The Pisces Weather 2022

If you have four, five, six or more Pisces factors in your birth chart, then you will be strongly affected by the Pisces weather of March 2022.

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113 Responses

  1. I have always thought of myself as an ‘honorary’ Pisces. I loved the solitary moments sitting in trees listening to the wind rustle through the leaves. Devastated by the cacophony of my first day at school and been struggling in the ‘busy’ outer world ever since. I find solace in tarot, mythology, astrology and my only hope is that one day I can ‘retire’ back to that childhood space. I do find some space now, but the world chaos is increasingly invasive!

    1. Yes, you have a stellium in Pisces in the Twelfth House and are an honorary fish-person. It is amazing that you remember your first day at school as being devastating. Being highly sensitive to noise is a classic indicator of a Pisces stellium. The two fish swimming in opposite directions is a constant reminder of the need for strict 50-50 balance between the noisy, outside world – and the silent inner world. The silent inner world must also be balanced so that it does not take over, or you end up with the reclusive heroin addict or the invisible alcoholic – or agoraphobia. You can also find the 50-50 balance at fault when people develop a drug or alcohol problem, or even develop a serious illness, so that they are ‘forced’ to leave work, forced to leave relationship or family life, and be alone. That is the worst kind of playing out of a Pisces stellium but it’s thankfully rare. For the most part, Pisces stellium people who are successful, figure out the 50-50 split and live their lives that way. So they may spend 3.5 days a week, or the equivalent in hours, surfing or chanting. A good tip with Pisces stelliums is to look at the other stelliums in the chart for clues about how to live with the real-world fish. You are strongly Gemini-Sagittarius-Aquarius and if you are not already in an online (Gemini) group (Aquarius) with foreign faces (Sagittarius) you should be.

    1. Your sixth sense (or extra sense) is highly developed and you may have better psychic ability than eyesight, for example. Or hearing. You may need glasses or be a little deaf, but when it comes to predicting the future, you are spot on. You need peace, quiet and solitude. Perhaps you know that. High-functioning autism is sometimes linked to a stellium in Pisces and a packed Twelfth House. The Twelfth House is about being alone and relating to people with a glass wall or bubble surface. That is a pretty good description of Pisces the two fishes who swim in opposite directions, in the depths of the Twelfth House. Pisces stellium people usually discover their sixth sense in childhood, so you may have seen a so-called ghost or ‘known’ things about teachers or family that later on proved to be correct. It can be dormant for years then pop up again. You may be a born medium. It really depends on how quiet your life is; how much you are able to ignore the clock and calendar; those are the conditions in which mediumship thrives. Most people can’t live like that, so it’s actually quite rare to find a good medium. It’s your free choice. A strong Pisces-stellium sixth sense can be cultivated, like musical ability, or left fallow.

  2. These comments are spot on. I also have a stellium (Chiron, Mars, Mercury – Bacchus, Ops, Aesculapia) and have spent much of my life treading between the real and imaginary. As you have pointed out previously, Kurt Cobain is the quintessential example of a Pisces –,_Kurt.

    After a lot of readings, I’ve found that many empaths are found under this sign. These are individuals with little/no/unknown boundaries that are often awash in a sea of foreign emotions/feelings/influences that are clearly not their own. They may be confronted with a ‘spiritual crisis’ in which they feel God is speaking directly to them, and using Western psychology, are labeled as ‘schizophrenic’, ‘bipolar’, or if they channel their anxieties into behavior ‘ocd’ or ‘anxiety driven’, ‘depressed’, or substance abuse ( ‘self medicator’ ). Some may even experience that their loved one’s sicknesses/rashes/phobias are impressed upon their psyche. At least those were MY experiences, my ‘bipolar’ diagnosis, but also my superpower [[[ magick ]]]. Often, such sensitive individuals turn to the occult or odd labels such as #wicca in order to escape having to explain ourselves, and to create a small but discernible buffer space, a #boundary.

    1. This is a fascinating comment and I know a lot of readers who live with bipolar depression will be interested in what you say. And, perhaps, living with schizophrenia. People with accurate, frequent extra-sensory perception do have a Pisces stellium in my experience, or important, exact aspects involving placements in Pisces and/or Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. I don’t think you can be psychic without ‘living’ in your Twelfth House. In centuries past, the Twelfth House was associated with mental illness and psychiatric wards. Sometimes that may have been because the society of the time was dealing with women who were mediums and disliked their power. This is really not my area: I think the correct answer is, from the point of view of psychiatrists and psychologists, “It’s complicated.” That seems fair!

  3. Hello Jessica,
    thank you for giving us all your continuous attention and thank you for the Pisces phase overview.

    I have strong 12th house in Sagittarius which is why I’ve been working on expanding my knowledge of astrology and refining my intuitive skills. I understand 12th house is where I sabotage myself (although you mentioned in one of your posts that it has nothing to do with ‘undoing’ of self).
    The other unrelated area I’ve been focusing on is my feeling of freedom (and financial freedom as a consequence), and my ability to provide for my family. The importance of feeling free has played a big role in my mental health especially the past few years (Uranus in 10th).

    My question is: Are these two areas I’ve mentioned interdependent (self sabotage and inability to balance my life until I am able to provide)? If so, how and when do I reach my goals? Can the stars help answer this question for me?

    I appreciate your time.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you. I am not sure which astrology system you use, but in order to read for you, I need to use the Natural House System. Your Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces, not Sagittarius. And it’s not the house of self-sabotage or self-undoing. I am not sure which books or websites you are using, but that is incorrect. You are learning astrology and refining your intuition. That sounds far more like Venus at 13 Gemini in opposition to Neptune at 13 Sagittarius in your natal chart, so Venus is in the Third House of internet, casual study, the publishing and media world – and Neptune is in the Ninth House of academia, multicultural education (astrology is cross-cultural) and university life. This is a classic indicator of a student of life who never stops learning. The reason this is important to you at the moment is Jupiter at 13 Pisces, transiting your Twelfth House of psychic ability, intuition and the paranormal – creating an exact T-Square to Venus at 13 Gemini and Neptune at 13 Sagittarius. This develops. Uranus goes to 13 Taurus in April 2022 and will aspect that opposition again. You don’t have Uranus in the Tenth House but you do have an important opposition which is highly unusual, and transiting Uranus at 13 Taurus will form a semi-sextile to natal Venus at 13 Gemini and a quincunx to natal Neptune at 13 Sagittarius. I would expect you to be studying, informally or perhaps in a paying capacity, online, with foreign faces on the Zoom, or other cultures. It will change your life.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    This is all so very interesting. I have a stellium of factors in Pisces. . My life has been turned upside down so many times in the last two years and it would be so nice to just understand what this is going to bring. Maybe an understanding of what I am going through.

    1. Yes, you are strongly Pisces, but it was the financial, income, banking, business and property zones of your chart which were turned upside-down by Uranus in Taurus. One of the outcomes has been that you now turn inward more. You are spending more time alone in peace and quiet, either by choice, or by circumstance. This helps you meditate (even if you don’t call it that) and go inward. You may be one of those people who is quite a long way advanced with this inner search, so perhaps meditation, Tarot, hypnosis, dreams, healing, religion, psychic work, spirituality, therapy is already part of your world. This alternative reality of yours benefits you hugely in 2022. In fact, April is unforgettable. Long-term you leave this cycle when Neptune finally moves out of Pisces and your natal Twelfth House on January 26th, 2026. That is also the last year of constant financial surprises and changes, so you might say that from 2026 you are ‘finished’ in terms of being the latest version of the person you were always supposed to be. Whatever happens (or has already happened) with your house, apartment or bank account is one thing, but the remodelling of your soul, spirit and psyche is quite another. And long-lasting.

  5. Morning Jessica, I certainly identify with that need to be alone. I get stressed if I dont have that first hour in silence in the household, and then, lots of additional moments to retreat. And am quite used to so called ghostly experiences, at least weekly, sometimes daily! Just yesterday, a jammed old door in an old building on our land, swung open silently as I approached it. Whether parallel universes, energies that transcend all time, the earth keeps dropping hints. I think of magic, Merlin, and in fact once had a typewriter leave a message about magic and one of my sons. And of course, I have friends that are similar, one who talks of a dragon that visits him. I now realise the earth is so very powerful and mysterious. On your comment re high functioning autism, that trait is strong in my family, amongst most of the males particularly, so I will be looking at charts to hand. I also think of my family history, basically everyone, myself, ancestors and kids, has at least once, faced death in this lifetime, overcome life threatening illness, and/or passed and been resuscitated (so the 2 worlds in this lifetime is quite a theme for the family tree). I see Saturn is returning to Pisces in 2023. I would be so grateful if you have any comments on this in my chart. Do hope you are well. Veronica

    1. Thank you. The life after death/near death experiences you mention in your family, Veronica, are not on the Pisces list but should be. The Twelfth House is about ‘life between life’ and so this is an interesting manifestation of that. Saturn going into Pisces from 2023 and throughout 2024 is hugely important for strongly Pisces people. It’s the reality check about the non-reality of meditating (say) or being religious, or using the Tarot. It’s a heavy learning experience for anyone who lives in her Twelfth House and it’s the time to hit the books, as it is to the experts and professionals we must turn when Saturn visits Pisces. As a rule of thumb minimise Twelfth House pursuits when Saturn goes through Pisces. You wouldn’t embark on a course in hypnosis, for example, or sign up to a Buddhist retreat program. Too hard.

  6. Thanks for this article Jessica! I only have Diana in Pisces but have a stellium in Cancer. I was fascinated by the reference to childood. My sister and two cousins
    are currently on a child-free break for the first time since we were kids (our families used to sometimes holiday together!) I also saw there could be something life-changing in the week starting March 21st. Can you please look at my chart and share your insight? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer person with a stellium in Cancer in your Fourth House of family so close relatives are central to your existence and personality, one way or another. Sometimes it’s a grandfather whose career affects your own. Sometimes it’s a difficult situation with a family member which profoundly affects the entire way of life. It’s personal. The big focus in March, April is foreigners and foreign countries for you. A huge door opens then.

  7. Hi Jessica, if you have time I would love some insight as to how to best navigate this season. I’m in a temporary (very cramped) living situation that has meant I have had zero solitude since Christmas! It’s been challenging to say the least but I am trying to work with it. Can you shed some light on my placements this month/season? There’s much I am trying to achieve but not a lot to show for it! Thank you so much!

    1. Okay, so 2022 is tricky with your apartment or house, and so is early 2023, but from 2026 you have a new life (and a new way of life) which will make up for the cramped living situation now. You will be gloriously free with your house or apartment after 2026, for many years to follow. Right now you need to compromise with other people and then in the second half of 2022 and first quarter of 2023, allow for a stop-start situation. There is a chance of friction with others in your home then, so don’t let anything begin. It’s the same with renovations or repairs; it could get stuck and go backwards so read the fine print on, say, a builder coming in. Use the Tarot on this website to help you with specifics. I strongly recommend you get a space outside home to call your own; a local park will do.

  8. I am definitely living in two worlds – always have. I also for sure feel people through their worlds/hearts/minds. I have 3 Pisces factors and I definitely benefit from this time with dreams, escapism, etc. These last few years however have been tough with my aging Taurus parents! I feel like I have stuck energy. I’m so creative but don’t have the time and space to create and let my juices flow. I want so badly my inner world to come to fruition, but I can’t move on anything. How can this Pisces year benefit me? Thank you!!

    1. You are a Sun Libra who is in the best position in 12 years to find work that feels like a holiday. The escapism you need will be offered through a project, role or goal by May and again from October to December.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I have four factors in Pisces. I often spent time alone as it helps me to think without the constant pressure of feeling that I am always out of step with everyone and this includes my family and friends. Perhaps this is because I spend too much time in my head instead of the real world. Any thoughts on why I would be feeling this way?

    1. You are strongly Pisces and live in your Twelfth House. In the Middle Ages you may have been a nun or monk. Solitude was perfectly normal and cloistered away, you had a part to play in society as a religious channel or example of faith. Now, you live in a totally different age and family, friends and the world around you is faster, louder and more material – based on shopping and money. That does not take away from who you are. You have to be true to yourself. People who live in their Twelfth House need to submerge. You can do this by meditating, swimming or losing yourself in music, say. You currently have Neptune transiting in Pisces in your Twelfth House so you are living in your head, more than usual. This stops from 2026.

  10. Dear Jessica, this is fascinating – my first and only love who I married, has had a life that would have destroyed most people – the loss of a parent in early childhood, money problems, people who deserted him, his sisters and his mother in hard times. Followed by his mother’s alcoholism which he had to deal with in his teens. She died of cancer when he was in his 20’s – he nursed her lovingly till the end without outside care.

    Throughout all this, he remained the calmest, kindest human being ever – the term zen-like applies to him.

    When I first bumped into him in my teens, I had a strange dream of being married to him. Before both our sons were born, there were signs from the spirit world that made me rush to get pregnancy tests literally within days of conception.

    I cannot believe I have articulated this but thanks to your blog I realise that the spiritual/otherworldly energy that buzzes through our home is something real and that I should acknowledge it. Both of us are not particularly religious and I have only two factors in Pisces (Chiron and Aesculpia) whereas my husband has 5. Please tell me what this signifies in his life. Thank you!!

    Sun16° Pisces 10′ 24″

    Venus 04° Aquarius 43′ 01″

    Saturn19° Pisces 24′ 59″

    Pluto 17° Virgo 11′ 27″ R

    Vesta 29° Gemini 57′ 15″

    IC 14° Leo 35′ 44″

    Diana 18° Capricorn 17′ 40″

    Bacchus 03° Capricorn 34′ 13″

    Hygeia 28° Virgo 53′ 32″ R

    Salacia 24° Capricorn 05′ 14″

    Vulcano 14° Aquarius 34′ 36″

    SouthNode 28° Scorpio 08′ 59″ R

    Moon 18° Virgo 06′ 11″

    Mars 28° Pisces 11′ 25″

    Uranus 17° Virgo 39′ 12″ R

    Chiron 21° Pisces 40′ 51″

    Ceres 17° Aries 51′ 03″

    ASC 23° Taurus 55′ 39″

    Fortuna 27° Sagittarius 18′ 21″

    Apollo 23° Scorpio 10′ 43″

    Panacea 07° Gemini 53′ 46″

    Proserpina29° Sagittarius 29′ 32″

    Psyche 11° Gemini 22′ 08″

    Mercury 03° Aries 59′ 10″

    Jupiter 21° Gemini 54′ 07″

    Neptune 22° Scorpio 08′ 07″ R

    Juno 29° Pisces 59′ 47″

    MC 14° Aquarius 35′ 44″

    DESC 23° Scorpio 55′ 39″

    Minerva 02° Virgo 59′ 00″ R

    Aesculapia 08° Capricorn 29′ 52″

    Ops 05° Aries 31′ 34″

    Cupido 09° Sagittarius 59′ 02″

    NorthNode 28° Taurus 08′ 59″ R

    SouthNode 28° Scorpio 08′ 59″ R

    1. Thank you. Your Pisces factors at 21, 29 degrees in the Twelfth House of psychic ability, dreams, meditation, spirituality, religion line up with your husband’s chart. He has Juno (marriage) at 29 Pisces so yes, you were destined to be together. You have E.S.P. with each other and as his lunar nodes are also very close to 29 degrees (28 degrees) there is a past life connection here. He knew you before, in a financial, property, charity or business relationship. He has just been through a life budget episode with a great deal of karma which might explain that to you.

  11. HI Jessica

    Is there another place I can learn more about the 12th house? I have Minerva in 12th house Gemini – and it concerns me a bit! Im trying to figure out what to make of it.

    Thank you

    1. The Twelfth House is covered in detail in the flipbook on houses, which you can collect from your online library as a Premium Member. You actually have nothing in your Twelfth House, which is ruled by Pisces (not Gemini) but you have a whopping stellium in Libra in your Seventh House, so find out all you can about that. You ‘live’ in your Seventh House and will always have at least one central partnership in your life, sometimes two or three at the same time.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I’m looking for any advice for my current career change move (from clinical healthcare role to pharmaceutical R&D one) – I have a stellium in Pisces and wonder if now till Jupiter enters Aries (mid-May) would be a good time for me to be actively applying for new postdoctoral research roles? Will there be a higher chance for me to succeed this time than in 2019?

    Thank you for all of your blog posts as I’ve enjoyed reading them. Look forward to more.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarian with lucky Jupiter in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success. Jupiter is at 26 Capricorn so for the first time in over 240 years you are experiencing transiting Pluto (power) going over natal Jupiter as he also moves around 26 Capricorn. Apply for everything and anything that would take you higher. In 2022 and 2023 you will find fate takes a hand and life as it was 18-19 years ago will play its part. So, postdoctoral research may sweep you away, but there are other stunning opportunities and solutions for you, either academically or professionally. Target 2022-2023.

  13. Hi not sure if this was posted already. Thank you for a great article. This resonates so much with me as I have a stellium in Pisces. I have been purchasing more candles and Chystals recently than ever before. I also love to be alone and have found past 2 years very difficult as both myself and partner working from home at same time and my teenage daughters completed online school from home. I crave time on my own so much. What can I expect from all this pisces weather this year.

    1. You will compromise with the family and with the universe, actually, about your home life – until May 15th 2022 when either something changes (a daughter moves out, perhaps, or alters her approach to you) or you no longer care. The emotions will go (I am sure you do find it very difficult). Renovations, important family decisions and/or home repairs (even a move) is likely from June 21st 2022 until March 25th 2023. You may want to reduce the heat and speed, though, as you will be going back and forth with everything for that entire period. After that, life will feel much easier for you. If you crave time on your own you need headphones and a Do Not Disturb sign, even for one corner of the bedroom. Strongly Pisces people have no boundaries. You have to work hard to put them in. Powerful earplugs also help, but it’s the door boundaries that count (and the noise rules). Beyond that inner space for meditation, you need one or more spaces outside your front door which give you an escape. That’s essential with your kind of chart. But – this can and does get easier.

  14. Hi Jessica
    I’m due to have a Pisces baby in the next few days, or I might get a surprise and go overdue and end up with an Aries child! Just wondering if you have any thoughts about what it means to be born in this year’s particular Pisces season?
    With this week’s full moon ahead, I also have a few factors in my own birth chart at 26 or 28 degrees, including a Pisces NorthNode. I have had my eye on this full moon throughout my whole pregnancy and would be interested to know if you see any particular theme or meaning surrounding it. Thanks for the work you do

    1. How interesting about your baby. Congratulations on impending parenthood. If a Sun Pisces child, this is a future adult who will benefit from, and become well-known for, religion, Tarot, spirituality, psychology, dream interpretation, meditation and inner pursuits. No boundaries, though, so you will need all the gates and childproof devices. If a Sun Aries, then this is the child who is front-and-centre, upfront and not backwards about coming forwards. First to be picked on the team and first to push past the defence on the football field. Very different! The Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces is a mirror image of your nodes. You have a past life where your career in domestic service or military service (Virgo) was at odds with your religious or spiritual beliefs (Pisces). You may have been a Quaker, for example, and objected to conscription, or a ‘sensitive’ by nature who found life as a housemaid very difficult. Virgo-Pisces is on that level. The soul versus service. The nodes are always prior incarnations, so given that your nodes are triggered now, and you are having a baby, there may be questions here about being a nursemaid/nanny again (if you were in domestic service) versus your very real need to be silent, alone and with your candles. As with all these things, you can find a creative compromise and I am sure you will.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for some fascinating insights – I only have 3 Pisces factors, so not quite a stellium – however, I think they are important ones – Sun (birthday March 11), Saturn and Chiron. How will this Pisces weather affect me?
    I note that in today’s weekly horoscope, anything at 27 degrees is of significance on 18/3 – I have my north and south nodes at 27 degrees (Taurus and Scorpio respectively) – will this affect me on March 18? It says to find another day for major events – but it’s my mother’s 80th that very day – I can’t avoid that! Would love some insight as to how this may affect me. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with a triple conjunction in Pisces, just one degree apart, so Sun-Saturn-Chiron in your Twelfth House directs your life. This is really a statement about inner conflict; mixed feelings. Religion, spirituality, Tarot, therapy, dreams, mediumship, healing, counselling and the other Twelfth House pursuits is at the heart of it. You need to shine here and be who you are – famously intuitive – perhaps, a channel or a ‘feeler’ in life. Saturn puts walls up. Chiron wants to take the walls down. So that’s quite hard work and you may want to use the Pisces weather now, with Jupiter there, to fix anything that’s concerned you about that inner conflict. Saturn’s walls go up because you feel vulnerable or exposed. You may have had bad experiences in the past. Chiron just wants to see what he can get away with, so it’s all quite testing. You could use the Tarot to find out how to work with this. Your mother’s 80th birthday is of course something you want and need to be there for. The nodes in Taurus/Scorpio are about legacies which name you, and the legacy you make which names others. It’s just common sense really, but even if she lives to go past 100, you would still have those concerns on your mind, especially in a time of COVID-19. Much as we wish it was different, that’s the way it is with the lunar nodes at 27 Scorpio-Taurus, under transit.

  16. Thank you for taking the time! Im so confused…..I thought Libra was my fourth! Ill take a look!

  17. Hi Jessica, your articles are always informative, inspiring and very helpful. Thank you. I read them all! With a stellium of six factors in Pisces, and know myself and am best when I can manage to be on my own for a three hours a day for some downtime. Asking for the best way to navigate particularly with natal Saturn and Moon in Pisces in this Pisces weather and also in 2023 when transiting Saturn arrives for my second Saturn return. Namaste, MJ

    1. Thank you. Taurus, Gemini and Pisces dominate your chart which are such different signs (in such different houses) that you are almost three people in one. You have learned that your Pisces side needs solitude. Gemini needs the internet and/or telephone. Taurus wants the material world – Pisces doesn’t. Pisces also prefers silence. So you may be at odds with yourself quite often. Shopping versus meditation. Making money versus spirituality. The web versus the soul. You will go into Saturn in Pisces in your Twelfth House knowing all this; the trick will be finding balance between your three different selves. Your Saturn Return in Pisces is best understood by going back to the last one. It may have been therapy. It may have been a difficult time with the Tarot or challenges with the spirit world. All of this arrived when you were 28 to 29 years old and would have shaped the person you became. The best way to handle the second Saturn Return is to use the lessons of the last one. And also ‘know thyself’.

  18. G’day Jessica,
    DOB: 27.6.67 AT 11:45pm.
    Any good news for me? I’m a very emotional guy but have hard exterior. Thx D

  19. Hey Jessica,
    DOB: 27.6.67 @ 11:45pm. Mon in pisces 12 house and aries in 1st house aries. Good news this year please? TY DM

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all the useful, helpful, interesting, and well-written information that you share with your readers. I am impressed with the spot-on predictions that you consistently produce, year after year. Wasn’t aware of your website until recently, as in couple of weeks ago, an astrologer on Twitter, recommended you. So I started to read some of the Ukraine articles and found it fascinating. Today
    I tried the free Tarot readings on this website, which just blew me away. On my first shuffle, without a question on my mind, I got the
    King of Cups, read the few sentences about it, because the rest of it was not available for non-members. I did a second shuffle but this time I focused on a question and putting my palm on the computer screen with my eyes closed I knew which card I wanted. And wouldn’t you know it, I got the Ten of Cups. I was thrilled to say the least – a rainbow, pot of gold, family – what’s not to like about the Ten of Cups. Long story short, here I am a Premium member now. I have a stellium in Leo which was a surprise and quite a few factors in Virgo and Scorpio and one in Pisces. How is the outlook for 2022 – 2023 for me personally and financially?
    Thank you for all that you do. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Leo and have a stellium in the Fifth House, ruled by Leo. I like the way you are using the Tarot on this website. Putting your palm on the screen to choose is an excellent method. Leo rules children, stepchildren, young relatives and godchildren. When Jupiter goes into Aries May-October and again in early 2023, it will trine your Leo stellium. In plain English, there will be opportunities to expand your life with children or younger people, which is shown in the Tarot card – the Ten of Cups. This Jupiter trine to your Leo stellium can only happen every 12 years. Sometimes women marry a man who is divorced with children from another marriage. And sometimes you give birth, or if you have a son or daughter, find the right home for all of you.

  21. Hi Jessica, I only have 2 pieces placements which are asc and juno but I’m still curious to know what this would mean for me?
    Many thanks

    1. Not a lot. The ‘weather’ of any zodiac sign is only important if you have a stellium in that sign. You are strongly Gemini, Cancer so don’t really come into your own until the Sun leads the weather in those signs. So, with Gemini, May-June. And with Cancer, June-July. Mid-year is always when you get going, particularly with projects, plans, ideas and short journeys (Gemini) and also your house or apartment (Cancer) and perhaps history, culture, heritage (also Cancer).

  22. Jessica, please what fo you see fir me this year? 27.6.67 sun cancer moon pisces. aries rising. TY Damian

    1. You will be offered a promotion, new job, hit project, academic reward or other tempting opportunity for great success from May to October and again in the first quarter of 2023. If your birth time was correct, Damian, this will involve an image relaunch for you as Jupiter will be in conjunction with your Aries ascendant. So, there may be a new title on a business card, say, or perhaps a new wardrobe. Try to aim for the highest goals possible in 2022 as it takes Jupiter a long 12 years to transit your solar Tenth House of success, and your natal First House of image and self-promotion.

  23. dear Jessica, thank you for this job for all of us, it gives a lot of hope and reliance on the future. I am wondering what this year will bring to me and longing for the best. I am definitely one the core Pisceans – a lot of day dreaming, a bit creativity and much empathy for the world. I have a feeling that I am living in a big fog cloud and in back stage from the year when Neptune entered in Pisces. Can I get back in real, more active life? I quit my last job as lecturer when covid started. I have a plan to write academic book and blog on my educational background … please look at my stars – will it work, what I could expect this year and how I will be impacted by Jupiter conjunction with Neptune in April 2022, thanks a lot and God bless you!

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Pisces and have the Sun in Pisces too, so you live in your Twelfth House for most of the time. At the moment, your house guest is Neptune, but also Jupiter, who is there to help you sort out the confusion. You will get rid of the fog cloud by May and again October-December if you try. You want to write a website and a book. You will do that by 2026 and use new technology and new inventions to help you (like Tik-Tok, say, or even computer-led innovations which have not even been dreamed of yet). Think about podcasting and vodcasting as well as writing. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will help you launch yourself with a new photograph, film clip and/or title very easily and that will help the project which excites you so much by 2026. If you make communicating with others your mission with the aim of translating your knowledge into easily understood messages, you will score a hit by 2024.

  24. Hello Jessica, I follow you with great pleasure, thanks for the many tips and teachings. Could you tell me how my stellium in fish affects me?

    1. Thank you. A stellium in Pisces, the sign of the fish, is shown by the fact that they swim in opposite directions. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the old Roman god of the ocean. So you instantly know why the ancient astrologers fancied that the constellation should signify opposites, but also other realities. The original zodiac signs were remembered, in order to describe different seasons. When the sun stood in front of the stars that they conjectured looked like two contrary fish, it was time for babies to be born with inner contradictions; a rather confused and confusing sense of direction. Thus comes the famous association between Pisces and ‘not knowing if you’re coming or going.’ Neptune, the ruler, is associated with feeling lost. If you have ever swum underwater with your eyes open long enough, you can lose your sense of direction very quickly and not know the compass points under the surface of the water. This is why it is very important for strongly Pisces people to ground themselves. The aim should be to keep both feet on the ground and stay close to terra firma. Gardening will do it. So will bushwalking. Housework will do it too. A sense of direction is best achieved by constantly checking in with reality. One fish does have to swim in the direction of escapism, it’s true, and that may be religion or it may be quantum theory. The other fish has to inhabit planet earth, though, or the result can be drifting, floating, feeling ‘all at sea’ and that’s not what you want. Simona, to ground yourself, use the Smith-Waite Tarot for advice on what might be confusing you, and what can be done to overcome that – at any time.

  25. Hi Jessica, this is very interesting. I have a Pisces stellium although my sun sign is Aquarius and I can really relate to the idea of needing time alone, being noise sensitive and also being a bit psychic, in my case especially so around pregnancies. However, my life since childhood has had too much alone time really, not always by choice. I wonder if something in my natal chart explains this. Are better connections, maybe a new relationship, even possible at the moment? Or is 2026 the soonest that positive changes could happen? I do think the stresses of the past several years have, in an odd way, brought me out of myself a bit but not enough. I am currently seeking counselling though and I’ve found myself writing things out a lot in recent weeks, which fits with the Pisces weather. You mention feeling stuck in this month’s Aquarius horoscope and I have to say, that’s exactly how I feel and have felt for a long time. I also need to say that your writings on Putin, Ukraine etc and everything going on at the moment is really really interesting and mind boggling. I hope you’re right about the oligarchs’ and other elites’ downfalls and a more just world developing as Pluto moves into Aquarius. What worries me is that some of us were trying to move these things along way back in the 80s and it all went to pot. Hopefully not this time. If only it could happen overnight! Thanks for all your insights, as always.

    1. Thank you. To begin your question at the end, when you were trying to stop the injustice in the world in the Eighties, your timing was very tough. Those were Capricorn years, when the elite at the top of the mountain (the goats at the peak) ruled. Your chances of a fairer world increase rapidly from March 2023 when Pluto goes into Aquarius. The astrologer Sybil Leek was predicting this as far back as 1974, actually. New world. Fairer planet. To go back to your personal chart, you are doing well with the counselling and journal writing during Pisces weather; you will see fantastic changes from that and other inward pursuits, by Christmas. You are a Sun Aquarius who is strongly Pisces and supply groups and friends easily; it comes naturally. You also need to be alone. In 2022 your life is harder because Saturn is in Aquarius so ‘feeding’ circles, networks, groups and nurturing friends comes with obstacles, waiting games and tests. In other words, COVID-19. This stops in March 2023, for whatever reason. You could easily get into a radically different, rather exciting, shared house or apartment situation from now to 2026 and benefit from this rather liberating new set-up.

  26. Hi Jessica, thanks for post, your explanations and insights are always inspiring!
    I have struggled with the 50/50 balance and fall into that category you mentioned in one of your replies – having experienced all the consequences of that imbalance, addiction, health issues and forced to quit work, and more.
    A lot of this imbalance has come about as I am drawn in to the service of others, family, work, friends. Then lose myself or am on someone else’s path even though it may be providing income, friendship or whatever I feel torn on a soul level.
    As a result I’ve spent the past 14 years trying to find a new path that will give me balance, financial independence and good health. That career path seems to be fading behind me. Now I find myself facing the prospect of repeating the past and taking any old job – and am holding back in fear and dread of the consequences.
    I also have family pressure to move interstate, which I think might be good but will be giving up a secure home, although I’m stagnating there. I’m wondering if you see any resolution for these in this season?
    Best wishes

    1. Yes, the Pisces-Virgo conundrum is in your chart. How do you deal with the drudgery of housework and the monotony of routine work, when another part of you wants to escape? And if you escape out of the real world too much, by whatever means, how do you pull yourself back to taking care of yourself and your home, and your work demands? It takes a whole lifetime to manage and you are now taking any old job, which you don’t want to do. The Tarot can help you there.
      You are a Sun Aries with Jupiter in Cancer. The latter is fortunate for property and family all your life. It will always protect you and at best, deliver stunning rewards. The answer to the interstate move is financial. It’s purely economic and you’ll make up your mind by 2023.

  27. Ooops. In true pisces fashion I sent my comment without my email. R-entering it here.

    Hi, Jessica!

    I would love to know what you have to say about 2022 for me. I quit practicing law about 6 years ago to work in a more artistic field and to spend more time with my children. The work has been rewarding, but it low paying. I’ve also felt the last 10 years have moved me away from my pisces self (becoming harder, more cynical and distrusting). Can you tell me if 2022 has better things in store in work/finances/love etc? Also, I’m curious that I have a pisces North Node with such a pisces heavy chart. I haven’t read/seen your take on North Nodes, but wonder how I can be *more* pisces given my fish-filled chart. Recently I’ve wondered if my North Node is there to bring me back in touch with the creative/compassionate self I feel may have slipped away… Your insights would be helpful.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. If you are a Sun Pisces you will make or save a fortune May-October 2022 when Jupiter in Aries goes into your solar Second House of finance, property and business. The same story is told in your natal chart, as transiting Uranus and the North Node are in Taurus in your natal Second House, so karma accrued from good deeds or wise moves, 18-19 years ago will work in your favour then. You also stand to gain in early 2023 from the same cycle. Jennifer, a Pisces North Node and Virgo South Node suggest a past live as a nun, monk, priest or similar (in religious service) with a very regimented daily life of chores and tasks (Virgo) and a deep relationship with your God (Pisces).

  28. Hi Jessica, hope you are well.

    March has been progressively difficult for me. There’s been changes in my current work environment, past wounds creeping up, and just feeling like I’ve lost my sparkle a bit. I have 3 factors in Pisces. What is currently impacting my chart and is there anything to look forward to in the upcoming months regarding relationships, my internal world, and possible travel?

    1. You are a Sun Virgo and strongly Cancer-Virgo so you need your home to be a sanctuary and your daily routine, health, housework and job to function well. The Pisces factors in your chart make a room of your own at home essential. If you can’t have that, you need a local spot or place where you can be silent and in solitude. It may be a church or a park. These things matter in the entire chart as your state of mind (Virgo) affects your physical wellbeing and health (also Virgo). Cancer of course rules the house, garden or apartment. Have a look at Fourth House, Sixth House, Cancer, Virgo on Search and in your flipbooks as they describe who you are and what you need. Any changes at work always affect strongly Virgo people more. You will be delighted at a partnership which evolves and grows by May and again October-December. This duet may be sexual or it may be purely platonic but the two of you will gain from forming or reforming this double act. Travel is erratic, unpredictable and an obstacle course in 2022 and 2023. I would say that as an astrologer even without a raging global pandemic which is now as infectious as measles – and a war.

  29. Jessica, Thank you for this article. What does a stellium of Pisces in my chart mean for me? I have these factors in Pisces: Vulcano 10° Pisces 17′ 55″ Ceres 01° Pisces 37′ 54″ Juno 05° Pisces 37′ 33″ Jupiter 07° Pisces 59′ 14″ I have four Pisces factors in my birth chart, so how strongly will I be affected by the Pisces weather of March 2022? how will affect me

    1. You are strongly Pisces and need to be alone, in silence, so you can meditate, read Tarot cards, channel your spirit guide, interpret your dreams, pray, read your ‘bible’ (whatever that is) and give your sixth sense space. This Pisces stellium includes Jupiter so you always benefit from solitude. The Twelfth House is about the unconscious; it is also about the soul. This Pisces weather in March continues in April with the historic Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, so for whatever reason, there will be expansion and growth in connection with (say) mediumship or hypnosis. The person or organisation may already have appeared. If not, this will happen by April at the very latest.

  30. Hi Jessica. I only have one factor in Pisces MC, which I find strange as I’m quite spiritual and I often see my grandparents and my auntie in my dreams which happened this morning actually. My auntie gave me a big hug and said she was going to see my mum now. I also catch movement when I’m awake and see orbs etc. From reading your article, the new moon at the beginning of March did start a new beginning for me as you know I quit my job in Feb and I started supply teaching early March. Can you tell me if I’m on the right path with teaching and will I be successful with it? I absolutely feel I’m doing the right thing, even though it’s hard and scary. Thank you xx

    1. The MC or Midheaven is your true calling in life; your mountain to climb and highest achievement. It may be life as a medium for you. Sometimes mediumship arrives later in life. Your timing was right with the New Moon and new job, supply teaching. You’ll enjoy the freedom, space and occasional excitement of never knowing who or what is going to turn up next. In fact, teaching with odds hours/constant relocation/Zoom hybrid education could easily be your life until at least 2026. You will have plenty of choices in April, May and be extremely successful with your new career, or even a second one, once Jupiter goes into Taurus. That takes a while to happen, and you have to go through 2022 and 2023 first, but you will find that the old model you had of career success, or pre-2018 ideas about what a job should be, vanish. In their place you will be far more independent, not at the behest of any system or single boss, and will likely find that you are able to improve your health and wellbeing as a result. As the pandemic rolls on with new variants and children, teenagers and university/college students are sent home, yet again, it will become clear that there is also a lucrative second income stream for teachers and tutors who can not only deliver on Zoom, but also organise safe, small-number learning locally. That may also interest you, when it arrives.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your amazing comfort i a world that is beyond crazy at the moment. After the years with Trump, the pandemic and now Ukraine ,knowing that this all will come to and end and that we are moving towards a more equal and fair world is a comfort that gives strength to keep calm and carry on. For me a sun Taurus with stelliums in pisces, aries and Aquaerius the last couple of years has been so hard. I divorced ( a blessing!) a lost my mother to cancer and work has been chaotic. But I also found myself, the incredible strength i have. I finally honour my physic gifts- thats have I found you .I scrolled around the web looking for expericences like my own and ended up here and beacame a member. Your garden oracle is amazing by the way. I guess my question is if you see my life becoming easier. My soul just longs for a house on the country, a garden to grow my own food. A solid relationship with a good guy that I can laugh with. I am very independed but I am tired of doing it all on my own. I want to have a house full of life but with enough space so I can hide away when i need to. I want a better world and will try my best to do my part , if it includes using my psychic gifts or by just being a good person that lives a generous life and do my best- i guess the future will tell. Or maybe you 😉
    I wish you all the best

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus who is strongly Aries-Aquarius and so are coming into your own. You want a house and a husband. Your greatest chances of that are 2022, 2023 with the transiting South Node in Scorpio, so in your Seventh House of marriage in your solar chart and in your Eighth House of sex and money, in your natal chart. This is the last major transit in Scorpio for many years, of any slow-moving horoscope cycle. And it’s usually the slow cycles which bring the biggest changes. I’m not saying it will be easy, but it will be available to you. As an Aries-Aquarius type you are actually better suited to groups and circles, networks and friends – than a standard marriage. I don’t know if you have discovered that yet. Aries-Aquarius is the hallmark of the person who is centre-stage, pushes forward and does so to help the group. You fly the flag for whatever/whomever your particular circle or community represents. It may be heavy metal. It may be politics. This is a lifetime pattern and some people get to it when they are older. I have also seen Aries-Aquarius types do it from adolescence. In any case, that is really your path in life. It’s good you are using your psychic ability in a practical way. Do use the cards and oracles to probe your Aquarius and Aries side and see how they work for you. See how the South Node in Scorpio transit will develop for you.

  32. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your work. I have sent a few comments but they are still waiting for moderation… I see that I have a big stellium in piscis and aquarius. I have struggled emotionally these last two years in a way I am not used to. I feel I have changed. I suddenly started thinking about using my empathy and life experience to help people in a 1to1 counselling. My friends say I should work with it. I feel for some reason that’s what I have always been: someone who likes to understand the other and give help. I just don’t feel like it is a profession: it is just me being a friend. What I most love is when people tell me: It helped me, it changed my life on that matter. Every time I connect with someone and open myself to listen and help, something magical happens inside me and I feel like I am uplifted. And the person feels the same. I see things when I meditate to someone, I feel like it is healing process butI cannot control or explain. I am really surprised with this and I would love some advice in how to make it happen. As I said, it is natural in me and it seems like it is sacred, It cannot be my profession. But I would love to make a life just being someone’s best and most helpful friend for a while. I have goosebumps right now. Thanks Jessica. Much love for you!

    1. Thank you. There are quite a lot of comments now (13,611 according to this website) so I am sorry about the delay. You want to be a counsellor, which the world needs. You are wondering if you are also a healer. Yes to both, actually. You are strongly Pisces and live in your Twelfth House. You also have the lunar nodes in Pisces-Virgo so have past lives in a religious order in the service of others, so may have been a nun working with patients, for example. You may have been a priest who took confession and thus was a counsellor. The goosebumps are your spirit guide, or guides, plural, validating what you are feeling. Your aura is open to them which is why you feel the charge. You need to train, obviously, no matter if you choose therapy or spiritual healing. A good first step is to look at the Samaritans who have trained telephone counsellors for years to powerful effect. If it’s healing I suggest you begin with Matthew Manning and look at his Healing Hub.

  33. Hi Jessica, this is so intriguing, as are all your website articles. Thank you for all that you do and for the time you take to answer so many comments. I have learnt so much in reading your answers.
    I have four planets in Pisces if you include Chiron but also three in fire, including my sun sign, so sometimes wonder if I’m at odds with myself since I never seem to achieve what I’m aiming for. I used to make television documentary films and had so much passion for it and some success, but just kept hitting a brick wall once I struck out on my own. The industry has always been heavily nepotistic and I had to accept in the end I was never going to be part of the in-crowd. In 2019, I went to work for an author friend. While I’ve been grateful for the work I miss the creative visual/aural field I love so much.
    About five years ago I began delving deep into yoga/metaphysical/spiritual teachings via a wonderful teacher, and now have the opportunity to train in this myself with the possibility of teaching. I’m deeply drawn to this side of life but apart from the need to earn money, I miss the creative world of filmmaking. While I cannot see me returning to an industry that embodies so much of the bad side of Pluto in Capricorn, I do desperately want to find some outlet for my creativity. I’m wondering whether the media industry as a whole is in line for a shake-up with Pluto in Aquarius, which may offer opportunities, or whether I would be best to focus my energies on the spiritual side and find a new opening there. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Capricorn and Aries. Pluto is still in Capricorn but will be gone from 2023 and history by 2024, after which your very long career transformation is over. You had to give up on television and filmmaking but you can return to it. The technology and marketplace has now moved on and if you are not training in Tik-Tok technology and selling your skills you may want to look at that. This is just the tip of the iceberg and by 2030 the new ‘film’ and the new ‘television’ will be a thriving and wildly creative space. The trick is budgets. The costs will be affordable and thus the market will expand. You could easily do that for a yoga marketplace, or look at healing, meditation and hypnosis. The real shake-up in media will come from 2026 with Uranus in Gemini but you don’t have to wait until then to experiment. You will relaunch yourself in any case with a new look or profile, role or title, after Jupiter goes into Aries in May 2022. The situation will be previewed in a small way on the New Moon in Aries on 1st April.

  34. Jessica, thank you so much, that’s hugely helpful. I never realised I had a Capricorn influence since I have no conventional planets in that sign in my chart, but I now see all those asteroids in my chart! Fascinating.

  35. Hi Jessica, I am a Sun in Virgo and has been struggle with health and mental since Dec 2021 and continues until now. I think this pandemic has finally taking its toll on me and made me feel like getting out of bed even a struggle. Everything that I do daily have been effected and I don’t know how to get out of this cycle. Sorry for a personal question but would it be possible for you to look at my chart and offer some advice? I want to move abroad for work and settle there but not sure how it will turn out and not sure when the pandemic will end. Thank you so much!

    1. I am sorry you have depression and poor physical health. You have done really well to get this far, actually, as this is the toughest cycle in 29 years. You are over the halfway mark, which should cheer you up. Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Sixth House is slowing you down; putting obstacles in your path; giving you the real world to deal with. That can be very hard. You also have transiting Neptune in opposition to your Sun, also in the Sixth House of your natal chart. So in both house systems, we have Sixth House challenges. All these cycles ease up in stages and there is good advice for you, from older or more experienced people. The golden rule with Saturn transits is to turn to people who have been through it before you, or whose chosen field is the issue you are facing. I am sure you have already turned to your doctor or various other experts but if you are still looking for answers, keep going. There is no magic wand or rapid miracle here, just finding what/who is tried, tested and trusted to work. There are plenty of studies on depression, for example, which validate something as basic as outdoor swimming; yoga; walking. The right medical professional who is in his/her fifties will have seen it all; been there and done that, as they also have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and so understand the Sixth House (all people in their fifties have this placement). So keep at it. It can and does get better. Emigrating? No. Sorry, the chart says it would be a huge mistake. But it’s your life not mine so use your Tarot to validate.

  36. Hi Jessica, I was looking for the information but could not find it. Can you please tell me what does it mean in general if I have any factor in one house? I have nothing in the second house Taurus and I do not know how to interpret this.
    Thank you.

    1. You have nothing in Taurus in the Second House, so your own income, possessions, property, charity, business, values does not define you. It does not say who you are, or matter very much to your life as a whole. The Eighth House has a pattern in Scorpio, so joint finances (other people’s money, property, charity, business, possessions) is far more important. This is about the legacies which name you, as well as the legacies or wills you leave to others. They call the Eighth House the house of sex, death and money. This usually means a marriage with a mortgage, and ‘Until death do us part’ in the vows. It can be darker, of course. You are currently having the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio transit triggering your Eighth House, until July 17th 2023, so there is karma from 18-19 years ago. You owe, or are owed. This will be repaid, either literally through money saved or made, or symbolically, through what money cannot buy.

  37. Hello Jessica, thank you for curating such a wonderful blog, I appreciate your ongoing sharing of wisdom and hope. I am wondering if you have time to briefly comment on my chart in relation to the 10th house – I’ve been feeling quite stuck at work and in my career, and am unsure whether to move on or stick out the challenges I am currently experiencing in my workplace. I am an art therapist working for a community service organisation where there is limited scope to lead or innovate in the way I’d like to, I see clear pathways to improve and innovate practices but feel blocked at every turn. However I appreciate the financial security and sense of purpose and community connection that comes with my job. Do you have any thoughts about this in relation to my chart? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The Tenth House is certainly your career, higher aspirations, ambitions and desire to peak professionally. Yet you like the security and community of being an art therapist. You are a Sun Scorpio with a huge Sixth House/Virgo stellium so actually it’s about service and duty, your work ethic, daily routine and perfecting the details of your craft – not so much making it to the top. The good news is, conditions will change from May 11th onwards, accelerating from May 25th, in your favour – so you can do so much more with that role or find a superior substitute. This holds until October 28th 2022 and then resumes, with more projects and opportunities, from December 21st 2022 until May 16th 2023 so you have a good long run with Jupiter (solutions) in your solar Sixth House. In your natal Sixth House, with all that Virgo, you are supported by transits in Taurus which ground you, work-wise. So you have a lot to look forward to.

  38. Hello Jessica, I’m a new member learning to apply the resources on your website. I don’t have a stellium in Pisces, just 3 factors. But the spiritual energy/inclinations I’ve been feeling from mid Feb till now jive with your descriptions. Spiritual, life reflection, meditation, prayers/mantra (participated in online Mahashivrati by Sadhguru on Feb 28th). Just like the others, I chanced in coming across your blog (thank you for all that you do/give on the blog) when I was seeking physic/astrological outcomes for Ukraine. My heart breaks for the suffering there. I’ve been praying for them and peace, and hoping to glint into their future. It could be my overactive imagination but as I showered a thought that you were waiting for me to become a member and would know it’s me when you see my chart. I kept brushing the thought off but it persisted. If this is just my all made up in my mind and doesn’t make any sense, please ignore it.
    Meanwhile I’ve gone through much in my life up to now but also very grateful. Though I worry about the well-being and future of my daughters, especially my youngest one that’s struggling. I don’t know of any personal serious health issues at this time but strangely seems strongly pulled towards health improvements initiatives (mostly natural ones like Qigong, meditation and natural/herbal nutritions,etc). I felt all the described vibrations so strongly, like my heart is beating faster in excitement but I know not why. Am I imagining all this or is something really going on (or normal Pisces weather); what to do about it?

    1. Thank you for joining Premium Membership and I hope you get to try everything that comes with your subscription as it’s there to be used. Three factors in Pisces in your Twelfth House will show up under this Jupiter-Neptune transit. You are ‘a sensitive’ as they say – psychic – but also you feel everything. War is very tough on sensitives, even at a distance, so you may want to use techniques to balance your chakras and seal your aura. Virgo rules health. You don’t have anything in Virgo, so your Sixth House (wellbeing) does not say who you are – and does not particularly dictate your life. You are strongly Cancerian, though, so taking care of your daughters is very much your identity and your destiny. Meditation or other natural approaches which could help your own children, and other people’s children, would be a natural path for you.

  39. Hello Jessica, I just wanted to make sure the name that will be visible is the one I’ve opted for when setting up my profile. Thank you.

  40. Hi Jessica, I am thrilled to have found your website, and to explore my natal chart. Thank you! As this is all rather new to me so I would appreciate your help please. I am seeking some guidance on some key elements of my life, including some ongoing health issues (started in January 2020) and a decision about the best time to sell my house … or in fact whether to stay put. I am intrigued to see that much of my chart (Taurus sun) is focussed on 23 to 26 degrees. Does this indicate anything special I should be looking out for over the next year or two please? Thank you so much for any guidance you can give.

    1. Thank you. Health is ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House so we look there first. You have your Ascendant (ASC) in Virgo so your appearance, presentation, packaging and profile is strongly dependent on your health at all times, and at the moment, you are indeed coming out of something that began in 2020, with pressure from the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, as well as Neptune in Pisces, all at hard angles to your Virgo Ascendant. This is going to take time. What they call the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius) show up in 2022 and 2023 so it’s really a question of persisting with your research and then sticking to what others suggest to you is tried, tested and trusted. You don’t say what the problem is, but the actual nature of it, matters too. If it’s about not being able to work, that’s a Capricorn/Tenth House matter. If it’s about having difficulty talking or writing, that’s a Gemini/Third House matter. So that would be your next step in investigating. You are strongly 23-26 degree so it never rains but it pours, but the good news is, Jupiter in Pisces is now going over those final degrees and will pick up your chart, so people, organisations and situations which are big, larger than life, abundant, generous/fortunate are ready to roll, until May. If you want to sell your house then be aware of the retrogrades in Gemini (retrogrades are stop-start progress, delays and flux, Gemini rules your money, in your Taurus chart). If you have the luxury of selling at any time at all, you may want to skip Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, followed by Mars Retrograde in Gemini. It’s not especially easy. You can validate that with the Tarot on this website, which is very good for property and money. Think about a bit later, if there’s no mad rush.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    I read somewhere you mentioning the 18 degree placements and that if one had 18 degree factors and are an author of spiritual things that they’d have gains at a distance. I have never heard that term. What does that mean? Also I have several 18 degree factors. Can you please tell me what they mean for me! Thanks
    Pluto 18 Virgo
    Uranus 19 Virgo
    Chiron 18 Pisces
    Merc 19 Sag
    Bacchus 19 Scorp
    Cupido 19 Scorp

    1. It’s passed now. I was talking about Jupiter at 18 Pisces and Saturn at 18 Aquarius. You were given an opportunity to pursue Tarot, psychics, religion, spirituality, hypnosis, dreams, self-help, therapy, counselling. It was personal, not at a distance, because Jupiter was in conjunction with your natal Chiron. Hopefully you used it.

  42. Dear Jessica. Thank you so very much. I’ll share some information as it may help others. This is a debilitating tick-borne illness that impacts every aspect of health and the ability to work and socialise. One of the main external features is disfiguring skin lesions and subsequent scarring over the entire body. This is the rare ‘Morgellons Disease’ which Joni Mitchell suffered from for the 6 years that she went into isolation (and was seriously ill in hospital). She did not have a major psychosis or delusional illness, as reported in the press; the nature of the serious blood-borne parasite behind the disease is only now being understood. Some people never recover, and the suicide rate is 300 times that of the average population. It truly feels like being under constant psychic attack. I wonder if Joni Mitchell’s chart has any parallels with my own. You are completely right (what a gift you have), I am just now starting to improve thank heavens, and have been taken on board by a team of experts at a major hospital … this is definitely the generous organisation you are referring to; they are covering the costs. The main reason I was thinking of selling my house was because of my inability to manage the big garden and my rescue horses just now, but this is my passion, so will put this idea on hold for a bit and see how things unfold. Thanks again, so very grateful you answered. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for this. Now, the astrology can work better. This is about Aries, your First House and your appearance. So it’s not just Virgo and your Sixth House of health. I am very sorry you are going through it. When you get your astrological chart done, have a look at Aries factors. I’m glad your hospital is covering hosts – yes – this is the generous organisation.

  43. Could you , please, write the horoscope of Spain? We, the spaniers, have a lot of historic troubles, not only economics. I want to know your opinion. Thanks.

    1. Spain is an interesting one. Nostradamus predicted that Barcelona would be tied to the fate of Putin (whom he called ‘butin’) in a quatrain. This is probably about oligarchs’ yachts. The Spanish astrological charts are as varied as your country’s history, and take in massive events like The Spanish Civil War. The biggest impact on Spain in 2022, 2023 will be the economy (as you would expect) and what you will see starting to happen, in a small way, is a new kind of relationship with immediate neighbours in Europe. This is really about the airlines, but also other kinds of transport. There will be a couple of really long, drawn-out delays with travel/transport from Spain to her neighbours in 2022, 2023 and then as she approaches 2026, a completely different system. The EU in its current form will not last and neither will the Euro. You will find Spanish people rely much more on local produce/local manufacturing and there will be a rise in local internet social media – not American (Facebook).

  44. Thank you. I think you are very accurate with our situation. I hope my rising in Pisces ( sun in Cancer, moon in Libra) could help me in my money/career issue.

    1. 2022 requires patience and stamina, with your money, but from March 2023 you will be shown that control is possible, if you use self-control. A great deal will change from March next year and the burden will go.

  45. Thanks for your offerings Jessica, i love checking in with your wisdom over the years…forever curious about my piscean self, sun, mars, mercury in pisces 12th house… it has so often felt challenging to have such a sensitive soul, and so often like a weakness in others perception….i feel the opportunity for a little personal reflection from you with this blog topic, thankyou, its been interesting to read others comments and your replies….., at 41i find myself wondering where i need to focus my energies now, aware uranus opposition is on its way, theres a new flavour to “who am i” thats different to my younger life….as well as feeling like “the trajectorys we all thought we could aim for in life are undergoing a fundamental redesign”….. i now wonder,,,who do i cultivate myself to be amidst this emerging world? for a life that has a deepened purpose, focus, creativity, service and fullfillment? ….i see alot of energy in my aquarius section too, yet this is also my south node,,,live here, yet, its my past so let it go….. musings….thankyou for your time

    1. You are strongly Aquarian and ‘live’ in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. This is how you establish yourself in the world, it’s where you feel at home (when you get it right) and learn the most (when life is tough). It is your friendships and clubs, teams, societies, political parties, good causes, associations which define you. Now we are in Saturn in Aquarius alongside the forthcoming Pluto in Aquarius transit (March 2023) it is time for you to sit back on your heels and really look at this. The node says you were doing this in another life. Pluto is so powerful. You can see the whole world starting to take the Aquarian path, over Ukraine. It is coming together in a way it never did, over COVID-19 and Climate Emergency. So things are on the turn. You suit this atmosphere of collaboration and co-operation and if you are not already in a life-changing group, you will be from 2023.

  46. Greetings from Sarajevo, Jessica!

    I have a stationary Saturn at 29 degrees Fishes, but I am a Virgo generation with an almost exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction at 16 degrees. In reality, I am a Cancer of the Sun in conjunction with Jupiter (July 4, 1966 at 01:00, Doboj, Bosnia).
    By the way, I am a journalist and have been writing my first book for six years, which I am just finishing (I published some parts on news portals and they were at a great reception with the audience). I would be grateful for your advice: should I publish the book while Jupiter is still in Pisces or should I wait for the transit in Aries?
    I plan to launch my own news portal, should I wait for Jupiter in Aries? Or to wait for 2023 and Pluto in Aquarius? (I have Venus, Mars, Ceres and Juno in Gemini.) And, one more question: Is 22, 23, 24 degrees Pisces applicable to the progressive chart (I have progressive MC at 23 degrees Pisces, and Jupiter 24 degrees Cancer)?

    Thank you for sharing your tips generously.

    (For some reason, I was unable to renew my premium membership, despite several attempts.)

    1. Good afternoon to you in Sarajevo. If you are a Sun Cancer person, then publish the book either now or when Jupiter is in Aries. Jupiter (luck) is with you in Pisces now until May, in your solar Ninth House of publishing. Also, foreign language publishing. Jupiter is in Aries from May-October in your solar Tenth House of career. Jupiter goes back into Aries and your solar Ninth House in October-December this year, then Jupiter re-enters Aries in early 2023. So you are on a roll if you are a Cancerian writer or journalist/website writer. I don’t use progressed charts. Do use the Tarot for validation with timing. You are in luck as eventually Jupiter will go to 16 Taurus and trine your natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction at 16 Virgo, so work will take off then.

  47. Hi Jessica, I was wondering if I could ask you about Taurus and Scorpio in the nodes in my chart? Would there be anything similar to 2003-2004? During those 2 years my life changed completely (switched carriers, went back to school, separated from my husband, moved from the west coast to the east coast, lost my home due to cathastrophy). I hope for no drastic changes this time. There’s a career change again, l’m about to start a new business (wellness) that I’ve recently asked about. I understand it would be better to wait until the nodes are back at Aries-Libra, but I just have that push to do it now. How am I affected by the nodal return in 2022-2023? What areas are affected?
    I appreciate your help and insight, Dett

    1. You are heavily Taurus-Scorpio and also have the lunar nodes there. Yes, the cycle goes backwards in time 18-19 years and so at the moment, with the transiting nodes in Taurus-Scorpio, you are being taken back to karma from 2003-2004, which completes next year. The separation with your husband was the karma, as well as the loss of your home. Taurus is your money. Scorpio is shared finance and property. Taurus is your value system. Your code of ethics and principles, laid out against money. Scorpio is usually the value system of a husband or family member. Now, you are switching careers. If you are owed, financially, you will be paid out. If you owe, then you will need to settle up. It is rare for this to be with the same person/organisation. It is usually another, and quite symbolic. So, for example, if you devoted a lot of time and energy to a charity 19 years ago, it may be that you find your house has doubled in value. It’s on that level, Dett. Do continue to use the Tarot and Oracles for guidance as you make your decisions about business, as they are so personal. We’re in unstable times with Uranus in Taurus and there’s really no predictable outcomes with finance in 2022, 2023 in particular so you need your own intuition (the best kind) as well as pro level advice.

  48. Hi Jessica! In your report for 2022 for piscses you said it is only two times this year it is good to launch something i.e. a course on the internett and so on. I wonder if that apply for all pisces or can it differ slightly in my chart for instance? And if I do launch at all this year will it come to any fruition?

    1. A course on the internet for Pisces is about weather in Taurus (Third House – short courses) and weather in Scorpio (Ninth House – academia). You are coming up to Taurus weather now, in April, and should absolutely make a start. Just check the terms and conditions before you sign up in case there is rescheduling or a change, from your side or theirs.

  49. Hi Jessica:

    (Apologies in-advance for the really long note.)

    I’m in a rather desperate financial/life situation and I’m writing to request some advice/insight, which I’m hoping you (and my Astrological Chart) might provide.

    I’ve arrived at very critical juncture, largely due to complacency and inattention on my part. And, from this point forward, I need to make the best decisions possible. Ones that are hopefully supported – astrologically or otherwise.

    Problem is that I don’t know how to proceed. I’m stuck and confused – as usual.


    My job (for most of the past 20+ years) is very likely ending within a few months, and I need to find a new job (source of income) rather quickly.

    From the beginning, the job has been wrong for me personally, in every single way.

    It’s in a small organization with only one other worker, and it pays merely poverty-level wages, offers zero opportunity for growth and fundamentally no benefits – most importantly retirement benefits.

    My family’s repeatedly told me to leave it, and I don’t honestly know why I’ve stayed. Fear? Comfort? Whatever, it’s been such a bad, bad decision on my part, and like staying in an abusive relationship for no good reason.

    (I have an advanced university degree, but, because I’ve been out-of-touch with that particular profession, it’s basically useless at this point…)

    I have more than a lot of financial “catch up” to do to make up for all the years of lack and failed planning.

    I don’t have a trust-fund or inheritance to depend on, so I need to somehow figure out how to establish myself financially for a stable and successful present and future – whatever’s left of it.

    I’ve squandered my prime, professional earning years, neglected to plan for retirement (have nothing set aside), and failed to achieve any professional success, financial independence and/or security.

    I can’t possibly work “forever”, nor can I reasonably continue to depend on my parent’s fixed incomes to help buttress my personal income shortfall. I have no fail-safes or financial cushions in-place.

    I haven’t followed an obvious career trajectory. My work experience doesn’t slot neatly into any particular job description, and when searching employment listings, my emotional reaction is one of resistance and anxiety. Nothing ever seems to “fit” or resonate.

    In truth, I need to make a lot more money (probably 3 to 4 times my current salary at minimum) than I believe I’m capable of commanding.

    Is it even possible at this point??

    I’m also scared of encountering “ageism” / age-discrimination in hiring and promotion, but I can’t let that stop me from trying to better my situation.

    On that note, at my age most of my peers are shifting focus toward a comfortable retirement, but I can’t. Probably ever. It’s a frightening scenario of my own making.

    This is quite a predicament, isn’t it?!

    — HEALTH —

    Throughout my life, my overall health has generally been excellent.

    But out-of-the-blue, over the past 6+ months it’s been very tenuous. I’ve had to undergo many different and very costly tests/procedures. The results have generally come back that everything’s “fundamentally” OK, which is good.

    Regardless, my anxiety’s been through the roof and my medical and dental expenses are astronomical. I can’t afford them with my current salary.

    I’m just exhausted all the time and feel like I’m falling apart.

    Does my chart indicate anything about all of this?

    I’m hoping this just a temporary, “weird” phase in my chart. Fingers crossed.


    I’ve never fully launched or lived my own life; never stepped off square one.

    I’m single (never married) with no kids (never wanted any) and I live with my sibling and elderly parents (late 80s/early 90s – one of whom has Alzheimer’s and requires full-time caregiving).

    I do suffer from a lack of self-esteem, confidence, and faith. I fear change – and it might be that I also fear success.

    Funny thing is that most people think I have it all together, but in truth I feel like an utter fraud.

    My life’s a basic mess of my own creation and I don’t know why or how it got so de-railed.

    Unsure how astrology can illuminate this situation. If it can help??

    — — — — —

    1) What can I do to vastly improve my financial situation?

    2) How can I align with the right position (or employment opportunity) at the right time under the right circumstances?

    3) Do I have a distinguishing strength and/or is there a right field of work for me to pursue?

    4) Are there optimal astrological timeframes indicated for making specific types of changes?

    5) What on earth is going on with my health?!

    6) Tangentially: Why have I always been so “stuck”?

    — — — — —

    I can’t undo the past and there’s no excuse for any of the above, but it all needs to be very quickly remedied – A complete “180”. A refresh / reboot / radical reinvention.

    Any insights/answers to my dilemma(s) would be hugely appreciated!

    Thank you so much, Jessica!

    1. You are a Sun Leo with a big Taurus/Scorpio stellium, so I am not surprised to hear that you are concerned about your money. You are going through the most unpredictable, but also high-potential, phase of your adult life – with finances. You should become a Zutor or Zoom Tutor as soon as possible. The demand is global so you need to look at all English language countries, and if you do speak a second language, use that (and actually look at language tuition). Those two links are just the tip of the iceberg. The pandemic is continuing and the demand for home education has skyrocketed among all groups. You should also network by using to join online groups which favour your special subjects and skills, as well as Eventbrite. You are actually aligned for career change now and if you start immediately, just after this Aries New Moon on 1st April, you will have results, ongoing. You are also aligned to save or make a lot of money. It may not only be through Zoom tutoring, but through other professions where there is a gap in the market and you can somersault into it. You are probably thinking about work and money as it used to be, before 2018, when the most radically different cycle of your life began. We are now on a different planet. The Ukraine war has made it even more dramatically different, in just the space of two months. So you need to align your talents, skills and experience with new demands which were not there before. There are global bans on Russian produce. That has produced an instant demand for vodka made outside Russia. A mini-industry has sprung up just around that. Your solar chart also shows Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, solutions) in Pisces (joint finances) in April, May, then in October, November, December. So this is not just about income you make off your own bat, but it is also about income made or saved (likely) through your parents, then other family members. You have transits in your Eighth House in your solar chart, and your natal chart, at the same time; that is usually a legacy, or living will, although it is more classically a marriage or sexual relationship. Other family members – like a sibling – can also be the key with any Eighth House transit and you have yours all year. You’ve explained your family financial situation, and you don’t have a live-in partner, but I have to be honest about the astrology of Jupiter in the solar Eighth House and tell you, nine times out of ten, that’s where the ‘money saved or made’ comes from. The job/money side of things has greater ongoing potential, as you are in a position to do the last thing you thought you would end up doing. And it could happen very suddenly. The key words for this transit are unusual, unlikely, unique, unconventional, unexpected and as Uranus in Taurus will be with you for a good more five years, you should be using the transit now. Your degree is not worse than useless. You can obviously write. You are also getting in your own way. Use the Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website to address your anxiety, which is baseless. It also sounds as if you have mild depression. I can understand that, because of your situation, but there are ways to help that too, and they are not always the conventional path of seeing a doctor. Online yoga, meditation and distance healing is free or affordable these days, and from excellent sources, too. Paul McKenna is free on YouTube. Eventbrite yoga classes are affordable, or if you are lucky enough to have Covid-Safe venues you can venture out into the real world, to find out what’s there. This brings me to the health side of things. In your solar chart you are in the last full and final year of the Pluto Sixth House transit which has challenged you so much since 2008. Pluto is a symbol of what/who takes over, controls or dominates in astrology. You have had it in your health zone, and as always with these cycles, the challenge is to use self-control to have control, and willpower to become empowered. Unless you use self-discipline, for whatever reason, you end up being utterly taken over by particular conditions. Those are the Pluto rules. For example, I have just had a reader (Leo like you) with the same cycle, who has Diabetes Type Two. Unless he uses willpower to change his diet he will feel powerless in the face of it. It’s really on that level. In astrology we also link the Sixth House (health) to the Twelfth House (the unconscious mind) as they are opposite. Nine times out of ten, a health or medical issue, is obeying the unconscious mind, which wants – to stop work. To work less. To work differently. To give up housework. To stop study. This is why footballers have foot problems and so on. So something else you can do for yourself is use the Tarot/Oracles on this website to ask your unconscious, what purpose health issues serve for you. I suspect it’s to get you to change your work, or leave your work. You’ve not done this of your own volition and so your body is acting out the need. “What on earth is going on with my health?” is also a good question to ask your dreams. Dream work can be spectacularly accurate and helpful, if you learn how to program your dreams. The health issues themselves do not have the intensity or power, from March 2023. By 2024 Pluto has well and truly gone from your Sixth House and the familiar challenge of a power struggle/willpower struggle will also go. The North Node at 20 Cancer, South Node at 20 Capricorn and Jupiter at 19 Aries are in a T-Square in your chart, which answers your question about being stuck. You have intuitively said you need to do a complete ‘180’ and that is actually the geometrical angle of two squares in astrology. A T-Square is like a T-junction in traffic. You can get caught there. You have been caught there between self-promotion (Jupiter in Aries), Cancer (family) and Capricorn (career). The time to restart is now and as I said, it can happen very suddenly. Given your academic background and clear communication, I’m fairly sure becoming a Zutor is the way to begin. Yet we work in the sort of world where a chance conversation can be your new mode of employment, so you also need to get very clear about what you can do; what you want to do; if you want part-time or full-time work – and talk about it. Put it out there online. Present yourself, your name and what you can do as clearly and unequivocally as Heinz sell baked beans, because branding is everything. I have a feeling that when you sort out work and money, your health will sort itself out too. As to what you can do; you are heavily Leo; you were born to lead, influence, guide and mentor younger faces.

  50. Hi Jessica, I have Minerva in Pisces, does this mean I will find solutions to a problem in the Pisces-weather?
    Thank you!

    1. Close. Minerva is a symbol of deep, feminine wisdom in the chart. She was born from her father Jupiter’s brain. Minerva was indeed a problem-solver and in Pisces and the Twelfth House, you will find answers to questions about your subconscious mind, dreams, Tarot, mediumship, counselling, therapy, soul, psyche or spirit now.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you’re well?

    I didn’t know where to post this – there isn’t an invitation in the horoscope sections and posting a personal observation seemed inappropriate in the later blogs on Ukraine and Russia. I’ve stopped watching/ reading the news I’m too traumatised by it.
    So, the weekly Capricorn was so spot on I didn’t know whether bow down to a new astrological god ( a.k.a Jessica) or chew my arm off in total frustration with my self . You wrote “ This is the first course, and the menu is long. It also happens to be about your values. Capricorn, if you self-sabotaged with a source of income that came so easily and happily when Jupiter was in Aquarius in 2021, you may be kicking yourself now. Enough kicking. Just don’t do it again” I’ve been kicking since Sept last year. I could have sold a big ticket item with a history of problems I thought I’d resolved (i.e. clear conscience) but I was annoyed at a last minute reduced offer – I’d take that like a shot now as the old problem came back and is costing more money, but more importantly stress to me and me family. Now another carefully researched product purchase, designed to reduce my work load, malfunctioned on first use and injured me – the Co. are trying to avoid their responsibilities, like the other one. Interestingly, late 2002 into early 2004 we had an epic battle with a removal firm who caused a lot of damage and made us pursue via small claims court – we won, but at a cost. I’m weary with it. What price peace of mind? Yet what price standing ground and saying “enough”. I seem to remember thinking just do your very best, then be ok with whatever the outcome. Just not to walk away forever wondering what would have happened “if”. Just wears me out.
    I can now see Jupiter’s influence as last year we also bought a very expensive mattress but was not as advertised when it arrived; the amazing MD took it back at no cost, no quibbling, and gave us a brand new upgrade replacement mattress – best one ever ! I think it must have been just having Jupiter in the second house as I checked degrees against my placements for the time period but nothing significant was apparent. Would you normally find that?
    Anyway, more of a story than a question.
    Regards x

    1. Thank you. These transits of Saturn (and recently, Mars) in Aquarius in the Second House of the Capricorn solar chart, can be big or small. The Second House is about your values. You are having the Second House transit by Uranus and the North Node in your natal chart at the same time, so the Second House is central to any Capricorn’s existence. Saturn is also Capricorn’s ruler. It can show up in a removal firm or mattress company (which happened to you) or I have files on Capricorn people who did the wrong thing (sometimes the very wrong thing) with other people’s houses, gardens, rental arrangements or offices. This goes back to 2021 when Saturn and Jupiter were both in the Second House. You have to say, everything that Capricorn does, in regard to possessions, financial arrangements, personal property in 2021, 2022 is answered for by 2023. And the cost can be heavy. To track this in your own chart, look at the Second House, of course, but also the Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio. The former is your value system. The latter is joint finances.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    I just wanted to share the outcome of the cards I drew.
    Astrology Oracle – I asked for a headline in my life and drew south node and 2nd house. Pretty spot on. I already decided peace of mind was more important than pursuing claims for faulty goods at this time no matter how justified I felt.
    Garden Oracle – Peace of mind. Wow!
    Tarot – 10 Pentacles. Another finance house (8th I think) so relevant but I’m not sure what to make of it. If you have the time I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    Many thanks

    1. Yes, the cards are working for you. You can’t put a price on peace of mind. It’s literally priceless. And worth paying. The South Node card suggests this is a familiar issue; you have been here before.

  53. Hi Jessica
    I have joined relatively recently and I am fascinated by your predictions, but I do feel that my subscription seems to be in kit form – and I haven’t got the instructions!
    You have a very wide choice of information. Where should I start?
    For your information, my work before I retired, and my sport were both in sailing racing dinghies, so looks like a true Pisces.
    I would be interested to hear you thoughts on my future health, as i seem to have had more hospital visits than I would like. Also your thoughts on whether Northern Ireland will stay independent, or if it is likely to join with the South of Ireland?

    1. The Sun in Pisces and Moon, with North Node in Virgo, is a good place to start with astrology. The members’ area will show you all you need to understand that. The Sun in Pisces is about shining brightly when you escape from the real world, and competitive sailing is a good example. The holiday from reality was on water and you no doubt won recognition for that, or trophies. Health is Virgo, in your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. In astrology the hospital visits are connected to your subconscious mind, spirit or soul. I am sorry you’ve had such a tough time lately. You have to ask yourself what the hospital visits or health issues at home are creating in your life. It may sound like a mad question, because nobody wants medical concerns, but stepping back from it all, what has it got you? Often people get out of a job they dislike, or they are drawn closer to family they hardly see, and so on. Figuring out what your soul wants means you do not have to generate medical issues within, in order to get it. The nodes in Virgo-Pisces suggest a past life as a religious person dealing with illness, which may ring bells. And from 2026 the entire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will regroup; borders will shift; that is when NI may join SI as you’ll see.

  54. Thanks for your prompt reply to my question
    A simple question for you, but just to show how beginners like me can be confused.
    How do I read “houses” as in what number of house is where, in my birth chart?
    Thanks again

  55. I am pleased to say I have now found the page that links house numbers to signs!
    Thanks – previous question could be ignored

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium in Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus so by now should have found out that you inhabit your Eleventh, Twelfth and Second House respectively. People with this combination give groups of friends and allies what they need (Aquarius) but have to unplug (Pisces) and be alone.

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