The Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Event

Dream Big in April 2022

The literal translation of Jupiter (big) and Neptune (dreams) in Pisces together is “Dream Big.” A very special alignment of these two planets, at exactly the same degree, in exactly the same zodiac sign, is there to be used in April 2022. Thanks to all of you who came along to our event on Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th, from New York, across to London and Sydney – over to me in Hobart.

We now have over 4000 of you in Astrology and Tarot Meetups and it was not possible to include everyone, you can listen to the event below.


Join Me at the Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Event

ioana cristiana ZOnU uy7f5g unsplash 300x225 - The Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces EventYou may have been there, you may not, but do use this transit!

This is what you need to know about the rare conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, in April 2022: Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, optimism and solutions, will form a rare conjunction with Neptune, the planet of escapism, release, relief and holidays from reality, on April 9th through 12th, 2022.

This is fantastic news for all of us, and depending on your zodiac sign, your usual horoscope will reveal where the breakthroughs take place. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 lift you up where you belong. We’ve not seen this cycle since 1856. Make the most of it. You can find out more here.

Religious Miracles and Spiritual Transformation

abhijeet gourav jwr0xaXsYKk unsplash 300x195 - The Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Event

Buddhism is just one world religion we associate with Neptune. Christianity is very much associated with Neptune, particularly in Pisces, the sign of the fishes. The iconography of the two fish is woven into Christian faith.

What happens in April 2022 will solve a lot of issues surrounding religion and spirituality. Fake, money-based cults will be exposed. Any confusion about what it means to be spiritual or religious will be cleared up. Jupiter in a sign fixes problems associated with that sign. This is a 12-year cycle which will end a lot of dubious ‘spiritual’ or ‘psychic’ practices. We are also likely to see genuine miracles. Huge growth and expansion in, say, Tibetan Buddhism.

Watch the headlines in April 2022 as Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune will clean up what’s murky. This may mean great personal change for some people you know – even yourself.

The Amazing Line-Up With Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces

What is really striking about April 2022 is that on the weekend of Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of April 2022, we also find the North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 are working with other factors too. More details here.

Do You Have 23 Degree Factors?

If you have planets, asteroids, points, angles, nodes or anything else at 23 degrees in your chart, a major chapter in your life will begin in April. Why? Neptune, Jupiter, the North Node and South Node will all aspect, or trigger, that placement in your natal chart. The ‘what’ of the chapter (the story) depends on what you have at 23 degrees, by zodiac sign and house. I’ll talk more about that at our Meetup event on Zoom.

What Takes Off in April?

mk hamilton 1hqHz9YNHxU unsplash 300x200 - The Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Event

All matters related to Pisces and the Twelfth House take off in April. They expand and increase. They improve. It’s quite a long list, and it will be most important to you, if you have any factors at all in Pisces in your birth chart.

The more factors you have (a stellium is four, five, six or more Pisces factors) the more unforgettable April 2022 will be. This photograph by M.K. Hamilton (Unsplash) shows the fascinating, hypnotic effect of April. In fact, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is the signature of hypnosis. Neptune rules the subconscious mind and Jupiter rules benefits. Pisces rules the Twelfth House, which describes your inner programming. Put this together and it looks as if ‘the new hypnotism’ will emerge in April 2022.

Expect a Huge Boost For Your Goals

  • Hypnosis
  • Religion
  • Mediumship
  • Tarot
  • Healing
  • Psychology
  • Dreams
  • Crystals
  • Chakras
  • Astral Travel
  • Meditation
  • Channeling



Image Credits: Unsplash


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275 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Dream big sounds optimistic! It’s been such a hard slog for what seems like ages now. I feel totally exhausted all the time even though I’ve dialled back lots of things. Maybe it’s the menopause but it could be so many other variables too!
    I have my moon at 23 Pisces. What can I expect?
    Thanks as always xx

    1. An exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune to your natal Moon in Pisces in the Twelfth House will expand your psychic ability and increase your faith in God, or as Dave Allen used to say, ‘Your God’ – it’s personal. This conjunction is unprecedented and although astrologers are in the business of predicting the future, there is no question that we’ve not seen a Jupiter-Neptune line-up in this particular kind of sky, before. Given that so many people have died with COVID-19, there is a great need for the spirit world to reconnect with us. That can only happen through some kind of massive spiritual awakening – which you would be part of – or for more practical reasons, because a new TV program arrives that educates us. I am thinking here of the boom in mediumship on television a few years ago, with John Edward at the helm. The other reason for this Pisces wave, is not just the sheer number of departed souls who need contact – it is also the hibernation and reclusiveness of millions – who are avoiding the virus. Again this is a common-sense reason for the classic introversion of Pisces transits. You may already be doing that. You may find you are inclined to tuck yourself away, in April. Easter is another very good reason you may experience God on this conjunction, even if you are not religious. Exhaustion is a sign that you are not alone enough, not quiet or peaceful enough. A Pisces Moon has no boundaries with other people and can sometimes accidentally invade the psychic space of others, so much, that tiredness or feeling drained is the result. Being alone can help you ground yourself. But you may want to investigate how to close down your chakras and seal your aura. Linda Williamson wrote some very good books which may help.

  2. Hi Jessica.
    I am looking forward to the meetup on April 8th!
    I have Mars at 23 Capricorn as well as MC 23 Aries and IC 23 Libra. Mars being the warrior planet, in the tenth house, am I to expect something explosive during this conjunction? Possibly involving my family due to MC and IC?
    Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for all you do for all of us!!

    1. I’m glad you are coming along to the Zoom Meetup and we’ll go over some of these 23 degree patterns on the day. Your MC and IC depend on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you have that, then you were born with a T-Square. Mars would be in 23 Capricorn whatever your birth time, so that’s a given. If your umbilical cord really was cut at 4.39pm (sounds specific) then you arrived with inner tension and internal conflict around your need to be upfront, front-and-centre, and first to push ahead (Mars) in your career (Capricorn) or within the social strata of high society (again, Capricorn). The squares to your MC suggest a conflict with that, and your actual vocation or calling in life (MC) in Aries (self-promotion) and the duets and duels (Libra) which show up in your family history and ancestry. A Libra IC is very common in the charts of people whose grandparents, great-grandparents or further back – were swept up in business partnerships (Libra) or business-based marriages (Libra) but also rifts and battles (Libra rules the duel as well as the duet). This conjunction will aspect your T-Square and bring illumination, insight and healing. We sometimes see Capricorn-Aries-Libra in the charts of people who have a tumultuous career history with resignations or sacking, for example, or professional feuds with rivals – but along comes Jupiter and Neptune and stormy waters are calmed.

  3. Hi Jessica, fantastic write up as always. I’m particularly intrigued by ‘money based cults will be exposed’. Given the news here in Australia at the moment, I can see direct alignment to the Hillsong drama.

    I am very excited to dream big in April! Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The astrology behind the exposure and clean-up of cults and churches is really about Neptune being a symbol for delusion, confusion and the loss of boundaries. He has been in Pisces for years, the sign of Christianity, so what has gone on in the name of Jesus Christ has often been what Christ would have shunned. The other trend in 2022, 2023 is the South Node in Scorpio, the sign that rules sex and money. So karma around that, usually arrives from what happened 18-19 years ago. Including in so-called houses of God. This is a perfect storm in astrology so that may be why Hillsong has made headlines for the wrong reasons. We would expect there to be more, with any religious organisation which has been lost in Neptune (all at sea) and is ripe for the usual Jupiter clean-up. Let’s see. This is an extraordinary month for astrologers because we’ve not seen it since the 19th century. So we just don’t know. We can only speculate.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have three factors at 23 degrees:
    Bacchus at 23 Virgo
    Psyche at 23 Leo
    Panacea at 23 Aries

    Can you please tell me what this conjunction mean for me ?

    1. That is an interesting dance in your chart between work and health (Virgo) and enjoying them too (Bacchus) and younger people who help immortalise you (Psyche in Leo). It’s very much about you, you, you as well (Panacea in Aries). This rare conjunction will not directly affect that, but you will find you are affected at a distance. We may see a clean-up of churches. That is possible. Some so-called religions are about money and not much else. Neptune in Pisces can bring confusion and delusion under the name of Christ. Jupiter is traditionally the resolution and clean-up so that expose and maybe even (the end of) bad so-called spirituality could affect you at a distance. Maybe a work colleague (Virgo) or a child in your world (perhaps a teenager). At the same time we get genuine miracles and very real contact with what people would call God, or spirit, on these conjunctions. Again, this may affect you at a distance, thanks to your healer (Virgo) or a godchild (Leo).

  5. Thanks Jessica. Will the Zoom recording be put on your website (or You tube site) for those who can’t make it? By the way, I just read the April horoscope which mentioned using when Jupiter in Aries is conjunct factors in Capricorn to get an idea of the timing of opportunities. My moon is at 18 Capricorn so will that conjunction take place next year? Thank you!

    1. I’m not recording the Zoom for the Jupiter and Neptune event but there is a feature which corresponds to it, for Premium Members, where I will summarise the main points and answer as many questions as possible. Jupiter in Aries will never be in conjunction with Capricorn factors – it can only be in conjunction with Aries factors. You will have a Jupiter Return when he passes 23 Aries, which is fantastic. Rebirth, relaunch, renaissance, makeover, perhaps a new title or letters after your name, new wardrobe, new you. You can start heading in that direction on April 1st with the Aries New Moon. You ‘live’ in your First House, ruled by Aries, so being front-and-centre and upfront is part of your life.

  6. Hello Jessica,
    I have Pisces at 10, 13, 20, 22, and 23 degrees. Can you elaborate on how this will affect me? Also, you have commented about Hawaii possibly leaving the states and joining with New Zealand in the future. We are looking at moving from continental US to Hawaii in the future. How could this affect us? Thank you!!

    1. You are a part-time introvert who does best when she is alone and in convent or monastery conditions. So you need a she-shed, or a space to call your own in the local park. People with a Pisces stellium live in their Twelfth House and so their interior life is more important than their exterior world. This is the person who is often absent-minded or present, but absent. Your inner life is personal to you, and the conjunction depends on what you believe, and in whom you believe. Perhaps you believe that we live in one universe in a multiverse and that your reality is somehow selected. Maybe you are a Catholic. The ‘big wave’ of Jupiter and Neptune will arrive and you have to surf it to enjoy it. Moving to Hawaii would really be about a bridge to New Zealand (not some unified new nation!) and those bridges and bubbles will arrive, along with domestic American border control, once we are past the worst of COVID-19 which will be 2023, 2024. I say that because Saturn will move into Pisces and oppose the Virgo (health) placements of billions, but particularly those born in the 1960s with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. So this will take time. You are also waiting for Uranus (the radical change) to go into Gemini (local revolutions) from 2026. So…you’re a little early but if you are dreaming about the future, you are dreaming in the right direction. Hawaii has a committed population of health-first people.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I have natal Uranus in Capricorn at 23 degrees in 5th house as well as 7th house in Pisces , could you please tell me what will this conjunction mean for me?

    Thanks, Millie

    1. Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius stelliums in your chart, along with a Sagittarius Sun, tend to produce extremes in your life. It never rains, but it pours, Millie. You are using a different house system so I need to spin your chart, for accuracy. Uranus is in your Tenth House, not your Fifth House. You have been rewarded a few times with your choices about your house, apartment (or any other residence) in recent months and you can take what is there and do more with it by May. Sometimes a simple email, a fleeting conversation or a passing piece of information can be the turning point with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. The trick is understanding that even if something is not real, it is real enough to reward you. A property bubble is a good example of that. When a house doubles in value, or a local area does, none of it is ‘real’ but it still pays you, if you sell and make a handsome profit. These trends show up in both your solar and natal chart. The Fourth House (property) is where you can save or make money, or gain in other ways, in 2022.

  8. Hello Jessica thank you for an insight to whats coming up, I have just requested to join the zoom meet up as am sure it will be beneficial for me at present. I am dreaming big , financial freedom is very much my dream – I have a stellium in Pisces with Mercury 5, Mars 13, Saturn 17, Chiron 20, Juno 20, Ascendant 23, Ops 25 all there. Deep down I am quite a spiritual person and have tarot cards, crystals, I also try to follow the moon cycles – but struggle to commit to using them frequently ,- with this period I do hope it motivates me more . I have just started a new job in the health sector which is also by the looks of it going to be in for a shake up as I was born 1966 – if you could give me some clarity on how this effects me would be much appreciated thank you

    1. Thank you. The Zoom event will give you time and space to read your own Tarot cards too, so it becomes personal. You are true to your Pisces stellium and work with crystals and the Tarot. You are a Sun Aquarius who lives in the Twelfth House, so being around people for too long really affects you and you have to get away. Your inner reality is also more real to you, than most people, and it can be hard to live a double life. This is all the more pronounced in 2022 because in your solar chart you have Pluto transiting your Twelfth House and in your natal chart you have Jupiter and Neptune transiting your Twelfth House. You want financial freedom and have started a new job. You have opportunities, until May, to save or make money. You have already gained a couple of times, actually, without having to do much at all. Use what you have been shown and told by the universe to capitalise on what is there, do more with it, but also begin to expand into new areas. Even a chance or ‘random’ piece of information can take you there at the moment.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    I have my lunar nodes at 24 in Taurus and Scorpio. Chiron at 26 in Pisces and Saturn at 29 in Pisces. How relevant is this, if there are a few degrees differences? Thanks a lot, all the best!

    1. The degrees are best explained by architecture and building. If a pyramid is constructed with a few measurements out, then it affects the whole structure. It’s the same with any kind of house or apartment; if everything is slightly over, or under, then you end up with a wonky result. In modern astrology we now have the software to make precision prediction, and tradition states that with a solar chart, we use exact degrees. So, 24 degrees is close enough (we allow a one-degree orb) but 26 and 29 are too wide. What you will notice most is the transit to your lunar nodes in the signs of business, charity, income, superannuation/pension, legacies and also property investment, taxation, rent, the mortgage and valuable investments. This pattern can only happen very rarely in your life so you are being asked to use past-life experience and knowledge and go back to what you know. You are a Sun Cancerian so this shows up in both your solar and natal chart. There are transits in your Eighth House in both systems I use for you. Time to roll your sleeves up and talk to the experts and increase your knowledge about this rapidly changing economy we are now living with. It’s a different world and it will become more so.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I have factors at 23 degrees in my chart. I’ve been daydreaming of better things to come after my relationship with my partner of 17 years has broken down. Hoping that the magic will sweep my chart. Could you see how the 23 factors will play their part in my chart please x

    1. You are a Sun Libra with a Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus chart signature and will have the opportunity for a new relationship, and a far better relationship with your former partner, from May until October, then again from January 2023 into the first quarter of next year. Everything is possible, if you want a balanced duet in your life, as opposed to what you experienced before. Your lifestyle is obviously there to be reshaped in the tiniest ways, from the sort of sleep patterns you can now have, to time and space for exercise, or meditation. Even the contents of your fridge and your eating/drinking patterns can be reshaped. This is to your total advantage and it’s the opportunities to have more, do more and enjoy more with your daily existence which need to be snapped up. Some are already in front of you; don’t let anything pass you by in April and May.

  11. Hi Jessica, thank you for everything you’re doing. I’m learning so much. I have the following factors at 23 degrees:

    Mars 23° Aries 22′ 23″ 1

    Fortuna 23° Taurus 15′ 19″ 2

    Hygeia 23° Pisces 14′ 43″ 12

    Can you elaborate on what this might mean for me in April.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancerian with a big Taurus-Scorpio signature so are the classic home owner who renovates with great success and doubles or trebles the value of her home over time. Even though the financial, business or property side of your life is very hard work in 2022, from 2023 you begin to come into your power and realise that you are in quite a potent position, either because of your professional background, your actual assets, or as a reflection of all you have put into your life. At the moment you are at the hard part. April and May are really useful months with a relaunch of your image or profile on the way – and foreign people and places coming through. You may already have seen just that sort of opportunity. Don’t underestimate who or what turns up from another country, or involving people from foreign cities, as it is rich potential for you to develop later on.

  12. Hello jessica. As well as Jupiter in pisecs, I have the pisces stellium. Could you please evaluate my chart to determine whether I can have a more favorable job position?

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a Capricorn chart signature, so have been going through a couple of career transits in both charts I use for you. You will experiment with your work options until 2026, sometimes because you want more freedom and excitement – what is new and different – and sometimes because circumstances force your hand. It’s rather like being in a pinball machine and having to work with the way you are being directed by destiny. The sense that anything can happen is always there. You’ll find your chances skyrocket with work as you go towards the mid 2020’s, which isn’t to say you don’t try now; in fact you’ll be shown more choices by May.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have my nodes on 23 degrees, Jupiter in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio. Would like to hear your interpretations.

    1. As a Sun Scorpio you are right in the thick of the global economic trends of 2022, 2023, with the lunar nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, the finance signs, and Uranus also in Taurus, another currency and trade sign. You will spend a lot of time in 2022, 2023 sorting out your house, apartment, charity, business, budget, valuables and may go back and forth in May, June so you may want to have Plan B and C. There will also be a delayed or fluctuating situation later in 2022 and early 2023, so again, you may want to check the situation before you commit to it, as the chance of being stuck for a while, or seeing things go backwards, is very high. This actually buys you time to evaluate your life on paper, and put the numbers against what and whom you actually value most. Some things and people are priceless and can seem more valuable to you when you do that, so you gain. You are in a cycle when babies, children or Millennials offer much, much more to you, if you can take what you have already been given and shown, and capitalise on that. What March delivered, April can use. This is also true of any sexual relationship where children are a possibility. This transit is all about stepping back from recent gains and deliveries and figuring out how to take everything one step beyond.

  14. Hi Jessica.
    I’m now a Premium Member but there’s probably something I should do when posting a message that I don’t because my first message is still awaiting approvement.
    Anyway, thank you for the exciting article on the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction.
    I’d like to know your views on what I can expect from this conjunction since my Sun is both at 23 Pisces and in my Twelfth House along with Aesculapia at 21 Pisces. (No, I’m not a religious person at all but I’m very interested in the field of the paranormal and the invisible.)
    I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut for a very long time and I’d like to know if there’s any chance that I can finally get out of it, maybe not exactly on 12th April, but give or take a few days -or weeks.
    Thank you again.

    1. You’re doing everything right, but as I look at the number of comments, I can see 13,788 in the queue so it’s not possible for me to even see all those at a glance, or of course answer them, unfortunately. I have your chart here and it’s interesting that you are curious about the paranormal; that is a common outcome with a Pisces/Twelfth House chart pattern. The invisible world. You are a Sun Pisces who is strongly Aquarian and feel stuck. That is not surprising as Saturn, which slows life down, and obstructs or blocks, is in Aquarius. Your normal way of life with friends and groups of people is not functioning as it usually does. There is a practical reason for this; COVID-19 is in your world. There may be other reasons, but this situation with your social media, social life, networks and circles does not last beyond 2023. So you are really in the last stages now and by Christmas should start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This whole period in your life is really about reinventing yourself and relaunching yourself. The way you look (which is the easy part unless, of course you are trying to lose weight) and certainly the way you are packaged and labelled. An opportunity to do more with this is already here. Step back from what has been going on in March and you will see why. You can use that in April.

  15. Hello Jessica, Thank you for your insights about the world and my own place in it. My chart shows Pisces stellium including IC at 23.23. MC at 23.23 Virgo. Psyche at 22 Capricorn, Eros at 22 Taurus, Chyron at 24 Aquarius, Juno at 24 libra. My self-concerns are about where to live and what to let go (things and people). My life is split between Scotland and the US and feel I need to choose one. As a childless single person I have great freedom but need to make good decisions now for future stability. A third, more affordable place to live/retire might be Central America.

    I’m very fortunate to have these options and I also dream of travelling in a little self-built campervan – to bring my home with me. But with all you’ve said about changes to travel, second homes, thinking locally, and more coming 2023-26, I’m unsure about everything. I also have auto-immune issues and a torn achilles tendon. The tendon should heal by July, but what can cure my wanderlust?

    Looking ahead, I’m anxious about Saturn moving into Pisces. The last time, it was bewildering and dark and painful. What can I do now to prepare for this transit? I feel Saturn always on my back, near the moon in Capricorn. Like that character in the comic L’il Abner with a raincloud above his head following him around! At the same time, I’m aware of how very fortunate I am. I’ve never been in a war zone or been a refugee. I still have some savings to live on while looking for new work.

    I used to make decisions more easily but after many harsh experiences I don’t trust my judgement anymore! Astrology is one thing I do trust, though my learning is slow 🙂 Thank you for telling me whatever you see in my weird chart! I’m sorry for such a long question – please edit as you see fit.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with a Gemini and Capricorn natal chart signature. I”m not sure why you are using Eros as that is not in your chart. You want to move and travel but you are also really vulnerable to COVID-19 with auto-immune issues and of course could easily infect other people. There is a lot of fantasising and denial about this pandemic at the moment, and the heavens as a whole do not support constant travel or movement between countries; we are seeing the start of the Gemini transits which oppose Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries) and that becomes more extreme from 2026 with Uranus in Gemini. Saturn in Pisces, which you have mentioned, will also square Sagittarius factors in billions of charts, which is another obstacle, from 2023. As to your chart, you don’t really need to be overly concerned about Saturn in Pisces. The timing on this coincides with Pluto leaving Capricorn so you are actually in a much easier position with your career, unpaid work or academic career, from 2023. By 2024 Saturn may be in Pisces but you have lost the Pluto transit of your Tenth House so life will feel far less demanding and intense. It may be that local travel and the regional scene is what ends up persuading you to settle in one place or another; only you can decide if it will be Scotland, America or Central America, but your strongly Gemini chart suggests you need the neighbourhood and the neighbourhood needs you. That could be useful in guiding your decision.

  16. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this!
    And wow Dream Big… I am surely dreaming big and working to get them fulfilled. Can you check my chart and see where the magic happens and how to make most of this cycle?

    With love

    1. They call it ‘matters of a joint financial nature’ and it can be with your business colleagues; the family; a partner; a good cause; the beneficiaries of your will, or you, as a beneficiary of other people’s legacies. Sometimes on this cycle you see two or three items on that list delivering, so you may already have realised that (say) the value of a house, apartment or other asset in your life has gone up, or that something which was so-so a few years ago is now solid gold. So, without having to do much at all, you have become richer on paper. This is a typical outcome of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. It is also possible that you have been shown that your net value, in terms of what your work is worth, or what you are worth, has increased. There is a pretty good argument, in April, for taking things further and doing much more with what you have, and thinking in a more practical way about using what you have been ‘told’ in terms of the numbers, and taking the next step. Try to do this by May, as the cycle breaks then. It resumes for a short time from October.

  17. I have nothing at 23, but I do have North and South node at 24 and Sag at 22. Will This be affecting me at all. Thanks Jessica for your input.

    1. This transit is really about simple good luck – things come to you without you having to lift a finger – involving the world of babies, children or Millennials – and relationships which bring that generation into your life. You’ve already seen a general wave of increase and opportunity and this forthcoming conjunction will take you higher. As with all these transits, you have to make it happen to some degree, but the ground has been laid for you with a couple of impressive turning points in March – maybe three – and when you line everything up and appreciate what you are being shown or told, you can capitalise on that in April.

  18. Hi Jessica, Thank you for all the amazing knowledge you share! It’s so exciting to log in and hear your insights.
    I have 6 planets in Pisces. Mars 15, Mercury 10, Saturn 17, Chiron 20, Oops 26, Juno 21 and 4 planets at 23 degrees Salacia in Capricorn,
    Proserpina in Sagittarius, Asc/Des in Libra and Aries.
    Last year was already quite eventful with house move and a much better financial situation through my partner and father of my kids. It was a long time coming and a lot of struggles. Now I’m really close to launch my own project. Feeling nervous but excited. How will the Jupiter and Neptune i Pisces affect me? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Aquarius with a Pisces stellium you are having the same cycle twice, in your solar and natal chart. Pluto is in Capricorn in your solar Twelfth House, until March 2023. Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces, of course, in your natal Twelfth House. Your interior world and inner life is where you must dwell for a little longer. The house move and better financial situation are good validation for astrology as you have Uranus (radical change) in your property zone, as an Aquarian, and Jupiter (increase, gain without effort) in your money zone. You have a project to launch and your timing is ideal. This is especially true if you are online with it. You’ll save or make money until May, then again from October-December. The digital or technical side of your project will take off from May, and move rapidly in June.

  19. Hi Jessica, thank you for setting up the zoom meeting on April 8, 2022. I may pop by for an hour or so. You hit the nail on the head with your comment- ” Given that so many people have died with COVID-19, there is a great need for the spirit world to reconnect with us. That can only happen through some kind of massive spiritual awakening….the boom in mediumship on television a few years ago, with John Edward at the helm.” Yes, you’re so right. John Edward and James Van Praagh, to name a few. We made sure to watch them whenever they were on. And of course, Dave Allen, what a classic comedy show! His half, sawed-off, index finger (left hand) that he occasionally would dip into a glass of whiskey stationed right next to him (which was actually ginger ale), and ending his show with, “Good night, and may your God go with you,” while another time he said with a twinkle in his eye, “I’m a practicing atheist, thank God.” those were the good old days of sketch comedy.

    You mentioned a massive number, over 13,700, in the queue, that’s a wow! There are three Asteroids – Aesculapia, Apollo, and Vesta
    that are in the 23 – 24 range in my natal chart. Whenever you have a moment, no rush. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. I had forgotten about James Van Praagh, but of course he was part of that first wave of television mediumship. I find it odd that the first two years of this huge death toll globally, have not yet manifested in greater spirituality but perhaps we were always waiting for this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. It seems to be different each time. During Vietnam it showed up as hippie mysticism and the exploration (by physicists) of what God actually was. You have the Sun in Leo in the Fifth House and a stellium in Leo, including Uranus at 24 Leo, which is very close to the 23 degree conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. You live in your Fifth House, so you are Queen to a younger court, and always were. This is the older sister who leads the younger siblings, or it is the school prefect, aged 16, who has to guide the 13-year-old first year students. Later on in life the Leo story develops with your age, so that by the time you are middle-aged it’s people in their twenties who are steered or influenced. J.K.Rowling is a good example of a strongly Leo woman who has become a mother, but also Queen to a younger court of Harry Potter fans. Uranus in the Fifth House is really a lifetime of chopping and changing; rejecting who or what turns up; saying no a lot of the time. So, for example, you may have said ‘no’ to a pregnancy in your past, or your body might have said ‘no’ for whatever reason. That can happen. More commonly, there is a lot of churning between the generations, so it’s never smooth sailing with, say, a godson or a nephew. The point with Uranus is always that the unstable, ever-changing situation always sets someone free from something (or someone else). So as soon as any Fifth House situation becomes stifling or restrictive for you, her or him – you get the electrical storm and the lightning bolt. I mention this because transiting Saturn is slowly moving into opposition with natal Uranus, from Aquarius, so this story in your life is bound to be more on your mind in 2022 and early 2023. The fact that the other planets are also aspecting natal Uranus and you are so strongly Leo, suggests that April is a real turning point, when you begin to examine your past, and make more definite decisions about your future – with those younger faces. The Fifth House is also the royal bedchamber and this is where we find the heirs to the throne, but also pretenders to the throne. So, lovers as well as spouses can turn up here, and again, April is the time when you look back at the past to change direction for the future. Vesta is an ancient symbol of gender issues, so this would make sense too: part of this story is about male and female, or male versus female, or female versus female and so on.

  20. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your insights, I will pray for that miracle in Ukraine I have Saturn and Panacea both at 00 degrees in Pisces and Chiron at 16 degrees in Pisces. At 23 degrees I have Fortunate in Leo, Minerva in Gemini, and Diana in Leo What can I expect in April?

    Respectfully, Johanna

    1. Thank you, Johanna. You really do hope for divine intervention in Ukraine, don’t you – if God’s name is being invoked in this – then God needs to take over. You are a Sun Virgo with a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House, so you have developed a skill set and professional range which is based on perfecting the small details; doing the work; diligently doing what is required, and then some. Along the way, your relationship with work, and also unpaid work or academia, has been so tightly dependent on how your health is, or your body is, or your mind-body-spirit – that it’s become interwoven to the point you may not always be aware of how much one drives the other. This is a going concern, and a growing concern, in the years that we find the slow-moving nodes and outer planets going through Taurus, Capricorn as they trine (make stunning aspects) to your Virgo stellium, in turn. You are yet to experience Jupiter in Taurus, for example, which will help you reach the mid 2020’s with quite a different approach to your wholistic health and wellbeing, but also the hours you work, the sort of work you produce and so on. More immediately, in April 2022, we have this Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces in your solar Seventh House of duets and duels. Pairs and partnerships, couples and – sometimes – disputes. You also have a pattern in Libra in your natal Seventh House, so the same story is being told twice, from two different angles. We have a Full Moon in Libra in April, in your natal Seventh House, at about the same time that Jupiter and Neptune are picking up your solar Seventh House, so you have an epic decision to make. This person either balances on the other end of the see-saw with you, or is actually holding his/her end of the see-saw down, while you desperately try to take your side back. Of course we would hope that this is a good, strong partnership or one sort or another. Professional, platonic or sexual. As you see the Full Moon growing in size over the rooftops, night by night, you’ll see the situation building. The choice you make is beautifully timed and will work well for you, long-term. Jupiter provides the solution or opportunity. Neptune provides the escape from the real world. This other person is hugely important in your life.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I want to dream big but the last few years have been really tough and I am so afraid to dream. I want to know if there is any positive signs of professional achievement in the place that I am as it’s in the field of education but in UK and the financial stress makes it very hard to aspire.

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work, duty, service, routine, and ‘we aim to please’. This has been evident since childhood and you likely had at least one outstanding teacher and one outstanding parent. You are in Britain and want to work in education. There will be an online revolution in education from 2026 so you are heading in the right direction; new technology and translation software from 2026 will employ people widely in a radically different way of teaching. You need to think about 2022, though, so use the money that you save or make, from May-October (because it is coming) to get through 2022 and hold on tight, to your dreams, to quote ELO. Sometimes you have to swim with the current, not against it, and the current for you in 2022 is ‘keep treading water’ until the tides turn your way. This happens from March 2023 when a great deal will happen very quickly. It may be in Britain; it may be elsewhere. There is a really strong chance of the most sudden, surprising, events sweeping you away until 2026. It could be the last thing anybody expected and you may relocate; this is particularly likely if your target is academia; university or college life. Everything will look and feel much easier to you as you go into the second quarter of 2023 and by 2024 you will realise ‘that was then, this is now.’ If you are bilingual you are already at a huge advantage; if not, consider that, or even three languages, as the future is really about that.

  22. Hi Jessica, I’ve been looking forward to April – though my chart doesn’t look strongly affected. I have Juno in Cancer at 23 degrees. I tried to find info on your site about Juno and Cancer, but would be great to hear your take! I also have Jupiter at 24 degrees Aries, and one 22 degrees aspect. The Cancer placements in my birth chart appear to be in my 8th house? Would really appreciate your wise words on how April impacts me personally. Thanks for your kindness and shared wisdom

    1. Juno is a symbol of peacock and pea hen in mythology and describes the mixed bag you get when you marry a high-profile rather splendid man. This usually translates thematically, not literally, although we do sometimes see Juno in Cancer turn up in the Fourth House when women have well-known fathers, brothers or do in fact marry larger-than-life husbands. They gain from the male in the household or family but they need to strive to become who they are – to develop their identity – to find a place in the world. Less literally, Juno is about commitment, with all its benefits and disadvantages too. Women commit when they marry but can lose their freedom. That is a really obvious example. They gain half a home, and a shared household budget, but lose the liberty of single life. So this upcoming trine from Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces to natal Juno is really about a new angle on a familiar story; how do you enjoy what is on offer with a house, apartment, garden, family or household – but find a way to hang on to your own freedom? People sometimes take out a mortgage on this transit, for example, or move into a new shared home.

  23. Hi Jessica

    I cant wait for the zoom event on this conjunction. I have Fortuna at 23 Taurus, IC 22 Capricorn and Uranius at 22 Sagittarius. What does this mean?

    1. You were born to spin the wheel of fate and fortune for other people (Fortuna) without knowing what you are doing (she is blindfolded). Whenever you deal with finance, business, retail, charity, property, taxation, insurance and the rest – you steer other people’s ship of fate without being conscious of that. Now that we are experiencing Jupiter and Neptune sextile Fortuna, and the North Node in conjunction with Fortuna, while the South Node is in opposition, it’s a good time to be more aware of your responsibility in regard to all that you earn, own or owe. Your IC and MC in Capricorn and Cancer suggest the issue will be work or property (although both of those depend on a minute-accurate birth time). Uranus at 22 Sagittarius suggests upheaval involving foreigners or foreign places is part of the story, though not directly connected.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    My birthday is April 10 and I have my natal South Node at 24 degrees Pisces. Any clues as to what this may mean for me? Thank you.

    1. Mercury at 22 Pisces and the South Node at 24 Pisces are either side of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces, so you will experience a really fascinating past life crossroads. You may even realise that you know who you were, or what you did, or at least which era you last passed through. Of course the North Node at 24 Virgo is at the other end. This is very common in the lives of people who were nuns in a healing convent last time, or who were doctors working for the Red Cross. Virgo is health, hospitals and healing and Pisces is religion and spirituality. Mercury very close by suggests you are a natural psychic in connection with this. What happens will be special and memorable and help you to figure out why you are here. Some of it, anyway.

  25. Hello Jessica!

    I have North Node in Aries at 23 and South node in Libra at 23. I also have Bacchus at 22 in Scorpio, Aesculapia at 24 in Cancer – can you help me decipher what this means with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction? I also have Jupiter in Pisces at 21 degrees, but I wasn’t sure how that plays into this.

    Thank you! Tess

    1. My dog is named Tess and I have a soft spot for that name. I am also a fan of Thomas Hardy. You have an Aries-Libra nodal pattern that suggests your previous life was very much about a marriage and/or professional partnership. You had to balance that, along with your own self-interest and need to be first. It pulls in joint finances, in this lifetime (Scorpio) and of course a house or apartment (Cancer). The transit of Jupiter and Neptune at 23 won’t really be important to your natal Jupiter (you already had your Jupiter Return at 21 Pisces) but you will find that a duet or duel in your life, with implications for the house, the apartment, the family, the household – is central. What happens is really a blessing. A huge opportunity or solution. Aesculapia usually brings back something/someone from the point of no return, in the chart.

  26. Jessica, I have Jupiter and Salacia at 22 and Pisces at 23. What do these mean for me? Thanks so much!

    1. You have a Pisces stellium in your Twelfth House and Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces will form a conjunction to your Sun, near 12th April. This is very special and will help you to find fame, if you want it, and recognition for your inner life, inner world and inner reality. This may be your religious faith or your psychic ability. Your soul, or psyche, perhaps. The Sun in Pisces describes how you shine and stand out. You do that through your invisible world, so through psychology, or the Tarot, or dream interpretation, or self-help, or God. What happens in April is a blessing, as Jupiter conjunctions always are, and will also allow you to escape more deeply from the real world, into a non-real world which is far more precious to you.

  27. Hello Jessica,
    I’m so excited for the meet up next week. I almost missed it because of work and miraculously my schedule got cleared.
    I have to say that I’m putting a lot of faith in this conjunction. The last 4 months have been really heavy and grieving people I lost suddenly. I’m feeling a little shift recently. I have a stellium in Pisces as you told me last year(I am a premium). I know that the wheel is not a pizza as you use to say but my Sun is at 22’20 Leo…it’s almost 23? 🙂 Thank you for being here for all of us. Billie

    1. Thank you Billie. I’m really pleased you can join us for the event. I am sorry you have lost people. As a Leo Sun with a Pisces stellium in your Twelfth House, you are unusually sensitive to people, both in this world and the next one, and have not been given the time or space, or the focus, to really get your inner world together. That will change in April. The confusion will go and it will be replaced by a certainty and confidence about your God, or what passes for a belief in a higher power. Jupiter and Neptune will form a quincunx to your natal Sun which is useful in terms of any younger people in your world. The real story, though, is that you are being shown how to organise your inner world, your psychic ability (which is pronounced) and soul stuff.

  28. Hi Jessica. I’m loving the sound of this Pisces Jupiter and Neptune conjunction!

    I have Venus in Sagittarius 23 degrees, and Cupido in Scorpio 23 degrees. What can I expect? I’m also a Pisces rising.

    1. You’re a Sun Sagittarius with the North Node in Cancer in the Fourth House of real estate, land value, house or apartment investment, the family, the household, your home town, local area and region. This is important as transiting Jupiter will aspect your North Node by June 2022, and so from April until June you are in a terrific position to make more of where you live, how you live – and with whom you live. There are huge answers there.

  29. Good evening Jessica,
    I have Ceres 23 ° Aries and Apollo 23°Virgo. In addition, I have a total of (6) factors in Pisces [sun,mercury,decendant,diana,proserpina,vulcano,and psyche]
    I also have a Virgo Stellium of (6) factors. What does this mean for me in April? Thank you.

    1. You will be given a rare opportunity (Jupiter) to expand your image (First House) and update and upgrade your profile (First House) by May (when Jupiter leaves). As he is tied to Neptune (an escape from the real world) you will be able to experiment and explore with versions of yourself. Versions of your name or face, perhaps – online is easiest. This is your solar chart. In your natal chart we find your Aries signature also in the first house of image. You are simultaneously in Aries weather in April, May and so the same thing is showing up twice. Rebirth, renaissance, and a new kind of packaging or presentation.

  30. Nowadays everything is in chaos, the unstable political environment, the slumping economy, the soaring commodities. People are talking about the possibility of de-dollarization, as Russia announced European countries would have to pay for Russian gas in Russian roubles.could you predict the development of de-dollariztion?

    1. We have Uranus in Taurus with us until 2026 and it’s global. Uranus is the revolution which sets people free. It is really about quite radical new ways to earn money, own property or possessions, or repay debt. It began in 2018 with mainstream use of Blockchain and the arrival of the UK Magnitsky Money Laundering Act. Here we are in 2022 and the new ‘value’ is in NFT and Bitcoin, and Russian oligarchs are under sanction. That took five years. We now have to get through 2022-2026 with more instability, price rises and big questions about what a buck is worth. If you have a look on Search for ‘Uranus in Taurus’ going back to 2017, the astrology was really clear that rations would return – rationed petrol/gas very likely – and some food. The astrology was also really clear that anything that held people back, trapped or confined them would be thrown out. Thus, alternative currency in alternative economies using crowdfunding, or secondhand sales. Faced with the impossibility of an overpriced property market, the hoarding of money by the elite at the top (and all the rest of it) people are finding exciting, radical, alternative ways to ignore the system that traps them. They are inventing their own system. The people have crashed Russian money to top Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. That is really just the start. You are going to see a huge number of alternative currencies, mini marketplaces and alternative economies by 2026. The power of the boycott should not be underestimated.

  31. Hi Jessica, I love the invitation to dream big. Could you please let me know a few details of what may unfold based on my birth chart. Many thanks!

    1. You are a Sun Libra with a Libra stellium in your Seventh House so you live in duets, pairs, couples and partnerships of all sorts. Sometimes the duet, feud or contest is also the story. It can go either way with Libra. The husband or the enemy. What is ahead is partly about this. 2022 and 2023 are really the years for balancing acts, and from May you will see why, as an existing duet becomes bigger and better, or you find someone to pair off with – sexually, professionally, or for other reasons. This works out extremely well for you and it will happen very quickly, by June. Going back to April – you have already been blessed with one, two, three quite remarkable strokes of luck and twists of fate with your workload, unpaid work or academic career. There is room for more. See what you have to work with and go from there, but something welcome will also land in your lap without any effort, by May.

  32. very interesting piece Jessica, thank you. you commented that I can expect a re-birth of sorts during april – may. how would this jupiter/nep conjunct in pisces play into that prediction. What can I expect to be specific, what should I look out for, how can I prepare etc. feels like i’m looking into a black box with what’s about to hit me and no idea what’s coming.

    1. Thank you. You have Aries factors at 6 through 26 degrees in your First House of self-advancement, self-promotion and forward thrust. Aries the ram is unafraid, competitive and goes in headfirst and headlong into situations. Mars is the ruler of Aries and is the Roman god of war. The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces is far less important in your natal chart than the Aries weather in April and the ingress of Jupiter in Aries from May 10th. Jupiter is a symbol of solutions, expansion, growth, increase and good fortune. Once he is at 6 Aries in the second half of June 2022 you will realise that a relaunch is on offer. Your face (or head – hair) your profile shot online, your general appearance, the role you play, are all overdue for tremendous, sweeping answers and options and they will begin now, in early April, with faster-moving transits in Aries but really make a difference not seen in 12 years, once Jupiter changes signs next month.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for another amazing article. I’m a little confused though. I have Saturn at 24 degrees in Leo. Will this Jupiter/Neptune conjunction be a good thing for me or will I be dealt a hard lesson of some kind?
    Thank you so much for your help and advice as always 🙂

    1. Saturn at 24 Leo in the Fifth House is a lifelong obstacle course with, through and around children. We could include pregnancy and Millennials in that, along with sexual relationships that do, or do not, end in pregnancy. Stepchildren, adoption and IVF also belong to the Fifth House. Saturn is an old symbol of vulnerability and there are often very good reasons why walls go up. What is experienced on the Saturn Return age 28, 29 is a good example. Being human means living with Saturn and so defences and shields of all sorts tend to appear. One very common one is just – avoidance. Another is denial. What happens on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is a quincunx to Saturn, by one degree, so the timing may be a little wide, but you will experience a confrontation with the past and a chance to fix it, too. Perhaps some walls are no longer useful. Maybe you are under-defended or over-defended; that is pretty common with Saturn. You’ll nicely get the measure of what needs to happen.

  34. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you for providing such an insightful article on the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces.
    I was just curious, for I have noticed my mother is due to experience this aspect and it seems to conjunct her natal Saturn at 23 Pisces and opposite her natal Uranus 24 Virgo. She was also born with Chiron close to Saturn at 21 Pisces and Pluto close to Uranus at 20 Virgo. Neptune is at 22 Scorpio. She was born in 1966. What may this be signifying if possible may I ask as it seems to be a significsnt aspect from what I can gather.
    Thank you for your consideration of this message, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

    1. Thank you Bea. Your mother was born with Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House so has a lifetime of quite difficult learning experiences with psychics, mediums, priests, nuns, vicars, therapists and/or counsellors. To that list we might also add witches. The Twelfth House is about the soul or spirit and Saturn is about great vulnerability and the need to be protective and also defensive. This is the person who can run into trouble with a dodgy medium, for example, or be put off the church when young. It’s intensely personal and impossible to generalise, but your mother will find a healing experience in April. It will change her. She may not talk about it. The Twelfth House is hard to explain to others as it concerns the invisible world within. The opposition to Uranus in Virgo is about her health, lifestyle, housework, paid work, academic commitments or unpaid work. So one affects the other. Yet, it begins with her inner life and inner world. There will be a tremendous change there.

  35. Hi Jessica, I have the following degrees all over the place.
    Saturn 20° virgo
    Psyche 22  Aries
    Cupido 22 Aquarius
    Neptune 22 Sagittarius
    Aesculapia 24 Taurus
    Uranus 24 Scorpio
    Fortuna 24 Leo
    Minerva 25 Virgo

    First time I noticed that I have so many factors btw 20-25 degrees. Kind of freaked me out. And then I relized things can’t get worst for me than they have been since November 6, 2021( will mever forget that day) where everything turnd upside-down out of no where with my business, ultimately affecting my basic needs, health & well-being. I could no longer provide for me and my loved ones. I am now working on relaunching as I have just recovered my health.
    Any advice & insight for me in terms of Neptune- Jupiter conjunction given the above factors & degrees?
    Many thanks!

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a huge Taurus stellium in your Second House of income, business, charity, valuables and property. It never rains but it pours for you, and more so, because you have a cluster at 22-24 degrees. You have already seen that, unfortunately, in November 2021. The good news is, when it’s good for you, it’s very, very good. And you will regain everything you lost financially when Jupiter goes into Taurus, if you work hard on that. You need to get through 2022 and most of 2023 first, but by 2024 you should be very happy with opportunities and solutions around you. Your health has taught you to put a price on what money cannot buy so your life budget has changed. That is a gift all by itself as you value more, who and what is precious. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will trine Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House of your chart, so bring a financial, philanthropic, economic question alive for you. Uranus is a symbol of radical change and by May you will have put a price on freedom and independence and paid it. By 2023 you will feel as if your entire ‘accounting’ has transformed and by 2024 you’ll be in a really strong position.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I love your blogs. I have a question regarding the future of Australia. How will this Pisces weather play out for Anthony Albanese?

    Also, my past observation of mercury retrograde on election results tend to indicate confusion and delays. How will mercury retrograde in May-June 2022 affect his chances of success at becoming prime minister?


    1. Thank you Brigitte. Albanese is a Sun Pisces and has already relaunched with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. New look and new image. The election in May will chime with the ingress of Jupiter (expansion, opportunity, growth, hope) in Aries, in his Second House of property, business and finance. That’s a fairly big clue. An even bigger clue is the fact that Jupiter goes into Morrison’s Twelfth House of religion. This takes place as we go towards the middle of May. Mercury Retrograde is inescapable because Morrison has left it so long to call the election and we will see the classic outcomes you already know about; the risk of a hung parliament; delays in postal vote processing; disputed results; wrong calls by the media; an inevitable reshuffle of the first team, further down the track. It’s almost textbook. The rise and rise of the independents seems likely as from March 2023 we go into Pluto in Aquarius, and power goes to the people, and power goes to diverse groups of faces. That fits the bill for an election where things will go down to the wire. We saw something like this just happen in South Australia.

  37. Hi Jessica
    I want to break free and dream big and yet…. I’m completely lacking motivation to do anything. My marital stresses have left me depleted with nothing left in the tank. I can’t get enough money together for a car, and need a better paid job to get more money to buy said car (classic chicken and egg). Will this cycle in April also influence my finances?
    Thank you x

    1. If you are strongly Aries but do not have motivation, you may want to go back to the Aries path, which is physical action and strenuous sport, walking, running or football. Aries people who are not active usually have depression, in which case you may want to check in with your doctor before you even look at the astrology. Yet, strongly Aries people do really well with (say) a walking or swimming regime, as it is an outlet for the physicality of the sign. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. If your marriage is like a battle then the energy has to go somewhere, and exercise is a safe bet. Only then can you really get to the other questions, as motivation is the issue here, not the car.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    Your April blogs are offering so much optimism and hope which is precious.

    I have Chiron in Aries 9°, Asc in Taurus 23°, Mars 15° Pisces, Diana 11° Pisces, stelliums in Sagittarius and Aquarius, quite a bit going on in Libra and Leo too.
    Is there somewhere I should put my energies to achieve contentment, reach my potential and leaving my loved ones and this world better off? there is sadness in my marriage – is there hope for a revival? Do I follow the path of the monastic for the well being of our child?

    I am looking forward to the YouTube session next week.

    thank you

    1. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the Zoom event next week. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a big Leo-Aquarius stellium, which is unusual, and pretty hard work at the moment. Saturn, a symbol of waiting games, obstacle courses and heavy burdens, is now in Aquarius so friendship and group involvement is unusually difficult, but you also have the opposition to your Leo chart factors, which of course rules parenthood, but also sexual relationships. The good news is Saturn pushes off in March 2023. You will notice a change right away that month as Pluto then moves in. The focus is absolutely your child, long-term, and only you can decide what to do about that. You have the nodes at 6 Aquarius/6 Leo so this is karmic in nature, relates to your last past life, and it is very likely that your child and/or partner were there in a prior incarnation with you too. When Pluto eventually goes to 6 Aquarius, you have a crossroads decision to make. It sounds as if you are already feeling it coming, but it won’t really be until Pluto has made the ingress into Aquarius in March 2023 that you get a clear sense of when and how. Anyone with a big Leo-Aquarius chart signature has to fulfil the mission of group, team, club, society or association involvement and commitment, yet without being fully immersed in the circle. Always outside it, but integral to it, is the Aquarius path. The Leo path is really about being the leader; the authority; the star of the show – yet somehow having to figure out group dynamics, at the same time. It’s an Eleventh House and Fifth House challenge and to feel contented and also to feel you’ve fulfilled your purpose, you may have to take the King Arthur/Henry V route and take on a ’round table’ of people or ‘we few, we band of brothers’ but understand that heavy lies the head that wears the crown. That’s really where all this is leading, long-term.

  39. Hi ! Exciting conjunction ! Do you think one could get a small inheritance with a Aries Jupiter at 23 and a cancer Saturn at 23?

    1. Too funny. Inheritance is Taurus and/or Scorpio and you have a line-up at 15 and 29 degrees of both signs. That’s too wide for this Jupiter pass at 23, but eventually Jupiter will go to 29 Pisces and make a perfect trine and sextile to that Taurus-Scorpio axis in your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance. The Sun at 29 Taurus will probably time the whole thing, so you’re looking at May 2022. If not then, you wait until later in 2022, when Jupiter goes back to the end of Pisces one more time. I need to point out that the source isn’t so clear – you just stand to gain by saving or making money – and it may be an inheritance or for quite another reason.

  40. Thank you, Jessica! You are such a shining light at this time and we are so fortunate to bask in its glow.

  41. Hey Jessica – very interesting to read your blogs about April. I’ve got Pluto at 23 degrees (Virgo) and Chiron and Hygeia in Pisces. What can I expect from April? Which parts of my life will be shaken up? Two weeks ago my employer informed me that I have to find a new job – and I really could do with a new beginning in love (finally finding a partner). I would love to dream big !!!
    Thanks a lot for all your insights, very appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You’re a Libra with a big Virgo and Scorpio stellium. The lost job is typical of this cycle, which is the most unpredictable, financially, you will ever know. Transiting Uranus in Taurus is in your solar Eighth House of finance until 2026, so unfortunately, the sudden loss of salary can happen. More happily, you have fantastic opportunities for new work in April (now) May, then October-December. The new kind of work you pursue is better, in lifestyle terms and will allow you to take a holiday from the real world. Of course, people sometimes win pay-outs which fund time off, for a couple of months, and that may be the other explanation for this. Do see what is out there for you, though, as your career offers good options for a few more weeks. You will have a partner in May-October or early 2023 and this person will expand your horizons in a fantastic way.

  42. hi jessica,

    thanks for all the articles. I always look forward to reading them.
    question; I have 10 Juno in pisces, 11 north node in pisces, 21 Ceres in pisces, 24 Panacea in pisces, 25 IC in pisces, 29 Mercury in pisces.
    I really want to move, but so far I haven’t been able to find something. A few weeks ago a little dream house came along, but it was too expensive. Do you think I can still make it or have a change? I really want change for the better to give my life a new spin.
    thank you in advance!
    warm greetings Doenja

    1. Thank you. You are an Aries with a Pisces stellium, Doenja. You will find you can save or make a lot of money later on, even if 2022 is challenging. You could move earlier, of course, but your natal chart and solar chart, suggest the price is right, once Jupiter changes signs and goes into Taurus. Rather than sit around waiting for that, you could spend 2022 and most of 2023 in a personal relaunch. That will work really well for you. New look, new profile, perhaps a new role or title. Later on, Jupiter in Taurus will deliver opportunities and solutions for you, as you can make or save money – and by 2024 you should have the home you want, even if it’s not this current expensive dream home.

  43. Dear Jessica,

    I would love to dream big!!, as I have 7 factors in Pisces, including Sun and Panacea at 23 degree (the only 23 degree that I have). Reading one of your reply above, made me realized that I am an introvert, having my own little word and yes absent minded, present but absent, I always prefer being alone and feel no lonely though. My late Mom always thought that I am a bit weird for sometime lost (direction or took wrong way) when I was driving and I had several problems with my ex partner due to this condition, as it seemed I love my own world very much, ignoring others, including him. Always wondering why for so long, and maybe this is the answer.

    Will this special and huge event bring the better version of me, in term of this problem or anything else? I have started meditation and hypnosis regularly, does it helps?

    Many thanks for your great insight.

    1. It is really common for people with a Pisces stellium to get lost, read the map incorrectly and be absent-minded. Strongly Pisces people are also too early or too late. They are too early because they worry about being late; they are late, because they get distracted. The Twelfth House needs management if you have a stellium there, otherwise you can end up being ‘elsewhere’ in your head, to the point where you have practical problems. Partners can feel ignored, or you can miss appointments. A good way to manage the Twelfth House is to have a regular time, every day, when you are allowed to pursue your. hypnosis or meditation for a good hour (at least) and ‘get lost’ in a constructive way. Then come back!

  44. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this really uplifting heads-up and your previous blog about this conjunction too. They fill me with hope. I’m not sure how they affect me directly, but just the idea that so many will feel something tremendous is bound to have an energetic impact on us all. I’m sure we could all use the bump 🙂
    I only have one Pisces factor = Diana. This probably does represent something really important to me at the moment – freedom. But I’m not sure how to manifest it in reality.
    I have only one factor at 23 degrees – Aesculapia in Cancer.
    I’m hoping I can make one of the Zoom Meetups!

    1. Thank you. You have a big Aries-Cancer pattern in your chart, including Aesculapia and the Sun in Cancer too. What is happening in April, May, is really about success. You are set to expand as a professional, as a student, or as a volunteer. Opportunities to do this will appear soon after Jupiter changes signs in May and accelerate by June, when Mars in Aries joins a triple pattern with Chiron, also in Aries. This shows up in your natal and solar chart. It’s really about appreciating that you have fantastic resources and opportunities in your career, your academic career or with the non-profit world. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. I can’t make you take the opportunities, but if you follow the path in May-October and then again in early 2023 you will have a prestigious new job; a promotion; a hit project; stunning results.

  45. Dear Jessica, thank you for all your wise guidance for everyone. I am looking forward to the meet-up.

    All the authors and experts that you mention resonated with me. Very valuable reading.

    I seem to have a lot of 22s and 23s in my chart and would be grateful if you could share what they signify. Thank you so much.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you. The event this week will be really interesting, as it will involve Tarot for ourselves, across Australia, America and Britain. Lots of different time zones. You are a Sun Libra with Jupiter at 23 Capricorn, so this is about work, career, unpaid work, status, success, ambition and achievement. Transiting Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces will form a perfect sextile to your natal Jupiter. This triggers a pattern which began when you were 12 years old and first saw some success at school. It also triggers your 24th year, as between 23 and 25 your professional life or academic career started to really grow. April and May are about gathering oaks from acorns you planted a long time ago, but also planting new acorns. Again, in about 12 years from now (on the Jupiter cycle) they will grow again.

  46. Hi Jessica, I am fairly new to astrology and still trying to get my head around what things mean. I first got interested in 2019 when I read my yearly horoscope half way through the year and it said that the financial winds were turning in the world and that in a few years time it would be freezing and that everyone should get their financial ship in order before this happened and I couldn’t think what could cause that to happen until I saw the first lockdowns in China with the covid and then it became obvious and I have been hooked on astrology ever since. I only found your website about 6 to 8 months ago but wished I had found you a lot earlier. I have a few factors at 23 degrees and wonder if you could tell me how this would affect me.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the financial winds did turn and it was time to get our ship in order. COVID-19 was the cyclone, wasn’t it. I am glad astrology is proving to be useful for you. You are a Libra with a big Scorpio, Virgo, Aries signature. It’s your Sixth House of workload, housework, health, wellbeing that is the story in 2022, 2023, 2024. This shows in both your natal and solar chart. You are being shown a bubble to ride around in. You have this Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in your solar Sixth House and there is usually a fair amount of illusion with that. Others looking at your situation from the outside have no idea about what is really going on. Yet, it is fair to say that you have found a way to escape the real world, or evade the difficulties that others experience with work, or health. This is relevant in a pandemic for obvious reasons. This bubble to ride around in will carry you nicely into May, then reappear October-December. Ongoing, what you can create for yourself in 2022 should last until 2026, as a permanent holiday from reality – with work. With housework. With unpaid work or study. Particularly, with your body, mind and spirit. In your natal chart your Virgo factors receive trines from Taurus and Capricorn lunar transits every 29 days, and later on, Jupiter in Taurus will arrive to really lift you up where you belong, in terms of the financing, but also the lifestyle. So start now. Build the world.

  47. Hi Jessica, I have these planets,
    Mercury 23 Taurus
    Hygeia 22 Pisces
    Ops 22 Aquarius
    Mercury has always worried me because it is opposite Uranus in my birth chart. I would like to know how to work it in the best way. Thank you so much for everything. Grateful. Kind regards.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a few factors around 22/23 and Mercury at 23 Taurus with Uranus at 18 Scorpio. The latter is not an opposition in modern astrology. It’s too wide (use orbs of 0-1 degree for accuracy). So no need to worry about a Mercury-Uranus opposition that does not exist! Essentially, this year is about expanding your success and increasing your importance, professionally, with unpaid work or academia. You are already on that path now, in April 2022 and it will only become broader and easier, by this time next month. You can then pick things up again after October and end the year at Christmas with a really satisfying project, role or new position behind you. Of course you can let opportunities pass you by, but hopefully you have already jumped on something that was made for you. This Tenth House transit shows up in your solar and natal chart. In your solar chart you have Jupiter and Neptune in your Tenth House of ambition, and in your natal chart, you have Pluto passing through the Tenth House. You can use the Tarot to validate that and also get some timing for 2022.

  48. Hi Jessica
    I have Pluto 23 degrees in Virgo – not sure what that means for me. But this year sees me at a crossroads in… everything! A business idea going off in a different direction, new house, moving on from a relationship. I’d like to think that Dream Big is for me and that by the end of the year I’ll be in a completely different (and better) place than I am now. Is this the case? Thank you so much, Dawn

    1. You are a Leo who is Cancer, Virgo, Libra dominant and were given a Leo name at birth – Dawn. Your ruler the Sun is important in your chart. You will make or save money, thanks to the new house, the business – or other reasons – in April, May and again in October, November, December. You probably know this already. The aftermath of the relationship will take some time to sort out, but from March 2023 you can offload a burden about that person, or with them. The most obvious thing about your chart is the person overseas, or the interests in another country. That has already switched a light on in April and from mid-May 2022 it will be dazzling. A new light house for you to follow.

  49. Hi Jessica, hope you are well. I am quite intrigued by your statement that money based/fake cults will be exposed because I believe these are really harming not only individuals but whole societies – in Brazil, where I come from, the poor are manipulated economically and politically by these cults and I would absolutely love to see these people held responsible for the damage they have caused. My own family from my father’s side is full of crazily religious people (they are not attached to fake cults but that is little consolation) and one of the reasons I love living in England, very far away from them… As I don’t have any factors in pisces or anything at 23 degrees (have 22 and 24 but no 23) , I am wondering whether I can benefit from this conjunction indirectly if family finally to”see the light”? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius chart signature. The family will cease to be a burden from March 2023, either because things change in your favour, or because (for whatever reason) you no longer care. As you say, you are living in England, far away from them. The question of a religious clean-up is very close now. We are days away from the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. To take this apart we need to go back to Neptune in Pisces, which is a long-running cycle of many years, when alternative reality (Neptune) in the Christian churches (Pisces) has led to confusion at best, and at worst, delusion. We are now in 2022 when some churches behave like corporations and some ‘men of God’ support violent war. Unbelievable, yet believable, with many years of Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter is traditionally a force for good. He rights wrongs and corrects situations. Let’s see what happens in Brazil.

  50. Hi Jessica.
    Thank you for another great reading. Please would you kindly let me know how to make the most of this Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces based on my birth chart? I can see I have Pluto at 23 Libra?
    Thank you so much, Annie

    1. Thank you. Annie, you are a Sun Libra with a Libra stellium, so you live in your Seventh House. Duets, pairs and couples are very important to you, and you will try variations on this theme throughout your life. Marriage is an obvious one but so is a professional partnership, or a good platonic friendship. You will find one particular double-act is central to your existence in April and from the second half of May it expands and improves. This may be an alliance which can grow, for example. It will continue to benefit you in early 2023. By balancing the see-saw with this other person, you can create special symmetry and a mechanism which works powerfully for both of you. Two people in unison can be very powerful, as you would know, with Pluto in Libra. It is also true that the Seventh House is about conflict, battle and feud. The duel as well as the duet. This cycle also benefits you if you are against the other side/another person. They may turn out to be the weak enemy who hands you victory, for example. But as John Lennon knew, and he was a Sun Libra – it is better to make love than war. Try to use this cycle for a duet.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    April and May look to be interesting months for me based on your reporting. I have 03˚ Aires in my first house, two planets in Pisces in my 12th house: 02˚ Pisces in Panacea, and 27˚ Pisces in OPS. I also have Libra 24˚ which is not 23˚(not 24˚ but close) how might this play out for me? I am doing out-of-town (travel) part-time work near the end of April and early May.

    Thank you so much for all you do, so enjoy being a member.


    1. Thank you Marianne. I am glad you enjoy being a Premium Member. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a huge stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, so even though you live at home, you also live in another country or culture – mentally. Foreigners and foreign places will be important throughout your life, as will the idea of knowledge exchange; being a perpetual student or life or mentor/guide for others. Despite this, the house or apartment, the land or garden, should be your priority in April, May and again in October, November, December, as this is where the growth is. It’s also where the luck is.

  52. Hi Jessica, my partner is Sun Libra with Moon Pisces. I am a Sun Leo with near 23 degree factors aspects. We’re expecting a baby girl around Sep start, looking to rent a place of our own and sensible career/work adjustment for me. Lots happening. Will everything fall into place? April feels like a month with significant events. Feeling kind of overwhelmed.

    1. Congratulations on your baby. If you are also trying to rent a new home and make work changes, you probably do feel overwhelmed. Your partner is about to enjoy the most fantastic Seventh House transit of Jupiter in mid-May 2022, and that’s not happened for 12 years. So his partnership with you will expand and improve, and it will happen rather quickly, as Mars also moves into his solar Seventh House by June. In your own solar chart, this Aries transit tallies with foreigners and foreign countries for you. This may be connected with your child or happen independently of the pregnancy, but it will be good news. For both of you, these trends are starting right now, in April 2022, as you both know. You are strongly Leo as well as being a Sun Leo so you were born to lead, guide and influence your child – not just be a regular mother. You will save or make money until May, then again from October to December, and that will help you with your new home and the rent.

  53. Hi Jessica,

    I always learn so much from not only your posts, but also the comments. In your last post on Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces, I read your response to a comment that addressed my North Node/South Node at 22 Pisces/22 Virgo, and another that addressed my 23 Pluto at Virgo. I also have my Ascendent/Descendent at 24 Cancer/24 Capricorn. Might you be able to put all these together for me?

    I am coming off a phase of intense workaholism and am starting to see more abundance in money, time for myself, and time to have a life. I also just pulled the Ace of Cups for myself on your Tarot, with a question about feeling safe – when it comes to money, romantic relationships, and just being myself. Any advice gratefully appreciated. And loving your comments on Twitter. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer woman who is also strongly Cancer-Libra. The Ace of Cups is about two things. A group – and a rebirth or Christening. This tallies with your astrological chart. A group of people who share the power together can change a corner of the world, and if you are not already involved with these allies and fellow travellers, you soon will be. The group will either trigger important decisions by May, or you will actually join it then. The idea of giving space and asking for space, between you, is very important. This is emotional. You are Cancer-dominant so feelings rule. Even though you are not over-close and over-connected in each others’ lives there is a really potent emotional bond. Other water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces may be involved. The cup itself is a symbol of emotion too. It is linked to Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces again. So there is a baby to be Christened in 2022 or a rebirth/birth on a symbolic level for you, connected at a distance to this group.

  54. You are a Sun Gemini with an Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, and your Moon is in Aquarius too, as you know. You are going through the toughest cycle in 29 years with those people, that social situation, and although it ends in March 2023, it can feel like a slog at the time. Saturn is in Aquarius, transiting your Eleventh House, so your normal modus operandi is affected. The pandemic is one practical explanation for that. Socialising is hard. Big groups are hard. Astrology is useful as it tells you where to put your focus. For you, this is success. Professional, unpaid work or academic success. The opportunities will keep coming by May, but you need to jump on them and use them. Be aware of what you are being offered and ‘show up and smile’ as they say. The doors will open again in October-December and if you work this whole transit properly, you will be promoted (perhaps again), win a prestigious new role or have a whopping hit on your hands.

  55. Hello Jessica & team, just to say, love your work. I have my Mars and MC in Pisces, and while far away from the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, I have already felt Divinely supported in many areas of my life, and am enjoying developing my relationship with Divine nature in all things. Hope you are all going well, I am really looking forward to any event, if I can make it. Kind regards and love, from a very happy member. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I do hope you can come to the Meetup event and I will pass that compliment on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. You are a Sun Aries with a Pisces, Aries, Gemini signature, as you know. You are moving towards a relaunch by May, and this is the transition period. What happened around 1st April nudged you in the right direction, and in the second half of May you will have a fantastic opportunity to hatch all over again. A new look, perhaps a new title, fresh profile boost is coming by May 2023.

  56. Team

    Apr 4, 2022, 5:13 GMT+10

    Hi Jessica. I have only found your website recently and i find you amazing. Thank you for all.
    I am new and i would appreciate your help concerning this important Jupiter and Neptune influence this month. I have several at 23 or 24 degrees in my birth chart as follows. Mercure 23 virgo, Juno 24 libra, Asc 24 cancer, Desc 24 Capricorne, Msc 23 Aries. Can you help me to understand ? Looking forward for your help. Thank you

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with a Libra stellium so inhabit your Seventh House much of the time. Life is about the duel, the partnership, the duet or the battle. It may sometimes be about both. So, for example, you and your partner fight for a cause together. You can also (naturally) fight within a marriage or partnership itself, usually over matters of fairness or equality. This becomes very important in April, May, June as you make the transition from having normal expectations of a duet or duel, or the chances of falling into a pair – and replace them with higher, more hopeful expectations. It may also be that you want to win a battle. Life will be more peaceful if you just pursue ‘the two of us, together’ no matter if this is sexual, professional or platonic. Two is the right number for you, from April onwards.

  57. Hi Jessica, there is a lot of excitement about the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction across the www. It falls 1degree from my Chiron, what is the orb that is impacted by these two planets, how will my wounded healer be affected? Chiron itself is very close to my Venus. Does Jupiter retrograde back to Neptunes orb?

    1. Chiron isn’t a wounded healer. He was a maverick teacher. He is a symbol of where you get away with the so-called impossible. Where you educate, mentor, guide and sometimes officially tutor people about what is usually deemed unthinkable or outrageous. You have Chiron at 25 Pisces, which is too wide for a conjunction in modern astrology. Jupiter won’t be back in this rare line-up with Neptune, the North Node and South Node, no. You obviously want to use the timing in your natal chart, though, so just remember you are a Sun Taurus so this falls in your solar Eleventh House of friends and groups. In your natal chart we find Bacchus, Diana and the Ascendant in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Saturn is transiting there. So really, April is about the hive mind; the circle; the collective – and the allies you have inside it. You are being offered an escape route and a treasure chest, with these people. Time to take the path that leads to the reward.The path may take you away and out, or further in. It really depends how you feel about the group in question.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    I was born on March 6, and it looks like that is an important date for this period. I wonder what you think of my chart as a Pisces? It seems that this sign has a lot of interesting and unique alignments this time around. Thanks so much for the insight!

    1. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart, but if you were born on March 6th then you are overdue for a relaunch and will have a new profile, perhaps a new look, role or title, within weeks. The second chance will arrive October-December.

  59. Dear Jessica, I don’t know much about Astrology but I’m so grateful that I found you and your Blog with all your important Posts and Discussing. The Day you postet this outstanding Conjunction in Pisces I felt the energy of Jesus so close by side and it was such a bright and friendly energy. I’m born on September 9, 1951 a a Virgin with a lot of Sagittarius, Pluto in my 8th house, which was special, but I did it:)). My whole life I was working as Journalist and PR, travelling al over the world but since many years I’m also working as Channel and Healer. Do you think that there would come more for me in this field around this aspect?
    Would be very grateful for your sight, dear Jessica, many thanks!

    1. Channelling and healing are growth areas in 2022 and people with the gift, like you, will be given opportunities to go further. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are a description of Jesus Christ as a reborn phenomenon in April and it is of course Easter; the resurrection. We have Easter every year, but not like this. Doors will open for you as a medium and/or healer and it will change your life if you go through them.

  60. Hello Jessica, thank you very much for your amazing work… I follow you from Italy and reading you, has helped a lot 🙂 I have Aesculapia
    23° in Taurus 46′ 30 but no factor in Pesces, what does that mean? Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer woman with a Sagittarius signature in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Starting in April 2022 you will be pulled towards another nationality; different culture; other language; distant pin on the map. It will work out extremely well for you. Thank you for your kind words. You live in Italy but what happens in April, May, June will encourage you to look far outside your own country, nationality and culture – for rare reasons – with a happy outcome.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all that you do. I have been looking forward to this conjunction for a while. I have been through a lot the past few weeks with family; a beloved relative died and there was a lot with planning the funeral, etc. I was blessed to be there for his transition. It was not my first experience being with a loved one when they transitioned but it was by far the most profound. The stress and busyness after has gotten in the way of reflecting on that and now I have to turn my attention to my career and also finances. Curious what you see around the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in my chart. Thanks again and have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarian with a Taurus-Scorpio chart signature and I would not be surprised to hear you had been named in the will. Scorpio rules the Eighth House, which describes the legacy you make, which names other people, but also bequests to you. Of course sometimes the legacy to you can be worth its weight in gold, it not actually material. So what you were left, by the person who also left, may be rich in value, quite outside anything on paper. It sounds like that. In any case, you will make or save a lot of money in April, May and again in October, November, December. You have a bubble until 2026, actually, and it insulates you from economic reality. There is something not quite real about it. It’s there, and it’s real enough for you, but there is a sense of ‘let’s pretend’ with this transit sometimes, or ‘real but not real.’ Property bubbles are very common. Your house doubles in value, for example.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for everything. I check in daily and read the blogs. It’s comforting in what has and still is such a difficult time for everyone.
    I’m wondering how this will affect myself and my husband. I’m a member and have a birth chart but he isn’t. His birthday is 28 – 8 – 1958 and born about 7.40pm
    J x

    1. Thank you. Your husband has a rare opportunity to improve his marriage with you, or find a solution outside the marriage which will benefit him in a lasting way. Churchill used to talk about ‘broad, sunlit uplands’ and there is a new sense of hope, optimism and possibility for him, in the duet with you, or if things are difficult, a breakthrough. This takes place in April, May and again in October, November, December. It may also be true of a professional partnership he has – I can’t see his chart and you don’t say anything about him. If he is in a business duet, then this transit is just as likely to be about that. The two of them could take off together, or if things have been difficult, patch it up or part company amicably. It’s really on that level.

  63. Hi there, I have admired your work for years and have just become a Premium member. I have really felt the weight of the terrible war in Ukraine, largely because most of my career has focused on Russia and my son is half-Russian (I am English) but also because I always seem to be very sensitive to other people’s suffering. I would be grateful for any insight you have from my chart, particularly with my career. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Nobody ever talks about that. The huge difficulty of working in Russia, having a background and history in Moscow or St. Petersburg or having half-Russian children. The comfort of astrology is that it clearly predicted the Ukraine, Russia and UN crisis (have a look at the YouTube Conscious Cafe clip from 2020, about 35 minutes in, which recorded my forecast about sanctions). Thus, it can predict a way out of the crisis, and Russia will withdraw in the face of powerful, massed, strength within NATO, the EU, the G20, the UN – even the Commonwealth. Your own chart will show this sensitivity to the situation with your son, and also your previous career – you are a Sun Gemini with a stellium in Cancer. Cancer rules your son, but also your past in Russia (nationality, nationhood, home). That stellium has been under long, slow opposition from Pluto for quite a while but from March 2023 it’s over. From 2024, it’s history. You have stunning career options in April, May and again in October, November, December and the project or role on offer in your profession, academic career or unpaid work sphere will be big, with spreading potential – and give you a way out, or a way through, of the all-too-real world.

  64. Hi Jessica, would welcome your insight, I have the following in my chart: Jupiter 03° Pisces 11′ 44″ R Chiron 06° Pisces 40′ 46″ R IC 28° Pisces 52′ 51″ I am looking to make changes in my life professionally. Thank you, Maria

    1. You are a Sun Libra with five factors in Virgo, so a stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House of lifestyle, health, workload, daily routine and mental health and wellbeing. Maria, the Sixth House is about your job, so your timing is correct. Use the opportunities and solutions that come in April and the first half of May. There will be more in October, November, December 2022. A bigger and better work situation is on offer, that would also make a difference to your health. So, for example, you may negotiate a four-day week so you avoid COVID-19 better. Or you may find you acquire a new role in a corporation which gives you discounts on health insurance. There are many, many ways this can deliver for you, but the door will open quite soon.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for posting such a wonderful article full of hope. I’ve been a member since 2016 and hope to stay one until you retire! My chart will be triggered in a big way when I look at the degrees of the planets and the signs they are in. My MC is in Virgo and my nodes are Scorpio-Taurus. Please tell me that there is money stability ahead for me! Money has been such an issue in my life for many years now!

    1. Thank you. Money issues for years are always Taurus and/or Scorpio. You have patterns at 1, 22, 26 degrees in Scorpio and the North Node is at 22 Scorpio and South Node at 22 Taurus. So yes, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces is just one degree away from a trine to your natal North Node at 22 Scorpio and a sextile to your natal South Node at 22 Taurus. This will help you figure out the imbalance with property, charity, business or money and find solutions. These will eventually save or make you a lot of money when Jupiter (opportunity, growth) moves to Taurus. Even if 2022 is still hard work, as you go into 2023-2024 you will find an approach that works for you. Your last past life was spent dealing with the difference between your own values and those of a business partner, husband, wife, parent or similar. You had your attitude towards money and they had theirs. In this lifetime you may have incarnated with the same questions, again involving (say) a relative or lover. What happens in April will really help you with that. Long-term the answer will be to find a system that serves your life budget, but also serves the combined life budget you share with other people. The lunar nodes always show the last, past life. If you have strong feelings about the last war, that would not be surprising, as we also had a lunar node transit in Taurus-Scorpio then, along with Uranus in Taurus. That can be educational if you want to look into it. Why have you incarnated now and if you did go through an incarnation in 1939-1945, what did it produce?

  66. Sorry, I forgot to add that my birth time is accurate so my MC and IC are accurate.

  67. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for your Zoom meeting in a few days I’m looking forward to.
    The last 6 month have been like a merry-go-round, got a new job after 2 years of unemployment, planed to move together with my partner I was very much in love with, he separated from me shortly before the move to another town where I work now, doing psychotherapy in his homeland being really confused. I moved all by myself and recognized that my job is similar to a job I started end of 2012 as a Project Assistant. Torn between two companies, the company which employed me and the company I am working for. I never wanted that again!
    What I really love is the view I have in my new flat, looking at the river watching ships passing.
    I am very exhausted, very sad, I was deeply in love with my ex partner. All the joy is gone. I stopped practicing Yoga for 2 months, just existed but started again last week.
    Can I expect a little light at the end of the tunnel, currently life feels like a big burden.
    I have Jupiter 23 Scorpio, Ceres 21 Scorpio, Juno 22 Libra, Minerva 22 Taurus. My NorthNode 04 Libra, SouthNode 04 Aries.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    1. You are a Leo Sun woman with a stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual/financial relationships, family legacies, and your own will, which names other people. So, the big picture items in life, like a house, or land, or a flat. You have had transits of the Eighth House in your solar chart (Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces in your solar Eighth) and your natal chart (the South Node in Scorpio in your natal Eighth). The separation preceded the new flat. You have the view but not the partnership, Christiane. Unfortunately that combination of Leo-Scorpio commonly results in the break-up of a home, or a business/financial split. There can also be issues about personal possessions or the key to the front door. The transit of the South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus, as well as Uranus in Taurus, has also been hard work, as Taurus is the sign that opposes Scorpio. This can and does get better; the South Node is not in Scorpio forever. The bigger picture of your situation is that you were with somebody whose values were not the same as your own. By separating you have been allowed to get on with your own, true, financial, business, property or even charity values. Your own life budget. In my files on Sun Leo/Scorpio Stellium charts I can find people who fell out over differences in attitude towards philanthropy and good causes. Tight versus generous, you might say. I can also find examples of generous versus exploitative. That’s also charming, isn’t it! Even though you have been knocked around by the merry-go-round (not so merry) you had to be picked up, turned around, and put on the right financial path for the future. He would have got in the way of that correct path, I’m afraid. The gift he has unconsciously given you is yoga, because you will lean on it harder and gain more from it. But you’ll also try something else. And that will help you too. In the meantime, you will save or make a lot of money by Christmas so make sure you choose, what you want to do with it!

  68. Hello Jessica,
    If you have accurate data, any chance you could do a reading for the future of North Korea?
    Thank you!

    1. North Korea is an outlier, like Russia. The problem for these countries is that they are acting out Pluto (absolute power) in Capricorn (the man at the top) and the tide of time is already against them. Pluto transits always pull down plutocrats. Pluto will be in Aquarius all too soon, from March 2023, and Aquarius is the sign of community, equality and diversity. Power is shared among the group and half of them are female, or could be. Different backgrounds (rich, poor, working class, upper class) share the control of pooled resources. When you look at North Korea, but also Russia, Belarus – you see none of that. And no matter how hastily ‘friendships’ may be struck between nations like Russia and China, there is nothing genuine there. No historic bond. Again, this is an issue for nations which are heading into Pluto in Aquarius. It’s about the group. If historically there has been no community or circle, forged in hard times and good, then there’s nothing there. It can’t be faked; it will fall apart. North Korea has been remote, isolated, separated for such a long time there is really no chance for her in the world order from March 2023 and particularly not for her leader. Just one man. Kim could get away with it during Pluto in Capricorn but as Dylan said, the times, they are a changin’ as we head towards 2023, 2024. Women are likely to rise in North Korea.

  69. Hi Jessica, you are really good, I was smiling when I was reading your comments. Thank you so much for picking up Uranus in my chart, for some reason I forgot to include Uranus, but you’re right it is close in degrees to the current Jupiter Neptune conjunction. You know why you stand out among the astrologers? There are so many reasons but I’ll point out a few of them for now : you write well, and that is so important. You have a good understanding of the planets, stars, asteroids: an orb of one degree is correct. Some astrologers do this wacky five to ten degree orb and it makes no sense. It’s like putting two magnets far apart, nothing happens – until the distance between them is shorter – one degree. But what separates you from the rest of the astrologers is that you’re also a clairvoyant, a psychic, a medium – along the lines of Nostradamus. Putting the two together makes you simply outstanding. I read your articles, your books, your comments to myself and others, and in my head I’m going, “right, tick, tick, correct, yeah that’s right,. my gosh she’s so right.” Also glad to see that you advocate the Rodden rating system. It’s so important to use the right data from the get-go or the whole analysis is wrong.

    I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, it’s really very helpful and much appreciated. No one does world events, the prediction of world events, better than you.

    1. That is a really generous thing to write, thank you. And yes, always use an orb of 0-1 degree in modern astrology, or the chart looks like a pizza!

  70. Thanks for this article and the upcoming Zoom event. I’m looking forward to it! I only have Diana in Pisces but I have a stellium in Cancer including Saturn at 23 degrees. I also have Jupiter at 23 Aries, and nodes in Scorpio and Taurus. I’m a single parent of two kids and have been on my own for years. I would like to meet someone nice. I drew a tarot card while reflecting on my love life over the next month and got an Ace of Cups! I took it as a very positive sign, and would be grateful for your insights. Thanks!

    1. Something I forgot to mention when I replied the first time; as a member you can pick up a Tarot guide in the flipbook library which will give you an even more detailed explanation of the Ace of Cups.

  71. Dear Jessica,
    what a big alignment for me! I have NN in 23deg in Scorpio and SN in 23 in Taurus. At the same time, I have Aesculapia in 23deg in Leo, Jupiter in 22deg in Aries, Mercury in 22deg Libra, 22deg Diana in Aquarius, and Vesta 24deg Pisces. Can you make it clearer for me to understand in which way I can experience this alignment and mainly in which areas of my life?
    Thank you very much

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a Libra stellium. You are about to see Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) and Neptune (holidays from reality) in your solar Seventh House of duets and duels. In your natal chart, we find your Seventh House of duets and duels steadily triggered from May-October and in the first quarter of 2023. So, you gain from an historic shift with/for the other person. This may be your marriage or professional partnership. It’s about the two of you. If it’s a battle or feud you are engaged with, the benefits will come there. 2022 is quite remarkable as the same story is told twice, in your solar chart and natal chart. For more on this, have a look at the Seventh House in your flipbooks.

  72. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I am new to astrology and trying to navigate through my chart. I am trying to ascertain what 23degrees Hygeia Aquarius means. I would appreciate your thoughts on my chart if you have the time. Thank you and best wishes.

    1. I hope you can pick up the flipbooks that come with membership and unlock the features which explain your chart to you. Very quickly, Hygiea in Aquarius is your protective, defensive, cautious approach (Hygiea) to shielding against any future issues, with friends and groups. This will be brought to life, in a useful way, in April 2022.

  73. Not sure if that is good or bad. Women in general of the population or more specifically, his sister? She looks to be more authoritarian than her brother. Thank you for all your insights.

    1. Pluto in Aquarius, is what it is. There are both positives and negatives. But it always heavily populates the pool with women.

  74. Having read your forecasts, articles and comments every day and for so long, it was surreal to receive a reply sent to me personally. Amazing! I’m looking forward to your Zoom meeting on the 8th (I got the last place!).

    1. Thank you. We did have a limited number of free places, so I am glad you were able to secure one. Alicia and I look forward to seeing you online.

  75. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for all the info you provide. It certainly helps me learn a lot.

    I have several factors at 23 and 24 degrees which I have listed below and would be very grateful if you elaborate on what impact this conjunction will have and in which areas of my life. I am a cancer sun.

    23 mars in libra
    24 pluto in libra
    24 neptune in sag
    24 minerva in taurus
    24 bacchus in gemini
    24 hygiea in leo
    23 ops in scorpio

    Much appreciated

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with a stellium in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, including Neptune. Transiting Neptune at 23 Pisces will trine natal Neptune with a one-degree orb. That’s pretty close, so we could say ‘around April 12th’ and be accurate – about a fantastic new opportunity, not possible in many years, to have more, experience more and know more – through another nationality, culture or pin on the map. This resonates in both your solar and natal chart. It will be here until May and then again October-December.

  76. If I don’t have anything in Pisces, will there be any effects for me in April?

    1. I’ve answered you elsewhere and we’ll talk about that on the day, thank you.

  77. Hi Jessica & amazing team, thank you so very much. xoo I have finally signed up to Meet-ups (photo of my fave gum tree flowers and leaves), just pending confirm of my addition to the group. The meeting is early WA time (where I am), and it is also my husband’s birthday that day (another Aries! 🙂 ), but I will try and manage to pop in (if I am able) for at least 30 minutes – setting my alarm clock. I am very much a homebody and hermit, which is living my Pisces signature I guess, and I do love the written word (Gemini ! 🙂 ) So I really appreciate all the wisdom you have shown me, and the light you beam on all of us, Jessica. These are really interesting times, and I am praying for everybody’s wellbeing. E.J. 🙂

    1. I do ask that you use a clear photograph of your face and your Christian name and surname when you join Astrology and Tarot Meetups. I am sorry if that’s not clear on the page – I’ll go and check that’s explained. If you are not waitlisted for the event, it is because you used a photograph of a tree and perhaps didn’t use your name. If you want to correct that, you can still waitlist for events later in 2022, but be quick as these tend to fill up. Thank you.

  78. Dear Jessica, I’m only new here and I apologise my preceding comment was so abrupt!

    I’m excited to be attending the Zoom event and have been doing lots of reading and listening around your (very well-resourced) website, working to understand it and what the ‘weather’ and other placements mean for me.

    In terms of the upcoming Zoom session, I have three questions:

    – what does Neptune and Jupiter BEING IN Pisces mean for me if I have nothing in Pisces?
    – do I read my chart correctly and have the Sun at 23 degrees in my sun sign (Leo) and fifth house – if do, what’s that mean now?
    – is it significant that Taurus is my IC and Scorpio is my MC?

    Hoping you’d be able to give me some insights.

    Many thanks

    1. Thanks Jane. That’s a good question which Alicia and I will discuss at the Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction event, on Zoom. What does it mean if you have nothing in Pisces? It’s just weather. It’s rather like hearing there is a storm, but you are in another part of the state or county. Your home will not get hit, but other people will, and that affects you at a distance. We are going to see a massive global religious response to Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. There will also be a sweeping new media or Hollywood interest in the psychic, religious or spiritual world. You are a Sun Leo with a big Taurus-Scorpio signature, and if your birth time is spot-on, then your IC and MC are in those financial signs. You have already been lucky two or three times with financial, property, charity or business matters. I’ve had Leo/Taurus/Scorpio type readers on this website who have seen their market value increase by 50% (salary) and their homes more than double in value. The trick in April, May is to seek the best advice you can afford to capitalise on what you have, or what you could have, Jane. This transit pulls in the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio too, so it’s hugely important to your future, in terms of the house, bank account, apartment, land and so on.

  79. Dear Jessica,

    I’m still trying to figure out how to join but I will attend if I can.

    I have Moon at 23 Aquarius and Lilith 23 Sagittarius, but also Mercury 24 Cancer and Saturn 24 Gemini. I was wondering what will happen to me. Thank you so much!

    1. Lilith is not part of modern astrology. She is a non-Roman archetype and astrology is Roman in origin. Your Moon is important here. If your birth time was accurate then you will experience a semi-sextile to your natal Moon in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. You need to be needed, where charities, teams, clubs, associations, societies, political parties, bands – are concerned. You mother your friends. You mother the group. This has been really hard since Christmas 2020 when Saturn went into Aquarius and your Eleventh House. The pandemic has separated you from friends, or different opinions on (say) vaccination, tourism or business travel have separated you from friends. New people are harder to meet and big, mass group events (like festivals) have been decimated. This cycle stops in March 2023, for whatever reason. Until then, thanks to this semi-sextile, you will be shown a way out, or a way through. A solution to at least one of the things that is driving you mad about your social life, or the behaviour of people you thought were friends. It’s on that level.

  80. Dear Jessica, would welcome your insights, I have Uranus at 23• 40’ 28” R in Scorpio in the 3rd house, plus panacea 04• 50’ 49” and DS 01• 08’ 37” in Pisces in the 7th house. I am hoping for an improvement in the professional /financial areas after much instability. Thank you, Valentina

    1. I am not sure why everyone is using a different house system on this discussion! If you use the chart you have with membership, which uses the Natural House System, Uranus will be in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance, and Pisces rules your Twelfth House, not your Seventh House. Okay, so you are a Sun Taurus with an Aquarius signature. That is actually what matters on this conjunction. The issues you have been having with the group, and particular friends, do not go away overnight, but there are alternatives and one open door has been there for a few weeks now. Aquarius is really the outsider who supplies the group and although you are never fully immersed in the circle, club, team, network, community – you are integral to it. At the same time, it has never been as difficult as it’s been in 2021, 2022 and that is not just because of the pandemic. It is also the transit of Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of team spirit. For one reason or another you have been burdened with the wrong people, or the wrong team. There may have been other obstacles, caused by the pandemic, like – a complete absence of social opportunity. That can happen too. The good news is, this ends in March 2023 when Saturn goes. Once and for all. Until then, you do have an ‘out’ and I strongly recommend you take it. A separate story will be financial, regarding property, charity, business or your bank account as the trine picks up Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House. You are the catalyst for a revolution which will liberate you and him/her/them in April.

  81. Hi Jessica!!! Thank you for the updates on all things Jupiter and Neptune. I did a deep dive into your posts from last year speaking to this exact alignment for some insight for how o should channel this energy.
    I do not have any natal planets directly at 23 degrees, but those of us who have placements a degree before or after 23 will still be pretty well impacted from what I gathered.
    That being said, I have the following in my chart:
    Moon @ 22 Gemini, 1st House
    Mars @ 24 Cancer, 2nd House
    Neptune @ 22 Sagittarius, 7th House
    Chiron @ 22 Taurus, 12th House
    Pluto @ 22 Libra, 5th House

    So, with all that up there happening, I’m a little confused on which if any I should focus on, or where to start really, and how it could possibly all tie together. Any insight would be fabulous, but especially any guidance you could offer on where to begin my journey down the rabbit hole of researching how to best utilize this transit.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for the stars with us. I learn something new and profound every time I visit your site.

    Angela Thomas

    1. Thank you Angela. Using a one-degree orb, and correcting your chart, as you are using a different house system to me, we have ‘April’ in general (not April 12th as the orbs are too wide) as a useful month of overdue opportunities and solutions, with the duets or duels in your life. You have a Libra stellium, including Pluto, which is not in your Fifth House – it is in your Seventh House. You will see the door open to sweeping answers and new, welcome, developments with a marriage (say) or sexual relationship. With a work partnership or platonic duet. It can also concern a battle or contest, and again, that would work in your favour as vast answers appear.

  82. Dear Jessica! I didn’t get into the zoom event and I am on a rather long wait list. So I’d deeply appreciate some advice on this conjunction as it relates to me and my chart. You mention that this conjunction lasts 4 days. What is the most important thing I can do to take advantage of those 4 days and this historic, once in a lifetime event? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU for your expert insight and guidance! Cheers!

    1. I am sorry you were not able to attend this time. I announced the 2022 events months in advance as they book out quickly. The Conscious Cafe have asked me to look at the astrology and Tarot of 2023 in an event, so if you follow them @ConsciousCafe you’ll be first to hear. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Gemini signature. The course, project or idea that falls into place in April is important all year and will resurface in October-December with a terrific outcome, or there will be a second brainwave, plan or concept which you add to your list of achievements. It will involve you online, more than anything else, and your ability to connect and communicate will be centre-stage. Even if you find yourself in full Mercury Retrograde mode in May, June and Mars Retrograde mode in the final months of 2022, try to use this period of beta testing, rehearsal and second and third drafts, to your advantage, with one eye on 2023.

  83. Hi Jessica I have Cupido 23° Libra -will this conjunction affect me and if so how long would you expect its influence? good luck at the weekend!

    1. Perhaps the no-fault divorce ruling in Britain will directly affect you, as Libra rules marriage, divorce, sexual partnership and single life. An awful lot of divorced people are about to join the dating game. Cupido is short-term passion and infatuation. Just Lust, as Pete Shelley once sang. Libra is pairs, couples and duets. This intensely romantic aspect of your personality is about to be well and truly triggered in April.

  84. Hi Jessica! This is such an interesting period for me, so many factors activated with the transits. Looking forward to the zoom meeting this weekend with you. My mother moved on in 2020, and I wonder if this weekend will bear connection. I inherited a house from her and am giving it on rent this month. I feel much stronger and secure lately, and hope now I can live life on my terms. How do you see it playing out? I really respect your intuitive insights.

  85. Hi Jessica! This is such an interesting period for me, so many factors activated with the transits. Looking forward to the zoom meeting this weekend with you. My mother moved on in 2020, and I wonder if this weekend will bear connection. I inherited a house from her and am giving it on rent this month. I drew the Queen of pentacles when mulling over the future. I feel much stronger and secure lately, and hope now I can live life on my terms. How do you see it playing out? I really respect your intuitive insights.

    1. Thank you. I hope some great changes will come out of this event for you, as we will be using the Tarot. You are now rich, after an inheritance, and must figure out how to save or spend the money. You are in a terrific position to bring in professional advice, from one or two sources if you prefer. There is a question here about sexual relationships or perhaps children as well. It’s not on your mind and you have not factored it in, but it’s not going away (for the moment). The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is in exact aspect to the lunar nodes in the money and property signs, charity and business signs, Taurus and Scorpio in your chart. April (Easter) brings useful decisions, but you can’t hang around forever. Time is of the essence with these things.

  86. Dear Jessica, thanks for the article and for organising the Zoom event. I am really looking forward to the Zoom event!

    I am a Sun Aries with Aries and Pisces stellium. My Pisces stellium are Mars, Cupido, Vulano and Minerva. I also have 4 factors at 24 degrees, and you mentioned in some comments that 24 is close enough. These 4 are: –

    Venus @ 24 Aries
    Fortuna @ 24 Scorpio
    North Node @ 24 Libra
    South Node @ 24 Aries

    I don’t know how to look at these as I seem to have quite a number of factors for this conjunction. Would be very grateful if you could elaborate on how this conjunction will affect which areas of my life. Really appreciate your time and help. Many thanks again!

    1. Thank you. The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is proving very popular, and I am looking forward to seeing people from America, Britain and Australia in one place (along with those of you on compatible time zones). Okay, so you have aspects from Jupiter and Neptune with a one degree orb, which affects the timing a little, so we should say ‘around mid-April’ rather than specific dates. Libra-Aries is the classic difference between self-promotion, self-awareness, a strong personal identity, the need to assert yourself – and the other person. A marriage or sexual relationship can show that. So can a dispute or feud following the end of a relationship. A professional partnership, or professional rivalry/enmity is also Libra-Aries. What happens, perhaps not even to you, is a spiritual (Neptune) expansion (Jupiter) of Christian (Pisces) principles. The heart of this is – ‘Do unto others as you would unto yourself.’ This will positively affect current or old patterns about the other person, about the pair of you, about the two of you. There will likely be a story here about a house, apartment, business arrangement, legacy, settlement, joint bank account, possessions with Fortuna in Scorpio.

  87. Dear Jessica,
    I’m so looking forward to the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune Meetup (which falls on Friday evening for those of us here in the UK) and to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction itself – I feel inspired to “dream big”! Thank you very much for the in-depth, illuminating articles – very uplifting in these troubled times.
    I have a couple of factors in Pisces: Aesculapia at 2 degrees (Saturn at 3 degrees Virgo); and Fortuna at 18 degrees (Gemini Ascendant at 17 degrees). I also have Diana at 23 Scorpio. Please could you shed some light on what all this might mean for me?
    Thank you in advance. See you soon!
    Lots of love, light and blessings,

    1. Thank you, Angelina. The trine to Diana in your Eighth House of shared homes, shared bills, a family legacy to you, the will you share with your partner (or not) and serious money (superannuation/pension, life insurance) is useful in April and you will use it by May. It enables you to become far more independent (Diana) and autonomous (Diana again) with complex matters. The Pisces signature in your astrological chart suggests you are more than familiar with religious faith, spiritual healing, physical or mental mediumship, trance or channelling, therapy or counselling, Jungian dream interpretation and so on. The invisible interior. You’ll be offered one new path after another if you want it in April. Test before you buy.

  88. From my birth chart you will see my strong Taurus placements with only 23 in Apollo. I know this is a crazy time, and I’m curious about the happenings on my birthday on the. 29th of April. Although your website is full of great information, for some reason I find this subject matter to be complicated and at times difficult to translate into my life. Thank you for your help, Jessica.

    1. Happy birthday for the 29th of April. Cake after Easter eggs is a good annual treat, if you can take the spike in your blood sugar of course. The couple of groups you are most involved with, and most affected by, do number genuine friends among them. This is its own reward, quite apart from the feeling of winning with some group goal. This does not last forever as I am sure you anticipate. In fact, the first fortnight of May makes it clear to you that one of the two groups may no longer be so viable, given the circumstances. You may well decide to switch tactics in May. Looking further ahead, you are obviously going through one transition after another with your appearance, perhaps your title, your image – and that has been the case ever since Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018. This ends in 2026 but until then you may be a bit of a chameleon. Losing weight is very common; so are new glasses (say) hair implants, a different job title and the like.

  89. This is interesting~! Thank you for such a clear explanation!!! I am a Gemini sun/Sag moon/Pisces ascendant. My chart has several places where 23 shows up. The moon is in the 10th house at 23 degrees. The south node is at 1 degree in Pisces 23′ in the 12th house. Jupiter is also in the 12 house in Aquarius and Chiron is in the 12th house at 6 degrees Pisces. Also in the 12th house is Lilith Waldemath at 23 Aquarius. The north node is at 1 degree in Virgo 23′ in the 6 house, which also has at varying degrees Pluto (5), Uranus (22), Mars (13), and Standard Lilith at 13.

    Not sure what is going to happen!

    1. Not sure why you are using Lilith (she is a non-Roman archetype and not part of the Latin family tree of astrology which the Romans created with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest). I also need to spin your chart as you are using a different house system. A run of luck (and some deserved success too) with your professional life, unpaid work or academic career continues in April, May and resumes in October, November, December. It’s a good idea to take this as far as you possibly can, given that the realities of life will be heavier in 2023, 2024 in particular. So use a strong position and find out what you can do with it, with one eye on securing the future.

  90. Hi Jessica. Love to read your blog and comments. I signed up for the Meet up earlier, but on a long waitlist. Would you share any insights on whether my husband (Sagittarius) and I should sell our home and move? I have a very good job, but it is also pretty stressful. I have considered switching companies but same line of work. I am a Sun Leo and Moon Leo with just about everything in Leo. IC in Pisces, MC in Libra. Jupiter in Sagittarius Retrograde. South Node in Pisces Retrograde. North Node in Virgo. Appreciate anything you can tell me. Many thanks!

    1. A good way to move up on the waiting list for future events is to double check you used your first and second name, when joining Meetups and used a clear face shot. I give first preference to people who do that. It is impossible for me to work as a psychic with people who won’t divulge their surname and wear sunglasses, or present as their dog! Okay, so you want to sell your home and move. This is the best possible year to do that. Same with your husband. If you two are ever going to do this, do it in April, May or October, November, December. You will save or make money and he will be delighted with the new home. Validate this with the Tarot for both of you, though, as this is your life – not mine. I hope to see you at the next Meetup, later in 2022.

  91. Hi Jessica,
    I have Ceres at 23 degrees Aries. I wonder what is in store for me this month financially. What does Saturn is in my Second House of finance, being a Capricorn, mean for me. Thanks for your help.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Taurus-Scorpio chart signature so going through the same cycle in your solar chart and natal chart too. As you know, it’s financial. The years 2022 and 2023 are the most challenging, in terms of having to change – not because you want to, but because circumstances mean you will have to work the numbers in a new way, more than once. The hard part is over from March 2023. From that point a completely different situation will slowly replace the old one. To some extent, life as it was 18-19 years ago plays its part; there is karma from those years, and you owe, or are owed. Saturn is a symbol of waiting games and obstacle courses in astrology and you have him parked in your solar Second House of income, rent, mortgage, debts, valuables, charity, business – until March next year. At the same time you also have the lunar nodes crossing your natal Second House, so it’s a double whammy. It doesn’t last forever. The Tarot can help with tactics. Your Ceres is really about a relaunch and you will have an opportunity for a fantastic new look and online profile by 2023.

  92. Hi Jessica, I’m very excited about the upcoming meetup – they are always such fun! If you have a moment I would love your take on my chart aspects – It appears Bacchus in Aquarius at 24, Neptune at 24 Sag and my old friend Pluto at 23 Libra will be in the mix? My partner has Hygeia at 23 Taurus (and a big meeting with his employee who is behaving badly on the conjunction day!) and Minerva at 22 Pisces- I’m hoping that combo will help him through this situation.
    See you bright and early on Saturday morning 🙂 Thank you to you and Alicia for creating opportunities for us all to connect and learn all things Astrology!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia, who will be at Bondi Beach with the kettle on, while I am in Hobart. We look forward to seeing you again. You are a Sun Pisces with an Aquarius stellium so groups, circles, networks and communities (on Zoom) will always work for you, as much as you work for them. Your entire year is actually about ‘the group’ and there may be more than one. This is the last full year you will have to deal with questions about who is in charge, who dominates, who is in control – and this may have been with friends in the past, or the collective as a whole. You have learned a lot about people since this cycle began in 2008. At the same time, with Saturn in Aquarius, groups and friends, social life, social media has never been so hard. The pandemic is of course partly the cause of this. This stops in March 2023 and from that point you find yourself around a very powerful group indeed – but you are just as powerful, having learned all about it before. Your partner will find it’s all about the spreadsheet or accounts, but this will all be balanced out in the end.

  93. Hi Jessica!
    Congratulations on your accurate and excellent predictions. I have different factors between 22 and 23 degrees. I don’t know how to relate them or which one is the most influential, so I don’t really know what to expect. Can you help me please?. Thanks!

    Best regards

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House. April, May are about an opportunity to improve and expand your work, either in terms of your paid job, academic career or unpaid work. Rare blessings are about to be bestowed from May, with signs and clues in April. By June you could be in a much better situation, either because of the projects, the people, the new conditions or even a new role. This happens in unison with a big chance to improve your health, fitness, wellbeing and/or mental health, thanks to a turning point in May which is suggested in slow stages in April. By early 2023 you will be very happy with the changes made.

  94. Thank you so much for your reply Jessica!
    My apologies, I am new to the website and I have only just read your explanation on the natural houses, I will be using this system from now on.

    I was hoping you could give me an indication on what the “door (that) has been opened for a few weeks”, the ‘out’, could mean – as it may lead me into two opposite directions.
    It could mean to get out of the isolation I have been in (due to covid, working from home whenever possible) by accepting an offer for a permanent role in an office.
    Or it could mean to get out of a toxic work relationship by refusing said offer, since it comes from the same person/friend for whom I have freelanced for the past three years.
    Right now this is the job opportunity I have, even if it comes with a salary cut and a relocation to a covid-ridden region – but maybe your astrological predictions show that it comes with a see a silver lining, or perhaps they indicate that it is the best I can hope for right now..

    1. Thank you. No need to apologise. You are a Sun Taurus, as you know, with a whopping Taurus stellium, so the real story here is your life budget. You need to look at what things cost you, what you are prepared to pay a particular price for, and so on. Most things can’t be bought or sold so easily. Self-respect, peace of mind, a quiet life, easier success – maybe you’d sacrifice salary for that. Maybe you want wealth more or have a debt on a home and so you (think) you need the work, to pay that off. What you are going through is partly about your career, which is really tough until March 2023, no matter if you stay or go – and then empowers you, changes you, and changes itself from March 2023. If you are going to negotiate money do it before the end of April or it could go back and forth for a while. Most of all you need to figure out your own personal life budget and values in 2022. You are the only person who can price a toxic work relationship or a Covid-dangerous place, so that is well worth doing. The cards can help you.

    1. You need to be needed by foreigners. That’s the Moon in Sagittarius. You accommodate them, take care of them emotionally and may even take on a bigger role than that. The last Moon in Sagittarius reader who appeared here, volunteered in the Middle East. This pull towards mothering other cultures and nationalities will be harder work than usual in 2022, 2023 but it won’t stop you.

  95. Dear Jessica,

    Since I became a premium member Just a couple of days ago, I have been fascinated by the findings on the flipbooks. So far, I have gleaned from my chart that I am Sun Gemini with Gemini, in Venus and Saturn, Mercury. I have four factors in Aquarius, Cancer, and Libra. I have 22 Cupido in Capricorn,24 Fortuna in Libra, and 23 Hygeia in Aquarius. Mars in 10 Pisces. I have been through a tremendous amount of hardship for several years now. Cancer twice, redundancy, death, litigation etc. Despite the difficulties, I always try to look at the positives. Having read your Pisces weather blog, I felt it resonated with me substantially. I have always been highly intuitive and prefer solace these days. Not that any of us are indeed on our own as we all have spirits and guardians angels. I feel I wish to continue with the membership as your articles are so beautifully written and informative. As for deciphering my chart, that will no doubt take many years to master. Not unless I am so cheeky to ask for your input, dear JessicaBlessings to you and your animals.

    1. Thank you. Tess the dog waves a paw. I’ll talk about this more in my next book, Modern Astrology, but the fastest way into your chart is to scan the circle and look for the largest patterns. The most packed houses, or ‘decorated’ slices. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius show up more than anything else, as you know – you have four factors in each – so you are here to communicate and connect (Gemini) and to really appreciate your home, your home town and your country – no matter if this is where you come from, or your adopted home. You are also here to be in any number of duets; these can be sexual and romantic, like a marriage or relationship, or purely professional. We also find mother-son duets, for example, or platonic friends who share a home together and operate as a pair. Finally, Aquarius is about groups of friends and acquaintances, and your role with those groups, ducking in and out. You will fulfil your mission again and again, as the transits go around, but come into your own as Pluto goes into Aquarius long-term from March 2023, and one of those groups will empower you. Uranus in Gemini after 2026, again for many years, suggests you’ll be absorbed by a new role which involves your way with words – again – connecting people. It will embrace new technology and be very exciting.

  96. Dear Jessica,

    What you said is pretty accurate. I really feel trapped somehow starting December 2020 till now. Thank you so much!

    I was wondering if I will emigrate, re-locate or at least work in another country later this year or next. Thanks again.

    1. I can’t see a chart here and you need to see the Ninth House for emigration. Just bear in mind that we have two retrogrades in Gemini this year, pushing back against Sagittarius (foreign people and places) and those retrogrades will block and stop international travel, into early 2023, as well as the usual migration paths.

  97. Dear Jessica,

    I hope you’re having great day filled with love and happiness. I recently lost some money(unrealised gains) in crypto, if have a minute can you look at my birth chart and tell me if will see anything positive in future
    Lots of love

    Sun Scorpio 3°15′ I ASC Aries 8°05′
    Moon Taurus 20°20′ II Taurus 12°09′
    Mercury Libra 14°53′ III Gemini 10°26′
    Venus Virgo 25°47′ IV Cancer 5°54′
    Mars Pisces 29°54′ R V Leo 2°02′
    Jupiter Gemini 4°28′ R VI Virgo 2°12′
    Saturn Sagittarius 28°27′ VII Libra 8°05′
    Uranus Sagittarius 28°07′ VIII Scorpio 12°09′
    Neptune Capricorn 7°49′ IX Sagittarius 10°26′
    Pluto Scorpio 12°09′ X MC Capricorn 5°54′
    Lilith Virgo 18°23′ XI Aquarius 2°02′
    N Node Pisces 12°45′ XII Pisces 2°12′

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with the Moon in Taurus, as you know, so the financial side of your existence will always be more important to you, than it is to others. Cryptocurrency will be unpredictable until 2026, so it really depends on how much risk you want in your life. By the way, don’t use Lilith. Why is everyone using Lilith all of a sudden? It’s a mystery to me, because that symbol is not in our software! Anyway, you obviously want to make back what you lost. You have a couple of retrogrades in 2022 to be wary of, because the Cryptocurrency marketplace will be chaotic, reverse more often than not, and then get stuck. This begins at the end of April, complicates May and June, and then resumes later in 2022 and into early 2023. Retrograde Mercury and retrograde Mars in your solar Second House are not helpful if you want certainty. You could buy cheaply and gain later when you resell, but you absolutely have to know what you are doing. You eventually will make or save money, on your Jupiter Return. You were born with Jupiter in Gemini. This takes you nicely into the mid 2020’s, but I am not sure that your profiteering will come from Cryptocurrency. It is far more likely to come from a website (Gemini) or an investment in electric transport (Gemini) or the media (again, Gemini). Watch your Jupiter Return.

  98. Hi Jessica,
    I have 23 degrees twice – DESC Capricorn and ASC Cancer. My North Node is Pisces and South Node is Virgo.
    I am a Sun Gemini with 7 factors in Cancer and also 4 each in Capricorn, Aries and Libra.
    I’m most interested in my Libra factors – Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and IC – because my son is a Libran.
    You kindly answered my question about my career which you said has a stunning outlook this month and in May. Is that with my current (new) job or something else?
    My main interest is whether and when my love life will pick up as I’ve been single for a few years. My last boyfriend was a Sun Scorpio and has seven factors in Scorpio. He was a nightmare. lol

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a big Libra signature in your natal chart, but Aries as well – so there is a constant tug-of-war between being with someone in a partnership, operating as a duet, and being out there by yourself, upfront and unafraid. The Aries-Libra pattern can be quite tricky to work, as boyfriends can get in the way of your personal version of feminism. Your overly Scorpio former boyfriend probably did. Your duet at the moment is with your son. Libra is about pairs and duos, of all types, and mother-son works like that, as much as a marriage can, or a professional partnership. Your career in April, May, October-December offers the chance for promotion, a big hit, a successful project or even an offer from elsewhere – perhaps a chance to snap up an award. It’s on that level. You will make new friends, join new groups, find an existing group in your life is rebooted and enjoy greater popularity on Twitter, Pinterest (say) from May-October and again in December-May 2023, and among those faces you may find the date you want. But friendship will come first.

  99. Hello Jessica
    I feel very optimistic , feel the future is bright. Hoping and dreaming for all bright things. April has felt so far to be a good month full of possibility. What do you see for the future please for me. You have mentioned July 2023 with possible property wobble. I hope to sell my house next year – and buy another – you have mentioned buying from May 2023 so do I need to make sure I sell by early next year to be able to do well. Any life astrology advice greatly received.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with the Moon at 9 Taurus so the forthcoming Jupiter in Taurus cycle will work nicely for you. From March 2023 you lose the obstacle course and waiting game with money, business and property. After that you realise willpower will empower you, and self-control will give you control – financially. Once Jupiter moves to 9 Taurus, after that, you will have a rare opportunity to gain, so as you go into the mid-2020’s you are comfortably on your way to security and stability. Jupiter in Taurus will also sextile your natal Sun in Cancer, so this is a natural link between economics (Taurus) and property (Cancer).

  100. Hello Jessica, So excited to be joining the Zoom event tomorrow morning. Thank you very much Look, as a Taurean, I have numerous aspects at or near 23 degrees in my birth chart, including Sun 21, Venus 22, Mars 21, Jupiter 24, Uranus 24, Pluto 24, Capricorn 25, Gemini 23, Sagittarius 23, Fortuna 23, Minerva 22, Apollo 25, Cupido 23. I wrote to you recently about a major health issue that has impacted my skin and every aspect of my life. How can I best use this exciting time for starting anew please, as it seems I am finally starting to get better? Thanks a million for any insights. Crystals are my passion, and I’d also love to know how to find out about using these to support astrology. Can you recommend any authors who look at this please?

    1. Thank you for coming along to our event. I will have the kettle on here in Tasmania for 7.00am and we will go through your Tarot as well as the astrology. Crystals are not my speciality, but Judy Hall is the acknowledged expert in the field. Your skin problem is really Virgo-Aries in nature (Sixth House and First House) and also Pisces (Twelfth House). The subconscious mind in the Twelfth House programs the body in the Sixth House, to produce issues which affect putting your face out there (First House) and being photographed, filmed or just exposed to others. It’s complicated! Your Ascendant is Virgo and Descendant is Pisces. Sixth House and Twelfth House. I am sure you know the Ascendant is your appearance. So, to translate, your appearance (skin) is dictated by your health. The clue here is the Descendant. This always describes former, current or potential sexual partners. So you need to dig deeply into that question. If you were single and on Bumble, for example, that would be an obvious clue about your subconscious (Pisces) generating a skin issue so that you don’t have to date, or you have an excuse for not getting a date, and so on. You are the best expert about yourself, and only you know the answer. But the astrology is giving you avenues of enquiry that may help you get better. Mixed feelings, buried or repressed, which you consciously resist or ignore, are at the bottom of so many health issues when we see Virgo-Pisces polarity in the chart. Is there a way out? Absolutely. This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces in your Twelfth House suggests you will be shown an answer, tied to your soul, spirit or subconscious. It may be hypnosis. It may be crystal healing. It may be – religion. Have a look at Pisces/Twelfth House on Search and use your cards as well. They are a path to your subconscious.

  101. Jessica, your work is wise and reassuring. I became a Member after the third visit, I love the political perspectives. I’m looking forward to the Neptune Jupiter Zoom event on 8th April which is my birthday, followed by my husband’s on the 9th. Thankfully, I found my way to your site looking for answers from an astrological or tarot perspective to the question: Why did Putin unleash such terrorism, barbarity and brutality on Ukraine whilst condemning thousands of young Russian conscripts to death and allowing his own innocent people to suffer the consequences of international sanctions and condemnation? He seems to be intent on committing genocide. He’s now a war criminal and we know his advisors in the Kremlin are lying to him about the war. Like everyone else around the world regardless of where we live I pray for peace and wish I could do more to help. I am spiritually aware and have my own deck of tarot which are unfailingly accurate. In early June I plan an extended trip to Europe including UK, France and Germany. When we return to Australia in October we intend to move to a big city nearby. May I ask what my birth-chart indicates about travel and moving house? My spiritual home is Germany, although I love every part of Europe, and wish the EU continued prosperity and that they grant Ukraine membership.

    1. Thank you very much. Happy Birthday for 8th April and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning, here in Australia (Friday, for the rest of the world). The Vladimir Putin question is worth answering with astrology. In some ways, he was fated to appear. Nostradamus warned us about 1999 and this is when Putin rose to power. In most translations, 1999 for Nostradamus was about ‘terror’ even though he used his own combination of Latin, French and English back in the 16th century, when he wrote his famous prophecies. So Putin was seen centuries before he appeared and terror is his calling card. The bigger picture of Vladimir Putin is that he is an agent of change in the Climate Emergency. That was never his intention, but the ban on fossil fuel from Russia (gas, petrol, coal) and the trade boycotts against China (backing Russia) with its status as the factory of the world, help stop one of the reasons for the Climate Crisis. Another is kerosene-fuelled tourism and business travel. Putin has been complicit in allowing COVID-19 to run unchecked through his failure to control Russia. Again, we are going to see airlines collapse, which will help stop the Climate Emergency. The long gaps in trading that come from boycotts and trade sanctions, not only against Putin, but against his partners in war crime (nations who back Russia in the UN) will necessitate the invention and accelerated production of solar, wind and electric energy. And after 2026, inventions we have not even dreamed of today. So that is a very long answer to a very big question. Why Putin? Climate Emergency. Okay, so you want to tour Europe in a pandemic before going back to Australia. You are a Sun Aries who will be caught in a few retrogrades: Mercury Retrograde in your Third House of short journeys in May, June (it begins in the closing days of April) and then Mars Retrograde in the same chart zone, in the final quarter of 2022 and first quarter of 2023. Have a look at the post on Mercury Retrograde I filed on this website as it will affect your plans. Long-term, you will have to marry the country you emigrate to. We have mutable sign transits in Pisces and Gemini for years, starting now, which suggest travel will become expensive, curtailed and very much the rare luxury it used to be back in the Fifties. Your Tarot will help you validate the retrograde timing I am talking about in 2022, 2023. If you draw The Fool then be aware of the little dog barking a warning as the ground crumbles under the traveller’s feet. Be very, very careful with airline collapse and cancellation owing to staff absence, union action and so on. COVID-19 is mutating and you have a mutable chart. Long answer!

  102. Hi Jessica, very much looking forward to the meeting tomorrow night. I have my Neptune at 23 degrees in Scorpio in my 4th house. My South Node is here too and I have my Nodal Return. Neptune aspects many of my planets and a lot are at 22 and 24 degrees. I am a healer which I was catapulted into at my last Nodal Return when I also moved house. I am looking to see how best to use this transit for supporting others and myself. Many thanks. Linzi

    1. Thank you for registering for the event with Alicia, Linzi. I use a different house system to you (Natural House System) so will spin your chart. Neptune is at 23 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finances along with your South Node. You are a Sun Capricorn with Uranus, Pluto and Psyche in Virgo in your Sixth House of healing, health and medicine – so I am not surprised that you are a professional healer. Uranus at 24 Virgo and Neptune at 23 Scorpio are just one degree away from a perfect sextile, so the accent on shared houses, apartments, joint finances, business – is quite strong – and it comes in every time you see radical changes with your professional life as a healer. This Eighth House/Sixth House story is told again in April, to your advantage, though you may write the chapter differently this time. The nodes in your chart are about a past life grappling with issues about being rich or poor. Having, or not having. Your values. When you say ‘supporting others’ it’s not just through healing. It’s also through the money question; not everyone can afford a consultation and we have a faltering public health system in many countries at the moment as you know. So there are a few issues here about being paid, how much to be paid, doing work for nothing, at a discount and the rest. You’re not really going to escape that with the lunar nodes in Scorpio-Taurus tied to the Sixth House of duty, service and work. There is also a question about your own wellbeing, your own health and why you must put yourself first. You have to serve your own body before you serve other people’s. All this is figured out to your total advantage and benefit in April as Jupiter and Neptune move to 23 Pisces and trine natal Neptune. The transiting nodes also at 23 Taurus-Scorpio bring those past life issues alive for you, about money. It may not just be income from healing; it is just as likely to be mortgage, rent, inheritance, legacy, insurance, superannuation/pension, shares, charity and so on, Linzi.

  103. Hi Jessica,
    You responded in the earlier Jupiter/Neptune conjunction blog regarding my north node at 23Pieces26/South node at 23 Virgo 26, thankyou.

    (Yes, Martin, you have an exact transit of Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces, in conjunction with your natal North Node. At the same time, this conjunction is opposite your natal South Node, at 23 Virgo. The nodes show past lives. They go backwards through the zodiac signs, not forwards, so they take you back in time. The Pisces-Virgo nodal axis is usually about a life as a monk, priest or nun (Pisces is religious) strongly affected by health and healing. It can be in your last life on the planet, or recur over many lives.
    Sisters of Mercy perhaps, or a Hindu working with the chakra system.
    Pisces is about the invisible realms within. They are real to you but mysterious to others. Virgo is always about health, wellbeing, mental health – and this nodal combination shows up with people who end up working in medicine, but who also have medical issues.
    There are a few variations on this theme and it will be personal to you.
    A huge mystery is about to unfold, with strong and life-changing impact for you, raising an old past life, at the same time that it takes you somewhere greater.)

    I forgot mention I have natal Pluto at 22Virgo48, ie less than a degree from my south node and hence opposing the conjunction on April 12. If this adds anything to your commentary I’d be most appreciative to read it.
    Thank-you for your work! (fellow Taswegian!)

    1. Thank you. Pluto tied into the Virgo-Pisces axis is about self-control giving you control, and willpower empowering you, in relation to your health and wellbeing. If you live in Tasmania as well, you will know we have gone from Zero Covid, to the appalling statistic that we have one of the highest per capita incidences of COVID-19 in the world. That is an example of Virgo-Pisces challenging you. How do you protect yourself and your people when the Premier of Tasmania, Peter Gutwein (outgoing) put you at risk? How do you continue to do that when we have a new Premier incoming, who will no doubt have one policy or another on COVID-19? You will have other more intensely personal health issues than that, Martin, but in general, this is a good example of the accuracy of astrology. It brings in questions about masks, HEPA filters, injections of Pfizer or AstraZeneca – the lot. Luckily you have a past life in the area of health, and medicine, so can remember what worked, last time you were on the planet!

  104. Hi Jessica! I wonder how this jupiter and neptune event will show up in my life. I have saturn in sag at 24 degrees and sun, mercury and vulcano in pisces. AND Hygeia 24 in aries.
    I have always seen myself as a pisces, but have more planets in Aquarius and Capricorn. Everytime astrologers predict a good time for pisces it never show up for me. Every stone I turn seem wrong and every step I take is always back instead of forward. Why is it that I am so unfortunate all the time? (and I do help people all the time for free also) And I shouldnt complain ofcourse living in a safe place, beeing free, but still..
    My question is will this neptune and jupiter event kick off something great for me? Or will I always have to help others without recognition of any sort or any money to show for it. Whats in it for me? Whats my destiny?

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with Hygiea at 25 Aries (not 24 Aries, that must be a typo from your keyboard) and a big pattern across Taurus-Scorpio which describes your house, bank account, apartment, valuable possessions, charity commitments, business interests and so on. I am not sure why astrologers have been predicting a good time for Pisces. How? You have been going through the toughest cycle in many years, recently, with mutable sign squares from Gemini and Sagittarius nodes, which squeezes you and puts pressure on. As to your question “Why is it that I am so unfortunate all the time?” you need to give yourself a three-way card reading. The Garden Oracle, The Smith-Waite Tarot and The Astrology Oracle will show you. I’m not surprised you are concerned about money. You have that kind of chart. You will have a makeover and new role or title to upgrade your CV by 2024. It begins now, actually. The new look and new profile will be there once Jupiter in Aries has made a transiting conjunction to your natal Hygiea. You will make or save a lot of money from May-October and again in the first quarter of 2023. Of course, the two stories may be linked. You may get a new job with a bigger salary that requires you to wear a uniform, for example, and get an impressive new business card, as well as a haircut. That’s one very common example of this sort of transit.

  105. Hi Jessica,
    Feeling stuck moving forward, seems so overwhelming at this time. So much is going on at once internally and externally! Have been working through past traumas and feel like a Phoenix rising through the ashes. Hoping for a little insight in my chart as I navigate these shifts. I’d love to peruse my dream of purchasing land to live off of (late in the game I know) but it feels so right! Divorce, relocating and deciding my future solo for the first time in over 40yrs.
    Thanks so much,

    1. Thank you Nancy. You are a Sun Aries in the most unusual, extreme property and financial cycle of your life. From 2018, Uranus (the revolution) moved into Taurus and your Second House of money, house, possessions and apartment. Even more recently, the North Node (karma) also moved into Taurus, and the South Node went into Scorpio, into the Eighth House of marriage and yes, divorce. So it’s really about the Second House and Eighth House for you. You will love the opportunity to save or make a lot of money when Jupiter (good fortune) goes into Taurus. That’s not too far away. You need to get through 2022 and 2023, but by 2024 you may well have bought land to live off. The idea of saving money by going off-grid and growing your own food is very close to what Jupiter in Taurus is all about. You have Panacea there. Have a look at her in your flipbooks and online, through art or sculpture. She is a symbol of the solution; the cure; the remedy. In Taurus, this is about the material world and finance. As Jupiter goes to meet Panacea (she is in his family tree) once he moves into Taurus, you will find a rare opportunity to make a great deal more of your answers in life – your life budget.

  106. Hi Jessica,
    I am a Sun Virgo,
    I have Jupiter in Leo at 23°,
    I also have Hygeia in Pisces and the South node in Pisces.
    What does this portend for me please?

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with three factors in Libra in the Seventh House, and that’s a statement about your former, current or potential sexual partner. Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House is about motherhood; becoming a step-parent; welcoming in a partner’s younger relatives as your own; adopting a child. April and May, then October-December, are really about a rare opportunity to greatly expand and improve the quality of a duet. This may be with your former partner, or it may be with a potential date. This is unusual, important, and a solution for you, as well as an escape from the real world. There is something of the hot air balloon ride about this phase in your love life. The tide is turning with you and the world of babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young adults. You will find from March 2023 that the old intensity or pressure has gone. April is the sea change. Have a look at the Tarot for more information on that, but it’s coming.

  107. Hi Jessica,

    My ascendant is at 22 degrees Virgo opposing this conjunction by 1 degree
    My natal Neptune is at 23 degrees Sagittarius and Venus at 25 degrees Gemini.
    Moon at 25 degrees Taurus and Pluto at 22 degrees Libra.
    Gemini Sun
    How will this play out?

    1. Please and thank you go a very long way, you know. I also don’t have a chart here and your Ascendant depends on an accurate birth time. All astrologers check rounded-up or rounded-down birth times very carefully as they are often wrong; I’m not able to check that here. What will never change, with this chart, is natal Neptune at 23 Sagittarius. You were born to escape from the real world through foreigners and foreign countries. You take your holiday from reality by literally going on vacation; emigrating; absorbing foreign cultures. This comes to life in an unforgettable way in April 2022. You may, for example, live in Poland and accept an evacuee from Ukraine. It’s on that level.

  108. Hello Jessica, and thank you for continuing to provide guidance in these chaotic times! Looking forward to the event on Friday! I have a number of planets close to 23 degrees. I’m traveling to Europe for work in May and between the virus and the global situation, I don’t really feel safe. I was wondering if you could comment and also advise on the planets I have near 23 degrees and what that means for this time.
    Moon 25° sagittarius
    NorthNode 25° capricorn
    SouthNode 25° cancer
    Bacchus 21° leo
    Ceres 24° virgo

    1. Thank you. The event on Friday and Saturday (across two time zones, New York and Hobart) should be really interesting for you, although the only factor in your chart that is close to 23 degrees is Ceres at 24 Virgo. I have to ask why you are not on Zoom for work. Travel makes the world go around, but it also makes COVID-19 go around, and if you can avoid it, you should. You have a square from the Moon at 25 Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries) to Ceres at 24 Virgo (health and wellbeing) and you won’t always get away with the old business travel lifestyle in future: when Saturn goes to 24, 25 Pisces in the years ahead, it’s a definite risk. (If some airlines are still even flying by then!) Okay, so pulling back to 2022, you have already made a lot of money, saved a lot of money, or seen the value of your worth increase, or the worth of a property or investment. You are a Sun Leo with Hygiea at 13 Scorpio and the Ascendant and Descendant on the Taurus-Scorpio axis so this shows in both your solar chart and natal chart. By May, you will have profited yet again. You will also profit in October-December. Get the best advice you can afford, or raid the finance section of the bookshop, to see what is going to work for you. For example – it may be that you should sell up, capitalise or invest in specific ways in 2022. But do look into it. You’ll gain.

  109. I have a few factors in 22 degrees only Apollo on 23 degrees and they are all asteroids may I know do this event will have what kind of impact on me in what aspect? thanks

    1. You are a Sun Leo with a Taurus-Scorpio chart signature in your Second and Eighth House. In your solar chart we find your Eighth House is also triggered by the events of April. You have already increased your market value or seen the value of an asset increase, if you are typical of your sign. This is effortless and is a result of Jupiter’s transit of Pisces and your solar Eighth House of big-picture finance and property. In your natal chart, as I said, we find the transiting South Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House, so karma from 18-19 years ago is working in your favour. You are owed, and will collect in April 2022.

  110. Hi Jessica,

    I am so distressed in my situation. I may have mentioned to you before that I am trying to renovate our home. The plan has had so many hiccups and delays. I supposed we should expect it as anyone has ever had plan for home renovation should know there will be problems. But this time, it has worn us out. We think that construction should start in May and now will be in June. I had a plan for our temporary stay while the home is renovated, but now that plan has changed unexpectedly too with the housing situation nationwide. I am hoping and dreaming for a light at the end of the tunnel. Can you shred some light for me? thank you so much.

    1. I am sorry you feel so unhappy about your home renovations, which has been so delayed. You are a Sun Virgo with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finances and shared property. The issue is the Scorpio stellium. You don’t give your partner’s birth date, but it is very likely that his chart is also half the issue. The good news is, you will save or make a lot of money, starting in May, until October – and then again in the first quarter of 2023. This will compensate for the hold-up. I am sure you are tired of the whole situation, but two things should cheer you up. First of all, you are not alone. There is a global slow down with supply chain shortages, COVID-19 absences and an uncertain economy. So many people are going through the same thing and the planet is now operating at half its usual speed. So it’s not just you. Secondly, whatever comes of this does benefit you financially, as the decisions you make about your budget and property after May benefit you hugely. You can use The Garden Oracle to help you more with your question, and get specific timings. As I said, I don’t have your partner’s details so half the story is missing, in terms of what month/when.

  111. My natal Mars is at 23degrees in Scorpio in a 3degree orb to my moon in the 8th house. My mother has just died – I guess that is an 8th house issue. I was hoping for good news as we were approaching the conjunction as my ascendant is at 21 degrees 27’27’ in Pisces so the death took me by surprise. Are you able to offer guidance on my Mars and ascendant so I can hopefully avoid being blind sided by other unexpected events at a life changing moment? Best wishes

    1. You have Mars at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House, which rules sex, death and money, to put it bluntly. Less bluntly, it is the house of marriage and mortgage; divorce and settlement; family and legacy; your own will, naming other people. Life insurance but also Mafia contracts belong to the Eighth House. I am sure you can see how it manifests in our lives. The passing of your mother, for which I am very sorry, happened as you entered a one-off set of transits, which will never happen again and has not happened before. Just as you might expect for such a sad milestone in your life. Your Ascendant has nothing to do with transits of this nature, by the way, unless her passing affected your name or physical appearance. This seems unlikely. Neptune has obviously been at 23 Pisces from March 17th until April 13th. The transiting nodes moved past 23 Taurus and Scorpio from March 18th until April 2nd. The surprise, or shock, would be related to a Uranus transit of your chart, or transits to natal Uranus. You now enter a trine from Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces to your natal Mars at 23 Scorpio, so will be required to take action (Mars) about the inheritance (Eighth House) and of course, this will benefit you.

  112. I just wanted to say thank you for your brilliant reply. It was astounding how you described me better than I could have myself.

  113. Hi Jessica,
    I have Sun 24 Taurus, Ascendant 26 Libra, Moon 21 Scorpio, Neptune 18 Scorpio, Jupiter 5 Gemini, Saturn 15 Pisces, Chiron 21 Pisces, Salacia 23 Capricorn. Will the Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction affect my health in a good way or is there anything that you can see in my chart that I need to know of?

    1. Health is ruled by Virgo factors in the Sixth House and I cannot see a chart here. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces will only make an exact aspect with your natal Salacia at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House. You operate successfully in two different worlds in your career, academic career or with your unpaid work. If you pursue none of these but consider your marriage to be your job, then this applies to that. These two different realities co-exist outside the ordinary and mundane that most people would know, particularly professionally. This aspect of your life and personality expands, and takes off, very close to April 12th 2022.

  114. Howdy Jessica. Just finished the meetups event, thankyou to you and Alicia.
    For days now I’ve been getting ‘The big sleep’
    and wondered what might be coming up, then bang, I came down with the worst cold/flu I’ve had in years, and basically have been sleeping for days!!! I’m positive that I have been receiving downloads, or maybe it’s the optimist in me. (Jup/Nep conjunction libra/scorpio. )

    1. I’m sorry you have been so ill. This is usually Pisces cutting out Virgo, and Virgo delivering to Pisces. I expect people who have ‘the big sleep’ on this transit to have patterns in one or both, and you have Pluto in Virgo. You have no Pisces, so the issue is a person or organisation, with Pisces factors. So founded or born late February to late March, or with Pisces placements. Your Pluto in Virgo is about becoming empowered through controlling your body, and dominating your own space, in terms of health, wellbeing, mental health, fitness and so on. If there is any place in your life where you lack power or feel over-dominated by someone/something, then your ‘big sleep’ may be quite useful. It buys you time, or space, or gives you a wall, or a moat. This kind of thing is really deep, because it’s about the subconscious (Pisces) so I think a big dream in your big sleep may help give you guidelines. Have a look at the work of my friend Jane Theresa Anderson. Science academic turned dream coach.

  115. Thanks so much for the Zoom event Jessica! I learnt a lot. I drew the two of cups for the present which made sense because I’m meeting with my ex-husband for one of our children’s activities today. I was asked about the situation to the end of the year and got 9 wands which I took as representing him (he’s still angry and hurt despite us being divorced years ago due to his gambling and nasty behaviour. I make an effort to be amicable but he usually responds with negativity). I feel like he has overshadowed years of my life (I’ve a Cancer stellium and have experienced many difficult years of Pluto opposing these factors). I really liked your reference during the Zoom event to a King of Cups type man different to the “toxic masculine’ type. I pulled another card asking about meeting someone like this before the end of the year and got the Knight of Cups. I thought it bodes well with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and my upcoming Jupiter (in Aries) return and Neptune in Sagittarius. I would be very grateful if you could share any psychic insights you have about this situation. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you. The Two of Cups is a terrific card to draw before seeing your former husband. You can work the card. Pamela Colman Smith was a stage-set designer, as we discussed, with The Abbey Theatre in Dublin. She combined her talent as a psychic and channel, with the theatre. So you introduce props, people, remove some actors and so on. I am sure he is a nightmare, looking at your chart, but he is your teacher. You will have a new lover on offer with the Knight of Cups, but he is travelling or relocating when you meet, so the issue is his, to commit. Back to your ex. Use a journal and stage-manage, stage-direct the scene. Make it work as you would like. Return to reality. Never mind him, you are 50% of the film.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius with a huge Aquarius stellium. You have always been around groups, clubs, teams, associations, societies – since childhood. You were never immersed, always a little apart, but also felt at home. Friendship is never too close; always for its own sake; always a little apart and remote, but very real. This is very, very hard for you in 2022, as it was in 2021, as Saturn in Aquarius has put up one obstacle after another with true friends, new friends and your social life. Covid-19 has separated you, geographically, with masks, social distancing, or because you all have stubborn ideas about your new lives! Saturn in Aquarius is really tough for heavily Aquarian people who ‘live’ in their Eleventh House, but the good news is, you will know who your friends are from March 2023. As never before. And you will also join or rejoin a group next year, where you are a powerful, potent, figure. It may be a band or ensemble cast. An orchestra or the Freemasons. But it is your destiny.

  116. Hi Jessica just been on the zoom call – very interesting although my signal was a bit patchy so missed your comments on libra. I am a premium member with Ceres at 23 Pisces – can you see anything to look forward to in my chart as I have had a difficult few years? Many thanks Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah. It was a very long stretch for Zoom from Hobart to Los Angeles, over to London and back – so I am sorry for the patchy signal. You are a Sun Libra with a huge Scorpio stellium, so I am not surprised to hear life has been hard. Uranus in Taurus since 2018 has opposed your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House. Challenges and changes, always against what you had structured or ‘felt’ with your house, money, apartment, possessions, business interests or charity. Always intensely personal, even though it came down to numbers – and still does. This is over the halfway mark. Your Ceres/Pisces placement will help you with Tarot solutions for your real-world questions. You can easily use Tarot, or move in the spirit world, actually. On a more down-to-earth level, the life budget needs to be reshaped. You will ultimately make or save a lot of money but in 2022, and particularly into May 2022, a new set of price tags is required. What will you pay/what does it cost you? Once you rejig that, you will be far happier. It really does come down to numbers in the end although what you calculate is incalculable.

  117. Kia ora Jessica,
    I have sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, panacea and Apollo all in Pisces so this obviously will be a big alignment for me but can’t put my finger on “how” it will. Also north node in Taurus.

    1. Waving to lovely New Zealand from Tasmania. You are a Sun Pisces with a Pisces stellium so you live very easily with other realities: crystals, the Christian church, mediumship, Tarot, chanting, mantras, spirituality, chakras, auras, the spirit world, dreams and so on. Paintings, photographs or art will talk to you more easily sometimes, than some human beings. You are now being asked to become who you are. Don’t be shy about coming forward as a believer or amigo in the New Age, the church, or similar. It’s your time. It holds until May, then resumes October-December. Sometimes you have to speak your truth or live it, even if family or others don’t get it.

  118. Hi Jessica..Thanks so much for the Zoom meeting..Interesting and learning a little bit more astrology..looking at my chart with Bacchus,23 Cancer,Moon 22 leo Virgo 24 Pluto,..but Jupiter/Neptune is opposite my Pluto,is that challenging in work/health..My Scorpio son has Chiron 24 virgo,Mars 23 leo,Minerva 22 sag,Uranus 23 this also challenging for his health with Chiron?..he has started one on one therapy which he finds helpful,also started college for his final part of studies for his apprenticeship..but has a long journey in car to travel to the college..Work for me is horrendous..Covid was with us after Xmas,mild like flu,then Covid came back last month,Everyone triple vax,residents and staff,and most of them got very sick,and quite a few residents died.the staff who came back still are not feeling great..There was no shutting down a unit,it was actually an open house,visitors were allowed to freely come in,regardless of whether their loved ones had covid,All of us were shocked this nursing home allowed this,there was no protection for us,yes there was ppe gear there to go into a covid room,but yet allowed positive to mix with negative residents,so it made no sense.Thankfully I or my son haven’t had covid yet,but I’m dreading it going by what this time was like for everyone.With Bacchus at 23 Cancer,and moon 22 leo with this weekend transits,two good to be true emotional pleasure in the home and with my son?..I’m dreading the rest of April and May,..Am I reading this all wrong?…Thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you. Your COVID-19 anxiety at work is just dreadful, as your residents died. You are also worried about your son, for different reasons, and that is a separate issue, but I need to look at the pandemic question first. Any virus is Virgo and Sixth House. People who are vulnerable to it, particularly (for example, people with asthma or diabetes) but also those who work in medicine, the caring professions, healing and so on. I would expect to see you have Virgo factors being triggered now, and in fact you have the South Node and Pluto there. The South Node shows your last, past life. You were a nurse, doctor, surgeon or healer last time. You have come back to go deeper and further into the whole question of health. I have no idea what part (if any) religion has played in your life this time – via school, family or your personal life – but in your last incarnation, you grappled with God and illness. Is your care home part of a church? That would be a leading question. Basically, you have to make a deal with God (or the Universe) in 2022, 2023, 2024 and protect yourself and other people. You have all had three injections of Pfizer, AstraZeneca and so on, and still people died and were ill. The reality is, your nursing home has been a host to Covid-19. The only person who can help yourself is you. You must leave, or join others in demanding a budget outlay on protection for yourselves and your charges. That’s the astrology. What you do, is up to you, but I have to be honest: this is not going to get better of its own accord; it is going to get worse. This thing is mutating. It arrived on mutable sign cycles (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini) which the astrology called, a year before it happened: a virus. The astrology is really clear. This doesn’t go away, or become milder of its own accord, or turn into a cold. Please use The Astrology Oracle, the Smith-Waite Tarot and The Garden Oracle, and follow the steps, and ask about the years that matter: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025. Your son will be inspired by a subject, class, lesson, course or interest he responds to, knows instinctively and has mentors/role models he admires, within. He could drop it as fast as he took it up, but he should persist. He could be a rising star within this field. Thank you for all you do for people in your care; you are the unsung heroes of the pandemic but you also need to make some choices! Please!

  119. Hi Jessica,
    I am curious about what the April conjunction might mean for me. I have some areas in transition in my life currently and know there are some changes afoot. I am looking at relocating this summer, could be a few months or longer….I am quite recently self employed and have some changes potentially with a client or two and am also trying to raise money for.a startup, I have been working -a lot! I am keen to get things at a level that I can then start to dedicate time for more fun, romance etc and would like to feel more financially secure.

    Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon
    North Node 23° Aquarius 38′ 53″
    South Node 23° Leo 38′ 53″
    I do have some other planets in the 20s. From the birth chart on this website, not sure if they are relevant?
    I appreciate any advice!

    Moon 19° Aquarius 03′ 49″
    Mercury 26° Aquarius 24′ 17″
    Venus 20° Capricorn 58′ 04″
    Mars 20° Sagittarius 06′ 55″
    Minerva 22° Libra 59′ 24″ R
    Aesculapia 25° Scorpio 47′ 51″
    North Node 23° Aquarius 38′ 53″
    South Node 23° Leo 38′ 5

    1. You have to play to your strengths when you want to achieve so much, and you begin with relaunching your profile, face, shape (perhaps), your style, name, title, role. The worldwide web is really amenable to that and it is amazing what you can do with Tik-Tok, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and the rest. This is a growing concern/a going concern and I don’t think I am telling you anything new, here. You have already experimented with promoting yourself and experimenting with different ways to gain publicity or up your numbers on Twitter (say). On a more gentle, personal note it may have just been about looking better, appearing to more people you want in your life, via the internet, via the photographs you use, or the descriptions. All this is a wave to surf until mid-May. What you achieve by then could be really fabulous, so keep at it. Later on, you will make or save a lot of money from May-October, and then early 2023. Your Scorpio placement is the big one there, Melanie, in your Eighth House.

  120. I unfortunately missed the first half hr as zoom wouldn’t let me in.
    I am a cancer sun, Capricorn moon and Aquarius rising. Just wondering if you could kindly tell me what’s in store for me

    1. I am sorry you missed the first half of the event. We are now up to an unexpected 4000+ people worldwide and I need to figure out a new way of managing future events, beyond the waitlisted Zoom/Meetup gatherings. Okay, so the real deal here is your unpaid work, paid career or academic career. Small signs around April 1st gave you a gentle push in the right direction, but from mid-May it will feel irresistible. Success and status are really defined by you, not by the world, but you will be given one opportunity after another, to go further, and higher, by 2023. This shows up in both charts I use for you. In your natal chart you have Pluto transiting your Tenth House of ambition and position. In your solar chart you have Jupiter, joining Chiron, in the same chart zone – from mid-May. The lunar transit around 1st April was the push. Later on you will realise how important that was, to the overall pattern of your success, which is laid out for you until early 2023. Enjoy it.

  121. Hi Jessica – thank you and Alicia again for the event today. Very enlightening and I am hopeful there is magic coming for Ukraine and for peace in the world. I pulled tarot just now (didn’t really resonate earlier), and this felt ‘bang on’ as you say. For ‘now’ I pulled seven of swords and for future 2022 (life, love, work), I pulled Queen of Swords. Very much resonates and I need to spend more time with it. In concert with Jupiter/Neptune, how do you interpret with my chart (N/S node at 24 Aquar/Leo), Venus 23 Scorpio, Ceres 24 Aries. I started a new job in November after 26 years at prior company and it’s going well so far but is a big change/lot to learn/lots to know. Thank you for any insights you have and can’t wait for the next session or your next post!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia. I am glad you found a bang-on Tarot card. The Queen of Swords is interesting. You see the butterfly in the card? That is an ancient symbol for Psyche. You have Psyche in Gemini, natally, and will experience Mercury, then Mars, in Gemini starting in May, June and resuming in late 2022. This is about an internet, media, publishing or education plan that outlives you. It lives forever. It may be with your new job. It may be with something you are not even paid for. It uses your way with words and I suspect it’s online, as it’s eternal.

  122. Thank you for the wonderful zoom session! I’ve been working on the 6th house body/health issues/virgo mc that you advised about, and I’m now focusing on expanded Jupiter healing this week and beyond 🙂 Does this 23 degree event also mean moving away from IC 12th house/spiritual concerns? That seems unwise? I’m also curious about 1856/57 because it was significant to my great, great, great grandfather whose chart lines look similar to mine! Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Alicia. This is really about surfing the wave that makes you feel you are part of the current of mediumship, Tarot, religion, healing, spirituality, meditation and the rest. You are now part of the mainstream, weirdly, until May. This is very new, though it has been building since 2021. It does not last forever, so try to catch the wave this weekend (until Monday) and then keep swimming until May. You have a second wave October-December. You are not moving away from the Twelfth House, you are moving into it. Finding more rooms and more space. Your great, great, great, grandfather may be a presence. You only find out by asking him, so try it.

  123. Hi Jessica,

    How might the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction affect me?

    In my birth chart, I have….
    Jupiter in Scorpio 28°04 in the 3rd conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius 0°20 in the 4th.

    I also have many planets opposite Pisces…
    Pluto in Virgo at 28°29 in the 1st.
    Virgo rising 10°54.
    Virgo Sun 1°36, Mercury 3°46 and Venus 0°57.
    7th house of Pisces is empty.

    Fixed stars at 23° are….
    Arcturus (Libra), Spica (Libra) and Vesta (Capricorn).

    In early May, I’ll have “Jupiter trine Jupiter” and “Jupiter opposite Pluto” transits. How might these transits also affect me?

    Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Thank you Cristina. You use a completely different system to me, so I need to spin your chart. You are not logged in, so I cannot see your Natural House astrology chart at all. Yet, based on what you tell me, your increasing, random, good luck with or through a duet, or duel, continues. This is your marriage, your former partnership. Your professional rival or enemy. Anyone against you on a personal level (a battle or ‘swords drawn’). It is very much about a platonic, professional friend in a business duet, or a person who is your other half with the rent (say) or a mortgage. Two! You have been blessed with two or three really lucky headwinds here. You can keep on sailing to bigger and better places, with this person, or through this person, until May – then again from October to December. Stand back from what happened to you in March, April. You really gained. You did not even have to try; it just happened. Call it good karma with this other person, or the other side. Now be clever and use it.

  124. Desperately seeking a direction of which way to go. Leave or patiently wait? Will this conjunction bring forward the much wanted and long awaited solutions? I feel the biggest pull to the tarot, you and my chart. I just need to understand how to read it better. What to do. What to do. Thankyou. XO

  125. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the event today. I learned so much.
    I have Pisces descendant at 16 degrees, Jupiter 24 Gemini, and Op 24 Cancer. How will the transit affect my chart? Thank you for all that you do!!!

    1. I will go into this more with you in your personal Tarot reading, but essentially you are reshaping your success, status and position, mission and ambition. It starts small in April and grows from mid-May, accelerating hugely in June and then rewarding you by early 2023. This is classically a promotion, new job, prestigious new marriage or relationship, new qualification, big hit or special award. It’s destined. It shows up in your natal or solar chart.

  126. Hi Jessica,

    Excited for what’s to come! Could you please speak a little bit on what it means to have Chiron 23 deg Aries? Thank you.

    1. Chiron is not a wounded healer, despite what you might hear. Chiron is a maverick teacher. Our most famous image of him shows him showing the world of music to a younger pupil, as a matter of fact. You are here to teach others about self-promotion, self-assertion, the use of your appearance to get what you want, the importance of reputation, which precedes you – and profile. You will succeed in this hugely in 2022, 2023 with early clues having appeared near April 1st.

  127. Thanks so much Jessica – you really have a gift and what you say is spot on. I sometimes feel my chart means life will always be a struggle for me and I will never find happiness long term – life often seems to throw me a curveball when things are going well. Can I just ask, do you mean we all can use tarot and the spirit world or is it s something I should explore personally? Thanks again. Sarah

    1. Thank you. You have Saturn, Chiron and Ceres all in Pisces, all in the Twelfth House of spirit, soul, spiritualism and psychic ability. This is an unusual combination which suggests a lifelong, rather weighty learning curve about what to do (and what not to do) but also a genuine spirit of exploration and experimentation and inherent power. You were born to pursue Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis, absent healing and so on. Sarah, if you have felt life is a series of curveballs, you can go a long way by asking “Why?” and “What is the purpose of this?” and also “How do I avoid the next curveball?” Sometimes with this kind of chart you repeat the scripts and ‘hire’ different actors to perform the story or the lines. So there may be a fundamental pull towards the same story, which brings you no joy, but is so heavily embedded in your reality that you don’t see any other plot for your film. This is often fixed with hypnosis, which is something else you may be rather good at.

  128. Thanks again. I have always been drawn to these things and trained briefly in hypnosis. You are quite amazing. Thanks Jessica – I think I know where I need to go now.

    1. Terrific. It may well be the hypnosis you return to, but catch the wave.

  129. Hi Jessica,

    Could you tell me please what the jupiter neptune conjunction means for me. I am Scorpio.

    I have Saturn 23 Sagitarrius, North node 22 Libra, South node 22 Aries and a few planets at 20 degrees. Am going through lots of changes in my life, marriage etc.

    Really enjoy your articles. Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your marriage would be reshaped during this transit, as your lunar nodes are in Aries (yourself) and Libra (your husband). As a Sun Scorpio you are experiencing the same Seventh House emphasis in both your solar and natal chart, so it’s the same life area, underlined twice, in both systems I use for you. Public and private. The marriage has to radically change to survive by 2026. If it has too many restrictions and limitations, because of who you both are, or the arrangement you have made (say, a mortgage, or children) then it may not last. If it is flexible enough to take a revolution, it will continue in 2022-2026 but in a very new, very different way. This period in your life is really about yourself. Your personal appearance, your image, profile, name, title, role, persona, public face. You again have transits in your solar First House of ‘Me’ and your natal First House of ‘Me’ so it’s showing up privately and publicly. You don’t mention children, but the answer to many of your questions is about them, or pregnancy – or young relatives – and that works in your favour in April, May, October, November, December 2022.

  130. Thank you for your work Jessica! Your insight is so intriguing. You keep hope for humanity alive for many of us!! I am Pisces and have Pisces in Mercury, Ops, Volcano and 23’ in Pluto, aec, desc, and aesculapia. I live in the U.S. and struggle with the massive divide of our country. Our economy is very worrisome at this time. I have also had a lot of stress the last couple of years. I am worried financially about both a debt to my parents and a very incomplete project that will take more money then I currently have. All of this has also put a huge strain in my relationship with my fiancé. Can you tell me what this time might bring for me/us? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I know it can be hard to feel hopeful sometimes but the astrology is really clear. If we all step back from the war by Russia on Ukraine, supported by China, we can see the bigger picture. It is boycotts and sanctions, which of course Uranus in Taurus suits (a revolution in the world economy) and it will also save us from Climate Emergency, which is caused by globalisation. You are at the tail end of the Pluto in Capricorn transit in America and it has divided your nation between people who voted for President Biden and Vice-President Harris; people who voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence – and people who did not vote at all. Pluto is power from the top down, and Capricorn is the old system. The people who voted for Biden and Harris were voting for the future, and it starts in March 2023, when Pluto finally exits Capricorn and goes into Aquarius (diversity, community, equality, power shared horizontally). So yes, the economy is a concern, because radical change is always a concern, but people voted for the future in the right way; they surfed the right wave. You are feeling the situation in a personal way because you owe your parents money, you have not finished a project that needs even more money, and it is making life really difficult with the man you are to marry. You are a Sun Pisces whose chart shows that. You will save or make money from March 11th 2022 until October 28th this year. I don’t know how or why; your Tarot may show you. You then make or save money again, December 21st (Christmas) until May 16th 2023. As debt usually pulls in the rent, or the mortgage, or the household budget, it’s fair to say that if something goes in writing about this (the house or apartment) or there is an action plan, you need to have Plan B and C to cover for delays or rescheduling, when we see a couple of retrogrades go across this zone of your chart. So that’s May, June, then September 2022 until March 2023. What you need to do is give yourself a log of wiggle room with the actual home or living arrangements as it will go. back and forth. Yet, you should be able to sort out the debt and figure out a way to resolve the project issue. The project, if it is online, will never follow a straight line, be predictable or ‘known’ but if you stay with it, you will be delighted with the direction it takes from May 2023 when luck will play a part. You can use the Smith-Waite Tarot on this site to validate the timing above and find more detail about your choices.

  131. Hi Jessica thankyou for your blogs, am finding them so fascinating and interesting. I am still new to this but believe I have a large leo stellium in my second house also proserpina in aries at 23 degrees 10th House if I’m reading it correctly. Proserpina seems to be the go between or a person being pulled back and forth, being played… is this correct about Proserpina? Your recent blog said 23 degrees is very relevant at this time so am wondering what that means in my birth chart, am premium member
    Thankyou for your time and insight x

    1. Thank you. You are right about Proserpina. This symbol in your chart shows you are pulled back and forth. It is possible to be ‘played’ but usually you are in a more powerful position to manipulate others – if you wished. Proserpina is not at all manipulative in the Roman myth, though. She is quite innocent, although rather potent as a force of nature, and her main task is to satisfy two sides, two people, two organisations, sometimes two places. You were born with Proserpina at 23 Aries, correct, in your First House of self-promotion, self-assertion, and the most personal kind of attack or defence. So, when it comes to yourself, and whatever you fly the flag for, or go charging into battle for, you always have to keep both sides in mind. Or both people. This is rather like being the advance guard in the Roman army having to satisfy two different seniors in command. This now comes alive for you in April, May and works to your total advantage. Whatever the situation happens to be!

  132. Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for your work. I’m busy reading your posts these days. I am fascinated by the wonders of astrology. I have Uranus at 23 Libra, Chiron at 24 Aries, Vulcano at 22 Pisces. Could you give me guidance how this conjunctiin would affect me? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with a Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. You explore this over your lifetime through the worldwide web, travel, and possibly publishing and academia, depending on the choices you make. Right now that is in happy focus for you, as 2022 is dominated by Jupiter in Pisces and Aries. In both charts I use for you, the time to hope, attempt, snap up opportunities, take solutions is now. The pin on the map or different accent/passport which is parked under your nose in 2022, is the right one.

  133. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the reply enjoy your blogs, sorry I sent a question on another blog to as I didn’t realise this one had sent so apologies.
    I do have a new partner that I want to settle with and a son too with my present partner but things have been difficult.

    Thanks Jessica

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a couple of factors in your natal Fifth House of motherhood. You are being helped enormously by this cycle, in terms of your son. The son is more important than the partner, in terms of your natural luck factors, good timing and possible rewards. This happens in April, until mid-May and again from October until December. The new partnership will be ‘unsettled/settled’ as much as the present partnership is. There is never any security nor predictability for very long, with this chart, until 2026. So 2022-2026 is about accepting life is going to be best handled as it comes. There are no rock-solid guarantees with Uranus in Taurus. Do focus on your son, though, as the Jupiter trines to your Leo factors are wonderful and in your solar chart we are also seeing Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) in your Fifth House of the younger generation. There may even be another child in the mix who is very good news for you, by 2023.

  134. Hi Jessica,

    Life is feeling completely upside down and it seems everyday a new freak event happens which is trying and testing me. I am stuck in my job for years and need a breakthrough of some sort !


    1. You are a Sun Leo with a big Cancer, Leo, Libra pattern in your natal chart. Rachana, you should have changed your job by now (since 2018) or at least gone part-time, worked less hours, worked from home and added a second one. You should also have been training in a new skill set. I say “should” but it is easy to say that, and can be quite hard to do. You are in a cycle, with Uranus in Taurus in your solar Tenth House, and Pluto in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House, when the impetus is to change. It’s been here in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and now 2022 so I am baffled that you are stuck. You have to make it happen yourself. In fact, you have been shown, more than once, that there is an exciting new way to earn an income. It would mean changing your lifestyle. The hours you devote to free time after work and on the weekends – at the moment. I think you are locked into a fixed, stuck, mindset which is getting in the way. Try to loosen up. Step back from work and take time out. Switch off from the usual rat-trap thinking where you are going around in circles. There will be a way out and a way through, as soon as now, late April to late May, when the Sun goes through Taurus. You will keep on being pushed into a new career/a second career/a different way of doing things by various destiny clues and open doors, until you do something about it. The Tarot can help you with timing.

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