The Pisces Weather Event

Together with Natalie Delahaye, Debbie Frank and Stephanie Johnson, I explored the historic combination of both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – 2021-2022. How does it affect you?

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100 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    As a sun Aries with Venus, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces I look forward to 2022. I appreciate any feedback you may have.
    Wishing you a safe and happy season ahead.


    1. Thank you. Merry Christmas. The Pisces weather in your solar Twelfth House will help you enormously in ways that nobody else can see. You will gain in the most fantastic ways from hypnosis, dreams, mediumship, clairvoyance, religion, spirituality, therapy, counselling or quantum theory. This will peak on April 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 2022 for you. This is true for all Sun Aries people but when I look at your natal chart I can see your Pisces stellium in the Twelfth House too. So this is a double whammy not possible in 12 years. Your Jupiter Return in your sector of faith, the unconscious mind, spirituality, the afterlife, psychology and psychics.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Pisces sun therefore have lots of Pisces sun factors: Mercury 11 Pisces, Ceres 19 Pisces, MC 25 Pisces, Apollo 8 Pisces, Prosperina 8 Pisces and also Venus 19 Aries and Diana at 3 Aries.

    Does this say much about what 2022 holds for me in terms of living a happier, more proactive and fulfilling life with a bigger social group and meeting a committed partner? The past few years haven’t been easy and I really want to enter a new chapter and reach my highest potential in these areas of life.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I’m sorry you’ve had a hard time with your love life and social life – if it is any comfort, you are not alone and it is part of a global, widespread trend on these tough cycles with Saturn in Aquarius. Okay, so the Pisces weather in your solar chart is about a relaunch, rebirth, renaissance, new look, better image, bigger impact, superior profile, greater reach and publicity if you want it. The Aries weather is the same, when Jupiter goes into Aries from May-October, and into your natal First House (the Pisces weather is in your solar First House). Nothing to do with friendship or love, per se, but extremely useful in terms of reshaping your online identity and perfecting a look, style and reputation you want. This of course will help you advertise who you are to your tribe and your type. If you want to find your people/your person you need to look like what they want. You will be thrilled at how easy that becomes for you in 2022, 2023.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you very much for an insightful post about the upcoming Pisces weather. Also, congratulations and many thanks for creating and sharing the wonderful Garden Oracle deck! Would you be able to tell me how the upcoming transit of Jupiter in Pisces might impact me? I am hoping that this transit would finally bring about a sense of stability in terms of my career and home. Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

    1. Thank you. I am getting great feedback on The Garden Oracle and Alicia and I will run some Zoom events about that in 2022 using the incredible new Zoom spaces. We start with your solar chart and you are a Sun Leo. The Pisces weather is in your Eighth House of joint finance, so you will benefit from other people’s money, houses, business interests, possessions and/or apartments in 2022. We see exactly the same thing in your natal chart. In 2022 the South Node in Scorpio will transit the Eighth House of joint finances, bringing good karma your way from about 18 or 19 years before.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I have natal Jupiter and NorthNode in Virgo is the early degrees. Also Sun and Asc at 23 and 20 degrees in Libra and Capricorn.

    How should I interpret Jupiter in the opposite sign?

    1. An opposition from transiting Jupiter in Pisces to Virgo factors in your horoscope is beneficial, even if there is a clash. You might say, good things are squeezed out of a difficult situation. Virgo rules the Sixth House of your natal chart so this is health and workload. The transit is at 3 and 7 Pisces and of course your South Node is actually in Pisces, so I suspect this is about the Twelfth House (religion, meditation, dreams, mediumship, clairvoyance, hypnosis) and a past life inheritance there, which ties in with your workload, but also your wellbeing. It will be more obvious when Jupiter crosses 3 and 7 Pisces and also more beneficial, even though it is a stretch; a hard debate with yourself; a period of great effort. Timing is January and February 2022. Use the Tarot to help you when it’s time.

  5. Thanks for this article Jessica. I’m looking forward to this event. I’ve only got Diana at 4 degrees of Pisces. When will this get “pinged” by Jupiter and Neptune? I’m looking forward to this after experiencing several hard years (even pre-COVID) of Pluto in Capricorn. Thank you. All the best for 2022!

    1. January 18th to 22nd 2022, finds Jupiter at 4 Pisces in a rare conjunction with your natal Diana in the Twelfth House. Neptune has long since done that, but Jupiter will expand, increase and boost your independence (Diana) and freedom (Diana) along with your strength as a woman (Diana) in all Twelfth House matters: hypnosis, mediumship, therapy, counselling, meditation, astral travel, dreams, religion. Merry Christmas.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I would like to ask you in which way can I experience entering Jupiter in the sign of Pisces? I have Saturn in 0 deg Leo and Uranus in 0deg Scorpio.
    Later on I think Pluto wil angle my Sun in 26deg Virgo and 26deg Moon in Pisces. What can I expect when Jupiter in Pisces will join them?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo so we start with the solar chart. The Pisces weather is favourable in your Seventh House of duets and duels. Marriages or conflicts. Professional partnerships or contests. Platonic two-way friendships or battles. With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces you can benefit from either. So, for example, you could marry well if you are single, or find your opponent is so weak in a competition that you gain a majority. The Seventh House in your natal chart is ruled by Libra, and you have a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Libra, in the Seventh House of duets and duels. This is validation, because in 2022 and 2023 those Libra factors will also be triggered. You can use The Garden Oracle to find out more.

  7. Thank you for so much excellent information. With my sun in Pisces, this seems like a good time to try to advance my career. Would this be the best time to look at positions of leadership?

    1. This cycle is not about your career, but it is about a higher profile, reputation relaunch, better appearance and favourable publicity. It is the best year in 12 for any Sun Pisces person to lose weight, have cosmetic surgery, hire a Public Relations professional, book cosmetic dentistry, experiment with Tik-Tok, YouTube and Zoom, organise a photo shoot or portrait by an artist. Thank you.

  8. disease is pisces and neptune. companies used the covid scare to lay off so many employees they lost the experience needed to operate an efficient supply chain. this caused the inflation, not the FED (monetary authorities-ie .capricorn) also, pisces and neptune represent emotional and irrational(drugs pharma supply chain,vaccines) response to events. you did mention once about the capricorn factor. now all can see the end results, so you were right.

    1. Actually, disease is the mutable signs in a Grand Cross. Pisces (religion) Virgo (health) Sagittarius (foreigners) Gemini (travel). Unfortunately history and astrology prove that whenever we get generations born with mutable sign planets, and they hit mutable sign cycles, we get a plague. The plague is always followed by radical economic change – a global revolution. This will be the case by 2026.

  9. Hi Jessica

    I’m looking forward to this exciting event!

    I’m hopeful that a Virgo child of mine who is lost in delusion and substance abuse but has Jupiter at Pisces 24 degrees will benefit from this conjunction. Could this be the cosmic wake up call for her I want it to be?

    Also, our whole blended family has factors at 23, 24 and wonder how that will impact the group.


    1. Thanks Sharlene. I am sorry your Virgo child has substance abuse. If your daughter has Jupiter at 24 Pisces she will have her Jupiter Return which is very lucky and in 2022 will be saved by a therapist, spiritual guidance or a miracle. Your entire family is affected. Pisces rules Christianity (the two fishes) so if you believe, or are open to it, pray.

  10. Hi Jessica – I have these three factors in Pisces:

    Venus – 10 degrees
    Chiron – 12 degrees
    Cupido – 16 degrees

    Is this pointing towards some kind of healing in my love life? Or perhaps to do with money/finances? Both?

    I am currently in the process of changing jobs. And I am dating a Taurus man. The dating has gotten very serious very fast!

    Many thanks for your insights, Jessica!

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius so in your solar chart we find The Pisces Weather brings in more money in 2022, because Pisces rules your house of finance. In your natal chart, the Taurus and Scorpio factors show money, and as you have these very close to receiving trines from the Pisces factors, that’s validation. You will make more money in 2022 or possibly save a fortune (same thing). The Garden Oracle will validate timing for you.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for an interesting read as always. I would love some insight,
    I have Prosepina 20° Pisces and Aesculapia 23° Pisces.
    Thank you once again, have a great day!

    Amy x

    1. Thank you Amy. Proserpina and Aesculapia in Pisces are in your Twelfth House of hypnosis, meditation, astral travel, the soul, the spirit, the unconscious mind, religious faith, spirituality and inner mystery. Proserpina reveals you are a go-between, so you could be a medium, for example who goes between the living and the afterlife. Or you might be the middle person in a self-help or therapy situation. Aesculapia shows your ability to bring people or situations back from the brink, so I do wonder about your natural abilities as a medium or psychic. You have what it takes to move between worlds in life-threatening situations.

  12. Hi Jessica

    I am a cancer sun with no planets in Pisces. What does this mean for me in 2022? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. You don’t need planets in Pisces (or anything else in Pisces) to experience the Pisces Weather of 2022. If you are a Sun Cancer, you can expect Jupiter (opportunities) and Neptune (escapes) through foreign countries and foreigners (which Pisces in your chart). So, for example, you may take French lessons online.

  13. Hi Jessica & team, thank you so much for all you provide on this website.❤❤ As a solar Aries who has been exploring her spiritual side for a good few years, am excited for when Jupiter hits my MC/Mars/Vulcano (all conjunct) in early Pisces! Stay safe on roads and with ongoing Covid weather. Happy Christmas & New Year ! Xx

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you. The Jupiter conjunctions to your Pisces stellium will expand, upgrade and increase your spiritual beliefs, psychic or religious experiences, gifts in alternative worlds – like channelling, absent healing or telepathy. It may happen rapidly with Mars in Pisces too.

  14. I am really looking forward to this as I have a Pisces Moon and Pisces in Venus, combined with a Taurus Sun ,I have always felt the clash of these two signs ,I like to be grounded and I appreciate down to earth people but then there’s the pull of the Pisces where I want to escape to Hogwarts (lol) , I have always thought the song Moon river is the best way to describe Taurus Sun /Pisces Moon combination, I love to know how these two factors could work in harmony ,hopefully this will give me some insight.

    1. A Sun Taurus with a Pisces Moon and Venus really shines at making or saving money, while also pursuing spirituality, religion, therapy, dreams, hypnosis. So you have the chart of a Mind, Body, Spirit or church businesswoman or charity fundraiser. Pisces-Taurus is very common in people who look after priceless religious artefacts but also in the horoscopes of New Age money makers. You actually need to look at the stelliums in the whole chart to see more about this potential (will it never happen or could it happen, or has it already happened?) Saturn in Taurus blocks you a bit. It’s an obstacle course to make or save money. Ceres in Taurus suggests it’s always going to be about quite difficult deal-making. I suspect you play your Pisces not your Taurus because it’s hard work being rich or trying to be rich. You undoubtedly know you are psychic. We’ll chat more about that at The Pisces Weather Event.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I love what you have written about the Pisces weather and the transit of Jupiter. As a Pisces with Mercury in Pisces and my natal Jupiter/Neptune in my 10th house, I feel really excited about 2022 and raring to get going with the opportunities it may bring. I have felt quite isolated and alone at times over the past 2/3 years, eventhough I do have a loving Leo husband, family and friends but I haven’t felt connected or like I belong, or fit in. I hope this fades with my Jupiter transit. I had wanted to harness it to grow my business and income too, am I on the right lines? I had also decided as I hate wearing glasses for years and it affects my confidence, that I may get my eyes lasered and I was amazed to see you predict a revamp and new image for Pisceans. Thank you for your inspiring posts.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Pisces who is lucky enough to have a stellium there, so you are spiritual, psychic and sensitive. Jupiter crossing that will expand your inner life, bringing fantastic improvements and special, sacred experiences with religion, the unconscious mind, dreams, mediumship, therapy and so on. It is very common to feel like an outsider with a Pisces stellium. You can be married with many friends and still feel alone. There is a reason for that! You are living a double life. One fish swims with the people, the other fish swims alone in a different sphere, and it can be very tough to lose yourself in other people as your Pisces side will always pick up the psychic undercurrent or spiritual message. You will learn how to control that in 2022 if you want to. You will make or save a lot of money May-October no matter what your business is doing. And yes, the eye laser operation is a common outcome of this transit, which is why I published it. You’ll love the result.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have a Pisces moon, ascendant, Saturn, Chiron, Ceres and Ops. I am desperately trying to change jobs. My current situation is not sustainable and is very unpleasant so I’m trying to get a good position elsewhere. Please give me some good news! PS I love your work – you are always spot on. Many thanks, Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy. You are an ambitious Sun Capricorn who has been stuck with the North Node in Gemini in her Sixth House of workload, daily routine, work ethic, colleagues, employers and staff. It’s over on January 19th. I am not surprised you are fed up, as your Sun is also in the Tenth House of career in your natal chart. So that people politics, twice. You are also extremely sensitive, psychic even if you try not to be, and are emotionally affected by work situations that other people would bounce off. The good news is, the most stuck situation in 19 years is over on January 19th. The future looks really great, if you can switch your thinking to ‘work’ not ‘top of the ladder.’ I will explain. Your Sixth House of service and duty is really hard work in 2022 but after that, from 2023, it grows in reward, fulfilment and job satisfaction. By the time you get to 2026 it’s genuinely exhilarating, liberating and surprising. It changes direction from that point. Yet, the caveat is has to be working for others. You can be the President and still do that on this cycle. You have to serve. Try to deal with the carve-up, compromise and deal making of 2022 and do not neglect your health and wellbeing. In fact, put it first. From 2023 you realise that lifestyle matters quite as much as ‘success’ (and you are redefining that all the time) and as Jupiter with all his good fortune slowly approaches Gemini, just before Uranus with all his freedom gets there, you realise the Twenties was always going to be the decade you had a total lifestyle/work reshape and reboot. Just get through 2022 with some good outside advice on how to handle reshuffles, changes in the balance of power, deal-making – and also make sure your paperwork in the second half of 2022, early 2023, covers you for any long delays, as Mars Retrograde in Gemini will surely deliver them. After that, it’s a “Wheeee” downhill slope.

  17. Hello Jessica,

    First I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! I’m excited about the zoom next week and moreover I can’t wait for the pisces weather.
    My life has been pretty rough the last years and the preview of pisces weather last summer felt good.So this change is welcome 🙂
    I have Fortuna 19 Pisces, IC 10 Pisces, South Node 27 Pisces, Aesculapia 3 Pisces.Do you see me enjoying this Pisces time?
    Merci beaucoup!

    1. Merry Christmas. Bonne Noel. You are a Sun Leo with a strong Pisces chart statement so I’m glad you’re coming by The Pisces Weather. I think you’ll like what Debbie Frank has to say. Jupiter will expand, improve, upgrade, increase and boost your stellium in the Twelfth House of religion, therapy, hypnosis, Buddhism, self-help, astral travel, counselling, meditation, Tarot, mediumship, absent healing and so on. It really depends on what you want to pursue. It will change your life for some years and have an element of wow-factor. Quite unrelated (unless you make money from being psychic or religious) is a lot of money that you save or earn in 2022. I would say 2022 reminds you, who you are. You live on the inside, by yourself, in an invisible headspace or soul space that is intensely personal. That is about to become a huge reward for you.

  18. ello Jessica! Happy Holidays! Hope all is well with you. I am sorry to hijack this blog for this question but I am going thru so many forks in the road. My husband and I are living in COsta rica and we’re planning a relocation to Portugal in the spring. Just today my husband got a very nice offer to work in Hawaii again. We used to live there and COVID forced changed that. My husband hated his job in Hawaii so was happy when he was offered another position on the mainland. I was not so cool with where we were for a long term living situation (in a very cold snowy state, lol) so we ended up back here in CR (we are expats) I had some personal issues in US so really wanted out. It is very difficult here and Portugal is the unknown for us. I believe I already told you that I am doing a CELTA course that would help us financially in Portugal and my husband would be taking a stab bringing the type of business we have here (vegan butchery products) to Portugal. You said it would be a good move for us. We did not want to go back to the US for a lot of reasons but are now considering that this may be beneficial financially and although really want to be in Europe, we are thinking maybe we will experience more of the same challenges we have here. Can you see give me any helpful insight? We are going to hear out the Hawaii offers and consider everything but the decision is a tough one. Thank you for everything!!

    1. Hello there. Merry Christmas. You are not hijacking this blog, but do come along to The Pisces Weather event if you have time. I know your situation because you have spoken about this situation with Costa Rica, your husband and travel before. You are in luck. Take the opportunities as they roll in 2022, particularly from just after Boxing Day until May, then again at the end of the year. I expect it will be Hawaii. Not Portugal, unless you are on the coast. Use the Tarot and your Oracles (and he should too) to validate that. What we have here in your chart is a total escape from reality by emigrating and that sounds like Waikiki or similar, to me. Just be aware that you still need to live in the real world with three/four injections each, masks, testing and so on. But once you are there, you are there.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I was surprised to learn that there are different House Systems which means that a chart can be very different depending on the house system being used. I was under a totally different impression about my own chart up to now. Your recent response on this really amazed me because it made so much sense. A mixture of tension and fireworks growing up. Check. Moving away to a foreign land. Check. Fascinated by the ‘beyond’. Check. I have written a book, various screenplays and blog posts about sci-fi, AI and humanity. Although I have always been an intrepid traveler – both for business and vacation (lived in 11 countries and work globally) – I haven’t been anywhere in nearly two years…Not even to a local coffee shop…. Totally odd, I know. But I am super careful as I want to travel again as soon as it is possible and hassle-free. I have a few placements in Pisces so I would appreciate your take on what that might mean in 2022. Thanks as always for your staggering insight! Best wishes, Emma K

    1. Thanks Emma. I’m so pleased that your chart with a different house system makes sense. All those checks – from what you tell me that is a faithful mirror of your birth chart, using the Natural House system. You are a Sun Taurus so the first thing to say is that 2022-2026 is a very long, defining moment for your life budget. What you will or will not sell out for (perhaps as a screenwriter) or who/what you feel is so precious it is priceless. You become who you are very rapidly and in fact could make or save a small fortune over the next few years. You have transits in Gemini in the Second House (finances) of your solar chart, in 2022, and beyond. You also have transits in your natal Second House, until 2026. There will be a carve-up, compromise and new arrangement, with the bank account, house, apartment and so on, in the first half of 2022. In the second half you go through a stop-start process which extends into 2023. I wonder if this is not partly related to a relationship, partnership or marriage in 2022, 2023, Emma. In which case the gap between your values and those of the other person requires a complete rethink. The year 2022 is also central to your ambitions, career or any unpaid effort. It will take you back to karma from 18/19 years ago and it will play its part in a dramatic transformation of your professional life from 2023 onwards, when you will find that you are empowered and around very powerful people, organisations or projects. Your Garden Oracle will tell you more.

  20. Hi Jessica
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to ask you a question!
    I am a Libra with the Sun, Mercury and Ops all in Libra and Diana/Uranus/Pluto/IC/Fortuna/Bacchus/Apollo and Aesculapia all in Virgo – I was so shocked to see so many planets in Virgo!
    I guess I now know why I am an amazing organiser! 🙂
    Regarding the Pisces weather, My Birth Chart says:
    Chiron 14° Pisces 58′ 08″ R
    Vesta 02° Pisces 47′ 12″ R
    20°Pisces 59′ 09″
    I wish I knew how to say that to you correctly but I am just starting to learn the terms so have no idea how to! (sorry!) I do hope this means though that the legal battle with my work will end soon and in my favour; let’s just say though, that I know more about Brittany Spears situation than I should as for a very long time now I have not been able to ‘live my own life’!.
    Any information you can give me would be so very much appreciated x
    Thanks so much in advance,

    1. Thank you Sandie. Yes, you are a great organizer with that Virgo stellium. You really need method and order and any time things get messy at home or work, it is usually your first alarm – you need to attend immediately to a bigger issue, whenever that happens, because clean+tidy is your usual setting. You are quite right with the terms in your chart. Astrology is a foreign language so you’ve done well to translate. You have a legal battle at work. You need to see my 2022 prediction for Libra, but on a more personal note, you will find the tide turns in your favour May-October with those people or anyone else against you, actually. I hope it doesn’t go on that long, but if you have to mop up afterwards, the mopping up will be really successful.

  21. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well and enjoying the festive season! I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s event. I have the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus in Pisces. I have been treading water personally and professionally for the last few years – is this my relaunch? We have just sold up and moved in with the rellies and are deciding where to call home long-term. Any insights would be most appreciated! See you tomorrow morning, Jessica. Thanks so much, Lauren 🙂

    1. I’m glad you were able to come along to The Pisces Weather, Lauren. You’ll have an image/profile relaunch by May because you find it irresistible to go with a new look, online or in the real world. You will make or save a lot of money May-October and that will help with the choice about a home. Your luck is in again early 2023 with finance.

  22. What if Jupiter and Uranus transit a natal planet during their conjunction? I happen to have vesta at 23 degrees Pisces. Thank you!

    1. Vesta in Pisces in the Twelfth House is about situations involving religion, therapy, Tarot, mediumship, dreams, spirituality, hypnosis, counselling – which have an unequal balance of females to male. One male, two or more females. This would classically be a Roman Catholic or Anglican church organisation. Whatever your story is, this pattern is fixed, expanded, helped and healed in 2022.

  23. Hi there – me again! I’m just reading and listening to the predictions. I have A LOT in Sagittarius; Moon, Jupiter, Neptune. In fact I’ve always worked in a creative field and even more so with foreigners! I love this and it feels very expansive. I’ve traveled for work in the entertainment industry, etc. Just the idea of staying put is quite depressing! So, what are the careers of the future that would be similar and in demand because it sounds like this era is drawing to a close. Thank you!

    1. A lot of heavily Sagittarius people are flattened by the news that the pandemic is not going away before 2026. Don’t be flattened. It means travel becomes rather as it was in the 1950’s and 1960’s (overseas). To go abroad then was a rare luxury. It was expensive and involved a lot of preparation. Innoculation (today we would call that vaccination). You can and will go away in future but it will be strictly controlled, tightly monitored and much closer to home. So, the country next door, not the country on the other side of the world. Sagittarius weather is over on 19th January for many years. Gemini weather, Pisces weather pushes back against it. So don’t walk against the wind. Walk with it, and go where the breeze takes you – nearby. Locally. Gemini weather is about neighbours.

  24. Hi Jessica, Happy Holidays! Regarding the Pisces Weather – I’m Pisces Sun 14*, Moon in Scorpio 00* and Saturn is currently conjunct my natal North node in Aquarius 11*. Lot’s going on – I started a new position in a new industry at the December 4th Solar eclipse. Asking for your keen insight as to these aspects, Jupiter’s move into Pisces and how my life could be effected. Will there be significant developments in the new career, business partnerships, and personal significant relationships? The past few months have been difficult and hope for a positive change and renewal. Thank you!

    1. The Pisces weather is actually about your Pisces Sun in the Twelfth House of religion, Tarot, hypnosis, mediumship, spirituality, Buddhism, quantum theory, dream coaching, meditation, astral travel and therapy. So although we can say you will make or save a lot of money May-October, that is not the Pisces cycle. (That is the combination of an Aries cycle in your solar chart and a Taurus cycle in your natal chart). The Pisces weather is about renewal, yes. You will find the inner economy, as Gina Lazenby describes it. You can’t buy happiness but you can pay for a DVD, or a book, or whatever you need (a meditation mat?) in order to become richer in joy and peace of mind. This is not hippy dippy talk on this transit. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in your natal Twelfth House are all that. What you discover in 2022 will be with you for a lifetime if you keep with it. Self-help and counselling are also ruled by this transit.

  25. Hi Jessica, thanks for another great event today. Wishing you all the best for the New Year.
    I have an Aries Stellium, Pluto in Virgo, Uranus in Libra at the save degree as Jupiter and outer planet Neptune in Scorpio plus two asteroids in Pisces. I loved the conversation today, the talk about the rebalancing of masculine and feminine was just one example.Do you see how this all plays out in my chart?

    1. Thank you and happy new year. You are strongly Libran so interested in masculine-feminine balance in 2022. As I said at The Conscious Cafe, it’s something I can address in a feature, and that is due in next week, if you want to follow up. The biggest change in the balance comes from 2023 when Pluto (transformation) goes into Aquarius (people power) which is all about the community (no gender difference) as one. Pluto will trine the Libra placements of billions along the way, including your own, so there is this new wave of understanding that men and women should, yet again, be seen as equal creatures. The first time that happened was actually when the Pluto and Uranus in Libra babies were born; their mothers were frequently involved in Women’s Liberation (or their fathers).

  26. Hi Jessica! Excited about Pisces weather! I pray it will resolve my apartment/landlord drama. In my natal chart Jupiter will enter my 4th house/Pisces mid year by transit. Because my 4th house starts at 11 degrees of Pisces/IC. Do you think I will get the same benefit from Jupiter starting in December when Jupiters enters Pisces or will I have to wait until Jupiter officially enters my 4th house/11 degrees? I’m certain with Saturn and Chiron in Pisces in my 4th, I am dealing with past life karma. Plus, I have tons of Scorpio planets and asteroids to watch during this transit. I’m hoping 2022 will be a great year where I am collecting karma. I was burglarized/robbed and lost my job in 2003, so not a good year. Can I ask if there is a way to see in a chart if the nodal transit is positive or negative in a persons chart? I will have transit Jupiter trining my natal Jupiter on December 31st, so that seems exciting. Thank you again for your brilliant insight! Wishing you a festive and happy New Year!!!! Cheers!

    1. Thank you. You have Vesta and Bacchus in Cancer in the Fourth House of apartments and landlords, in the Natural House System which is best for prediction. I don’t know what system you are using at the moment. Jupiter will trine Vesta (always about one male and two or more females in a difficult situation) and also trine Bacchus (your pleasure in your home). A trine is flow. So that works for you in 2022. You do not have Saturn and Chiron in your Fourth House in this system so leave that outside. Jupiter’s transit of Pisces will help a great deal with Bacchus. Look at Bacchus in the Fourth House in your flipbooks and use the Smith-Waite Tarot to validate what I’m telling you.

  27. Hi Jessica, I’m looking forward to the event and also want to say how much I’m enjoying the new website and Garden Oracle.

    I’m sun in Virgo (plus moon and other factors) and have

    Chiron 12 degrees in Pisces
    Minerva 22 degrees in Pisces
    ASC 29 degrees in Pisces

    As the coming year is very much about duets and duals I’m keen to see what happens for me. I have a Taurean in my life. We dated a number of years ago, have remained close friends and have been talking about spending more time together – although COVID has affected some of these plans. Wondering has this will play out for me as I’m at a time when I’m ready to settle, for and with the right person. See you at the event, Louise

    1. I’m glad you were at the event Louise and of course you will have your answer by now.

  28. Hello Jessica and Happy New Year! Thank you for this feature. I have Jupiter and Ops in Pisces and am encouraged to hear about finances, as that has been a challenge lately. Does the 8th house cover things like commissions and royalties? Thank you!

    1. Happy New Year. Yes, the Eighth House covers commission and royalties too. You will make a fortune in 2022 so just spend it wisely, on the right people, for the right reasons. But you know that.

  29. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Dear Jessica! I have Chiron in Pisces @00 degrees. Please check my birthday chart. What do you foresee in my future with this Piscean lineup? I have lost my mother and a sister, thus far into Covid. Blessings to you and yours Cat

    1. I am so sorry your mother and sister have died from COVID-19. My godson also lost his father. (And I am a Leo too). You will have much, much more money to spend in 2022 so take your time with your budget, but you should feel very happy about what comes to pass for you. Financing can change so many things.

  30. hi Jessica and Happy New Year.
    I am a sun virgo with my MC, Aesculapia, and Chiron in Pisces. I am considering relocating for work from the US to Italy for work in the next few months. I am also wondering what this means for my personal relationships in the new year.
    Happy holidays!

    1. Sure, Teri, but not on Mercury Retrograde. And do your research as Italy is part of the European Omicron surge and infrastructure will fail for the first two months of 2022 (Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn in your Tenth House of work).

  31. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year. I’m enjoying the new website and Garden Oracle. I’m sun in Virgo (plus moon and other factors) and have Chiron 12 degrees in Pisces, Minerva 22 degrees in Pisces, ASC 29 degrees in Pisces. As the. Ming year for me is much about duets and duals I’m keen to see what is happening for me. I have Taurean in my life. We dated a number of years ago, remained friends and have been spending time together – although COVID has disrupted plans. Wondering how this may progress for me. Thank you, Louise

    1. Happy New Year. Louise, as a Sun Virgo, you will have the opportunity to go further with the Taurus in 2022, starting right now. The COVID-19 disruption will improve after Mercury Retrograde finishes on February 24th. If you have any communication obstacles with him between now and then, you can thank Mercury. You will have one open door after another with him until May, and if for whatever reason either of you decides differently, another date will appear, either by May – or October-December. This is Neptune and Jupiter in your solar Seventh House. Your Libra factors in your natal Seventh House are triggered throughout 2022 and 2023 actually. You are absolutely in the zone for a duet. Two people singing from the same hymn-sheet.

    2. Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying The Garden Oracle still. You can use it for your love life questions. I have answered you elsewhere, with astrology, but line up the cards for the other person, from your point of view, and then see how he sees YOU!

  32. Hi Jessia, HNY!
    DOB: 14.8.65
    I am hoping for perm jobs. Lack of confidence on my part means I get temp work only. Any luck 2022. LEO

    1. Have a look at the Tarot which is free on this website, and ask about the present. Tune in. When it is accurate, move to the next question. “What can I do, from this point forward, to obtain a permanent job?” You will find you get freedom, independence, space, autonomy, excitement, the unpredictable, until 2026. Not always permanence, security, certainty. It’s a trade. But you will be thrilled with your promotion, big success or new job in 2023. The moves you make in 2022 will be part of that. Do try the Tarot. And you can fix your confidence issues by going back to one parent – likely your father. You don’t have to listen to that script any more or watch that scene in your head. This is a very, very common Leo issue. It is usually Dad, for whatever reason.

  33. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year!
    Could you have a look at my chart and tell how this Jupiter transit will affect me ,please ?
    With my limited astrology knowledge it shouldn’t be a bad one and I should make the most of it ?
    (I’m exactly on Cusp but I always thought I was a Scorpio. Please correct me if I’m wrong)

    Btw, what do you think about planetary hours ?Are they reliable ?
    I mean ,say we’re looking at the Jupiter hours. I can hardly believe they’re going to bring luck to everyone in that time slot

    Many thanks

    1. Thanks Alex. Happy New Year. I don’t use planetary hours. You are a Sun Scorpio if you were born at 23:51 which sounds like an accurate birth time (it’s not rounded up or down, which is what people do when they don’t remember). You should try and get your ideas, projects or plans into another part of your country, or another part of the world, in 2022. This will work out really well for you. Don’t just do one; try and do two. Stunning patterns to your Third House of brainwaves and Ninth House of ‘distant locations.’

  34. Hi Jessica, wish you a very happy new year! I have a piscean moon always at odds with my sun and ascendant. Have been struggling with a troubled marriage and a special needs child for over a decade. Last year, I seemed to feel stronger and less dependent on my husband and others, and hope to become financially more independent. Jupiter in Pisces should give me a boost isn’t it? Any insight will be very helpful. Thanks in advance. Much love

    1. Happy New Year. Your Pisces Moon is sensitive, emotional, psychic. Boundaries are always the problem with Pisces Moon people who find it hard to separate themselves from husbands and children. Jupiter in Pisces will help you fix your fuzzy boundaries issues and the Jupiter-Moon conjunction always expands a caregiving or caretaking role you have, helping you make more of it, gain from it and find rewards in it. So this is your special needs child. As this connection between you and your child is psychic, it is often confused and confusing. This cycle will help you fix that. As a Sun Taurus you are right to care about money. The most stuck cycle in 19 years ends on January 19th and at last you can make changes and see results.

  35. I thought 2021 would be a respite from Covid and that my husband and I could travel once’s was not meant to be.Our grown son became very ill after his second Pfizer shot and we are still dealing with his health and a lack of treatment available. ALL our plans were derailed and he had to move back in with us. It has been a rough year of seeking care for him with a lot of disappointment. My husband is my rock and I try to be more upbeat for him. WILl 2022 bring any personal achievement for me? I want to write but have been pretty depressed all of 2021 by our grown son’s health issues and my lack of socialization due to Covid,again. I am an ordinarily spiritual and optimistic person but all this has been so severely tested in 2021. I also have been accepting clients in my own small astrology/tarot practice and wonder If I can revive that avenue as well as the writing. I need some physical and mental energy to do all this. WILL 2022 be a better year for me? WIll my son find healing (we have a new doctor and a new protocol to start this month..) Thanks for ALL the offerings you give us for premium members.. this site is a lifeline.I’m really enjoying the Pamela Tarot book in downloads this week.

    1. No, travel is over, as you used to know it. I am sorry your son had a bad reaction to his second Pfizer injection. No wonder you have been depressed. You are also wondering about work – astrology and Tarot. You are a Sun Cancer who has done her karma with housework, and work, and motherhood (cooking and cleaning for your son) in 2020, 2021. That ends on 19th January. You have done what you had to do. Try to look to foreigners and foreign countries until May, then from October to December, for input, opportunities, solutions, good news. This may involve teaching or learning astrology and Tarot. Perhaps, another discipline entirely. Your career will take off May-October and again in early 2023. I know you are a mother and wife but you need to set goals and pull them off. Pull in a foreigner too. You can validate this with the Tarot on this site. Thank you..

  36. Thank you so much I have read that thinks will improve May-October and after 6 years already, this patient Libra is itchy!
    A very important meeting is set for Feb 16th – yes I know a Full Moon! (argh!) but it’s the best I could do and as it’s the second meeting in this part of the process which was already started and not as bad as ‘beginning’ it? – it was all I had available to me.
    I’d love a personal chart reading done by you if you are still doing them?

    1. Thank you Sandie. A Full Moon is fine as long as you know it’s push-pull. I will be offering 2022 Annual Reports which begin on 1st February and you would be very welcome to order. I don’t do personal readings any more unless it’s for charity. Happy New Year.

  37. THank you for this look at my situation.I resonate strongly with everything you say and will be pursuing some personal goals which I have set aside for ALL of 2021!!! I have always had foreigners in my life in some significant way but not lately.I feel open for this. I have been working with the tarot on your site and it is very deep work.Thank you for all you offer us!

  38. Happy new year Jessica . Thank you Jessica , 2022 is looking bright . As a Sagittarius I want to use Jupiter in Pisces to up root and move to another country in first 6 months of 2022 . It will take a lots of years ahead to build life over again in a brand new country . I’m over 40 but I’m not scared of hard work . I can do it for my children . The only thing is with the Saturn is on his way to Pisces soon in 2023 and stay until 2026 . I am concerned about on top hard work with life in basic , what it will be with all the chaotic in every country in the world right now and years to come with virus , politicians changing the rules and laws daily now !! So I don’t know if this is going to be a right decision to move . I also have Ceres in Cancer , It look like as soon as I got into citizenship of a country , something happens to it immediately , I feel suffocated and I want to take off , even how much I dearly loved my life there . Could you please guide me with my decision . Should I move overseas or should I stay to buckle up ready for 2023-2026 ? Thank you so much for your time and kindness Jessica . Any response would be much needed and appreciated . Wish you a wonderful year ahead .

  39. Happy new year Jessica . 2022 is looking bright . As a Sagittarius I want to use Jupiter in Pisces to up root and move to another country in first 6 months of 2022 . It will take a lots of years ahead to build life over again in a brand new country . I’m over 40 but I’m not scared of hard work . I can do it for my children . The only thing is with the Saturn is on his way to Pisces soon in 2023 and stay until 2026 . I am concerned about on top hard work with life in basic , what it will be with all the chaotic in every country in the world right now and years to come with virus , politicians changing the rules and laws daily now !! So I don’t know if this is going to be a right decision to move . I also have Ceres in Cancer , It look like as soon as I got into citizenship of a country , something happens to it immediately , I feel suffocated and I want to take off , even how much I dearly loved my life there . Could you please guide me with my decision . Should I move overseas or should I stay to buckle up ready for 2023-2026 ? Thank you so much for your time and kindness Jessica . Any response would be much needed and appreciated . Wish you a wonderful year ahead .

    1. You’re right there. Jupiter goes into Pisces and the Fourth House of relocation, emigration and property for Sagittarius – but does not last beyond 2022. Then we find Saturn going into Pisces, into the same sector, so the easy ride and natural highs of a particular house, town, apartment, region are short-lived. 2023, 2024 and the start of 2025 are really hard and will test your patience. Ceres, Aesculapia and Vulcano are in Cancer in your natal Fourth House (you are right to use both systems together for accuracy). So the delightful trines from Jupiter to those three suggest a stunning, easy ride with a home in 2022. Saturn’s trines will slow you down in 2023-2025. I think it is very important to understand there is a huge difference between relocating in your region and emigrating. Emigration is the Ninth House, and that is quite different. So in your solar chart you look to Leo and in your natal chart you look to Sagittarius. You are very Sagittarian and have a lot of patterns in your Ninth House. When Jupiter goes into Leo you are in a stunning position to emigrate in 2026, as he goes through your solar Ninth and trines everything in your natal Ninth. I strongly recommend you use the Tarot to help you. You also need to understand that the states within Australia will go their own way with border control, visas, passports, citizenship in the years to come, quite radically so from 2026. So where you live within Australia is a really massive issue, ongoing, with a big local fight-back/push-back coming with Ceres in Gemini and Mars in Gemini in 2022. That’s why I think you should get out the Tarot on this website and maybe sit with a map of Australia and the world.

  40. So as I Pisces sun with an Aries rising should I expect a lot of change this year? My partner is also an Aries sun so he will also have some changes.

    1. Thinking about you, not your partner, as I have your chart (but not his) the group, team, club, ensemble cast, secret society, grassroots organisation, rock band, political party or other community of brilliant people is the right place to begin if you want happiness and fulfilment in 2022. You can relaunch yourself more attractively, with more prominence, if you focus on pooling resources with them. Even if things spin backwards in January, from February 24th you are on your way.

  41. Happy New Year to you too! I love the sound of an 2022 Annual Report!
    I also happen to run a small Registered Charity that would benefit so very greatly by being able to offer such an amazing prize in our annual raffle.
    I’ll send an enquiry through so I’m not clogging up your messages here but gosh, just even the possibility made my jaw drop! 🙂

    1. Sandie, the reports will go on sale after January 10th and they begin on 1st February, so I hope you like them. For charity donations get in touch with my publicist Alicia Richardson please. I am always happy to help and the last personal reading was auctioned for just over $2000. Thank you.

  42. Dear Jessica, I wish you a wonderful new 2022 year! I realise that I probably asked my questions in the wrong event ;-). With s mcc in Taurus and Scorpio I am wondering what the impact will be. I have to say that 2021 tested me to the limits on all fronts: moved country, started a new job for a new company in the pandemic: job and company proved being not what I was sold at all and really difficult / toxic (the 3 sponsors who recruited me were all fired, and my new boss is not present, distant and arrogant); my partner’s dad passed away within 5 weeks of being diagnosed with terminal cancer (he had to fly back to Australia and was away for 2 months), and we find ourselves in a new country knowing nobody (normal, but testing when going through so much and having no support). Can you please let me know what is in store for 2022 please? I am wondering if we made the right choice to leave London and come to Switzerland, and what will happen work wise as it is really not a good culture and very unstable.Many many thanks for taking the time to answer: it is much much appreciated. Our goal is also to move to Australia in a few years, and wondered what the best time would be to do this. Kind regards, Pascale.

    1. Happy New Year. I am sorry you have been through this awful time, moving from London to Switzerland. Pascale, you had karma to fulfil with Britain and Switzerland and also with the family (your father-in-law) and this completes on 19th January. Have a look at the pieces I’ve filed on the North Node in Gemini and particularly the South Node in Sagittarius, as these are relevant to you, over the last 2 years. I always give a lot of warning in advance. You may want to stay put and stop travelling as you have transiting Uranus (shocks, uncertainty) in Taurus in your solar Ninth House of emigration, international travel, foreigners and foreign countries until 2026. When you say “very unstable” you are describing the cycle which began in 2018. So the family/home situation eases up hugely from 19th January but if you want a quiet life you will obviously minimise the travel you are doing. The airlines are very keen to sell themselves and the airports as a safe bet, but if Covid was a safe bet, children in New York and Texas would not be in critical condition in hospital.

  43. Hi Jessica, I wish you a wonderful new year.
    My AC is at 14 pisces and Jupiter will cross this degree point on March 2. On the same day the new moon is at 12 pisces.
    I am wondering what to expect from this. Thank you for your response. Antje

    1. Happy New Year. You are a Sun Virgo with a Pisces Ascendant, Antje. If your birth time is strictly accurate then you are judged by your religion, psychic ability, scientific ability in theoretical physics, spirituality, and other alternative reality pursuits. Jupiter in conjunction will expand that, to your advantage, so if you were (say) writing a book about quantum and angels, you would gain huge publicity for it then.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I drew the chariot tarot re what can I do from this point forward to obtain a permanent position. What does this mean? TY LEO

    1. Did you read the Chariot card interpretation? That will tell you, pretty quickly. The answer lies in two towns, two cities or even two countries.

  45. Thank you for this article re Pisces weather . Hope you had a rest over the holidays . I am a Sun Virgo but I have moon in Pisces at 22…… Diana 23 Scorpio ……..and Ceres at 23 Taurus ………I am a Hypnotherapist and Counselor My Hypnotherapy practice has been stalled re covid and selling the house and moving was stalled due to Capricorn husbands injury and recovery ect . Do I read the Pisces weather for me personally as Expansion of my Hypnotherapy with freedom of money and sex and a new deal with our property ? Thank you for all the help you give us Jessica if you have time would appreciate your view on my chart for 2022 I am 60 yrs old and 20222 adds up to 6 too .

    1. Thank you. My holidays begin after Mercury Retrograde ends (wise choice on my part as Tasmania has entered a Public Health Emergency). You are a classic Virgo-Pisces individual using hypnotherapy (Pisces) to help people with their health (Virgo). You have also been well and truly stuck with the mutable sign cycles of 2020 and 2021, which blocked you and stopped you. Neptune in Pisces, South Node in Sagittarius, North Node in Gemini will do that every time. The good news is, the wheels start turning again on 19th January. Six days to go. I am sorry about your husband’s injury. You two will go ahead in leaps and bounds as a couple in 2022, and although you don’t say if you have children, or any godchildren/nieces/nephews around you – I suspect part of the story for him, anyway, is a new freedom with the world of younger people. This helps your marriage. In fact, you will expand as a couple. You will save or make serious money from April-October and January-May 2023 and that shows up in both charts I use for you. You can validate that with the Tarot.

  46. Binty says:
    22 December 2021 at 11:00 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    Hi Jessica. How do I help heal my little patch of the world. i live on the coast and am blessed by Neptune for the great view of the sea I have. I have qualifications in building, renewable energy, thermal engineering, but no good at politics. Where do I put my energies to best use? The thought of affordable housing comes up regularly and I am also an advocate for electric cars. Any insight? cheers

    1. Thank you Binty. You are strongly Libra-Aquarius and will come into your own from 2023, having done your training with groups and partnerships in 2020, 2021, 2022. The key to your success with renewable energy, affordable housing and the environment is to join or reboot an organisation of like-minded people (Aquarius) which will be powerful enough to bring about change in the second half of the Twenties. Within that network, or compatible with it, is a partner. This may be a work partner or a romantic/sexual ‘other half’ but the weather in Gemini, Aquarius to come picks up your Libran side (duets) and Aquarius side (communities) very well. Have a look at the oracles/Tarot on this website closer to the time to guide you.

  47. Hello again Jessica! Thank you so much for your responses and for the great resources you continue to provide.

    I do not have a Pisces stellium, but I do have Jupiter and Ops in Pisces (21° and 10° respectively)as well as North Node and South Node at 23° Aries/Libra, and Bacchus in Scorpio at 22°. I am curious how Bacchus and Jupiter trine will play out during the Pisces weather and how the Pisces weather rolling into the Aries weather for May- October might affect me.

    Also, your last comment to me mentioned Karma in the 5th house that will be clear up by the 19th of Jan and I just wanted to say that given the conversations I’ve had with my eldest (who also has Aries/Libra in North/South), I can very much understand how the karma is playing out and wrapping up. My son is heavily Pisces, with 9 factors, so I’m also curious to see how this weather will affect him.

    Thanks for your insights and comments! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad you can see how January 19th is working in your horoscope and the wheel of karma is turning. As a Sun Leo you are getting rid of the stuck South Node in Sagittarius in your Fifth House of sons and daughters. You also had a backlog to clear from all the eclipses in Leo, in your natal Fifth House, in 2017 and 2018 when there was one cover-up or blind spot after another, either involving your son, or other children/teenagers/Millennials in your world. You will find everything becomes far more simple with those generations younger than yourself, from 19th January. Your focus should be career in 2022, 2023 when the potential for great influence, empowerment, freedom, independence and life-enhancing new excitement is there. See what the Oracles/Tarot tells you about that on this site.

  48. Thank you so much for that tidbit of Sunshine!
    I needed to hear good tidings are on the horizon!

  49. Thank you so much for your response, Jessica, and your brilliant insight. I am learning so so much here. Based on my charts, does it look like creating my own company is a wise and a successful venture to start in the next 5-10 years? How would you recommend I check for myself? Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo in the right place at the right time, as you have Uranus (freedom, independence, excitement, radical change) in your solar Tenth House of career, and Pluto (transformation) in your solar Sixth House of day-to-day work. It’s the same in your natal chart. Pluto there is in your natal Tenth House of career, so the changes have already begun actually. You will create your own company most successfully when Jupiter (luck, opportunity, expansion) goes into Taurus. He will be in your solar Tenth House (career, again) and your natal Second House (income) from May 2023 to May 2024. Validate that timing with the Tarot but it looks good astrologically. Just remember – your career until 2026 is about being free – the moment it stops being a permanent Independence Day for you – it will change again. The trick to this transit is to keep moving.

  50. Hi I only joined recently as a new member and loving all the blogs so far. I have a stellium in Pisces born 5 March 1970 with Sun.Juno, True Node, Ceres, Panacea, Bacchus Venus and Psyche there also Chiron Apollo and Mars in Aries. How will this year affect me personally. I am really hoping to improve my financial situation and finally clear outstanding debts which I built up over past 10 years. I have Venus at 23 Pisces. I’m really hoping to trust my intuition more this year will the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune have any significance here.

    1. You are strongly Pisces, with the Sun also in Pisces as you say, and have Jupiter (protection, good fortune, abundance) in Scorpio (sex, death and money) in your Eighth House of joint finances. You will improve your financial situation and could easily clear your debts by 2024, once the South Node has lined up with Jupiter. What happens then will nod to life as it was 18-19 years before. You are in a really interesting year as far as telepathy, mediumship, clairvoyance, precognition is concerned – with transiting Jupiter also in Pisces, moving across your Twelfth House. This isn’t just about trusting intuition, it is about realising that you only need the right technique or teacher to access another world in time and space. This may be peering into the future or just seeing into other people’s souls. You’ll find your channel if you tune in by May, and again from October to December. Of course, your channel may find you.

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