What U.K. Astrology Charts Reveal

How Astrology Shows a New U.K. Map

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland gives us astrology charts ranging from the first invasion of Julius Caesar in 55 BC to the Brexit chart, on the day the nation separated from the European Union. They all predict the future.

They also show a basic truth about the nation. Every U.K. astrology chart shows four nations. Not one. The separation goes in waves, according to the U.K. astrology charts, peaking (for example) during the last war.

Separating the Four Nations

The four nations began to separate again in 2021, as I predicted in 2020, and from 2026 will be quite independent of each other, thanks to new border controls, travel and transport technology. I’ll give you some dates to watch in a moment, as this will affect property prices, your salary, career and investments.

Here’s a recap on the true astrology predictions for the U.K. which you saw on this website back in October 2020 when I was asked about the future of the country on This Morning (ITV).  As I told Phillip Schofield, the future would see the four nations close their borders to each other. On this website, I also added that London would begin to close borders. So what happened next, in the long story of the U.K. astrology charts? This. (London acquired her borders through Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plans to erect a barrier for motorists around the capital).

Validated Predictions about the U.K. in 2021

From 2022 onwards you will see local councils around England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales push back hard against the continuing illness, deaths and high street closures caused by COVID-19. The Gemini (local) factors in all the U.K. charts are well and truly triggered. This is the village, town or city – against the world. Below: validated 2021 predictions.


Scotland Border 300x144 - What U.K. Astrology Charts RevealIrish Border 300x204 - What U.K. Astrology Charts Reveal

Welsh Border 300x258 - What U.K. Astrology Charts RevealLondon Border 300x191 - What U.K. Astrology Charts Reveal

Watching Gemini Patterns in the United Kingdom Charts

Gemini has always ruled the neighbourhood and short journeys in astrology. Its opposite sign, Sagittarius, rules foreigners and foreign countries. As we head into life-changing Gemini weather in 2022 (more on that shortly) becoming extreme from 2026, the U.K. astrology charts also show the end of global and the start of local.

All data is from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth, 2004).

The Roman Invasion 
27th August, 55 BC
4.00pm Walmer Beach
Pluto 18 Gemini

U.K. Independence
21st March 287
5.05am London
Mars 13 Gemini

U.K. Unification
12th July 927
12.00 Eamont
Pluto 21 Gemini

U.K. England – Edgar
11th May 973
12.00 Bath
Saturn 27 Gemini

U.K. England Republic
27th March 1649
12.00 London
Pluto 8 Gemini
Saturn 11 Gemini

U.K. Great Britain
12th May 1707
00.00 Westminster
Saturn 4 Gemini

Rising COVID-19 Numbers, Plagues and History

This simple chart from the BBC clearly shows the rising COVID-19 case numbers in the United Kingdom in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (I am UK COVID 300x207 - What U.K. Astrology Charts Revealpublishing this prediction about the U.K. on 11th January 2022). This is one very good reason why you will see local councils, and then each of the four nations (five if you include Northern Ireland as a separate space) push back against globalisation.

The fact is, the original Corona Virus, came from China in January 2020. The Delta version of it came from India in 2021. The Omicron version came from South Africa, again – in 2021. It has not taken long for wave after wave of the pandemic to go from just one person (in the case of Omicron, a man from Hong Kong who flew to South Africa) to infect the world.

Councils Push Back – Local Currency Rules

What these ancient charts for the United Kingdom show is – starting in 2022 – we are going to see a great deal of rage coming from each of the four/five nations, but within those borders, an aggressive campaign coming from local governments and councils. From 2026 the fight is made using local currency (like the Brixton Pound, but in digital or cryptocurrency form) and with new legislation governing public transport, cars, bicycles, motorbikes and trains. That’s Gemini-ruled ‘short journeys.’

You can see this very first local fight, in that old Roman chart. Dating from 27th August in the year 55 BC, it was about Boadicea and her chariot, pushing back against the Italian invaders. This tribalism is embedded in the United Kingdom. It’s returning.

beeline navigation e2PyBZNSQv4 unsplash 200x300 - What U.K. Astrology Charts RevealLocal Tribes  in the United Kingdom 

The new Boudica (left) does not have a chariot, she has a bicycle, soon to convert to electricity, or perhaps another kind of alternative energy. This wave of change starts very soon. Image: Unsplash/Beeline Navigation. Why is our new cycle so connected with Boudica? Because when she bravely gathered her neighbours to fight the Romans in AD 60-61, Saturn (the planet of hard lessons) was in Gemini. What would eventually become the United Kingdom was born with that.

Ceres enters Gemini on February 10th 2022 so a fierce period of deal-making, and power-sharing, is coming for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She stays there until May 15th 2022. Soon after this we see a New Moon in Gemini on 30th May. From there we find Mars in Gemini (in a long retrograde) from August 21st 2022 until March 25th 2023.

Mars is the Roman god of war and here we find him going backwards and forwards, building a head full of steam, from 0-25 Gemini, during which time he will trigger the Gemini village/town/city/tribal nation feelings in six old United Kingdom charts. This is also going to be about transport and travel. It is also the run-up to the takeover of the United Kingdom by the electric car, electric bicycle, electric bus and so on – from July 3rd 2025 – when Uranus (the revolution) enters Gemini.

Uranus comes and goes in Gemini but from April 27th 2026 he is fully established in the sign of short journeys and the neighbours – and remains there until August 3rd 2032.

When We Last Saw This Cycle – The Second World War

The last time we saw Uranus in Gemini was the Second World War. The revolution within the United Kingdom as London became separated from the rest of the nation (The Blitz) and the four nations (particularly neutral Ireland) operated far apart. Gemini rules neighbours. The war brought boundary changes right across Europe. For the United Kingdom, this was France.

Uranus rules shock, then revolution. Gemini also rules transport. During this time-frame, below, the war hastened the arrival of the Jeep (today’s four-wheel drive) and the motorbike/scooter. London Underground stations became overnight bomb shelters and coaches became ambulances.

Up next? Shared electric cars. And more. And the new French border.

Uranus in Gemini

August 7th 1941 until October 5th 1941
May 15th 1942 until August 30th 1948
November 12th 1948 until June 10th 1949

Why 2024-2025 Is Such Good News

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, simple luck, expansion, growth, hope and optimism. In the middle of this rolling Gemini weather (The New Local) we will see Jupiter in Gemini from May 25th 2024 until June 9th 2025. By then, the U.K. will have mastered the art of local living. This is a huge shift away from centralised power at 10 Downing Street.

What the Astrologers Say – Uranus in Gemini

Howard Sasportas, The Gods of Change, (The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth, 1989) described Uranus this way: “On a personal level, a Uranus transit is associated with change and disruption, and a phase in our lives when something new – something ‘eccentric’ – needs to break through into conscious awareness. It’s a time to be curious and experimental, a period when new things can be tried and there are risks to be taken. Sometimes we consciously choose to make these changes; at other times they seem to be forced on us by external events.”

UK Library of Congress 246x300 - What U.K. Astrology Charts RevealMargaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol.S., The Modern Text Book of Astrology, (L.N. Fowler & Co. Ltd. Essex 1951) “Matters and occupations which come under Gemini and of which Mercury is the significator:- Travel Agencies. Commercial Travellers. Messengers.” She adds, “Learning. Letters and all other means of communication. Reporting.” This suggests a radical change in local education from July 3rd 2025, and also social media. So, rather than relying on the American corporation Facebook for local networking, a small village in (say) Kent, where the Romans landed, will have its own new system.

Given the terrible toll that COVID-19 takes on teachers, schools, pupils (because of its airborne nature) and the fact that the virus shows no signs of vanishing (if anything it is increasing, as the airports and ports stay open) logic says, that the Mars Retrograde in Gemini, and Ceres in Gemini, cycles of 2022 are the start of something revolutionary from 2025. Image of the United Kingdom: Library of Congress

Air, Breathing, Covid and Gemini

The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills (American Federation of Astrologers, Tempe, 1971) gives us these fascinating key words for Gemini. Remember, he was writing about 50 years before anyone in the United Kingdom had even heard of border closures. He was also writing about five decades before we were talking about masks, ventilation and intubation in intensive care – the terrible toll that COVID-19 takes.

Rex E Bill The Rulership Book 195x300 - What U.K. Astrology Charts RevealWhat follows is from Bills’ classic book (left). It’s worth bearing in mind as the Gemini weather, hitting the Gemini factors in all those United Kingdom astrology charts – suggests questions about air quality. Petrol fumes. This has long been a concern of  Mayor Khan of London. Are we going to see the new ‘ring of steel’ based on fresh taxes and charges around cities, towns, villages based on poor air quality? (The fact that it deters tourists infected with COVID-19 is probably going to be the unspoken plus, for the locals). Bills actually links London to Gemini so we could predict that beginning in 2022, Mayor Khan is going to start the big local fightback. We also find Melbourne in here, and as I am writing in Australia, I find that fascinating! He also mentions other parts of the world and we have to wonder if they won’t follow suit. I strongly recommend The Rulership Book to you.

Here is Rex E. Bills verdict on Gemini –

Gemini: Airplanes, automobiles, bicycling, breath, breathing (italics mine), bronchial tubes, buses, cabs, cars, local commuting, communication, train conductors, neighbouring counties, detour signs, drivers, education, Western England, gasoline (petrol) stations, inhalation, short journeys, London, lungs, lung troubles, Melbourne, motoring, New York, North America, passengers, paths, Plymouth, pneumonia, radio and television broadcasting, railroads, railway stations, respiration, river transport, roads, San Francisco, shipping, signals, street signs, streets, subways, telephones, traffic lights, traffic, air and rail transport, treaties with neighbouring nations, trucks, United States, east of the Mississippi river, Wales, walking, windows.

Over to you. I have a lot of psychic readers and of course, both student and professional astrologers visit too. What do you think these ancient astrology charts for the United Kingdom will bring us, as we go into historic Gemini weather, starting in a trickle in 2022 and becoming a flood from 2025?

Main image: Adam Wilson, Unsplash.

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40 Responses

  1. Thank you, Jessica – fascinating and timely as always. I’m in Melbourne, still in shock at the sudden and reckless governmental shift from a Covid elimination strategy to what’s effectively a transmission ‘strategy’. It’s insanity, and scary, especially in view of the risk of long Covid. And after all our efforts to contain the spread! I’ve taken leave from work, where my public service employer is still hesitating to ensure clean air, and am dearly hoping the government will introduce new restrictions soon. Your predictions of a shift in approach and policy gives me hope.
    Stay safe in TAS,

    1. Thank you R and of course everyone I know in Victoria agrees with you about Melbourne and the state, as a whole. Here in Tasmania we have also seen reckless decisions and are in a Public Health Emergency. We have a couple of charts for Australia which are set in Melbourne, for different times on 1st January 1901 when she was the new capital city (for a time). You can see the states clearly: Neptune and Pluto in Gemini in the Third House of Neighbours in both charts. You can also see the soap opera Neighbours of course. Neptune is the escape from the real world – the holiday from reality – and in Gemini, it is always about short journeys. It is also about cars, trains, buses, trams. Pluto is about control and power. Again, in Gemini, this is about the neighbours. So, going way back in time to when this chart was created, the Australia of that period was very much about ANZ (Australia and New Zealand, her nearest neighbour) but also the power that Victoria had with New South Wales and Tasmania. What we are going to see is a major process of deal-making, division, compromise and a very new sort of shared power, when Ceres goes through Gemini from February 10th until May 15th 2022. This feels like a brand new agreement to share the turf, or share the territory, between Melbourne and the regions within Victoria, but also, between Victoria and the neighbouring states, as well as Australia and New Zealand. The actual mechanics will take a long time to sort out, as Mars Retrograde in Gemini shows, but these unusual conjunctions with Pluto and Neptune are worth noting. Neptune of course rules water, the sea, shipping, cruises, ferries and boats so you have to expect there to be major issues there drawn into the new agreements.

  2. Hi Jessica, any views on the French election in 2022? Several astrologists are predicting the end of the V Republic and again economic shock again in 2022 for France. Thanks a lot and my best wishes for 2022.

    1. Good question. France is important in the United Kingdom forecast because she is her neighbour. Gemini always has been, always will be, about the person/nation next door. Our charts for France begin on 17th June 1789 with the National Assembly. My source as always is The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion. We have eleven charts in total, ending with the Fifth Republic Seal chart for 6th October 1958 at 6.30pm in Paris. To save time, I use Pamela’s Tarot – the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck. My question is (after tuning into the present) “Who or what wins the election in France in 2022?” The card I have drawn is The Magician. A leader who is magical – unusual, gifted, special, powerful – with control over finance, the military, family life but also literature and the media; the internet. A multi-tasker. You don’t just get that out of thin air. The potential for that sort of leader in France has to actually be in the chart, and would be shown by Capricorn and Taurus aspects. You can see that in the card. Capricorn is the President. Taurus is the money on the table. We have that in the Third Republic chart set for 4th September 1870 at 4.00pm in Paris. This lasted until 1946 so through the Resistance. For so many people this is the real France, isn’t it? Sure enough we find Pluto at 18 Taurus in the Second House of currency and the economy square Venus at 17 Leo, the sign of leaders, with just a one degree orb. The Moon is at 8 Capricorn square Mercury at 8 Libra, exactly. Do we find transits to that in 2022? Absolutely and they are rare. I expect this is what other astrologers are seeing. Transiting Uranus moves to 18 Taurus in the French chart in an exact conjunction with Pluto from July 8th 2022 until October 12th. This is quite clearly about the Euro. (You can see the coin on the table in the card). This period narrows down the dates for a Euro and/or Cryptocurrency revolution to the days that the North Node is also at 18 Taurus and that is July 31st until August 10th, 2022. The Magician has a lemniscate ‘hovering’ above his head. On a psychic level I would say this is the old France-England hovercraft. This leader has a vision of what might be. Future trade, travel and transport. The lemniscate is a loop. A circuit. So this goes far, far beyond Eurostar. Will France be in good hands? Yes. Excellent hands. The Magician is exactly what is needed.

  3. Hi Jessica, and hi members – wow, another amazing article !! Ok, so full admission, have been loving the website for years but especially the practical and beautiful divination tools – and because Jupiter is minutes away from conjuncting my MC/Mars/Vulcano, here are my personal divination aspects for the UK within upcoming Gemini weather, using Jessica’s brilliant cards:
    Astrology oracle: I pulled Cupido in 8th house.
    To me this makes perfect sense and supplements everything Jessica said above. The 8th house rules marriages, mortgages, wills and estates – and if you have ever done these yourself, or studied their legal realms, you will know this means forms and regulations, contracts and signatures, and paper tigers and phoenixes!! So – in dividing up “the way the cookie crumbles”, I feel the various UK prefectures might fall in “love” (Cupid) with regulations, forms, interstate contracts, memorandums and paperwork in order to establish their local “sovereignty” – and if Sagittarius rules large L law (statutes and judge-made law), then surely Gemini rules “little l law” – traffic/community by-laws and regulations!
    Garden oracle: I pulled the card “100. Domestic bliss vs freedom”.
    This perhaps tarries perfectly with Jessica’s article and Cupido’s rules and regulations. The differing kingdoms that make up the UK might choose – a. To remain “married” to the “whole”, or b. strike out independently..
    Tarot: Am not confident about tarot so pulled 2.
    Page of Pentacles – the UK’s various jurisdictions look set to possibly tend to their own “gardens” (community resources and local markets) and establish local currency (digital, encrypted or even properly minted), both as they seek independence, and to re-build their own post-Brexit relations with Europe & internationally?
    The Tower: I think this card speaks for itself – perhaps a literal representation of the cookie crumbling, but as always, hoping and wishing for this to be a peaceful and enlightening “crumble” – with hopefully many more delicious cuisines/provenance being recognised!
    (These views are entirely hypothetical, my own and are my amateur attempt to interpret how history might take the beautiful UK forward..) x

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. I am really pleased that you have used the divination cards to look at the United Kingdom. Cupido in the Eighth House, Garden Oracle card 100 – Domestic Bliss Versus Freedom – and the Page of Pentacles. Then The Tower with the Page of Pentacles. This is fascinating. What you are validating for me is the end/start of so many live-in sexual relationships and marriages. So many separations, break-ups and divorces, but also so many engagements and common-law marriages. Your other two cards, together, show the collapse of the old economy. You are echoing the astrology exactly with your reading. The South Node in Scorpio (sex and money) and Uranus in Taurus (the shock of new currency). I wonder if other readers would like to try this too?

  4. What is meant by local currency? I’ve seen you mention this before and I am assuming that is in the UK where the Euro was introduced some time ago. Does this mean countries will go back to their pre-euro currency? I don’t think applies to USA as we have only one currency, unless of course you factor in crypto currency. We already have the electric bikes here all over the place. Racks and racks of them that anyone can rent at anytime. I love that. I wish we’d start building our communities with walking and biking in mind. We are so spread out and one is pretty much dependent upon automobiles for transportation. The majority certainly can’t ride a bike 20 miles to work. Even if they were in shape to do so the landscape does not allow for it. They are starting to make more bike routes but its a long arduous process. I’d love to see petro and plastic gone forever! In my neighborhood we have lots of farmers markets and a thing called CSA. CSA is community share agreement where you buys shares of the crop for a certain farm each year and you get a weekly distribution. It really great, fresh food and your are supporting local business. People really need to stop eating out of boxes and cans and get back to basics.

    1. Uranus in Taurus is radical, so local currency will mean an invented cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) or an invented barter system (like the LETS system). In Britain they have tried this with the Brixton Pound which is fascinating. You’ll see it happen in America, starting in 2022. You will also see communities created with bicycles and pedestrians in mind. Farmers’ Markets which you already have will dominate – I love the sound of CSA – community share agreement. I remember something similar in London. If you are looking for dates, you will see the surge towards this begin when Ceres moves into Gemini (which rules local life) on February 10th. You will not recognise the old gas-guzzling globalisation America when Uranus goes to Gemini, from July 8th 2025. That suggests a change in the Democrat leadership to me, or a more radical direction for President Biden.

  5. Hi Jessica, Do hope you are well. As I was reading this article, I was thinking about Melbourne, and then came across the Melbourne link. Living and waking daily to the sound of traffic, the connection to our health became clear 4 years back, with a teen in the house with chronic fatigue/viral complications. On a trip to clear air Joshua Tree in 2019, he mentioned, day 2, that his feeling of nausea had vanished. Back in Melbourne, low level illness still remains an ongoing issue for him. I think of regional Victorian towns struggling now that our ring of steel has released the covid burden onto them, as well as the burden of traffic on Melbournians. The dance of Gemini is no doubt sledging our family financial chart (as a family with plummeted primary income dependent on aviation employment at the lower ranks), but that is a good thing as it has caused reassessment as to why we are in Melb at all (kids in school I guess, but not for much longer!). I do think of the current COVID crisis, and parallels to Metropolis, with the dark chasm between workers and decision makers now revealed. And must see if I can view that movie, to see how it plays out in the end. Have a lovely day. Veronica

    1. The ring of steel was on my mind when I was looking at these charts, and realising Melbourne was in that old astrology book – quite incredible. Veronica, it will be back. The combination of Ceres in Gemini, with all that strong feeling about the local neighbourhoods and the state of Victoria itself – and then Mars, with all the action and anger – suggests a new ‘ring of steel’ or perhaps several of them. This falls into line with the 2020-2021 Covid-19 management tactics of some leaders, particularly in China, where entire districts or regions can be fenced off. I guess it’s kettling, but for countries. As a Sun Taurus you are in a long cycle of revolution with your life budget, as you know, and you decided to put a higher value on your son’s health, as he is a teenager dealing with chronic fatigue.I am sorry he is still struggling with poor health in Melbourne. You have ties to the aviation industry which has crumbled. Thus, you are questioning life in the city, full stop. The stuck ‘brick wall’ feeling will go on 19th January as the nodes leave your property, finance, income and bank sectors in your solar chart. From there, decisions come, with a terrific turnaround financially in 2024.

  6. Happy New Year Jessica .
    I wonder if “levelling up” will play a part in a move to increased regionalisation and regional economies – perhaps spurred on by post covid economic woes. The UK pm wants more metropolitan mayors who would compete for funds for local investment. The Northern Ireland Protocol will eventually lead to more regulation/controls between the 4 UK nations.
    Regarding how to save the High Street I learnt yesterday that a new company -Ankorstore is looking to take on Amazon by supporting high St independent stores. It will be interesting to see how the retail sector develops.

    1. Happy New Year. You are right on all fronts. I have just been reminded of a prediction about Boris Johnson I made back on 2019. I found a date which shows drama in his chart. It is the day after local elections across the United Kingdom. What I think is going to happen (although I’ve not look at the Tarot) is the rise of local politics, metropolitan power, the reshaping of Ireland – just as you say. This feels like a replacement Prime Minister. Thank you for telling me about Ankorstore. I self-published on Amazon in 2019 and have avoided it ever since, along with so many authors. Local is the new global. Absolutely!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this
    I currently live just outside of London and am hoping to move to the New Forest this year or next year (before my daughter starts secondary school).

    I am very new to astrology and just starting to learn about how to read my birth chart etc. Would you say there are any major red flags about making such a big move over the next year or so astrology wise?

    Thank you so much (and delete if I’m not allowed to ask personal questions such as this).

    Thank you so much I really appreciate your work ❤️

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Lesley. Personal questions are absolutely fine. Moving in 2022 or 2023 for a Sun Taurus is really a Leo matter, because in your solar chart, Leo rules property and your daughter as well. There are no red flags. In your natal chart, Cancer rules the same thing – real estate and the relatives who are at home with you. Again, no red flags. If we look purely at the financial side of it all, it is a different question. As a Taurus you have Ceres and Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Second House of money, so we’re talking the bank, for example, or purely price-related matters. You will be making and accepting deals, financially, in both charts I use for you. Solar and natal. This starts with Ceres in Gemini on February 10th and ends with a major compromise over the money, possibly the property, by May 15th. There is then a very long, backwards/forwards process of reversed action plans and heat showing up, as Mars retrogrades in Gemini in your financial sector, the Second House, from August 21st 2022 until March 25th 2023. In your natal chart you have a similar story told twice. The North Node in Taurus in your natal Second House, the whole time. If you could move any time and wanted to make or save money you’d go, May 26th 2024 and following, when Jupiter (abundance) is in Gemini in your solar Second House of money, but you may want to go sooner than that. So, as always, it is down to your life budget. What is the price tag you hang on your daughter’s education, space, a property going up in value, and so on? Your Tarot can help you with that, just follow the instructions.

  8. Hello Jessica, thank you for your rich insights and predictions.

    A question on the four or five nations pushing back on globalisation. Does this refer to the mobility-related aspects of globalisation. So the movement of goods and people? Or does it expand further?

    In a digitally connected world, the movement of intangibles flows well and we have seen that happening globally in the pandemic – services, information, ideas, capital, etc. We spend time at home and can connect, communicate and collaborate with anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity.

    Do you see these intangibles also being affected by changes to globalisation in the coming years?

    Thank you, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Good question – no, great question! The digital information flow is enhanced and improved with the Gemini transits, as Gemini, ruled by Mercury and in rulership of the Third House, has symbolised connection and communication for centuries. We have the initial push of Ceres and Mars Retrograde in Gemini in 2022, followed by wave after wave of growth (when Jupiter goes in) and then, finally, liberating and radical change (when Uranus goes in). However, it is always local, which is interesting. Sister cities is a good analogy. So many cities have a twin on the other side of the world, but it’s about two local connections. Gemini, not so much Sagittarius. The movement of goods is really a Taurus matter, so when you see Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (the supermarket) until 2026, alongside the dramatic drop in Sagittarius weather, you just know that the days of Spanish vegetables in British Tesco are pretty much over.

  9. Really interesting. But I don’t see who could be this magician, a woman? The next 3 months will be crucial.

    1. The Magician may in fact be a woman. Pamela Colman Smith often illustrated androgynous figures who could be either male or female and this is a good example. France will be in powerful, capable hands. I do think the victor will be campaigning on electric transport. The Magician is conducting energy from the heavens down to earth. That’s lightning, or electricity.

  10. Thank you so much, Jessica, for taking the time to provide this detailed response. Very helpful insights.

  11. Interesting but what is the tarot and astrology saying about Scotland I know it will become independent but what about the local elections in may in Scotland and for Nicola sturgeon how long will she stay in power will a new prime minster change anything or will Scotland still want independence

    1. It really depends on Sturgeon’s tactics with the borders, the European Union and also the Boris Johnson Conservative government in London. If she falls into line with the astrological weather and sets a course which uses the currents, she will remain in place. The tide is turning in favour of local people, the regions, local trade and domestic travel and holidays – and also the ‘neighbours’ – so arrangements with Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England as separate entities. You cannot predict what any human being will do, but you can certainly see the climate ahead. If she plays a fiercely patriotic hand and puts her focus on individual regions within Scotland she will ride that tide.

  12. Hi Jessica and Happy New year- fascinating stuff and I will have to read it several times before it sinks in!! Covid seem so be out of the govts thoughts here in the UK, the narrative is that its done and we must get back to “normal”, but you seem to be suggesting that locally people will do what they need to protect themselves and that 4 nations will do the same. I remember you said last year that early 2022 who see some shocks around our political systems involving all parties. Is this happening now or will this come about because of covid and the fact that it really has NOT gone away? Also some interesting predictions around the health service. Will we see an earlier GE here and will we finally get a better political system out of it?

    1. The Conservative government should have used astrology as far back as 2019 when two warnings about a virus were given, with dates, and specific mention that it would change the balance of power with China and Europe. All you had to do was look at one of the dates (January 10th 2020), notice that the first man had died from the Corona Virus in China, then shut the gates. Now, the verdict is that we must get back to normal, because – this is the story – Omicron has replaced Delta. Omicron is mild, like flu. Three injections of Pfizer, or Moderna, or AstraZeneca (and the rest) will help us do what we used to do. This is completely wrong according to astrology and epidemiology, come to that. This fantasising is dangerous. In the end people will vote with their feet and take matters into their own hands using their council votes/local elections but also non-political means. They will, for example, turn restaurants, cafes and pubs into membership-based organisations online which encourage local people to join, and automatically book them in, using smart phones to communicate vaccination status and rapid tests on the day. This is the natural outcome of the Aquarius (group, club) weather in 2022, 2023 and beyond, together with that Gemini (neighbourhood) weather. So it won’t just be about voting. But PM Boris Johnson faces the point of no return in May 2022. I predicted that on Twitter two years ago. I wrote “May 6th 2022” and a couple of friends in the Conservative party immediately wrote to say it was the day after local elections!

  13. Hi dear Jessica & team, thank you ever so much for taking the time to reply!! And again – for this amazing site. Jessica, am truly grateful for the opportunity you constantly provide to all of us to empower ourselves, to know ourselves, and especially to get to know “our inner world” – this has just become ever-important to me as I grow older, not just because of my Pisces stellium, but because I really think it is essential to living a Good Life. I remember you first told me about my Moon square MC/IC (one of many e.g.’s), and it has helped me so much. And yes – agreed about everything you said, especially the emphasis on relationships that this astrology brings! (A very close family member has told me of their impending separation recently, and I see a lot of conflict around circles). Anyway – thanks ever so much again JA & Astrology team – for teaching us so much, ans about combining practical (Virgo) with spiritual (Pisces), and for providing joy.

    1. Thank you so much, I am glad you are getting so much from your astrology. I will pass that compliment on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. Come along to the April Astrology and Tarot Meetup if you like – I’ll talk more about that closer to the time – it will be on Zoom and we try to make each Meetup work for as many time zones as we can.

  14. Hi Jessica, I know you probably won’t respond to this as I’m not a Premium Member yet, but your comments under headings Councils Push Back – Local Currency Rules & Air, Breathing, Covid, Gemini made me think of the very divisive Low Traffic Neighbourhoods that some Councils in London instituted a couple of years ago.

    1. I try to reply to all the comments as I pick them up, although it is easier for me to answer personal questions when I can see a chart on the screen – which only happens with members. Your thoughts about the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are really useful and do fit the Gemini weather we are seeing. These will be back on the agenda in 2022, 2023 and cause more friction. Eventually they will become a way of life, along with new bikeways and bike lanes. These things roll in 2022, then really boom once Jupiter (expansion) goes into Gemini (the neighbourhood/village/town/county/council) from May 2024. You would expect London and Mayor Kahn to be right at the heart of a battle this year, with Mars Retrograde in Gemini.

  15. Fantastic article explaining what astrology charts reveal. Covid has become a part of all of our lives, like it or not. I enjoyed reading and look forward to more in the future!

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I love these articles you write. Thanks so much for them.

    I’m wondering if under the auspices of the Gemini weather, we will also see a shift back to a more local emphasis in journalism.

    Over the past years so many papers have been purchased by hedge funds and large corporations, downsized/shut down and then converted to online generic national newsfeed destinations.

    Do you think Jupiter’s Gemini ingress will boost writer/journalists, again, with localization as a renewed value—all of which would likely favor the cause of democracy, trining Pluto coming into people power, and crucially in the states in the run up to 2024?

    Either way, it’s fascinating to ponder. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, you are correct – local journalism is going to come back. Jupiter in Gemini will be fantastic for that. And you are also right about Jupiter in Gemini, and all the Gemini weather ahead, helping the Aquarius transits. It works in natal charts too. So the Millennials born with the outer planets in Aquarius (people power) will all benefit from those Gemini trines. Get right across this when it happens as any investment will reward you – time, energy, money. If you think about the local aspects of eBay, Twitter and give people what they want – yet with new technology – you’re there.

  17. Hi Jessica, ooh I am so excited! (And grateful!!) I really appreciate the invitation, and chance to chat in person (over Zoom!) I will wait until the Merc rx and Venus rx periods are over before i set up my membership – and the Sun in Aquarius. Thank you and the team SO very much again for the empowerment and the education – and the divination tools are in daily use, here! I keep all my results in a diary, along with comments – SO useful, especially if I try and combine it with a “Morning Pages” type of entry that Julia Cameron recommends in her book “The Artist’s Way”. Hope you are keeping safe where you are, in the world Jessica – here in Western Australia we are trying to prepare as best possible for eventual opening of borders – fingers crossed (and triple-vaccinated, this weekend, hopefully). Be careful and stay safe, to everyone on this beautiful website. X

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. I really miss Western Australia; it used to be my first port of call from London to Melbourne and it’s gone for some time. (But we will have a revolution in interstate Australian travel eventually and I will be back.) I am glad you are using a diary; that is a good tip about The Artist’s Way.

  18. Thanks Jessica for your prompt response. I do find it fascinating. I am also keeping an eye on your Rupert Murdock analysis 2022 ……

    1. Yes, it’s very interesting about Rupert Murdoch. Sometimes charts just jump out at you, and that one did. It comes in a crucial year for the Conservative Party in Britain with local council elections, and of course the federal election in Australia. Let’s see.

  19. Hi Jessica
    I have Saturn 29 Taurus. I’m hoping for some good karma. Can you enlighten me a little? Really insightful thank you as always
    Best regards Selina

    1. Selina you will have a waiting game and learning experience with money, the house or apartment, valuables, charity, business or insurance as the nodes cross 29 degrees. This is valid now until Sunday 30th January. The South Node at 29 Scorpio will be in opposition to Saturn at 29 Taurus so this is about the reality of your bank account; the reality of your values and life budget. As a rule Saturn in Taurus in the Second House tends towards defence; walls that protect; barriers and structures. This classically happens because of vulnerability – it’s the barbed wire nest around the nest egg, for example. Now, you will be taken back to April-June 2003, when a karmic signature was written in your chart – around money or property. You are owed, or you owe, karmically. I am not sure if you are directly involved with the Euro or Europe but perhaps this is the case. If Russia invades Ukraine, Germany has to think about its gas pipeline to Russia. So you see, this will make waves right across the EU (as will Credit Suisse, once we find out more). Anyway – it’s time to balance some books. Take your time.

  20. Jessica, as always you are amazing. I remember your advice over my YouTube Question/Comment that wait until 2023 before making a decision to relocate/move to a new location.
    I can now see my direction but am still not yet 100% clear. But I see that the UK might actually split into new countries as most of us already know this. Also, Europe’s shine in the past century might also be lost and newer countries and nations might become leading and cutting edge in terms of technology and other ways.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Scotland is headed for independence – that has been pretty clear in her astrological charts for a while. Once that happens, the differences within the United Kingdom will be more obvious.

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