Astrology and the Australian Election

Astrology and the Australian Election 2022

The current Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has chosen an unhelpful date for the 2022 election. The astrology of the 2022 Australian election shows delayed results, reshuffles during the campaign as well as post election, wrong calls by the media and a high chance of a hung parliament.

Hung Parliaments in Astrology

We are seeing Mercury Retrograde and other factors, on the May 21st election, which we saw on the two previous hung parliaments. In a moment I will look at the Tarot as well as the astrology – it may be that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg risks losing his seat. This looks like an election upset, according to the heavens.

Shocks and Cover-Ups

We’ll see some shocks involving Taurus Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Scorpio former Prime Ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, in May. These will fracture the Liberal and National Party. Watch Thursday 5th May for sudden storms. There is also direct karma for all three men, on Friday 13th May (yes, that is the correct date) going back to September 2003.

Latest Final Results by  June 14th

Results in some seats or with some candidates may be as late as Tuesday 14th June. That is the final day of the Mercury Retrograde loop, which begins at the end of April. And it’s all thanks to Mercury Retrograde. When life goes backwards. Mercury Retrograde can result in legal battles after the votes are in. We’ve seen that in American elections, like Bush/Gore. We also saw it with Donald Trump. Remember the never-ending recounts even though Biden won a landslide?

The Financial Review reports that ‘deal by deal’ chaos is Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s fear. This sounds exactly like the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus cycle we are about to experience. Mercury rules negotiations. Taurus rules deals. Mercury going backwards and forwards sounds like a lot of bargaining (below). I think we’re also going to see basic computer and postal problems, because for some of this time, Mercury will also be stuck in Gemini, which rules information flow.

Australian Election scaled - Astrology and the Australian Election

Vote Recounts on Mercury Retrograde

Scott Morrison has chosen polling day as Saturday 21st May 2022 and we’re in for some serious flux. The astrology of this election in Australia shows recounts, retracted statements and reversals. We may see resignations.

Julia Gillard 199x300 - Astrology and the Australian Election2022 is an exact mirror of 2010, when Prime Minister Julia Gillard was up against Tony Abbott and it took 17 days for Australian voters to see a final, hung parliament. Gillard tells the tale well in My Story. The astrology of 21st August 2010 is told well by astrology, too.

That was when we saw Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter in Aries for the first time in 12 years. On 21st May 2022, we will once again see Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter in Aries for the first time in 12 years. It’s a literal repeat. Same skies.

The Albanese and Morrison Natal Charts

In a word, we don’t have charts for Albanese or Morrison, to help make a prediction. Astrologers are still waiting to see birth times from either politician. The Morrison chart is rated X so we can’t use it.

I have gone as far as I can with the  Anthony Albanese astrology chart here – with no birth time. We can see some truths about Albanese, without a time. He’s an innovator. He prefers the new to the old. What is unique about this weird repeat of the Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott contest in 2010 suggests voters want Greens and independents to speak for them – not just the two-party system with two men at the top. I’ll explain the astrology of that next.

The Simple Astrology 

The winning Prime Minister and government, including any powerful independents on the cross-bench, will spend the first full year in power, under Pluto in Aquarius. You’ve not seen that in your lifetime.

Pluto shows us who/what is in control. This is the diverse group, not the elite. It’s not the usual two party system dominated by powerful, rich, white men. This new future begins in March 2023 and Aquarius has always been about minorities.

How Generation Aquarius Rocks the Vote – Aged 18 to 24

Generation Aquarius, born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius, are voting for the first time. More than half of the 700,000 new enrolments to the Australian Electoral Commission were from 18-24 year olds. They were born 1998 to 2004. Now, according to the ABC’s Vote Compass, 38 per cent of 18-29 year-olds nominated climate change as their most important issue. That is going to have a massive impact on voting day, with Aquarius weather dominating the heavens.

Goblet of Fire 300x169 - Astrology and the Australian Election
Harry Potter and Generation Aquarius

Generation Potter

Younger Millennials, Gen Aqua, are Generation TikTok. This is Generation Potter. They vote with their friends or their tribe. And Generation Teletubbies, too: the group of all colours.  They have no natural respect for the people at the top (men in suits) or the idea of authority figures who must run the world. They’re about unions not corporations. Gen Aqua turn out to protest marches on Climate Emergency even though they are still in their teens.

Alternative names for this group are Generation We and also the Net Generation.  These people are into brotherhood and sisterhood, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, class, religion and other classifications. If you really want to get inside the head of the tweenagers born with this unique Aquarius pattern in their personal horoscopes, just watch their favourite childhood show, Teletubbies.  Tinky Winky carries a red handbag and at one point, believe it or not, was outed as gay. Generation Aquarius really doesn’t care if you’re gay, straight, lesbian, transgender and will vote strongly against sexism, and against homophobia. There are 350,000 people in this generation ready to vote, and we’ve not seen that before. Shockwaves.

Independents’ Day and Independence Day

Incredibly, just one woman in Australia (and her local volunteers) could see the Liberal government treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, lose his seat. Her name is Dr. Monique Ryan and she is standing in Kooyong. Frydenberg recently made headlines when Guide Dogs Australia was unwillingly dragged into his campaign. Questions of integrity arose.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s David Crowe wrote, “Scott Morrison’s refusal to commit to an integrity commission with teeth could easily come back to haunt him in a hung parliament.”

In America, they have hanging chads on Mercury Retrograde elections. In Australia, we have hung parliaments and are often left hanging in suspense for final results in seats where the votes are close.

AQU 2021 small - Astrology and the Australian Election
The Aquarius logo and colour

Teal Independents and Aquarius Weather

Often using teal, or turquoise, high-profile independent candidates running in wealthy Liberal seats, such as Allegra Spender in Wentworth, Kylea Tink in North Sydney and Zoe Daniel in Goldstein are using Aquarius colours (left). This is really interesting, given the wave of Aquarius weather on election day. Aqua is the Aquarius colour. Now, that’s synchronicity.

What the 2010 Hung Parliament Achieved

In a moment I’ll look at the other Mercury Retrograde election, back on 21st September 1940 when Australians waited weeks to discover who would lead them.

Yet, even though these elections bring flux, hung parliaments can be productive.

The Julia Gillard years delivered – The national broadband network, Gonski school funding, a means test on the health insurance rebate, paid parental leave, a plan for the Murray-Darling basin, plain packaging for cigarettes, a carbon price, education reform, children’s dental care, the national disability insurance scheme and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Jupiter in Aries – Here Come the Independents

One very good reason for the likelihood of a 2022 hung parliament is the rise of women independents.

Aries is the sign of the solo operator and self-promoter, and here we have Jupiter (which always expands whatever it touches) in Aries for the first time in 12 years, just as it was back in 2010 when it was lone operators – independent candidates – who held the keys.

Pluto in Aquarius is Calling Australia

So what is this Aquarius weather? Aquarius as a sign, was defined way back in 1971 by the American astrologer, Rex E. Bills in The Rulership Book (American Federation of Astrologers, Arizona).

This is interesting because it was published over 50 years ago and outside Australia. Thus, using Bill’s keywords from 1971 we find that Pluto in Aquarius from 2023 is power through:

  • Electrical manufacturers and dealers (like the Elon Musk car company Tesla)
  • Labor organisations
  • Progressives
  • Rebels
  • Reformers
  • Senators

What to Watch in Astrology for Election 2022

This is a Mercury Retrograde election like no other. Postal and early voting will surge, because people want to avoid COVID-19 infection in long queues. Mercury turns Retrograde Shadow on Saturday 30th April and turns retrograde on Tuesday 10th May. The chaos will be notable in that period.

Postal votes are particularly delayed, in April and May, because Mercury rules the mail. This is also when opinion polls will begin to show the wrong results, as we’ll discover later. Mercury rules all messages, so advertising and form-filling. Posters and pamphlets, websites and Twitter accounts. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, which rules communication, may see television coverage affected. Newspapers may go out with the wrong cover. Be wary of wrong calls by pundits.

Never trust opinion polls  on this cycle. Be aware of the large number of first-time voters, too. We may see a high number of informal or invalid votes. More Mercury Retrograde.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Mercury Retrograde Elections

The most famous recent example of a Mercury Retrograde election was Donald Trump’s failed bid for presidency against Joe Biden, with Mike Pence. Remember the victory speech that wasn’t?

Voter Registration – Generation Aquarius

As 18-year-olds born in 2004, every new voter in this election was born with Neptune in Aquarius.  They are far more likely to vote with their friends, and to vote for politicians who respect diversity. So – women – in particular. 

Mercury Retrograde is notorious for extreme weather (floods) and also strike action (affecting transport and travel) but also hacking (computers) and power outages.

This may also play a part in what is going to be a chaotic election. We may see a new COVID-19 outbreak, which would fit with the usual Mercury Retrograde chaos.

Independents’ Day

Green and Independent votes may see a hung parliament as we saw on the same astrological cycle, back in 2010. Australian election astrology predictions in 2022 may mirror 2010.

Many more independents, women and/or Greens on the crossbench, for years into the future, seems likely, given what we are seeing from March 24th, 2023, until January 19th, 2044, throughout this entire Pluto in Aquarius cycle.

Will 1940 Repeat Itself?

Will 1940 repeat itself? This is the other famous hung parliament apart from the PM Julia Gillard election.

Well, in the year 2022, Uranus is in Taurus. That’s uncanny. That also happened in 1940 and it’s rare. Uranus has not been in Taurus since the war. What does it show? A revolution in the economy. It also shows a revolution against the economy.

Back in August 1940, Mercury was on a retrograde loop in the zodiac signs Leo and Cancer. The election was called on 20th August, for a vote on 21st September 1940, so it was announced very close to the end of the loop.  It took five weeks for Australians to find out where they stood. This timing is really similar in 2022. We will wait weeks for some seats to be declared final.

Endless Negotiation

Remember Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and the deal-making with the Greens and Independents? That took 17 days of Mercury Retrograde bargaining.

Mercury Retrograde Meme 1 300x300 - Astrology and the Australian ElectionLeaders and Stop-Start Astrology

One possible outcome is a Labor loss, in Australia, but a mutiny against Scott Morrison by his own party, so we end up with a new Prime Minister (not Scott) – but also a  hung parliament.  

Another outcome on a Mercury Retrograde ‘result’ is that Australia votes for PM Albanese, but he does not see out the full term of leadership. We have to be honest about these classic astrological outcomes on this cycle. We’ve seen them before.

Ignore the Polls on Mercury Retrograde

People are going to change their minds on this election. Mercury rules words. Retrograde is going back. People will go back on their word – what they tell pollsters on the telephone – so do not trust what you are reading or hearing.

People will change their minds, actually in the voting booth. We are very likely to see issues with mobile phones in general, too, as well as social media.

Swinging Voters and the Aquarius Mood on Election Day

We judge the mood of swinging voters, who have not made up their minds, by the dominant signs on the day. What is the mood, the emotional weather? We have a stellium in Aquarius on the day.

This is very important with the age of the voting population then: Generation Aquarius, born between  January 30th , 1998 and December 30th , 2003 with both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, will be as their most ‘Aquarian’ when they come to vote.  These voters aged 19 to 24 (Millennials) are the future. Why? Pluto goes into Aquarius from March 2023. They slowly start to find their power.

Tara Moss @Tara Moss 240x300 - Astrology and the Australian ElectionThe Aquarian Trends on Voting Day

My friend, the bestselling novelist Tara Moss (left) is a good person to follow @Tara_Moss, if you are interested in activists in Australia, this election.

As a spokesperson for people living with disability, she’s been vocal about Scott Morrison’s comments about that issue, made during the Sky Leaders’ Debate and his notorious “blessed” comment about his daughters.

We have heavily Aquarian weather on voting day, which is never about the mainstream, the norm, the majority or the average. It is always about the group of unique individuals, each with equal power.

It’s always really interesting to watch the media try to put their chosen issues on the front page, or at the front of the news – then see the astrology.

In April and May 2022 the astrology is saying ‘Forget that, this is Aquarius Weather’ and that is going to make issues like disability, for example, front-and-centre. Aquarius also rules charities. People power for a cause. And it rules feminism.

In a moment I’ll talk about a very peculiar Tarot card reading that turned up when I published these predictions and why I believe that the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg may lose his seat because of his behaviour over charities.

The Aquarius Patterns on Voting Day 2022

Here is the line-up in Aquarius on voting day. It’s a stellium. An unusually high cluster of factors in just one sign.

  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Saturn in Aquarius
  • Vesta in Aquarius
  • IC (Immum Coeli) in Aquarius
  • Bacchus in Aquarius

Aquarius is about diversity and equality, pooling resources, shared power within a group of unique individuals, among whom are minorities. That’s really lesbian Penny Wong in the Labor leadership isn’t it, just for a start. And what about the transgender athlete issue, in Sydney, the gay activist capital of Australia?

Women Holding the Balance of Power

Most new independent candidates in Australia for this election are women.  Aquarius rules feminism. Uranus, the planet ruling Aquarius, is also associated with independence/independents.

The other big concern in 2022 is Climate Emergency. How interesting that Aquarius has long been associated with ‘electrical inventions’ – like the electric car. That is an old key word associated with the sign since last century.

Electric cars? Judging by the lack of action on that on the streets to date, it’s not Barnaby Joyce and it’s not Scott Morrison.

What the Tarot Says About the Australian Election 2022

Photo on 10 4 22 at 11.36 am 2 300x200 - Astrology and the Australian Election

I knocked my Smith-Waite Tarot deck over when I was writing this feature. The cards fell in a pattern on my office floor, so I’ll read it. It shows the chaos of this election. None of the cards landed upright. They are all sideways, or spinning. Australia ‘lands’ in quite a random state.

I can see Brittany Higgins here, as I publish this on  the 21st of April. There she is, twice, in her famous white outfit. Can you see her? She’s important, at the top of the spill.

You can see The Fool, falling out of the picture, down the bottom. Who or what is The Fool to you? He’s leaving the scene.  The other curious thing about the way the cards fell? This looks like an outline of the state of South Australia.

The Falling Fool in the Tarot and the Dog

The Fool is shown here, the right way up, enlarged, for you to interpret. I find the little white dog very interesting. Perhaps the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, really was foolish to try and use the charity Guide Dogs Victoria (without their knowledge, they say) to help advertise himself in the 2022 election. In fact it was one of several causes or charities, including the scouts.  Many of you are natural or professional psychics, I know. What do you see in The Fool?


THE FOOL BEFORE - Astrology and the Australian Election

The Astrology of the Australian Election 2022 – Horoscope for May 21st

This is set for 6.00pm in Canberra, the capital, at the close of polls on 21st May 2022. This uses the Natural House System and modern astrology, from our Family and Friends software, on this website. (Main  Image: Cyrus Crossan, Unsplash).

Election 2022 A scaled e1650237592800 - Astrology and the Australian Election

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78 Responses

  1. Jessica,
    Excellent article again… thank you.
    While, I love to hear your opinion about the following.
    I believe that the labour and liberal leaders are going to change very soon and that the election is not really about Scott or About Anthony.
    If labour win, I believe that Anthony will not be prime minister long, or leader of the Labour Party. I believe that the Labour Party will turn against him and give it to Penny Wong.
    I also believe that Scott will also leave politics soon and it will go to Josh frydenberg.

    I don’t believe we see the real election. It’s between Penny Wong and Josh frydenberg.

    What’s your opinion.
    I also believe the women you notice in your tarot is not be Brittany Higgins but another women. I believe a women is going to enter the political seen not as a politician but support to a party. This woman will also change the view we see things in Australia.

    What’s your opinion

    Love to hear your feed back

    1. Thank you. So interesting you think the election is between Penny Wong and Josh Frydenberg! We have to go to the astrology as it works alongside the Tarot. Do either of them fit the Aquarius mood/weather on election day? Wong does. She is an Asian lesbian in a political world full of straight white men. Aquarius has always been about the community that welcomes and accepts all kinds – diversity. Frydenberg doesn’t really fit that at all. She is a Sun Scorpio. He is a Sun Cancer. Anthony Albanese is a Sun Pisces, so that’s three water signs (emotional, feelings-based) in the public eye on polling day. We can expect tears, I think.

  2. To continue from my previous story.
    I believe the fool is Anthony. He was blindsided by 3 women in his Labour Party. They have carefully planned this. From Grace, to Brittany and to the fall of Christian Porter. Why, these 3 women are in it for themselves. Penny Wong wants to be prime ministers and she will do anything to get it. we have seen it with Kimberley, these woman will not stop.

    So the fool is Anthony that he trusted them and with the results after a while they will push him out and take the lead..

    But I also see liberal will have a new support for women’s issues and things. She will make a huge stand but not as a politician. Near the end of April beginning of May.

    What’s your opinion

    Love to hear.

    1. It is quite true that women are in the Tarot cards that fell in a jumble on the floor. Grace Tame, Brittany Higgins and Penny Wong may be the faces you see. It is also possible that Pauline Hanson is in there – her preferences are make-or-break – and even Julie Bishop. I think it’s likely that the Liberal and National Party will push a woman forward as the election date comes closer; polling is showing them that women voters are leaning towards the ‘teal’ women Independents. That makes sense to me. Let’s see what happens to Anthony Albanese!

  3. Dear Jessica & tea, thank you again for this commentary. Yes, everything feels very heavy (quoting Neil from The Young Ones), during the last few years, doesn’t it. And the tarot card “random” spread was fated! 🙂
    Anthony Albanese may not have a birth-time (per your excellent article on this), but certainly a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction near one’s Piscean Sun, as an election campaign begins, can only be auspicious..?
    Mercury Rx elections are always interesting..? Divine guidance seems to be always about reflection, and we have all been through a lot.
    Is it correct that a Merc Rx through a sign (like Gemini) begins cycles that conclude in following Merc Rx cycle? Because, we have June 2021 as the date of the last Gemini Merc Retrograde. June 2021 headlines were all about the Covid vaccine (ATAGI’s recommendation of Pfizer for adults under 60; plus supply issues; and mandating the Covid vaccine for workers in aged-care). Also – Barnaby Joyce was restored as National Party leader in a spill. I wonder will any of these or other Merc Rx headlines will return? Light & love. xx

    1. Neil from The Young Ones is the very embodiment of Saturn, isn’t he? Saturn has always ruled lead. So, as you say, this is a heavy election. I agree that Anthony Albanese has gained from the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. In his solar chart, which is the only one we can use (without AA data) that is in and out of his First House of image, reputation, profile, appearance all year. He’s lost weight, found stylish glasses and obviously been coached for media appearances. Mercury Retrograde in a zodiac sign, does hark back to the last time it happened. Correct. This Mercury cycle is in Taurus and Gemini so it’s a backward glance at finance (Taurus) and transport/travel/media/internet (Gemini). Strictly speaking, those June 2021 headlines don’t really relate to either sign, except possible changes with the tourism/travel industry based on Pfizer ‘protection’. It will be interesting to see what happens in May, June 2023.

    1. It would be cheating to comment now, as results already have Macron ahead, but of course it’s not over yet. The outcome will signal the end of globalisation, from 2026, which is written in the future by Uranus in Gemini (the revolution in local French life). We are seeing waves of Gemini transits in 2022, all opposite Sagittarius, which rules foreigners and foreign countries. There is a big split there among the French about local versus global/international and this will be reflected in the vote. So I’m not commenting on the two contenders, because I prefer to predict months or years ahead, if I can. But you will see policy change after the result. And it will very specifically concern the EU.

  4. Thanks, Jessica, for this article. I am a long time reader but first time commenter. I found this Interesting and a little disappointing. Disappointing because personally I have had enough of our current prime minster and his gang of boofy egotistical men and strongly believe that Australia and more importantly the people deserve so much better. To me they are all fools so would have liked them all to fall. But alas that is not possible.
    I had hoped this time around that voters would really send a clear direct message to the politicians of today. But it doesn’t sound that way. Recounts, delays, and a hung parliament. just shows confusion. Not united but divided. So many people I have spoken to do not want to vote for either party. But sadly, if you don’t have a great independent running in your area what are the options.
    Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts.

    1. Thank you. Love the word ‘boofy’ it is a fine Australian adjective! When you say that so many people you’ve spoken to, don’t want to vote for either party, you are echoing what the polls are showing. It is even happening within the Greens – and that’s pretty niche. I’ve heard people who are not happy with one or two policies, to the point where they are secretly planning to vote in a really individual, scattered way. So those How-To-Vote cards handed out by Labor, the Liberals, the Nationals, the Greens may well end up being recycled. This strong Aquarius weather suggests that people will want to vote independently, as individuals, and that does rather suggest preferences are all. Once you add Mercury Retrograde (you can blame Morrison for that!) we do see suspended results. Not united but divided? Yes, but it is also true that the Aquarius sign is about tolerance. Without tolerance we collectively do not get the rewards. So even though this looks like a really mixed bunch of politicians for 2023 and onwards, we may also see (amazingly) a common goal we think is worth the patience.

    1. Australia is actually in a terrific position long-term, if we use her 1960’s chart. I like using that ‘rebirth’ horoscope because it shows Aboriginal empowerment. This makes Australia a Sun Gemini country and that suggests huge leaps and bounds with cars, public transport and local and regional travel as well as the internet, in rolling Gemini weather from 2022 onwards – really changing the nation from 2026. How we get there, isn’t clear yet, but I think it augurs well that Albanese has the Moon in Gemini. So he understands the need for (say) a bullet train on the East Coast, or tax subsidies for non-petrol vehicles. We wait…

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a newbie member who has recently discovered your blog. I love it. In particular, the political and financial predications like the share market collapse in 2020. I’ve just started learning more about astrology only recently and coming to understand my astro chart; do you see anything interesting in say career, finances, relationships etc for this year for me. Thanks so much.

    sun – My Birth ChartSun
    26° sagittarius – My Birth Chart Sagittarius 38′ 23″
    moon – My Birth ChartMoon
    21° pisces – My Birth Chart Pisces 23′ 53″
    mercury – My Birth ChartMercury
    05° sagittarius – My Birth Chart Sagittarius 21′ 21″
    venus – My Birth ChartVenus
    18° sagittarius – My Birth Chart Sagittarius 58′ 13″
    mars – My Birth ChartMars
    02° scorpio – My Birth Chart Scorpio 21′ 44″
    jupiter – My Birth ChartJupiter
    15° aquarius – My Birth Chart Aquarius 30′ 56″
    saturn – My Birth ChartSaturn
    03° sagittarius – My Birth Chart Sagittarius 42′ 07″
    uranus – My Birth ChartUranus
    18° sagittarius – My Birth Chart Sagittarius 42′ 12″
    neptune – My Birth ChartNeptune
    03° capricorn – My Birth Chart Capricorn 04′ 51″
    pluto – My Birth ChartPluto
    06° scorpio – My Birth Chart Scorpio 33′ 58″
    chiron – My Birth ChartChiron
    11° gemini – My Birth Chart Gemini 07′ 40″ R
    juno – My Birth ChartJuno
    24° scorpio – My Birth Chart Scorpio 58′ 19″
    vesta – My Birth ChartVesta
    10° capricorn – My Birth Chart Capricorn 43′ 32″
    ceres – My Birth ChartCeres
    13° virgo – My Birth Chart Virgo 02′ 05″
    mc – My Birth ChartMC
    09° cancer – My Birth Chart Cancer 13′ 46″
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    09° capricorn – My Birth Chart Capricorn 13′ 46″
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    15° libra – My Birth Chart Libra 54′ 26″
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    15° aries – My Birth Chart Aries 54′ 26″
    diana – My Birth ChartDiana
    17° virgo – My Birth Chart Virgo 29′ 09″
    fortuna – My Birth ChartFortuna
    24° capricorn – My Birth Chart Capricorn 55′ 06″
    minerva – My Birth ChartMinerva
    16° capricorn – My Birth Chart Capricorn 00′ 21″
    bacchus – My Birth ChartBacchus
    27° capricorn – My Birth Chart Capricorn 44′ 24″ R
    apollo – My Birth ChartApollo
    14° sagittarius – My Birth Chart Sagittarius 40′ 51″
    aesculapia – My Birth ChartAesculapia
    23° taurus – My Birth Chart Taurus 35′ 12″ R
    hygeia – My Birth ChartHygeia
    18° aries – My Birth Chart Aries 37′ 52″
    panacea – My Birth ChartPanacea
    21° aquarius – My Birth Chart Aquarius 22′ 57″
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    16° sagittarius – My Birth Chart Sagittarius 36′ 38″
    salacia – My Birth ChartSalacia
    18° aquarius – My Birth Chart Aquarius 28′ 55″
    proserpina – My Birth ChartProserpina
    25° gemini – My Birth Chart Gemini 40′ 47″ R
    cupido – My Birth ChartCupido
    07° scorpio – My Birth Chart Scorpio 00′ 10″
    vulcano – My Birth ChartVulcano
    05° aries – My Birth Chart Aries 38′ 33″
    psyche – My Birth ChartPsyche
    11° gemini – My Birth Chart Gemini 01′ 13″ R
    northnode – My Birth ChartNorthNode
    07° taurus – My Birth Chart Taurus 59′ 46″ R
    southnode – My Birth ChartSouthNode
    07° scorpio – My Birth Chart Scorpio 59′ 46″ R

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius with transiting Pluto in your solar Second House of income, banking, charity and life budget. He has been there since 2008 so by now you are well used to big questions about power and control, in relation to (say) a house or apartment; a good cause; a business matter. This continues in 2022 and then you get a break from the usual intensity from March 2023, as Pluto leaves Capricorn for a few months. The reason this is important is that a similar story appears in your natal cart. You have the lunar nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, so again, this is your Second House of banking, but it also pulls in your Eighth House of joint finance. May and June will bring a stuck, reversing situation with all that you own, earn or owe. Try not to add to the muddle, let it play itself out until mid-June. Further along as a general comment about 2022-2026 you must expect the unexpected with your budget. Keep it really flexible and have a lifestyle and budget which can be adjusted very rapidly if necessary. Uranus in Taurus is about sudden upheaval and it can arrive in a flash.

  6. You are speaking riddles but there can only be one fool, esp. in relation to Brittany Higgins. Can’t wait for him to fall.

  7. Hi Jessica

    Could it be possible that a major party stands as prime minister but we have a lot of independents and greens to ‘balance’ power?. Hoping UAP and PHON disappear into the nether, but that’s wishful thinking I’m sure.

    1. This seems very likely, given Saturn in Aquarius in 2022 (the reality of groups in Australian politics) and Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 (the power of those groups). Aquarian groups are not like the rest. They are diverse. Women make up around half the numbers and all ages, genders, classes, sexualities are included. They are inclusive. So a hung parliament with the crossbench able to swing an ICAC (investigation into corruption by the Morrison government) and proper action on Climate Emergency is very, very likely. It’s a fascinating time in Australian politics and we’ve not seen it for 240+ years; that is how long it takes Pluto to come around to Aquarius, the sign of truly democratic groups and people power spread across, not from the top down.

    2. This seems most likely. Pluto is power. It moves, dramatically, into Aquarius – history made – from March 2023 as the first full year of Canberra government begins. Aquarius has been associated with men and women, all classes, sexual preferences, ages ‘pooling resources’ for 2000 years. Aquarius the water-bearer was actually the fellow who supplied the Roman Baths, where the community gathered. This just doesn’t feel like the Dutton-Morrison-Frydenberg combination at all. It feels much more like Labor/Green/Independent.

  8. With the horror scenario of a Liberal minority government with a leadership spill ousting Scott in my mind…can you check Peter Dutton’s and Josh Frydenberg’s charts for any indication of a suddenly elevated role?

    1. Unfortunately the Liberal Party, National Party and individuals within it, are notorious for lacking correct data. Even the party as a whole has conflicting ‘birth’ times. Scott Morrison is rated X in the Rodden Rating System, for example, so the chart is unusable. I have emailed at least one Liberal party identity before and had no reply (about birth data) so gave up. We have to really look at Australia as a whole, not Dutton or Frydenberg. It is very likely that Morrison would go overseas with the Pentecostal church by May 2022 or October-December 2022, if he is ever going to make that choice. We know he is a Taurus if nothing else and Jupiter (opportunity) and Neptune (escape) are in his Eleventh House of groups. It would fit the astrology if he escaped from one group into another. As for a change in the balance of power within political parties and the nation: absolutely. Pluto is in Capricorn for most of 2022 and we are going to see that again and again as the mountain goats at the top try to shuffle each other down or even off. I am interested that you don’t mention Barnaby Joyce. For me, just as an Aries, he is the real story in 2022. Watch Joyce.

    2. We don’t have AA Rodden Rated astrological charts for Dutton or Frydenberg, unfortunately. At the moment, Frydenberg is polling so poorly in Kooyong that he may lose his seat. Given Albanese’s classic ‘Aquarian’ line-up and the likely backing of the Greens (more Aquarian symbolism) the smart money would be on a Labor win, and that’s the way the TAB is playing it.

  9. Hi Jessica

    I just want to say that I hope the two party collusion ends with this election. I doubt it though.

    So many of your members will know that this will likely be a rigged election notwithstanding the amount of sheeple that still do not see/believe that they care about our health/wealth/children/education.

    I have never in my life seen anything as outrageous as this government and all their minions over the last two years. I guess it is Alby’s turn to win due to the Neptune cycle but he is just a wolf dressed up to act like Scomo. They are part of the same school of criminals.

    Seeing as the Constitution no longer has the Queen’s name on it due to Hawke sneakily taking it off back in 2004 I believe, they are doing whatever they like. Which is why the Governor General went missing ad racked off of the country not so long ago, only to be fond when Scumo wanted to release the date of the election. It will be rigged I can tell you that now.

    When will we ever get from under the knee of the Chinese?

    1. This election in Australia is making people very angry. I didn’t put in a link to the many, many Australian astrology charts in this story, but you can look at Search and see the many faces of the nation. She ends up as a Sun Gemini country, if we base her latest rebirth on the vote for the rights of First Nations people. Gemini fits, as her twin is New Zealand. I would keep an eye on Rupert Murdoch. Watch him in May. That says a lot about Australia. And the overall horoscope for 2023 shows people power ascends from March, with all its community, diversity and equality so if we end up with a hung parliament and the crossbench holding power (what a mixed bunch that will be) I don’t think anybody would be surprised. Similarly, the Greens with their Medicare dental policy being the tempter for non-Greens voters. (It’s hardly about trees, is it!) This election was timed for Mercury Retrograde so we can expect recounts, retracted statements, rescheduling and so on; this also fits the picture of a really scattered vote. As for China, we wait for an ICAC. An ICAC will come.

  10. Well this is encouraging.
    And if Pluto plays a part, I’m thinking that last time it was in it’s present place, 1780’s, the colony was imposing itself upon a flourishing, diverse, vibrant land of many First Nations. Could the Aquarius energies on election day and Pluto moving into Aquarius early next year bring home to Canberra the Voice to Parliament , agreed upon by elders of many Aboriginal nations? We shall see, but that seems an appropriate Pluto return from so called settlement days.

    1. Yes, Pluto in Aquarius, arriving in slow stages from March 2023, will absolutely put First Nations people on an equal footing in Canberra, along with other powerful players, like the Liberal party, the National party, the Labor party, the Greens and so on. Aquarius is about all tribes being represented in one powerful hub. This will show up quite dramatically in the first half of next year. It’s stop-start from that point.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Great analysis again! Love to read your take on current events and even give me hope about humanity’s future and emerging people power. The hung parliament of more independents and women sounds very likely and what messy kind of mix that will be!

    The Fool – Slomo? Scotty from Marketing and his smirking mug are surely part of history soon. Or is that UAP yellow hue a sign that Clive is out of the picture?

    The Lovers coalition? Two parties become one? A decision to be made?

    1. Thank you. The Fool falling out of the picture is the most interesting thing about this random Tarot card spread. It literally fell on the floor, from my desk. I do think that The Fool is a symbol of travel. In most decks he is shown with his knapsack on his back, dog by his side barking a warning, as he sets off on a regional or international journey. The fact that he is falling suggests that the airlines will also fall. This would make sense given the perilous financial state of Qantas and Virgin. However, as you point out, yellow is a significant colour too.

  12. Due to the lack of equity in the Federal vs State governments a method of rattling the political parties cages is to place Liberal, Labor, Nationals and Greens last on the ballot papers. Any Independents of your choice will then feed their preferences down to the next independent with the highest number. As the “older” voter usually has a favourite party it is likely that one of the major parties will win (perhaps narrowly if you mention a hung parliament). But the Independent parties will have more say or power to support or block the Gov/Grubberments agendas. I can see that the back room deals and “unofficial” donations will be more transparent in the future. We sure could use a shake up and bring Australia back together as a proud nation by supporting local produce and products more soundly.

    1. The backroom deals, unofficial donations and other corruption you talk about, is an outcome of Pluto in Capricorn, which began in 2008 and does not leave until March 2023. This is global, not just within Australia. Donald Trump is a good example of possible corruption and Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs certainly are. Pluto is power. Capricorn is the male elite. Pluto in Capricorn has given us very successful plutocrats at the top for many years, and we all know ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts, absolutely.’ This is over from March 2023. It comes and goes, as Pluto retrogrades, but by the time we are near the mid 2020’s it’s looking like a distant memory. You’d suspect an ICAC would begin its hearings in March, 2023. Any Independent Commission Against Corruption would be looking at historic cases, going back to 2008. As an astrologer you’d say that politicians’ share activities with Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin and Sydney Airport would be high on the list. That’s because of the eclipses we’ve had in Sagittarius and Gemini, which rule the tourism and business travel industries.

  13. Hi Jessica. It is interesting that the only sign not represented in the election day chart is Libra. Do you see that as that significant? E.g., if it is to be a hung parliament, will true balance of power occur if Libra is not there?

  14. Hi Jessica. It is interesting that the only sign not represented in the election day chart is Libra. Do you see that as significant? E.g., if it is to be a hung parliament, will true balance of power occur if Libra is not there?

    1. That’s a great question. This is not a Libra election day, nor in fact a Libra election year. Libra is about two sides; two parties; two people; two opponents. So it’s a departure from the two-party system. Aquarius is really dominating here. We are going into this election on the back of a rare Jupiter and Saturn transit in Aquarius (the sign of diversity, community and equality in the group). Saturn in Aquarius is there all year until Pluto in Aquarius takes over (historic) from March 2023. So given that the winner must be in power right through the early days of Pluto in Aquarius, this has to be about balance as a group, not balance between two. We’ve not seen that before. I think the strong religious beliefs of Albanese and Morrison will have more to do with the result than most people think. As will the census in Australia when the results finally emerge. These Aquarian groups tend to be all beliefs; all genders, ages, sexual preferences, classes. It’s really interesting.

  15. I work at Parliament House in Canberra (Basement staff) I am unfortunately forbidden in having a publicly expressed opinion about anything to do with the government in general. That doesn’t stop me in hoping for the best for all of us. I hope we see change for the better in one way or many others and for those who deserves justice to receive it. Thank you for your insights.

  16. Is it too soon to predict Christmas travel?
    Should we stay home and not make flight arrangements ?

    1. It’s never too soon to predict anything in astrology. We have a Mercury Retrograde cycle at Christmas. It begins on December 13th with Mercury at 8 Capricorn and ends on February 7th 2023 with Mercury at 24 Capricorn. Context is everything with Mercury Retrograde. Capricorn does not rule airlines or cruise ships, or hotels. It rules politicians, employers, corporations and big business. Yet, they can very easily be airline CEO’s can’t they. We are going to see reshuffles, departures, resignations, job cuts and chaos starting on December 13th and it is possible there will be strike action by airline staff (for example) or just disruption within the tourism industry. I also need to let you know that Mars in Gemini, which rules short journeys, is retrograde as well, in exactly the same time frame. Two retrogrades is two too many, so if you do want to fly, be aware of the risk of cancellation or delay. If your issue is with COVID-19 then you need to know that in astrology, the problem is not the virus; the problem is travel. The facts are simple. COVID-19 came from China. It mutated into a new variant called Delta, which came from India. It then mutated into Omicron, which came from South Africa. In astrology, the signs ruling travel (Gemini and Sagittarius) always clash with the sign ruling public health (Virgo) and this is triggered again and again, for years. So I need to let you know that.

  17. Hi Jessica. Your Smith-Waite tarot spread has reassured me that the Taurus PM is on the way out. Also that Fool tarot card to me looks like women being the major winners on that day. The white dog represents male politicians and having to look up to women politicians and respect them more due to the election results on that day. I see a Labor win, but a minority government. A minority government is not the end of the world. Look what Julia Gillard’s government achieved and all the legislation they got through in such a short time. I think with a minority government they work a lot harder; therefore they achieve more. Election day May 21 is that other Taurus PM’s birthdate – Malcolm Fraser. Hmm I wonder if history will repeat and this present Taurus PM also concedes? The numerology of 21/05 has the numbers 21=3 and 5. The 1983 election was on 5/03 and has the same numbers. Could that be an omen? Cheers JC.

    1. Thank you JC. A Labor minority government with powerful independents (perhaps more of the ‘teal’ women independents than anyone anticipates) seems likely, according to many political commentators, and that is without astrology or Tarot, of course. The Smith-Waite Tarot ‘spread’ was one of those things that I pay attention to, because I had no intention of using a Tarot spread at all, but my elbow knocked the cards off the desk and onto the floor, with that very odd final card, The Fool, out of the circle! I didn’t know that Malcolm Fraser was born on 21st May; how fascinating. And how about that numerology? There are a few omens here that the Taurus PM is on the way out. Even without verified data for Scott Morrison, we know at least that he is a Sun Taurus. Just from that alone, the fact that Jupiter (opportunity) goes into Aries and his solar Twelfth House of religion, days before the election, suggests that should he want a new role with the Horizons Church, or with a rich American Pentecostal church, it would be there.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Firstly great article, but really hope we don’t have another hung parliament. Watching the two leaders on the campaign trail, I feel that Scott Morrison is well rehearsed and very polished but fake and cocky. I feel Scott wants to be Prime Minister because of the power and prestige the office holds, he just loves the limelight and “performing”the role of PM. Albanese on the other hand isn’t as polished and well spoken, even a little clumsy and overwhelmed at press conferences, but I feel this is because he is speaking from his heart and not his head at times. I feel that he genuinely cares about making peoples lives better. I feel for him being PM is about having the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Australians, rather than prestige.
    Basically I feel one leader is about ME and the other is about WE.
    While I know you will probably be right and we will have a hung parliament but I am hoping Albanese will still have the opportunity to make some of the changes some people desperately need. It will also be great not seeing Scott Morrison’s smug face any more!!!

    1. Over on Twitter, so many people agree with you about Prime Minister Scott Morrison. I agree with you that Albanese appears to speak from his heart, not his head. Classic Sun Pisces – an emotional water sign – and quite unusual in politics. Given Albanese’s interest in electric transport, I’d say the future is calling him to be the next PM given the cycles Australia is going through. The other interesting thing about Albanese is – his time out with COVID-19 has pulled women into the spotlight: Kristina Keneally and Penny Wong. This is another twist of fate worth watching, as the heavily Aquarius weather on polling day suggests people have diversity and equality in mind. So interesting!

  19. Yes Jessica I agree this election will be very interesting to watch. I would LOVE to see a debate between Penny Wong and Scott Morrison. He’s about spin and she is about facts.
    Jessica I know you predicted COVID do you see that the worst is behind us now or is astrology telling you something different?

    1. Penny Wong the powerful Scorpio, is ruled by Pluto and we associate that planet with great potency. I would love to see a debate too, between Wong the Scorpio and Morrison the Taurus. Opposite signs! COVID-19 is not behind us and the toughest battle of all is ahead, when Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023. The years 2023 and 2024 will be very difficult as Saturn (tests and trials) will oppose the Virgo (health) placements of billions. There are many more billions of people on the planet today with Virgo and Sixth House factors, than there were before the Sixties. Fate decreed that everyone born in the Sixties would have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. That generation has already been through AIDS in the Eighties. COVID-19 is very similar, in that it requires massive social change to be managed. We have not seen that yet. I wish it wasn’t so, but COVID-19 will mutate again. The other repetition we are seeing, apart from AIDS, is the 9-11 terrorist attacks. That transformed the airline, tourism and business travel industry. Airport security changed forever. Eventually, once politicians with shares in airlines and airports have been exposed, voters will want leaders who will reshape the travel business similarly. It really is crazy that COVID-19 has killed millions more people than 9/11 ever did, but there is no uniform, global response by the airlines. Travel is the problem, according to astrology.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    There seems to be so many layers to this election and I just wanted to know your thoughts on the following issues.
    1. I’ve noticed there seems to be yet again another “quiet Australian’s” vote towards Clive Palmer’s UAP. But also more and more working class voters who feel neglected by Labor are starting to pledge support to the UAP. Will the UAP have an influence in the outcome of this election like in 2019? And do you see them as a threat in future elections? Or possibly a threat to the Liberal Party in general?
    2. The media is all in on a Morrison victory, however they don’t seem to be as influential as before. What do you think will happen to the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Peter Costello when it comes to media interference and influence in this and future elections?
    3. Finally, you said that if Albanese becomes PM he will not last a full term. Why is this? Is it health reasons or political? I would hate to see him get turfed out as he seems a genuinely decent man who would make a great PM. How can this be avoided?
    Thank you, have a good day.

    1. Clive Palmer qualifies as one of the Jupiter in Aries/Saturn in Aquarius ‘independents in the diverse group’ and as Jupiter (expansion, growth) goes into Aries (the lone self-promoter) just days before the nation votes, it has to include him. Long-term, Pluto in Aquarius will get rid of the two-party system as power (Pluto) is with the human family (Aquarius) as a whole and that means a really mixed bunch in Canberra. Not the same-same that we have seen while Pluto was in Capricorn. Rupert Murdoch is an interesting one. I wrote a long prediction about May 2022 for him, elsewhere on this website: I just glanced at his natal chart one day and realised how momentous May would be. We don’t know why, yet. There is a chance Albanese might not last the full term if he wins. This is based on Mercury Retrograde. It does tend to happen, because Mercury rules paperwork and declarations, so whatever is put in writing or announced tends to change later. Again, if it does happen, we don’t know why. The question of how it could be avoided, really depends on how long anyone can delay final commitments for. The second half of June is much better, as Mercury is back to normal and commitments have a better chance of being firm and lasting.

  21. Hi again Jessica. Just an added note – the deputy Labor leader and shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers has the same birthdate as his leader Anthony Albanese! Chalmers is born March 2 1978. I wonder what generation he fits into? I find it incredible. They both have transits to Neptune. On 21 May they are both in a 1 day (numerology). That’s about new beginnings. Scomo is in a 5 day. That’s about change – a change in lifestyle or career. Fascinating few weeks ahead. Cheers JC.

    1. Oh that’s interesting. Jim Chalmers is also a Sun Pisces. I like your numerology angle on the Australian election day. I suspect Scott Morrison really used that Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces to secretly organise an alternative career with the Pentecostal church. Let’s see.

  22. Oops I made an error. Richard Marles is the deputy Labor leader, not shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers. JC

  23. Well look at that result for Macron better than Giscard, Mitterrand, Hollande, Sarkozy, and even General de Gaulle! Amazing win and HUGE boost for globalism on steroids!

    1. The BBC report on the Macron victory says he has divided France over the question of the EU which is also true. It is a relief for Ukraine and her allies (that is most of us) that the Putin-backed Le Pen lost, but it has absolutely raised the issue of how exactly the EU should be run. That’s really where the astrology is going: Sagittarius (globalisation) currently under a chain of oppositions for many years, from transits in Gemini (local).

  24. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the warning about COVID. Like you I feel it is not over yet. In late 2020/early 2021 when everyone said the vaccines would end COVID, you said the Astrology says it’s not over and you were right.
    In NSW and Victoria we were hit HARD by delta and then Omicron during 21/22.
    It seems most governments believe living with the virus equates to ignoring the virus. I think we have learnt very little from the last 21/2 years. Very little has changed and most people think we can just go back to pre COVID times. I think COVID was an opportunity to change, perhaps 2023/2024 when COVID mutates as you have predicted we (governments, business and society in general) will realise living with COVID means making changes to prepare for the next pandemic, because if we think that COVID is the only pandemic we will deal with in this century then we are kidding ourselves and the next one maybe much worst( hard to imagine) than COVID.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Yes, COVID-19 is here to stay. The astrology suggests we are in the same cycle as the Bubonic Plague. That hasn’t gone away either, all these centuries later. Instead, it has been controlled. One of the really useful things about my job, is that it shows me the sociology (the generations affected by a pandemic) and also the history (the same patterns repeating, telling us what to do/what not to do). What is going on with COVID-19 is exactly the same as AIDS in the late Eighties and Nineties. Same cycle! It is also a very similar cycle to the 9/11 attacks. At first sight, AIDS and 9/11 have nothing in common, until you realise the problem was the airlines and airports. Viruses like to travel. This is woven into astrology. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries; Gemini rules domestic flights and cruises; Virgo rules public health. They are forever clashing, as signs, and whenever we get slow cycles in those signs, triggering entire generations born with planets in those signs, we have a massive health crisis: like the Great Plague in 1665 in London, which was entirely caused by infected ships. The good news? AIDS is controlled and managed these days. And the chance of future 9/11 terrorist attacks is very low. In both these outcomes, though, we only saw progress because of radical changes by Prime Ministers and Presidents. It is only when the airlines, airports and cruise ship companies are forced to admit they are responsible for mass death and long-term illness, that we will see progress. Expect ‘The New Travel.’ Facts are facts. COVID-19 flew from China. Delta flew from India. Omicron flew from South Africa. The issue is not the virus, it is the failure of the tourism industry.

  25. Shouldn’t that be Year 2 for Albanese and Year 6 for Scot Morrison? (2022+2+3) and (2022+13+5) respectively?

    1. I will have a look at this, at the BBC website and The Guardian, Washington Post and ITV.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and insight every week. I really enjoy your blog. It always encourages me to see things from another perspective which I love.
    Thanks again

  27. Dear Precious Jessica,

    I appreciate you with all my heart.

    Today just a second ago, Elon Musk bought the WHOLE Twitter for 44 BILLIONS US dollars.

    I’m totally terrified because Elon Musk is reckless (showing criminal tendency) and racist .
    Just take a look on Musk proudly indulging on pot in the name of FREEDOM and arrogance:

    Elon Musk shows tendency to support arrogant WHITE MALES just like him. Elon shows love for TRUMP.
    Take a look here, Elon Musk turns BLIND eye on RACISM on black workers over and over despite warning:

    Take a look at Elon and his son ‘X Æ A-12’ – showing naked ambition for both:

    This Elon Musk …—– is He a re-incarnation of Rupert Murdoch ??? …. A Murdoch has done so mush damage to Australia, UK and US…. . Murdoch goal in life is FAME+FORTUNE for himself.

    I send great love,

    1. We’ve been having a discussion about Elon Musk on Twitter itself, which you might find interesting. The correct chart is actually set for the minute that Jack Dorsey sent his first message on Twitter and it’s a terrific chart. A Gemini, Aquarius and Scorpio line-up that suggests Twitter is about humanitarianism and brotherhood/sisterhood (Aquarius) as well as the obvious quick communication and wit (Gemini) – and with a distinct financial and business angle. Of course, a lot of business people use Twitter to increase their income at no cost. Elon Musk and his purchase does not really fit with that pattern. Twitter was ‘born’ with Mars at 17 Gemini, Jupiter at 18 Scorpio and Neptune at 18 Aquarius. You can look as long as you like, for transits which fall around 17 and 18 degrees now – and will not find them. So Jack’s Twitter is not Elon’s Twitter. I find that really interesting. You will find endless obstacles, delays and reversals with the platform in May, June as Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is with us, and then a pitched battle which goes backwards and forwards, starting in September 2022 with Mars Retrograde, again in Gemini. Later on, when Jupiter goes into Gemini, from 2024, Twitter will relaunch and we will be glad we stayed.

  28. Jessica, do you have an article about Australia’s 1960s rebirth? Does it show when our Indigenous population will thrive, as opposed to now when only a minority shine?

    1. If you search Australia on this website, you’ll find a comparison of all the contending Australia astrology charts including 26th January 1788, which I don’t use. It is possible this country could be born again as a Republic if there is a referendum on the monarchy and we would then gain another chart which might show greater power for First Nations people. At the moment we are still stuck in a long Pluto in Capricorn cycle, when indigenous Australians, in common with traditional owners of lands around the world, have to push back against big business and government. For a reason yet to be revealed, there will be a welcome break from that, starting in March 2023. That is fascinating, as it may be a Canberra initiative. Pluto goes out of Capricorn. That’s huge.

  29. Hi Jessica thank you for all your wisdom. I note that Morrison had his launch on May 15 2022, at the time of an eclipse and also chose May 21st for the election, Mercury retrograde. Perhaps not the wisest of choices for either event. Given that consideration has been given to the impact of the election date on the election results, are previous predictions changed given that so many people have chosen to vote early either by pre poll voting (from 9th May) or postal vote earlier still.

    1. Yes, Scott Morrison is astrologically out of time, here. He should have called the election before Mercury Retrograde began in Taurus, his own Sun Sign. May 21st is chaotic. My prediction stands: we will take a long time to find out the ultimate winners in every place. There may be recounts. I would expect the media or even the politicians to get results wrong. The polls will be wrong. Early votes (postal votes) are in record numbers as we know. That is part of the concern. The other concern is people voting by telephone, because they are infected with COVID-19. One outbreak in a marginal seat and you can just imagine the muddle. This is the first election in a pandemic. It’s also the first election with so many well financed, well organised ‘teal’ independents. Put that together and actually, it’s the early voting which is going to produce the mess I saw! Remember, people tell pollsters on the phone one thing and do another, especially if the family is listening.

  30. Fascinating comments Jessica. Is there anything in the charts of Scott Morrison or Anthony Albanese which suggests that one of them will be more adversely (or favourably) affected than the other from Mercury retrograde?

    1. Thank you. Well it’s all over bar the shouting, as they say, but yes – in fact, Taurus Morrison did have Mercury Retrograde in Taurus throughout this election. So, in matters of image, branding, name and so on – he was already going backwards. I expect it very simply meant that anything with the title Prime Minister on it became null and void.

  31. Hi Jessica – just reflecting back a lot of your blogs where you talk about the world becoming more “local” in the future. Interesting to see this begin to play out in yesterday’s Australian Federal Elections. Obviously, people always vote for what suits them best but a lot of electorates voted for what suits their “community” best last night – independents did really well. I am heartened to see the focus on the environment (Aquarius influence I’m sure) and the subsequent greater support for the Greens… Australian’s clearly want to address the climate emergency. I suspect that Uranus was at work also, with all the swings and secure Liberal seats that were lost?

    1. Yes, I noticed that too. Local candidates in Australia, like Dr. Monique Ryan in Kooyong, winning over local people with issues close to home, not on the national or international stage (which would have been her rival, the former treasurer Josh Frydenberg). We are now in Gemini weather, with Mercury Retrograde there, and Mars enters Gemini in September. Long-term Uranus goes into Gemini as you know and dominates the late 2020s and early 2030s. The Australian has projected a Labor majority so no hung parliament or Green/Teal cross-bench. The astrology says, hold your horses. We have not even begun the long Mercury Retrograde loop yet and the huge postal and crucial telephone vote may yet produce complications. It’s interesting! The swings are about Aquarius weather. Aquarius rules diversity within the group and the two-party system is really over. The Liberal party model of two party battles, and ‘winner takes all and controls all’ was never going to survive that. We’ll likely see the end of two-party for about two decades, starting March 2023. Pluto in Aquarius!

  32. Good morning Jessica and what a good Monday morning it is. You detailed article above was such an excellent guide to this election and so spot on! The humiliations of the right wing, the rise of the Teals and the potential of a hung parliament.

    I feel so much hope for Australia now and I am just going to go back and have a read of your Albo article, electric trains and a empathic Pisces with excellent negotiation skills! The Climate Election has delivered the result I was hoping for and bring on the Age of Aquarius in Australia!

    1. Thank you. The useful thing about astrology is that it cuts through the noise. So the media wanted to talk about PM Albanese’s ‘gaffes’ and the economy, but voters were more interested in women in power. And so it has come to pass. The only thing that concerns me is that the new PM has been sworn in on Mercury Retrograde. What we begin with, will not be what we finish with, on this cycle. Yet, it is also true that Albanese will revolutionise transport in Australia and interstate travel. That’s coming. Very exciting!

  33. Hiya Jessica, I know this is late but I only just saw your reply to me!! THANK YOU!!XOO (i.e. and so, it is totally okay if you can’t reply to this late reply, because I know you already have a gazillion comments/articles to write/post-election analysis/interviews to consider! <3)
    And.. The Fool with the white dog??
    Is it or is it not our (beloved – sincerely) new PM with his little white poodle, Toto?? Now, am declaring my bias here as a Labor/Greens supporter, but this can only be a good interpretation – because the song that popped into my head after the resounding election result on Saturday was Michael Buble's "Feeling Good" – the lyrics being:
    "Birds flying high
    You know how I feel
    Sun in the sky
    You know how I feel
    Breeze driftin' on by
    You know how I feel
    It's a new dawn
    It's a new day
    It's a new life
    For me
    And I'm feeling good
    I'm feeling good"…
    And doesn't The Fool card, sum up this mood..? Or am I just being biased/naive…?
    Either way, I think it IS a new dawn in Oz politics. The "blue" of the Liberals are symbolised by the mountains left behind The Fool (including the Pluto in Capricorn???)
    Ah, but what a relief. He has a massive job to do, but what a relief.. 🙂 Thanks for talking us through this all Jessica (& team) – you really kept hopes alive in our heart of hearts.. 🙂

    1. Thank you. The Fool turned out to be the rather foolish Josh Frydenberg, the former treasurer, who used a guide dogs charity for endorsement on his campaign, thus attracting the anger of many guide dogs donors. The dog was a labrador. I know that PM Albanese also has a little white dog called Toto, so I was wondering about him too. The falling Fool is Josh falling out of the picture, though. The Tarot fell on the floor, when I was discussing the election chart itself, set for Saturday, and so it was a snapshot of that day. The Fool fell. Even on a hung parliament, Albanese is the PM. I share your relief. I am a member of the Greens in Tasmania and as everyone knows, have been on Climate Emergency strike for years, every Friday. I see into the future for a living and I am worried about coal, gas and petrol. At last we have a PM and a cross bench which will act on climate.

  34. Hi Jessica, yes indeed, you are soo correct. And I very, very much appreciate your action on climate change – Thank You, Thank You. ❤ I just spent the weekend down amongst giant red tingle (eucalypts) endemic to the area.. They “talk” with the wind rustling through their canopies, the silence of the country was incredible. The earth and all of nature has always felt sentient to me, they are voiceless but very much alive. I wept upon returning to the (albeit beautiful coastal) suburbs, but also in sheer relief at chance for real change in policy now. I love dogs – i bet they’re celebrating, too..☺

  35. Is it possible “The Fool” card refers to Anthony Albanese? Wikipedia interprets this card as – “Depiction:The Fool is usually depicted as a beggar or a vagabond, he wears ragged clothes & stockings without shoes, and carries a stick on his back.
    Meaning: The Fool represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner’s luck, improvisation and believing in the universe.” Our new PM came from an impoverished background and is stepping forward into his new role with unprecedented challenges. Is that not Toto in right foreground – an integral part of his life? Have you seen the Toto Albanese, Australia’s 1st Dog twitter account at Anthony Albanese reportedly says he knows nothing about it. The thread is hilarious and has dogs all over Austrlia saying hello to Toto. …already over 30,000 followers …and some of the followers are very interesting.

    1. A few people have spotted the white dog in The Fool. Obviously PM Albanese is well-known for taking his little white dog Toto with him, on the campaign trail. I have seen Toto Albanese’s Twitter account. One possible interpretation of the card is that it has fallen sideways and down. PM AA does not actually have a majority, as I write this on Monday 30th May. So he’s won, but ‘sideways.’

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