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Shortcuts to Predicting Your Life With Astrology

Astrology can be confusing. There are so many different techniques and systems. I don’t use most of them, because they complicate a simple thing. I have over 14,000 comments and questions as I check the website today, and I can guarantee that many of them will be from people who find astrology hard to understand. Making astrology easier, is easy, though!

austin distel 7KsyY Ed7B8 unsplash 300x234 - Making Astrology EasierLook For Proof in Astrology

The first thing to do with your natal chart (also known as your birth chart or birth horoscope) is to look for numbers that line up. What is at the same degree? Once you’ve made a note of that, look for factors which are one degree away. Find out what it means. There’s your proof. Does the line-up describe you and your life? These exact or close number patterns say it all!

This is called an orb in astrology. It’s the difference between Jupiter at 1 Taurus and the Moon at 2 Taurus. Or the ‘no difference at all’ between Mercury at 29 Aquarius and Uranus at 29 Aquarius. A one-degree orb, or zero-degree orb.

This is unusual. It matters. All the main events and stories of your life will happen when slow-moving planets or nodes cross those degrees. The ‘what’ of the story is shown by the signs and houses involved, and of course, the nature of what is passing through. This gives you the weather. All that information is on this website and in  more detail in your flipbook library if you are a Premium Member. (Image: Austin Distel, Unsplash).

Exact Degrees Gives You Exact Timing

Using exact degrees, with just one degree’s difference, gives you exact timing. I date-stamped a prediction for Rupert Murdoch using his natal chart, because I could see a pattern coming up at 15 degrees on 4th February. News Corp was hit by a cyber attack that day. Who was behind it? Well, the astrology suggested it was politically motivated, below.

Murdoch February II - Making Astrology Easier Murdoch 4th February - Making Astrology Easier

Matching Degrees in Astrology Forecasting

The slow-moving planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto rarely hit a degree that lines up with your chart matches. The lunar nodes – North Node and South Node – also seldom turn up at a degree that lines up with your chart matches.  That’s why you pay attention to those. I mention them in your weekly horoscope, if you are a Premium Member.

The only exception to this rule is if you have faster moving planets like the Sun, New Moon, Full Moon, Mercury, Venus and/or Mars also hitting that matched degree in your chart. Say you were born with Venus at 15 Gemini and Mars at 16 Gemini. That’s a match (with a one degree difference). Making astrology easier, is about scanning for that.

Looking at the Current Planetary Positions on my website you notice that today Mercury is at 15 Gemini. That’s going to be an eventful day for the things Gemini rules in the Third House of your chart: siblings, the internet, the media, transport. The ‘what’ of the prediction is down to what Mercury, Venus and Mars stand for. You can look that up too.

Sri Lanka as an Example of a National Horoscope

People are surprised to find out that countries have horoscopes too (birth charts, usually set for independence, or founding, or legal changes). In fact, old nations like Britain have a number of them. Using Sri Lanka as an example of a national horoscope, we can see what was going on, as Friday 20th May 2022 arrived and the BBC reported the country had defaulted on debt. Which slow-moving outer planet had arrived at an important degree in the Sri Lanka chart?

The best chart website online, has the Sri Lanka horoscope on file. It shows the nation has Mercury at 16 Taurus and Chiron at 15 Aries. Just one degree apart. So any transits (cycles) at 15 or 16 degrees will be really important. On the day the news broke, transiting Uranus was at 15 Taurus. That can only happen, in that particular sign (which rules money) once in every adult’s lifetime. It happened to Sri Lanka. The whole point of astrology is to see a crisis coming and act far in advance to minimise the issues. Making astrology easier is really like packing an umbrella before a storm.

Screen Shot 2022 05 20 at 6.41.50 am - Making Astrology Easier

Screen Shot 2022 05 20 at 6.44.31 am - Making Astrology EasierUranus One Degree Orb Sri Lanka 300x284 - Making Astrology Easier

Using Tarot to Validate the Astrology

A few years ago, the late, great Stuart R. Kaplan and his U.S. Games Systems, gave us permission to reproduce the famous Smith-Waite Tarot deck on this website. A short, free reading is available to everybody, and if you are a Premium Member, you can collect a longer reading and also download accompanying flipbooks.

Asking about Sri Lanka in the Tarot, using an eight-card spread to show the influence of the Big Eight (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, South Node, Chiron in the Sri Lanka chart) we can validate what the horoscope is saying. You will need your own Smith-Waite deck to run an eight-card spread, but if you just need an easy confirmation of what you are seeing in your chart, then you can select just one card. Pamela Colman Smith’s artwork is currently on show at The Whitney and they are promoting her Tarot deck on their Twitter account @whitneymuseum (below).

There’s really no need to be flummoxed by astrology. You don’t have to use progressions, or the vertex, or any of those other bits and pieces. Just look for matching or close degrees in your chart. That’s a story about you and your life which will repeat from childhood to old age. What rings the alarm bell to start a new chapter? The cycles. If you like, you can take just one aspect in your chart (say, your Uranus at 3 Virgo and Venus at 3 Capricorn) and draw a Tarot card to describe that. The Smith-Waite was created by two astrologers so it works extremely well with your chart. Making astrology easier is really my business, so if you have any further questions, please do add them to Comments at the end.


The Whitney Museum @whitneymuseum - Making Astrology Easier

Main Image: Gift Habeshaw, Unsplash.

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174 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, just a small typo, change the current planetary position for Mercury, May 20, 2022 from 15 Gemini to 1 Gemini.
    No worries, it’s a perfect blog as are all your other blogs. You couldn’t have explained Astrology 101 any more simpler than this.
    It is easy like you said but one has to put in the time to understand it. Your website is a treasure trove of information and people should make use of it. I got interested in the stars and planets when I was around nine years old from my grandfather. He would take the whole family to look at the full moon and eclipses, if they were visible, quite frequently.

    Enough about me, I have no planets in Aries, it’s an empty house, thank goodness, (Me first and then I, the unholy Trinity – Me, Myself and I) describes them quite well.

    Thank you, you can delete this comment.

    1. Thanks so much for spotting the mistake, Caroline. And I’m not deleting the comment, I love it when readers help out with the edits. You were lucky to have a grandfather who showed you the lunar cycles in the sky. And thank you for the compliment.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are keeping well. Thanks very much for this interesting article and all your content which really does make astrology easier. Last year during the Ceres in Gemini transit, I met someone I liked but he turned out to be a narcissist and he blocked me. Uranus was 14 Taurus, Chiron 11 Aries, Ceres 10 Gemini at the time. My birth chart has Uranus 14 Sagittarius, Ceres 12 Taurus, Chiron 5 Gemini. This happened during a visit to a foreign country with a person from a different cultural background. Fast forward to this year and the Ceres in Gemini transit, and I met the same person again as a co-worker when his personal circumstances were similar to last year, in the same environment and history repeated itself with him blocking me and additionally trying to destroy my reputation and job. During this process of being hired and fired due to a lying sociopath the transits were Saturn 22 Aquarius, Uranus 13-14 Taurus and I have Saturn 22 Scorpio in my birth. I have a narcissist for a father and you’d think I’d spot the red flags and keep away from another narcissist but I didn’t. April was a very difficult month although I am now grateful for the growth and strength I gained because of it. Anyway, I was wondering why Ceres in Gemini brought this person into my life twice under the same circumstances and why I had to repeat the same cycle, please. Is this a soulmate/past life connection? Also, is the Uranus in Taurus transit at the exact degree of my Uranus in Sagittarius the reason for this unexpected ending of my foreign job over extremely unexpected circumstances? Uranus in Taurus has not been good to me! Many thanks for your insights.

    My birth chart data is given below for your reference.

    12-Dec-1984, 06:10 (6.900996,79.8548823)
    20° Sagittarius 10′ 21″
    03° Leo 41′ 15″
    26° Sagittarius 13′ 24″ R
    03° Aquarius 23′ 16″
    19° Aquarius 52′ 58″
    16° Capricorn 55′ 21″
    22° Scorpio 39′ 38″
    14° Sagittarius 10′ 42″
    00° Capricorn 43′ 55″
    03° Scorpio 50′ 27″
    05° Gemini 07′ 26″ R
    05° Libra 57′ 51″
    13° Libra 44′ 07″
    12° Taurus 11′ 51″ R
    19° Virgo 56′ 31″
    19° Pisces 56′ 31″
    18° Sagittarius 47′ 45″
    18° Gemini 47′ 45″
    02° Aries 31′ 59″
    23° Scorpio 24′ 53″
    00° Scorpio 27′ 09″
    02° Scorpio 15′ 28″
    29° Leo 11′ 56″ R
    20° Pisces 42′ 04″
    19° Aquarius 13′ 47″
    19° Sagittarius 41′ 34″
    26° Virgo 19′ 52″
    17° Aquarius 03′ 03″
    23° Pisces 29′ 10″
    11° Leo 09′ 45″ R
    11° Sagittarius 52′ 08″
    23° Aquarius 00′ 14″
    27° Taurus 16′ 49″ R
    27° Scorpio 16′ 49″ R

    1. It’s pretty simple really. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries; it also rules the Ninth House of your chart where you experience other cultures and languages. Any issues always involve transits in Sagittarius, or to factors in that sign. Gemini is opposite Sagittarius so any time you go through Gemini cycles, they clash with, or oppose – Vulcano at 11 Sagittarius, Panacea at 19 Sagittarius, your Ascendant at 18 Sagittarius, Uranus at 14 Sagittarius, Mercury at 26 Sagittarius and the Sun at 20 Sagittarius. Ceres will easily do that. As a general rule, get to know your Sagittarius side, and get to know your Ninth House, as you dwell there much of the time. If you are a Premium Member you can look at the flipbooks in the library to gain more detailed information.

  3. Thank you Jessica – yet again, you are here to empower and educate us. Thank you!!
    I just “felt” the sun conjuncting my natal Jupiter-in-Taurus yesterday, while it is being trined by Pluto – we are expending a lot of time and energy (as well as money) on renovating everything from floors, bathrooms to outdoor patio areas in our 30-plus year old house (property, governed by 2nd house, as I learned here @ Jessica Adams! 🙂 )at the moment, and major decisions were required (and deposits) yesterday. They have been several months in the making, and it was mainly formalities decided upon yesterday, so despite Mercury being retrograde and the plans requiring a lot of extra communication, delays and last-minute amendments; we felt comfortable going ahead.
    We are on a weekend trip away now, which has already been delayed due to (non-Covid) cold and flu (thanks Merc retro!!), so hoping to make full use of the time amidst nature (my very favourite) to hope and pray for better leaders, for Australia and the world, post election 2022. Good luck everybody – vote for love.

    1. You are too kind, thank you. This is a Mercury Retrogade election (in fact The Guardian will be interviewing me about it later) so we can expect chaos with telephone and postal votes, and wrong polls (to say the least). But have a good trip away and remember always have Plan B on this cycle.

  4. Thank you so much, once again, for your help in understanding the language of astrology! I still find it complicated when trying to understand the stories. I have patterns at 28 and 22 degrees which are currently triggered by Pluto and the Nodes. I also have Uranus approaching my 17 degree patterns. I’d really appreciate any help. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Juno at 28 Pisces and the lunar nodes at 28 Taurus and Scorpio (North Node 28 Taurus, South Node 28 Scorpio) are a good foundation to work from. It’s unusual to have three factors all at 28 degrees. Taking it apart, your commitments (Juno) to spirituality, religion, Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis, therapy, dreams (Pisces) are always tied to money, property, business, charity (Taurus) and also joint finances (Scorpio). They all go along together. So when you make your will, you may give something to charity. That’s one example. Transits or cycles of the slow-moving factors at 28 degrees will always set the alarm to go off, and an event will happen. This has been going on for some time with transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn. It began in March 2022 and continues. By 21st June, when he moves off 28 degrees, a passing change in the balance of power (Pluto) in your chosen field (Capricorn) will bring about historic decisions about all that you own, earn and owe. Your inner life, soul or psyche will play its part. You can expand on that by using the Tarot to give you detail. Track Pluto at 28 Capricorn as he goes back there in February 2023 and Saturn is at 28 Aquarius in the same month, so that’s quite a line-up.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for your post. Seeing you mention tarot toward the end, I feel compelled to seek your advice on using it. I feel drawn by tarot but have nevertheless an abnormal fear in owning a deck, fearing that it may attract spirits to my home, as I don’t really know how it works, the forces behind and why it can conjure such chillingly accurate readings. I am also not quite a solid soul, easy to sway and be manipulated. I read a lot of posts on quora about synchronicity, about how the practice is harmless, but I also hear a lot of accounts of people coming across spirits and having nightmares after drawing cards. Right now I used the tarot reading function on your site and asked if tarot was fit for me, and I drew the magician. May I seek your advice on this, though it may sound irrational? Thank you.

    1. The Smith-Waite Tarot was created by Pamela Colman Smith, who donated her art work to charity, was a Suffragette sympathiser and later converted to Catholicism where she ran a holiday home for the church. Her co-creator was Arthur E. Waite, a lapsed Catholic. I’ve never seen any evidence that their deck results in nightmares. I suppose it can happen for some people. You can have nightmares about almost anything. Spirit people will be around you, no matter if you use the Tarot or not, as family members and departed friends in particular like to check on, or tune in, from time to time. If you drew The Magician when you asked if the Tarot was fit for you, that is a fantastic answer. But it’s really up to you to decide.

  6. Hello Jessica
    Thankyou very much for this extra interesting article, hoping for something like this for ages! Hope these questions will help others too:

    a) if you have 2 things at the same degree, eg Sun 23 Taurus, Moon 23 Acquarius, does that mean when something else comes along at 23 degrees it’s extra meaningful? Does the person need to take note of anything else?

    b) with matching up numbers, do you match to the same degree as birth chart? (eg Neptune 8 degrees Sag on birth chart. Do you look for Neptune coming to 8 degrees Sag?, or Neptune coming to 8 degrees of any sign?, or do you look for Neptune coming to 23 degrees to match the 2 things on birth chart? (meaning any 2/more planet matches on birth chart)? If so, can you please explain the difference?

    Been wondering this for years! Thankyou so much!

    1. Thank you. And yes, sharing questions and answers here is a good way of providing shortcuts for other people too. Yes, if you have anything the same degree, like Sun 23 Taurus, Moon 23 Aquarius, it’s far more important when a transit or cycle arrives at 23 degrees. If you were born with Neptune at 8 Sagittarius, any slow-moving horoscope factor that is travelling to 23: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, South Node, Chiron – will have an impact. You don’t have to wait for transiting Neptune to get to 8 Sagittarius to be a trigger. In fact, it moves so slowly that it’s not possible in your lifetime.

  7. Dear Jessica – another interesting article and some homework to do… So I sat down and looked at all the degrees in my birth chart. I have a lot of planets in between 21 and 25 degrees, even 6 at 25 !! Is there a special time I have to be careful and ecpect the unexpected? What I even wonder more about is that you mentioned Mercury at 1 degree in Gemini at the moment (plus Jupiter as well at 1 degree in Aries) and now I found my Uranus at 1 degree too… What do I have to expect from this constellation? My day hasn’t been too bad so far, no accident, argument with my sister, online scamming or so 🙂 Thanks you so much for all your helpful tips and insights.

    1. Something to begin with that will work immediately: watch transits in Virgo. You have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, housework, lifestyle, daily routine, food, drink, health and wellbeing, mental health, unpaid work and study. You live there a lot of the time. Watch what happens when the Moon goes through Virgo every four weeks. See what the other transits are doing to your Virgo factors. Is Neptune opposing? Is Mercury square? Is Mars square? Then go deeply into what it means to be strongly Virgo. There are many ways of living out the chart and the trick with astrology is to use the transits to find the best way.

  8. Hello, Jessica.

    In your opinion, asteroids present in similar degrees are as significant as planets? For instance:

    Aesculapia, Diana, and Proserpina

    Neptune, Vesta, and Bacchus

    Are both relevant?

    Do you consider ASC and DESC two independent factors? For instance, ASC, DESC and Psyche are three factors or two factors?

    1. Asteroids matter as much as planets. Astrology is divination. The Ascendant (AC) and Descendant (DC) are completely different. The Ascendant shows the window-dressing. The Descendant shows the type of partner or other half, attracted over the lifetime. Psyche is an asteroid.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    This is really interesting. I want to learn more about astrology and the tarot as an instrument to validate the messages I recevie from my guides. Seeing the world events unfold exactly the way i have been getting messages about is quite stunning. When I get visions or messages about the future I found it very hard to get a timeframe ,and thats where astrology comes in 🙂 . By learning to read astrology i hope to understand the synchronicity between the spiritual world and astrology because i an starting to see some interesting patterns.
    I you look at my chart you see that I have a lot planets at 15 degrees and Uranus is currently at 15 degrees taurus. How do I translate that in to reading my own chart?
    Wish you all the best /Anna

    1. Mediums find astrology is very useful as it is a symbolic language irrespective of time and space, and the spirit world finds it far easier to talk through that, as their own bandwidth is not tied to time and space either. Anna, I am sure the first thing your guides told you was that every prediction has range. You can either have a Great Fire of London or a small fire of London: the difference is people acting on what a medium tells them. Mediums are usually ignored. I published a warning about a virus on January 10th 2020 and was ignored. Chinese flights should have been banned when the first man died from COVID-19 in Wuhan on that exact date. And so it goes. The transit of Uranus at 15 Taurus aspecting your chart is really cryptocurrency and Russia. Cryptocurrency destabilises the economy and boycotts by Russia and against her, the same. COVID-19 is the biggest player of all and by 2026 will have changed the way you bank, buy or rent property, earn and so on. So this general revolution affects several areas of your life at once, indirectly. It ends in 2026.

  10. Dear Ms Adams,

    Thank you very much for your answer!
    I am used to being told that the Ascendant is very important, especially at my age.
    I figured it out for myself and it looks like it’s Cancer.
    I read you greedily, but I noticed that you are not talking about this notion anywhere.
    This is true?

    1. The Ascendant is not important. It’s just your window dressing. People often get it wrong because their birth time is wrong. A lot of the work on the Ascendant was based on white people, talking about white people, so it’s not relevant in terms of personal appearance – for example. You have a Cancer Ascendant so will be judged on your family and property. It won’t say anything about your face, height or weight. (To see evidence of this look at Astrofaces, which was a great idea to gather photographs of people and compare them by Ascendant. One look and you can see everyone is completely different). I have a Leo Ascendant, which rules young people and teenagers. I am judged by my work as a patron and trustee of War Child, a children’s charity, and our many bestselling books for War Child, the Girls’ Night In and Kids’ Night In series. That’s it. It’s really window dressing and the Ascendant is ‘judge a book by its cover’ if you like. It never tells the real story.

  11. Thank you Jessica, Mars @ 28 Leo, Neptune @28 Scorpio, Mercury @27 Virgo, Pluto@ 26 Virgo. Venus@ 24 libra,Ascendant@ 24 Leo. Am Sun Virgo.

    1. Mars in Leo in the Fifth House is action stations on pregnancy, parenthood and the world of children and teenagers. It can indicate unplanned pregnancy; the urge to procreate right now can often run awry of Mother Nature so a baby that was never on the agenda is the result. With contraception it doesn’t have to happen, but Mars in Leo is notorious for abortions, as well as single parenthood. The fact that it links to Scorpio (sexual-financial relationships) and Virgo (lifestyle) as well as Libra (sexual relationships) really points to that. So it’s a lifetime caution, really.

  12. Hello Jessica, Thank you for writing this, I always try and read what you post along with all the comments to try and learn a bit more. Looking at my chart and current planetary positions I have Moon at 02 Aquarius today. What impact does that have on me? I’d also like to ask if the placement of Saturn in taurus has an impact on my ability to earn well. I am working hard in my current job but not getting the financial reward and feel undervalued by a demanding manager who is pretty useless and delegates all his responsibilities. I have Jupiter in Scorpio – does this relate to my husband’s income which makes us financially in a good position? thank you

    1. The Moon moves very quickly and spent a couple of hours at 2 Aquarius so your life would not have changed. It does that every four weeks, so again, your life would not have altered. The Moon rules Cancer, a water sign, associated with instinct, feeling and emotion so the mood or atmosphere would have been the change; not so much an event as a temporary and fleeting stretch of human weather. A much bigger deal is natal Saturn in Taurus in the Second House. There is defensiveness, pessimism and rather heavy awareness of one’s own vulnerability here, with money. Perhaps with property, too. Jupiter in Scorpio is your husband’s shared income and property with you, which is your blessing. This rings a bell so I think you’ve asked me the same question at another place on my website.

  13. Hello Jessica, I have Mars, Uranus and Diana at same degree and Venus, Saturn,Juno and Hygea just 1 degree away. With so many factors so close I don’t understand what is the most important to look up. Thank you for all your lessons, I’m still learning

    1. Capricorn, Libra and Taurus together (Mars, Uranus and Diana) is something worth looking at. Every time you pursue your ambition for success or status (Capricorn) you have to factor in a personal or work partner (Libra) and that brings issues about your money (Taurus). Every time you chase a financial goal (Taurus) you have to look to your romantic or professional double-act (Libra) and figure out the balance (Libra) against your ambitions to make it to the top, or stay at the top (Capricorn). Your Tarot can show you how this has panned out in real life. Thank you.

  14. Vrlo koristan tekst, bravo Jessica!

    Upravo su spore planete Saturn (Vodolija) i Neptun (Ribe) dostigle 25. stepen u tranzitu. U mojoj natalnoj karti imam:

    Mars (25. Blizanci)
    Mjesec (25. Jarac)
    Fortuna (25. Strijelac)
    Diana (26.Jarac)
    Kiron (26. Ribe)
    Sjeverni čvor (24. Bik)
    Južni čvor (24. Škorpija)

    Kakve značajne događaje mogu očekivati?

    (Ovaj tekst je vrlo koristan. Mada sam znao osnove funkcioniranja astrologije, sad znam mnogi više. Hvala vam, Jessica.)

    1. I’m sorry, but there is no language translation on my website so I cannot understand you.

  15. Very useful text, bravo Jessica!

    It is the slow planets Saturn (Aquarius) and Neptune (Pisces) that have reached the 25th degree in transit. In my natal chart I have:

    Mars (25. Gemini)
    Moon (25. Capricorn)
    Fortuna (25. Sagitarius)
    Diana (26. Capricorn)
    Kiron (26. Pisces)
    North Node (24. Taurus)
    South Node (24. Scorpio)

    What significant events can I expect?

    (This text is very useful. Although I knew the basics of how astrology works, I know a lot more now. Thank you, Jessica.)

    1. Thank you. The transit of Saturn at 25 Aquarius is the global slowdown and shutdown on sport, rock concerts, and even smaller community or group events. Until those organisations pay for HEPA filters in their spaces, the infection and illness from COVID-19 will continue to diminish their numbers or put people off attending. It even works on the level of parties, or friends at the pub. Vaccines alone are not enough; it has to be air filtering and possibly virus-killing light. As nobody is investing you end up with the general impact of that very difficult cycle for socialising and groups, hitting just about everything you do, pursue or have. Short journeys and commuting. Career. Foreign travel, or foreigners travelling to you. Money. Shopping. Business. The cycle ends in March 2023 and we don’t know why. It may be that a new invention arrives – a cheap air filter – which suddenly makes group gatherings safe again. The Neptune transit in Pisces is about solitude, isolation (with COVID-19) and the great ‘turning away’ by people from mixing widely, to spending more time alone. Again, this is a function of COVID-19 and it is affecting/will affect several aspects of your life at once. This goes on for longer, until 2026.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for another super useful blog. I’m a total beginner at all this and am not being lazy have genuinely spent 2.5 hours this afternoon trying to understand my birth chart, I think I am getting it

    I have noticed (I think this is right), that the north node is with me until 2023 which is karmic in nature.
    In my birth chart I have the north node at 6 Gemini, ASC 6 Scorpio, DESC 6 Taurus, as well as the south node at 6 Sagittarius. Am a bit baffled as to whether I’m on to something and making my first prediction, or if I’m talking nonsense. Does this mean anything to you? Thank you so much ❤️

    1. Yes the transiting North Node in Taurus is with you until 2023. On the most basic level, it brings karma from 18 or 19 years ago because it moves backwards in time, on that sort of time-frame. In Taurus, it goes through your Second House of personal income. What’s already there? Six factors, including your Sun in Taurus. So you live in your Second House a lot of the time. You live to shop, raise money for charity, make money from business and pay people, look for bargains or ‘live’ bargains by enjoying something for nothing. It’s about your values. If you were a crook by nature you’d live here, like Bonnie and Clyde, or Ronnie Biggs! However you live in your Second House, you owe, or are owed, from 18 or 19 years ago, and there is spiritual repayment shown, until 2023. That’s the interpretation. The Tarot can fill in the detail.

  17. Thank you for your post. Maybe astrology should include “degree stelliums,” meaning planets and points in a chart that occur at the same degree, regardless of house or sign. For instance, my natal chart has the sun at 10 Aquarius, the moon at 10 Gemini, Ceres at 10 Libra. That also puts my sun-moon midpoint at 10 Aries (or 10 Libra).

    1. Degree stelliums is a whole category by itself and it’s easily interpreted; it never rains but it pours. Your exact line-up at 10 degrees isn’t a stellium, though, it’s a Grand Trine. I posted a piece on Sacred Geometry a long time ago which looks at trines. I don’t work with midpoints.

  18. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for sharing such precious insight into astrology. I’ve been following you for a few years now and since then my understanding of astrology and its principles has deepened immensely. I have quite a few planets/points at the later degrees: 25 through 29, and just recently I have started realizing that whenever a major planet goes over those degrees something big happens in my life. Lately I’ve been doing some existential questioning – have I achieved all I thought I would, is my job really purposeful and fulfilling or have I been paying too high a price for the lack of freedom (I’ve been working quite long hours for the past few years). I wonder if this is just Uranus talking or I’m nearing some big life decision? Thank you once again for all your time you have given us!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad astrology is serving you. I’m glad you have spotted the pattern in your chart. The existential questioning is your Sagittarius stellium talking. You are a Sun Libra so experiencing transits in your Third House-Ninth House at the same time that you have transits in the same axis of your chart, natally. So it’s the same story told twice. The Ninth House is about education and academia. The Third House is about the internet, the media and the book world. Together they usually suggest the need for an academic subject like Religious Studies or Philosophy, to take the weight of the search. Are you there yet? The reason it’s so long, is the retrograde motion of Mercury and Mars in Gemini, triggering that part of your chart. A quick fix or easy answer won’t do. You are looking for something bigger and may also find it through Quantum Mechanics. The Mind of God by Paul Davies is an example of that line of thought. The other story going on is really about work, purpose and role. Here you have Neptune going through your solar Sixth House of duty and service, until 2026, so you are looking for an escape from the real world. You may very well take it in October-December 2022 when in your solar chart, Jupiter arrives with all his solutions and opportunities. Part-time study would be an obvious answer but you may go the whole hog and resign, or job-share.

  19. Thank you for this helpful information Jessica! I have a number of factors at the same degree but am particularly interested by the factors I have at the same degree and sign like the Sun and Aesculpia at 28 Cancer and Apollo and Fortuna at 27 Gemini. I also have a triple conjunction of the South Node, Psyche and Ceres at 29 Taurus! My understanding is I’ve lots of experience of having to compromise over the things that last like family property, which resonates in my life. I know this will be hit by the Jupiter in Taurus transit in a couple of years. But are there any sooner transits that would assist me? Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge of astrology with us so we can learn too.

  20. Hello Jessica!

    Thank you for another amazing and informative article! Speaking of odd (but not really!) synchronicities and synastries … my brother (Gemini), texted while I was at work to tell me that the truck he was driving today lost two (tandem) wheels as he was delivering freight (the vehicle service person swore all lug nuts were triple tightened). Thankfully, he is ok and no one else was hurt. I was shocked, concerned and angry that he or someone else could have been seriously injured or killed (wheels don’t just come off trucks, do they?) My brother has:

    NorthNode 1 Virgo 1st house (Jupiter is 1 Aries, Mercury 1 Gemini today — and Fortuna 0 Virgo — surprise!?)
    Uranus 22 Leo 12th house (NN/SN 22 Taurus/Scorp today)
    Saturn 29 Cap(R) 5th house (Sun 29 Taurus today)
    Mars 15 Leo 12th house (Uranus 15 Taurus, Chiron 14 Aries today)

    I do not have his accurate birth time so just used 12:00 noon (but his Asc and MC/IC would also have remarkably close aspects if 12:00 was close to his actual birth time).

    I have:

    Mars 26 Virgo 9th house (Mars 26 Pisces, Saturn 25 Aquarius, Neptune 25 Pisces today)
    Sun 25 Cap 1st house (Mars …
    Asc 25 Sag 12th house (Mars …
    Chiron 15 Pisces 3rd house (Uranus 15 Taurus, Chiron 14 Aries today)
    Jupiter 16 Taurus 5th house (Uranus …
    Uranus 14 Virgo(R) 9th house (Uranus …
    Pluto 16 Virgo 9th (Uranus …
    Saturn 2 Pisces 3rd house (Moon 3 Aquarius, Ceres 2 Cancer today)
    Mercury 3 Cap 1st house (Moon …)
    MC 3 Scorpio (Moon …
    NN/SN 22 Gemini/Sag 6th/12th House (NN/SS 22 Taurus/Scorpio)

    So, does this all make perfect (or reasonable) astrological sense to you? Does it seem that there are an unusual number of matches (there are only 30 degrees in each sign, but still …) Even if it is not proof, it is most certainly fascinating, even eerie almost. If you look at just the above (2 people, 1 event), and then x billions of people and x many trillions of events, that would certainly explain the hum and vibration of this chaos and harmony dance on planet Earth. Seems quite ridiculous to make everything a political or ego issue, doesn’t it? I had almost given up on the magic of astrology, convincing myself I was only just convincing myself, but there do seem to be some very interesting correlations here. 🙂

    You are a gem, Jessica. Thank you again for all your great work. S.

    1. I am sorry your brother went through that. You use a different house system to me so I need to spin your chart for accuracy. Brothers are Gemini, Third House, as is transport. We currently have Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in the Third House. The transits of Mercury backwards and stuck, pick up several placements in both your charts so I expect that is the issue. The nodal axis in Gemini suggests past lives so there is karma between you.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I have 25º moon in leo, 25º Vulcano in Pisces and 25º Juno in scorpio. The one degree orb is south node (aries) and north node at 24º we just had a lunar eclipse in scorpio at 25º what does it mean?

    1. The eclipse has been and gone. You now realise two things you did not know before, about an intense situation which came your way. You, yourself, had to participate in a cover-up or concealment, which is typical of eclipses. You also had a blind spot (did not see/could not know) about a related matter. In any case, goodbye to all that. With one incident in particular, though, you will never know. So let it go.

  22. Jessica,

    Would you say your predictions/forecasts are among the most accurate in the world?

    I read a lot of information from “other astrologers” with perhaps a larger/higher media presence then you but they just sound like vanilla chewing gum for the ears. You seem to boldly take on issues and contemporary events head on with confidence.

    How would you rank yourself and no need to be humble.

    A life changing event broke my heart this January – are you able to tell me what it was?

    DOB: June 20 1957 Edinburgh Scotland 08:58 am

    Bless you


    1. I think history has to judge the accuracy of astrologers, in print. The Guardian have written about my predictions before, but the mainstream media isn’t particularly keen on people who read horoscopes. You were born on June 20th 1957 at 8.58am but I don’t see a chart here Robyn, so I can’t say very much. The Tarot on this website will likely tell you, and is free to try.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I have followed your blog for 4 months and really like reading your articles with your foresight. Here is one question: can we see from any Astrology chart if it would lead to food crisis/shortage due to the extreme change of weather in 2022, 2023?

    1. Yes, we will see food shortages and supply shortages worldwide in 2022, 2023. By 2026 we will have learned to eat locally and manufacture locally and globalisation will start to crumble from 2026, past 2030 as Uranus goes into Gemini.

  24. Hi Jessica great post , I am trying to work out the degrees and calculations with the current aries factor and seeing if they line up with my birth chart ,but my limited brain cells cant figure it out ! sorry so I was wondering if you would not mind helping me in this area please
    I have been making efforts to make some positive changes and progress in certain areas of my life ,is there also ways of channeling or embracing the Aries energy ?
    I was reading your interesting article about Chiron in Aries and careers ,bizarrely enough I work in pathology which I realise now is a very Aries career and I am hoping for a transfer to another site ,just waiting for the outcome ,so hopefully there is some luck
    and Thankyou you for all the good work you do xx

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus with a big Aries stellium in your natal First House, which rules self-promotion, branding, your appearance (glasses to wardrobe to weight) and your title. In your natal chart you have fantastic transits in the First House and in your solar chart you have quite radical, revolutionary, liberating, unexpected transits in your First House. So time it right and make life until October your second act.

  25. Hello Jessica, hope that you are always well.
    I really love all the topics presented in your blog, especially this one, you introduce and educate us the higher level of astrology knowledge, and thank you so much for all of your great effort then.
    As learning from this website, I am trying to connect all the pieces from my past experience (to understand what the future will bring), following are some of my assumption, according to what I catch, so far

    1. My ex suddenly became so bossy commencing around 2008, he was totally different person to me (I could not even open my mouth to start the conversation); his sun in cancer with stellium (Sun, Mer, Aesculapia & Descending), he also has stellium in Capricorn (Asc, Minerva, Ops & Salacia); in Scorpio (Nept, MC, Fortuna, Bacchus & Psyche): in Leo (Uranus, Juno, Ceres, Apollo & Cupido) —> Is he a Plutonian type of person? so Pluto enter Cap empowered him to switch?
    2. I have Jupiter in 4 deg Scorpio; by Oct-Nov 2017 we totally separated (after some on and off uncertain relationship), is it because Jupiter enter Scorpio, by Oct 2017? as we have kids, so up to now, we are still in good relationship for the purpose of looking after the kids.
    3. Somehow, now although I am considered alone in facing my retirement age (kids will have their own life, anyway), I can get my peace of mind. it s because of my natal chart, isn’t it? Uranus in Libra, so there will always be Uranus in any relationship that I am in.

    Different from the above, I have stellium in Aries, one is Bacchus at 8 deg square with Diana in Cap, so what will Jupiter bring when it passes 8 deg Aries on 8th Jul? will it be something ?

    I am Pisces with big stellium there and have stellium in Taurus, I hope that I can stand with my own in the future, as I believe once the kids grown up, I will be on my own, is it my destiny ?
    Being able to understand my future is something that I need to learn now, so I am ready to move forward although in rainy season.

    Thank you again Jessica, I feel that I am being guided through all the knowledge shared here.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your ex is a Sun Cancer man having a Pluto transit. He is finding his power by trying to dominate you (or was). Pluto is a symbol of control and domination in Astrology. By transit it can trigger a need to be top dog in one partner or the other. It would not have just been you; he may have played it out with his girlfriend or wife as well, or she may have been dominating him, so he tried to test his power by controlling you. Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio and the Eighth House of sexual/financial relationships was the turning point, in terms of the children, whom you presumably both pay for. You will find the situation with him stops, or you cease caring about it, from March 2023. Your stellium in Aries is about a relaunch, new look, new title, new profile online and it is complete by May 2023. As you are a Pisces-Taurus type you will eventually make money from psychic work, religion, hypnosis or therapy if you wish.

  26. Hey Jessica, Maya from DC here. Although I’m a premium member, I always doubted the predictions because they were somehow behind. For whatever reason, when I read a prediction for the future, it either already happened weeks ago or even last year. I was born in a foreign country and my mom passed away years ago. I do not have my birth time but it makes me question even my birth date at times. What I love about your methods is that you use reversals like math! You go by major events from the past to confirm events in the future. My BD is 7/6/69 and I can assure you that when it comes to love my only and happiest day in my lifetime was 8/9/21. The only day in 52 years that I felt it. I’m just wondering what was happening in the stars that day that impacted me so much.
    All the best,

    1. Thank you Maya, I really appreciate that. You can guess your birth time by guessing your Ascendant or Rising Sign. Love? You felt it on 9th August 2021 and were born 6th July 1969. That’s a Capricorn transit by Pluto talking. There will be more in 2023, 2024. You are actually a friend, rather than a lover. You are strongly Aquarian. You give to the group. You give to your friends. That suggests you know how to keep your distance, extend tolerance, circulate widely, give a of space and so on. That’s not intimacy. Not everyone is textbook Hallmark Card romantic or rom-com. Strongly Aquarius people often prefer to keep it light, bright, easy and breezy with people.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    This answers so many basic questions that I didn’t know I had. Ha! Waving a big thank you to you from here in New Jersey!

    Tell me some more about the current Saturn cycle, please. I’m working from home Data Science job but frankly my work has become inseparable from peak mental and physical condition. I have a treadmill under my desk that I use religiously. I have a solid morning Journaling practice now. If these two – walking/journaling don’t happen, my work day falls apart & I end up being a potato all day. Is all this “running a tight ship” going to ease up anytime?

    1. Waving to New Jersey. You have a stellium in Virgo from 3 to 25 degrees, so live in your Sixth House: you inhabit a world of work, wellbeing, routine and daily detail. The treadmill and Data Science job are textbook. You also write a journal and have a daily walk. This is lifelong. The Virgo bandwidth in the Sixth House goes from hypochondria (Sun Virgo, Michael Jackson) to workaholic behaviour (though many outstanding Virgo stellium musicians work seven days a week and thus perfect their craft). Only you can decide what works for you. You could run a tight ship all your life, and it would have nothing to do with a Saturn cycle. Strongly Virgo people do much better with a fixed 7-day routine. Also regular hours and the same sort of food and drink. It’s hard at the moment with Neptune in Pisces still opposing everything in Virgo, but it’s really the only way for anyone with a stellium in this sign.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the informative blog. What aspect of the chart talks about the past lives and how to decipher that? Is is the nodes? I always wonder about that. And if there is bad/good karma, how do we know that from the chart? I have the South Node at 29° Gemini and North Node at 29° Sagittarius. Thanks

    1. Yes, the lunar nodes show your past incarnations. They move backwards through the zodiac signs, not forwards, so have long been associated with repetition in time. Bad karma and good karma? It’s more accurate to say, easy and difficult incarnation. Aspects to the nodes will show you that. Of course the nodes are already automatically in opposition so the clashing signs show you the challenge. Gemini-Sagittarius is local versus global. Gemini is the language you learn with your siblings or cousins; Sagittarius is foreign languages. Sagittarius is academia; Gemini is the media. Sagittarius is hardback publishing; Gemini is the internet. At least one prior life involved these conflicts. In this life a sibling or cousin may be a prior incarnation connection, though maybe not in that role. It is very common for there to be drama involving foreigners and foreign countries with some kind of spiritual settlement or closure.

  29. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this article! I really like that you are giving us the skills to find our own way through astrology.
    The last eclipses at 25 Scorpio was pretty quiet for me except some little drama and lies which I didn’t fail for because as a premium member I know better now. I have Jupiter 25 Cancer and I was wondering if this can give me a positive outcome in the end?

    I wish you a lovely week end 🙂

    1. I am glad you dodged the eclipse issues. Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House is a blessing when it comes to houses, apartments, land, and any other residence, and real estate investment. Jupiter is a symbol of protection if you ever need it and tremendous advantages and opportunities at its peak. Your Jupiter Return in Cancer is not so far away and so the Twenties will eventually stand out for you as the moment you bought (perhaps) or renovated (maybe) and got very lucky. watch out for it.

  30. Thanks for helping us out with this Jessica. I am wondering if Venus was around 12 deg Aries on the 12th of May. I won a nice chunk in the lottery, not retirement money, but not too shabby either. My moon is 12 Deg Aries. That is why I was wondering. I am looking forward now to see any upcoming exacts. Today Panacea in Cap lined up with my 22 deg Salacia in Cap. Not sure how much these non planet factors count but Prosperina will be hitting all kinds of things in my Sag which are Mercury (19) Diana (25) Fortuna (04) Ascepula (16) and South Node (4). Aquarius Moon and Saturn will soon be hitting my Juno at 27 deg. The Sun and Mercury in Gemini will both be hitting my North Node at 4 Deg and down the road a bit my natal Jupiter in Gemini. Oh Jupiter is coming up on my Moon in Aries too. Now I am going to go look up what all this means. Should we use both the natural house and our natal houses or just solely from a natural house system? Thanks for this and the Oracles to confirm everything. This truly is one of the best astrology sites, if not the best, and the interaction of it makes it more intimate. Thank you for engaging so much with your readers! Cheers!

    1. Thank you. The ‘Queen’ of charts is the solar chart so always start with that. You then look for the same story told twice in the natal chart. You are a Sun Capricorn set to experience transiting Jupiter (good news) in your solar Third House of internet, media, publishing, education from October to December 2022. When we look at your natal Third House we find a stellium in Gemini. That will also be crossed by Mars Retrograde in the same time-frame. So that is clearly a major project or plan, online. It will work very well for you, partly because it is rehearsed or rewritten (Mars Retrograde). You can use the Tarot to validate that and The Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle to shed more light. So just from that one transit of both charts you can give yourself a very detailed prediction and select the best outcome.

  31. Hello Jessica!
    Just read today’s horoscope “your ambitions, your ideas about success and your mission in life will trigger a journey of deep soul searching into the past now and result in dramatic closures on your path. A complete time wrap with your position status or employment is possible so is a new place on a karmic wheel which gives you extraordinary closure too. Life from 18-19 years ago now pulls you back onto a Karmic spin cycle”.
    Since I changed job in February, I have been working from home.
    I am surpriced by the level of anxiety and how quickly it has increased. Trying to find with my therapist the reasons of such turn and going back 18 and 19 years ago I discovered a similar traumatic period. I had to take medical treatment for some months and everything worked fine in the end. Most Capricorns I know do not give up easily. The safety net thought I have during the day is that I will leave this job. The environment I work is corporate and multilingual.
    I always thought that I would adjust perfect in such environment (planets in sagittarius). Spoke to a person higher than me and said to feel safe in this job, that it just takes a little bit more time for many people to familiarize with everything. I feel like a whole company has invaded my sanctuary and I really wake up and sleep in anxiety and stress working too many hours already. Jessica based on my chart do you see a light in the end of the tunnel?
    I have started to look for a new job but I feel exhausted for another transition.

    Thank you very much for your insight.

    1. Anxiety is always Virgo and the Sixth House, and sleep patterns too. Virgo is also your job. You changed your career in February and now work from home. One look at your chart shows Ceres and Diana in Virgo. You also have a huge stellium in Capricorn, which rules your ambition. Not the same thing. Virgo is serving others in the line of duty but also trying to serve your health, mental health and wellbeing at the same time. Capricorn is wanting to make it. The worst will be over from March 2023, either because you go to an easier situation, or because you no longer care. So there is a big light at the end of the tunnel. You can fix things before then, of course, but March is really the start of a completely different professional atmosphere or environment. It helps to understand what it means to have Ceres and Diana in Virgo in the Sixth House. Ceres is about time-share. Diana is about freedom. Ceres is about compromise. Diana is about autonomy, independence and space. Have a look at your flipbooks to further analyse that. You need to serve both of them, somehow, and need a schedule that works and the ability to just go off for long walks/runs. Maybe with a dog. Diana used to cover miles with her hound!

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another enormously helpful post and comments section. I am learning from the Q&A!

    I looked at the last time Uranus was in Gemini, and see that it was post World War 2, when travel was difficult and food was scarce. it certainly makes me want to pay more attention to my Virgo-stellium/Taurean-North-Node/Scorpio South Node partner more about being more conservative in my spending habits spending! thank you for the advice. I have started to share your advice with my siblings and hope it will give them more encouragement on their journey, as it has given me.

    I love how you so elegantly brought together in one sentence the answer to the seeming riddle that another reader had posed (about Juno and the Nodes being at 28°.)
    It feels like the clicking open of a safe when the numbers synchronise, and astrology reveals what is in the box.
    Would you please advise me if there is a significance to have Pluto at 1° Libra, Saturn at 2° Gemini and Neptune at 3° Sagittarius, all one degree apart?
    I notice Venus is also 1° away from the N and S nodes.. what kind of karmic influence does that have, if at all?

    perhaps most relevant to the present moment, I have Jupiter, Mars and Vestas all at 15° (Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces), chiming with Uranus in 15° Taurus currently. I notice Chiron and Bacchus at 15° too, but these aren’t the big, slow moving planets, so perhaps not a big deal?

    In gratitude to you and your team for considering these questions.

    1. Thank you. Uranus in Gemini does bring radical change in local transport, local travel, regional borders (neighbouring countries) and all Gemini concerns, so we are back to the world being carved up very differently from 2026 with, no doubt, mainstream acceptance of electric vehicles and the end of petrol/gas. Your Pluto 1 Libra, Saturn 2 Gemini and Neptune 3 Sagittarius combination is about the need to control and run sexual relationships (Libra) even though they automatically bring in deeper concerns about being heard and understood (Gemini) and cultural or language barriers between yourself and others (Sagittarius). The classic pattern with this is marriage to a foreigner and subsequent emigration. It can work out many ways. Saturn in Gemini in the Third House is usually a difficult sibling or cousin relationship and the burden of a brother, sister or cousin (for whatever reason). This can bring a great need to control any duet or duel and ‘two’ is the challenge with Pluto in Libra; the reaction to a hard-work sibling or cousin situation when younger can often be a really intense approach to any sort of two-way street in your life. Neptune in Sagittarius is the need to escape from reality by losing yourself in another country or culture. This is really the white man who goes to Japan syndrome! You obviously are not that, but the pattern is about taking holidays from the real world. The opposition to Saturn in Gemini suggests reality always catches up with you. You can go quite a long way just exploring that chart pattern at 1, 2, 3 when Pluto goes to 1, 2, 3 Aquarius after he makes the ingress in March 2023. Your Uranus transit at 15 degrees will be evident now. Uranus in Taurus is the revolution in the world economy and the radical change in world trade and currency. It will have a distant, domino impact on everything from travel (Sagittarius) to friendships (Aquarius) and your inner life (Pisces). The world has obviously shut down air and cruise travel because of the dangers of COVID-19. That’s one example.

  33. Hi Jessica. Thanks for this great blog. I have several factors that line up either exactly or with a 1 degree orb:
    Sun, Uranus, and Saturn all at 14 degrees
    Moon at 15 degrees

    Jupiter 1 degree
    Asc, Desc, and Neptune at 2 degrees
    IC and MC at 3 degrees
    Mars at 4 degrees

    There’s also some asteroids that line up, but I’ve stuck to the main inner and outer planets for this question. I have access to the flipbooks as a premium member, but I’m a bit outfaced with the amount of factors. Any starter guidance would be very much appreciated.

    Side note – your line about the shocks of Uranus and ‘the last thing anybody expected to happen, will happen’ did actually happen this week. The charity I have been involved with for the last year just folded this week. Totally out of the blue and very sad as now ‘eclipsed’ out of life.

    1. Thank you. The Sun, Uranus and Saturn show Cancer, Gemini, Libra connections (exactly) which are the most important in the chart. Your self-confidence and importance, your stand-out qualities and brilliance are always shown by the Sun. Uranus describes where you invite regular upheaval. Saturn is where you must defend and protect yourself against life’s tests and trials. These three factors intertwined in your Fourth, Third and Seventh House first of all suggest you need to look at family patterns (Cancer) in childhood or adolescence, with a sibling or cousin (Gemini). This may have more bearing on sexual relationships (Libra) later in life and professional partnerships (Libra) than you expect. It’s the same with battles or duels. If you go back to Gemini/Cancer as siblings, cousins and the family tree, you will find the link with Libra, which is about me-versus-you as much as it is about ‘two.’ Gemini and the Third House describe the development of language skills through a sibling or cousin; parents often leave them together. Comprehension and communication are Gemini and brothers, sisters or cousins can either hasten that development or impede it. This affects the whole family dynamic, actually, which is Cancer, and childhood and adolescence leave long smoke trails with a Cancer chart pattern. If there is no sibling or cousin to grow up with or be affected by, the Third House tends to produce friends who act out the Castor and Pollux myth in other ways. A ‘twin’ best friend for example. You can go a long way just by taking that apart. I am sorry your charity folded. Once this very messy Mercury Retrograde in Taurus has wrapped up (Taurus rules charity) you can gather your thoughts together and start again – you need to get past mid-June.

  34. Thank you so much. This is all so fascinating. I love how you teach your readers the techniques so that we can explore our own charts. I’m still learning but so far it feels like reading a novel about my life, all told through symbols. The natural house system took some getting used to, but now I see it as a much cleaner fit. I still struggle with what certain combinations mean, however, for example, my Scorpio Uranus conjunct my Ascendant and what that means during Taurus Uranus transit. I’m still trying to figure out those dualities and the meanings of their various aspects. But, oh my goodness, it was so fun listing out the matching degrees! So beautiful to see these mapped out. Made me feel like a detective.

    1. Thank you. Uranus in Scorpio in conjunction with your Ascendant in Scorpio in the Eighth House describes how you present to the world. You’re packaged, for better or worse, over your lifetime – via your finances, house, apartment, business interests, charity or valuables. A family or partnership relationship is part of that. Uranus is that part of you which invites upheaval, rebellion and is a catalyst for new independence; new freedoms. If your birth time was accurate this will already have happened once or twice in your life. My files reveal people whose partners suddenly left them, fracturing a house/financial relationship – as well as people who decided to leave godchildren out of their will.

  35. Hello Jessica. Kindly nothing makes sense anymore reg. my career moves, nothing. 2017-18 getting through academic research, doctoral, was fine but I refused to pursue it unless I got money for it, i.e funding was provided. It didn’t happen. It was a yes no kind of situation till 2021 at specific universities but now it is very difficult in that I am not completely feeling it intuitively anymore. I am thinking of writing to one more prof at a reputed univ but no sure.

    I just also got a no from a writing pitch that I sent to some niche well known organisation. I am shocked at this no, because I’m not sure, I needed it?..I write for my profs journal (just freelancing experience) since 2019 late but become very specific about that. But now only that is there. I am shocked stunned I am not sure about my natural next move. I’m in the arts – cultural, visual arts criticism – space and it is a difficult profession £££ wise, but we need to make it if we know what we are doing. I know my work, worth and value but I need to move abroad soon sensibly in this field and it hasn’t worked out till now. I am worried and this is an understatement, being financial dependent et al that.
    I really want my name, my work, my independent life with £££ in this field Jessica in the right proper way, and I have to move abroad (academic focus was UK univs mostly, now game for anything in UK US with £££) permanently. Kindly why is this not happening. Only thing I know, time is getting wasted. I loathe this, my life moving in front of my eyes when I finally know what I want to do, where my skills lay. Being in the wrong place and not doing what I want to ought to do. Working, researching writing.
    I’m 21st March ’78 please. Your insights, what you see much appreciated Jessica. Thank you!

    1. 21st March 1978 puts you on the cusp and without a birth time and place I cannot even tell if you are an Aries or Pisces Sun, unfortunately. If you have Neptune in Sagittarius, which is your nickname, then you obviously identify with that. Neptune is how you escape from reality. In Sagittarius you do it with foreigners and foreign countries, publishing and academia, all of which are ruled by Sagittarius and the Ninth House. You are articulating that pattern in your chart with university concerns, professors, writing pitches and your desire to emigrate. You are also pursing all this at the wrong time. Can I suggest you use the Tarot which is free on this website and ask, how best you can use your Neptune in Sagittarius placement in 2022, 2023, 2024? Follow the steps. Your life is too short to loathe it, and Tarot can be very useful.

  36. Hi Jessica, you have a gift for making astrology helpful and reassuring, most definitely easier, thank you for all you do, especially your responses!

    In my chart it seems that there are too many houses involved to make predictions. There is a pattern at 5,6,7 with the nodes, Venus, moon, Ceres & Minerva in 6 different houses around 7 degrees…

    1. Start with the Moon at 7 Virgo and Venus at 7 Gemini. It’s very simple. Then work out to other factors at 6, 7. The core pattern is a conflict between your ‘need to be needed’ with work, housework, routine tasks – and the complicated relationships with others online, pursuing projects, plans or Twitter. That basic clash is something to be figured out over the course or your lifetime. The Tarot will show you how it actually manifests at the moment. A very common example is the person who is the mother figure and matriarch at work, who finds it hard to reconcile work projects online at the same time. It can be sorted out with conscious management.

  37. I see. Perhaps that was my divorce in 2018, which forced me to completely rethink and rearrange my finances and reset my career. I’m still building, but definitely with the goal of financial freedom that I never before thought possible to do on my own.

    1. Yes, that was your divorce. The Garden Oracle can help you further decode that.

  38. Thank you Jessica. Kindly, I’m Aries Sun 0. degrees. I thought Pisces ended the previous day on 20th Mar. Apologies should have specified the Aries 0 deg part. Yes NepSag is Nept in Sagg, I think I realise the word sag can be -ve. Shudn’t use it.
    Is this the wrong time..?..Gosh..’22 to ’24 is a long way off…
    Tarot, honestly, frankly stresses me out as I feel a pressure to get the right card and I truly cannot interpret it personally apart from your reading please. Even the question in my mind goes for a cool walk when I focus on – I need a good card – as I select a card. if and when you have little spare time , as you have many many comments in the queue, (and I’m not registered), I truly appreciate your advice. I am seriously not feeling anything right at all , worry is high up, hence so Jessica.. And thank you for your reply.

  39. Thank you Jessica. Kindly, I’m Aries Sun 0. degrees. I thought Pisces ended the previous day on 20th Mar. Apologies should have specified the Aries 0 deg part. Yes NepSag is Nept in Sagg, I think I realise the word sag can be -ve. Shudn’t use it.
    Is this the wrong time..?..Gosh..’22 to ’24 is a long way off..
    Tarot, honestly, frankly stresses me out as I feel a pressure to get the right card and I truly cannot interpret it personally apart from your reading please. Even the question in my mind goes for a cool walk when I focus on – I need a good card – as I select a card. if and when you have little spare time , as you have many many comments in the queue, (and I’m not registered), I truly appreciate your advice. I am seriously not feeling anything right at all , worry is high up, hence so Jessica.. And thank you for your reply.

    1. Tarot reflects your consciousness at that moment and is a mirror for the truth. No pressure and no stress. The interpretations are on my website. If you are worried, please just follow the steps and go from there. Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot can be greatly calming and hugely wise. Learn to work with it often and you can come to trust it as a brilliant external reflection of where you are, and what is going on. A deck online or in your hand can become a terrific help.

  40. thank you so much for replying Jessica. You have used this art and science so masterfully again. There isn’t one thing you wrote about my behavioural patterns that isn’t true. I suppose there are worse placements to have, but it doesn’t feel like much fun as I see these heavier traits within me.

    With these patterns that we have been called upon to understand within ourselves over a lifetime, can we go beyond them to find enlightenment and freedom beyond the astrology? Can we actually overcome such deep seated traits if they are governed by these massive planets in the solar system?

    How can we leverage on the positive factors within our charts and relinquish those which we would rather not have?

    Apologies if this is going beyond the scope of astrology into my needing a therapist! perhaps my escape needs to be in meditation rather than travel..

    Thank you once again. I wish you and your team well.

    1. Working with your natal chart is terrific as you can spot past repeated patterns and stop what doesn’t serve you. Astrology is really like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer on the side of your head. If you choose to enter into Astrology World then you have access to 2000+ years of archetypes and knowledge. It’s a good way into what matters. Transits are the moment to do that. With Aquarius factors at 6 through 18 degrees your friends and groups are ‘seriously serious’ now as you are in the exam room of life. From March 2023 it becomes so much more, for years into the future: time to figure out your Aquarian side in the Eleventh House of brotherhood and sisterhood. People power shared for a common great goal.

  41. Many thanks Jessica. You have also said that this pattern of having 3 factors at the same degree (in my case 25º) does say something about one’s life. I have tried to clarify it with the tarot, I got the 10 of cups but am struggling to make the interpretation… Could you shed some light?

    1. You aren’t logged in so I’m afraid I can’t see your chart to line up with the Ten of Cups. I would expect you have Cancer, Scorpio and/or Pisces factors as the cups contain bodily fluids pertinent to water signs. Cancer rules breast milk (mother’s milk). Scorpio rules sexual fluids. Pisces rules tears. This is an easy way to remember that the cups are always about emotion, feelings, the heart.

  42. Thank you for replying Jessica, and the steps to tarot. Ok, honestly, I’ll try slowly. I think I need to make a chart here to know detailed what is going on. Am way way too worried about this whole career situation. Thank you Jessica.

  43. Thank you so much. The garden Oracle was really helpful too. Sort of like tough medicine but as a relief, in a way. Reminds me of a megaphone for inner voice. I used the single card. Is there a time I should be using the spread instead?

    1. I will pass that on to Justin Tabari who designed it. It’s really up to you, to decide if you want a single card reading, or three cards. Single cards can be read on the clairvoyant level; look at the flowers and see what comes to you.

  44. What would the world be like without teachers like you, Jessica. So thankful for your deep knowledge and insight and ability to pass it on. Blessings.

  45. Says hello from Sweden! I love your blog. I also love astrology and Taro. I’m trying to teach myself. I have a period in my life right now that i feel very lonely even though i have my friends and my children that i am grateful for. But i want to meet my great love. I have had some difficult relationships behind me with narcissists and i have been codependent for many years. But lately i have gained a lot of good insights. Do you see in my horoscope why i have had it so hard and will i meet someone soon! Love ❤️

    1. Thank you. Good morning to you in beautiful Sweden. You are a Sun Libra with a stellium in Libra from 0 to 23 degrees in your Seventh House of sexual partnership and marriage. You are in the best cycle in 12 years for meeting a new lover. You have until October (first wave) then from January to May (second wave). You need to be in one or more duets to feel fulfilled; these may be platonic friendships and working partnerships, as well as sexual relationships. One of your problems has been the long transit of Uranus in Aries, opposing your Libra stellium from 0 to 23 degrees for many years. Another has been Pluto in Capricorn, forming a square to your Libra factors, again for many years. So the timing has been wrong. Uranus is now out of Aries. Pluto is out of Capricorn from March 2023. The stage is set for a new relationship.

  46. Okay so if I’m working with what’s happening now in the sky, we have Mercury at 29* Taurus, Mars at 29* Pisces, and my natal Sun at 29* Leo. Activating all of the 29* for me. So the interpretation could look like news or communication about money (the Mercury in Taurus) is driving or affecting some spiritual practice (mars in Pisces) and it’s affecting me personally (my sun)? Just trying my hand at it.

    1. You’re doing well. Go back to the Sun in Leo in the Fifth House of sexual relationships, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults, though. This is where you shine at your brilliant best or…not. This is what is under the microscope. You are correct about the financial paperwork, calls or emails. You are correct about spirituality, though Pisces can also be therapy or hypnosis. The central issue, though, is your life as a parent, godmother, aunt – or with your efforts (paid or unpaid) involving a far younger generation. The Sun in Leo is the Queen to a younger court. That is part of this story.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    Could you address the degree theory (or debunk it for good!) It is the theory that the 18th degree is an “evil degree,” and the 22nd degree can be deadly. I have lots of 18 degrees and received a very upsetting reading based on a reader who was dedicated to this theory. They even told me to never let anyone see my chart! What? Gave me quite the scare !

    thank you!

    1. That is a complete load of rubbish. What degree theory? Just ignore it.Thank you.

  48. Thank you Jessica and to your team. I will heed your advice. it resonates deeply. Thank you for making accessible to us the wisdom of the last 2000 years.

  49. Hello Jessica thank you for this article it clarifies so much about astrology for me.
    That Scorpio eclipse was and is very tough for me. I don’t see much about angles in your site however I have mc/ic @ 25°and my daughter has Pluto conjunct mc@25° Scorpio
    I also have Chiron conjunct my Saturn.
    3 days after the lunar eclipse my daughter said she doesn’t a reason to live. Is there a trigger to this eclipse

    1. I am so sorry about your daughter. I don’t have your daughter’s chart here so will work with yours. You are a Sun Leo with Leo factors in a stellium in your Fifth House of parenthood. The Fifth House describes the heirs to your throne – so your daughter. Leo women tend to have princesses and princes, not children, and were born to rule, not just ‘have’ offspring. Your daughter’s depression obviously needs urgent medical attention so by now you will have rung her doctor. Looking at your solar and natal chart combined, the issue was certainly the eclipse, as the Full Moon fell in Scorpio in your solar Fourth House of family life. It also made an aspect to your IC or Immum Coeli, which rules your ancestors; her grandparents, great-grandparents and the whole family tree actually. An eclipse conceals, it never reveals, so you had a difficult period of not knowing what was really going on, or being thoroughly misled by your own assumptions. Now you know. Where to next? There is karma at work here. If you look back 18 or 19 years to the last time the South Node was in Scorpio in your solar Fourth House you will see issues involving her, perhaps, or other family stories, which have left a karmic trail. You owe, spiritually, or are owed. So a lot of what is going on in 2022, 2023, with this South Node transit in Scorpio is about that. And the nodal transits tend to compel us, as no matter what we do and say, we are caught in a loop, until the nodes finally reverse into Aries and Libra. In your natal chart the issue is your Leo stellium and the squares and oppositions of transits in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius. So this was never going to be a walk in the park. Yet, there is hope and 2023 is the last of the most important challenges, for and with your daughter. The Garden Oracle can help you in more detail with her. It may be a useful complement to her treatment for depression. I hope she recovers as soon as possible.

  50. Hi Jessica
    Once again another great blog.
    I have the following factors:
    26 Pluto Leo
    27 Moon Capricorn
    28 Uranus Cancer
    29 Neptune Libra

    Can you tell me what is significant.? Many thanks

    1. Thank you. There is obviously a story here about Leo, Cancer, Libra because these are the signs of planned parenthood and also unplanned parenthood. Leo is about the heirs to the throne, pretenders to the throne and the dynasty which either happens, or does not happen. Pluto in Leo in the Fifth House describes tremendous issues about having children, or not, and the balance of power between parents, the offspring, and sometimes with grandparents, aunts or uncles. There is a natural connection with Cancer, which rules the family. Uranus here suggests regular upheaval within the family circle; sudden and unexpected events over the course of a lifetime which turn everything upside down, yet also set yourself and others free. Libra is about marriage and sexual partnership, separation and divorce. The close degrees suggest it never rains but it pours and every time a slow-moving factor like the North Node, South Node, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto goes across 26, 28, 29 you’ll have the classic ‘challenge to change.’ This combination is very common with women who have difficult family and marital lives and become feminists through hard won life experience, ultimately becoming far more fulfilled. The Moon describes your success, status and career so it is also quite common to see women going through career versus motherhood questions, or issues about the status of becoming a wife (society puts a high value on that) versus the reality of having it all. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is hovering around 26 through 29 degrees so this is highly relevant now, but you get a long break from the pressure to change, from March 2023, when Pluto leaves Capricorn for a precious few months. Eventually he goes for good and you will have a far more relaxed existence.

  51. Hi Jessica, I know you’ve thousands of comments and it’s Mercury Retrograde so I’m reposting in the hope you see this: Thank you for this helpful information Jessica! I have a number of factors at the same degree but am particularly interested by the factors I have at the same degree and sign like the Sun and Aesculpia at 28 Cancer and Apollo and Fortuna at 27 Gemini. I also have a triple conjunction of the South Node, Psyche and Ceres at 29 Taurus! My understanding is I’ve lots of experience of having to compromise over the things that last like family property, which resonates in my life. I know this will be hit by the Jupiter in Taurus transit in a couple of years. But are there any sooner transits that would assist me? Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge of astrology with us so we can learn too.

    1. There is a link from the Cancer story in the Fourth House of property, family, household – and the 29 Taurus triple conjunction. 29 and 28 degrees are very close, so when you have transiting Pluto at 28, 29 Capricorn (that’s 2022, 2023) you are likely to experience ‘the challenge to change’ and it might involve your parents’ house (say) and the legacy from which you benefit, or renovations you make to your home (say) which have to factor in family members staying. It’s really on that level. Jupiter will also go to 29, 28 Taurus so you gain – or save – once he turns the corner into that sign next year.

  52. PS. I’ve a Pluto-Sun opposition, and life feels like an uphill battle at the moment (although it’s better than it was a few years ago). I know things will improve when Pluto moves out of Capricorn next March, but are there any other helpful transits before then? Thanks.

    1. Transiting Pluto in opposition to your natal Sun is hard work and of course Pluto moves very slowly. You will have a break from March 2023 when he changes signs, but as he retrogrades back into Capricorn, it may not be until the mid 2020’s that you feel the challenges are over. Transiting Pluto is usually experienced as powerful people or powerful organisations, which seek to take over. In Capricorn, this is corporate or political. Against your Cancer Sun, this is about your apartment, town, country, house, family and/or household. A classic example is the government-property developer collusion which means your home is suddenly surrounded by ugly high-rise construction. If it’s the family circle, it may be that a Pluto person (in a powerful position) tries to dominate your clan. What happens is a change in the way you think about home. You may move. My readers who have had the Pluto opposition before you are Sun Cancer people who have had – bad tenants, unwelcome building noise, Brexit battles (home town, homeland), bad builders, bad house-sitters, awful landladies and so on. You can avoid that by doing research before you sign or agree. Don’t just assume, find out. Of course, some things are beyond our control. We cannot stop Presidents, Prime Ministers or Premiers from controlling our lives. But we can push back, become activists and eventually win. Helpful transits are aplenty. You will make or save a fortune when Jupiter goes into Taurus and your Second House. At the same time Pluto goes into Aquarius and your solar Eighth House. So 2023 and 2024 look empowering and abundant.

  53. Thank you for your earlier reply. Is there any silver lining to this Neptune in Pisces which is opposing all the Virgo factors? Something simple which I can hang on to when I feel all at sea 🙁

    1. The best thing to do with Neptune transits, or transits to natal Neptune, is to pursue gardening, cooking or cleaning. Not exactly glamorous or easy, but it will ground you. Walking is another way to anchor yourself in the real world. People who have issues with Neptune tend to be escape artists who don’t clean the kitchen but do play with Instagram filters! We have that kind of world now. Boring chores are the answer. So hang on to that. Walking grounds you because it connects your feet to earth. That’s another way to do it.

  54. Hi Jessica

    I have Neptune in Scorpio at 19 degrees, and my north node at 21 degrees in Taurus and South node at 21 degrees in Scorpio.

    Am I expecting any changes this year and next through 2026?

    Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Leo with a Virgo and Capricorn signature in your Sixth House of work ethic and workload, and Tenth House of success and ambition. In both chart systems I use for you, a new line of work is already developing – or a new avenue of study. Either will benefit you enormously in 2023-2024 when you could score a huge hit, find a promotion or be offered a prestigious new job. Beyond that, the key to everything is new freedom to liberate yourself from an old way of working, or studying, or even engaging in unpaid work. It will happen out of the blue, be rather exciting and make you far more independent by 2026.

  55. Hello Jessica, thankyou for your fascinating work.
    I’m a member from Italy and I have two questions:

    – I’m a teacher and I have some issues because of vaccine mandate (14th of december 2021: no jab, no job). I ‘d like to go back to work in June , is that the right time? Or will I be demoted/fired?

    – And how about the future of Italy?

    Grazie mille !!!!!

    1. Thank you. You have the Sun in Libra and a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House. Virgo stellium people have strong views on health and it is very common to be anti-vaccine, or vegan, or teetotal, or to hold other strong views on what works. A confusing situation affecting your teaching job, but also COVID-19, is back in your life and you may need to get real, and clarify, who or what is so muddled. This may be Italy’s own rules about work and the pandemic. The situation is much better in October, November, December when a solution will appear. The future of Italy is really about air filters/lighting and air pollution. The answer to COVID-19 was never constant vaccinations. If it was, the world would not be in trouble. The solution is a wave of new inventions which clean the air in any interior and that’s coming. After that the problem is outdoor air pollution and each country has to solve that on her own; plants and trees can help; so can a reduction in fossil fuels and manufacturing. Italy will be part of that in the years to come. For now, though, you need to see the facts on COVID-19 as you’re in a Neptune cycle when it is so easy to get lost. I find the epidemiologist Dr. Eric Ding to be a good source; he’s on Twitter.

  56. Dear Jessica, I am so impressed by your amazing work. Following you just recently I realise that astrology is actually a huge science combining behavioural science, social psychology, cyclical economics and operational research. I would like to ask you if there is any “window of opportunity” to progress and unstuck from current status. I understand that its all in my mind but I feel kind of bounded. I am so desperate to level up my self perception and follow up my dream. Any guidance of yours would be highly appreciated. My
    warmest regards.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Virgo chart signature in your Sixth House of work. You are in a terrific position to take a new job, have a successful project, go back to college/university to retrain, or accept a promotion. The window of opportunity is there right now. It will be there until October and then open again, January-May 2023. If you take what is offered to you, then you should be fulfilled.

  57. Hello Jessica, Thank you for writing this, I always try and read what you post along with all the comments to try and learn a bit more. I’d like to ask if the placement of Saturn in taurus has an impact on my ability to earn well. I am working hard in my current job but not getting the financial reward and feel undervalued by a demanding manager who is pretty useless and delegates all his responsibilities. I seem to have a repeating pattern of being given more responsibility but not the promotion and money that goes with it as this was also what happened in a job I had 20 years ago. I also have Jupiter in Scorpio – does this relate to my husband’s income which puts us financially in a better position? thank you

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with transiting Saturn (obstacles, waiting games) in your solar Second House of income until March 2023. In your natal chart, as you know, you have Saturn in your Second House anyway, in opposition to Jupiter in your natal Eighth House of joint finance. So it feels particularly hard now, but the burden will halve in March 2023. Yes, Jupiter shows up as your husband’s income. That see-saw is quite hard to balance, as the joint finances, house or apartment, shared possessions is a blessing and protective safety net, for you. You gained when you married. On the other end, though, there is a lot of heavy lifting and stretching going on, as your own bank account, salary and so on, is very hard work. You will be in a position to change that from March 2023, for most of next year, thanks to your willpower and self-control, as Pluto enters your solar Second House. From the mid 2020s for many years into the future you will discover an entirely new way to own and run your own money. The Second House is the house of self-worth and your net worth, but also your market value. So that’s salary and bonus, versus actual job. There is great work to do on that matter and it will happen from March 2023 and end up changing your life.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    I enjoy very much reading your articles, you’re so thorough, thank you for all you do. Would you be able to tell me if you see a career change in my chart, medium to long term, I love what I do right now and I’m hoping to reach retirement doing this but times are changing & I’m trying to figure out a plan B, in case I need it. Thank you so much for your time and insight, I truly appreciate it.

    1. You have the Sun in Aries and Ceres at 28 Virgo. Yes, you’ll change careers, as Pluto goes to 28 Capricorn and makes the trine. This shows up in both charts I use for you; solar and natal. You could easily switch in December 2022, January 2023. If not, the next window is later in 2023. There would be another chance in 2024. Ceres in Virgo in the Sixth House is about changes in the balance of power in the workplace and can indicate job-sharing or rostering. Pluto is always a powerful, dominating person or organisation. The Tarot can validate timing for you.

  59. I know! Complete rubbish 😉 Big sigh of relief. Thank you, Jessica! You’re just great!!

  60. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I’m certain I am not the only person wondering when the gun violence in the US will end? Such horrific tragedies so often and just yesterday so many little lives lost. When will it end? Will those responsible for holding up lawmaking change ever be held to account or is it just because the money flows from the pro-gun lobby and it will continue as long as the funds do? People are so angry and rightfully so. I’m Australian and so thankful for what John Howard and his constituents did after the Port Arthur tragedy. I really hope change happens and isn’t just talked about. Thanks so much.

    1. It’s really just Americans voting for Republicans, or Americans not voting at all, and that is the whole problem. We have to wonder what will change that. Is there anything written in the stars suggesting a transformation? Actually, there is. It’s called Pluto in Aquarius and it starts March 2023. The key will be Millennials. Pluto will cross their Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius placements, which suggests a powerful uprising among girls, boys and – against their gun-toting, gun-owning parents and grandparents. That’s fascinating. This tallies with the charts for the key players in Texas, as Pluto goes 0, 1, 2, 3 degrees into Aquarius. It’s big because it’s never happened in American history. It will take years for things to resolve, but March 2023 starts an unstoppable change and from 2026 that ridiculous constitution will change. Apart from anything else, a lot of those good old boys are just going to start dropping off their perch; Generation Aquarius is coming through. The teenagers do not want violence. They want tolerance. The young people will win, is (I believe) the phrase. Thank you for asking the question.

  61. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowlege. I do not fully understand what my same degrees are telling me. I try and read again your article but cannot see my patterns and what they say about my life or future. Can you help med?

    For example
    Neptune at 26 Sagittarius
    Pluto at 26 Libra

    Or is this combination saying something?
    Jupiter at 9 Scorpio
    ASC at 9 Scorpio

    Or something else that stands out?


    1. Your flipbook library has all the information you need. Neptune at 26 Sagittarius is your desire to escape reality by living in a bubble in a foreign country, or with foreign people, or online with foreign faces, or by taking holidays in foreign spaces. It’s the way out. Every time you do that, you invite control and power issues with duets or duels in your life. And it works the other way round too. Every time you obsessively plunge into a sexual relationship, or passionately dive into dominating a work partnership, you end up in a bubble of non-reality involving foreigners or foreign places. A very common example is the person who holidays abroad, has a romance and fantasises of emigrating, or falls for someone who wants to emigrate to be with them.

  62. Hi Jessica, I just used the Smith Waite cards to ask a question. Wow – this came up…

    “What you measure with, defines what you find. What you measure with, is in your head. This is how astrology works. So many people do not understand that astrology is science. Quantum mechanics. The multiverse theory, which proposes that what we get, is what we see. A flipped version of the famous saying.”

    …from the Seven of Cups.

    Wow. That really was impactful to read.
    Waving and sending thanks.

    1. Thank you. The Seven of Cups is Pamela Colman Smith’s brilliant psychic vision of what was actually taking place in 1909 – the emergence of what would become quantum mechanics. A really fast way in, is the BBC4 documentary Parallel Lives, which is on YouTube. It’s fantastic.

  63. That’s wonderful, thanks Jessica – I will find ‘Parallel Lives’ on YouTube.
    Also, when reflecting further on this card, I wondered if in my life I will work with a group that is equivalent to the ‘Golden Dawn’. What an unpopped possibility perhaps that ties in with the global changes you see happening on the world stage.

  64. Thank you for the reply! I hope that Pluto in Aquarius might be the beginning of the end of the Republican Party and it’s old cronies – I’d love a front row seat for that one. That people hold an aged constitution in higher regard than a little life yet to be fully lived completely astounds me…and fight for the rights of a fetus but not the safety of a child in school. Wow. There’s a lot of noise around about it but I am heartened to see astrology is signalling positive change and action, eventually!

    1. The bigger picture is probably the deliberate manipulation of Americans by Vladimir Putin, who seeks to divide and conquer. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out the two big rifts here: the first is Roe versus Wade and the second is the Texas Massacre, just before the National Rifle Association hosts Donald Trump and friends. Timing, location. We just had a Scorpio eclipse. The gunman went shopping the day before. Ever since Lee Harvey Oswald left for Dallas, Texas on an eclipse I always look twice, three times, four times. I’m not into conspiracy theories but I am an astrologer. Americans should unite and pursue tolerance, which I think will happen; it may be that the red states are left to their own, but the blue states become models of gun control, in the Twenties.

  65. Hi Jessica, I have read my yearly horoscope (sagittarius) many times and every time I feel amazed how accurately it with the yearly card The Two of cups describes my life at the moment. It tells about release of stuck karma. In the beginning of May two years ago I started contacting with special someone (also sagittarian) for whom I had strong feelings also about 19 years before (the node cycle). The mutual romantic feelings are still there! But the situation was challenging and heart-breaking then and is also now because of some other relationship matters. Are there any crucial aspects coming on my chart regarding this? Eg. Chiron and jupiter in Aries or other jupiter aspects, what do they tell? Thank you so much <3

    1. Thank you for letting me know the Sagittarius horoscope is working for you. I am sorry about the situation with this person. The Two of Cups does say a lot. The fact that you are a Sun Sagittarius and so is the other person, is really your answer. The issue is parenthood. Yes, no or maybe. This is as much about the other person’s views as yours. You don’t say if you have children, or they do. That would be an obvious issue. Even if neither of you have children, the question hangs really heavily until October 2022, then from January to May 2023. Pregnancy or no pregnancy, adoption or no adoption, step-parenthood or not? That’s the kicker. Sometimes this cycle brings people who you will never be with, no matter how besotted you are. So you then have to get real about how much you want a child, because they will hold up your fertility or your own. It’s really on that level. Put the person to one side and focus on parenthood, and that will give you every answer.

  66. Dear Jessica, I was going to ask about the horrific gun violence that is tearing families apart in the US and saw that someone else had asked the question.

    Your reply, that by 2026 there will be a definite push back against guns, is a relief. The second question I had, was regarding the rise of monkey pox in many countries- you had said in earlier posts that Covid would end up like AIDS eventually. That it could even end up being sexually transmitted.

    The news reports say that the monkey pox is transmitted between humans via close human contact.

    Do you see both viruses somehow merging? Is this the start of a horrible new virus? Monkey pox has been around for ages, why is it spreading in Europe and the UK now?

    Thank you!

    1. I was looking at the Texas Massacre and realised the gunman had bought his gear within 24 hours of the eclipse. That suggests a cover-up. There is more to this than the usual ‘lone gunman with mental health problems on Facebook.’ The eclipse was in Scorpio, which rules sex, death and money. We know the death and it is heartbreaking and enraging. What is missing here is sex and money. I know some Facebook evidence has not been released. I’d like to see what that is – we all would. We also need to step back and figure out why the killer ‘randomly’ chose a date just before Donald Trump was due at a celebrity function for the NRA. I smell a rat. I smell several rats. You know, if you were a foreign enemy of the US and you wanted to weaken the country by dividing it down the middle (divide and rule) you would try to pick anything that would absolutely split the country between Republicans and Democrats. So you’d set up an overturning of the abortion laws, by making sure handpicked people were in place to do that. You’d do that with one eye on the Midterms. Then, strategically, you’d pick a state like Texas to play out a gun control disaster, just before a National Rifle Association get-together. Now, ask yourself which country hates America more than any other, which country has been implicated in the last White House presidency, and which country has a track record of pure evil. As for monkey pox, I have to post on that elsewhere, but in brief, this is the same cycle as HIV-AIDS and we need to take it seriously. What a world we live in.

  67. I would like to learn more about astrology using the factors YOU use,such as Ceres and Juno, the Roman entities.. is there info in the flip books or a book or course I can look into to deepen my astrology studies? For decades I have studied all the “old” astrology.. mostly just planets and part of fortune,nodes,etc. Your work is so accurate and deep,I’d like to study more on my own.ALso, any news in my chart about when our son’s illness will get better? We are struggling as a family,caring for him in our home and finding solutions is getting harder.Thank you for the IMMENSE amount of work you do !! I have shared your website with everyone I know!

    1. My new book will be out this year, Madeline: Modern Astrology is an update on Ceres, Juno and so on. Until then, 2020 Astrology is still here and has the lowdown. I am sorry you are going through this situation with your son. Children are Leo and Fifth House. His own illness will be Virgo and Sixth House. Sometimes if the whole family is involved, you also see Cancer and Fourth House in your chart. You have a large stellium in both Cancer and the Fourth House of relatives, and Leo and the Fifth House of mothers and sons. So you are going through some tough cycles here – Pluto in Capricorn has been opposing anything in Cancer, since 2008. Meanwhile Saturn in Aquarius has been opposing anything in Leo since Christmas 2020. Oppositions are what they sound like. You versus something or someone else. Some of this is also karmic in nature and goes back to life as it was 18 or 19 years ago. The karma ends when the South Node leaves Scorpio on 17th July 2023 and at that point, you will realise a lot of things are over. The stuck or circular situation that never changed, will break. By that time you will have been owed some spiritual payback, or perhaps owe others on a soul level, for whatever reason, and the karma will be complete. This will make a huge difference to how you feel about being a mother and the entire situation you have been through.

  68. Hi Jessica, is the jessicaadamsstore working? I’m trying to buy an additional chart for a family member, but it’s not recognizing my account login info (and appeared a little buggy when I was entering birthtimes). Or maybe it’s because I’m using iPhone instead of a laptop? Thank you and so excited to compare charts of family members!

    1. I’m sorry about that. The website crashed last week as you know. Maybe we still have problems, I’ll ask the people at Asporea about it. Thanks for your patience, Jessica.

  69. Thanks Jessica. I believe I have two yods. I remember reading people with yods often “come into their own” later in life. Can you please tell me some more about yods from your perspective? Thanks!

  70. Hi Jessica, I absolutely agree with you regarding the Texas massacre, you are on the right track, it’s a cover-up. I smell several rats too.

    On a different note, where would one find the ephemeris for the asteroid Ops? Is there one out there?

    Thanks for all your help.

    1. Thanks Caroline. There is no specific Ops ephemeris that I know of. Your best bet would be purchasing software from Stephanie Johnson at Esotech or making enquiries to do that, and asking if you can run Ops tables from that software. You’d want to know the ingress dates of Ops (when she enters a new zodiac sign) and I’m fairly sure that’s possible.

  71. Dear Jessica, thank you for your reply. I am stunned by your insights on the timing of the various events in the US and the actual motivation of those behind it. I am going to reread all the news reports more carefully. Looking forward to your reply on monkey pox – my real worry is that the disease is being spread on purpose. Weaponising viruses by rogue nations is my personal nightmare scenario. You rightly said it – what a world we live in!

    Thank you again for everything.

    1. Thank you. The eclipse made me remember the Lee Harvey Oswald chart and the mystery of the assassination of President Kennedy. There was (and still is) the usual eclipse puzzle about that event. It just seems too peculiar that the killer in Texas bought one of the weapons on his birthday (the other was purchased later which is also odd) and that the eclipse took place then. I also question why someone who is on a Wendy’s salary can afford that kind of outlay if he is living with his grandmother. Or was it a birthday present? And so on. The feature on Monkey Pox will appear a little later.

  72. No problem Jessica. By the way, I just took a leap of faith and started chatting with a man today (which is very unusual for me). Do you have any psychic or astrological insights about the siruation? I have lots of factors at 28 and 29 degrees (including the Sun and Aescuplia at 28 Cancer, Chiron at 28 Aries, Uranus 28 Libra and the South Node, Ceres and Psyche at 29 Taurus) and noticed Venus at 28 Aries and Moon at 29 Aries today. Thanks!

    1. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn in your solar Seventh House of sexual partnerships is with you for a long time; every duet you enter into, no matter if it ends up in bed or not, has something to teach you about your willpower and self-control. These duets also show you how power works between two people and the politics in any relationship. Pluto is now moving through the final degrees of Capricorn and so in your solar chart, but also in your natal chart (where he forms a square to Uranus at 28 Libra in the Seventh House) you have a set of scales to manage. This man may well end up on the other end of the scales with you. It is more likely when the transiting Sun goes through Cancer, from late June to late July – and triggers that whole pattern. The story here is really Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House of your solar chart, so have a look at that, but also transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the Seventh House of your solar chart. You can look that up too.

  73. Dear Jessica,

    I feel so empowered by your writings and teachings. I am in tune with the astrological weather. I am able to decipher many aspects of my chart, and I can see how they have shaped my life’s path. I have been trying (not so successfully) to dive into the patterns that I have at 27 and 28 degrees, and I would love your perspective.

    27 Mercury in Leo
    27 Jupiter in Libra

    28 Apollo in Cancer
    28 Vulcano in Leo
    28 Neptune in Scorpio
    28 Salacia in Capricorn

    As a Sun Leo, I started with my two placements in Leo, Mercury and Vulcano. Throughout my career, I have related to the next generation via my communication abilities ~ perhaps doing so in a somewhat restrained or formal manner? These trine my Jupiter in Libra, which is also how I give back, but they square my Neptune in Scorpio. I am not sure how to unravel that one. And Neptune trines Salacia in Capricorn. Both speak to alternate realities or bubbles. Finally, Salacia opposes Apollo in Cancer. There seems to be a thread of leading and guiding, but also a certain degree of dual realities or fogginess with some family/ relationship stuff mixed in for fun. What is your take on this significant line-up? And with Pluto currently at 28 degrees of Capricorn and Saturn headed toward 28 degrees in the not-so-distant future, what kinds of things should I anticipate?

    Thank you, as always!

    P.S. I am so happy that the Australian election results seem to be harbinger of more compassionate and humane days ahead.

    1. Thank you. You can start with Mercury in conjunction with Vulcano in Leo as a lead story and see that when you use the internet, the media, publishing, public speaking or academia, you do so with a younger audience in mind – perhaps your own children if you have them – if not, people who are the same age any children would actually be – or grandchildren. Mercury is the written and spoken word. Leo rules the Fifth House, where you are Queen to a younger court, or Queen to your own heirs. Vulcano tied to Mercury suggests that happens in a powerful, controlled way. Whenever you set off on that path, you also bring in partners in love or work (Libra) and again this suggests a ‘King’ figure or husband if this is your own children. Certainly the family circle is involved, with Apollo in Cancer, as this is where you take the lead in life. So we are not surprised to find the other great family, marriage and partnership symbol, Scorpio, in connection with your money, property, business interests or valuables. This is beginning to look like a dynasty. Salacia in Capricorn tied into this hints that you inhabit two worlds, at the same time, professionally, with unpaid work, or academia. Again, this is tied to the pattern. Any time you experience transits by the slow moving outer planets and nodes to 27, 28 degrees, this story in your chart is told. It happens as Pluto goes to 27, 28 Capricorn, now through the end of his cycle, which is exact in March 2023, though it returns later that year. Pluto is always a powerful person, organisation or trend. In Capricorn, on Salacia, it is about your role, goals, status or ambitions. You don’t say if you have children or not which makes it hard to interpret, but if you were (say) a primary school teacher then Pluto would appear as an education department ruling on, say, COVID-19 in the classroom.
      Saturn at 27, 28 Aquarius will oppose Mercury and Vulcano in Leo, which is quite hard work, and again this is a story about a godson (for example) or a children’s charity you are associated with. It’s on that level. Your library on this website can help you with the details.

  74. Thank you so much Jessica. I have a question about the 0-1 degree difference when looking for clues. Does that mean that we should only consider those conjunctions and not trines? Or just that the tribes are less a clue? Also, I’ve read elsewhere about quintiles (my sun sort of quintiles my mars) but is that too much of a stretch? Thank you for your care in teaching these wonderful lessons.

    1. You can use any aspect, when making astrology easier to work with. So, a conjunction (two factors in the same sign) or a semi-sextile (one sign apart) and so on, through to trines and oppositions. Sacred Geometry is based on these kinds of patterns. If you look on Search, I filed a feature on Sacred Geometry a few years ago now. The old 20th century approach to aspects (as they are called) was that there are major aspects and minor aspects, and astrologers should use an orb or difference of up to 9 degrees. Modern astrology uses sophisticated software and new discoveries like Salacia so we work with more factors, but with tighter or exact orbs, and all aspects should be considered, if they show a relationship between two or more horoscope symbols.

  75. Hi Jessica,

    Really interesting article!! Thanks Jessica.
    I have had a look at my birth chart and have lots at the same degrees:
    Nth node 22 libra
    Sth node 22 aries
    Sun 15 scorpio
    Proserpina 15 pisces
    Mercury 4 sagittarius
    Neptune 4 scorpio
    Pluto 4 virgo
    Juno 4 libra
    Minerva 4 aquarius
    Venus 14 scorpio
    Asc 14 capricorn
    Desc 14 cancer
    Jupiter 12 scorpio
    Vulcano 12 gemini
    Vesta 9 leo
    Apollo 9 libra
    Ceres 18 libra
    Fortuna 18 scorpio
    MC 20 scorpio
    IC 20 scorpio
    Diana 20 aquarius

    I also have a few one degree away but have not listed them. Could you explain what it means please.
    Many thanks Carol

    1. You have quite a few factors at 4 degrees: translated, that is your internet life with foreigners (Mercury in Sagittarius) always turning up when you try to escape from the real world through shopping, business, investment, charity, sales (Neptune in Scorpio) and raising questions about how much control you have at work, with your unpaid work or academia (Pluto in Virgo) and the commitment you have to partners (Juno in Libra). That’s just one example, Carol.

  76. You are so right about the range of visions. About six months before covid- 19 became a pandemic I had several visions about empty streets, planes being grounded and a feeling of the world going silence. I told my nearest that something big was about to happen. I also saw our PM holding a pressconference ( and he did, dressed exactly the way I saw him in my visions) but i didn’t get information what would happen.
    Around the same time I was reading a book about pandemics and watched a documentery about the scientists that tracks down viruses trying to prevent it from happeningen.
    So I actually did get information- I just didn’t connect the dots.
    It is fascinating how often the answer is looking straight at you if you pay attention.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and putting it out in the world for people to look and learn for themselves.
    I know the cycle we are going trough as a collective is owerwhelming but I am
    absolutly sure that we can create a difference. I do belive in the young generation of new voters ,but we all must use our strenghts in every little way we can to say enough is enough with everything that’s going on. Australia showed the way in your election. Let’s hope other countries gonna follow.
    Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. Thank you. Australia is ahead of her time with that election result, and yes, the world will follow. She had so many years of women and minorities (including the original owners of the land) being sidelined, ignored or rejected that the nation just exploded into a new kind of power. Watch March 2023 globally!

  77. Well, totally underwhelmed with this month’s horoscopes – couple of sentences? Mercury at play ?

    1. Can you explain the sign with the missing paragraphs please? Did you mean Sun Capricorn? I’ll check that now, as Mercury Retrograde is here until June 19th. Thank you and I apologise for any mistakes: they will be corrected as soon as possible.

    1. Please don’t apologise, there were some paragraphs missing (Mercury Retrograde) and the Capricorn horoscope for June has now been updated. Thank you for drawing it to my attention.

  78. Very interesting article Jessica. Always wondered about significance of my Saturn/Jupiter in opposition at same degree. I have Saturn 5 Pisces, Jupiter 5 Scorpio and Chiron 5 Aries. I also have moon 7 Aquarius and Uranus 7 Libra. So does this mean I should expect some events when North/South Node move to 5 and 7 degrees respectively in Taurus and Scorpio.

    1. Thank you. Yes, February 2023 is important for your finances, house, charity, business, apartment and/or valuables. Jupiter is at 7 Aries and the North Node is at 7 and 5 Taurus; the South Node is at 7 and 5 Scorpio. You were born with an exact opposition from Jupiter at 5 Scorpio in your Eight House of joint finance, to Saturn at 5 Taurus in your Second House of personal finance. Both make an angle to Chiron at 5 Aries in your First House of appearances, self-promotion, self-advancement and reputation. So everything about the former, leads to the latter, and vice-versa. The Moon-Uranus trine is about friends and groups (Aquarius) and partnerships of all kinds (Libra). There is a story to be told in February 2023 which takes you back in time to July and August 2004; the last time the lunar nodes crossed those degrees in Taurus-Scorpio, across the financial axis of your chart. You are owed, or you owe, karmically and that will be settled next February. It won’t be easy, because your Jupiter-Saturn opposition never is, but it will work well, as even an opposition from Jupiter, the greater benefic, is useful. Your profile, title, role, image will be involved somehow; this may be about marriage (you change your name) divorce (you change your name) or a new job (you change your title). Have a look at what the Tarot tells you now, about that month, in case there is anything you need to change now, as the Tarot always shows the future outcome of current decisions. There is always a gap between your values, and the values of partners or family, on a Taurus-Scorpio opposition, so this is the person who is extravagant but whose parents are frugal, or the person who is generous while a sibling is miserly. It is the person who seldom shops, with the husband who never stops shopping. It’s on that level. It can always be figured out.

  79. Thank you so much for your reply thats fascinating. I did the tarot reading and got 6 of Wands. Will look into this further now. Thanks again.

  80. Thank you for your enlightening and great work. Writing you from a sunny Stockholm this morning.
    Im diving into this and are happily trying to dechiffer my chart. I always thought I had saturn in my second house, but now I see it is in my third. That gave me an insight about having deaf parents. But when it comes to the hugh line up stellium in leo, virgio opposite aguarius its so much to decode. Always trying to understand who I am and what to make of life. Am I both leo, aquarian and a virgio person? Even worries me a bit if entering pluto next year will make a big spin-off to that line-up in a good or not so good way. Is selling and bying a new home these days with my leo partner the right time? And I am trying to figure out what you mean with my solar chart. Do you mean leo chart or where can I find out what my solar chart is.
    Thank you for doing this huge and great work that you do. It is educational as well as comforting to read and learn about the karma aspect of things, the energy working behind the scene so to speak.

    1. Thank you. Saturn, the IC and Fortuna are all in Gemini in your Third House. The IC or Immum Coeli is your family tree, heritage, culture and roots. So your deaf parents are indicated by that, but other ancestors may also have been deaf. The Third House is communication, as you know. Saturn is hard karma. The IC we just covered. And Fortuna? This is how you affect the fate and fortune of other people, without knowing it. The Third House is about the internet, the media, short journeys and commuting. It is also about siblings and cousins; Saturn may show his hand here again. You want to make a property transaction with your Leo partner? Try October, November, December 2022 this year (from your partner’s point of view, this is the best time in 12 years to make or save money). A solar chart is your Sun Sign chart. So I am using your partner’s Leo solar chart to get that information for you. The solar charts shows the public person; the headlines of the life, as seen by others. The natal chart is the private person. You are a Sun Leo too so it’s the same for you. Transiting Jupiter in Pisces will be with you from the end of October until December, bringing opportunities, breakthroughs and solutions in joint finances and property. This also shows in your natal chart: you were born with natal Jupiter at 26 Scorpio, so have lifelong protection, help, luck and good fortune with (typically) partners or relatives, regarding all that you own, earn or owe. The Tarot can further validate this for you.

  81. Thank you, Im greatful for your response. New insights are unfolding and Im learning more.

  82. Hello again Jessica! I’ve asked this question before with regard to my Scorpio Stellium in the 4th and 8th houses – your explanations made perfect sense to me (for reference, I have served in the military so the patriotism associated with the 4th was spot on). I still have questions and confusion about my career path as I sometimes have a great desire to write (but I almost always dissuade myself because I don’t know how to start). Does my Libra stellium in the 3rd house indicate any success with communication and writing? I also have Saturn, Uranus and Juno in Sagittarius (5th and 9th) and Jupiter and Ops in Pisces (9th and 12th). It’s curious to me and also confusing. I appreciate all the help!

    1. Thank you. There’s a bit of confusion here about the houses. You do have the ‘patriot’ signature of a Fourth House stellium, but it’s thanks to that pattern in the zodiac sign of Cancer in your chart. (And yes, you served in the military). Correcting the houses, it’s possible to see an opposition from the Third House of internet and media, to the Ninth house of publishing and academia. That’s Gemini and Sagittarius, by the way. The factors in your chart are really close together, and also in opposition, so this is a constant trigger. Would you make a career from writing? It would be very hard work. A real stretch, as all oppositions are. You are a Sun Leo, though, so well up for a radical career change. In fact it’s ongoing, until 2026. The oppositions and conjunctions in Gemini and Sagittarius will work for you as a writer, if you are prepared to be patient and push long and hard. In fact, when Jupiter (opportunity) goes into Gemini in 2024, 2025 you will make a happy commitment to a group of like-minded people on a project that could work out really well in print, online, on television or radio. The Tarot can give you more specific options for 2024, 2025. You may want to start with your chart and the basics all over again, though, as those house systems you’re referring to are not Natural House, nor Solar.

  83. Just wondered if you checked eggs as a connection? Or any of our food
    I have already seen what 2030 looks like and I wanted to try understanding with the Astrology. However, I am not working. Then I saw on your site about a new book-are you doing a book?
    I do love your site. However, I am still attempting to navigate it

    1. Food in general is ruled by Taurus, if that’s your question. Yes, I’m writing a book at the moment called Astrology and Tarot which helps you work with your stelliums, know yourself better, predict the future with astrological cycles involving the stelliums – and read longer, more detailed Tarot card descriptions. My website is definitely vast, but I hope you can find time to pick up what you need.

  84. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks to you I became interested in astrology and belive in it. It is very kind of you to share such trisks for easier understanding the astrology, but it is still confusing for me. I`m trying to understand what is the meaning factors from my chart:
    Venus at 28° Scorpio, Jupiter at 28° Scorpio and Mercury at 28 Sagittarius.
    I have also NorthNode at 24° Aquarius and Fortuna 23° at Aquarius. SouthNode 24° at Leo
    Moon 22° at Aries, Vulcano 22° at Scorpio
    Can you help me, please!

    1. Start with something terrific and also terrifically simple. You were born with Venus in conjunction with Jupiter at 28 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. Both these planets also form a semi-sextile with Mercury at 28 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Venus is complicated relationships. Jupiter is expansion, good fortune and growth. Put them together in the Eighth House and you have a lifetime pattern of going into sexual relationships or even marriages with partners who bring you the biggest and best with a house, apartment, valuables or your income. It always brings in foreign people and places too, so perhaps you have already lived with a foreigner who (say) let you stay rent-free, or who was clearly a financial catch. You can go a very long way, to begin with your astrology, just using the library on this website to decode those three simple factors. You can play them many different ways. This is the flight attendant who marries the passenger in First Class who emigrates and moves into their mansion. So you see…!

  85. Hello Jessica. Thanks again for your exquisite, generous work. Another late-to-the-party comment from me. Over the past year I have begun to learn about the significance of degrees in astrology. Within my own chart and that of people dear to me, I’ve noticed what seem to be remarkable patterns. Here are some:
    Both my Capricorn sun and Cancer rising are at 22 degrees, as is Bacchus. My husband’s moon is also at Capricorn 22. My older daughter – a Cancer sun and Cancer rising – was born on June 22.
    My north node is Aquarius 23. My younger daughter’s sun is Aquarius 23. My older daughter’s Lilith is Aquarius 23.
    I have multiple placements at 23 degrees, actually. Besides north node Aquarius/south Leo, my Mars is also 23, in Scorpio. And my husband’s Venus is 23 Scorpio.
    I also have multiple placements at 29 degrees: Mercury in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, Pluto in Virgo, and Salacia. And my husband’s Mars is 29 Scorpio (while my Mars is 23 Scorpio and Jupiter is 29 Scorpio. (My husband is also a Libra sun and he and I are highly compatible, with an easy-breezy and rock-solid yet also deep and stimulating and generative dynamic and relationship. The dynamic between me and my daughters though is, each in a unique way, more complicated and fraught…)
    Surely all of these connections of degrees cannot be coincidence, right? Any insights you may have into them and could share with me would be greatly appreciated – thank you!

    1. Thank you very much. You have spotted some family patterns at 22, 23 degrees. Family patterns are very common and there is a theory that babies ‘choose’ to be born at particular times, to fit in with the clan, or to ‘fall in’ with the clan, so that various karmic settlements can be conducted. Don’t use Lilith, by the way, she’s not part of the Roman family tree of astrology. Your patterns are around 29 degrees as well. Astrology is very simple. Aquarius and Scorpio are square. It is hard to square them. Scorpio is about the family legacy, family money, the house or apartment, the valuables and the marriage, the children. Aquarius is completely different and is about friendships, groups, people power, getting away from the family, bonding for its own sake, not for financial reasons. You can use your library on this website to find out more about the clashes and clicks in your situation. You can also use The Tarot on this website to help you figure out a way through.

  86. Hello, Thankyou for this helpful article.

    Do you know of any Astrologers (hopefully located in Melbourne or Victoria) good at relocation astrology – drilling down to specific suburbs and exact towns? Seems impossible for a person like me (don’t think I’m very good at Astrology) to work out myself.


    1. I would contact Stephanie Johnson if I were you, at – Stephanie is also on Twitter @seeingwithstars and is one of the world’s most experienced astrologers.

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