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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 2022 and 2023

If you have any planets or other horoscope factors in Aquarius, then your friendships and group involvements are affected by Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius. Aquarius rules your Eleventh House of social life, social circles and Twitter, Eventbrite and Meetups in the Natural House System. Even if you’re just an Aquarian (you have the Sun in Aquarius) you’ll feel the impact of Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius in 2022, 2023. In this feature I will explain what that means and how to use it.

Saturn is shown, below, as the baby-eater of Roman myth. The other planets shown as gods and goddesses are alongside. Saturn has always been seen as a force against nature in astrology. This is true. Saturn blocks the life force. Saturn is a symbol of tests and trials – waiting for the life force to return.

This superb illustration is by Hendrick Goltzius, from my favourite Twitter astrology account @MuseumAstro

Hendrick Goltzius Saturn Mars Mercury Diana Apollo Venus @MuseumAstro - Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Life Since December 18th, 2020

Life since December 18th 2020 has shown you how vulnerable you can be in a group, or among friends. It’s been the same for people in your circles. They have felt unprotected, too. The impact of the pandemic is a good example of this. Masks and vaccination may have been the issue for you, or them. Maybe – actual infection. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is real.

Cancellations, rules and regulations, or even a total lack of rules with some politicians, has increased the feeling of being wide open or exposed, and that is typical of Saturn. The need for barriers, boundaries, walls and protection has increased. Does this sound like you and your life? You are not alone. Just being in a classroom, if you are a child or Millennial, can be enough to trigger Saturn in Aquarius. After all, your generation was born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius. Chances are, Saturn has formed a rare conjunction already to part of your chart.

How You Got Through to May 2021

Because Jupiter (help, support, solutions) was also in Aquarius alongside Saturn, at least until May 14th 2021, you had initial backing from your horoscope. It wasn’t so irredeemable. Now, though, Jupiter has long since gone and Saturn Retrograde has begun – Saturday 4th June 2022. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius does not just appear, then disappear.

The retrograde, or apparent stuck and backward cycle, continues until Sunday 23rd October 2022, when the loop begins again. From Sunday 23rd October, Saturn turns direct and begins to retrace his steps, from where he got stuck.

Saturn on Rewind to March 2023

Expect a long rewind as he moves over old ground, raising the same, familiar, tests and trials with or for friends; with or for your groups. Yet from March 8th 2023 it’s over. Really over. For another three decades or so. Pluto enters Aquarius on Friday March 24th 2023 and very quickly, your obstacle course will be replaced by a powerful new challenge.

The question then will be – how influential do you want to be, with the group? How much power can you deal with, as a friend? Because it’s coming. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is about associations, charities, sports teams, political parties.

Do You Have Factors at 18 to 25 Aquarius?

It might be your DC (Descendant) or your Moon. It might be Salacia or Mercury. Whatever you have at 18 through 25 degrees of Aquarius is now the story in your life, going backwards and forwards, from Saturday 4th June 2022 until the final day of Saturn’s stay, Tuesday March 7th, 2023.

Check your natal chart now. What Saturn is doing, is moving over these degrees of Aquarius, before retreating and repeating. You know how Mercury Retrograde times problems with transport, travel, the internet, media and computers. Saturn Retrograde typically produces stagnation, and a slowdown. In a moment I’ll look at how you deal with that.

June 2022: Aquarius 25, 24
July 2022: Aquarius 24, 23, 22
August 2022: Aquarius 22, 21, 20
September 2022: Aquarius 20, 19
October 2022: Aquarius 18 (Direct/Stuck)
November 2022: Aquarius 18, 19 (Repeating September, October)
December 2022: Aquarius 19, 20, 21, 22 (Repeating August, September)
January 2023: Aquarius 22, 23, 24, 25 (Repeating June, July)
February 2023: Aquarius 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 (Repeating June)
March 2023: Aquarius 29 (Cycle Ends)

Aquarius Art iStock 300x294 - Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius
Aquarius image: iStock

Saturn is the Obstacle Course

As I check Comments now, I can see 14,196 of them lined up in the queue. I would guess many of them are about this difficult cycle. If you have factors in Aquarius then you are the person who supplies people with what they need. In Rome you were the water-bearer. Literally, an Aquarius. That was the name for the job. You fed the Roman Baths with water and kept the community afloat. Anyone with a stellium (four, five, six or more factors) in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is virtually a one-person supply, for many.

Whatever you have in Aquarius, you are apart from the group, and separate from the friends. You are distanced from the circle. Yet with you, those people do not thrive. They need you. On some level, you also need them. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet which the Romans linked to a god who produced all sorts of weird and wonderful beings. Aquarius is about the huge range of human beings we all are.

Over the last two years, I have had thousands of you tell me your Saturn in Aquarius stories, looking for solutions with issues about losing friends, struggling to find acceptance with diversity, trying to make the group work (when it won’t). One of the fastest ways to get a grip on Saturn in Aquarius, is to look at the last time he was here. Ask yourself (or ask others) what was going on from February 1991 until January 1994. There’s a lesson there about how to manage.

The standard astrological comment on Saturn, is to ask older people. Why do astrologers say that? Purely because anyone who went through their first Saturn Return in Aquarius in 1991-1994  (so they were born 1962, 1963 or 1964, most likely) can give you seasoned wisdom about what it’s like to be cut off from friends; to have trouble making friends; to deal with the realities of a group (club, team, society, association). The pandemic has a huge amount to do with this, for you, but it’s not the whole answer.

Your Saturn Return in Aquarius

If you were born 1991-1994, of course, the chances are high you have Saturn in Aquarius, and so you are experiencing your Saturn Return in that zodiac sign. This means you exit your twenties, and go into your thirties, with serious questions about who your friends are, and how to deal with groups of all kinds, no matter if they are online or real-world. You will have your next Saturn Return at around the age of 60, as you exit your fifties. It’s The Getting of Wisdom, to quote the book and Saturn tends to teach long, hard, heavy lessons as part of our karma.

The solution is patience. That is a boring answer, but we have to wait for Saturn to leave Aquarius in March 2023 for the hardest, heaviest cycle in around 29 years to leave you. It will take more months still for Saturn to leave your Eleventh House. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is a very big stretch. It helps to know when it ends, though.

Don’t get the retrograde wrong, either. A lot of amateur astrologers on Twitter (especially around your age group or far younger) are passing around misinformation about Saturn Retrograde.

Please use the dates above. On a practical level, if you launch anything new with friends or groups on Saturn Retrograde, it will go back and forth exactly as shown. So, for example, you might apply to volunteer for an animal organisation, hoping to make new friends, and have them ignore you. And ignore you again. For whatever reason. Or – you may find a school reunion with friends is shambolic and constantly rescheduled. Cancelled plans are often a sign Saturn is around.

I had one reader fall in love with another woman (married) in her political party. It was her first serious infatuation for another female. The political party was Conservative, capital C – and you can imagine the burden that posed.

Friendships Broken Because of Covid

I’ve handpicked more examples from you, to show:

*Friendships broken because one friend is a Covidiot and the other is trying not to get infected.
*A political party breaks apart with an inner tug-of-war between different factions, in extreme times.
*Millennials having to deal with weak politicians failing to protect them from guns at college get-togethers.
*The hurdles of taking COVID-19 tests, then masking, before big social events, like weddings or reunions.
*New friends who are serious, sombre or even depressed.

I am sure you have examples of your own. There is a purpose to this obstacle course with your social life, friends, making new friends and ‘people power’ organisations, though. This classic Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius obstacle course, is to teach you to slow down and get the full measure of who or what is involved. Why? Because in March 2023, Pluto enters Aquarius, also straight into the Eleventh House of your chart, and until January 19th, 2044. this will be part of your life.


Pluto iStock scaled - Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius
Pluto Image: iStock

Power is Coming With Pluto in Aquarius

All this training, test and trial time has a purpose. To get you to slow down and think harder about your social life, friendships and group, team, club or society commitments. Things change dramatically (for reasons we don’t yet know) from March 24th 2023. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will be going, going, gone. And a dramatically different era begins.

Power is coming then. Pluto always hands power to the sign it enters. Power will then go to the diverse group. The community. If you do have Aquarius factors, a completely different atmosphere enters your life, from that date.

Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto always shows who and what seeks absolute control. Pluto, as a planet, was originally claimed by Constance Lowell as Percival (after her husband, who began the search for Pluto) and then Constance (herself). This was rejected in favour of Pluto, ironically, the Roman god who tried to dominate the world. It’s the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system. Pluto people and organisations want to be the biggest.

Pluto also became the name of Walt Disney’s canine companion for Mickey Mouse. Kerberus (Cerberus) was Pluto’s dog in mythology and is one of Pluto’s Moons. If you think about ‘dog eat dog’ and ‘top dog’ you get a sense of Pluto. In astronomy, so in astrology.

Pluto and Extreme Contrasts

Pluto is one of the most contrastive bodies in the heavens, coloured black, dark orange and white. It has regions known as ‘The Heart’ and ‘Brass Knuckles.’ Pluto’s status was questioned, it was reclassified and excluded as a full planet. Again, this gives you the astrology, drawn from the astronomy. Everything is black and white with Pluto. Extreme contrasts come with the cycles. People put their hearts into what they want and need, on Pluto cycles. With a tight grip – solid knuckles.

Pluto is also about a change in the balance of power. People are reclassified, so are countries, or institutions. There is usually exclusion of someone or something: status change.

Perhaps this long lead-in to Pluto in Aquarius, with first Jupiter and Saturn, then Saturn Retrograde, is preparation time you’ll need. It’s been about 248 since we last saw Pluto in Aquarius.


Main Image: iStock

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128 Responses

  1. I’m a quadruple Gemini (Sun, moon, mercury and venus) and Saturn will be retrograding over my natal Saturn in Aquarius at 22 degrees. This second Saturn return for me has been all about establishing a new foundation for the next twenty or thirty years of my life. I had plans for crowdfunding a project and other social/non financial proposals involving my community of friends and acquaintances but I think I should probably hold off until Saturn goes direct later this fall. Would this caution regarding Saturn apply to promoting one’s business and projects on social media platforms, Jessica? I’m really looking forward to Pluto moving into Aquarius. Your advice on how best to handle this very trying Pluto in Capricorn transit helped me so much in recent years!

    1. A Saturn Return is always so heavy and I can’t see a chart here, so can’t comment on the natal Saturn aspects in your chart. If they are all splendid, then a serious undertaking with crowdfunding for the community is a good use of the transit, but if your Saturn Return triggers difficult aspects, then you’d be very wary of going into this, especially as Pluto follows up. Fortunately this is your second time round with Saturn so you know what to expect. The Tarot on this website can help you with angles on this; Pamela Colman Smith was herself an Aquarian.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article. I’ve a stellium in Aquarius, but the only factor from 18 to 25 degrees is Proserpina at 24 degrees (I also have Saturn at 23 Cancer and Jupiter at 23 Aries). I noted down the June/July and January 2023 dates. I’m considering applying for a role in a different team – my Jupiter is in Aries but Saturn in Aquarius makes me wary. Similarly, I’m in the early stages of chatting with a man. You previously said the issue is whether he’ll commit, so once again I’m wary about wasting my time if things will just go backwards and forwards. In both cases, I know I have to make the choice that’s best for me. I pulled the 4 pentacles in relation to the job and I took it as a positive sign (if successful, I’d get a pay rise). In relation to the man, I pulled the 5 wands which I thought was more equivocal…there’s potential but we’d need to communicate and negotiate (especially about the fact I have two primary-aged children). Do you have any psychic insights about these situations? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The Four of Pentacles/Coins is a terrific Tarot card as it shows security, financial grounding, and a useful money-go-round. I don’t know the question you asked or the timing, but it’s always economic abundance with property options thrown in (the buildings in the background). The Five of Wands, in relation to the man you want, is about communication and negotiation, yes, but the sexual and emotional story is not there. Again, I don’t know what your question was, or the timing, but the Tarot is suggesting that the words you choose and use, your listening/reading skills with him, and vice-versa, are the main story now.

  3. Hi Jessica! I have 2 factors in Aquarius: Moon at 16, Psyche at 2. What does this mean for Saturn retrograde impact on my life? Thank you!

    1. Saturn has already crawled past those degrees, so you are over 2021 and the first half of 2022 with all its tests and trials for friendship, socialising, community spirit and so on. The conjunctions are always the most extreme points of the experience, so I’ve had one reader report that even his best friend from childhood (best man) rejected him, and he had no idea why. It can sometimes be on that level. The Moon describes your maternal instinct channelled into friends and groups. You take friends under your wing and can mother (say) a team. Psyche shows that what you achieve with groups, lives forever. It’s often online, because that is immortalised – but it can be an ongoing, living achievement through (say) a charity. Pluto will form a conjunction with Psyche in 2023 which has not happened for 248 years. What or who becomes immortalised in 2023 really will resonate for years, for you.

  4. I have a stellium of Aquarius. Sun and Moon at 17, Venus and Juno at 20, Desc at 2 and Bacchus at 26.
    Am I in for a wild ride?
    Thanks for all your tweets on Twitter, I love following you.

    1. Thank you so much. Twitter is my favourite part of the web. Not so much a wild ride, more a very slow, stuck, stop-start pathway into different kinds of friendships and new group commitments. A good use of Saturn in Aquarius is to go into groups (even Eventbrite or Meetup based groups, purely digital) which involve hard work. So there’s a point to the gatherings. What is going on is really a by-product of the pandemic, in that the old life has gone and we are yet to replace it with the new life, without obstacles. A good example is the reader who wrote to say her friend (Aquarius) had asked her to accommodate her son for a few months on his gap year in Australia. The son has huge problems. The friends disagree over how to fix those problems. That’s one example of the spectrum of Aquarian tests and trials, now. You have a few more months to go then it’s over. As an astrologer I am wondering what changes in the world will arrive in March 2023 that we suddenly all lose the waiting games with our social life. I suspect it’s a new air filter invention.

  5. Dear Jessica, last year I had asked about my older son who seemed to be in a bad /stuck phase – thanks to the impact of lockdowns etc. As an introvert, he went even quieter and I was frightened of any potential issue such as depression. Thanks to your advice, which was to get help, I pushed him into finding someone to talk to. He absolutely refused therapy but instead, went on a health spree. The exercise regimen seems to have worked – he’s still quiet, but very pleased with the results of his self care.

    I am writing today, in some alarm, because this child of mine has a stellium in Aquarius. He was supposed to graduate Uni this June, but he’s pushed it to next year. He already has very few friends and after reading this blog I realise that this could be the reason he dropped one of his of close friends over the past year. With the current astrological weather, is there something in his chart that could potentially push him back into his own world (he’s usually lost in his day dreams). Personally, it’s been hard for me to watch this boy, who is actually very brilliant, consistently self-destruct his chances – both academically and personally. Will he manage to live up to his potential eventually and thrive? Which is really all I could wish for him.

    Thank you!!

    His DOB is 13, October, 1999

    19° Libra 45′ 10″

    05° Sagittarius 23′ 16″

    11° Scorpio 39′ 54″

    04° Virgo 34′ 01″

    27° Sagittarius 28′ 21″

    01° Taurus 17′ 49″ R

    12° Aquarius 54′ 06″ R

    01° Aquarius 35′ 15″ R

    15° Taurus 32′ 20″ R

    08° Sagittarius 33′ 37″

    23° Libra 45′ 49″

    24° Cancer 34′ 43″

    24° Capricorn 34′ 43″

    25° Scorpio 48′ 01″

    09° Scorpio 44′ 06″

    15° Libra 36′ 52″

    06° Pisces 54′ 53″ R

    00° Cancer 16′ 44″

    02° Sagittarius 02′ 05″

    06° Virgo 47′ 45″

    01° Taurus 26′ 58″

    01° Scorpio 26′ 58″

    15° Libra 53′ 10″

    26° Virgo 03′ 30″

    10° Libra 50′ 44″

    13° Virgo 04′ 55″

    06° Aquarius 28′ 27″

    10° Sagittarius 29′ 52″

    10° Capricorn 52′ 13″

    08° Sagittarius 21′ 55″

    22° Scorpio 42′ 46″

    13° Scorpio 19′ 53″

    10° Leo 03′ 56″ R

    10° Aquarius 03′ 56″ R

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you pushed him to get help. He chose another path, but at least he chose it. Sometimes you just have to keep showing up, don’t you? It’s taken on board and it’s required, even if you don’t get the instant ‘yes’ you would really like. Okay, so your son is heavily Aquarian as you can see. No wonder he has been dealing with depression. He is yet to find his feet with groups, friends, tribes and his social life. Nothing is simple and it’s all been so slow, stuck and serious. In common with his entire generation he has had COVID-19 dogging his footsteps since December 2020. Apart from the strain this puts on getting together with others, it has also meant that friendship has become purely digital. That is okay up to a point but it can create difficulty, depending on the social media website, and the company he keeps. As we know very well, Facebook can be harmful. There is only so much you can do here, apart from ‘keep on showing up.’ Aquarius is the Eleventh House of groups and friends, and the family doesn’t really get a look-in. It can and does get easier. This is the hard part. He is not the only one going through it; just about everyone in his school year is having a version of the same thing. As he is strongly Aquarian it may help to realise these men are the outsiders who supply the group. They are never inside the group. If he is interested in sport, he may very well end up being the coach of the team, who is never on the pitch, but is essential on the bench. Some activities, interests and hobbies suit the strongly Aquarian person really well. Riding, where you are apart from the group, but with them – and hiking or rambling, where again, you can be the person who puts the billy tea on the campfire for everyone, without holding hands! He has Neptune at 1 Aquarius so Pluto at 1 Aquarius in 2023 will transform his life. He seeks escapism and other realities through friends and groups then, and will find it empowers him. Keep a casual eye on the actual group, though. Say a little prayer to your family in spirit, that it’s exactly the right bunch of people for him. At last.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another brilliant article.
    I have Salacia 18°, Bacchus 26° and IC 29° in Aquarius. I would love some insight!
    My additional question is, do trine aspects impact also?
    If so I have Descendant 18° Gemini and Pluto 29° Libra.
    Thank you once again x

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, trines from Saturn are also important and tend to slow things down. Saturn’s trines from Aquarius to Gemini will slow down your internet life and local travel. They will slow down a duet or duel in your life as well (Libra). Think of a lead weight on a rope dragging something backwards for a few months and that’s Saturn in transit. The IC in Aquarius in your chart tells you that a family member or ancestor was in a club, band, team, society, association, political party or similar and you have inherited that DNA. You may react against those kinds of organisations, or be hugely drawn to them, depending on what the family member went through. I suspect you actually really like your tribes, as Salacia shows the escapism and holiday from reality with friends, and Bacchus shows the classic Spinal Tap ‘Have a good time, all the time’ experience! The tribalism of your Aquarius stellium will be put in a holding pattern with heavy Saturn going back and forth over the final degrees, but from March 2023, you can go back to (almost) normal. We tend to find Aquarius stelliums linked to The Bloomsbury Group, Punk, Women’s Liberation and other tribes which have huge impact on those who get involved.

  7. Hi Jessica, and thankyou for another great blog. I am learning more than I ever have from your blogs and am always excited to read the next one as well as the comments which I also gain a lot of info from

    I don’t have anything late in Aquarius, however I do have 4 in the first decan in Aquarius which is also opposing my planets in Leo by exact degree. I am finding this so fascinating as the story seems to be lining up with everything I have read on here

    As I have decided to move from Canberra back to Queensland next year around March, to move back with my Mum Who has been unwell and my older son and grandchildren whom need some family around to help. Although I will be leaving my 3 other Young adults in Canberra so it’s been a difficult decision and I feel very torn. Am I right in thinking that Jupiter in Aries my 4th house of home and family will be helpful here . And also when Pluto moves into Aquarius it will oppose my planets in Leo representing my children . Am I right in thinking it could be the group/ team responsibilities versus my children/ grandchildren as I am just finishing up studies in community work , which I hope to transition into after I move . It really is incredible how these things are lining up and I would appreciate any insight you might here . Thankyou again for sharing and all the work you put into it , I feel very lucky and having this as an extra heads up in life to help guide me through it all.

    1. Thank you, that’s really good to know. I said this to another reader recently; the comments are really part of the feature, as that is where real-world astrology comes into it. You want to move from Canberra to Queensland in March 2023. Aesculapia at 2 Aquarius opposite Jupiter at 2 Leo is the main event, from that point on. You are quite right, in that you have Aquarius-Leo polarity in your chart (that is not the only example) and so your whole life actually stretches you between the Eleventh House of friends and groups, and the Fifth House of children, grandchildren and any paid or unpaid work involving youth. Once you find Pluto goes into Aquarius and starts moving closer to 2 degrees, one friend or group will go centre-stage. Aesculapia shows who/what is not finished, on the brink, ready to come back, ready to return. Pluto in conjunction with Aesculapia suggests the most intense chapter with this friend or group and the question is, are the miracles big enough to pull this individual or collection of people back from the point of no return? At about the same time, you will have Pluto in opposition to Jupiter in your Fifth House. Jupiter always protects so even though your life as a parent and/or grandparent will be tested from March, you are in a basically good position. Jupiter is really the umbrella of astrology! As a rule of thumb, though, clear the decks before March if you can so you don’t have a heap of Eleventh House/Fifth House things on your plate. Just dealing with, say, your children and grandchildren, or one friend, will be enough for you. Try not to add more into your life if you can avoid it.

  8. Interesting. I have minimal items in Aquarius and March 2020 actually provided my life with some spectacular breakthroughs and very important and beneficial boundaries. I wonder if this means the current Saturn retrograde won’t affect me as much?
    Always love reading your blogs and everyone’s comments, thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have Ceres in an exact conjunction with Salacia in Aquarius at 15 degrees, so Saturn arriving at 15 Aquarius was a crossroads for friendships and groups of all kinds. Ceres shows a forced compromise over who/what was in control, with a new arrangement following. Salacia shows friends and groups which offer a way out of the real world; an alternative reality. Ceres is often about time-share arrangements, either the people concerned, or you (or the universe) puts things onto a 50-50 basis. The pandemic has done that to a lot of friendships; travel has been impossible so you spend half the year not seeing a friend. Salacia is about the unreality/reality of Zoom, Twitter, Tik-Tok and other digital tribalism. That is also part of your chart and Saturn sat on (pun) that fairly heavily, but you’re on the downhill slope now and have been for some time.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this. I am now a little concerned after reading this article. I am trying to move forward after my Mum died early October last year…both job wise and financially…my Sun is 25 Aquarius conjunct 27 Chiron Aquarius..8th house.. and have been stuck. Information is power..hope you can calm me down a little with your thoughts/advice.Thank you. Cheryl

    1. Cheryl, the Sun at 25 Aquarius and Chiron at 27 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, suggests why you might be stuck. It hasn’t been very long at all since your mum passed away, and sometimes the issue with Saturn in Aquarius is that friends keep their distance, or friends don’t know what to say, or you can’t relate to particular friends. That can happen. The interesting thing about Saturn in conjunction with the Sun and then Chiron, is that you will end 2022 and start 2023 knowing who is worth it, in your social life. Saturn tests friendship. It does not always pass on this cycle, or it can be really stretched very thin, but as the transit winds down in early 2023, you will be able to step back from life since December 2020 and confirm who is here to stay – and why. That actually makes those friendships more solid, long-term, and they will become more powerful from March 2023, for many years into the future. There is a heart on Pluto. When Pluto goes into Aquarius, your allies and pals, especially within any group you are a part of, become much more potent connections for you and involve much more emotion. That also has its own kind of value.

  10. Dear Jessica,

    This was intriguing reading for me because I’m still getting used to the way things are talked about and the references you make. But your last comments about the group power structure(s) changing and needing to be with the fore from the end of the retrograde made my stomach lurch! Perhaps this is because I just looked at what I have in Aquarius – ASC and Chiron retrograde. Anyway I’m going to keep on reading – and enjoying your work . Once I’ve moved, there’ll be lots more time. Many thanks, Jane

    1. Thanks Jane. I wrote a newer version of this article after being overwhelmed with comments today, so that it’s clearer what Saturn and then Pluto in Aquarius do. You have the punk rock Chiron placement. Did you know? Most of the punks from 1977 onwards had Chiron in Aquarius, as you do. It’s an interesting chart signature and with Saturn going over Chiron in the 2021-2023 cycle, lo and behold we find John Lydon taking legal action over the new television series Pistol. Essentially this cycle is about the heavy reality check you have to take, of having been involved with/still being involved with – particular friends or communities of people. Chiron is the most important factor here, because he is a symbol of maverick plans; chutzpah; heretical behaviour. That is second nature to you and you often act it out with friends and groups, tribes, or have it acted out for you by particular pals. March 2023 will be a weight off your shoulders and the handbrake will come off, after a very difficult couple of years. No need for a stomach lurch, just get through Saturn then start to work with Pluto which will put one friend, and one group, centre-stage, rather dramatically.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t have any factors in Aquarius and I’ve often wondered how and where Pluto and Saturn can impact my chart in the years to come. Please could you help me understand this having learnt from you that it is far better to be aware beforehand rather than get smacked in the face leaving you too winded to get up and deal with it … whatever it may be. Thank you!

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finances. A really good way to keep life simple is to avoid mixing friends and money; friends and property; friends and business or charity. The reason I say that, is that Pluto will square your Scorpio factors for many years into the future, once he enters Aquarius in March 2023. This usually results in situations you cannot square. Or you feel like a square peg in a round hole. So, before you think about Pozible or crowdfunding on any level, or even just lending/borrowing money with friends, remember that very long sequence of squares, over the rest of the 2020s and actually long past 2030 too. It’s always good to get it in writing, read the fine print and get a second opinion if you do decide to go down that path. Aquarius also rules groups; bands, teams, clubs, societies and so on. Again, you would be very cautious about mixing your income up with any of those clusters of people. I call this The Beatles Issue, because Scorpio and Aquarius clashes ran through their charts in the Sixties, during the long wrangles over Apple and the end of the band. So you know what not to do!

  12. Hi Jessica, funny thing is every time there is an issue or question on my mind I just have to wait a day or two and your blog about the same issue pops up on my screen! Thank you so much for that, I even don’t have to ask. Actually, I have two concerns with your latest blog about Saturn Retrograde. I am Aquarius sun but have factors/stellium in Aquarius from 4-13 degrees, so does this retrograde impact me at all, or am I already over with this cycle since the obstacles you are reporting about sound quite familiar – my story since 2015/16. Thinking of my reference group first and foremost my clients came to my mind. It was a terrible back and forth during the last years, every time I was confident to close the deal and to get a go for an assignment they retreated at the last moment. Sounds very Saturn to me. The other question is about health issues. I believe to have heard that a severe illness or a condition may occur during a Saturn retrograde. Is there something to it? Happy if you can take a look at my natal chart, and surprise, my Saturn is in Aquarius! Please keep up with your amazing work, it’s always so inspiring reading your blogs.

    1. Thank you, that’s really interesting to hear. You have a stellium in Aquarius with Saturn and the IC (Immum Coeli) there. The real issues would have been there since the start of 2021, and remain until March 2023, when you will find your social life slowly but surely transforms. I’m very curious about March 2023 as a world deadline. What could possibly take place, globally, that would make group, team, society, association, collective, community sharing so powerful? My common sense tells me that COVID-19 air filtering will suddenly become 100% effective and completely affordable and accessible, so indoor gatherings and large group get-togethers become safe for the first time, encouraging a dramatic change in the way we socialise. That’s really for another article though. Whatever comes in March 2023 will show itself to you immediately. You will have consigned your Saturn Return to memory then, and also understood how a member of the family tree acted out Aquarius issues for you. Have a look at the family circle, or further back, at ancestors. Aquarius rules trade unions, political parties, environmental groups, and all collectives with a common cause. You have inherited that as astrological DNA, either because you seek it, or because you react against it, owing to family experiences.

  13. As far as I know, I have a stellium in Aquarius. I hope it will bring me good things. Jessica, can you have a look at my chart and see how can I use this transit for better things? I will realy apreciate it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium of factors at 4 through 20 degrees of Aquarius including the nodal axis (karma) so you have already seen for yourself what 2021 and 2022 have delivered in terms of socialising, making new friends, maintaining old friendships, being a member of a group and so on. For some people the issue has been economic: they can’t afford to do what their friends are doing, or one of their friends is on a tight budget that stops the usual easy socialising. In other cases, readers with Aquarius factors like you (including the node) have had to support friends with COVID-19, or at its most difficult, help friends whose own family members have died from the virus. It’s different for everyone. The old saying ‘You find out who your friends are’ is really true of this cycle. Once you go into Pluto in Aquarius next March, you will find the atmosphere changes completely. Fairly soon afterwards you will realise how much power there is in a particular club, team, society and so on – which also powerfully affects your life.

  14. Oh my word! I’m just about to do a road trip around the UK to see all my friends I haven’t seen in 2/3 years due to covid.
    Luckily there is only 1 aspect in my 6 Aquarius aspects in that degree range! However, it’s the Moon at 24…..hold on for that ride lol….

    1. Yes, you have a stellium in Aquarius and the Moon at 24 Aquarius, so Saturn will form a conjunction. And stick. You have already gone through the predictable Saturn cycle here, having been barred from seeing friends for the last two or three years. Now you’re on a road trip to check in with them. If you hit any Saturn issues, then the Tarot is a good resource to help with how/what/when/why questions.

  15. Thank You, Jessica! I have 4 asteroids in Aquarius (Diana, ops, salacia y psiqué)but none at the degrees you said, so I believe this transit could be less intense in my life. I hope! Thanks for your posts, I am always waiting for them as a child for a sweet. Much love for you

  16. Hello Jessica,

    I have 4 factors in Aquarius being a Scorpio Sun : Moon at 18-19, Salacia at 24, Cupido at 26, North Node at 2 degrees and I want to know what this represents for me, especially as Saturn goes from stuck to direct exactly at 18 degree in conjunction with my moon. It is linked only with friends or also with family or a new lover?

    Many thanks and lovely post as always!

    1. Aquarius has nothing to do with family or lovers. In fact, the whole point of Aquarius and the Eleventh House is that it’s about hands-off friendship. No touching. If you want to have sex with a friend, that’s fine, but you need to leave the group. This is the classic issue played out in Friends, by the way. Seinfeld also played it out. So does Teletubbies. Aquarius is about leaving the family far behind. They can be in the group, but only at a distance. So, although you are always going to be best-known for your complicated sexual and financial relationships, or your complex family and property relationships (Sun in Scorpio) there is a part of you that only dwells with groups and friends, and even then, you’re distanced. Important in there, but not actually in there. Saturn trawling through Aquarius is really about what you cannot avoid (COVID-19) and the barriers that places on friendship. With so much on Zoom, you are seeing first-hand the total remoteness and disconnection of extreme Aquarius. It doesn’t last. It ends in March 2023, and you can almost bet that this will be the month that Zoom or its competitors announce huge new innovations and upgrades which remove the rather sterile atmosphere of so many boxed-in people. You’ll be affected, directly or indirectly.

  17. Hello Jessica, I’m Silvia from Italy.
    I’ve some questions for you.
    I’d like to come back to work in June. Which is the best day? The 9th, 16th or 20th of June?

    I’ve some problems with my neighbours, how long does it last?
    They’re born : the 28th of December 1944 and the 30th of September 1958.
    What part of my chart shows this issue?

    Jessica, thanks for your work and advice. I read every day your horoscope and slowly everything is coming true….. about my house, my job as a teacher and young people, escapism…..

    1. Hello Silvia. Thank you for your message. Go back to work after Mercury Retrograde’s loop is over; from Monday 20th June. Neighbours are ruled by the Third House and Gemini, and you have three factors there. Mercury Retrograde has been stuck in Gemini since 30th April going from 0 through 4 degrees, like a broken record. Your factors are at 16, 20, 29 Gemini so too wide for a conjunction, but you would still have been affected just by Mercury getting stuck in your Third House throughout May and June. Again, from Monday 20th June the issues stop, get resolved by July 5th 2022 – or you no longer care. Try not to let anything hang in the air. Get closure. Why? Mars Retrograde in Gemini, again in your Third House of neighbours, from September 4th 2022 until March 17th 2023. You do not want a dispute then. Do everything you can from Monday 20th June to July 5th 2022 to pre-empt any issues. Do some research; get advice; figure out a plan. That way you can minimise things with neighbours (from any side of the street) and keep it to relatively trivial concerns, like a cat walking along the fence line! You are strongly Third House and neighbours will be very good news for you indeed in 2024 and 2025, which will make up for 2022-2023. Manage things, though. That’s what astrology is all about. Use The Garden Oracle to help you guide yourself.

  18. Hello Jessica , I have a stellium in Aquarius. All my “groups” including friends and work associates have been a a major source of questioning and challenges over the last 2 years already. With some of my friends things have been painful and at work betrayals and dirty play have become the new standard… so does it means that things will stay that way or even get worse with Saturn retrograde ? Thanks

    1. You have eight factors in Aquarius, a huge stellium – and one of them is your node. This is about past life karma with these people, taking you back 18-19 years, but also into other incarnations. You can’t change your nodes and you cannot change your friends. In fact, you chose this birth chart when you re-entered. I’m sorry about the betrayals and dirty tricks. Saturn’s transit can feel very painful. Saturn Retrograde will catch your node again. Of course you don’t just have the North Node in Aquarius without the South Node automatically being in Leo. So you have an Aquarius-Leo story to figure out, one more time. It is very common to find children or teenagers creating issues with, or for, friends. So your friend may have a child, who is your godchild, who is badly behaved, for example. I have seen a few readers with this chart pattern report about friends with difficult adult children, who they can’t talk about, lest it shatter the friendship (views on parenting being very divided). It can play out in other sorts of ways. The children may be there because of your job, or because of unpaid work, but your friends who support you on a project, have friends who you cannot deal with. Leo-Aquarius is Fifth House/Eleventh House difference, and it is usually about other incarnations, as you have all agreed to return now, to work things out differently and obtain some kind of closure. It can be more serious. Some readers with this nodal axis of Leo-Aquarius report having had abortions (Leo) because their women’s group (Aquarius) encouraged it, over contraception. So you see! Your story is personal to you, and private. The Tarot can shed more light on it. But the karma has to be completed; there has to be closure and it will happen by March 2023. It may be that you stop communicating with a so-called friend, or stop going along with a friendship which feels hollow to you. That can happen. Quitting a group? That can happen too. The point of the nodal cycle is, it’s how you do it. I think it was Paddington Bear who advised us to be polite and kind!

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Aquarius, with Mercury at 21 and Venus 25. I was rather hoping for some smoother sailing as Jupiter has been in Pisces and due to return in October. Please advise if you can for the smoothest possible ride though the Saturn weather.

    1. Saturn at 21 and 25 Aquarius has already shown you his cycle, as you went through the usual obstacle course with friends and groups in March-May 2022. This is the rewind. You are usually the contact point and connection for your friends and any groups. You are the messenger. That has been very hard work; obstructed, challenged, delayed or even stopped. Sometimes computer problems can do that or basic commuting/travel issues with the pandemic. You are also the woman who has friendships so complex and ‘interesting’, shall we say, that they often feel more like family relationships, or marriages. That’s Venus. Again, Saturn has been in conjunction with Venus as recently as May 2022, so life has been rather heavy, quite slow, stagnant, even ‘stopped’ – like a stopped clock. You now have to figure out what you needed to learn about people, yourself, and the old patterns in your past. Saturn makes it impossible to just cruise or coast, based on what always used to happen, in your social life, with old friends, and the networks you are a part of. It’s business as unusual! Fortunately the cycle ends in March 2023. Jupiter in Pisces is a different kettle of fish and is superb for hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, meditation, chakra and aura work, religion, Buddhism, alternative spirituality (Native American, for example) and therapy. That starts, late October.

  20. Another great blog post. Thank you Jessica!
    You have been right on the money with these predictions. Thanks for giving us a peak behind the Wizard of Ozs’ curtain!

    IC at 21 Aquarius
    Fortuna at 21 Aquarius
    North node at 24 Aquarius

    Whats in store with these Aquarius placements. Hopefully not too many potholes in my yellow brick road.

    As always thank you Jessica and have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you. You’re not really going to get away with a nice, easy walk down the Yellow Brick Road. You will have to walk carefully and cautiously. The Wizard of Oz is a good analogy. It’s about a diverse group. Friends or allies; fellow travellers – but with nothing at all in common. You are in such a group, will be asked to go back into one (for whatever reason) or find that a team from the past re-emerges. Think carefully about the road you need to take, and ask yourself if there are other ways to get there. That’s really the message of Saturn in Aquarius across 21 and 24 degrees. It won’t be a tremendous surprise to you, as you have already started down that path.

  21. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your incredible work and insight. I will have some “interesting” degree placements with Saturn and Pluto making squares and oppositions to significant planets in the years to come. I want to be optimistic but I’m having a hard time finding what could be positive about those aspects.

    1. Squares are always difficult and the best thing to do is minimise the issues. Astrology is about seeing the story and playing it down, so it’s less of a big deal when the square transits come around. At 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio – you will always run into squares from Pluto, and at the very end of their cycle, the lunar nodes in Taurus/Scorpio too. As a general rule don’t mix money and friendship, or money and groups. Not too much, anyway; keep the stakes low. Aquarius is friends and groups, Scorpio is houses, apartments, possessions, bank accounts, business, charity. Leo rules babies, infants, children and teenagers – younger adults, too, the older you are. Again, try to avoid potential future conflicts with Leo-Scorpio. So don’t use your will as a way of creating future complication with, say, a daughter or nephew. Have a look at Aquarius-Leo-Scorpio because that’s the story. And minimise it.

  22. Very grateful for the insights your blogs provide, thank you Jessica. Given my stellium in Aquarius, would you be kind enough to share your thoughts on how Saturn retrograde is likely to affect my chances of finding a new job in the coming weeks/months please. I am drawing on every ounce of willpower I have, not to spiral into an overwhelming sense of anxiety about being unemployed.

    1. Thank you. Factors at 27, 28, 29 across Capricorn (career) and Virgo (work ethic) in your chart tell you the story. Saturn and Pluto are both finishing up in their signs, so going across 27, 28, 29 of Aquarius and Capricorn respectively. I am sorry you are between jobs and it is causing you anxiety. We all know the feeling. This ends well for you. Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, good fortune) goes to 27, 28, 29 Taurus and makes a Grand Trine in May 2024. Later on your entire working life goes through the most exciting, unusual, sudden revolution, when Uranus goes to 27, 28, 29 Taurus, starting August 2024. Of course you need to cope now. How do you deal with transiting Pluto in conjunction with your natal Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of career? That is the main story here. Pluto tends to turn up as people, organisations or situations which seek to dominate, push you around, take control and be the boss of you. The answer is to use iron willpower and self-control. You run yourself and your life. This will actually be the making of you, for many years into the future. Creating your own system, which works for you, while these difficult transits are here (they improve dramatically in March 2023) is going to serve you. So study. It doesn’t have to cost. Volunteer – your unpaid role may be your next job. Keep going to interviews. The Tarot can guide you in a more personal way, but this is a period in your life when you will master yourself and master your universe, and for years into the future, you’ll (strangely) bless this period.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I have Jupiter 18 Aquarius and Vulcano 20. Since 2009, I am living far away from my homeland. Making friends, finding my tribe, a partner, have been very difficult for me. My social life is minimal here, just when I travel and meet my old friends I feel happier. When this will improve for me?

    1. 2009 is a very long time and precedes the Saturn in Aquarius cycle. Your issue is Cancer/Fourth House, so home town and homeland. I have to wonder why you are still living and working, where you are. You have been going through Pluto in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer, in your Fourth House of belonging, culture, roots, history – since 2008 – every 28 days. That’s very difficult and most people don’t put up with it. They go back home. You have the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn, so you had your nodal return during this period, too. There is a past life here in the new country or town. You have been asked to figure out some karma in this place. It’s ongoing, but when Pluto leaves Capricorn in March 2023, so does the constant feeling of being displaced. Pluto goes back in and out for a while, but from the mid 2020’s you will never again have that feeling of being uprooted or rootless. It is possible you will go back, actually. Or you will no longer care – or just find the right people to make you feel as if you belong. You have focussed on the people here but the issue is the country or town. You need to work hard on developing a relationship with that – that’s the message in your chart.

  24. Thank you Jessica, what should i expect?
    My Descendant is@ 24 Aquarius and Venus @ 24 Libra. Am a Virgo Sun.

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate and the clock was correct, then your DC or Descendant in Aquarius in the Eleventh House (Natural House System) is about former partners (old lovers, for example) and also current or future partnership. The DC is also about people against you, for whatever reason. It’s never as important as the Seventh House, which is the absolute core of any duet or duel. The DC reflects the AC or Ascendant, which is your title, image, appearance, persona. So it’s really based on a mirror reflection of your brand. This means you have your AC or Ascendant in Leo, so there is a double-act going on here between the two signs. You may be publicly thought of in terms of your courtships (Leo), your bedchamber (Leo), your heirs (Leo) or pretenders to the throne (Leo). You may be admired, or questioned, or judged for that, but it is how you are publicly viewed. Your DC or Descendant is the other person – the partner, say, or the former partner you are at war with. Maybe the third person in a love triangle. Aquarius suggests one or more people who are friends with your friends; who are in a group that is important to them (like a rock band); who are involved in a society, association, team, club, charity, community of people that also draws you in. Typically there is at least one AC/DC story in your life which will forever define you. There maybe two or three. Saturn going over this chart axis spot feels rather heavy, difficult, demanding. It will pass. You have something to learn while it does so. It can also turn up as issues with, say, a godchild (Leo) whose parents you are friends with (Aquarius) but have fallen out with (DC/Descendant). You don’t say anything about yourself so it’s impossible to speculate.

  25. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the blog post. I have Saturn in Aquarius. Does this mean a double whammy for me. The period of December 2020 was exceptionally difficult for me and I Dont t want that coming around again. Thank you

    1. You have Saturn at 21 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups and he makes exact or close aspects to other chart factors. This tells you, that it’s not ‘just’ friendship or not ‘just’ about the circle of people, in its own right. It affects so many other things too. Saturn is a symbol of vulnerability and exposure, protected by strong defences. Since childhood, you have experienced all kinds of life lessons about people which have taught you to protect yourself. You are now past your Saturn Return at 21 Aquarius in March 2022, which was very difficult, and there is an echo of that in December 2022, when he retrogrades to 21 Aquarius again. Of course this is Thanksgiving/Christmas and the time of year when we focus on friends and our social lives. After that, Saturn has returned and you have found out what you need to know. Try not to make new friends or join new groups if your spider senses tell you that he/she/they will be a burden or lead weight. It is also true that Saturn Returns tell us to ditch the baggage if it is weighing down the balloon ride. It is very common to find friends who are depressed, or who lumber you in some way. Or heavy group politics which does the same. That’s part of the learning experience. Use the Tarot to find out how Saturn has returned for you, and what to do/what not to do, for these last few months. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

  26. Ack! Just when I thought things were stabilizing… here comes Saturn retrograde on top of my Saturn (23 degress AQ) return. I am so on my last nerve with many things – chop and change with jobs for one (one ended on 5/31, another slated to begin 6/13 and I PRAY that this one helps to stabilize my workalike). And as you have mentioned here Jessica, I feel as if I am losing friends through no fault of my own, but many friendships fading away for one reason or another. Perhaps this is clearing the slate for the new? A millennial man entered my life last August and I keep thinking this one is very important. Can you see what this stretch in time holds for me? I would so appreciate your perspective – thanks much Jessica!!

    1. The Sun, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, is hard work all your life. It was the same in childhood, and your teenage years. You shine brilliantly, stand out and draw admiration and attention when you get it right – supplying your social circle or communities with what they need to do well – but it’s not done without a huge amount of patience, time, energy, effort and patience. You are now on your Saturn Return, and the friendships fading is part of that. I will focus on your Eleventh House as this is the main event for many years into the future. It is important to use Mars to fight the good fight with friends, not against them. With the group, not against it. There is no room for Mutiny on the Bounty when you have Mars in Aquarius. It’s better to play The Three Musketeers. Or Bananarama. Saturn is a heavy reminder of past lessons learned. Classically, these involve peer group pressure; the challenge of making new friends; friends changing personality/circumstances and alienating you/being alienated by you; the problems with cult-style groups; the challenges of friends who don’t get on with each other; being ostracised by a group; popularity issues. It goes on! The point of this is to get you into shape for Pluto in Aquarius which will slowly transform your life from 2023 until 2044. The Saturn Return is to educate you in all you need to know about the art of friendship. Aquarian friendship is very particular. It is sincere; it has no agenda; it exists for its own sake; it is powerful when marshalled. If you think about the Easybeats in Australia in the Sixties coming together as a bunch of migrant teenagers with guitars and realise that they later spawned an entire musical movement, not to mention AC/DC – you can see how ‘just friends’ is potent stuff. It’s really the same with the Quakers, with the Democrats, with Greenpeace and so on. That is where you are headed, if you accept the challenge. The Garden Oracle can tell you more.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been waiting for this blog.. I knew you’d be writing about this important Saturn retro transit. I have Hygeia at 24 Aquarius.. how does this affect the long-term health improvements I’ve been working on: exercise, medication, diet, acupuncture. So much hard work and very slight progress. Is this an uphill and backward period or can I still make some gains in the right direction?
    Your insights will be invaluable!

    1. Thank you. You have Virgo factors at 4 through 14 degrees in your Sixth House of health, which is the story here (not Aquarius). Hygiea is about protection, screening, shielding, pre-empting issues – it’s true we take ‘hygiene’ from her name and archetype – but in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, she is about care and caution about friends and groups, not your body. Your Virgo side does the acupuncture. You are on the right track with your body. Uranus has been at 14 Taurus, making an exact trine, and will be back there in February 2023. This is a slow revolution when you gradually liberate yourself (Uranus) from your habits (Virgo) and it becomes even more obvious when the lunar nodes go to 14 through 4 Taurus/Scorpio, so September 2022 until May 2023. Long haul is the goal here. But it is a long haul Independence Day for body, mind and spirit. It will be very exciting as it comes about.

  28. Hi Jessica! I have a Stellium in Aquarius, degrees 2, 3 (2x), and 12. I finally came out of the hardest, most draining years this past January, that started in about 2019. Sold my childhood home, moved our parents to a more manageable home. When Covid-19 hit, I’d been my parents caregiver for almost 12 years already. It was hard balancing their safety and care, along with my own family’s, keeping consistant care in place….and extremely tough always having to let my Daddy know that “we couldn’t go out to eat”, which he would always ask of me (continually forgetting about Covid due to his dementia), when taking us all out was his favorite form of family time. He loved our family dearly. That Fall ’20, my husband, Mom, Dad and I were eating another dinner in with each other when my Dad suddenly passed before our eyes. His heart stopped. He was 85 years old. Throughout this time up to now, I have grown tremendously in a spiritual way, becoming more in touch with myself again, letting go of who I have been my entire life (50 years old this past March! Feeling that Chiron!), yet starting to become the me I know I am and can be! Literally lost my childhood home, Dad, Mom now in a nursing home, our family newspaper business of 80 years….many of my foundational being. Now I am curious about my next 50 years!? Almost like two lives….connected by my husband, children, family & friends. Also, I LOVE this Generation Z! Our daughter 7/21/98 is a true Zoomer continuing her dream into Ecology & Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies in graduate school, also wants to help create policies to move America forward. Our son 5/23/00, is equally empathetic & compassionate toward all and believes in equality & justice.
    Praying for our country (ugh, so scary), and I hope to make a difference of my own in our Aquarian world! All my love, Jessica! You are the best!

    1. Thank you. Your childhood home and father with dementia are Cancer/Fourth House matters. Losing your father, so sadly and suddenly, is also a Cancer/Fourth House matter. Your mother is also in a home. You have Panacea and Fortuna in Cancer, in your Fourth House, and may want to look at that, as both chart factors have been the story since 2008. Panacea is cures, remedies, answers with a moral or ethical question built in. Fortuna suggests that you spin the wheel of fate and fortune for both parents, without realising what you do. The regular opposition from Pluto to the Moon in Cancer in your Fourth House every 28 day or so, has made life regularly very challenging. The good news is, this stops in March 2023. Then as you go towards the mid 2020’s it becomes history. A memory. Your family life with a younger generation after that will be so much easier.

  29. I’ve had transiting Saturn conjunct my Aquarius sun this year in my third house (using Whole Signs). It was an overwhelming sense of “I really need to figure out my life” and it was very depressing feeling. I was applying for several jobs around that time just trying to get some kind of direction, even though none of them were anything I felt passionate over and had 2 interviews to no avail. I pulled up my chart and noticed that conjunction. Then just now I saw your table above with Saturn Retrograde and it’ll be “stuck” on my 18th degree natal Aquarius sun in October. Oh, joy… lol! I was born during a Saturn Retrograde (Virgo) so maybe that’ll help? It’ll also cross my South Node again at 29 degrees.

    I’ve had no personal income/household financial contributions (but thankfully my husband has a good job) since right before the pandemic began. That was due to my job going to another company from a buyout and it wasn’t a good situation. I declined the new position. I was at the end of my Pluto square Pluto transit in my 2nd house around then so I believe that was Pluto doing his work restructuring how money flows into my life. Also, since early 2020 I’ve deleted almost all of my social media accounts because of all of the right wing propaganda and people acting like Covid was a hoax. It really gutted me to see people that I thought I knew and loved believing and sharing this stuff, and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was affecting my mental health. Where we currently live I have no friends either, as some that I did have moved away and a couple of others we have mostly cut off contact because of their fervent support for T***p (We are in the US). Also we just don’t do much of what we used to (eating inside restaurants, etc.) in order to avoid Covid. So I have spent lots of time reading, studying astrology, outdoor walks, household things, and personal/craft projects. I would really love to move back to where my family is. Although, with the not-so good-career now in the past, lockdown soon after that and efforts to keep Covid away despite everything being open, and distancing myself from most social media, it really has allowed me time to think and heal in lots of ways.

    Definitely an obstacle course!

    1. You are using a house system I do not recognise or use. It’s not your Third House. It’s your Eleventh House. It sounds as if you use astrology, but not as I know it. You do sound as if you are going through difficulties. There is no chart for me to see here; I suggest you use the Tarot which is free on this website.

  30. Hello Jessica! I have Minerva ,Salacia and South Node in Aquarius. After many difficult years with Pluto in Capricorn opposing my Cancer factors ,is there any good news for me?Thank you in advance

    1. People who are experiencing Saturn in Aquarius in their Eleventh House have found it very difficult, since December 2020, and I am sure you are the same. It is karmic with you, as you have the South Node there. In other words, you have many lifetimes of being involved in trade unions, political parties and community networks (being a Roman at the time of Nero might be an example of that). It’s difficult when you lose the group, or you try to get into new groups and they don’t work out for you. That’s Saturn. It’s hard to be separated from friends, and lose friends, or have to lose them. That is also Saturn. You graduate from this in March 2023, when you realise you are being asked to contribute to a group with tremendous clout and influence. And you will be the key player.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. I have been looking at twitter knowing you would post about this. I have been looking at my chart and I was born with Saturn retrograde which I know is not unusual. I do not have any planets in Aquarius. I am wondering if you could have a look at my chart and let me know if and how this is going to impact me.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Twitter is the best place to find me. You were born with Saturn at 21 Taurus (Retrograde) opposite Venus at 20 Scorpio. This stretches across your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance and property. There’s a regular disconnect there, between your money, values, life budget, possessions, house, charity, apartment – and that of partners or family members. The transiting square from Saturn at 21 Aquarius forms what is known as a T-Square in your chart, which makes the differences more pointed and challenging. The Tarot can help you with a way through. As a general rule, try not to make this the period that you make your will, or challenge a will, or borrow/lend with partners or relatives.

  32. Hi Jessica: Yet another fascinating Blog! I am a sun Pisces with Aquarius in: Diana 29, Jupiter 20, Mercury 17,Aesculapia 17,Cupido 12 and finally IC 7. Any comment would be gratefully received.

    1. You will save or make rather a lot of money by October, so if you want to re-invest or capitalise on that, think about restarting a savings or business plan from January to May 2023, when again your potential is high. This may be the successful sale of a project or concept, or just a twist of fate (you get into a relationship with someone who moves you in, rent-free, or you are left money in a legacy). However it works, do use it.

  33. Hi Jessica! I was interested in your comment about people with an Aquarius stellium being the person who provides people with what they need. That’s me, right there! I’ve somehow spent my life doing stuff for other people and hardly ever for me. I’m theoretically in a position now to finally start doing ‘me’, and yet I’m not, and I don’t really know why. I feel very stuck. Does my chart provide a clue as to why I can’t pick myself up? Is there hope for a return of sufficient motivation and vitality to do the things I hoped to, or do I accept that this is my life now and get on with it? Many thanks!

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius with an Aquarius stellium so will always give to the group. For whatever reason, you cannot get into the group. Not for long, anyway. This may be emotional distance, social distance (the group has sloppy COVID-19 rules) or just differences in age, gender, language and so on. It is the Aquarius path to supply the diverse community but necessarily be set apart from it. You say you are not motivated and lack energy. Well, having Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House can do that to you. It’s been here since Christmas 2020. Your normal modus operandi has gone because the pandemic has blocked, stopped or slowed down our collective social life and community. People who don’t mask, don’t use HEPA filters and don’t open windows find people at their events become ill, get Long Covid or can die if they are not vaccinated. That’s the bottom line. And people who are intelligent enough to either manage group events, or just avoid them, find that puts a block on getting together. It’s been really tough and you may feel drained or have mild depression as Saturn can bring tiredness or low mood. Your doctor should be the first stop. Or your alternative health professional. Yet you will feel more like yourself, more like the world is back to normal, and far more at ease once Saturn goes – March 7th 2023.

  34. Oh my I am always FLOORED literally floored when I read your blogs. So do have an Aquarius stellium and I’ve been caring for everyone my entire life. I always say that before I incarnated I must have chosen Caregiver as my earthly duty. I don’t mind and actually feel a bit lost when I don’t have anyone to care for. Sometimes I do need respite though. Not much, a few days at the beach. Anyway, I am currently working on so many project and almost all, in fact really all, are internet based but each one uniquely different. Learning programming, starting Shutterstock account, blogs, self-publishing books, hypnosis, reiki, and some zoom meetings all in the works. What I am seeing here is to continue honing them in 2022 but don’t launch until 2023. Is that correct? I also have a stellium in Gemini. Pulled a tarot card from your site and asked, “How should I Proceed with my internet presence” and pulled the STAR card!Talk about confirmation and synchronicity. I have joined a few groups this year that are near to my heart, my quests, and social things that are important to me. So the question is.. do I continue to hone all of my projects and wait until 2023 for the launch or is that dependent upon each individual project? I am very excited to get started but I also don’t want to set myself into a bad cycle. Thanks!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you. Strongly Aquarius women with four or more factors in Aquarius in the Eleventh House (a stellium) start young with clubs, teams, gangs and friends. The childhood and adolescence is like Peanuts morphing into Archie. The lifelong need to be around a group, in and out of a group, but also separate from it, is the hallmark of Aquarius. Rather like Snoopy you are part of Peanuts but not in the gang. You are on the roof of the kennel but not in the pack. Yet the pack/gang would not be the same without you. You are integral. This may be Twitter or a group of writers/self-publishers. The Star card is taking you there and you have already said you want to self-publish. So that’s the future for the next 20 years or so. It begins on March 24th 2023.

  35. ps I am blonde and I really resonated with the woman on the Star Card. I felt like the bright star was my mind and all the stars surrounding were all of the ideas that are emanting from the one big star! Just love that Card. I want to get a painting of one and hang it in my house!

  36. Hi Jessica,

    I’m new in astrology (you got me into this when I got hooked reading many of your articles), so I’m still learning how to interpret everything.

    I have an Aquarius factor. Would you help me to figure what this could represent in this Saturn retrograde?

    I have been receiving a lot of job offers, including within the current Company I’m working with. I need that change to work with different people, but not feeling confident to change yet and I’m not sure why. I always been confident to make decisions to change jobs, I was never afraid doing that – but for some reason I’m stuck in my decision making.

    I would really appreciate your comments.

    Thank you very much and all the best

    1. Thank you so much. Aquarius is Eleventh House, friends and groups. So if your job offer involved a trade union, rock band, children’s charity, members’ club, football team or secret society, it would be relevant. If you were hired by a friend it would be relevant. If that is the case, read the fine print and think carefully as this group will change your life for years. If your job offers do not involve that, then the issue is Capricorn and Tenth House. You are a Sun Capricorn anyway, so are ambitious to get the top, to be number one, or at least in the elite top layer of your field. You will know where you stand from the week of Monday 20th June, once and for all, and can then go back to the beginning of unanswered questions or incomplete facts on April 30th, May 1st to 23rd, June 14th to 18th and get it all in writing. You have been stuck making decisions because of Mercury Retrograde in your solar Sixth House of work. Over soon!

  37. I came back to my homeland 2015-2017 but I had to return because all my belongings and economically, it is much better where I am right now. I’ve been working a strategy to sell properties but it has taken a lot of time. Paradoxically, being alone had made me growth a lot on the inside and more philosophical about life. I’ve been developed a writing skills, self help, and a real state business which is very profitable, but the social/romantic life is minimal.

    1. You are doing your Neptune in Pisces transit. You have a Pisces pattern in your Twelfth House of self-help and solitude. Jupiter has also been in Pisces so it has been very good for you. Your social life will return after Saturn exits Aquarius and your Eleventh House on March 7th 2023. It becomes powerful and empowering from March 24th 2023. We don’t know why yet. But it is coming.

  38. Thanks Jessica for helping me understand what is going on … and yes I will stick to the Paddigton Bear advice !

  39. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this.

    My moon is 24, and Ceres and my Descendant are 25. I got crushed from March into May, May was particularly brutal. I wouldn’t wish my May expereince on anyone. It was brutal. Thanks for this heads up. At least by early July Saturn will off my degrees.


    1. Jeff, the transit of Saturn in Aquarius is really difficult and in conjunction like that, can seem like a sentence. The nice thing about astrology is that we know when it ends. Astrology is date-specific and also subject-specific. So this is not general difficulty. It is about friendships and groups of all kinds. Your social life and communities. The weather finishes on March 7th 2023. The intensely personal nature of the weather – like your house actually being hit – ends when Saturn goes off those degrees. The trick with astrology is to downplay friends and groups on this cycle. Pull them up again later. Then they work better.

  40. Hello, Jessica!
    I don’t have any factors in Aquarius. Is it positive or negative in the Aquarius era?
    Thank you!

    1. You are not defined by your friends or any groups you belong to, or groups around you. It’s not a description of your personality and events involving friends and groups (cut off during the pandemic or restarted from March 7th 2023) don’t say much about who you are, as a person. Yet you will be affected, as the whole planet is, by the end of restrictions, limitations, rules, paranoia, anxiety and general fear (Saturn) as this planet exits Aquarius and the collective Eleventh House of billions. That is not the end of COVID-19. It will get worse. But it is the beginning of the very best of COVID-19 solutions. It may be instant, cheap testing with 100% results. The invention of 100% air filters or light systems which eliminate the virus. We don’t know yet. But it’s coming. It will affect you.

  41. Hi Jessica, I think that Pluto is my ruling planet, how will the new cycle affect me when it enters aquarius? I do have Hygeia, Salacia and Psyche in the aquarius as well.
    I have always had a hard time making friends or fitting into groups throughout my life. I have always been the one who has ensured that the group has what they need or fixed things for the group without really being allowed to join. Will it continue like this or will there be any change?

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with an Aquarius stellium at 11 through 16 degrees. Yes, Pluto is your ruling planet, because Pluto rules Scorpio, your Sun Sign. You shine at your brilliant best when you control finance, charity, property, valuables, business. Taking and holding the reins while still allowing other people along for the ride is your lifetime challenge. So your rehearsal with control, is down to that. And you will find control becomes the issue with friends and groups, starting March 24th 2023. This ends June 12th 2023 but by then you will know who and what you are in for – as a sneak preview. The biggest change you will notice is that the endless test of your patience, the frustration or disappointment with friends, your social life and groups ends on March 7th 2023. So March is big.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Aquarius and as a sun Scorpio, I am wondering how the Pluto in Aquarius era is going to affect me.

    Thanks for any insights,

    1. In both chart systems, solar and natal, the really big change is with your house or apartment, and any property investments or land investments in the future. A frustrating period ends on March 7th 2023. From March 24th 2023 you will realise you are in powerful new position if you can use your willpower. You have a Cancer and Scorpio chart signature and will make or save a lot of money via a home or property when Jupiter goes into Taurus, so May 17th 2023 until May 25th that year, Sara. This is a two decade cycle so get it in writing, read the fine print and get the best advice you can afford. This also applies to family legacies or legacies where you name the family.

  43. Hi Jessica

    I have Fortuna and the North Node in Aquarius so only 2 things will it be a quieter period?

    Thank you xx

    1. Yes. The less you have in Aquarius and the Eleventh House, the less you have to deal with in terms of friends who reject you; friends who are hard work; friends who are depressed or ill; groups which fail to do what you want; groups which test your patience. This also applies to your social life in general. Having said that, you still have the lead weight of Saturn in your path. This is rolled away never to return on March 7th 2023.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    My birthdate is 16 September 1964. During one of your livestreams a year (or much longer!) ago, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to ask you the following:

    “Hello, have not worked in years, no matter what options are tried. What are finances, and home ownership looking like for me? 16 September 1964 – Thank you…”

    And you graciously replied —- “There is a good businesswoman or career woman who has money to spend or budget. If you meet her halfway and give her what she needs she can cut a deal/pay you..”

    Unfortunately nothing has transpired, and things have gotten predictably worse in my life. To use the word ‘desperate’ now is an understatement. Any additional or relevant actions I should look toward to/take?

    Thank you again for ongoing insights world affairs.


    1. Thank you KK. I am astonished that this professional or businesswoman did not come into your life, or reappear, with options for you. Perhaps she appeared and you did not act. That can happen. I can lead a horse to water with the Tarot but I can’t make it drink. You are desperate, you say. Okay, I don’t see a chart here, but the Tarot is free to use on this website. I am very lucky to have been given the Smith-Waite Tarot to publish, free of charge, by U.S. Games Systems and so I am happy to pass that on to you. Follow the steps and give yourself a proper reading KK then try again. It will truly help you.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for this article! I always find your information so timely and utterly fascinating.
    My Aquarius factors are many – Venus 0, Ceres 0, Salacia 3, Sun 8, Jupiter 20, Mercury 21.
    At 17-21 years of age, my first Saturn retro, I did indeed lose most of my friendship circle. Recently, I have lost a few friendships – more to people moving away than actual loss of that relationship, however if this transit clears house the way it did for me as a teenager, well I can say I will have zero friends left. Fingers crossed it won’t be so dramatic this time. Any advice you have would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much, Trace

    1. Thank you for explaining to other readers what can happen with Saturn in Aquarius. You lost friends then. You lost them again now; they moved away. The worst is over from March 7th 2023 when Saturn leaves Aquarius and your Eleventh House. Until then you have to be patient. You will make powerful new friends, or remake friendships with people who have tremendous influence, from March 24th 2023, when Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House. You may find at that point that groups, networks or circles which were either rejecting you in 2022; could not get their act together; were too dangerous in terms of COVID-19 – become accepting, organised and/or functional with the pandemic. That will be really interesting for you. These faces matter less or disappear again by June 12th, but they will return in importance after January 22nd 2024. From New Year’s Eve 2025 for almost another 20 years you will look back and realise these allies and this circle was meant to. be. It will utterly change your life and one friendship will feel more like a family relationship or marriage.

  46. Jessica my MC is in Aquarius and Saturn is transiting my 10th house moving to 11th, as far as I understand, everything in life seems to be going wrong all of a sudden. I feel like if a rock could hurt my feelings or make me feel worthless it would. I am keeping it together however it’s hard. I keep reading this weather will last until March 2023 in your posts. My reputation, my work, everything has taken a hit and I don’t even need to do anything for it to happen. It’s like karma is on a vacation and devil is running loose. Any advice?

    1. Blimey. Whenever people have a lot of problems all at once, I suspect a cluster of factors in one of the groups: cardinal, mutable or fixed. That’s why it never rains but it pours. You are a Sun Virgo with a fixed sign signature. The fixed signs are Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo. At the moment that is being triggered by Saturn in Aquarius, the South Node in Scorpio, the North Node and Uranus in Taurus. This is really hard work, which you know. It gets better in stages as follows. First break, March 8th 2023. Second break, July 18th 2023. For the best possible outcome, take the money you save or make by October 2022 and do even more with it. You will make or save even more cash from January to May 2023 if you can do that.

  47. Hi Jessica, How do you view world stock markets and in particular the Indian Stock market? Do you think this concept of investing will last?

    Do you believe an EMP or any other form of cyber event could wipe put digital/electronic accounts – like stock certificates or bank balances?

    How do view these 4 places – India, Dubai , Singapore and New Zealand – from the standpoint of work, incomes and relative safety – wrt to both, man-made and natural events?


    1. I filed a feature on India some time ago if you want to search that country. The countries which do best economically after Pluto goes into Aquarius are solidly with the United Nations; understand the importance of Twitter in translation; ditch fossil fuel (coal, gas, petrol, kerosene) and basically ‘form one planet.’ Aquarius has always been about the rise of tribes and the collective; the wider community against the rulers. We saw that with Boudicca and the Roman Empire and the tribes which followed her. Same cycle. This time it’s high-tech. Countries like New Zealand, with an intelligent leader like Jacinda Ardern, will get it. Countries which currently have rather backward leaders, who do not understand one-world thinking, will be history very quickly.

  48. hello Jessica,
    These are mine although i fall short of a stellium.
    20° Aquarius 05′ 21″
    13° Aquarius 07′ 07″
    10° Aquarius 17′ 12″
    28° Aquarius 52′
    32″ R

    1. You have a stellium in Aquarius. The average person has up to three factors in Aquarius in the Eleventh House in modern astrology. You have four. Four, five, six or more factors in Aquarius is a stellium in the Eleventh House of social life, groups, new friends and old friends. The burden will disappear on March 8th 2023 for whatever reason. New technology which destroys COVID-19 in interior spaces may be one reason. Another reason may be a good friend moves to your city and brings his own friends into your life. Ask the Tarot, which is free on this website, for more clues. But this current grim situation does not last.

  49. Hi Jessica

    Thank you so much for another amazing article. I learn so much from each of your posts and your answers to everyone’s questions are so thoughtful and teach me a great deal about to how begin to read my own chart. I have two factors in Aquarius at 23 and 24 degrees including the north node. I find myself, not through choice, involved in a group which consists of lawyers, accountants and insolvency practitioners, trying to sort out the mess of my ex-husbands finances and my divorce. I have little control or say in the process but it impacts me significantly. I wonder if this is karma and the group playing out for me and I wonder if it will end well or badly for me? I would be so grateful for your insights into how this will effect me please?

    With much gratitude.

    1. Thank you. I have amazing readers and I always consider the Comments the second half of the feature. Lots of you are psychic, too, which helps. Whenever people go through divorce I look to Scorpio and the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. You have a stellium in Scorpio. You are a Sun Capricorn too, so going through the same story told twice, in your natal and solar chart. The karma with him is over on July 17th 2023 when the South Node leaves Scorpio and departs your Eighth House. With him or others, life as it was 18 or 19 years ago is returning karma to you. You are owed, or you owe, and that is why this is taking so long. It’s played out financially but is about your soul. And his/hers/theirs. The burden and waiting game finishes even sooner, on March 7th 2023 and you will be in a powerful new position, if you use your willpower, from March 24th 2023. Get the best advice you can afford from that point forward, ongoing, as if you can tightly run your own financial, business, charity and property world, you could end up having tremendous influence, beyond 2030.

  50. Hi Jessica

    Groan. Saturn going back into Capricorn is so awful. We have spent so long in this cycle and just when one starts to feel a bit lighter, then here we go again. It is the government over reach that gets me down the most.

    Jessica, I am interested in what exactly indicates that we have or are going into the Age fo Aquarius? For that matter how could I have seen that we were in the Age of Pisces? Were we in the Age of Pisces?

    many thanks

    1. Saturn is not going back into Capricorn. Saturn is leaving Aquarius and being replaced by Pluto. Big government is Pluto in Capricorn and it stops next March. It comes and goes until we begin with Year Zero, the Pluto in Aquarius cycle from 2025 to 2043 (2025 is the first full year of transformation). The United Nations will finally get muscle and it will be water that makes the change. The model they use for world water (green economy) is the model they will successfully adopt for everything else, fully, from 2025. Aquarius is the water-bearer and someone at the UN must be using astrology because they scheduled their New York Water Conference for the world on March 23rd, 24th 2023! The ‘new socialism’ based on a global society of people actually being sociable, is where we’re headed. Government control, and corporate control of government, ends completely as a dominant force from 2025, the first full exit year.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    I have two factors in Aquarius..salacia in 14deg and south node in 9deg. Friends have made my life worse and friends have pulled me up crises. But my genuineness towards friendships has been lost from my end as I’m unable to trust people. There is offer of joining forces for good causes, business, fun, etc. But I pull away, yet sometimes I think if I lost a good opportunity.

    Please let me know the retrograde effects for me.


  52. Dear Jessica – thank you for this and the end of Pluto in Capricorn blog…. having a very large stellium in Capricorn means I have experienced the lot as a result of Pluto- a controlling husband. I met him at the beginning of 2008 as Pluto entered Capricorn, married him as the nodes squared mine at 11degrees aries ( conjunct my Jupiter), and then finally divorced in July 2014. This was followed by bullies at work from 2015 and a toxic boss, still ongoing but not as bad as a couple of years ago! I am just about still standing……probably because I found astrology through all that pain and particularly this web site. It has been such a great support to be able to accept the circumstances and not feel like I am going mad… so thank you.

    I am less well versed on the saturn return which I am now experiencing. My first return up ended my life – I left my job and went travelling before returning to work independently. So I am curious to know what will this one bring?

    1. Thank you. As you say, you have met Pluto many times. You are a Sun Capricorn with a stellium in Capricorn in the Tenth House at 2 through 26 degrees, which covers almost the whole cycle, so you have had repeated conjunctions of Pluto. Your marriage and divorce to a controlling man chimed with the beginning, and then you had work bullies and a toxic boss. My friend Debbie Frank describes Pluto as extreme. She believes its purpose is to initiate us and wake us up to our true power. I agree. Yet you have been initiated several times. It’s almost over. Your Saturn Return at 21 Aquarius is about your social life, your friendships and the groups you belong to, as well as the communities and circles which most affect you. Thinking about life as it was 28 or 29 years ago will help. Saturn is associated with the hour-glass and the scythe (The Grim Reaper) and this transit occasionally tallies with deaths around a friend, or even the loss of a friend. The hour-glass is the waiting game. You have to wait, wait, wait for Saturn to leave your Eleventh House in March 2023 so that you can experience groups, the social round and friends without a constant feeling of obstacles to surmount or months to endure. Saturn is favoured by Liz Greene who wrote the definitive book on this planet. She believes he is a tremendous teacher and it’s quite true that from March 2023 the hard lessons you learned about particular friends, or the art of friendship, or just the burden of a waiting game – will serve their purpose. Far into your future it is the group you join or rejoin, which will empower you on a level you have not known in your lifetime.

  53. Hi Jessica, thanks for another great post. Similar to many, I had a lot of family and friendship breakouts throughout 2020/2021 related to politics and just with unmatched values. I have a very small family circle that is not very close due to mental illness and struggles so I see my friends as my extended family. 2020/2021 was a period that I started realizing I was giving too much in my platonic relationships and family dynamics while receiving very little from others. So I distanced myself a bit from anyone that didn’t serve me at that time and was more focused developing little joys, new hobbies that I loved and growing more spiritually. I have been very open in making new friendships and I do have a problem with finding people/ new friends who are consistent. I really crave consistency and stability now so I was wondering if this aspect of my life will improve for me in the future? If so when? Anything that you see that I should be more focused or to better myself in order to develop new friendships? etc.

    I know a lot of us are hurting in the friendship area and don’t talk about it that much.

    1. Thank you. It sounds to me as if you have Aquarius factors in your chart, as these rule friendships and tribes – checking now, you have Salacia and Ceres in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of networks and allies. So Saturn has really dogged your footsteps. This gets better as time goes on. You may hear good news (perhaps, old friends moving to your town or city) or there will most likely be a massive global shift in COVID-19 management, as this is the main obstacle to making new friends, or being with old friends. This is over the halfway mark now and from March 2023 it’s completely over. Given that Pluto (power) goes into Aquarius (the groups you join in 2023 or rejoin, or reboot) I suspect that the answer to COVID-19 is air filter/light treatment and that it will slowly but surely be introduced into all the indoor spaces we’ve been so endangered by, formerly. The non-pandemic side of Saturn in Aquarius is that we have gone through Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius since Christmas 2020, 2021, and now Saturn is inevitably going to be replaced by Pluto. So this is a long process of discarding some friendships, which do not match your values, as you say, or your politics. New friends can and will appear in their place and in fact have the potency and influence of, say, a professional involvement, a family tie or a marriage. Not like any friendships you’ve ever known.

  54. Hi Jessica, I have two factors in Aquarius..salacia in 14deg and south node in 9deg. Friends have made my life worse and friends have pulled me up crises. But my genuineness towards friendships has been lost from my end as I’m unable to trust people. There is offer of joining forces for good causes, business, fun, etc. But I pull away, yet sometimes I think if I lost a good opportunity. Please let me know the retrograde effects for me.
    Thanks, Fiery.

    1. Basically, wait. Groups and friends, or potential friends, or lost friends, are hard work until March 2023. Be patient. From March 2023 the endless waiting game ends and things become powerful. Very different, very quickly. Ask the Tarot closer to the time about the outcomes of possible next steps.

  55. Jessica, I have Minerva, Psyche and Proserpina in Aquarius. I have been having difficulties with a friends group seriously for about 3 years now (and family ongoing but it’s becoming more distant this past year). I seem to be a lot more comfortable with one on one interactions, it just seems more meaningful. Will next year be a defining time with this group?
    Thank you. Terri (Teresa).

    1. You live in your Eleventh House quite a lot. That is where you find friends and groups. It is where you dispense wisdom (Minerva). It is where you go through tests and trials, yet end up immortalised (Psyche). It is where you are the go-between, crossing the bridge between quite powerful friends and groups (Proserpina). This has been tough since December 2020, Terri, because of the Saturn transit in your Eleventh House in Aquarius. Saturn slows things down. It makes you wait. It can be very frustrating. It puts obstacles in your path. It can introduce Saturn people: downcast, serious, glum or going through difficulty. It feels heavy and it is. Yet it lifts in March 2023 and will not be back for around three decades. 2023 brings Pluto in, and you will quickly see how powerful you could be with these people. Again, for whatever reason; you don’t know why, yet.

  56. Hi Jessica, I have two factors in Aquarius..salacia in 14deg and south node in 9deg. Friends have made my life worse and friends have pulled me up crises. But my genuineness towards friendships has been lost from my end as I’m unable to trust people. There is offer of joining forces for good causes, business, fun, etc. But I pull away, yet sometimes I think if I lost a good opportunity. Please let me know the retrograde effects for me.

    1. You are over the worst as Saturn has long since passed his conjunction to your Aquarius factors. You remain with Saturn as a tenant in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. He may have shown up as a person – serious, sombre, stuck in some way, melancholic, going through hard times. That can happen. Or you find yourself with an entire club, team, group which qualifies. More commonly, there are practical reasons why your social life, friendships and groups are thwarted. COVID-19 is an example of that. Gathering indoors is no longer possible unless everyone is masked and there is a HEPA filter. Or, it’s possible, but people will become ill, possibly die, or contribute to the death of others. That’s Saturn.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    I was born with Saturn 22 retrograde and I am dreading my Saturn return this year. The last 3 years have been so hard financially and emotionally that I don’t think I have the energy or stamina for the difficult obstacle course that comes with a Saturn return. At the moment things just feel hopeless. I know that Saturn is about life lessons but I just want to know when things are going to get better. I feel like the last three years have been one long life lesson, and I am losing hope that things will ever improve and I really try to stay positive but it is getting harder as time goes by. When do you think will be the hardest times with my Saturn return this year?
    Thank you

    1. Dread is what astrology stops. Your Saturn Return in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups is hard work but it ends in March 2023. It will be replaced by Pluto. I don’t see a chart here so can’t comment on what else has been going on with money, but certainly a club, team, society, trade union, circle, community, charity, association (or similar) will change your life after March. If you were born with Saturn in the Eleventh House then even as a child or teenagers you realised that the hard work would be with your schoolfriends, or particular networks (like the Scouts or a football team). Lessons you learned then will be useful now. You may have simply learned that sometimes you just have to sit things out! You have to be patient. The pandemic has knocked your social life, friendships and groups around since Saturn entered Aquarius and you headed towards your Saturn Return. That stops, as I said, in March. Pluto moves in and by April 2023 you will be aware of a circle of people you can join, or rejoin. It will come and go in importance until you realise it is here to empower you, give you control and together you will move mountains. It will change your life.

  58. Jessica I have a stellium (four) factors in Aquarius DESC 14° Aquarius 38′ 16″ Fortuna 14° Aquarius 24′ 04″ Salacia 03 Aquarius 19′ 01″ Psyche 09° Aquarius 38′ 36″ I asked questions how will Saturn affect me to March 2023 and I pull Wheel of Fortune card. What does this mean for Saturn retrograde impact on my life? Thanks for your feedback.

    1. The Wheel of Fortune is about students, teachers, the internet, publishing, the media in this case, as you have a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House which is about to be aspected by the Aquarius cycles. Fortuna is herself the Wheel of Fortune, so you have chosen a card which exactly matches the astrology. Expect random events, ups and downs, highs and lows, involving the world of knowledge and information. Perhaps the book world. It will make a philosopher of you or a comedian.

  59. Hello Jessica, Thank you so much for this post. I have a stellium in Aquarius. I have never thought of that but looking at my planets and the timing, I realize that on my first Saturn return I was planning to get married (big life change) then we moved overseas 3 years later. Now on my second return which hit the exact degree last year, I was preparing for my daughter’s graduation and her moving away from home (another big change) and the though of moving overseas has popped up again. Is there a pattern here? Is uprooting on Saturn return a constant on my chart? I’m feeling an urge to leave I have not felt since my last return, the move would not be for a couple of years and it would coincide with the first move if we decide to do it. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    1. The answer to your question about your Saturn Returns is the 5 and 4 degree patterns in Libra and Scorpio tied to Saturn. Saturn is aspecting factors in Libra (marriage, partnership) and Scorpio (family finances, partnership property) exactly, and with just one degree’s difference, so whenever you have a Saturn Return the whole pattern goes off – and you marry, or move, or have a child leave home. So that’s your solution to the mystery. Transits at 4, 5 degrees – but particularly in the fixed signs, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus – tend to produce those choices. You want to move overseas and wonder if that’s wise. It really depends on COVID-19 and where you move to. The next crisis is coming 2023-2026 and it is very important that you are updated on that. Flying around/flying back is often what migrants want to do, but the astrology suggests from 2026 that will be blocked and stopped until at least 2030. I suggest you use the Tarot to validate or comment on this astrological take.

  60. Hi Jessica, I’m a Pisces with 3 factors (Vesta, Salacia, and Minerva) in Aquarius. I think I’ve really felt these Aquarian times as I’ve completely broken off from all groups because there was deception happening and I boldly stepped away finally. I’m guessing this is also in relation to Pluto in my 11th. I’m wondering what these factors means for me and groups and finding a better match to me and my goals/values? Also, are others of us not having a Saturn return included in expecting things not to move forward with groups we get involved in? Also, what does this say for those who have concerts or who are in the arts that require crowds…how does this look for them in these coming times?

    1. You have an Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of groups and friends, socialising and community. So, you are really going through it! Unfortunately you had to find out who your friends were. That often happens when Saturn transits Aquarius and the Eleventh House. It’s a strength test. Not everyone or everything passes. You’ll be much happier from March 2023 although something very new begins from that date: quite potent, highly effective, rather persuasive or well-placed human beings show up in your social life. Concerts, theatre and other group gatherings will presumably see some new wave of COVID-19 management that was not there before. Otherwise the end of Saturn (restrictions) and the arrival of Pluto (control) in Aquarius doesn’t really make sense. My money would be on air treatment because science is already across that and for whatever reason, we just haven’t seen it yet become 100% and practical for everybody.

  61. Thank you Jessica. Possible to share a bit more on “take the money you make” I am actually in a bad spot at work right now, being bullied and harassed by my manager and trying to get out and get myself a better job and honestly mental peace. Not the best time for me on personal level to be going through this, however, I know I’ll perish if I stay around. He will not stop at anything.

    1. The Moon at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, under a conjunction from transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn now, February 2023, August 2023, September 2023, November and December 2023 suggests a nice long break from the harassment and bullying after March 2023, when you leave, or they do, or things change around you. That should be enough to encourage you to retreat and find strategies and tactics for handling dominating people at work. There have been a few books written about that in this cycle, which began in 2008, and of course people with factors at 0, 1, 2, Capricorn got it first. This does not last. You will regain the upper hand and have also learned iron willpower and self-control which will stand you in good stead for many years. The Garden Oracle can help you with tactics too.

  62. hi!

    wow found this article and breakdown SO useful. unlike other articles, provides a blueprint rather than suggesting impending doom during your Saturn return lol I have Saturn in Aquarius 23° 52′ 16″ according to my chart. Definitely have been trying to follow my intuition, bunker down & teach myself to be disciplined during this time. I 100% feel like this slow down, removal of distractions, and being thoughtful about my social life is preparing me for something greater- as these are all lessons I needed to learn, but finally have the time to put these into practice. Sometimes, it’s been a test but overall I have a lot of hope for the future because of it. Definitely helping me establish boundaries though not always natural to me. During the pandemic, I moved to another country. Lived there for 6 months, then upon returning home, I ended up realizing my old home was no longer fulfilling. I quit my nightlife job to “throw myself into the fire” because I knew with the financial security — I’d never purse creative work that brings me joy.

    Any insight on these degrees in Aquarius during my Saturn Return? I have no other placements in Aquarius ( I am a Scorpio sun + moon, and pisces rising). I feel like I am on the right path, and the less resistance I have + do what I need to do, the more rewarding it has been for me. Thank you again for sharing this information! it’s like checking the weather, seeing it will rain but knowing to bring an umbrella and rainboots can make all the difference. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Aquarius is a symbol of all you do to make yourself less exposed, raw and vulnerable in conditions surrounding friendship, Twitter, Meetups, societies, associations, clubs, teams and the rest. If you look at Saturn from any NASA image you will see a pale yellow circle like an egg yolk surrounded by rings – a hard shell to protect the interior. As you go through difficult transits to natal Saturn over the years you construct a shell. At various point you are asked to figure out if the shell is a good one, or not. March 2023 is important as Saturn leaves Aquarius and Pluto enters Aquarius. That is the time to check on your natal Saturn and how you are using it.

  63. I hope that this comment gets seen, I know this blog was posted a while ago. So today, 28 JUN 2022 it was announced that the PACT ACT was being tanked by senate republicans.

    This PACT was enacted to compensate Veterans all the way back to the Korean war for health issues due to toxic substances, such as Agent Orange, burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan (my daughter served there), Marines who got ill from Camp LeJune and more.

    The legislation was introduced 17 JUN 2021 and passed on 16 JUN 2022. So interestingly, if my research is correct; in June 2021 we had a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini and Mercury rx in Gemini. Then June of 2022 Mercury was rx in Taurus but went direct on 03 JUN 2022. Would shadow period still apply here? Saturn started its retrograd cycle on 04 JUN 2022 and Neptune went rx in June as well.

    I just found it interesting because my cousin called to tell me the news, he was military as was my brother (26 years), grandfathers, uncles and as were my kids and son-in-laws so many many people in our family back to Vietnam. So we’ve been watching this closely.

    My cousin, totally not into astrology, said, “why do you think it tanked so quickly” I laughed and told him that he knew I was going to have an answer that he thought was crazy. But I said it anyway. I told him that it was probably introduced or signed during an eclipse, mercury rx or both. Of course he laughed! Then I had to look it up!

    Any thoughts??

    Thanks you are the best!

    1. Veteran compensation in the US (the PACT ACT) did in fact appear on the long Mercury Retrograde in Taurus cycle. That is the culprit here. Taurus rules the economy; settlements; health pay-outs and so on. It may well come back again on a future Mercury in Taurus cycle (without retrogrades).

  64. Thank you!! My cousin laughs at me but I am unapologetically who I am. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

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