The Ukraine Astrology Chart

The Astrology Chart for Ukraine

On 24th August 1991 at 6.00pm local time, Ukraine became independent. The chart is below. She is a Virgo nation. Her working people – the Ukraine working class – dominate. No wonder she is winning the war.

This is the natal chart for Ukraine using the Natural House System and including the asteroids from the Roman family tree of astrology. This chart uses our software system here at

Uranus Trine Uranus – The Shock of War

Whenever we see war, we see Uranus, because it describes shock. Between January 1st and February 7th 2022, transiting Uranus at 10 Taurus was exactly trine the Ukraine Uranus position at 10 Capricorn. This is an exact description of what happened next, and it also tells us the biggest shock is over.

Uranus in Taurus is a revolution in the world economy. Uranus in Capricorn is a revolution in global status. This is the end of the Russian financial system. It is also the radical rebirth of Ukraine with the European Union, NATO and the United Nations. Why is the biggest shock over? Because Uranus has left 10 Taurus. The world economy is dominated by money laundering. Putin’s attack will bring an end to that by 2026. Yet, it is evident now, as this is published in March 2022. The Russian money laundromat is blowing up.

UKRAINE WHEEL scaled - The Ukraine Astrology Chart

UKRAINE DATA scaled - The Ukraine Astrology Chart

Transiting Pluto at 27 Capricorn in the Ukraine Chart

Transiting Pluto at 27 Capricorn between February 3rd and March 10th 2022 is semi-sextile the Ukraine Salacia at 27 Aquarius and trine the Ukraine Hygiea at 27 Taurus. That’s exact.

Let’s take it apart. Pluto in Capricorn is a change in the balance of power in the world order. Salacia describes living in two worlds, neither of them real. In Aquarius, that shows the group – allies – friends. For a country, rather than a person, it is usually about communities like the United Nations or the EU or NATO. It also describes political parties within Ukraine.

Ukraine Until November 1st 2023

Hygiea in Taurus is a symbol of economic insurance; financial protection; shielding in trade and business. This is a perfect description of what Ukraine is going through as I write this on Thursday 3rd March.

Using astrology we can also see how long the process goes on for. Pluto leaves 27 Capricorn on March 10th but goes back to 27 Capricorn between June 22nd and August 4th 2022, then makes another pass from December 10th 2022 until January 11th 2023. The final pass at 27 Capricorn is September 20th 2023 until November 1st. By then, according to all the laws of astrology, the process is complete.

That is the very latest point at which I would expect Vladimir Putin to go down or go out of the picture. The very latest. He is a symbol of Pluto in Capricorn, as is Donald Trump, his American friend. Trump is over.

You don’t need either man’s birth chart to say that. In fact, the data for both charts is dubious. All you need to do is watch Pluto.

Watching August 2023 and Ukraine

In August 2023 a number of transits reach 27 degrees or move very close to it. Pluto is at 28 Capricorn. Neptune is at 27 Pisces. The North Node is at 27 Taurus. The South Node is at 27 Scorpio. Given the fact that Ukraine has her Taurus/Aquarius patterns triggered, this looks like an historic agreement involving her allies within the United Nations; the European Union; NATO.

Neptune and the Ukraine Chart

Transiting Neptune at 20, 21, 22 Pisces in January, February 2022 (the crucial first two months of the attack on Ukraine by Putin) aspected the 20 Taurus IC (Immum Coeli) and 20 Scorpio MC (Midheaven) of Ukraine. The IC is where Ukraine comes from. The MC is where Ukraine fulfils her mission.

Saturn in Aquarius and Ukraine

Saturn transiting Aquarius (groups, allies) in 2022 is very hard for Ukraine. She is going to find her involvement with the European Union, the United Nations and NATO difficult and demanding. She has Saturn at 1 Aquarius, Moon at 22 Aquarius, Salacia at 27 Aquarius – as we’ve seen.

Saturn was at 1 Aquarius (the Ukraine Saturn Return) back in December 2020 and until January 4th 2021. Saturn (a symbol of all that is slow and heavy in life) is a burden to Ukraine, again, at 22 Aquarius between April 1st and 12th 2022 – and again, July 31st to August 13th. The final test with these allies and organisations is December 28th 2022 until January 6th 2023, when Saturn is again at 22 Aquarius.

There is a reality check with the EU and UN and NATO for Ukraine from February 11th until 18th 2023 and then it’s over. Ukraine has completed the obstacle course.

I strongly suspect this is also about political parties within Ukraine and also Belarus and her breakaway groups. This obstacle course can only happen about every 28 years.

President Volodymyr Zelensky 

The huge Leo stellium in the Ukraine chart shows us a nation built on ‘the king to a younger court’ and here we have the former actor Volodymyr Zelensky – the voice of Paddington Bear in Ukraine. Leo the lion has been associated with courtship, heirs to the throne and leadership for centuries.

There are challenges ahead in relation to his own children (and other people’s children) for the remarkable Ukraine president. The Aquarius-Leo tension in the Ukraine chart is about his heirs to the throne and any pretenders to the throne.

Ukraine will have to sort out the tension between the group, the party, the allies – and the king, the leader, the heirs to the throne – in 2022 and 2023.


Watching China, Russia and UnionPay

One of the reasons I recommend you follow me @jessicacadams is that Twitter is where so many great astrologers are. It’s also where you see the future happen – now – in a few Twitter posts. As soon as we heard that China was going to help Russia with her credit card problems – with UnionPay – we could guess at the disruption.

People are surprised to find out a corporation or plastic card company has an astrology chart, but it’s standard to use them, just as we use national charts. So UnionPay has the classic Taurus/Scorpio signature you’d expect with a financial entity. The problem is the historic cycles ahead. I wrote “This is global. China and UnionPay are in for a shock.” When? August 2022, round one, and October 2022, round two.

What sort of shock? Well it’s global because Pluto in Sagittarius (foreigners) is there. It’s karmic, because the nodes are there. (This goes back to the Second World War). Would you bank on UnionPay, China and Russia for the security and smooth sailing you’d want from a plastic credit card? No.

CHINA UNION PAY - The Ukraine Astrology Chart

The Dardanelles

Keep watching the Dardanelles. Turkey is limiting warships through there. Turkey is using the 1936 Montreux Convention to do that. The issue here is the date. July 20th 1936. Pluto at 26 Cancer and the Sun at 27 Cancer, just one degree away. Cancer rules turf, territory and borders. The problem for us in 2022 is transiting Pluto opposing the natal Pluto-Sun conjunction. We find Pluto hovering at 26 and/or 27 Capricorn in March, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January 2023. As I publish this on March 8th 2022, that is a very long time-frame of intense risk. Pluto then retrogrades to 27 Capricorn in September, October 2023, finally leaving for good on November 1st 2023.

In August 2023, Pluto is at 28 Capricorn, Neptune (which rules the sea, The Black Sea and nuclear submarines) is at 16, 17 Pisces. The North Node is at 26, 27 Taurus and South Node at 26, 27 Scorpio. These issues about the right of Russia and/or Ukraine to take war ships and submarines through the Dardanelles peak in August 2023.

New Ukraine, New Astrology Chart

Once Ukraine is reborn with her new place in the world; constitutional changes; new order – she will have a new astrological chart. She will lose her Leo chart signature. That’s a huge shame, but a new chart also removes some of the stress that we can see in the horoscope – above.

Pluto’s arrival at 0 Aquarius between March 24th and June 11th 2023 is historic. Pluto at 0 Aquarius will be in a quincunx with the Ukraine Sun at 0 Virgo.

This is a dramatic transformation in power within the United Nations, NATO and the European Union which has a profound impact on Ukraine in terms of its working class (which Virgo rules) as well as its health and hospital system – and we have to remember we still live in an age of COVID-19.

This is a slow rebirth but it is a powerful one. Let’s wait for the new Ukraine astrology chart.




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108 Responses

    1. China and Russia are in partnership. Good question. I will go into that more later for you and others who are asking.

  1. Hi Jessica ,

    Thank you for this article. Sometimes I don’t know what to believe . Here in Holland we notice gas and diesel prices go up and up. It makes me scared we are not that far away from Russia. Groceries are also so very expensive now.

    Does your article mean that the war will continue for years? And what if he (Putin) decides to use his nuclear weapons ? I feel so bad for the Ukrainian people. Where does this lead to? I’m even scared to read the news. Won’t Russias Allies mingle in this war ? I once read about Baba Vanga that Russia and China would rule more than they do now. Or maybe I interpreted it wrong. Holland is such a small country, if he would blast bombs here , were done.

    And is his birth chart for real ? A weird Libra then going for war. I never thought that someone’s rising sign ( Scorpio) could be so vindictive and cruel.

    And I also notice when I Google about Putin and Astrology that there are a lot of Indian astrologers who speak of him as a great leader. That’s scary to say the least.

    I hope you can shed some answers because even I as a Dutch person fears this war.

    Thanks for your work as always.


    1. Thank you. I trust astrology, which is over 2000 years old and has seen us through two world wars. In fact, it was an astrologer, Brigadier Roy Firebrace, who was chosen to assist Sir Winston Churchill at Yalta and Potsdam and with the Molotov visit to Britain. He was there in his capacity as a Russian expert, but he was also part of The Astrological Association and The Astrological Lodge of London for many years. I have been looking at the work of Firebrace during the last war. It’s very useful in seeing what comes next. Baba Vanga has been proven completely wrong (she foretold Barack Obama would be the last U.S. President) so please ignore what you see about her online. Ignore the Putin ‘birth chart’ as it is not AA validated. You need an AA Rodden Rating to do the charts of politicians and he’s a former agent; the chances of us having anything remotely like his real birth data are very small. Indian astrologers are also wrong. Indian astrologers calling Putin a great leader are best ignored. What utter nonsense. If you are in Holland your biggest problem is not World War Three, it is your budget changing in 2022, 2023. You will have to be ready to make or save money in completely different ways, very quickly, and learn how to deal with supply shortages and stop-start economic changes. Holland will be able to do what she could not do in 1938, 1939 as the Dutch people realise this is karma from the war – she will make new decisions with her allies in Europe and NATO that were out of the question in 1939. This whole episode is about karma, actually. See German women in Berlin taking Ukraine people into their homes at the train station. That’s one example!

  2. This is a very uplifting read. It is fascinating and you explained it very well. I hope Ukrainians are able to read this promising post. I pray that President Volodymyr Zelensky and his family will come out safe and the people can hold on and persevere until this is over. I’ve been following you for several years now and whenever something big event like this happens, I always go back to your past blogs and wait for what you’re going to say next that is why I follow your tweets. Again this is a good read. I can’t wait until this war ends and witness the positive result it will bring to the world. For Ukraine, my prayer and thoughts are with you. Stay strong.

    1. Thank you so much for your message, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave this for me to read on Friday morning in Australia. My prayers are with Ukraine too. And we’re going to win.

  3. Thanks Jessica as always for making the meaning of multitude of planetary movements. Just few quick clarity which couldn’t be decoded from the above article is that will Zelensky survive the Russian onslaught and what kind of future you foresee for him? Secondly, you mentioned about stock market crashes–other than Russia–do you expect volatility and such crash in Asian markets too in particularly India? And if Yes, then time frame?

    Stay safe and God Bless.

    1. We don’t have an AA-rated Rodden chart for the Ukraine President. In astrology we use the Lois Rodden rating system for data and unless we have AA, for major world events, should not use it. So I am not looking at the president’s chart – but we can look at Russia-Belarus – that is verified – and see economic downfall, ongoing. I posted a prediction about India a long time ago if you want to look it up on Search. Any nation which depends on petrol/gas cars, coal and kerosene-fuelled airlines and COVID-19 exposed flights is not going to make it, financially. A lot depends on Modi and if he goes or stays, or changes his policy. If Modi stays with dinosaur fossil fuel then India is in serious trouble.

  4. Dear Jessica, How many more innocent civilians will die in Ukraine before the war ends? It is a heartbreaking to see these images coming out of Ukraine.

    1. The anti-Putin movement in Russia is gathering in strength and speed and the boycotts and bans are growing too. The world is with Ukraine and in astrology terms, Putin is yesterday’s man. The Sikh community in Poland, among others, are saving civilians who are leaving and Anonymous is with the Ukraine people who are staying to fight. It is very, very important to focus on who and what is winning.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your insight.
    Is Poland in danger of Russian invasion as well? How will the invasion of Russia on Ukraine impact Polish zloty and Polish economy?
    Polish people are doing the best they can to help civilians in this dramatic situation.

    1. Poland is a lifeline for people in Ukraine now as there are still people there who can remember their childhood during the last war – and what it was like. The Polish rescue operation is amazing to watch. As Poland invests in Ukraine people, so the world will invest in Poland. The economy will benefit from that. As for Russia – she has NATO to worry about. And the United Nations. And the European Union. Poland is part of that powerful circle.

  6. Hi Jessica, Do you see any astrological parallels of this Ukraine war with Gulf War I, when Iraq invaded Kuwait? Like now, the fog of war was heavy then, with the Western media completely focused on the official line. If Putin is driven out of Ukraine, would the second later pass of Pluto in Capricorn 27 see Biden’s successor planning a regime change in Moscow, as in Gulf War II?

    1. You are assuming that Pluto going to 27 Capricorn sees President Biden replaced with another face. There is no evidence to suggest that. Thank you.

  7. Dear Jessica, thank you for your analysis. Writing you from Kyiv downtown, while russian troops trying to invade my city. Please, be so helpful to tell more on Kyiv in particular.

    1. I am so sorry you are facing this terrible war and it is important that you know the world is backing you and supporting you – every day. Okay, so Kyiv has three astrology charts. One is 1918 and there are two more for 1991. When/if Ukraine joins NATO or the EU, she will have a new chart. New future. At the moment we can only read the old country to see what is going on. Let’s look at March-December 2022. Ukraine will divide into different parts for a while. This is temporary. If you are in Kyiv, still, you may find friends and family in other regions are separated from you – but not for long. The Black Sea plays a very important part in Ukraine’s destiny. Russia will retreat and try another way. This may never work. For all that Russia wants a different geographical strategy in the region, it may never eventuate at all. I don’t know if this is a surrender but it’s certainly a departure. A new day will dawn and you will be in a better, brighter place. From all this will come a new Europe. These dark days will not last. Let’s look again when Ukraine is admitted to the EU as she will have a completely different horoscope. That could work in her favour. Let’s hope so.

  8. Dear Jessica, I have been reading your articles for many years, thank you. You predicted a long time ago that the EU would break into a different form and the Euro would end in a shocking way. Is this the start of that process? How will this effect the U.K. relationship with other European countries? Putin seems to have United the West. You also spoke about karma, it is clear that Germany is stepping up but what Karma is due to the U.K?

    1. Yes, this is the beginning of the end of the European Union as we knew it. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will remain outside and within the E.U. itself you will see a lot of change – and also with NATO. There will be more shocks ahead by 2026 for the Euro and the EU. The United Kingdom is in a really astonishing position if you think about 1938 and 1939 and karma. Neville Chamberlain appeased Adolf Hitler. The support of some of the London aristocracy for Nazism and Fascism is a known fact. If you take the current Belgravia/Russian money laundering situation as appeasement, then the United Kingdom has to pay for that. Yet, she is also owed by Europe for her stand on Poland. Astrology tells us this is about land (Taurus) and the banks (Scorpio) in 2022 and 2023, just as it was in 1938 and 1939.

  9. Bună, Jesica! Citesc frecvent postările tale de când am descoperit întâmplător site- ul. Empatizez cu oamenii nevinovați din Ucraina. Sunt imagini cutremurătoare! Sperăm să se termine cât mai repede și favorabil. Ce poți spune despre efectele războiului asupra României ? Mulțumesc!

  10. I noticed you saying the places that use gas ect won’t make it. What can be done to prepare. Now for all of this.

    1. Many places are already converted to solar, wind and electricity and with Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (the world economy) you can see how that’s going to pull wealth away from places like Russia which supply fossil fuel. If you want to prepare, just look at the simple and easy things – solar panels – electric bikes.

  11. Hi. Jessica, again love the posts and your insights.I am interested in your thoughts of karma for the UK, Australia, India, and our the rest of our Commonwealth. It took us to the 1980’s for the UK to pay off our war debt and although we won the war the cost was horrendous for all. I have seen ex British soldiers going into Ukraine who are taking up arms against Russia too. Ukraine people and thier bravery put many other countries to shame. Putin increasingly looks madder and madder like Hitler in his bunker. I cant help but think someone in his inner circle will take him down as the nuclear element is terrifying for anyone.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we are back in 1938 and 1939 with the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. It’s like a mirror. These nodal cycles always ask us to examine our reflection in the mirror. America has done that and taken a stand in 2022 which she never did in 1938. Switzerland has dropped her neutral position. There is a lot of this ‘atonement’ going on, with German people taking those from Ukraine into their homes from the train stations. This is really about the zodiac signs involved, Taurus and Scorpio, so it’s financial. Every country will have to sort out its own karmic budget in 2022, 2023 as these nodes repeat their 1938-1939 positions. The United Kingdom will have to face its Russian money laundering problem. India will have to examine her actions. That means Australia has to look at India and vice-versa. If we see an exact repeat of the karma of 1938 and 1939 it may be that a group of men take down Vladimir Putin, as an answering call to what happened before: one man triumphed over a whole group in the ‘show trials’ at the end of the Thirties. So your thoughts about his inner circle may well prove to be right if the karma is exact.

  12. Love to read you! I was so sad this morning to see all the news. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent.

    What do you see for countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua that are actually in the hands of dictators in power?

    Does the fall of Putin will help to create awareness and change?

    1. Mexico and oil are an ongoing story in 2022, 2023, because Pemex is having a major astrological return, dating from 1938 and 1939. Watch Pemex. In general, dictators lose their power when Pluto leaves Capricorn, and any ‘system’ where too much power over life and death is in the hands of a few, tends to go down. The most famous example of that is King George III and the United States of America, and the African slave trade. You could also talk about Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI and the peasants in France, of course. That was the last time we saw dictatorships crumble in such a dramatic way. The world is going towards people power, shared horizontally, by the group – away from little Hitlers. They’re history from 2024.

  13. Thank you very much Jessica for this article. As usual you are here to give us some light. I’m only a Brussels sprout who transplants herself in US but we are all connected and my heart is so broken right now. For 1 man ego, millions of people’s life are destroyed. It’s so unfair. I’ll pray for Ukrainien.
    Much love from LA

  14. What about the Australian economy, as we are reliant on exports in coal & gas? As above you said economies dependant on oil, petrol cars is not going to make it financially. How do you see Australia’s relationship with China?

    1. The big picture is Uranus in Taurus (the revolution in the world economy) until 2026. Uranus also rules electricity and new inventions, and this cycle began in May 2018 right on cue with the rise of the electric car and bike, which of course fundamentally threatens the petrol/gas economy. Taurus is the sharemarket. Uranus is the shock. COVID-19 was the first shock, Ukraine is the second and by 2026 there will be more. Australia won’t be immune from that. The other big cycle now is Pluto in Aquarius, which begins in March 2023 and runs past 2030. That is all the power vested with the global community, power shared equally among big fish and small fish. What affects one affects the rest. This is where the Climate Emergency is headed and for whatever reason, 2023-2024 is a massive swing towards a genuinely united world. Put all that together and you can see why Australia will have to rise to the occasion. A lot of the questions about China will come back to Australian universities, in a small way now, but when Uranus goes into Gemini from 2026, in a nation-changing way. Uranus usually brings shocks, as above.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for being in the thick of it. Many people here in the US talk about the Great Reset, ‘you will own nothing and be happy’..
    Can you please shine some clarity on this potential one world government? Many people do not see it as a positive.

    Thank you very much! You always spend so much time helping everyone.

    1. Thank you. It’s basically a few cycles from the past, repeating at once. We’re back in 1938-1939 so karma has come around for Germany, in particular, and Switzerland. (Remembering this cycle is about banks and currency). It’s also there for the United Kingdom, as she started out by appeasing Hitler. Again, this is about economics. Japan is in there: she must now put her values above her usual trade with Russia and so on. The other cycle repeating is the end of British rule in America. The end of the slave trade and paying tax to King George III. These are massive, momentous shifts. It’s not a Great Reset it’s a revolution in 2022-2023. It’s not one world government either, but it’s a collection of very, very powerful groups. That is why we have to be extremely careful about China, Russia and any other country wanting to create their own global barn-dance.

  16. Thank you, Jessica, for such useful knowledge. I live in Estonia and people here don’t know what to do – should we escape, should we gather our defenses – is there anywhere to escape or shall Russia leave us alone. With our history, people are scared and don’t want to go back to the times we had. Can you shed light on any further attacks on others than Ukraine?

    1. Thank you. We have three charts for Estonia so let’s see which one works best. It’s your 20th August 1991 chart set for 22.10pm GMT in Tallinn. (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). Just like Lithuania, Moldova and Finland, you have a key pattern at 0-1 Aquarius and it’s Saturn at 1 Aquarius. This is the sign which rules allies and friends – and the group. This is clearly about the EU (European Union), NATO and the United Nations. Amazingly, all the countries readers have been asking about, have the same pattern. Estonia also has Venus at 0 Virgo, which rules her working people, her employment and also the national health care (COVID-19). You can expect a fantastic turning point in May 2022 when Jupiter goes to 0, 1 Aries. History will be made in May 2023, when Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius and Jupiter is at 0 Taurus. Overall, this looks like a complete reorganisation of the way the European region handles her trade, economy, defence and borders. We’ve not seen this pattern in over 240 years and it’s coming for Estonia. The other key month is July 2023. The lunar nodes go to 1 Taurus/Scorpio. This is a rebirth for Estonia in connection with her allies and in her relationship with the UN, EU and NATO. In fact you are literally all in it together. Russia under Putin is a ticking alarm clock. He won’t last.

  17. Hello Jessica
    Love to read you as a new member . You talk a lot of UK but what about France ?
    France with our president Macron is very involved in this tragedy . How will this effect our life ? Do you think that war will come here ?

    1. Merci. France has eleven astrological charts. I know Macron has taken on the task of diplomacy with Putin so of course France is pivotal to what happens next. If we use the most recent horoscope for France, set for 6th October 1958 at 6.30pm in Paris (The Fifth Republic) then we can see COVID-19 immediately. France was born with Pluto at 3 Virgo, exactly sextile Neptune at 3 Scorpio and also in aspect to Venus at 3 Libra. Virgo rules public health, Scorpio rules the economy. For the first time in 18-19 years the lunar nodes went to 3 Cancer and 3 Capricorn – in March 2020, when the W.H.O. declared a pandemic. So I think we can say that chart works, as France has been so heavily hit by COVID-19. We would keep watching the lunar nodes, to see what happens when they go to 3 Taurus and 3 Scorpio, which rule the world economy. This is May and June 2023 and it suggests a new arrangement with the European Union, the United Nations and NATO for France. Jupiter also goes to 3 Taurus in May, June 2023 so this benefits your country. Do I think war will come to France? You mean, as it did with the Nazi occupation? No. That insane nationalism was down to Pluto in Cancer in the First World War and leading up to the Second World War. We’re not seeing anything major in the zodiac sign of Cancer in 2022, 2023. Will there be an economic war? Yes.

  18. Thank you for your reply. I am trying to stay positive but it’s so hard just now.
    I hope and pray for peace soon for everyone.

  19. Dear Jessica, thank you for your amazing website, I am so glad I came accross with your articles. My heart goes out to the Ukraine, so much suffering and pain…I hope this nightmare ends soon! I live in Finland, and the threat of Russia has always been ”in the air”. Former Soviet Union attacked us during the world war 2 in a similar way just as Russia has done now with Ukraine. It was a miracle that Finland kept its independency then, our grandparents fought hard and with everything they had…How do you see the astrological climate for Finland? Should we be scared of the invasion once again? Really wondering how all this will play out.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. I’ve written about Finland in the comments here and given the rather interesting synchronicity of 0-1 Aquarius patterns involving her and Moldova and Lithuania, I’d say that a huge transformation is coming with the EU, NATO and the UN.

  20. Today is my son’s birthday and as I’m watching the world, I am bereft with sadness for everyone.
    Especially on this day, thinking of mothers and sons and seeing the most chilling, heartbreaking photo
    on a news page of a family killed. I’ve read your comments to so many, and your insights have been hopeful at times,
    but it feels quite overwhelming and impossible to consider things changing for the better.
    I’m sure I’m certainly not alone thinking this, and I’ve wanted my entire life to be proved wrong, that abetter world is possible.
    But as an anxiety-laden child and now adult, I know I must try to cultivate hope in the next generation, even if things
    are extremely dire. I just feel like there’s this deep primal scream response everywhere, this howling, this need of some of karmic
    resonance or retribution. How do you find the bravery when the wolves are at the door?

    1. Happy birthday to your son, despite the world we live in at the moment. How do the people in Ukraine find the bravery? Well, they have – and they are. They are an inspiration. They are winning. In fact, they have brought the world together. Those people at Anonymous never stop working on their computers. The German and Polish people at the Poland border with cardboard signs are driving Ukraine people back to their homes. We would all rather skip the war, of course, and not have this in our lives – but human nature is at its most magnificent now, too.

  21. Jessica Adams, as bulgarian I can tell you that Baba Vanga has never said that Barak Obama will be the last US president! There a lot of lies online said by people who claim they knew Vanga. She saved the life of my father when he was in a life danger, so she is not completely wrong. The wrong ones are the ones who write lies.

  22. Hi Jessica. I just came across your website and found your articles to be interesting.
    What’s happening in the recent days it’s just something very unbelievable and devastating what all the people caught up directly and indirectly in the war have to go through.
    Could you please tell me how the things are looking for Republic of Moldova currently and in the future? Even though Moldova is a neutral state it is so close to the conflict and has a great chance of getting invaded.
    Also, just to point out, Moldova has a frozen conflict zone, Transnistria, where Russian troops are located for years.
    Thank you!!

    1. Moldova has just one chart, set for 27th August 1991 at 8.52am GMT in Kishinev. Amazingly, she has Saturn at 1 Aquarius, very similar to the Lithuania chart I just looked at. So we are back to the groups – NATO, the United Nations and the European Union. When Pluto goes to 1 Aquarius in February 2024, I don’t think it will be possible for Moldova to stay neutral. This looks like an historic transformation of her relationship with these groups, and a change in power and control, in her politics and leadership. We can only see this happen every 240+ years and it is coming. The other tremendous change will be the transit of Uranus at 17 Taurus in opposition to Pluto at 17 Scorpio. That is a radical shift in the economy and it’s set for June 2022 this year. It’s back in October, November 2022. There is likely to be a huge trade offer here, or perhaps an enormous handout. I can’t say if Moldova will take it, but obviously your neutral state and also your geographical location is of massive interest, not only to Russia, but to the allies against Russia.

  23. Lithuania is a small country neighboring Belarus. He has already won independence several times. The last fight leaving the USSR. Now refugees from Ukraine come to us in this way, but they do not want to stay in Lithuania much, and flee further to other European countries, because they say that Lithuanians are in the same danger as Ukraine. Putin and Lavrov have repeatedly spoken about the return of the Baltic states to the USSR. Are Lithuania and Lithuanians safe from war and nuclear weapons?

    1. We have four astrological charts for Lithuania so let’s find one that works best for 2022 and 2023. It’s actually your 1991 independence chart, set for 11th February 1991 at 12.00 in Vilnius (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). Lithuania in her modern form has Saturn at 0 Aquarius, the sign ruling NATO, the United Nations and the European Union (Aquarius rules groups). It’s never easy for your country to be involved with these global communities – in fact it is a burden. You are experiencing that now, as another group (the Baltic states) draws you into the story. I completely understand why you would be feeling deep concern, especially about war and nuclear weapons. The Lithuania chart also shows Mars (attack and defence) in Gemini (neighbours). So this is literally your neighbour Belarus. The chart is accurate. It also shows the Sun at 22 Aquarius, again, the sign of groups. Lithuania and her allies, but also the groups she is most affected by, is a really important question. She also has Mercury at 8 Aquarius, so of all the European countries most strongly affected in 2022, 2023 Lithuania feels it most. Looking at 2022, there will be a two-way agreement with another country. It’s like a pact or treaty. This is not what you fear. It may take time and a lot of trust. But I suspect it will happen.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    I wish to thank you for all your support now at those dark times. I must say I am proud of my people here in eastern part of Poland, who organise assisstance to the Ukrainian refugees – kids and women and the elderly. So many of us devote our time and money to those in need, taking them to our homes – even though some of our families suffered either from UPA during the WWII or all the horrors that happened at Wołyń. At first these were the individuals who just rushed to the border to collect the Ukrainians. So could you please check in the stars when this horror will finish? Is Poland to pay any karma from 1939?
    The human and non-human resources are slowly diminishing both in Ukraine and here in Lublin and Podkarpacie regions. Will our government be able to deal with this challenge? And will the restrictions for Russia work? I believe only the people of Russia can stop Putin when they learn what is really happening in Ukraine.
    Wishing you a peaceful night …

    1. Thank you. We have four astrology charts for Poland. The only one to use, is the one that clearly shows 3rd September 1939. This is the chart set for 5th November 1916 at 12.00 in Warsaw (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). Poland was born with Saturn at 0 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules babies, children, teenagers and young adults – and their parents, godparents, and relatives. Saturn is a symbol of difficulty, tremendous tests of strength and patience. On 3rd September 1939 when Great Britain went to war with Nazi Germany over Poland, we find transiting Saturn at 0 Taurus, the True North Node at 0 Scorpio and True South Node at 0 Taurus. That is a T-Square. A T-Square as you may also know (along with your knowledge of Saturn in astrology) is always tight and tense. That line-up was rare and historic, which we would expect from such an event. So using the 5th November 1916 chart for Poland, we find her Jupiter Return coming when transiting Jupiter goes to 28 Aries in May 2023. I am sure you know Jupiter is always good news – the biggest and best changes – and in Aries it is actually about Poland and her relationship with the United Nations and NATO. Aries rules attack and defence. That same month, with Pluto at 0 Aquarius, we find the old Saturn 0 Leo position triggered, so this looks like a massive decision for Poland in May 2023 that will affect two or three young generations of Poles. It’s a relaunch or a rebirth. We also find the True North Node at 4 Taurus and True South Node at 4 Scorpio, aspecting Pluto at 4 Cancer and Neptune at 4 Leo in the Poland chart. Again, this is quite rare. It’s about the world economy, trade deals and hand-outs. This will come from countries who stayed neutral or did not take Poland’s side in 1939. It’s pretty clear. Poland is owed, karmically. I suspect this will be about the land itself; real-estate; building; property development. It’s a new country.

    1. That’s so interesting. Thank you. You are not late to this party at all. Discussions about the Ukraine astrology chart will go on for some time. Uranus, of course, is the symbol of shock, but also independence and radical change.

  25. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your posts. Let’s hope. I am russian living in Italy. I feel terrible about all this. I see you have written already for almost all European countries. And what about Italy ? Is there something particular for her other than the big economy crisis for next years which was already happening with the pandemic. Thank you and namaste.

    1. Thank you. I know there are many Russians who detest Vladimir Putin’s war and are bravely protesting at home. You are in Italy and must feel so affected by what is going on – not in your name. The European Union (EU) will change dramatically in 2022, 2023, 2024 and Italy must decide the part she is to play within the EU as its membership will alter and so will its rules – and of course the European economy, which continues to be hit by COVID-19. So there is only that story, really, about the Italian view on remaining in the old-style EU with the old member countries, or making decisions to leave. This does rest on the United Kingdom and her next move. Italy and Britain have been connected since Brexit and the process is not yet final. Have a look at Italy on Search to see some old forecasts about Italy and the United Kingdom, and the EU.

  26. Dear Jessica – can I please ask what will happen to Slovakia? I am Slovak national living in UK and I am really worried about my family and friend, city where I was born and raised and my country. We want to live in peace and harmony, no more chaos, greed and politics!! What is our karma? Thank you very much for your time

    1. Thank you. Slovakia has two astrology charts. My source for all these country charts is always The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, published by The Wessex Astrologer. I have the 2004 edition. Slovakia’s first chart is 14th March 1939 at 12.06 CET in Bratislava. The second one is independence, of course, and set for 1st January 1993 at 00.00 CET in Bratislava. You know what it is like to live under occupation, or your grandparents, or great-grandparents did. The second chart is relevant for 2022. Slovakia has Saturn at 16 Aquarius, very close to Uranus at 17 Capricorn. There was a radical change in your leadership – an upheaval – tied to the difficulties and realities of the EU, NATO and the United Nations. We can time this to the Saturn Return at 16 Aquarius, which you just went through in February 2022 as the war began. Fortunately that’s now behind you. Your next challenge is Saturn in conjunction with Venus at 26 Aquarius, again in the sign of groups and allies – so pulling in serious, difficult questions about the EU, the United Nations and NATO. This takes place in February 2023 as transiting Saturn goes to 26 Aquarius, making the relationships very hard work indeed. I am sure you are fed up with the greed in politics. It’s going. The first light at the end of the tunnel is March 2023.

  27. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks so much for putting this out there. Like many others my heart is absolutely broken for Ukraine and in the search of hope, I came across your blog and it gave me hope. so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    I wanted to ask you expand on how you see the EU changing. I have never in my 30+ years on earth witnessed the countries across Europe so united. I know the EU is a union but we’ve had our dislikes for one another. 😀 After seeing us pull together for Ukraine, I can only hope we build on this.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. A long time ago, when Greece voted for independence from the EU (she remained in the European Union) I posted a prediction about the future of the United Kingdom and the EU (this is a long time before Brexit) and the Euro, and EU in general. Have a look on search for that: Greece/Euro/EU are probably the key search terms. Basically the EU and Euro as you knew them are going to end. There will be a sweeping rethink of membership, conditions, rules and terms. The chart for the European Union is set for 1st November 1993 at 00.01 CET in Bruxelles. Right from the start it had Saturn (obstacles, difficult tests, waiting games) in Aquarius (the group, allies). As you say “We’ve had our dislikes for one another.” And of course the United Kingdom left. The European Union has her Saturn Return in Aquarius in January 2023 and that feels like the start of something new, as a New Year always is. It’s about the economy, the Euro and currency – the trading bloc – and the cost/price of membership. We see the North Node at 8 Taurus and South Node at 8 Scorpio in January 2023, in opposition to the Sun at 8 Scorpio in the original EU chart. This goes beyond the economic sanctions against Russia; the collapse of the Russian economy; the costs of COVID-19 – it is also about the end of money laundering. So this is a complete reshape and relaunch. It picks up the chart for the Euro set for 1st January 1999 at 00.01 CET in Bruxelles. Pluto is at 9 Sagittarius there – very close. That’s a statement about globalisation. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been saying for a while – this is the beginning of the end of globalisation. So pulling together is correct, but it also means pulling the EU in a dramatically different direction and this looks like January 2023 to me. Thank you for asking the question.

  28. Liebe Jessica,
    unendlichen Dank für Ihre grossartige Arbeit, die ich durch einen “himmlischen Zufall” finden durfte. Sie machen uns allen in Europa soviel Mut, diese Zeit durchzustehen und mutig nach vorne zu schauen. und es ist so wundervoll zu sehen, wie die Menschen jetzt ihre Herzen öffnen und soviel Mitgefühl und Zusammenhalt entwickeln. Nun habe ich mit grossem Interesse alle Kommentare und Ihre Antworten dazu gelesen. Und nun habe ich die grosse Frage – wie ist es um uns in Deutschland gestellt? Mein Vater musste als ganz junger Mann in diesen schrecklichen Krieg ziehen, war dann 5 Jahre in Gefangenschaft und ist erst 1950 nach Hause zurückgekehrt. er hat diese Erlebnisse sein ganzes Leben nicht mehr verarbeiten können.

  29. Hi Jessica: I have been reading the comments and your responses regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As an American, I am deeply saddened by all of this. I am of Polish, German and Austrian descent, and the echos of WII haunt me. Many of my ancestors died at the hands of the Nazis. Growing up in the US in the 1950’s, schools had weekly bomb drills because it seemed Russia was becoming a threat to the US. I can still remember the teacher closing the classroom curtains, turning out the lights, and making sure all of us students were under our desks, flat on our stomachs and protecting the back of heads and necks with our arms. It was truly scary. I am dismayed at the lack of help my country is giving to the Ukrainians. Is this going to change? I have my own opinion as to why we are not more involved, but will keep my thoughts to myself.

    1. People power is the key here. We are moving into Pluto in Aquarius, which begins in March 2023, and is hinted at heavily now, with Aquarius ‘weather’ all around us in the world horoscope. So Americans have to do the Aquarian thing. Forget about looking up to the top of power and money. The White House and Wall Street are not going to solve Ukraine and Russia. People power is going to solve it. We are incredibly lucky not to have Pluto in Cancer this time around. They had it during both wars and your ancestors had to endure it. Obsessive nationalism which became genocidal racism. Now, the situation is different. We are in the last days of Pluto in Capricorn so it is the beginning of the end of the elite having total power. If you want to win this, join others who are pooling resources, time, energy and sometimes money to get results. A really good example just landed in my inbox. There is a charity auction for Ukraine and authors are being asked to donate. People who don’t ‘get’ Aquarius are stuck in a very dated way of thinking about time, money and energy and resisting people power. Their heads are still in corporate Pluto in Capricorn. But this wave is going to win. It already is. Boycott McDonalds.

  30. At the beginning of April, the exact conjunction of Saturn – Mars will take place on the hypothetical IC in the horoscope of the Russian leader “+” If you judge from the horoscope of Ukraine, the pair Mars – Saturn is walking on the electoral Moon. Can you write something more about it?

    1. I don’t use any astrological chart for Vladimir Putin. We are on safer ground with the charts for Ukraine and Russia, of course. The Mars-Saturn conjunction Nostradamus was writing about just has to be Tuesday 5th April 2022. Saturn is at 22 Aquarius, Mars is at 22 Aquarius. It’s important because Jupiter is at 22 Pisces on the same day. His cloud is our silver lining. Neptune is really close at 23 Pisces. The North Node is at 22 Taurus and South Node is at 22 Scorpio, so this is an historic line-up which would have jumped out at Nostradamus, certainly in terms of what he was seeing on websites far into the future. The astonishing thing is, the oldest chart we have for Ukraine shows Uranus at 22 Aquarius. That is set for 22nd January 1918 at 12.00 in Kharkov. There are two more. The chart set for 24th August 1991 at 5.31pm in Kiev shows the Moon at 22 Aquarius. Even the third chart set for 1st December 1991 at 6.00pm in Kiev has Mercury at 23 Sagittarius and Pluto at 21 Scorpio – that is very, very close. Putin is going to discover that lone wolves (him) and strange bedfellows (him and China) don’t work in this kind of astrological climate. It is about the group; allies; friends; people power; community; equality; diversity. This is about the United Nations, NATO and the European Union and perhaps more groups, still. And it ties into other quatrains Nostradamus gave us, about the planet. It’s just so interesting. Watch that date!

  31. It breaks my heart when the war began even though I live in Asia which seems quite far away from Ukraine. I have met a few Ukrainians in my life and they are all very friendly and kind. I live in Hongkong which basically China now and it’s frustrating that China is standing on the side of Russia and the world will remember that. I wonder how Hongkong would be affected because of where China is standing or from any past WW karma? I’m considering building my own wellness centre in Hongkong but am concerned with how the war and covid would continue to affect the business environment.

    1. Hong Kong is an interesting one. I posted a feature on Hong Kong a long time ago, if you want to look at Search. She’ll go back to the United Kingdom. There is already a shift in that direction (the prediction is coming true) with London trying to lure Hong Kong residents. It’s still early days, though, and we are really waiting for the big global shift from 2023, 2024 for the full story to emerge. China will have problems with UnionPay so I don’t know if you use that or not. I looked at the chart on Twitter yesterday @jessicacadams if you want to check. A wellness centre is always a good idea, especially if you market to Generation Virgo, who were all born in the Sixties. Think about remote sessions, though. Covid-19 is going nowhere.

  32. Hi Jessica I’m very new to all of this but am finding your insights very encouraging. The Ukraine invasion has been scary to say the least .. putin is in my mind the devil incarnate … I’ve tried to fill in the info .. I do get dreams not least we’re all living under a plastic dome .. (sounds nuts) … am in limbo at the moment with work… also like lockdown having urge to stock up on goods , although haven’t done to date as I’m also thinking it’s mad to think that way ! Am born as a cancer sign 30 June 1967. Have got several ideas for my future career
    what are your insights x Thankyou in advance and please am new at this x

    1. Plastic domes aren’t new and they are fantastic solutions for inner-city and urban farms. So that’s not nuts at all. If you want a better career, act when Jupiter is in your solar Tenth House of professional life (Jupiter is solutions, opportunities) so from May to October this year and again, January to May 2023, when he comes back. As for stocking up on goods – yes. It doesn’t hurt to have a full pantry or hamper.

  33. Thank You Jessica your blog posts offer so much clarity and above all hope for humanity our earth our younger generations – we truly are at a turning point with the ageing of older generations and Gen Z becoming young adults – I truly believe there is a silver lining and pray Ukraine hold fast hold strong and come shining through – they truly are inspiring our whole world right now

    1. Thank you. Younger adults born with the slow-moving outer planets Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, are all about community, diversity and equality. They understand people power. They are also on the rise in Russia, where so many are bravely protesting against Vladimir Putin – and of course right around the world. This is the hard part. 2022 to March 2023 sees Saturn (obstacles, waiting games) in Aquarius. Yet once Pluto goes into Aquarius after March 2023, for many years past 2030, they will find out how to use willpower to become empowered, as a group. That will have incredible repercussions for the United Nations.

  34. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your highly appreciated work and comfort these days! As a German-Hungarian, my Hungarian and my German family (Eastern Germany) had to live a long time under the communism regime. Freedom was and it’s still the highest

  35. Dear Jessica, how wonderful you are to give so much help! I am truly grateful to be able to read your advice. I am praying for the speedy resolution of this terrible war, and hopefully the beginning of an age where people finally develop the skills of avoiding wars altogether. In the spirit of Aquarius, I have translated the question of another reader, a lady called Yvonne who wrote in the comments today, 8th March, with her thanks and a question about Germany:
    Dear Jessica,
    I would like to extend my deepest thanks for your amazing work, which I came across by „heavenly intervention“. You are giving us Europeans so much courage, enabling us to make it through these dark days and look ahead with hope. It is wonderful to see how people are opening their hearts and how much compassion and unity is developing. I have read all the comments and your responses with great interest and now I too have a big question – what do you see for people here in Germany? My father was sent to the terrible war whilst still a very young man, he was held prisoner for five years and didn’t return home until 1950, and he was never able to get over the experiences he suffered.

    1. Thank you so much for translating this German question, it is very good of you. Hopefully Yvonne can use Google Translate to read this English reply again. It sounds as if the last war had a massive impact on her, as her father’s daughter, and probably the whole family. Being held as a POW would have shaken him and her, and of course her mother. It is really important for everyone to take a deep breath. 2022 is not 1938 and 2023 is not 1939. We are close, because the lunar nodes and Uranus are in the same signs, but this time around we have skipped Pluto in Cancer, which was the problem in Europe, but also in Japan, before. Pluto is deadly obsession and Cancer is nationalism. So you can see why the entire world was swept up in that war. Pluto is also ‘taking/dominating/taking by force’ and Cancer is land and homes. Again, that was the last war, and not this limited war on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. The lunar nodes are always about karma. This time around Germany will pay, economically, and sacrifice, financially. This will be done through the European Union. The world also owes the Germans who bravely protested, in 1938-1945, respect and recognition. Germans resisted Adolf Hitler and the Nazis too. So there is a kind of spiritual reckoning, according to astrology. Most of all, though, Germany is going to lead the world on Climate Emergency and the end of fossil fuel (gas, petrol, coal, kerosene). She will have to do that if she rejects Russia, and she will. And from that, comes the greatest gift she could possibly give Europe. That’s the astrology now – big Aquarius cycles, huge Taurus cycles!

  36. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for bringing some hope. So many people online are talking about WW3 or nuclear war and it’s so scary and dreary. I have major anxiety so seeing that kind of stuff is really bringing me down. I live in America and was wondering how the U.S. is going to be affected by this war. Additionally, what do you see as for what the U.S pluto return is going to bring (I’m scared of it being war related) but do you think it’s going to be better for us in the end? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. America will pay the price economically (she already is) for Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. It’s a small price to pay. America did not intervene when Adolf Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 and nor did she get involved when the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939. This time around, thank goodness, she can do the heavy lifting. It will cost Americans and there will be a lot of moaning by the Republican party and her voters, but by the time destiny has finished with Donald and Melania Trump, they will pay any price to do the right thing. The right thing, in this case, is budget sacrifice in 2022, 2023, to stop Putin. So get a well-stocked pantry, because there will be supply chain shortages, and get used to the idea that a bicycle can be your best friend. Petrol (gas) inflation and rising prices is the new normal. America’s Pluto in Capricorn has always been about the end of ‘kings’ and just as you got rid of King George III the last time around, this time around you will get rid of Donald Trump. You already did that once. But a bigger decline and fall is coming.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    What about Sweden’s role in the event of things? Russia’s attempt to dictate our security policy is pushing us towards NATO which would remove that SE/FI buffer zone and make the front line between West and East very sharp. I’m looking at the horoscope for the latest Swedish constitution, but I’m not sure which chart to pick. A constitutional change has to be voted on and passed twice and the date when it was voted through is 27 Feb, 1974. However, the new constitution would not be officially in place until 1 Jan, 1975. The 1974 chart stands out though with its grand trine at 27 degrees in the Air signs. Which chart would you pick and what future do you see for Sweden?

    1. Sweden is being swept along in the Aquarius (groups, allies) weather which began with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius after Christmas 2020 and continues with Saturn in Aquarius in 2022, 2023, with Pluto entering Aquarius from March 2023 for many years into the future. In astrology, the future calls to the present. I know your leadership is resisting NATO membership at the moment but it’s rather like swimming against the tide. What I think you will find by 2023 is that Sweden’s membership of the EU and also the UN makes her eligible for a different sort of relationship with NATO (that organisation itself may be reshaped) or there could easily be a new group alliance which emerges, in response to the war on Ukraine by Russia. I agree that Sweden is very airy by nature – Gemini/Aquarius/Libra – you only have to look at ABBA. Two bilingual couples in a group says it all. Without being facetious, that is actually a really good guide to what happens next. Sweden does well with groups and alliances. When she gets herself into a small, tight-knit community where everyone sings from the same hymn sheet, she finds the most success. So, this NATO issue will be resolved. I think Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 is going to transform/replace the old EU as you knew it and the old UN as well. Sweden will play her part in that and benefit from it. Vladimir Putin is a man out of time. He is not ‘doing’ Aquarius and in fact cannot – because he is a man alone – his only backer is China. Again, China is out of time – out of step with the astrological climate.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    Do you see Hong Kong will be in a catastrophic situation under such circumstances? Essentially, China is making use of the so-called COVID-zero measures and other tricks to mill money from Hong Kong. The more chaotic Hong Kong, the more money and control she grips. Grateful for your views <3

    1. When I looked at the astrological chart for Hong Kong some years ago, the old chart for the Thatcher-era handover of control, was set to go off. For whatever reason, Hong Kong is going back to the United Kingdom. I know at the moment it is hard to say why and how, but as China has just gone into partnership with Russia, and Russia is collapsing, you would have to speculate about the future of the Chinese economy. We are in a different world now, ongoing, and all sorts of deals and trade-offs will be made in future – this cycle runs until 2026.

  39. I truly see everything you have said been played out just now. We will get throw this and we will come out the other side better.

  40. Hi, Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for this analysis. We are seeing some shortages already, and I am guessing more serious ones will come. What do you make out of the future of euro in light of this war? And what about the pandemic? Nobody seems to either talk or care about it any longer.

    Thanks for the insights into the events, as always,


    1. Thanks Ana. I filed predictions about the EU and Euro many years ago – just use Search to find them. By 2026 you will find local cryptocurrency, but also local food markets/local versions of eBay are really popular. Because of the shortages and rations, partly caused by supply chain breaks with COVID-19, but also the attack on Ukraine by Russia – the value of certain local produce or goods will go up and down, within towns and cities or whole regions. So ‘The New Local’ is where this is heading. The pandemic is also something that will be with us for years. Have a look at the prediction I filed on vaccines. The good news is, COVID-19 will be managed by superior testing, and the new ventilation/air systems which are coming, along with new ways to travel. People will also work from home – the new normal – and of course public transport will undergo a revolution as well. Have a look at some old predictions about this at The Conscious Cafe on YouTube.

  41. Dear Jessica,
    This isn’t the first time I write to you, and I really need you opinion, please. Some astrologers say that this March, on Romania Chart apears something that involve Algol. Because of this war between Ukraine and Russia, what is you opinion about Romania? We are really scared that our country wil be involved directly in this war and maybe we will provoke Russia to attack us. You are the only one I trust and I really need your opinion because I feel like I can loose my mind because of the fear.
    With love,

    1. Algol? Absolute gibberish, just ignore that please. It’s not modern astrology, Christina. Romania needs to be ready to collaborate with the rest of Europe when Vladimir Putin retreats. He will not admit defeat. He will not surrender. He is too arrogant. However, he will quit the parts of Ukraine which he stupidly thought he could grab, and that is when Romania and the EU, NATO and UN will rethink the map. Romania has five charts. The majority have Gemini factors in the Third House of neighbours, short journeys and commuting. What seems most likely to happen is that you and your surrounding countries, but also your inner regions, will radically rethink what is possible in terms of domestic flights, cars, petrol/gas, electric vehicles, the Black Sea region and shipping – and move towards a dramatically different way of getting around/being neighbours with other territories and nations. I say this because in 2022 we have Ceres then Mars Retrograde going across Gemini, and Romania’s Third House of local travel and transport, then from 2026, the revolution. That is the end of petrol/gas. For you personally, use the Tarot which is free on this website. Follow the steps and put paid to any anxiety.

  42. Dear Jessica and dear Rose,
    many, many thanks for your great answer for us in Germany – Rose thank you so much for your kind support in translating!!
    This is more than we could hope for and exactly what I and so many of us are praying for, including my work on my Blog
    Jessica, we all around the world cannot express how grateful we are about your amazing work, let me say this once more, please.
    Warmest regards to you and your team, my thoughts are with you, have been in Australia and Tasmania in the early Nineties and still love it. Praying also for you and your beautiful country…

    1. Thank you so much. Waving from Tasmania with a cup of tea. Thank you for the link to your blog too.

  43. Here’s a flashback to 1998 when former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev appeared in a Pizza Hut commercial. Filmed in Red Square and Moscow, the ad was aired internationally but not within Russia itself. The 50/50 opinion split between the commercial’s comrades of 24 years ago appears to still exist in today’s Russian society.

  44. Thanks a lot for the reply, I will go back to all these articles. We are living in a rapidly changing world, I find it hard to catch up with all, let alone plan for anything…

  45. Dear Jessica,

    It seems my question was not posted properly before… It ended with „freedom was and still is the highest“… I meant: freedom is the highest good, which I never took for granted! I had a question about Germany and Hungary in my previous post. I see you already answered regarding Germany. The other half of my family are Hungarian. I was born in the early 80s in Germany and I was a kid when we escaped from the regime. This is why I am so alarmed regarding this horryfing war. It’s always about freedom! I really hope this nightmare will end soon! Thanks again for work!!! Best regards from Munich, Germany

    1. Thank you so much. There are a few people from Germany and Hungary who are really concerned about the astrology of 2022 given the similarity with 1938. The lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio are about economic karma, as we’ve been discussing, and I suspect the greatest gift Germany can give the world, given her guilt from 1938, is to take a massive economic hit and replace petrol, gas, coal and kerosene with solar/wind/electric power. There goes Russia’s wealth. And Germany will lead the planet in a radical new revolution which ends up saving the planet. Strange but true. Then again, you only get Uranus in Taurus and the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio once in your lifetime.

  46. Dear Jessica,
    Can you tell something about Hungary? In 1938-1939 we were on Germany’s side, is this means that Hungary is in a karmic debt? Is Hungary in danger of Russian invasion or there will be “just” an impact on Hungary’s economy and/or on our political system (we have an election on the 3th of April 2022)?
    Thank you!

    1. The karma of 1938, 1939 is being played out with money in 2022, 2023. Germany will take a heavy financial hit through her boycott of trade with Russia and yet she will pay that price. It’s easy for me to say these things as an astrologer and quite another thing to be German and go through them, but the horoscopes are really clear. On a soul level, today’s Germans need closure with the past. Ukraine is a chance to try, at least, for some kind of settlement. It will be through economic hardship or financial loss, or financial sacrifice, that Germany can close the circle with 1938, 1939 even if she cannot erase the past. Hungary is on the same path. Hungary has two charts, one set for 1918 and the other for 1989. We should really use both as the architecture but also the financial business structure of Hungary owes as much to 1918 as it does to the Eighties. In both charts we find Scorpio (sex, death and money). Venus 17 Scorpio, Sun 20 Scorpio in the 13th November 1918 chart set for 12.00 CET in Budapest – and in the second chart, Pluto at 14 Scorpio for the 23rd October 1989 chart set for 12.00 CET in Budapest. I believe the lunar nodes passing over Scorpio 20, 17, 14 will completely transform your economy. This begins for Hungary on July 5th 2022 and will end on September 25th so it’s a summer story. I expect this will be about ‘marriage and mortgage’ for the vast majority of people living in Hungary and yes, there is a price to be paid. It’s not Russian invasion. The great thing about astrology is that you can see this is a repeat of 1938, but this time round, Ukraine will not be Czechoslovakia. Why? Germany’s fought back against Putin.

  47. Dear Jessica, I really appreciate your knowledge and your hard work for the benefit of mankind. I pray mornings and nights, my heart with Ukraine and brave Ukrainian people. You have told several times about Magnitsky pact, could you tell if Russian government will be tried like natzi criminals in Nurenberg? The whole world has to see what this criminal government done.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. This is an extremely unusual war, because women are centre-stage, and also because Twitter is centre-stage too. This means the whole world (apart from Vladimir Putin and his fans) backs Ukraine and so every post, every photograph and every video involves billions of us, emotionally. This war is the ‘Saturn in Aquarius’ war, because it is bringing the world together as one community. Every person is playing his or her part, even if it is just hitting ‘Like’ on a Twitter post marked #BoycottMcDonalds (they have now closed business in Russia). So your prayers are being answered, because so many people from all over the world are with Ukraine. Ukraine is winning. Okay, so The Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act (2018) signed by Her Majesty the Queen in the United Kingdom, is at the heart of shock after shock for Russian businessmen and politicians who are guilty of crimes against humanity. We would expect it to be at its most extreme in 2022 and 2023 and oligarchs from Moscow to Barcelona will not escape, no matter how big their yacht happens to be. I can give you some dates. Monday 16th May 2022 is a Full Moon at 25 Scorpio, the sign ruling sex, death and money and it is opposite the Sun at 25 Taurus, the sign ruling money laundering. This is very close to Saturn (hard karma) at 24 Aquarius, the sign which rules groups. I would expect this to be a turning point in the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell saga and you would be amazed at how the tentacles from that octopus reach into the world of big Russian dirty money. We also find the Sun in conjunction with Uranus (shock) on Thursday 5th May, just before, so I think you would be circling that month in your diary as one to watch. Putin may very well go to the Hague. Yes.

  48. Hi Jessica
    I have a question
    How long do you see this war playing out. And how do you think this will affect Ireland. Also how bad is this Ukraine Russia situation I feel so bad about everything
    Thank you Jessica just discovery your and find your story very interesting

    1. I’ve been talking about the karma of 1938 and 1939 for a couple of years now, at The Conscious Cafe (see the original YouTube predictions) and on this website. Of course Ireland has war karma from 1938, 1939 as well, given her relationship at the time with the United Kingdom. Now, Ireland is achieving karmic closure as she takes in refugees from Ukraine. Every country you see making dramatic decisions (like Switzerland, which has stopped being neutral) and America (which is doing what she never did in 1938, 1939) is achieving the karmic settlement that comes with the lunar node transits of 1938, 1939 and also Uranus too. So in some ways you have to let Ireland do what she is fated to do. Have a look at all the articles I’ve posted so far on Ukraine and Russia. There is meaning to this madness.

  49. Thank you Jessica for the reading! It gives me a lot of hope and eases my mind a bit. I’m Ukrainian and have all of my family in Ukraine right now. This has been the most devastating and heart breaking time in our lives. I sometimes still can’t believe this is actually happening. But I strongly believe in my people, my country, my president with all my heart
    I can say for sure We Will Fight For The Freedom Until Our Last Breath it’s in our blood, in our DNA, in our heritage to fight for freedom that’s why we will win.
    Thank you for all the support and prayers
    We really appreciate it all

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry you are being put through this, but Ukraine and her people are also achieving a miracle in 2022 – bringing the world together. There is profound admiration for the people in Ukraine and also Belarus, actually, who have decided to fight. It reminds me of Great Britain in 1939 and particularly 1940. Britain won. You will win.

  50. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for this blog
    I am just wondering how long do you see this war lasting
    And do you see a world war happening
    Thanks Jessica

  51. Hello Jessica
    I already asked a question about Ireland I am just wondering how worried should Ireland be about this was
    And also how do you see this war affecting Ireland
    Thanks you for the blog

    1. I have touched on this elsewhere, but the war on Ukraine by Russia is about karma from 1938, 1939 when Nazi Germany attacked first one, then two nations in Europe before going full tilt for Paris. Uranus in Taurus and the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio are back. Fortunately what is different about 2022 is that we don’t have Pluto (obsession) in Cancer (patriotism). It’s a different world. This is an economic war and it will go on being an economic war by 2023. Ireland has karma from 1938, 1939 and she is now gaining closure by making sacrifices. It’s the same with Germany of course. In the long run she will gain closure from the last war, by taking a huge financial hit over this one. The world works in mysterious ways. Ireland’s main concerns will be financial, but it is time to release the past with the EU and play a part in a very different sort of trade. Globalisation is heading for the exit so there will be a new economy to replace any that depended on American tax evasion. It’s on that level. And this works out.

  52. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your time.

    Here in this blog, You wrote “America will pay the price economically (she already is) for Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine”. Will America recover ??? America is aging fast, internal politic division, young people suicide, poor education in K-12.

    I appreciate your prayer for America.

    1. America is already paying the (economic) cost of her 1938 karma which is not unusual on a transit like this. President Biden has chosen to pay up and also roll up his sleeves. That completes the circle. I think you’ll find the US is doing very nicely if you look at the statistics. So, Ukraine is lucky to have her on board. She is currently leading the world in a new kind of ‘Team Planet’ we’ve not seen before – against Putin and his cronies. Of course many Russians are also siding with America and the world against them too.

  53. Hello Jessica:
    thank you for sharing your work with us.
    You have mentioned the 1938, 1939 karma in previous posts. Would you mind sharing how is Czech Republic affected by this war?
    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Mirka. We have seven astrology charts for Czechoslovakia and of course, one set for 15th March 1939 at 06.00am CET in Prague when the German invasion began. The latest is for the Czech Republic on 1st January 1993 at 00.00am CET in Prague. In common with many other EU and NATO nations, she has Aquarius (group) factors; Venus at 26 Aquarius and Saturn at 16 Aquarius. So, the Czech Republic is having her Saturn Return (always a tremendous test) in Aquarius and in fact it began on February 6th. Saturn then moves in conjunction with Venus (complicated relationships with NATO and the EU as well as the UN) as late as February 3rd to 10th 2023, so this is a very long, slow process of figuring out the burden of being linked with the other countries involved – including Ukraine which has applied for EU membership. War sanctions are expensive. Changes within the EU are expensive. The biggest impact you will see is on the Czech economy. Pluto at 24 Scorpio has just met the South Node at 24 Scorpio (it finished on March 17th) so there are spiritual or financial debts and credits from the last war, being repaid.

  54. Dear Jessika, I just read your weekly horoscope for the Pisces and amazed of your mastery and spirituality! you wrote: “The South Node takes you back to life as it was with foreigners, 18-19 years ago. Karma! ”
    I just realized, I had working contract and was living in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2003-2005, when was the Orange Revolution. I saw the desire of Ukrainian people to freedom and to have a mush better future! Now I live in the US and trying help Ukraine from here. I feel, like closing the circle… It’s interesting!

    Also, could you look up on my chart, what is about my health and finances in 2022? Thank you!

    1. That’s amazing. You were living in Ukraine 18-19 years ago on the last lunar node cycle, during the Orange Revolution in Kyiv. Now you are in America and helping Ukraine again. Your astrological chart shows a big Aquarius and Aries signature, although you are a Sun Pisces. You will save or make a lot of money between May and October this year. This may even be charity fundraising. There will be a new beginning near 1st April and once you are well into May, you will realise there are opportunities and solutions you’ve not seen in years. They will still be there in early 2023 as well. Your health is best tackled in July, August when you can clearly see the issues and organise a professional pair of eyes on them.

  55. Dear Jessika, I am Mother of two year old lovely son named Wit, and I am so so very cery concearned about war in terms of my sons life and his safety. I live in Poland, I help as much as I can to my Ukrainian friends, who escaped horrors of war, but I just cant shake of the feeling, we should do the same…before this war or pollution or radiation comes to us, making living here in southern Poland impossible. This is my gut feeling. Unfortunately, I cant pay for membership on your fascinating website ways given. Nevertheless thank you very much for wisdom you share answering peoples questions. I hope to find more on Poland on your blog. Thank You once more.

    1. I am sorry you are in this crisis in Southern Poland now. I am sure you are very concerned about your son, who is only two years old. Take a deep breath, because the world has come together to end this war. This is not 1938 or 1939. The cycles of the nodes suggest karma repaid and karma settled, and what is happening is what failed to happen last time. This time in 2022 we have everybody on board to stand against what is happening. The Russian economy is collapsing. America, which has the most power in the United Nations, is on side. Even Switzerland has stopped being neutral. I know this is very hard to go through, but try to feel the support, backing and strength (and the wisdom) of the rest of the world. The whole planet has your back. Every answer to your question is NAT0 and the EU and the UN. Those groups are very hard work for Poland in 2022 but they are very, very powerful. That’s the astrology. And the astrology predicted a lot of what has just happened.

  56. Dear Jessica, what about Croatia? 30 years ago in Croatia took place a war, and now, when I see Ukraina, and that brave people, I have strange feeling like here we go again. The war in the middle of Europe, children, women and men are dying because of some crazy dictator. Even today in Croatia, people suffer because of that war. Can you say something about future of Croatia? Tnx

    1. Croatia is part of the Aquarius weather patterns, which are all about the group (or groups, plural) and people power spread horizontally not vertically. The age of the great dictator is fading fast, and Croatia is important in the context of the EU, NATO, the UN and the new groups which are forming in and around those networks. We are seeing the end of Pluto (power) in Capricorn (the male elite) and the start of empowerment for collectives and communities, involving women in a far greater capacity, and minorities. This begins quite dramatically in March 2023 and it will pull in Croatia. You can’t really look at this country in isolation; you have to judge what happens by Croatia’s willingness to reboot her involvement with other allies, as it is a united front of people power which will guarantee Vladimir Putin’s withdrawal. This also means solidarity with trade boycotts and sanctions, of course. It will work. Once learned, the Aquarius ‘method’ will never go away and once Pluto is fully installed in Aquarius as we go towards 2030, the new reality for Croatia and her neighbours (neighbouring countries are crucial to her from 2026) is a shared vision, genuinely shared bond – and pooled resources. Very, very new.

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