Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Agent Putin 300x203 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and RussiaNostradamus Predictions for Vladimir Putin

Nostradamus wrote his famous Prophecies in the 16th century. This prediction about Vladimir Putin was printed in 1685 in London.

Nostradamus was one letter out.  He called him butin. Nostradamus was a psychic who saw news headlines, centuries into the future. He saw English words – often names – and as they were meaningless to him, wrote them down as best he could. He also used astrology. We find that ‘butin’ or ‘butins’ appears more than once in Nostradamus, but some of the mysteries of his ultimate fate will not be known until we are past February 2022, as this is published. We can see the end of the Russian economy as Putin knows it, though. I’ll give dates for that, using Nostradamus, at the end of this feature.

The Agent Putin and Nostradamus

You can see L’Agent in the first sentence, along with butins. Putin was of course a KBG agent before he rose to power. The BBC ran a great story about Putin, the former Soviet spy, using his Stasi ID Pass to show his dark past.  We also have some astrology timing here. Saturn and Mars. This shows us why 2022 and 2023 shows the beginning of the end of Vladimir Putin. The original scrawled manuscript may have read ‘Putin’s Saturn and Mars’ and Tuesday 5th April 2022 is a severe day for Putin.

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 12.45.04 pm - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Horrible Putin in a Headline

Nostradamus was clairvoyant (French for ‘clear-seeing’) and the visions that came to him often involved news websites, like The Washington Post, below. This is Sean Penn about the former agent Putin – “Horrible” – just as Nostradamus saw.


Nostradamus Sean Penn - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Putin and Greece

As you can see, Nostradamus spelled Greece as ‘Grees’ but he was also seeing a news headline, many centuries before it happened. He appears to have been catching visions of the same week in history – the final week of February 2022. Greece summoned the Russian envoy after bombing by Putin killed 10 Greeks and wounded six more.

Taking the Nostradamus Putin Prediction Apart

Traditionally, the word ‘butins’ has been interpreted as ‘booty’ by Nostradamus authors. This is the usual way of translating Nostradamus. Convert from French or Latin into modern English and go from there. In fact, Nostradamus cherrypicked news headlines. The ‘strange agent’ in the first line of the Vladimir Putin prediction above, is here, in Newsweek. This is an excellent example of Nostradamus clairvoyantly seeing a very strange Russian agent indeed.

Below, The Mirror in London shows us the furious look Putin gives the camera when he realises he’s losing the war. This is the ‘regard furieux’ in the Nostradamus prediction.

Newsweek Vladimir Strangest 300x239 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Putin Furious 300x256 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Curious Putin and Donald Trump

When interpreting ‘curiux’ as curious in the Nostradamus Putin prediction, we only have to look to Vanity Fair for this headline. As we’ll see in a moment, Nostradamus had more to say about Trump, who he wrote down as ‘Trompe.’

Curious Putin - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

The Nostradamus Joke – Putin’s Poodle

Nostradamus had a sense of humour. In this Putin prediction, above, he talks about Vladimir Putin’s old dog, a poodle named Toska. He saw the magazine story as “Thofcans” but the poodle Toska was real and headlines about both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson being Putin’s poodles help the joke. From The New Yorker, below, and The Daily Mirror.

Putin poodle Toska - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Putins Poodle - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and RussiaScreen Shot 2022 03 07 at 12.05.03 pm 300x269 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

The Warning – Latin America

In the prediction about Putin made by Nostradamus, above, we find Greece but also Latin (Latin America). Again, the world’s greatest clairvoyant was seeing headlines centuries into the future (Nostradamus was born in 1503). As Greece backs sanctions, Latin America becomes a Putin ally.

Greece 300x175 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and RussiaLatin America Putin 300x55 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Donald Trump as Putin’s Poodle

Knowing that Nostradamus saw whole headlines – names – in his psychic visions, makes it easy to see where Donald Trump appears in his predictions. The first thing Trump (Trompe) did after the American presidential election was admit fraud and settle. So here we have ‘fraude’ from Nostradamus.

The last two words are Biden Trump which he saw as ‘bien trompe’. It is possible he was also seeing ‘donne’ for Don in the second line. You can also see ‘pres’ in this prediction. Trump settled Trump University fraud cases for $25 million and the lawsuit came from New York state. Perhaps that is ‘la cite’ (the city) in the first line. Perhaps ‘donne’ is Don and ‘pres’ is Pres.


TRUMP - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia



Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and Nostradamus

Ghislaine Maxwell 300x146 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and RussiaThis quatrain (below) is fascinating because we see the name of Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar non-profit referenced. To give Nostradamus full credit as a psychic, he did well to come up with Terre & Mer when he was seeing future news headlines.

Again, you don’t have to speak French to see ‘arrefte’ (arrest) in the first line: both Maxwell and Epstein were of course, arrested. The TerraMar Project was founded by convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell and has always been a mystery. Trump, of course, was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein and frequently photographed with him. The reference to Barcelona in the last line is something we are yet to uncover. The enigma of the TerraMar Project or Terre & Mer Protefte, as Nostradamus has it printed here, will be revealed eventually.

A reader has pointed out that Russian oligarchs keep their super-yachts in Barcelona. Now, that’s really interesting (Barcelone in the last line). Let’s see what happens. Is the name of a yacht hidden in this quatrain? The ‘Prince of Industry’ (prins d’industrie) in the last line would fit.

TERRAMER - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Nostradamus and President Biden

Nostradamus is also out with a name, by just one letter, in this quatrain, where he clearly sees ‘Biden pres’ in an American newspaper headline, or perhaps on a website, and writes down ‘Bien pres’ which is what it meant to him, back in the 16th century. This helps us with another prediction.

You can see Alpes in the last line. That’s Switzerland. 2022 and 2023 are about the Swiss banks, like Credit Suisse. Once again, you don’t have to read old French to see ‘city’ and ‘enemies’ and ‘Alps’ here. It is very clear from looking at the astrological chart for Switzerland that money laundering is drawing to a close 2022-2026.

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 1.20.05 pm - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia

Nostradamus and Hitler

Nostradamus famously predicted the Second World War and Adolf Hitler. Again, he saw newspaper headlines centuries into the future. The surname Hitler was meaningless to him, so he wrote down Hister instead. Most people know about his Hister/Hitler predictions. The other Nostradamus forecast that became famous, concerned 1999.

In 1999 Russia’s parliamentary election saw Yeltsin resign and the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin become Acting President. In 2000 he won the election and the ‘terror’ that Nostradamus saw for 1999 began.

The Moscow Exchange Crash

The Russian economy and Moscow Exchange is starting to fall as I publish this on Monday 28th February 2022, thanks to rare astrological cycles (seen by Nostradamus) that involve Saturn and Mars. Thanks to financial astrologer Kate Silas for these two Solar Fire software charts, showing the best astrology chart for Russia, but also the MICEX (Moscow Exchange) index.

Just one look and you can see Saturn at 27 Libra in the MICEX chart. Mercury is very close at 26 Scorpio in the Russia chart (created for the moment she united with Belarus).  Those two patterns are linked by rare patterns in February 2022 which show the lunar nodes at 26, 27 Taurus and Scorpio (the economy signs) and Pluto at 27 Capricorn. Now, Mars might just give us the timing as he goes to 26 and 27 Capricorn on March 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2022. If so, that would be a direct hit for Nostradamus.

Kate Silas  suggests watching the eclipse at 25 Scorpio, which is very close to those 26/27 patterns, on Monday 16th May 2022.

Micex Russian Index - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia Russia Kate 1 - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia


The Best Nostradamus is the Original

All these predictions are in this superb old copy of The True Prophecies of Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus which was translated by Dr. Theophilus de Garencieres in London (1685). There are a great many modern translations of Nostradamus and unfortunately a great deal gets lost in translation. This particular edition is well worth your time.

Once you understand the way the French clairvoyant worked, (he saw whole words in headlines) it is possible to make sense of the future. His astrological timing is the other great secret and in 2022, 2023 that is how we know Putin does not last. Now, over to you. There are a great many natural and professional psychics, French and Latin scholars and Nostradamus fans who come to this website. What are you seeing?

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 12.46.08 pm - Nostradamus, Ukraine, Putin and Russia


Main Image: Jonathan Greenaway, Unsplash.

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130 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I live in the region of Mainz in Germany, so last year I was curious what Nostradamus wrote about Mainz and found Centurie V, Vers 43: “La grand ruine des sacres ne s’esloigne…. Vexez á mort par tous ceux de Magonce”. The word “vaccine” didn’t exist in the 16th century.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    L’Agent or is it la gent = the man
    Estrange = Old French “foreign, alien, unusual, unfamiliar, curious; distant; inhospitable; estranged, separated”
    Divisare = Old French third-person singular future of ‘diviser’ meaning “to divide”
    Butin = Old French meaning “booty” … as in plunder taken from an enemy in war.

    The man foreign to divide the booty,

    Tromperie = Old French coming from the word ‘tromper’ meaning “to deceive, deceit or trickery”.

    Maybe not quite as entertaining as molding Putin and Trump to fit, but something to consider.


    1. I am beginning to wonder if anyone read the article – laughing. Nostradamus was clairvoyant and saw English/American headlines on TV and internet screens. The names Trump, Putin, Hitler were meaningless to him – so he tried to make sense of them in the French or Latin of the day. We end up with Tromp, Butins and Hister.

  3. Greetings Jessica. I came to know about You From Tweet of Susan Miller. Thank You for Your write ups on Nostradamus &Vladimir Putin, and Russia, Ukraine and Astrology- I have saved them. Now will follow You Keenly. Thanks and Blessings Paramjit Garewal (DOB 07/07/1945) Age 76 yrs.

  4. Greetings Jessica…came to know about You from Susan Miller’s tweet to you. Read with interest your write ups on Russia, Ukraine, Astrology and Valdimir Putin and Nostradamus and have saved them. will hence forth follow You. I am no longer on twitter. am on Parler @paramjit Blessings Paramjit Garewal (DOB 07/07/1945 ) age 76 yrs I live in Mumbai , India ,

    1. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday for July 7th. Susan Miller is very good to me!

  5. Oh God, doesnt look good. Can you translate all Nostradamus words about Putin?

    I can see Greece? There is interpretation of Nostradamus in the Internet that something bad will happen on Mediterranean Sea…

    Mars, Saturn conjunct next week! Also Mercury and Pluto!

    Russia has Poseidon weapons which can cause a radioactive tsunami! This is what Putin reffered to lately, that they have something that no one has ever seen.

    1. I’m hoping my readers will take apart the jigsaw with Nostradamus as it’s always interesting to have the hive mind approach the quatrains. Yes, Greece is correct. Grees is Greece – and of course she just took action against Russia for the loss of Greek nationals in the war. The Mars-Saturn conjunction does not actually happen until Tuesday 5th April, at 22 Aquarius – exactly. So we have a while to go yet. Vladimir Putin is trying to do a ‘Pluto’ (Plutin/Putin) and strong-arm the world, at the end of a Pluto in Capricorn cycle. That is unwise. It ends to topple Pluto types.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your work in these trying times.

    Love question: I have a new potential man in my life, date of birth April 4, 1958 in Chicago IL. I have looked at the chart. The biggest problem I see is his Uranus in Leo is square my Sun. However for him as a touring musician this kind of makes sense as far as him being onstage and the space that would put between us. We know many people in common and we have much in common. I like his personality, his way of thinking, his maturity and his whole vibe. We both have stelliums in Aquarius which is a hot area at the moment. Tell me if you think we would be better as friends or should we try for more than that. He is interested. I am as well and am very independent so would not mind his being away working from time to time. I don’t see him as a player.


    1. If he is a Sun Aries his interest in sex in 2022 and 2023 will also be financial; the intimacy will be tied to the property or the bank account. You don’t say if he has a former partner tied into that. The band will dominate his life from this point on. Your mutual Aquarius stelliums are great as they reveal you are both so similar; you deal well with being outsiders and you understand groups – bands. Use your Oracle and Tarot cards for a more personal reading about the financial or property side of sex. You have a whopping stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House and there are major transits there in 2022, 2023. If you ever did get to signing on a financial level you’d want top-drawer advice first.

  7. Jessica-
    Thanks for your insights. It is good to read that there is hope. When one reads the news, there is little hope for peace in light of Putin’s war on the Ukraine. Living in the US, my feelings of hope decline whenever I read how Trump leads in the polls. His continued popularity as reported in the news, his lies which so many accept as fact as well as the large amounts of money he raises/receives is incomprehensible as well as unsettling. At times, I worry that the changes you see will not happen soon enough. For example, how much death and damage will the Ukraine suffer before Putin falls? Will we lose our democracy irrevocably in the US when so many people support and enable Trump?

    1. Donald Trump is over before he has even begun – these predictions go back years – so have a look on Search. The solution to Ukraine will be economic so the biggest impact you will find in America is on the sharemarket; with trade; with supply shortages. This isn’t such a bad thing, as the world had to ditch globalisation, fossil fuel and over-consumption for Mother Nature to have a chance at saving the whole planet. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways. It will be okay.

  8. Wow, some food for there here!! Personally, I like a lot of it – particularly the parts about the beginning of the end of Putin. Although hopefully the Russian people don’t pay too heavily. The Epstein/Russia connection is interesting. It kind of doesn’t surprise me though – he had to get his money from somewhere. The Russia/Trump connection doesn’t surprise me either. The end of fossil fuels is also interesting – in many ways I like this – but this will have a huge, bittersweet impact on Australia and many other countries. Nostradamus was an amazing psychic. His predictions are scarily accurate. So many of your predictions are also accurate Jessica. Good job!! 🙂

  9. Thanks Jessica..this Nostradamus information is incredible and perhaps a glimmer of hope for this troubled world. ♑️♑️

  10. I had a bizarre occurrence a couple of days ago where a voice from nowhere (and I don’t have any history of “hearing” voices) clearly said to me “Vladimir Putin will commit suicide”. I wasn’t thinking about him or the situation at all. It has really spooked me!

    1. It is possible. I take clairaudience seriously and many of my readers are clairaudient. There have been a number of suicides of prominent financial or business figures in the last couple of years in this massive world money laundromat. Epstein is the most famous, of course. If indeed he took his own life.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Did Nostradamus have an overview of a tie-in between COVID-19 and the current invasion of Ukraine? What I’m wondering is if there’s a connection between the tyranny of the pandemic (our lives upended/ our freedom restricted) and unthinkable assault on the lives of the people in Ukraine, the dragging of the Russian people into a war with a neighbor and the threat of nuclear attack. Is Putin a mutation of the virus he is said to fear?

    1. Nostradamus saw his predictions out of chronological order. He would write them down, out of synch. So when he is talking about Putin in one quatrain (the 1990s into the 2020s) he then switches to the 1940s and starts talking about Hister (Hitler). This makes it hard to take the jigsaw puzzle apart. Any connection between COVID-19 and Vladimir Putin, with Russia, requires a fair bit of work. The relevant quatrain for COVID-19 mentions the two stars in Pisces (Omicron and Delta, as it happens) and that’s a direct hit. You can find that on Search.

  12. Thanks Jessica, your insight is invaluable. Personally, I am feeling very anxious but not for me, for my children for young people everywhere. I can remember in 1985 having a lot of focus in school about the cold war – I was 14. It seems so wrong that I have had to explain the nuclear deterrent to my 14 year old daughter – I honestly thought that level of threat was gone forever.

    1. I know. I remember 1983, 1984, 1985 under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and the nuclear terror was there again in a place as remote from it all as Hobart. We go on living with MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction. The thing to remember about Hiroshima, which is forever the threat, the warning but also (tragically) the insurance – is the chart. This was 1945 with Saturn and the North Node in Cancer, the sign of territory, land, nationalism, patriotism – and Pluto was in Leo – the sign of royalty. Hiroshima was about Emperor Hirohito. Pluto is now gone from Leo for good, at least in our lifetimes. There is nothing in Cancer of any historic nature or unusual/rare nature for many years. Chernobyl is a risk. If ever there was an event to remind the world that solar power, and wind power, and electricity is the answer – this is it. That’s probably the whole point, if Mother Nature was ever to tell us why this, why now.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    He is the scion of a notable music family. I respect him as a professional. I have my own assets and what not I am not thinking that far ahead as to pre-nup for example. We each have our own money so to speak. I just wonder how we will get along and could we make it work beyond friendship. His ex is out of the picture he is free and clear no baggage. With our shared Aquarius stellium I feel we both need our space from time to time and I get that it doesn’t bother me as long as he is not sleeping around. I feel he has matured past that kind of thing and has no interest in groupie types or gold diggers. Thank you.


    1. That’s good CG. Yet you can’t stop Scorpio and one way or another there will have to be a financial, business, charity or property question to answer and it will be tremendously important. The shared Aquarius signature will work well for both of you, if you commit to the same group, club, team, band, cause, society, association and so on. I am sure you know that about this sign.

  14. Hi Jessica

    Do you suppose the first of the above quatrains (LXXXIII) relates to finances? The countries most at risk of a ‘direct financial hit’ are deemed to be Cyprus, Turkey and Greece and Italy is already whinging about the loss of luxury trade.

    So could Tuscany, Greece and the Latinate countries refer to these four?

    I tried commenting on your previous article but the moment I submitted my comment, your website crashed. I was only picking up on your suggestion that the current Russian leaders may be reincarnated from previous lives in Russia. If so the best candidate for Putin would be Maksim Litvinov who died 31st December 1951, approx 40+ weeks before Putin’s birth (the usual bardo time according to Tibetan Buddhists).

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry the website crashed. I remember posting a feature on Nostradamus and Notre Dame and the traffic spiked. There is something about Nostradamus! I am so fascinated by your comment about reincarnation and Maksim Litvinov. This is turning into a really interesting thread, which I hoped it would.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I haven’t had time yet to look at this article properly. There is so much information and for me it takes time to absorb it, let alone try to join the hive mind effort to interpret and decode the quatrains.

    I have done a first read through.
    Just a thought on quatrain LXIV
    I think the last line: “Par Barcelone classe prins d’industrie” may be about super yachts, many are harboured in Barcelona.
    A literal translation might be – By Barcelona classified Princes of Industry
    In better English – Via (or Through) Barcelona the Princes of Industry are sorted (arranged)
    A super-yacht display?

    I red this article from the Guardian when your site was down just literally before I read your article.
    “Could sanctions leave oligarchs’ super yachts high and dry in Spain?”
    of saturday 26th February 2022

    The amount of money involved is staggering. The article mentions “Solaris’” a yacht owned by Roman Abromavich which costs $60 million a year to run. The estimate of running costs is mentioned to be 10% of the initial yacht cost.

    Just a quick thought on “butins”. When I hear “putin” said by a russian it sounds like “boot-in” not pew-tin as as we say it.

    Take care and keep safe.

    1. Cait I think you’ve nailed it. This is brilliant. Next question – did Nostradamus code the name of one or more yachts? And how fascinating that Russians say ‘Putin’ as ‘Boot-in.’ Nostradamus heard as well as saw. Let me find a nice short clip on YouTube which shows that and I’ll add it to this feature. Thank you!

  16. there are too many global leaders on his payroll. He would have ousted by now. he owns the UN

    1. Vladimir Putin and Russia have tentacles everywhere, it is true, and he has blackmailed quite a few people and organisations. At the same time you cannot stop Uranus in Taurus and the lunar node cycle in Taurus and Scorpio. It is written. The Magnitsky Act will have its day.

  17. thank you for this, very interesting. Could you expand on the china grand cross you wrote about in a previous blog? i’m currently negotiating a new job offer, what are the odds of this working out do you think? any particular transits i should be watchful of?

  18. I am a bit confused. How is this the end of Putin? Will someone kill him since he is not stepping down.

    1. Sometimes leaders are assassinated on this cycle. Sometimes they become ill and step down. Sometimes there is a mutiny. I’ve been pondering Vladimir Putin’s health for some time. A lot of people are questioning his mental health, of course. Let’s see.

  19. Jessica, Thank you for your amazing predictions! I am concerned about the reference regarding Greece. I lived in Greece for 30 years but I returned to the US in 2018. I was thinking to go back to Greece in April or May. Should I rethink my plans? Your opinion would be of great personal value to me. Thank you for providing all of us with such guidance and wisdom!

    1. I’m afraid I don’t see a birth chart for you. If you are not a Premium Member, use the free Tarot on this website to help with choices if you like.

  20. thank you for this, very interesting. Could you expand on the china grand cross you wrote about in a previous blog? i’m currently negotiating a new job offer, what are the odds of this working out do you think? any particular transits i should be watchful of?

    1. The China chart set for 25th December 1947 shows the transiting lunar nodes at 22 Taurus and 22 Scorpio forming a T-Square to the China chart with Saturn at 22 Leo. This is about the impact of COVID-19 on fertility but also the variants of the virus and their impact on children. This is a global problem of course, not just China, but it is possible that owing to her high-density over-population, any new variant will be more transmissible. Leo has always ruled a nation’s children and teenagers, but also pregnancy. You want a new job and have the Moon at 25 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career with Pluto well and truly away from 25 Capricorn, where he spent December 2021 and January 2022. If you take this job or any other, try to put any memories of being dominated or taken over behind you, but do read the fine print on any new contract so that you have enough power and control in any situation.

  21. Hi Jessica, completely off blog topic but I was wondering if you had any insights for me. I’ve had immense problems with some very enmeshed and toxic family members and have now just received the news that they’re relocating to the nearby neighbourhood. I thought I was getting some headspace and working through issues and now everything has been thrown up in my face again.
    I can’t take it anymore and don’t understand why life has is getting harder for me, not ‘lighter’. I feel suffocated and cursed.
    What do you see astrologically with regards to getting the peace I truly desire and the emotional freedom to cut the dead wood out of my life, once and for all?
    Thank you so much.

    1. You need to leave the marriage, and the family, and make the financial sacrifices to do that, but training for a (well-paid) part-time or full-time role will take care of that. Often such training is free. You are the only person who can end a bad marriage.

  22. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your brilliant insights on these topics, very intriguing.

    I have a question about my chart:
    I have Saturn at 0 Aquarius , and Moon at 14 Aquarius. How do you think the Aquarius weather starting March 6 will effect me ? Especially the Venus and Mars conjunction at 0 Aquarius on March 6th. I am quite nervous. Will this be effecting my health?

    Something or the other has been up with my health this past year nothing serious (I am 30 yrs old) but many small issues here and there. Since Saturn entered my sixth house, I have been cautious, eating healthy, getting regular check ups. But I am still scared. Can you please give me some advice/ insight?

    1. Thank you. This has nothing to do with your health – the 2022 Aquarius cycle – or the 2023 Aquarius cycle – it is about your friends, your social life, social media, and the groups, clubs, teams, societies and so on, which affect you most. You are a Sun Virgo with a huge Leo stellium which matters more. Saturn is transiting your solar Sixth House, that’s quite true (your Virgo chart) but he will be gone by March 2023. You would not be a Virgo if you were not over-thinking your health and wellbeing. I’m not seeing anything in your natal chart (your birth chart) any time soon. It’s a smart idea to get a resilient lifestyle now, and to stick to those habits. For example, always having an N95 or FFP mask on indoors, especially in crowded spaces – avoiding crowds as much as you can – and the rest. Not to mention a high intake of raw fruit and vegetables. I am sure you know the score, being a Virgo. Your Leo stellium is probably more of an issue with the Aquarius weather, as anything transiting Aquarius opposes that. Leo is about your life as a godparent; parent; mentor to younger people or provider for them. It is possible that, say, a godson will go through a period of change if his parents break up, or your daughter may decide she wants some massive transformation which affects you too. It’s on that level. But not about health. I am giving you two random examples there. The Tarot can help you more to see how Aquarius weather affects you personally. It picks up again with Pluto at 0 Aquarius of course in 2023. As a general rule, clear the decks with your friends, groups, social life before that happens. Keep life simple and manageable.

  23. Jessica, thank you very much. I really sympathize with Ukraine. But I would like to know what will happen to Russia? Will we also have a war on the territory? What to expect in 22-23 year?

    1. The astrology now tells us that 2022 is 1938 and that was the year the Russian leadership persecuted a group of innocent men (show trials). I believe that within Russia this time around, it will be the leadership who is persecuted by the group. Russia will restart and relaunch with a younger generation. They were all born with the outer planets in Aquarius; have a look at Russia on Search – this is an old prediction.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Just FYI… this video is more than six years ago. ( Prescient about Ukraine. I am wondering why is the West not trying crazy hard for a ceasefire? Sending more arms into this situation is catastrophic. It is not just Putin who is on a Pluto trip, it is also the Western elite combined. The military-industrial complex. The double standards are so sickening and repulsive.
    One fervently hopes better sense prevails. This is India’s worst nightmare come true. We get majority of our defence supplies from Russia and this pushes Russia deeper into Chinese embrace even as we have been in serious confrontation with the Chinese for the last 22 months. And the uncertain oil and gas supplies… 80% of our oil is imported. We are watching this aghast.

    1. Thank you, I’ll check the video on YouTube next. Pakistan and India – interesting questions there for the allies backing Ukraine – as these countries are going the other way. The oil and gas/petrol supply issue was always meant to be, as the astrology has long suggested that the Climate Emergency caused by fossil fuels would be over, in stages, by 2026. Have a look at an old India prediction I filed about electric cars. Russia and China together are an issue, aren’t they. I suspect more boycotts. Again, that would help to end the Climate Emergency.

  25. Hello Jessica. In response to your comment on March 1, I am a premium member. My membership is paid for until August 11, 2022 and I don’t understand why you can’t find my birth chart. Thank you. Jane

    1. You were likely not logged in, so your birth chart did not show up. You are strongly Scorpio-Capricorn so live in your Eighth House of death, sex and money – and your Tenth House of success, status and ambition. The Eighth House commonly manifests as a life full of marriage/mortgage commitments or common law marriage/mortgage/rent. It can also turn up with huge questions about the family’s legacy to you, or your legacy to others. All this is pertinent now, as the lunar nodes go across the Eighth House so 2022-2023 will bring the sort of decisions about your bank account, property, charity, possessions, business that affect your life for many years into the future. Get the best possible advice you can afford as Uranus in Taurus until 2026 gives us all an erratic and unpredictable economy. The Capricorn side of your life may be involved. This may be a question about your income or salary, the value or worth of your career versus the actual money, and so on. This is the last full year it will feel so heavily political and intensely loaded with questions about who/what has the upper hand, or is pulling the strings. Pluto goes from March 2023 and is history from 2024 and your professional life will feel and be completely different – far lighter, for a start.

  26. Thank you very much for your time! It is difficult when the situation is very close. I have already looked at all the forecasts for Russia that you have found)

  27. Hallo Jessica,

    De laatste jaren zijn er alleen maar problemen geweest met mijn zoon die aan de drugs zit Zal hij nog veranderen en moeten wij de deur voor hem sluiten?
    Mijn man heeft de ziekte van Kahler en gaat nu goed na zijn stamceltherapie. Hoe gaat het verder met hem?

    Met vriendelijke groet,


  28. Jessica, I’m so grateful for your predictions and insights, which help me to sleep at night.

    My question about Putin is somewhat about the timing of his downfall, but more about timing, and about who in the wider world is going down with him, as well as how much damage he will do on the way down. I just read an interview with Fiona Hill, the British-American expert on Russia who testified at the impeachment hearings over Trump’s attempted extortion of Ukraine. Ms. Hill says that Putin is absolutely capable of carrying out his nuclear threats, and is not deterred by considerations of decency, or concern for the human toll his actions might take. She also mentioned that his aim is not so much to resurrect the Soviet Union as it is to restore the old Russian empire, with himself as a latter-day czar. (This is borne out by his soliciting the support of the Russian Orthodox Church.) On some level, he’s a true believer on a holy crusade, and is that much more dangerous for his delusions.

    So, can you speak to the danger or likelihood of his using nuclear weapons? Also, I believe you’ve predicted the breakup of the EU elsewhere. Is there anything else you can say about that, or about the future for Ukraine? I am hoping he is deposed or deceased before he can do his worst.

    1. Fiona Hill and her views on Putin’s nuclear threats are interesting. For any questions about nuclear weapons we always go to Pluto, which arrived in 1930 as the technology was developing in the direction of an atomic bomb. At Hiroshima Pluto was at 9 Leo, Mars was at 9 Gemini, the North Node at 8 Cancer and South Node at 8 Capricorn. That is a rare and difficult line-up about power, atomic power, the Emperor of Japan, a short journey (which it was), patriotism, territory and presidents. Are we seeing that before Putin is history? No. Are we seeing a risk with Chernobyl? Yes. My friend the psychic Kyra Oser dreamed about this many years ago. It is on her website. The whole point of her dreaming, though, as she points out on Substack, is that the future can be a public warning to raise awareness and avert a crisis. Her website is and Kyra has been a guest of mine on previous YouTube Premiere astrology events.

      The EU will break up and be reshaped, yes. War is expensive. Brexit is expensive. Boycotts and trade sanctions are expensive too and 2022-2023 is tough. It’s really the charts for the EU and the Euro which persuade me to say that and I think it was a published prediction at the time of the Greek referendum on the EU. It just has to change.

  29. I meant to say, “My question about Putin is somewhat about the timing of his downfall, but more about who in the wider world is going down with him, as well as how much damage he will do on the way down.” Thanks again.

    1. Yes, there is that theory that Vladimir Putin is seriously ill and in danger of dying or losing his faculties – or ending up in a care home. Thus his plan is to take the world down with him, as he goes. That sounds like a good Hollywood script but I have a feeling that various circles around him will get there first. So this is really the network (or the communities, plural) in Moscow, but right around the Russian oligarch world. He’s not exactly Mr. Moscow in the popularity stakes, is he…another reader suggested the Ides of March (Et tu, Brutus and all that). The timing wasn’t quite there, but the idea of the group turning against him is very, very close to what I am seeing in the chart. Stalin got the group last time. The group may well get Putin this time. Same cycle.

  30. Hi Jessica
    I just love your readings they are awesome!
    I was looking at the butins quatraine and also found that grees as grées means rigged/fake /manipulate/be tricked
    Rigged literally: manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to gain an advantage.

    so could it be:
    The foreign agent will divide Butins
    Saturn and mars his glare (showing timing?)
    Horrible, strange to the Tuscans et Latins (the west?)
    Manipulated which will make to strike curious/bizarre

    I don’t know. It’s hard to read Nostradamus and to know if he would use the word in that way.

    On a separate note can you tell me if my chart shows anything about health and finance for the coming year?



    1. Thank you Justina. It is possible Nostradamus saw GREECE in a headline and as it was meaningless to him, translated it as GREES or fake. The Saturn-Mars reference does show timing and I’ve picked the conjunction on April 5th 2022 as a moment of truth for Putin, whom Nostradamus called butins/butin. You are strongly Scorpio-Virgo so finance and health will always be central for you. There is karma going back 18-19 years in 2022, 2023 with the house, money, business, charity, possessions or apartment. If you are owed by fate, you will be repaid somehow. If you still owe, you may have to settle up. This lunar node transit in Scorpio is usually about legacies, wills, mortgages, sexual relationship or marital finance and the big picture items: shares or homes. Your Virgo stellium is supported by plenty of useful earth and water transits in 2022, 2023 as it runs from 2-27 degrees of the sign. If you have not yet found the right professional/s to support your mental and physical health, you will find them over the next year or so. What you take on board will make a huge difference.

  31. I think I read that he predicted a volcanic eruption (Tonga?) and a war on the opposite side of the earth.

  32. You mentioned the nodes currently at 26-27 were at the economy signs and on the 3rd my north/south node return is alongside the New moon, and shortly after the Pluto Mars Venus Ceres conjunction, M & V cross my Asc. Interestingly the Sun is at 25-26 Taurus on my birthday the 17th of May the day after your 16th eclipse. So the Sun and eclipse hit this current node zone then.

    1. You are not logged in, so I can’t see the chart, but if your lunar nodes are in Taurus-Scorpio then the karma with charity, banking, property, business or possessions from your life as it stood 18-19 years ago is coming back. You owe, or are owed. You also have the transiting nodes going across your Sun in this same 2022-2023 cycle so it’s obviously important for you, financially.

  33. Ok my curiosity got the best of me on the quatrains, so I plugged them into a translator. I do NOT speak French so don’t hold me to this…. these are in the order you listed them in the article:

    Agent strange divider Butins,
    Saturn & Mars his furious look,
    Horrible, strange, at the Thoscars & Latin,
    Grees that will make a curious strike

    The cite prinse by deception fraud
    By means of a Young Bean catches,
    Assant given, Rabin near Laude,
    Luy and all dead for deceiving well.

    We will not hold any,
    All will receive by deception,
    Of treasury and peace,
    Earth & Mar protest
    By Barcelona industry class

    In the cite or the wolf enter,
    Close to the enemies will do,
    Copy strange big thick gassera,
    At the mountains of the Alps, friends will pass

    As I was researching, one of the translator apps said “Mars” sometimes means “March”. That got me thinking about the Ides of March.

    From Wikipedia: The Ides of March is the 74th day in the Roman calendar, corresponding to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable for the Romans as a deadline for settling debts.

    So THEN, I did a quick search for aspects on 15 March. I did find this:

    Sun sextile south node in Scorpio, 0 degrees

    Sabian Symbol for 0 degrees Scorpio: A crowded sightseeing bus on a city street

    But Jessica you could of course give us more info on the stars for March 15.

    I’m not feeling particularly encouraged by any of the above, but perhaps forewarned is forearmed.

    1. Thank you for reminding me about the Sabian Symbols. I must head over to Lynda Hill’s website and see her take on this. We are now past March 15th and no Ides of March moment for Vladimir Putin yet. The problem with translating Nostradamus is that he so often just saw English headlines, or American headlines. Like all clairvoyants he saw the news, intact. When he wrote it down, he sometimes translated it as best he could, into French or Latin words that made sense to him. So Hitler became Hister. Putin became butins. Barcelona is exact though. Your “Treasury” and “Barcelona industry class” is a direct hit. This is where oligarchs’ money-laundering is currently under investigation. Their yachts are there!

  34. What a great post. I tried with the quatrains…no luck but I enjoyed puzzling over it. I don’t get much re: Putin, but when you asked for thoughts on his fate, I saw fire.

  35. Hi again Jessica

    Thank you for responding to my previous post. So now to quatrain LXXXV:

    I googled the words Assant, Ranbine and Lande and came up with boiled (or roasted), the Rankine cycle and infertile land respectively. These relate to nuclear reactors – probably to Chernobyl specifically.

    The Rankine cycle is the fundamental process used in nuclear reactors as well as steam turbines (water under pressure) whilst the effects of radioactivity could be seen as boiling or roasting all forms of life (like microwaves) with the consequence that the land does indeed become barren or infertile. Those men who heroically gave their lives at Chernobyl to shut down the process were rightly praised within the Ukraine for their deeds.

    It remains to be seen what effect the capture of Chernobyl by the Russians will now have. The following article is of interest in this respect:

    I hope this is useful.

    1. Now, Rankine/Rambine is amazing. Nuclear reactor process – good grief – who knew. Certainly not me, thank you for finding it. Okay, so we now need to find the chart for Chernobyl and go back to that…I’m sure a lot of Nostradamus watchers will be fascinated by your discovery.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your hard work behind compiling so much useful information continuously!
    Hope you don’t mind me posting a general question here because I don’t know if there is another place for a question like this. I use the Oracle and Tarot on your website frequently. Is there a physical Oracle deck with the planets/asteriods and the houses you can recommend? Similar to Pamela’s deck that I can keep on my desk. It helps focus my daily energy tremendously.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. You won’t do better than Pamela’s deck of cards on your desk. The Smith-Waite Tarot pack, in a tin or a box, is a fantastic source.

  37. Hi Jessica, I wander about Belarus, when their people will see the light in the end of tunnel?

    1. They are tied to this chart with Russia and will pay the economic price with Russia – sadly for the people who have been protesting. Hope dawns when we realise Russia will relaunch and have a new chart. So will Belarus.

  38. Thank you for these very interesting articles, Jessica! We come time and time again to all this activity at 27*. Looking at a basic chart wheel, all the planets have been bunched up together for the past 3 years during the winter. The only thing pulling these clustered energies apart in the winter is the Moon. We have a Full Worm Moon at 27* Virgo on 18 Mar 2022. Everything becomes saturated and answers come out as the secrets and plans gasp for breath, and also begin to prepare the ground for a fertile spring. I predict a release of truth opposing the obscurity of Neptune (lies, propaganda) this full moon. Mothers taking to the streets to oppose the war? A great mystical and magical ceremony to stop the war (already organizing in magical communities)? Venus is exalted in 27* Pisces too. Tantric workings for world peace? Jokes aside, Venereal ceremonies for peace are deeply tradition forms of magick.

    1. We have just passed that Full Moon at 27 Virgo on 18th March and yes, we saw mothers taking to the streets to protest the war. The famous line-up of empty prams in Ukraine springs to mind. Do you know about The Magical Battle of Britain? This was the British metaphysical defence by Dion Fortune. Sceptics can say what they like, but the British Isles were never invaded. I have nothing to do with magic but agree with you re: peace.

  39. Dear Jessica,
    Your predictions now tie into each other perfectly. Trying to include weapons as ESG assets. This is tragic. It is a man-made disaster. The common people who do not get to decide any of this will suffer the most.
    Take care and keep writing… It is like hearing a conversation with a friend in these times.

  40. Just a short French lesson: ‘butin’ means ‘loot’ – what you take from your enemy in a war. The line, ‘L’Agent estrange divisera butins’ means that the foreign Agent will distribute the loot!

    1. See my other comment about ‘butins’ and Putin and ‘booty’ elsewhere. Thank you.

  41. According to the translation Butin means booty? Nothing at all to do with Putin??

    1. Yes, for years Nostradamus translators and authors have taken ‘butin’ for booty. Nostradamus probably did too. The word Putin meant nothing to him, when he wrote his predictions. It may have been nonsensical or meaningless. So he assumed P was B and that this was military spoils; booty. When we go back over the quatrains, some of them may in fact be war spoils, which is confusing! Yet others are really discussing Vladimir Putin. He rose to power in Russia in 1999. That is the year famously singled out for ‘king of terror’ by Nostradamus.

  42. Dear Jessica,
    Congratulations for this article!

    I have many friends in Ukraine.
    Is there any transit that could indicate the end of the war soon?
    If yes when approximately?
    They are destroying all houses, and every day that pass with this war, is a disaster.

    1. I am so sorry that your friends are going through this appalling attack from Russia. We are now back in 1938 and 1939, when every astrologer in the world was asked the same question: “When will the war be over?” What you actually need here is the paperwork, timed, dated and signed, for Ukraine’s admission to either/or NATO and the European Union, because that relaunches the country with a new astrological chart. There will likely be more constitutional changes ahead for Ukraine and again, that would give her a new identity/new chart. Astrologers work with national horoscopes based on different phases in history, so we have a huge number for France (for example) and Germany. We wait for the new Ukraine. Then it should be possible to see what is going on. She’s not quite there yet.

  43. Dear Jessica, I have been reading these comments with great interest and I just wanted to clarify that Pakistan and India do not hold the same position in the Russia-Ukraine war. Pakistan has decided to support Russia while India is not taking sides – in line with its historic non-aligned position that it has maintained since the Cold War. The US has traditionally supplied Pakistan with billions of dollars of funding for its military, forcing India to buy its arms from Russia. So the current position is interesting- India refuses to condone Russia’s stance but cannot vote against it because of the threat from China which is aggressively trying to move into the border states.

    My question is this – you talk about 1938 karma from WW II. Thousands upon thousands of Indian soldiers fought and died for the Allies – will this karma impact the country today – surrounded by hostile forces and Russia, its historical ally, deciding to be a bully? Or will India become more isolated?

    You had said that legal immigration from India could stop by 2026. You had predicted that universities in the west would see a drop in international students (most of whom are from India and China). Is this the beginning of that trend?

    What does that portend for the global IT industry in which India is a major contributor?

    Thank you for all your work – it’s amazing to see your predictions being proved accurate.

    1. You know far more about India than I do. Everything from 1938 and 1939 is back and that’s why the Indian astrology charts are tricky in this particular case (with Germany and the United Kingdom, Poland and France). The 15th August 1947 chart for independence and the 26th January 1950 chart for the republic in India both come after the 1938-1939 cycle. So it’s almost like talking about three different countries, if we are looking at India in the context of Russia and Ukraine. Same with Pakistan as her charts come from 1947 and 1956. Similar issues with China, as we have charts set for 1947 and 1949, once again – after the 1938-1939 cycle. You can’t really talk about karma from the start of the last war, if you are judging countries who (in their modern form) didn’t arrive until the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. So that issue should really be set aside. The other question about immigration, universities and so on and global IT is much easier. That’s a Gemini-Sagittarius issue. Starting in 2022 we see the beginning of years of strong Gemini cycles which automatically oppose Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries; globalisation). We begin with Ceres in Gemini, now, and then Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Jupiter goes into Gemini. Most importantly, Uranus goes into Gemini from 2026 and that particular transit is crucial as Uranus will oppose the Sagittarius (global education, globalisation) positions of billions of people. I am sure you know Gemini rules short journeys, IT, computers, cell phones, language and commuting. Sagittarius rules long journeys, academia and visa/passport requirements. For whatever reason, and this is four years away now, starting in the late Twenties and going past 2030, we’ll see the end of the old system. It will not be the planet India knew. The old Indian Empire chart shows Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius – the next chart, set for independence, shows Uranus in Gemini. That is a huge split between Britain (Sagittarius) and independent India, more interested in her closer neighbours (Gemini) and it will result in a fracturing from 2026, but starting in small ways now.

  44. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for you interesting articles.
    I would like to know your astrological opinion about Greece.
    I was thinking that this country is a NATO member. So any war action against her will be a war against NATO.
    Do you notice any kind of bad events in Greece’s map? If so what kind of disaster will be (financial, nuclear threat, earthquake..) and when is going to happen?
    Thank in advance

    1. George, thank you for your message. The Greek chart for 24th July 1974 set for 4.00am EET in Athens shows Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Cancer, the sign of patriotism, family and food. That certainly sounds like the Greece we know today. She is a Sun Leo country so is always drawn to her monarchy from the past. It never really goes away (Leo is the royal sign). Her membership of the EU is a bigger question than the membership of NATO. It is tough (and expensive) to be in the EU in 2023, 2024, 2025 and Greece may decide to change her mind about EU membership unless the rules of the trade bloc change. The expense will probably come from the financial earthquake of Russia in 2022, 2023. Do not let Vladimir Putin and his staff frighten you. They are quite alone. They are isolated by most nations in the world. They are in crisis.

  45. Thank you for your reply – illuminating and positive as ever! Love the work you do.

  46. Very interesting comment about 2026 Britain and India – could you please tell me also about the Horoscope for Finland as a country please?

    1. We have just one astrological chart for Finland set for 6th December 1917 at 3.00pm in Helsinki. (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer 2004). I can’t quite believe this, but just like Lithuania and Moldova, she has the same 0-1 degree Aquarius pattern. So to say this again, for the third time in this discussion, it’s all about NATO, the United Nations and the European Union (EU). Aquarius rules people power in the global community. It rules friends (allies). For the first time in 29 years we have Saturn in Aquarius, and from March 2023, for the first time in 240+ years, Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius. This looks like a slow, steady transformation of all these groups, involving Finland, with a dramatic change in the balance of power among them all, with new names and faces, departures and new signatures. I think October 2025 is important for Finland. Pluto is at 1 Aquarius and Neptune is at 0 Aries. Uranus is at 0 and 1 Gemini. This triggers Finland’s relationships with her allies and all trading or military blocs. It can’t possibly stay the same. Leadership and power within Finland will also change in October 2025. She has Mercury at 1 Capricorn and that is also triggered – that is a symbol for leaders with microphones – but there is also a shift here with the Finland media/the internet too.

  47. Regarding the quadrants and Nostradamus, have you seen the news today that Chernobyl is being run by 100 poor souls who were taken hostage on day 1 and surviving on one meal a day and two hours of sleep on their desks, forced to do the work 500 people did before. There are grave concerns about safety. Perhaps it would be interesting to look at the chart for Chernobyl. Russia also fired at the 2nd biggest reactor plant. Russia has been issuing veiled threats about nuclear war.. is this end of Pluto in Capricorn, will it be mean disarmament of nuclear weapons or does it all mean the opposite, nuclear war or disaster and should we be worried!?

    1. The suffering in Ukraine is appalling and Chernobyl too. Nuclear power is always Pluto. Pluto in Capricorn in 2022 is the last full year we have to deal with a slow transformation in the balance of that power. It comes and goes in 2023. It is important to go back to the chart set for 2nd December 1942 at 3.25pm in Chicago, showing the first controlled nuclear reaction. That gives us Pluto at 7 Leo and Saturn at 8 Gemini, very close to an exact sextile. (Data: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). Pluto is also there for the first atomic explosion on 16th July 1945 at 12.29pm in Alamogordo. Pluto at 9 Leo, North Node at 9 Cancer, South Node at 9 Capricorn, Venus at 9 Gemini. At Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 at 8.16am we find Pluto at 9 Leo, Mars at 9 Gemini, North Node at 8 Cancer, South Node at 8 Capricorn. So you are quite right to be concerned. The really big hope here is Pluto entering Aquarius, the sign which rules the United Nations, NATO and global equality/people power in the world community. That takes place in March 2023. You will notice the zodiac sign Cancer only turns up once atomic bombs become linked to war. Cancer is associated with war more than any other sign (patriotism, nationalism, defence of home and family, territory questions). Thankfully in 2022 we have no major cycles in Cancer. They’re just not there. What we do have is a massive Taurus-Scorpio presence in the sky and that’s why it’s the world economy (in its old form) which is going to bomb. Is that such a bad thing? Not if it saves us from Climate Emergency for those who come afterwards. Globalisation and fossil fuel are going…gone.

  48. Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for your work. I find it fascinating. Is the only way to formally learn from you through the Sun School? I assume you don’t do personal readings since I don’t see it offered. Thanks again, you’re truly a gift to us all! Natalie

    1. Thank you so much Natalie. The Sun Sign School is really about learning at your own pace – dropping in to pick up podcasts, downloads and PDF guides – and attending Meetups as they come along. So, no formal learning. This keeps it affordable. Tara Buffington, who now broadcasts on this website every month is a Sun Sign School graduate. Personal readings? No, I don’t offer these except for charity auctions. There are two coming up, one for the Australian flood victims and another for Ukraine. I’ll flag them on Twitter first @jessicacadams.

  49. So something I found interesting. This Jupiter/Neptune conjunction that is lining up now hasn’t happened since 1856. Well here are some historical events from 1856 which are so simliar to right now.

    Feb 7 Colonial Tasmanian Parliament passes the 1st piece of legislation (the Electoral Act of 1856) anywhere in the world providing for elections by way of a secret ballot

    Mar 30 Russia signs the Treaty of Paris, ending the Crimean War

    Jun 9 500 Mormons leave Iowa City, Iowa, and head west for Salt Lake City, Utah, carrying all their possessions in two-wheeled handcarts

    Jun 17 Republican Party opens its 1st national convention in Philadelphia

    Oct 8 The Second Opium War or second Anglo-Chinese War: begins with the Arrow Incident on the Pearl River


    1. Thank you. Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces is about religion, spirituality, therapy, dreams, Tarot, mediumship. The closest we have here is the 500 Mormons going to Utah. So you could make a safe prediction here that the Mormon church will go through an historic, second, ‘great escape’ – which is the literal translation of Jupiter-Neptune.

  50. OH sorry, the format of my original post didn’t stay in tact once posted and it looks like one run on sentence!

  51. Thanks for the quick response! I thought it was interesting that Russia signed the Paris Treaty to end the Crimean war and now Paris has offered a place for peace talks between Russia and the US regarding Ukraine! I also found it interesting that is when the Republican party, who are known to be fundamentally religious, had their first convention. Wonder what a return of the conjunction means for that party?? Like opening a time capsule. I love this stuff. You are the absolute best!

    1. Thank you. The comfort of astrology is, we’ve seen it all before. The Republican Party will be rocked by departures and will have to go back to square one.

  52. Hi Jessica, Thanks for your work!

    I have two different questions.
    1. When you say fossil fuels are gone, you are saying over time as oil and gas prices are sky rocketing right now because of Russia? When do you think oil and gas prices will stop going up and decline? In 2022 or 2023 or later, as $100+ per gallon is problem. Is the same true for food?

    2. The sanctions against Russia are starting to hurt them as their Ruble is essentially worthless causing the Russians to start using crypto. Which has cause a crackdown on crypto in Russia and elsewhere. So, logically if this continues does this mean crypto could be worthless as there is no asset backing it? This seems like the crossroads for crypto in 2022, is this was astrology says may occur?


    1. I’ve filed so many features about the world economy, some as far back as 2017, and the end of coal, gas/petrol and kerosene – and the end of money laundering. Have a look at ‘Uranus in Taurus’ on Search. The cycle goes on until 2026. There will be shocks, as there were just now (unless you read my Substack in which case there was no shock about this war at all!) and you are going to see sudden, rapid events hit the market in 2022-2026 which ultimately stop the Climate Emergency and save the planet. Food shortages will be part of that. Again this is an old prediction. Yes, cryptocurrency will be vulnerable to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, as Shakespeare said. I’m fairly sure there are some old predictions about Bitcoin on here if you want to use Search. Thank you.

  53. Just a general Thank You for all of the detailed work on here and on twitter. It is really really appreciated.

  54. Hi Jessica, when in 2022 do you think the stock market will crash? and the property market? Thank you.

    1. Have a look at all the old astrology predictions I filed years ago, about Uranus in Taurus. We will see a series of crashes between now and 2026.

  55. This is a translation of the Nostradamus poem:

    “The strange agent will divide spoils,
    Saturn and Mars look furious,
    horrible, strange, at the thoscans & latins,
    grees who will make a strange strike”

    What does this mean to Italy and Tuscany people that are clearly mentioned there, please? Will Putin strike to Tuscany?

    1. It may not be Tuscany at all. I don’t think it is. What Nostradamus did, for so many of his quatrains (predictions) was use clairvoyance. He ‘saw’ in his mind’s eye, visions of future newspaper headlines, websites and ‘heard’ in his inner ear, particular words. Because he was working centuries ago, some of the words he saw or heard, meant nothing to him. They were nonsensical. So he did what we would do today. He grasped for what he thought he was seeing or hearing; the nearest equivalent. To hear ‘thoscans’ is close to ‘Toska’ or ‘Tosca’ which was Putin’s poodle. There were headlines about Putin’s political poodles in the newspapers – allegedly Trump and Johnson. Trump, he heard as ‘trompe’ which is close. Hitler, he heard as ‘Hister’ (or saw it that way). The quatrains are a jigsaw puzzle. When you put them back together in the right order, you can see his predictions since 1999 very clearly. That is the year Vladimir Putin rose to power. For years, translators and authors have interpreted ‘butins’ as booty. Of course that is what Nostradamus saw or heard and wrote down – but it’s so obviously Putin and ‘Putin’s’ when you put it back together.

  56. Jessica, Russia has been controlling Venezuela for a while now. Venezuela has been suffering at the hands of a dictator and powers like Russia for 3 decades. How will this conflict impact the future of that country? Do you see an improvement in the situation? The US is in negotiations with the government.

    1. By the time the lunar nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus on July 17th 2023, Switzerland will have changed her position on war criminals and money launderers’ bank accounts and there will be arrests, jail and asset seizure. This is about Russians but also about other corrupt businessmen and politicians, and some famous names too, right around the world. Offshore banking and tax avoidance is another key area. This benefits Venezuela which has two astrological charts. The most recent one is set for 22nd September 1830 at 12.00 LMT in Caracas. She has Uranus in Aquarius (the revolution involving the group) in this one at 6 Aquarius so Pluto at 6 Aquarius in 2027 suggests a massive transformation with political parties but also with the EU and UN and of course NATO. This looks like the ultimate fall-out of the economic crash of Russia in 2022-2023 and the end of the global money laundromat. So it takes time. But people power and membership/alliance with several groups of allies will help your country in the new world. 2027 is historic; watch February and March that year.

  57. Interesting stuff -etrange also means foreign in french – i.e. foreign agent.

    1. Excellent. Nostradamus obtained a huge amount of meaning from just a word. Vladimir Putin, the strange foreign agent.

  58. And Trompe (e acute) and Tromperie means, perhaps appropriately – deceived and deception

  59. Hi Jessica.
    I’m new here, I hope you don’t mind me commenting. I’ve always had a fascination of Notradamus. He rose to power in 99 the second antichrist, and 26 years of war Notradamus said, and then the world would know peace! Also i was under the impression that he spoke of a man who would be the one to take down this big power a man who wore something particular I’m very sketchy on what I read and I’m sure it was around 1999 I read it or perhaps I saw it in that old movie made of Notradamus. Do you know is this right. Is there a particular man who leads everyone to eventually face down Putin and his evils?? I thought perhaps zillinsky!!

    1. Thank you for adding to the conversation. The original quatrain about 1999 is famous; the word ‘terror’ was very clear. At the time, people expected nuclear war among other things. In fact, 1999 was the year Vladimir Putin rose to power. Nostradamus was right; he is currently trying (unsuccessfully) to terrorise Ukraine and her neighbouring European countries. Fortunately Nostradamus also told us what happens next. It’s a fail.

    1. There is no supported birth data for Vladimir Putin. Putin does not have an AA Rodden Rating.

  60. Hi Jessica

    I posted this ⬇️ a week or so ago but I don’t know if you saw it.

    I was looking at the butins quatraine and also found that grees as grées means rigged/fake /manipulate/be tricked.
    Rigged literally: manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to gain an advantage. so could it be:

    The foreign agent will divide Butins
    Saturn and mars his glare (showing timing?)
    Horrible, strange to the Tuscans et Latins (the west? Or Tuscany written about as one of places with most oligarch property so the threat directed to them)
    Manipulated which will make to strike curious/bizarre (odd to lash out at the power behind him but also a manipulation as he also has interest abroad managed by them ‘allegedly’)

    I am reposting it in light of what I see he is quoted as saying today re oligarchs as ‘fifth column’ or ‘traitors’ that west will try to bet on to ‘divide our society, to provoke civil confrontation.’

    It feels to me now that this makes sense of the quatrain. He is threatening them but perhaps behind the scenes they are a bigger threat to him and this rash lashing out at them is the seed of his undoing?

    Love your work.

    1. Thank you so much. I’ve been away from work, so didn’t see this. Tuscany is interesting as an oligarch sanctuary. Now that we have more news about these oligarchs – proper facts – perhaps we can nail that line, Tuscans, as Tuscany – as you say. That’s also really interesting about ‘divided’ and the angle that some Russians are, in Putin’s view, dividing his country. I wonder what other readers think?

  61. Nostradamus was talking about ”sea city”, at first I thought he meant Odessa but more likely the city in question is Mariupol as it is a stage of horrible war crimes now…Is there an astrological map for Mariupol? Just wondering how long the city will be tortured by the Russians

    1. I was wondering about that too. I’ll go back to Nostradamus later to see if this is what he was describing. Thank you.

  62. Hi Jessica, your website is absolutely a treasure trove of information, so valuable and helpful, thank you for sharing. I know I’m in the wrong blog but the Ten of Cups interpretation by you was on the money. Still in the wrong blog – the asteroids was a fascinating read, loved it, especially about Ceres – it is so true, you are absolutely right. wasn’t a pleasant transit at the time last year but at least now I know to look out for transits by Ceres.

    A reader/commenter mentioned Odessa. We have relatives of friends who are still hunkering down in Odessa, a beautiful place btw, they have no intentions of moving out to a safer place because “it is so quiet here, everything seems fine.” We are hoping that it stays this way and not be subjected to the same atrocities like Mariupol and the other cities are undergoing, it is just so frightening and stressful watching this insanity continue relentlessly. Any information you can share with what Nostradamus had to say about a “sea city” would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Odessa does look stunning in the Twitter films and photographs. The height of culture and civilisation. I don’t have a chart for that specific part of Ukraine. The chart for the whole country shows Vladimir Putin retreats. The United Nations, NATO and the EU stand in solidarity. There are other groups – the Commonwealth, led by Her Majesty the Queen. Nostradamus talks about a number of losses and crises for ‘butin’ or Putin and 2022-2023 looks like one of them. Perhaps the last. Nostradamus was a Catholic and wrote a lot about faith. One curious possibility is a miracle at Lent. The Russian Orthodox churchmen have objected to the war – highly unusual. Putin is, or was, a devout Russian Orthodox man. It is strange but true that the Crimean War, fought over that church, ended on exactly the same cycle we are about to see in Easter 2022. If ever there was a time to pray, even if we are not religious, it is now. The ‘sea city’ that Nostradamus was talking about is probably about The Black Sea and again, we go back to Crimea. This brings in Turkey which he also writes about a lot. Watch the Dardanelles. But do pray. Or just light a candle. We are in a rare astrological cycle with Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces in April 2022.

  63. Thank you, it gives me renewed hope that the invasion of Ukraine will end soon. Russia was on the losing end in the Crimean War (1853-1856) and they’re going to be on the losing end with this one too. Agree, unusual for the Russian Orthodox churchmen, Kirill mostly, to object to this war. A miracle at Lent is what we all want and like you said it is a possibility. Lent is already underway – March 2 to Holy Saturday April 16, 2022.

    Prayer is a powerful tool and I absolutely agree with you that if ever there was a time to pray it is now. No matter what religion you follow
    say a prayer to God to bring wisdom, compassion, to Putin, that he may see the error of his ways. Only God can work miracles. But we need to do our part – pray.

    1. Yes. Russia is already losing this war. The opposition against her is global, powerful and is coming from right across the spectrum. It’s also in the hearts and minds of the majority of people on the planet. They don’t want this to go on. They want Putin stopped. That’s powerful stuff. Lent is already underway, and yet it is so peculiar that it ends on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, something not seen since Crimea. The synchronicity is staggering. I had written a long piece about the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, and the double transit in Pisces, before recording some YouTube programs about it. I remember looking at the Crimean War at the time, never imagining we would now be in Lent 2022 and with the same issue: the Russian Orthodox church. Most people are not talking about Putin’s religion. It’s good we can do that here. It is absolutely pivotal to what happens. We light the candles.

  64. Thank you. I did a search on your website for Jupiter-Neptune conjunct in Pisces, published exactly a year ago March 25, 2021, (an interesting read btw) and couldn’t agree with you more that the synchronicity to March 1856, the end of the Crimean war, is stunning. The dates you mentioned : April 9 to April 12, 2022 – the current Jupiter-Neptune conjunct in Pisces, peaks on those dates.

    We must also make a note of April 5, 2022 : “a severe day for Putin.” Mars-Saturn conjunct.

    We light the candles, say our prayers, every prayer is heard by God, nothing goes wasted.

    1. Yes, the Crimean War nearly passed me by, because I wrote the prediction such a long time ago, but an astrologer on Twitter ran a chart for 2022 and compared it – and I remembered. Nostradamus very likely referred to Russian Orthodox churchmen in his quatrains and perhaps, to Lent or Easter for timing. He certainly got the timing right with April 5th. The world is more than ready for a miracle, I’d say. Perhaps it’s time for the real spirituality to stand up, and the fake religions to go down. That would suit the transits!

  65. Hi Jessica, I was flipping through the flipbooks and in one of the ebooks (the various astrological signs) – you had me laugh out loud.
    Too funny but accurate as well – “a forever family, a real dynasty. born to be King or Queen to a younger court.” Fantastic book, great job!

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