The End of Pluto in Capricorn

How March 23rd 2023 Changes Everything

On March 23rd, 2023, Pluto leaves Capricorn. It is the beginning of the end of one of the toughest career cycles of our lives. If you have anything in Capricorn in the Tenth House of your birth chart, it has been personal. Pluto, a symbol of intense transformation, has been in the sign ruling your career – or academic career – since 2008.

Pluto in Capricorn and the New World Order

On a global scale, we are seeing the same cycle that saw the rise and fall of King George III and Captain Cook as well as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. This is the cycle that ended the old United States and saw the beginning of the new United States. The slow Pluto transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, was last seen between 1762 and 1778.

Stars and Stripes Mark Konig Unsplash 300x200 - The End of Pluto in CapricornSubstitute Prime Minister Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Vladimir Putin, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump for those kings, queens and captains who rose and began to fall between 1762 and 1778 – and you’re getting close. Pluto rules plutocrats. In Capricorn, they are at the top.

In this feature I will look at the personal impact on you, based on your Sun Sign and natal chart, but also show how the astrology proves that this is a period of decline and fall for all these men. And the old world.

Astrology is basically history, sociology and synchronicity. There is no great mystery to it. If you know the rules you can predict the future. The American flag we know today, arrived on the last transition period of Pluto in Capricorn, to Aquarius.

The Stars and Stripes represent the United States. We can predict a new American flag on this next transition period, taking us to the year 2044. The states you know today will cease to exist. The new America is waiting to be born.

(Image: Unsplash/Mark Kovic).

Pluto in Capricorn Dates

Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t just start and stop. It fades in and out. So we have a transition period, starting on March 23rd 2023, as Pluto goes into Aquarius, utterly changing your life – then back into Capricorn – until Pluto is finally out for good.

Let’s start at the beginning, though. Just like a film, Pluto in Capricorn faded in, and he will fade out. Remember these dates when applying them to your sign and chart, which I’ll discuss at the end of this feature.

Thinking about your life since 2008, if you do have Capricorn natal chart factors, then you have probably lost one or more jobs; transformed your professional life; found the most powerful people or organisations have strongly affected you.

The Pluto in Capricorn-Aquarius Transition

January 27th 2008 – Pluto enters Capricorn for the first time in 248 years.
June 15th 2008 – Pluto goes back into Sagittarius.
November 27th 2008 – Pluto re-enters Capricorn.
March 24th 2023 – Pluto enters Aquarius.
June 12th 2023 – Pluto re-enters Capricorn.
January 22nd 2024 – Pluto enters Aquarius
September 3rd 2024 – Pluto re-enters Capricorn.
November 20th 2024 – Pluto enters Aquarius.
March 10th 2043 – Pluto enters Pisces.
September 2nd 2043 – Pluto re-enters Aquarius
January 20th 2044 – Pluto re-enters Pisces.

Pluto Fades In and Out of Signs

Pluto is about a global change in the balance of power, which has a trickle-down effect on your own life. That kind of massive transformation fades in and out. It doesn’t just land suddenly then vanish. On the last fade-in, fade-out cycle of Captain Cook Denise Jans Unsplash 300x200 - The End of Pluto in CapricornPluto in Capricorn and Aquarius, we saw huge worldwide shifts take place, between 1762 and 1778.

This photograph of Australia and New Zealand with a compass (Denise Jans) shows the path of Captain James Cook as he slowly claimed those countries for King George III and Great Britain.

A great deal of the last Pluto in Capricorn cycle was about that power grab. And, as Pluto went from Capricorn to Aquarius, the rise of people power in its place. What else happened the last time?

*The Stars and Stripes flag arrived, along with the US Declaration of Independence.
*Slavery was outlawed in Britain.
*The Stock Exchange was founded in Britain.
*Captain Cook claims Australia and New Zealand for Britain and is killed in Hawaii.
*The Industrial Revolution begins in Britain.

The Capricorn Exit and Aquarius Entry

These changes are typical of a Capricorn exit and Aquarius entry.

Capricorn rules Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Premiers. Aquarius rules people power, the community, and a diverse population which shares control among itself.

In the last Capricorn-Aquarius transition we saw Americans, black and white, reject King George III and British rule (“No taxation without representation”).

We saw the beginning of the end of the slavery system. Crucially, money moved away from the monarchy and aristocracy and into the hands of the people.

The beginning of the end of Australia and New Zealand as British colonies, began. New inventions like the Spinning Jenny and the water mill put new power in the hands of the workforce, which would eventually produce the trade union movement.

Exact Timing for Capricorn Weather Events

In this story I will look at why the end of Pluto in Capricorn is also the end of  what remains of any influence at all still held by Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Exact timing for dramatic events, during the slow end of Pluto in Capricorn depends on faster-moving objects, also in Capricorn, like the Sun.

This next Sun in Capricorn period coincides with the January 2023 hearings into the attempt at mob rule over democracy by Trump fans. And Trump.

I’m writing this on 8th June 2022, but we can look a long way into the future.

December 2022, January 2023

We will go backwards and forwards with the changes to come, from December 13th 2022 until February 7th 2023 because Mercury Retrograde is in Capricorn. This includes evidence presented at the hearings.

In your own life, if you have Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia, the usual reshuffles and unwritten changes in the controls will take place in December 2022, January and February 2023.

It will bring a change in the balance of power, but it will also bring weeks of flux. The transition in your own industry, business, profession or field will be affected by technical problems, extreme weather, COVID-19 outbreaks or other typical Mercury Retrograde issues.

Dates to Watch in 2023

Watch the opposition between Mercury at 29 Cancer and Pluto at 29 Capricorn on Tuesday 11th July 2023.  The lunar nodes move out of Taurus and Scorpio, the finance signs, one week later, on Tuesday 18th July.

That 11th July 2023 crossroads shows on Wall Street. If you have anything at 29 Cancer and/or Capricorn in your chart, that is an historic milestone for you. And for big business and big politics, too.

December 2023 into the year 2024 brings another Mercury Retrograde cycle in Capricorn. Mercury moves backwards and forwards in that sign from December 2nd until December 23rd, then from January 15th 2024 until January 21st.

This is highly significant because days later, on January 22nd 2024, Pluto makes the next temporary transition into Aquarius. We also find Mars in Capricorn in January 2024 along with the Sun, of course.

Again, if you have Capricorn factors in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia, these are important months for reshuffles in power.

Ceres in Capricorn in 2024

Most astrologers ignore Ceres. I have learned you never ignore her. Ceres shows deal-making, compromises and a carve-up in power, influence and control.

She works together with Pluto (they are related in the Roman myth) and so the beginning of the end of the Trumps, plural, and their peculiar hold over the Republican Party, seems imminent with Ceres in Capricorn from February 8th 2024 until December 7th, 2024.

2024 seems like the final farewell for any remaining Russian influence over American politicians and corporate donors.

This is the sign-off year for Pluto in Capricorn, and Ceres in Capricorn will do the actual signing off, that year.

If you are a Premium Member in 2024, I’ll be giving you specific dates, about Ceres transiting your chart, closer to the time. It’s well worth watching Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn together during the transition out of the sign.

What Marie Antoinette Tells Us About 2024

I loved Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette’s rise to power (and fall) began during the Pluto in Capricorn and Aquarius transition period. She married Louis XVI in 1770 during Pluto in Capricorn. Later on, the planet changed signs and she lost her life.

The absolute power of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, rose and disappeared, as people power replaced monarchy and the aristocracy during the French Revolution. The transition is the beginning, but the beginning of the end.


Black Lives Matter and Kamala Harris

Astrology is history. The cycle before, 1762 to 1778 repeats now, with a modern spin.

This fade in (and fade out) of Pluto in Capricorn can easily be seen in the rise of Black Lives Matter in America and the triumph of a non-white woman as Vice President; Democrat Kamala Harris.

The arrival of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is another echo of the past; the Stock Exchange in London was created in the 18th century, now people have created their own stockmarket.

More echoes from the past. A record number of non-white and female politicians now holds the balance of power in Australia. The arrival of electric cars, and the rise of solar and wind power, is a reminder of Richard Arkwright’s water mill and spinning jenny. New inventions empower the people as Pluto transitions from Capricorn.

What Astrology Saw in 1971

I really like The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills. It was published in 1971 by the American Federation of Astrologers. Rex defines Pluto and Capricorn in separate chapters and you can see how uncannily accurate his book was, and still is.

Pluto rules –


Capricorn rules – 


Your Sun Sign and March 23rd, 2023

This is the beginning of the end of 15 years of pressure, challenge and deep change for you. Your sun sign tells you where.

Aries: Professional life. Unpaid work. Social status and ambition. Academic career. Ambition and rank. The system.
Taurus: Foreigners and foreign countries. Multiculturalism. Publishing and broadcasting on the worldwide web.
Gemini: Joint finances. Superannuation and pension. Stocks and shares. Property. Banks and business. Charity.
Cancer: Marriage. Business and professional partnerships. Feuds and battles. Divorce and separation. Duets and duels.
Leo: Health. Wellbeing. Paid work, unpaid work and academia. Daily routine. Housework. Lifestyle. Mental health.
Virgo: Children. Pregnancy. Grandchildren and godchildren. Young relatives. Teenagers. Millennials. Sexual relationships.
Libra: The household. The family. Home town. Homeland. The house, apartment or land.
Scorpio: Writing. The worldwide web. The media. Twitter. Facebook. Broadcasting and podcasting. Publishing.
Sagittarius: Business. Stocks and shares. Income. Investments. Currency. Property.
Capricorn: Image. Reputation. Personal appearance. Branding. Publicity. Self-Promotion. Title. Name.
Aquarius: Religion. Hypnosis. Therapy. Counselling. Self-Help. Mediumship. Tarot. Meditation.
Pisces: Friendships. Groups of all kinds: political parties, clubs, trade unions, bands, societies, associations.

Remember, Pluto fades in and fades out. There will be a distinct bump near March 23rd 2023, and then you will spend until November 20th, 2024 going through the transition.

Your Natal Chart and Capricorn Factors

As you probably know, if you are a regular reader, I use the Natural House system, which I have found the most accurate for prediction. I began using it while I was writing the horoscopes for Harper’s Bazaar online and I now use it for world forecasts, but also your birth chart too.

If you are a Premium Member, one click can now show you if you have Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of ambition, achievement, status, rank, social position, the system, professional life, career, academic career, voluntary and honorary roles, and so on. It’s right at the top of your horoscope wheel. It’s your mountain top. Your peak.

1776 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 194x300 - The End of Pluto in CapricornThe ‘what’ of your story depends on what you have in Capricorn and I will leave that up to you. If you are a Premium Member you can turn to your online library, on this website, to find out more.

You need to find out which planets, asteroids, angles and so on – are in Capricorn. It also helps to know what degree they are. If you have factors at Capricorn 26, 27, 28, 29 then you are experiencing transiting Pluto in conjunction with your Capricorn planets, and so on.

This takes time (it may take until 2024) and there will be demotions, promotions and mergers in your work place, field or industry. These will transform your life.

I’m happy to take questions in the Comments section, although I cannot promise to answer every one. As I look at my queue of comments now, I can see 14, 266 of them up ahead. I can guarantee that a great many of these will be from people with Capricorn factors who are recovering from, or still going through the cycle. Edward Gibbon published The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire on the last Pluto in Capricorn cycle in 1776.

For all that Pluto’s exit from Capricorn is still hard to go through, it is your symbolic reminder that various people, organisations, governments and institutions will also meet with decline and fall as we go towards November 20th, 2024.

Real Life Examples of Pluto in Capricorn

Here are real examples of Pluto in Capricorn impact on you, the readers, which I’ve summarised from your questions.

*Bad employers or incompetent bosses and managers who tried to take total control of your project, or your career. The Little Hitler or Marie Antoinette syndrome: out of touch and out of order.
*Corrupt corporations or business organisations who (say) took COVID-19 compensation money despite making profits.
*Domination tactics by those who assume top dog position and have to be restrained or resisted.
*Politicians you never voted for, with power over your life or death: not just COVID-19, but gun laws in America.
*Bullying husbands or sexual partners who rule in the home, because they rule the mortgage repayments.

The Pluto Positives

The Pluto positives come out of the Pluto negatives. Just one look at the last time we saw this transition cycle, 1762 to 1778, proves that. From slavery came black power. From the Stamp Act (unfair taxes) came the Boston Tea Party and the start of Rex E Bill The Rulership Book 195x300 - The End of Pluto in Capricornfreedom for the new Americans.

From the dreadful reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette came the French Revolution and the end of tyranny for French people. From the assault on native people in Australia and New Zealand by Captain Cook and King George III, came two new nations. Rex E. Bills’ classic 1971 astrology book lists Pluto positives as well as negatives.

Pluto takes a long time to take hold, because total global transformation is not an overnight job. The Pluto positives? Perhaps you have already made this happen in your life. Referring to the lists of life departments above, maybe you have already used your willpower to find empowerment.

*New control in areas of your life where you felt you had no control, or you were out of control. A sense of purpose and identity by pushing back against who/what takes over.
*A sense of self-determination and self-respect that comes from using self-discipline to solve problems. Running your own show and ‘being the boss of myself’ to resist takeovers.
*Real potency, clout and influence as a result of finding your own potential and fulfilling it. A new power in the area of life where Pluto has been operating, which comes from understanding that you have what it takes to be an effective human.

The transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius is drawing closer as I publish this on 8th June 2022. How will it affect you? How is the slow departure of Pluto from Capricorn, already affecting you? One thing’s sure. It’s a better world.

Predictions for the End of Pluto in Capricorn

Kamala Harris 1 - The End of Pluto in CapricornAstrology does not predict death and never should. Yet, we are going to see some of the Pluto in Capricorn plutocrats leave the planet on this cycle. Remember, Captain Cook was murdered. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed on the guillotine.

Astrology does not predict mental illness either, but to honour the horoscope, we should also recall that George III went mad and was replaced by his son. It’s more accurate to say that power ends. Whatever it takes to do that, occurs.

The British Prime Minister William Pitt refused to give America independence on the last full year of cycle, in 1778, but collapsed during the debate and died. Strange but true.

I’m not going to repeat my predictions about Vladimir Putin as they were published some years ago, now. More importantly, the transition from Pluto out of Capricorn, into Aquarius, is system change.

The last time we saw this cycle Jean-Jacques Rousseau published The Social Contract and we experienced The Enlightenment, also known as The Age of Reason. It’s time for minorities to attain power. It’s time for women to rise.

There’s a saying on Twitter I sometimes see: “Stale, male and pale.” If that was the Pluto in Capricorn system, you can bet your bottom dollar (or Bitcoin) that’s on the way out, starting on March 23rd 2023.

The biggest and worst example of Pluto in Capricorn in my opinion is the Climate Emergency caused by coal, gas, petrol and the kerosene which fuels aeroplanes. That has been forced on us all by various politicians and businessmen. Well, by all the laws of astrology, that is also going, going, gone. Kamala Harris reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list with The Truths We Hold: An American Journey. Her journey is only just beginning.

Historical Source: Oxford Reference.
Main Image: iStock.

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160 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I have my South Node is 29° Capricorn, North Node 29° Cancer. It is really scary. What does it mean for me? Is this going to be a cardinal impact next year beginning March 23rd? Thank you Jessica, can’t stop reading your blogs, and this one is huge. Can’t believe all this planetary events happen during my life.

    1. Nothing to be scared of, but you will face a huge decision about your home, home town, house, apartment, homeland – and the family will be pulled into that. It may have happened before, actually. Any time you have transits to your Cancer-Capricorn nodes, you have decisions about moving to make. Moving cities, perhaps, or even whole countries. A classic example is the student who leaves home to go to university in the big smoke. Or the ambitious person who leaves one country for another, where big success waits. It can work the other way too. You can put your career second, in favour of a home which is a sanctuary to you, or a refuge. You can put the bright lights or glittering attractions second in favour of being closer to your parents. It’s really on that level. This is a very slow transit and there’s no rush. The Garden Oracle can help with your decisions.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Talk about a chicken skin moment!
    2008, nov 30th is the year I got married. And it’s been a up and down, painful, joyful but a rollercoaster. You could say the same for my career, up and down, successes, fails, looping the loop. I am at a big crossroads with both right now. I am wondering if 2024 will bring an answer for me? Everything seems to be floating, suspended in motion above me, while I peddle furiously to make things happen for both my marriage and my career. Any insight would be most welcome.

    1. Marriage isn’t often talked about in the Tenth House but of course it is about status. For all that some people don’t consider marriage to be about social position and rank, it truly is; Capricorn is about the old-fashioned systems and structures of society and weddings are still at the top, in that way of thinking. You have Capricorn factors at 6 through 23 and are strongly influenced by hierarchies in your life, be they social hierarchies (staying married in a divorcing world) or work. You are trying to figure things out. You are also strongly Aquarian. Two different people in one body! The Aquarian side of yourself which is far more interested in friends, groups and making the world a better place, will likely win in the end. It will take time. The Tarot can show you.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I should have posted this comment when I first read the article but haven’t managed until now. I imagine that the queue is now on the thousands of comments. However, I will test my luck and ask the question. For years I have been in awe of your generosity and with every blog post it seems as if you are going deeper into what you want your legacy as an astrologer to be, your advise and predictions are truly remarkable and the openness with which your share your gifts never ceases to amaze me. Thank you!

    To say that Pluto has thrown my life upside-down is an understatement. I had “a” life before 2008 and many lives after 2008, therefore, this article has been enlightening. And I wonder particularly about the 29 degree of Mars in my chart and how it will affect me?

    Thank you.

    1. I’m at my desk with some home-made lemon juice and the dog is just settling down by my side, so I’m ready for the questions. Thank you for your very kind comments. If you had a life before 2008 and don’t know, you have been really affected by this transit. Sure enough you have Capricorn factors at 6 through 29 so go through the entire cycle which began in 2011 and ends in stages, from March 2023. For all that Pluto makes people feel disempowered and ‘sat on’ by a handful of people (usually men) it’s also true that the transition can empower ordinary people in an extraordinary way. We just saw that in Australia. Women independents and their volunteers took on the powerful Liberal party and its backer, Rupert Murdoch, and won. You are now at a stage of your career, unpaid work or academic career where the same potential is there. The new buzzword is ‘community.’ If you put out feelers for your tribe (or tribes, plural) now it may be slow, difficult and hard work, but from March 2023 you will realise how influential those tribes are, and just how much you can bring to them. You have the node in Aquarius so have one or more past lives spent with a central community, group, network or circle. Some you have reincarnated with will be back in your life in the late 20’s or 30’s and these friends have deep karma with you.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Pluto has had quite an impact on my career. I don’t have any factors in Aquarius but is my chart impacted by the planetary changes coming up? I do have factors in Capricorn.

    I’m so grateful for your response to my previous question on Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. It’s helpful to be aware of potential hurdles.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have Salacia at 25 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia. So you co-exist in two worlds at once, neither of them real. Not all the time, perhaps, but habitually. I have seen this in the charts of people who have one proper job and one unpaid role. The proper job is in a slightly unreal field, as is the voluntary position. Pluto has been at 25 Capricorn so that part of your existence has been well and truly changed by now. He won’t be back to 25 Capricorn so your C.V. has been as altered as it’s going to be, if we’re talking about dual roles, dual projects or dual identities.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your fantastic insights as usual. I have been busy renovating on the home front and becoming more focused on becoming self sufficient with my Taurus moon and other factors. Recently I bought the neighbours empty block and added that to my backyard and am currently preparing it for a vegetable garden. But I have a question pertaining to my 29th degree 10th house Sun in Capricorn. I have been working steadily to get back into an air traffic control (ATC) function since 2009. I was in a branch of ATC in Aus many years ago but was made redundant. I went to UNI and became a teacher and went overseas in early 2009. I have taught and fought may way back into a contract trainer position with a foreign country’s airforce. Although I am not in an ATC function I am active on the periphery teaching specific airport skills etc. I would like to know if you see any possibility of me resurrecting an air traffic control position either overseas or back in Aus in the next few years? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You want to resurrect your old air traffic control position overseas or in Australia, and you have the Sun at 29 Capricorn, right at the end of the Tenth House of career. You also have Mercury at 1 Aquarius so you are going to feel the biggest bump when Pluto goes to 29 Capricorn around 13th February and Mercury returns to 1 Aquarius. That’s the first sign of a change in the balance of power in your field. Aquarius is of course about people power within a group. It’s associated with communities of diverse individuals, and you are about to see what Pluto can do in a conjunction with Mercury there. Mercury is about communication – he is the messenger. The other time-frame here is March, the following month, so this looks like a complete change of ambition and direction. The specifics (the actual job) can be shown better by the Tarot, which you can make personal in a reading. Long-term, Pluto in conjunction with Mercury in Aquarius in your Eleventh House transforms your existence with friends, allies and the group itself well into early 2025. Powerful people and a circle of people with tremendous clout and influence are suggested; the air force does suggest itself. I’m sure you saw the Red Arrows at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. That’s a classic Aquarian team.

  6. Hi Jessica “Bullying husbands or sexual partners who rule in the home, because they rule the mortgage repayments.” rings very true for me and also the one about employers, both of these situations have changed as in I left the relationship and changed from working in small and micro business to charity and more structure and accountability. My romantic life feels like it went into hibernation…… I would love to hear any insights in my Capricorn placements

    1. You have had the worst of Pluto in Capricorn and left bullying behind at work and home. You could easily gain a new date, or something more, October-December. This person would expand your horizons; possibly be foreign or have a huge attachment to a foreign country or culture; be good news in general. If you rejected someone earlier in 2022 you may have a second chance then. This time really think about who and what is on offer; it’s pretty good.

  7. Jessica,

    What do you think of India – do you see the coming in of a female PM – “PG”
    What about stock markets – especially India? Do you see the possibility of an end to the current money system via EMP or cyber threats- wiping out entire details from the systems – how does this affect the holdings of the average citizen?

    Finally, what do you think about these 4 places and their economy – India, Dubai, Singapore and New Zealand.


    1. I had a look at the chart for India some time ago, if you want to look up India on Search. She’s really part of the crumbling old Capricorn system too. So it really can’t last. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the peak. That symbol is about any structure where all the power and privilege is concentrated in the hands of the few, at the expense of the many. So if you run India on fossil fuel to benefit a few at the top (Adani springs to mind) then sooner or later you’re going to come a cropper as Pluto goes into Aquarius, the sign of ‘we the people.’ In the original India prediction I spoke about the new industry being in alternative transport. Elon Musk is obviously tying cryptocurrency to electric cars; variations on that theme will also scoop up India, Dubai, Singapore and New Zealand. We have Uranus in Taurus at the same time as Pluto in Aquarius which is phenomenally different to anything that anybody has ever known. Expect R for Revolution.

  8. I am interested in the region of Australasia and how the region will be shaped, different in the 2030’s. Does Chinas pressure and assertiveness towards Australia, the pacific, Taiwan change if there is a shift in China’s leadership at the to, and how does this happen with communist countries like China, Nth Korea? Are we looking at a future when threats from China (war) are no longer?

    1. China is actually on a downward spiral. I’ve had a look at the various charts for China on a couple of features on this website and she is far too tied to the old 20th century economy to really make it, in the 21st century. Sabre-rattling is not much use if your economy is built on old models which are already looking very shaky (property and spreadsheets in the sky, for one). There is also a common fantasy at the moment that COVID-19 has become like a cold. It is yet to produce its most serious variant and China has that to think about too.

  9. Hi Jessica. I have a stellium in Capricorn. I have my MC there. What are the effects of Pluto on me? What will it do to my career and marriage? Both seem insoluble to me.

    1. You have Capricorn factors at 2 to 8 degrees and so the main stories were over by 2013. Pluto remains at a distance, affecting you much as it does everybody. Tremendous power and control is held by just a few corporations and people; there is very tight control at the top and occasionally, democracy itself has been messed with. I expect the second half of the 2020’s will seem like a completely different world to you.

    1. An empty sign and house just shows that you are not defined by the those matters. So your career, rank and social status does not say who you are. Other things do! The general transits and trends (Pluto in Capricorn and politics where you live) is more likely to affect you as a general climate.

  10. Hi Jessica – this explains so much. In June 2008 I finally moved out from my bullying husband (who did control the money and mortgage payments). Because of our children he has still had some involvement in my life but every year, as my children have got older and more independent, that has become less and less. However, issues of home, relationships and work have all been so pressured since 2008 – like trying to swim in quick sand. Now, with one final “not great/controlling” relationship coming to an end and house/home and money issues really stressful this month and next – I am looking and hoping that I will be able to live on my own and have my own home, feeling secure financially, having financial independence, not having to work so hard just to get by. I’m hoping March 23rd next year will be the start of that…! Is this something along the lines of what I can expect (honestly, the last 14 years have been one struggle after another). Thank you and have a lovely day. D

    1. Thank you. Your chart was actually triggered right at the start of the Pluto cycle and you are hoping to have your own home and money, with less hard work. Sure enough you have Capricorn factors at 1 through 27, so when Pluto started out at 1 Capricorn, your bullying husband became your ex-husband – and now you are at the end of the cycle, as we find Pluto at 27 Capricorn towards the end of June, ongoing. The other issue is your Cancer stellium. Cancer rules home, family, home town, homeland and property. Pluto in Capricorn has been opposing that, for much of the time you have been battling away. You have Cancer factors at 4 through 15, so went through Pluto clashing with that up until 2016. I would not be surprised if one of your children was a daughter and/or female relatives on either side were part of the saga. Moving right along, this can and does get remarkably easier as Pluto moves off 27 Capricorn and by 2024 you will be in a completely different position regarding the children, him and a future home. You will actually save or make a lot of money, October-December 2022 which helps. Your entire career, unpaid work and/or academic career will radically change by 2026 and you’ll be quite free. Liberated, actually.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    thank you for your blog articles, they have given me a lot to think about, and also a lot of hope with the world happenings this spring. Personally I have quite a lot going on in Capricorn, all factors are between 0 and 29 degrees, and it makes me wonder about my career and work. It has been really hard to find my place in working life, and now that I am 55, I have almost given up hope having a somewhat regular job and something I could call a career. I do have some work at the moment that is a pretty good fit for me. It is only part time though, and I am finding all kind of side projects to add to my earnings, but I hardly get by. I do feel that I am both underappreciated and underachieving in many ways. How do you see my career situation might be effected when Pluto sails away from Capricorn?

    The situation in Capricorn for me:
    Diana 22° 08′ 41″
    Fortuna 08° 54′ 06″
    Bacchus 11° 25′ 18″
    Salacia 22° 26′ 28″
    Aesculapia 14° 12′ 58″
    DSC DESC 05° 47′ 05″
    Proserpina 16° 25′ 58″

    1. Diana in Capricorn in your Tenth House is a symbol of freedom, space, autonomy, independence and spontaneity. You were never going to do the Dolly Parton 9 to 5. You also have Salacia there, a symbol of escaping from reality (not facing reality). You are over the worst of this cycle, and can put some difficult crossroads behind you. Pluto has been moving right away from Diana, the last symbol in your chart to be under this transit. If you want to change your professional life, then you need to look at Diana. Salacia, too. And Bacchus! These are all about being your own woman; not having commitments; enjoying yourself rather than being at the top of the ladder. So it’s really a case of perspective. It is possible that the more you see Pluto in Capricorn around you, with all its intensity, emphasis on status, success, money, and the suits – the more your Diana has been kicking back. Once Pluto leaves you may no longer feel that need to reject the game so much, and might actually just fall into your own version of success. It happens. See what the Tarot tells you.

  12. Hi Jessica, thank you again for this great post. Needless to say that I can’t wait to see the end of Pluto in Capricorn. Could you please tell me how it will affect me? Everything you have written is spot on. The last 2-3 years have been difficult with the feeling of being in limbo. I have been teleworking from my home country but my company keeps pressurising to come back to London (triggering poor mental health and months on sick leave) or terminate my contract. On top of it, there are no COVID measures in place in an open space environment and my manager who is a gaslighter. Accommodation wise, due to the instability with work, it has been difficult to know if I have to relocate or not hence a temporary home. On a positive note, Pluto being currently retrograde has provided me some relief and I have felt happier. Sorry for the long comment! Many thanks. Take care and Nasmaste!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology is spot-on for you, though obviously sorry you have been going through this difficult situation with your company. It sounds to me as if you have Virgo factors in your chart. In fact, you have a stellium (unusually high Virgo count) and the nodal axis there, so all matters Virgo and Sixth House (work and health) are central to you. You have also done this before in a previous life. For example, you may have been a servant in a time of plague, but expected to serve your master. More positively, to be strongly Virgo on this cycle, means that you take back control of your wellbeing, lifestyle and work schedule. The gaslighter manager is no match for your iron will. The reality of a Virgo signature in your chart, not just now, but into 2023, 2024, is that you have to reorganise your career. And not just that, but your entire daily routine. I am sure you have already started to do that. On the plus side, you may in fact find that you ‘get a life’ as they say. We are fast approaching a time when working people have to choose.

  13. When Pluto leaves Capricorn on March 23rd 2023, according this article, it marks the beginning of the end of one of the toughest career cycles of our lives. I really hope this also applies to the pandemic, and energy crisis?

    1. The pandemic has been a good example of Pluto in Capricorn power and control from the top of government and business, hasn’t it? I just watched a YouTube clip from a researcher at the University of Birmingham, only a few months old, which has under 1000 views. This researcher has tested, in their laboratory, a new air filter system which gets rid of COVID-19 completely on British public transport: those deadly trains and buses. Why isn’t this front page? You tell me. People power is already behind affordable, DIY filters which are being used in classrooms (but there’s no big money in that). By all the laws of astrology we would expect new inventions to empower people. Climate Emergency is another example of big business and big politics. We have the solutions, but political donors and the politicians themselves are thwarting them. Again, as Pluto goes into Aquarius, we can expect that to end.

  14. Hello, Jessica, and thank you so much for all you do. I’m hoping you can get to this, although I suspect I’m down about 1,500 spots in the queue at this point. 🙂

    Anyway, in the U.S., does the end of Pluto in Capricorn possibly also signify the end of the Republican Party and its power–especially since the party essentially sold its collective soul–or what passes for it–to Trump, and to the regressive positions and hardball tactics that Trump represents? (I hope so.)

    Also, I have factors in Capricorn–Salacia at 19, Cupido at 27, and South Node at 20–as well as stelliums in Cancer and Virgo, and have been working on trying to improve my health while sussing out a transition to new work/career. I started my current job in mid-2007, just before the current cycle began in 2008, and have gone through many struggles with power, control and bullying at work and in my personal life; I’ve worked through them and am ready to move on. Any thoughts on timing or direction? Thanks again.

    1. I’m just finishing my coffee and the last of the questions for the moment, as this feature has been popular. I think we’re all longing for Pluto in Capricorn to go, aren’t we. I think the answer to your question about the Republican Party is December 2022, January 2023, February 2023. That is the Capricorn weather we experience before Pluto leaves. It is also the moment that a great deal of text messages, emails, computer content, recorded calls, CCTV footage and so on from the Trump mob attack on democracy will come back. Why? Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. The most critical period for Trump in terms of Russia, and his allies (allied with Putin) then begins in March 2023. It goes on for years but it will empower the Democrats and end the Republicans as we know them today. That’s the astrology. As a Sun Cancer with a useful Capricorn and Virgo pattern in your chart, you are ambitious but you also do the work. You’re not such a careerist that you won’t serve others. You will be offered a hit project, fantastic new role, superior job, academic temptation or similar, by October. If you don’t take it, it may be repeated January-May 2023 or an equally good option may emerge for you. You will have to get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable, but you may well decide to do it. This should make up for some of the awful behaviour from Pluto types you have experienced in previous years.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    If you have some time can you take a look at my Capricorn placements

    Thanks a lot .

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a huge Virgo stellium and a below average number of Capricorn placements. The Virgo stellium will result in a fantastic new job or project, course or qualification, from May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter in Taurus will steadily trine your Virgo factors, one after another. This special professional challenge will also be very good for your health, wellbeing, mental health and physical constitution. You could easily pick it up as 2023 begins and then get in your stride later that year.

  16. OMG Jessica can’t resist but asking you about my Birth Chart: am I affected?

    Txs a LOT for ALL your precious work,


    1. Namaste. You are a Sun Gemini with a whopping stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House. Your work ethic, attention to detail, finesse with the small aspects of the job, conscientious attention to duty, sense of service and general Jeeves-like qualities were developed at school. When you got it wrong, you felt wrong. When you got it right, you felt completely at home. Yet, we cannot separate your physical health and mental health from your workload, no matter if it is paid work, unpaid work or academia. The body is the mind is the body with you. All of this will matter a great deal more, not because of Pluto, but because of Jupiter, which will trine your Virgo factors from May 2023 until May 2024 when, if you wish, you can have the rebirth to end all rebirths.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    My husband is a Capricorn born on 13 Jan. His business has been pretty bad past 8-10 years. Any good news in the future?

    1. Just based on the fact that your husband is a Sun Capricorn, his Sun is in the Tenth House of professional life, ambition and achievement. His Sun is probably at 22 Capricorn so Pluto would in fact have formed a conjunction to that. This is the pressure to be born again with a different identity, look, photograph, role, title. He may have done that, or not. The financial burden is over in March 2023. From that point onwards he can start again financially but he is going to need willpower, self-discipline and self-control to do that.

  18. Hi Jessica, a great feature, and as always, thorough in scope and breadth. The legacy you leave behind as a professional astrologer and medium will be substantial and unsurpassed. And it never ceases to amaze me at the amount of work you accomplish in a day – writing daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, answering volumes of questions, writing fantastic features/blogs and let’s not forget you are writing a book as well at the moment and have a family to take care of as well.

    I hope my comment makes it to the queue or does it get added to the ballooning figure of 14K+. Did some math, there are close to 300 questions from the past two days that will never see the light of day. It’s going to be far more difficult to get in on the queue from now on; the best bet is for people to sign-in to Twitter to check-in with you.

    For the blog on “Gemini weather for 2022, ” a small typo : change “Mars Retrograde in Gemini from September 4, 2022 until March 17, 2023” to “Mars Retrograde in Gemini from October 30, 2022 until January 11, 2023.” No worries, nobody notices these things.

    A quick question and feel free to say “look it up on Search,” but hey-ho, let’s give it a try. What’s in store for Israel? The never-ending strife in the Middle-East seems to have started from the time the two boys came along, Isaac and Ishmael, the kids of Abraham.

    Thanks again, Jessica, take care, see you on Twitter.

    1. Thanks so much Caroline. I set up The Sun Sign School to train professional astrologers so that eventually I could create a panel of consultants to help answer more questions and comments. It takes time to train, though. Thank you for picking up the typo in The Gemini Weather feature, I will pass that on. Your question about Israel is really about religion and that’s Sagittarius. The issue with Israel is really sociology; there are many more people alive today with factors in Sagittarius, than has been the case for about 250 years. That’s because so many children were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius. Religion was always going to be the source of revolution (Uranus), confusion (Neptune) and power struggles (Pluto) and this won’t end until those generations leave the planet. The karma which accrues every time the lunar nodes go through Sagittarius is forever, though, and that’s down to the individuals to clear. Yes, see you on Twitter.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I am electrified by this post but also puzzled. I have half of my sky in Capricorn. I started my BA studies in 2008 and now I am finishing my PhD. I cant believe how exact the overlap is between the Pluto transit and this life journey in and out of academia I had since 2008. I am often worried I will never finish my PhD, but I am hoping I have some divine help here to conclude this Pluto cycle with my last degree.

    I am a sun Scorpio (another big stellium in Scorpio) and also have a stellium in Aquarius. What will this next big phase of Pluto in Aquarius hold for me?

    Thank you so much for any insight.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Scorpio with Capricorn placements at 0 through 24, you did in fact begin your BA as Pluto landed at 0 Capricorn in 2008. You are ruled by Pluto anyway so understand that iron willpower, tight self-control and self-mastery is the only thing that works, in terms of your goals, role and ambitions. You have become so used to living like this, always watching the next step up, always keeping an eye on the academic hierarchy, that you will not know yourself for that brief period in 2023 when Pluto first dips out of your Tenth House. In fact, when Pluto goes to 2 Aquarius he will immediately make an exact semi-sextile to Uranus at 2 Capricorn and also aspect Proserpina at 2 Gemini. This suggests the mid-2020’s is revolutionary (Uranus) and liberating (Uranus) with a new role as go-between (Proserpina) involving the web, the media or academia – the written and spoken word. The beginning of the end of what was, and the exhilarating, sudden bolt from the blue that begins what will be. It will utterly change your life in May, June 2024. Enjoy the change.

  20. Hi Jessica – Thank you for sharing what you know and helping with personal inquiries. I have a Capricorn stellium and one factor at 27 degrees – Vulcan at 27 Capricorn. Vulcan is a symbol of restrained anger or desire. I don’t know what this means in conjunction with the rest of my chart. But I am at my breaking point with work and my daily routine – how I spend my waking hours has come a drain on my soul. I want to make a change before I am forced to, but I feel so stuck and can’t begin to think of an out. Any insight you have would be very much appreciated. Thank You – Nena

    1. Nena, this sounds to me like Virgo as well as Capricorn, because Virgo rules your Sixth House of health, wellbeing, mental health, daily routine, housework, paid work and your lifestyle. You do have Virgo factors in your Sixth House. You also have the nodes in Cancer-Capricorn which is home life, home town, homeland up against success, ambition, achievement. The latter never goes away. It’s karmic in nature. Yet there are times when it matters less, and it will matter less to you in slow stages from March 2023. You will not feel the contrast or difference so strongly. You will be given a fantastic opportunity to fix the issues you have, October-December 2022. Ask the Tarot for more about that.

  21. Hi Jessica: I have Capricorn in MC 5 degrees but I don’t understand what that means. I also have Fortuna in 3 degrees Capricorn, and Salacia at 17 degrees Capricorn. Can you help me with this, please? Where do I look on the website to understand more about MC.

    Thanks, T.

    1. Your MC or Midheaven is your highest peak achievement. Sometimes it’s work. More usually it’s not work at all, but in your obituary, it is what people will talk about; it is how you will chiefly be remembered. Sometimes people don’t try to attain their Midheaven and unfortunately that means no real peak or purpose. Capricorn is about the system. The hierarchy or structure we associate with the aristocracy, the establishment, academia, society itself. It really depends on where you live. So your MC shows your endless promotion through the ranks or social mountaineering. Your birth time has to be strictly accurate for the MC to also be accurate. Your other Capricorn factors were passed by Pluto some years ago so you have already been through the job loss/job hire phase. You can find out more about the MC or Midheaven simply by typing that into Search.

  22. In recent years, I have worked extremely hard, changed profession and focus several times and have ended up with spending most of my life at work with an enormous number of overtime and completely burned out. I hope that this cycle will end in 2023.

    1. You have Capricorn factors at 10 through 27 and so Pluto has been with you for much of this cycle and yet from November 2023, when he finally moves off 27 degrees, that part of your life is rapidly looking like history. Juno at 26 Virgo and Mars at 27 Capricorn are almost trine. Virgo rules work ethic. Health and wellbeing, mental health and the mind, body and spirit. Capricorn rules ambition. You have been made to play a very long waiting game to succeed when your instinct is to do everything twice as quickly as everybody else. You are competitive, formidable and a warrior in your chosen field. I strongly, strongly recommend that you pull back the heat and speed, as Pluto in conjunction with Mars at 27 Capricorn, on and off until November 1st, can be very difficult. Try to avoid getting into a battle (Mars) over control (Pluto) with people or organisations. The reason I say that is that the trine leads back to Juno, which is your commitment to work, but also your commitment to your own health and wellbeing. There is a different way to play this transit and it would involve an historic lifestyle and workload change for you. If you are open to it, ask The Garden Oracle and The Tarot for possible alternative pathways. In any case, this part of your life is absolutely done with, at Christmas 2023 and the second half of the 2020’s bears no resemblance at all to the past, professionally.

  23. Wow. My heart went through the events occurred since 2008 while reading your post and it felt heaviness.
    There were divorce, death, legal battles, alcoholism, financial loss, extreme work life, loss of business income (I have a travel business)… I sure had some positive events but it seem that I have been carrying the heaviness that those extreme events left me to overcome and grow.
    If you say that will be over, that would be one of the most welcome news!! I’m almost crying with mixed feeling of grief, relief and hope..

    1. I don’t see a chart here but I would assume you have factors in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and/or Libra (the cardinal signs) which rule career, home, family, self and marriage. Of course anyone in the travel business has been hit hard by COVID-19 as unfortunately there is still no solution for the air filtering in airports, in hotels and on planes. That will come eventually but at the moment too many people have invested too much money in Pfizer and AstraZeneca. As I say, I can’t see a chart, but I suggest you use the Tarot, which is free on this website, to see how the end of Pluto in Capricorn will reward you at last.

  24. Dear Jessica, I have Capricorn. My life went to deep transformation and huge disruptions since 2008. I just want a rest and I believe it is coming, and I think now I understand why I lived all those tough experiences. Could you give me some light about my own path? Thank you, as always. Much love for you.

    1. Thank you. You actually have the four cardinal signs represented in your birth chart; Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. This means that you have had a very hard time indeed since 2008, as Pluto in Capricorn triggered squares and oppositions, but you also had Uranus in Aries, doing the same thing. You are strongly Aries so are a fighter by nature but that kind of pattern can be very challenging. Okay, so you will relaunch yourself with a new look and new name or title by May 2023. It will work very well for you and your image or reputation will benefit. You will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024 which will enable you to have much more freedom, space and choice. The Tarot can tell you more about that, as you draw closer to the time. The biggest change in your life will be the new friends you make, who are involved with an important circle of people you draw much closer to, with total transformation from 2025 as you realise ‘All for one, and one for all’ works.

  25. Morning Jessica, Hope there is sunshine in your world today! Always love Pluto articles. In my life, there is definitely a life before 2008 (free, without burden, positive, economically stable), and after 2008 (pushing a loaded barrow uphill) where suddenly, a meteor storm of job losses and difficult jobs, hard domestic life, family illnesses and work caring, finance issues, were never ending. It was hard, (I do remember an instance when I was freely laughing about a year back, and then finding it strange bc I had not done that for so long). On the positive, I changed, and found acceptance and tolerance. Right now, glimpses of that free spirited person I once was peak out, and it is glorious. We can never be the same person, but I look to Plutos move into Aquarius with interest, and feel positive about the energy of the next generation. I experience my teenage sons looking to a world with no interest in corporate power, but every interest in our health system and our environment. Their values are so different, one son (who almost lost his life once to flu, and now a paramedic student at 19YO) commenting yesterday as we sat back watching Opal Hunters, – all I see is someone damaging the earth for stones that contribute nothing. Cheers to a better world!

    1. Good morning. It’s snowing on the mountain in Hobart so the kettle is on. Your teenage sons are probably Generation Aquarius; born with Uranus or Neptune in that sign. They have incarnated to use people power, for the global community, and change the way power operated while they were growing up. Pluto in Aquarius should really feel like a bump in your life, but there would also be practical reasons (political reasons, very likely, or new world events) which suggest that women who hold up half the sky are about to be handed more control. I suspect it will be related to the two big global issues of the times: COVID-19 and the Climate Emergency. You will feel the thud of Pluto leaving your Tenth House and entering your Eleventh House more than most people, as you have both Capricorn and Aquarius factors. At a guess, this will be about your role, goal, mission, position and ambition (the rather relentless nature of certain people or situations goes) and immediately, a group of allies you are already involved with, or soon will be, shows you just how much you can achieve.

  26. Thank you for you. For all you offer here. A place of hope and solace for me during these times.

    I am a long time physician/healer who works with many holistic modalities. I see the times changing. People used to want to create a long, deep relationship. A deep dive into chronic health and ancestral issues. Now, as the younger generations come into their adulthood and/or parenthood there is a consciousness that asks for speed, quickness, often hurry. Sometimes this works. Sometimes curing/healing an inherited physical or mental health proclivity and restoring health takes time.

    I very much want to continue to be relevant in my work. I no longer need the money, I do it for love and connection. There is deep meaning in touching the future in the way I do. As Pluto leaves Capricorn can you give suggestions of how to relate with the more urgent frequency of the generations that are coming on as adults while holding the integrity of it taking time to create deep changes in health?

    Many thanks!!!

    1. Thank you very much. You want to use your talent, time and energy to create deep change in health. This is very important as we are heading towards Saturn in Pisces, which will oppose the Virgo (health) placements of billions. I need to post a longer feature on this because we will see a new variant of COVID-19 which is the most infectious yet and/or the most resistant to Pfizer, AstraZeneca and the rest. The last time we saw Saturn in Pisces, opposing the Virgo placements of the billions, AIDS became the number one killer in America. So I am concerned as an astrologer. You are concerned because you are seeing the rush towards ‘normal’ by people in their twenties and it is pure fantasy; COVID-19 has gone nowhere. We can’t really talk about healing, or ancestral issues (generations have dealt with plagues, or cholera) without noting the virus. Something as an astrologer I know, is that health is work is health. The bigger picture of the crisis we are going to see after March 2023 is that there is a huge collective, unconscious need to work four days, three days a week. Not working for the man. Not always online. COVID-19 has already delivered working from home and job share. I think this is part of the reason we have collectively and unconsciously taken on this pandemic. What do you think?

  27. Hi Jessica,
    The only thing I have in my natal chart that’s Capricorn is my MC which is at 11 degrees of Cap. So how are these changes going to play out me?
    Love your work!

    1. You already had Pluto in conjunction with your MC (Midheaven) in February 2013 and if your birth time was accurate, you lost your job, were promoted, saw colleagues or employers leave/arrive and began a process of people politics that was ongoing in 2014 and may have led to more coming and going, Sam. History!

  28. Hi Jessica,
    thanks very much for this interesting article, it is hopeful.
    Please could you see how this relates to me personally, having in Capricorn 0 Jupiter, 11 Moon and 26 North Node. I totally relate to the summary you have shared from readers, as since 2008 I have been through the hell and back, in both career and marriage. Of course, I did accomplish as well, but it was such a hard climb full of obstacles and betrayal, with the balance never right. Now, I have committed to be independent, on both work and private fronts, and getting stronger and more positive each day. It feels right to fight for autonomy and find oneself again, as it was many, many years back.
    Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Leo with the nodal axis across Capricorn-Cancer at 26 degrees, so your marriage (Cancer, home, household, property) and career (Capricorn) were always going to be karmically loaded in nature. The nodes go backwards through the signs and are associated with past lives. So you incarnated knowing your family and likely your husband from other incarnations and chose to come back to figure out some kind of spiritual settlement. Because of this Cancer-Capricorn tilt in your chart, since 2008 you have become almost used to never really feeling that your home, home town or homeland is a stable and settled sanctuary. Every 28 days the Moon goes through Cancer and your Fourth House, triggers that axis, and you feel the usual sense of being dominated by someone or something. That ends slowly but surely from March 2023 and from 2025 you won’t know yourself in terms of the new existence. It’s been similar with career, in that you have been dealing with Pluto in residence in your Tenth House of achievement and ambition. You have already found out the trick; it’s willpower. From 2025 you will retain the willpower and empowerment and lose the obstacles. It will be a different life.

  29. Hi Jessica

    I have 5 in Capricorn; Mercury, Diana, ASC, Salacina and Proserpina career wise I qualified (law) in 2007 but since then have changed jobs a fair bit without really progressing much, I didn’t have a great time in 2020 and although I’ve changed jobs since then and am happy where I am, there are some things from the old job hanging (unfairly) over me, I’m hoping things will work out on my favour and will be much better going forward thank you xx

    1. Your Capricorn stellium at 2 through 28 degrees suggests a long and winding road with the legal profession and it gets better in stages. The last pass of Pluto at 28 Capricorn is December 2023, which suggests the usual year-end departures, promotions, retirements and so on, either in your work place then, or in your immediate field. This then tips you into a completely different way of thinking about your profession, rank and status as from the final week of January 2024, Pluto goes into Aquarius, tilts back to 29 Capricorn for a while, but is nowhere near your last Capricorn placement. You could draw a neat line under the Early Twenties and Late Twenties, actually, as from New Year’s Eve 2025 a lot of the issues you have been having with hierarchy, power, control have vanished. You are a Sun Sagittarius too so have transiting Uranus (the revolution; freedom; independence) in your Sixth House of work at the same time, so neither you nor I would be surprised to see a sudden upheaval which puts you in a completely different space from 2025.

  30. Hi there ! I have 29 sun cancer and 27 moon Capricorn and 29 Scorpio and 29 Taurus nodes do you think this is life changing time- March 2023 -in a positive way ? I just wondered because you said it would be a time similar to 2020, with a new rise in a possible covid variant. I already had long covid march 6, through July of 2020. Wishing everyone good health!

    1. Thank you. You have factors at 8 through 10 Virgo in your Sixth House of health and had Long Covid since 2020. Your issue was Uranus at 6 Taurus in April 2020, moving across to 10 Taurus by July 2020. So transiting Uranus was trine your Virgo placements. That means quite radical, sudden, revolutionary change. And the only thing to do, is meet change with change. In the Sixth House, that is always with work, unpaid work, study or housework. Not just the body, but the labour. Saturn going to 8-10 Pisces is your next challenge. That is February 2024 until March 2024. Put your mental and physical health first then. Not your work. Not your housework. Not charity work or any other kind of work, including study. Stay constantly updated on COVID-19 from scientists, doctors and epidemiologists, as you already have Long Covid. Your Virgo side can and will help you, but you have to remember Virgo is wholistic health and tied to your work satisfaction (or not). That is really what this is all about.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this very interesting article. It’s so great to have this information – very helpful to have a weather forecast for the next few years!

    Through reading on your website I’m trying to gain a bit of knowledge on my birth chart and how this interacts with transiting planets. My natal Jupiter, Uranus and Juno are all at either 0 or 1 degree of their respective signs. So would I be correct in thinking that they regularly work together in a positive way (since they are sextile/semi-sextile each other) when there are transit placements at 0 and 1? However, when Pluto moves to Aquarius it will be squaring my natal Jupiter – do you see there being a negative edge to this part of the transit for me?

    Since my birth chart planets are all in different signs, am I right in thinking that this means that the impacts of each of them are different? Sounds like this Pluto move to Aquarius will be a busy time for me!

    This is before I even touch off Vulcano, which I have at 2 degrees Aquarius!

    Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Thanks so much. You are quite right about Jupiter, Uranus and Juno working together. Start with that and the rest of the chart will make sense. Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are the three linked signs, so your Eighth House of joint finance and property; Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries; Tenth House of ambition, position and mission- are also linked. Any transits by slow-moving outer planets or the nodes to 0, 1 degrees will always set the story off again, and you can rewrite it every time although the plot never changes. Jupiter going to 1, 0 Aries in October is a good example of that. That can only happen every 12 years so it’s important. Pluto going to 0 Aquarius from March-June 2023 can only happen every 248 years so this is an historic crossroads. July 2023 is memorable as the lunar nodes go to 0, 1 Taurus and Scorpio. With all these transits, the key here is finance or property. Scorpio and Eighth House. Get everything in writing, read the fine print, get professional advice and create space for flexibility. Try not to lock yourself in when transiting Pluto is square your Scorpio pattern. Similarly, when the transiting North Node is opposite, and the transiting South Node in conjunction. Create wiggle room.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this beautiful post, and I would say your website is quite addictive. My Sun is in Pisces (21 degrees), Moon is in Libra (21 degrees), Ascending is in Capricorn (25 degrees), North Node is in Cancer (28 degrees), and the South Node is in Capricorn. No other planet placements in Capricorn. Right after, when Pluto entered in Capricorn, around mid-2009, my professional life came to an end. Since then, I have been working part-time, but not in my profession.
    Relationship side took a similar turn as well. We became more of a business partner, rather than personal one. And, especially since Covid-19 started, we almost became roommates. (Interestingly enough, her birthday is identical with mine, the year, the month and the day).
    Thanks to your blogs that I found that my entire circle of friends do change, every single time when South Node is in Scorpio (which is my 11th house). Back in 1985 I graduated, so lost all of my classmates. Then, in 2003 I moved to another city, this time I lost all of my contacts.
    Having said all of those, I am a bit worried about Pluto moving in to Aquarius, since it will be in my 2nd house. I truly appreciate your comments, would like to thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. Your nodal axis is in Cancer-Capricorn at 28 degrees so Pluto is transforming home and work now, and will continue to do so until Christmas 2023. Roommates are ruled by Cancer. Part-time work is ruled by Capricorn. Your South Node in Scorpio is in your Eleventh House in the Natural House system, not your Eleventh House. Pluto moving into Aquarius will be in your Eleventh House, in the chart system I use. So yes, that will transform your social life, and invest the groups you belong to (or join) with great power.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    These blogs are so helpful to people – thank you!

    You wrote earlier in response to a question “ YouTube clip from a researcher at the University of Birmingham, only a few months old, which has under 1000 views. This researcher has tested, in their laboratory, a new air filter system which gets rid of COVID-19 completely on British public transport: those deadly trains and buses. Why isn’t this front page? You tell me”. Could you please provide a link to this? I’d be very interested to watch.

    I have been campaigning for months to management at work, and anyone who would listen on a ‘layered’ approach to managing COVID in the office. No one listens! Worse still, many people are irritated by it. I picked up the term ‘healthy buildings’ from somewhere, maybe you, whereby I’m asking for hepa filters and providing links to research plus recent work on far-UVC light. It just goes into some void of disinterest – frustrating and dispiriting. Just caught myself ranting :). Thanks again for your valuable work.

    1. Thank you. You know, the thoughtful questions which are asked, and the examples supplied, are usually the most interesting part of the whole feature. So I always go back when I can. The University of Birmingham research was buried by the British media, not to mention the world media, for reasons which I suspect are also buried in the sharemarket. I’ve been asked a few times to look at the new COVID-19 variants of 2023 and their higher rates of infection, but also the fall-down of vaccines against them. That astrology feature will appear a little later. Layered management of COVID-19 is the answer, in 2022, correct. Your problem is three generations who are liberated by travel (Uranus in Sagittarius) fascinated by travel (Neptune in Sagittarius) and obsessed with travel (Pluto in Sagittarius). They don’t like masks or needles. They really don’t like quarantine. You can but look after yourself. Eventually air and light treatment for COVID-19 will eliminate it indoors. At the moment the investment has been in needles. That’s where the sharemarket moves. We are in a cycle with this pandemic where nothing will change until March 2023 and then it all changes at once. Watch that Full Moon in Virgo (health, pandemics, epidemics) on March 7th 2023. Until then, with Pluto in Virgo, you will have to control your workload, control your hours, tightly manage your daily routine, run your lifestyle with both hands on the reins and the rest. That will work for you. What a lot of people do not realise about the pandemic is that the whole point of it was that we job-share, give up work, take a new job or wrest back control of hours/locations (work from home). In astrology terms this is the purpose of what’s now here. Try not to have an issue with Covid any more than you have an issue with paid work, unpaid work or study and actually begin with the latter. That’s the solution.

  34. tks for your reply Jessica….

    which country would you move to if you could af if not would yu be happy to stay put in India?

    Issues on religon, minorities, corruption never seem to go away.


    1. India has a caste system so was always going to be in trouble with Pluto in Capricorn. The United Kingdom has a caste system too. It’s called the class system. Again, she was always going to have issues with Pluto in Capricorn. Expect system change in both nations starting in March 2023. From November 2024 the old establishment and hierarchy will be replaced by a radically different way of thinking about class and religion. In the United Kingdom it will likely chime with a Labour government or a minority government where the Conservatives lose power. The more highly stratified a system is (Narendra Modi being a dismal example of that) the more Pluto in Aquarius will dramatically replace what and who was there. Wait.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    I have a 0 Capricorn and sun sign 3 Capricorn. Not surprisingly, I had a home loan approved in 2008 but then was retrenched in 2009. It wasn’t until late 2013 I bought the long awaited for home.
    I also have a 20 degree Capricorn and a 27 degree Cappy with a few others at 27 degrees too.
    I resigned from my day job in Jan 2022 – and have been studying and running my side hustle. Interest rate rises in Australia have me worried and wondering if I should start hunting for another job that pays a regular wage. Would love to know how you see the end of Pluto in Capricorn impacting me.
    Thanks AJ

    1. Ceres at 27 Capricorn is your whole career story between now and November 2023 (the last pass). You will compromise, job-share (perhaps) or time-share during this period, as people or organisations, even situations, which try to dominate you – manage to get you to change. Ceres in your chart symbolises how you use your entitlement to creative control and tremendous power. The caveat being, you will always have to give way, give in, share. Have a look at Ceres on Search. Expect to cut deals with others more than once and try to leave the emotion behind. You must both/all come up with something that actually functions. No feelings!

  36. I have absolutely nothing in capricorn just sun in the tenth house but the year 2008 was the most transformative year in my life and because of that year, which started everything and was the catalyst for everything. Iwent through many things which were painful, difficult, heart-wrenching but also motivating, inspiring and last year I emerged as a totally healed, self-aware, happy human being, so inspite of the fact that I have now pluto square sun transit because of the transformation that happened in my life I am a well-equipped person to deal with it;-) I think with pluto you can’t fight, you have to accept to go through it and learn your lesson, but the reward is bigger than with any other planet. No delusions just facts. Thank you Jessica for your blog. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you. “Just the Sun in the Tenth House” is enough to have changed your life since 2008, as the Sun’s house shows where you shine, stand out, are photographed or filmed, highlight and illuminate what matters to yourself and others. For you, it has always been ambition, position and mission. The reward of Pluto is lasting power, influence and clout. It can be dented but it never goes away.

  37. Hi Jessica
    I have Minerva and Aesculapia late degrees of Capricorn could you please give me an idea of what this might mean for me?
    Kind regards Selina

    1. Minerva at 26 Capricorn is the last of your factors to receive a conjunction from Pluto. She is your inner wisdom. You could easily become a respected professional or academic with Minerva in Capricorn in the Tenth House. This is the ‘lady writer on the TV’ to quote an ancient Dire Straits song. It is also the wise old owl, to whom interns turn to, when faced with problems. Pluto on Minerva has already happened. You have been taken over, or there has been an attempted takeover, of your space. Your role and projects or plans. It can be the universe (unemployment) or people (the boss). It’s back in August-December then over. I suspect there will be a reshuffle at Christmas, when people tend to leave or start, and you will either leave or depart yourself, or be affected by that, but the issue of being dominated ends at that point.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    Sitting here with a fractured knee just as I am about to move into a new apartment, I could be miserable. Strangely though, although I am a fiercely independent spirit and free movement – physically and psychologically – is essential to my happiness, I am surprised (my family also!) as to how calmly I am taking my discomfort. I have such hope for the future. My experience mirrors your predictions and so, with Ceres at 25 Capricorn and Salacia 08 Capricorn, both in the 10th house and Jupiter and Uranus both at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House, I have a fated feeling about the demise of Pluto in Capricorn. I am so excited about the Pluto in Aquarius period. Humanity needs change so badly. We need a Renaissance.
    I want to play my part in this Re-volution. What more can you see?

    1. Capricorn rules knees, strangely enough. The body often talks, even through accidents, and knees are about kneeling down before superiors, the system, elders or straining too hard when trying to go up, move forward or go to the next level. You have a Capricorn-Cancer opposition which is slowly playing itself out of your life in terms of the memories you hold. Capricorn-Cancer is often the ambitious woman who wants to move into a social sphere her parents or family never attained. They call it ‘moving on’ in the working class. Kate Middleton, as she was, was a Capricorn. Middle class to future Queen. It works the other way too. Cancer-Capricorn is the woman who puts a sanctuary, home, garden, love for a town or country, above success. As you go into Pluto in Aquarius, the first thing you will notice is that the corruption of 2008-2023 is gone. All that can remain are the arrests and deaths, actually. It’s very close, historically, to the end of colonisation and King George III and Captain Cook. The end of the French aristocracy. If you want to play your part you won’t even have to ask. It’s long.

  39. Hi Jessica

    Wow, from 2008 has been a long hard slog with my business, but more than that my health has taken a turn as per your general ‘libra’ comments this year. Have you any thoughts how it might play out going forward?

    As always, thanks you…

    1. You are a Sun Libra with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing, mental health, physical constitution. The Sixth House also rules daily routine, lifestyle, paid work, unpaid work and housework. There are solutions for you between October and December so take them. If you didn’t take one earlier, it may return, and this time you should say yes, according to your solar chart and natal chart. The Virgo stellium runs from 6 to 26 degrees so you will experience trines from Uranus (radical, revolutionary change) and Pluto (deep transformation) going forward. You cannot work or live, or look after yourself, as you once did. You are experiencing oppositions from Neptune (confusing, confused, mysterious challenges) too and eventually you’ll go through the Saturn oppositions starting May 2023 to Christmas 2025. So this is a transformation waiting to happen. It’s incredibly important that you update yourself continually on all things health-related in this period. The bottom line with Virgo stellium women is their whole lifestyle, including their attitude towards work. Virgo is about work which respects your health on every level. If the job does not honour and serve your entire constitution, then it should be questioned. We are seeing a lot of women resign or take early retirement and they all have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (they are in their fifties). However this pans out for you, always remember that you have an intense dedication to service and duty but your first duty is to your entire wellbeing! That’s the Virgo lecture over.

  40. Hi Jessica Im fascinated by astrology and how accurate it is.Trying to learn but seems to be going back n forth with it so don’t really have a clue about my chart.
    I have some placements in Capricorn and life has been very difficult at times since 2009 particularly.Any insight into where I’m heading will be gratefully appreciated.Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a Taurus stellium in your Second House of personal income and values, and a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. Ever since 2008, you have been dealing with deep and often very difficult questions about power and money, or control and property. This may have been landlord-tenant. It may have been family or partners. Every time you conquer one challenge another one arises. It feels particularly important in 2022, 2023 as the nodes are crossing Taurus and Scorpio too. Yet from July 18th 2023 the hard part is behind you. The lunar nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio. Even in your solar chart we find Pluto slowly leaving your Eighth House by then, and he’s gone completely from November 20th 2024. So the late twenties will be unrecognisable for you in terms of what you remember in recent years. Your house, apartment, income, salary, accounting will be free of the politics at long last.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    I am following up on a few questions I had asked a few years ago. I have Mercury at 27 Capricorn, North Node at 23 Aries and South Node at 23 Libra. I have had a rough five years with my children during this Pluto transit. Now that there is some light at the end of the tunnel, what can I expect as far as my relationship with my children goes? Thank you and your readings are amazing.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn, and the other signs are also cardinal. Children are of course the progeny of two parents and Libra describes the other parent. Some of this is about the genetic inheritance from the other parent – or the impact of their parenting on the child. You are in a fantastic cycle for family repair work. It ends in October then restarts January-May 2023 when a little effort with your offspring will go a very long way. But as I said, it’s about the other person, actually. So it starts with the pair of you.

  42. Hello Jessica, thank you so much, fascinating article about Lord Pluto and i really enjoyed the illustration of the planet (i learned more than in physics class 30 years ago !)
    I am born with a mercury at 28 degrees in capricorn and i can confirm all the changes in my workplace : a whole generation forced to retire in advance even when most of them dont want to, a new CEO, the departure of also all the tech guys who were not considered at their value and now have found employments elsewhere…
    And since Pluto has conjunct my mercury, i feel a bit powerless, a go-between, like i dont have my usual independance or will…I dont know if its an illusion of if i can fight this. I feel drained of my usual fighting strenghts, like i am watching and old theatre play and i dont want to be part of it anymore. Those rules from an old world do not concern me anymore.
    I am deeply aquarius with a huge stellium so i guess i am waiting for the next world.
    However i fear the arrival of pluto on my moon (1°50 degrees) and then mars (5°degrees) in aquarius (and then sun and then it wont stop, all the stellium is waiting) : could it be related to my emotional life, my mum, and my brother or a new partner with mars ? or is it just linked with group of friends or associations ? Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. It’s a good graphic, isn’t it? Have to say, the astronomy section on iStock is a gift for astrologers too. Thank you for validating the astrology. You have perfectly expressed what it feels like to have Pluto in conjunction with your Mercury, by transit. You are worried about Pluto’s transit in Aquarius, though. Mercury at 28 Capricorn and the Moon at 1 Aquarius suggests you will be caught between two worlds in 2022, 2023, 2024 with 2025 being the final move into the new existence. You will go from career to friendship. From ambition to people power. From the system, to the community. This is not about your mother. If you think about your Tenth House, ruled by Capricorn, as a space where you naturally live online, talk your way through life, put it all in writing – then you can see why Pluto is a challenge. Your tech experts have gone. That’s a clue. The answer with this long transit is to create your own world, within that world, where you feel dominated. In other words, do your thing. Create your own system and use willpower to implement it. She, he or they can do what they do; you do, you! The last pass of Pluto at 28 Capricorn is Christmas 2023. As this is quite obviously when people leave/start jobs, this will affect you, or you will actually quit/start work by January 2024 in a new direction which signals the end of being dominated. When that happens, get it in writing, read the fine print and prepare for temporary flux, as Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn is with you in December 2023, January 2024. This looks like momentous change, though. The friends and groups which are centre-stage when Pluto is in conjunction with your Moon from February 2024 suggests to me a new job for you, or a new environment in your old job, with new faces. From February 2024 you realise that your core need to be needed (by friends) and your caretaker role with groups in general – is absolutely going to be changed. It’s like being Mother Hen in the farmyard and having a new farmer, or a new farm. Again, the solution as always with Pluto is to draw on tremendous willpower and self-discipline to push back against what you do not want, and to strengthen and intensity what you can use. February 2024 will change your life. The Tarot can help you more closer to the time.

  43. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your wonderful and timely article. Like someone else commented, just when I wonder about a particular issue or transit, I can log in and see that you have just created an article that addresses that very thing. You are completely in tune with your readers and I deeply appreciate this! I have zero chart factors in Capricorn but was heavily affected in the area that you have listed for Librans: home, family, home town, and homeland. Just when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, I moved to my husband’s country. He is heavily Capricorn as is his family. Since then it’s been a lot of ups and downs and struggles living there and trying to fit in and in Dec 2019, we finally moved to a country where I feel at home but my husband doesn’t. I feel the main reason he is unhappy here is that he is struggling to establish his career here. He works in Oil and Gas and is looking to move into the renewables industry. Can you look at his chart and see what you expect? He has Capricorn in the crucial 29 degrees that you mentioned. What can he and I expect from this huge change of Pluto changing signs? Here are his chart factors: Sun 10° Capricorn 53′ 04″ Moon 17° Capricorn 44′ 46″ Mercury 29° Capricorn 04′ 54″ Ops 26° Capricorn 29′ 09″ Venus 00° Sagittarius 47′ 32″ Neptune 12° Sagittarius 34′ 02″ Uranus 06° Scorpio 25′ 25″ Minerva 19° Scorpio 12′ 14″ Bacchus 18° Scorpio 47′ 45″ Cupido 16° Scorpio 07′ 05″ NorthNode 20° Scorpio 42′ 09″ R ASC 21° Scorpio 02′ 54″ SouthNode 20° Taurus 42′ 09″ R DESC 21° Taurus 02′ 54″ Mars 17° Gemini 04′ 12″ R Ceres 02° Gemini 15′ 15″ R Psyche 08° Gemini 28′ 48″ R Jupiter 15° Aries 37′ 16″ Chiron 23° Aries 35′ 13″ R Panacea 09° Aries 23′ 37″ Saturn 00° Leo 58′ 24″ R Fortuna 16° Leo 17′ 55″ R Apollo 17° Leo 28′ 18″ R Pluto 11° Libra 39′ 58″ Vulcano 05° Libra 17′ 31″ Juno 18° Virgo 58′ 52″ MC 19° Virgo 20′ 48″ Aesculapia 24° Virgo 59′ 00″ Hygeia 01° Cancer 12′ 58″ R Salacia 05° Aquarius 41′ 44″ Proserpina 04° Pisces 55′ 09″ Vesta 29° Pisces 00′ 47″ IC 19° Pisces 20′ 48″ Diana 05° Pisces 20′ 52″

    1. Thank you. I do try and tune into what readers want, and preferably well ahead of time, so that people are prepared. I’m not really a fan of astrologers who jump on an event once it’s happened and then put up complicated charts to back-explain things. Astrology predicts the future so you can minimise any issues before they expand, and take full advantage of opportunities as they arise. As a Sun Libra person you have been going through Pluto in Capricorn in your solar Fourth House of family, home town, household, property, homeland since 2008. You and your husband disagree about where to live. He’s trying to leave fossil fuel and go into renewables (smart move, according to astrology). He’s also a Sun Capricorn. His financial burden ends in March 2023. He then makes a slow transition into a new budget, with the transformation complete from November 2024. The year 2025 is the full new beginning for him. Your burdens about where to live end in March 2023, so on a similar time-frame. You don’t say if you have children or not. Children, stepchildren, godchildren, young relatives are your personal main event story for decades into the future. This begins in a really obvious way from March 2023. The world of children, teenagers and Millennials can be empowering for you, long-term, if you find who and what is right for you and summon up huge amounts of personal power, self-discipline and will to achieve it.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all you do. I’ve learned so much from reading your site. I am blown away by your ability to reposed to so many comments You must love wha you do. I’m envious!

    From your site I’ve learned to pay attention to Pluto because I feel like it has made my life difficult since 2008 and have been looking forward to March 2023 for quite awhile. I can completely relate to MBR’s comment about having “a life before 2008 and many lives after 2008.”

    Since 2008 I have lost my job twice (most recently April 13, 2022 my position was eliminated), I’ve been financially wiped out and slowly rebuilt a small savings, I’ve had both parents die, a life-long best friend (since 5 yrs old) pass away, and had a heart attack (even though I’m in great shape.)

    Right now I’m stressed about finding work and building financial security for the future, but I keep telling myself that 2023 will give me a new positive life. I know life will get better.

    All the best!

    1. Thank you Chris. It seems a lot of people had a life before 2008, and a life after 2008. Maybe it should be called BP and AP (Before Pluto, After Pluto). You have gone through the full Pluto transit in a really difficult way. The astrologer Caroline Casey associates Pluto with that kind of transformative, critical process. You have lost jobs, lost money, seen parents and friends pass away, and survived a heart attack. You are a Sun Libra with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of legacies so it hasn’t only been about Pluto. Your Scorpio stellium is at the heart of oppositions from Uranus in Taurus, and that cycle always radically changes the old world. Now, you know the value of good health. You will be offered an opportunity to hugely improve your physical and mental wellbeing in October-December this year. A partnership (personal or professional) will move forward in a stunning way, between now and October, or you will form a new duet with a person you consider to be your other half. Long-term you will save or make money, May 2023 to May 2024 so get the best advice you can afford, then.

  45. HI Jessica, Thanks for what you give to the community and globe through your knowledge and gift to all.
    I am a sun Scorpio and Minerva 5 degrees capricorn and bacchus 13 degrees capricorn. What can you tell me about life for me during the pluto transition into aquarius and then from 2024?

    1. Thank you. Okay, so using the natal chart and solar chart together, the Scorpio and Aquarius patterns suggest family money, household finances, partnership and property, the house/apartment in the context of your legacy to others, and any legacy naming you. This is karmic in nature and goes back about 18 or 19 years. The South Node in Scorpio is there until 18th July 2023 so you have just over 12 months to sort out the agreements, any paperwork, and your own life budget. Pluto goes into your solar Fourth House of family and property in March 2023, as you know, meanwhile in your natal chart, we find your Eighth House of joint money, assets or debts is well and truly tenanted by the South Node. Decision time.

  46. Hi, Jessica.
    In 2008, I started my academic career. Master degree, PHD and then became an academia as a profession during this 15 years.
    I am wondering what will happen to me when Pluto enter Aquarius in this new transition.
    Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of academia and will find that new technology and new inventions from 2026 transforms your career until the year 2033. Uranus in Gemini will oppose your Sagittarius stellium for many years. Globalisation ends then and with it the old travel and borders structures. This profoundly affects the universities and foreign student income streams. Zoom will look very old-fashioned in 2026-2033 as the world moves into radically different ways of educating/being educated. You will be swept up in that and also align yourself with a very powerful group of people, as Pluto in Aquarius will sextile your Sagittarius stellium along the way. When Pluto goes to 20 Aquarius and triggers the 20 degree patterns you have in the Ninth House and Eleventh House (starting in 2036) you will change the world with your group, and the group will change your world too.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    I’m fascinated to see that Capricorn rules manufacturing – I never knew this before. I worked for a tech company serving manufacturers during the pandemic when manufacturing was thrust into the spotlight for the first time in decades due to supply chain issues and mass production of new types of vaccine. I was wondering what you see happening for the manufacturing industry once Pluto departs Capricorn?

    And what’s in store for my own career? You mentioned that renewable energy is the new industrial revolution and next week I have an interview for a company that reduces energy usage and manages renewable energy assets.


    1. Thanks Ciara. Capricorn rules manufacturing because it exists in high-rise buildings and Capricorn the goat climbs the highest mountains to the peak. The top brass live on the top floor. Capricorn also rules companies where you start as the office junior and replace the boss. Again, the idea of climbing from the bottom to the top. Once Pluto leaves Capricorn you will find some of the corruption associated with COVID-19 ends. By that, I mean organisations and politicians which have capitalised on the pandemic will fail or depart, for whatever reason. Power goes back to the people in slow stages and from November 2024 we move into a different world, ongoing. You are not logged in, so I cannot see your chart, but if you are being interviewed for a job in renewables, look at anything you have in Taurus in the Second House of income and shares. Uranus in Taurus is a symbol of the new world economy, which replaces the old coal, gas, petrol, kerosene economy and of course the ‘China is the world’s factory’ economy. Anything you have in Taurus at 15, 16, 17, 18 is picked up by Uranus by Christmas, so a new income source is coming, if so. If shares are offered, double that message.

  48. Dear Jessica,
    thank you for your insightful article and for taking the time to answer all the questions. As far as Pluto in Capricorn is concerned, after many years of continuous work, failures, and dogged determination, I landed in 2008 an extremely prestigious position which demanded and still demands a lot. For the last 14 years I have been asked to prove myself non-stop, and I have, climbing the ladder steadily, again through a lot of work, and having often to face criticism and put-downs. I also had to deal and I am still dealing with controlling and abusive behaviors from my now ex-husband, with whom I share children. This relentless behavior takes a huge toll on me as I am shielding the kids and legally there is not much I can do without taking an enormous financial and emotional risk for an uncertain result. In a nutshell, a very trying period, with many rewards, but a high price paid and still paying. My question is whether all this will ease somehow after this next Pluto transit; I am hoping for a calmer personal life, not in a permanent state of alert, and a professional life with recognition.
    Thank you for your help

    1. Thank you. This is another amazing example of Pluto in Capricorn over the long term. In your case, actually since 2008. The ladder at work has been hard. Your former husband has shown up as Pluto – controlling. You have children and they have to come first but you have really taken the strain. You are a Sun Aries with a Capricorn pattern including Vesta at 27 degrees. Do you have daughters? Are female relatives around the situation with your former husband? Does work put you in a situation with one or more females, and one male in charge? The reason I ask this is that Vesta is always about gender politics. A man who encourages a harem who puts himself at the top. Pluto is crossing 27 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years and this Pluto-Vesta conjunction may have shown up already. It will continue to do so as late as October 2023 by which time it’s fading out. Vesta is best handled by joining forces with the other girls/women against the man. Keep your sense of humour. If not, he will try to manipulate the situation and pit you against each other for his own ego. This can happen if a former husband takes a new girlfriend. He may try to have you compete! Or, his mother gets involved, and his sister. It can be on that level. Okay so now you know what to avoid, the good news is, the people politics ends in March 2023. In March, April, May and early June you are shown what life might be like professionally without the power and control questions. Again, from January 2024 until September 2024, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Over both these periods, it may be that problematic people leave, you are offered a better deal elsewhere, or new rules come in which change the politics. November 2024 onwards confirms it. You can turn your back on the past and enjoy a career where you do not regularly feel dominated by someone or something trying to take over. You will make or save quite a lot of money between May 2023 and May 2024 which will also help you to feel happier. Over the very long-term, new and powerful friends will change your life, or you will find old friends draw closer – these people are also quite powerful.

  49. Another great post … but clarification please. I’m one of those who can hardly wait for Trump’s influence to be gone.

    “She works together with Pluto (they are related in the Roman myth) and so the beginning of the end of the Trumps, plural, and their peculiar hold over the Republican Party, seems imminent with Ceres in Capricorn from February 8th 2024 until December 7th, 2024.”

    In another post you indicated 2023 would be his downfall. Since nothing seems to stick for him to be held accountable for anything, is his beginning of the end in 2023 with complete influence gone by end of 2024?


    1. Thanks Kim. Just to repeat, ‘the beginning of the end of the Trumps, plural, and their peculiar hold over the Republican Party.” Donald Trump will be jailed, become incapacitated or leave the planet before December 7th 2024, by all the laws of history and astrology. 2023 is the beginning of the end. The overall story for the Republican Party extends, though, so we have another couple of years or so to go. It seems interminable because Pluto takes a very long time to pass through Capricorn. His first downfall was actually predicted in 2020, and it happened to the month – October. Have a look at Search. I predicted Donald Trump would go down and he became infected with COVID-19 and left the White House for hospital. Later on, of course, he lost to a Biden landslide.

  50. You have been working hard this week!
    I often find that the questions and answers are as informative as the blog itself
    In this case, I am looking at your comment on 8th June at 7.20pm in “the end of Pluto in Capricorn” where you say that we haven’t seen the most serious version of Covid yet
    Have I missed this? Can you elaborate as to timing etc on this, or point to the relevant blog / answer please
    Many thanks

    1. Yes, I have been working very hard – it’s snowing in Hobart so the best thing to do is stay indoors by the fire with the dog sitting under the desk. I agree, the Comments extend the features and I’m very lucky to have the calibre of visitors, that I do (and they all write in). The most serious version yet of COVID-19 will appear when Saturn enters Pisces on March 8th 2023. I would time it a day earlier, actually, because we have a Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces on 7th March. In astrology, any time we see Pisces transits, we have epidemics or pandemics, particularly when accompanied by other transits also in the mutable signs, like Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo. This time, in March 2023, we also have Neptune in Pisces. We will see a new variant of COVID-19 which Pfizer and AstraZeneca (and the rest) are no match for. Why? Because there are billions of us on the planet with Virgo factors, in our shared Sixth House of hospitals, immunity, vaccination and public health. In other words, until Saturn is out of Pisces on February 14th 2026, the world will have to come together to get serious about COVID-19 and actually address the problem, which is travel. This is really old astrology. Every time we have a plague, historically, we have cycles in the mutable signs Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and/or Sagittarius. Gemini rules short journeys. Sagittarius rules foreign journeys. They clash with Virgo (health) every time. Will the WHO and UN finally do something about the core issue? Yes. Unfortunately Saturn with all his tests and trials, takes us there. The other huge innovation will be air filtering/air treatment indoors. That will take us to 100% COVID-19 elimination inside, but the remaining problem will be outdoor air quality. Nations which cannot get rid of industrial air pollution/coal/petrol/gas/kerosene will continue to see people infected in large numbers. That’s what the astrology is showing: my colleagues at a recent online conference at the Mayo School of Astrology were touching on this too.

  51. Hi Jessica, I my Sun, Mercury and Salacia all in 10th House Capricorn. In 2008 I officially split from my husband and it has been one rollercoaster but I have walked through the flames and getting my phoenix feathers on! I am about to launch into teaching and building a healing community after having finally reached financial settlement with my ex in the coming months. Wondering what the transition into Aquarius will bring as I have a stellium there so imagine it will be another hectic few years. Thank you for your insights and wisdom x

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with the nodes at 13 Taurus/Scorpio across your Second House of personal income and values, and your Eighth House of joint finance and property. Uranus (the shock, the revolution) has been at 13 Taurus, so on that axis for the first and last time in your life. That cycle is now over and you had a classic outcome. You split from your husband and the money is coming. The burden is over from March 2023. The new beginning with business, finance, charity, property, valuables begins the same month. It goes in stops and starts but from November 2024 it is here to stay for decades into your future. Your teaching career and healing community is Aquarian by nature and these people will change your life. Get everything in writing, read the fine print and have a professional pair of eyes on all agreements. That way friends can remain friends and together you can make incredible things happen.

  52. Thank you for your reply. I would LOVE to see you post a longer feature on this coming change to the Virgo/health placements of billions and on what we might expect with the coming covid variants. Health is indeed work which is health. Very insightful. The many generations of life under tyranny, of “working for the man” until exhausted are coming to an end.

    Regarding a covid/health feature: As a holistic physician I am conservative in coming to judgement and increasingly believe that covid did not just begin as covid in Wuhan China in late 2019. During the years prior we were seeing some of the worst, most tenacious flus ever. The summer of 2019 in the southern hemisphere through winter 2019/2020 was a whopper. I suffered from whatever that flu was too, caught in Aug 2019 in Australia. I went on to see it move through my native USA as colder seasons arrived. The symptoms were, in hindsight, so close to the early covid variant symptoms. Most of my patients swear they had covid. Certainly the long lasting symptoms are at least a mimic of long covid. Interesting detail is that the one thing that finally started clearing the lung damage was use of the covid 19/Wuhan nosode – homeopathic form. Nothing else was working. I am experienced. This is an exact match and would be a very strange coincidence. Adding 2 + 2 here makes me wonder very seriously how long covid has been around.

    Always, much gratitude for you and your work.

    1. Thank you. I’ve had a few people (unsurprisingly) ask for more information about COVID-19 after March 2023. I’m going to put away some research on HIV-AIDS as it is directly related, and then post the feature later. Your phrase, “working for the man” says it all perfectly. The Virgo and Sixth House dual meaning can’t be ignored with Covid. It’s about work and housework, unpaid work and study. And serving others. Yet, unless you serve your physical and mental health, you cannot serve others at all. (Much as they would love you to do that). It’s interesting what you say about the flu, before Covid. You are a holistic physician and know. You are American but saw it in Australia as well. Has the virus been around since 2019 and earlier? Good question. Homeopathy is another question again. For all that Virgo rules the body it also rules the mind and spirit. The Royal Family have used homeopathy for years. And lived for many years, too.

  53. Hi Jessica. I have joined primarily to ask about March 2023 for me. I have my Sun at 28 degrees 47′ of Cancer. In fact, I have 6 planets and things in Cancer. (I am so ready for Pluto to move on.)

    1. Sure. Your Sun at 28 Cancer in the Fourth House of home, property, home town, homeland, family will be opposed by Pluto at 28 Capricorn repeatedly. He’s already there, having hovered in March, April, May (retrograde) and will drop in and out of that opposition until September 2023 (so you do get long breaks from this) when he returns to 28 and Christmas 2023, which seems the likeliest month for great change, as families come together (or not) at Christmas and the end of the year is often a time for house or apartment decisions too. You actually have a Sun-Uranus conjunction at 28 Cancer, so the opposition will change your life and it has already begun. You also have Aesculapia at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, academia and unpaid work. This describes comebacks, revivals, resurrections. What or who you had assumed was virtually over, comes back from the brink. This may be a colleague or a company. A project or a role. In general, life in 2022 and 2023 is about the most powerful people or organisations dominating what you do, why you do it, and where you do it – professionally, academically or as a volunteer. To retain control over yourself and your world you have to use self-control to a very great degree, but it will also be the making of you. At the same time, we are seeing a deep questioning of your identity within the family circle, and perhaps specifically with a house or apartment, a block of land, your town and your country. This reminds you who you are, where you come from and where you belong. It is also far from easy. But there are ways to get through this with minimum issues and the Tarot can help you with that, in a more personal way.

  54. Jessica, (please delete both previous replies now.) I sat with the Tarot late last night and within the first few cards I knew how I was blocking my own progress and I figured out how to handle the estate stuff. Thank you so much for your guidance. Like I said, your insights were spot on.

  55. Hi Jessica: Thank you! I enjoy reading your blog…So many changes and difficult times I’ve experienced since 2008. I am wondering what the next 2-3 years hold for me both career-wise and in life…

    1. Thank you. Decisions about your house or apartment will really dominate what you do in 2023, 2024, 2025 and the second half of the Twenties will very likely find you in a new home, new town, possibly even a new country. Even if you stay put you will renovate quite dramatically. A burden or waiting game, test of patience and (perhaps even) what you would call an ordeal involving your property, will vanish next March. Snap up a fantastic work-related opportunity by October. It will go to the next level from January-May 2023 or its success will spawn a second opportunity as good as the first one.

  56. Thank you so much Jessica. I also wondered as my Venus and Moon are in Aquarius as well as the descendant, will there be an effect on my romantic life as I am currently single?

    1. Venus is a symbol of seduction, sometimes adultery, always erotic escapades, and usually complicated relationships! Put her in Aquarius along with. your Descendant (DC) which shows partners, and you have a friend who becomes your other half. Pluto will bring the huge change to your social life, friendships and groups over many years, starting in March. When Pluto reaches your Venus and DC a friendship within the group will become a romance, yes.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    Trying again as I posted this a few days ago.

    Another fascinating post and thank you for the insights you’re sharing with us. “if you do have Capricorn natal chart factors, then you have probably lost one or more jobs” “Bad employers or incompetent bosses and managers who tried to take total control of your project, or your career. The Little Hitler or Marie Antoinette syndrome: out of touch and out of order.” The two above comments sums up my life since 2019. Currently out of work and I’m at a crossroads still trying to figure out my next career move. On 16th May, I drew a Eight of Swords and 24th May an Ace of Pentacles on your website but I’ve struggled to interpret both cards. I know you’ve a lot of important questions from other people to answer but hoping you can help with insights you can share by looking at my chart. Many thanks for your anticipated insights.

    1. Thank you for your patience. This has been a popular feature with almost 120 replies. I am so sorry you have been Plutoed! You are very lucky to have drawn the Ace of Pentacles and assuming your question was about 2022, will be able to take a lump sum this year, if you believe in it, and want it enough. You may already know about it. If not, it will appear by October 2022 or January-May 2023. That will help you to create a new life as you have been through some very difficult days with people who have been trying to take over, or actually taken over. You will be amazed at how much more relaxed life feels, professionally, after March 2023 – even for a few months. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel then.

  58. PS to previous comment that isn’t yet visible – besides sun in Capricorn 26 degrees I have Venus in Capricorn at 6 degrees. (Never noticed that before in relation to Pluto transit)

  59. Hi Jessica, I have Desc 15 deg and Minerva in 28 deg Capricorn. My birthday is in 23 March, hope I get paid better. I always wanted to be my own boss, will that ever happen, as my responsibilities keep piling up with very less cooperation from my partner.
    Thanks, Fiery,..

    1. You have been talking about money and work for a while. It may be time to really use the Astrology Oracle, The Garden Oracle and the Tarot in a three-way reading that once and for all digs into your issues in a personal way. In any case, Pluto’s departure from Capricorn is the end of politics in your career. It takes time though so the cards on this website will help. Just follow the steps.

  60. Jessica wrote:
    “You already had Pluto in conjunction with your MC (Midheaven) in February 2013 and if your birth time was accurate, you lost your job, were promoted, saw colleagues or employers leave/arrive and began a process of people politics that was ongoing in 2014 and may have led to more coming and going, Sam. History!”

    Nope, nothing happened like that. I work for myself, so have no work colleagues. Never have lost my job. Haven’t been promoted since I’m self-employed. And no people politics are possible. The only thing that happened was father passed away in May of 2013.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your reply, that is so helpful.

    Just to validate what you said, I took a look back at what happened when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. It exactly lined up with my unexpectedly getting a job permanent job (Juno in Capricorn) with a foreign company (Uranus in Sagittarius) which was very lucky timing financially (Jupiter in Scorpio) as it was just before the financial crash. So you hit the nail on the head with your comment above!

    Many thanks

  62. Hi

    I’m a member born 10 July 1987 at 4.25 AM in Tunisia.

    What will change for me? I’m still not married and hope to get married Pluto in my 7th house gave me a hard time

    1. I can’t see your chart unfortunately, but if you log in, it should be easier to look at your question using both your natal and solar chart. Thank you.

  63. Hi Jessica! I posted this a few days ago, will very much appreciate a response.
    I am Sun Virgo with 5 factors in Capricorn – Mars, Juno, Ceres, Panacea and Salacia. Some of these are close to 29. Do you mind taking a look at my chart and tell me if the key dates you listed mean loss of jobs or change of jobs for me? Or maybe promotions? February 2023 means the end of a 15-year pressures related to children, pregnancies, young relatives, sexual relationships for Virgos – what would it mean for me if I do not have any? Finally, I have Aesculapia at 29 in Cancer – what does this mean for July 11, 2023 key date?

    1. At 24 through 29 degrees, your Virgo (work) and Capricorn (career) patterns are primed for Pluto going across 24 through 29 Capricorn too, as you can see. Thank you for your patience in waiting for a reply. This has attracted 126 comments, and it takes time to find them sometimes. Okay, so Pluto is ruthless and relentless. You will very likely change job and lifestyle, because you have to. This doesn’t mean you lose your job at all. It may be that you feel compelled to seek another. Or, as you rightly guess, you may be promoted. That entails change. You cannot work as you once did. Pluto does not stop pressing the point about self-control, self-discipline and willpower until he changes signs. You do get a break from March 2023 but in general, this period until the mid 2020’s is about consciously transforming the way you perform your duty in the name of your work ethic, at the same time that you look at your biggest ambitions. You can use The Garden Oracle to give you more insight on that as events take place in your work place, industry or field. Sun Virgo people are seeing the end of Pluto in the solar Fifth House too, and that began in 2008, so it’s been a long time coming. You do not need to have children, sexual relationships or young relatives to experience Pluto. You can experience it at work, as the Fifth House is about setting an example to younger people. You can do this as a mentor, guide or instructor. You can also experience it with a younger market or demographic. The Fifth House is also about entertainment which the generations share. That is also an education for children and teenagers and it binds the generations together. So, for example, music, riding, football or even Harry Potter. Not every Virgo experiences this cycle the same way and the Fifth House is complex. Still, it is entirely possible that as Pluto fades out, you will be made a godparent (for example) or begin a sexual relationship with a lover who has a stepson from a previous marriage. It’s on that level.

  64. Hello Jessica, thanks for this great article. While 2008-2018 were great years on the professional level, things went south from 2018 and the last 3 years have been particularly tough with many betrayals and unexpected events that would ruin months of efforts. I have 2 factors in Capricorn so I was wondering if I could expect a positive change… or not . Thanks

    1. You have Virgo (work) and Capricorn (success) factors at 0 through 29 so are experiencing the entire Pluto transit from 0 to 29. Conjunctions and trines alike, from Pluto, challenge you to change. It’s a rule with this cycle. Unless you transform your life, and yourself, you don’t find solutions. Pluto permanently alters whatever he touches. In Sagittarius, he permanently altered tourism and business travel. That was the impact of 9/11. He permanently altered border control and immigration. Also ruled by Sagittarius, the sign we associate with airlines, cruise ships and airports. In Capricorn, he was always going to permanently alter the relationship between politicians, the people, governments and big business. The domino effect hit you personally and you were betrayed and saw plans ruined. Those disappointments were supposed to motivate you to change. You will find these last years of Pluto at 28, 29 Capricorn challenge you to do that. It may mean training for a second or substitute career. It may mean working part-time. Or working on Friday, Saturday, Sunday when everyone else is off, and taking your weekend during the week. You don’t really get results from Pluto transits until you summon up willpower and self-control. That brings empowerment and control. Once Pluto is out of Capricorn this will all look like history to you, but you will hopefully emerge with real clout, from it.

  65. Jessica I am so grateful for your articles. I remember when I discovered your site in 2017 after I got fired, chased by the recent memories of my parents death and with a cherry on top, breaking up of a toxic love relationship. Yes i got away with the best outcome. Anyway anxiety and stress is permanent battle. Your recent reply was a sunray in my life. I am waiting March 2023! Having recently changed profession, working from home and promoting into a different field was not expected to bring such a major calmness disruption. I cannot afford to leave my job and I have been on my own for many years now. I am wondering of what the years to come might bring. Fortuna is on the early degrees of Aquarius along with Jupiter and I have a huge stellium in Capricorn. I wish my anxiety will allow me to enjoy my good luck.
    Thanks for your insight.
    Tarot card : High priestess

    1. Thank you. People often find astrology during or after a crisis. I credit astrology with saving me when I was 23 years old. I’m glad you drew The High Priestess. You will study very successfully with a brilliant tutor, professor, teacher or perhaps just a colleague who informally teaches you. She will be well-qualified but also wise, which is just as important. You will proceed towards an important website, thesis, book or academic journal – or a landmark qualification. This is lifelong knowledge exchange so you will go on learning just as you go on teaching others. You have a pattern in Gemini, the sign of the perpetual student and teacher, and will go backwards and forwards September 2022-March 2023 but then go into a brilliant new cycle from 2024 to 2025 (the biggest and best) and then change your life, and change other people’s lives, from 2026, for many years into the future. It will be exhilarating and liberating.

  66. Hi Jessica, Thanks lot for your insightful Article on the topic. My question is about the effect of tr Pluto opposing my natal Jupiter in 8th 29 cancer (Jupiter rules 1st). It will also conjunct natal venus 2 Aquarius in 2024 and sextile natal mercury 2 Aries. Do you think the opposition will bring a life changing events? on legal matters? Thanks in advance for your insight. LF.

    1. Well LF I don’t know what house system you use, but Pluto will oppose Jupiter from the Tenth House, in Capricorn, to your natal Fourth House, where he sits at 29 Cancer. Pluto then moves into a conjunction with Venus in Aquarius in your Eleventh House and will sextile your natal Mercury at 2 Aries in your First House. I need to spin your chart for an accurate prediction. You were born protected, and frequently blessed, with houses, land, apartments. That will be challenged in February 2023, March 2023 (when the situation ends) and in June, July 2023 (when it may return, or a different version of the same issue is here). You have to push back again in December 2023, which suggests the family is involved, because it’s Christmas. One more time in January 2024 and once and for all in September, October, November 2024. You are lucky this is an opposition to natal Jupiter which simply confronts your natural optimism, hope and positive thinking and ultimately can’t do very much to change your inherit basic luck with all things property-related. The family or household is obviously implicated. The conjunction to Venus is a complicated relationship within the group, involving a friend, which feels more like marriage or a family tie. It’s close and multi-layered. Whatever or whomever takes over that, requires self-control and willpower. It will mean you must be upfront, front-and-centre, online, and articulate who you are, and what you think. This looks like a very big deal to me. The Tarot, which is free on this website, can assist closer to the time.

  67. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. After reading your response I reread your pervious blog about Natural House system. I’ve always wondered why my natal chart looks different on your site. Natural House might better explain why I have been hit so hard with finances.

    Thank you again.

    1. Thanks Chris. Yes, with the Taurus-Scorpio axis at 6 through 26 degrees, across your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance, you need to track Uranus, and of course the transiting nodes themselves, across that part of your chart. It requires some ducking and diving but you should benefit when Jupiter goes through Taurus May 2023 to May 2024.

  68. Hi Jessica,
    I hope I am not too late with this comment, and you have time to look at my chart. I have a very manipulative, controlling, selfish and vindictive ex-partner who has been a dominant Pluto force in my life for far too long. We still own some properties together, hence the only reason we have any sort of relationship at all now. He is entering his Saturn return next (birth date 16/04/1965) and hoping life lessons during this cycle gives me some relief. Can you see any good luck coming to me and karma to him?

    1. This is past life. You have the North Node and South Node on the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart, which rules divorce, property, marriage and money. So you have agreed to reincarnate together to try and resolve at least one incarnation, maybe more, where exactly the same thing happened. It feels worse now because you have your lunar node return (in Taurus and Scorpio). That ends next year. So does a lot of the strain. Until then it goes around in circles until you change, and he does. You can’t control him, but you can control yourself. Use the Oracle and Tarot on this website to find out how you can best do that. But – this does improve.

  69. Hello Jessica and many thanks for the bountiful gift you give the world here through your website. Apologies for the late comments. I am a Capricorn sun, Cancer rising. I have been overwhelmed for, well, the past 30 years. Since 2017 things have been especially difficult, pained and strained and full of upheaval. My gaslighting, bullying now ex husband blew up my family and life with a highly public (in our town) affair and still vexes me with his continued deceit and dodging and by poisoning my daughters against me (while also insisting that the younger one live full time with me…which I generally prefer as I never wanted to not have my kids on a daily basis, but he is forever upsetting our equilibrium and generating conflict and chaos between us). My daughters have suffered as have my relationships with them (especially with my older one, who despite cutting ties with her father for a year and her proclamations of feminism, has been utterly devoted to “the man” once he wanted her back). My business partner died in 2019 and that set my career into free fall – and, along with the expensive divorce, my finances too. So many setbacks and frustrations large and tiny, even on what should be simple logistical tasks on a daily to-do list let alone on the more major rebuilding efforts. It hasn’t all been terrible. I have great friends who showed up for me in huge ways during the first and worst few years. Also, during this five-year storm I met and married my sweet and supportive husband and couldn’t ask for a better partnership or life with him. But the still ongoing stresses and past traumas from my former life pull and wear on us. I am exhausted and really need some relief. Also a new career (an area where I especially feel continually thwarted). Any insights – and hope too! – that you can provide from a review of my chart would be deeply appreciated. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you married a bully, and an adulterer. You have daughters and it has become political. Your business partner also passed away and your income, but also the divorce, has been costly. Fortunately you have good friends and remarried a good person. So let’s see what your chart is doing. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Capricorn stellium at 22 to 29 degrees, so this last phase of Pluto in Capricorn at 22 to 29 degrees is transforming who you are, what you do, and where you are. This is not just your career, it is also your social position. So in many ways you’ve had the textbook experience of losing your rank as a married woman, then regaining it, with a second marriage. You’ve lost your old career with the sad passing of your business partner. You will be a more powerful person once this is over and it happens in stages. You get a huge break, financially, but also in terms of your profession, after March 2023. It is possible that you will acquire a new role or project from March next year, or be given an out, through a bank or via some other option. In any case you see the light at the end of the tunnel. You go back and forth between the old life and the new life until the mid 2020’s when you realise ‘that was then and this is now.’ You will in fact make or save a huge amount of money over the next 20 years, if you are prepared to put your shoulder to the wheel and use your willpower and self-control. This cycle can only happen once in every 248 years and you are having it now. The family situation will improve in slow stages. Capricorn is opposite Cancer and the Fourth House, and you have had Pluto opposing the Moon in Cancer, every 28 days, since 2008. Again, it lifts from March 2023 for a few months, for whatever reason, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever I have readers talk about men manipulating women, I look for Vesta the asteroid. You have Vesta at 14 Sagittarius and she aspects a few factors in your chart, on or close to that degree. Vesta asks you to find solidarity and unity with your daughters and any other women in the situation and use your sense of humour and girl power to put your former partner back in his place. Do not compete with them. Do not give him special attention. He is attention seeking as you know. Side with them. Even if you don’t want to. Try it. Vesta is worth reading up on, if you have time.

    1. Texas just said that on Mercury Retrograde. Trump Russia rolls on. It will stop rolling next March 2023. Watch.

  70. Hi Jessica
    I am always fascinated by your global predictions.
    Being more versed in natal astrology, I wonder if you can look at my natural chart and relay any personal advice/prediction.
    I felt forced into retirement 4 years ago (within a year of a solar eclipse on my natal Midheaven). I feel a loss of identity & purpose without my job and my fears about the pandemic have kept me from trying to find a new one. I feel like my time is over & I am fading away. Although Capricorn and Saturn rule my natal 7th, I see it lands in my tenth in the natural house system. I have been nervous for a few years as I have been aware that Pluto in Capricorn was in opposition to my ASC & natal Uranus & Mars…and then marched on to my natal 8th. I prefer it in my natural 10th! But it also will come into an opposition with my natal Sun as it enters Aquarius.

    1. Thank you. Your time isn’t over and you are not fading away. You also use a different house system to me, so I need to spin your chart and use the Natural House System instead. If you retired four years ago, 2018, Salacia at 1 Capricorn and the DC or Descendant at 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career were your issues. Saturn was at 1 Capricorn and 3 Capricorn and so you had the notoriously heavy, difficult, slow, stuck, sad and rather serious transit of Saturn as you were forced to go. You are also a Sun Leo so in your solar chart you had Uranus (the need for radical change) go into your solar Tenth House in the same year. Double whammy. You will be thrilled with the opportunities for success, achievement and a new position in life in 2023 as Pluto leaves your solar Sixth House for a few months, giving you light at the end of the tunnel about the pandemic and how to change your lifestyle to deal with it. Later on Jupiter goes into your solar Tenth House in Taurus and will make stunning trines to your Capricorn factors in the natal Tenth House (are you following? I hope so) and thus the offer will come soon after May 2023. It may be new qualifications, an online gig with Zoom, a part-time role which has a flattering title and so on. The best is yet to come. Your issue is you have not staged your own revolution, and should have done, but it’s not too late.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    I am a new member and just wanted to pop in to say thank you; your insights are fabulous. I’m still learning by reading your blog posts on how to figure out the meanings of my natal chart. I’ll get there eventually. Any insights on were to start/focus? Thank you again! ~Rachel

    1. Thank you Rachel. The best way into your natal chart is to scan it and look for slices of the cake which are most decorated. Where do you have four, five, six or more items on one slice? In one zodiac sign? That is a stellium and your personality and destiny are dominated by that. So start there. If you were strongly Cancerian, for example, and had five factors in Cancer, in your Fourth House of home town, homeland, house, garden, history, culture and heritage – it would be a massive part of your personality and thus your choices in life. Your library here can tell you the rest.

  72. Dear Precious Jessica.

    The Tyrant of TikTok.

    TikTok = Dangerous for the West more than collecting your personal Data.
    TikTok = a Chinese Company.
    China can secretly push for DIVISIVE CONTENT.
    China can secretly push for DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN.
    Such as now, TikTok is full of videos supporting RUSSIA propaganda “Military Operation”

    But young generation is addicted to it.

    1. Unfortunately Russian propaganda is across the web, everywhere. The web was given free to the world by the British and Putin took it and ran with it – cheap or free to use from his point of view, I suppose. Thank you for this link, I will take a look later.

    1. Thank you Robin. That’s interesting about Rupert Murdoch. I looked at his chart a long time ago and the corporation was hacked on one of the predicted times. Nobody paid any attention to that but the astrology said it was important. I’ll go and look at this story, cheers.

  73. Hi Jessica,

    The Capricorn in Pluto transit has had me in a stranglehold with my career, truly since 2008.
    My Moon at 25 deg 16’12”
    Jupiter 06 deg20’52”R
    IC 25 deg 10’58”

    I’m so worn out by my previous career path, and I’m slowly changing – looking to go into another field, but that’s still in its early stages with my law degree. And for a while until it takes hold, the intention is to transition into a coaching field, I have the qualifications and the experience but not the opportunities. Hopefully this will steadily pick up.
    Do these factors speak to this in any way?

    1. You are a Sun Cancer woman with the Moon exactly in conjunction with the IC or Immum Coeli at 25 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, ambition, social climbing, status, position and mission. The law degree is part of that. You want to coach. You have actually done all the transformation. Pluto is off that degree and will not return. So the transformation which has worn you out (very common with Pluto) is behind you. You will have sensational opportunities and answers, perhaps in coaching, maybe in other fields, until October. They return January-May.

  74. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the fascinating insight on world-wide developments. I am especially interested in those involving the USA and Russia.

    On a more personal note, I have Fortuna at 26 degrees Capricorn and Pluto has gone back and forth over the degree. I have resigned from a number of jobs due to awful bosses even though I have excelled in those posts. If it is not jealousy, it’s about ethics and integrity. I place much value in the latter two. But why am I always the one that loses out? I could stay but I would be unhappy. Left my last job in November last year and still unemployed. On the upside, just got awarded my Masters from a top university. Any advice now that Pluto is on its way back to 26 degrees Capricorn?

    Much appreciated


    1. I am sorry you are having such a rough Pluto transit over Fortuna in your Tenth House of career. Congratulations on your MA, Shane. This is all part of the same story. The push back against Plutocrats and Pluto himself (being dominated, taken over) and the subsequent empowerment that comes from pushing back. You have Jupiter in Gemini in the Third House at 26 degrees too. So that’s why, weirdly, this is working for you. Jupiter is good fortune, abundant gain, fantastic solutions. In Gemini he has helped you since school. A brother or sister or cousin may been the spur, for whatever reason. Later on you have your Jupiter Return in Gemini in 2024-2025 and will find your MA and other experience jet propels you into a stunning new role, big hit, promotion and so on. Pluto is the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl. Every time your Fortuna is hit by Pluto, Jupiter picks up. Have a look at Jupiter in Gemini in the Third House because it’s also triggered in the late 2020s and early 2030s. Long-term you will be writing or broadcasting globally and very successfully, using technology not invented yet.

  75. Hi Jessica, Thank you for such an insightful blog. Have read through many comments, I’m amazed at what you answer – I’m exhausted reading the replies; amazing.
    Unsure if this is appropriate here but I just read my daily horoscope (Scorpio) alongside my ‘friends’ (Taurus) .. you tell him to get out of the situation if you’re with a Scorpio with the south node ; that’s me . Does that mean we shouldn’t be together?
    We meet about 30 years ago, parted for many years until around 2012 when we crossed paths. Since then there have been dalliances but just recently came together with thoughts that we might continue together. Are we ill fated?

    1. You are having a karmic connection with a Sun Taurus (your friend) and you are a Sun Scorpio. You are not ill-fated. The lunar nodes transiting Taurus and Scorpio and your Seventh House of sexual relationships are not bad, and not good. They just repeat karma. Getting out of a loop or stuck circuit with someone is all about awareness. You have the North Node (karma goes back in 18-19 year loops) in your Seventh House of partnership; Taurus has the South Node in Scorpio, also moving through his Seventh House. Same story told from two different angles. The karma ends on July 18th 2023. Until then, have a look at the patterns you have with other people, as well as each other, going back in those loops. Have a look at the North Node and South Node on Search and in your library, here.

  76. Dear Jessica,
    It has been a revelation for me personally when I came to learn about you and read your articles, almost 9 years ago.
    Thank you indeed for your perseverance and thoughtfulness

    You are more than just an astrologer, in my opinion. And I really appreciate your style and commitment.

    Please, if possible, find some seconds in studying the chart of my beautiful little country, Albania. We have suffered a lot and still are stuck in a limbo without a clear light at the end of the tunnel.
    The war in Ukraine has particularly touched us as a society. Our prayers are with them, constantly. But the politicians here are terrible and without good will.
    I love my country, because to me the Mediterranean is the best and most beautiful part of world.

    Do you see our future in EU? I STRONGLY HOPE SO.
    Our story, our past, our nature as population is heavily oriented toward the west, but the obscure and absurd plays of the politics are increasingly trying to obstacle it.

    Thank you in advance for all your efforts.
    Wishing you a lot of great good things and many compliments for your climate campaign on Fridays.
    Something we share with you as a family


    1. Thank you, I am flattered that you have been visiting the website for nine years or so. Albania has a couple of astrological charts; one set for 28th November 1912 at 10.42am GMT in Valona; the second set for 11th January 1946 at 12.00 CET in Tirana. She has Gemini factors in both charts. Gemini rules the neighbours, so this is Greece, for example, and the European Union members. You are waiting for Jupiter (expansion) into Gemini (the neighbourhood) from May 26th 2024 until June 9th 2025. That is the first step towards huge change involving those ‘next door’ if you like, with the full revolution from July 8th 2025 until May 22nd 2033. As this will sweep every country with Gemini factors, one can only assume the new EU will be born at this time. Jupiter suggests more countries join, and existing problems are removed. Jupiter also suggests different kinds of transport linking the region together; we know about electric vehicles but this is something else. It may be that the train network is relaunched. Uranus, a little later is about independence, upheaval and quite radical change which allows countries to break free, and be free – or find freedom through something new. This will have a huge impact on Albania. Your media and online media will also change quite radically from that point and freedom of speech/freedom of the press will help you with so many of the political stuckness of 2022. From the mid 2020’s that is just a memory. Albania has her Uranus Return, which is historic, and whomever you call brothers and sisters, as nations, will be part of the new country ahead. Cheers.

  77. Hello Jessica-

    Will you be doing a chart on the Dobson Decision that over turned Ore in the USA? Thank You

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