Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

Predicted Two Years Ago – Ukraine and Russia

I’ve had so many questions about the future of Ukraine and Russia that I’ve pulled together predictions as far back as the 16th century (Nostradamus) about the fate of Vladimir Putin and Europe. The Economist ran with the cover line Putin’s Botched Job, and that’s correct. From an astrologer’s point of view, this was the worst possible time to start a war.

YouTube Ukraine Prediction in 2020

Let’s begin with this video from The Conscious Cafe, an interview with Gina Lazenby, posted on YouTube on 23rd November 2020. My prediction about sanctions, Ukraine and Russia starts at 33.30 and goes to 37.00 minutes if you want to watch my forecast about a new world order. This is looking two years into the future. Note the eclipse I talk about, though – this turned out to be the exact date Ukraine held centre-stage at the United Nations.

This was The Astrology of 2021 but in the case of Ukraine and Russia, it meant looking far, far into the future. It turned out, the astrology was right. To the day. If you watch for a few minutes you’ll see an eclipse date mentioned. This was 14th December 2020, and that’s when the Permanent Representative of Ukraine wrote a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations about his country. The original letter is here. As we go through 2022 and 2023 you’ll see it becomes crucial. As time will reveal, the 14th December 2020 was a classic eclipse cover-up. Eclipses conceal.

The Japan and Ukraine Prediction of 2020

When talking about sanctions, two years ago, I noticed the Japan astrology chart showing very strongly in connection with Ukraine. You can see that at 35-38 minutes into the video, above. Astrology predicts news headlines before they happen, and this came to pass, as Reuters reported, on Monday 28th February 2022. The breaking news ran: Japan’s sanctions to help impose massive costs on Russia, U.S. says.


Screen Shot 2022 02 28 at 11.33.55 am - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

True Astrology Predictions – Europe and War

Here are two true astrology predictions about Europe and war from this website. The first one was published on 12th April 2018 here and the second one appeared on 2nd June 2021 here.

War Predicted 12th April 2018 LINK IN STARS - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology 2nd June 2021 Finger - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

My Psychic Astrology Prediction about War in 2021

As many of you know, I work like Nostradamus, combining astrology with psychic skills. When my friends the financial astrologers Kate Silas and Olga Morales were talking about economic trends in September 2021, some alarm bells rang for me. I published this, which you may have seen. “American war karma is coming.”

2021 Prediction War - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

True Prediction – Facebook/Meta and Russia

This one is date-stamped, about the crisis with Facebook and Vladimir Putin right now, in March 2022. Facebook has changed its hate speech policy to allow users to call for death to Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Now read on.  On 29th October 2021, I made this prediction.

True Facebook Meta - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology True Facebook - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

Facebook/Meta and Russia

Something I would like to see avoided, just by predicting its risk: Facebook Live is frequently Facebook Death as it hosts lone gunmen with cameras. Mark Zuckerberg should have dismantled Facebook Live after the Christchurch Massacre.

Predicted in 2020 – Vladimir Putin War Crimes by 2023

This is a prediction about Putin and The International Criminal Court that sits in The Hague.  This was published on 23rd November 2020 on this website.

Screen Shot 2022 03 21 at 08.33.01 - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

Predicting March 2022 and the Russia Economy

Using the Russia astrology chart (below) but also financial charts for Moscow, it is possible to see the first week of March 2022 as rock-bottom for the Russian economy. And we must include Belarus in that, as the most recent astrology chart for Russia includes Belarus, her partner. On Wednesday 8th December 1999, when at 5.06pm GMT, BBC London reported that Russia and Belarus had formed a confederation, Putin’s ‘Botched Job’ in Ukraine became a possibility.

Putin Economist 228x300 - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

What the 1999 Russia Chart Tells Us

The Union State of Russia and Belarus, gives us a perfect chart, and we use London for the ‘birth’ as it was announced on Wednesday 8th December 1999 at 17.06 GMT (BBC).

Economic Wreckage in Russia

This chart does tally with the other Russia astrology charts we have (from the Romanov Dynasty to Lenin and Stalin) but this horoscope reveals the true extent of the economic wreckage to come for Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

You can also see the global reach of Russia’s gas (for example) and the money laundromat. You can see all those rich oligarchs on yachts, in this horoscope.

The real problem for Putin, though, is Saturn at 11 Taurus in that 1999 chart. For the first and last time in his life, Uranus, the planet of shock, disruption and upheaval is crossing 11 Taurus. The sign of currency and the sharemarkets.

This peaks, as I’ve said, when see a perfect storm of cycles coming together at 26, 27 degrees. That’s the first week of March 2022.

The Russian Sharemarket Collapse

This astrology chart for Russia set for 8th December 1999 at 5.06pm GMT shows the day of the biggest sharemarket collapse in Russia’s history. Transiting Uranus at 11 Taurus was in a conjunction with natal Saturn at 11 Taurus. The transiting North Node at 26 Taurus opposed natal Mercury at 26 Scorpio. The Transiting South Node at 26 Scorpio was in a conjunction with natal Mercury at 26 Scorpio.

Russia was ‘born’ in her latest version with these factors.  On February 24th 2022, Bloomberg reported that Russian stocks fell the most on record, erasing more than $150 billion in value. That’s just the start. 

Vladimir Putin and Nostradamus

Nostradamus was a clairvoyant who saw newspaper headlines, centuries into the future, in his visions. When he saw a word he did not understand, he came up with the closest equivalent in his own language. This is why Hitler was written down as hister. And, as you can see below, why Putin was written down as butins. Do you remember the famous 1999 Nostradamus prediction? Well, 1999 was the year that Russia joined forces with Belarus. The new Russia was born.

NOSTRADAMUS PUTIN VgAIK3pm - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

Decoding Putin in Nostradamus

Vladimir Putin was a KGB agent. That’s L’Agent in the first line you can see above.
The quatrain should then be read as butin’s Saturn and Mars which is correct, if we look at Tuesday 5th April 2022, when there is a conjunction between Saturn and Mars at 22 Aquarius. That’s a heavy moment for NATO, the United Nations and the European Union. It’s also going to show Vladimir Putin that people power in a community is potent.

Trump Russia

The end of Vladimir Putin and Russian money laundering is also the end of Donald and Melania Trump. This has been coming for a long time. There is a lot of nonsense online about ‘World War Three’ and Russia. This is not World War Three. It is, however, a massive global economy detox. We’ll have supply shortages, rationing, expensive petrol (gas) and inflation. 2022 and 2023 will not be easy, but we will get through this. The end of Trump has been clear for years.

Astrology Cuts Through the Noise

Astrology cuts through the noise about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Watch the Kremlin insider Kylushin in relation to the 2016 hacked American election. Why? An eclipse that covered Florida. That name is not going away. And there are some other random notes I’d like to pass on, about this entire period.

Euro Reuters 300x215 - Russia, Ukraine and Astrology

Credit Suisse and Swiss Banks

The uncanny repetition of the astrology of 1938 in 2022 made it possible to predict a shock for Switzerland, Swiss banks and a big karmic test from the war. I predicted a shock with Credit Suisse and we’ve seen it.  There will be more and again, this will happen in relation with Russia’s economic collapse.

In a moment I will give you key dates when we can expect that to happen. It will also be the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel which is creating Climate Emergency, as gas and petrol are part of the story.

This prediction about Swiss banks and a shock to come (it turned out to be a worldwide leak of their appalling client base) was posted on January 19th 2022. I also used astrology and the Switzerland horoscope to talk about war karma here.

ibrahim boran kkACMU0GYko unsplash 1 300x200 - Russia, Ukraine and AstrologyEuro Shocks

Shocks for the Euro? Well, maybe not such a shock if you use astrology. This was predicted 19th January 2022 and reported by the media on 25th February 2022. (Image: Ibraham Boran, Unsplash).

PM Boris Johnson and May 6th 2022

Again, the karma of 1938 and 1939 comes back for Britain now (it’s the same astrological cycle). Will PM Boris Johnson be Neville Chamberlain or Sir Winston Churchill? It remains to be seen, as he’s been pleasing/appeasing Putin’s cronies for years –  but I posted this prediction about him on Twitter way back on July 24th 2019 which might be useful in terms of timing.

“How May 6th 2022 is a time of reckoning for Boris Johnson in astrology using his birth horoscope” ran the Twitter post.  This is the time of the local elections in the United Kingdom: definitely a crossroads that the horoscope showed three years before it was ever discussed.

Facebook and Russia

Sometimes in astrology a lot of transits come together all at once. It’s been really clear that Facebook and Russia were heavily fated for years, because their horoscopes are so interwoven. Watch Meta (the new Facebook). Watch Facebook Live very closely – it has been Facebook Death a number of times. Why hasn’t it been shut down?

This is the prediction.

BBC Credit Suisse Twitter 300x169 - Russia, Ukraine and AstrologyThe End of Money Laundering

Predicted in The Daily Mail in their front page cover story about my work, back on 19th October 2020: the end of money laundering is coming.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember that particular prediction goes all the way back to 29th May 2018. At last, in 2022, we are going to see the beginning of the end of the global cash laundromat.

Millennials in Moscow Will Win 300x262 - Russia, Ukraine and AstrologyMillennials in Moscow Will Win

The brave younger Russians who are protesting against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine have time on their side. The cycles of time pointed to a huge shift in the country, as far back as 2019, as Russia went through her Saturn Return.

I posted this on Twitter (left) to a huge response. This generation of Russian Millennials were born with the outer planets in Aquarius, the sign of people power. They began to rise on the Saturn Return and will win.

Goodbye, Plutocrats – Goodbye Putin

Whenever you see a lot of historic cycles at the same time, like the end of Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Uranus in Taurus, you just know the planet will never be the same again. I posted this on 4th February, days before Putin invaded Ukraine. It’s not just the end of him and Trump, by 2023, it’s also the end of the plutocrats and the fatcats. Their day is done.

Russian Insider Trading January 2022 300x213 - Russia, Ukraine and AstrologyThe Russian economy will be severely tested on the following critical dates, as transiting Uranus in Taurus, the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio repeatedly hit that 1999 chart.

I’m afraid it does mean that the years 2022 and 2023 will also test all of us, financially. That’s how far the tentacles of Vladimir Putin and corrupt politicians and businessmen spread – from London to Sydney. My eye is also on money laundering in Australia.

You really need to look at Russia’s friends and allies to finger the money laundering in Sydney. That will ultimately come by 2026 at the latest.

The Eclipses in Russia’s Future

Mercury at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of the Russian chart (sex, death and money) is hit by an eclipse at 25 Scorpio (a Full Moon) on Monday 16th May 2022. You don’t usually see a cover-up unless there is a crisis. Mercury is Russia’s internet and of course she is notorious for her hacking.

Mercury is also Russia’s worldwide web infrastructure. We can narrow down the time-frame because Mercury Retrograde is opposite natal Mercury at 26 Taurus on April 27th, then again on May 30th, 31st, June 1st through to June 8th. This looks like total chaos with Russia’s computer network and perhaps other Mercury-ruled areas like the Russian media and transport.

Putin BBC News 300x225 - Russia, Ukraine and AstrologyFinally, we have an eclipse at 10 Taurus, just one degree away from Russia’s Saturn at 11 Taurus, on Saturday 30th April. Another cover-up!

These cycles which overlap are useful. You’d be watching Russia’s currency and trade, and Belarus too, between December 26th 2022 and January 7th 2023.

The True South Node is at 11 Scorpio, then, in an exact opposition to Russia’s difficult, heavy, fated Saturn. We then find the True South Node swiftly goes to 7, 8, 3, 0 Scorpio from February 5th 2023 until July 17th 2023 so this looks like a slow collapse.

New Russia, Climate Emergency End in Sight

Happily, Russia is the sort of country which changes leadership and political systems all the time. So, the end of Putin and money laundering around the world, can only lead to a reborn nation with a younger generation leading the way. That means a new chart, which means Russia can get rid of Saturn in Taurus.

The end of oil and gas from Russia and the urgent need for solar and wind power for Russia’s old customers also means the end of Climate Emergency is in sight. That Russia astrology chart tells it straight. The old world economy, the one that was destroying the world, is in its last stages in 2022 and 2023.  From 2026 we’ll look back at 2022 as if it’s old history.

Redrawing the Map in Europe

At the moment that  Russia retreats or withdraws, which will happen – it is very important that the map of Europe is swiftly redrawn to counter any possible return. This obviously includes redrawing the map of Ukraine as a country divided and surrounded by water – but also  her neighbouring nations. Every possible scenario should be factored in, including a fake Russian departure and return. Of course, it may be the end of Russia’s invasion. The long goodbye. That could happen – but eclipses can hoodwink us. We need to be wide awake when Russia turns her heel and walks.

You’d be watching the eclipses,  in 2022, if there is to be some idea about a faux withdrawal – as they are always a cover-up. So the first one is April 30th 2022 and the second one is May 16th 2022. They chime with the Russia-Belarus chart.

The ultimate result of all this? What Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius promised, back at Christmas 2020, and Pluto in Aquarius will deliver, for many years after March 2023. People power in one or more new shared global networks. Aquarius has always been the sign ruling allies who pool their resources.

(Main Image: Jorgen Hayland, Unsplash).

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  1. Jessica, thanks for the tip! Very much looking forward to it! Could you tell me what will happen to the ruble? Is devaluation possible? If so, what currency should the savings be in?

    1. We need to wait and see what happens with Russia’s access to SWIFT banking but given her chart I’d say that the world will agree to block her. This means she may turn to China – again we have to wait and see. All this would possibly collapse the ruble, permanently but have a massive impact on cryptocurrency. Savings are something you have to decide for yourself: the Tarot can help you with your own personal reading, on this website.

  2. Thank you so much Jessica. You are the calm voice in a crazy world. You are so consistent in making true predictions, it’s really astounding. I’ve just started learning about cryptocurrency, which you mentioned in the blog. How will the Russian/Ukraine war affect the stock markets? How do we prepare to protect ourselves?

    1. Thank you. Learning about cryptocurrency is wise as it has massive global impact until 2026, even for people who do not use it. The key to it is the shockwaves that come, throughout this long cycle as it goes up, down, sideways and is sometimes banned, of course. We used to know where we stood, more or less, with old-fashioned currency and exchange rates, and the price of things. That is no longer the case in 2022-2026. The biggest change on the markets will be the price of/cost of petrol and gas. That’s going to change the world. How do you protect yourself? Work with Uranus in Taurus. Anything that was ‘safe’ before 2018 is no longer that. You can look at previous articles on Uranus in Taurus going back to 2017.

  3. Ironically my new job in a climate-related field requires me to dump all my Facebook stock- it’s like I’m shedding all the bad karma! Based on your prediction, I think I will sell before March 6th as well! I was going to move to NYC shortly- could you take a look at my chart and let me know what the best time would be? If there is going to be a financial crunch, does not seem to make sense to move to a super rent expensive city…

    But the pain will be worth it since we will emerge from this as a better, kinder world. Even the butterfly has to go through some pain before it emerges from the cocoon.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a big Gemini stellium and may want to do a lot of research before you move. Why? Transport. This may be domestic flights inside America, or just Amtrak, car trips, the bus or subway and so on. 2022 is hard work for you with these basic aspects of life so check out the place on the map you have in mind, with a microscope as it will be getting around/getting from A to B that ends up having the biggest influence on you. You may even decide against NY in the end. Use the Tarot for your own reading on your own Facebook stock as it’s your personal situation – then use The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle to validate that for yourself, as it’s obviously your decision.

  4. Wow. You have been spot on so far. And looking at the spirit and resolve of the Ukrainian people, I can also see the (Sunflower?) seeds of the people power future. Who would have thought. This gives me hope.

  5. Jessica,
    First I just want to say thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I have always believed we are all born for a reason, may it be good or bad.
    What’s happening around the world is very sad. I have always struggled to understand the balance of power and money.
    I have always hate what money stand for and discrimination.
    I am also going through a difficult time in my life. Feels like a war. Looking at my chart do you see any changes coming soon. Or will things still get far worst and for how long.

    Thank you again Jessica. Keep up the good work.
    Stay safe, healthy, and shine bright always.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Cancer person with an Aquarius stellium. I am sure you do feel as if life is like a war. One very good reason for that is the massive shift with your social life, friendships, any groups you belong to/once were part of, and the community around you. This is a tough time for that, and of course, it is partly caused by COVID-19. The Saturn in Aquarius cycle is rare and only happens every 29 years. It is happening to you now and because you are heavily Aquarian you are feeling it. It is very common on this cycle for friends to change lifestyle or personality; for friends to reveal themselves as disappointing to you; for huge difficulties in making new friends (again, this is COVID-19 for many heavily Aquarian people) and even the loss of friends for the same reason. This can and does get better, with a notable improvement as you go towards Christmas, and the Saturn cycle slowly ends. Later on in 2023 and 2024 you will realise it happened for a reason. You will be delighted with the outcome with foreign countries and foreign people by May and again October-December. Look across the map. Do take the promotion, job offer, scholarship, award, hit project or similar May-October and again in early 2023. It will change your life.

  6. I see no commentary on Joe Biden at all. Why is that? He is an extremely weak president. Surely the stars have something to say about that.

  7. Hi Jessica

    Very interesting! I’m looking forward to seeing how the world will look once the Russian laundromat is finished.

    Are the next couple of years also dodgy for people with Saturn in Taurus?


    1. Thank you. Sharlene, Saturn in Taurus in the Second House is a lifelong pattern of limitation, lessons and learning curves with money, investments, possessions and property. The trick with Saturn is to learn the lessons when they appear the first time, because they don’t get easier the second time. There is a transition here, away from the past and towards a better financial future. The Taurus-Scorpio node cycle of 2022, 2023 and Uranus in Taurus until 2026 show it’s a process. Allow 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 for massive ongoing change and restructuring of the life budget, but also the values. When the economy changes, your values have to change. Who or what you used to fund hugely, may no longer seem worth it. What or whom you used to bargain over, may become priceless.

  8. THANK YOU DEAR JESSICA FOR YOUR INSIGHT AND WILLINGNESS TO SHARE. I’ve felt this, however don’t trust enough YET…

  9. Thank you Jessica! Very useful insights as usual…
    What do you think about Bulgaria in the light of these events close to us.

    1. Thank you. I had a look at the Bulgaria horoscope a few years ago, long before COVID-19 actually, and could see a boom for her rose/perfume industry, of all things. Now we know why. Soap (all that hand-washing) and hand gel. Bulgaria is part of the old European system which is set to change radically in 2022 and 2023 as the Euro, cryptocurrency and the hidden distortion of money laundering in Europe (property) is set for transformation. Women in Bulgaria will lead the response. Life will be unpredictable in 2022, 2023 and sometimes the world will turn upside-down in front of your eyes, but ultimately Bulgaria will get rid of a lot of problems that are not her fault, but come from the wider European picture. Call it a detox. Any leadership in Bulgaria which is corrupt, dominating or over-powerful will have gone from March 2023 and be history by 2024.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I was hoping you would write about the Russia/Ukraine war! How does this war impact the UK economy? Inflation is already crazy in the UK and these matters will be making it worse no doubt. Would love to hear, if you had time, how the UK economy will hold up (or not!) over the next few years or so?

    1. Thank you. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is about to go through 1938 and 1939 again. Her karma returns from those years when she stood alone (very much so in 1940) in order to resist Nazi Germany. You might say the U.K. is owed on some level, as she had to endure rations and supply shortages, but also the bombing of her cities and the massive loss of life and the usual economy. What comes out of this for the U.K. will be very different, quite radical and happen very suddenly. At a shrewd guess I would say that The Magnitsky Act will be well and truly used, since Her Majesty the Queen made it law in May 2018 and the U.K. is about to see its coffers filled with a great deal of Russian money. Saudi too. She’s owed.

  11. Thank you for writing the article, Jessica! It’s very reassuring that evil Putin won’t win. I couldn’t help but think of my own 23-27 degrees placements (major ones!), as well 11 degrees Taurus descendant. I’m from Eastern Europe with Ukrainian and Russian roots living in US now. I wonder how those are going to tie with the current events and what’s going to happen to Russia and Ukraine.

    1. You are likely to find yourself in America, pulled directly into the karma of Ukraine and Russia in 2022, but also 2023. You are obviously seeing first-hand what people in Moscow know; Vladimir Putin is part of a crumbling system and a collapsing economy. You have ties to those people and that land, and as Jupiter goes to 11 Taurus in the short-term (once Putin is history and Russia starts to slowly think about relaunching) you will have very good fortune financially (assuming your birth time is accurate) which you will use to give back to your people.

  12. Oh Jessica thank you for this insight – you are truly gifted! My Jupiter is at 12 Taurus – is there any linkage to these events?

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in Taurus in your Second House of money, property, possessions and business protects you. Even when there are financial difficulties (for example, during a global financial crisis) you are always helped, and given what you need. Jupiter is interpreted as natural luck, which is true, but there is a kind of automatic ‘conversion’ with Jupiter which means even merde turns to gold. More happily, when things are going well, you do incredibly well and make or save a fortune, or experience real abundance through other means. Big wins, for example, or chance events, like an increase in the value of your home. You are heading for your Jupiter Return once you have got 2022 and 2023 out of the way. Have a look at that on Search and in your flipbooks.

  13. Morning Jessica, I have been waiting for your take on the events. Thank you for the update. The Ukraine is holding its own and their courage is inspiring. Just seen a post which states Lelenskyy refuses to be bribed by Trump. Your analysis as ever is interesting and calming! I have decided to take from your post that this is a massive worldwide political shift moving towards something better

    1. Thank you. I agree with you, the bravery of the people of Ukraine is inspiring. Yes, the bigger picture is always shown by the very slow-moving outer planets. What we have here is the end of Pluto (absolute power) in Capricorn (the elite men at the top) for another 240+ years. This is the very last year the world has to put up with it. And the other cycle which is crucial here, is the Uranus/North Node cycle in Taurus, the sign of the global economy. Money laundering is going to end. So is fossil fuel. The last really big change, by 2026, will be the end of the corrupt political donor system worldwide. That’s another Uranus in Taurus revolution that will improve all our lives.

    1. There is exact karma with Poland in 2022, going back to 1939. And in 2023, next year, the karma for Poland will be 1939. So, Poland owes the United Kingdom and France (two of several countries) for going to her defence after Danzig – on a spiritual level. Those are the rules of astrology with the lunar nodes. The North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, the economy signs, are mirrored in 2022 and 2023. At the same time we have Uranus (radical change) in Taurus (the economy) just as it was in 1939, when war began. So the circle turns. Poland will, I expect, take refugees from Ukraine. She would pay a price, economically, but she would complete her karma from 1939. The karma for Russia from 1939 is about the show trials when so many men were falsely accused and removed. That is really interesting, because by all the laws of astrology, this time around it will be the group; the party; the collective – who turn against the leader. Let’s see.

  14. Hi Jessica, superb article. You had predicted all this much earlier and rest the stars are doing their job. The war on Ukraine could be the excuse for Putin’s fall…. Matter of time. Could you please reply in general for benifit of all, how this Uranus and north node in Taurus will affect Scorpio moon signs and people having stellium in Scorpio. Thanks for all. Also I admire the way you connect us with non astrology topics to justify or clarify your prediction. Simply the best. Regards

    1. Thank you so much. Astrologers are here to give advance warning so that we can prepare, which is why (if you look at Search under Uranus in Taurus, North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio) you will find the alarm bells were there as far back as 2017. The old world economic system was always going to fail. It was based on petrol, gas, coal and borrowed money – and far too much shopping. It was also based on money laundering, which explains the insane property prices in London and other cities. Not much of a system for most of us. If you have Scorpio written in your chart, your role in 2022 and 2023 is to ‘unfix the fixed’ as Scorpio is a fixed sign, and the opposition from Uranus in Taurus, which will hit everyone with a stellium in that sign by 2026, is about radical change, shock and the need to rapidly alter course. I don’t know where you are in the world, but if you are in Europe, and particularly Eastern Europe, the shockwaves from the sanctions against Russia will have impact for a year or two. Unfixing the fixed means, losing your old life budget as it was before 2018, when Uranus in Taurus arrived. I’ve written a fair bit about that on this website. I agree, the fall of Vladimir Putin is just a matter of time. It will happen for any number of reasons. But he’s a man out of time.

  15. Dear Jessica

    Thanks for this post. Putin obviously didn’t consult Astrologers before he invaded Ukraine. He clearly waited until the Beijing Olympics were finished in order to win the covert support of his partner in crime, Jinping. I think he also wanted to invade while it was easier to drive tanks across frozen wastelands in to Ukraine, before the thaw happens in the Spring. Despite Russia’s threat, I am more worried about China, particularly its’ designs in the Pacific region. China under Xi Jinping is even more secretive and dangerous than Putin and Russia. Will we see the same demise of China as it is now?

    I am also curious how the Tropical Astrological signs work in the Southern Hemisphere, given they were invented in the Northern Hemisphere and have seasonal attributes?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you James. I agree about China. If we pull back to the bigger astrological picture of the Twenties then it is about a radical change in the world economy by 2026. That means the end of fossil fuel, which Russia supplies, and the end of mass consumption manufacturing, which China supplies. This is behind the climate emergency now. So, what seems to be emerging here is a global boycott of Russia and China. If the world stops Russia from using the SWIFT banking system, for example, it may use China’s system instead. This would fit with the years 2022 and 2023 which are extremely rare, hark back to 1938 and 1939, and show short-term tests for us all, financially – with supply shortages, inflation – but ultimately it would save the planet.

  16. Your predictions are spot on!
    What do you think about the Czech Republic (formerly known as Czechoslovakia)? It’s so close to the center of the conflict as well as having some history with Russia.
    Thank you!

    1. The karma from 1938 is now well and truly here, along with 1939 in 2023. The lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, and Uranus in Taurus. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis took what is now the Czech Republic and they were not helped. Later on, Poland was – but even then – some countries stayed neutral (Switzerland) or did not rush to assist (America). In astrology, these events leave really long traces and the Czech people are owed on some level. How that is repaid, we will see in 2022 and 2023. The Russian-Czech story is complicated and there is karma to be worked out there too, which we’ll see.

  17. Hi Jessica love your posts and your predictions! Feel so sad for the Ukraines -love their bravery.I am currently minting and uploading NFTS pg. Im hoping to be set up for the 3 of March.I know to this and took me 2 weeks to mint one and upload as its a confusing but getting there now. Still made mistakes. I cannot believe how crypto currency is evolving.I have read on my crypto journey that we will soon be minting songs, driving licences, legal papers, passports, book, music etc etc.The crypto seem to be evolving and will be a big impact for everyone if this is the case.Is this the future?

    1. Thank you. The strange new world of NFT art is really exciting, I know, and so liberating. Just so long as you know it’s up and down until 2026. I strongly recommend you use The Garden Oracle, The Tarot and The Astrology Oracle if you want to time your moves. April and May will be erratic. Only you can tell what you want and need then.

  18. Thank you so much Jessica. I find this hugely reassuring and am really grateful for your blog, especially at such times.

  19. Hi Jessica
    I was so looking forward to this as I helplessly watch the terrible situation happening in the Ukraine and feel so terrified and sad for these people just trying to live their lives. So devastating for them. We just moved back to America and I am just so disappointed by some peoples ignorance to what is happening to the world. They don’t see how this will effect is all for years. Although neither of us has Russian or Ukrainian connections, we both have factors that are hit by the aspects you mentioned above. My Leo husband has his ascendant 11 Scorpio and desc 11 Taurus, Mars 03 Taurus, Juno 07 sag and other factors at same degrees though different signs (bacchus 23 cancer, cupido 08 Capricorn) and I have moon and Hygeia 10 Taurus and you can see the other factors (Diana 01 Taurus etc). So many new beginnings happening in our life with new jobs for both and a move to Hawaii. Thank you for all of you comforting insight. I follow you regularly on all of your forums and am so grateful for all the valuable info.

    1. Thank you. Well, you will feel the domino effect of the sanctions against Russia, in Hawaii – until 2023. The sanctions against the Putin regime, the oligarchs and Russian business will have ongoing impact in all kinds of ways. This hasn’t even started; the two really central issues are blockchain and the Magnitsky Amendment to the United Kingdom Money Laundering Act. You and your husband have those fixed signs, Scorpio and Taurus, in your charts, and will find that the waves from Ukraine reach your shore in Hawaii eventually. A really good rule? Unfix what is fixed. Be prepared to change, quickly, and be light on your feet. Ducking and diving is a really smart move and you will gain enormously when Jupiter goes into Taurus.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating to read, wonder what you think of Nostradamus (dyslexic?) ‘butin’ may even point to “dugin” (Alexander)”Putin’s brain” (Marjorie Orrs article). Here’s to a better future for humanity. Best wishes, Simon

  21. The whole thing is a scam .he isn’t using “russian” troops. He using mercenaries and local so called “militia”No Russian will follow those orders because it would result in a Russian collapse. he asks you to shoot another Russian over some gambit? The entire enterprise would have mutinied by now. Something else must be behind the curtain.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. Your predictions here are reassuring and give us hope although what Ukraine is going through now is horrible, horrible.
    So many young people in the Ukrainian army and also the Russian army who have grown up in times of peace and now finding themselves in a war they don’t want all because of one lone man. A deluded vain-glory of past empires, the death throes of Pluto in Capricorn?

    At the end of the article “The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio” of January 19th 2022 you showed the Emperor tarot card in the paragraph “Letting the tarot talk” and asked “What do you think? What is this card saying to you?”
    At the time I saw it as a symbol of Pluto in Capricorn, an Emperor or Tsar, all alone on his throne holding what looks like an orb and sceptre, the symbols of “divine” rulership.
    It was the red of the robe that jumped out at me and made me think of the red star, red flag, hammer and sickle, little red book, the colour associated with communism.

    Was this another prediction? The Emperor does appear to be wearing plate armour and there are rams’ heads on the throne so is this a symbol of someone war-like. I couldn’t understand the mountains in the background and thought of Afghanistan. I now wonder if this means that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will be like Afghanistan, long and protracted and ultimately unsuccessful, although I hope it ends before this with peace and withdrawal of the invading army.

    Thank you again for sharing your gift.

    1. Cait, you are obviously a natural psychic and a very good one. You have predicted The Emperor exactly. Yes, it will be like Afghanistan in some ways. The Russia charts going back since Rasputin do show the same cycles. There is also world karma with Afghanistan, of course. Vladimir Putin has chosen to do this in the death throes of Pluto in Capricorn, as you say. There is literally only this space, until March 2023, for him or any other ‘great dictator’ to try for the top of the mountain or attempt to hang on. The system (the mountain) and the goats are doomed. A cycle is ending.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I have been amazed and grateful for your work. It has truly helped keep hope alive. Any advice based on my chart is appreciated, whatever jumps out or comes into focus. I have been working remotely and looking to travel while I work, but most important is to find work or engage where I can support environmental justice, empower people and help non-human animals. Any advice/timelines appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. So, your budget is unstable, unpredictable, erratic and sometimes liberating – good news – but it will not be until you are past 2022 and 2023 that you feel you can start to settle. You will make or save a lot of money once Jupiter goes into Taurus, so a 2/3 year plan is not a bad idea. You could live your values then, in helping animals or the environment, or social justice. In fact it would delight, stun and amaze you. Even if this year and next year seem hard to control, try to stay with your vision. You will be rewarded.

  24. Thank you, Jessica, for your answer! It’s very reassuring. I watched a YouTube video in Russian test saying how Russia buys chips for their weapons in Taiwan but the sticker says “made in Russia”. They tried buying more chips recently but Taiwan didn’t sell them because of sanctions. It also talked about how Russian airplanes (for regular travel not military) are leased from one European country, I think Norway. That country wants all their planes back so russians will be cutoff from inside Russia travel! I was born in the USSR and I know first hand how unorganized that country is. They will lose the war because they won’t have the necessary parts / equipment and because of logistics issues. The only reason they won during WW2 is that USA and European countries were helping. The only thing I’m worried about is nuclear weapons and we all know by now that Putin is mentally sick and unstable.

    1. You were born in the U.S.S.R. so you know about the chaos. I have never forgotten my trip to Moscow, it was like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole, but with the wonder. I feel sorry for the people in Russia who have tried so hard to resist Vladimir Putin and his kind. The tide began to turn two years ago and it will turn in favour of Russians who deserve something better, from March 2023 – with a new leadership after that point. The astrology is really clear about that. I understand your point about nuclear weapons and as we are using the recent Belarus-Russia chart, we need to watch Belarus closely. I think Belarus will be the player in this, ultimately, because of that chart. And so, the economy will transform.

  25. Thank you for this Jessica , after the 2 last years the last thing the world needed was a war
    It is so reassuring to know one day soon it will be over but so sad for all the lives destroyed
    Thank you for shedding light & giving hope x

  26. Hi Jessica I felt intuitively this is the beginning of the end for Putin and will ultimately not end well as the rich elite will not take kindly to the collapse of their spiraling wealth, so this article is very reassuring. However are you warning us about global financial crashes other than Russian stock markets? And when you say “this detox, though, and it’s coming. The Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act, cryptocurrency and blockchain will all be central to what happens.” are you suggesting cryptocurrency will crash too or the inverse, that people will put their money into digital crypto money as the old world fiat money banking system collapses?

    1. The trouble with cryptocurrency is that it arrived on Uranus in Taurus in 2018 (the cycle of revolution, shock and upheaval in the sign of money) and is here until 2026. So what we’ll see, worldwide, is what I have published on this website before, if you want to hit cryptocurrency on Search. It’s going to be a free-for-all, completely chaotic at times and quite unregulated. Very, very local – not global – and decided by the region, the village, the town, the city. It’s really a change in values. We live in a world where the top 1% (Pluto in Capricorn) have forced everyone else to accept what they think is valuable. Ivanka’s designer labels. Piles of money that never move. It’s quite hard to write about the astrology of Uranus in Taurus without sounding like Karl Marx, but we have to be true to the horoscope trends. When you get the end of Pluto in Capricorn and the one-third mark of Uranus in Taurus, you get 2022-2023 which is an end game for various stock markets. Russia has crashed and will go on crashing, as Uranus at 11 Taurus goes over Saturn at 11 Taurus. There will be other jaw-dropping plunges until 2026. A very smart move, is to turn to your local area, read the town/city/region and ‘read the room’ in terms of what people want and need. Petrol/gas is going to be a minefield very shortly.

  27. Hey Jessica,

    Wow! Incredible article for the sound & sober content and daring assessment. In particular, because it is happening in real-time.
    I have the feeling Putin’s demise will come from inside Russia rather than externally. What are your thoughts on that? Given its strategic position in Europe and sensitivity to Russia as an energy supplier, what are your views about Germany’s involvement, if any?
    Personally, it has been one of the most challenging times of my life; not sure how I’ll be able to cope with another prolonged market crisis.
    Thank you for the hopeful article.
    Have a great day!

    1. You’re doing well to separate the personal from the global. The reality is that 2022, 2023 is a huge ask for all of us, because the known financial world is turning upside down. Not just once. Several times. At the same time we have to accept that the end game is fantastic. We needed to get rid of money laundering, tax evasion and fossil fuel. Vladimir Putin will meet his downfall in Russia, correct. The impact on Europe will be the end of petrol, the end of coal and gas, the start (or restart) of electric, solar and wind power. Planet saved. I suspect the karma of Russia from 1939 with the show trials will come back to Vladimir Putin in 2022, 2023. It may even be the same men, reborn.

  28. This post was reassuring. Wow! Thank You. I am planning to move off of the mainland USA this year permanently but wondering if I should stay put? Hmm.

    1. Have a look at your Garden Oracle, Astrology Oracle and Tarot for that and give yourself a three-way reading. Only when you have time and space – and take screen shots.

  29. Hello and thank you a lot for the Astrological view on today’s situation! I am from Estonia and we are the neighbours of Russia. How do you see the near future for Baltic countries considering the war in Ukraine? Also, do you see that larger nuclear damage (either incidentally or planned attack) would be realistic thing Thanks

    1. Estonia was of course annexed by Russia in 1940 so given that we are repeating the karma of 1938, it would seem you are owed, by Russia. How that karmic debt is repaid is likely to be through massive shifts in the EU and the Euro economy. America may well play a part in that. Later on, of course, Estonia was occupied by Germany. So she is also owed there. I think 1938 and 1939 will have a major impact on Estonia in 2022 and 2023 as by all the laws of astrology there needs to be closure. Germany is on the way to that closure as she is paying a heavy price for her sanctions against Russia, isn’t she. We are yet to see how heavy. This looks complex, but I think you will find that Estonia is ‘owed’ and will be repaid.

  30. Fascinating article! I just joined your membership because of it. 🙂 I must say though that, on a personal level, I’m now wondering if I should go ahead with buying a car if gas prices are going to skyrocket? Oh my.

    Also, I’m very curious…if the U.K. is owed good karma for standing against Hitler from the beginning of WWII, what about the Commonwealth countries who joined from the beginning too? I’m Canadian and we joined the first week of the war to fight Hitler and we also endured rationing in order to feed the U.K. in ’40. Might we be getting good karma as a result in the coming years?

    1. Thank you so much. Buying a car running on gas (not electric) is an interesting experiment in 2022, 2023. It depends where it is made. Parts may be an issue if it’s a foreign car. Fuel will certainly be an issue by 2023. I am not sure where Canada sources everything from, although I should, as my cousin lives there. I think it’s worth serious research over the next couple of years. Canada is owed good karma from 1938 along with the British Commonwealth countries, even though she was independent by then. She importantly became part of NATO later. Germany has just made a huge sacrifice with Russia. Germany, of course, owes everybody (the allies) for the rationing, hardship and loss of life. We usually put these things behind us because nobody wants to keep going back to The Dieppe Raid and other Canadian losses from the war; it’s too hard. But in astrology we do have to honour the past and the lunar node cycle. So Canada is back there, and whatever comes to pass with Germany, Poland and so on will help eradicate an awful lot of old spiritual debts – likely through economies and trade.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your very kind words. I am very flattered.
    My face is now the colour of the Emperor’s robes.

    I feel that reading this website has helped me so much, not only in learning more about Astrology and Tarot but also in finding reassurance in the articles you have written during difficult times, like now.
    I feel as if I have been taken by the hand and comforted. Having my mind opened, gaining a sense of empowerment for things I can help change and also acceptance where I am unable to alter things much.
    I do intend to cut down on fossil fuel use and am ready for possible rationing (thanks for the advance warning)
    I have Chiron in Pisces, I think this means I have a teacher in the sign of things spiritual and psychic. It feels like this when I visit.

    We have had very disturbing reports from the BBC and Sky that Putin has put Russia on to a high nuclear deterrent alert. You will probably wake up to this news in Australia. I presume this is done to spook NATO but he might just mean it. He might just do it.

    He has been behaving irrationally. Hiding away during the pandemic. Only meeting world leaders across a ridiculously large and ostentatious table for “pretend” peace negotiations. It would seem that he takes the past break-up of the Soviet Union personally as if the Country of Russia was an extension of himself, not a place where millions of people, who are not him, live. As the UK Defence Minister said, he is going “full tonto”

    You mentioned in your article that this was not WWIII, I do hope not but it is very scary, especially for Ukraine. Is there anything astrologically at this time that indicates a dangerous world situation? I do hope that the red cloth of the Emperor’s drapes was not an indication of “the big red button” or Nena’s song “99 red balloons”.

    Take care and again, thank you.


    1. Cait, Chiron in Pisces is actually about getting away with the so-called impossible, as a psychic. You may want to find out more about Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House. It’s very useful. The Emperor is Russia and Vladimir Putin in one symbol. He is isolated. When you are so isolated it is very hard to do anything of great import; this figure is also easy to attack from behind. Go back to the card and see what else you pick up.

  32. Hi from Los Angeles

    What a blessing to have found you.
    I have several concerns with Ukraine and specifically about the nuclear threat that Putin came out with yesterday
    Do you see anything like that happening?
    What do you think will happen to the US stock market cause I have most of my retirement funds in there ….
    Are NATO countries going to be fighting that monster cause I’m planning to move to Europe soon….Should I revise my plans?

    All input will be greatly appreciated

    1. Thank you Thierry. Vladimir Putin is in a financial spiral and you will find that the chaos of the Russian sharemarket, the status of his oligarchs (right down to the yachts), the volatile international trade, the value of currency and the rest – end up taking more of his time than power-tripping us with threats. When we look to serious world war, we look to transits in Cancer, the sign of nationalism, and we don’t have them in the Twenties. We had them in the First World War and Second World War, but they are not there now. The American stockmarket was always going to be volatile and you need to speak to your advisor. It depends where you put your money. If you put it in petrol/gas then obviously that needs a really close look. Investing in electric bikes? Not so much. You want to move to Europe. Where? Thierry, I suggest you give yourself a Tarot and Oracle reading for this intensely personal question. The European Union, the Euro and travel itself are so vulnerable to disruption in 2022, 2023 and COVID-19 has not gone away. It is still changing shape.

  33. Hello Jessica,

    My daughter has Venus at 27 Capricorn and Cupido at 12 Pisces and I see there are conjunctions on both of these aspects this week. What would be the best way to use these conjunctions?
    She was born on 4 Feb 1974 at 3:44 pm (UK time), 0w20 51n28.

    Thank you!

    1. The rare conjunction is Pluto in Capricorn transiting her natal Venus. This is a professional, academic or non-profit relationship (sometimes a ‘business deal’ marriage with high status) which is taken over by someone or something which requires a lot of self-control to manage. It is classically the employer, a powerful client or colleague; sometimes a dominating husband. Pluto can arrive in all sorts of disguises. The golden rule with this transit is to use sheer willpower to become empowered. She is an Aquarian also going through the South Node transit of her solar Tenth House of career, position, status, success and ambition so life as it was 18-19 years ago will give her a few clues.

  34. I was checking your website constantly to see your update about Russia and Ukraine. Thank you so much for this! Although it will be a very chaotic end, it’s the end nonetheless. I was wondering about Bosnia and Herzegovina as there are talks about the disintegration of it? Do you have any insights on this?
    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Bosnia and Herzegovina have karma with the EU (European Union) from the year 2004 and the United Nations, as that was the year that the EU took over peacekeeping, although the UN stayed in control. That is really important, because in 2004 we found the North Node in Taurus (the economy, trade) and the South Node in Scorpio (currency, banking, debt) and right on cue, in 2022 and 2023, the North Node and South Node are back in the same signs. So, there is karmic settlement ahead. It will be financial. It may even be about territory, as of course land value is part of Taurus/Scorpio. It will take a couple of years to sort out – from 2024 you can say it’s done. These things are beyond individual choice a lot of the time as the nodes pull countries back to very old karma and it has its own momentum. It can feel very fated.

  35. Hi Jessica

    I do like the optimism this tragic event will bring in the end, but currently anxiety is definitely high. Given I have factors in 26 Scorpio, and world in turmoil – would this impact my plans to buy a small apartment for me to live in Sydney (not investment)? It’ll be co-owned by my sister who is 31 March 1992 (so Aries). Should I hold off or any dates to avoid?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hmmm. You are a Sun Libra with factors at 26 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance, natally. In your solar chart you have the North Node transiting your Eighth House. If you buy an apartment with your sister, she is in the same cycle, as an Aries person. I strongly recommend you both use the Tarot and the Oracles on this website to dig deeper for answers, Shaolee. 2022 and 2023 are hard work. May 2023 to May 2024 is much, much easier as Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) moves into Taurus then. Before that point you are likely to see a few obstacles to jump so I recommend you both have a look at your cards, as the decisions are yours.

  36. Thank you Jessica for your I am a senior it is hard to watch
    the volatility of the stock market. I am a triple Libra. Is this worry part of my sign and is it warranted?

    1. You will have the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio in your Second House of individual income, and the Eighth House of joint finance and property, in 2022 and 2023. Look at what was happening 18-19 years ago as it is coming back. You owe, karmically, or are owed – karmically. It will be played out with business matters, a house or apartment (say), your income, investments and so on. For example you may have tied yourself to Russia for years assuming it would go on forever – and now it will not. That is just a random example. It really depends on the karma from 18-19 years ago which is personal. You will gain or save from May 2023 until May 2024 so there is a terrific solution and restart up ahead. In general, we can’t stop the markets being volatile on this Uranus in Taurus cycle, until 2026. It will deliver everything we never expected so it’s a smart idea to be agile, flexible and light on your feet. Look at old predictions about Uranus in Taurus on Search as I’ve been ringing the bell about this for a few years now.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for what you do. You certainly put the current craziness into perspective. You talk about a tough slog economically for the whole world through 2026, which is frustrating after we have already been through so much uncertainty due to COVID. My consulting business has really suffered and not having seen my family for over 2 years, I was hoping that with my imminent move back to Europe from Asia things would be better, overall. But now it looks like the uncertainty will continue for some time. Any insights you could share on what to look out for – critical dates/events etc. – to reduce the risk of costly missteps would be so helpful.

    1. Thank you. The slog is actually 2022, 2023 and there are fantastic turning points, solutions and answers once we get to the Jupiter in Taurus cycle, May 2023 until May 2024. You can call this year and next year the necessary detox. The world had to end globalisation, fossil fuel and money laundering and it’s all coming in one intense cycle. I am sorry you have felt the hardship of COVID-19 with your consulting business and also the long separation from your family. You are now going back to Europe from Asia and have concerns about that. You are not logged in, so I cannot see your chart, but I suggest using the method I use for myself – follow the steps with the Garden Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and The Smith-Waite Tarot and record the readings, either with screen shots, or by writing things in a journal. Be specific about what you need to know, and when. I’ll check back later to see if you are logged in, though I have to warn you that there are 13, 419 comments in the queue now so it’s not always possible to pick up where I left off. Remember the turning points ahead: there will be a great deal corrected and solved with Jupiter in Taurus. If you do have anything in Taurus in your Second House of money saved and money made, you will gain.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    About Romania what can you say in the context of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? How the economical situation will be in the next years?
    We have a lot of corruption at the political level.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I’ve just commented on the karma of 1938 being repeated in 2022, as for the first time in our lives, we see the lunar nodes go into the economy/trade signs, Taurus and Scorpio (which can only happen about every 18 years) and Uranus go into Taurus, which rules the Euro, and the European trading bloc – the EU. That’s not happened in your lifetime. So if this feels like a crossroads, you are right. It’s history in the making. Romania in 1938 was under Carol II and royal autocracy. By 1940 Romania had given territory to Russia, Bulgaria and Hungary, after pressure from Russia and Nazi Germany. I am sure you know all this! The nodes always reveal what is owed, and what must be repaid. It is usually spiritual but manifests as finance in 2022 and 2023. Germany is making amends karmically with Romania by taking strong steps against Russia. Romania is ‘owed’ karmically by Russia and perhaps Bulgaria. You will see huge changes in 2022, 2023 which close the circle of karma. If your leadership is involved in money laundering and/or the darker side of the Swiss banks, there will be shocks and necessary u-turns by 2023.

    1. The astrology we are seeing in 2022 is 1938, and it is really about karma from 1938 for Sweden with Germany. The reason for this is the repetition of the North Node and South Node in the economy signs, Taurus and Scorpio, and Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus, which rules currency and trade as well as the whole economy. We just saw ‘neutral’ Switzerland stop being neutral. We also saw Credit Suisse exposed in a shock leak – with all her wartime links shown up. Using Switzerland as an example, Sweden must now make amends for what she did in 1938 too, basically choosing to stay neutral in the Second World War but allowing Nazi Germany transit rights. The decision Sweden makes now can’t be predicted but it is time for closure, though it will cost the Swedes economically – of course. With Finland we also go back to 1938 and of course by 1938 the Nazi-Soviet pact led to a Soviet invasion of Finland with brave resistance. Now that is crucial – really crucial – because Germany owes Finland. This is all going to be worked out through money in 2022, 2023. What we are going to see is drastic economic change, the end of globalisation by 2026, the end of fossil fuel (which saves us from Climate Emergency) and yes – incredibly – good things will come out of crisis. But, you have to leave the decisions to the leadership, and only the leadership can figure out those very old spiritual debts from the last war. That is what this is all about.

  39. Dear Jessica, thank you very much for your quick astrological reaction. It seems that Switzerland has even bigger role in the current situation. What about Ukraine’s accession to the EU?

    1. Switzerland has balanced some karma from 1938 which is incredible to see: that neutrality which helped the Nazis so much in 1938, 1939 is no longer going to work in 2022, 2023 now that the same cycles are back. Ukraine will join the EU. Very, very hard work for all concerned.

  40. This is fascinating ! Thank you very much.
    To answer your questions it would be between Italy & France.
    In regards of the oracle or tarot reading I don’t know how to do that.
    Would you do it for me?



    1. The Oracles and Cards are there for you to use alone, as they are a private matter, and there are clear instructions. Thank you.

  41. I am concerned about the nuclear threat and things spiralling. Would be interested in your thoughts on Putins psychology.
    Would also be interested in your thoughts on my chart date of birth 19/09/1968 London 9.30 am.
    Thoughts on creativity, writing career.

    1. We don’t have an astrology chart for Vladimir Putin that can be relied upon, so I have no comment, other than to say I think (on a psychic level) he is ill and the illness may be inherited, genetically. You are a Sun Virgo born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo so you ‘live’ in your Sixth House. You need method and order, ritual and routine, a satisfying workload, productive housework, daily fitness and the right food/drink to feel completely at home in the world, and although 2022 is hard work, 2023 will be better and could transform you, actually.

  42. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries with a stellium in Aries in your First House so you need yoga, Pilates or similar. Maybe a combination of kick-boxing, Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, wild swimming, running, football and so on. All strongly Aries people need sport or solo fitness to feel at home in the world. Without that channel you can end up feeling frustrated and unhappy. Have a look at The Garden Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and the Smith Waite Tarot to see what would happen if you pursued more/different physical activity. Anxiety is usually a sign that you are not honouring your Aries side. You will feel a lot better when you have an outlet for your body chemistry. And thank you, for your thank you. It is much appreciated.

  43. Thank you for this article. I had read that this was WW3 and have been in a state of panic and anxiety for a week almost. It heightened when the nuclear weapons were put on high alert!
    Your article has taken a lot of my anxiety away and I’m ready to begin to allow myself to look forward to the future. The blessing is that the climate emergency will end.

  44. Hallo, did you got my email before? Because I wrote in german. I just wanted to say, that your work is fantastic and so clear. Many thanks for that. I wanted to ask, if you can have a look to my chart. born in germany, town: Dormagen, 3:58 am, date: 30.06.1964. How will it go on for me and for Germany? Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you. If you were born on 30th June 1964 you are a Sun Cancer person who is almost at the end of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle which began in 2008. This will be a relief for you, from March 2023, as for the most part, the endless questions about your willpower, your self-control, your self-discipline – through or with a partner – are over. This is also true of anyone against you. I expect you have had both situations since 2008. Perhaps a former partner, or someone else in a duet or duel – the partnerships can be professional as well as sexual. Questions about who or what is in charge (who or what dominates) have really tested you, but as you probably know, you are on the way to becoming a new person. The situation with Germany is karmic. She owes Europe from 1938 and 1939 and will repay, economically, in 2022, 2023 and close the circle. It has already begun. Germany is on the road to solar, wind and alternative energy. Hard short-term, but the solution long-term.

  45. Can you tell me something about my country Poland? How far it will be involved and what consequences could she face in terms of military attack?Thank you

    1. Poland will receive funding from the West to take a large number of people from Ukraine and a new building program will commence there.

  46. Hi Jessica – interesting read. I’m too sad right now to be optimistic honestly. You mention Putin however what about Zelensky? Will he make it out alive? I studied his chart from a Vedic astrology perspective and things are looking tough for him. Which is heartbreaking because he’s such a rare precious commodity when it comes to politicians (and the notorious bad image they’ve earned for themselves). Also I still don’t understand what you make of Ukraine. In the immediate future it will find itself under the monster once again?

    1. Do we have an AA-rated chart for the Ukraine leader? That is exciting. I will see if I can find it in the Astrodatabank database.

  47. Thank You Jessica, You are a blessing. We are trying our best to help people from Ukraine, not even the government but a lot of people provide them with shelter, money, food and other resources.

  48. Thank you very much for this interesting oversight. It really helps with the understanding. I am concerned about the many people of colour who being treated very poorly in Ukraine. Everyone, except those of colour are being able to board trains or escape. they are refusing anyone of colour. This is really saddening, as it is not just the Ukraine. Will this every cease?

    1. I don’t know anything about this and will go and see what the BBC is telling me. Thank you.

  49. I’d love to see what is in store for the United States. Have you done a chart for that already?

    1. Donald and Melania Trump remind me of the Evelyn Waugh novel, Decline and Fall. Have a look at ‘America’ on Search for some old forecasts.

  50. hi Jessica,

    I also would like to know what about Zelenksi? I pray for his life, may this hero continue to live very long!!!

    1. Astrology never shows death. The Ukraine chart shows a conflict between the President and the party, but also the EU, NATO, United Nations so it’s a tough year for him. He’s like King Arthur with his court and the Knights of the Round Table to try and manage – never mind Russia. He is also showing himself to be a king among men, though, and nobody will ever take that away from him.

  51. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your clear insight into the current state of affairs. I have never felt the need to learn to drive as I always had a ‘feeling’ we would return to using ‘horse and cart’ as a means of transport again. Petrol prices are indeed rising due to this conflict so who knows?

    Do look after yourself during this time of great upheaval and change.

  52. Hi Heather,
    I am from Romania. I also saw those headlines and I would like to give you some information related to your concerns. My country has a 600 km long border with Ukraine which was crossed, so far, by more than 100,000 people.
    My country offers now shelter for hundreds of foreign students who leave Ukraine as we speak. And these students are from various African countries, India, Morocco, Turkey e.t.c. Buses full of students from around the world crossed the border including last night. These students usually spend one or two days in Romania – warm welcomed by the Romanians who offer them food and shelter – until they find a flight to take them home.

  53. @Heather
    I am not saying that, maybe, there were some incidents at the border, for sure isolated given the fact that hundreds of foreign students succeeded to leave, but please note the context: the Ukraine border is crossed now by women with children, even with new born children, and elder people. Most probably, not the nationality of the students was the problem but the priority women and children always have in times of war.
    I am trying to place every headline I read in the wider context of a war, because many of these headlines could be misleading or just aiming to amplify small incidents which may prove to be irrelevant for the whole picture. I think we all should do the same.
    Thank you and I hope to speak about peace very soon!

  54. Jessica, not sure if this is even ok to post but here goes please. Since many months where I am presently, I get to bed and the wall opposite has old paint chipped off in some places, so horizontally there are shapes. I being unable to sleep easy, always easily see one patch at my eye level – Paddington sitting on a military tank that is perched on the hat of a face that resembles Charlie Chaplain. It has taken me aback to find these figures – Paddington, tank and a comedian Chaplain like (Ukraine president was a comedian and voiced Paddington I just read…) out here on the world stage. Makes no sense why am I seeing these three since many months. Why is this please. Have no connection to Russia, E Europe and these two countries’ politics at all. If it bears nothing more than a very uncanny coincidence or whatever it may be called, hope it is only that. Yet this is so so strange. Thank you for all your posts and informed writings. Kindly.

    1. Thank you. You are psychic and can probably read clouds as well as wall paint patches. For months you have seen Paddington Bear, Charlie Chaplin and a tank. So we now know the Ukraine President was the actor who was the voice of Paddington Bear. Charlie Chaplin played Adolf Hitler in The Great Dictator. You draw your own conclusions.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your sharing. I cannot read the horrific articles anymore since I feel so much stress. My heart breaks for Ukraine and the people especially the children.
    I am also so worried about Russias threat to Sweden now helping Ukraine with military equipment, money and aid. Proud of us stepping up and help (in the way we can), but since we are not in NATO I feel afraid. Will it be war or bombing in Sweden soon? #Want to protect my children

    1. I understand why you can’t read, watch or look at anything else about Russia’s war on Ukraine at the moment. It is heartbreaking as you say. Please do not worry about Sweden. It is very likely that Sweden and Finland will join NATO. A really, really long time ago I published a prediction about a new world order which would involve New Zealand as a non-NATO ally. I think you will find that Jacinda Ardern will play her part in helping to guide ‘the new NATO’ with members and non-members and that will make a solid difference. I have to keep saying this. It is not World War Three. World wars come with major transits in Cancer (patriotism, nationalism, global destruction of homes) and this isn’t it. What will happen, and what will affect Sweden, is supply shortages, rations and temporary breaks in the old economic system. On the plus side, the world is going to lose petrol, coal, gas and gain electric and solar.

  56. Thank you for your thoughts Jessica and taking time to look at my chart (19/09/1968 London 9.30 am). The world really does seem in turmoil. Is it a time where it’s not wise to make personal decisions ( wondering whether to move to Ireland (or Italy)) or should we hold back. Thank you for all your wisdom.

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, so have a packed Sixth House. You express yourself through your work ethic, workload, lifestyle, housework and your health and wellbeing, fitness and mental health have a direct line to your feelings about your job, studies or unpaid work – at any time. You want to move to Ireland or Italy. Wait until you know where your financial advantages or outlets are, which will be May-October. You do need to put your work and health first in 2022 and until March 2023 actually, so it will be a combination of COVID-19 realities, your work situation (I include academia or volunteering in that) and the extra money you could make or save after May. I think everything will move very quickly in May, June in terms of your budget and the numbers. As we know from Ukraine and Russia, the numbers are changing overnight at the moment.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your insight. This is a real eye opener. My husband is retired and earning a pension. We are living in the US and seeing the price of homes sky rocket along with everything else. I am a nurse and travel with my work. After 35 years of patient care, I now travel to hospitals and educate nurses on how to use medical equipment and products. Do you see this changing for me, do to the petroleum issue? Should I prepare for work with out travel?

    1. This is a long cycle and it began in 2018 and runs until 2026, so we are not there yet, although you are seeing property inflation and big questions already about gas/petrol in cars. You are a Sun Aries with a big Virgo signature, which is typical of nurses and doctors, actually. We find Aries-Virgo in the emergency services too. If you are not already using new technology online, you will be from 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini. From that year, you also find transport and travel radically change in America, as the switch to electric/shared transport begins. That’s a long way off but you can rehearse at least some of this now by exploring online education – you’ll find this becomes more important in the second half of 2022.

  58. Hi, I am a brazilian (Aug 5th 1989 7:30 am Belo Horizonte) living in Poland. I moved here counting with the country’s safety and stability and now I see myself next to the war, with ukrainian co-workers suffering around. I left a lot of trouble in Brazil and haven’t gone back since I came to Europe (6 years ago), but can’t say my life here has been easy (or that is has ever been easy). In times of such uncertainty, I see myself divided between the countries and responsible for my family. I wonder if you would have an advice for me. Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Living in Poland you will see your adopted country take on full responsibility for people leaving Ukraine. This goes on for some time and it will have a huge impact on the Polish economy. You also have ties in Brazil. You will find that it is possible to relocate, pack your bags and get your passport stamped again – to your advantage – from May to October 2022 and again from January-May 2023 if you did want to go. Luck would be on your side then. The ultimate decision is yours; there are free Tarot card readings on this website to help you navigate.

  59. My mom just corrected me saying I was born at 7:25. I didn’t know that for my whole life until now

  60. Hi Jessica,
    We all thank you very much for your great work that offers hope in these grey times.
    At first I thought that the War in Ukraine would end very quickly, in days, but now it seams that months or years could pass before this war would end.
    How long do you think this war will last?
    Thank you!

    1. The answer to your question actually rests with the next, new, astrological chart we will set up for Ukraine and that depends on the agreement she reaches with the European Union and/or NATO. Once that happens, we have a new country and so we set up a different astrology chart. Then it is possible to get timing. At the moment, just using the chart we have, I think the answer to your question is – when enough of the world economy has transformed. That means an end to money laundering (the slow explosion of the global money laundromat) and an end to fossil fuel – especially Russian oil. That is the bigger, bigger picture of this war. That is actually what it is all about.

  61. Thank you Jessica with all my heart for the answer about Poland. I’m from Poland. It is the people who help the refugees, not the government. People help with their own money. That is why I wanted to ask about the current government. Putin had an influence on the elections in Poland and the Polish government favors him. Will the government in Poland change and will we still be in the Union? Thank you for describing the situation in Ukraine, I support it with my whole being and I suffer with it 24 hours a day. My dad’s ancestors are from Ukraine and I feel a bond with her. My sensitivity and empathy pisses me off. Over the last few years, I still dreamed about the war, and now, watching the information, I have the impression that I have already seen it all. I feel with all of me that it will be fine, but you have to stock up. I greet you very warmly and thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing, for your help ❤️

    1. Your dreams are correct – war has come and you have been stocking up. Astrology is there to help people prepare and it’s been clear for years that once the lunar nodes went into Taurus-Scorpio along with Uranus in Taurus, that we all needed a full pantry and cupboard. The situation with political leadership in Poland, Russia and elsewhere (America under Trump) is really down to Pluto in Capricorn, which began in 2008 and ends in 2022, thank goodness, with just a few months left of the cycle in 2023. Pluto is absolute power, corrupting absolutely. Capricorn is the men in suits at the top. A very small elite, usually white and old. So now you know! If Poland has Pluto in Capricorn running things, in human form, that will not last. Putin will not last. You don’t act out the role of that ancient Roman archetype and get away with it. People power is here from March 2023 and it will run for years, beyond 2030. What you are doing in Poland fits that. So keep the community effort going. It will actually empower you next year.

  62. I have read this and feel much happier and safer..I was / so afraid there will be a nuclear war and I think you have not seen this happening. I feel the planet will be here for my precious granddaughters so thank you very much, Do you think the War in Ukraine will last a longtime ? I am so afraid for those poor people. Could be any of us

    1. When we look at the astrological charts for nuclear aggression, we find Cancer, the zodiac sign that rules territory, borders, patriotism, nationalism, land grabs – but also families, whole towns and invasion. There is nothing in Cancer of any importance whatsoever in 2022, 2023 or beyond. What we are seeing is purely financial. Taurus-Scorpio weather. This suggests that Russia will not give up easily in Ukraine and so the sanctions against her will continue. It’s early days yet. McDonalds is still in Moscow. Can you believe it? Shell are dragging their feet. If you step back from what is going on and look at it astrologically, the whole point of Ukraine is the end of petrol/gas cars. Russian oil. It’s also the end of money laundering. Dirty Russian money concealed in the mega-mansions of London. Once you realise that is actually the real story, you can see that war in Ukraine will last for as long as it takes for the end of money laundering and petrol/gas to take place. So that is actually the answer. We can’t control that timing; people power can (let McDonalds know how you feel).

  63. Dear Jessica, I’m watching what you write. I live in Norway, we have a border with Russia and we are part of NATO. Can you see Norway’s role or conflict with Russia here?

    1. The chart for Norway ties into the other astrological charts I’ve seen for Sweden, Lithuania, Moldova, and so on. There is a shared pattern in the early degrees of the signs, so 0, 1 and 2. This suggests a massive shift in the European Union and NATO in 2023, 2024, 2025 as Pluto (transformation in power) goes into Aquarius across 0, 1, 2 degrees for the first time in 240+ years. For Norway it will be about a revolution in leadership. She was ‘born’ on 7th June 1905 at 11.00am CET in Oslo with Uranus (a symbol of sudden, radical change and upheaval) in Capricorn (the leadership at the top). When Pluto moves to 2 Aquarius in February 2025 that looks like the impact of Vladimir Putin ultimately results in new agreements between nations. In the short term, the issue for Norway with Ukraine-Russia is purely financial. Norway is always protected, as she has Jupiter in Taurus, thank goodness. No matter what recessions or even depressions and crashes come and go, she’s secure. Jupiter in Taurus is a safety net. Yet, you still have to deal with 2022, 2023 in terms of inflation, shortages and the slow move away from petrol/gas, coal and kerosene flights to alternative energy. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been reading all I can on what you’ve predicted for crypto and all of your responses to questions about it as well. Yet I am still struggling to come to a firm understanding. Is it your belief that crypto will wash out in 2026 as fast as it came in 2018? Or is is just that all of the junk crypto will be exposed and gone and the “stable” coins will remain? You keep mentioning local and I know that the US is talking about its own cryptocurrency. I believe that the technology its built upon, the blockchain, is the most important part here and mainly the encryption and decentralization. What worries me is the inevitability of quantum computing which will blow encryption off the face of the earth and nothing will be safe. Maybe we’ll go back to trading shells or salt 🙂 Any predictions on quantum computing and the security of personal finances and information? Thanks

    1. Shells and salt would be a good trade where I live – I gather shells on the beach every day. More seriously, cryptocurrency arrived with Uranus in Taurus in May 2018, in a big way. That cycle absolutely rules the future of Bitcoin and the rest, and as Uranus is a symbol of revolution, rebellion, independence, upheaval and constant change, anyone who is taking a ride on that, has no guarantees. Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018 and on the day that happened, the HSBC (let us never forget, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank) backed blockchain. That was a game-changer. So blockchain is tied to Uranus in Taurus as well. Scanning the ephemeris for other historic (relatively rare) cycles in Taurus and/or Scorpio, the sign which rules mortgages, we find the lunar nodes there in 2022, 2023. They’ve not been there for about 18-19 years. So that’s important. They are also in opposition, so there is tension, difficulty, obstacle-laden challenge. You also have to remember that billions of people now on the planet were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio, so every single person will meet opposition from Uranus and/or the North Node, right across their Eighth House of joint finance. That takes us back to rent and the mortgage, as for most people, joint finances are about sharing repayments or a lease. What comes out of this is revolutionary, by 2026. The biggest spike will be 2022, 2023. That’s really because of the unusual appearance of the North Node in Taurus, but also Uranus in Taurus and eventually Jupiter in Taurus, too. When you say “nothing will be safe” you are correct. The people who crash the hardest will be those who have borrowed a fortune and/or put dirty money into overpriced homes.

  65. Dear Jessica, I want to sincerely thank you for your astrological prognoses and all the work you are doing. Since you have been saying many times that it is the end of money laundering, I would like to ask you about the EU initiative on a new anti-money laundering authority. On 20 July 2021 the EU presented an idea of establishing a new authority to stop the flows of dirty money (, but since then nothing much was done. How does this initiative correspond to a bigger picture? Any psychic insights on when such institution may start its work and in which EU country?

    1. Thank you. The end of the global money laundromat has been really clear from the astrology for years. I can’t remember when I first published a prediction about that, but it may have been 2018. The EU will not give up on this, which is fantastic, and the European Union will ultimately have the power, together with the United States, to make The Magnitsky Act a game-changer. The odd man out is the United Kingdom. A leadership change is coming and with it, the end of Russian money laundering through London property – and business. But, particularly, those Regency mansions. It will be 18th century property, owned by ‘dirty money’ Russians, which feels the hit most – according to the astrology. Why? Because those Moscow McMansions date from the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, when the Prince Regent took over from King George III. Watch that one.

  66. Considering 1938/39, could it be US karma to get involved earlier rather than later this time around (agree to swap planes?)

    1. We are really lucky to have President Biden and Vice-President Harris compensating for 1938. The astrology is an exact mirror of that year, when Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany took Czechoslovakia and the United Kingdom let him do it – while the United States looked the other way. Even in 1939 (the next time mirror) the United States let the United Kingdom and France tackle Hitler. Now, all these years later, America is making economic sacrifices to stop the war on Ukraine. The plane swap has been rejected. This is a Taurus-Scorpio-Aquarius cycle so people power (mass boycotts and the triggering of The Magnitsky Act) will work wonders. Just watch.

  67. hi Jessica,
    i planing move to russia ,on july but all situation qiut difficult …but i believe it good will be for futture investment in russia….my date of birth 09.08.1977
    thank you so much

    1. I’ve answered you elsewhere. This is like asking if it’s a good idea to move to Berlin from London in 1938.

  68. hi Jessica,
    i planing move to russia ,on july but all situation qiut difficult …but i believe it good will be for futture investment in russia….my date of birth 09.08.1977

    1. Why do you want to move to Russia when Vladimir Putin has declared war on Ukraine?

  69. Hi Jessica,

    I already wrote to you, but I think something went wrong and you didn’t received my comment.
    Could you help me understand – do you see Latvia role or conflict with Russia here? We are part of Nato, bet I am worrying about our country.

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Ukraine has pushed the Comments over 13,500 so the queue has become quite long, so your message would have been received, but just not seen to date. Okay, so Latvia has four astrological charts. I am sure you are very worried about what is happening, and I am sorry you have to go through it. Latvia’s most recent chart is set for 21st August 1991 at 8.25am in Riga (GMT) when you became fully independent from the Soviet Union. Okay, so the future goes something like this. Uranus at 17 Taurus and the lunar nodes at 17 Taurus/Scorpio in June, July and August will reshape your economy. You have to remember that Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine is economic. Russia’s economy has collapsed. What will happen with Latvia is really more about the European Union (EU) than anything else, over the short-term, and the position of Latvia’s Pluto at 17 Scorpio in the 1991 chart and 16 Scorpio in the 1990 chart suggests this is about mortgages. It’s about insurance. It’s about pensions/superannuation. It’s about government support. It’s also very much about the birth rate, as people tend not to have babies when mortgages are such hard work. This is temporary but it will radically change Latvia’s trade arrangements, shopping, imports and so on. The bigger change comes later, when Latvia has to transform her role with the EU and NATO and the UN, and that is timed for the first half of 2023. More hard work ahead, but you will do it. Your country is ancient and has seen it all, survived and thrived.

  70. THank you for replay i like to invest it realy big country and i see a lot oportunity specialy difficult time always can find for right investmnt

  71. Hi Jessica,

    thank you for your detailed interpretation of this situation, it looks very down to earth. Tell me, do you see any signs that this war will going to turn into a global warfare or (if not) spread to neighbouring countries? Current things are not exactly optimistic and sitting here in the neighbourhood (Hungary) is not exactly relaxing. We are basically on the edge right from the start. So far so the war only focused to the east but now it starts to come west as well.

    1. The answer is economic sanctions against Russia and a redrawing of trade within Europe. People don’t like change and politicians are nervous of making people change too quickly in case they lose the next election. Yet, they need to use astrology and remember we are in rolling Aquarius weather. It began at Christmas 2020, goes on and becomes stronger from 2023. Aquarius is the EU, the UN, NATO. Simple. Community, diversity, equality. That includes women and non-white faces. It includes all classes and income groups. The more Hungary and other countries pursue that, the more powerful they will be. Putin does not understand it. Nor does China, nor North Korea. Europe has already won. America and non-NATO allies like New Zealand have already won. Why? Women. You have to remember that all Vladimir Putin’s got is some very dated old tricks from last century. Do not be frightened. Play more Pussy Riot.

  72. Hi Jessica, this was such a relief read and it made me more aware of the changes we need for our planet and our lives. I just feel helpless watching the news and want to help every single Ukrainian, specially all the children since I’ve been recently a mother of a beautiful baby boy, makes me think what kind of future are we leaving to our children, this war is just bringing us back 80 years in evolution as a society.
    How do you see my country Portugal during this time? How about me and my family in particular, now that I have a baby boy and are in the process of buying a new home? Anything I need to watch out for? Thank you

    1. Congratulations on your baby boy. Try to keep the home purchase paperwork as flexible as possible along with any financial contracts, so that you have room to move in 2022 and 2023 which will be unpredictable at times. Don’t lock yourself in with too many heavy binding agreements, as a couple and family. Portugal has three astrological charts, the most recent being for 25th April 1974 at 5.15pm CET in Lisbon. She has been Pisces, Libra and now Taurus at three different stages in her history. The European economy will be highly unpredictable, erratic and sometimes quite stormy in 2022, 2023 for Portugal and her neighbours and I don’t think cross-European travel will become any more simple in 2022-2023 either. Your country has seen it all before, though, and in fact there will be new trade deals, agreements and business ventures in 2023 which greatly help.

  73. Hi Jessica, I’ve been reading your posts trying to work out just where the UK will stand on the global stage when Pluto in Capricorn leaves for Aquarius (can’t wait!). I’ve felt the tough times personally as a British citizen.
    As a premium member can I ask why exactly did Pluto hit me so hard?

    On the home front in the UK our govt have stalled in taking Ukrainian refugees. Why?
    As a Brit I’m ashamed of the stance our government has taken regarding refugees especially as we’re facing the karma of 1938 now. Every night I pray for Ukraine & the end of war.
    Shouldn’t Britain be doing more? Will there be global repurcussions for our lack of humanity, towards refugees or can Ukraine/Europe forgive us?

    Is there any chance that the UK will reconnect with Europe after the war in Ukraine?
    Will we possibly see Boris Johnson & co post May 2022 be dragged into Putins hearing at the Hague if/when he’s tried for war crimes.

    Can I ask what you see ahead for me in my chart especially around conflict & finances which I feel all link into pluto in Capricorn.
    Kind regards.

    1. Thank you. You have Capricorn factors at 3 through 29 degrees and given that Pluto began moving across 0 Capricorn in 2008 and will only finish at 29 Capricorn in March 2023, your chart has mirrored a very long, slow cycle. Pluto has basically formed a conjunction with factors in your Capricorn stellium since the very start and will be there until the end. A lot of people want Pluto in Capricorn to leave. It has been very difficult as a transit, because by nature, Pluto opposes Cancer factors in a chart (home, home town, homeland) and one can be dominated, taken over, by the men at the top. This is now happening to Ukraine. (But it does not last, obviously). The United Kingdom is dealing with her 1938 karma regarding appeasement in 2022. So the issue is not refugees as much as pleasing/making peace with a dictator. This time around the United Kingdom is facing the truth about oligarchs in Belgravia and possible Russian interference in Westminster. She is in fact taking in refugees as you’ve seen on the news. Will the United Kingdom rejoin the European Union? No. The European Union as we knew it will finish, though, and become a different kind of organisation. There may be a special place for the U.K. but also other allies to have a role there, on the outside, or there may even be a brand new European network rising once Pluto goes into Aquarius, from March 2023. Your finances are not linked to the Capricorn transit at all. They are packed with potential; you will make or save a fortune by May and again in October-December 2022.

  74. Hi JEssica,
    I am so excited I found your site with all this information not only in articles, but in comments as well. Thak you for that. As my father (born on 1937 Latvia, deported to Siberia on 1949, returned in 1960’s) said “As long as we have our land and hands, we’ll have food and warm house”… He died 5 years ago, but now, going through all those more and less global things on my own with two kids, I remeber every story from my family tree memories (They’re collected until around 1860’s), how my grandfather got whole family back from Siberia, how his brothers and uncles survived WW1. It is not a circle. It is spiral, we’re in. And I am glad to be born with a Sun/Mars cazimi, as it gives power to get trough it all. Every peace finds it’s place. I’ll keep reading and getting more into details. Thank you very much.

  75. Horoscopes analysed:
    Wolodymyr Selenskyj: January 25, 1978, 2pm (Astro-databank, Rodden Rating A)
    Ukraine, Independence: August 24, 1991, 6.00pm Kiev (Astro-databank, Rodden Rating AA)
    Vladimir Putin: October 7, 1952, 4:10pm (time rectified by Claude Weiss), Sankt Petersburg
    Start of the air sign epoch, the “New Aira”: December 21, 2020, 7:07am, location: Kiev

    1. Rodden Rating A is good; Rodden Rating AA is better. Rectified times don’t count, sorry. We do not have reliable data for Vladimir Putin. Try the Russia chart – it works. Thank you.

  76. Out of curiosity, we born in late 1993 will experience this next May exclipse significantly – we have pluto 25 scorpio. Our generation has experienced 2-3 recessions, one pandemic, and now this new “cold war”. Will this eclipse mean more financial ruins, debt and devastation for us? Is this our generational “dark night of the soul”?

    1. A generation born with Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, is fated to experience the South Node in Scorpio conjunction, and North Node in Taurus opposition, before (eventually) Uranus in Taurus in opposition. So this is a long, slow, reshaping of the part that money and property play in your lives. This is already showing up as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. It is also showing up as crowdfunding, eBay, PayPal and other ways to become empowered in a world where the power has always been with the banks and politicians. So, although 2022, 2023 is challenging, you would expect all kinds of innovation and invention to come from your generation, by 2026, when the Uranus in Taurus cycle finishes. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. So, typically, marriage and mortgage. Also, legacies and wills. It is in these areas that you will find you are forced to come up with a very different way to control your life, economically, in the light of this. You may in fact change laws.

  77. I would be also curious about how Finland & Sweden will handle these few years. Both are under female leaders, which are a massive contrast to toxic masculinity and threats of Putin’s Russia. Would you be able to give us insight about these states?

    1. Yes, Finland and Sweden are good examples of Pluto in Aquarius leadership. Women in charge, helps any group find more power and control, from March 2023, as they take their place alongside men. Vladimir Putin is a man out of time, as Pluto is slipping out of Capricorn for another 240+ years, and the toxic masculinity you describe is also slipping away. It does not work in a group. Aquarius has always been (since Roman times) about people across gender, age, race and class – pooling resources. That is Finland and Sweden. Watch NATO, the EU, the G20 and the UN as they are reshaped from March 2023, and these two countries in particular find a new way to be inside them, or outside them. It is entirely possible that a brand new network of nations will also emerge. With women, front-and-centre.

  78. Thanks for the forecast and all the responses. I’m heartbroken over Ukraine, especially after today’s news from Bucha. I have several questions:
    1. You said it already that this won’t become a world war but will the US join the fight against Russia? You said Putin is “finished” but when?
    2. Will China invade Taiwan?
    3. I just retired last year. I’m concerned about the US stock market and economy. Both 1 and especially 2 will impact the market. I’m a Scorpio, Nov 6, 1961 9PM (GMT+8).

  79. Thanks for the forecast and all the responses. I’m heartbroken over Ukraine, especially after today’s news from Bucha. I have several questions:
    1. You said it already that this won’t become a world war but will the US join the fight against Russia? You said Putin is “finished” but when?
    2. Will China invade Taiwan?
    3. I just retired last year. I’m concerned about the US stock market and economy. Both 1 and especially 2 will impact the market. I’m a Scorpio, Nov 6, 1961 9PM (GMT+8).

    1. The astrology of 2022 is not about classic world war timing – not at all. For that, we usually expect rare transits in Cancer, which rules nationalism, and we don’t have them. What we do have is an economic revolution. This means the old world order will be replaced by 2026 and in fact we have already seen this begin, thanks to cryptocurrency, and the Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. War crimes are now being recorded in Ukraine by Russia and Vladimir Putin and so the stage is set for the arrest of oligarchs, a time of reckoning for Putin, and the seizure of assets as well as a long ‘correction’ of a corrupted world economy. America’s fight against Russia has been economic and will continue to be so. We lack a trustworthy birth time, place and date for Putin so there is no point in looking for the timing of his inevitable replacement. What we do know is that Russia as a one-man dictatorship is finished from March 2023 and history by 2024. Along the way, there will be a retreat by Russia, out of Ukraine. We have to figure out if we are going to trust that. It may be temporary. The combined strength of the G20, the United Nations, the EU, the Commonwealth and NATO will succeed. Yet, there has to be a new set of decisions made, rapidly so, after Russia walks away. Those decisions must stop the dangers of depending on both Russia and China for petrol/gas, coal – and manufacturing. Again, this will impact the market. What you’re going to see long-term with this astrology is the end of China as the world’s cheap factory, and the end of Russia as the supplier of fossil fuel to Europe. Globalisation ends and ‘the new local’ is the future. The world will not make the same mistake again and the future is solar, wind power and the electric car, local production, local manufacturing and from 2026, with Uranus in Gemini, a radically different approach to travel and commuting. Will China invade Taiwan? Again, if she makes moves in that direction, there will be an economic war against her: trade boycott and economic sanctions. Ironically, Made In Taiwan would be most affected so the very thing that China wants, in business terms, she would not get. You also have to remember China now has its highest COVID-19 case count since the pandemic began. This is the elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring. The illness is real, growing, mutating and hammers supply chains. You’ll need to skate to keep up in 2022, 2023 if you have a Scorpio chart signature. Look at previous predictions about Uranus in Taurus, as this is the transit most affecting your chart. And it’s unpredictable and revolutionary.

  80. Hi Jessica,

    We cannot find the blog about Russia that you posted in March. There are two, the one here and the other one that is no longer visible. That posting is a lot more insightful and frankly more in-depth. Can you please reshare?

    Thank you.

    1. That’s odd. You must mean the feature on Russia alone. It should turn up on Search. Let me check. If you still can’t find it please contact Support. Thank you.

    1. This is great, thank you. I hadn’t seen it. I think the earliest prediction I made about the United Nations was in the Conscious Cafe video, so a couple of years ago now, but there may be more astrology forecasts in the archives, so I’ll take a look. We are looking at a reborn UN.

    1. Ukraine is set to join the EU in June and will gain a new astrological chart, as all countries acquire new horoscopes when their constitution changes, or their international status shifts. So she will either be a new Gemini nation, or perhaps a Cancer nation. That will give us more information about the future of this dreadful war begun by Vladimir Putin. Something that we can certainly see is the Russia-Belarus chart. It is economically disastrous and that does not change.

  81. Hello Jessica . To you see this russian army come faiting in Finland ? Im also afrayd so much they are very near .

    1. I see Finland has parked tractors in a line as a reminder to Russia that it is the farmers of Ukraine who have defeated Vladimir Putin with agricultural equipment. That’s too funny. I am sorry you are going through this dire situation in Europe. I believe Vladimir Putin will turn on his heel and retreat once he is confronted with the reality of one or more solid groups; NATO, the United Nations, the G20, the Commonwealth, the EU. Finland as part of one, all or many of those groups is in a strong position. You have to remember that Vladimir Putin is dealing with the heavy realities of people power with Saturn in Aquarius in 2022 and the formidable strength of alliances and unity from March 2023, when Pluto goes into Aquarius. If Finland commits to the Aquarian ideal of brotherhood and sisterhood then the tyrannical individual (Putin) doesn’t really have a hope.

  82. Dear Jessica,

    I appreciate you with all my heart.
    I know you had predicted the end of Trump.
    In America, there are still so many Trump supporters.

    And even this Saudi MBS ( a murder of Jamal Khashoggi). Trump bragged that he saved MBS.
    MBS is thinking Trump will be back. See here:

    What is in the future for America in 2024, 2026 ???
    America is really divided. America is aging. …….. drug, violence, massive shooting……. Ukraine war….

    Please take a look at the FBI twitter…. China is STEALING …. …. at the MASSIVE scale……

    I send great love

    1. Yes, America still has the last dregs of Pluto in Capricorn to deal with, and that is the white male elite (and their women) clinging on to absolute power at the top of the system. I predicted Donald Trump would go down in October, before the November election – and he did – I mentioned illness as a possible cause and it was. This really comes from the American astrology chart, not the Trump ‘chart’ which is in question, as he gave two entirely different birthdates, to authorities. There is a lot of nonsense about Donald Trump making a comeback. Far from it. If anything, this is a long goodbye. America in 2024, 2025, 2026 is really about Pluto in Aquarius, for the first time in over 240 years. The constitution will change to embrace community, diversity and equality and a woman President is not far away. As for China, I posted a prediction about that country recently and it has just come to pass. A serious April crisis – which has turned out to be record cases of COVID-19 in Shanghai and Chinese currency facing the worst drop since 2015. I hope that is helpful, Robin. You can find that story on Search.

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