve talked about cos I’m gonna need it for my online assessments and eportfolio. Your horoscopes and articles keep me going so thank you. You said I’d end up by the end of the year in a different place and I have. See you on Thursday and merry Christmas xx

    1. Thank you. I’ll talk more about your question at The Sagittarius Weather event and address teaching, study, education and academia then, including your own situation. Merry Christmas.

  33. Hello Jessica,

    So many things! I have had a heck of a pandemic with a lot of family stuff. My father died (not COVID) 3/6/2020 and I was laid off from my job in NYC on the afore mentioned May 7, 2020 while I was in Chicago to clean out my dad’s place. I acquired dual citizenship in the US and Ireland. I moved and took a new job in Chicago. I finally after 3 years divorced on 2/22/2021. My mom committed suicide on 7/22/2021. My siblings have different a different father and my dad wrote them out of his will. I have a stepfather, but I am concerned I will be brushed aside regarding my mom’s legacy. My siblings have children, but I have daughter I gave up for adoption (we are in contact for about a year.) Yes, I see a therapist. With so much tragedy the past few years, I remain in a good attitude, but I am still lonely and feel like an outsider. What energy to I need to be presenting and accepting to/from family that I remain relevant and included? Where are the cracks where I can reach in and connect? – K

    1. You have been through the mill. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father and mother. It must be very hard to deal with, especially at Christmas. You are a Sun Libra who has been living with Pluto in her Fourth House since 2008. The worst part of this cycle was 2018, 2019, 2020 when you also had Saturn and/or the South Node there too. We associate Scorpio and the Eighth House of the natal chart with death, legacies and inheritance, as it is ruled by Pluto. You have also had Uranus in Taurus in your solar chart, in the Eighth House, since 2018 so you are basically having similar cycles in both your natal and solar chart – public and private. You will sort out all the issues with any legacies that name you, and any legacies where you name others, in 2022 and 2023. The biggest change will be to your overall health, mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle. You will be guided by a terrific professional if you wish for that, and will certainly be in the right place, right time, for improvements to begin – soon after Boxing Day. It is also entirely possible you will acquire a new sexual relationship in the second half of 2022 or first half of 2023.

  34. Happy Holidays Jessica!

    You were so spot on . I got hit with everything in the Universe ( astrogically and otherwise lol) but you know what, I MADE it! Exactly as you forecast and my chart told me. I ESCAPED “Hellgate’ ( old pioneer name for Missoula, and it is.) I AM HERE! I am HOME! I am in the place I knew I belonged, everything lined up through a series of great wonders, at the last minute, including the best driver who is now a friend and spiritual mentor, and i am HERE! Already I have made positive aquaintences ( friendship takes time) and am alligned with two great groups of like minded people, who even came en masse to unload my uhaul the day before Thanksgiving- when I arrived. And as you told me in sept 2020: A man who ( is not a lover ,but a mentor with tremendous influence) actually was the person who blasted through all the roadblocks through prayer, influence, and personal charisma. He made dominos fall so this could happen. WOW. So here I am : new home, new life, completely new world, almost. I am being the highest me. Experssing my true neart self === but in moderation, listening not talking, observing, intuiting , and working on staying NEUTRAL. I feel more myself than I have in 12 years ( exactly as you noted re karmic cycle of 12 years.) I am ALMOST on my sun line.! This place is me in every possible way. It will have challenges nut i KNOW that it is fated ! And yes SO many things hark back to a VERY good life I had 18-22 years ago. Once again I am sitting on the Canadian border almost, surrounded by other Canadians, and Dualies, and Metis’ and other Native cousins, in a highly historical place that feels as if I have always known it, among like minded people, and eager to START WRITING ( as I did prolifically and fruitfully 18-22 years ago in Alaska/ Yukon. It’s GOOD to be in the North again! )THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU

    QUESTION for the event: As YOU know and can see- BOTH MY NODES (?!?!) are in the 11th degree!!! THAT might mean life will be interesting on Christmas Eve??!? And following?

    1. Thank you. I’m glad your September 2020 prediction has come to pass. Congratulations on your new home and new life. Nice to be on the Canadian border and also to have your writing inspiration back again. Yes, your lunar nodes are at 11 Capricorn/11 Cancer and so you are having those classic issues about family, home, roots, heritage versus ambition, success, achievement – over Christmas and into January, actually. They can be hard to resolve. Sometimes you have to accept the imperfect, and nature is imperfect anyway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Tip – The Garden Oracle may help you here.

  35. Hello Jessica,
    I’m an expat in London hence a foreigner .I’m wondering whether around the 19th December 2021 full moon would expose me to more conflicts with other foreign people given it’s Sagittarius season?
    I promised my best friend we’d go to a couple of pubs and bars that time. Odds to come across trouble makers are higher now although I live in one of the safe areas. Not really scared but being informed and cautious would be better than blindly follow potentially regrettable instincts.
    Is there any better day in the 17-19th December ?

    Many thanks

    1. Yes, Alain, the old astrological rules for the Ninth House, ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius, would deem London and Great Britain foreign to you. You are heavily Sagittarian so a Full Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius isn’t the greatest thing to see on a night out, but astrology is basically about pre-empting issues before they arise. If your best friend chooses a pub with a stack of international flags at the front, no masks that you can see and a tightly packed space, then…think twice and three times.

  36. Hellooo Jessica, am so glad to return to my Premium membership again after a busy couple of years. I hope you & team are well; just the deepest thanks for providing a space for people’s imaginations and potential to evolve – it is so important. I find using the Solar System for my Ascendant sign (Taurus) works for me, historically and predictably; and this website has been sooo helpful. Thanks Jessica & team, it is beautiful work you are creating. EJ. Xoo

  37. Am super onboard for the Garden Oracle !!! Am going to set aside some special quiet time with my favourite cup of tea, my knitting and my best (Buddhist and Catholic) prayers before trying it later this evening. Thank you Jessica, from the bottom of our hearts!! 🙂

  38. Hi Jessica
    I have the sun in Scorpio and Sagittarius at 12 Mercury, 00 Neptune & 15 Bacchus. I have been house hunting for the past 2 years and would love to know if I will finally be successful in finding my new home in the coming months. Any insight you can provide would be great and Thankyou for al your lovely insights through out the year too 🙂

    1. Well, you could find a home in 2022 but it would take a long time and there would be some quite heavy reality checks about the place or the space. Are you in a hurry? 2023 is better. But use the Tarot and the oracles here to validate for yourself. Long-term, your property moves will empower you.

  39. Hi Jessica, I am a Libra, asc also Libra, with moon in Gemini en Mars in Sagittarius. Can you share some insight on what I might expect?

    1. Money is the centre of everything in 2022, 2023 as the unpredictable world economy (Uranus in Taurus) delivers karma from the war years (North Node in Taurus) and this directly affects your finances (Taurus rules your solar Eighth House of property and banking) and in an intensely personal way, too. If you have not yet got the best financial advice you can afford, you may want to do that. You will find solutions, gain, sweeping answers with money, a house, business and/or apartment over the long-term but you must get through 2022 and 2023 with a plan that embraces ‘the new abnormal’ in your economy.

  40. Dear Jessica, everything that you wrote about Virgo and her career in this Sagittarius weather is true for me. Although my working life is better than for ex. in 2019, I still feel too dependent on others – on cooperation with them. I tried to develop my own activities (as a consultant) and even everybody is very interested in the beginning then something happened (for ex. pandemic, they moved away, they closed their business..) and prospect business doesn’t come to its fruition. I would like to ask you if this full moon can mean the closing of this situation. I have Chiron in 27deg Aries, Sun 26deg Virgo, Moon 26deg Pisces and Bacchus 26deg in Sagittarius. Can I hope for some successful individual projects and interesting education possibilities next year? Thank you very much

  41. HI Jessica, I’m a Sun Cancer, and only have 1 Sagittarius factor (at 9 Neptune) but I have Mercury at 27 in Gemini – I’m thinking the 19th might be interesting for me, but I’m wondering how to make the best of it? I am loving your new Garden Tarot and using it with the Oracle and Smith-Waite Tarot is really giving me some incredible insights – Thank you so much. I am really, really looking forward to the deja vu situation coming to an end – I am quite literally drained from going over the same thing with someone, who will never ever budge. I just want my mind and body and time to be free. I don’t care how hard I have to work. Hopefully my Jupiter in Aries will bring some momentum for the first half of 2022. Thanks again for a fantastic post…. Blessings DinP xxx

    1. I’m pleased you are using the Tarot and Oracles together; they work as a trio. I think the end of a cycle matters as much as the start of one, and the end point of the lunar nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius on 19th January is a huge break in a very stuck impasse, worldwide. I have a feeling that date, or close to it, we will finally see the WHO and UN show some global leadership and we will start to find some consistency and solidarity with every country on climate emergency and COVID-19. It won’t be the big answer but it will be an improvement. It won’t affect you directly, Din P. Mercury in Gemini in your Third House is about your use of the internet, your car or public transport. 2022 will transform this in your life, but be careful with short trips, second half of 2022, early 2023 as you may get stuck, reverse or have to change everything, as Mars retrogrades in Gemini.

  42. Hi Jessica
    I have no placement in Sagittarius in my birth chart but am married to a sun Sagittarius(17/12/56). The dynamic in my relationship has changed over the past six months and some things have been hard work. I guess dealing with issues surrounding our adult children hasn’t helped the situation. I am looking forward to the new year as we will be starting to build our holiday home and hopefully this project can revitalise us!

    Looking forward to the event


    1. Your husband will find the answers he needs regarding the children, May-October and again in early 2023 and this will help him feel much happier. Your karma with him has been stuck, circular, repetitive but it ends on 19th January 2022. The holiday home, from his point of view, will be a dream come true in 2022.

    1. You’ll know by now! Thanks for coming to the Zoom. Basically – change the way you travel – you can travel in the mind – in 2022.

  43. Thank you for this. I would say I am a quintessential sagittarian if there ever was one so looking forward to the event. Will try to make the event if possible.

    Is there something suggesting a long term repetitive/stuck (low energy/motivation) cycle from 2012 or perhaps even 2007?

    1. Yes, you are heavily Sagittarian and ‘live’ in your Ninth House of travel, foreigners and foreign countries, foreign culture, education and academia, the worldwide web and the book world. Low energy going back years is usually a Virgo problem in your Sixth House of physical and mental health. You have Fortuna at 19 Virgo and Vulcano at 4 Virgo in the Sixth House. We also associate work with the Sixth. The obvious answer is you are in the wrong job, or have been in the wrong job. Apathy, mild depression or sluggish energy in astrology are usually there when the wrong job is the culprit. You are actually being urged to make radical changes with your health and your workload, and if you’ve not done that since 2018 it may be time to think about doing that. Have a look at how Fortuna and Vulcano in Virgo manifest in your life, using The Garden Oracle, which is new this Christmas. You can go on asking more questions to figure out your next move. But you need a revolution. People only tend to feel marooned by their professional situation on a Uranus/Sixth House transit of their solar chart, when they refuse to try anything new, or do anything new. It’s actually a time of experimentation, particularly from 2023, when you have new opportunities workwise.

  44. Dear Jessica ,
    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.Your Garden oracle is a gift of life and I resonate with it very much.Although I am a sun Gem I have 19 out of the 34 planets and asteroids in fixed signs. Could you please advise on the change of the nodes from my sun sign to my ascendant?Any advise on my duel with a Cap female who married my late brother in 2018 and a year later he died? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you and your family joy and happiness .

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Gemini you have acquired a Capricorn sister-in-law you are at odds with. I am so sorry you lost your brother and are in conflict with her. Gemini people often have dramatic stories involving their siblings (Gemini rules brothers, sisters, cousins) and you went through a long cycle of eclipses in that area of your solar chart. Duels are over from 19th January; there is no other major transit in that part of your horoscope and any stuck situation with her finishes. She will personally find her family problems end from May 2022 so if that includes you, you now have a time-frame. Your Ascendant is not really that important in your chart. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is just your shopfront. It’s like talking about your hair or your business card. Far more important to you is career success which comes easily in 2022 and will tally with a reshuffle in your chosen field, or another one, where you gain from other people’s departures, promotions, demotions, mergers.

  45. Hi Jessica

    Thanks in advance for all that you do; I wanted to let you know that your advice over the years has been very helpful and spot on!

    Jessica, I have vesta at 8 Sagittarius trine my sun in leo; I have Neptune at 14 trine my Vulcan in leo.

    Not sure on Vulcano; but vesta I now suddenly realized has been a bit of a pest! My first serious relationship; his mom so to speak was in competition; my second & third serious relationships – while I did not realise it at that time; both men had other women who I was cheated on with.

    I am soo hoping Next year is the year I meet someone meaningful – I had a couple of years ago done a phone consult with penny Thornton who had suggested the next 2 years would be perhaps when I would find someone – do u foresee this without pesky vesta doing a number? Or given the exact trine to my sun; is this something I have to always live/manage with?

    Any insights into my general love predictions for 2022 and the vesta issue would be much appreciated! I do so want to find someone stable who has me as a priority and be in a safe and secure partnership.

    With lots of gratitude ….
    Stay blessed

    1. Thank you so much. To be a Sun Leo looking for a lover is one thing – to have Vesta trine your Sun is another. Let’s start with your solar chart, though. You have the end of the South Node in Sagittarius in your Fifth House on January 19th 2022, so a stuck, circular, repetitive situation involving future parenthood is over, then. This would obviously include sexual partners. You then have Saturn in your Seventh House to live with next year. This sounds like a new relationship to me, because you also have the South Node going into Scorpio (sex and money) in 2022, and he stays until 2023, just as Pluto then moves into your solar Seventh House. So I agree with Penny Thornton’s timing, although possibly for different reasons. In both chart systems I use for you, I can see a new sexual relationship where the joint bank account, the house or the apartment are a huge part of the story. It would be hard work (Saturn in 2022) and then life-changing (from 2023, with Pluto). Vesta is best managed through awareness. You have learned the hard way to avoid men who make you compete with other women for their affection. Use the new Garden Oracle to work your way through the various questions you have about relationships and relating; it will help you navigate.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    Well I am a Sun Scorpio, but have four elements in Sag (Venus, Neptune, Cupido and Volcano) and indeed I have been dealing a lot with foreign countries and people, living years abroad for business purposes.
    Can you give a glimpse how I will be affected from Sag weather, given the fact that I would like to relocate soon for work purposes.

    Thank you for your beautiful and accurate work.


    1. Thank you. You are strongly Sagittarian as you say, and have Neptune in Sagittarius. I made a prediction many years ago for Neptune in Sagittarius people that there would be a dramatic change in passports and visas (this is long before COVID-19) if you want to look up Neptune in Sagittarius or Generation Sagittarius on Search. The reality is, in several countries ahead – vaccination passports. Even that is not the end of the story, as obviously two injections of Pfizer are not enough against the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and some vaccine brands give very little defence against it. You want to relocate for work, Juno, but are doing so in a really difficult cycle, so you need to be aware of that. Foreign travel is Sagittarius and we have oppositions to that now (North Node in Gemini) but also in 2022 and 2023 (the long Mars in Gemini cycle, as he is retrograde). Further along, you will experience Saturn in Pisces square your Sagittarius factors, then from 2026, Uranus in a very long opposition in Gemini. I am going to chat about this at The Sagittarius Weather event, but much as Neptune in Sagittarius people like yourself want to escape from the real world by travelling, the skies are not encouraging that. So if you move abroad, you may have to remain there – or you may find that any venturing out from that place is severely restricted either by new rules, fresh outbreaks of COVID-19 variants, or even sheer expense. A work and lifestyle reshape you love is coming, after May 2022 and until October that year, but you are also going to have to alter the way you’ve lived to date.

  47. Dear Jessica, thank you for the article and I am really looking forward for the event tomorrow morning! It would be much appreciated if you could have a quick look at my chart. I am an Aries Sun with Aries and Pisces stelliums. I have 3 Sag factors (Neptune, June and Aesculapia). I feel I have strong Sag influence as I left my home country in Asia to go to Australia to study when I was only 17 year-old. Since then I never been back to my home country to live. I married a man whose job need to travel, hence for the past 10 years before pandemic, I had lived in many countries. Due to pandemic, my husband and I are separated and I haven’t been back home to see my family for 2 years. I am getting tired of this nomadic life, yet I don’t know where I will end up or if ever I will settle in one place. Having said that, when I live in a country for too long, I will have an itch to want to leave again. I wonder if my chart tells me something? Thanks Jessica for your time!

    1. Strongly Sagittarian people do emigrate or live a life full of travel. They also study abroad, so you have ticked all the boxes. You now find yourself separated from your husband and family because of the pandemic. You’re also a Sun Aries. This sounds as if you are identifying ‘foreign’ as either one of your home countries, because in your Aries solar chart you have had the lunar nodes in your Third House and Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, versus the local scene. At the same time in your natal chart, you’ve also had this nodal opposition in the two horoscope zones linked to local and overseas. So part of it is figuring out where you actually belong. Who and what and where is home? This will be easier once the nodes change signs on January 19th 2022 and you are over that very long opposition, which seems to have tallied with your family situation. Your life as a traveller is going to run up against all sorts of obstacles for many years into the future, with squares from Saturn in Pisces, then you have the nodes going into Pisces-Virgo, then you have Uranus in Gemini – these squares and oppositions to your Sagittarius factors in the Ninth House will block you and stop you, so just be aware of the realities of the Twenties. It may be worth sitting down with The Garden Oracle to see what each option offers you. Yet from 19th January a lot of the stuckness will vanish. The nodes will move on. Watch the oppositions from Mars Retrograde in Gemini to your Sagittarius factors in the second half of 2022, first half of 2023 though.

  48. Hello Jessica
    I have the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn in Sag. I also have Diana in Sag. Previously, I asked you about my career and marriage. You mentioned earlier that I could see a change in my job position due to the transit of planets in Capricorn. Previously, I told you that some companies approached me for CEO positions but their offers vanished into thin air. I have no idea what my future holds. Considering my current situation, I might not receive such offers in the future. Perhaps I should consider a different career path.
    My brand and mindset need to be changed. I have no idea what jobs will be suitable for me in the future. Please advise me on suitable carriers that I can handle successfully (apart from teaching).

    1. You are strongly Sagittarius and also strongly Pisces. You’re also a bit too early for the reshuffles around you in your profession and a second one you are interested in. These are not due in until later in December and during January. Time alone, away from work, is actually a blessing and you’ll realise that when you are past Boxing Day. You gain from your inner world in 2022 as much as your outer world. In your solar chart as a Sun Sagittarius, you have Uranus (freedom, independence) in Taurus in your Sixth House of work until 2026 as you know. So any career which ties you down is unsuitable. That is really the guiding light throughout this whole next year, 2022 and beyond. The job that suits you best (or the jobs, plural) will give you space, autonomy and liberate you on some level; excite you. They won’t come with rock-solid guarantees of permanence because that isn’t what Uranus delivers. Uranus in your solar Sixth House is backed up by Pluto in your natal Tenth House, in the sign of Capricorn, reshuffling every aspect of your professional world, in December, January and then again in December 2022, January 2023, before the cycle starts to shut down. So you need to get in the gaps when people play musical chairs, which they will, and find one or more chairs to occupy when the music changes. As to the ‘what’ of your choices (and you will certainly have a few) you may want to personalise your forecast by using The Garden Oracle, The Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and follow the instructions. Your own intuition will show you what sort of job/jobs plural.

  49. Thank you for your answer,Jessica.The place he wants to go to is in my posh London area packed with mainly British ,nice persons who are civilized ,polite and not troublemakers.However once in a blue moon some people from some neighborhood come to spoil the almost always pleasant vibe.Now, I’m in this country that I love and respect and don’t want to draw attention negatively toward me being part of a conflict.When you’re a guest you do your best to be polite and respectful in the host’s house 🙂
    He insists and suggests I tend not to keep my word.
    Is there any date in the 17-19th December that would be better?
    Sorry for insisting but your answer is much appreciated on my end.I know you’re busy with answering many questions here but still.
    I trust your intuition.I work in a very scientific area but I always felt that intuition can be sometimes more effective than rigidly trying to explain everything logically.
    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you

    1. A Full Moon looks like a full stop in the sky and it should always give pause for thought. So just slow down and observe who/what is around you when you see it overhead – more than you usually might. If you work in a scientific area you know all about the numerous studies which show increased hospital admissions on a Full Moon. In Gemini-Sagittarius it is partly in the sign of commuting and public transport (Gemini) but also traffic – with Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries) at the other end. As your friend is one half of the question and he’s not here with a chart, I can’t comment on him, unfortunately. Don’t let a Full Moon stop you from doing anything but on the most fundamental level, Omicron is a COVID-19 variant emanating from a foreign country (South Africa) as is Delta (India) and common sense tells you – if ever there was a time to be sharply aware of the risks in crowded spaces with zero fresh air ventilation, it’s now. That would be a far more logical concern, on a Sagittarius Sun opposite a Gemini Full Moon. Gemini rules public transport. If you took the tube, double that symbolism.

  50. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I do feel like I am become an expert on the 8th house these days — good to know the fun part of the 8th house may manifest too.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice to you and all your wonderful staff!


    1. Thanks so much Kerry, though they are not my staff – definitely my colleagues – I will pass that on to Alicia, Jodi, Justin, James.

    1. I have a long, free horoscope for Aries about 2022 coming on the stroke of midnight, December 31st. I cannot see a birth chart here so I’m afraid you are not logged in.

  51. i recently was on a zoom interview . it was for a sales and marketing position in NYC. they were from Australia and just setting up shop. asc13 sag, sun16cap ,moon 16aq. merc and venus in cap. Do you see these guys as a legitimate enterprise? My field is NOT sales.

    1. You are not logged in, so I cannot see your chart, but if you are strongly Capricorn, then your career goes backwards and forwards from the end of December, through January, into the first half of February. Get it all in writing from them and read the fine print. Do not sign if you can possibly avoid it until later in February when you will have the facts. Use your Tarot and Oracles for validation on this timing, too.

  52. Hello Jessica,

    I am a Scorpio Sun and in my entire chart the only Sagittarius factor I have is Juno at 3°. I have been somehow promoted in this Sagittarius weather and I will move to another department for a higher position. Will this be a good time for me to accept this change in my career that probably involves more involvement from my side? Do you have any advice for me for 2022 as until now I have focused only in work as my personal life in the last year was stormy and with family issues?

    Thank you very much.

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with one Sagittarius factor, which is far below the average, so this Sagittarius Weather will not pick up on much for you at all. Your career hits the heights May-October 2022 and early 2023. Use the Tarot to validate that.

  53. Hi Jessica
    In only have Neptune in Sagittarius. Is this significant at all.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Yes, you are part of the Neptune in Sagittarius generation who won cheap air travel, few border restrictions in Europe and mass migration – as part of the holiday from reality, which Neptune is, and the need to explore globally, which Sagittarius is. This generation is hardest hit by the transits of 2020 and beyond, as we are seeing mutable sign weather which blocks and stops Neptune in Sagittarius for many years. In fact 2022 is one example. Selina, you need to find other ways to take holidays from reality as you are going to see local towns, neighbourhoods, regions quite aggressively obstruct foreign tourism as Mars Retrograde in Gemini begins in 2022 and extends to 2023.

  54. Jessica I have 8 planets in Sagittarius- I moved to the UK in 1992 then back home to South Africa in 1997 but then back to the UK in 2000 and studied for an MBA. I flew to South Africa for the first time in 2 years at the end of October as I own a flat which I have loved being back in and working remotely from, but then got stuck in a red list country due to Omicron although thankfully the quarantine restrictions have been lifted in the UK. I will need to return to the UK for work in January but am enjoying the warm weather and easy lifestyle as well as seeing friends and family in Cape Town do you have any advice on where I will eventually settle?

    1. This is such a personal question that I think you need to use your Tarot and Oracle cards. I strongly advise against travel or global living in the Twenties.

  55. Hi Jessica I am signed up for the Meetup event although will miss some of it! I hope you can give me a glimpse into what Sag holds for me with my Asc at 11 degrees and Ceres at 15 degrees.

    I currently have marriage on my mind and perhaps a new job looming in 2022. Thanks very much, dear Jessica, and Merry Christmas to you!

    1. As a Sun Aquarius you do have a couple of years of career karma, in 2022 and 2023, as the South Node goes into Scorpio and your Tenth House, and all you did about 18/19 years ago will come back to you, symbolically. In your natal chart we find Pluto in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, at the same time. You can expect two more years of demotions, promotions, departures and mergers in your immediate work space or in your sector. You will have karma to collect or settle up then. I do not see marriage in 2022. I do see the question of children, stepchildren, godchildren, younger in-laws becoming a growing story for you with an exciting, new, unexpected phase with younger faces starting 2026.

  56. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you again for taking the time to meet with us today. We truly appreciate you.
    As a Premium member I know you can access my chart and I hope you can provide me with some light on the current situation. What is shifting in my life? I wonder how Mercury at 15 in Gemini in opposition to Fortuna at 4 degrees in Sag affects me now? What Fortuna 04 in Sag means?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you JoAnna. Merry Christmas. Fortuna in Sagittarius is really the impact you have on foreigners, which you never see or know. This may be because of your job or your personal life. You spin the wheel of fate and fortune for them, blindfolded. The biggest shift in your life is financial. In your solar chart in 2022 you have Saturn in Aquarius in the Eighth House of joint finance, property, business. In your natal chart you have the South Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House. I would extend the story to 2023, actually, as Pluto enters Aquarius and your solar Eighth House that year, and the South Node in Scorpio spends its second year there. So you are going to slowly move through a couple of years of tremendous transformation with partnership finance or family property. You can find out more about the Eighth House in your flipbooks.

  57. Dear Jessica, I was wondering how the Saturn, uranus, juno, Bacchus play together in my following life, especially when I found that Saturn is father of uranus, and Bacchus is about pure joy… I felt complex and confusing to interpret myself. Also, what perspective you would take when it comes to the opposition of Proserpina and Bacchus in my chart? I appreciate your insights much. Merry Christmas and thank you for all.

  58. Hello Jessica, thank you for wonderful insights. I have sun in Capricorn and moon in Gemini, with a stellium in Sagittarius. I’ve gone through some struggles in my current home and planning to move soon. When is the timing right to find a place that will provide some stability for my family.

    1. You are going through the Chiron in Aries cycle in your Fourth House and so often your jaw will have been on the floor at what people try to get away with. Sheer temerity is a polite way of putting it. You occasionally find people in and around the home situation who have Aries factors triggered by Chiron, on this cycle, so they can be really self-involved and quite jaw-droppingly narcissistic. Fortunately answers are coming. You will be thrilled with a solution for your home in May-October. Of course you can move before, but that phase of the year is terrific for problem solving, and bigger and better things are in store, domestically.

  59. Good morning Jessica, I’m really looking forward to this zoom event, thank you.

    Would love to know what lays ahead for me work wise. I work in the film industry and the hours are brutal on both body, mind and relationships. I love the creative outlet but time spent at home during C19 have shown me how beautiful life can be when you see the sunrise and are home to see the sun set and everything in between. Can there be a happy medium?
    Thank you

    1. Thanks so much. As a Sun Scorpio in your solar chart, you will love May to October 2022 as Jupiter joins Chiron in your Sixth House of everyday workload. If the hours are an issue in the film industry, that will change, for whatever reason, when you go into May to October and also the first quarter of 2023. The solar Sixth House is about lifestyle, health, wellbeing, work-life balance and a proper 24 hour schedule. You have seen what life can be like at home and are tempted. You will get it; there will be departures, promotions and mergers in December, January which allow that.

  60. Good afternoon from Toronto Jessica

    I am a Sagittarian Dec 10, 1969 11:53 pm EST Pembroke, ONtario Canada. I am interested to learn about the outcome of my divorce and access to my 3 children as the divorce has been difficult and long process.

    Thank you
    Jason Rose

    1. Okey-dokey Jason. This is karmic with your ex-wife and your children, going back in 18/19 year cycles, either with her or other partners/family. You are in the North Node in Gemini cycle in your solar Seventh House of marriage, common-law marriage, separation and divorce. I am so sorry you are being put through this. The good news is, the karma ends on January 19th 2022. The node leaves Gemini, your opposite sign, so for whatever reason, the stuck record is over. You will see fantastic solutions and breakthroughs with and through your children May-October 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. The whole situation with your ex, the children and also any new lovers in 2022-2023 is financial, about a house or apartment. The bank. This shows up in both charts I use for you. Get to 2024 and it’s a different world. The bigger factor is requiring you to put a dollar, pound or euro value on what money cannot buy. What you will not sell your soul for, but also, what you will trade on. Give yourself a lot of time, space and flexibility to reshape your old life budget. You will value what and whom you love more and it will be well okay. Is that even a phrase Jason? Enjoy your children.

  61. Hi Jessica, I love your blog and articles and truly find them fascinating. Any way you can shed some light on what’s to come. I’m a sun Leo with many Sagittarius factors and am in health care for almost 20 years all at the same place. Now I want to move on and maybe do something less demanding both mentally and physically especially since I’m married and now have a 2 year old son both of who are sun scorpios. Also approximately 3years ago my immediate boss changed at work and he’s just not as easy to work with. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful to the Universe for being so kind to me but was maybe hoping for something better. I’ve applied to places but nothing really has come about. I also don’t want to wish for something that I think I want but not necessarily for my betterment. As many say this grass is not always greener. I would be grateful for any insight you may have. Thank you for all that you do.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Leo so let’s start with your solar chart. You have put up with Pluto in Capricorn in your Sixth House of duty, service, daily routine, clients/employers or (actually) staff since 2008. We are now entering 2022 and you have had over a decade of your C.V. devoted to serving, but also having to think constantly about your physical health or mental health, as the Sixth House of your natal chart is all about this. Pluto transiting there, accompanied by Saturn and the South Node, and Jupiter was – intense. It stops in stages, from 2023 onwards and from 2024 you no longer care, or no longer have the issues. This goes beyond your health care job, but also the housework and child care. And your husband and son are both Scorpio. I hope you read their horoscopes too. Get through 2022 and don’t place too much value on bosses. You will skyrocket professionally after an interesting period with foreigners and foreign countries May-October 2022 and the first half of 2023. Second half of 2023 you realise everything, even the side stories, was an apprenticeship for success and you will be promoted, take a new prestigious gig or win an award by 2024. It is written, baby, as Dave Graney used to say.

  62. Hi Jessica, my Venus , Neptune, and IC in Sag. Could you please give me an idea of where I’m heading over the next few years esp re: career and love. Thank you, kindly. ♥️

    1. Love is really about babies, infants, children and young adult offspring. Do you have them, have you fallen in love with single parents; do you really not want them on any level, and so on. Once you figure out your honest response to having a son, daughter, stepchild, godchild or young in-laws – your world will fall into place. Career? The most stuck situation in 19 years ends on 19th January 2022. Like all Sun Capricorns you have put up with the North Node in Gemini in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work and study. Literally for two years. From 19th January you can move forward. Your work path in 2022 is a massive clue about life after 2026 when the last thing you expected with work is the first thing that will happen. You’ll be liberated, exhilarated, excited and – embracing new inventions.

  63. Hello Jessica,

    I love reading all of your posts & daily horoscopes, it’s a good reminder of how the planetary cycles affect our moods. I’ve lost my job (TWICE!) on October 2020 & again last October. Will I ever be able to get a new job again? I’m also at the stage in life where I would love to buy a house & put roots down but my income insecurity is giving me anxiety & has kept me up at night.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Thank you. Anxiety is best tackled first. For that we go to your solar chart for the headlines. You are a Sun Virgo dealing with Saturn in Aquarius in your Sixth House of mental and physical health, but also work. You’ve lost your job twice and the money issues give you insomnia. That is a merry-go-round and not very merry. I am sorry you are going through it. It doesn’t last. However, if you want to acquire the life skills that will help you forever, do it in 2022. You need to learn how to manage/delete insomnia, head miles, heart palpitations, over-breathing (hyperventiation) and over-thinking (the usual Virgo culprit). You will be fine financially as you are going to save or make a fortune May-October 2022 and the opening months of 2023. At the moment, your priority should be finding a person/group/system you like and respect to help you sort out your anxiety. That’s often free and online. You will move into a powerful new role from 2023/2024 and be around quite influential faces and groups. Figure out the core of who you are and what you want to do now; whatever is still there within three years is a guiding light. I would not be surprised to hear it was feminism. Moving right along – if you are trying to find lost/potential/mysterious/possible money, the people are wrong. Get people who can do that. Not those you are considering or have on board. Here is the trick; the financial gains may be there or not. I am sorry but it is a mystery. Yet you will gain or save, second half of 2022 and first half of 2023.

  64. Hi Jessica, I have been working so hard over the last year. I’ve had my first baby. Finished a masters. Saved money. Started a grad cert. I’ve been taking all of your insights on board and trying to get prepared for 2023. I’ve done all this hard work, and am looking at a big 2022, in terms of taking my presenting (voice coaching) and skills to the next level. I wonder what you see for me coming up? I turn 40 in feb 2022. Do you have any insights, in terms of what’s next?

    Thank you! And I couldn’t help but think your dog was meant to steal the show in the zoomn. Dogs move in packs, but can also be loaners. We’ve seen lots of barking over the last two years. I think there was a bit of a message in it for all of us!

    1. Thank you. You have the Sun in Aquarius so we start with the solar chart. The baby (congratulations) is part of your freedom ride as Uranus (liberating radical change) is in your solar Fourth House in Taurus until 2026. In 2020 and 2021 you also had the True North Node in Gemini in your solar Fifth House of parenthood. Tick, tick, the wheels are going around. Any stuck, repetitive or fixed situation with/for the child is over on January 19th 2022 when the nodes change sign. To do all that and finish an MA is incredible, and you did it with Chiron in Aries in your solar Third House of local education and the internet. You got away with the so-called impossible, academically. To predict 2022 we need to use both charts. You will make or save a lot of money, commencing on the final days of December into the whole of 2022. Uranus in Taurus, North Node in Taurus, natal Second House of personal finance + transiting Jupiter and Pisces in your solar Second House of same. Your career will be a big story of karmic inheritance in 2022, 2023 as you have Pluto in Capricorn transiting your natal Tenth House of success and ambition, along with the South Node of karma (from about 19 years ago) in your solar Tenth House of the same. The other thing here is your psychic ability, dream interpretation, Tarot readings, spiritual beliefs, religion, self-help and therapy. In your natal chart you have Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House and in your solar chart, you are in the final two years of Pluto in Capricorn in your solar Twelfth House. You are quite obviously a gifted intuitive; I will not say why, but your message was incredibly accurate and helpful for me. Voice coaching is good but ask the cards if you can use your voice lucratively elsewhere.

  65. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this Sagittarius event. I am currently working on a book, a photoessay, and it’s been going very slowly, I’m feeling a bit fearful and overwhelmed. I’m also in my second Saturn return, and I’m wondering if I will begin to feel more ease around finishing my book and doing more social media promoting. If you have any suggestions on dealing with these transits, I would appreciate any insights you can offer. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo going through Uranus in Taurus (career revolution until 2026) and you also have Pluto in Capricorn (power and control issues about work and your daily routine). No wonder you feel pushed and pulled. This works out really well for you long-term and 2023/2024 is the switch. Hang on to your truth. Your chart (solar) suggests independence, freedom, liberation, space, room to move, autonomy, broken chains. However – also figuring out empowerment through willpower. Rightful control from self-control. When I look at your natal chart for Virgo (Sixth House) and Capricorn (Tenth House) parallels I find Pluto at 10 Virgo and you have this epic transit, called transiting Uranus trine natal Uranus, as he goes across 10 degrees of Taurus in January, February. So that is the turning point. In both charts I use for you, January and February 2022 are really about transforming your daily routine, lifestyle, ambition, position, mission, work-life balance and so on. You have been doing the right thing all along, but the world has shifted around you, and you also need to shift. It’s coming and the aftermath of that for you, learning and/or teaching will be very successful. Go back to the core basics of what you have been doing; use the new Garden Oracle to help you. I’m having really good feedback on that from other readers.

  66. Hi Jessica! So excited for Sag Weather. With SN moving out of Sag do you think the collective past life karma is over? I am trying to figure out my next chapter in my life, with my career and where to live, my SN is Sag. I’ve had a horrible Neptune in Pisces transit with career and apartment issues (mold, etc. Neptune in 4th house). I have my natal moon, north node, Jupiter, Panacea and Psyche in Gemini opposing South node Sag. Sun is Virgo (Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Hygeia) However, I identify as a Sag because my ascendant is late degree scorpio. Do you think the Sagittarius weather will give me the clarity on my home/work life or do I think I will have to wait until Neptune comes out of Pisces? I so appreciate any insight. Thanks so much! xo

    1. Good morning from Australia. Okay, so you are a Sun Virgo so I’ll read the solar chart first, as it is the headlines of your life. The transiting South Node in Sagittarius has kept you stuck, rotating, jammed, revolving with your apartment. Thus the mould. It is over on 19th January. There is nothing else in Sagittarius to concern you for some time. Your career is Gemini, in your solar chart – the North Node in Gemini has kept you stuck. This is over on 19th January. Going into your natal chart to look for parallels, we find nothing in Cancer to seriously concern you (apartment) but we do find Pluto in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House of career. February 2022 will resolve so much. The nodes shift on 19th January. Mercury Retrograde has gone by February 24th. Last week of February things move very swiftly; you know where you stand, you know where people are at and you know what to do. You can validate the timing with The Garden Oracle, new to you for Christmas.

  67. Hello Jessica,
    I’m so disappointed 🙁 I only attended on the last minutes of the zoom.For a reason, the youtube video has been delivered to me 1 hour late and I was watching it while everyone was attending the zoom meeting. I can’t wait to see the recording.
    Anyway thank you to Nathalie Delahaye, Stephanie Johnson and yourself for this video.
    I don’t know what to expect from Sagitattarius season. As I told you previously, I got hit really hard by the last eclipses work wise, a very good friend passed and a few days later my dad passed away.
    I have Neptune 15 Sagittarius, Vesta 10 Sagittarius, Hygeia 20 Sagittarius.
    Thank you so much,

    1. I am so sorry about this. We have recorded the Zoom; the YouTube Premiere will be online for many years; I am going to have all the Zoom astrology and Tarot predictions edited into one program for 2022-2030 too. More importantly you are dealing with two people passing from your life, one of whom was your dad. You are a Sun Leo who has Neptune in Pisces in the Eight House of inheritance, legacies and wills for some time to come. So you are dealing with fuzzy boundaries over legacies which name you, but also legacies where you name others. This is part of the really broad weather pattern sweeping your chart; there is a background theme here involving the whole family on both sides, delving into questions about inheritance. This works on all levels; it’s not just about money, or possessions, or a house or an apartment – it’s about inheriting spiritual or soul debts and credits from parents, grandparents and the whole family tree, actually. The story is resolved in 2022 and 2023 as the lunar nodes transit the same spot in your natal chart, going through Taurus and Scorpio and the Second House/Eighth House. So it’s not so much the eclipses, as the weather in your Eighth House. The Sagittarius factors in your chart are really about foreigners and foreign countries and I go into that in some detail in the Zoom and on YouTube too. Thanks for your patience.

  68. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Sagittarius and also Minerva at 6 degree Pisces. I’m hopeful that next year will be a year of healing and mental health breakthroughs. When we did the zoom event I pulled the Justice card. Do you think I will be involved in a court case, or could this just be finally understanding what happened in my early life?
    Thank you for all you do, and I’m so happy I’m a premium member of your website.

    1. Kim, the Justice card only turns up very rarely and is sometimes about a court settlement, but just as often, it is about psychological, emotional justice. The scales are balanced by a higher power, or another third person. If what happened to you was illegal, then the Justice card is telling you that the past will be resolved and you will feel justice has been done. You have Mars and Saturn in Libra, the sign of the scales of justice, and I think that Jupiter in Aries in opposition to this, after May 2022, will help you feel things are nicely balanced again. As a Sun Capricorn you were born under a sign ruled by Saturn, a symbol of negative thinkers, worldwide! Negative thinking is a pattern or habit, often picked up from the family, and can be trained out of you with hypnosis. If you’ve not tried Paul McKenna’s free hypnosis on YouTube, have a look. You will be very happy with the writing you do in 2022, which may be in a diary, a journal, a blog, or a book. The pages will flow.

  69. Thanks Jessica! I would say that you are spot on! I have known I need to change the work situation for a while because it is just a job that pays the bill now. Something that is very secure and I am scared of the changes but equally harmful for someone like me. Similarly, I know I have taken my health for granted. Time for some changes 🙂

  70. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this morning’s event. May I ask if you see some improvement for me in 2022? As a Capricorn writer I’m staking my hopes on my solar 3rd House Jupiter transit, but I’m also aware of my Taurus-Scorpio nodal return. This year has been fairly tricky for me – among other issues, just an ongoing sense of pushing uphill to succeed with my manuscript and publishing plans. Trying to be positive, and very grateful to have an agent, but sometimes I feel discouraged and bruised by how long it’s all been taking. (As you know I recently moved my Saturn in Sag to the 9th house in the Sunshine System so hope that helps!)

    Thank you as always Jessica and I wish you and Tessa a lovely Christmas period.


    1. Thank you LT and you are quite write to stake your hopes on Jupiter in Pisces in your solar Third House of publishing, internet, media, education. The solar chart is a sturdy weather forecast. You’ve not had this cycle for 12 years and it’s mirrored in your natal chart; in 2022 you have Ceres in your Third House, February-May, so there will be a lot of deal-making, compromise and reshaping of either the book, or another project. You may find your agency or preferred publisher has a reshuffle then. Later on, Mars Retrograde in your natal Third House September 2022 to March 2023 is one long piece of action with the book or another project. The action goes back and forth, and it’s a process – but the destination is 2023. Throughout this entire period, for most of the year, you have luck on your side. Later on from 2026, Uranus in Gemini in your natal Third House and solar Sixth House of work, guarantees a long, exciting future with the world of words.

  71. Jessica, I’m sorry to have missed the zoom event due to a scheduling conflict. I’m looking forward to seeing the video and would be grateful to know your impression/insight of my chart.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas.
    Kind regards,

    1. Merry Christmas Patrick. As a Sun Pisces you may already be tuning into 2022 quite intuitively. It is about gaining or making money, on a grand scale, from May to October and again in early 2023. The path will be unique, unexpected and highly unusual. A digital, media, publishing or academic project that uses cutting edge technology, new ideas and the most exciting innovations will be in front of you twice in 2022. If you go with it in the second half, it will go back and forth, but culminate in something special by 2023. Friends and groups are serious in 2022. It all moves slowly, is very demanding and quite potent too. You may have to devote far more time and energy to friendships and to circles or communities in 2022 than you expected so definitely create space for that.

  72. Hi Jessica & team, sorry I know you probably have tens of thousands of comments to sift through, but i just have to tell you that I tried the Garden Oracle last night and it was Mind Blowingly accurate. Simply stunning energy, too – really gentle, authentic and gorgeous positivity. Thank you again !!! Xoo

  73. Hi, Jessica. I have a stellium in Sagittarius. 5 planets(Proserpina, Venus, Saturn, Vulcano, Uranus). How does this sagittarius season will influence me?I feel quite stuck in a long time. And a total new me is born after the eclipse. It is a process. Finally i got a chance to treat my body recently. it has been uncomfortable for years. i have neglect my health situation for long time. And my relationship is also in a hang, do not get the final answers for it. or maybe i should just let go for the old relationships?

    1. You are a strongly Scorpio person, and so a fixed sign. You are also strongly Sagittarian, so this is the chart of someone who is all about the intense sexuality of particular financial or property partnerships, but also the packed luggage and foreign stamped passport. You will have great answers for your health, fitness and body May-October and again in early 2023. At the same time, work takes off. This is paid work, unpaid work or academic work. Quite powerful people or organisations will be part of a very new story in your life then.

  74. Hi Jessica,
    thanks for this morning, I couldn’t stay till the end because I had a job interview to attend today. My IC is in Sagg and I migrated to Australia as a child. I am not a Neptune in Sagg but I do love to travel… although I know that travel will not be what it was. My question is, how is my chart affected for 2022? I would appreciate any insights you may have. I noticed you said Virgo placements would be having work stuff to sort out and since I took redundancy from my airport job, I have been doing temp work, and am now looking again, I don’t suppose you can give me any insights into that as well?

    thanks in advance

    1. Thank you for coming along and I hope you hear good news. I am sorry you lost your airport job, but then again, you are being protected from the C-word. The most stuck situation with work ends on 19th January. You will be given career answers, breakthroughs and opportunities May-October and again, early 2023. This is in both charts I use for you. You will also find that despite the loss of the old travelling world, a foreign nationality and place is really delightful for you in 2022 with signs from the end of 2021. In fact April could be unforgettable.

  75. Thank you Jessica. I’m excited for all the content you are sharing. This is so nurturing for my spirit. And it really feels good Merci beaucoup

  76. Hi Jessica, I found your weekly for Cancer this week – focusing on travel – to be spot on: not just for recreation, but relocating is what I have indeed been constantly thinking about. I keep asking the Universe to tell me where is the best place in the world is for me to live, but can’t get an answer. My place of birth and where I grew up had me floating along in Neptunian delusion; the current place where I have pursued my career has been nothing but Saturnian hardship. I have this feeling I don’t have much time left, but what I want for the remainder of my life is not a self-absorbed, self-indulgent retirement, but rather to make a valuable contribution to this world with my the skills I have spent a lifetime honing. I have done an astrocartography chart which suggested Jupiter line stretching from Victoria BC to Broome WA represent the best places overall, but they are so far from where I am now, just seems not feasible. Any advice? (19/7/68 in Montreal, Canada 18:54 pm)

    1. Thank you, I’m glad that the weekly prediction was spot on. You are a bit early for answers, but from the final 2 days of December signs and clues will be there. I would expect April 2022 to be a fantastic escape from the real world via foreigners or foreign places. I’ve never found much joy with Astrocartography but I know some astrologers swear by it. I don’t think you’ll have to try hard to find the place. It will just come. January-May and then October-December 2022 are peak times for this Ninth House solar chart transit. You will be offered a marvellous professional, academic or non-profit role or project May-October 2022 and early 2023. it will be quite empowering, actually, and that is in both charts I use for you.

  77. Hi Jessica, I had to miss the session because I was working, but wondering if you please had time to look at my chart? I am quite excited about 2022 – am finishing up a a job this month that was great experience, toxic work environment. Instead of suffering, I followed a good friend’s advice, and ended up with a fantastic job offer – I start in January. In addition to career and money, was also wondering if there is any possibility of a healthy, supportive romantic relationship in 2022, and anything I should watch out for health wise. Thanks for all your do… have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. I’m sorry the time zones weren’t quite right. A quick look at your solar chart and we find the big relaunch of 2022-2023, as Jupiter will eventually be in conjunction with your Sun in Pisces in your solar First House of appearances, reputation, title, role and image. Jupiter then moves into your natal First House (the same story told twice) May-October and in early 2023, so those two years should be seen together as a rebirth. This tallies with your new job, but there is more to it than that. Your solar chart does not reveal any major health stories (Sixth House) or love stories (Fifth House or Seventh House, Eighth House) but what you are being shown is the best and biggest way to make or save money in years, May-October 2022 and early 2023. Jupiter in your solar Second House, Uranus in your natal Second House. That’s quite hard to top.

  78. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are well. I am a sun scorpio but I have lots of Sag in my chart, including the nodes in the Sag -Gemini axis. The two most important relationships of my life have been with foreigners (the current one being and the one with the father of my children), I have lived abroad since I am 27 and I am an academic working for a large University. I am intrigued about the karma of 2003 and 2004 because that was the time i made the career change to become an academic, three years after moving to Europe. Should I expect the karma to be around my career or could it be personal life too? Thank you for your answer in advance – the reply button is sometimes unavailable and I always wish I had thanked you 🙂

    1. You are a textbook Sagittarius stellium person, living abroad, in academia, with foreign partners. This is a Scorpio-Sagittarius story, actually, as you combined the Scorpio need for complex, deep, intense, edgy intimate partnership (always with finance or property involved) with the need for exotica. It’s interesting that your career change chimed with the karma last time. Your partnership, or partnerships plural, until 2026 will be unpredictable, the last thing you expected, liberating, exhilarating and a turn-up for the books. You could easily move into that in 2022, 2023. No certainties, but an electrifying feeling of being fully alive is typical of this transit with Uranus. Your children are an absolute highlight of 2022 and just after Boxing Day you will realise the biggest and best solutions in years are on offer with them – also quite possibly with your students.

  79. Hello Jessica,
    Grateful for the youtube recording as I was unable to attend the live session; one day soon I will sort my ‘zoom’ out.
    Recently I’ve found many of my factors match those you talk of and although I have an good go at interprettng, I wonder if you would shed light as I’m still trying to find my place and direction; seems crazy when I’m in my late 50’s; I think I’ve been on Glasgow’s underground for ever – loop the loop.

    I’m a Scorpio, with: 13 Capricorn; 0 Libra & Pisces; a trine of 27 Leo, Scorpio (IC) & Taurus (MC). I also wonder what effect having my IC/MC at 27 has here?

    In anticipation I receive a reply – many thanks & best wished for a wonder Christmas. Kim

    In anticiaption

    1. Thank you Kim. I know, Zoom can be complicated. I have no idea why men in computers make things so hard to understand. I really struggle with it, but fortunately Alicia understands it all. Too funny that you have been on Glasgow’s underground forever, loop the loop. You are allowed to be in your fifties and still be looking for the right train. In fact you will do that in May-October 2022, and again in early 2023. It’s that opportunity for greater success and higher status you find hard to resist. It’s work, in the sense that serving others or doing your duty is work, but it’s big and it’s a way out, and a way through. It will make you rather powerful in your own way, if you can use your willpower.

  80. Jessica – thank you very much as that is reassuring! Can you please address the topic of adoption as I have always wondered how that has impacted my astrology especially when readings discuss brothers and sisters because I have 3 siblings in my adopted family who are not blood and I have many 1/2 siblings on my paternal side. You mentioned that you used 2 charts for my reading above and was wondering the reason for 2 charts and thought about being adopted. Thanks again and Happy & Safe Holidays Jason PS> I hope Tessa has lost the taste for Aussie possums. I really enjoyed the Sagitarrian Weather even yesterday as it was my first event.

    1. Thank you. Yes, that was quite an event with Tessa the dog trying to strangle a possum halfway through. I will pass that on to Alicia who handled it all with her usual aplomb. Adoption is an interesting one. You always look to the sign of Cancer and the Fourth House for that, and you have Minerva at 27 Cancer in the Fourth House. You have great wisdom about families. Minerva is a symbol of female wisdom, so your mother, mother figure, sister, grandmother figure would have been the role model. Minerva always comes with an owl. It’s odd that this has come up as Pluto at 27 Capricorn will oppose Minerva by 2023 when he starts to move on. So this period, 2022, 2023 is about transforming the way you see your own attitude towards the family and it may have a lot to do with a female relative. Wisdom comes.

  81. Hi Jessica
    I have Neptune in Sagittarius. Is this of any significance to my horoscope at all?
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Neptune in Sagittarius is the person who escapes into La La Land by travelling or immersing herself in a foreign culture. None of it is entirely real but it frequently feels like a big escape or vacation. Selina, as you will be in a chain of Gemini transits starting in 2022, and extremely so from 2026, you will have to reshape the way you escape. That will be much easier when Jupiter trines your Neptune in 2022, 2023.

  82. Hi Jessica,

    Will this Sagittarius season and coming 2022 help me with my love life? Always wonder if I have a second chance at love or marriage after my abusive first marriage. I am sun Scorpio with stellium in Scorpio and Aquarius. Thanks

    1. You’ll be offered one or more partnerships by 2026, which are sudden, unique, unusual and unprecedented. They are also unpredictable. You could take just one and find it liberating, perhaps to compensate for a bad marriage in the past. No rules will be the ‘new rules’ of the duet when it happens. It is entirely possible that the other person has a child, or young relatives, or you could adopt and so on – that would be 2022. Beyond 2022, you will thoroughly enjoy 2023 with all its high hopes for the future of two – me and you. And yet, it will never settle down into set patterns. Perhaps that is always why you will feel so free.

  83. Hi Jessica
    I have been stuck and extremely stressed and borderline depression as I feel we (my husband and I) are on a hamster wheel in life. We constantly are having financial stressors that have put us both very on edge. We had a huge blowout the other day. We love each other and will stick it out but it’s really been a lot. We are living in another country (than our own)and have a business. although we have been constantly busy, this place is soooo expensive and difficult to get product or get anything accomplished in a day due to inefficiencies, shortages, poor quality goods, etc etc and it has been like pushing an elephant up a hill. We are committed to staying here and doing business during this high season but are planning a move to Portugal in the spring. We have started the process for that. We have never been there but have done a lot of research and feel it may be more suitable. I have also registered myself for an online CELTA certification from Oxford which I know is really stretching things but I feel it will give us more options. Can you give any guidance or advice? My other half is 22/08/73. Born same place (exact) as me. Thank you again!!!

    1. I am sorry you are going through this very bad patch in your marriage. You’re being hit by Uranus in Taurus (the constantly unpredictable economy) in a personal way. You plan to move to Portugal and enrolled online with Oxford. You are obviously one of those proactive people who try very hard for solutions even if you are living with anxiety and borderline depression. A battler. You are a Sun Cancer who is going through the end of Pluto in Capricorn. The worst is over, actually. You have 2022 to go through, figuring out the power balance, working very, very hard – but what an incredible marriage you could have. Easy for me to say, hard for you to do. The years 2022 and 2023 are obviously about the money, and that is karmic in nature. Once you get to 2023 you will feel as if your second life has begun. Emigrating to Portugal will work out well for you. Pure luck. Just remember this cycle is about commitment to a foreign country and after 2022 your luck may not always be there if you intend to go back and forth. You will get a strong career solution, offer or opportunity May-October and more of the same, or another layer on the icing, early 2023. If there is one big message about your chart it is that you need to rethink your life budget, radically so. You cannot put the same price on things as you did pre 2018. Those days are gone. The more rapidly you can revolutionise that, the better.

  84. Hi Jessica! You are so amazing! You read the charts so differently and have such brilliant insight!!!! I love learning from you!!!! Thank you so much for your reply. I thought having my nodal return (Sag/Gemini) would be exciting with riches falling from the heavens…unfortunately, that was not the case…just the opposite. You are right! I have been stuck, having groundhogs day on repeat for years now. I’m excited the skies will finally clear the end of February…thank goodness! And I hadn’t tried the Garden Oracle…fantastic! I got #57 Escape Plans…it couldn’t have been more perfect!!! I’ve literally been in a legal dispute with my landlord since 2020 and I feel like we will settle by February 2022. When it said you’ve attracted some sort of threat or attack…LOL!! Yes!! Neptune transiting pisces in my 4th house, making aspects to all of my 4th (Saturn, Chiron) 10th (Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Hygeia) house placements…ugh!!!! The last two years have been the most difficult of my life! I’m ready for a new chapter with work and where I live. I’m in the US now, debating about leaving the country to move when Covid is over…Lisbon, Sydney, Montreal, Paris and London are all on my wishlist. Hopefully, if I finally become the writer I know I’m meant to be…I will be able to live anywhere. I’d love to write and produce full-time…fingers crossed 2022 is our year! A special thank you for a great day yesterday!!! I watched the zoom and Youtube and loved both!!!! Honestly, I learn so much from you…I’m so grateful!!!! You are a blessing…I have changed how I see and react to the world…thank you so much!!! Wishing you, your family and your cute little dog Tessa a wonderful holiday season! xo

    1. Thank you so much. Escape Plans in The Garden Oracle is exactly right for your chart in 2022. It’s interesting to hear how accurate that card was for you. I just have to halt you with the expectation that COVID-19 will be over in 2022. I’m afraid we haven’t even started with this global pandemic, and although some countries will do better than others, Saturn in Pisces, is not going to let us off lightly as a planet. Have a look at what happens when Jupiter changes signs in your chart from the last two days of December. That sense of escaping will come closer then. The other oracles/Tarot can really help you with the dispute with your landlord.

  85. Dear Jessica, could you help me understand how the Saturn, uranus, juno, Bacchus play together in my following life (I found that Saturn is father of uranus, and Bacchus is about pure joy… and felt complex and confusing to interpret them together). Also, what perspective you would take when it comes to the opposition of Proserpina and Bacchus in my chart? I appreciate your insights much. Merry Christmas and thank you for all your unconditional help.

    1. Thank you. Okay so a chart can be confusing, if you just scan everything in there. The big picture is a puzzle. The best way in, is to find which three signs repeat the most. Saturn, Uranus, Juno and Bacchus are all in Sagittarius in your Ninth House. That is unusual. The average is three factors, not four. They do all work together, actually, but not at the same time. Put simply, your Ninth House is about foreign people and places. Saturn will slow you down and teach you hard lessons. Uranus will shock you and set you free. Juno will ask you for a big commitment. Bacchus will remind you that travel is supposed to be fun. Just one long trip of a few months will produce all that. It’s rather like the Durrells going to Corfu from Bournemouth. One absolute must: travel insurance. And if you have ever relocated or emigrated, or intend to, do a great deal of homework before you commit. You have been through a heavy karmic phase with the South Node transiting Sagittarius in 2020, 2021 – thus the pandemic airport closures.

  86. I only have one planet (Neptune) in Sagittarius but I’ve spent the last 20 years living in a foreign country and married to a foreigner, and working for a company where I get to work every day with people from all over the world (one of the best aspects of my job). Funny how life works out I thought I never wanted to travel let alone live abroad growing up although I always loved and embraced foreign people, things and their places until I finally changed my mind just after my mid 20s and travelled myself. I often wonder what aspect might contribute to this? Maybe my Saturn in Cancer as well as my one Sagittarius factor?

    1. You have enough patterns at 8 degrees of other signs, to hook into Neptune at 9 Sagittarius, so you tend to go through extremes with foreigners and foreign countries which trigger just about every other aspect of your life. They call it ‘a strongly aspected Neptune’ in astrology. In fact, whenever Jupiter goes to 8, 9 degrees of any sign, you find yourself triggered all over again with other nationalities, languages, accents and so on. When Jupiter goes to 8, 9 Aries in July, August 2022 and especially February 2023 he will trine your natal Neptune so there will be an exceptional holiday from the real world, likely involving your foreign partner and company.

  87. Hi Jessica,
    Merry Christmas to you! I hope you enjoy a break, and thanks for all you provide.
    With the Full Moon coming this weekend at 27 Gemini, and also the Sun at 27 Sag, plus the Sag weather, just wondering if I need to watch out for anything particular as I have my South Node at 27 Scorpio, and North Node at 27 Taurus. The karma stuff worries me just a little – 2002-03 (18-19 years ago!) were annus horribilis for me, and I certainly want no part of any of it returning! I can’t see that there has been anything karmically significant so far, and am I right in understanding that this cycle finishes on Jan 19 or thereabouts? – if so, then if I can get through the next month, I can relax? Interesting, because my son gets married on Jan 15 – ironically the same weekend his father (who I split from 10 years ago, extremely unamicably!) and I married 32 years ago (that was Jan 13). So I’m hoping the wedding isn’t a backdrop to something nasty. Any insights, warnings, etc. would be very greatly appreciated. Thank-you 🙂

    1. Merry Christmas. The lunar node transit won’t just repeat your past; it tends to reward you, financially, based on what you did right. Scorpio-Taurus is basically about ‘my life budget’ versus ‘your/our finances, home, bank account.’ It is always a huge effort to make it work and it is also very common, so you are not alone. From 19th January it begins, and your son’s father is part of the story. It is typical of astrology that it happens (the wedding) 4 days before the nodal shift. You are owed, karmically, or perhaps owe – if not financially then in other ways – from the last Taurus-Scorpio node cycle, and the one before that, perhaps. It can take time for the penny to drop and you realise just what you did or said – and how it actually had an impact on people at the time. It is usually in the second year of the nodal transit, so for you, 2024. Just work through it. You may find you are owed something – an apology, a gesture, a payment. Equally, you may realise how oblivious you were, to the way you were influencing somebody else’s life. You can settle up.

  88. I have enjoyed watching the recording on the sagittarius weather at youtube. Love to listen to those videoes from you ! Last time this weather was about (2001-2003)I moved with my two boys to a smaller apartment, fell desperately in love and out again, found me a job after graduating my diploma, found my husbond (!) and lost my job again (it went bankrupt ). So I am quite exited what will happen this time around. I have been ill with all sorts of colds all autumn, not the covid though! So I guess the karma will go out of time around 19 of january if I have understood this correct. What on earth will happen do you think?

    1. Thank you very much. 19th January is a big one, because the lunar nodes change sign, and a two-year period of stuck, repetitive, karmically marooned cycles will end. The whole point of what you were stuck with was family, property, home town, homeland and home. The stuck record is over on 19th January; life after that is really taking you to 2026 when the last thing you expected would happen with home or property comes to pass; sets you free; exhilarates and excites you; liberates you. The path to the future is full of smaller paving stones, as you will see around January 19th when a stuck situation finishes, then especially in the second half of 2022 and first quarter of 2023 when there is a major action plan for the house, garden or apartment, with stop-start progress.

  89. Thank you for your Sagittarius weather events! I am always learning new things from you and your talented peers. I am curious what the weather will mean for my living situation. I recently moved out of my apartment. I intuitively knew that it was not the right energetic fit and the rent increase of several hundred dollars confirmed my hunch. That left me without a permanent home, however, as the pandemic still rages, winter sinks in, and the holidays approach. I am staying in an AirBnb right now and have just found a short-term rental for January through April of 2022. The rental market is no fun, and the property market is crazy. I enjoy life in Colorado, but maybe I should look elsewhere. Which way to turn?

    Wishing you a blessed holiday season!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that onto Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson. You are between homes, living with a Sun Leo chart, and the same story is told twice from January 19th 2022, to your total advantage. In your solar chart we find the South Node in Scorpio moving into your Fourth House of property, land, apartments, houses, households, family – from January 19th 2022. You are owed good karma from 18-19 years ago with this – financially. When we look at your natal chart, we find that Cancer (the zodiac sign ruling your Fourth House of property) is beautifully in trine with Jupiter in Pisces, a symbol of solutions and opportunities, from just after Boxing Day, until May 2022, then from October-December 2022. Many, many bites at the cherry with a house or apartment in your future. Embrace Lady Luck.

  90. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Cancer Sun with Uranus, Saturn and Juno in Sagittarius. Can you please help me understand what the Sagittarius weather would mean for me in 2022, related to work and relationships?


    1. You will have sensational opportunities and solutions with your career May-October 2022 and again in the first quarter of 2023. The stuck situation you have been caught up with, in terms of work, unpaid work or study ends on January 19th 2022. Sexual relationships are about karma involving pregnancy, babies, children, young relatives and generation gaps from 18-19 years ago, as you will see for most of 2022 and 2023. The more you tangle with a former, current or potential partner (sexual) the more you realise empowerment comes from willpower. You have to push this, or it pushes you. But the cycle as a whole eases in 2023 and is gone, 2024.

  91. Hi Jessica,
    I have 19th house MC in Sagittarius. What does this mean for me sun Leo5th house with moon in Pisces 1st house? TY

  92. Hi Jessica,
    I have 10th house MC in Sagittarius. What does this mean for me sun Leo in 5th house with moon in Pisces 1st house? TY

    1. You are using a house system I don’t work with, but if I spin your natal chart, I find you saving or making a lot of money from just after Boxing Day until May, then back again, October-December 2022.

  93. Thanks Jessica, I will draw a card and tune into it to get more insight.

    I was actually going to say the dog comment in the zoom, but didn’t know if I should. It was just a thought, I didn’t know if it would resonate but as soon as I saw your response, then I thought I should share what was a passing thought in the zoom that I was going to write at the end, and again reading your reply. I don’t see myself as psychic, but I sometimes get feelings. Please take the below with a grain of salt, but in the zoom, I wanted to say to you 2022. Over and over again. But like this. TWENTY-TWENTY-TWO. Up big! This is important. And as I was reading your reply, I wanted to sing it, in fact I did, Twenty-two, Twenty-two, twenty two – two two two twoooo. Like that, like a song. I’m not sure if that means anything to you. But I thought a few things. This year (2022) is important and big. Pairs. Partnering with someone. But also that two multiplying for you, over and over again. Something growing big. And also someone doing a me-too to you (copying). But the loudest thought was that I really thought about your dad and a big protective bubble around you. And I really felt like your dad was singing this to you. I had an uncle that used to pick me up from primary school with the windows down in his own metallic green sigma and we’d sing ‘walk like an egyptian’ together on the way home. And I thought of you and your dad singing this 22 song, like that. Not sure if he ever sang a song to you like this? And the other thing, I felt compelled to google songs with 22 in them. And the one I was drawn to (and not familiar with at all) was the album by Lilly Allen – ‘It’s not me it’s you’. And I felt compelled to say this to you. It’s as though you are saying this, and I see you nodding with this and knowingly agreeing with this. Like it’s confirmation. I felt like that album title was meant to be communicated to you. Anyway, my apologies, if none of this makes sense, but every time I sit in on a zoom, I want to say 2022 to you. But this time it came in the form of a song! I also corrected a typo just then where I wrote 20220 but felt the need to add it back in. I have a feeling it’s a postcode and or geographical reference for you. But not sure which country. Please feel free to delete this comment if it makes no sense. or reveals anything you would rather keep private. (I would love to know if it did make any sense)

    On another note, big thanks to you an Alicia for organsing a great year of meetups. It’s always something to look forward to. And I am so excited you are still offering forum access, as I missed out last year, so will try to get in this year! I am just so happy I stumbled across your site and decided to become a member, it’s honestly been enlightening but also life-changing in ways I can’t explain!

    Have a great xmas, and hope that tassie holds strong. I had to write it like that because I think there will be a bit of people power involved in the outcome there.

    1. This is so great. Thank you SO much. You are a natural psychic. Next year is indeed very ‘two’ and 2022 is one of those years when my own natal chart shows a new partnership. I think you picked up my grandfather, not my father, because he was a great singer. In fact he sang on the stage. So well done. I must play that Lily Allen song too. I’m really interested in that 2/0 combination as a possible postcode too. I will pass on your compliment to Alicia, who did an amazing job (and always does). I am sorry about the wrong programming of the Zoom and YouTube Premiere as we’d planned them to follow each other for months, but anyway, the recording is still there on YouTube. 2022 will be really interesting as Alicia and I plan to use Zoom more creatively and it would be too much fun to have sessions which involve the viewers interactively. Merry Christmas. I think people power will rock Tasmania; the Premier Peter Gutwein has no idea how furious people are.

  94. Hi Jessica,
    with the north node at 25 capricorn (11th house) and Jupiter at 28 sagittarius (10th house) I would appreciate to have your insight in future work and relationship, still its not working out the way I want since quite a long time. Pluto and Uranus are in the 7th house of my natal chart. By transits Pluto and venus are making right now an opposition to moon and venus in my natal chart in the 5th house. Thank you for your answer.

    1. Hmm, you might try the Natural House System which I use for your chart here. I never did find the other house systems worked accurately enough for people – or at least, they sometimes did, but did not produce much happiness. So I will spin your chart. Work is Sixth House (Virgo) and Tenth House (Capricorn) in your natal chart and in your solar chart it is Sixth House (Aquarius) and Tenth House (Gemini). I use both systems to read your public and private life. Essentially you have been very patient with a tough work situation and 2022 is the last year you will fully have to put up with it. Ask The Garden Oracle what the central issue is next year, with work, and ask for advice on handling it. Do not begrudge what you have gone through, though, as it is necessary to transform your career from 2023, for many years, when you will become quite influential and powerful and be involved with some quite heavy people (to quote Kate Bush). You will find 2023-2024 is the big crossroads change for you. Pluto leaves your natal Tenth and oddly, goes into your solar Sixth. That’s empowering and unforgettable. Love? Well you are in luck. The solution you need with a duet in your life, or a new duet in your life, comes soon after Jupiter enters Pisces on December 30th. That’s your Seventh House in your solar chart. In your Eighth House (sex and money) in your natal chart, we find the South Node of good karma. So you did something 18/19 years ago that offers you the most marvellous solution or answer with a lover in 2022. Boom.

  95. Hello Jessica,
    I know not all replies get a response but I wonder if mine was missed (posted 17th Dec) as you’ve replied to all others. This has happened to me before.
    I’m in a predicament as I have no permanent home, no regular work and no direction. If you are able to respond I would appreciate it, but will accept either way.
    Thank you. Kim

    1. I should explain how WordPress works, not that I understand 90% of it. Basically, what WordPress calls ‘Comments’ are all your questions to me, and I have a whopping list of 12,839 of them. I can only see about 10 questions at a time, and I pop into this website about once every couple of days. Sometimes twice a day if I have the time. So I literally don’t see most of them. It’s rather a lucky dip, just like the old magazine psychics who used to have sack after sack of mail, and the secretary would hand them one out of the bag. Kim, that is why this has happened to you before. It is also why I really need you to use The Garden Oracle, The Tarot and The Astrology Oracle, which are the methods I use for myself. I am so sorry you are without a stable home or regular work. That is very hard to deal with, especially in the Twenties. You will actually transform your life and your home from 2023. You will become empowered by the home you end up with after 2023 and use your willpower and self-control and self-discipline to channel your need for the reins, into a firm hold on the roof over your head. So take a deep breath. If you can follow the rules of Pluto in Aquarius in your solar Fourth House after 2023 you are in for an incredible time as a gardener or decorator. Never mind the rest. 2022 is hard work. I am not going to kid you. But you will get through it, in terms of the lack of a permanent home. That is where the oracle cards will help you. Jobs are much easier for you, with offers and opportunities from May-October 2022 and again in the first quarter of 2023. Grab what you are offered then with both hands and get away with the so-called impossible. It will involve you being upfront and pushing yourself forward.

  96. Hi Jessica, Feels like I’ve been ghosted. What happened? Maybe I wasn’t detailed enough in my question. I did not want to burden you with specifics regarding my personal life so as to allow others to have your attention. But it seems like you favor people who put it all out there. I’ll try one more time and then I’ll just give up and move on.
    I have the North Node at 26 Sagittarius and the South Node at 26 Gemini. What might that mean during the Sag/Gemini opposition transit? I am also curious to know what might be the significance of my having both Jupiter and Uranus in lockstep at 24 Cancer in the 12th House. Thanks for your insight.

    1. I don’t ghost people. Do you mean ignoring people? I loathe that. I can’t always get around to answering every message and there are 12,840 of them today, according to Word Press. However, you are here and I have your chart, so I’ll see what is going on. I am sure it is profoundly annoying to be seemingly ignored, but it’s honestly that I’ve just not seen your questions in the queue. Okay so you have nodal Third House/Ninth House oppositions and are going through the rather long Gemini transits, commencing with Mars in Gemini retrograde in 2022 and culminating in Uranus in Gemini from around 2026. That’s a process. It is about understanding you have incarnated to find a new way to immerse yourself in foreign culture and foreign countries and people without putting them at risk (In other words, exporting Omicron). This virus is going nowhere. So, what do you do? That is the big question of the next few years as you discover inventive, unprecedented ways to explore other cultures without harming them or yourself. This is karmic in nature and may have come about from prior lives as, say, crew on an expedition. You have Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus in Cancer in your Fourth House and of course you know that the family was a laboratory experiment when you grew up. IT was an experiment that worked in your favour, and you were seldom bored by monotony (to put it politely) but a revolution was never very far away. One benefits from sudden freedom from (relatives) or sudden freedom through (relatives) with that conjunction. Later on you channel it into particular houses and apartments, which you expand and renovate, and use as an outlet for your own need for wide open emotional and intellectual space.

  97. Jessica,
    As a Pisces with an Aries ascendant, it seems that Jupiter will be with me for a while. My sun is in the 12th house and Aries in 1st.
    My questions:
    I am a seasoned liguist, translator and interpreter and project manager in this area for over 20 years. Now I do more training and consulting and get high profile interpreting jobs for the State Department and Federal Courts. Should I remain on this course? I really want to start a publishing company that will publish spiritual and personal developement books in multiple languages but given the circumstances (global shipping challenges etc), is it a good idea? Ebooks at present don’t do well, at least in the US. Readers like physical books. In addition, this business will be financially “heavy”. Should I take the risk and slowly start publishing?
    The other question will be related to astrology. I’d like to start doing astrology readings, and writing and translating on the side, part-time but I am a little discouraged because there are so many astrologers. Maybe try it out a bit on social media with my current followers and see what they think?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you Thei. You want to start a multilingual publishing company and are ahead of your time by about 5 years. The technology will be there from 2026 when Uranus moves into Gemini, the sign ruling writers, the media, the internet and languages. New technology, exciting and radically different, will emerge after 2026. Shipping is something you may want to leave alone as we have a very long Mars Retrograde in Gemini in 2022, 2023 and everybody’s action plans about short-haul transport for, say, magazines and paperbacks – will be affected. You may want to tiptoe into things by concentrating on 1-2 really good books and experimenting with low-key formats and mediums, but join professional organisations which ensure you are first on the ground when the new technology arrives in 2026. You also want to become an astrologer, Thei. Twitter is very helpful. You can never waste writing time on there, as you probably know, because of the brevity of the text. There are some interesting professional astrologers on there and if you exchange tweets, then that’s a way to slowly begin the beguine. Did I spell that right?

  98. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your wonderful articles and weather updates. I am a Sun Cancer with Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th house and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. Could you share what you see for me in 2022 and beyond in terms of career, relationships, home, finances? Thanks Much

    1. Thank you. Your Eighth House of death, sex and money is important in your natal and solar chart and suggests a return of karma from 18-19 years ago, with a house, sum, apartment, possession, share, business and so on. You have Saturn in your solar Eighth and the South Node in your natal Eighth so it’s a similar story told twice. This is frequently about marriage and mortgage or a family legacy. The other major story is professional. Jupiter in Aries from May-October and again in early 2023 suggests tremendous solutions and opportunities in your career, and that is in your solar chart; in your natal chart we find Pluto in the Tenth House, so this suggests a reshuffle, promotion, demotion, merger, departure at work, or in your chosen field – which you gain from. The final story is really about friends and groups. This is a revolution, seen in your solar chart, and a lesson to learn, seen through Saturn in the same house (Eleventh House) in your natal chart. The year 2022 and early 2023 is really important setting up the future of one group in particular. Pluto goes into your natal Eleventh House from 2023 and Uranus continues in Taurus in your solar Eleventh House, at the same time, so be this a political party, rock band, book club or secret society, it has life-changing impact for you, far more important than anything else.

  99. Thank you for a great article, Jessica. I am Gemini and you have mentioned that Jupiter will move into the first house during May-October. I have started an online business on 4 December 2021 and as I understand this period May-Oct will be very significant to expand. Wondering how this Sagittarius weather will affect me? I am so glad about the nodal shift, was feeling like a stuck record for the last 2 years, but I can feel the energy since the 4 December eclipse that finally things are starting to move forward.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Jupiter in Aries moves into your natal First House from May-October 2022. You want to promote yourself via your online business and the timing is right then; in your solar chart, you also have Mars in Gemini in the second half of 2022, going back and forth, so an action plan to put yourself front-and-centre will also stall and reverse, but just treat it as a long and circular process and try not to rush what happens – results will unfold early 2023. September, October will set up a lot and January-March 2023 is really rewarding in terms of a personal rebranding and relaunch to support your business.

  100. Hi Jessica! You are so right! Covid is going to get much worse and predictably with more variants before it ends. I don’t believe I will be able to move in 2022 with Covid lingering. However, I am researching my options. And YES! I did pick a Tarot card and got the Two of Swords which was spot on! Great advise to rethink strategy and come up with a new plan for how to challenge my landlord. Btw. I didn’t realize you created the Garden Oracle…I LOVE IT! It’s Brilliant! Bravo!!!! WOW what a ton of work and so beautifully creative and insightful. I’ve never seen another deck like it…it’s fantastic and really very special. Thank you for sharing it! Sending you blessings! Thank you again for being such a marvelous teacher and inspiration! Happy holidays! xo

  101. Dear Jessica, everything that you wrote about Virgo and her career in this Sagittarius weather is true for me. Although my working life is better than for ex. in 2019, I still feel too dependent on others – on cooperation with them. I tried to develop my own activities (as a consultant) and even everybody is very interested in the beginning then something happened (for ex. pandemic, they moved away, they closed their business..) and prospect business doesn’t come to its fruition. I would like to ask you if this full moon can mean the closing of this situation. I have Chiron in 27deg Aries, Sun 26deg Virgo, Moon 26deg Pisces and Bacchus 26deg in Sagittarius. Can I hope for some successful individual projects and interesting education possibilities next year? Thank you for the explanation

    1. The Full Moon won’t close the situation, unfortunately. As a Sun Virgo you need to get to 19th January when a lot of pressure will be off. I am saying this so many times to readers, that I can only speculate that America will lead a global decision around that time that makes our pandemic problems easier. Some kind of unified action by WHO and the UN taking the advice of science might be a start! Yet it would affect you personally as the ripples reach your shore. You will have ongoing foreign involvements until 2026 which involve study or websites, teaching or informal learning. These will happen suddenly, be exhilarating and exciting, and from 2023-2024 reward you for persisting.

  102. Hi Jessica,

    I have-
    MC 24° Aries 20′ 57”
    IC 24° Libra 20′ 57”
    North Node 26° Capricorn
    09′ 04”R
    South Node 26° Cancer
    09’04” R
    I believe these are all opposing, but can you shed some light on what they mean? Thank you

    1. Cardinal oppositions and squares make for inner contradiction and internal conflict, usually about career (Capricorn) status (Capricorn) the family (Cancer) home town, home, homeland (Cancer) and partnerships (Libra). So you get one but not the other. Or you get two, but not three. This can make for an interesting life but rather a tense one. Use your Tarot and Oracles to figure out strategies, as Chiron in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 still make for obstacles.

  103. Thank you for the somewhat unexpected answer 😉 “Major action plan for the house and garden” …guess is something good .Liberation here I come! I really hoped for some success with my onlinecourse – but it is still on the horizon so ..But I have to tell you something amazing! You wrote to me: (11.july 2021)
    “Vulcano in Pisces in the Twelfth House is a symbol of tremendous self-control and repressed feelings and impulses, channelled through religion, dreams, spirituality, or just – the subconscious. It is in constant conflict with the need to control both the body, and work, so this is pretty complex. Ask your subconscious mind to reveal the conflict to you in dreams and write that down when you wake up. Sometimes just describing the health issue out loud will give you the clue.”

    So I did! I asked my subconscious mind to reveal conflicts in my mind. And I woke up and wrote down “Demi Lovato” and “Clean Plate”.
    I didnt go into it then because I wanted to work more on my subconcious. But I didnt have to, because when I went into Demi Lovatos songs now (and I really did not know who she was at all!) the first song that popped to my eyes was “I love me” 😉 And the lyrics was about me. (anyway I thought so ;-))
    So Jessica – Thank You for helping me with your always so good advice!

  104. Dear Jessica, I wonder if you realise how truly important the work you do is. Your prescience helps so many of us navigate through some truly rough weather. Thank you!

  105. Hi Jessica thanks for this. Have a stellium in Sag. Also its been a terrible terrible year, personally and professionally, and health -wise. Any idea if improvements are on sight? Also man 30/12/1971 -what does that connection mean?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Leeria. As a Sun Pisces you have been caught up in the mutable sign weather of 2020, 2021. It ends on 19th January when the lunar nodes leave Sagittarius and Gemini. That’s a 25% improvement that you will notice right away. I am sorry you have been put through the mill. The man is less important than the money. You will make or save money, May-October and again in early 2023. Money changes everything, as the song goes.

  106. Hi Jessica, I am a sun virgo. Life has felt like a struggle for a very long time. I finished studying after many years in 2018 and have been working hard since. Huge learning curve, big hours, difficult personalities along the way. So much student debt to pay off. Will I make it to where I want to go with my career and finances? I have spoken to a very helpful finance coach, and I feel like this area of my life is maybe the only part of my life that feels “figured out” or planned. Life has felt extremely hard for years, sometimes too hard. My partner (30/09/85) really wants a child, but I’m not sure. Will the relationship last if there is no child or family? I am exhausted. Thank you.

    1. Your a Sun Virgo whose body talks to her, about her soul. If you are exhausted you need to change your life. You are unsure if you want a baby though your partner does. You have student debt. There will be outstanding solutions for the partnership issue from December 30th until May, then again from October-December 2022. Take them. These are rare opportunities to either fix the partnership or find a superior alternative. You will make or save a lot of money May-October 2022. Use The Garden Oracle today to really dig into all the questions and issues. Just work through methodically and note in a journal.

  107. Hi Jessica, fascinating video on the Sagittarius weather thank you! I am a Gemini and my husband is a Sagittarius, does this mean anything especially different for us on this weather? Also you say it’s about my image etc. Is that career wise or just generally? Thanks so much. Karen

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Gemini, Karen, you have been on a stuck merry-go-round for about two years with your husband. Perhaps, with someone else in a pair situation with you. It ends on 19th January. At the same time, with the lunar nodal cycle in Gemini, your branding, image, name, upfront persona, has also been rather stuck, or at least taking you backwards every time you try to move forwards. It can be as silly as all your email with your name going to a spam filter. Anyway, that also ends on 19th January.

  108. Thank you so much Jessica for your response. I save all your comments and refer to them often for comfort and guidance and feel blessed to be a member of this site. x

  109. Hello Jessica. I am a sun sagittarius(4°), asc. gemini, moon pisces (13°), south node pisces (3°), chiron taurus (10°), mars virgo (3°), venus sagittarius (28°) . For many years I have been waiting for moving into a bigger house. Now, when jupiter moves to pisces, I have high hopes for the new house. Last time, when jupiter was transiting pisces about twelve years ago, we moved to the house we are now living in. If moving is possible, do you think it could be work-related? My present work is ok, but I’m really tired for some reason. I don’t know whether tiredness is about work or something else.
    What about jupiter moving into aries in May? Last year there was some heartthrob caused by someone (also a sagittarius), who emerged right when north node moved into gemini. Would jupiter in aries be related to this or will it be about something more peaceful?
    Thank you for your helpful writings.

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius who wants a bigger house and will get either that, or more space through an apartment, two homes, or a larger garden which offers cabins. The rule with Jupiter in Pisces in your solar Fourth House is never to limit your options as sometimes Jupiter will give you more than you dreamed was possible. You have seen for yourself how it works, as on the last Jupiter in Pisces cycle, you moved to the house you are in now! I’ll focus on that for the moment, and leave Jupiter in Aries for 2022, when I have The Aries Weather event and will open up questions on that here. Going back to your new home in 2022, Cancer rules the Fourth House of property in your birth chart and you have the Moon, Juno and IC (Immum Coeli) all in Cancer, so you are in luck as Jupiter will trine those (make stunning patterns with them) in 2022. Thank you.

  110. Thank you, Jessica for answering my question. I truly admire your dedication since you have so many followers and we are all curious or anxious.
    Merry Christmas to you, Alicia, Natalie and Stephanie. It was a great meeting and youtube presentation. Wishing you a healthy and safe Holiday season. I will see you on December 29.

    1. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you. We are all really looking forward to the Pisces Weather and have some special things planned for the Zoom. I will pass this on to Alicia, Natalie and Stephanie.

  111. Very much appreciated for your insights, and the Garden Oracle is also helpful: how amazing all are! Merry Christmas and Happy new year, Jessica.

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