The Taurus Moon Eclipse April 2022

The Taurus New Moon Eclipse of 2022

I’m just going to recap an old prediction about this New Moon at 10 Taurus on Saturday 30th April. This is the flashback here, and it’s about our money, houses, apartments, business interests, charity interests and shopping patterns. I published it on 2nd June 2021 to give you plenty of warning, a year ago. One of the most obvious outcomes? Chaos with Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase. I’m going to write a further post about why he may actually be using Mercury Retrograde deliberately. But for now, this is the prediction from last year, so you know exactly what is coming up for you.

The Taurus Weather to 2024

What To Do, What Not To Do

This is an eclipse, which is always a cover-up and blind spot. You cannot see what (or who) is staring you in the face. There may be a deliberate cover-up which affects everything. Always look for the main event distraction on an eclipse. Don’t be diverted, go back and consider what you have seen and heard before the eclipse ever unfolded.  Below, the original prediction about the April 2022 New Moon in Taurus Eclipse, filed a year ago.


Screen Shot 2022 04 29 at 1.43.03 pm - The Taurus Moon Eclipse April 2022

Tracking the Dates and the Taurus New Moon Eclipse

My old colleague Debbi Kempton-Smith used to avoid eclipses at all costs. She would allow a day before and after, which I still do. This one, in Taurus, in your natal Second House of money, shopping, selling, houses, apartments, business, charity, insurance, banking is really tricky. It falls with the Sun at 10 Taurus and Moon at 10 Taurus, so if you have anything at 10 Taurus (or Scorpio, the other money sign) you need to avoid.

January 8th to 18th 2023

It may not be until the lunar nodes pass 10 Taurus and 10 Scorpio between January 8th and 18th 2023 that you realise what or whom you failed to notice, back on April 30th. Don’t get caught.

MERCURY 2022 242x300 - The Taurus Moon Eclipse April 2022Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Goes Viral

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus has gone viral according to Harper’s Bazaar. Having written horoscopes for the British edition, I know how important astrology is to readers. What you are tracking here is the Taurus loop, which of course rules your money. It began with Mercury passing 26 Taurus on Wednesday 27th April. This was about the moment Elon Musk declared he was the new owner of Twitter. Accident?

I see a lot of people online getting Mercury Retrograde badly wrong. Don’t be fooled. The planet of paperwork, the media, the internet, the mail, transport, trade and travel goes forwards, disappears, reappears, goes backwards, retraces his steps, stands still, then moves forwards again – when he begins his Retroshadow or Mercury Retrograde Shadow Loop.

So, in April, May and June 2022 (yes, that is how long this thing will play out) you are watching Mercury move like this:

Taurus 26, 27, 28, 29 (April 27th to 29th).
Vanishing Act (April 30th)
Backwards Return and Standstills 29, 28, 27, 26 Taurus (May 24th to June 13th)

Predictions for April 27th to June 13th

Some sharemarkets will be suspended.
There will be chaos on world sharemarkets including Wall Street as prices fluctuate wildly.
The Elon Musk purchase of Twitter may be cancelled or run into huge delays and rewrites.
Ceres goes into Cancer (property) from May 16th, into the June 13th ‘chaos’ period so prices will swing.
Don’t forget the eclipse – whatever is announced on Saturday 30th April is a cover-up.

If Your Taurus and Scorpio Factors Are Hard Work

If you have oppositions (same-degree placements in Taurus and Scorpio) then get it in writing on this cycle and read the fine print, as there may be issues. So, for example, if you have Saturn at 12 Taurus and the Moon at 12 Scorpio, you’d do that.

If you have Taurus and/or Scorpio factors actually at the eclipse degree (10) or the retrograde degrees (26, 27, 28, 29) then steer clear if you can. Unless you absolutely know what you are doing, and you intend to buy cheaply (say) and sell soon after that, just don’t risk the muddle. Mercury Retrograde is like a church bazaar or a jumble sale. Everything is all over the place and nobody knows what the ‘real’ price of anything is. I would anticipate anything from eBay to Deutsche Bank is affected by April 27th-June 13th. And as I said, I published the warnings a year ago so you’ve had time to prepare.

The Uranus-Chiron Semi-Sextile

Along with Twitter, you’d be watching Facebook really closely during this time. Why? Chiron in Aries (which rules the face) is at 14 and 15 Aries, during this chaotic period, and is exactly semi-sextile Uranus at 14 and 15 Taurus.

Maverick Chiron is at 14 Aries on 1st May, side-by-side with Uranus at 14 Taurus. What happens from that point forward is pure punk rock. It’s jaws-on-the-floor. It’s outrageous. Can he, she or they get away with it, we wonder? We’ll soon find out.

You’d be narrowing down dates to Thursday 5th May for drama. The Sun at 14 Taurus is aligned with wild card Uranus at 14 Taurus then, and Chiron at 14 Aries.

The Moon 171x300 - The Taurus Moon Eclipse April 2022So It’s Not Just Another Taurus New Moon

Absolutely not. The cover-up or missing story about the economy, big business, cryptocurrency on Saturday 30th April is part of a much more chaotic scenario which will have a domino effect on all of us as we go through Mercury Retrograde in Taurus too. Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite created a strong image of a. hard-work Moon, in their Smith-Waite Tarot, which you can use free on this website.

It shows the ‘not-knowing’ that we associate with any eclipse. There is always a sense of not being entirely sure, or being stuck. The stuck feeling with this card also shows Mercury Retrograde. When Mercury stands still, so do we – on the path we are on. You can see Pamela’s lobster here, which looks like a Scorpion. There is an answering call eclipse at 25 Scorpio opposite the Sun at 25 Taurus on Monday 16th May 2022. That is another blind spot. Look at the card closely. The dog on the right has milky eyes. There is no sight there. That’s us, on this cycle.

What To Do – Taurus Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde

Rehearse, test, research, discuss. Throw the e-mails backwards and forwards like a ping-pong game. Allow for computer, telephone or ISP issues. That is classic Mercury Retrograde. Allow for mail errors. Strikes can sometimes affect the story. So can extreme weather if it affects the electricity. I am sure if you are a regular reader you know the drill. You can search the original predictions on this website and if you are a Premium Member your flipbooks will show you the rest. This is a really good time to make rough calculations in pencil and have a rubber handy, to rewrite and scribble, again and again. Or delete!

Main Image: Vintage illustration.

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132 Responses

  1. jessica,

    I dont have anything right at 10 on taurus but 11 and 7 chiron and ceres. does this make me some what safe? Also from a youtube astrologer I learnt that this is a solar eclipse and something would start as opposed to a lunar eclipse where something ends… am i right?
    I have scorpio right @ 25 with uranus and so may 16th is going to effect me right?

    1. The eclipse is over now and you had nothing at 10 Taurus so there we no blind spot, nor cover-up, involving finances. The YouTube astrologer? I have no idea. We have an eclipse Full Moon at 25 Scorpio opposite the Sun at 25 Taurus on 16th May 2022, correct, and if you have Uranus there, you should avoid that day, for decisions about the house, apartment, shares, insurance, charity, valuables, business, legacy, will. Skip a day either side to include all world time zones. An eclipse conceals it never reveals.

  2. Well your predictions are on target at the moment Jessica with the volatile stockmarket declining significantly on Friday and it would not surprise me if that accelerates in the next few weeks. I have been amazed that ‘wishful’ thinking has propped up the stockmarket for so long with the natural disasters, Covid19 and Ukraine war, China reduced manufacturing etc. etc. Probably because the investment class is very confident that the government’s around the world will continue to bail them out whilst us ordinary people found their wealth generation through higher taxes. Really hope this all changes and the everyday person wakes up to their vulnerability.

    1. Thank you. The investment class is Pluto in Capricorn and they are over, basically. Ordinary people have power (Pluto in Aquarius) from March 2023. It remains until June 2023 then we see a repeat, retread, recycling of the old faces and set-ups at the top, as Pluto goes back through Capricorn 29, 28, 27 with a few last gasps until expiration on November 20th 2024. That’s it forever. You have Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus at the same time, so crowdfunding of alternative digital currency will just go on. The year 2025 is astonishing and that is when property will cease to be an investment for the wealthy and revert to what it should always have been: an affordable home. Jupiter in Cancer. Pluto in Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus. Bingo!

  3. FYI The predictions related to my North/South node return and the conjunctions around the 3/3/22 were 100% spot on, I lost my job, got a good LSL payout and sold a house. I am about to look into where 17/5/23 changes can be supported by research or study etc now, getting ready

  4. Hi Jessica. It certainly will be a Taurus money eclipse. The Australian interests rates are said to be going up next week. Crikey online has an article stating that it wouldn’t be good for the Australian Reserve Bank if the PM pressured them to keep the current rates on hold. Of course, a rates rise will make the PM look bad during the election campaign. Scomo has Mars in Gemini at 11 degrees so perhaps this money eclipse will affect him or his actions? I hope there are no cover-up with him. Anthony Albanese has a Pisces Sun at 10 degrees so the eclipse at least sextiles his Sun. I have Diana and Fortuna at 9 degrees Taurus, so I will be lying low for a couple of days during the Queensland long Labour-day weekend and avoiding the Eclipse. It will be interesting to see what happens on the international market this week. Regards JC

    1. Yes, a few cover-ups going on here with the economy in Australia as the election looms and of course the Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a Sun Taurus. Taurus eclipse, absolutely textbook. They are promising billions, aren’t they? I would not use Scott’s chart. He has not given his proper details to astrologers, or they do not exist, despite much investigation, so it’s null and void. Same with Albanese. JC, the Australian charts are pretty good. There are a ton of them (use Australia on Search) but this country is heading for a hung parliament with so-called ‘teal’ independents having more power. It will be a very healthy outcome after March 2023 with Pluto in Aquarius so people power is back after 240+ years away. Good idea to skip the eclipse – financial decisions are just so impossible when we have one in Taurus and it is very close in your chart, JC.

  5. Good Evening Jessica,
    Your articles are always fascinating! I imagine myself in your place after the deep dive analysis you do to conclude your research and study is just beyond incredible! Great job and thank you for sharing your passion for astrology with your readers!
    I always review your feedback on my comments before I ask you. On this one last year and since then, I have been experiencing massive life changes – evolution is essential for growth but it has been very hard from all angles. The last 3 month have been the toughest in my life. I’m interested in knowing your feedback specifically about home (not moving) and work (on the move). Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. You want to move/not move, or move work/not move. This sounds like Cancer (Fourth House) – Capricorn (Tenth House) and 6, 7, 11, 12 degree patterns are there. You are also a Sun Sagittarius. You are going through the same story in your natal and solar chart. Huge opportunities and solutions with houses, apartments, or other ways to live – ending on May 10th and resuming October-December. With any luck, and there will be a lot of luck, you will find the answer or reward with home from Halloween to Christmas. Depending on what you did in the last few months you could pick up a good outcome sooner by May 10th – but not everybody acts on a Jupiter cycle. Your relationship with work is about freedom and independence. If you deny your need to be your own person and to be free, work will continue to pull the rug until 2026. This is a really good time to get real about your need for space and autonomy. Even if you have had a hard time with your massive life changes, and there will be more to come, try to step back and see that you are being set free. You may not be admitting/know that you have been so restricted. It can be easy to think habitually about work but actually, the time has come to view it from the outside. The Garden Oracle can help you.

  6. Hi Jessica, Thank you for a brilliant article. I have Saturn in Scorpio 11°. I would love some insight as to what you see regarding my other Scorpio and Taurus placements, for this time period. Thank you once again x

    1. Thank you. I am glad you have seen the eclipse warning note. Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House is really about learning the hard way, from experience, about family money and/or property. Often, the money, house or apartment, the possessions – with a lover or spouse. Saturn is about vulnerability to exposure to what/who threatens or challenges. The hard realities of existence. You don’t have it all the time but you have had it often enough to be wary. So you have built up walls and defences. A bit of denial, maybe. It typically finds its way into your legacy made out to others, or their will/legacy made out to you. Now, in this extreme Taurus-Scorpio weather in 2022, 2023, you have to rethink those walls. Are you over-protected? Under-protected? A lot of what comes to pass when the nodes cross 11 Scorpio/Taurus in December 2022, January 2023 is karmic remembrance and closure. It would go back 18-19 years and involve family, money, partners, homes, charity, business, possessions. Settle up and move into 2023.

  7. Wow, that is astonishing, dear Jessica! You have written about all that changes and drills over the last years. Sometimes I wondered how all would happen and then all the cards just got arranged… as you said, astrology never lies…
    At 10 degrees I only have Minerva in Capricorn, but Uranus at 8 in Scorpio…

    1. Thank you. You skipped the eclipse nicely. Karma from 18-19 years ago with your money, house, flat, valuables, business or charity returns when the nodes go to 8 Scorpio and 8 Taurus, January, February 2023. You are owed, or owe, from that time. There will be spiritual settlement.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I’m glad to have been trying to find some guidance for my life using astrology and I was happy to somehow have found you. I feel trust and well reading your work. I just joined as a member, and I’m absorbing the content and learning more about astrology. Thank you for your work!

    Jessica, would you help me with some guidance?
    I’m on the verge with my job – can’t stand corporations anymore.
    I created a software that I hope I can turn it in a fun job for me in the near future. I also created a side gig to try to cover my monthly expenses (e-commerce) but all these things seems to be moving forward but not giving me the wanted results yet…
    Also, I’m in a big doubt of paying my mortgage or keep money saved – the markets are crazy and my I would need to use reserves located in my home

    Your insights would be very important for me. Tks Jessica

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with a big Scorpio-Taurus pattern. The corporations are going, going gone and you are in tune with the future. We’re talking a slow start in March 2023 and then the second half of the Twenties. The old corporate-political power is fading and you are ahead of the curve. You have software which will not pay in 2022, and may start to pay from March 2023. The real take-off for you is 2026 so invest in your talent and wait. There will be new inventions from 2026, past 2030, which are perfect for your old ideas from 2022. You need to make things pay in the meantime. Should you pay off the mortgage or save the money? Use the digital oracles on this website to choose as it is a personal question. The financial obstacles are over from March 2023 when Saturn leaves your solar Second House of money and Pluto enters. The Scorpio-Taurus stress will fade as 2023 fades too, so keep your eyes on the long-term prize.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    This is such a timely reminder about eclipse and retrograde. Thank you.

    Since this is 2022 the year of duets and duels,whats your comment about the Eclipse for johnny depp situation?

    On a personal level, could you comment about the eclipse being in my north node Taurus/South node Scorpio? I’m thinking about re-balancing some old relationship karma where I violently destroyed a relationship in a Scorpio way about 19 years ago. My own behavior years ago, gives me chills today…how unforgiving I was 🙁 I’ve become more mellow over the years but now, in this eclipse season, I feel in a very blinded space emotionally – can’t separate the true from fake. (Hopefully that makes sense. Going to stop the ramble now!)

    Thanks again and much love!

    1. You are the second person to ask me about Johnny Depp, which is too odd. He’s a Gemini going through Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and then Mars Retrograde in Gemini. The huge issue for the brilliantly talented Depp is that image is nothing and the photographs, film clips, soundbites, Twitter mentions are just a game. The less he cares about that, the better. His great joy will be a new group, band, club or circle of mates he joins, or rejoins, from May. I don’t think anybody would be amazed if it was the same crew/cast as his Pirates franchise. It suits the storyline. The eclipse has passed now so I hope you avoided it. An eclipse always blinds you to the truth. It takes months or years to realise and then you say the classic Simpson ‘Doh!’ and realise. You say you behaved badly in a relationship 19 years ago. Okay, so you may need to make good. You may need to write a letter or email and send flowers. Only you can decide. Use The Garden Oracle to validate. It’s not too late and in fact, on a Scorpio-Taurus nodal transit it’s the right time.

  10. Hi Jessica this eclipse season seems to be ping ponging off the chart. I live in Brisbane and recently told my lease is going to be periodic, the landlords are most probably selling in a hot market.

    This is always a good-side / bad-side kind of thing but has created a sense of instability for me. The plus side is at least I won’t need to mow that lawn anymore!


    1. Sorry about the eclipse cover-up. They told you that your lease would be periodic but you know that’s a glimpse of the real story. You are a Sun Virgo with a big Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance. You will make or save a lot of money, possibly as a result of what you choose with your house or apartment; maybe for other reasons – from the middle of May. It speeds up in June. You have Jupiter (luck) in your solar Second House of cashflow and property within days, and he is here until October. In your natal Eighth House of joint finances, we find some really useful stories into 2023. So it’s not about just you, and your money, assets or situation. It is very much about the family, typically, or a partner, also typically. It can also be atypical. It can be financially based relationships which feel like family except it is platonic, friendship or purely business but oddly close. I have a funny feeling the election result will benefit you in some way. Look at what they are promising you in Brisbane. But you’ll be okay and you have a sense of humour about it. You’ll end up quids in, by May 2023.

  11. Hi Jessica, great to have your input on the new moon eclipse.

    I have 3 planets/asteroids at 10 degrees, perhaps a busy time for this gal in NZ, cheers

    1. I hope you avoided dramatic financial decisions on the Taurus eclipse. You have a huge Libra and Aquarius stellium in your Seventh House of duets and Eleventh House of friends and groups. Even if life is slow, stuck and hard in 2022, from March 2023 you have a taste of the future. It takes a while, but from the mid-2020’s you will find your life transforms in the most incredible way with sexual partnerships and work partnerships, as well as powerful groups, bands, teams, clubs, societies, unions, associations – which help the partnership, at the same time the partnership helps the group. Have a look at the digital cards on this website to give you more personal and private detail.

  12. Good morning Jessica, this new moon has started the ball rolling in my home and living situation. Close to the eclipse on the 27th I was asked to move out of my current home, with moving weekend likely 14-15 May. The Garden Oracle card I drew for this period was “State of Flux” which is so accurate for how I’m feeling knowing we are in MR weather. My question is would temporary accommodation until MR is over be the wisest plan? Can you look at my chart please? Thank you

    1. The Garden Oracle is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! Justin Tabari who designed it, handpicked the photographs and your ‘State of Flux’ shows up. Yes, temporary accommodation is right. If you can bear it, try to get second, third, fourth opinions on anything in May, first half of June. Play ping-pong and try dress rehearsal not commitment. The moving weekend is right in Mercury Retrograde as you know. Go back to the Tarot and see what it says in validation of dates. You are a Sun Scorpio with Saturn in Cancer so there is no ‘perfect’ in 2022. Try to just go with it and leave your options open with your house or apartment situation from March 2023. It will be quite different from that point on and eventually you will have so much more power with your home, long-term. This is a blip but make it easier for yourself by using the Tarot and then use more dates as time goes on with The Garden Oracle. I would not be surprised to find out you own a property, or properties plural, long-term.

  13. Dear Jessica,
    Hope you’re well. May I request your insight on what this Taurus Moon Eclipse may hold for me? I have Psyche at 10 Scorpio but it also feels close to me 11’48” Cancer Sun. Re Mercury retrograde, I also have Vesta at 29′ Taurus, along with a cluster of planets b/w 25′ – 29′.

    Additionally, if I may, I believe Jupiter moves to Aries on 10/11 May. I have actively been trying to find a job to move back to India since July 2021 (and hopefully in creative industries). Conversations with two companies in particular got me hopeful, one initiated around 11 Jan 22 and other 13 Mar 22, the latter a competitor to the automotive tech company I work for in UK. Both conversations fizzled out. Would you think Jupiter would remove obstacles I’ve encountered please?

    I am considering putting in my resignation over the next 2 weeks, as I’ve hoped for months to do so by May, given the 2 month notice period would mean a year long of wait since I’ve wanted to move on + back to India. With nothing to fallback on, it does bring up apprehension. But I used to be self employed for over a decade (arts and entertainment) prior to the corporate job since Mar 20, so maybe that’s just the path life is redirecting me to, with those two and other rejections? I am single without child so I am my only financial responsibility, although I would like to have both love and a child someday.

    Your insight would be much appreciated. Warm wishes

    1. The eclipse is over now so I hope you avoided any financial moves on it. You want to move back to India, and home, and have a career there. Don’t resign on Mercury Retrograde please. You are a Sun Cancer who needs to take her time. Second half of June into July is much easier with form-filling, waiting games, applications. Mercury rules online and paper communication. Backwards in Taurus and Gemini, it really does not help you. Yet from mid-June you will get what you want more easily. The solution to your issue is your dual country experience and bilingual abilities. That is incredibly fortunate for you October-December 2022 as Jupiter (luck) goes back into your foreign zone. You could easily win with both home and work then, if you go between your new place in India and your contacts in England. Of course you may have a third language I don’t know about. The financial difficulty ends March 2023. The good fortune with foreigners and foreign countries ends the year nicely. Think ‘foreign’ which for you in India will be Britain, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or another country where you can use your bilingual assets. Just remember Mercury Retrograde in May, first half of June is really about flux.

  14. Dear Jessica, hope you are doing well. If you have time, I would really appreciate your insights on my chart, please. I found out on Thursday that my landlord is listing my apartment in my birth town for sale in May. Worst time for me – just started a new job, had planned to pursue new client work, and am dealing with the aftermath of an April 12 medical diagnosis that is forcing me to take care of myself, otherwise I may become unable to work and live independently (am single, so have no choice). With a ridiculously overpriced real estate market and less than ideal savings, I am concerned about the move. I also concerned about my health, a bumpy start at the new job which will likely involve me pushing back on attending an in-person work event in June given the pandemic, and my short and long term financial security. I have the below placements (assuming orbs still count). Any insights please on what I should watch out for – other than the usual Mercury retrograde warnings – would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and stay safe and healthy. Warm regards. And good luck to Australia in the election!

    Pluto 10° Libra
    Saturn 26° Cancer
    Jupiter 28° Aries
    MC 28° Aries
    IC 28° Libra
    Hygeia 28° Gemini
    Sun 29° Pisces
    Vesta 29° Aries
    North Node 13° Scorpio
    South Node 13° Taurus
    Ops 9° Pisces
    ASC 11° Leo
    DESC 11° Aquarius
    Ceres 11° Gemini

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Cancer in your Fourth House of property, at 26 degrees, and along comes Pluto in opposition as he goes through 25-29 Capricorn in his final years in the sign. A lot of readers with Cancer placements, especially Saturn (so hard) have been dealing with Pluto clashes from Capricorn in recent years. They have seen ugly high-rise apartments surround their own flat. They have seen their towns, cities, entire countries taken over by developers or worse (in Ukraine) Vladimir Putin. So you are not alone. You are having a transit not seen in 240+ years and it is actually about more than just this episode. You may want to sit down and think about 2022, 2023, 2024 as a whole and what you are going to do about your home. The good news is you will make or save a lot of money starting in days. Jupiter (expansion, good fortune, growth, optimism, hope) goes into Aries, into your solar Second House of life budget. You also have Jupiter in Aries natally, so you have your Jupiter Return coming, with a massive relaunch in 2023. This is not related to the financial or home situation, it is separate, but it may help you if you need to use your profile, brand, image, appearance or name to make money in some way. Or to save it. The financial sectors of your solar chart, ruled by Aries and Libra, show big and useful changes in 2022, May-October and then again January-May 2023 so you are in a really good position to figure out the complications of a home. You also have the nodes in the same chart zones in your natal chart (Second House and Eighth House) and again, Jupiter goes across those as you go towards the mid 2020’s. This all suggests to me that even though this episode is hard to take, it is the beginning of a plan which will benefit you in 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond. You have developed a coping strategy about houses and apartments over the years, because it has been unforgettably difficult on at least a couple of occasions. Sometimes the strategy is out of date. Now is the time to examine what you do/what you do not do in order to feel more protected with your home. Pluto will really show you that. The Garden Oracle can give you more insights. But this works out. Don’t worry.

    2. Come what may, you will make or save money May-October 2022 and January-May 2023. You have Jupiter (luck) in your solar Second House of money and in your natal chart we find Uranus (surprises) and the North Node (karma) also in your Second House of money, right across your natal nodal patterns. Past life good karma comes to your aid and although I realise there is pressure with your home, health, career – this works out. You can use the three digital card oracles on this website to validate the timing. You are also going to relaunch in 2023 as you have your Jupiter Return in Aries. New look, profile, brand – to your total benefit.

  15. Hi Jessica – I’m all prepared to submit a novel I’ve written to a very prestigious writing prize, but I held off from doing it this weekend because of the eclipse. I wasn’t ready prior to this weekend though, and the submission deadline is 31 May. Given that my Jupiter is at 14 Aries I wondered from this article whether May 5th is good? Chiron is there conjunction my natal Jupiter ( my natal Chiron is 24 Aries) but am also worried re Mercury retrograde. Do you think May 5th with Chiron conjunct my natal Jupiter and the sun and Uranus at 14 Taurus too is good timing, or bad? My novel does feel like a punk rock move and this prize could change my life… How seriously would you take timing here if this was you?


    1. The eclipse was in Taurus, so not about a writing prize – Taurus rules cryptocurrency, the sharemarket, and banks. Writing is Gemini and Sagittarius. You have a big stellium in both signs, so no surprises – you are a novelist. The good news is, your deadline is 31st May. You have time for a rewrite by then as Mercury is retrograde in Gemini. Other good news: if you keep the core of the idea, or just hang on to the dream of literary prizes or other accomplishments as an author (mass translation, for example, or a bestseller) then it will work out for you long-term. Jupiter goes into Gemini, then Uranus goes into Gemini, from 2026, so the climb to the mid 2020’s and beyond 2030 will reward you if you hang in there. You will see a conflict between quick, short-form writing or broadcasting (classic internet) and long-form, traditional novels (old school publishing) throughout so you will need to choose. The Garden Oracle can help you further.

    2. Don’t over-think the prize. You are a born writer or scriptwriter/broadcaster with that Sagittarius-Gemini pattern. Keep the core of the idea or your talent. Develop old projects and nurture your own talent, past 2026, past 2030 and you will be exhilarated by what comes.

  16. Thanks, Jessica. I’m hoping this eclipse will result in positive changes for me. I’m currently looking for a new job…

    1. Eclipses are not positive, nor negative, they are a cover-up and blind spot. You do not see and cannot know. In Taurus, it has been financial. You want a new job and are a Sun Virgo with a huge stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House of duty, service, obligation, routine, workload, work ethic and perfectionism in your trade or career. You are the perfect staff member. Anyone who hires you will be so pleased they did. You will get a new job at any point after mid-May and you will be better paid or find you are rewarded with discounts, free advantages, bonuses and so on. You will make or save money May-October and then again January-May 2023. The new job will go backwards and forwards with Mercury Retrograde until June, but by July you will know where you stand. Read the fine print on the paperwork, get everything in writing and have Plan B and C as there will be delays or rescheduling. Mercury your ruler retrograde in Gemini in your solar Tenth House of career from the final day of April through mid-June. Yet the financial house of your solar chart looks amazing and it tallies with your birth chart too. Don’t worry about the eclipse, just stay the course with job applications for as many weeks as you must.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Would really appreciate your insights. I just cashed in on a really big profit on a real estate venture. But the money does not seem to quell my desire to do well in my career. I know you mentioned my natal chart speaks of liberation in my job, but are there any changes, positive changes I can see coming up. The money does not make me happy, or liberated.
    Thank you for all you do.


    1. Joanne, you are a Sun Sagittarius with a huge Taurus-Scorpio signature in your chart. The professional liberation lasts until 2026 so you have 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 to experiment. Congratulations on cashing in on a huge profit. Taurus-Scorpio patterns are usually about life budgets. You ignore what society tells you makes you ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ in favour of your own values. Some people with this signature sell up and go off-grid. They give it all to charity. You may have March 2023 as a diary date already, but that is a big change for you. At that point you release what you have been doing with the numbers in your head since 2008 and have a chance to translate money into power. That’s very new. You can make or save a small fortune with that chart. And as you know, that’s very fortunate, but actually, you have to do your own calculations on your life. The rewards are not always in price tags as other people know them. Your values count more than anything until 2026, Joanne.

  18. Hi Jessica, what do my stars suggest regarding my stock and commodity trading? I notice on the daily horoscopes you keep talking about a duel, i am in the middle of a major battle with a female at the moment, its all out war, do you see this ending any time some?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a stellium in Taurus so you’ve been drawn to stock and commodity trading. You need to become your own best astrologer and track the Moon’s transits in Taurus and Scorpio. You don’t say what you trade in. If it is property, look at Cancer too. The Moon is in the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio, twice about every 28 days and will hook into your chart, depending on when you are awake, buying and selling. You are in a much bigger cycle for karma with people from 18-19 years ago, or large masses of people, over money – than you may know. So that dictates everything. If you owe, you will have to settle. If you are owed, you will be repaid in some way. There are also larger patterns than you, going back to 1939 and war karma involving the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Poland, Austria, France and the allies/the enemy. This pulls in the sharemarkets of 1939 too. So it’s complicated but you can figure it out.

  19. Hi Jessica, thank you! I have 4 factors in Scorpio and at 10 in Psyche in Scorpio. I would appreciate a reading on how this period affects my chart. Thank you!

    1. You are past the eclipse now but may have been struck by an offer, deal, opportunity or new option which would have had quite an impact on your finances, property, charity, business and so on. Hopefully you walked straight past it.

  20. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. My mother has gifted all her children money on the 7th April 2022, including myself, which she said was equal amount to everyone. My brothers who manage her finances haven’t been completely fair in drawing up her will, which I questioned as the boys will benefit the most, I am not sure how they convinced mum. What does my chart reveal. Thanks Sammi

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius with a strong Taurus and Scorpio stellium. Taurus rules your own money and Scorpio rules family money. That is now subject to karma going back 18 or 19 years as you are owed, or perhaps you owe. It may involve your mother and brothers, or completely different people and situations, but look and you will see the spiritual accounting that is going on. You need to put a price on being free from family restriction or limitations put on you Sammi, and figure out your own calculations and price tags on what money cannot buy. It will go back and forth until the middle of June, if you keep on asking questions, and anything that goes in writing may have to be changed, or it will be held up. If you can possibly pursue this in the second half of June and later, you will get something more settled, firm and final in place – but as I said, put the actual numbers to one side and calculate what you would pay or what it would cost to break free of someone or something in that family of yours that traps you.

  21. Hello Jessica, I hope you’re well!!
    It’s been a long time since I’ve commented and always get nervous with the eclipses in Taurus. I know I’ve uploaded my birth chart before so I hope it’s still there and you can tell me what you see?

    Also, will you be doing any blogs on Johnny Depp and his ex wife? Their court case is pretty prevalent and in a way has ties to Elon Musk. Just wondering if you’d look into that any further??

    1. The eclipse has gone now, and hopefully you just sidestepped it. Your birth chart only shows up if you are a Premium Member, so I can’t see it. I’ve had a look at Johnny Depp and the fight over his reputation goes on, well into early 2023. He finds out who his true friends are, joins or rejoins a band, makes new friends (real friends) and most importantly, finds a spiritual or religious path which sets him free and liberates him, by 2026.

  22. Oh boy. Thank you for the post, Jessica. I have my moon at 10 Taurus. I am not sure if it matters but Chiron is at 14 Pisces. Hygeia 10 Taurus, psych 09 Scorpio. I want to hide under a rock. My stocks have taken a nose dive, just started a new job and money is very tight and rent is due this weekend so I can’t really avoid, lol. Ugh! Any advice? Thanks so much!!

    1. We are past the eclipse now so hopefully you didn’t make a bold financial move on it. I’m sorry your stocks are down, and money’s tight. You are a Sun Cancer with a Taurus-Scorpio pattern across your Second House of cash flow and Eighth House of joint finance. You are currently being stretched, but it gets better in 2023. The stretch comes from the transiting nodes, also in Taurus-Scorpio, which are opposite each other. So you probably feel pulled in two directions. In your solar chart you also have serious, stuck, Saturn in Aquarius – again in your Eighth House of joint finance. He tests our patience. Yet he is gone from March 2023, and before too long, the nodes will also leave Taurus-Scorpio, so this really doesn’t last. Don’t give up hope, it can and does get better. The Astrology Oracle can help validate this; in fact it may show you the same signs or factors I’ve been talking about.

  23. Hello Jessica,

    Lovely post as usual. I would like some insights regrading my below Scorpio and Taurus factors. I want to move, to buy by taken a loan for a house this year or next year and I cannot figure out what will be the best moment for me, taken into account that I have also Saturn in my 4th house, we have these eclipses, or at least to understand what can be the key moments for me in the future – I really want to move to a house in which I will feel happy, alone or with somebody else, but without taken a huge loan that can burdening me too much.
    Scorpio: Sun at 4 , Mercury at 8, Venus at 3, Pluto at 17, Diana at 00, Bacchus at 15 degrees.
    Taurus: Vesta at 27 degrees
    Thank you for all the information that you provide to us.

    1. Thank you. You want to move into a new house, hopefully without a big loan. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. Yes, transiting Saturn in Aquarius is in your solar Fourth House of real estate until March 2023. I’ve had readers buy flats and houses on the same transit and they have found endless repairs or maintenance, or the council have sprung local high-rise developments on them. Saturn is what Saturn is and we cannot avoid that in astrology. It’s always obstacles, tests and trials, unfortunate reality checks and the like. So can it wait? You would be better off after March 2023 when Saturn goes for good. It’s a similar story in your natal chart as you have the South Node transiting Scorpio and keeping you rather stuck, but from 2023 that cycle fades out. Validate the astrology for yourself with the Tarot, to check.

  24. Hi Jessica, hope all is well.
    I am a regular reader of your articles…always interesting & insightful.
    I have recently received a job offer with my current employer which involves some compromise, a big pay cut in order to re-train in a new career. I am however trying to negotiate & secure that I increase to my current salary once I qualify (awaiting written confirmation) This seems like a big risk to take under the current financial circumstances & I feel very nervous about it. I will have to continue living in my parents home (12-18mths) during this time I’m hoping the housing market will have calmed down enough to get back on the ladder next year. Despite my reservations I have a gut feeling it’s the right thing to do. Short term sacrifice for long term gain. Does this look like a wise move?
    Your feedback is most appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. A big pay cut and retraining for a new career is an imperfect offer, isn’t it. The reality of your solar chart and natal chart (I read both together) is that you will be stretched financially in 2022 anyway. It’s hard to do very much with Saturn in your Second House as a Sun Capricorn, and Uranus and the North Node in Taurus in your Second House, natally. So why not train? It would be sensible to fix a salary increase, bonus or similar for 2023 and the stars would align for that after March. You will be happy to know that things look up with your property or domestic situation, starting in a few days actually, with opportunities and solutions until October, then again from January-May 2023. You could easily move or just see improvements in your current home. Long-term you could end up in quite a powerful financial position, so the long-term gain you mention is showing up. Use the Tarot to validate timing.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I have lots of relevant placements in Taurus and Scorpio but I’m not sure what they mean. I sold my house earlier this year and made a substantial profit. Since then we have been traveling in a caravan looking for somewhere we would like to live in Tasmania. I’m hesitant to jump back in to the market now due to all of signals of impending doom but I’m also craving a home/new project. I have been looking at a waterfront property in south TAS that I have a good feeling about and it’s going for auction on the 10th of May. What do the stars say about this opportunity?

    Thank you so much

    1. You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio – all of which are about money and property. No wonder you sold up and made a profit. Can I suggest you wait until at least the second half of June? Mercury Retrograde is with us, and that is partly in Taurus, in your Second House of finance, banks, possessions and property. Wheels will spin backwards and forwards, possibly even with your caravan, as things are in flux for some weeks. If you must go ahead with the auction on 10th of May get everything in writing that you can and have Plan B, C and D. It may be that things change your mind before you even get to that stage, but it pays to have alternatives and back-ups when Mercury is retrograde. From mid-June onwards you are certain to commit to a home, with a fair amount of deal-making and compromise involved, but with Ceres in Cancer, you will be motivated and figure out the plan by August. It’s always a good idea to validate with Tarot/Oracles – that is the astrology – in any case. I live in Tasmania and recommend the sunsets.

  26. Hi Jessica, thank you for your wonderful service. Your insights and predictions are always so helpful. I was hoping that you might be able to give me some career insights? I had a child after much trying and difficulty in 2020. I have returned to work part-time but I’m not sure that I want to resume my current career path after 20+ years doing similar jobs. Any insights that you can offer will be appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You are a Scorpio Sun with quite a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. You are back at work part-time after having your child and wonder what’s in store. You are in a terrific position, and will find more than one opportunity for a new way of working and living, either by stepping sideways or up where you are, or by accepting new set-ups elsewhere. This will pay dividends with your health, wellbeing and lifestyle as well, perhaps because the environment or conditions are ideal for that. Cast your net wider and don’t limit yourself to what you think is available; now that Jupiter (opportunity) is entering your solar Sixth House of work and lifestyle, and you have trines from the Moon to your Virgo stellium every 28/29 days, there is literally an open door, leading to more open doors, at least twice every four weeks. Once Mars also moves into your solar Sixth House by June, you will find the path to mid-year allows you to go at twice or three times your usual speed; things will move swiftly. This will enable you to be a mother to your toddler at the same time that you meet your own needs. You are strongly Virgo and are an excellent person for others to lean on at work, but you also have to put your wellbeing and health first; new opportunities will enable you to do that. Even if you don’t take what is offered by October, you will have. a second chance in January-May 2023.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I’m in Australia, and I have really felt this one!
    I’m helping out a friend with a creative endeavour, lending some of my skills, but I am trying something new this week (an experimental photoshoot, at home). I always take photos, but I’m hoping this can be a bit more, and complement my other creative pursuits. I’ve been doing online Masterclasses and trying to expand, but I haven’t taken the step yet.
    I’m thinking Thursday?
    Everything else in my life is, not quite chaos, but very much not how I’d like things to be. I decided a while back to just coast for a while, see where things take me, but keep learning, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and the direction will eventually become clear – while we are in this phase of great change.
    I’m also a bit lost as my closest friend took his life in December. He was in a relationship with a toxic narcissist for 25 years and we all just didn’t know how bad it was. He never let on. I miss him everyday. He was talking about so many things he wanted to do. He inspired, cared for and healed so many people. He was my Hero and my Anchor. His siblings and other friends are still very much in shock. He’s visited a couple of my dreams. And I talk to him everyday in my head.
    I’m hoping that I will have a lot more control over things and not be living to please others soon.
    I’d love your insight 🙂

    1. You are a Sun Cancer, DinP, with an Aquarius signature in your Eleventh House of friendship. Helping a friend with a photo shoot, but also mourning a friend who took his own life last Christmas, is showing up. For the first time in around 29 years you have transiting Saturn with all his hard reality checks, tests of patience and obstacles – also in Aquarius – in your natal Eleventh House. In your solar chart we find transiting Uranus in the Eleventh House, but also the transiting North Node. So you are being taught about friendship, particularly in the context of the circles of friends and acquaintances which surround those other two people. Your friend who passed to spirit has made contact through dreams, which is good. These two cycles, Saturn in your birth chart, and Uranus and the North Node in your solar chart, are also about closure and that takes time. It may not be until 2024 that you feel you have settle things fully and completely, and sorted out the past, in its relationship with your present and future. Aquarian friendships are very pure; they exist for their own sake; they are about sharing common wishes, goals and hopes together, but without any agenda. They are also about sharing and compromising, giving and receiving space and tolerance, no matter what the differences are between you. Saturn tests that. Uranus suggests there is a new way to do that. The nodal cycle takes you back 18-19 years ago, either to these friends, or other faces in a group, who put something in motion karmically then, which is settling now.

  28. Hi Jessica

    Thanks in advance for all that you do. In the past you have been eerily accurate on certain things – truly appreciate if you can help me through this conondrum.

    You rightly predicted that a friend would come into my life who would be hard work – he wants to offer me a job but needs to create a role in a company I would be very keen to work for – a role similiar to what I did in 2016 related into hotels & real estate. I have separately developed a bit of a crush on him suddenly (!) – I have known him for 15 years with nary a thought – he is married so this is a no go! But I can see the Saturn playing in my 7th house here .

    I have feelers for other roles – but I am so far not interviewing or turning them down on the basis that this job ( above ) will come through.

    This is an international hotel company – one of the premier ones globally; I will need to move cities which I am
    Happy to do. My worry is that you had written in one of your weeklies that the person who came into my life around then( would be hard work) but we could become a power couple by 2023 ( he would be my boss but yes I think we would work well together & in our industry be a force to be recokenee with given we have complimentary skill sets).

    Does this mean perhaos this job may not come through till then? I am currently unemployed so certainly need to and hope to get into a role before then.

    As always thank you.

    Lots of love and positive vibes to you ….

    1. Thank you. I am glad the prediction was useful. You need a job and a married friend you find attractive, has an offer. You’ll need to move to work for this hotel company. You are a Sun Leo with a Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Your luck starts here, so take the job if you can. The international hotel chain and the relocation to a new city fit the transits in your chart (starting in days, now) perfectly. The contract may go back and forth, or be held up, and you need to get it all in writing and read it carefully, as Mercury is retrograde throughout May. However, long-term, you will find you gain from this job move. Park your romantic interest outside. You are destined to be one half of a power couple in the Twenties, but with him – who knows – and this should be the last thing on your mind if he has a ring on his finger. The global/international side of your life, though – looks fantastic. Jupiter will trine your Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House (natally) and in your solar chart, Jupiter goes through your Ninth House at the same time. Use the Tarot to validate, though – this is your choice.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I have been studying for five years which is now coming to an end, hopefully in May. Over the last three years I have been beset with health issues which delayed my studies on more than one course. I was going to do further study to Masters level in a slightly different branch of what I am trained in, is this good astrologically for me to begin this year, wait to apply next year or not bother at all?
    I am also wanting to start my practice this year too, which dates would be favourable to set that up please? I am a Premium Member.
    Thank you. I find your insights amazing to read. Take care. Best wishes, C.

    1. Thank you. You are not logged in, unfortunately, so I can’t see your chart. Something that is very helpful is a journal or notebook, and some free time spent with The Garden Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and the Smith-Waite Tarot. Follow the steps on this website and pick up the flipbooks that go with the digital cards. Health issues in particular can sometimes be decoded that way. In astrology we always look to the unconscious reasons for obstacles to work or study. Is there an inner conflict there that is being consciously pushed aside, so that the body has to come up with an excuse for avoidance? Only you can really come up with the answer but the cards will help open the door. You could give yourself a general reading around the subject of ‘endings’ and ‘beginnings’ as you are pursuing both in 2022.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Nostradamus had a few predictions, one that is interpreted by some as a nuclear bomb strike, or “end of all”? You looked at his predictions regarding Putin, but what about interpretation of his nuclear / bomb threat or “end of all”?

    1. The thing about Nostradamus is the quatrains are out of sequence. He either channelled the future out of sequence, or he was given the visions in the right historical order, but deliberately moved them around – so that he would be right enough to be found accurate, far into the future, but not right enough to offend the authorities of the day and face punishment. There is no suggestion of nuclear strikes in the quatrains about Putin, whom he calls ‘butins’ and that’s the only real threat that’s been made to date.

  31. Thank you so much for the hope inducing response! I look forward to March 2023!

  32. Hi Jessica,

    Hopefully you’re still reading these comments. I didn’t realise I’d stopped my subscription so I’ve updated
    Could you possibly take a look for me? Not really noticing any main factors you mentioned in your blog but would love you to take a look anyway if you can. I’m a Taurus sun and moon…

    Thank you for the info on JD…
    I truly hope he is able to mend his reputation (and life) after everything he’s going through.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a huge Taurus stellium in your Second House of finance, charity, shopping, collecting, property and business. You have a lot of sorting out to do, regarding this, in May and June 2022. You will go back and forth with at least one matter, so read the fine print, and get it all in writing. Have Plan B and C, as anything from technical hitches to uncertain negotiations could take you on a loop. As you go from September to Christmas, be aware of another issue regarding the above – which could easily drag on, if you engage too much. You can use the Tarot closer to the time to help navigate. You will make or save an absolute fortune once you put 2022 and 2023 behind you.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this. I have a lot of Scorpio placements and I am currently struggling to find a sense of belonging and a place to call home. I oscillate between two countries and I belong to both. Feeling like I need to choose lately. When will these questions become easier for me? Does my chart tell you anything? My partnerships have also been in flux and as a Scorpio I struggle a lot with uncertainty.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium and Jupiter in Cancer. You are going through the toughest cycle for home, property, home town and homeland in 28 years but it ends in March 2023. This shows up in both your solar and natal chart. For whatever reason, March 2023 is a real turning point, actually. You will probably commit to one place, one country, from that point. It may take a while to get used to the new cycle, but eventually you can forget about the hard parts of 2021, 2022 and realise that where you live, and how you live, are powerful new things in your life. Your ruler Pluto will go into Aquarius and your solar Fourth House of home, for many years, and that means home (and all it means to you) becomes terrifically important. Your partnerships have been subject to radical change since 2018 and this cycle continues until 2026. You will have an opportunity, a breakthrough and a really welcome turning point with one person, when Jupiter goes into Taurus. That’s not too far off. Get to 2023 and set sail for the mid 2020’s. This can and does become so much easier for you.

  34. Hi Jessica, I tried the Garden Oracle for the first time the other day and was totally blown away, I was so impressed. Then a few days later I had another question, unrelated, and it made me shake my head again, how unbelievably accurate this is. I did the one-card shuffle for these two questions.

    But for the third question, a few days later, unrelated again, I did the three-card shuffle. and this one took the cake. It described my brother to a tee which was my question : rich promise (past), comfortable familiarity (present), powerful man (future). And to boot, I did the Tarot for this question, got the 9 of cups (straight). And for the Astrology Oracle – the Descendant and 11th house.
    All three were in-sync, unbelievable. I love my brother, but sometimes he needs to get off his high horse, he is as Capricorn as you can get, Pluto in Capricorn people, not as extreme though, but still needs a little talking-to.

    Thank you for designing the two Oracles – Garden Oracle and the Astrology Oracle. They are unbelievably accurate. Great job!

    1. I am glad you are having such good results with The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle. I will pass that on to Justin Tabari, who designed them. It’s good to use the three digital decks together (including the Tarot) for three angles on the same story. You found your brother represented in your reading. People can be easy to spot, with the cards, can’t they! Thank you for your kind words.

  35. After two years of working from home due to the pandemic I need to start attending the office (hybrid working) which involves an overnight stay while I’m down that part of the country. I am going down at the time of the total lunar eclipse which is causing me no end of anxiety and have my Moon in Scorpio at 25 degrees. I need to decide where to stay on a regular basis when I’m down there I guess I should wait until after that eclipse has cleared? Also is there any chance that Jupiter in Aries or the current node/south node might improve my job situation? I’m still hurting after being harassed 3 years ago (I work in a male dominated environment) and still feel like the company didn’t have my back and feel paralysed stuck there although on a positive I’m now in the committee women’s employee group committee and on the company’s diversity committee and although I’m passionate about making a difference there I am so out of my depth! (Uranus in Taurus stuff?) Is there anything positive in my future regarding career/work? It’s felt so dark for so long now.

    1. The next eclipse is about finance, business, charity, shopping, selling and property. All you have to do is remember that eclipses can blind us to what/who we should be looking at. The real story is usually concealed, quite deliberately, or within plain sight, but unseen. No need to be anxious, just skip judging or acting in any dramatic way. Do wait until the Moon has gone from Scorpio to decide where to stay/rent on a regular basis; that’s a classic example. Sometimes it can be something as basic as roadworks they don’t tell you about, or renovations next door. Your work issues sound pretty typical of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle unfortunately. I have had quite a few readers going through male harassment in their careers. You are a Sun Leo with a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House, who is going through the tail-end of Pluto transiting your Sixth House (in your solar chart). So it’s the same story from different angles. You have a strong sense of work ethic, duty, obligation and responsibility to people. You have had that seriously tested by one or more men. Fortunately you get a chance to see what life is like without that, from March 2023 – just for a few months. Later on it becomes permanent. Pluto is out of your solar Sixth House and Uranus in Taurus remains. This gives you an ongoing chance to find a second, alternative role at work and this may be your group/committee involvement taking you somewhere quite different. You may also go into another profession altogether – that can happen too. All of this is future stuff, but that is where Uranus and Pluto are taking you. At least one of the people you had issues with will meet with Pluto karma, if this has not already happened. It’s a rule with this cycle.

  36. Dear Jessica, thank you for the accurate (as always) predictions! Should I be concerned about the eclipse on May 16th, I have my MC and Ceres in Taurus and IC in Scorpio all at 24•, I am wondering if 1 degree below the mark is enough to avoid trouble. I also have Jupiter in Virgo and Aesculapia in Gemini at 0• degrees. My life turned into a complete financial mess as I reached a professional cul-de-sac end of last March, so hopefully it won’t be getting any worse… thank you!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have had financial challenges. You are a Sun Taurus with a packed Second House, and Taurus stellium. The obstacles of 2022 and part of 2023 can soon be put behind you once you arrive at the Jupiter in Taurus cycle, and you will make up for lost time and make good, financially, either saving a lot of money, or making it/receiving it. It’s not that far off, so just treat 2022 and most of 2023 as the obstacle course before the downhill slope. Once the lunar nodes are out of Taurus-Scorpio a lot of the stretching stops and Jupiter and Uranus together in Taurus, in your Second House, will set you free, and also set you up. This forthcoming eclipse is obviously on that Taurus-Scorpio axis, but all you have to do is sidestep major decisions or judgements. Astrology is about awareness and avoidance; being aware of the risk of a blind spot (yours or other people’s) regarding houses, apartments, business, charity, finance, sales, purchases, valuables – and skipping any significant choices – is enough. It’s about negotiating destiny and you’ll do it, now you know. You will enjoy Jupiter in Taurus, though, so watch this transit as it passes through.

  37. Hi Jessica, I was hoping you would provide some insight on my new career/job. I graduated from school on April 19th & I start my new job on June 27,2022. I’m extremely nervous, as this is a completely different career field, for me. I’m also considering traveling at the end of May until the beginning of June (prior to starting full-time work) & wanted to know if this would be an okay decision. Lastly, I fully understand the responsibilities & commitment my new career will require, but I feel like I want to generate other sources of income & not sure if this is a good time to look into that.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a Capricorn signature in your natal Tenth House and transiting Saturn going through your solar Tenth House. It’s pretty common to feel challenged by work on the Saturn cycle; in your natal chart you have also been through one test after another since 2008 when transiting Pluto also went into your Tenth House, in your birth chart. So you have experiences 2008-2022 already which have been quite demanding, professionally, and you are quite understandably feeling trepidation about the new field. Try to go through this slowly and carefully (you will have to be patient) until March 2023. Saturn tends to weigh you down and make you wait, and there is no fast and easy solution; you just have to slog through the various tests and trials that work presents. Something you could do, is go over the fine print on the contract very carefully before you begin. That would help. Travelling at the end of May and start of June is also best double-checked, as you are doing this on Mercury Retrograde and this classically results in a higher chance of rescheduling, for whatever reason. So, there is a lot of checking going on here, both with the paperwork and any travel itinerary. From March 2023, either in this job or another (perhaps a second job alongside the first one) you come into contact with quite powerful people and organisations; perhaps political, with the backing of wealth, or just position. March is a very important month, for whatever reason, as the waiting games and burdens you’ve had with career vanish, to be replaced by a new awareness of just how potent some individuals or organisations are. If you stay the course you could end up being quite powerful yourself.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    Just wondering does the current line up of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in the night sky (or early morning for us) have any astrological significance or is it just an astronomical phenomenon rarely seen. I wonder what people in 947AD would have made of that lineup.

    1. Astronomy and astrology operate in different ways – astronomers would disagree about the constellations we astrologers use to interpret the sky, for example. The rare event most astrologers are tracking at the moment is actually the Jupiter-Pluto sextile. This has shown itself today, May 3rd, in specific ways. Jupiter is in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn. Pisces rules Christianity and Capricorn rules power. We’ve just seen Pope Francis offer to fly to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin and in America, a push by Catholics to overturn existing laws on abortion. So in a way, what is seen through the telescope is historic, yes, and we are also seeing quite historic things happen in our astrological sky too.

  39. Hi Jessica.

    I am a premium member with an accurate birth chart.

    I have Jupiter at 10° but also quite a few including sun at 11°

    I tried to stay low over this period mentioned as I saw quite a few within a degree either side.

    Hoping you may pick up my message to help me with what I should be watching for in the future from this past weekend.

    Many thanks!

    1. Thank you. Astrology is really about awareness and if you know you have an eclipse coming up, you just avoid acting or judging too dramatically. So you have done that. It also takes months, sometimes years, to realise what was being concealed, or where the diversion was. So you wouldn’t have known then; you may not know for quite a long time later. The best example I can give you is the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, which took place near two eclipses. The diversion was Diana and the real story was Camilla, hidden in the congregation. It took a very long time for the world to find out the truth.

  40. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you for this insightful article – your way with words constantly resonates much deep insight.
    I apologise for reaching out to you but was hoping you may have some time to share what significance this eclipse may have had for me if anything at all. I’m all lost at sea to some degree with where to best channel my energy right now. I had been unfortunately admitted to hospital 19 days ago and was curious to ask for what the future may hold if I am to have been notified of my discharge today? Is it a good time? Or am I right off course? Thank you for your consideration of this message and I look forward to hearing from you with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer. Take care, kindest regards, Bea xx

    1. The eclipse has passed, so I hope you avoided acting or judging (about money or property) while it was there. I am sorry you are in hospital, Bea. Hospital is ruled by Pisces and the Twelfth House, and/or Virgo and the Sixth House as you may know. You have a stellium in Pisces and only your DC (Descendant) in Virgo. As your birth time is round-hour it may not be accurate, so we set the DC aside; it depends on a strictly accurate time. You may have been born right on 2.00 o’clock but it is unlikely. The Pisces stellium in your Twelfth House can tell you a lot though. You have just been through a Jupiter and Neptune transit in Pisces of your Twelfth House, so when you say you are ‘lost all at sea’ you are expressing what it feels like to experience that. Neptune of course, rules feeling cast adrift, not anchored. This is a very good year to sort out your Twelfth House. In astrology, this can rule hospitalisation as it is about time alone; the inner self; inner space; solitude, peace and quiet. It is also associated with the life of a nun or monk, in a convent or monastery. The Twelfth House covers: therapy, counselling, self-help, Buddhism, the Church, the Tarot, meditation, astral travel, dream interpretation and quantum mechanics. The invisible inner stuff of the self which cannot be touched or seen, or heard (usually) but is really central to the strongly Pisces person. Bea, discharge from hospital is not possible to judge unless you have the time, date and place of admission and the astrology chart for the hospital. In terms of being released from an inner world, though, it may be that it chimes with Jupiter’s exit from Pisces, so that’s days away now. Whatever happens, try to work with your Pisces side and your Twelfth House and understand that a basic rule of a stellium there, is to find a way to ground. To get out of your head and into the real world. Feeling all at sea is a sure sign you are not grounded. You need to check with drugs you are taking/being given, even if they are legally prescribed, to see the impact they are having on your ability to keep your feet on the ground. Pisces overload can sometimes be associated with introversion or introspection to the point where it becomes hard to actually function in the normal, everyday, ordinary sphere. So the solution is often boring but ‘earthy’ tasks like: housework, gardening, pottery, cooking. Walking on the grass. This is very old astrology. For a lot of water in a chart, we prescribe earth.

  41. Thank you for your reply, Jessica. What is your opinion about Jupiter ingress at 0 Aries while I have Pluto 0 Scorpio? These two – Pluto and Scorpio – together – have given me one too many lessons in the bedchamber. Almost always, I attract partners that are enthusiastic take-over specialists. So, I’ve had to learn the hard way how to keep ‘some’ control and compromise only ‘some’. Should I be excited about Jupiter ingress Aries at Zero – is this going to empower me to keep some of the power in the bedchamber?

    1. Pluto at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House is about sexual/financial relationships and it is usually marriage and mortgage, although it is also a sex worker and her/his client. It’s the house, the apartment, the money or the possessions, playing its part in an affair, or a common law marriage, or a husband and wife’s legacy to each other. For the very few days that Jupiter is quincunx Pluto, you will become aware of the balance of power in such a relationship altering, in a way that benefits you. It is also worth noting that Pluto in Scorpio is not just about the bedchamber and the bank account. It is very much about family money; family property or possessions. So, the big-ticket items in any legacy which names you, perhaps by a parent, or which you bestow on others – godchildren or children, for example, or partners, again. The outcome may well be about that, as much as it is about a sexual relationship. You also need to remember that what begins on Jupiter 0 Aries will be put to the test right at the end of the nodal cycle when the South Node goes to 0 Scorpio. That will be really important.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you’re well. I’m reposting in the hope you see my comment. By the way, Labour’s housing scheme came out around the time of the eclipse so do you think it’ll go ahead if they win the election? Interest rates have also just risen for the first time in years so that’ll take some heat out of the property market too. Thanks!
    Thanks for this article Jessica. I have my IC at 11 Taurus and my South Node, Psyche and Ceres at 29 Taurus so I’ll tread carefully in this period. I’m looking to buy a home in Melbourne for my two young kids. Ì will need to make compromises because I’m purchasing as a single parent, but I’m hoping the flux in house prices might help me. Your insights would be really appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Just putting the kettle on in Tasmania. Labor’s housing scheme in Australia will go through a classic Mercury Retrograde in Taurus loop. Not so much the eclipse, but Mercury (announcements, paperwork, details) is likely to take this in a different direction. It’s interesting to see what is happening with the astrology, long-term. For the first time since 2008, Pluto will move out of Capricorn and stop opposing/hitting the Cancer placements of millions of Australians. Cancer, of course, rules home. This happens in March 2023, just for a few months at first, but eventually the Twenties will be free of the pressure of Pluto. So interest rates rising; Labor’s promise; a Labor government with a Greens/Independent crossbench, perhaps, may well be behind Pluto getting off that opposition next March. For the first time in over 12 years, there is no longer Pluto in Capricorn (all-powerful businessmen) opposing the right to a house or apartment for people who don’t want to rent. Let’s look at your chart and see what you have in Cancer in the Fourth House of property. You are a Sun Cancer and have patterns at 14-28 degrees of Cancer, so will experience the Pluto opposition right to the end. It looks like December 2022, January 2023 is decision time for you about your home and children (Cancer obviously rules motherhood too) as we have Capricorn weather then. However, as Pluto goes out of Capricorn and right off the Cancer-Capricorn axis from March, that seems to be a turning point for you. It may be because of a change in Victorian and/or Australian policy or for other reasons, but you will get a glimpse of the future, and that future is property as home, not property as investment for landlords and landladies, or wholesale property developers! I would expect the Air BnB situation in Melbourne and other cities to be one of the first things to go; that is a classic example of Pluto in Capricorn hammering Cancer planets in a chart, isn’t it. The future looks so much better for you than it has been.

  43. Hi Jessica Thank you for all your amazing blogs. This year I have both a break up and a move, and need to start looking for a new rental property. I’m looking now, but it gets intense from June 17th. That’s when I need to give notice to my landlord – move out date August 17th. I note everything you say about property etc as well as updates about balance of power in relationships and karma with property (as written in my monthly horoscope). So it looks like it will be turbulent. Is it a waste of time to start looking for a property now – worried about, as you say, the full picture being hidden. What do I need to be careful about in particular? I have Mercury 0° in Virgo so I note the possible positive outcome in May for this. Thank you and have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you so much. You have the Sun in Leo and a pattern in Cancer in the Fourth House of landlords, property and rentals, in your natal chart. In your solar chart you have the South Node also passing through the Fourth House. No need to worry. You are past the eclipse. Dodge the next one, though, on Monday 16th May, as it falls in Scorpio. Allow a day either side and don’t judge or act then, about property or finance – you will have a blind spot or there will be a cover-up. Once you are past that, you are heading for firmer ground. Mercury moves forward in Taurus (money, leases) after June 13th and you’re in a good position to make smart choices. There is a New Moon in Cancer on June 29th which is useful – it falls in your natal Fourth House of property and a New Moon is a new beginning. If you did move before July 23rd there would be a fair bit of compromising and negotiation about the new home, with Ceres also in Cancer, but that is nothing you can’t handle. All this movement in Cancer also picks up Scorpio in your other chart, so it’s easy to pinpoint the time. You can use the Smith Waite Tarot, which is very good for money and property, to validate particular choices for yourself.

  44. Thank you for this, I feel better reading it especially about the upcoming eclipse but also about the future. I LOVE the idea of going into another profession altogether especially after reading your blogs about Diana and with mine in Pisces the idea of doing something different feels like breaking free or feels like I’m not tied down to this career. I’d love to write at some point (doesn’t everyone say that), maybe that will come to pass one day. Thanks again, what you say always makes so much sense, it’s so helpful.

  45. How very kind Jessica, many thanks. If I may follow up… I read your tweet re EM maybe using Mercury Retrograde to his advantage with Twitter. Could serving notice now perhaps help me, by leading to discussions/ rewrites with the leadership that hired me? Maybe just go forth bravely 🙂 as it would still amount to a year since I’ve been trying post notice.
    Although I did not make any financial decisions on the eclipse, I was sent an email as an Insider of a Publicly Listed Company on 29/04 8.50 pm BST of the delay in filing our financial reports, as it blocks me from selling shares. Filed today. My share options? Meant to be 50% of my salary, as assigned within contract, and currently down to 1/10th of the value they were issued at. I believe I’ll only know by October, when all may be revealed, if I’ve learnt well from you.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is like a jumble sale or church bazaar. Items change hands in a muddle; different items have wildly varied price tags and of course people change the amount with a pen. If you buy cheap and get a bargain on one stall you can take it onto your stall, and sell it for more. It’s really chaotic and some people do very nicely out of it, but you need a lucky chart (Jupiter in Taurus or Scorpio helps). This Mercury Retrograde is in Taurus then Gemini and presumably your serving notice is a financial matter (Taurus) so 8, 10, 17, 29 degree patterns at either end of your Taurus (your money) and Scorpio (their money) axis are the ones to watch. Mercury is backtracking at 29 degrees so you are affected. It began on April 29th, repeats on May 24th and June 13th. Allow a day either side of those dates for world time zones to catch up with each other. You may want to use The Garden Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and The Smith-Waite Tarot to fill out the information on this, so. you can make your choices. Essentially what was under discussion/on paper near those dates is heading for rescheduling, essential changes or cancellation. It really depends on the organisation or person you are dealing with and their/his/her chart. I’m glad you skipped that email on the eclipse. Classic cover-up. The ‘delay in filing reports’ also sounds like Mercury Retrograde. The cards can help.

  46. Thank you Jessica! Sounds like my troubles aren’t over yet.. I am curious to know whether you believe in ‘solar return targeted birthdays’. I was recently advised to spend my birthday in a different location rather than the one I reside in, in order to avoid heavy transits and a ‘difficult’ year ahead. I fully trust your knowledge and insights and I was wondering whether or not you support this practice…

    1. You don’t have to move locations. I do recommend that you light a candle and ask your spirit guides, family and friends to protect you. I remember being in Hong Kong for a Pluto-Mars opposition. I went to the temple and asked for help. The opposition was in Sagittarius (books) and Gemini (internet) and right on cue, a dodgy outfit from America got in touch! I ignored the email and nothing happened. Astrology is about awareness and avoidance so just do it that way. It works really well and you’ll always know what/who you are supposed to be avoiding when you see it.

  47. Hi Jessica. I am really enjoying your predictions and your fascinating combination of astrology, intuition, insight, and Nostradamus. I’ve been following your Russia and Ukraine predictions with new hope, and can’t wait for the end of the plutocrats. I am wondering how global markets will be affected over the next couple of years, and if this might be a good time to begin a new life. I am retired and in 2019 bought a new house. For one reason or another, I have been delayed in moving and selling my current house, and I am beginning to wonder if the delays are more than coincidence. I do have illusions of moving to a more spiritual place and following my writing dreams. Do you see any indications in my chart that support breaking free and starting over? With my sun in the 12th house, I am a bit reserved and prone to worry, with a special fascination for eclipses and the hidden. It seems there will be a reset on everything, and possibly, this would be mine. Can you look at my chart? Your insight is much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You have delays with selling your home and relocating, but you want to move somewhere more inspiring and become a writer. You are a Sun Virgo with three factors in Virgo, which rules lifestyle, and work, and study. You will make or save a lot of money May-October and again January-May 2023. This is a better price for your sale, perhaps, or a bargain deal on a new residence. The big shift comes from March 2023 when you realise you can take control of your daily routine, wellbeing, lifestyle, workload, housework, study – in a powerful new way. The tiny details of your everyday existence define you, according to your chart, and what happens when Pluto changes signs in March next year will show you how the second half of the Twenties might be; empowering! This suggests a new life in a new place, if you want a more spiritual existence and a space to pursue writing. Have a look at the Smith-Waite Tarot on this site to validate that timing; it’s very good for property, lifestyle and spirituality.

  48. Thank you Jessica! I’d love to move before March 2023. But I’ve waited a long time so can wait a bit longer. Take care.

  49. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for the reply. I’m just wondering if this could be income related or delays in that area? I’ve already earned a 6 figure salary in the last 8 months and waiting to hear when the next project starts so it’s making me a little nervous

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a big Taurus stellium in your Second House of money so you are always going to put the budget first. No need to be nervous. You skipped acting or judging on the Taurus eclipse on 30th April. Repeat that tactic on the Scorpio eclipse on 16th May. Allow a day either side. Just assume you cannot see the full story and do not know all the ins and outs. This would be charity, property, the bank, business, your income, salary and so on. It’s really no big deal to sidestep choosing an option then, or actually acting on anything. Further, you will find discussion or paperwork goes back and forth financially until June 13th. Then it is final. Try not to set up complications by plunging into anything important until that date. If you did, you would again have to deal with a waiting game, rescheduling or even a cancellation, from September onwards. This is basic Mercury Retrograde and Mars Retrograde stuff. More happily, you will make or save an absolute fortune after May 17th 2023.

  50. Hi Jessica I have Juno conjunct the first Eclipse and the North node (Sun 1•orb) for the second. What you these two indicate?

  51. Hi Jessica I have Juno conjunct the first Eclipse and the South node in scorp/North node (Sun 1•orb)in Taurus for the second. What you these two indicate?

    1. Yes, that last eclipse at 10 Taurus was one degree away from a conjunction with Juno in your Second House of money, charity, valuables, property and business. I hope you sidestepped the obvious pitfall. Juno is commitment (like ‘marrying’ an agreement, person or organisation) so it could have been as simple as a purchase, or as serious as a legacy. You are a Sun Taurus so this is the most important financial cycle of your life, extending past 2026, actually. What you do now will have long-term impact. So please avoid the second eclipse for dramatic judgements or action plans. The Full Moon Eclipse at 25 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance falls on your South Node at 25 Scorpio and opposes your North Node at 25 Taurus. There is a cover-up on that date (16th May) and I would allow a day either side for world time zones to catch up with each other. Eclipses always conceal, partly or wholly, what would normally be clear. As this is right on your nodes, you might find it useful to look back at August 2003, as what happened then in terms of your money, property, valuables, charity and so on, will have a ripple effect in 2022. It is karma, so you owe, or are owed. This will help shed some light on quite an obscure situation. An eclipse literally obscures, doesn’t it? So skip it. Further on this year, a discussion or paper trail involving the financial side of your life will go backwards and forwards until June 13th. So make allowances for that. The same matter, or a related one, would then go back and forth from September 4th, so you need to box clever this year. Ducking and diving like this can help you avoid costly mistakes. You can use the Smith-Waite Tarot on this website to validate that timing.

  52. so it seems all the daily and weekly forecasts for me keep referring back to 18/19 years ago. That would be 2003/04 which were some of the BEST years of my life, in all areas, work, marriage, money, health etc.

    But the only year that has been coming back to me is 2006 and in a BIG WAY. I mean so much crap is coming back and its all regarding wills, inheritances and me finding out that money was actually stolen from me. Very weird. I wonder why 2006 keeps coming up. And its both sides of my family, mom and dad. I just don’t know what to make of it and I keep HOPING the 18/19 year thing would come back because I’d love some more 2003/4 in my life. Best years!

    So 2006 was 16 years ago. What has a 16 year cycle?

    1. Yes, the nodal cycle can deliver terrific outcomes. Karma is what you are owed, or what you owe, and if you have ticked all the karmic boxes, astrological lore says that you gain. So in 2003-2004 (18-19 years ago, when the nodes were last in Taurus/Scorpio) you saw benefits, likely because you had given, or donated, or helped – the previous 18-19 years. You are now finding the year 2006 is important and wonder why. You have factors at 6 through 21 degrees of Scorpio in your Eighth House of family money, and in 2006, Jupiter was in Scorpio. So there you go.

  53. Hi Jessica, I am new to all of this but have been reading all your wonderful articles for sometime now. Your dedication really shows and sets you so far apart from the others. Could you be so kind as to take a look at my birth and suggest how this may affect me especially about my finances as it especially regards real estate, and health as I am thinking of traveling soon and still worried about the New covid variants. Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. The fist thing to say about COVID-19 is that it’s a Virgo issue. Virgo rules the Sixth House of pandemics and infection. So we always look to individual charts to see how many factors there are in Virgo, and what they are. Minerva, Uranus, Pluto and the Moon are all in Virgo in your chart. That’s what they call a stellium. An unusually high number (the average is three). You always risk COVID-19 when you travel. You always did, since January 2020. The reason for this is a very old astrological law, which says Sagittarius (foreign travel) and Gemini (local travel) always clash with Virgo (health). If you think back to holidays and vacations, school excursions or business trips when you were younger, this makes sense. We pick up tummy bugs in India, or bed bugs in Paris or colds on a school trip. This time it’s serious because the cycles of time have become more serious. I am concerned about people’s immune systems who have Virgo factors in this cycle. Get COVID-19 once, if you have had three or four injections of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna – and you will likely escape serious problems. Yet Long Covid is a reality and the doctors know it. Beyond Long Covid risks, there is an astrological cycle starting in March 2023 which is a real concern. Saturn goes into Pisces and opposes the Virgo factors of billions of us. That can only happen every 29 years. This dominates 2023 and 2024 in particular and it’s not until the mid-Twenties that we can let the cycle go. I’ll write a proper feature on this and pull in evidence from HIV/AIDS and even The Great Plague, but the problem is – travel. The issue is not the virus, it is the airlines and cruise ship companies, the train companies like Eurostar carrying people from London to Paris and so on. The solution is not endless needles, it is air filtration and also controlled travel. So you, with your Virgo patterns, are part of the story, just as anyone strongly Virgo is, and you need to be a total realist about the evidence on COVID-19 and particularly what happens to the air inside an aeroplane, when it is on the runway, before departure and on arrival, also on the tarmac. If you are not following Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter, find him – he is one of the world’s leading epidemiologists and a fantastic chronicler of the facts – the science – the medical evidence. Okay, so moving on from the most important thing I can tell you, long-term, let’s look at money and real estate. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Scorpio stellium (as well as a Virgo stellium) so you don’t have too much longer to wait until your finances look easier. March 2023 turns the key in the lock and you are free to go from a very heavy, slow, stuck cycle. From that point on you begin to see that one decision about a house, apartment or bank account in your life could empower you. Give you control. The challenge would be self-control, to make it happen, but you could do that. As you go towards the second half of the 2020’s you are in a Pluto cycle when strict self-discipline could put you in a really potent and influential position, financially, with business, charity or property. Can I suggest an alternative to foreign travel? You have terrific patterns for local and regional travel, in 2022. It requires a different mindset to see places a few miles from home as ‘the escape’ but once you experiment, escaping not too far off the map will prove to be as fascinating and satisfying as a round-world trip. I am thinking October, November, December actually. That’s what the astrology is showing me, if you were thinking of planning a major getaway. This is your life though, not mine, so please use The Garden Oracle to validate.

  54. Most of my department is being transferred to another legal entity with the same company, which is based in another state. On April 29 after 6 pm we received an email from HR asking to submit documents to verify employment eligibility and to fill a form. Everybody is surprised, since we already did this when we were hired and now we are just transferring within the same company, so why verify our employment eligibility again? Wonder if this is the cover-up on the eve of the eclipse, since nothing else of note happened to me on April 30… I literally did not speak to anybody nor met anybody on that date…

    1. Yes, this is the cover-up and I can tell you that, even without a chart. Employment is income, and income is Taurus. April 29th after 6pm is about right. That is why I always suggest the day before and after an eclipse should be a warning bell, too. Fortunately you didn’t act or judge.

  55. Hello Jessica, my mom has a stellium in Aries. Jupiter@ 28, Moon @ 9,Mercury@13 and Venus @ 14. Her Sun is @ 1 Taurus. She has Mars @ 13 conjucting Ascendant @ 13 Scorpio. Here i just want to ask about Chiron @ 14 Conjucting her Venus and Uranus at the same degree in her 1st H Taurus. What to expect?

    1. You use a different house system to me. Taurus does not rule the First House of your mother’s chart. It rules her Second House. If she has an Aries stellium, she will relaunch with a new look, role, title or online profile – in stages. May-October is the first stage and January-May 2023 is the second stage.

  56. Umm… actually, I did act in that I filled the form and had the documents verified on May 2. How could I not? In the US, if you do not do it by the 3d day on the job (in this case, the 3d day of transfer to the new location/legal entity), you risk termination. Am I in trouble? Virgo/Pisces.

    1. Oh, you filled in the form on the eclipse. Without a chart for you, I can’t tell if this is an issue or not, but in general, it will take a few weeks or months before you realise what you didn’t see/didn’t know at the time.

  57. Hi Jessica, hope you are well. Reading your article I have become a bit worried, bracing for chaos. I have recently decided to move in with my partner to join our kids in the 50% of the time we have them. I put my house on the market and had to decide about who to sell it to on the 29th, as there were different bidders and an answer was due . I have sun 10 degrees scorpio. The next eclipse is also interesting as i have Mercury 25 degrees Scorpio. What can i expect? Thank you x

    1. You’re a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finances. In your natal chart, we find transiting Mercury Retrograde, then Mars Retrograde, in Gemini, in your Eighth House of joint finances. So the same part of your life is emphasised, and you will go backwards and forwards until the middle of June, with negotiations, the paper trail or plans. You had to decide outcomes with your house on April 29th just as Mercury was on the turn and you also had an eclipse opposite your Sun. All I can say at this late stage is to get everything in writing from everyone involved; read the fine print and have Plan B and C. Try not to leave anything undone by June as it will still be there from September 2022 and go back and forth again until early 2023.

  58. Thank you! I am a premium member now. Can you please take a look at my chart and tell me if my actions would be an issue? Will I keep my job and income? Is it safe for me to travel overseas this year?

    1. You’re a Sun Virgo with a Virgo stellium and will always be in demand because you work so hard, on your work ethic. You will have more money saved, or made, from mid-May until October, and that may be because of straight career income, or for other reasons. In any case you have flexibility with choices about your job when you have so many financial or property solutions and opportunities. They resume January 2023 and last until May next year. Travelling overseas is not safe for anyone in a pandemic. That’s astrology and it’s also epidemiology. It’s science and medicine. Air filters on planes do not operate when the aircraft is on the runway pre-take-off and upon landing when everything is switched off. The issue with overseas travel is basic. COVID-19 is mutating all the time. The current variant is the most contagious yet. Every time it mutates it lands from a different country. It came from China originally. It then came from India (Delta) and South Africa (Omicron). So, flying overseas is a risk – always. I have to be honest with you. You are strongly Virgo, as I said, and you have a stellium in your Sixth House of health which makes it an absolute priority. The more you can find out about the truth with COVID-19, the better. That includes the impact of Long Covid and also the high transmission rates of the new variant. Dr. Eric Ding is a good source.

  59. Ok regard your reply- I trade mining stock only on the ASX, (Gold Lithium Iron copper Rare earths etc),bullion (and forex with no success), i am about to launch into cryptos.
    I watch the full moons and new moons very carefully as i am seeing clear correlations to Full moons and new moons and market swings. So tell me which moon transits in Taurus and Scorpio should i avoid trading and which transits should i trade? Forgive me am an absolute beginner at this.

    1. The ASX is also best tracked with Mercury Retrograde cycles, and we have one in Taurus for some weeks. If you are an absolute beginner you probably need to study astrology and the markets, for yourself, for at least another year to get it right. As a general rule, when Mercury (the market) is retrograde (going backwards and getting stuck) you end up with fluctuating prices and that is when you can swoop and buy bargains and, perhaps, resell quite quickly. If you look on Search you can find all the Mercury Retrograde dates and the signs. An eclipse, which we have on this Scorpio Full Moon in May, is always a cover-up or a mass blind spot, so you may prefer not to do much when that comes to pass. The larger cycles in Taurus and/or Scorpio (of slower moving outer planets) are also a key factor. You can’t just use the moon in isolation; you have to look at that cycle alongside other transits in Taurus the Bull (your cash) and Scorpio the scorpion (joint finances). It’s rather like the wheels on the case of a safe; the combinations of all of them have to line up. Have a look at the 1929 Wall Street crash on Search as well. If you are getting into cryptocurrency you may want to look at what has been happening at Tesla, given Elon Musk’s fondness for crypto too.

  60. Dear Jessica,
    Would you be so kind to throw a glance at my chart please and enlighten to me what the April and May eclipses mean to me. Please be honest, I have some idea now, help me please and give some advice if you can. Thank you very much in advance, Susie.

    1. Susie I have answered you elsewhere. I don’t know if you are talking about pregnancy and children, or friends and groups. Or is this financial? Rather than guess, please take your private question to the Tarot which is equipped for crisis and secrecy. Thank you.

  61. Thank you for responding! For international travel, I was thinking about not so much COVID, but other risks. I wanted to visit family in Russia and was wondering what my chart says about doing it this year or next year. I am somewhat concerned about the risk of borders closing and not being able to come back to the US, but also concerned that this risk increases in 2023-2024 as Russia goes into isolation. What is the outlook for such trip based on my chart?

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with your MC in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. In your birth chart you will have chains of oppositions from Gemini transits to your Sagittarius MC, which rules foreigners and foreign countries. So, blocks and obstacles, to any US-Russia trip. These are here now, go into June and resume from September, extending to early 2023. Long-term from 2026 Uranus in Gemini will do the same thing. As an astrologer I do not recommend. COVID-19 is something you should absolutely think about as it will present us with mutations we’ve not seen before, from March 2023 and by 2024 the whole world will be dealing with the most difficult phase of the pandemic yet. Russia is barely coping now; it’s not going to improve later. If you are thinking that late in the game, you are going to run into Saturn in Pisces square your MC in Sagittarius as well. Even if the borders remain open you would be going to a country with collapsing infrastructure. I don’t recommend. But it’s your life not mine, so please use the two oracles and the Tarot on this website to validate for yourself.

  62. Dear Jessica, Would you be so kind to throw a glance at my chart please and enlighten to me what the April and May eclipses mean to me. Please be honest, I have some idea now, it is a well-thought, care-builded trap made by others only for me. Help me please, what will be the outcome at you opinion, and give some advice if you can. Can
    I make some act now, what do you think. Thank you very much in advance, Susie.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn going through eclipses across Taurus and Scorpio, so please skip them for decisions about your life. You’ve passed the Taurus eclipse and are now near the Scorpio eclipse. Susie, you say you are being trapped. It is impossible for me to help you unless I know if this involves children, pregnancy, or your friends – or a group. These would all be candidates. I suggest you use the Smith-Waite Tarot which is excellent for crisis and follow the steps. That way you can keep this private and secret. And it will help. It always does.

  63. Hi Jessica, uncanny how your articles and forecasts seem to be written specially for me. I rented a house to a tenant in the last week of April, feeling happy he seemed the ideal fit for a peaceful contract. But already it feels like perhaps it was a mistake and I am hoping these are just teething troubles in our interaction. Please advise me on the next three years with this tenant. I also have bought another house which I will get possession of around Thanksgiving, intended for renting out. Hoping these investments do not turn out to be onerous. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. You have a new tenant and wonder if it was mistake. Your finance and property is going backwards and forwards, perhaps with a change to the lease or even a cancellation, as you did this on the Taurus eclipse in your Second House of banking near 30th April and on the Mercury Retrograde cycle in Taurus (reversing discussion, reversing paperwork – again financial) which began 27th April, give or take a day. The situation will go back and forth from May 24th until June 13th when hopefully it can be resolved. The final circuit of Mercury Retrograde is often when you go back to the drawing board and fix the plan. If for whatever reason you need to get a new tenant, do it one Mercury is back to normal completely, so after June 19th. Strangely, you have also chosen Thanksgiving for another property move and you’ll have Mars Retrograde, once again in the finance zone of your chart. To avoid Mars Retrograde get it in writing and finalise it pre-September 4th. Otherwise you may once again find yourself going back on your own decision – that’s the astrology. You may want to use the Smith Waite Tarot on this website to validate the timing here.

  64. Hi Jessica, you’ve said a lot about my relaunch and karma coming back while jupiter and chiron in Aries from may 10. I’m trying to see where in my life these changes might manifest, but I’m at a loss. I just don’t see anything changing, nothing major anyway. I did come back from a holiday in turkey and egypt from april 9 to 21, was that part of the astrology in any way? I just want to be prepared, I’m just used to being cut off at the knees as soon as something good is about to happen, so I’m struggling to believe anything good will eventuate or i’ll pay a massive price for it. appreciate your thoughts.

    1. You don’t experience Jupiter until he lands, and he has not landed in Aries – so of course you won’t have any idea about where your relaunch is coming from. You will relaunch now through October and January through May 2023, to your total advantage. The holiday has nothing to do with it. And your idea about good things – is very peculiar. At least in astrology terms. Jupiter is always good news, there is no catch, and you will have a new look and a new title or qualification, award or similar within months – if you take the opportunity presented to you. Call it an image booster.

  65. Hi Jessica, luv your blogs. I am a Taurus (11th house) with natal Sun as at 18 degree 32 min, with cancer ascendant at 6 degree 5 min, How Will the upcoming Uranus , north node and Mars transit conjunct my natal Sun in 11th house impact me.
    The Uranus transits to my Mars and mercury (at 1 degree) and Jupiter at 6 degree in Taurus were uneventful.
    Thanks for your time and gaze into the future..

    1. Taurus rules the Second House in the Natural House System, not the Eleventh House, and I would be amazed if you got through the conjunctions to your Taurus factors in the house of money, shopping and banking without shocks. If you did, you must have been the only person unaffected by the pandemic and cryptocurrency! So it’s not the Eleventh House. That’s ruled by Aquarius. It’s the Second House. Outcomes? You continue to surprise yourself by doing the last thing, financially, you thought you would do – it may be in business, charity, property, shopping, selling, renting, owing – and so on. Odd, peculiar, unique arrangements work on this transit.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    I am in a very strange situation in my life, where at the moment I have no clear direction. I was made redundant in January this year and I have being trying to get back into the job market, which has proven difficult in the part of the world that I am living in at the moment. I have persisted for sometime and I am now having to pack up from where I live at the moment and move to another country. I feel stuck and unsure, I feel like the dog with the cloudy eyes in the card above. Can you provide any guidance on my future?

    1. You are a Sun Libra as you know, Paul, and going through a confused and confusing phase with work, unpaid work or study. There are solutions and opportunities which will make a lasting, long-term difference for you, starting October 29th and lasting until December 20th this year. That does not mean you have to wait until then to get a new job, start a course, or begin volunteering. You can do that once you move. You may want to let things go backwards and forwards (which they will anyway) until 19th June then start to see what is possible. You could end up in a fantastic position in terms of your lifestyle, wellbeing, daily routine, job satisfaction and so on, from October 29th. That may be a promotion from something you find soon, or a superior position elsewhere. Try the Tarot and it will give you some guidance. Follow the steps.

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