The Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction

The Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – Your Questions

We now have over 4000 people in our Astrology and Tarot Meetup groups in New York, London and Hobart-Sydney. To cater for these new, bigger, numbers I am answering your questions in a sequel to this first feature. Please move on to the next front-page story on the website, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – Questions.  But – to get the most from today’s event – read through before moving on.

We were talking about synchronicity at the event. This photograph of the Pisces fish (Chartres Cathedral: Wikimedia Commons) is useful. It shows one or two fish, turning up in your life this weekend, into next week.

The other synchronicity is Neptune – King Neptune. And finally, Jupiter turns up with thunder, or an eagle.


Pisces in Chartres Cathedral Wikimedia Commons 300x230 - The Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction

The Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

When two planets go to the same zodiac sign, at the same degree, in the same place – at the same time – it is such an historic event that astrologers flood the internet with predictions. This is about to happen to us on April 12th 2022. I am publishing this on March 30th so this rare event is a fortnight away. In this feature I will look at what it means for you, and also look at why Putin is more likely to end the Russia-Ukraine war near April 12th, than any other date.

Steven Forrest on Jupiter-Neptune

Steven Forrest (the only astrologer to be endorsed by Sting) writes, at, “Jupiter and Neptune form a single perfect conjunction on April 12, 2022. The next one will not happen until March 2035.”

What happens in 2035, we don’t know. But we can assume it will have deep impact on Christianity, as April 2022 will. Jupiter and Neptune will both be in Pisces. Symbols of opportunity and religious belief, in the sign which rules Christianity.

Do You Have Pisces Factors?

If you have Pisces factors in the Twelfth House of your natal chart, then this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces will be unforgettable. It will have spiritual, psychic or religious importance for you. Perhaps science will come into it. The Mind of God? What happens globally, but also personally, on April 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th is about your soul or spirit.

Do You Have Factors at 23 Degrees?

If you have factors at 23 degrees of any zodiac sign at all, then the story about that, in your birth horoscope, will be retold on April 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, when we find Jupiter at 23 Pisces, Neptune at 23 Pisces, the True North Node at 23 Taurus and the True South Node at 23 Scorpio. The ‘what’ of the story depends on the zodiac sign, the house and the horoscope factor involved.

So, if you have the Moon at 23 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners, then your need to be needed (the Moon) by foreign people (Sagittarius) will come to life on April 9th-12th 2022. Here’s another example. If you have Mars at 23 Taurus, the money sign, then what happens on April 9th-12th will activate your need for instant action – financially.

Putin, Russia and Ukraine

In a moment I will look at Vladimir Putin, a deeply religious man, who wears a cross around his neck – and Russia – in the light of that. Are we going to see a miracle in this war on Ukraine?

The Mountain Astrologer is America’s most popular magazine in its field and claims, “This particular aspect in this particular sign hasn’t happened since 1856, when they came together on March 17th that year.” As everything in astrology is based on circular time (history repeating its themes) this gives us an excellent clue about Putin and Russia. Why? March 1856 was when Russia lost a religious war.

What does Jupiter conjunct Neptune mean?

What does it mean when Jupiter and Neptune are in conjunction? Let’s define terms with some great astrologers. A conjunction is easy. This aspect means both planets are connected. Together. Tied. They work rather like two children in a three-legged race, with their ankles knotted together.

Two Planets Tied Together is a Conjunction

You don’t get Jupiter without Neptune on April 12th 2022. And you don’t get Neptune without Jupiter. Incidentally, April 12th is the exact, perfect, precise conjunction day. The tied-together nature of Jupiter and Neptune actually takes place, in a looser way, on April 9th, 10th and 11th as well.

henk van der steege sJvE2oIWicA unsplash 300x200 - The Jupiter and Neptune ConjunctionPredicting April 9th to 12th 2022

Throughout this period, both planets are at 23 degrees of Pisces, just as they are on April 12th, but with slightly less closeness. As most of the massive opportunities, huge solutions and tremendous luck of Jupiter tends to evolve over days, we can say that April 9th-12th 2022 is the period to watch. This photograph by Henk Van Der Steege (Unsplash) showing massed candles, gives you a sense of the atmosphere of the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This feels like world religions, united. Of course, it can also be experienced outside the traditional church. If you are psychic, April 9th-12th may feel special.

Richard Sterling, Master Astrologer

A long list of Neptune and Jupiter associations in master astrologer Richard Sterling’s classic work, The Complete Book of Astrology (The Australian Women’s Weekly, Ita Buttrose, ACP) reveals this:

Psychic matters

The Church
Good fortune
Holy matters

Alan Leo on the Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction

By observing how a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction works in a birth chart, we can find out more about the transit in April 2022. Writing about the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in The Key to Your Own Nativity (L.N.Fowler & Co. Ltd. 1969) Alan Leo suggests: “A strange and unusual influence which when prominent in a horoscope usually brings peculiar religious tendencies…Nevertheless the enthusiasm and breadth of view bestowed by this influence is in itself a splendid thing…”

Stephanie Michaels on Pisces

Writing about Pisces in Down-To-Earth Astrology (Angus & Robertson, 1988) Stephanie Michaels comments, “Pisces is the Saviour, the redeemer of lost souls. The current Piscean age began with the best-known saviour of our times, Jesus Christ.

Are Russian Astrologers Behind the Ukraine War?

Does Vladimir Putin consult Russian astrologers? We don’t know this, any more than we know his time, place and date of birth. (His natal chart has a Rodden Rating of DD, or Dirty Data).

gene gallin o 5v356TFYY unsplash 300x211 - The Jupiter and Neptune ConjunctionPutin’s Uncanny Timing

His timing for Russia’s war on Ukraine is uncanny. From an economic viewpoint, it is disastrous. (You can see a discussion about the Russia astrology chart and why the war such a mistake, here 

Yet, if we look at the timing of Putin’s attack in 2022, there is an astrological line-up with 1856, the year The Crimean War ended. The year we last saw Neptune in conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces. The war over Crimea, in other words, has been continued by Vladimir Putin in exactly the same astrology cycle (and it’s extremely rare) that it finished last time. That’s intriguing. (Image: Gene Gallin, Unsplash).

A Fated Russia Horoscope

In 1856, on the last Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces, Russia lost. She lost to France, the United Kingdom and their allies. It was a war fought over religion. The Russians were fighting for the Eastern Orthodox Church (of which Putin’s religion, the Russian Orthodox Church is part). The French were fighting for the Roman Catholic Church.

The Astrology of 1856 and 2022

The Treaty of Paris ended that war, on 30th March 1856. The horoscope for that day shows a mirror image of the horoscope for April 2022. The Sun was in Aries. Venus was in Pisces. Jupiter was in Pisces. Neptune was in Pisces. This is a remarkable coincidence for Vladimir Putin to have stumbled into. Is it just typical of astrology? Or has he been using an astrologer?

Happy Easter With Jupiter and Neptune?

Easter is coming, along with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that involves all religions.  Will it be happy? Divisive? Peaceful? A compromise? Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has given Putin’s war on Ukraine his blessing. Why? Well, part of it is down to Gay Pride parades, as the Los Angeles Times reports here.

The astrology of Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction in Pisces delivers an Easter unlike any other. The atmosphere then is all-embracing, all-encompassing, vast in size and scope – truly global – but also heavenly.

Will April 12th End the Russia-Ukraine War?

Nearly 300 Russian Orthodox priests in Russia signed an open letter appealing for peace. Let’s see who joins them, around the world, this Easter. More importantly, let’s see what God says on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, on April 12th 2022. If ever there was astrological timing for a Christian miracle, a retreat by Russia and the end to this war, that’s it. Could events on April 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th end the Russia-Ukraine War?

Jupiter, Neptune and Your Natal Chart

You are only going to experience this rare, historic conjunction in a substantial way, if you have Pisces factors in your chart already, in the Twelfth House and/or if you have factors at 23 degrees of any zodiac sign. If so, use the flipbooks that come with membership, and also The Garden Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and the Smith-Waite Tarot. This will show you an intensely personal take on how this wonderful conjunction will time your life for you.

How Your Sun Sign is Affected 

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is rare and only lasts for four days. The cycle of both planets as a whole (in Pisces) started earlier and goes on longer, until Christmas 2022. You can find out more here, in a prediction I filed a long time ago –  and how it affects your Sun sign. My YouTube interview about Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces at The Conscious Café is here.

Main image: Maria Teneva, Unsplash.


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193 Responses

  1. My natal chart has a Jupiter-Neptune conj. in Scorpio. I’m so confused about where to put money right now. Real estate? Market? Mattress? I just can’t figure out how this conjunction affects me, if at all. Any clues would be appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work Jessica.

    1. A big Taurus-Scorpio pattern across your Second House and Eighth House makes this your preoccupation in 2022, 2023 but you may want to wait for Jupiter with all his opportunities to land in Taurus to really capitalise, literally, on all that you could make or save. In modern astrology, which uses (at most) a one-degree orb, you don’t have a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. However, you have the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio as well as Jupiter, so one or more past lives have taught you all about being rich or poor. What to do. What not to do. And why you incarnated this time around. All this will be central to your existence as you go through it, all over again, on the nodal Taurus-Scorpio transits of 2022, 2023. Jupiter’s opposition to Jupiter will show you the real answer to investment. That’s not for a while. And the real answer may well indeed be ‘mattress’ but not under it, more precisely, concerned with the partner who is on it with you. That’s Scorpio!

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Can you take a look at my birth and suggest how this may affect me? I have out of the blue wanted another child. An old dream I had when I met my husband but put to bed over the past ten years while my other children grow up. I thought I had made my peace with it but now I wonder. I would appreciate your thoughts if you have time and space, thank you

    1. You are a Sun Pisces and family questions surround you from the end of April, and well into early 2023, so it’s not surprising to hear you want another child and have older offspring already. The answers you want automatically pull in the house or apartment; the rest of the family circle. They can’t be separated purely from the motherhood issue and in fact, will be more important (as you’ll see by 2023) than the single question of a new baby. So it’s really about the space, the place, as well as those other faces who are already there. This could go backwards and forwards for a very long time. In your solar chart you have Mercury Retrograde in this horoscope zone in May, June and then Mars Retrograde after September, well into early 2023. So just be aware that like all retrogrades, you put the prefix ‘re’ in front of everything. Rescheduling, rethinking, reshaping. This is not linear for you.

    1. A one-degree orb will show itself, in April. This is Sagittarius-Libra in your chart so it will involve foreigners or foreign countries (Sagittarius) and the typical Libra duet/duel. Libra is really about partnership or a conflict. One plus one, or one against one! What happens all around you, brings an episode that is familiar, yet not quite the same – as another in your past.

  3. HI Jessica I have Pisces in Venus and Moon ,Sagittarius in Jupiter do you think this conjunction will effect my chart ?
    I have a cringeworthy embarrassing question, I have been single for 5 years by choice and would like to meet some one ,however I am not comfortable with internet dating ,do you think I should seek the cards on those pivotal dates to help me in this area
    kind regards

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with the classic Aries-Libra oppositions which suggest a conflict between being yourself, being first, being upfront and out there – and having to be part of a couple, needing to compromise with the other person, dealing with inequality between male/female, or just inequality when you are not straight – in a very straight world! I don’t know what your personal situation is, but Aries-Libra can be quite hard work in dating or sexual relationships, and it is really common for people to avoid partnerships for that reason. So it’s not embarassing. From an astrologer’s point of view, it’s perfectly normal. When you figure out ‘me’ in the context of ‘we’ and ‘us’ you will also figure out how to make it work with someone. It may be that you don’t want to marry them, for example. You’ll be offered an interesting dating choice in 2022, 2023 which makes you think much harder about your bank account, your income, the relationship cost of splitting a mortgage or rent, and so on. It’s an interesting learning experience for you. Do use the cards to help you with your choices – just follow the steps.

  4. Hi Jessica

    I have absolutely nothing in Pisces but at 23 degrees have Jupiter in Scorpio and Ceres in Aries, what does that mean?

    Russia have said they are scaling back is this likely to be the beginning of the end of the war?


    1. Julie, Ceres at 23 Aries and Jupiter at 23 Scorpio, in your First House and Eighth House respectively, always work together. So when you have an opportunity (Jupiter) to expand (Jupiter) with money, charity, property, business, valuables (the Eighth House) it always means you have to be upfront, front-and-centre and charge in. I have no idea what your profession is, but if you were cast in the role of the fearless flag-bearer for a bank or philanthropic organisation, you’d be perfect. However you play this in your life, every so often, you gain, win, find yourself with a landfall, a lucky break and so on – and you save money or make it, or gain through ‘cash in kind’ benefits. This line-up in April is complicated, with pros and cons, but it does benefit you. Again, Julie, you will find you have to be front-and-centre when it unfolds.

  5. This is fascinating to read, thank you. I have planets/angles in Pisces 21, Gemini 21, Capricorn (ic) 23 and cancer (mc) plus other Pisces planets. My family are experiencing a very turbulent time economically, and with our house. Would you please give me any thoughts on my chart. Thank you again for this and for the detail of your work which I find so captivating and absorbing.

    1. You are a Sun Pisces and also strongly Pisces, so your inner world is central to you. Others don’t see it and can’t really fathom it, but your hidden depths, expressed through spiritual beliefs (say) or psychic ability (very common) are at the heart of you. This comes to life in April as one event after another reintroduces you to the person you are, on the inside. You will make or save money from May, until October, and again in early 2023. The house and family situation itself may go back and forth in May, June and again from September 2022 until early 2023. Have Plan B and C, read the fine print before you sign, and build in plenty of wiggle room, so you can reschedule if you have to or change your mind. But – financially – you will find a way out and through, once Jupiter changes signs in May.

  6. Wow I have three factors in Pisces amd one 23 degree in gemini. April sounds interesting for me. I need to read this a few times. So much detail. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. The Sun at 23 Gemini in the Third House and a Pisces stellium in your Twelfth House suggests two things. Firstly, a complicated relationship (Venus) which involves siblings or cousins (Gemini) or – the worldwide web (also Gemini) – is about to take centre-stage. The two may be connected, so this may be a website or book involving your brother, for example. It’s usually one or the other, though, so perhaps the complex connection with someone else is a blogger! It’s important, though. It’s not just another event. As someone who partly lives in your Twelfth House, matters of religion, spirituality, dreams, hypnosis, the psychic world and so on (see the list in this article) are also part of who you are. What happens all around you, as we go into April, will touch you personally and remind you how Piscean you are.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction is on my North Node at 23deg Pisces. Would love to hear comments about what this might mean for me.
    Kind Regards, Martin

    1. Yes, Martin, you have an exact transit of Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces, in conjunction with your natal North Node. At the same time, this conjunction is opposite your natal South Node, at 23 Virgo. The nodes show past lives. They go backwards through the zodiac signs, not forwards, so they take you back in time. The Pisces-Virgo nodal axis is usually about a life as a monk, priest or nun (Pisces is religious) strongly affected by health and healing. It can be in your last life on the planet, or recur over many lives. Sisters of Mercy perhaps, or a Hindu working with the chakra system. Pisces is about the invisible realms within. They are real to you but mysterious to others. Virgo is always about health, wellbeing, mental health – and this nodal combination shows up with people who end up working in medicine, but who also have medical issues. There are a few variations on this theme and it will be personal to you. A huge mystery is about to unfold, with strong and life-changing impact for you, raising an old past life, at the same time that it takes you somewhere greater.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you as always for the interesting article. I’m enjoying the additional commentary on Twitter!

    I have my IC at 23 Capricorn and my MC at 23 Cancer – which amazingly, I’ve only just noticed are at strange odds with each other. You would expect the MC to be in Capricorn and the IC in Cancer.

    I was wondering how this conjunction would play with the IC and MC involved?

    1. Thank you. Yes, Twitter is fantastic for astrological discussion. The IC at 23 Capricorn and MC at 23 Cancer in your chart must be degree-accurate as your birth time is specific, not rounded down or up. So this timing does look precise. You come from a family tree (the IC) with tremendously ambitious, successful people on one branch. This is the ancestor or relative who ‘made it’ going far, far above his/her station to somewhere better. Sometimes an ancestor married up. Sometimes an ancestor was vastly promoted through the ranks. You have inherited this in your astrological DNA and feel more grounded; more at home; more centred in your heritage – when you repeat the Capricorn story. The mountain goat who slowly and patiently climbs to the top. Pulling the other way, is your MC or real calling in life. That is very different. It’s actually towards your true sense of place. Your real home town, your real country or region – in terms of owning it, emotionally. It’s also very much about a house or apartment, or a house and garden. You’re called there. And it’s also about the family or household. All of this is about to be triggered in an unforgettable way in a rare line-up at 23 degrees, assuming your birth time is correct.

  9. Dear Jessica, many thanks … I was so waiting for this article, this is so big. I also expect something some little miracle happening in my life, do I have I a chance according to the stars? I have factors at 23 +/- 1 degrees of many zodiac signs: sun 23 Pisces, Venus 23 Aries, Jupiter 24 Cancer, Uranus 22 virgo, Neptune 24 Scorpio, volcano 23 taurus… and few others +/- 2…. where I can expect the biggest impact? And please look on my property issues – I am trying to sell my house because it is becoming to expensive for me, how it looks – do I sell in favour of me? thanks a lot for your great job and patience with our questions!

    1. Thank you. There is something miraculous about Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction in Pisces. I mentioned the end of the Crimean War. Florence Nightingale, the Lady With the Lamp, became famous during that war. And she transformed the nursing profession for all time. That is a good example of the kind of ‘Hand of God’ that we see with this astrological pattern. You have Vulcano at 23 Taurus in your Second House of finance, charity, property, valuables and business. You also have your Sun right on 23 Pisces in your Twelfth House of (as you have seen) religion, therapy, psychic ability, the soul, psyche, unconscious mind and so on. What appears to be about your budget, and the economics of a situation, will actually be about your invisible self and your inner world. The nodes at 23 Taurus-Scorpio will trigger your self-control, your inner power and your will (Vulcano) regarding all that you own, earn or owe (Taurus-Scorpio). At the same time, as a result of this or perhaps as the cause of it, there is a moment of truth about your inner life and inner space. It will be brilliant, actually. A sense of becoming who you are.

  10. This article is truly fascinating Jessica. The theme of religion is quite resonant as it relates to Russia. There are some elements within the Orthodox church, albeit a minority, who see this war as essentially a religious war with the catalyst being Ukraine breaking away from the Moscow patriarchate to form its own autocephalus church.The effect was schismic.

    1. This is also fascinating, and I appreciate the link. I can see why some people interpret this as a religious war. It certainly fits the astrological repetition. What is really peculiar about this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, is that God is actually the driving force. Space has not allowed for every astrologer to be quoted here, but the consensus on these two planets, and this zodiac sign, is that it’s really the Hand of God, to quote an old footballer. What is unfolding here is really a higher power and larger force at work. So let’s see. It’s bigger than all of us.

  11. Hi Jessica
    As ever you pose an interesting and hopeful aspect in these uncertain times. It certainly seems as though there is something in the offering in terms of peace if the two leaders do sit down in the next few days. Hopefully this will all done safely. The displacement, disruption and destruction the invasion has created is difficult to see let alone live through. Where there is hope there must be resolution? Lets hope so.
    Interestingly some Catholic friends said last weekend that their church was holding some special services in order to pray for peace around the world and in particular to pray for Russia. It was a passing conversation and its significance struck me on reading your article. .
    I find what you say fascinating but complicated! but I am looking now on a personal note, I have 4 aspects in Pisces, Mercury at 23, and Chiron in Pisces at 23, my sun sign is in Aries and I’m born on the 09th. My career and drive in my current position is a worry. I want to be free of a role that I feel I have done much in, but want something different to make a difference but to also be free. It’s a ridiculous dilemma given all that is going on in the world, but I don’t like feeling helpless, I have always known what is right for me job wise, but am at a very clear crossroads, although its not a crossroad, because things cannot remain as they are. Any advice?

    1. That is interesting that your Catholic friends mentioned a peace service. This conjunction in Pisces is so big (Jupiter) that the expansion of Christianity at Easter, along with the ‘other reality’ of Neptune on such a massive scale – suggests prayer across faiths – involving the millions. We may genuinely see a miracle. You may find what happens internationally, somehow touches you personally. Perhaps your Catholic friends will be involved. In any case, you are a Sun Aries with a triple, exact conjunction at 23 Pisces, which is about to be well and truly triggered. You use the word ‘crossroads’ which is in itself, an ancient Christian idea. There is more to your career question, than just your job or C.V. and it is showing up in your Twelfth House transit. Mercury, Saturn and Chiron together at 23 Pisces describe psychic or channelling ability (Mercury writes or talks through the spirit or soul). At the same time, there is a sense of burden around that, or difficult learning experiences about the same – Saturn can be very difficult. You are really pushed and pulled by Chiron as well. Chiron is that part of you which wants to get away with the so-called outrageous or impossible. Mercury wants you to put it into words and communicate it to people. Saturn repeatedly sees you putting barriers up, because some heavy experiences in your past have made you feel vulnerable enough to want to protect yourself. The Twelfth House is the space for religion, Buddhism, the chakra system and aura. It is also where we find Jung, Freud, God, and dream interpretation. It’s personal. It’s invisible to others but to you, it is absolutely real. Whatever happens in April will change you on the inside but it may be expressed as a decision about your job. Jupiter fixes Saturn problems. A burden will lift.

  12. Just a huge thank you for all the work you do on these blogs. Incredible insights and learning.

  13. Hi, Jessica, your information is fascinating as always, and I do hope that Putin ends this horrific war near April 12th, if not sooner.

    Are you able to tell me how I am affected by this conjunction, please?:

    Moon – 04° Pisces
    Neptune – 23° Scorpio

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the situation with Vladimir Putin is really striking. The odds of his choosing the same year of a Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, to return to the very same part of the world, and the same question – are well against. Astrology is popular in Russia. Either this is a huge coincidence, which can happen in our business, or it’s been carefully planned. And yet, God is really an expression of Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces and if we’re going to be true to the astrology, we’d have to say, God will have the final word. In quite an obviously religious way. Your chart is not hugely Piscean, but your Neptune at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance is picked up, exactly. To be born with Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House is to be a permanent holiday from the real world, when it comes to money, houses, business, charity, apartments, possessions. A credit card or mortgage is one example of that. Whatever you feel is yours, is not actually yours – it belongs to the bank until you pay for it. Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House is also about a holiday from the real world bestowed upon you by a sexual partner (you move in with someone who owns a house) or through a relative or extended family member (your godmother leaves you money in her will). This is a lifetime pattern and it’s not always there the whole time, but it usually shows itself when there are transits to 23 Scorpio. Well, you have them in April (and how) and this is going to bring back karma from 18-19 years ago, as you owe, on some level, and are owed – at the same time. So the impact of the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction is not religious for you, or spiritual, it is financial. And there is an escape coming. A complete alternative to what most people would call economic reality.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Could you tell me if I’m interpreting it right for my natal birth chart please?

    A spiritual ‘fix’ (Panacea) will impact how others see me (Ascendant) and how I perceive my partner (Descendant).

    Interesting enough, I have an opportunity to get a past life regression and hypnosis session around these dates…

    Thank you x

    1. Panacea is just one degree away at 24 Pisces in your Twelfth House of hypnosis and past life regression, yes (and she is not really a quick fix; more classically she is a cure, remedy or solution that raises ethical questions). Your Capricorn Ascendant at 23 degrees and Cancer Descendant are pulled in. So yes, it is about how you are seen, but also how you see your partner. That is going to be a powerful session if it falls near April 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th. Panacea was associated with ‘the answer’ in Roman times, but the answer was not always black or white. Shades of grey. Only you can decide if what emerges is right or wrong. Yet, you will find an escape (Neptune) and also something genuinely good (Jupiter).

  15. Hi Jessica! Thanks for another great article! I’m quite excited about this Neptune-Jupiter conjunction and would love to know what it means for my life? I have lots of 22 degree placements and a few factors in Pisces. Thank you!

    1. You have Cupido at 23 Virgo in your Sixth House of work ethic, health, mental health, wellbeing, lifestyle and daily routine. You fall in love with particular roles, projects, jobs, courses – but also inspire passion from others. It’s usually short-term. It’s the same with your body, mind and spirit. You find great, fleeting passion for something (or someone) – so, for example, yoga or a particular medical answer – but it’s not around for long. What is happening in April is an opposition from Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces, and a sextile from the True South Node at 23 Scorpio and trine from the True North Node at 23 Taurus. That’s rare. Take your time as you decide your next step with a work and also a health-related passion. It’s going to change your life path.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another brilliant article. I have Aesculapia 23° Pisces and Venus 23° Taurus. I would love some insight!
    Thank you once again x

    1. Thank you. There is an exact conjunction from transiting Jupiter (growth, expansion) and Neptune (a holiday from reality) to Aesculapia in Pisces in your Twelfth House of religion, spirituality, psychic experience, dreams and so on. Whatever you assumed was virtually over, or whomever you assumed was finished, comes back. There is actually a resurrection or miracle here. The sextile to Venus at 23 Taurus and the exact line-up of the nodes at 23 Taurus/Scorpio suggests a complex financial, property, charity or business-based relationship will be triggered at exactly the same time. And it will owe so much to what happened 18-19 years before.

    1. You have Venus at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House of status, success, position, mission and ambition. Venus describes complicated relationships. So, in the context of your own role, place in High Society or (most likely) professional rank, you are going to find April makes it possible to trade on your feminine charm, your potency as a female and your seduction skills – in a rare way. In terms of your chart, in an historic way.

  17. Hi, Jessica! Thanks as always for your insights! In my own meditations on Ukraine, I’ve had a strong sense of the conflict ending in April. I assumed that meant April 2023, but perhaps we will see a miracle. As a Catholic, I can report that Pope Francis asked for the consecration of Russia and Ukraine to Mary. Basically it means asking for her special prayers for peace, as well as the prayers of all of us around the world. God bless your work!

    1. That is so interesting that Pope Francis turned to Mary. This does feel like a miracle, across all faiths. We have no accurate astrology chart for Vladimir Putin, as you know, but we do have footage of him involved in sacred Russian Orthodox ritual. This is part of who he is. This feels like his own relationship with his God is on the turn. And that could change everything. Let’s see.

  18. Hello Jessica, what an amazing event to anticipate on April 12th regarding the war. The situation really does need the hand of god to put out the fire. I have Fortuna at 24 Pisces and Minerva at 22 Taurus. I’m thinking about changing my career, going from running my consulting business to searching for a senior role at small to mid size company in Europe. I live in Canada but have EU status. I feel really restless for a different life. I want more financial security and a new adventure. What do you see in my chart for this situation? Thank you for all your keen insights.

    1. Thank you. The timing is right for a change in your lifestyle, job and daily routine. This conjunction between Jupiter at 23 Pisces and Neptune at 23 Pisces is really astonishing as it also aspects the transiting North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio. That is very close to Minerva at 22 Taurus in your Second House of income, property, charity and business. Put out feelers in April. Pull in more of what you were gathering in your net, very recently. Your haul in April could be buried treasure. Routine is never routine, any longer, if you dive into what is offered with work, unpaid work or study on this transit. Neptune remains after Jupiter has gone, so long-term, what you create in 2022 could be a lasting holiday from the real world.

  19. Hi Jessica
    I love all your blogs and look daily to see any new posts and comments; it’s all so insightful.
    I’m on my second saturn return and it’s really kicked in since Uranus triggered tenant issues for us (police raid and cannabis farm found, lots of damage, insurers rejecting claim…) on 14 January 2022.
    My natal saturn is at 23 Aquarius. I’d really appreciate you letting me know what affect this conjunction will have and anything else you might see in my chart please?
    Many thanks
    Liz xx

    1. Thank you, Liz. I am sorry about the raid on the cannabis farm and insurance rejection. You are having your Saturn Return in Aquarius, and that is the sign that rules friends and groups. If the cannabis farmer was a friend, or a community/network was breaking the law, that would fit the astrology. That’s not much comfort now, of course, but it does tell you what not to do – ongoing – with Saturn in Aquarius. Do not leave anything to trust with old or new friends, or old or new communities/circles of people. With any luck you have already put firm measures in place and were right to do so. Saturn tends to arrive with people who self-sabotage. They are their own worst enemy and repeatedly ruin their chances of happiness by being self-defeating; unfortunately that often means you have to put up with their problems. Anyway, the other rule with Saturn is that you don’t let it overtake every other part of your life. This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is about professional escape paths; career alternatives; success and status as a way out (or way through). The project, role, course or proposal that arrives near April 12th is rare, blessed and a holiday from reality. Take it.

  20. Hello Jessica I hope you are well. I have Ops at 23 degrees in Cancer. What does this mean for me? Something about Home and Security and Family – but I am unclear of the Ops influence. Any insight gratefully received

    1. Yes, it’s a perfect trine to Ops in Cancer in your Fourth House of family, property, town and country. Household and home. Ops is a symbol of solution-finding and problem-solving. She was found in the year Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and made her famously hopeful speech outside 10 Downing Street. Ops was Jupiter’s mother, and gives her son his optimism (Op in her name is the clue). She was also married to Saturn who ate his children. Ops saved Jupiter and he escaped, to banish his father and start a bigger, better new world. So you see how potent this archetype is in your natal chart. I am sure you have seen enough, done enough and triumphed enough with particular houses, apartments, local issues, national issues, family or household matters – to realise that Ops is part of you. What happens in April will bring her to life all over again. Ops always wins, by the way.

  21. Hi Jessica: Can’t tell you how fascinated I am with your Jupiter/Neptune article. I am Sun Pisces, 23 Scorpio in 2nd house and 23 Taurus in the 8th. Any info would be very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You have been living with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces for long enough to be playing with alternative versions of yourself. You may be dreaming of a new you, for example (diet or exercise) or trying out different roles, with one eye on a new image in the world. What happens on the conjunction is out of the ordinary. You will have lift-off. Casting yourself in a new part, is one way of looking at it. Becoming who you want to be, and not who you used to be, is another version of this. Jupiter has always been associated with the biggest and best (Jupiter Optimus Maximus is what the Romans called him) and so this should feel like a natural high. A champagne moment.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I have Proserpina at 23 of Virgo, which is also my sun sign and ascendent ( as seen in my premium chart 🙂 ) with a Virgo and Pisces ascendent and descendant at 20 degrees.

    I am a little concerned about this conjunction because it falls close to the descendant, should I worry? (I guess as a Virgo that is to be expected 🙂 )

    I love your historical insight intertwined with astrology, it is fascinating!

    Thank you for sharing all the knowledge with us. Looking forward to the 8th of April event!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Anabela, there are really no concerns with a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Unless you have something really difficult in your chart, like a Mars-Saturn conjunction at 23 Pisces, you are not going to experience this rare, historic transit as a problem. Far from it. I’ll go into this more at the Meetup event on Zoom, but basically, the idea of something/someone being the ‘wind beneath your wings’ or ‘lifting us up where we belong’ is close to what you will experience. It will feel a little like old Hollywood films (back in the days when the Oscars actually let us escape). Jupiter and Neptune together will reveal a different level of experience with a former, current or potential partner. The partnership may be sexual, professional or platonic (two friends sharing a house). What comes your way will be highly unusual, rare, an escape from the real world (for them, or through them, or with them). It will also be a step up for both of you.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Can you take a look at my birthchart and suggest how this may affect me? I have Venus at 23 Capricorn and Jupiter, Juno, Ceres, Fortuna and Vulcano in Pisces. In a comment above you wrote about Venus at 23 Capricorn is it true for me too? Or the other factors nuance this somehow?
    And could you please take a look on my work/job issues. I try to find who I really am and what kind of jobs should I do. What should I look in my birth chart which can help me to answer this question? Today I got a job opportunity from one of my old workplace, to work again as an IT Business Analyst but now I am confused what to do mainly because I am studying now to became a mental helath professional – which is far from the IT world. I would appreciate your thoughts if you have time and space, thank you

    1. Venus at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House is actually about your career, so no wonder that is the basis of your question. You were just given a job opportunity, as Jupiter (opportunity) moves to 23 Pisces and makes a perfect sextile with your Venus. You are studying to be a mental health professional but destiny has suggested you work in IT. As this has arrived with immaculate timing (Neptune is also in a sextile to natal Venus) you may want to think deeply about this offer. If you are still confused, use the Smith-Waite Tarot to help steer you, as this is a personal choice.

  24. Hi Jessica!

    I have quite a few Pisces factors, and Virgo as well, but only Diana at 23 Libra and the N/S nodes close at 22 Gemini/Sagittarius.
    I would love your interpretation and thoughts.

    Thanks again for all you do.


    1. Your need to escape will be channelled through a new way to travel in 2022, or a new way to commute. This may be as simple as walking to get away from unsafe public transport. It may, more ambitiously, be a sailing vacation. The transit of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces goes into May, then disappears and returns October-December. So something planned or dreamed about now could actualise later. The idea of getting away from the real world, by a very particular way of travelling or commuting, is at the heart of what you will experience. You are also about to be offered a bubble on the internet. A hot air balloon to ride around in. Is it real? Absolutely not. Do you need it? You really do.

  25. Dear Jessica
    I have Aesculapia 23 Capricorn and a stellium in Pisces. I wonder if you might enlighten me as to what this might mean for me?
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Sure, Selina. Women with a Pisces stellium live in their Twelfth House for a great deal of the time, and it can be hard to access them, know them too closely, or really understand them. Conversely, you have the ability to cross psychic boundaries with others and get inside their aura. See inside their soul. You are what they would have called ‘a sensitive’ last century. Perhaps because of this, you need to take a deep dive back into your own soul, spirit or psyche and escape from this subtle ‘knowing’ about other people. Strongly Pisces people can find it hard to talk to too many people in the space of a day, or have too much direct, intimate contact (even with partners or children) because of this merging of boundaries. This does have an impact on your career (Capricorn) as you no doubt know. What happens on the conjunction is a really welcome new way of understanding your Pisces side. It’s personal. I don’t know if you are a Christian, a Jew or an Agnostic, for example. You will, however, be shown a better and bigger way to live your inner life. You will need to be alone to do that.

  26. Hi Jessica – another fantastic article! Thank you. Can you please take a look at my chart? I have sun at 23 Aquarius, Mars at 24 Capricorn, panacea and ops at 22 and 23 Virgo. I would love to know what you see for me. Thank you so much!

    1. You are already in a financial, property or business bubble. Perhaps the value of your home has doubled, or you are borrowing money at very low interest rates, for example. The bubble grows bigger near April 12th. This is an escape into another financial reality. A holiday from the economy that everybody else lives with. Jupiter by himself is about whatever is enormous; he is a gas giant in astronomy. Neptune alone is about being comfortably numb, to quote Pink Floyd. (Neptune was found when anaesthetic was pioneered). As this pattern also brings in the lunar nodes at 23 Taurus and Scorpio, the money signs, I shouldn’t wonder if your government or employer decisions about salary or tax help you rise higher.

  27. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for the insightful article, as always. I have my Venus in 0 Degrees Pisces, no 23 degrees placements but I do have my Sun in 25 Degrees Capricorn and Jupiter in 21 Degrees Aries.

    Could you kindly share how I might be affected by this conjunction?

    1. You will be indirectly affected by a change in the world which heightens the appeal of religion and spirituality. The biggest shift you will notice involves the internet, media, publishing and/or education in your life. You may change your Twitter account, for example. You may launch a new website or start a course. It would feel like a vacation from reality, and you would be able to lose yourself in it, online. Zoom, Tik-Tok and YouTube are other good examples of this kind of heightened websurfing, if you use what will shortly be so new (yet to be announced) online. You are also in line for a new kind of commute or travel agenda. Neptune is about the sea and rivers. So it may involve going offroad, or near water.

  28. This is all very intriguing. Thanks very much for the write up on this topic. I seem to have some relevant factors and it would be great to have your take on how my chart will be hit. All the best !

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, so shine brightly when you are at your most optimistic, expansive, giving and cheerful. Think of Sir Winston Churchill during the Blitz. More happily, think about Billy Connolly on stage. Jupiter is the old ‘Jove’ and jovial is an old-fashioned word for this planet, your own ruler. Once we add that to Neptune, you are on the crest of a wave near April 12th with your money, charity, business or possessions. What arrives is an escape from the real world, and a holiday from ‘normal’ but you have every right to be optimistic. It will carry you into May and then end the year nicely October-December.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this blog. I hope the war in Ukraine ends soon. I have a lot of 22, 23 and 24 factors. Anything you can tell me about those please?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Really, this is like weather which affects everything and everybody, and you at a distance. Your Saturn at 23 Aquarius and Juno at 23 Libra are about friends and groups (Aquarius) and duets or duels (Libra) so the big wave of spirituality, religion, psychic phenomena, therapy which is coming, will pick up those people and so consequently affect you. We may see a miracle, like the Miracle of Lourdes. The launch of new television channels or programs devoted to God, or mediumship and the afterlife, may be another factor. As this Pisces weather is inward, it is possible that people will go back indoors again, because of COVID-19 waves, and so will be more inclined to introspection. All this will touch your friends and partners, or opponents.

  30. Dear Jessica, I started reading your texts when the war began. Your deep structured analysis gives me a high inspiration, especially being a double Capricorn (12.01.1959, 8 am) and staying in Kyiv.
    I would like to call your attention to the wrong information you quote from
    Eastern Easter is April 24, and not 17. Many so-called Russian churches in Ukraine have already moved to the Ukrainian Church.
    Thank you once again for your great analysis. Waiting for them! With all my respect from Kyiv, Ukraine

    1. Thank you for your message. I am really not an expert on the Russian and Ukraine churches and will take your guidance if that website had incorrect information. I stand corrected.

  31. so my grandson, 23 March 2015; 08:05 A.M.; Fayetteville, NC has Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. He has autism. Would these two placements have an effect on his speech and mind? Also, something I find interesting, and pretty cool, is your mention of Buddhism in your most recent blog post. My grandson LOVES Mantras. He can belt those out like he was born there. His mantras are better than his english. He loves the sanskrit and Tibetan ones but the Tibetan are his favorite. He will randomly start singing the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra or the Teyata. He love the Green Tara mantra too. All Tibetan. But what’s even more fascinating is he sings them at the appropriate time. When he gets upset or frustrated he will start singing the Om Shanti Om (Peace) and I’ve noticed when he spontaneously starts singing Teyata (Great Healer) is when he is not feeling well. There are others but I’ll just give those two for examples sake. His Neptune and Mercury are far from 23 degrees; however, I am hoping “Dreaming Big” that this conjunction might help in treaments for him beyond what he is getting now. THANK YOU. You are AMAZING.

    1. Thank you. Autism is associated with Pisces because the inner world matters as much as the external world. High-functioning autistic people have to listen to their inner voice and deal with the outside world at the same time, so avoid eye contact. Your grandson has probably reincarnated from Tibet. Autism is not always associated with boys who bring their past life with them – it is obviously a medical condition – but I have known a severely autistic little boy who was the reincarnation of a well-known musician. He was obsessive about their music from a young age. Your grandson’s Mercury and Neptune in Pisces require space. It’s tricky, because the Twelfth House makes solitude and silence essential. People who have Mercury and Neptune in Pisces need to be alone and others need to understand it is not a rejection of them; there is almost a physical requirement there to have space, for inner space. Yet, if we disappear into the Twelfth House that is unhelpful. A daily schedule which commits him to the real world but allows him to be himself is wise. Tibetan monks of course are heavily ritualised with their day-to-day monastery life and emphasise the practical and mundane (chop wood, carry water) as well as the transcendent experience of communing with the divine.

  32. Hi Jessica l only have Pisces Ceres 17 and Aesculapia 14 . I do however have Sun 14 Aries which matches with Moon 14 Aries today’s current planets position’s. Can you see what this may mean for me. Many thanks.

    1. You are a Sun Aries so moving through the New Moon in Aries right now, in your First house of appearance, name and first impressions. This precedes Jupiter in Aries in May. You will already have seen an opportunity to expand and increase and hopefully you took it. There may be a couple of opportunities actually; the newsletters you normally find in your email inbox, for example. Even a casual discussion in the last day or two might be another solid clue about all you have to gain. Don’t let things slip away from you; follow up.

  33. Hello Jessica. Thank you for this uplifting article on JupNep Twinning. Was reading the replies above and in one, you write –

    …’there are really no concerns with a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Unless you have something really difficult in your chart, like a Mars-Saturn conjunction at 23 Pisces, you are not going to experience this rare, historic transit as a problem. Far from it…’

    Ohkk, I have this aspect – Mars attached to Saturn. Mars 24 deg Cancer and Saturn 24 deg Leo. Along with Psyche 23 Scorpio and Proserpina 22 in Leo. Is this JupNep conjunction at 23 deg going to be difficult please? (I’m Sun 0 deg Aries). Thank you, kindly.

    1. You will actually experience a trine from Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces to your natal Mars at 24 Cancer, and Psyche at 23 Scorpio, so this is far more likely to help you with your house, apartment, family, household, both of which are Cancer-Scorpio matters. The quincunx to Saturn in Leo suggests that children, godchildren or young relatives will be involved – and that you will have to take seriously – Proserpina in Leo is similar.

  34. Hi Jessica!
    If have quite a few factors at 23 degrees including Pisces factors. Does that mean something special in April? Thank you so much for everything!

    1. Naomi, you are a Pisces Sun with a big Aries signature in your First House, so in both charts I use for you, solar and natal, you are relaunching in 2022. You may acquire a new name, enjoy a shift to your appearance (like weight loss) or pick up a new sort of reputation or image, perhaps because of work, or particular friendships and trends in your social life. 2022 enhances your image in all sorts of ways. The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces is really about what other people cannot see externally or really fathom; your own invisible world. This is why it is so frequently associated with religion. The last time we saw this, historically, people were prepared to massively alter their existence for God. That kind of thing is hard to understand for people who are not believers. It’s the same with anyone who is interested in Tarot or mediumship – it can be impossible for sceptics to really fathom how real that is for those who inhabit that space. You are already being pulled towards something/someone designed to expand and uplift your inner space.

  35. Hello Jessica
    I’ve only been a member for a short time but I’m learning so much from you, thank you. I wonder if you could give me a sense of how current conditions will effect me please? I don’t have any factors in Pisces but I’ve been having a very difficult time these last few years and I feel I’m beginning to rebuild myself and my life, including hopefully buying a house here in England this year. I’m still not on solid ground and wonder how things will unfold for me.

    With gratitude!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn and in your solar chart have Jupiter (opportunity, luck) going into Aries and your solar Fourth House of property, from May. This cycle remains until October then picks up again in early 2023. The stage is set for a house purchase and you will feel on solid ground once that has happened. In your natal chart, the Fourth House is ruled by Cancer, and as the lunar nodes support Cancer from Taurus and Scorpio, and Jupiter and Neptune certainly do from Pisces, things are much easier now than they were a few years ago. You can use the Smith-Waite Tarot to help you validate that.

  36. Dear Jessica,
    I have Pluto at 23 degrees in Virgo in my sixth house. Would you please give me some insights.
    Thank you.

    1. This is about making more of what you have already been given, with business, finance, a house or apartment, land, valuables or other assets. You’ve been seeing Jupiter (abundance, increase, gain) at work since he entered Pisces and even though some of this isn’t quite real – it exists in its own space, bubble or reality – that doesn’t stop you from taking what you are being shown and doing much more with it. Jupiter and Neptune together suggest that you are in a privileged escape from the real world that most other people are experiencing, financially, and yet – more can be done. If you look at the price that work (Virgo) commands and the sort of work, unpaid work or tasks that you’re doing that command a really high market value, that’s your first clue about how to capitalise on what you’re being shown. There is another twist in the tale still to come, though; it won’t be until you’re further along in April that you realise the full picture for your budget.

  37. Good Afternoon Jessica,

    Again, another fascinating blog post!! You always feed my soul with your knowledge. I really do hope for the ending of this horrific war!

    I don’t have factors at 23 but I do have my mercury at 24 which is part of my Taurus stellium. I would love to know what you see for me on these dates?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You can escape into a group of allies and friends you are already involved with, in the first half of April, and use this tribe of people to help you get out of a situation in your professional life, academic career or non-profit commitments. Even if what you experience with these friends is not really other people’s ordinary reality, that’s unlikely to prevent you from taking the opportunity. A Jupiter transit in Pisces can only happen every 12 years; a Jupiter conjunction with Neptune in Pisces only happens once in your life. The fact that the lunar nodes are also at 23 Taurus and 23 Scorpio suggests this is also quite unusual; they can only be in those signs every 19 years or so. An opportunity is there, if you want to take it. Perhaps it’s already been floated; the conjunction will help make it real.

  38. Dear Jessica, I started reading your texts when the war began. Your deep structured analysis gives me a high inspiration, especially being a Capricorn (12.01) and staying in Kyiv.
    I would like to call your attention to the wrong information at Orthodox Easter is April 24, and not 17.
    Thank you once again for your great analysis. Waiting for them! With all my respect from Kyiv, Ukraine

    1. I’m still looking for more good online sources to correct these different dates we have, to help readers who are also following your lead on April 24th as the date for Easter in the Russian Orthodox Church. I’ll amend this feature once that’s done, thank you. And I admire your stoicism and courage in remaining in Kyiv throughout this wretched war. I hope it is over soon.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this article and all your recent posts about this hideous war. I’m so hoping that it will end soon as you suggest might be possible! In view of the conjunction, may I ask for your interpretation of my chart factors? I’m a Cap Sun (22 deg.); Virgo Diana (22); Cap Vesta (24), and I also have Panacea in Pisces (at 1 degree). My book is currently on submission and I know you’ve mentioned that due to Pisces falling in my 3rd Solar House, it’s a hopeful time. I’m trying to interpret my factors for this April cycle – would this pattern suggest some combination of career recognition, possibly involving multiple women, in a way that offers lifestyle freedom, with a solution that might somehow pose an ethical question?

    Thank you so much,

    1. Thank you R – if we only had Putin’s natal chart it would be easier – but the Russia chart is useful – and we’ve seen enough from history to know that miracles are possible on the Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. You will find the book, or versions of the same idea, brings in money more easily from the first quarter of 2023, so on a business level you may have to wait for some of the obstacles to roll away. On a purely creative or technical level, you are in the right time, at the right place, to expand your audience and improve your connection with those readers, listeners or viewers. There is a second bounce with this transit, which picks up your Tenth House and Sixth House of career and work, in October-December, and then you go into the brand new world from March 2023 (when Pluto leaves your Tenth House) and everything looks and feels very different professionally. This does feel like a process in 2022 and not a rapidly reached destination, because apart from the transit of Jupiter, on and off, in your solar Third House of writing, you also have Mercury Retrograde then Mars Retrograde in your natal Third House too. So there’s a feeling of stop-start with this, but it’s a fruitful journey.

  40. Hi Jessica, I’m desperately want to take advantage of this wonderful and rare transit but my charts a bit lacking on the relevant factors. I have Baccus 23 Gemini and Vesta 22 Taurus. Will I still feel a benefit? Thank you for always sharing such insightful articles.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with Bacchus at 23 Gemini, so this is really about online publishing (even Twitter or YouTube) or perhaps the printed word. In your solar chart you have this stunning Jupiter-Neptune conjunction with all its opportunity, in your Ninth House of paperbacks, hardbacks, websites and ebooks. Bacchus in Gemini in the Third House natally is about the deep pleasure of words, media, the book world. – and even the square to Bacchus is enough to encourage some kind of natural high. If there is a specific project tied to April 2022 then it will be quite remarkable.

  41. Thank you so much as always for your reply and insights, Jessica. I have made note! R.

  42. Jessica, thank you for explaining all of this. Such interesting information. Lately I am wondering how the Jupiter/Neptune Pisces conjunction might affect me. In 2009/2010, during each of the 3 J/N conjunctions in Aquarius, I had life-changing events coincide with each one (conceived my first child; moved across the Atlantic for a mega-road trip across US while pregnant; and then gave birth to my child (a Pisces!). Now that this conjunction is back but in Pisces, I am really curious what areas of my life it might concern. I have no factors in Pisces, but my sun is in 14 deg Cancer (8th house) and my Mercury is in 23 deg Cancer (8th house) with Scorpio Rising.

    1. Thank you. It’s great you recall the previous Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions and what came to pass. That child is no doubt very special. You are not logged in, unfortunately, so I can’t see your birth chart. However, if you have Mercury at 23 Cancer in your Fourth House (using the Natural House system) then your natural ability to connect people, places and ideas within the family circle, at home, or via your local area – will expand, in a terrific way, near April 12th. The trine from Jupiter and Neptune will allow you to broadcast, go online or write if you wish, and you may find you are the messenger for matters that specifically concern the family tree, your house or apartment, or your town/country.

  43. Hi. I have been intrigued by your site for the past year or so. I have been following sites ranging from astrology sites like yours, to other conspiracy sites supporting Qanon, because I am hoping to escape this reality, which I don’t like very much, and be with aliens on another planet. If you go to any site supporting QAnon, or the extreme right right now, they are talking about things such as the Ukraine War being used to destroy the deep state/New World Order agenda (which includes Biden, Obama, or other celebrities), that Trump will return soon, and that mass arrests were already being made. A shocking revelation would be made this month, if they were to be believed. However, a few extreme right-wingers have been supporting the narrative of the NWO coming true this month. in a news article I read today (it was on a local Boston TV affiliate, not a right wing conspiracy site), a person following QAnon in Boston sent a postcard saying basically the opposite of QAnon in a sense, claiming that the Cabal gave her a vision that Trump was part of the deep state, that every event was planned 20 years ago, and that the world will end on Good Friday this year (April 15). I sure hope they’re wrong. Then, we have other sites such as, a site about psychic predictions, that she thinks are accurate. Her community, if you haven’t checked her out, is more leaning toward the left, the democrats, and mainstream media, in that they are predicting a positive future, but the extreme right will fail. I also have visited other astrology sites, mainly supporting a similar narrative to Jeanne Mayell in some sort. Among the sites include yours, a site called Macro Astro, and a few other sites like it. Now, in my personal life, I left a young adult program in Georgia in the United States (an hour outside Atlanta), to go home to Las Vegas (about 10 miles/16km from the strip), because my parents thought I was underweight, and there were also lots of restrictions. I will be going to another program, possibly a boarding school in New York that I’ve been to 3 times. In 2020, when I went there the second time, the firewall company they used started banning access to both right wing sites and astrology sites. That, and combined with being put in quarantine several times, made me stressed. I went home for 5 months in 2021, before going there the third time in Summer 2021, which wasn’t as bad overall. Then, I was in Georgia the past 8 months until 2 weeks ago when I left that program. Over the past 2 weeks, I have gained a few pounds, but got stressed over those QAnon and Right Wing sites, particularly the negative scenarios, which include me being mind controlled. Lastly, what is the astrology forecast for my life with the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune, and what do you think about the future of Qanon and the extreme right? Jeanne Mayell’s community has predicted they will not be true and not succeed. Just wanted your opinion, and this is my first time commenting here

    1. Q Anon is a good example of a Saturn in Aquarius organisation which got lucky during Jupiter in Aquarius (2021) and is now a heavy burden for its membership. That burden lifts in March 2023 when Saturn leaves Aquarius, but then Pluto moves in. Pluto in Aquarius tends to deepen the power of any group for a time, but if there is an elite controlling that group with too much power, the usual Pluto rules apply – they go down. Do not let it cause you anxiety. None of it is real. It’s about as real as The Muppet Show. Watch that. You have the kind of chart where your mind, body and spirit all influence each other. The good news is, you can work with your mind through simple meditation techniques. There are lots of really good meditation sites and videos online.

  44. Also, as a continuation of my previous post, alien and UFO sites seem to mainly be in line with QAnon and the extreme right, whereas most of my family leans toward the left and the democrats. Also, I don’t like violent or negative environments. I have been torn between the 2 sides, I’m kind of supporting both in one way or another, for the past 2 years. I first started getting into spirituality in 2016, so I can imagine the lifestyle I wanted, which was being in charge of something big. I listened to many alien videos and articles from 2016 to the beginning of 2019. Then, I was a hard core QAnon follower from January 2019 to November 2020, hoping that it would all be true in a positive non-violent way. However, once Joe Biden won the election, the lies about the COVID vaccine modifying your DNA, the January 6, 2021 riots, among other negative things, started to appear, I started realizing that I needed to support the left more than I used to, not that I would abandon extreme right wing sites. I would go to astrology sites like yours, and other left-leaning spiritual sites, as well as mainstream news sites, a lot more often than the extreme right wing/QAnon sites, which got too negative for me, and as a result, visited those sites a lot less often, but not never. I also started visiting astrology and left leaning spiritual sites more often a little before the 2020 US election, just in case Biden, and not Trump, would win. Occasionally, when something positive gets reported on the right wing sites, I would visit them often for a certain period of time. Right now is one of those, as those sites are reporting about the things I mentioned in the first post. In 2020, I feared the hell out of getting vaccinated with mRNA, thinking it would modify my DNA, and even more so if I had stayed in New York. I did end up getting my first vaccine in March 2021, it was no big deal, and I felt much more confident after my dad got his first dose in January 2021. In the future, I hope I get a positive reality in some form or another.

    1. The COVID-19 vaccine story is really complicated, isn’t it. At the moment, popular belief is that COVID-19 has mutated into a benign virus like a bad cold, or influenza, and if you have been injected three or even four times, you will bounce it off. Even if you get it again, which of course you may. The truth from the point of view of astrology is that unfortunately we have to get through Saturn in Pisces, in opposition to the Virgo placements of billions of people, in their Sixth House of health, which arrives in 2023, and extends into 2024. Much as we’d love to say there was a silver bullet vaccine, we already know that isn’t true, and I told The Daily Mail that in October 2020. The problem with COVID-19 is travel, according to astrology. It’s really simple. Travel does not work with the virus. Until governments are elected which properly regulate and control travel, nothing is going to change. High rates of vaccination in countries which have failed to organise the airlines, airports and hotels properly tell us that. The astrology is mutable sign conflict among generations and by historic, long transit. So – Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo.

  45. Hi Jessica, Amazing, as usual! I can’t help wondering if there’s a defining moment up ahead for me in terms of my spiritually-focused book regarding the future of humanity. What can you tell from my chart, which has 3 elements in Pisces in the 12th house and a whole host of activity between 23-28 degrees? Thank you for shining the light!

    1. Thank you. Books are Gemini or Sagittarius (Third House or Ninth House) and your nodes are there and you also have a Gemini stellium. Born to write and broadcast. You have done this before, in your previous incarnation, and perhaps more than one. Even as a child, English or Drama was probably a strong subject. You are going to have a lot of retrogrades in Gemini in 2022, 2023 as both Mercury and Mars go in a loop. The book will also do that for you. It will be on a circuit. All sorts of things can contribute to that; a paper shortage, printing issues with the Chinese – who knows – but you may find it easier to treat 2022, early 2023 as a beta test, first draft or dress rehearsal and have Plan B and C ready.

  46. Another great reading, thank you Jessica !
    I got stellium with Pisces , but these are factors of 23 degree : Diana at 22° 46′ 09″ Pisces , Minerva 23° 28′ 26″ at Aquarius , and Vulcano at 24°48′ 51″ Capricorn. Could you please give some clues?
    Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Aries with a Pisces stellium in your Twelfth House of inner life, introspection and introversion. This does not mean you are alone all the time, or hibernating – but you do need to do this in order to feel like yourself. You have a Twelfth House transit in both your natal and solar chart, and as you are at home in this zone of your horoscope, and in this area of your life, you seem likely to either deepen an existing commitment to hypnosis, healing, religion, spirituality, Tarot, mediumship, dream interpretation – or to pick up a new teacher, or new course/book which enriches your life. It will actually change your life, if you let it.

  47. And for my birth chart, I do have Uranus at 24º in Aquarius, Vesta at 22º in Virgo, and Panacea at 22ºTaurus. My sun is 26º Scorpio, my ascendant is 1ºPisces.

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio-Taurus signature so you live in your Second House and Eighth House, surrounded by accounts, valuable possessions, credit cards, property paperwork, business documents and so on. That is really what this year is all about, as you have transits in your solar and natal Eighth House at the same time. Even if takes you until early 2023 (you may be going backwards and forwards) you will get to the bottom of what needs to be organised with one or more other people. Typically this is a spouse or relative; it’s personal. This may involve a younger generation depending on the choices you have made to be a parent, or not. The life budget reshape is worth it as you will find the forced loop of May, June actually makes you rehearse things far more thoroughly and dash off one draft after another. All of this makes you far more certain when it is time to act, later on in 2022. As I said, you could go back and forth with all this, so read the fine print on any delays or a change of mind.

  48. Dear Jessica,
    I have Uranus at 22 Virgo and Psyche at 24 Virgo. Salacia at 24 Capricorn and Ceres at 24 Leo. Also Saturn is in Aries. What do these placements mean in terms of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction?

    1. You are a Sun Leo with a Leo, Virgo, Scorpio stellium. This is really financial for you. It is about money saved, or money made, and it may well be because of work (Capricorn) or your academic career, if you have one (Virgo). You are in a position to make or save money very easily by May at the latest and will also have a second chance to do that, in October-December.

  49. Thank you so much for all you have written here Jessica, it’s absolutely fascinating stuff and I can’t wait to read your latest posts and comments. I truly hope we will see an end to this abhorrent war and it will be wonderful if this occurs in April. Off topic I seem to remember reading something you wrote about the NHS during this time period too? Do you think Covid is going to be a bigger problem again in the Uk with us having dropped all the measures and nobody will be testing now because they have to pay. So our case numbers will now look better but the admissions in hospital are still around 2000 per day and seem to be on an increasing trend. In my chart I have desc, north node and Psyche in Pisces but nothing at 23 – will this conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter have any impact on my own chart?

    1. Thank you. The war timing chimes with the Crimean War and that was about religion; it is interesting to see a prediction I made about Ukraine coming to pass as Pope Francis announces he will visit there. Let’s hope that this is part of the miracle we need. I did file a prediction about the NHS in May, as that chart showed the end of the old and start of the new. Looking at the heavy case count of COVID-19 in Britain you’d have to say it’s only a matter of time. John Hopkins University data shows a steep rise, as you say, and that is with all the hiding of real numbers, because of the change in testing! At the end of the day, what people notice is – shop and business closure because of staff illness – and of course ramped ambulances outside hospitals. That is the kind of undeniable problem that politicians then have to front up to, along with their donors. The NHS may well be declared not fit for purpose, as it stands and that is when the switch to an Australian model may well take place. In your natal chart, you have a large Capricorn stellium and the Sun there too, in your Tenth House of career, so these very practical questions are right at the heart of your life. You are ambitious and it matters to you, to be successful. You have a project, plan, course or idea online which would reward you hugely if you poured more energy and time into it by May, and then again from October-December. Ongoing, you will be very happy with the home improvements or new home that falls into place by 2023.

  50. Dear Jessica, Thank you! Looking at my chart, I have 5 factors in Pisces – Jupiter, Chiron, Proserpina, IC and Hygeia. I also have Apollo at 23 Aquarius and Venus at 23 in Scorpio. I would very much appreciate your reading of my chart and how it affects this cycle.

    1. A stellium in Pisces in the Twelfth House suggests that although you are a natural fit with groups and communities of all kinds, where you often influence others who follow your lead (Apollo in Aquarius in the Eleventh House), you also need to be alone. Both stories will emerge in April, and a classic example of this transit is the person who reignites interest in, say, a Buddhist charity but also goes off on a solo retreat. We can also find it with people who go into therapy around a group but do the work alone. There will be a financial angle to all this, which may be part of the story or separate from it, but Venus in Scorpio in the Eighth House is a complicated financial, business, charity or property relationship and Jupiter and Neptune will make a perfect trine. That relationship is extremely important to the year as a whole and life as it was 18-19 years ago will play its part.

  51. Hello Jessica, Thankyou, extra interesting, Some time ago, you suggested meditations. Tried all, one do when can. Little ideas pop into mind randomly. Intuition developing, thought of Princess Mary – she’s in Melb. Thought of Sophie Monk, she’s announced she’s married.Keep seeing 8.33, 10:11 etc on the clock.

    Jup 13P, Sun 23T, Moon 23 Ac, Chiron 22 Aries. Bullied in groups so they’re not the answer for me, Don’t add value to any, they don’t want me there (several even told me), shy & disadvantaged, thrive 1:1/alone.

    Do I need to know exact times for these astrological events? If so, whereabouts in particular do I find them within say Anything else need to know re how to use this weather to my advantage – need alternative living situation. Thankyou and Congrats – auction results, really great, winners so lucky!

    1. I am sorry you have been through those experiences with groups. I don’t need to tell you that they are the problem, not you. If you have Chiron at 22 Aries in your First House of selfhood, then you are upfront alone anyway and tend to go into life head first. You are not backward about coming forward. I wouldn’t be so sure that you don’t add value to a group; in future you may well find yourself flying the flag for one, or being its spokesperson. Watch the dates around April 12th for the conjunction. It will create a semi-sextile to your Chiron. You can find out more about Chiron, Aries, First House online. It will be a rebirth for you. Chiron was the centaur who was also a teacher.

  52. Hi Jessica- thank you thank you for your work and generosity!
    I have quite a lot at 23 (and 22 and 24).
    My love has Sun 23 Aries, MC Pisces. Also Venus in Pisces.
    The past 1-2 years has deepened our relationship after we were effectively estranged in 2019 (although living together). We need sexual healing now! Can this Jupiter Neptune conjunction help reconnect that intimacy?
    Thank you!

    1. You have the Sun in Gemini and Venus in Gemini at 23 degrees too, so you live in your Third House of connection, communication and local travel, and do best with people who are a good audience or readership, but who also fulfil your need for input. Your lover has the Sun at 23 Aries in a perfect sextile to your seductive Venus at 23 Gemini and fits the bill. That kind of bond never really breaks, even when there is a break-up, as you help him shine and he serves your need to be heard and read, but also to listen and connect. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will pick this up in both your charts, and if you are not fully aware of your Venus in Gemini in the Third House, now is the time to get to know her. A short trip away would suit the symbolism, but so would a plan or project you both share online.

  53. Hi Jessica
    Hope you are well and healthy. I feel like this is a big one for me.. I have South Node 23 degrees in Pisces 12 house, as well as Fortuna 15 degrees. I also have North Node 23 degrees in Virgo.. Its been a huge few yrs since 2018 for me. From what I am reading and learning from you, this date will be important. Do you have anymore insight if you have time? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius person with a large Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. That is really where you live, even if you’re not on the move. Your lunar node axis at 23 Virgo and 23 Pisces is absolutely picked up by this rare, historic Jupiter and Neptune conjunction at 23 degrees. This is a past life which involved your health (Virgo) and your religion (Pisces) and perhaps the health of others too; a classic example is the priest who attends to the sick. The transit of Jupiter and Neptune suggests a really beneficial, important expansion of your faith, your intuition and your ability to lose yourself in prayer, meditation, spiritual healing or therapeutic work on yourself. At the same time, you will fulfil your karmic mission by meeting the challenge of Virgo, which is to serve others, but serve your own wellbeing first. There may be a sense of familiarity about what happens; you’ve lived through a similar story before.

  54. Always enjoy your blogs, Jessica. I’m surprised at how many astrologers I’m seeing use Putin’s DD info as if it’s official.

    1. Two problems with astrology in 2022: people who don’t understand the Rodden Rating System which Lois Rodden worked so hard to create – and people who jump on a tragic world event after it’s happened. Nope.

  55. I have Jupiter and Neptune at 22 degrees in Gemini and Scorpio. I also have several planets in Pisces at 20 and 21 degrees. I would be most grateful if you could advise

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a big Gemini and Aries signature in your chart, so you were born to be upfront, front-and-centre, and to connect and communicate. The same story is being told in your natal and solar chart in 2022. It’s time to relaunch yourself. If you are open to improvements and changes with your appearance, you won’t even have to try. There may also be a role change, title change or new business card.

  56. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your very thorough analysis as always. These times are very hard for us in Central Europe. There was the national elections in Hungary this weekend, and the present government has won again, with an allegedly 2/3 majority. Hungary’s fate is connected with Putin and Russia as it seems, but most of the people in Hungary are desperate. Can you tell me what will happen here in the next few years? What will the results of Pluto? Thank you for your insights.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have a pro-Putin leader in Hungary, yet again. The old-style dictatorships do not last so please don’t worry long-term. Pluto in Aquarius is coming from March 2023 and power (Pluto) is with the group (Aquarius). NATO, the EU, the G20 and other groups, particularly the UN, are not about to let the old-fashioned ‘great dictator’ style of leadership last, and their power will come quite quickly, early next year. From 2024 that power is established and the Pluto in Capricorn era is over. Despots can get away with it for only so long. I am sorry you are going through this. You will also find new groups emerge which you can get involved with; never mind what the dear leader is doing. People power is like a wave. It builds slowly and with difficulty in 2022 but is astonishing from 2023.

  57. Thank you, Jessica, for your work and your predictions. I hope and pray, like many, that Ukraine will overcome the horrors that have been visited upon it. I hope also that your predictions regarding Putin come to pass.

    On a personal note (and it feels rather selfish to ask), I am at a bit of a cross-roads in my life. Writing has been my hobby for many years and I’m thinking of taking the next step and trying to secure a publishing agent/deal. I’d value any insight you could share about this month.
    However, I’d happily put aside my dreams for our shared dreams of a kinder world where all can achieve their potential.

    1. Thank you. I believe Russia will retreat in the face of the G20, NATO, UN, EU and hopefully not return, though we cannot be sure. That temporary break in the war may be enough to reshape those organisations so they are never again so dependent on just one nation for gas, petrol and/or coal. (And that would be a good thing for the rest of us). Writing is usually Gemini or Sagittarius; Gemini is journalism and television, YouTube, Tik-Tok and Twitter. Sagittarius is the classical book world. You ‘live’ there and yet there are easier times to find an agent and deal than 2022 and early 2023. There are constant Gemini oppositions and it’s a good time to take classes (writing classes or other mediums, like radio) and to explore the translation market, which is very Sagittarian. Actually taking the next leap is up to you, but 2022 is rather hard work. Good for second, third, fourth drafts – but perhaps that is something a good agent would help you with. I do see a lot of learning ahead, over many years, so the material you have may be the catalyst for that, and you will meet people from all over the world. From 2026 the original idea may find a home in another medium. Not books.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    Have just discovered your site and am really enjoying your insights. I’m wondering what the orb of influence is for this conjunction. My descendant is 21 degrees 21 minutes Pisces.


    1. In modern astrology, which uses the whole Roman family tree of archetypes, we use an orb of up to one degree. Any more than that and there are so many asteroids and other factors in the natal chart, that to use the old-fashioned orb of nine degrees means chaos. So we keep it simple, given that there are 34 planets, points, angles, asteroids and so on. Your DC or Descendant describes the other person in a duet or duel with you, who reflects your profile, image, reputation or physical appearance back to you. Marilyn Monroe’s DC was Arthur Miller. He showed her who she was. It can be as much about a marriage, as it can a divorce, or professional rivalry – or a professional partnership. It’s about one and two. The ‘one’ is your Ascendant and obviously your public face. The Descendant, opposite, is the defining reflection of that by the other one in the ‘two’ situation. You present as Virgo. Part of the reason for that is, historically, opponents or partners who are Pisces types. This works to your total advantage in April, even if your Descendant is far too wide of the mark for a conjunction. For example, you may find your husband’s new interest in spirituality (say) casts you in a new light. There are many, many examples of a Virgo-Pisces axis outcome.

  59. Hi Jessica, I’ve got Neptune in Sagittarius 12th house and Jupiter in Pisces. And I have Sagittarius rising. The only 23 I have is Chiron. I’m not sure what any of this signifies, even though I do know astrology! I can’t read myself. (Also admittedly I have never learnt transits, only natal.) Can you help this jack of all trades master some understanding!?

    Aaand… thank you for your insights on this war. You are literally the one source of meaning and optimism I’m finding in all this horror.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Libra with three factors in Virgo in your Sixth House of workload, lifestyle, health, wellbeing, mental health, service to others, and duty. What is happening in 2022-2026 is the gradual reshaping of your daily routine and day-to-day work, unpaid work or study. It can’t be done independently of your mind, body and spirit. It has to be all of a piece. You use a different house system to me. Neptune is in Sagittarius in your natal Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, for example. Spinning your chart so I can read it correctly, in both your solar chart and natal chart, the key to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is your Sixth House. By May, when Jupiter changes signs, you will have been given a rare opportunity to improve your lifestyle and your relationship with work, and your relationship with your body. The body affects the mind, of course, and the state of mind affects the body too. You will be very happy with an escape from reality – a holiday from reality – which elevates your experience of the everyday; the routine; the work at hand. How this manifests depends on where you are at in life, but the combination of Jupiter and Neptune in your solar Sixth, and terrific aspects to the Virgo factors in your natal Sixth (not only in 2022, but also until 2024) suggests you will fall easily into a way of working and looking after yourself, which feels like a vacation.

  60. Wondering what this means for me since I have multiple factors in Pisces with this being my NN and Jupiter sign. Thanks Jessica!

    1. If you have not already found the right healing group on Evenbrite or Meetups, or the right mediumship group, you will do so by May. Of course, your focus may be the other classic Pisces concerns: religion, spirituality, hypnosis, dream therapy, Tarot, Jungian therapy. What happens on the inside will help you on the outside; this stunning shift within is part of a new you. You will relaunch and be reborn by Christmas 2022.

  61. Hi Jessica I have the Moon in Pisces at 22 then Diana at 23 Scorpio and Ceres at 24 Taurus I have a son and a mother and Grandson both in Pisces and our wedding anniversary just passed on the 18th March I am a nurse Counsellor and clinical Hypnotherapist .The east coast where our family live have now had two floods this past few weeks is there another bigger flood coming with the conjunction ? I hope not . I hope my business will now have the right enviroment to flourish after all this time . And I hope the Ukranians get resued . Thanks for your input into all of this

    1. Thank you. I have seen some astrology students and even some astrologers predict big floods, worldwide, with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. This is only likely if it triggers global action against floods. Jupiter is always a problem-solver. He is only ever implicated in a problem, if the solution is greater, and it comes quickly. Otherwise, I can’t see it. Jupiter rules expansion (he is a gas giant in astronomy; the Romans called him Jupiter Optimus Maximus). Floods shrink a town, they don’t expand it. The population diminishes. If anything, we are going to see a proper response to floods in Australia. This tallies with the Sydney Morning Herald headlines today: Scott Morrison is on the way out (the Liberal government obviously had a slow and actually, a ‘no’ response, to flood victims on the East Coast of Australia). Okay, so back to the personal with all this. You are in the right profession as a hypnotherapist, with a stunning trine from the Moon in Pisces (the need to be needed, through hypnosis) to Diana in Scorpio (financial independence) and with a sextile to Ceres in Taurus (financial power). Your business will skyrocket if you use all the latest and greatest web innovations in April, May – and again in October, November, December. Counselling is a similar expression of your chart. Clinical hypnotherapy is a more obvious one. Look internationally, too.

  62. Hello!

    I have Mercury in Scorpio @ 23 degrees in my first house ( Asc 4 degrees Scorpio). My Mercury has aspects to Mars in Virgo ( sextile) Uranus in Cancer, the South node and Hygiea ( trine) Pluto in Leo ( square) Jupiter in Gemini ( quincunx) and sextile the North node in Capricorn.

    Could be interesting ! Should I expect some signs?

    Thank you, Ange

    1. Mercury is not in your First House, it is in your Eighth House in the Natural House System. There is an exact trine coming from Jupiter and Neptune to natal Mercury, so this will be a discussion about your will; a signature regarding the house or apartment; a debate about your valuables; a Q&A session about insurance; news about a joint bank account; outcomes with your own will. It will work in your favour, as Jupiter trines always do.

  63. HG Says:
    Thank you very much for your immensely interesting articles!
    Wondered would you be kind enough to take a look at my chart? I have the North node, Ceres and Hygiea in Pisces, Mars at 23° Gemini, an Aquarian moon and Cancerian sun. I’m finding it difficult to interperate the implications of the forthcoming conjunction for my chart.
    Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with a huge Cancer and Leo chart signature. This transit won’t really affect you but you will notice, at a distance, that the Pope has more influence over world events than usual; that Tibetan Buddhism is fashionable again; that large media companies are renewing their interest in television mediums; that the publishing industry is picking up on hypnosis and Tarot again. The biggest shift is really your career, unpaid work or academic career. This favours you from May, accelerates by June and by March 2023 you will have hopefully pulled off a huge achievement, major win on the board or prestigious new role.

  64. Hi Jessica, I agree with everything you said to the reader above, especially that “Pope Francis has more influence over world events than usual.” One of the miracles over the next few days (April 9 – April 12) would be if Patriach Kirill has a change of heart and gets Putin to stop this war. If none of this happens well we know that they’re both doomed to fall together.

    Fascinating times ahead with renewed interest in Tibetan Buddhism, mediums on TV, hypnosis and Tarot!

    1. Christianity as a whole with all its variations is most easily recognised through Pope Francis, but this conjunction feels like a global unity between all the Christian faiths and churches. And perhaps His Holiness the Dalai Lama will play his powerful part. All eyes on the idealists in the Russian Orthodox church as well who have refused to fall into line. It’s now down to God.

  65. Hi Jessica – thanks a million for all you share on this site – I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and really appreciate you! I am a Gemini and have my North node at 23 degrees in Libra and my South node at 23 degrees in Aries. I also have Mars and Venus at 22 degrees in Aries. I’m curious what this might mean in light of the conjunction, would love your thoughts!

    1. Thank you very much. You are a Sun Gemini with a huge Aries stellium in your First House too, along with the lunar node axis. You were the flag-bearer for an army, navy or military unit in your last life, or the team player everyone depended on, to push forward in football or a similarly action-packed sport. In this life you have memories of what it is like to be upfront, and front-and-centre. A centre-forward in football is a good example of that. Matters of image, self-assertion, projection, self-promotion come up for you yet again, in April, May, June (as you go past your birthday) and although you will go back and forth with this, twice, you will find all this business of ‘Me’ has a purpose, as from 2026 you will relaunch, be reborn, and be a public face or figure – for whatever reason. 2022 is really the first stage of a relaunch.

  66. Hello, the man I’m interested in has Neptune at 23 Scorpio, Moon at 24 Pisces, Venus 24 Gemini, Diana 24 Pisces and Apollo 24 Cancer while I have Moon at 23 Sagittarius and Panacea at 24 Taurus. What do these mean please?

    1. Astrology is always good for sizing up potential lovers. This would be about the money, the house and/or the apartment almost immediately, as we have the transiting nodes at 23 Taurus/Scorpio, you have Panacea very close by at 24 Taurus and he has Neptune at 23 Scorpio. It’s an opportunity to get together with someone, with the calculator never very far away, as you cannot escape questions about your respective financial or property status with this sort of date. If you did get together, you would need to have a clear arrangement on paper, regarding the material side of your lives, and get outside advice, as you would both eventually have Uranus (radical change) going to 23, 24 Taurus and triggering a revolution in your world, in terms of (say) shared bills, a joint bank account, a mortgage or shared property.

  67. Thanks Jessica! It’s as if you are speaking to me. I have Chiron at 23 Aries and Diana at 22 Sagittarius alongwith a loaded Pisces house. I have suddenly felt inspired into taking up belly dancing and I realise it will help unblock my sacral chakra and heal a lot of old wounds. This journey will be momentous for sure !! 🙂

    1. Belly dancing was not on my list, but it is well-known for unblocking the chakras below the waist. Chiron in Aries suggests you will be on stage, on Zoom or in some other public space with your undulations and gyrations – so this is a public performance by 2023. You’ll obviously excel at it…

  68. Thank you Jessica for this blog it gives me hope foe Ukraine. I have Neptune at 23 Libra and Pluto at 23 Leo which I find difficult to understand – I would be most grateful for any insight you could offer.

    1. Thank you. The power of the UN, NATO, the EU, the G20 and so on, will stand firm against a retreating Putin. You have Uranus at 17 Cancer in the Fourth House, in your natal chart and a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. You have a history of quite radical changes with your houses, apartments and/or gardens, and there is really nothing stable or settled for very long with property or home life, before another revolution comes your way. This time, the universe is compensating for any upheaval in the past and you will be very happy with the outcome at home, domestically or with real estate by May, and again in October-December. The Neptune-Pluto pattern in your natal chart is about marriage, sexual partnership, pregnancy and children and may have played its part in the pattern of moving/moving out/moving in, which has never really allowed you to commit to one place or person/people for too long.

  69. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for these insights. I’d love to know if there is anything in my birth chart to be mindful of as the conjunction approaches. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of workload, lifestyle and wellbeing. You have already gained, in terms of your job, unpaid work or academic career – without trying too much. You have also profited by Jupiter’s transit of Pisces in your solar Sixth House of health. You can expect to surf this wave for a little longer. Bigger possibilities still, come to pass by May 2022. Then from October to December, you have your last chance to take full advantage of rare solutions and opportunities, to make work a holiday from the real world – and to sort out your wellbeing on all levels.

  70. Great article and it sounds really interesting. I very much hope for something to change on the Ukraine front as as each price of news emerges I am more filled with horror.

    In relation to Jupiter/Neptune – In my natal chart I have Diana, DESC and Proserpina (22 deg) in Pisces and also Jupiter at 22deg in Scorpio. Although baptised in CoE I’m not religious so just wondered how I will be affected.

    1. We may yet see a Christian miracle for Easter. Jupiter and Neptune conjunctions in Pisces are as rare as Florence Nightingale. She arrived on the last one. You are a Sun Sagittarius with two Twelfth House transits taking place in April 2022. In your solar chart, you have the South Node of karma in Scorpio in your Twelfth House. In your natal chart, you have the obvious Jupiter and Neptune transit of your Twelfth House. You are not religious, but the Twelfth House is not exclusively about God, either. It is about the psyche, soul and psychology – as well as the spirit. This is as likely to be about a Jungian therapist for you, as it is about hypnosis. The Twelfth House rules the subconscious mind, as well as the saints and angels. The nodal transit suggests life as it was for you 18 or 19 years ago will play its part. You gain. You benefit. And yet nobody can see or touch what you experience. It’s internal.

    1. Please telephone the Samaritans in your country or their nearest equivalent. You sound depressed, but you are not alone. I do not know where you live, but if you are online, you should also go straight to Beyond Blue (Google it now) which is an excellent web resource. Please talk to someone who can help. If you can, then also call a friend or family member you can lean on. Thank you.

  71. Jessica, as a historian and a student of Hellenistic astrology, I find your readings fascinating and your insights profound. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and provide additional insight in your replies. Damn you work hard to keep the rest of us informed! I am hoping for a positive outcome for the Ukrainian people as a result of the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction. There has been so much destruction and loss of life. Let’s hope it will come to an end with this planetary shift. Personally, I have Jupiter Rx at 22 degrees of Scorpio and the Moon at 22 degrees of Cancer. So I’m hoping for either a big windfall or a big download from dreams or a psychic hit. So much Jupiter energy, crossing my fingers whatever happens will be positive!!!

    1. Thank you. I believe Russia will retreat in the face of the group/the groups as their power is written, ahead of time, by Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius in March 2023. In fact we have already seen the United Nations vote to oust Russia in the name of human rights alone: that is a clear Pluto in Aquarius signal. Your orb for this aspect is obviously one degree out, but the sacred geometry of the grand trine is there. You are not logged in, so I can’t see the chart, but if you were born with the Moon in Cancer in the Fourth House then you genuinely care about the family, your house or apartment, the garden (say) and your roots: your home town and homeland. It’s an emotional need that defies what is logical or rational. It’s heart and soul. Sometimes if there are problems with the Moon in Cancer in the chart, the person concerned adopts a new family, new home, new homeland to replace what was missing. More commonly it’s the family you were born with and the town you come from, as well as (in later life) the home you make your own. This always works for you. Jupiter’s trine from Scorpio in the Eighth House suggests generous family/financial relationships and purely beneficial sexual relationships, with a financial or property angle. What happens on the Pisces conjunction is at a distance; it is not directly connected to you, but the religious expansion, the spiritual growth, the psychic boom or the new wave in psychology will help you, somehow. A typical example would be a family member who becomes a born-again Christian and rewrites his will, naming you in the legacy. Another typical example would be your former husband seeing the light with a psychologist and deciding to end a divorce settlement in your favour. You’ll have your own story.

  72. Hello Jessica,

    Recently, I read again “The Taurus Weather to 2024”, “Fixed Signs in Changing Times” and “Jupiter and Neptune in 2022” and found out that April 2022 and 23 degrees seems important.

    From “My Birth Chart”, there’s no factor at 23 degrees, but MC, IC and Vulcano at 22. Is this close enough that could impact me a lot?

    In the past 2 years, my investment in cryptocurrencies improved my life (I’m a holder rather than a trader), and I feel less stressul than 2019 and before. You mentioned we should pay extra care during April to June 2022, but I am not sure this means avoiding investment decision (no matter buy or sell) during the period or minimize exposure in the market is safer financially?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Any factors at 22 degrees will be triggered by the conjunction at 23 degrees, but the timing will be out. We might say ‘April as a whole’ not particularly April 12th. Your MC and IC do depend on exact birth timing, though, so if the clock time is not accurate, your MC and IC will be out. Vulcano is correct, though. That would apply no matter what your birth time is. You’re a cryptocurrency investor and curious about that. Unsurprisingly, you are a Sun Scorpio with a large Scorpio stellium: the sign that rules banking and the sharemarkets. There is no safety in 2022-2026. I just need to be perfectly clear about that. You have Uranus (shock, radical change) in Taurus (currency) right opposite your Scorpio stellium for 2022-2026, and he’s been there since 2018. You have already seen highs and lows in the last two years. Uranus is about what is wholly unpredictable. What you need to do with your strategy in 2022 and 2023 is account for reversals and u-turns in the price of cryptocurrency, and in some parts of the world, suspension. This is more likely on Mercury Retrograde, which dominates May and June 2022. We have a second retrograde later in 2022 and in early 2023. Kate Silas (Profit With the Planets on Twitter) is researching this now. May and June will send you backwards and forwards with your finances, owing to internet issues, your computer, sharemarket flux worldwide and so on. That’s what the astrology is showing me.

  73. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your informative article. I have my north node in pices at 23 degrees. I am also a pices sun at 13 degrees. I have Chiron at 23 degrees in Gemini. Can you share your insight – help me make some sense of this?

    1. You are not logged in, or are not a Premium Member perhaps, so I can’t see your chart. What I can tell you is that if you have the North Node at 23 Pisces and South Node at 23 Virgo, then your last past life was spent in a religious order or religious hospital, tending to to the needs of the sick. In this life you have incarnated to explore these familiar themes: God, spirituality, health, wellbeing. This expands enormously when Jupiter and Neptune move to 23 Pisces and April is a milestone month for you in terms of your mind, body and spirit – but especially your spirit. Sometimes the episode is not about God per se, but about your own faith, belief or understanding of the heavenly realms or our earthly reality. So it may be Buddhism or The Golden Dawn, circa 1909.

  74. Hello I am a Gemini Sun and Moon Leo Rising what does the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction mean for me? I have been told to look at where Pisces is on my chart which is the 8th house.

    1. Pisces rules your Twelfth House using the Natural House System, so the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces will expand, improve, elevate, optimise and resolve all Twelfth House matters. These include, but are not limited to, dream analysis, Jungian therapy, spiritualism, quantum theory, astral travel, the chakra system, the Anglican church, hypnotherapy, meditation and Tibetan Buddhist chants. Your Rising Sign is the least important part of your astrological chart. If you are a Gemini Sun, that’s much more important. The continued wow-factors you have experienced with your career, academic career or unpaid work since December 30th 2021 will peak near April 12th and allow you a rare solution, an escape and an opportunity.

  75. HI Jessica, Thanks for the nice event Jupiter/Neptune. Unfortunate I missed the first 15 min as I couldn’t get in…I have MC, IC, Apollo + Proserpina at 23°. Jupiter in Pisces but at 11°. Is there anything in there for me? Thank you for sharing all your knowledge!

    1. Thank you. I was talking to Alicia about Zoom and it appears that with over 4000 members in Meetup worldwide, and a huge waiting list for the actual event, we had some issues with giving you access. We’re figuring out some creative solutions I hope will be so much easier next time. Okay, so you have been through the big power and control issues in your career, with unpaid work or your academic career. You have been through hell and high water in recent years, but that Capricorn weather is over, and now you are rewarded or compensated with opportunities to succeed, excel, go higher, faster, further. Status or success is defined by you, but this is commmonly an award, new project or new job – by May. Sometimes a leg-up for your husband if you are in a status marriage. I am being shown a mop as a psychic so you need to clean up, clear up and make space for this. You have a growing concern/a going concern and the time to nurture that is right now. Thank you.

  76. Hi Jessica, I have felt the greatest pull to the Tarot and you in my life lately. Will this conjunction finally bring forward the much wanted solution. Should I hang in there or give up. I need to learn how to read my chart better and will continue learning. Just so unsettled and 2yrs on in this situation with others impacting what would otherwise be so fulfilling for us. Thankyou xo

  77. Hello Jessica, I was just on your zoom discussion – it was brilliant, so well done, thank you to you & Alicia! I would love your insights into my chart. Thank you, Jules x

    1. Thanks Jules, I will pass that on to Alicia. You are a Sun Pisces with an Aries stellium in your First House. You ‘live’ through self-promotion, self-assertion, the energetic push forward; the fearless thrust. Your style suits sport very well (think, women’s football team) or the cut-and-thrust world of very competitive business, for example. Not backwards about coming forwards and very much ‘Me’ and ‘Me first’ when you think about life. We find strongly Aries women often end up in politics because they do so well there, or they fall in with causes, because they tend to fly the flag for something they feel fiercely about. All this requires intense self-awareness and it is not narcissism; it is just who you are. Given that you have the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your solar First House of self-promotion, followed by transiting Jupiter in Aries in your natal First House, of the same, there is a strong trend in April, May, June (with Mars also entering Aries) towards relaunching yourself. XTC had a song about a rocket from a bottle, shot free. That sounds about right. Out there, up there and atom. Head first. New look, new role, new you. The journey ends in early 2023 by which time you will have completed your Me Mission.

  78. I have my Midheaven at 22 degree 19 minutes in Pisces. What wud the Jupiter conduct Neptune on April 12 mean for me ?
    My natal Neptune is at 16 degree Scorpio and Jupiter at 6 degrees Taurus. My sun is at 18 degree 32 min at Taurus , Asc at 6 degree cancer

    1. If your birth time is accurate then your calling in life is about religion, the Tarot, mediumship, dream counselling, therapy, quantum mechanics, hypnosis, healing and other classic Pisces pursuits. This will evolve and grow in your favour in April, if so. The other patterns are too wide, as we work with exact aspects in modern astrology, allowing for an orb of one degree, at most.

  79. Hi Jessica.. just wanted to say thanks for all of your insights. I was wondering if the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction apply to factors at 22 and 24 degrees as well? In addition to the having the following in Pisces, Sun , Mercury, Mars and Chiron, I have the following factors at 22 and 24:

    Jupiter in Aires at 22
    Apollo in Virgo at 22
    Volcano in Virgo at 24
    Psyche in Capricorn at 24.

    Many thanks, Donna

    1. Donna, you are a Sun Pisces with a stellium in both Pisces and Aries, so your religion, psychic ability, spirituality, self-help, hypnosis or therapist powers you below decks. Your spirit, soul and subconscious is always the powerhouse beneath the surface. Above the surface, you are first to arrive, first to cross the finishing line, and take off rapidly towards your target, almost enjoying it when anything or anybody else competes with you. 2022 is really about a relaunch. A new look, face, shape, style, haircut, wardrobe, profile, title and/or name. This works for you now, more rapidly in June, and doesn’t let up all year. By 2023 you realise that self-promotion is the key to everything.

  80. Hello Jessica,
    I have Sagittarius at 23 degrees in Saturn. How will this affect me?

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with Saturn at 23 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, Sunil. This is your obstacle course and waiting game, all your life, and the square from Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces (now) and the aspects from the lunar nodes at 23 Scorpio and Taurus (just passed) all say the same thing. What used to be so difficult with other nationalities and distant countries, can be made easier, once you rethink your approach. You have built some defences over the years, because you had to. Slowly but surely, until mid-May, you need to think about alternative ways to feel more secure about travel, tourists, tourism, business travellers, language differences, cultural differences and the rest.

  81. Dearest Jessica,

    Thank you so much for coming up with the Garden Oracle. I absolutely love the profundity and accuracy of the answers. I’ve been thinking what on earth inspired you or how did you devised such a comprehensive tool. Is never vague and I sincerely love that.

    I came across this incredible article and wanted to know if having Neptune a 22 degrees will have any impact on my chart during this auspicious conjunction.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you very much. You have Ceres at 23 Cancer in the Fourth House of home, family, household, property, town and country. You are powerful here, all your life, but occasionally have to step back and step down, in a mighty compromise. Agreeing to differ, or trying to share, is usually the outcome. Now, the trine from transiting Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces helps you elevate, expand and improve that role. A new deal will come out of it by June, likely with a family member, flatmate, or with a person connected to your mortgage, renovations or lease. Sometimes it’s bigger and is about the council, or the government. The Garden Oracle can tell you more.

  82. Hello Jessica, I am fascinated by this conjunction and what it means for me. I am a Sun Pisces and also have Saturn and Chiron in Pisces. Additionally, my Descendant is 23 Taurus and Ascendant 23 Scorpio. Not being heavenly bodies, I”m not sure how this influences things. (Also, my North and South Nodes are 27 Taurus and Scorpio respectively – not sure if that is also significant). I feel as if this conjunction should be pretty significant personally for me – but not too sure how to read the signs (it is already near the end of April 12 – so is it already over?). Thanks so much for your insights – I love learning from you.

  83. Spot on as always, recently, my child and I had to move in with my mom due to separation; mighty compromise right there, but grateful as others in similar situations might not have that option.

    Thank you! I hope Ceres have my back 🙂

  84. Dear Jessica I have 23 degrees in leo my sun & mercury in 6th house; and venus in virgo 7th house 23 degrees. What does this mean? TY Ms Leo

    1. If you have the Sun and Mercury in Leo they are in your Fifth House, not your Sixth House, and Venus in Virgo is in your Sixth House. The line-up at 23 degrees is now fading fast, but essentially it was about pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and/or young adults. This is where you shine, if you have an exact Sun-Mercury conjunction at 23 Leo. Most unusual.

  85. I think this BBC story might be interesting for you Jessica, as you predicted the role that religion might play for ending the war.
    And also “an extraordinary high-level, multi-faith delegation – including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders” visited recently Ukraine, says the story.

    1. This is fantastic, thank you. The rest really is down to God. Astrology can only go so far in capturing meaning. The rest is typical of Neptune: mysterious.

  86. Jessica I had to write to tell you what happened around the Jupiter Neptune conjunction because you were spot on with your prediction! In your article from last year you said that, as a Cancer sun, this conjunction would be about travel for me.

    On 12th we got my daughter’s passport in the post so we can now book a ferry sailing to France. We weren’t expecting her passport for weeks!

    The following day my sister said her partner will have to travel to New York for work in June and I’m now planning to go with her to visit at the end of June.

    I’m amazed at your accuracy! Particularly about the NYC trip which is a total blot from the blue! Thank you very much

  87. Hi Jessica, you’re right, it’s down to God. The Russian Orthodox Church will celebrate Easter this coming Sunday, April 24th. We can only hope and pray for an Easter miracle on or around that date. A meeting between Pope Francis and Patriach Kirill is in the works for
    the month of June now. But in the meantime someone needs to tell Patriach Kirill ever so bluntly and urgently, “give your head a shake.”

    The comments are closed now for the blog you wrote on “Chemistry for Women.” – that was a laugh-out-loud blog for me but oh so accurate, great job as always, thank you!

    1. Neptune in Pisces is so mysterious. The religious order we associate with St. Bernadette of Lourdes produced its church in the same year that Neptune moved through Pisces last time. So these things defy logic. But the timing is right, as you say – Easter in Russia is this coming Sunday, April 24th. Neptune is alternative reality. So, miracles and other inexplicable events, like signs from God, or the fact that some saints, including Bernadette, remain barely touched by time in their coffin. Neptune in Pisces, the sign of the fishes (the fish of Jesus Christ the Saviour) is not alongside Jupiter in Pisces every day; what happens with Pope Francis will be really, really fascinating. Let’s hope.

  88. Just came across this article on 22 April (today in Los Angeles) – very interesting and hopeful that peace will prevail soon: “Pope Francis revealed two cardinals expressed to him that “they hope the greater part of the war in Ukraine will end on the first days of May—if not the whole war. But no one can be sure that this is what will finally happen,” he said. This was in reference to a widely shared opinion within diplomatic circles that President Putin wants to end the war and to celebrate the victory in Moscow (or Mariupol) on May 9, which marks the anniversary of the Russian defeat of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II in 1945.

    1. How fascinating. Thank you so much for the link. And I didn’t know about May 9th and Putin’s intentions. I’ll go and read this now, as will many readers, I’m sure.

  89. Yes, I thought it was quite interesting, though certainly there are so many factors ! Just praying that the current astrological weather of miracles brings peace !

  90. Dear Jessica, I know you are fielding so many questions and it is so much appreciated. I posted a question about my relationship on 10 April 2022 at 7:07 am that is still awaiting moderation. It would be so helpful to have your input on that as well as whether to wait to move and rent/buy in our area. The home prices in Los Angeles are still so high but starting to shift a little lower. I/we don’t really want to wait for 6 mo. or a year to move, but perhaps we need to wait until Oct when I will have good luck with real estate again ?
    Prior Post — Greetings Jessica ! Thanks so much for the insights you bring. I just purchased the chart for my partner and would love to see your take on how our relationship will move forward as we enter into the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. As well as the longer term aspects. He and I have been friends for over 20 years, partners for over 10 years, and our relationship includes his 3 kids from from before we were together romantically. And yet, both of us have we’ve also grown, the kids are now teenager & young adults and we’ve all changed and matured in the process. I would love your take on where our charts will take us during this rare astrological time. Thanks again !

    1. Funnily enough I just checked the Comments file when you mentioned that and they have just gone past 14,000. (14,004 to be precise). I am sorry I did not get to your 10th April post, but I have your chart here now. You want to move. You also bought a chart for your partner from this website and want to know where you are both headed. To take the property question in Los Angeles first, you are a Sun Sagittarius with a couple of factors in Cancer, in your Fourth House of property. Your luck still holds with houses and apartments, until the second week of May, then resumes from October to December. The Tarot can validate the timing for both of you. The relationship is all about the children – now adults – and the most fantastic opportunities and solutions for them, and through them. This will happen very quickly by June 2022 and you will still be counting your blessings about parenthood in early 2023. It is possible a baby might arrive, or a godchild, young relative and so on.

  91. Yikes ! 14K comments ! Thanks a million for your reply – this is really so helpful !! All the best !

  92. Thank you, Jessica, for your response regarding St. Bernadette of Lourdes, you always have these interesting nuggets to share!

    And thank you to the reader, SSS, for the link. We can only pray and hope that Putin will end this war on May 9th or earlier. Jupiter is still in Pisces conjunct with Neptune (5-deg orb), goes into Aries May 11th.

    The relatives of our friends in Odesa are doing alright, thank God. But so sad to hear of the fatalities and the injured. Stop this war, Putin.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the miracle of Lourdes is linked to Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Prayer does not always give immediate results as every Christian knows and as we are using Neptune to interpret God and Christ here, the usual rules of time do not apply. You also have to let God be God! So we just don’t know how solutions to this violent war will come about. I predicted Vladimir Putin would be vulnerable to illness a long time ago, when we were going through the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. I believe he became seriously ill then and nothing has improved. That may be one reason he has decided to pursue some kind of ‘legacy’. It’s in God’s hands, literally.

  93. Hi Jessica, Really enjoy reading all your predictions and fascinated about astrology/spirituality since my first wife died. Please could you be so kind as to look at my chart and advise when is the best time to sell my two properties in Spain. Worried mortgages rates in Spain will increase and property values will fall as i bought in 2006 at the peak and prices still haven’t caught up yet.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your wife passed to spirit but hope you have found the work of Gordon Smith and other good mediums like Linda Williamson and Margaret Dent who are reassuring and useful on the subject of life between lives. You want to sell your two properties in Spain. You are a Sun Leo with only Neptune in Scorpio in your Eighth House to suggest a property investor. That is unusual. However you have a large stellium in Sagittarius, the sign of foreigners and foreign countries, so I expect the lure is Spain rather than the money. Okay, so in your solar chart, solutions, opportunities and breakthroughs with finance come in October-December. Jupiter in Pisces in your Eighth House will do that. This is very close to the time when the transiting South Node in Scorpio is going over Neptune, so I expect the final three months of 2022 will produce the right timing. There is no perfect solution then but there is a good solution. Further ahead, once Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023, you have a very demanding couple of years and so the less you have on your shoulders the better. It would make sense, astrologically, to sell October-December and certainly no later than March 2023. It’s your life not mine, though, so I suggest you use the timing I’ve given you and consult the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle to validate for yourself and personalise the forecast as an astrologer can only really inform; the rest is up to you. I hope this works out for you.

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