The Capricorn Weather 2022

Check your birth chart to see if you have four, five, six or more factors in Capricorn. If so, you have a Capricorn stellium and the weather in 2022, until January 20th, 2022, strongly affects you.

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64 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica happy new year! Well I definitely have a Capricorn stellium and would like to know what to focus on in 2022. With best wishes Eli

    1. You will relaunch in 2022, Eli, and become a new version of yourself. It’s rather like Dr. Who – every reincarnation brings a more potent version. A more interesting version. Whatever happens to take you there is meant to be and you will find life opens up, becomes lighter, brighter and more packed with possibilities once you allow yourself to transform.

  2. Dear Jessica
    I have Jupiter, Ops, Minerva and Aesculapia in Capricorn. I am a private carer for a living. Will this affect this or is this more about my family? Really looking forward to 2022 life was hard in 2021. Happy new year.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. You are right on the edge of being a Pisces Sun. Birth time is everything! You will love 2022. You will be part of a group effort, either inside it, or helping it. It will be a dazzling and memorable year for you, Selina. Not the family so much; this looks like a club, team, community and so on. It will draw rather a lot of attention in 2022, to say the least, and you will play your part. There will be huge interest in this circle of people…

  3. Hello Jessica
    thank you once again for all your help and guidance for all of us.we are so fortunate. I am not sure if I have any elements which will affect me – I note Ops 27° capricorn – but not sure if that means anything. Would you be kind enough to look at my chart – I am petrified of changes at work and losing my job , I may be forced to conform to something which I dont believe in so I may lose my job because of this. is there any hope and good that you see in my chart for the coming year. There has been a lot of sadness recently and I think more to come. I have a dear friend who feels persecuted and I fear for her life – I so hope there is a happy outcome for her.

    1. Don’t be scared of 2022. You have fantastic career solutions May-October when the issues with the current job are over or you find a better one. You are probably anti-vaccination. The lifestyle, health and wellbeing options May-October are also fantastic. Just get through this weird start to 2022: January and February. You know what to do, though, you’ll take up a new inner pursuit, or do more work on your inner economy.

  4. Hi, Jessica, and thank you for all you do. I’m a sun Cancer with Capricorn Ascendant at 23 degrees, Salacia at 19 deg. Capricorn, Cupido at 27 degrees Capricorn, and South Node at 20 degrees Capricorn. I’ve been feeling stuck and stale at work for a long time, although it’s a fairly “safe” position (if you consider “safety” to be having no apparent possibility of movement in any direction), and I’m looking for a change. Have been feeling the need to proceed with a job search, or possible foray into self-employment, in the new year–but cautiously, because I don’t want to go from one trap into another. Truthfully, I would prefer to work for myself and feel this is the right direction for me, but am reluctant to take that leap for various reasons such as health care (I’m in the U.S., so unfortunately fall into the trap of having to cover my own health care until I reach retirement age). Can you offer any guidance on this transition? Again, thank you so much.

    1. You will have all the career answers you need once Jupiter changes signs in May and until October. Try not to get too bogged down in the obstacles. See the options. May-October will offer you resolutions with the current job or a new and better job elsewhere (or other success opportunity). Use the Tarot to help your timing.

  5. Hi Jessica.
    Your Capricorn article was very on point and made me laugh out loud in some parts due to the accuracy. I have 7 placements in Capricorn so very heavily influenced. Next year I plan to move up the ladder again , I hope . Can I ask when would be the best time to do so for success ? and any think I should look out for, any advice welcome. thank you.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Scorpio you are set for success at work, May-October 2022 as Jupiter (opportunity, improvement) goes into Aries and your solar Sixth House (your job). Take every opportunity then. It’s the same in your natal chart. From that point forward, Jupiter in Aries will trine your own Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter trine Jupiter is a stunning cycle.

  6. I have a Capricorn sun and moon and have a lot of other planets in Capricorn. Do you have any advice for me as I move into 2022? I am in negotiations with a press for a new book and am also starting a new job that is a second job (while keeping the old one). Thank you, Jessica.

    1. Yes, give yourself until February 24th for your career situation to sort itself out. You are going to hear of reshuffles and rescheduling until the end of February and even the changes that stick will be held up. Some will be cancelled. So go with the process but expect to have it figured out by March. Books, broadcasting, media, publishing, education does really well for you until May, and then again from October to December 2022.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I hope that you are doing great. I didn’t manage to get to the live Conscious Cafe event, but eagerly await the recording being sent out in the new year.

    I have quite the stellium in Capricorn. I started a new role, after 6 years in a particular tech industry, last October. It’s been going well, though the business is struggling slightly. I’m part of a team that has been brought on to change its fortunes.

    The Capricorn Weather has me worried though. I sense big changes and am not sure if it’s just my worrying nature or not. I’d really appreciate any insight you might find in my chart.

    Please keep up the great work. I have been dumbfounded at many of your predictions these last few years.

    Thanks again,


    1. Thanks so much Bob. The Conscious Cafe video will be with you next week. You do have a Capricorn stellium, including Jupiter, which is very fortunate for your career. You need never worry about your career with that. Even when times are tough (and this is the toughest cycle in 240+ years) you have golden safety nets. You will find that it’s the local scene, the local business possibilities, the entire field of connection/communication that slowly but surely delivers. If the tech industry is about that, then you are on your way from 2022, with all kinds of peaks over the next few years. Yes, there are big changes ahead for Ireland. Massive. But the comfort of astrology is, we’ve seen them before and we know what happens. Local is the new global. You’ll be delighted with what you are rewarded with, thinking that way, from May-October and again, early 2023.

  8. Hi Jessica
    Are factors just planets? Or do they consist of fixed stars? Do I have Stellium in Capricorn, for example?

    1. I don’t work with fixed star astrology. Factors are planets, asteroids, points, angles, nodes. Your Neptune, Juno, MC, Cupido are all in Capricorn in the Tenth House so you are strongly Capricorn and do indeed have a stellium there.

  9. Hi Jessica! I have my North Node in Capricorn. Along with Mercury at 20 Pisces. For the last 7 years, I was interviewing for a job and finally got one this year in September. But it’s not in my field, therefore very stressful. Can you please give me insight if I’ll be able to find something in my field soon? Thank you.

    1. Allow January, February to roll on back and forth. A Sun Aries is not exactly known for patience, but just shrug and surf the waves as they roll everywhere for you in your chosen career, and actually the whole spread of your industry/profession. You will see departures, demotions, promotions, mergers which are in flux until the closing days of February. The plus factor is, it contributes to a proper change in your career in January-February 2024. Seven years is a long time to lack a job. The stress will go from 2023, and be history from 2024. You will never have it again, with work, the way you have experienced it. So hang in there. You’ll make or save a lot of money in 2023 and it may be related to a new gig – very possibly.

  10. Hi Jessica! Hope you are well and safe! We are back on working from home, so bad is the ‘contagion’ here in New Jersey.
    My question is about my South Node at 23 Cap, and The trine formed by my Mars at 26 Virgo. How do they effect me and my job (and my finances) with this transit?

    Thank you and a very healthy and happy New Year to you and your staff at this wonderful website.


    1. Thank you Melly and Happy New Year. Not so much staff, more colleagues! I am glad you are working from home. That is too wide for a trine in my book, so it is not really worth looking at. The 23 degree nodes certainly are, though, as in April they are picked up by a huge 23 pattern. What are you planning for Easter? This will be about home and work at the same time. I expect your employer will negotiate in your favour.

  11. Hi Jessica, Once again your forecasts on Capricorn weather encourage me. I have Moon@11, Panacea@24:53 and Ops@24:52. I’m waiting for my work and life partner, Kou, who left me 3 years ago. I’m ready to welcome back as a heir. He will be promoted CEO, and I will be down-graded. Kou has Venus@3, Uranus@27, and Neptune@23. He’s coming to visit me on the 17th Full moon, the very moment you warned me to avoid. It is as if your insight predictions are especially meant for me. It’s business but also very personal, and as very complicated as you interpret.
    Do I have to wait till February 7, my birthday,or February 8, Lou’s birthday to accomplish my plan. Will our business and personal reunion long last? Thank you for your on time weather forecast.

    1. I remember Kou and your question before. I am sorry you are so bothered by it, but I understand. He was your life partner and work partner and quit. He’s also coming to see you on the Full Moon and I told you to skip it. I am a professional psychic so this is pretty normal for me! You are a Sun Aquarius and you want both a personal and business reunion with Kou, preferably for years. Can you separate personal and business? One or the other, not both. The house or apartment situation if you live together is upside-down for years, on a regular basis, and although some people like constant change, others do not. The financial story is excellent for you in 2022 but it would be like that anyway, with or without him. I can see these lunar nodes in Scorpio-Taurus and it’s karmic in nature – it goes back and back. And it’s really hard work to combine money/home/career/sex on those cycles. I have to be honest with you. One or the other, but both is very tough. See what the Tarot says.

  12. Hi Jessica! Your insight has been immensely helpful. Words will never express the depths of my gratitude to you and the entire team! I absolutely love the Conscious Cafe events and I attempt to attend each one of them. I’m working to learn more about astrology and how to apply it to my life.

    In 2021, I made a huge career and lifestyle change. I left a large corporation after working there for 17 years and moved to a small, start up Technology company. I feel as if I’m on the verge of a major breakthrough with my career but some days I still feel “stuck”. What could be causing this “tug and pull” effect? Is there something in particular I should focus on?

    1. Thank you very much. I will pass that on to Gina Lazenby and Judy Piatkus at The Conscious Cafe. They are doing something very special, combining Zoom with real-world walks, around the world. You are a Sun Sagittarius who heard the call of Uranus in Taurus in your solar Sixth House of work after 2018 and by 2021 wanted independence. Congratulations for falling into rhythm with your horoscope cycles. If you feel stuck with your startup, it’s because you may want traditional success. This cycle does not do that. It offers freedom, excitement, space, autonomy if you are prepared to keep on changing. If it’s awards, hit projects and (especially) money you want, you’ll need to wait for Pluto to get out of Capricorn and Jupiter to go into Taurus. That happens in 2023 which is a massive transition year for you, with real power coming from your technology innovations and inventions from 2023 past 2030.

  13. Happy New Year, Jessica!
    I think it has been 3 (?) years now since I found you & your site & all the education. Love it. I learn from you constantly. I’m a Virgo (Sun), Aries (Rising), Cancer (Moon)…Diana 16 Cap, Salacia 22 Cap. I am looking to make a major move (as in full household) in January. The decision came after a big life event this fall (I donated a kidney). It is a city I have only spent 48 hours in. Thumbs Up? Thumbs down?

    1. Thank you so much. Your question is really interesting and highly unusual. Why January for the major move? Mercury Retrograde is not helpful. If you must move then, have Plan B and C. With Mercury Retrograde I used to say, just one back-up, but I have found myself that you need two. If you can move at any time at all, try from the final week of February onwards. I strongly recommend you give yourself a three-way reading with The Astrology Oracle, The Garden Oracle and The Tarot too.

  14. Happy New Year Jessica,
    I have in natal Capricorn Mars,Mercury, Hygeia,,Salacia, Bacchus, Desc.,Ceres. along with transits Sun, Pluto,Mars Mercury And Venus. Any advice?
    Thank you
    Appreciate your workshop on Conscious Cafe and especially following your world predictions into 2022. Hoping New England states USA will be C -Free states in future, right now having tsunami of Omicron cases in my state went from lowest day of pandemic 64 cases last July to over 21,000 today and still climbing!

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Sagittarius you will be pleased to see the end of the node in Gemini on 19th January (a long period of pressure is over). I’m glad you enjoyed The Conscious Cafe Astrology 2022. Your best bet now through May is your house or apartment, family or household, home town or homeland. Likely, a mix of three. Really use the magnificent solutions and opportunities you are given. They pick up again October-December, then go for another 12 years.

  15. Hi Jessica!
    I’m a cancer sun and Sagittarius rising. I have transit Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house. Pluto won’t enter my 3rd house until 11 degrees Aquarius. My question is do you see me changing jobs in 2022? In my current job I feel I have no joy or purpose. Any insights would be great as I do plan on looking for something else this coming year. Thank you! Happy New Year !

    1. You will have a job opportunity May-October and again, a promotion (or big success) there or another superior job offer first quarter 2023.

  16. Dear Jessica,
I have my Sun, Mercury, Fortuna and South Node in Capricorn. Will this affect my career/work or will it be more about my family life? Life was pretty tough in 2021, and I hope 2022 will be happier even with the new covid restrictions.
    Happy New Year!
    Best wishes Kim

    1. Happy New Year Kim. Thank you. You are strongly Capricorn and ambitious, with an innate understanding of the system and a respect for it, too. (Whatever that pyramid happens to be). The final 1-2 years of professional reshaping are on right now, and you will be amazed at how you don’t always have to think about career, from 2024 onwards. You’ll have a very successful, enjoyable project by May, in any case, which uses your way with words, images and ideas and transports you. Your luck is in with your family circle from May, with a terrific outcome or breakthrough by October.

  17. Hi Jessica , happy new year ! I have my Sun at 2*salacious 26*ops 16*vulcano 25* and felt this for the last 14 months in my job. I feel trapped because the money is good but the place is horrible to work in because of the some of there. I am also an artist in my spare time but can’t just seem to get off the ground with it to make it my full time career as find that world seems clicky and shut to me and my location doesn’t help. I’ve had some success but it’s never led to anything . I live in the north of the UK not London. Can you see any opportunities or breakthrough times in my chart artistically?

    1. Happy New Year. You loathe your job and want to be an artist, but find the art world is full of cliques. You’re in the North of England and of course it’s very London-centric. You are a Sun Capricorn who is entering a really terrific new work cycle from 2022 (starts February) when the internet, computers, the media and/or publishing, education, academia are part of the story. In your solar chart we find the Gemini cycles that begin in 2022 in your Sixth House of work and unpaid work, actually. In your natal chart those same cycles are in your Third House of communication – it is usually online. So something builds in 2022 with Ceres and Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Later on, you find Jupiter in Gemini (expansion, growth, reward) and from 2026 it’s a revolution of many years. Liberating and exciting. Look at digital and technical innovation, which Uranus rules. And forget the clique. You will find opportunities emerge for the North of England May-October and again in the first quarter of 2023. In fact, forget London, you’ll have the advantage.

  18. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the human race – both on an emotional and economic level. I have just read through your insights for 2022 and from my own perspective as a person doing business globally, your insights are extremely valuable.
    I have Ceres at 25 Capricorn. I am not an astrologer but this feels like a ground Zero position given the state of the world. I am about to make a major life move. Timing May 2022. Is this a wise decision?

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Taurus you are in a typical profession for the sign; business. 2022 is your most challenging career year in around three decades so take your time when you choose.You also have Mercury Retrograde until February 24th so communication, travel and transport, extreme weather and other X factors will delay and reschedule career choices. I can see why you want to make them. Transiting Pluto is in the later degrees of Capricorn, circling Ceres, which is a symbol of enforced compromise, shared control, new deals – all quite emotional for you or someone else – professionally. Validate this with the Tarot on this site, but using both house systems for you, solar and natal, your timing is out. Try from late February onwards. May onwards would suit a rebranding of your face, title, name – correct – if that is the sort of business you are in. Yet with all career choices in 2022 weigh it up really carefully before you shoulder the load.

  19. Happy new year Jessica and thanks for the great insights you share. Could you please have a look @ my sun and natal chart for your advice and insights regarding career prospects. Currently out of work and I would prefer to be self employed as a property developer. I’ve four factors in Capricorn – any insights would be greatly appreciated – thank you.

    1. I am sorry you are between jobs. That stuck situation ends on 19th January as the nodes change sign. Your career is not actually where it’s at. It’s not so much work, as study and training, but also personal interests, especially online, which can end up making you money. You will make or save a lot of money in May-October and in early 2023, but that is a separate story to your professional life, which I suspect will be far less important to you than other things, long-term. Not everything that is powerful in life is necessarily a career. There is a group of friends and allies around you, and perhaps more than one group, which is so powerful if you plug into it. Find your tribe and tribes, plural, and use that power. This is the key to so much.

  20. Hi Jessica and team, I hope you’re well and thank you for all of the interesting and informative articles. I am heavily Piscean as well as have a Capricorn stellium. The last two blog posts focus on both Pisces and Capricorn weather. I’m a bit worried that 2022 will be another chaotic year for me. I would appreciate your insights in what I can expect. It’s been a difficult few years in love, friendship and career but 2021 also has been extremely hard on the family front as well. Thank you for your thoughts. Very much appreciated.

    All the best for 2022!

    1. Thank you. A Sun Pisces can find life chaotic unless there is a deliberate effort to ground one fish in reality and then allow the other fish a little space (not too much) to escape. Otherwise if you are too hardline about getting real or being real (housework and work) and do not admit you need total escapism, you can lose it, and just substitute a sensible life with a really unbalanced vacation from the ordinary. This is a classic Pisces challenge. It becomes so much easier in 2022 when you realise half the battle with success is to look and play the part. You need to relaunch if you have not already done that. You can also gain a lot from exploring new and alternative media, internet and publishing. Get your message across. The most power of all is in the group. Within circles of new and old friends. Use that. Ask The Garden Oracle ‘How can I ground myself in 2022?’

  21. Hello Jessica, I hope the year is off to a good start for you. I have used the tarot thankyou, which accurately resonated with what just happened. However I am still struggling with gut feeling and fear I am misleading myself. I got to know a man in August 2021 with whom I felt the deepest connection I have ever known. His DOB is 22/1/90 (don’t know birth time) so he is nearly 10 years younger than me. He divorced from his only girlfriend 2 years ago and after a while realised he was not over her and not ready to move forward with dating. We agreed to meet as friends and that one meeting left me reeling. We stayed in touch whilst he is also trying to work through mental health issues, agreeing to friendship. However the tone of the messages crossed the line more recently. Today I found out he is back on the dating app we first met on, but he did not mention this. I was upset and angry, at myself as much as anything, as I felt despite the superficial differences between us there was a depth of emotion I have never experienced and thought he might reciprocate eventually. He has since stressed he sees me as a best friend to whom he is attracted but cannot offer me anything more and we should head out separate ways. You have previously pointed out Chiron in Aries will challenge me. Would you be able to offer any insights into whether his role in my life is well and truly over, and if it were simply meant to be short term support that I was offering him, whether my gut is being misled and I need simply to accept and let go?

    1. Thank you. I have just opened my Christmas present from Helen Lederer (British Christmas cake hamper) so I’m pretty happy. I may have said this before but be extremely careful with this man. He’s already made you upset or angry. There would be more of the same. Leave him alone if you want peace of mind. The complications with him and pregnancy, children, abortion, stepchildren have to be seen, to be believed, and you don’t want to be part of that. Sorry to be so blunt. You will be happier with somebody else. You will be offered another person to date May-October 2022 and/or early 2023.

  22. Hi Jessica and Happy New Year : )
    As someone with 9 factors in Cap, I’m longing for the Capricorn Effect cycle to be over as for so long it’s felt like the universe has been against me (although I’ve been trying not to indulge this tendency of mine for negativity).

    Hopefully I’m not too late with this question. Basically, I’ve been in the process of trying to engage the right scientist-consultant for fact-checking my novel m.s. since early September 2021, and have hit roadblock after roadblock since then with consultants agreeing and then not communicating, or agreeing only to decide after long delays that someone else might be a better fit. I’ve just queried two more prospects today and am hoping for my luck to turn. Is this the Sag-Gemini nodes do you think, or something in my chart?

    Any insights appreciated as always. (I’ve been getting mixed messages from the Tarot, but then I’m a poor reader I think.)

    Thanks so much,

    1. Happy New Year. Your problem with the novel is the long Sagittarius-Gemini nodal opposition which is over on January 19th. This stuck, difficult phase has also affected publishing worldwide, with a paper shortage and supply chain problems. You are heavily Sagittarius-Gemini so had to see the cycle out. On the plus side, one idea, or that original idea, takes off after a lot of ‘process’ in 2022 with success when Jupiter goes into Gemini and then Uranus, which will offer you new technology to create with. So think long-term about this and anything else, Ruby.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I’m new to Western astrology. I think I’m strongly Capricornian as my ASC, with sun in Cancer. I’m concerned that how I present myself will strongly affect my career. I feel I’m at the vortex of physical changes (literally, how I look) and am working towards that and yet feel stuck. What are your thoughts? Also, when I read my monthly/weekly horoscope, should I look at both Cancer and Capricorn? Thanks!

    1. Aparna, always read the Sun in Cancer horoscope on this website. Never the Ascendant. And actually the ascendant is really unimportant. It’s just image. To find out who you are, look to the stelliums. You don’t have one in Capricorn at all. You do have one in Aquarius. Friends and groups. It is in your Eleventh House. Have a look at your flipbooks to find out more about that.

  24. I wrote a question on the 31st of December which has not been approved but many others after have appeared, why is this so?

  25. Jessica, I have a Capricorn stellium but not in my career sector, will things be better for me

    1. Any Capricorn stellium is always in your career sector. As a Sun Sagittarius you have also had Uranus in Taurus in your Sixth House of work to live with since 2018. That’s actually the bigger story. Now through 2026, try to accept that work, unpaid work and/or academia will be unpredictable, frequently exciting, never secure in the true sense of the word, rather impermanent in terms of routine or schedules, and subject to sudden change. I am basically describing a COVID-19 economy, badly managed by politicians. Yet, this works out for you long term if you can learn to surf the waves of change rather than long for life as it was, or deny what is going on. Try to twist and turn as life does the same thing. You will have an exceptional work year when Jupiter goes into Taurus, so just get through 2022 and out the other side. The very worst of career politics is over from 2023 as well, when you can wave goodbye to some of the pretty hideous people or organisations you’ve been stuck with. Use the Tarot to validate this.

  26. Sending you New Year’s wishes, Jessica. Thank you for such interesting and informative knowledge here. I so enjoy your references to many of the bands and musicians I love! I have been reading your past posts and piecing together some wonderful insights.
    I am keen to really understand the nuances between Salacia and Fortuna as I have them in Capricorn. I’m curious to learn more about my 28 deg Salacia and 15 deg Fortuna; and they are both retrograde. May I ask how do you understand their retrograde placements? My Neptune in 28 Scorpio is also retrograde and I’ve been wondering about that combination for 2022 because of the conjunction with Jupiter and also the South Node moving into Scorpio. Thanks again for everything you do.

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year. I am glad we are on the same page with music. I find musicians and bands are a perfect fit with astrology. Salacia and Fortuna in Capricorn in the Tenth House are about your career, academic career and/or unpaid vocation. Salacia is success in two alternative realities, usually professionally, sometimes academically or in the non-profit sector. A typical example of Salacia in Capricorn is the person who is a visual artist, but also a children’s entertainer. Fortuna is how you affect the lives of others without realising what you do – again with your job, unpaid role or life as a student. You send everyone high and low, up and down, but are quite blind to it. So one wonders what you do for a living! (Or a calling). The retrogrades don’t really show until there is a transit, usually a conjunction, to both of them. Then you realise you are functioning backwards and forwards. Neptune in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finances, property will be crossed by the lunar nodes pretty soon (they change sign on the 19th) as you know. That’s huge. It can only happen every 19 years, so you may want to look up the nodes, and the Eighth House, in your flipbooks to find out more. Again, the retrograde won’t show up until the conjunction. A common example would be applying for a bank loan but finding yourself in a circular process until the transits move on.

  27. Happy New Year Jessica, I have missed communicating with you. Still trying to make sense of my 16 year medical massage career (which by the way is going very well) but I am wanting to get moving on my teaching of infant massage. I have felt rather in limbo, for quiet sometime. Not to mention my nonexistent dating life ?
    I do have 6 placements in Capricorn. Any advice?

    Thanks for all you do

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year. I am glad your medical massage career is going well. You also want a date! I am sure you know masseurs are desirable creatures – you must have seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry Seinfeld is besotted with one. As a Sun Aquarius you have been stuck, blocked and strangely short-circuited with the world of children in 2020, 2021 as the North Node was also stuck in Gemini in your solar Fifth House of young people. That goes on 19th January. In fact infants and children will be your priority for many years into the future. Even if 2022 is hard work in that regard, when Jupiter goes into Gemini in 2024 you will be pleased you persisted. That is also personally important to you; in 2024 your love life will segue with the world of babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, Millennials. Perhaps, dating a dad or a prospective father. Of course you want action before then. You will have it in 2022 but as the entire issue is motherhood (yes, no or maybe) nothing will really happen until you have an honest talk with yourself about pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting and so on. Dating is a function of that, and knowing (without any confusion) exactly what you do or do not want from the world of the next generation, will unlock a door.

  28. Hi Jessica. Many thanks for your response on January 4. I hope you will be able to help me with further questions that arose yesterday. As a Sun Pisces I read your weekly forecast yesterday and the Lenormand card caught my attention. The card symbol is snake/serpent (not a fan of snakes due to my phobia but I digress). Anyway under premium diary dates you pose the question if there’s a factor @ 27. And I do have a factor – Aesculapia @ 27 Capricorn. I then search Aesculapia for meaning on your website and found an article you wrote on 28 June 2017 titled “ What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope” you said the following under the sub-heading Pluto and Aesculapia “ Sometimes the snake or serpent symbol will turn up in your life when you are having a transit to your natal (birth) Aesculapia – or he is crossing something crucial in your chart.”

    As you can see from my natal chart I also have Vesta @ 28 Pisces, Venus @ 28 Aries, Apollo @ 29 Taurus and Mercury @ 29 Pisces.

    So my questions are: with these 27, 28, 29 factors is my natal chart being hit as we have the full moon @ 27 Cancer and Pluto and the Sun @ 27 Capricorn? Which factors are at major play in my natal chart? Also what insights and advice can you please share? With the nodes changing tomorrow is the north node @ 29 Taurus hitting my Apollo @ 29 Taurus and what does that entail?

    Once again many thanks for your wonderful insights and apologies if my questions came too late in this post.

    Best wishes to you!

    1. You had an omen, there. Your natal Aesculapia at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academic career is triggered. You may in fact have a serpent or snake omen, or see the famous Rod of Aesculapius turn up. This is a clear sign that just when you assumed something/someone was over, it returns. There will be a resurrection, revival or rebirth. So, perhaps, a job you had assumed was history, comes back to you. Or an organisation in your professional sphere you had thought was dying, revives.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    DOB: 14.8.65

    With an 11th House starting at 6° Capricorn.
    I have worked as a relief teacher but I think I may have to go back and do an office job. Re 2022, what do you see for me professionally and personally? TY Ms Leo

    1. Your Eleventh House is ruled by Aquarius not Capricorn – you’re asking four questions here but I don’t see a chart so I can’t read for you in more than a general way. If you are a Sun Leo it’s easy. You are in the last full year of the biggest change to your career, unpaid work, lifestyle, health and wellbeing in 248+ years as Pluto (changes in the balance of power) ends his transits in your solar Sixth House. At the same time, Uranus (the revolution that leads to independence) is in Taurus in your solar Tenth House of success and ambition. There is a perfect storm in 2022-2023 with the lunar nodes also in Taurus (Tenth House) and at home in Scorpio (Fourth House) which suggests life from 18-19 years ago will profoundly influence the sorts of changes you make. Use the Tarot, which is free on this website, to validate what I am saying for yourself.

  30. Happy New Year, Jessica. Sun 0° Capricorn ; Ascendant 11° Capricorn. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction 23° Pisces in April 2022 will transit my natal North Node (Pisces 23°). It feels big and so, I am a bit anxious about it. I would love your insight on what this could mean for me. As well, my Jupiter return this month – my natal Jupiter 3° Pisces. Thank you!

    1. Jupiter is the greater benefic in astrology: the Romans called him Jupiter Optimus Maximus. He brings solutions and improvements, even in opposition. Your Pisces-Virgo nodal opposition is about the unconscious mind versus work; the unconscious mind versus the body. Any buried feelings you have about work, unpaid work, housework, an academic career, will be more important in April 2022. This will work for you. It will be a breakthrough for you. It may involve your health or wellbeing. You may be anxious because you have past life memories of a similar conflict. Pisces-Virgo nodes are very common with prior incarnations in the armed forces, the services, or domestic servitude. Back then, your ‘fitness for duty’ was crucial to your work and thus your salary. Today it is different (thank goodness) but in April you will reach a useful breakthrough that helps you move forward. A Jupiter Return in Pisces is extremely good news for your life with therapy, Tarot, psychics, dreams, hypnosis, religion, Buddhism, astral travel, meditation or other inner pursuits. Enjoy it.

  31. Hi Jessica, it feels like astrologers have already moved on past Capricorn and into the age of Aquarius …but If one has 27 Cap moon in one’s natal chart and a 29 cancer sun …should one be worried ? Pluto will be all over me soon. Also my north node in Scorpio is 29. Seems like A lot of Pluto. Can pluto ever be great ?

    1. Really good question. Can Pluto ever be great? You have Pluto set to transit your Moon at 27 Capricorn (transiting Pluto in conjunction with the Moon) and then he moves onto 29 Capricorn where he will be in opposition to your natal Sun at 29 Cancer. Pluto will also form a sextile, at 29 Capricorn, to your North Node at 29 Scorpio, and he will form a trine to your South Node at 29 Taurus. You also have Ceres and Psyche at 29 Taurus, in a natal conjunction. So there is a huge amount of transformation coming your way as Pluto goes 27, 28, 29 degrees Capricorn – basically until November 2024. You can look at 2022, 2023, 2024 as three years of system change in your life with your career and status (Capricorn) your home and family or household (Cancer), your joint finances (Scorpio) and your salary (Taurus). In this same time-frame you also have Jupiter with all his solutions going across 27, 28, 29 Pisces, then 27, 28, 29 Taurus which is very useful for you as you completely reshape your existence in terms of work and money. Neptune also starts to edge towards 27 Pisces in the mid-2020’s so your entire chart is being triggered, so you become what you are, and become who you were always meant to be. The lunar nodes suggest past lives spent being rich and poor. You are here to explore that again by investigating your life budget and values in 2022, 2023. Who or what you refuse to sell your soul for. Who or what is so precious to you that it is priceless. It may be your health. It may be other people’s health. We are seeing a lot of politicians and businessmen pricing our lives, aren’t we. Their spreadsheets include death modelling, which is about as low as the human race can go! These big, big stones being thrown globally have a ripple effect on you in 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond. You have reincarnated to evolve, in terms of your values, no matter if you were a capitalist, communist, socialist in a past life. These nodal cycles go back in 19 year cycles, throughout all time, and they are very important. Yours are being well and truly reanimated. But there is more. The Cancer-Capricorn opposition, if your birth time is strictly accurate, suggests that in order to make it; to be successful – you have to leave home. Or, you have to move away from your home town or family. It can also work the other way. In order to have a home, to be near/with the family, to feel secure about your place in the world – you have to relinquish places where the action is, professionally, or in terms of your status. Cancer-Capricorn is always hard to solve. There is no perfect answer. Pluto will challenge you to change. You will find that willpower and self-control are the only things that work at this time, but they will work very well for you and you will emerge by 2030 as a far more powerful and potent person. I suspect the issue will be tied to one house, block of land or apartment in particular and there will be a sense of ‘I’ve. been here before’ about the whole thing. You have.

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