The Russia Astrology Chart

Russia Astrology Charts, Plural

Russia without Putin? Well, at least one author has dreamed that up.

Yet, Russia has a history of being dominated by just one leader – who then becomes The Invisible Man of history. That is what will happen to not only Mr. Putin but also the Belarus leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

There are many astrology charts for Russia, but just one of them shows the partnership with Belarus. And it works well.

Ancient countries like Russia acquire new astrology charts when they change direction. These are ‘rebirth’ charts. Russia has nineteen horoscopes.

The only chart that works perfectly in 2022  is  the one set for the ‘new’ Russia (with Belarus) of 1999.

Jorgen Haland Trump Putin Unsplash 300x200 - The Russia Astrology Chart
Jorgen Haland UNSPLASH

Vladimir Putin and His Dirty Data Horoscope

We don’t use the suggested astrology charts for Vladimir Putin as they are all DD rated. That’s Dirty Data, the classification introduced by Lois Rodden many years ago, to get rid of the problem of unverified birth data.

And yet, you don’t need Putin’s birth chart, actually, to see which way the wind is blowing, though. Pluto (power) in Capricorn (the man at the top) is finished on March 24th, 2023.

This is the end of an era when plutocrats (which Pluto represents in astrology) who are the top goats on the mountain (Capricorn) fall off – as the mountain itself collapses. (Map: BBC News).

Boycotts and Bad Business in the Russia Chart

The invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin has resulted in an economic disaster and massive boycott. VOGUE is no longer available  and neither is McDonalds.

The oligarchs’ yachts are being seized and Russian planes are stuck.

The Russia Union State Chart (below) is calculated for Wednesday, December 8th 1999 in Moscow.

As the ‘birth’ of the new Russia was reported at 5.06pm GMT by the BBC in London, that day, this particular Russia astrology chart is set for 8th December 1999, 5.06pm London and instantly shows us why 2022 is the beginning of the end for Russia-With-Belarus. And their leaders.

The Russia Astrology Chart Shows the Crash

This 1999 Russia astrology chart (below) is the only one to use for Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine, because this is a war that could not happen without Lukashenko, the Belarus dictator.

This 1999 astrology chart for Russia shows the ongoing crash of the Russian economy. As CNN reported on February 24th 2022, Russian stocks crashed 33% and the ruble plunged to a record low. That shows in the astrology chart, to the day.

The Banks, the Boycotts, the Business

February 24th 2022 was the day that the True North Node stood at 26 Taurus, the True South Node stood at 26 Scorpio, and both hit Russia’s Mercury in a rare and powerful opposition at 26 Scorpio. The banks. The business. 

On the same day that the True North Node at 26 Taurus opposed Russia’s natal Mercury at 26 Scorpio, the planet of shock (Uranus) reached 11 Taurus.

Uranus at 11 Taurus made an exact conjunction to Saturn at 11 Taurus in the Russia astrology chart. The ruble dived. That line-up could only have happened once in a century for Russia. It happened then.

Obama and Putin RAWPIXEL 1024x683 - The Russia Astrology Chart


The Next Russian Financial Crisis – Christmas 2022

The next massive financial crisis for Russia comes when the transiting nodes move to 11 Taurus and 11 Scorpio, and trigger natal Saturn at 11 Taurus. That takes place on December 26th 2022 (Boxing Day) and extends to January 7th 2023. I am publishing this on 13th March 2022, so it’s a long way into the future, but it’s coming. Christmas karma.

The United Nations, Russia and December 26th 2022

The United Nations astrology chart shows Pluto at 11 Leo. This creates a T-Square (always tense and troublesome) with those other 11 degree patterns (above). The data for the U.N. is from The Book of World Horoscopes, by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). The economic depression (Taurus rules the economy; Saturn rules depression) for Russia and Belarus at Christmas is driven by the United Nations.

The Russia Astrology Chart and the Future

On 8th December 1999 at 5.06pm GMT London, the BBC announced the birth of the new Russia. It took place in Moscow, but  I’m going to use 5.06pm GMT when the BBC published their announcement online.

The future is written. Women in particular will be at the forefront of massive changes for Russia and Belarus, starting in 2023. The rebel  Belarus leader, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, is ahead of her time and may be one of them. (Wikimedia Commons).

People Power Waiting to Happen

We’re watching Pluto (historic changes in the balance of power) go into the ‘community, diversity, equality’ sign of Aquarius from March 2023. Belarus is Europe’s last dictatorship. When Pluto leaves Capricorn, it’s over. Dictators don’t outlast this famous cycle. The last time we saw it, King George III went mad.

The astrology chart set for 1999, below, shows us that Russia and Belarus will be transformed from April 12th 2024 until January 10th 2026. Why? A change in the balance of power within The Commonwealth of Independent States.

We can also expect a shift in the controls at the Eurasian Customs Union. Reshuffles at the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. And most of all, a powerful and radical new direction for the United Nations.

We can see all this from the Aquarius stellium in Russia’s Eleventh House of groups, associations and networks. For the first time in her modern history, Russia has Pluto going through there. This is the transit that transforms the world.

The End of Global Russia-Belarus

This astrological chart shows a strongly Sagittarian nation. Russia is global. Or she  was. International Russia is finished, during the long Uranus in Gemini cycle which begins on April 27th 2026 and lasts until May 22nd 2033. Uranus will slowly oppose every single one of those Sagittarian placements.

Even before then, there are serious problems here for Russia in 2022-2023 as Mars Retrograde (war, backwards) moves across 10-29 degrees of Gemini from September 8th 2022 until March 25th 2023. That is an unusually long opposition.

Mars in Gemini – Defeated by Geography

The forthcoming Mars Retrograde transit in Gemini is about war with/on the neighbours – but going nowhere fast.

The problem for Russia and Belarus is the sheer geography of Ukraine. The problem is the East-West divide, but also the river system and the Black Sea with neighbouring Turkey in charge.

Any time we see Sagittarius-Gemini oppositions there are always major issues about map logistics. And Mars Retrograde is about turning back. Going back the way you came. This is very much the case for Russia in the second half of 2022 and first quarter of 2023.

Bad Timing For an Invasion

Here’s the 1999 Russia chart, using the usual Family and Friends astrology chart software on this website. I’m using the Natural House system and all the asteroids of modern astrology.

This is bad timing for an invasion. Starting in 2022, this astrological chart shows a chain of powerful oppositions and that tense, troublesome T-Square at Christmas, created with the United Nations’ horoscope.

In the end, though, I think it will be the (Aquarius) allies and groups that defeat Putin and Lukashenko. And not just those rather minor networks, like the Eurasian Customs Union.

This strongly Aquarian chart for Russia (with no less than six factors in Aquarius) is about those other groups too. The European Union. NATO. The largely American-financed United Nations. That’s where the Russia Union State is going to end, as Putin knew it, back in 1999. Most of all, though, when Pluto leaves Capricorn, dictators become invisible men.

First published March 13th 2022. Photographs updated June 14th 2024. Main image Rawpixel.

0004 scaled - The Russia Astrology Chart

0002 scaled - The Russia Astrology Chart

0003 scaled - The Russia Astrology Chart


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90 Responses

  1. Wow Jessica- fascinating! Is there anything in the chart that communications will be less state controlled so the Russian people are not fed a load of disinformation in the future? Hearing stories from Ukrainians that their Russian relatives do not believe that there is a war going on in Ukraine suggests so much brain washing by state media in Russia – will that change?

    1. Thank you. That is a good question. The media is always shown by Gemini in any country’s chart, along with the internet, and here we have Russia about to be swept up by Gemini weather for many years, in her Third House of newspapers, television, radio and the web. This is in opposition to her Sagittarius patterns, which show foreigners and foreign countries, so Russia is really under huge pressure, starting in 2022 but unstoppable from 2026 when Uranus goes into Gemini, way past 2030. Long-term we may have a new chart for Russia, of course, in the post-Putin era. That may in fact give her ‘natal’ Uranus in Gemini if it happens after 2026 which translates as freedom of the press. Let’s hope it happens.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating insights, as always. How does the next generation fit into this – the children of the Russian oligarchs. They can’t be happy seeing their highly privileged lifestyles dissipate. Similarly, the children of the high-ranking Chinese must also be nervous. Is the ‘party’ over?

    1. Thank you. We are leaving Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn far, far behind by March 2023. The Twenties were dominated by this unusual line-up in Capricorn, the sign of the ambitious social climber who tries to get to the top of the system. This explains not only the Russians on Instagram but also the Chinese at prestigious Western universities. Millennials born with the outer planets in socially ambitious Capricorn (Generation Capricorn) were swept up in that. Now, Generation Capricorn is rapidly becoming out of step with what is coming. Pluto is gone from Capricorn for the most part, from March 2023. Pluto in Aquarius – people power, spread horizontally through the group, with all incomes and classes sharing the space – is coming. The children of Russian oligarchs and the sons of high-ranking Chinese will find the old social mountaineering is finished, because the mountain has crumbled. Part of that will absolutely be down to the aftermath of the war on Ukraine. New world.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Probably the wrong blog to post this comment but I wanted to talk to you about impending shortages .
    During the flooding on the north coast of nsw once we were able to leave home we found severe shortages of food, petrol, internet coverage, no access to ATMs so a shortage of money. It was really scary few days and I couldn’t help but think of your predictions.

    Could you possible consider doing a chart for Lismore as there is talk that the town will not survive?the only upside of this disaster is the amazing community spirt that again reminded me of all those Aquarius traits that you’ve been talking about.; coming together as a group.

    1. Thank you Barons. I’m actually involved in a charity auction for Lismore and I have two friends who live there. The chart for Lismore itself cannot be separated from the horoscope for Australia and New South Wales. What is going to happen long-term is a brand new transport network along the East Coast of Australia, likely involving high-speed trains and/or electric vehicles. Lismore will survive and be part of that.

  4. Hi Jessica

    I read your blogs regularly, always very interesting and informative.

    I have noticed that Africa is not mentioned except in passing about the Ukraine/Russian conflict. I know many countries in Africa enjoy a good relationship with Russia more so than Ukraine. What will happen between Africa and the the rest of the world with regard in particular to South Africa sitting on the fence?

    1. Thank you. South Africa sitting on the fence, joins India. The world is moving in the direction of powerful groups made up of friends/allies and we are fast approaching a time, from 2023, when you are either in the club, or on the sidelines – and thus sidelined. I’ll be curious to see if South Africa changes her mind once she realises ‘the club’ (the European Union, NATO, the reborn United Nations) is more important than she understood. Switzerland began by remaining neutral with regard to Ukraine and rapidly changed her mind. Africa as a nation is made up of so many different entities that it would take a long time to examine every chart, in relation to Russia. In general, the future belongs to collaboration, co-operation and community as Pluto (power) goes into Aquarius (group alliances).

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Great articles, although astrology is a ‘ science of probability’, according to many Vedic astrologers, you seem to be able to predict with accuracy. Thanks for helping many people troubled by this unnecessary war.
    Now India finds itself caught in the middle, Russia offering cheap oil etc. and U S & U K offering assistance with technology of green energy.
    Can you predict the future for india? Will China continue to be aggressive towards India?

    1. Thank you. I wrote a feature about India if you want to search your country on this website. There are a few astrological charts for India because she has such a long history, but she will leave petrol/gas, coal, kerosene planes and fossil fuel behind and pursue green energy. Do not underestimate the impact of COVID-19 on China. The biggest change you will see in India long-term is a fall in the birth rate.

  6. Dear Jessica, first of all thank you for your work. You help to see complicated things from a much wider perspective. I live in Latvia, it is a small country bordering Russia. Everyone is worried here about Ukraine and future as we have a bad history with Soviet Union in the past. Are we going to face soma major shocks? Another question about my plans. Early February this year, i decided to completely change my life, i was planning to sell my small property in Riga and go around the world. Now it seems like a crazy idea, could you please tell what should i focus on this and next year?

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Aquarian with a huge Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of home, country, homeland and property. I am sure you (more than most people) are very concerned about Latvia. With patterns at 1-28 Cancer you do have to finish the Pluto cycle at 28 Capricorn, between now and 2023. Pluto is slowly moving into its final opposition with your Cancer/Fourth House/Home/Property pattern, as you were born with Minerva at 28 Cancer and Pluto will go to 28 Capricorn for the first time in 240+ years. Minerva is your wisdom. She is the goddess of wisdom, usually shown with an owl, and she was born from her father Jupiter’s head. You will draw upon all your deep intelligence about the property market, Riga, Latvia and the rest during this time, and although it will be hard work to get through this final Pluto opposition, you will do it. Minerva was particularly skilled in the art of war and peace, and you may find that the goddess turns up in your life in 2022, 2023 as you finish the cycle. These dictators do not last. Travelling around the world? Yes, it is a crazy idea I’m afraid. Not only because of the war on Ukraine, but also because of COVID-19. You’ve not mentioned your family but they are also part of this story in 2022-2023 and the Pluto-Minerva opposition also draws in relatives on either side of your family tree. There is a huge amount of work required at home/with home/with family and the time is now. As this is an intensely personal matter, do use the Tarot on this website to validate timing and issues. Once Pluto has gone from Capricorn (history by 2024) you are in a much, much better position and will move by 2026. The move will be very liberating.

  7. Hy, Jessica! Finally I could get premium access(I think my card was the problem after loong time trying). I asked you a few days ago about Romania. So first, thank you for your answer. Secondly, this war seems to last and I think it will be, unfortunetly, for a while with us. So the question I have is, it will extand with the neighbours? And here I ask for all of them, not just for my country Romania( even though our corupted goverment feels like trying to provoke Russia), but also for Poland and Moldova. I wish you all the best and thank you for all this content.

    1. Thank you for taking out Premium Membership. Make sure you pick up all the flipbooks in the library and also start experimenting with the different readings using The Garden Oracle, The Smith-Waite Tarot and The Astrology Oracle. That will give you a few more personal answers about what/when with the war on Ukraine. I know that people in Romania, Poland and Moldova are concerned that it will affect them too. There are five astrological charts for Romania as she is an old nation which has gone through massive change. The latest one is set for Democratic Romania, 22nd December 1989 at 13.00 ET in Bucharest. Uranus, a symbol of revolution and independence, is at 5 Capricorn in the Tenth House of political leadership and Romania’s ambitions on the world stage. Venus is at 5 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups (so, for example, the United Nations). Jupiter, a symbol of growth, hope and expansion is at 6 Cancer, so tied into this pattern by just one degree. So any time we see slow-moving outer planet or node transits at 5-6 degrees, that is of huge importance to Romania. This is quite a journey but Romania is protected. This looks like a long overdue global investment in, and interest in, the organisations which affect your country so much; NATO, the EU and the UN. You might say, it’s time. we find Jupiter going to 5 Aries in June and then September 2022, which is helpful and fortunate. We then find Jupiter back at 5 Aries in January 2023. Soon after this, in February and March 2023, the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio also go to 5 degrees. Saturn goes to 5 Pisces in April and May, then Jupiter again goes to 5 Taurus in June 2023, December 2023 and January 2024. So this looks like a long process culminating in a total transformation in Romania’s relations with different trade groups and security groups, in March-June 2026, when Pluto goes to 5 Aquarius. So we really need to look at June 2022 until June 2026, not just this year, for questions about any possible Russian invasion. What is happening here is really about the groups (ruled by Aquarius). Those networks, including the UN, which most affect your country, are going to scatter and regroup. They will be reshaped and reorganised. While all this is going on, you will continue to protect and defend your nation. You have a whole generation of young men born with the outer planets in Aquarius (so, Uranus and Neptune) who will stand guard. The old ‘family tree’ of Romania in terms of the countries she comes from – and the cultures – will be affected, because this is a younger generation of men coming through. You are also going to see young women (like the young women of Ukraine) joining the defence movement. Once all these different groups have made their approach to Romania, which I expect would be 2026 at the very latest, your country can figure out how she is going to align herself with them. Something Romania can and should do is organise her borders and lines of defence in a more potent and effective way. That initiative will come from Millennials, so people in their twenties. Finally, you have to remember how weak Russia is economically in 2022, 2023. It costs money to try and take over the world. She’s skint. So is Belarus. Have a look at the Russian chart again; that Saturn position in Taurus is extremely difficult.

  8. Hi Jessica

    Can I ask what the future of Bulgaria is in the current situation please? Also should I go back there or stay in the UK? I wanted to move to another EU country which now doesn’t look very likely to happen.

    Thank you

    1. You may want to wait until you know where you stand with the European Union and NATO as those two organisations (following a very tough time in 2022) will be reshaped from March 2023 and by 2024 Europe is no longer what you knew, right now. The old days of flipping between countries will also be over, so if you emigrate, you stay. One of the reasons for that is the collapse of more than one airline. Another reason is the proliferation of COVID-19 and its new variants. So it’s a massive decision for the future and one you may want to take your time with. Bulgaria has to be seen in the context of Europe and the European Union as well as NATO because of these sweeping Aquarius (group) transits which hit her national chart. So you can’t separate her from what is going to happen: this is a very expensive war and the acceptance of Ukraine into the EU will be difficult for some. Those kinds of politics will affect the solidarity and unity of the whole bloc and Bulgaria will have to make some tough decisions about how that affects her, in 2022, 2023. The Euro is also very much in the firing line. To personalise all this please use the Smith-Waite Tarot and look at the timing and the issues, but the Bulgaria you knew, is not the Bulgaria which will be there by 2024 and it may not be possible to regularly go back to London.

  9. The UN is suggesting nuclear war is within the realm of possibility. This is scary! What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Nuclear war has been possible since the fantastic acronym MAD came about: Mutually Assured Destruction. To look at nuclear threats, we have to go back to the 1930s when two massive things happened. Pluto was discovered and named in 1930 and immediately became a symbol of ultimate power over life and death: the atomic bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki followed. The other tremendous shift of the Thirties was of course the rise of Nazis and Fascists and the political movement for total power – under dictators. So at least we know what to look for in the world chart, when it comes to nuclear capability, and that is Pluto. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, the sign of the President and Prime Minister. So it’s down to them, not us. Yet, you also have to remember that the majority of world leaders are against the dictators of Russia and Belarus. And they have more money and power than those two could ever dream of. So the power rests with those who don’t want a MAD scenario. Literally. Yet – the United Nations has to tell the truth. And it has.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I felt compelled to share this article with you about the IT army of Ukraine recruiting young hackers from around world to make a difference, each in their own small way contributing to something potentially huge.
    I found it so exciting and inspiring. Made me think of all your predictions about the changes transits in Aquarius are bringing. Is this current Mars snd Saturn in Aquarius at work?
    Thank you for all your articles, they help me feel a direction amid the crazy global turbulence.

    1. Thank you so much. This is a perfect example of Generation Aquarius at work – this time in Ukraine – hacking to victory. Anonymous has also been doing incredible work, worldwide. What is really interesting is Russia, of course, where Generation Aquarius see brotherhood and sisterhood with those in Ukraine but cannot talk about it (or even hold up a sign about it) for fear of arrest. Yes, the current transits in Aquarius are triggering the millions, but it may not be until March 2023 that we actually see Generation Aquarius rise to power – when Pluto goes in.

    1. We don’t have a chart for Vladimir Putin that we can trust, unfortunately. It’s DD or Dirty Data, rated on Astrodienst using the Rodden Rating method. So there is no point in speculating about Putin using his horoscope. What I think will happen is based on the Russia chart. The Russia chart tells us that karma from 1938 and 1939 is back. Stalin’s Show Trials. Back then, it was one man destroying a group. In 2022, and by 2023, it will be the group destroying one man. Watch that.

  11. Hi Jessica

    Thank you so much for your wisdom and words here. Im learning so much and enjoying my membership thus far. Your site has become my evenings and your blog is my binge.

    I am wondering ~ do you have any insights for Canada this year? We have left our Arctic terribly unprotected, and the right wing of the states and a Russian misinformation campaign lead to the occupation of our capital city just before the Ukraine war. I have been aware of the breakdown of our democracy – on the left and the right – largely via social media, since about 2014….definitely since 2016. I feel that we have been asleep at the wheel in many ways, and as a small country (although with vast landmass), I know many are feeling vulnerable right now should Putin decide to pull a move against America (what if he wants Alaska “back”?), or if the 2024 election in the states goes right. Fox News and some elected members were talking about “liberating” Canada from the “tyranny” of Justin Trudeau in the news after the occupation. It was one of the most disturbing and depressing I can remember. We have problems here – the Residential School discoveries in particular are bringing up plenty of ghosts, and we are being hit ever harder by climate emergency issues. I live in Alberta as well, which has a separatist movement and white nationalist militias – which were partly responsible for the occupation of Ottawa in February. Its like all the small town clowns people thought they left behind by moving to the cities found Facebook, got together, and drove to Ottawa. It was like watching a cult in a trance…..extremely disturbing for our rather sensitive selves, and I dont think its going away anytime soon. Ive debated where I ought to be living in the future for a somewhat peaceful existence where I can be of the most service. Im not feeling Alberta, although this is the land that raised me……the idea of starting over somewhere else again is daunting and I have no partner which makes it more daunting……financially I couldn’t do it for a couple of years either as I have a really great gig as a nurse here that I couldn’t easily replicate somewhere else, so I figure Im “stuck” for a couple more years through whatever chaos comes our way. I would so appreciate any insights you may have about Canada in the next few years, and if it is wise for me to stay put and ride it out – but mostly about the situation in Canada if you have any! Ive done a search and dont see her in the blog :). Thanks so much! Many blessings your way.

    1. Fox News and Facebook are in trouble. That should make you feel reassured about living in Canada. The astrology has been really accurate about Facebook, so the chart works (check on Search and look up Facebook and predictions about Russia, which came true to the day). Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook do not last the distance so one of your problems is receding. Rupert Murdoch is also facing a massive crisis in 2022. Again if you look on Search you will find a prediction I posted about him, and we can trust that birth data. You’d have to suspect this is tied to Trump Russia, Vladimir Putin and corruption elsewhere. It’s really important to remember that Russia is in a weak position and also that 2024 brings a sea change in American politics. Pluto in Capricorn is going, going, gone and what comes in is global thinking and the end of ‘the man at the top.’ You want to know if you should stay in Canada. That’s such an intensely personal decision for you, the Tarot will help you. You are a Sun Libra with a Libra stellium and I suspect it will be love that makes you stay or go. You will find out why May-October and again in early 2023. It’s all about the partnership.

  12. Hi Jessica, I do not know if its dumb to ask but is there an end to this COVID situation and war going in Russia and Ukraine? When will things go back to normal and peaceful? We recently had flood and though I am not affected but lot of people in dire need right now and devastated with loosing their homes and valuables… I am in new south wales, Australia and people here also talk about invasion from china in Australia.

    1. Not a dumb question at all. COVID-19 will be managed and controlled eventually, the way AIDS is managed and controlled. Until then you can protect yourself by making radical changes. Nothing else really works on this cycle. So you may stop flying. You may negotiate working from home with your employer. It’s very important to be ‘the boss of you’ with your health according to the astrology. So if your Premier tells you to take your mask off, just see what the epidemiologists are saying instead. (Or Professor Kerryn Phelps, who is a friend of mine on Twitter!) China will not invade Australia. She will be lucky to get through April with her economy intact, based on these transits. COVID-19 is a huge issue for China.

  13. What a great thing you are doing, Jessica! Congratulations on your brilliant analyzes and forecasts. I am writing to you from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country that came out of the war not so long ago. I remind you that the assassination in 2014 in Sarajevo, the capital of this country, was the trigger for the First World War. Now Bosnia is mentioned again as a potential hotbed of war, because Putin has one of the few politicians here who supports him, and his name is Milorad Dodik. This Serb is in collusion with leading politicians in neighboring Serbia, where Putin is also popular. Major diplomatic activities of the European Union are currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My question is – do the stars see whether true peace will finally come to Bosnia and whether the interference of neighboring Serbia and Croatia in the internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina will finally stop? (Serbia and Croatia carried out an aggression against Bosnia in the 1992-1995 war, although they never admitted it, and that aggression is an integral part of the wars in the former Yugoslavia.)

    1. Thank you. I know a little bit about Bosnia and Herzegovina as I was a trustee and patron of War Child for many years and our first fundraising book, Girls’ Night In (Penguin) sent emergency aid directly to Kosovo. It is important, what you say, about Sarajevo and Bosnia and of course Serbia. Stepping back from the whole picture, the European Union as we know it now, will no longer resemble itself after March 2023 and certainly from 2024, as Pluto (transformation, changes in the balance of power) goes through Aquarius. It’s the same with NAT0 and the United Nations. Ukraine is one good reason for that. This will pull in the astrological charts that we have for Serbia and Croatia, with Bosnia. What is interesting about the new EU and NATO and also the new UN is a fresh awareness that everything and everybody is connected. Not just economies, but also the environment. The old model, where various dictators were allowed to single-handedly control a country, will vanish when Pluto is out of Capricorn, and that begins from March 2023. The former Yugoslavia horoscopes we have also show that. Since the end of the last war, the model has been that the United States is on top of ‘the new world order’ which is a very old order indeed. That is also going to change, along with some old 20th century ideas about overpopulation being the key to military supremacy. As China is discovering to her cost, you cannot do that during a pandemic which thrives on that. So there is a huge amount going on, in the new, new world order and that will involve Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you are now. The other massive change which will directly affect you is the arrival of Uranus in Gemini from 2026. I’ve written about this elsewhere on the website, but it will redraw the map of Europe and neighbouring borders. It will result in liberation and independence for any neighbours who feel restricted, confined or trapped with their maps, their borders or their old 20th century rules. That will absolutely affect your region. It begins in a small way in 2022 with that very long Mars Retrograde in Gemini.

  14. (Samo da ispravim grešku iz prethodnog posta, atentat u Sarajevu bio je 1914. godine a ne 2014. godine, naravno)

  15. (Just to correct the mistake: the assassination in Sarajevo was in 1914, not 2014, of course.)

  16. Hi Jessica. It’s exciting (and educational) to follow your blog. I have been through trauma that has changed my thoughts and lifestyle completely since January 2012. I have books in my head that I want to publish and do you think I can contribute with my strongest sides to the world getting better and if my relationship is meant to last? It has been since 2014 when I experienced an awakening. I want to help people, feel that is my calling. Can I be able to contribute from Norway where I live?

    1. Unfortunately you don’t supply your sun sign or any birth data and there is no astrology chart here for me to see. Try using the Tarot on this website, which is free. Thank you.

  17. Hi Jessica, I’m a new member and after just a month in, I love your site. It helps me every day as I check in to your Divinity section and horoscope. It’s great to be able to read through the blogs and get a world view. Read everyone’s comments and questions. It’s been extremely informative and accurate. Right on point.
    Love it!
    My question may seem odd, but maybe not.
    With all we have going on, where does the extraterrestrial piece of the puzzle fit in.
    All my life I have been interested in UFO’s as I had an encounter when I was about 6 years old.
    I have read a lot on this in the last year.
    The US just acknowledged in June of 2021, that they we have actual verification by legit sources (military pilots), I guess because they can’t believe ordinary citizens.
    That being said, I believe that the US and UK, Russia, Japan China, all the rest of the major players, the UN and the rest of the world organizations are in contact in some way with ET’s. I think in a good way.
    I also feel like maybe other countries aren’t as secretive about this subject as the US is.
    Do you think that ET’s are part of the solution and even part of the world organizations?
    So much has been written about UFO sightings and even crafts crashing in classified areas in the areas close to nuclear testing sites. To me, they were watching closely or trying to warn against the use of nuclear weapons.

    If they are involved with our governments, why would Putin go ahead. Why would he not head their warnings against the possibilities of a nuclear war.
    Do you believe that people can’t handle this type of information, or could it empower us all?
    There is so much more that I would love to ask on this subject, but maybe you’ll have a blog on this very thing in the future, when we’re ready
    Thanks and a I hope this doesn’t sound too woo woo.
    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this subject.

    1. You have the Moon and Fortuna in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, which is associated with extra-terrestrials. Back in the Middle Ages the Ninth House and Sagittarius symbolised long sea voyages. Today it is space exploration. This is the first time I’ve ever been asked this question, either on this website or anywhere else, for that matter. It’s not woo woo at all; it’s a really interesting point. Naturally you are intrigued, as with your Sagittarius Moon you are emotionally involved with foreign places and foreigners. It doesn’t get more foreign than other galaxies! There has long been an argument that what we call an E.T. is actually a human being, like us, visiting from the distant future. They want to see where they came from, or at least where their ancestors came from. It’s interesting what you say about UFO sightings near nuclear testing sites. That would tally with the theory that these visitors are actually us, far into the future. The peak period for all this would have been when Uranus, then Neptune, and finally Pluto were all in Sagittarius, so we’re talking the end of last century and the start of this one. That may also have played its part. Perhaps co-ordinates were set to pre-2000 and post-2000. As for Vladimir Putin, he is a man out of time. He is yesterday’s man. The system he triumphed with (money laundering and globalisation) is at an end and after the shocks, by 2024, we’ll be free.

  18. Hi Jessica, I’ve been reading your site for a year now, and I found you predicted my past life (for a Cancerian) pretty accurately. I live in Russia and worry what the future holds for us common people in our country in terms of economy, employment and freedom. Ordinary people did not start this war but we will surely suffer the most from it, but sufferings of Ukrainians are much worse. Will many people lose their jobs? Will the authorities start oppressions against people who do not demonstrate allegiance to current political regime? Shall I be scared that ‘THEY WILL COME AFTER ME’ just because I typed these questions on a foreign site? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. Germany is throwing her weight behind Ukraine which is very important. And of course, most of the world is now against Putin. Only a tiny number of countries and corporations (like Nestle) are left out. You should be optimistic about the future as we are at the end of Pluto in Capricorn and so the power (Pluto) of the elite (Capricorn) is almost over. Power (Pluto again) goes to the people (Aquarius) from March 2023. There will be issues with the economy in 2022, 2023 but there will be spectacular solutions soon after that as Jupiter (opportunity) goes into Taurus (economy). The huge problem for Vladimir and his ilk, is karma. You can’t escape it. What’s done is done. It always works. History and astrology prove that. And this goes back to the 1980’s. So he’s over. I think one of the reasons Jupiter in Taurus eventually brings such good economic news for Germany, Russia and so on – is the seizure of assets taken from human rights abusers in Russia and Saudi. That’s coming.

  19. Hi Jessica, When I was sitting at my computer this morning the theme from Sesame Street came to mind for some reason. “Sunny day everything’s A OK…”. Many children around the world know this song because Sesame Street has been adapted to numerous cultures.

    Anyways, I wondered if Sesame Street ever appeared in Russia and the answer is “Yes” it did on October 22, 1996 under the name “Ulitsa Sezam”.

    Here’s a segment from Ulitsa Sesame called “The Caretakers”. The irony of this Russian musical number will not escape you given the atrocities currently occurring in Ukraine.

    P.S. Many years ago I saw an excellent documentary called “The World According to Sesame Street” which was screened with an in-person Q&A with the film makers. They even brought puppets for audience members to try. Great fun! You should try to watch the documentary if you can.

    1. Sometimes my readers channel the spirit world without knowing what is going on. This is an excellent reminder to me, to contact my old friend Johnie McGlade, who works with Sesame Street former puppeteers for the charity No Strings. In fact we worked on a book together. I was just chatting to him on email about Ukraine a few weeks ago. Thank you! And I’ll watch the clip on YouTube from Ulitsa Sezam.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks a lot for your inspiring explanations. I’m really interested in hearing more on karma related to what is happening now in Russia and Ukraine. I also remember that you once said in a comment under an older post that Turkey will also experience something related to it’s karma in the coming times. Can you say more about that? And what is the impact of lunar nodes in Scorpio-Taurus right now for someone like me who has North node in Scorpio? As you probably know, Turkey experienced difficult times (and it is not over) and I thought about moving to another country (again. I moved so many times), but I dont know if it is a right time. Thanks a lot ans best.

    1. Part of the karma for Russia is the Crimean War. This is quite separate to the karma of 1938. The reason I say this, is that we are seeing a rare and historic conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, which we last saw in 1856 when that war ended. It began because of religion. Vladimir Putin is using religion to justify his war on Ukraine. I will be very, very interested to see what happens in April 2022, when exactly the same pattern turns up in the world horoscope. Lent ends on 14th April. Russian Orthodox clerics have called for an end to the war – signed. Vladimir Putin’s Orthodox faith is never discussed but it may turn out to be the biggest karmic issue of all. We don’t have a reliable chart for Putin so it is impossible to say, but the stage is set for retreat and peace, through the church. Strange but true. Putin used to wear a cross around his neck and was secretly baptised by his mother – so this Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces transit is really intriguing, given Pisces is the sign of Christianity. Your chart shows the Sun in Virgo with a big Virgo and Libra signature. You are here to work hard for other people, perfect your craft, skill or profession in fine detail, master your mental and physical health – and to be in one or more duets and partnerships. If you move again you will be on an unpredictable, erratic path until 2026. Some people like upheaval as they find it exciting. If this is you, then you will certainly have it, as Uranus goes through your solar Ninth House until 2026 and it is an old symbol of disruption and radical change. Use The Garden Oracle to validate what I am passing on. 2022 in particular, into early 2023 would be beset by delay, flux and u-turns as we have long Gemini retrogrades, opposite Sagittarius – the sign of travel and emigration.

  21. Hi! What chart would you use for Poland? I’m trying to pull up a chart for them and it’s difficult to find out which chart might be more accurate. There’s the 1918 chart for the end of the partitions. I don’t know the exact date or time for independence from the Soviet Union, but I kind of want to try and find that information to test the two charts against each other to see which one’s more accurate.

    1. The golden rule with national charts is to run them through 3rd September 1939, the start of the war, and then to look at D-Day, but also of course the end of the war – VE Day. Poland would also show important events like the formation of the EU and the memberships there.

  22. Thanks for the insight and lessons learned. NATO has been very clear that they do not want to enter Ukraine, but at the same time there are requests for a no-fly zone, which we see was stopped. There have been proposals for a humanitarian peacekeeping force. Can we perhaps see such a force coming from NATO or perhaps the UN? Can the NATO chief’s karma from the Libyan invasion come into play? He was Prime Minister of Norway when Norway and NATO attacked Libya on the wrong terms. When it comes to myself, I have moved to a city here in Norway and I wonder if I should continue to live and make progress here. I’m Libra. Ascendant Saggatirius. 10/17/62 Oslo at 13.05. I experience that my mother who was clairvoyant and has passed away is with me and that information is channeled to me.

    1. NATO and the UN and EU – and even the Commonwealth – are all interconnected in 2022, 2023 by these Aquarius cycles and what we have seen so far is not the full story, nor the final answer. It will be very tough, but likely arrive in the first half of April on the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. If you are a medium and in contact with your mother she may help you contact guides who are experienced with these global issues and can relay some useful information. If you are a Libra, you will make your final choices about Norway, or any other country, by 2023 and no longer have to think about it from 2024.

  23. Jessica, hello. Thank you for your predictions! Although I read through a translator, the essence is still clear;) I am now very anxious, because I live in Russia. I really hope for a speedy peace and a more peaceful and happy life for everyone. Now I do not understand what business to do, and what awaits me in the next few years. I was born on 06/14/1984 in Nizhny Novgorod. Perhaps you could give me some advice? I will be very grateful!

    1. I am glad the translation is working. Thank you. I am sorry you are enduring this difficult time in Russia. You are a Sun Gemini and in 2022 your chances for success are very high in March, April, early May – then again from October to December. Take every opportunity and solution you are given. It may be study; a new job; a special project; unpaid work. Over the next few years the biggest change you will notice is the end of pressure over your finances, house or apartment situation. It will stop in March 2023 and be completely over by 2024. The Tarot is free to use on this website and that can also help – just follow the steps. Thank you.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Fantastic insight you provide, which all makes sense – stumbled upon you and your website looking into the Russia/Ukraine astrology connection and have been an avid reader ever since. I tried to display my birth chart but the page returns blank – unsure if I’m doing something wrong here… I’d be fascinated to hear what’s in store for a Sagittarius whose anxiety level has reached new heights with everything taking place in the world right now – if the last 2 years were already awful, the war in Ukraine has me so concerned about what’s still to come I can barely sleep at night!

    1. Thank you. You need to sign in as a Premium Member to see your birth chart online. If you are a Sun Sagittarius and have insomnia and anxiety, you are a prime candidate for meditation or self-hypnosis, hypnosis or meditation-focussed yoga. You have Saturn (challenges) in Aquarius in your Third House (the mind) until March 2023. Yet, you also have Uranus (freedom) in Taurus and the Sixth House (mental health) until 2026. So actually you are in a terrific position to learn a new skill which will help you all your life.

  25. Hello Jessica. Intriguing information and makes so much sense. There is news currently out there about a potential cyber attack by Russia on the USA and other NATO countries. Do you see anything in the USA chart that would warrant such an attack by Russia on its cyber infrastructure? If so, what time lines stand out? I value your comments on this.

    1. The whole planet is actually vulnerable to cyber attack in 2022, 2023 and I include the Anonymous attacks on Russia in that. The United States is just as vulnerable, but the issue is how widespread – and how damaging. The time-frames are Ceres in Gemini, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Mars Retrograde in Gemini. We’re in phase one now. Phase two is 30th April to 23rd May, then June 14th to 19th. Phase three is September 4th until March 17th 2023. So we have to play the long game. There are many charts for America including the popular 4th July 1776 horoscope, but none of them work as well as the chart I prefer to use, which you can find on Search/USA/America. There may be attempts to hack American health records or to use COVID-19 as a way into American databases, hospitals and so on. It won’t work. Nothing Russia does will work. Honestly, teenagers in their bedrooms are getting into Putin’s government websites. But of course we’ll see more online chaos from all sides. Good time to have a memory stick/USB stick and a nice old-fashioned paper diary as back-up. That’s just common sense with these Gemini retrogrades.

  26. What is the most useful thing people could be doing, to bring peace, and prosperity, to the world?

  27. Thanks for all you do. What is the most useful thing people could be doing, to bring peace, and prosperity, to the world?

    1. Thank you. What an interesting question. Global prosperity is not possible in 2022, 2023 as the lunar nodes are in opposition to each other. Uranus is in opposition to the South Node, too. In plain English there is a huge conflict between Scorpio (the banks, mortgages, the share market) and Taurus (salary, the household budget). This starts to shift in 2023 and will improve then, but 2022 is tough. Feeling prosperous is often quite different, though, and the ‘gratitude attitude’ can make us feel richer. Seriously, sometimes all you need is a pot of tea and an old record to feel happy – costs nothing. As for peace, we have to wait and see what Vladimir Putin does at the end of Lent, in April 2022. Praying for peace does not always work, but praying for peace then (during the rare, historic Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces) might just work. Pray that he retreats and does not return. He can figure out his relationship with his God, away from Ukraine.

  28. Yes, the chart you use for America makes logical sense. I feel like I found the missing piece of the puzzle. I live in Canada which is a Cancer nation and wondered sometimes how can it be that America, a fellow Cancer is so vastly different if not opposite in many areas. Definitely a Capricorn. Thank you kindly for your reply and guidance!

    1. Thank you. It did take a very long time to test the various American astrology charts against history, but surprisingly, the July 4th charts were not particularly useful. The one that lined up with everything from the election of Barack Obama, to the attack at Pearl Harbor, was actually set in January, when the name of the new nation was officially recognised in correspondence. America is so Capricorn isn’t she. Ambitious from the start. And after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, she was on top of what was then the new world order.

    1. Thank you so much. Zelensky has (interestingly) chosen the same term astrology uses for the lunar node cycle. The North Node and South Node have long been associated with karma because they move backwards through the zodiac signs, not forwards. In India they call them Rahu and Ketu and the lunar nodes are part of reincarnation theory. They were possibly known at Stonehenge in the Aubrey Holes, discovered by astrologer John Aubrey (by using the holes around the trilithons, it is possible to predict eclipses and thus the lunar node cycle). So Zelensky is using an idea that is really close to the heart of what astrologers know: 2022 is 1938. I appreciate the link, as will so many readers!

  29. Dear Jessica!
    I would like to ask you what your opinion is about the impact of the events around Russia on Hungary’s political and economic system.
    Nowadays Hungary has similarities with the political and economic system of Russia. An oligarchic system (called the NER) has been developed around the political party that has ruled the country for 12 years now (FIDESZ). The government is constantly demolishing democracy, the censorship and centralization of the media is strong, companies and people who do not sympathize with FIDESZ are constantly being run after by the tax authorities and the police, the constituencies have been modified to favor Fidesz, and discrediting and misleading media campaigns in the media are ongoing.
    People close to FIDESZ have become very wealthy, raising up to 1 – 2 million USD in wealth (this amount for Roman Abramovics maybe just pocket money, but it is plentiful in Hungary).
    Our Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is described within the European Union as the Trojan horse of Russia, which is true in my opinion, although it is more in the sense that Viktor Orbán has taken on a dictatorial character over the years and is attracted to dictarorships like Russia, China or others and wants to implement those kind of political systems in Hungary and within the EU.

    And as for the past, when the Second World War ended the Russians occupied Hungary and remained here until 1991 for no real reason. A revolution broke out against the Russian occupation in 1956 (October 23, 1956), but for the supression of the rebellion more Russian troops arrived to Hungary and remained here until June 16, 1991.
    The financial settlement following the withdrawal lasted for almost a year and a half and a zero-balance agreement between Hungary and Russia was signed on November 11, 1992.

    Do I see it well that this karmic relationship will affect our economy too not just 1938-1939? Or will this lead to the disintegration of the current political system and the end of FIDESZ ‘rule too? What do you think about that?

    Thank you.

    1. It sounds as if Hungary has been vulnerable to Pluto in Capricorn, just as Russia has, and just as America was – for a time. Very wealthy, very powerful men at the top. Dominating, controlling, elites who might be called dictatorial, if not actually fascist dictators. We are in the last full year of this cycle. You wonder if FIDESZ will lose its rulership. Put it this way. Globalisation is the system which has put all the money and power in the hands of a very few men. A global tax-avoidance and money laundering system has helped it to happen. Corruption has done the rest. Corporations buy politicians. At its worst, you have foreign enemies buying corporations. Without going back too far into the past, let’s just say that since 2008 Pluto in Capricorn has proven himself true of all those old astrology predictions. He did in fact deliver ‘absolute power, corrupting absolutely.’ A couple of things are fading fast in 2022. One is authoritarian dictatorship style governments. The other is globalisation, money laundering and tax avoidance. They go at the same time. You’re already seeing Russia collapse. Why do they go at the same time? Because, as Hungary will also see, Pluto is out of Capricorn from March 2023, right in the middle of Uranus (shock, radical change, liberation, revolution) in Taurus (economies) and the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio (karma from 1939 and 1939). Once Pluto is firmly in Aquarius from 2024, for a good many years, the only power you will see is among men, women, black, white, old, young, rich, poor. Together. There will be no rich man sitting by himself at a big table fantasising that he can run the world. They do not survive this.

  30. Hi Jessica. It’s profitable, educational and very valuable for my/our future to follow you. You really ARE taking in a lot of good karma by this.

    I have been through the greatest life changing, geography changing, constant everyday hardships, risks, and trauma (and one unexpected good luck!) since 2018 that has changed my thoughts and lifestyle completely (I have become expansive for one). My wife and daughters are still in Russia. I do not have money as of this hour to bring them to me. Should I focus on acting or writing only or both or something else altogether different? Will I be able to give security and do my duty perfectly towards my wife and kids and serve humanity by fulfilling the mission and purpose for which I was sent?
    My date of birth is 21 April, 1983; Time: 4.05 am

    1. Thank you. If your wife and daughters are in Russia I can see why you would want to bring them to your home. These are such intensely personal questions that you really need to use the Tarot on this website to give yourself a series of free readings. It is the same with them, as individuals. You have career questions of your own, which are separate to their questions, about their own life with each other, and life over there. So the Tarot is the best way. I don’t have a chart for any of you.

  31. There is nothing that happened in 1999, Russia got its independence in December 1991. Nothing ever happened (so far) as to the status of the country.

  32. A big thank you for the excellent work. I have recently come back to Poland with my family and now I’m starting to wonder if it makes any sense to stay here with my kids. What kind of future does this country have. Any hints ?

    1. Poland is owed by America and Switzerland from 1939, karmically, and by all the laws of astrology, by 2023, she will be repaid by funding. Poland will need a vast amount of money to accommodate the people from Ukraine, of course. If Poland sticks very closely to the groups she is involved with, or supported by, then she will be in a powerful position. Those groups are of course the UN, G20, NATO and EU. Your children will grow up with Pluto in Aquarius (starts March 2023) which will take them into adulthood. That’s the cycle when the global community is everything. If Poland leans in that direction they will share in the new power. The world group/groups.

  33. Dear Jessica,

    I pray for your great blessing.

    Today, President Biden said Rupert Murdoch is the most dangerous man …. I totally agree.
    (see here:)

    Rupert Murdoch drummed up the Iraq war (mostly lie) – a total disaster for America and for Iraq.

    Anne Applebaum said Russia fed its lie to Tucker Carlson of Fox News – (See here:)
    Rupert Murdoch MEDIA will print all the dirt (many are lies)….so all politicians are really scare….

    Kevin Rudd (former Australia Prime Minister) said Australian politicians are very afraid of Rupert Murdoch. (See here: )

    Kevin Rudd said Murdoch has denied and lied on Climate Change (… Fire in Australia … we as knew it)

    For the sake of Climate Change, I pray for Murdoch empire to die.

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you for posting these links for interested readers. If you search Rupert Murdoch you will see a long and detailed forecast I published about him in 2022. Watch May in particular. He’s the American who publishes The Australian, isn’t he! Maybe one day an Australian will do that. Or there won’t even be The Australian to publish…

  34. I don’t understand why Xi is not telling Putin that he looks like a fool. Unless Xi is just using Putin and wants to see how this all plays out, but China cannot afford economic stress now that Shanghai is in shut down. And risk having sanctions themselves. I just don’t get Xi and Putin unless Xi is manipulating Putin. Just to see how the world reacts.

    1. I think you will find the Russia-China relationship is long, complicated and was written in 2019. We had an eclipse in Sagittarius (a cover-up involving foreigners) which I spoke about in an interview with The Conscious Cafe, on the very same day the United Nations tackled the subject of Ukraine. One thing you can say about the ‘understanding’ between Russia and China? It was astrologically ill-timed. Those charts look bad.

  35. Dear Jessica,
    So now the Fidesz won again and now even with the constitutional majority! What a pity! I did hope the Hungarians would remove the dictator. So what will happen then? Is Poland going to follow the same pattern in the next year parliamentary elections? In one of the reply posts above you have written „If Poland sticks very closely to the groups she is involved with, or supported by, then she will be in a powerful position. Those groups are of course the UN, G20, NATO and EU.” And I got worried as „if” means less likely than „when”. The words of President Zelenky about the catastrophy in Smolensk will not help either to calm down the Polish-Polish little war.
    Thank you for all your precious work you do for us all.
    Stay safe.

    1. These elections are always interesting, aren’t they. In the long Pluto in Capricorn cycle of 2008 to 2023 (it ends next March) we have seen democratic elections under plutocrats, or those who really want to own democracy, or control it (which cancels it out). We’ve seen it all over the world, actually, so who knows if Hungary is another one. Theresa May and the Remain campaign after Brexit certainly qualified. This general trend by powerful leaders resisting the majority of people does stop. We will see it in Russia and we will see it in any other country where ‘the great dictator’ complex is evident. Poland’s destiny is absolutely with the group, and groups plural, and we are going to see new networks and communities spring up where she will also take her place. This is empowering. Independently of any other country, not so much, but collectively these alliances will cancel out ‘great dictator’ styles of rulership from March 2023. It is written.

  36. Dear Jessica, once again thank you, all the stars and Providence. Let the Aquarius era rule 🙂

    1. I have answered you elsewhere. There are many charts for Russia and the only one to use for Putin’s war on Ukraine is the one set for the union with Belarus. Thank you.

  37. The birth date of Russia is December 12 1990 13:41 Moscow
    I made a mistake in the last comment, not 1991

    1. As I say in the article, the only chart to use is Belarus-Russia which did not come about until much later. There are many charts for Russia going back to the USSR and further back, to the dynasty. Today as Putin attacks Ukraine, the only chart showing (exactly) the economic collapse is the chart set for the moment of union with Belarus.

  38. Thanks for your amazing work. I have just watched the documentary Navalny (what jaw dropping nerves of steel that guy has)……Is it possible to look at his chart to see how/if he fits into all this?

    1. It’s a good question. The Navalny chart is A rated so it’s pretty reliable.–FR1HT0XOLov4bNuGa2N65jchDsTyccOcqHGvmXRz_gLjuzOb and here we have a Sun Gemini man who will see a tremendous change in the balance of power with foreigners and foreign countries, beginning in March 2023, then persisting for some years. This has to be the West. There is a real focus here on Pluto’s exit from Capricorn (at 29 Capricorn) in early 2023 and the entry into Aquarius. Pluto is in opposition to Navalny’s Saturn at 29 Cancer, which shows the obstacle course and waiting game he experiences as a Russian, a patriot and just as – a home-owner. It’s hard to be in jail with Saturn in Cancer. It’s hard to fight Putin with Saturn in Cancer. And yet, it ends (temporarily) from March 2023 and is completely on the way out by the mid-2020’s. If he is going to replace Putin as leader it would be when Neptune enters Aries, so that’s towards the same time-frame, in the second half of the Twenties.

  39. Hello Jessica, this website has brought me some peace of mind (as much as it’s possible in current circumstances). I live in Ukraine, the second phase of war has begun and yeah… One of our officials who’s kind of known for his futuristic prognostications believes that after this is over we’re going to have Russia attacking us full scale every 7-8 years and on smaller scale every 2-3 years until 2035 (no idea where the year came from). Is that probable and we should start learning from Israel? Russia has already brought so much death, pain and destruction as it is and I can see it repeating in some ways with the level of propaganda and deeply sick mindset so many Russians have now. Hopefully the sanctions will make it as complicated for them as possible.

    1. I am sorry you are enduring Vladimir Putin’s attacks on your country. I do hope the astrology can bring you some peace of mind, despite the trauma of what is being done to Ukraine. I do not agree with the official who sees Russia attacking you every few years. The comfort of astrology is, we rise above the war to see what is actually going on. The higher purpose of this is to get rid of fossil fuel from Russia – and to block Russian flights. This means a huge drop in coal, petrol, gas, kerosene. That gap in the market has to be filled. Electricity, wind and solar rise. (This is the Uranus in Taurus revolution in the world economy 2018-2026). If Russia has support in India and China, they will also be boycotted. Again, their fossil fuel will be rejected. This ultimately stops the Climate Emergency. This is the Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering act of the United Kingdom in action, which actually was passed within days of Uranus entering Taurus in 2018. So there is a higher purpose and greater importance to what is going on which long-term means more to Ukraine and to the world than a passing war. Russia is already in economic collapse. The United States may be hours away from taking action on more corrupt Russians and their money. By 2023 the world will be shocked to realise just how far Putin’s money laundering has reached into their countries. It’s a system that has been imposed upon us since he rose to power around 20 years ago. So ultimately what you will see is a country without any money to pay for anything, having to withdraw. You will also see a very different EU, NATO, UN, G20 and Commonwealth of Nations. Reassembled. Ukraine will play her part in that, and this will be your protection. From this hell, will come some very good things.

  40. Thank you for your response. It is hard to see anything from above when you’re on the ground, unfortunately. The flights have already been blocked, with only Turkey creating a separate, hence not under sanctions, flight for Russia. The fossil fuel is trickier, although even China is considering green energy options now. It’s just taking so, so long and in the meantime so many horrors could happen.
    On a different note, Russia wasn’t elected to the UN permanent forum of Indigenous People (Ukraine was elected in it’s place, a Crimean Tatar, too, to represent the ethnicity Russia goes out of its way to silence), committee of NGO, UNICEF executive bureau and the UN women executive bureau. Is this the Aquarius power in action? The committees don’t have any real power, yet they are still important.

    1. Thank you. This rolling Aquarius weather really answers everything you are talking about here. It is highly unusual and began with Jupiter and Saturn entering Aquarius at Christmas 2020, and now we are left with Saturn, until March 2023, when Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in over 240 years. Turkey, Russia, China, Ukraine are encountering the hard reality (Saturn) of being part of a group (Aquarius) or the heavy price paid (Saturn, again) when one is up against a group. Aquarius groups are always diverse, inclusive, put a high value on tolerance, view males and females without the filter of sex, welcome all income brackets, nationalities and depend on mutual need and goodwill to succeed. That doesn’t sound like China or Russia, does it? It sounds rather more like Ukraine and modern Europe. Once Pluto (transformation) enters Aquarius from March 2023, the groups that we know very well, like the UN, NATO, the G20, the Commonwealth, the EU – all transform too. The United Nations is a prime candidate and so is the WHO actually. This is the hard part. The powerful part happens as spring is imminent in Europe in 2023 and it will really feel like a seasonal change. It goes on for years, though, far beyond 2030.

  41. A little poem for Putin

    Losing Face

    The noble art of losing face
    may one day save the human race
    and turn into eternal merit
    what weaker minds would call disgrace

    (by Piet Hein, Poet, Danish Resistance, Inventor)

  42. Hi Jessica, I’m from Portugal, how do you see my country in this very difficult time, at least in the short term? I am afraid that the war in Ukraine will escalate further, especially the latest threats from Putin and his cronies, but at the same time I am hopeful by your predictions that it will end soon, at least in 2023 and with that the end of Putin.

    1. I didn’t predict that Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine would end soon – only that it would end – and he would retreat. We don’t know when. It depends on the timing for Ukraine joining the EU. The outcome of war really depends on God, which is a serious answer, as we just had the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which is a rare opportunity to see a big gain for Christianity. The Pope gathered different faiths together and prayed for peace. It may yet happen. And Putin may cite the Russian Orthodox church as his reason. That would be interesting. I suspect God has the biggest picture in mind, which is the end of Climate Emergency for the entire planet, and you only start to get that when Russian fossil fuel is denied. That could take time! You would expect Christian religious outcome for Ukraine and Russia by mid-May or October-December 2022 based on the timing. Portugal has a chart so tied to just about every other country in the EU and NATO that you cannot really judge her alone. She is part of a wider group effort of solidarity, unity and strength against Putin. So she plays her part in building the wall. It’s very, very similar to football. It is amazing how often a player who is not a major name (Portugal compared to Germany) can help to solidify the united position of all players in the wall, defending against the attacker. And that is exactly what will happen with your country and Vladimir.

  43. Thank you Jessica! 🙂 I hope 2023 is better than 2022. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces at least gives us some hope

    1. Thank you. Neptune in Pisces forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn on 3rd May, which is powerful, and Jupiter in Pisces is spending his final days there. All of which builds the intensity of those opportunities for the Christian church, worldwide. So we keep watching. We’ve seen miracles before on Jupiter and Neptune cycles in Pisces, but it is also true that God works in mysterious ways, as we know!

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