Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

The New COVID-19 Variants 2023-2026

I have had a lot of questions about COVID-19 in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 from those of you who understand astrology and are very concerned. You know that the worst is yet to come. Correct. The world will be temporarily closed again.

The astrology is clear that COVID-19 variants BA4 and BA5 are not stopped by vaccination or a previous infection. Here are the most recent TIME magazine reports

The Solution and the Crisis of March 2023

However, although I am calling a crisis for March 2023, that same month – there will also be solutions. At last.

When the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, is already experimenting with HEPA filters inside his Tesla cars, you just know there is an answer ahead for vehicles.

The ultimate solution for COVID-19 will be Ultraviolet light, however. In your home. At the cafe. At work. Even in your bag. I’ll explain the astrology behind that, here. You can already buy a Philips UVCA 200 UV-C Disinfection Floor Standing Air Unit. It’s around AUD $1500. It kills 99.9% of COVID-19 including Delta and Omicron. The model may be different in your country, but it’s here. For whatever reason – Ultraviolet light solutions explode in March 2023, at the same time that we hit the worst of Covid.

Astrology’s Track Record With Pandemics

If you’re joining me late on this website, I predicted a virus twice in 2019, date-stamped it to January 10th 2020 (the day the first man died, in China) and again to the first half of March 2020 (when the W.H.O. declared a pandemic). The Daily Mail featured my two predictions in a front-page story in October 2020. I referenced China in the first prediction. So this has been on the public record for over two years, as I publish this update now.

Fantasy and Reality and COVID-19

There is a lot of fantasising and denial about the virus as I publish this on June 11th, 2022. It’s really The New Stupid, isn’t it?

The delusion is that COVID-19 is like a cold, if you have had enough Pfizer or AstraZeneca, Moderna and so on. You can take holidays and go to big events. You can forget your mask, because you’re free. You know the drill. We are apparently living with Covid (though actually other people are dying with it). And yet, the cases go up, don’t they?

The Numbers Go Up Despite Vaccines

Yesterday, the United States totalled 85.3 million cases, up 118,000. There were 343 more deaths, taking the total to 1.01 million lost lives. Worldwide, there were half a million cases yesterday, and a further 1,588 people died.

Long Covid is a reality that people that people are brushing away. Academics tell us it’s real. Doctors tell us it’s real. Maybe you or someone you know, has it – and you unfortunately know all about it. This is all part of what concerns me about March 2023.

Screen Shot 2022 06 11 at 10.26.39 am - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

Watching 7th and 8th March 2023

So here’s my prediction.

The W.H.O. will privately or perhaps publicly confirm a new COVID-19 variant of concern close to Tuesday 7th March 2023, according to the astrology. It’s a clear horoscope. They will either know about the new mutation and not announce it until then, or will arrive very quickly, close to Tuesday 7th March next year (I am publishing this on Wednesday 15th June 2022).

It is possible that variants we already know are bypassing vaccination or prior infection just explode in March 2023. Professor Paul Bieniasz at Rockefeller University and researchers at Columbia University already confirm BA4 and BA5 Covid are defeating vaccines and even previous cases of Covid.

The other possibility on 7th and 8th March 2023 is a new COVID-19 variant which replaces BA4 and BA5, for which there is no defence (except Ultraviolet Light and/or HEPA filters, which I’ll discuss shortly).

The Full Moon in Virgo on 7th March 2023

We have a Full Moon in Virgo on 7th March 2023. Virgo rules health. On Wednesday 8th March, the following day, Saturn (tests, trials) enters Pisces, opposing Virgo factors in the charts of billions. Maybe you too.

Saturn stays for years, and it takes about three decades for this cycle to happen, so we know March 7th, 8th 2023 is the most serious COVID-19 challenge yet.

March 2023 is exceptional in astrology. Saturn leaves Aquarius. The fear, paranoia and obstacles which prevented us getting together in large groups, indoors, goes from that point. Pluto enters Aquarius. From March 24th 2023, there is real power in the crowd. Here is one reason, why. I said the best news would come with the worst news and this is it.

Pluto in Aquarius and Ultraviolet Light

In March 2023 as the world goes into the new COVID-19 variant and begins to shut down again, we also see Ultraviolet light for home, office, and even aeroplane use – take off. In fact, UV-C light, as it’s called, is already here as many of you know. It’s science-backed. It plugs into your wall. It’s also called Far-UVC light.

Now, here’s the astrology. And it’s very strange.

Astrology Predicts UV-C is the Covid Answer

Pluto in Aquarius arrives in March 2023, for the first time in 248 years or so – and the clue about Ultraviolet light and Covid – is in the Aquarius star constellation. We’ve not seen the planet of power in Aquarius for around 248 years and it seems to have a message for us. Look at the centre of this photograph.

A dying star in the constellation of Aquarius has been emitting intense ultraviolet radiation already. It’s the Helix nebula. You can read more about this incredible aspect of Aquarius at NASA.

Ultraviolet Light Alamy scaled - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026
Dying star in the constellation Aquarius spewing out massive amounts of hot gas and intense ultraviolet radiation. ALAMY

The Astrology of COVID-19 in 2023-2026

There are four things that stand out about these new cycles which begin in March 2023 and run through 2026. The first is a new variant which your most recent vaccination cannot stop, or (for whatever reason) an explosion in BA4 and BA5. We already know they have what’s called ‘vaccine escape.’

The second is repeated infection of COVID-19. The Guardian reported on June 14th 2022 that there is no immune boost at all from having had Covid the first time around. Again, it may be an explosion in people who have the virus for the second, third or fourth time.

Long Covid and March 2023

The third issue that stands out, given this astrology we’re seeing, is that Long Covid (currently affecting one in five people who have had the illness, according to The New York Times) has a major impact. Again, we don’t know why. Covid BA4 and BA5 target the lungs. That may be part of it.

This Saturn in Pisces cycle is a real problem, because Saturn is in opposition to the Virgo placements of billions, starting March March 8th 2023 and he’s there, until February 14th 2026. Every time we’ve seen that cycle, we’ve seen a health crisis. We’ve also seen a health solution – which is going to be safe ultraviolet light.

The Visual Capitalist and Pandemics

Before I go into any factors you have in Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces (the mutable signs) and what to do about these cycles, it’s important to see that the history of pandemics always shows a perfect storm of slow-moving astrology cycles in the mutable signs, which hit the charts of millions, or even billions, all born with astrology charts showing mutable sign patterns. The mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces – as you probably know.

This mutable sign pattern in astrology which can be traced back as far as the 1300’s is why I was able to predict the virus twice, on this website, in 2019.

The Black Death – What Astrologers Knew (And Know)

This famous graphic from The Visual Capitalist has been widely shared on Twitter and the biggest killer of all (with 200 million deaths) is still The Black Death.

That is a textbook example of what the astrology is showing us. From this superb record, The History of Pandemics (their website is the source of this image) we can find the astrology.

And the astrology is the perfect storm of an unusually high number of people on the planet with mutable sign factors in their astrology charts, hitting long-lasting and challenging mutable sign cycles. It happened in the 1300s; in fact it’s happened in every global pandemic, including The Spanish Flu and of course AIDS.  scaled - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

The Proof From Astrology

The last time we saw Saturn in Pisces opposing the Virgo factors of billions,  just as we are going to from 2023, we saw HIV-AIDS became the biggest killer of Americans in their twenties, thirties and forties – well above heart disease and cancer.

It’s been pointed out to me that the World Health Organisation (WHO) may declare Monkeypox a pandemic on June 23rd 2022. That’s today, as I update this feature on the website. It’s been associated with men who have sex with men. It arrived on similar astrological cycles to AIDS. So that’s another issue which may be there in March 2023 when I am predicting a crisis.

AIDS and Saturn in Pisces – Same Cycle

You can see proof of the Saturn in Pisces cycle, below (Data/Image: Wikipedia, US National Centre for Health Statistics).

This is what happened in America when there were billions more people than usual, with Virgo factors in the Sixth House of their astrological charts (the health house) – and they were hit by an opposition from transiting Saturn in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.

This was an AIDS deaths peak. There never was a cure for AIDS. There never has been a cure for COVID-19. Same cycles.

When we last saw the same cycle we are about to begin, in March 2023, AIDS was the biggest killer of Americans aged 25 to 44, according to The New York Times.

Screen Shot 2022 06 11 at 1.26.12 pm - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026The Challenge to Change – Virgo Factors

If you have Virgo factors in your natal chart, your challenge to change, is now. Virgo rules work, daily routine, lifestyle, housework – and health. Perhaps you have already changed your lifestyle to deal with COVID-19.

On the previous Saturn in Pisces cycle, we changed our sexual lifestyle to cope with the tragic spike in AIDS deaths. On the next Saturn in Pisces cycle, we will need to change the way we work, as much as employers will be forced to change the way they care for workers. Why? HEPA filters and, crucially, the new UV lights. It’s a building issue.

The Grand Cross of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo

This simple but effective example of mutable signs and the Grand Cross they make together (they strain, stretch and pull on each other) is from Astrodienst at Wikimedia Commons. The red kite shape, on the horoscope, shows you how Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius all clash. The most difficult clash is Virgo square Gemini – and Virgo square Sagittarius. Virgo rules infection, illness and death from a pandemic.

Gemini rules short flights, bus and coach trips, cruises. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries; international flights and cruises. None of this is new knowledge in astrology. It was there centuries ago when quarantine was invented. The problem is not the virus, the problem is tourists and business travellers who are carriers for the infection. Equally, perhaps, the failure of airlines and airports to upgrade to Ultraviolet lighting, even though the science has backed it for two years now.

Grand Cross Astrodienst Astrowiki - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

Lessons From The Black Death

Even in a far smaller world, with far less people, The Black Death of the 1300’s remains the biggest depopulation virus in history. It has a lot to teach us now.

When we look at all those people who were born in the 1300’s and died in the 1300s, we find they arrived with Pluto in Pisces. Neptune in Sagittarius. Uranus in Sagittarius and Pisces.

The Black Death is the first date-stamped example of conflicting cycles in the mutable signs, affecting generations born with mutable signs in their chart.

We now know the Black Death began in North Kyrgyzstan in the late 1330’s. The plague began on The Silk Road. It’s the travel. The University of Stirling, Scotland, confirms what the astrology showed back then.

Globalisation makes an epidemic, a pandemic. The eternal clash between Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces is very simple. Health does not equate to travel. Tourists do not equate to health. It has to be managed, or you will have a global crisis. Which we do.

The People of 1710-1717 and Uranus and Pluto in Virgo

People who were born from 1710 to 1717 with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, are very similar to people today, especially those in their fifties, born in the 1960’s.

That generation in 1710-1712 went through two Saturn in Pisces oppositions, to their natal Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, from 1729 to 1731 and again from 1758 to 1761.

Measles and plague afflicted them, with huge outbreaks worldwide. But just as our generation has found an answer for COVID-19 in the new UV-C light –  their generation also began the cure for smallpox.

The Problem With Travel

The science backs the astrology – and the astrology backs the science. In fact, at one point in history, astrology was science. Canada has produced the world’s most thorough investigation into the problem with air travel and COVID-19.

It cites the April 2021 flight from New Delhi to Hong Kong with a virus attack rate of 40%. Eight of the infected people were children under two who were probably not masked. In Australia, on March 19th 2020, where mask use was low, eight people were infected with COVID-19 on an Airbus A330-200 flight from New South Wales to Perth, taking five hours. The eight people had never met. The Canadians studied 37 flights and 24 of those, reported likely in-flight infection.

No HEPA Air Filters During Boarding

As Slate reports, “You need to get to the airplane, and many spaces, like crowded boarding areas, don’t have great ventilation. Also, filtration systems are not turned on during the boarding process.

Aerosol scientist Jose-Luis Jimenez documented C02 levels on a plane trip. The highest levels were on boarding and the taxi to the runway. High CO2 is poor ventilation.”

Plane Refuelling and COVID-19

The Smithsonian reports the case of a COVID-19 outbreak flight which stopped to refuel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when the air filtration system was turned off for 30 minutes. The 18-hour flight from Dubai to New Zealand saw seven passengers test positive. Just one passenger infected four more.

Airline and Airport Cover-Up Dates

As an astrologer, I track eclipses, because they always show a cover-up. The zodiac sign (or signs) of an eclipse shows the areas of life where there is a global problem.

Watch these dates in future class action lawsuits or airline/cruise/airport financial collapses. Why? Gemini rules domestic flight, buses, trains and coaches (short journeys). Sagittarius rules foreign tourism and business travel.

Check 2020-2021 for Future Class Actions

Unfortunately, eclipses are permanent mysteries, so although we will be digging around these dates at future enquiries and hearings, we will never know the whole truth about the airlines, airports and the related tourism industry.

June 5th 2020 – Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini.
November 30th 2020 – Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius.
December 14th 2020 – New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius
May 26th 2021 – Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini
June 10th 2021 – New Moon eclipse in Gemini
December 4th 2021 – New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius

How People Power Conquers COVID-19 From March 2023

We have lived with power in the hands of billionaires, corporations, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Premiers since 2008. Why? Pluto in Capricorn. That ends from March 24th 2023. From that point forward, the power held by a small elite wanes. Pluto in Aquarius (power in the group) takes over, on the dates below.

March 24th until June 11th 2023
January 22nd until September 2nd 2024.
November 20th 2024 until February 28th 2043
September 2nd 2043 until January 19th 2044

Your New UV Social Life is Your New Power

Dr Vilas Navapurkar, a researcher at Cambridge University, helped power a widely reproduced study on how and why  HEPA air filters work. Your new social life is your new power, in the dates above. In every Pluto in Aquarius cycle we’ve ever seen recorded, tribes rise. And tribes end up victorious. Maybe just with their own Philips UV lamp, plugged into the wall.

The 5-Point Cafe in Seattle is one of the very first cafes in the world to pioneer safe UV dining and drinking. Find out more at their excellent and informative website here (Illustration: The 5-Point Cafe). Starting in March 2023, with Pluto (power) in Aquarius (the group) we’re going to see networks of UV-C and HEPA Filter cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, theatres – online. You’ll check the website, make the booking, see the sticker on the window and walk in. No masks. No Covid. This cycle runs for years!

The Conversation has an excellent story on why Ultraviolet 222 light works.

Pluto in Aquarius exit Saturn in Aquarius - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

The Science Behind Your New Cafe or Bar

Researchers from Columbia University, the University of Leeds, the University of Dundee and the University of St. Andrews, tested what is known as Far-UV Light using five lamps in a room  that was 10 by 13 feet. A bacteria was sprayed. The lamps killed 98% of the bacteria in five minutes. You can update yourself on the latest research at Nature. 

Class Action Lawsuits and COVID-19

One of the great things about astrology is that it shows you how history repeats, as you’ve seen. We are going to see successful class-action lawsuits against corporations who covered up what they knew about COVID-19. Perhaps, corrupt politicians too. In Australia, where I am publishing this, we are expecting an ICAC or Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Did politicians or their families hold shares in QANTAS, Jetstar and Virgin? Other airlines? Sydney Airport and other airports? Did they have shares in Pfizer? AstraZeneca? These are the questions people may begin asking on Twitter.

We are now headed for an  exact repetition of the cycle which saw cigarette companies go down and it begins on January 12th 2025 and runs until July 27th 2026. There will be uncanny similarities between what happens to the corporate Covid killers and the old tobacco corporations, as the same cycle repeats in astrology.

Theres nothing like a Camel 1942 217x300 - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026In 1998, American states won a $246-billion payout from tobacco companies. The Master Settlement Agreement  in that 1998 cycle ended the big cigarette cover-up. History will repeat.

It is also possible that cigarette smokers are at the most severe risk of dying from COVID-19 or developing Long Covid. The new variants hit the lungs. That would be an exact astrology repeat.

The Nodes in Virgo and Pisces Again

In 1998 we found the North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces. We can now expect the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo, from January 12th 2025 until July 27th 2026.

I will be really interested to see who is sued. The nodes show karma. It always has to be paid.

Individual legal action has just won on 22nd June 2022, as I update this feature today. Long Covid is real and the United Kingdom courts have ruled, it’s disabling and you can sue your employer.

We should talk about schools, colleges and universities in the light of this. I’ve mentioned Gemini and Sagittarius as two of the mutable signs drawn into this historic mutable sign ‘perfect storm’ that’s delivered Covid. They rule short journeys, foreigners and foreign travel.

Gemini and Sagittarius also rule education and academia. (In old astrology, you had to travel to study, thus the connection).

One in seven children in Britain who became infected and ill, developed Long Covid, according to University College London and Public Health England.

The New York Times reports, one in five people who become sick with COVID-19 may develop Long Covid. The lawsuits that result from this will be very similar to those which took the tobacco industry for billions in 1998. Same cycle. You are going to see students and teachers unite to take on the system and win.

1 in 5 Long Covid NYT - Astrology and COVID in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

The Travel Industry Transforms

We are going to see the international business travel and tourism industry transform forever in the Uranus in Gemini cycle from April 26th 2026 until May 22nd 2033.

Uranus (the revolution) will oppose entire generations born with Uranus in Sagittarius, Neptune in Sagittarius or Pluto in Sagittarius. These are the Emigration Generations.

Also the generations who created cheap and constant tourism. The replacement of globalisation (Sagittarius) in 2026-2033 will be ‘the new local’ travel. It may come partly from the new aeroplanes, which ditch kerosene but can only fly short distances. Uranus in Gemini is suggestive of that.

The New Flights and the New Fuel

If enquiries into airlines and airports do indeed find that refuelling is behind COVID-19 infection on board, as happened on the documented Dubai-New Zealand flight – then that may hasten the replacement of kerosene planes.

It is one possibility, as I peer into the future in June 2022. This would tally perfectly with the astrology. Uranus in Gemini is the world turning upside-down for eight years, as the revolution in short journeys, challenges and changes the old model of foreign tourism and travel. I suspect along with the new electric flights, will come UV-C light installation. That fits the astrology too.

Do You Have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo?

If you were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, you are most affected by the opposition of transiting Saturn in Pisces, and then the opposition of the transiting North Node in Pisces.

You might say, your time has come. You are the cigarette lawsuit generation. You are the AIDS generation. Your new challenge is COVID-19, because you will experience transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto and/or natal Uranus and that’s not happened since the worst of AIDS.  The birth dates are below.

Do It Yourself Health – Uranus and Pluto in Virgo

The generation who landed on the planet with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo from the late 1950s to the early 1970s are the ‘do it yourself’ health generation. This video (above) shows the new DIY management of COVID-19 at home. The key issue for these generations will be – what happens at work? Employers who don’t invest in UV-C lighting may see mass early retirement as these older workers walk.

Generation Virgo and People Power at Work

Astrology is about cycles coming together to give us a message. The rise of Pluto in Aquarius, in March 2023, in exactly the same month that Saturn leaves Aquarius, suggests the future is people power in public meetings; strike action; class-action lawsuits – and it will all happen under the lilac shade of the new Ultraviolet Lights.

The end of Pluto in Capricorn means the end of the power of employers, big business, politicians, the airlines and airports – and the rest – to stop you working from home. To put the responsibility entirely on your often-injected shoulders.

The science is there. If you collectively challenge your employer to protect you at work (or let you work from home) and he/she refuses, that’s a really good example of just how powerful anyone with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo is going to be.

If you are strongly Virgo with a Sixth House pattern in your chart, you may already have one of these plugged in on your desk below.

The Tasmania Experiment – How Zero Covid Worked

I live and work in Tasmania. I moved there when W.H.O. declared a pandemic, because I knew it would be safe. It was. Then the government threw it away. Why? The forthcoming ICAC or Independent Commission Against Corruption may tell us. It may not. But Tasmania is a good real-life laboratory for the world to use.

The fact is, Tasmania was Zero Covid on 12 June 2020. She got there by tightly controlling travel. There were rules for tourists and business travellers. No vaccines, because they were not available.

I haven’t spoken about the Pluto in Capricorn cycle in connection with this COVID-19 cycle, yet. But there is no doubt here the astrology is all about corruption at the top of politics and business.

Best Economy, No Covid, Then What?

On 27th July 2020, a few weeks after Zero Covid was declared, Tasmania recorded the best economy in Australia. Then, on 21st February 2021, vaccines finally arrived.

In December 2021 the rules were dropped ‘because vaccines’ and people began dying in unbearable numbers, and sickness took hold. It remains.

Tasmania is a stunning real-world experiment which shows the truth. If you manage the airlines, airports and hotels properly, you can have it all. Tasmania, where I live, had it all and threw it away. Why? Why isn’t UV-C mandatory in all indoor spaces?

Apply to your town, but Tasmania may well be Exhibit A when the world comes to talk about how COVID-19 was bungled. And why.

How Generation Virgo Will Win

In the future, those in charge of us will have to pay for UV lighting and HEPA filters, or pay a very heavy price. There is a turning point in March 2023. As I said, we don’t know why. It may be the United Nations. It may come from the United States.

Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Virgo people (below) are at the heart of it. Generation Virgo is going to win, just as they won over AIDS and the tobacco industry. It took system change. It’s coming.

The World Will Close Again

The world will close again from March 2023, in different places, at different times –  as COVID-19 variants we know about, take over from March 2023, or a new variant, even replaces that.

You might say the higher agenda for the universe with COVID-19 crisis and solution, is to empower working people. Permanently.

Now, over to you. This feature will be online for some years to come. The Comments section extends the discussion. So welcome – what are your thoughts?

Pluto in Virgo
October 20th 1956 to January 15th 1957
August 19th 1957 to April 11th 1958
June 10th 1958 to October 5th 1971
April 17th 1972 to July 30th 1972

Uranus in Virgo
November 1st 1961 to January 10th 1962
August 10th 1962 to September 28th 1968
May 20th 1969 to June 24th 1969


Images: Daniel Schludi, Unsplash, Main Image: Edwin Hooper.


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  1. So immigration to foreign countries like Canada, UK, USA will become more and more difficult in the years to come I suppose.

    1. Yes, emigration is ruled by Sagittarius. Given that there are billions more people on the planet alive today with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius, they will all collectively experience an opposition from transiting Uranus in Gemini. And not only that, but squares from transits in Pisces and Virgo. We watch.

  2. Wow, this was a fascinating read! I love how direct your forecasts are. Re: work, this has been an area I’ve felt very ‘stuck’ lately. Can you see anything in my chart related to career or life purpose? And does it have anything to do with my nodal return in January 2025?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with a Virgo-Pisces nodal axis and will experience the Virgo-Pisces nodal return later on. That will challenge you to change your lifestyle and your job. A classic example is the person who refuses to work in a smoke-filled environment, like a bar, or who won’t work in a brothel where condoms are banned. I don’t for a single moment expect you do either of those things, but you get the idea. A more likely outcome is an office where employers must protect staff with the new UV-C lights. And cover working from home; time off work; all those things. This is a fair way off, but from March 2023 you will have to start thinking about the relationship between yourself and your physical and mental health – and your feelings about serving other people or doing your duty to other people. Your life purpose is always shown by stelliums; four, five, six or more factors in one sign and house.

  3. Virgo stellium here and there’s a big air filter in each room of my apartment. And I was a little too excited to get the new Dyson cordless vacuum which is so light that it makes daily vacuuming much easier. Oh gosh. Virgo. Am I using Jupiter correctly? Go big in sixth house solutions to offset sixth house worries? Thank you Jessica for such thoughtful care in all your writings. It really does give us new ways to approach things and a ladder out of the hole.

    1. You are living your best Virgo self. Virgo stellium people do love Dyson, I’ve noticed. As you have factors at 0 through 27 of Virgo you will experience Saturn in Pisces in opposition to your stellium, from day one, March 8th 2023. Saturn is always a test and trial. It is also a very slow test and trial. This may be about COVID-19 or perhaps another issue, which affects your work. Take it slowly and get the best advice you can afford. You are quite right; go in big, in the Sixth House, to offset Sixth House worries. You don’t want to end up developing anxiety symptoms as a result (this is a world full of germs) but you do need to really go quite deeply into Virgo to go through the Saturn transits. We also have those other mutable sign transits too. If you look at the way people dealt with HIV-AIDS, which was the last Saturn in Pisces cycle, you’ll see they ‘did’ Virgo really well. They developed sexual rituals and routines which eventually became second nature. At the same time that AIDS was there during Saturn in Pisces, so were class action lawsuits against tobacco companies. So that hooked into the other Virgo theme; workplace health. People smoked in the office once and passive smokers were hurt by that. This simply does not happen any more. So you’ll be part of the solution and join the wave for change – whatever it ends up being.

  4. Jessica, could SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) or even Vaids which I recently learned of, be part of what comes up in the next couple of years, perhaps in connection to Covid? I know so many who are now injured from the vaccines, months later, and I am starting to worry about the future. (Virgo ASC 🙂

    1. If you know people who have been proven to have been injured by vaccines then you have your own opinions about Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and the rest. The big criticism of Warp Speed was a) that it was promoted by Donald Trump and b) that it did what it said; it warped the usual time-frame for vaccine development. I am sure the vaccines will be part of this online discussion on this subject for some years to come. We can’t really talk about mutable sign weather against Virgo, without talking about big pharmaceutical companies.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your work. My 2nd Saturn return will take place during that Saturn transit in Pisces. My first was really all lessons about boundaries, and also many people I was close to or knew at work (my Virgo factors) passed away in tragic circumstances, there was so much sadness during that time (my Ceres in Pisces).

    In addition to the general picture you have given us, is there anything you want to tell me? I work in health care by the way, though not in a patient care environment.

    Thank you,


    1. CG, in addition to my comment, it’s smart to get to know the Tarot and Oracles really well and have a trusted relationship with your own intuition, as it is a very useful thing to have when navigating COVID-19 in the 2020’s.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    This is all very interesting and something I have been thinking about too being a sun Pisces. In the next few months we are making a permanent house move from Melbourne to live in New Zealand. My husband and I will be working remotely in NZ keeping our jobs in Australia. How will my chart be impacted and how will New Zealand respond to this new covid wave given it’s conservative dealing with covid in the past?

    Many thanks!

    1. Remote working is a clever solution and New Zealand is a stunning and fascinating country. You are a Sun Pisces with a Gemini-Sagittarius signature which translates as ‘foreign neighbour’. This is the ANZ relationship from Auckland to Sydney and Melbourne. This will be really interesting for you long term as new technology will revolutionise how you both handle the distance. It won’t just be Australia either; the South Pacific region as a whole will be part of your future. Just be aware that regular flights will be very difficult once Uranus goes into Gemini from 2026. That Sagittarius axis of your chart will be occupied for about 7 years and it may be that travel becomes extremely expensive, less frequent and so on. This is probably because the new aircraft will be electric and fitted with UV-C light; that seems very likely once Uranus in Gemini really gets going!

  7. Yikes ! I am Libra but have Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Virgo… and 10 Virgo factors , Diana, Fortuna, Venus, IC, Bacchus, Apollo, Aesculapia ? Challenge accepted lol What does this mean for me?
    And thank you for the heads up Jessica, I really enjoy reading the blogs. I am learning astrology through your site since this pandemic began because of your first predictions of the impending virus, wow!
    ps, should we move to Australia before March 2023? thank you !

    1. Yes, you are strongly Virgo with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, too, in your Sixth House of work and wellbeing, physical and mental health. You have already been through this cycle before. The Saturn in Pisces cycle directly challenged you from December 1987 when the True North Node moved into Pisces and True South Node moved into Virgo. For many people, Christmas 1987 and New Year 1988 was the first reality check about AIDS and sex. The cycle ran to May 22nd 1989 and would have had a profound impact on your sexual relationships. AIDS did not go away and the next challenge was Saturn in Pisces, After May 21st 1993, which is repeating from March 8th 2023. So you know what to do! There was no vaccination that worked for HIV-AIDS. The solution was massive lifestyle change: tests and monogamy, condoms and safe sex being high on the list, as well as a new kind of intimacy where you had to trust the person you were in bed with. So take a deep breath because that is exactly where things are at with COVID-19 and also Monkeypox. You are strongly mutable and in mutable sign weather. Both COVID-19 and Monkeypox are rapidly mutating. If you are going to move to Australia that’s your choice and the Tarot can help you there, but just be aware that The New York Times has listed Australia as one of the worst affected countries in the world for COVID-19 infection. Sad but true. Let’s hope that improves.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    You’re on a roll! These articles this week have all served to paint a larger picture of the future that is coming and while all of us will experience this future individually yet the overall reshaping of the world will unite everyone. I have moon, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo and interestingly I have been working from home for the past 5 years. There is a sense of impending doom and yet light at the end of the tunnel so it is a very mixed feeling. I wonder if you could help highlight how all this may impact my chart?

    Thank you for these articles. They are eye openers.

    1. It’s amazing how many readers with a Virgo stellium have already decided to work from home anyway – despite the motivation of avoiding infection with COVID-19 on public transport or at work. This is the sign to associate with lifestyle and daily routine. Housework and regular domestic ritual, but also a measured approach to the details of one’s service or duty to others. We now have an unusually large number of people on earth with Virgo factors in their Sixth House, which has a core message; you cannot serve unless you serve your physical and mental health. I’m sure you remember Sun Virgo Michael Jackson with his surgical mask. He was a peculiar man who was nodding to the future. He also perfected his work; his meticulous attention to detail with dance and voice, made him stand out in a world of imitators. So your chart is really about fine-tuning the self-protection and self-care of Virgo without becoming neurotic about it, while firmly resisting anybody or anything which puts your wellbeing at risk. The worst is yet to come with COVID-19. Saturn in Pisces will be devastating. The best is yet to come. The solution is UV-C light and it can only get better. The huge challenge for Virgo types like you, is to figure out a way through. Pluto in Aquarius from exactly the same month that Saturn goes into Pisces, is the big clue; it’s going to be people power in organised groups.

  9. Hi Jessica, fascinating read!!!
    I have nothing in Virgo. I had Covid in March of this year with mild symptoms. I’ve since had my booster jab. My husband and I would like to expand our family through IVF as our little daughter is asking for a sibling. We already have embryos from the previous IVF cycle.
    How’s this Covid cycle until 2026 going to impact people with no Virgo factors and my chances of a successful IVF?
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating projection and worrying…

    Given the increasing threat from pollution and disease in confined spaces, I guess the smart money is on a move to more open spaces – the countryside, islands etc. I understand that you moved to Tasmania from London when you first realized what was on the horizon. Do you see humanity returning to a simpler, cleaner, less hectic lifestyle? Is the 2023-2026 period merely the storm before the calm? Thanks as always for your extraordinary insights.

    1. Yes, the smart money is on open spaces. I did decide to never fly internationally again after 2019 and chose Tasmania because of its small population. What’s coming for humanity is the usual plague cycle and society will change as a result. Plagues on these big, historic, mutable sign cycles always have a massive impact. The kind of impact depends on the generation experiencing them. During the Black Death in the 1300s people with Pisces factors in their charts (religion) began to question God. The idea of punishment for sin was central to the experience of plague. Moving forward to AIDS in the 1990s, we had generations born with outer planets in Scorpio, like Neptune. Scorpio rules sex. What changed was gay sexuality and the legal status of equal marriage (for lesbians too). This particular plague is attacking the charts of people born with the outer planets in Sagittarius. These are the cheap travellers who have become used to Easyjet, Ryanair and so on. The big social change this time round will be the end of globalisation. It’s already started. Airline and airport staff are too ill to work.

  11. Great article again, thank you for writing more on Covid. You absolutely echo what I believe, about living with Covid when so many are still dying from it. It’s difficult for many to understand Covid if not had it and indeed for some it is a mild illness. Having had Covid right at the start back in March 2020 and it really was the worst experience of my life, I then had Long Covid to deal with which took the next 2 years to get better from. I had a health issue pre Covid (vertigo) which I was getting better from but a year into Long Covid this came back and although I think a lot of it is stress related I think the Covid has made it worse as a lot of people seem to have worsening health conditions after Covid. I have my North node in Pisces, South node in Virgo and am Virgo ascendant. I am trying hard to look after my health and have negotiated temporarily to work from home. Am also dealing with the Pluto in Capricorn – difficult boss and am trying to change jobs while hopefully not bringing more stress and illness on myself. You have answered a few of my questions and I really appreciate your insight. I also have Neptune in Sagittarius. I am still cautious in the world at the moment as I don’t want to get Covid ever again. How does this all impact my chart in 2023?

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere, thank you. You will find life so much easier when Pluto is out of Capricorn and the first taste of that is March 2023.

  12. Hi my dear Nessica. So the ones who have North Node in Virgo and South Node en Piscis will not be triggered in a profound way?

    1. On the contrary (never been called Nessica before, it reminds me of a Scottish loch). The North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces will be triggered for many years by the mutable sign weather. Your past life involved domestic or military service and your health came second as employers or seniors placed restrictions on you which put your wellbeing last and duty to them first. You have returned in this lifetime to reverse that. Your path will be about independent, quite radical steps to fix your health issues and a rather rebellious, innovative, pioneering approach to your work space, business or industry which involves you taking charge of your own protection, in the face of this rapidly mutating virus. It begins in March 2023.

  13. Hi Jessica, I just wanted to thank you for being our “compass” to navigate through difficult times and be a beacon of hope. I came across your website just after Brexit (you were one of the few who had predicted it) and I thank the Universe for this! Take care.

    1. Thank you. The Brexit prediction was a long time ago, wasn’t it! Yes, most astrologers predicted the United Kingdom would remain in the European Union. For a short time I think Sharon Knight and I were the only astrologers in Britain going the other way.

  14. Interesting article. Extremely so as I seem to fall into the ‘heavily Virgo’ area along with Pluto and Uranus as part of a fairly heavy stellium there. Sadly I don’t foresee myself being much of a help if your interpretation is correct, professionally at least. I continue to be intrigued by everything astrology and will continue to learn. Looks like interesting times ahead (I have always felt that I had a purpose to fulfill. As I am not getting younger, I assumed I missed it along the way and likely I have)
    Thank you for your insights and articles.

    1. Yes, you have a whopping Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work and wellbeing. I am not sure what you mean by your question. Your purpose is pretty clear; the transits to your Virgo stellium starting with Saturn from March 2023 will help steer you in the direction of quite revolutionary change in the relationships between employers and staff. The pandemic will be at the heart of it, as health always is with these things.

  15. Oy. Just when I thought things were starting to return to normal…. But thank you for this Jessica. It’s important to be forewarned. As I see the emphasis on Virgo in this article the first thing that comes to mind for me (being at least a little bit psychic) is that there will be massive essential worker lawsuits – processing and manufacturing plants, delivery drivers, warehouses, grocery stores, and maybe even hospitals. Most companies have done precious little to protect their essential workers save for handing out masks. Even companies like Google and other tech giants have not done much to refit their offices to manage Covid. Certainly the travel industry is a factor too but many more people work in these other areas. The cascade effect of lawsuits would likely drive up operating costs that are passed on to the consumer and here comes another recession perhaps. I am of the generation that could help solve this. I don’t have answers yet for how I might help do that but hopefully, they will come!

    1. I’m always happy when psychics join the discussion. I agree with you; essential worker lawsuits are coming. The trick here is that working people have to mobilise to address the issues formally. You can’t sue your boss for failing to provide N95 masks, HEPA filters and UV-C light unless you lobbied for it and were refused. Given the astrology we are seeing here, with Uranus (new inventions) in Gemini (trains, buses, domestic flights) from 2026, I can only assume that UV-C has progressed by then (it is currently at the experimental stage with Boeing on aeroplanes). The new transport is ultraviolet lit. This suggests it’s the answer long-term so unions demanding employers refit their work place would be well within their rights to sue. Particularly if new variants keep emerging which escape Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Sputnik and the rest.

  16. Light blue can classified as which zodiac sign (Capri #00c3ff)?

    How signs can be assigned to cities and states like for example Cambridge in Massachusetts?

    Which sign can be associated with chocolate ice cream?

    1. Light blue or aqua is Aquarius. Cambridge will have an astrological chart based on her constitution. Chocolate ice-cream, if it is made by a five-star restaurant, is Taurus. Cheap chocolate ice-cream is also Taurus, watered down and without cream. Taurus is about extravagance but also penny-pinching, usually with food.

    1. Yes, some countries will ban emigration. Uranus in Gemini opposes the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Sagittarius positions of multi-million populations and of course Sagittarius rules migrants. That’s a block.

  17. Wow – thank you. I’m Virgo, born September 1964 with a stellium in Virgo, my 5th house. Yes – both Pluto and Uranus are there, along with Mercury and the sun. And Saturn opposes them at 0 degrees Pisces. The tricky thing is, this is also my Saturn return. Not only did the world change significantly in 1993-1996, but personally I changed significantly during those years – my career, my marriage, my identity. I’m already gearing up for next March – and I’m more than ready to take down the plutocrats. Looking forward to my part in the revolution and creating a safer, better world for everyone.

    1. You are strongly Virgo with the Pluto-Uranus signature. I’m not surprised to hear that 1993-1996 changed you on every level. Looking back at the Nineties and the two massive health challenges then (smoking and AIDS-HIV) you can see how Generation Virgo won the war. Cigarette companies bowed down. The gay community came up. None of that happened without the revolution and yes, another one is coming with COVID-19. You will play your part too, as you realise. Thank you.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    On the 11/3 during meditation I got this” A new variant of covid in Asia. Can get out in the late fall/ winter”
    And I keep getting that China is hiding something and will become more aggressive towards Australia and the US.
    I do get the feeling that the variant you referring to is already known.
    The other day they showed me Putin as the figure The Cat in the Hat, I have never read that story even if I am familiar with the figure ,so I went to the library and borrowed it. I can clearly see the message, and I guess you can as well.
    When I was out walking my dog a couple weeks ago your worries about the Uvalde shooting suddenly hit me. Last year I got a message saying- Putin- Ukraine, John F Kennedy , Cuba missile crisis. I didn’t understand the JFK part but when you made the comparison with Oswald it suddenly landed. So even if I don’t like conspiracy I sadly think you are on to something.
    On a personal note, lately I been feeling completly drained. I am so tired all the time and I can’t understand why. I’m not sick or depressed ,so i guess I wonder if it is some transits that strongly effects me since about a month back?

    My wonderful beardie collie says hello:)

    Wish you the best from the other side of the world / Anna

    1. Thank you Anna. You are a psychic and receive information during meditation. I agree with you that there is a new variant/new mutation of COVID-19 which will have a massive impact on us, similar to the arrival of Delta and Omicron. It is interesting that you think it is already in Asia and China is covering it up. You have also seen the potential for conspiracy and cover-up with the Texas massacre. I believe there was a cover-up, because of the eclipse. Okay, so your personal chart shows a Virgo-Pisces pattern you need to pay attention to, if you are going to sort out why you are tired/drained. Pisces rules the unconscious mind. Virgo rules the physical constitution. In astrology, if the latter is an issue, look to the former. On the most basic level, being tired stops you doing things. What? Work? Study? Housework? Unpaid work? What is your unconscious producing in the physical, in order to get what it wants? And what does your unconscious want anyway? This is where the Oracle and Tarot cards on this website can be really useful, especially if you are psychic.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for warning us all but what a shame we have all this to come still. I have Pluto in Virgo and was born in the years listed above. Does this mean it affects us more than others or does this give us a choice to protect ourselves when this epidemic hits by choosing how we work etc. Also does this mean there is a possibility of us catching Covid.

    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Yes, to all of that. You will also note that people born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo are older, and so more likely to be the target of government campaigns for vaccination, as they are deemed at greater risk of hospitalisation. What I think may become your issue, and an issue for our age group (I was born with that chart signature too) is retirement. If you are in your 50s or 60s and if you are lucky enough to be in a position to take early retirement, you may do it, once the next wave of COVID-19 appears. The virus thrives in airports (Sagittarius-Gemini) but it also thrives at work and among the workforce (Virgo). Commuters on trains and buses going into high-rise. What we are seeing in 2022 is that the preferred solution of big business – that the work force gets injected and carries on as usual – is not functioning. People are becoming infected and then becoming ill with Long Covid, which stops them working. So there are massive questions here, so typical of Pluto in Capricorn, for politicians and employers. Do you let your staff work from home? (Yes). Do you let older people take early retirement (Yes). Do you let your staff job-share or work a half-day week? (Yes). None of this is what Pluto in Capricorn wants, but after March 2023 it is what Pluto in Capricorn is going to get.

  20. I just wondered, when reading this interesting piece, whether Monkeypox could be the future villain, rather than Covid. The spread seems to be gathering pace and even WHO now seems to be more concerned than it was a few weeks ago. Or perhaps it’s just part of the ‘bundle’!

    1. Good point. Another reader has raised Monkey Pox. We would need to get the chart for first official confirmation to see what’s going on, so I will search for that. The really big problems for humanity (or the solutions) tend to arrive on historic transits involving Virgo as a sign. Everything else is minor (like bird flu for example) although still important, in terms of immunity. Covid arrived on the Full Moon in Virgo, triggering unusual weather.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Ugh… I’m really beginning to dread my birthday month of March.. my Mom’s Birthday is March 7 and I am March 8.. and every year for the past few years there has been something. Two family deaths ( pre-Covid ), my Mom fell and broke her hip trying to get a walk in before our family get together for her 80th birthday ( pre-Covid), of course the onset of Covid .. in 2020.. and now of course .. 2023 .. which comes as no surprise. I’m used to the bittersweet celebrations because I’ve always had my core family and friends to share with.. and our shared sense of humor and laughter have gotten us through.

    My biggest fear is that time is not on my side as far as my parents are concerned. Mom just turned 84. Dad will be 84 this August 26th, and their 60th wedding anniversary is August 25th. A Mobility is an issue for both of them. They live in an independent living continuing care community, in NJ USA. Mom has reserved a dining room in their community for a get together this August 27th. I long for the time we can all get together as a family & friends, eat a meal, share laughs, drinks and hugs without having to worry about infecting and possibly killing a lived one .. I know that is not possible any time soon. We can take as many precautions as we can, but sadly I see the world around us not wanting to anymore, and one would be hard pressed to find anyone wearing a mask. Would you happen to see anything astrologically about August 25-27th 2022 that would red flag a family get together?

    On a more global level, when I first heard of Monkeypox breaking out .. my first thought was oh no .. here we go again.. 1980’s redux.. ( also waiting for Monkeypox to be stigmatized for political purposes as well ) perfectly timed with waning Covid restrictions. Combine that with Covid spreading through asymptomatic carriers , what could go wrong? In the back of my mind I keep thinking of all the TV commercials I see for immunity suppressing drugs, whether it be hay fever, skin or gut allergies, or HIV that promotes itself as bringing the virus down to undetectable levels. I have no medical background, and I understand the reasoning for the suppressing of autoimmune symptoms, especially on a short term basis, but does that, in turn, also allow other viruses to enter, co-mingle, and spread? Just curious. I know a lot of people right now at work who have not had “allergy shots” in years all of a sudden go in for weekly shots because they are having bad seasons, and don’t want to be looked upon as possibly having Covid. Curious if the allergy suppressions would also suppress early Covid symptoms. I have been lucky enough thus far not to have caught it, so I don’t know first hand the symptoms, just from others describing their symptoms. Wonder if you see anything related to these concerns in general. Thank you again, as always, -Donna

    1. Donna, the solution to family get-togethers is a COVID-19 test before joining, and open windows and a HEPA filter in the room. There is a permanent red flag over everything (and has been since 2020) because the virus is mutating all the time, and being transmitted more easily. If people are joining, fresh from the airport, you have a COVID-19 risk. As for Monkeypox (and also allergy injections) this is part of the Virgo and Sixth House story too. If you pull back from what that sign represents and what the meaning of all these Pluto and Uranus in Virgo generations is – it’s about self-care, self-control and empowerment with one’s own wellbeing. So, not the model of a victim with a doctor. The worker-employer relationship is at the heart of COVID-19. So this pulls in your example of co-workers who are sneezing from allergies and having shots because they don’t want to be seen as having Covid. At a certain point, the Uranus and Pluto in Virgo generation have to become activists. They don’t do this because they are Virgo – they serve. But this also comes back to the ancient observation that you cannot serve, unless you serve yourself first. Thank you for your thoughts, Donna.

  22. Thank you Jessica. My family and I are fully vaccinated and up to date. We adults wear our masks out in public. Getting the teens in our family to wear them in public and school is a bit trickier. We can’t monitor them when they aren’t home, but remind them to mask up all the time.

    1. Vaccinations and masks are the go-to answer in 2022 and like you, I’ve been injected with Pfizer three times and wear an N95 mask. School is a good example of where Virgo thinking has not happened. We are yet to see students, teachers and parents demand that schools instal HEPA filters. That schools have a policy on ventilation. This isn’t going away. On the plus side, this kind of measure is easier and more likely from 2023. The astrology suggests that as we address the most critical phase of COVID-19 yet (Saturn in Pisces) we also find we have the most powerful solutions yet (Pluto in Aquarius – people power). It’s my belief, which I cannot prove here, that we are also going to see HEPA Filters and other solutions based on buildings, eliminate the virus within indoor space. Not just ‘improve air quality’ but point-blank eliminate Covid.

  23. Oh Lord I was so excited about March 2023. I was feeling it was a rebirth of sorts for me. But I have Pluto, Uranus, and Minerva in Virgo which will be in the direct fire of Saturn opp in Pisces. What can I prepare for now? My life has been so unsettled for YEARS. I am ready for some peace and some semblance of normalcy or at least a predictable schedule! Thanks Jessica. Fore warned is fore armed!

    1. What we are seeing with this pressure on the Virgo planets and other factors of the billions (from oppositions in Pisces, and squares from Gemini and Sagittarius) is pressure to take action and change work practices. That can only happen with employer consent, or through the united actions of the many (which forces the employer to consent). So this is what it’s about for you. I doubt much will happen until we get to March 2023 and Pluto moves into Aquarius, the sign of people power, not corporate or political power. You can still have a good year (2023) and honour your Virgo side as well. Yet, the astrology suggests, with Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 too, you will have to alter the way you work and live, if you have not already done that.

  24. In the US here, thinking about attempts to win socialized medicine – Medicare for All – could that be an outcome of this health crisis? I can see how other countries with socialized medicine have overburdened systems due to Covid, but the US approach of individualizing the problem is bonkers. Alternatively, I’m wondering about the possibility of Western medicine evolving to include eastern or more holistic approaches to wellness instead of relying so heavily on technology and pharma.

    For those of us who are union members, this is providing a lot of food for thought on the appropriate demands around workplace safety and the future of work. How to capture gains for working people in the transformation of work with so much uncertainty? Wondering how the changes in work / healthcare crisis relates to the downfall of the plutocrats and the people power upsurge. Lots of potential…still kind of scary.

    1. Yes, Medicare For All is a good example of the social change which COVID-19 could produce. And it would fit the narrative we saw on this cycle before, with AIDS-HIV also producing social change. In fact it happens every time we see these cycles. The Black Death resulted in pay rises for farm labourers because they were in short supply and high demand, so many of them having died. It’s not the Middle Ages any more (!) but what you are talking about here is similar. The potential for union members to take on the plutocrats. Which they in fact should have done in 2020. Once you step back from Virgo and see that it’s half about employees and staff, the rest of it makes sense.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    If you post this can you please let my name out?
    I really get a little afraid, I tot HIV from my first boyfriend ( who died of aids) in 1987. Now I Am 52. I also almost died but fortunate not.
    I have the soutnode, Pluto, the mooi and MC in Virgo.
    I Am afraid to get a fourth vaccination bacause of long term side affects.

    I get scarred Reading your article. Do I have to worry that this cycle hits me again like in 1987 and 1991 ( when I almost died)..?
    I Am not asking you About death, but can you please see wich period(s) I really have to be more carefull? ( I Am always very carefull with masks etc) but extra extra carefull?

    Thank you so much,
    My worry is I Am afraid of the same cyclus.

    All the best D.

    1. Your question is private. All the questions and comments here are private. I am so sorry your boyfriend died of AIDS and infected you with HIV. You survived. You have a Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of stellium, and back then, were caught in mutable sign weather (the usual Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini problems). Saturn will go back to the same spot and I understand completely why you are concerned. Look at UV-C lights. Do some research, but know that Philips now make a commercial range of them. They are repeatedly shown to eliminate COVID-19 to 99.9% and the Omicron and Delta variants. So you can protect inside. At work and home. Outside, you know the rules. Indoors, if restaurants, theatres and so on do not provide protective UV-C light and/or HEPA Filters you should think seriously about attending. It’s okay if you are all wearing N-95 masks in the audience for a play, for example, as scientists tell us the protection is extremely high. If not, when in doubt, don’t. You have learned what it is like to go through a global health crisis. Perhaps the reason you made it, is to never repeat the same mistakes again. You know the old AIDS advertisement, ‘Don’t die of ignorance’ in the Eighties? That applies to our health now. You will be right across the realities this time and protect yourself and the people around you.

  26. Ps. I had 3 vaccnations but because of long term complications I Am afraid to take other vaccinations against Covid.
    I Am pro Vaccination, not against it!
    Just extra info..

    Thank you so much,
    Kind regards D.

    1. You have Virgo factors at 11 through 25 degrees in your Sixth House of health and work. Therefore your astrology chart suggests you can’t really judge one without the other. This includes the fourth vaccination question. If you go back to the cigarette/smoking example (the industry which made all the Uranus and Pluto in Virgo people born in the Fifties and Sixties and Seventies a target) the issue is air. And personal care. The work breaks that billions turned into cigarette breaks, for example. Vaccination has so far kept most people who get COVID-19 out of intensive care. That is a fact. But we are also seeing rising COVID-19 cases again in the United Kingdom (reported by The Guardian today) and so, for whatever reason, needles are not working. Go back to the idea of air and personal care. And work. Is your employer paying for HEPA filters, for example?

  27. wow, dear Jessica, what un outstadning post again, just beig so grateful for your amazing work, reading it all. but this time I’m even more flashed, because habe Virgin in my Sun and my Ascendant in Sagittarius, birn in 1951 in Germany. for about 40 years I was travelling around the world as PR-Consultant for international Hotels, always looking for the higher meaning. it was really hard world to find me and my way. But about 25 years ago finally I found my real destination to be a channel and Healer by birth and connected to God and our inner divine. on the one hand. but on the other still doing PR. With your above mentioned preview do you have any idea where my place and the position of Germany will be?
    Many thanks, dear Jessica, would be so grateful for.
    Love, Light and lots of Blessings for you and your dears and many regards to your beautiful Country I visited and love.

    1. Thank you. Healers are required on the planet in the Twenties as Long Covid is affecting so many people. Thank you.

  28. There is a lot more involved with CV-19 than Astrology is exposing. There are so many variables involved, For example: The fatality rate of CV-19. Fauci stated in his emails which have been obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act that if the fatality rate was between 0.02%-0.4% than CV-19 was just a bad Flu. When the fatality rate actually fell within that as documented on an open mic video from the Trump CV-19 briefing room of 0.1%-0.2%, it was ignored.
    -February 16, 2020 (000447) – Fauci tells CBS reporter that if the mortality turns out to be 0.2% to 0.4%, then SARS-CoV-2 should be treated like a severe seasonal flu. (ICAN blog).
    Open mic video has been on twitter for months. A video has just surfaced with Bill Gates speaking saying that if it was known that the fatality rate of CV-19 was so low, like the Flu, things would have been done differently. Yet, it was known a year ago.

    Also, it has been exposed that the CDC manipulated information on how it determined what is a CV-19 death and what isn’t. Dr. Deborah Brix stated at the beginning of the all of this that if a person died & tested positive for CV-19, regardless if CV-19 wasn’t responsible for the death that person will be counted as a CV-19 death. Also, the CDC violated a Federal law that has been in existence for over 17 years regarding cause of deaths documentation: “CDC, issued ‘COVID-19 Alert No. 2’ to all physicians, medical examiners and coroners as guidelines for making significant changes as to how cause of death was to be reported on death certificates exclusively for COVID-19”.
    This decision was made despite pre-existing rules, approved by the OMB, issued by the CDC,
    and in use nationwide for at least 17 years without incident. These rules are published as, 2003 CDC’s Medical Examiners’ & Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting
    and the CDC’s Physicians’ Handbook on Medical Certification of Death.

    Approved by the OMB and in use without incident for 17 years, there was no justifiable reason for the
    CDC to implement these changes, bypass the oversight of the OMB, and fail to provide 60-days for
    public comment, as they are legally obligated to do. There is a federal protocol that must be followed to make a change and the CDC ignored it. Because anyone who tested positive for COVID and died regardless if they died of a heart attack or something else, they are listed as COVID deaths when they are not. Not to mention that families are told the FDA will assist financial with funeral cost if COVID is on the death certificate. All these machinations of the government has created a false narrative. Believe me there is a lot more.

    You may not post this but I am wondering if Astrology can pick up all of these nuances? Because of the Pfizer data dumps of the trial data that was used to authorized the EUA ordered by the courts that have been occurring monthly, more is being revealed that governments are finding hard to hide from the public.

    1. I can’t comment on what you are saying, but “You may not post this” is wrong – this is an open discussion based on the astrology – of course. Thank you.

  29. A lot to think about..
    .I have my MC in Pisces and my IC in Virgo…and my son wants to study abroad from February 2023 in Australia, we are currently living in Greece.He was born on the 15th of April 2004,Aries.
    What do we have to watch for, for the coming years.,

  30. Thank you Jessica, your reply button by the comments didn’t work so writing I new comment 🙂 .
    You are spot on as usual. Actually I being told by my guides that I need to rest and prepare for my next phase in life. But being a stubborn taurus with a aries stellium I am so used to just keep on going and pushing forward.
    Uranus transits in taurus has really changed me- and my life and I am tired after all the changes ,even if my life is in a good place at the moment.
    I asked the tarot and oracles and got the Nine of pentacles- succesful ideas and apollo in the 11:e house.
    Best wishes

    1. I am sorry the reply button isn’t working. Mercury Retrograde is hanging on. The Nine of Pentacles is really about money, life values and your life budget and income. Successful ideas will save or make you money. Apollo in the Eleventh House is about you leading the group, or a leader within the group, whom you follow.

  31. Thanks Jessica for explaining it all so clearly. I have Jupiter in Aries next year (my 6th house) is that going to help me.

    1. Yes, if you have the Sun in Scorpio then transiting Jupiter in Aries in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing, work and lifestyle is helping you right now. He is there until October, then returns January-May 2023. You can snap up opportunities and solutions all over the place. Chiron is also in Aries in your Sixth House, so you may be able to get away with the so-called outrageous or unthinkable!

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I read your posts regularly. I have to say I’ve only written to you once back in 2020 when the pandemic hit. I remember you mentioned to me at the time that my path would change moving, I would be working more from home, and that the way I create and play music (I’m a musician) would also take a different path.

    I have to say I’m impressed with your predictions. You were right on all counts. I’ve gone from playing music full-time to writing full-time (first change), I used to travel a lot, now I work from home (second change), the way I create and perform music now is via Zoom, internet concerts, collaborations (another change, I never used internet or ever did collaborations prior). So now I’m wondering and curious since you got it 100% correct with your previous predictions, what other changes you see coming for me? My birthday is 13/4/65.


    1. Thanks so much Dave. I am glad the prediction came true. Happy Birthday for last April. You will join or rejoin a band in March, April 2023 (just before your birthday) and it will go off the radar later, but never go away – from 2025 you realise it will change your life. Just get everything in writing with these people as what you have is powerful.

  33. Hi Jessica , really great blog once again. However , I am wondering why you won’t comment on Rhonda post above ?

    1. Lack of knowledge. It’s not my area, whereas astrology is. I rely on all you homeopaths, doctors, scientists and epidemiologists to supply the information and links, to extend the feature. Thank you.

  34. Thank you Jessica. An extremely informative and enlightening article. During March 2023 I have transiting Saturn opposing natal Pluto, the true North node conjuncting natal South node and Lillith moving into a conjunction with natal Uranus. I have created an Energetic practice during Covid and am now about to really get it out there. (I think).
    I am very focused on keeping strong immunity- naturally, diet, exercise and supplements and I wonder if this could be the time for the beginning of real progress in my business? Would there be support for this through online from March onwards? I have just moved to NZ and am in process to find where I shall set up a home base. I want to prepare for these times and also be of benefit for others.Thanks

    1. Thank you. Don’t use Lilith if you use modern astrology; she was never in the Roman family tree of archetypes. It’s the same with Sedna and Eris and whatever else people try to put into an Italian pantheon! Congratulations on your business and your efforts to help people during the pandemic. You are a Sun Aquarius with an Aquarian stellium in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, and if you remain in NZ, will find March 2023 and following, changes your life. This may be anything from a band, to a yoga circle, to a political party. You will be never quite on the inside; always a little set apart; always drawn to this group. If it doesn’t empower you as you wish you will find another. You have your Aquarius destiny to fulfil and the world needs you.

  35. Dear Jessica, Thank you for all the insights in all of your posts. I just became a member the last few months and am finding it invaluable. I was hoping you were wrong about Covid getting worse in the years ahead. So much pain for so many. I know big transformations are coming and they are challenging ones! I expected big transformational events in the 90’s and wondered what the heck happened (not an astrologer) I thought we would be (blissfully) in the age of Aquarius by now (should have studied astrology more 🙂
    I felt pretty lucky personally about minimal impacts from Covid (so far) but I had 3 pretty traumatic health/injury events in 2021. I’m working to get my strength and stamina back and adding more self-care and wondering if this is the end of that cycle for a while. I do have Virgo in Pluto, IC and North Node so these coming cycles are worrying me a bit. Thanks for all you do! I get so much insight from your responses to everyone.

    1. I’m sorry about your health issues and injuries from last year – you are trying to rebuild and you are strongly Virgo. You have that Virgo-Pisces axis which suggests your unconscious controls what happens to you. The relationship you have with work, unpaid work, housework, voluntary work, paid work (all the work including any study) is central, to what happened with your three 2021 events. Have you gone into that? Sometimes meditation, dreams or hypnosis can help do that. As Saturn will be across that axis of your chart it becomes even more important from March 2023, for some years to come. Have a look at Pisces, Twelfth House and Virgo, Sixth House because they tie up a huge amount of your personality, and how you live, and who you are – and what comes your way. It is very easy to not be conscious of the unconscious (!) as we squash down so much of what we cannot consciously accept about serving others, or doing our duty for others. Then things occur and we are made to take time off or even leave the position. This is at the core of everything you are about to change, and you will change a lot, about your lifestyle in the next few years.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    How do you think countries like New Zealand will respond to this new covid environment next year? We are moving to NZ from Melbourne in September this year and can’t wait!

    Many thanks!

    1. I must look at the New Zealand chart again; the last time was some years ago, in Auckland. I think the key here is the chart for Ardern and Albanese. I’d bet on a unique travel and tourism arrangement between both countries which helps to sort out the problems COVID-19 keeps delivering. She has Jupiter in her Ninth House of tourism and international relations until May 2023. He has Jupiter in his Third House of domestic travel and short flights in 2023. That’s Sydney to Auckland. Whatever these two cook up will be terrific. Maybe we’ll go back to sane, managed travel again!

  37. Hello again, Jessica.
    What is the significance of my Moon being in Virgo? Does my health go through phases with the Moon? Do my emotions have control over my health? My Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Ascendant, and Panacea (don’t know this one) are all in Cancer and therefore ruled by the Moon, can I make any assumptions about the power of tending to my emotions helping my health and vigor?

    I do feel somewhat relieved that I was born in 1955, prior to the Virgo years. But I still feel a yearning to do my part.

    I am new to reading you so I am getting used to the idea of the future finding us less globalized and more in need of isolation for our own survival. I hope it will be safe to travel within the US this fall.

    As an artist, I have been creating paintings that encourage persistence, determination, and the need to find one’s own way through the obstacles or to create one’s own path toward the light. But that may be old thinking and obsolete wisdom. What would be useful messaging in the art for these coming challenges? Contentment in one’s home? The beauty of a small community? The postage stamp kitchen garden?

    I have been working on paintings of women assisting the disabled, a young woman emerging from the darkness of the underworld (with empty hands), Haumea birthing a new world, and Diana the Goddess of Childhood and Children with children of all colors. Is the message of ‘women getting it done’ helpful? Or counter-productive?

    A bit off-topic, what is the significance of my IC, Apollo, and Cupido being in Virgo? I don’t know these characters.

    Again, you are amazing and your service to the world may be humanity-changing.

    1. Thank you. Your Moon shows your ‘need to be needed.’ It is where and how you nurture, feed, protect, nourish and care for someone/something. In Virgo in the Sixth House you could be mother hen to other people at work – the staff – but as a painter you likely take care of clients, other people in the gallery, and so on. Virgo serves and does her duty; with the Moon there, you do it instinctively and quite emotionally. Nurses are often Moon in Virgo people I’ve found. You are also strongly Cancerian and so the Moon does have a big influence on your personality and destiny. You are here to shelter and feed. You are expressing that in your work, through female archetypes. Your other Virgo factors are really about a way of working and living which you carefully put together over many years. You were never going to buy a one-size-fits-all employment pattern or have your career handed down to you by other people. Strongly Virgo types tend to fit together their own way of earning a crust, but also looking after themselves!

  38. Hi Jess,Thank you so much for your amazingly accurate insight your website has been my go too for the last eight months while having treatment for leukemia and all the other stuff that brings with it… 109 chemos and counting. I have been given the all clear but still have to have at least 20 more chemos to go… I have turned inward on a journey of self discovery, astrology, family and God.
    So grateful for the amazing care from my specialist and the incredible chemo nurses, Just wondering where my path is leading next..any insight would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you K and I am so glad your chemotherapy is going well. Pluto, Bacchus, the Descendant and Aesculapia in Virgo are all in your Sixth House of health and work. Pluto is the willpower that empowers you. Pluto is the self-control that means you have to manage yourself to accept compromise. In the Sixth House, it reflects the generation you were born into, because this is Generation Gym and also Generation Health Food Shop! It is always a trade-off for Pluto in Virgo people between their need to run their own bodies, and the reality of the supermarket sugar industry, smokers, Covidiots and the rest. The other factors are interesting. Bacchus is pure pleasure from the body. It’s actually wine, and good food. Some people use Bacchus for meditation, spas and saunas. It’s typically alcohol. The Descendant is the partners you attract in your life, romantically or through work. The Descendant is also the other side; the opponent or duel. Sometimes ex lovers become the enemy – that can happen. Expressed in Virgo the Descendant is far more likely to show up as one or more partners who are Virgo types; practical, down-to-earth, grounded in their lifestyles and jobs. The most important factor in your treatment is Aesculapia. He was the god of healing to whom the Romans turned when people were supposedly at the point of no return; he brought them back from the brink and his priests worked in temples all over the Roman Empire. Have a look at that asteroid in your chart. If you want to dig into your Sixth House more, it’s about work, unpaid work and housework. Your relationship with the world of work is tied to your relationship with your own health and wellbeing. This is going to be reshaped even more over the next few. years as you experience transits from Jupiter in Taurus next year (May 2023 to May 2024) as he trines your Virgo factors. This serves you well, but it will really do the business, if you are absolutely up to speed on what it means to you, to serve others; to do your duty. The self-discovery may be part of that.

  39. Hi dear Jessica & team, again – truly profound and enlightening work – am so grateful. Thank you!!
    And Jessica, your ability to ‘interpret’ the language and dances of the planets always astonishes me – the Covid prediction just being the highest profile of many, many times over the years where you have “called” something. Thank you for always helping us to work with these interesting and challenging times. XOO
    Yes, I was reading about the food pricing and supply chain shortages recently, and thinking back to all the times you have mentioned it; and every time I read about global tourism trying to recover, I think – but why?? (And internally referencing the astrological movements your brought to our attention first). I ‘get’ the human desire to roam – but tempered with respect for Mother Earth, and fellow humans – apart from airline travel being incredibly polluting, we have to (now) take into account our increasing likelihood of the spread of disease – via humans. So – this is all one big message to say, let’s get back to nature, to ‘digging for victory’, to local community. Thanks so much for your support in helping us do this – back to my epic home restructuring now – I can see the end in sight but am exhausted. Looking forward to catching up on all the recent blog posts with a hot coffee. Blessings to everyone!! XOO XOO

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. It is important for astrologers to take responsibility for their profession, which has always been about prediction and timely warning, as well as the relief of knowing when there is light at the end of the tunnel! We all need to know things become easier. The mutable sign weather with these Saturn in Pisces, North Node in Pisces, South Node in Virgo, Uranus in Gemini transits is up ahead and I need to ring the bell. There is so much dangerous denial and dreaming going on about travel. And travel is the problem. So it has to be said. On the plus side, this will bring the world together. Pluto in Aquarius and the gathered tribes.

  40. This is a lot to digest…

    First, thank you so much for all your hard work. Second, this is helpful because I started a business in January and recently had a feeling it needed to be all virtual. I am a Master Certified Health Coach specializing in corporate wellness. I plan to take my business to corporations and help their employees get healthy. However, based on what you have forecasted here, virtual is the way to go for sure. I want to launch fully by the end of the year. Do you see this plan working for me? Also, my chart shows a lot of Scorpio factors, could you give me some insight into what that means?

    All the best from Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.

    1. You are in the right business as just about every person born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House of health, will be knocking at your door soon with Long Covid, or an urgent need as an employer to keep staff on board, and doing well. You are a Sun Sagittarius who will radically change your own lifestyle and working patterns, at the same time that you encourage others to do the same; working virtually for example. By 2026 the process is complete. You will do very well from this, starting May 2023 until May 2024 as you experience Jupiter trines to your own Virgo patterns, and Jupiter also in your solar Sixth House of work. Jupiter is about expansion, growth, good timing and good fortune. So you are on the right path. Your Scorpio stellium is about joint finance and shared property, usually with sexual partners, always with the family. Your South Node in Scorpio transit over that, in your Eighth House, is about life as it was, 18 or 19 years ago, with karma coming around. The process is complete next year.

  41. Wow your answer is powerful. Thanks Jessica. Not sure if you are aware or not but here in America we are already seeing the effects of the employer/employee dynamic. We have “Help Wanted” signs all over the doors of businesses. This is something we saw in the 70s and 80s. Once the internet came into play the employer didn’t even want to talk to you on the phone, it was all done electronically. So this COVID has taken us back 30-40 years in that aspect. People got so used to working from home that no one wants to go do anything out side of the home. Banks, theaters, fast food, grocery, etc are BEGGING people to work. The Corporate jobs, which most can be done from home, were transitioned to home but now that things “seem” to be settling down these Corporations have big leases and don’t want empty buildings so they are trying to force the workers back in. One of my son-in-laws has been home for 2 years. His company sent out a memo telling people they were going to have to come back in and they lost about 1/3 of their workforce and have been working hard to fill that gap. Needless to say they backed down on having them come back in to the office. The nursing shortage is real too. It is well known the pandemic stretched an already overworked profession to the breaking point. But the thing about nursing is that the skill are very portable and translate into many other careers that can be done from home, reaserch for Pharmaceutical companies, medical writing, etc. and all pay just as well. This will be very interesting to see what comes about over the next 5 years. I think it may even open the doors for much more innovation. Its scary and exciting at the same time. Change is always a bit disorienting but it comes when it is needed. You’ve also been mentioning new innovations. I am hoping that includes hydrogen cars, and power. Hydrogen is the second most abundant element on earth, very clean and safe. I don’t think there is any byproduct like the emissions from coal and the radiation from nuclear. Its 14.4 times lighter than air and dissipates super fast. Its also not the element that is in the hydrogen bomb. That is a man made isotope. The natural hydrogen is stable. Cheers!

    1. Americans are experimenting with all the trines from Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn to their natal Virgo planets, points, angles and the rest. Two trines to the collective Sixth House of work and health is really motivating people to go home, resign (The Great Resignation) and job-share. Thank you for raising the issue of nurses, doctors and hospital staff. I didn’t reference that in this feature but it’s crucial. At some point the health industry will push back against the tourism industry and the tourism industry will lose. If we step right back from these cycles and ask what the actual point of them is, this modern plague does two things. It empowers working people to control their lives against the power of corporations and governments; it also slows down and stops the fossil fuel industry which is creating Climate Emergency. Hydrogen is very much on the agenda. Uranus in Taurus suggests a replacement world economy.

  42. Jessica, thanks for the heads up about new Covid variants and border closures coming in early March 2023. Just when I was hoping to visit relatives I am missing very much in the UK in early April 2023. Sounds like I need to think again. Being born in one of the Pluto in Virgo groups I’m still lobbying for HEPA filters in every classroom in my workplace, while others don’t question having the heater on, closed windows and no masks.

    1. Pluto in Virgo people want control over smokers/smoking, vapers/vaping, COVID-19 and HIV-AIDS too. At a certain point they always get what they want. The astrology does not predict border closures in March 2023 around the world. That comes later. What it does predict is a solution to the problems faced by groups, bands, clubs and teams who face infection inside indoors environments. As Saturn is replaced by Pluto in that zone of the world chart (Aquarius) it does rather suggest new technology to eliminate the virus within. HEPA filters are the first big step of course. Have a look at the CSIRO study on flights returning to Australia where they tested the wastewater in the aircraft lavatories from a wide range of countries. I’m sure the airlines don’t want you to do that. Do it.

  43. Very new to the site and to the blog…but yes, I have 7 planets in Virgo – Moon, Uranus Pluto, Aesculapia, Bacchus, Fortuna and Diana and, yes, 93 to 96 were life changing and challenging years and in 96 I was diagnosed with a very painful illness that made me seriously doubt I could have children ( I eventually was blessed with one in 2004…but it took a lot of growing up).
    I hope that I will be able to withstand the wind, as those days were truly hard.
    Also, I live between countries and travel is part of my work….mainly because I love it so much!

    1. A Virgo stellium means you live in your Sixth House for much of the time and saw for yourself what the Nineties offered up – it’s great you emerged with a child. Be very careful with the Uranus in Gemini transits from 2026 which square your Virgo stellium; Gemini rules domestic flights, trains and buses, of course.

  44. Bună, Jesica! Sunt Fecioară din 1971. Mă cam îngrijorează aceste previziuni, dar cu speranță vom depăși totul! Prea multe : Covid, război, scumpiri, variola maimuței… iar Covid.

  45. Thanks for another fascinating article Jessica.

    I’ve been following Dr John Campbell on you tube since covid begun. He did a video the other day explaining that the Wuhan institute of virology were coincidentally working on Monkey Pox right before this current outbreak. I really worry about all these gain of function experiments around the world and hope generation Virgo can find a way to put an end to them.

    Thanks as always ❤️

    1. Thank you. Bioterrorism has long been a passion of the Russians as well. Beyond the actual cause of COVID-19 or Monkey Pox, the reality is that pandemics are spread rapidly through modern air travel (new to our century) and also in high-density, overcrowded populations (also new to our century). So we are dealing with something that feeds on the 20th century structures men created, basically, and heading for a 21st century when those structures will have to come down. That’s really what this perfect storm of Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius is suggesting.

  46. There are other professional astrologers such as Pam Gregory and Bracha Goldsmith who talk about the revealing of truths such as what Ronda says and the astrology. You might like to check them out. Pam recently talked about the feeling of betrayal people may be feeling now and over the coming months.

    1. Thank you, I will go and look at their websites to catch up on their articles about COVID-19 and astrology.

  47. Thanks for this explanation and preparation! I’m really curious how it will be until the 7th of March 2023 regarding restrictions, covid19 and the way we work. I’m working from home and still fighting to keep doing so, my job can be 100% remote but I get a lot of resistance from the company and management. I’m waiting for the big change around this. Also I’m wondering regarding my own live since I’m 36 and soon want to start a family but I’m concerned about if this will be the right time regarding go health and facilities.

    1. Saturn departing Aquarius is a green light for groups, clubs, teams and communities after a very difficult period in 2021 and (what will be) the first two months of 2023. That has to be a huge leap in air filtering or lighting technology which will eliminate COVID-19 indoors. Working from home, which you are fighting to do, despite management, will be hugely helped by your union or professional association later (Pluto going into Aquarius from March 2023 is the literal translation of power through the group). Of course you have to be in it, to win it. But I would assume there are many of you wanting to work 100% remotely and putting your health and wellbeing first. The odds are hugely in your favour long-term.

  48. Hi my dear Jessica, you are so amazing…. So the ones who have North Node in Virgo and South Node en Piscis will not be triggered in a profound way? I am waiting for a moment in History that I do not have to be challenged, for a change, haha. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. If you have Virgo-Pisces factors, be this the North Node and South Node or anything else, you will find yourself drawn into the ‘challenge to change’ from March 8th 2023 until February 14th 2026, the entire span of Saturn in Pisces, with the nodes on the Virgo-Pisces axis for some of that time. This will be as big as the billion-dollar lawsuits against tobacco companies were. It will be as big as the push for gay marriage. So it makes history and I’m afraid you are going to be pulled into it (we don’t know why yet) to play your part. Perhaps you’ll just pay to join an affordable class-action lawsuit against the airlines.

  49. The World Population is growing by over 200,000 people a day.
    Do the math if you want the truth about covid-19, or anything else.
    Love your articles Jessica!

  50. Hi, Jessica, amazing work! I really hope we can live with Covid and be responsable with it. In one answer you said “The astrology does not predict border closures in March 2023 around the world. That comes later”. When this border closures can happen? I ask you this because my family lives in UK and next year, on 30th september I have my wedding day. I want everyone to be safe and I am thinking to do covid test for all my guests. I am tired of this vaccination, it didn’t help at all. After I got my covid vaccine I have had covid 2 times. Worst experience in my life. We need other solutions, like tratament and air filters. I hope that when we(people) will get the power, we can change it for our good.

    1. Thank you. Borders between neighbouring regions and countries are a Gemini-Sagittarius matter and we begin to see opportunities to redraw borders with Jupiter in Gemini starting May 26th 2024 until June 9th 2025. This is the first stage of the world map altering. The second, radical stage is when borders will close in a variety of places and that is Uranus in Gemini from July 8th 2025 until May 22nd 2033. That is a very long way after your wedding on 30th September 2023. You already know vaccines do not stop infection, but the key according to doctors is three injections as COVID-19 mutates and you need an updated shot. Assuming you had three needles, you could still have become infected, of course. As it was the worst experience of your life when you became ill, you’ll do what the academics and doctors suggest, and as the United Kingdom has rising cases of COVID-19 already, assume an ongoing crisis and enforce tests. A friend of mine has a good rule: she looks at cases in her area, divides it with the population and figures (say) that one in fifty people will be infected, at any given time. If she has an event with fifty people she assumes COVID-19 is there and acts accordingly. At the very start of COVID-19 in Britain, a famous psychic and astrologer messaged me on Twitter because she was about to get married. She wanted to know what she should do. I told her to have it outside and to give guests the option of not attending – no hard feelings. I do not know if she followed my advice, but in fact her new wife (she is a lesbian) did get COVID-19. So you do not mess with this thing. It has killed two of my friends.

  51. Dear Jessica, I have a specific question about whether cities/regions in India have different horoscopes and futures? The reason I ask is that your predictions on future Covid outbreaks impacting countries with high populations, definitely includes India which was badly hit by Covid. And yet, even during that dark time, we saw some incredible success stories.

    And not where one would expect – the hype around the wealth of the Adanis and Ambanis makes it to the front pages of financial publications. But the consistently successful businesses are in the IT sector – nearly all of which are concentrated in two cities in the South – Bangalore and Hyderabad. It’s no coincidence that these two cities and the states they are located in, dealt with Covid remarkably well even during the worst outbreaks. I checked your old posts and you’d said that India would end up like Europe. Do you see different countries emerging? Or will the regions become more independent? And will the strength of the IT sector continue to grow? If so, how will the decline of travel impact the industry?

    Thank you!

    1. I must find that old prediction about India! Yes, different cities in India like New Delhi and Mumbai have their own legislation and thus their own horoscopes. I have never looked at the regions within India and you are right to do so, because the future from 2026 is about neighbouring nations or neighbouring areas. Uranus in Gemini is ‘the new neighbours’. IT is ruled by Gemini, so this would correlate. You could expect a radical change involving Nepal, for example, but also (say) Bangalore. It would involve the new transport (forget petrol/gas) and also the new information technology, both of which Gemini governs. The last time we saw this cycle, the origins of what would become the Jeep and the motorbike were invented. So was the computer. So you are quite right. India is long overdue for this kind of exciting and liberating shift. If you hit ‘India’ on Search you will find the original forecast, which was very much about the new transport.

  52. Hi Jessica, great feature, as always. I agree with you that class action lawsuits against airlines, hotels, cruise ships, will be forthcoming and the strain to hospitals around the world from 2023-2026 will be a repeat of what we’ve seen in the past two years, it could be worse, just a perfect storm waiting to happen. Like you and billions of other people with Uranus and/or Pluto in Virgo we have to be ready for this final battle, we hope, against this virus. And after all is said and done, there will be a change, for the better, in every aspect of life, specifically in the workplace, which I’m already seeing right now, with people taking early retirement and some doing a hybrid work schedule. Most people are choosing, when given the option, to work one day at the office and the rest at home. A lot of companies have adopted this hybrid model but with the impending resurgence of another variant in March 2023, it will revert to pandemic times – working form home 5-days a week. And after 2026, we’re not sure if the hybrid model continues or another model gets created.

    Jessica, if I may just take a moment to address a reader of yours, Kathryn Dunn : thank you for writing in, K, I’m so glad to see the progress you’ve made with your chemotherapy treatment. Leukemia struck me too, it wasn’t fun being in the hospital for days on end as a kid. But this is about you so I just want to say that I’ll keep you in my daily prayers, and that one day soon this will go into remission. Like Jessica said, you have Jupiter in Taurus coming up next year, use it, it’s in perfect trine to your Virgo factors. Jupiter is one of my favorite planets, and I love the asteroid Aesculapia as well. They are there to help you, use it, you can do it, stay strong.

    Thank you, Jessica, take care, talk to you later.

    1. Class action lawsuits have been here since the WHO declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic but we’ve not had the cycles that change ‘some action’ and ‘some success’ to the kind of massive multi-billion dollar movements that alter laws. The Uranus and Pluto in Virgo generations are the movers and shakers here, and the last time they saw Saturn opposite their Virgo factors, they got results with HIV-AIDS and the tobacco industry. Elon Musk is investing in air filters for Tesla cars. Dyson is doing the same for interiors. Nobody has yet made the breakthrough required, but when they do, it will neatly sum up Pluto in Aquarius + Uranus in Taurus. A powerful new union movement forcing employers to put filtering in every room along with a replacement economy based on ‘the new buildings.’ The other thing you are talking about here, with hybrid work models, is also a classic example of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo generations demanding work from home, or (as employers) giving staff that option because they know very well that staff with Long Covid are no staff at all. We are at the end of Pluto in Capricorn, which is the Prime Minister, President or Premier at the top, resisting the masses at the middle and bottom, but that’s over from March 2023. Thank you for keeping Kathryn in your prayers, Caroline, and for reassuring her about chemotherapy. You have been through this already and know. We look forward to updates about your ongoing success, Kathryn.

  53. Rhonda Diane Schinke,

    This type of rhetoric is dangerous and pretty much all conspiracy theories that have been debunked. You have not cited one source with any link. The sites that all echo your sentiment are tabloids and proven conspiracy theory publications.

    The USA has a

    To suggest that medical and/or pharmaceutical professionals, who dedicate and risk their lives to save lives many in my family are medical/scientific staff, would in any way manipulate data that would lead to the cause of millions of deaths is absolutely false and down right ridiculous. I take execption to this type of fodder being spread around because it puts even more strain on those who work so diligently to save our lives, one of my daughters and her husband included.

    Do you have a medical or Pharmaceutical degree? Have you ever worked as a nurse, physician, pharmacokineticist, or anything even remotely close to that? There has always been money set aside for vaccine injury, without question. Anyone who has worked in Pharmaceuticals and drug development knows that the real test is the population. If you knew about the pharmacokinetics and pharmcodynamics of drug metabolism you’d understand that.

    The USA has an honor system based reporting system where anyone can go in an report any adverse event. Anyone can pretty much write any hooey they want too. Its the hope that most people are honest, intelligent, and responsible. Unfortunately, the oppostite seems to be more true.

    I am going to leave a quote from a real doctor about this consiracy theory garabage:

    Responding to the false claims circulating on social media, Irish cancer researcher Dr. David Robert Grimes tweeted: “Why is Pfizer trending? Short version: Because a bunch of conspiratorial half-wits with all the scientific, statistical acumen of a particularly inept hamster are, yet again, incapable of understanding (a) what passive reporting is (b) basic fractions.”


    1. I just saw the comments and questions here leap by 30 people, so this may be why. Thank you for the link to Newsweek. I’ll go and find out more about the Irish cancer researcher Dr. David Robert Grimes. This will be really helpful for so many readers coming to this feature; thank you.

  54. Fantastic article, very thought provoking. I see an end for many businesses, as the world changes.

  55. I have so many Cancerian factors, that hearing a new wave of Covid is coming unsettles my safety and security issues. I have already expanded my home pantry since 2020 and we have refurbished many areas of our home to make it even more comfortable and entertaining, as we are now HOME all the time! We are fortunately early retirees and don’t have to commute to jobs. I have returned to owearing a mask when I go to the grocery (NO ONE in Arizona does!) and I am avoiding crowded indoor places, like movie theaters,again. I have heard of 6 people,just since YESTERDAY, in my social circle, who have covid!!!! I am wondering what i should be doing to PREPARE for another wave?My husband does work as a chiropractor from a home office, 2 days a week. He had to close from March 2020-March 2021. Will we have to close up again? He is also a Cancer Sun and Jupiter in Cancer. I have given UP on travel.We have not seen family on the other coast (USA) since 2019. Not going to,either. I feel like I have to “prepare”..what should I be doing? Your work is so crucial and important to all of us during these times.thank you for all you do for us.

    1. The useful thing about astrology is that you can see the greatest solution at the same time that you see the hardest challenge. Elon Musk is the world’s richest man and is researching air filters for his Tesla cars as I write this. When you have that level of wealth with that much focus on how to have clean indoor space (and they can’t yet guarantee COVID-19 elimination though they are clearly trying) – you just know we’re in for the solution. Masks are like condoms for HIV-AIDS and will always remain. I keep a stash of N95 masks in my handbag. You can’t mask against cigarettes but you can avoid smokers. You can avoid travel (I am like you and stopped flying, but also taking the bus or coach, a long time ago). Your Cancer husband will have professional solutions and opportunities not possible in 12 years by October, and again from January to May 2023. He should snap them up. You don’t have to risk Long Covid, or worse outcomes (infecting people you know) in order to be successful. You just have to think outside the box. The astrology tells us that this cycle is really similar to AIDS and to the cigarette smoking crisis of the 1990s. Most people are alive and well today because they changed behaviour and lifestyle. That means giving things up, but you and I both know it’s not a huge deal. Your husband’s work, should work (excuse the pun) in a safe way, given the opportunities he is receiving in 2022, 2023.

  56. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the heads-up, I’ll make sure I don’t make any travel plans for March 2023. Since you are comparing COVID-19 and Aids, did you know that the same person (Anthony Fauci) was responsible for managing both Aids and Covid? I would love to see his chart one day and what happened there with mismanaging both epidemics.
    Also on another note, do you see a rise in local travel within a state let’s say? I am located in NSW and thinking of buying a property and converting it to attractive Air BnB as my side hustle. My MC is right on Cancer which rules property, design and interior – my soul passions. Wondering when is a good time according to my chart to make the purchase?
    Thank you very much for your endless knowledge.

    1. Fauci would have known about the scientific evidence for UV-C light a long time ago. It should have been mandatory in every place that travellers depart or arrive. And in the air. Why not? Remember Donald Trump was the Covid President and the Vaccine President too. We have to move on, though, and we can do that now that Pluto is edging out of Capricorn. You want to buy a home and make it an Air BnB. Be really careful as we’re going to see tourism blocked and stopped from 2026 with Uranus in Gemini. You are a Sun Gemini with a Taurus signature so I understand the nose for business. If this was short-term, your chances would be better: have a look at the Tarot for this one.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your work. My 2nd Saturn return will take place during that Saturn transit in Pisces. My first was really all lessons about boundaries, and also many people I was close to or knew at work (my Virgo factors) passed away in tragic circumstances, there was so much sadness during that time (my Ceres in Pisces). In addition to the general picture you have given us, is there anything you want to tell me? I work in health care by the way, though not in a patient care environment.

    Thank you,


    1. I have replied to this CG but the AIDS-HIV cycle is back from March 2023. This may be Monkeypox, as we know from the W.H.O. that cases so far have shown up in men who have sex with men. It is far more likely to be COVID-19 repeating what AIDS did – take the lives of Americans of a certain generation. It is very sad and completely avoidable, just as AIDS was. That’s the good news. Prevention is real and your Saturn Return will take you there, not just in general wellbeing terms, but specifically with your boundaries. You need to reinforce some walls and put in a moat, psychologically or psychically, on this transit. You’ve had it before though so you know what to expect.

  58. Jessica,

    I feel like my response might have been a bit crass. I typically will not respond emotionally, will pull my thoughts together and create a more intelligent response with citations and whatever else I need to back up my words. I am not really familiar with the doctor but his quote was spot on. I was not trying to offend anyone with my response but really misinformation is dangerous and can be deadly. It will lead people who may need some medical intervention to avoid it and it can put groups of people against medical and pharmaceutical professionals and maket them targets. And the absurd claim, that has been cirucalting for a while now, that Bill Gates is some murderous madman out to kill everyone and cut the popluation just floors me. We’ve been so far removed from the ravages of the diseases that we immunize against that people have no idea what they are toying with. Where has critical thinking gone?

    1. Not in the least and please don’t apologise. This is a forum for readers and we often disagree. Thank you so much for your comments. And a lot of people agree with you.

  59. Sorry, the reply button doesn’t seem to be working. Just wanted to tell you that the India prediction blog had said that the Gandhis – notably Sonia Gandhi – could be adversely impacted by Covid 19. Which could see the end of the family’s grip over Indian politics. And this is the headline from nearly all our national newspapers!!!

    You had predicted riots in India thanks to the current government’s right wing stance.

    This has truly been a sad time for Indian democracy.

    You had also predicted that Modi would change his politics or lose power. Can we hope that happens sooner rather than later? There doesn’t seem to be any opposition party able to beat the ruling party.

    Sorry for all the questions – but I’m truly awestruck on how your predictions keep coming true! Thank you again!

    1. Thank you so much. I had forgotten about those India predictions and wasn’t aware they had come true. I’ll go and have a look at this today. Bless you.

  60. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for your very interesting articles. This one regarding Covid in 2023,204 etc has resonated with me on so many levels.
    I am in the age bracket you refer to as affected . I have just taken early retirement, so thankfully not under pressure at work, and was planning to move house next year after March 2023 , after completely redecorating my current home ready for sale. I have also been invited on a cruise in June next year. Are you able to give me any thoughts on whether my plans may need to change? From reading your article I may need to rethink?

    1. A cruise? Well if they have UV-C and HEPA protection in every indoor space. Otherwise, just two words. Ruby and Princess. The new mutation of Covid-19 is already seeing a spike in cases in the UK. You really don’t want that on board. Ask the Oracle/Tarot cards about this but we are sailing into the most dangerous ever phase of the pandemic from March 2023. Please, please protect yourself. Go to Twitter for the truth from the professors, doctors and epidemiologists who update us all daily.

  61. Great article again, thank you for writing more on Covid. You absolutely echo what I believe, about living with Covid when so many are still dying from it. It’s difficult for many to understand Covid if not had it and indeed for some it is a mild illness. Having had Covid right at the start back in March 2020 and it really was the worst experience of my life, I then had Long Covid to deal with which took the next 2 years to get better from. I had a health issue pre Covid (vertigo) which I was getting better from but a year into Long Covid this came back and although I think a lot of it is stress related I think the Covid has made it worse as a lot of people seem to have worsening health conditions after Covid. I have my North node in Pisces, South node in Virgo and am Virgo ascendant. I am trying hard to look after my health and have negotiated temporarily to work from home. Am also dealing with the Pluto in Capricorn – difficult boss and am trying to change jobs while hopefully not bringing more stress and illness on myself. You have answered a few of my questions and I really appreciate your insight. I also have Neptune in Sagittarius. I am still cautious in the world at the moment as I don’t want to get Covid ever again. How does this all impact my chart in 2023?

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you had COVID-19 in March 2020. That must have been very frightening, beyond the illness, and then the difficulty of Long Covid. You have the classic Virgo-Pisces chart axis. Well done on working from home. That is part of the solution, not just for health reasons, but also for reasons of the unconscious (yours) wanting empowerment at work. Pisces is your repressed feelings and needs, which usually show up in the body. A good example is David Beckham’s foot! He damaged his foot in one of the most important footballing years of his life. Why? His unconscious knew. Have a look at hypnosis if you don’t already use it. Try Dr. Paul McKenna free on YouTube or create your own self-hypnosis. I bet you don’t ever want to get Covid-19 again. Hypnosis will help you with anxiety. The real core of the issue is your relationship with work. Dig into that with the Oracle/Tarot cards here. You know what to do to be safe. UV-C light is now commercially available, as of 2022, and it is the main answer – at work, and home. The rest is what you trust works for you. Just remember Virgo-Pisces very commonly serves, serves, serves and lets herself come second in terms of physical and mental wellbeing. You come first. Always.

  62. Jessica…

    you mentioned the work of 2 researchers in Birmingham
    do you think their product has a market in India?…

    what do you think of stock markets – they seem to be deliberately being melted down….
    which stocks and sectors would you own…Have u heard of Martin Armstrong and his model Socrates…..

    is this solar minimum for real….are we in a cycle of famine and pestilence?

    1. I expect the Birmingham research is already snapped up. India is lucky to have sunshine but her challenge is outdoor air pollution. The new COVID-19 variants go straight to the lungs, UK research shows. You have a few questions! The stock markets are always deliberately manipulated, of course, and the more you can research that, using astrology, the better.

  63. Hi, does that mean we will lockdown again or we ll just go about life as usual?

    Also I’m a cancer and I’m waiting for jupiter to activate in my 10th house will it happen for me before Oct or is my time from jan til May 2023? I was a manager got demoted because I opted for remote work after covid but I’m ready to move back to dubai and get my managerial position back not sure if they would give it back to me.

    1. Some countries will have to use full lockdown as the hospitals will be overwhelmed. The supply chains will be affected again in 2022-2026, so be prepared for that. Try your luck with career. Jupiter is there now in Aries in your solar Tenth House. You opted for remote work. Stay COVID-19 savvy for the next role. Go for what you want. The opportunities and solutions will be there from now through October and again from January to May 2023. The Tarot can help you with your timing.

  64. I’m a pisces sun and have virgo in my south node. What would this mean for me? Would it affect my travel prospects until early 2023?

    1. Yes. Be extremely careful with travel and travellers. You are right in the mutable sign cross area, and you need to be fully updated on COVID-19 protection. Don’t buy the myth that this is over, or somehow less severe, or any other nonsense. I know a lot of professional psychics and astrologers who stopped all international travel in 2019. I was one of them. There’s a reason for that!

  65. I am careful and wear masks but I hope I’ can start to travel overseas to Europe because I feel stagnant and suffocated where I dream of leaving the US. I enjoy your learning content. I was planning to travel in May 2023 but now I’m wondering if I should go somewhere sooner because I’m exhausted at people’s lack of humanity these days. The thought of being stuck is depressing.

    1. You won’t be stuck. You may be temporarily stalled from travel, but Boeing already know how to use UV-C light to disinfect the lavatories on aeroplanes. They knew that years ago. I suspect foreign air travel will come back when we finally get corporations to stop investing in vaccines and start investing in UV-C. The new planes will arrive soon enough, and not run on kerosene. Both they and sections of the airports will be UV-C protected. This means travel becomes expensive and more trouble, but I’m sure you won’t mind. For now, please read Twitter. All the professors. All the doctors. The new Covid in the UK is resulting in a huge uptick in cases. There is nothing stopping you from going on holiday, you just need to follow the rules until the world finally changes.

  66. Hi Jessica and thanks for this article. An eye opener for sure.
    I am presently studying Astrology on my own, but I am not very good at it.
    I would like to see what I can do to raise my vibration and in turn that of our planet.
    I am looking toward an ascension of consciousness for all of us and feel like when one ascends it can help others do the same. By ascension, I just mean raising up out of fear and division into a more loving and United world. I do think this will happen.
    I am hopeful for that anyway. A more unified world.
    I am a nurse and I travel around the United States for my work, from hospital to hospital, since 2018. I can see how your predictions fit into my life with the traveling that I do. I can see that might be happening less for me with the price of fuel and resurgence of a more serious pandemic threat. I’m not as concerned about work, since I am nearing retirement age, I am more concerned with what I mentioned earlier. What can be done to bring us together.

    My chart is full of planets in Pisces. Fewer in Virgo.
    Virgo has Pluto, Cupid’s, Panacea, Psyche and my ASC
    Pisces, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Chiron, Aesculapia, OPs, Bacchus and my DESC.

    I’m thinking this is a lot of planets to have in these signs and wondered how that will play out. Maybe I’ll be one of those involved in litigation with the airlines or hotels even
    I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    1. You must be the first astrology student to admit you’re not very good at it. If only half of Twitter was as honest as you are…I’m sure you are better than you think. You are psychic. Strongly Pisces. As you also nurse, you need to learn how to close down your chakras and seal your aura, if you do not already do that. Your aura and the auras of patients will often merge, especially if emotions are involved. You are close to retirement and need to think about that, and your lifestyle, and of course your wellbeing, in the Saturn transit years. The Virgo-Pisces combination is common with nurses who are natural healers – they don’t have boundaries with patients and can empathise. This leads them towards health care. The big, big thing for you, even in retirement, is that you have to serve your health, both mental and physical, before you serve other people. Always. Step back every now and then to check in with that. This is extremely important on this Saturn transit in Pisces which you can track and learn from. Were you nursing during HIV-AIDS? Did you know people who died from AIDS? That was the last time you had this transit. The early Nineties.

  67. Thank you for your insights Jessica, can you tell me what this means for a Pluto in Virgo and an 8th house Pisces moon?

    1. Thank you. Pisces-Virgo is the unconscious mind controlling the working life. If you are happy at work, love what you do, keep work in balance, then you usually have a body which functions like a Rolls Royce. If there is anything awry (workaholism, not liking your work and so on) the body will tend to intervene. That’s the astrology of Pisces-Virgo. You may already be fully aware of this. I had a reader who was a successful fashion manager in Paris who was worked very, very hard by her superiors. Then one day she got flu – worried it was Covid – but it was just a bad influenza. That forced her into a phone argument with her superior and she quit. She never looked back. So sometimes the unconscious makes the body head in a certain direction, so that it gets what it wants: a different kind of work! It’s worth looking at over the next few years as Saturn goes over Pisces and opposes Virgo.

  68. Dear Jessica, there is so much to digest and consider in this post. As I have been following your predictions and astrology for some time, I appreciate the lead to help prepare for the future. From what you have written here and in previous posts, I understand that what we are looking at is a combination of air quality (climate crisis comes to mind as well), self-care, work, travel and globalizations in addition to people power (the individual and the community). Is this karma for planet earth, birthing a new world that allows for more harmony (our inner and outer worlds)? Keeping folks sick and dependent is big business. But people are tired of being sick and don’t trust/want to rely on the the government or big pharma to keep us well. Does this mean individuals will find ways to stay well (mentally, physically and emotionally) via meditation, nutrition (home grown food), rest, and mobility? But we need time to truly invest in holistic self/community care. Will the local village reinvent to support this type of wellness? How does someone with my chart signatures help myself and others at this time? Thank you – Nena

    1. Nena, we turn to other astrology cycles that are mirror images, to figure out how to proceed. You are quite right that the Climate Emergency is linked. Mother Nature can be very artful. I was in a real-life experiment with COVID-19 living in Tasmania, Australia. It’s an island. They tightly controlled tourists and business travellers. There were no vaccines here. We were Zero Covid. We had zero cases. That was all it took. Now it’s tragically a different story as the government and the airlines colluded to take away protection. People are dying. Deep breath! The future is extremely hopeful because of the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, which is the return of power to the people, not the people at the top. We’ll find our way into our tribes, and those tribes will get what they want. For now it’s HEPA filters and N95 masks and avoidance tactics. Later on we will get effective interior air treatment. Musk is already research that. I would be astonished if Japanese air pump manufacturers are not already far advanced on the same path, Nena.

  69. Many thanks Jessica. I have had a definite feeling that the pandemic(s) is not over, and all the signs suggest a mixture of delta and omicron may make this next variant nastier and more transmissible. I recognise why this all needs to happen, and welcome a new world where the environment and collective health is prioritised over profit. I am also very cautious day to day- full vaccines and booster. However, I work in health care and have three children, so it is difficult to insulate my family from this virus. Is there anything we should do before March next year? My gut tells me I should stop them going to school in those early months, but this is not the answer as we still must go to work. I donated a HEPA to my youngest’s nursery last year but not sure they are using this anymore, and everyone thinks it’s all over! Your insights and warnings are so important, I just wish the powers that be recognised this and acted sooner rather than later. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. People are being really blind, aren’t they? COVID-19 arrived from China. It mutated into Delta, which was exported from India. It mutated into Omicron, exported from South Africa. Working in health care you would be aware of all the confusion and delusion which is out there. This virus mutates. It travels. We’ve had three years to observe that, and still there is a fantasy that it’s become a cold, and the needles will stop it. And nobody dies – that is the other fantasy. Congratulations on donating a HEPA filter to your children’s nursery. I hadn’t thought of that, but it is one way for other readers to be proactive. You can’t do this alone and shouldn’t, so try to put out feelers for people who agree with you, or might agree with you. From March 2023 you will find you can all collectively make changes at the children’s school, with real power. I imagine a few teachers would be on your side. You are a Sun Pisces with an Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, so you already have allies, even if life is not normal. The allies will return at full force from March 2023 and you will make new friends and perhaps join or rejoin a group and discover what people power can do. Virgo patterns also show up in your chart. The higher purpose of COVID-19 in astrology is to unite people into a pressure group for radical change, and promote friendship and solidarity within one group, made up of many groups. This is terribly important and if you can be part of the solution, then do it. You already are.

  70. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for the reality check – I wish everyone would read this post and snap out of denial. In Europe, governments collectively decided that COVID is now endemic and it should be considered a flue. Just in time for the holidays, of course, so The Economy (of short-term gain, long-term pain) doesn’t get yet another hit. So now, the ‘I (blindly) follow governmental guidelines’ crowd is out in force, ditching the mask and jetting off for the holidays. I am horrified, and I mostly stand alone (at least amongst my family and friends). I am currently unemployed because I was ‘asked’ to stop working from home and start working at the office, and I said no. I have a massive stellium in Virgo with Mars, Saturn, Minerva, Jupiter and the Ascendent all in my 6th house – I managed to stay safe so far and I am doing my best to find a remote job, but will the transits of March 2023 bring more financial struggle and an even higher risk for my health?
    Thanks again for sharing these predictions, at least we know what is coming and can plan accordingly. I wish I had followed you earlier, I would have been in a much better place by now! Much Love, Valentina

    1. Thank you so much Valentina. You are not alone in separating yourself from family and friends by refusing to fly, and keeping your N95 mask. Go to Twitter and you will see thousands of instant approvals, any time people speak up. I changed my entire lifestyle when WHO declared a pandemic in March 2020, having predicted the date (I was out by two days) and I am very thankful to have never been infected. I have protected other people (friends with cancer, older people) by doing that too. So are you. Congratulations on taking a stand with your employer, but I am sorry you lost your job. It is still better to lose your job than lose your long-term health. Long Covid is disabling and real. Okay, so for the future of your career, we need to look at Capricorn and Virgo in your chart. You are a Sun Taurus with a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health and work. No wonder you quit. You have nothing in Capricorn so your career does not define you. Again, a reason why you probably left. The worst is over from March 2023. This is a waiting game. It doesn’t mean you can’t take up a new role before then, but if you do, you may still feel burdened by Reality, capital R. If you only accept a job after March 2023, it will be in a completely different cycle, when self-control and willpower will empower you, professionally, and you will be at the very early stages of what will be an extremely influential role in the late 2020’s working with/for/through people and organisations which tower over everybody. So change is coming but you may know that. Continue to put your health and wellbeing first, before your service and duty to other people, as you cannot serve, if you are unable to do your duty by yourself! Being strongly Virgo, you know that. Have a look at The Garden Oracle and follow the steps. You will have an exciting new title after May 2023.

  71. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this site and your posts. I love reading them and learning more about astrology. Any insights into my future would be greatly appreciated. Birthday is 7/23/1967. Thank you and take care, Lyra

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work and health, lifestyle, service and duty. If you have not already been promoted, accepted a terrific new job, or seen overdue improvements at work, that will be offered to you by October, or January-May 2023. In your solar and natal chart you are up for a period of expansion, growth, hope and reward with your career, unpaid work or academic career, Lyra.

  72. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for an eye opening piece for me personally. I’ve been a premium member of your site for a number of months and i’m slowly trying to learn more about my natal chart using the resources you have kindly included in this site.
    I’m a Sun Leo with an inordinately high Stellium in Virgo, 9 in fact ranging from 1 Deg all the way to 29 Deg (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, ASC, Apollo, Panacea, Proserpina, and the North Node). This may be the reason why i have always felt very inclined towards health and wellbeing. I almost became a medical doctor which was an ambition of mine when i was growing up, i was accepted into medical school under scholarship but decided in the very last minute to take up business studies instead. I have occasionally over the years pondered the what ifs had i pursued that path. That was in 1995. Major life events happened around 2008/2009 (moving to a country for work) and also 2017/2018 (moving to a country for work, family loss and separation leading to divorce). From mid 2020 onwards, i’ve been extremely conscious about my physical, mental and spiritual health and have been learning more about complementary medicine and alternative therapies which i also try to impart of friends and families.

    From what little i can understand, it would seem that a lot of my Virgo factors will be triggered by Saturn in Pisces ( I have DESC, Fortuna, Aesculapia and South Node here) and I also have Sagittarius ( Neptune, Vesta, IC, Hygeia). They are all mutable signs and together can be opposing. I don’t know what to make of this and would appreciate any advice on how this will affect the next few years.

    Thank you again for all you do.


    1. Thank you Clarice. You have a massive stellium in Virgo including the North Node so have in fact been a doctor, nurse or surgeon before. No wonder you were drawn to it again. Okay, so you have already made lifestyle and work changes since you went into the perfect storm of 2020. That was the start of the pandemic, which involves a mutating virus. We went into historic, rare, mutable sign weather that year, with the nodes in Sagittarius-Gemini, which touched your chart, and Neptune in Pisces. The storm continues and the virus goes on mutating. You do have some work to do. You will remember being at school when AIDS arrived and growing up as a teenager in a world full of warnings and educational messages. This is very similar. You may also remember the warnings about cigarettes and the anti-smoking push, as a teenager or young person. Again, this is similar. COVID-19 thrives on travel, as AIDS did. Given you are Virgo-Sagittarius ‘patterned’ you would want to test for COVID-19 before and after any flight or cruise and isolate if necessary. You would also be aware of the high risk of airline collapse, and cruise company collapse, which will be part of life after 2026. Closer to 2022, 2023, you can begin to deepen and intensify your commitment to your own health and wellbeing, which is a lifestyle matter. So it may be your food. Your exercise. Until Elon Musk or another investor produces a perfect COVID-19 filter, you also need to use N95 masks (one-way masking is not perfect but it is effective) as you would use a seat belt or condom. Same principle. Same astrology cycle! Later on, you will need to alter the way you work. Perhaps even more than you already have, Clarice.

  73. Thank you Jessica & team, you are so greatly appreciated. Keep ringing the bell, it is helping all of us be more in tune with Mother Nature, ourselves, and of course – the astrological weather!
    Also, I noted with delight how Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” has recently enjoyed a resurgence due to being aired on a recent television series..? And I LOVE that song, and how you (Jessica) reference it with regard 12th house matters (which is how I reminded myself again of the song, a few years ago). You called it again, Jessica! And I just read in an article by Isabelle Geretsen published on the BBC yesterday, how the Royal Horticultural Society are ‘re-purposing’ the WWII slogan “Dig for Victory” to fight the battle of climate change, by encouraging home gardeners everywhere to grow their own food, and create their own mini carbon sinks. You called it again!
    Hope you are all keeping warm and dry in Tassie. xooxoo

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin – who are the people who create this website. I have quoted Running Up That Hill for years, being not only a Kate Bush fan, but a psychic. I’m glad Kate Bush has such a huge hit in America. And glad Dig For Victory is back, too. We need it. I have the heater on and Tess the Pisces dog has just fallen asleep under it, and the kettle is on, so the snow on the mountain isn’t affecting us too much. Cheers.

  74. Dear Jessica,
    My husband is a teacher in a secondary school and is coming up for 64 years old this August. This next academic year is planned to be his last year of working before retirement unless he feels he is able to do more in the future.
    He doesn’t have an air filter in his classroom or the main hall for assemblies, masks are not worn anymore and life has gone back to ‘normal’ here. You look out of place now wearing a mask as most people don’t wear them. I have looked into air filters but they are expensive and I’m not sure they remove covid at the moment yet even if we bought one.
    We have both managed to avoid covid so far but a cold winter in a classroom with windows closed is a very big worry.
    I have a few questions.
    Will we see new variants infecting people over the coming winter months?
    Will the new variant that evades vaccines in March next year cause further lockdowns or socialisation to be restricted to stop the spread or will the governments still insist we carry on as normal?
    Can I also ask. Is it the virus that eventually slows down travel and brings border controls back even though air filters are eventually the solution or is it climate change/fuel etc?
    I feel as if my husband should retire at the end of this academic year but I’m not sure what to say to him.
    The future looks amazing it’s the bit in between that’s scary.
    Thank you so much for all that you do xxx

    1. Your husband’s school does not mandate masks, provide HEPA filters (which are effective if not perfect) and I assume they won’t open windows in colder weather either. So the school management and education board are liable when children or staff become ill, have Long Covid or infect other people who then die. I have to ask if he is in a union. People power works from March 2023 and becomes the rule thereafter. You and he cannot do much by yourselves, although he can retire. He could also find support from other teachers, or the union itself, as there is strength in numbers. It really depends on him and his personality, doesn’t it. You can’t live his life for him. But, this cycle is really about work as much as it is about health, and it is about working people, trade unions, and lifestyle. Nobody gets through this without making massive changes, sometimes quite costly in terms of money or time, and passive acceptance is not going to work. What Americans are doing, of course, is resigning in droves. The Great Resignation, they call it. There will be a new variant which Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna in their most recent version, cannot help with. Travel as we know it will end, in stages, and it’s a slow process. Ireland and Scotland, for example, will control their border over the long-term. Individual states in Australia and America, the same. This is 2026 and following. Closer to the present, border controls are part of the answer and the world map will be redrawn radically after 2026. It is very important that you and your husband feel empowered and in control. So do your own research (Twitter is the best resource) and do what you can. But as I said, the immediate answer, apart from retirement, which he may secretly want to do (!) is to find other teachers and then collectively go to the head and insist on a strategy. Plenty of schools and colleges have successfully experimented. Some are in Italy. Have a look.

  75. Dear Jessica, I love to read your articles and am fascinated by your insight. I recently have been working to write the future dates I find in your posts down into a calendar. Thankfully, this gives me the drive and desire to go back in time and re-read your posts and also find posts new-to-me written pre-2020. I have such a Virgo stellium and have experienced a change in my health as I began my 50s. I can also see how much I dove into mental health, and spiritual health, as well as other practices like journaling with Tarot and writing letters to my future self. Looking to the years ahead, I notice I am creating as much “solid ground” as I can by preparing my garden, pantry, first-aid, and household. And yet, I seem to notice likewise wondering if *I* am enough for the future.
    I suppose my question is to ask if I will have an opportunity to explore a primary partnership kind of relationship. I like how you wrote, “What happens when you have Saturn in Pisces on your plate?… Sometimes you get a heavy serve. And yet from this, you can cook something new in your life.” I asked before sending this message and received the Descendant and 11th house. Seems like such an odd time to find companionship when the world changes keep coming and coming. Thank you again for all you do.

    1. A calendar and also a journal is a good idea if you want to use astrology properly, so you’ve begun and should already be seeing results. It’s also a very Virgo thing to do, of course. Virgo the Virgin is the creature of routine who is in charge of lists, both on paper and mental inventories and directories too. You have used the cards and received Descendant and Eleventh House. Your future other half (any sort of partnership) will come from a group and involve a friend. You were asking about a sexual relationship, and you’ve been told you’ll be with a friend, and meet them, or get to know them better, through a club, team, society, association or similar. You have the Descendant (DC) in Aquarius in your Eleventh House anyway, and the Libra (Seventh House, marriage, common-law marriage) placement is huge. So you could easily find marriage later in life, or just a dual-household commitment, if that is what you wanted.

  76. Hi Jessica. I have three factors in Virgo and four factors in Sagittarius. Does it mean I should take care more than others?

    1. Anyone with Virgo and Sagittarius factors is going to have issues with travel and in fact you already have. From May 2020 when the South Node went into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, you’ve been blocked, stopped or delayed from travelling or welcoming travellers. This is ongoing and you need to arm yourself with the facts about the dangers of flights and cruises, airports (which everyone ignores) and departure ports. The astrology agrees with the science, the medicine and the epidemiology here. Ask yourself why the airlines and airports take bottled water from you at security but don’t insist on tests at the gate. If they really cared about your welfare on board, they would mandate pre and post COVID-19 testing. Do I sound heavy? I apologise but two friends are dead.

  77. In Iran, many people expect the rule of the clergy and the Islamic Republic to fall. Given the widespread dissatisfaction during these years and the history of the revolution in 1978, can a new revolution in Iran be predicted in terms of astronomy?

    1. Yes, people power will win in Iran. It’s been very interesting to see people power succeed in Australia and Britain in the last four weeks. Individuals who crowdfund have beaten big money and big power. Australia has a new government because women ran as independent candidates, attracted volunteers to help, and raised funds from the community. One of them just threw out the Australian treasurer. In London, a journalist has received so many donations from the public to fight a libel battle that she managed to stay the course and beat her opponent: a very rich and powerful man indeed. So it’s coming. It will be completely different in Iran, but you will see some evidence of the light at the end of the tunnel after March 2023. Ongoing, by 2043, you would expect women to rise in Iran, which means Islamic Republic control of women will go. Pluto in Aquarius empowers women. When we saw that cycle in Britain under the Romans, Boudicca started a revolt and she very nearly won. In any case, she inspired generations of Britons to push back against the invaders. So you have history on your side. And women.

  78. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. I found it interesting and very worrying. I have two things pressing on my mind. Firstly, I am considering doing a healing course to help people (Cellular resonance therapy), and also I have written a YA fiction book that I am trying to get published. Can you tell me, given the nature of other comments I’ve seen above, if doing this course would be very fortuitous and not deflect from my writing career? And secondly, I have a cruise re-re-re-booked for April next year over my birthday. Should we look very carefully at getting some cancellation policy in place. Do you think this is ill advised to do (go on the cruise I mean!)?

    1. Yes, it is worrying. I believe in astrology as a warning bell which is why I predicted a virus twice in 2019 and gave specific dates. I also referenced China on one of those dates. The idea is not to worry, the idea is to be proactive. So to start at your last question first, cruises remain dangerous and when you say “we” I don’t see the other person’s chart, so I have no idea if he/she is vulnerable to COVID-19. I suggest you go to the brains trust on Twitter, which is a fast and easy way to see what the world’s leading academics, scientists and doctors are saying about the pandemic. Your writing is ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius and you have a Gemini stellium and small Sagittarius pattern. You were made for the internet. You will find a project goes backwards and forwards on Mars Retrograde in Gemini, September 4th 2022 until March 17th 2023 so make that your first, second, third draft period. When Jupiter goes into Gemini, May 2024 until June 2025, that project will either succeed, or a second one will take off. That is when a YA book, podcast, film or television series could become a hit for you. The healing course you want to do will be invaluable to people with planets in Virgo going through the Saturn opposition, so older people – you have Pluto at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House so are a potentially powerful healer with great control and influence. Jupiter’s trine to Pluto from 29 Taurus in May 2024 suggests an historic turning point for you with your healing.

  79. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. Can I ask if there are any ‘safer’ periods (perhaps before this March discovery/announcement?) to head abroad/away? My partner and I are keen to elope on a beach somewhere (Hawaii being our most special place) with our two little ones. When we get around to thinking about it time just seems to escape and then another year or two has passed! We don’t have many friends and don’t mind it being just the 4 of us (I tend to get very stressed about big events as I want them to be perfect). The other option would be something small where we live or nearby but that brings the risk of others travelling to us! My partner has the Sun at 18 Taurus – can I ask what aspects to look out for when choosing a date? We’ve done really well/been lucky to dodge Covid so far and certainly don’t want to invite it in but in saying that my other half works in healthcare so work from home is not an option and my kids go to preschool/daycare and there’s been quite a few cases, they just haven’t been there on the days mine have gone. Thanks so much for your time and insights! I love your website and my premium membership is my go-to for feeling connected and inspired 🙂

    1. The solution with flying is testing before and after the flight and being prepared to self-isolate if any/all of you test positive. It’s not exactly the holiday fantasy but it will save you from becoming infected with COVID-19 and avoiding Long Covid and, crucially, not being the link in the chain which might end a person’s life. If your other half works in healthcare he knows all about it. Your children have already been lucky to avoid COVID-19 at school. Without all the charts it’s impossible to say if you are all at greater risk at one time or another. So test. The knowledge base on Twitter from academics, scientists and doctors is impressive and it only takes a few minutes to see the facts. The issue is not the virus, it is air travel and cruises. So if you test and pass at both ends of the journey (remembering the CSIRO study on aeroplane toilet wastewater) then of course you’re fine. And if you marry on the beach, outdoors, you’re fine. And if you N95 mask indoors, you’re fine. And if you ventilate the Air BnB or hotel, you’re fine. Congratulations on your wedding and I hope you have a glorious celebration.

  80. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for this article, i am a scared how this is going to effect me as i have Virgo stellium.
    I hope you see this comment and have some time to take a look at.

    As always I really appreciate your insights

    Wishing you lots of love, health and blessings
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have Virgo factors at 8 through 28 so will experience Saturn opposite factors in your Sixth House of health, work and lifestyle for most of the time it’s there. Don’t be scared. The world has been through this before. Last time it was HIV-AIDS. Basically you have to change your lifestyle. You may have already done that. Working from home. Working part-time. Working a half-week. Wearing an N95 mask (one-way masking is effective, it not perfect). Avoiding indoor crowds. Avoiding air travel, bus and coach travel. This is expensive. I know it costs money, time and energy, but it is also your best bet of avoiding infection with COVID-19 when we go into the next wave of a dangerous new variant. Virgo is about work, unpaid work, housework and study – as well as health, mental health, immunity and wellbeing. You cannot separate them. So you have to actually take every part of the way you live and labour and really strengthen it, protect it and restructure it when Saturn goes into a long opposition of your Sixth House/Virgo factors. If you think about what gay men did during AIDS (the last time Saturn opposed Virgo) it was sweeping, radical and global. They united to embrace safe sex; to fund research into treatment; to educate teenagers in particular. Later on they lobbied for and won equal marriage. What we are facing from March 2023 is on that level. You have to be proactive. If you have to join a union or form a union then do it. It is really important that employers understand they cannot exploit their staff by exposing them to the risk of COVID-19. People power will work very effectively from March 2023, even as we face the new variant.

    2. Just to add to that first reply: you also have the nodal axis in Virgo-Pisces so have been through this before. Other epidemics and pandemics. You have reincarnated to go through it again and bring your wisdom and experience from another lifetime, to this one. So you already know what to do, on some level.

  81. I have to say my heart sunk reading this post, as we’re in the US and have continued to stay home and pretty much live isolated despite much of the world going back to normal. I also have a partner who’s controlling to the point where he doesn’t even think it’s a good idea for our 9-year-old and I to go on walks or have outside time. At the end of 2019 I made a plan to leave the relationship in the spring 2020, but I should have listened to my initial thoughts back then and left sooner. I remember experiencing a literal chill while reading about China in Dec. 2019 and thinking, what if this happens here?
    I’ve been trying to find the safest time for my son and I to leave and move to be with family, because unfortunately it would involve having to travel across the country by either plane or train. My son has become a different person over these 2 years, growing depressed and I too don’t know how we are to bear being isolated for even more time. Have been vaccinated, wear masks, I know it can be done but seeing that another wave is coming, the date of March 7th my son will turn 10. I understand you want to prepare people and I too know deep down that things aren’t over, but how do I find the courage to do anything in the light of such news? I’m a 4 April 74 birthday. I know that were I to have support of family and an actual yard, (which I would if I move) things might be a tad more bearable even if we need to stay home.

    1. If you are in the US, then Rolling Stone recommends this $349 HEPA Filter which will give you a lot of protection, along with open windows and doors. Of course you may already have it. It’s hard to be with a controlling partner as well as a child and I am sorry you are going through it. Plugging in a filter that’s delivered is pretty easy, though. You want to break up and take your boy to the family which involves travel by train or plane. That’s okay. N95 masks offer a huge amount of protection if you mask one-way (even) and if you are lucky you’ll be in a space with other thoughtful also masking. You are already masked up so no doubt know the research is reassuring. You are a Sun Aries who is going into a terrific financial cycle from May 2023 to May 2024 when you will save or make quite a lot. So you will have the freedom to make some good choices then. When in doubt, go to Twitter and see what the experts are saying #COVID-19 and you’ll see the odds are in your favour. This is very similar to AIDS. Same cycle. People survived by using condoms and safe sex. Lifestyle change.

  82. Thank you for this important information. I have Virgo in the North Node and Pisces in the South Node. My granddaughter is Sagittarius sun with Pisces in the North Node and Virgo in the South Node. I am wondering how covid 19 and the March 2023 predictions may affect us. I have had really bad experiences with viruses in the past (chicken pox and mononucleosis) and am terrified of getting covid. Thank you for your help and insight.

    1. Thank you. You have the North Node in Virgo in the Sixth House so have one or more past lives spent dealing with health issues, likely as a doctor, nurse or surgeon. I am sorry you have had bad experiences with viruses. You are already ahead of the curve as you understand your immune system better than most people. You also have that prior incarnation to help you. Your granddaughter is a mutable sign person so is at risk. So are we all. There is no need to be terrified but you will need a good supply of N95 masks as there will be another rush in demand. Remember even one-way masking can protect you enormously. You obviously practise avoidance already, so you are skipping crowds indoors. We all have to change our lifestyle with this. Your granddaughter’s situation at school is obviously something for her parents, and the other parents and teachers, to address separately. Have a look at the research on the best HEPA filters for your area. They also provide huge protection. There are some really comforting stories from hospitals about them.

  83. Wow, you have a lot of comments here, so you may not have time to read mine, but no worries. You’re an important light in this world and a busy light at that. Thank you.

    I was a disease mortality and vaccine researcher for a handful of doctors at a hospital. I’ve been a Sports Therapist for over 20 years and a Hospice caregiver. Among a lot of other health “things”, I’ve also studied the microbiome and viruses for over 20 years as well, along with nutrition, and yada yada yada…

    A couple of things you may have inaccurate, but that’s okay, because the way that the news blasts us is to ramp up interest sometimes causes incorrect information to float in the ethers.

    Aids was never the number one leading cause of death in the United States at any point in history. For a particular age group, it was. For example, in 1994, AIDS killed about 47,000 people in the USA. That same year, cancer mortality was higher, and so was cardiac arrests, topping more than 500,000 deaths.

    Cancer and Heart Disease remain the two most common forms of mortality in the United States and has since the AIDS rise. Unless you’re looking at particular subset in each disease, like cancer, then my apologies. I am overlooking something, then.

    Also, we say there isn’t a cure for COVID. When looking at the CDC data, we see that almost 80% of those people who were hospitalized for COVID were morbidly obese. That’s with a 30 to 40 plus on the BMI scale. The prognosis was that if people ate healthier and exercised, COVID deaths would have been reduced largely in the United States. Over 90% of those who died showed insufficient Vitamin D levels, as well. So, for the healthiest who died (who weren’t morbidly obese), they were more than likely to have Vitamin D deficiency. That’s a difficult fix, because as addicting as food is for those who exceeded the BMI scale and died/hospitalized with morbid obesity, those same food addictions… like fast food, greasy foods, fried foods… lower Vitamin D levels significantly. Indonesia, for example, has the highest cigarette usage per capita in the world. They aren’t an overweight population. Yet, it’s estimated that 70% of Indonesians smoke. Although they live in a warm environment with plenty of sun, which contributes to healthy Vit D levels, smoking will lower that sufficiency to highly deficient levels. At one point, Indonesia was reporting that 94% of their deaths had high Vit D deficiencies. Then we have the average age of death in the United States for COVID, and at one point it was 80 years old, and I now think it’s 79 years old. I’ll have to check the data again. It’s a disease that effects the elderly, like almost all diseases. It also effects those highly deficient in Vit D levels, and in the United States, the majority hospitalized are morbidly obese.

    It’s a disease that harms those who are severely unhealthy the most, along with the elderly. Of course, there is a 5% – 10% of those who died that would be considered healthy.

    Right now, the CDC is vetting the death rates for COVID. Over the past several months, they’ve deleted 25% of childhood COVID deaths from their database. They’ll be doing that for adults as well, though I don’t know the percentage. Why are they doing that? In 2020, for some reason, a major change occurred in the way that COVID would be counted as a death in the United States. This change only happened for COVID and no other disease, so it made no sense. Right now, several organizations are suing the CDC and FDA over this, which is one of the reasons why the CDC is actively vetting the death counts right now. Because in the past, dying “of” a disease was different than dying “with” a disease. In 2020, the CDC, FDA, and the HHS quietly changed that dataset. Instead of dying “of” COVID, they also changed the rules to dying “with” COVID to be counted as a death for that particular disease, which has never occurred with a disease in the United States before.

    For example, when someone dies of a heart attack, cancer, car crash, a serious injury, etcetera, and it is shown in the autopsy that that person had influenza in them when they died, that’s considered dying “with” influenza. So, cause of death: cardiac arrest, dying with influenza and with diabetes. If the rules for dying “with” and “of” influenza changed and influenza would also count as a death if that genomic variant was in them upon death, no matter how they died, we’d have millions upon millions of deaths per year added into influenza deaths annually. I don’t know if that makes sense the way I’m explaining it.

    However, the way COVID deaths were combined with a “with” and an “of”, it caused a huge rift in the autopsy industry and in the funeral home industry, which no one really talks about or knows about. Fauci said on TV in an interview last year that there has been an over count of deaths because there is a difference between dying “of” COVID and dying “with” COVID.

    Also, not since the AIDS epidemic, had repurposed drugs and early treatment been frowned upon. From pharmaceutical companies to news agencies to politicians. Never did anyone think that would occur again. Because it occurred back in the 80s and so many people died of AIDS because of it. The only drug that was allowed on the market at the time of the AIDS crisis was the most expensive pharmaceutical drug in history and if you look at the peer reviewed studies on that drug, it was ineffective with a massive amount of side effects. There are articles from doctors on the front lines not happy with that drug and not understanding why they can’t test other drugs that they felt would be more effective. Kari Mullis, inventor of the PCR test and medical nobel laurette winner, was amongst those doctors shouting to the rooftops that pharmaceutical companies were causing deaths because of their greedy policies tied with the FDA and NIH. It wasn’t until the 90s, when they finally allowed more drugs to be tested and retested, did they find an effective treatment. The movie, Dallas Buyers Club, is tied into that 1980s AIDS history.

    Now, no vaccine will eradicate COVID. It’s impossible. SARS-COV-2 is an Animal Reservoirs virus. Those virus types have never been eradicated by any vaccine, ever. Influenza, case in point. Coronaviruses, case in point. All Animal Reservoirs viruses become endemic, which means active and persistent in a particular a region. In fact, when a vaccine is introduced in a population before that virus has time to wane, it gives the virus an opportunity to mutate away from the vaccine or mutate through a vaccine. Thus becoming stronger or more effective at infecting. Omicron, for example — and it’s reported as being so — is a mutation that mutated through the vaccine. It’s the most highly infectious form of COVID yet. Mark my words, and I said this when I heard that Trump (he riles my feathers!) was going to fast track a vaccine. We’ll be living with COVID at various levels of strength that will continue to cause a big death count, for years and years and years.

    YOU DON’T FAST TRACK A VACCINE! It’s dangerous. It takes, on average, ten years for a vaccine to go through its testing phases. From phases, to trials, to dosage changes, and the list goes on. That’s also why there used to be an ethical system of waiting for five years after the beginnings of a vaccine or pharmaceutical trial to test for side effects. Because it’s well known that a pharmaceutical product can take up to five years for symptoms from the pharmaceutical product to present itself. Until you get a vaccine with high efficacy that we can track for five to ten years, you must find a drug or remedy during the vaccine trials to curb the disease, especially during a pandemic.

    But most people will laugh at that. I understand. However, talk to an immunologist. Talk to a vaccinologist not employed by a COVID vaccine manufacturer, and you’ll hear the same tune I’m speaking in this regards.

    Nonetheless, pharmaceutical companies are the most criminally convicted companies in the world. Pfizer, for example, has paid out over 4 billion dollars through the years for covering up harmful data, lying to the public, bribing doctors and politicians, covering up deaths, for launching knowingly harmful products, etc… The NIH has an entire article written up about them, asking why do we trust this company?

    Anyway, this is one of the reasons why I love coming to your website. You’re accurate. Yes, COVID isn’t going away. Yes, this will change humanity for a long time coming. And that’s really cool about air filters. I love that we’re going to go through a health revolution, and all of the other “things” you’ve predicted. I tell everyone about your website. Thanks so much for your help with what’s going on “out there”. I appreciate it.

    1. Thank you. I stand corrected and will amend the article to cite The New York Times – you are quite right, it was a specific age group of Americans (25 to 44) who died from AIDS more than any other factor, when we saw Saturn in Pisces. You will have a lot of my readers looking at your comment, with great interest, so I appreciate your time and energy. Smoking is the elephant in the room. We are now at that same cycle, when the tobacco companies were forced to pay out billions. Nobody is talking about smokers and COVID-19, both in terms of their vulnerability to Long Covid and death, but also their mask use, or lack of it, and their transmission of the virus. The other elephant in the room is Pfizer itself, as you say. There is a lot of noise around COVID-19 coming from all angles: politicians trying to cover things up; corporations avoiding scrutiny; influencers actually being paid to push the public one way, or another. Astrology cuts through the noise and I’m happy it can be validated. Something I will add to this feature: during the Black Death, the French leadership went to astrologers to find out what was causing the plague. They were told, an historic line-up in Aquarius. That was actually the wrong answer, but the right astrology. Aquarius was not the cause, it was the answer. Aquarius is people power spread across all generations, classes, genders, backgrounds. That is where we are heading. Needles don’t do what we wanted them to do, back in 2020 when everyone had such high hopes. You have explained why. There will be other solutions but it is going to take solidarity among people to make them happen, as so far political and corporate power has taken us towards some truly awful statistics.

  84. Oh, Jessica, thank you. Thank you for your work. May you and yours be safe and well. Sending you an Ultravox tune as it’s been in my head all day; I like it so much. I hope Midge Ure’s voice gives you a smile.

  85. Jessica I’m Eric started following you this year and trying to understand astrology was born on 11th september 1994.. I really don’t know much about astrology but I’ve followed you and seen how consistent you’ve been with your predictions! Great work, would you mind telling me what’s in this year and 2023 for me ? What should I look out for please?

    1. Thank you. You will have the opportunity to begin, or reboot, a duet with someone who balances you very nicely, between October and December, so do take it.

  86. Hi Jessica, I love reading how the astrology affects the way we deal with the Covid virus and our attitudes to travel. I’ve been hoping we would travel less for the sake of our environment. When you say emigration may be blocked does this also affect illegal migrants. We had 444 people cross the English Channel yesterday.

    1. Yes, Sagittarius rules illegal migrants as well as legal migrants. What you are seeing in Britain now is a classic example of what happens when there is Gemini weather, opposite Sagittarius. Gemini tries to block and stop Sagittarius (we’ve been going through Mercury Retrograde in Gemini as you may know). The next phase of this is September 2022 into early 2023 and it will be militant, because Mars is in Gemini, which brings in (very likely) the army or navy. Further on, Uranus in Gemini after 2026 is the most dramatic barrier to illegal migrants since the aftermath of the last war.

  87. Thanks Jessica again for your predictions, though they are scary… I have this sense of unease… I really thought as the whole world was opening up apart from where I live (Hong Kon) – things would go back to normal soon. Singapore, our so called competitor is fully opened there, yet we are still required to wear mask, quarantine, etc… China still very strict, perhaps the govt there uses astrology too and is preparing or trying to avoid the worse which is yet to come?
    You know many well known local Chinese Astrologers or fortune tellers are also warning something massive will happen in 2023 but none would clearly say what. Your article also hinted but did not disclose more… why?
    Thank you again

    1. Chinese psychics and astrologers are not known to me but if they are predicting a new variant of COVID-19 in 2023, I would agree with them. Perhaps it is already in China and it is being covered up, which may explain why the Chinese government is restricting the population so tightly. There is no return to normal on this transit. The bigger transit is Uranus (the slow revolution) in Taurus (the world economy) so until the old trade model is replaced with something new, there will continue to be disruption. We have to meet change with change. At some point air treatment for interiors will become the go-to solution and of course Asian brilliance will help perfect that new technology. The challenge once that is solved, is then going to be outdoor air quality and air pollution. That comes from fossil fuel and that is Asia’s really big test. People power will help.

  88. I have a Virgo sun at 26 but also have Diana ops ceres Apollo and Aesculapia…..does that make it a stellium ?
    Also Scotland has launched referendum which you had discussed before ….would borders mean changes in Scotland ?
    Thank you once again for listening

    1. Thank you. Yes, I predicted independence for Scotland many years ago. You have a stellium at 1 through 26 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. Saturn will slowly oppose that, starting in the first half of 2023, and throughout 2023 and 2024 in particular, you need to make your lifestyle your number one priority. It is very important to remember that work is tied to health, both physical health and mental health, and that you will need to make choices about how you operate, and how you look after yourself. Update yourself fully on COVID-19 all the time and go to the experts. Twitter, as I’ve said to other readers, is an excellent, free, resource and it takes very little time to see what the world’s leading scientists, doctors and epidemiologists are saying. Put yourself first.

  89. Thank you for the article Jessica 🙂 It she’d light on many things.

    I have south node in Virgo(8house) in my natal chart.How will the Saturn north node conjunction affect me

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. The South Node is in Virgo in your Sixth House, not your Eighth House. Saturn’s opposition to the South Node is hard work, on a health and work level. This doesn’t last long, but while it takes place (you don’t give the degree, so I can’t give you a date) you have some serious decisions to make about your work schedule, housework, any unpaid work or study – in synch with your mind, body and spirit. You will have to make a choice.

  90. Hi Jessica I have a virgo sellium (and Pluto in virgo)and a Sagittarius one.I lost my Uncle and my father in law to covid and my brothers hearts been effected. Im a key worker in two roles so life won’t change for me-apart from more work. I am worried about this………..

    1. I am very sorry your uncle and father-in-law have passed away with COVID-19 and your brother has heart problems, as a result. That is a serious impact on your family and I am sure you are still getting over it/dealing with it. You are a key worker in the United Kingdom so you are at risk. You also have factors at 1 through 25 Virgo so would experience the whole Saturn in Pisces cycle. As I said in the article, we are going to meet the biggest crisis yet, starting in March 2023. We also have the biggest solutions yet. There has been a lack of people power to tackle businessmen and politicians, but that comes back in a major way, also in March 2023. If you are not already allied to one or more unions or professional associations, and N95 masks, window ventilation and HEPA filters, as well as vaccination, is not on their agenda – well, you know what to do. Needles are not enough. It has to be a multi-layered approach. And there is strength in numbers. The doctors, scientists and epidemiologists agree that Long Covid is not prevented by vaccines. So, given you have Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of health as well as work, it is within your power to take back control and use your willpower and self-control, to get what you need. In fact everyone of your generation has that power (Pluto in Virgo) to join forces and demand the best. The key is ‘key’ worker. You are key. You are crucial. But you have seen what COVID-19 can do and given the current UK approach to COVID-19, you have to take care of yourself. The job is half of it. You can’t really use those Virgo patterns without coming back to the central question of your career and you will have to make decisions. I hope this works out for you quickly.

  91. Hi Jessica,
    I am a long time follower & hope you won’t mind a question about my chart. Do you see anything in my natal chart that’s making the whole entire year challenging in terms of health? I’m having all kinds of unexplained minor issues since January – cough, cold, weight gain, anxiety, sleep disturbance. My work capacity has gone down and I’m such a Virgo that it bothers me 🙁

    1. Thank you. You’re a Sun Virgo with factors at 3 through 25 Virgo in your Sixth House of health and work. You have had/are having mutable sign weather. Mercury Retrograde at 3 Gemini making a square pattern and Neptune at 25 Pisces making an opposition pattern. This commonly produces just what you are talking about. A health issue you cannot square, and something/someone which clashes with your work agenda. The time to go to a second medical opinion if you need one, is now. If you did that when Mercury Retrograde was with you from the final day of April, into May, and early June – then you may even want to check again. Mercury is information, and retrograde, it’s usually information you need to double-confirm. You should step on this next week. In astrology, you can’t separate work from wellbeing, so the deeper question about your cough, weight gain, disturbed sleep is how you feel about your job, any unpaid work, study and/or housework. I hope you can resolve this quickly for yourself.

  92. Hi Jessica, lots of comments for this feature, the one from Brandon Ellis is a good read. That’s how discussions should be in a public forum – courteous, coherent, and far from being obnoxious, there is no reason for arrogance whatsoever in a discussion. And yes, Jessica, is very accurate in her predictions, hands down, the best. She is a kind, gentle, humorous, a very giving person.

    Thank you, Jessica, God bless you and your family. Ttyl.

    1. Yes, I think we’re up to a 150-way discussion here and the feature only just appeared. It shows you that thinking people are already – thinking about stocking up on N95 masks until we get the interior air advances we need. It’s amazing that one-way masking can still protect so much, but of course two-way masking in crowded venues like theatres or cinemas is still the best way. It’s mad that people don’t understand the evidence on that, isn’t it? Thank you for the compliments, and I agree, Brandon is adding a huge amount to the comments, Caroline.

  93. Hi Jessica, always fascinated by your insights.

    Can you explain Hygeia in the chart relating to Covid and perhaps health in general. thanks, cheers

    1. Hygiea is at 24 Aquarius in your chart in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. You protect them, and you protect yourself, with them. Hygiea is a symbol of prevention being better than cure. She is associated with insurance, screening and shielding. Also the pre-emptive strike. The Romans knew her as the daughter of Aesculapius, their primary healing god. She is usually shown with a snake and bowl. So, when it comes to your chums and your clubs, societies, teams and the rest, you tend to anticipate issues before they become problems and move firmly to prevent them. She’s not exclusively about health, but if you find her in Virgo, she certainly is.

  94. Thanks for the insights Jessica, as always, blown away by how you can put the Astro pieces of the puzzle together and see how the cycles will play out. It’s disheartening to think that the biggest covid challenge is yet to come, maybe misplaced optimism that we are over the worst. I do remember your prediction for the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius, pre-pandemic I think, on how travel was going to be really challenging for years and at the time it just seemed unthinkable that global travel would be so difficult.

    I feel that some companies, including the one i work for, are going to regret forcing us back into offices and unnecessary commutes. They’re doing it for the wrong reason (justifying office costs) and pretending it’s for the benefit of the employee. I’m personally really struggling with this and would prefer to continue wfh or anywhere that’s not the outdated corporate office environment!

    I don’t have any planets in Virgo, so I’m always unsure how to interpret Virgo transits personally! Any insights would be much appreciated, thank you

    1. Thank you very much. You have Diana at 26 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academic career too. For the first time in 248 years Pluto is at 26 Capricorn so you will be pushing for more independence, freedom and space professionally against quite powerful people, companies or industries. This was the case in January 2022 and repeats August-December 2022 so you are articulating Diana when you say you are struggling with employers forcing you to commute/go back into the office. So you have decisions to make. On your side are two trines, one from Jupiter at 26 Taurus in May 2024 and then the big one, Uranus at 26 Taurus from July 2024 to May 2025, so you will either end up working for yourself, or finding a niche in an organisation which respects your need to be your own woman. Have a look at Diana in your chart. She was Jupiter’s daughter and doesn’t like commitment, but she is an alpha female – the huntress.

  95. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another articulate article, I always find your writing so detailed and interesting.
    I have Proserpina 20° Pisces – Aesculapia 23° Pisces – Fortuna 14° Virgo and a stellium in both Gemini and Sagittarius. I would love some insight! Thank you once again x

    p.s. I also discovered my paternal Grandmother and I share the same nodes (reversed). She was born in April 1919 with a North Node 6° Sagittarius, her father passed away from the Spanish Flu whilst her Mother was approximately 5 months pregnant.

    1. Your grandmother is at it again. Fifth time this comment has shown up. This never happens! Maybe ask her for her message? She could come to you in a dream, if it helps. But it’s clearly about UV-C light for you to defeat COVDI-19.

  96. Thank you, Jessica & team ! My Capricorn ginger-tabby says hi to Tess !! (We are waiting to finish necessary house reno’s before purchasing a rescue dog! Or two…) (Also Kate Bush is a Leo? But of course! Running Up That Hill came on car radio this morning, introduced my 10 year old daughter to it!) About to run off to shops again – mask in hand of course. Sorry about my blurry photo too – am expanding my image options (thank you Jessica, Mars & Chiron!) and am fumbling about. You are all so deeply appreciated!! XOO

    1. Thank you so much. I had a ginger tabby called Henry, who got stuck on the roof the first day he arrived, so the fire brigade had to get him down. He then snuck into a photo shoot with me and ended up on the cover of Sunday Life magazine. He was a Leo, and then some.

  97. Dear Jessica, here is again another article of yours that will be a worldwide reference. Thanks for coming to my life.
    I would like to ask you if there seems to be a war between Turkey and Greece. The last weeks Turkey seems to implement a very bad diplomatic behaviour in the world as wherever they go they are talking against Greece (a Nato ally for over 40 years) and saying that they will attack soon in order to invade to the islands. Greece is ready to defend peace and its territories and there is no question about that. The problem is how we the everyday people can cope all this stress since we just came out from covid era and a long financial crisis and we were just hoping to go into normality again. Would that be possible somehow? Is Saturn’s fault?

    1. Thank you. Turkey and Greece at war? This is really about the European Union and NATO. That is where the future is headed: power in the group. That starts March 2023 so although the tensions will be there, you’ll find that NATO, the EU and the UN are ahead of any possible issues. We’re just not headed into that kind of tomorrow. I’m not seeing the outer planets in Cancer (nationalism) which were there during the last two world wars. Pluto in Aquarius will sweep everyone along; it’s about ‘form one planet’ or at least ‘form one mega-alliance’!

  98. Dear Jessica,

    Putin invasion of Ukraine, he seems to be winning….!!!

    On June 5, Putin said he makes more $$$$ on oil.

    Then on June 14, Putin said he would make SIGNIFICANT more $$$$$ on oil and EVEN for years to come!!!!:

    And Europe is paying 3 times more for gas… US also suffers..

    Sanction!!!! What happens to the Russian Sanction ???

    I send great love.

  99. Hi, I had asked about this in a different post that may have gotten missed-which is fine. Someone on here spoke about virology. Are you missing something about this virus in the cards? Can you see anything about our food
    I had seen this in many bodies that I had massaged in the 90’s til 2005. I am asking you to check out our food, our eggs specifically as a source.
    Since so many family members had passed away at such young ages, as well as my mother. I made it my mission to find out why. Yes, I know why now but all of us must be aware of our foods.
    I already have a picture of what 2030 looks like. Unfortunately, I did not understand it until the pandemic hit. Hopefully, this will help-I just hope that you see the post and I get your feedback. I don’t feel as connected to Spirit as I had been before but I do feel that we can adjust if we are aware


    1. I apologise but the Comments queue is at 14,388 today and the comments are often out of chronological order. Eggs as a source of COVID-19? No scientist, doctor or epidemiologist has said that. Food as a general issue is worth looking at; we are dealing here with a whole generation of food manufacturers and supermarket conglomerates born with Pluto in Virgo. Total control through food! That is separate to COVID-19 and obviously has triggered a whole industry of naturopaths, vegans, nutritionists and so on.

  100. Hello Jessica. Very interesting article, thank you. After 2 yrs working from home we are now being compelled back to the office 2 days a week. Our snr executive and snr managers are about 85% male and driving this return to the office. Do you see events in March 2023 changing this power dynamic and reversing the return to work to accommodate those who would prefer to work from home fulltime? I have stelliums in Virgo, Sag, Gemini and 3 planets in Pisces, making me very mutable. Does this see me more impacted, would you say?

    Many thanks for your insights and some very interesting comments here.

    1. You are strongly mutable, will be part of the change (‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ as Gandhi said) and from March 2023 it’s very real. You are being told to go back to the office by employers who are putting you at risk of Long Covid, death (in the case of the unvaccinated) and possible infection, with severe consequences, of people who are, say, suffering already with cancer. Charming. The ball is in your court and you are going to have to play, with that chart. No two ways around it. Often, on this cycle, the only way is sacrifice and patience. Yet through sacrifice and patience there are other gains: the Tarot can help you there.

  101. I enjoyed the article, Jessica. What would be in store for me in March 2023?
    I still have my heart set on moving overseas to the UK!
    Maybe I believe in my dreams too much?


    1. So you want to move to the United Kingdom when the world enters the most serious phase of the pandemic yet. Okay. Why?

  102. Another amazing article. Thank you so much Jessica for sharing it with us. I remember your articles from start of the pandemic and recent one about Nostradamus predictions and we can really see now, we are heading towards the end of globalisation. And ongoing travel issues we have in UK is also something I remember you mentioned not once or twice so it’s very interesting. I can see I got Virgo and other planets you mentioned in my birth chart. Please can you tell me what this means for me? Thank you in advance.

    1. You have a square from 20 Gemini and the Third House (short journeys) to 20 Virgo and your Sixth House (health) so as a basic rule, you can’t square the need to get on a train or bus, or a flight from London to Paris, with the reality of Long Covid. I’m sure with that huge Virgo stellium you have already changed your life, to avoid becoming infected or infecting other people. So keep on, doing what you’re doing. Saturn going over 20 Pisces creates what they call a T-Square and it’s rather like a T-Junction or crossroads. So, soon enough, you’ll realise you can’t have it all. You’ll have to (say) forget about trains, buses or planes unless the business can guarantee you 100% filtered air or 100% masking. Which they currently don’t. That’s the astrology.

  103. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another articulate article, I always find your writing so detailed and interesting. I have Proserpina 20° Pisces – Aesculapia 23° Pisces – Fortuna 14° Virgo and a stellium in both Gemini and Sagittarius. I would love some insight! Thank you once again x

    p.s. I also discovered my paternal Grandmother and I share the same nodes (reversed). She was born in April 1919 with a North Node 6° Sagittarius, her father passed away from the Spanish Flu whilst her Mother was approximately 5 months pregnant.

    1. I have replied to you and your grandmother elsewhere! Too funny. She’s quite insistent, isn’t she.

  104. Wow, another insightful article! Are you now considering splitting your time between writing and teaching? (I’m basically nudging you into mentoring!)

    I LOVEEEE your choice of words about Virgo “being the change”. Yep I have a stellium and yep I asked WFH in 2020, employer denied and yep I quit and found a WFH job which, ironically, not only pays better but has a better career development trajectory.

    I have been saving money/trying to make more via a second income for whole-home air purifier. When some of my Chiron-type maverick-y ideas work then I will definitely be working less/earning more. 2026 is my deadline to implement a solid revolution in how money is earned – using all the Uranus in Taurus energy. YOU’RE 100% correct that air purifying is the way of the future. We already purify water and earth (food) elements for human consumption.

    Question – how do you see my physical health (Virgo) being affected by Saturn return? I relate Saturn more to mental health. Is that even correct? Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you. I offer lessons at the Sun Sign School but as demand for Tarot has skyrocketed, I am considering adding Tarot to the Sun Sign School and offering small-size Zoom sessions to suit different time zones. So it’s coming. Congratulations on resigning from the job when your employer would not let you work from home. You are also being better paid! You have Virgo factors at 3 through 25 in the Sixth House of lifestyle, workload, daily routine, mental health, food, drink, medical care, fitness and healing. You are in for a chain of challenges as Saturn goes from 3 to 25 Pisces but these are productive challenges. The last time we saw these cycles, AIDS changed global prejudice against gay men and Americans changed the tobacco industry. Massive shifts in society usually come from Saturn in Pisces. So you will be part of the change to come, which will involve workers’ rights against employers and politicians who endanger them. You have already had a victory there and it looks, from your chart, as if you will play your part in that shift to come. Saturn is not a symbol of mental health, unless you include paranoia and anxiety, or depression. There is a great deal of material written on Saturn as a symbol of that, in astrology, and Dr. Liz Greene is considered the expert.

  105. HI Jessica
    Thank you for your posts. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your past and present posts and joining as a member. I am a “newbie” to astrology and my understanding is minimal at this point. My question is two-fold: do you have any recommendations for beginner understanding of astrology? I am having difficulty understanding the squares… to the houses… and the transits. I loved the post that describes the planets and so on…I’m just having difficulty putting it all together.

    Secondly, as a home health physical therapist in Las Vegas NV, I have seen my fair share of death and dying thru-out the last couple of years due to COVID. Do you have recommendations for essential workers? Do we change careers? I feel an urge to do so and then guilt over the care of my patients keeps me coming back.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you Leanne. Everything you need is on this website and in your library. Squares? It means what you cannot square about yourself, and what you cannot square in your life. They involve two horoscope factors at sharp right-angles to each other, 90 degrees apart. The North Node at 6 Taurus, Juno at 5 Leo, South Node at 6 Scorpio are square. Allow one degree’s difference in modern astrology. Taking it apart, your financial karma (North Node in Taurus) cannot be squared with your Juno in Leo in the Fifth House, so children, if you have them, or any children or teenagers and Millennials in your professional life, or (say) godchildren. The South Node in Scorpio is about family finance and sexual and property based relationships. Again you cannot square that with Juno in Leo in the Fifth House. A classic example would be making your will but realising you can’t leave it to the godchildren, for whatever reason. Or a common law marriage where you split the cost of the house, but he wants a baby and you do not. Or cannot. It’s very personal. I am sure you have seen far too many people pass away with COVID-19 in Las Vegas as you see some seriously ill people in their homes. That must be very hard and sadly there is no change. You are obviously a caring and devoted therapist, Leanne, but you also need to be constantly updated on the realities of the virus and its treatment. And the treatment is Ultraviolet light, nicknamed UV22. The time to research that is now and ongoing. And with that, you may actually change a small corner of your treatment world.

  106. Hi Jessica,

    Great article, as always! Thank you for that. Could you please comment on how these cycles will affect me? I have Virgo rising, along with a few other placements in Virgo. I also have 13 placements in mutable signs, that I counted. Thanks for all that you do. Lots of love.

    1. Thank you. Well, you are highly mutable. This old-fashioned word means ‘change’ and so you have had an extremely changeable existence. You may have moved countries more than once, travelled a lot, switched jobs or even whole careers and so on. You are now in mutable sign weather which challenges you to change again. This time the challenge is COVID-19 which will ask you to make completely different plans for the future. You may have already sworn off flights, for example, or considered the end of a gypsy lifestyle if you switched countries every few years. It’s really on that level as globalisation as we all know it is drawing to a close.

  107. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another articulate article, I always find your writing so detailed and interesting. I have Proserpina 20° Pisces – Aesculapia 23° Pisces – Fortuna 14° Virgo and a stellium in both Gemini and Sagittarius. I would love some insight! Thank you once again x

    p.s. I also discovered my paternal Grandmother and I share the same nodes (reversed). She was born in April 1919 with a North Node 6° Sagittarius, her father passed away from the Spanish Flu whilst her Mother was approximately 5 months pregnant.

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere, but the lunar nodes show past lives, karma and reincarnation so the Sagittarius-Gemini axis in your grandmother’s chart and your own suggests soul debts, or soul credits, forged overseas or through foreigners.

    1. As a Sun Capricorn you had the lunar node cycle of 2004 in Taurus-Scorpio, partly in your Eleventh House, which rules friends and groups. So Facebook makes sense. Even if you avoided it, some of your circle may have signed up to it. The same issues or same faces come around again in 2022, 2023.

  108. Hi Jessica! I love your work and have been following you for years. Just recently became a Premium Member. Really appreciate all you do. Wondering what you see for me with the upcoming Saturn transit through Aquarius, as I have a Virgo stellium in my 7th house. I would like to move and buy a place but not sure if its in the cards given the economy and housing shortage. Would also like to start my own coaching and writing practice in the future but have a very stable, lucrative 9-5 that feels foolish to leave. Everything in my life is wonderful at the moment (I am very grateful) just curious about what the future might bring and if there are opportunities or challenges to keep an eye out for. Thanks again and hope you are doing very well.

    1. Thank you very much. Your Virgo stellium is in the Sixth House, using the Natural House system. In your solar chart as a Sun Libra you have transiting Neptune in Pisces also going through the Sixth House. So this is work, pure and simple. You want to coach and write. You have that Sagittarius-Gemini pattern which is very common in the charts of people who work online with more than one language or nationality and this will come to pass, on whatever level you have trained for it, when Jupiter goes into Gemini after May 26th 2024. Your Sixth House is about wellbeing, health and mental health as well as work, and it looks like there will be all sorts of welcome answers October-December 2022.

  109. Hi Jessica, once again thank you for this hugely informative article which gave me goosebumps. It makes so much sense. I have both Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. I am a massage therapist/healer/yoga teacher. We couldn’t work for months in the UK. Could you please give me some insights into how March 2023 is likely to impact and what I can do to prepare? Much appreciated.

    1. Goosebumps is good. That is your spirit guides drawing closer to give you a ‘yes’. You have Uranus, Pluto and Psyche in Virgo in the Sixth House of health, wellbeing, lifestyle, daily routine and work. So your job crosses over with your free time. Okay, so Saturn will slowly but surely oppose those three factors and if you are in the United Kingdom, you will no doubt find the N.H.S. is one of your issues. Your Virgo factors are at 16 through 24 degrees. You will register the change in conditions, atmosphere, realities about the pandemic – from March 8th 2023. The challenges which are personal, about your wellbeing and your work, come from April 2024 as Saturn passes 16 Pisces and continue to April 2025, when he passes 24 Pisces. You have been through something similar which affected your generation: HIV/Aids. You are alive and well, but saw what happened then. Society had to change. It will be the same in Britain and if you are a distance healer and yoga teacher no doubt Zoom will become your friend again. You will also help a huge amount of people. Jupiter will go through Taurus 16 through 24 degrees and trine your Virgo stellium, March 2024 until May 2024, so this looks like a sweeping solution or historic opportunity for you.

    1. Good call. Climate emergency would also interfere with international flights. This seems to begin with Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th 2024 and accelerates with Uranus in Gemini from April 26th, 2026. I suspect it will be a multitude of factors at the same time. Thank you.

  110. Hello Jessica,

    I consider Covid more of a nuisance than a health threat. My spouse, who is a nurse for a major NYC hospital brought it home twice in the last 2 years. Both times, the cases were very mild for her and the rest of the family, including myself.

    If everyone would take better care of their own health and diet and stop relying on the pharmaceutical industry for every little thing, we would not be in the situation that we are in, right now, regarding Covid.

    That being said I am more concerned about my finances as well as my employment. I work for a major airline and I was hoping to retire in the next 5 years. Your prediction does not paint a rosy picture for all airlines. Would you please look at my chart and tell me what you think.


    PS All aircrafts are equipped with HEPA filters

    1. Thank you Jerry. Your partner is a nurse in New York, COVID-19 has infected the family, and you work for an airline. So you’re more than qualified to comment! It’s well-known that all aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters but the issue is the lack of filtering during a) boarding and b) refuelling. Airports are also the elephant in the room, aren’t they. You have the mutable sign signature in your chart (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) of someone well-travelled who is also at risk for the virus, which has now visited you, unfortunately. It’s possible you could take early retirement, Jerry. There would be an opportunity to do that, or even to switch professional streams, starting May 17th 2023 through May 25th 2024. Unfortunately the astrology tells me airlines and airports have been involved in one cover-up after another and eventually, there will be retrospective class actions. Very similar to those which hit the tobacco industry.

  111. Thank you for this article and for your work. I’ve been reading your predictions for years and have used the astrology on this site and it has helped me. My condolences to you for your two friends and Covid/travel. I am listening, for sure.

    It looks like I have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, plus a Sagittarius and Pisces stellium, and am a Sun and Moon Capricorn (with a stellium in Capricorn). I’m definitely feeling financial pressure at the moment (even though things are under control). I am working very hard, as astrology suggests. I’ve taken some measures that will allow me to work mostly from home. One of these is to create an online institute to help students get into college and to teach classes on things related to my training. I’m wondering if there is input you might have regarding these plans. I am also hoping that Pluto going into Aquarius (which is my ascendant sign) will be a relief…

    1. Thank you very much. And thank you for your condolences. You are an ambitious Sun Capricorn who also has a stellium there. You are also made for hard work, and in fact, superiority in your field, over your lifetime – because you actually make the effort. The hardest financial cycle in 29 year ends in March 2023. From that point there may well be an offer, a new business or similar which you realise means proper money, in the years ahead, if you can only find the willpower. You will find online teaching goes back and forth after September 2022, into early 2023, but do not let that put you off. Long-term the vision of digital education will work out superbly for you. So you’re on the bridge to the future now, and although it is taking a long time to haul yourself over it, from March 2023 you are at the other side, and can see the lights in the distance. You’ll make it and in fact do better than that. From 2026 new technology which has not even been invented yet, will tip you into the most exciting lifestyle and unique way of working.

  112. Thank you Jessica ,A lot to think about.. .I have my MC in Pisces and my IC in Virgo…and my son wants to study abroad from February 2023 in Australia, we are currently living in Greece.He was born on the 15th of April 2004,Aries. What do we have to watch for, for the coming years.,

    1. Thank you. There are solutions for COVID-19 from the same month that we face the biggest challenge yet, in the next Variant of Concern, as the W.H.O. call it. So March 2023 is the answer and the biggest problem. The answer is UV 222 light and/or air filtering. I doubt that the airlines, or any politicians in Greece or Australia, will have invested fast enough in the solutions by then. So what can I tell you? If you are in Greece you are at risk, as you know. If your son wants to move to Australia, he is also at risk. Australia is doing very badly in current COVID-19 statistics: The New York Times has placed the nation in one of the world’s worst, for infection. It is very important to follow the scientists, doctors and epidemiologists on Twitter, who update daily, to also be updated. This thing is mutable. The virus not only mutates, the actual conditions around it change from week to week. So you should both match that. At the moment, two N95 masks are terrific, and even one is pretty good. Avoiding university and college classrooms with poor ventilation/no ventilation is another smart move, from your son’s point of view. You have factors in all four mutable signs. It has to be said, from March 2023 you are going to have to be vigilant.

  113. Thank you so much for your incredible posts these past two pandemic years. They have been so accurate and hopeful. I am writing with a huge request for guidance and insight. My husband is a sun Libra, Pisces moon, who shares many of the same large planets as my chart (born right after me). We have been hoping to start trying to conceive a baby this Oct/Nov, and I want to add another with all of my heart. But the world seems to be falling apart. Headlines question whether the US will remain a democracy, the right to abortion is being stripped (which will made wanted pregnancies dangerous in many parts of the US, due to lack of medical care for ectopic pregnancies, septic pregnancies, etc.), covid is raging unchecked and the powers-that-be seem content to let us all get endlessly sick (and instead of protesting that, people are protesting masks), and only a very few of our government officials, let alone corporations, seem at all concerned with protecting the earth. I just read an article that many babies exposed to covid during pregnancy are having developmental delays, which makes it seem even riskier. On a personal level, I’ve been dealing with post-covid fatigue since March 2020, and while it seems to be turning a corner, I still don’t feel fully healed. Our finances are tight, and we have very little community where we live. Would another baby be in the charts for us, either this fall or perhaps later? Will the US continue to be a safe place to live? Is there healing, financial stability in my chart? I would love to have ten years to wait and see how things play out, but in terms of fertility, I’m of an age where sooner is better, and later may not happen. I would love your insight. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much. A Sun Libra man with a Sun Leo woman is quite a common match. You also share outer planet line-ups. You want a child but have Long Covid. You’re also short on funds and a bit worried about America as a place to bring up a child. Deep breath. The issue about your husband and any sort of child in your life is karmic in nature and goes back 18 or 19 years. I don’t know if you were pregnant then, or if there was some other story about family, relatives and kin. In any case, you now have to deal with what you are owed, karmically, or what you owe. That is the case now but it ends in 2023. Your husband is currently rather burdened by the question of fatherhood and it can be a very long and heavy challenge for him, in 2022, though it ends in March 2023. So next year holds a few answers, one way or another. The stuckness of your personal situation ends then and the great weight of his, also ends then. It is very important that he finds a way to allow babies, children or teenagers empower him, that makes him feel in healthy control – from March 2023. Then, ongoing, for the next two decades or so. He really doesn’t want to allow any questions about the heirs to his throne, or pretenders to his throne, become at the heart of power or control issues with you. (Or anyone else, like his parents). You also need to step on your Long Covid. That is a massive issue. You will save or make a lot of money from October to December, this year, which will help. And he’ll do that from May 2023 to May 2024. Yet, you can’t buy health, although you can pay for treatment and care. And although America will sort herself out eventually, the far more serious question for you is – your physical wellbeing and the very real question of what pregnancy would do to your body. Lots to think about, but 2023 will help you turn all sorts of corners together and the current atmosphere does not last. Have a look at the Tarot to validate that timing.

  114. Hello Jessica
    Thank you so much
    I am really amazing by your work thanks to Suzanne Miller, who talked about you, very happy about that 🙂
    I am sag and moon in virgo what will be the impact for me and in which house
    Love and Light

    1. Susan Miller has been incredibly generous. Okay, so your entire lifestyle, food and drink habits, fitness, healing or medical care – is in revolution mode until 2026. COVID-19 has already been part of that. You have found your world turning upside-down at regular intervals since May 2018 and it will keep on happening, urging you to start again, start again each time. And find more freedom and space, more independence and autonomy. It’s personal to you. This shows up in your solar and natal chart. The Shock of the New was the most wonderful art series by Robert Hughes. It could also be the title of your evolving way of life, ongoing, and I would expect every May and October until at least 2025 to challenge you to change.

  115. Hello Jessica,
    Can you shed some light on the Supreme court conservative loading of the Court, Ginni Thomas’s attempt to overthrow the election, her husband Clarence Thomases refusal to recuse himself from related rulings and the whole white nationalist shootings and protests? My state alone is in it neck deep. We just had a close call on an attempt to riot at a Pride celebration. Fortunately, a bystander saw something and alerted authorities. When will the States get it together and move forward?
    Also, my household is turned upside-down with homecare for a parent in Hospice, never-ending unexpected things going wrong with the house that need to be fixed and costing alot of money, and things going wrong right and left. The entire household is stressed beyond our limits. Do you see any relief coming?

    1. You can see how America is leaning towards a new interpretation of the Stars and Stripes and the states. The astrology is calling it from the future, so there will be another long battle from September 2022, as Mars goes backwards in Gemini, the sign of neighbours. It goes backwards right into 2023 so this is still about red and blue states, particularly those right next door, or a couple of flights away. Ginni Thomas and Clarence Thomas are part of that. It gets better later. Jupiter in Gemini suggests solutions from 2024 and from 2026 you get the second American Revolution. By 2030 it will be figured out but in the Thirties what used to be, will no longer be. You are a Sun Capricorn born right on 0 degrees of the sign. If you are absolutely sure of your birth time and location, then you will have solutions with your parent, and the house, until October. The solutions will then resume, January to May 2023. The financial stress will vanish in March 2023. You have a serious choice to make that month, though, and it will take great self-control and willpower, in terms of the money or the property. Get validation on this from the Tarot on my website.

  116. Hi Jessica, Thanks for your work. My 2nd Saturn return will take place during that Saturn transit in Pisces. My first was really all lessons about boundaries, and also many people I was close to or knew at work (my Virgo factors) passed away in tragic circumstances, there was so much sadness during that time (my Ceres in Pisces). In addition to the general picture you have given us, is there anything you want to tell me? I work in health care by the way, though not in a patient care environment. Thank you, CG

    1. Thank you. Okay, if you work in health care, the larger issue for you on this next Saturn in Pisces transit in your Twelfth House, opposing your Virgo stellium at 2 through 26 degrees (virtually the entire cycle, starting in 2023) is workforce solidarity; professional unity; employer duty. As I explained a bit in the feature, there is always a bigger issue with these historic mutable sign cycles. In the 14th century it was the empowerment of labourers, although it happened for tragic reasons. During AIDS it was equal marriage for gay men. With you and the world, from 2023, it will be ‘the new unions’ as the proof will be well and truly in, as we hit the next Variant of Concern in March 2023. The ‘repeated injection’ formula is not enough and it never was. UV 222, Hepa Filters and so on, will be perfected, modified and perfected again in our new COVID-19-free world and as it is about interior space, it is solely and squarely the responsibility of bosses and big business, to shape up. You may find that issue touches you directly. Saturn returning to your Twelfth House will be about your boundaries, yes. It will be expressed through the invisible areas of life: religion, therapy, counselling, spirituality, mediumship, Tarot, hypnosis, healing and so on.

  117. Hi Jessica, Thank you for another articulate article, I always find your writing so detailed and interesting. I have Proserpina 20° Pisces – Aesculapia 23° Pisces – Fortuna 14° Virgo and a stellium in both Gemini and Sagittarius. I would love some insight! Thank you once again x p.s. I also discovered my paternal Grandmother and I share the same nodes (reversed). She was born in April 1919 with a North Node 6° Sagittarius, her father passed away from the Spanish Flu whilst her Mother was approximately 5 months pregnant.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly mutable and the future of travel for you, but also study, is UV light. It’s too funny that your avatar or image is ultraviolet. That is the universe talking to you. In fact it may be your grandmother ‘impressing’ upon you, as one has to wonder what made you choose that colour as your signature! You already know about Spanish Flu. Same cycles. The problem is tourism. There are solutions but they are nothing short of revolutionary. With those mutable patterns, until then, you need to be absolutely updated and fully aware of the risks to you.

  118. Hi Jessica,

    In April and May 2023, Husband, Daughter and I plan to visit Son overseas. Son will be in a place with lots of natural ventilation and low population density. He has some minor mutable sign planets. For us, it’s a different story.

    Husband, Daughter and myself all three have Moon in Virgo with lots of squares and oppositions. Daughter has Venus (19), MC (20) and Moon (23) in Virgo (house 9) and Pluto R (21) in Sagittarius (house 12). Husband has Mercury (1), Venus (10) and Sun (25) in Pisces (house 4), Moon (21) in Virgo (house 10) and AC (55) and Neptune (58) in Sagittarius (house 1). I seem to be affected most, with Sun (21) and Mercury (27) in Pisces (house 5), Pluto (28) and Mercury (29) in Virgo (house 11) and Neptune (3) and Jupiter (6) in Sagittarius…

    Could this perhaps indicate that the three of us will be in an area with high covid prevalence next year March – April – May while Son is safely overseas? Would it make sense for us to fly out in time to his safe place and ‘hibernate’ over there? Or is impossible to flee one’s fate?

    With regards to people power re: working from home: in our home country working from home has almost become a right. The main culprit in terms of infection is education. Schools are being kept open even when the covid rate at schools is increasing tremendously. Parents may even be given fines when they keep their children from going to school. Will 2023-2026 give rise to home schooling as well, even in countries where home schooling is highly uncommon?

    Many thanks for considering my questions, and love from Europe xx

    1. Thank you. Okay your family is strongly Virgo and actually, mutable sign heavy. You need to be a realist about your risks. I know astrologers with heavy mutable sign charts (and medical people, actually) who stopped flying internationally in January 2020. A man died in China and they stopped. I can only repeat that astrology clangs the warning bell and as an astrologer it is my job to do that. Update yourself on the truth about COVID-19 from reputable sources, no matter if it’s Time magazine or The New York Times. I agree with you that the problem is education as well as travel. At this point I am going to make a sound like Homer Simpson (‘Doh!’) and thank you. Of course. Sagittarius rules academia and Gemini rules schools. They also rule tourists of course, but they rule education. I need to update this story. Thank you.

  119. Hello Jessica,
    This particular article hits close to home for me considering I have a stellium in Virgo, however my Pluto is in Virgo sitting with Apollo but my Uranus is in Libra. My south node is 21Virgo and North being 21Pisces. I know I may be going in a different direction with this but Virgo has to do with health and I have to say mentally I am sad/tired and angry. My mother died 8/7/20, my dad 12/27/20, my Godson 3/30/21, a close friend 10/8/21 and found my uncle dead in his house 10/27/21. My father I am taking very hard and I know everything I am feeling is grief but wow. I guess you can say I am depressed but I get up everyday, go to work, cook for my son do my normal. So sorry like I said I went in a whole direction with this. Would you be so kind to enlighten me regarding my Virgo factors.
    Hope you have a beautiful evening/morning.

    1. You are doing it tough, and your Virgo South Node is part of the story. Virgo rules depression, exhaustion, housework, daily routine – and the solutions to the former. This is really important LV. You are a Sun Virgo with Virgo factors at 6 through 24 degrees in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. So you were born to find healing and help yourself. Every body is literally different with Virgo. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and it is very important that you find who and what works for you. You will do this most easily when Jupiter goes to 6 through 24 degrees of Taurus and makes a stunning trine, and that’s June 2023 through May 2024. Not just your mental and physical health, but also your workload, will benefit and change if you use the opportunities and solutions then. Of course you can start sooner. I strongly recommend you use The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle and follow the steps. Ask the questions you need to answer for yourself. Start the search. On a non-esoteric note, you also need to read the Black Dog and Beyond Blue websites if you are not already aware of them. They are excellent.

  120. Wow this is a lot to handle. Very depressing. I have followed alternate medicine for years and haven’t been sick in years including no Covid .. don’t plan on getting it either . Virgo is my ascendant that’s all I have there .
    The thought of another 3-4 years of this at this point in life is very sad. No travel …

    1. Your Ascendant is Virgo and you fly the flag for alternate medicine. It’s possible your birth time is very slightly out, in which case your Virgo Ascendant would line up with a few other factors in your chart, making complementary medicine a life path. It’s great you’ve not had COVID-19 yet. Okay, so the new travel is going to be more expensive, less frequent and controlled by UV light and/or HEPA filters – also controlled more tightly. It is likely to be regional or local from 2026, and any global long-haul travel will likely have to be done in short hops. The astrology is really clear about that, picking up the mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces for years into the future. And of course that picks up your chart too. Do daydream, though. The future is Ultraviolet Flight.

    1. That’s fine. Just remember Placidus was a monk living many centuries ago, who probably screamed and ran away if he saw a woman crossing the street. I’m joking. But it’s an awful house system for women.

  121. Sorry to post again … any insights on my life .. this year was emotionally really tough .. I am not sure what falls in my 6th house .. would love some encouragement!

    1. That’s absolutely fine. Post as often as you like (though I can’t always promise an answer; there are over 14,000 comments today). You have the North Node at 27 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation, common-law marriage and sexual partnership. That’s your karma; you have had one or more past lives dealing with issues about being in a pair or couple, and being at war with partners too. The reason things have been so difficult emotionally is Pluto at 27 Capricorn, square the North Node, and square the South Node, opposite at 27 Aries (which rules the war part of ‘love and war.’) That can only happen every 248 years. The good news? Pluto goes in slow stages. He’s out of Capricorn from March 24th 2023. You see the light at the end of the tunnel. He can only retrace his steps after that; he’s on the wane. From 20th November 2024 that’s the end. You will really love your love life, as Jupiter goes to 27 Gemini in May 2025 and makes a stunning trine to your Libra Node. Long-term marriage is very likely, in the second half of the 2020’s.

  122. Hi Jessica;

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. I have studied so many of your predictions and applied them to my life as well as the overall well-being of my family. As a result, we’ve navigated through these difficult times with relative ease. I was on the fence about a family cruise around the Christmas holiday and will now reconsider. My family and I have begun making changes with our health and I’m focused on losing weight and optimizing healthier choices. I’ve also made changes with my employment and decided to seek “higher ground”. The company I was with was not doing well financially despite what they were telling the employees. I’m hoping the job change will work in my favor and usher a period of financial stability.

    Thank you again! You are doing God’s work!

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad astrology has helped. you will lose the weight and hopefully lose any illusions about the safety or otherwise of cruises. Always check Twitter for expertise; it’s freely given from people who are at the top of their game, like Dr. Eric Ding. Professor Kerryn Phelps. Just to name two.

  123. Hi Jessica!
    Do you think that had all the governments made a united decision and did a complete lockdown in 2020, then we would have eradicated Covid? If yes, can they not do that again? Just kill off the viruses once and for all, stop people travel for some time?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes. In fact, better than that, all travel from China should have been stopped when the first man died from what was then called ‘Corona Virus’ on January 10th, 2020. This was the date astrology predicted, a year before it happened. The W.H.O failed in its job to protect and the infections were carried by tourists and business travellers from China, to the world. Could the world collectively lock down again, stay inside for the whole incubation/infection period and fix the problem? Yes, theoretically. The problem is resuming travel after you go to Zero Covid (if you can). Travel was always the problem so you would need a global system in place to stop the virus. COVID-19 mutated into Delta in India, and Omicron in Africa, and they were flown around the planet. You would need total restructuring to stop the next mutation coming from X country, again.

    1. Yes, UV-C is the kind of Ultraviolet light which eliminates COVID-19. Philips make a commercial lamp. You need to look at light which disinfects surfaces but also the air, as COVID-19 is obviously airborne. A bit of internet research could be useful here.

  124. Hi Jessica, can you please tell me what to expect in the next 6 months and from march 2023.
    Thanjs for all you do.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property going through transits in your solar Second House of personal income, the rent, the mortgage, possessions, charity and business. So it’s the same story told twice. The burden goes in March 2023. The weight is off your shoulders. I’ve had people with similar charts recently. One reader was living off his mother, who felt sorry for him, because in his 40s he was still being sacked from jobs or sacked from relationships. That was a burden to him, along with his failure to get any new paid work. Another reader lost a terrific tenant and had to take on a new tenant who was unreliable with the rent. Another reader (bear with me) lost a lucrative line of business and again, a financially supportive relationship. The burden of Saturn in Aquarius in the solar Second House for Capricorn takes many forms, but is always a learning experience and long life lesson. If you don’t take the lesson on, you tend to get very weighed down with it. I don’t think for a moment you are even approaching those examples, but you will be pleased to know that financially, March 2023 is the turning point. This shows up with your Scorpio stellium too. From March you go to July, when the South Node leaves Scorpio, so this is a two-step process with your income, house, apartment, charity, business, valuables and so on. Light at the end of the tunnel, no more tunnel. Long-term if you wanted to be shored up financially you could be, but you would have to use willpower and self-control to do that. You have the capacity.

  125. Thank you for expressing the seriousness of Covid and how it is not in the past (despite what people want to believe). I’m new to your website and I found your post very refreshing as I have felt like I am one of the only people still taking Covid seriously. I spent months alone last year, living in a lockdown LGA in Sydney and I feel like I have whiplash with how quickly I was supposed to move back into ‘normal’ life. I am a specialist itinerant teacher and one of the only people who still wears a mask in the schools that I teach in. I simply cannot afford to get sick and I worry about my family and the vulnerable students that I teach. I almost changed jobs last year and it was only my large bank of accrued sick leave that kept me in my current role. I would greatly appreciate any insights you can offer about the future for me. What do you see happening in education in Australia (NSW)? Based on my chart should I stay in my current job or would I be better off looking for something different? Schools are Covid hotbeds but we are not protected at all and infection numbers are definitely being hidden/ignored. Thank you again for your post, it is great to know that I have found a like minded community who are also concerned about Covid and the poor response from those in power.

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. As a teacher in Sydney you will be on strike. Good. This isn’t just about the salary for teachers, it is about the urgent need for proven Ultraviolet light and HEPA filter support, in every room and corridor. One in seven children has Long Covid in Britain. That’s from University College London and Public Health England. There has just been a landmark case today in the U.K. about the legal recognition of Long Covid and a man disabled by it has won from his employer. Know your rights and unite to take them. Refuse to become ill and refuse to endanger your students. It is really unusual to see teachers from the state schools join with teachers from the private schools line up together like this and you will win long-term. In the short term you want to know if you should stay or go. Okay so we look to your nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, the internet, teaching and academia signs. You will have a long-term future in education with new technology and will be liberated and exhilarated by the change. It’s going to make Zoom education look very dated from May 2024. Until then you have to figure out what to do. You are strongly Aquarian (the group, the friends) and so my instincts about unity and solidarity on the strike, but also among your different networks and professional associations, is astrologically correct. This may be tough until March 2023, but get involved and find allies who can help you as you are all in the same boat. From March 2023 you collectively have incredible new power and that goes on for many years. The ultimate choice is yours; use The Garden Oracle. But why should you sacrifice your precious health and that of your students so airlines and politicians can put tourism before children?

  126. Hello and thank you so much Jessica for such an informative article!
    I am a big believer that this is nowhere near over yet and there will be more lockdowns (so remain watchful) but my family and friends think I am mad!
    I’m a 57 year old Libra Sun with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (a chart loaded with Virgo actually!) who’s life, lifestyle has dramatically changed in the past 6 years…and more recently, Body too. I know what personal change I am hoping for, so your blog was rather exciting to me! to think that us Baby Boomers are often written off but here we are integral, once again in positive change? Yippee!
    Kindest regards to you,
    Sandie x

    1. Sandie, thanks so much. The worst is yet to come with COVID-19 so your family and friends are living in a dream world, unfortunately. You have fantastic lifestyle and workload trends, October-December 2022 and will be offered a couple of terrific opportunities which improve your wellbeing and also reward your need to feel fulfilled with paid work, unpaid work or study.

  127. Hi. When do you think Russian-Ukraine war will end and when will the problem of inflation and high cost of living worldwide start to ease?

    1. I’ve answered questions about Ukraine in the long feature on that topic. The whole issue here is Ukraine’s membership of the EU and/or NATO and once that is firmed up Vladimir Putin will withdraw. There may be other group memberships for Ukraine which also help her position. The inflation and economic problems will end once the world does her World War Two karma, so that’s July 18th 2023.

  128. Hi, Jessica! I love your blog and I find all the comments and your responses equally as helpful. It takes some time but I do read through them all. I am wondering what your thoughts are on “natural” immunity with Covid. I’ve read differing opinions. Of course I am NOT suggesting people with assumed immunity should give up masks or fly – I don’t personally.

    1. Thank you so much. I agree, the comments are really helpful and they extend the feature. In fact, I rely on them. I just wish I could answer every question. There is no natural immunity from COVID-19. Always refer to The Guardian and the BBC if you want the truth. By wearing masks and refusing to fly you are very sensibly protecting yourself from COVID-19 and the high risk of Long Covid. Again the BBC have just confirmed this in a test legal case in Britain. It’s real and it can disable. Until we get corporate and political responsibility with Ultraviolet lights by law, and HEPA filtering – we are on our own. I never fly and always mask too. So you’re not alone.

  129. Hi Jessica,
    I am a recent subscriber and a long time visitor to your site. Thank you for all your good works. And especially the live Zooms I have attended with you as the host: what a way to feel a part of your community.
    May I ask you: I am seeing quite a few people’s charts with Pluto in the 4House and Transiting Saturn will be in the 10H, with some having both natal Uranus and Pluto in the 4House. Please share this axis interpretation? You have my chart info in the members section. I do have some Virgo people exactly with the 6House placements to 12House axis and you have explained this well. Thank you for your reply.

    1. Thank you for coming along to the Zoom events. You use a different house system to me. Pluto is in Capricorn in the Tenth House by transit and Saturn is going into Pisces and the Twelfth House by transit. Looking at your chart, you have factors in Capricorn at 3 through 28 and Pisces at 6 through 26. The former is the long, long process of transformation in your professional life, unpaid work or academic career which will not end until Pluto has passed 28 Capricorn. Takeovers, mergers, resignations, redundancies, promotions, demotions are very common – and more than once. The cycle began in 2008. The second cycle, Saturn in Pisces, will be with you for most of the time, as you go towards the mid 2020’s, starting with the ingress in March 2023. This will be a test for your belief in God or Buddha, any religion at all, your hypnosis, therapy, Tarot and so on. Saturn is the obstacle course. In your solar chart, as a Sun Aquarius, you are at the tail-end of Pluto’s transit in your Twelfth House, so it is a similar story, ongoing. The reshaping of the inner self. The career story, too, with the South Node in your solar Tenth. The Tarot can validate the timing for you.

  130. Hello!
    Recent subscriber here. I thank you for your work. I am a beginner at all of this and trying to learn.

    I’ve been having a little bit of a foreboding feeling lately- like we are all coming to an end of something or driving off the cliff together. Your words in this and other posts really hit home.

    Can you possibly look out at the next year for me?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo with a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health and work. The same story is told twice in your Leo chart and natal chart: this is a total work and lifestyle reshape, ongoing, and it will work out very well for you from May 2023 to May 2024 when you could be promoted, have a huge success, or find the position that you deserve. There may be changes at an existing work place that benefit you enormously. This is just a window into the long-term future, though, as you are going to have to get real about COVID-19 and alter the way you work, either for others, or yourself, and make sure you are protected with UV-C and/or HEPA filters, as well as other precautions you already take. This is all interwoven with a general lifestyle alteration (you may change your food or drink for example, or the way you exercise) and you’ll reconfigure the 24 hours in every day. Strongly Virgo people are among the best qualified to avoid Covid or Covid Again – as it’s nicknamed – because you have what it takes to set up a routine and stick to it.

  131. Hello Jessica,

    My life has been quite a journey. I have seen a lot of difficulties, moved around and had covid couple of times at least. I am tired, is it be the effect of long covid? Or, I am just unhappy with work and finances. I recently moved to a different state – MA, Boston area, and was wondering if this is where I will finally stay and buy a home. I am still hopeful given that I am 54.

    1. I’ve answered you elsewhere, but the Long Covid question is a separate issue. Pluto at 21 and Uranus at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House of health are really important. Tiredness is a symptom of Long Covid but you need to look at the whole list of symptoms and confirm with a doctor. The relationship you have with work is central. If you are unhappy with work but do nothing about it, then the astrological view is that your unconscious can collude with your soul and deliver something that stops you working. Or at least gets you a different job, or different work conditions. So as much as we say Covid is about the body, which it is, the Sixth House/Virgo is about the link between how you feel about serving others and doing your duty by them, and what actually happens health-wise. Getting clear about that can really help. Have a look at your Oracle/Tarot cards and follow the steps. What’s going on?

  132. Hello Jessica,

    Somewhere in my mind I felt that I had to move to the NE of US, and I have moved to Boston. I also got covid the second time around. Would this finally be the place where I can buy a home and stay until my final journey?

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a large Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of property and finance. I am very sorry you have had COVID-19 twice. You wonder if you can buy in Boston and stay there. If you were to buy after September 2022 the process would be long and drawn-out as Mars Retrograde in Gemini goes through your Fourth House of property, in your solar chart. So if you go ahead, prepare for things to go back and forth, well into early 2023. It’s a similar story in your natal chart with the South Node in Scorpio pulling you backwards in time, on a loop. Just knowing means coping! You will save or make money until October 2022 and then again from January to May 2023.

  133. hi Jessia, thank you for this. You’ve spoken before about jupiter in aries for me, but what about current saturn in acquarius aspecting mars and north node in aries? you’ve mentioned generally about the relaunch on offer, but does this malefic combination of saturn/mars/north node in aries have any impact on me?

    1. Thank you. You have that Capricorn/Aries pattern at 25, 26 degrees which is a bigger story. Pluto at 25, 26 Capricorn triggers the square. As a general rule, you pull back on matters ruled by the signs involved in a square, to minimise the struggle within. Capricorn rules ambition, social climbing, success, the professions, an academic career, status and ‘the peak.’ Aries rules self-promotion, image, appearances, title and branding. Try and minimise that in your life if you want to avoid the Pluto transit demands! Validate this with the Tarot to see how it’s actually manifesting.

  134. Just wanted to give a big Thankyou for this article. Also thankyou to Brandon Ellis comments that totally resonate for me.
    I’ve been contemplating the ‘long covid’ debate, is it caused by the virus, the vaccines, or a combination?
    Thanks once again.

    1. Thank you. Brandon’s comments have been noted by a few people. Long Covid is a huge question. We don’t know if this is COVID-19 alone, the vaccines or both in unison. We do know, very definitely, that unvaccinated people are the leading group of patients in intensive care. The rest, we will find out, on this cycle. For all that Saturn in Pisces is so difficult, it’s the same cycle when the truth about tobacco companies was exposed and people won against them. Ultraviolet light has been offered a solution by scientists since 2020. Why has it not been universally adopted? That’s another big question.

  135. Hi Jessica
    re: “We would need to get the chart for first official confirmation to see what’s going on, so I will search for that.”
    Here’s a start … another Lab in question? Haven’t seen the month/day yet.
    May 21, 2022 — The name monkeypox originates from the initial discovery of the virus in monkeys in a Danish laboratory in 1958. The first human case was …

    1. We have some more information on monkeypox now, don’t we. We are back to the airlines again as an airline employee has been traced as the source of a new outbreak. This is a repetition of the same mutable sign cycle we’ve seen since the 1300’s unfortunately. I will be curious to know if Ultraviolet light can eliminate this too.

    1. The answers are already here and the problem is corruption at the top. We already have stunning examples of solar and wind power, don’t we, and you are suggesting readers also look at helion energy – thank you. Pluto in Capricorn was always going to be very difficult for humanity, and although we are at the tail end, it is still true that vested interests are hanging on very tightly to fossil fuel. And the rest. Watch March 2023; Pluto’s exit from Capricorn, even for just a few months, should be a powerful example of just how much things are going to change, as people power begins to take off.

  136. Thank you, Jessica,
    for all your past and recent articles. I think your insights helped me stay out of the danger zone, I’m one of the few still not infected, only vaccinated. I’m currently working from home, had fights with people trying to make me work in an environment without masks while spreading rates were sky-high. I was even kicked out of a school, they considered me aggressive for asking colleagues to wear masks inside :D.
    Your article reminded me of the 93-95 period in my life when Saturn transited Pisces and I was extremely poor, those years I ate basically only rice, cheese and tomatoes 🙂 but I was also feeling liberated from the constrains of an abusive family environment. It was also the period in which I discovered a spiritual practice that I followed all my life to these days and it really helped me balance my mind and soul throughout my whole existence.
    What do you see for my chart in the next 2-3 years period? I’m quite scared of Pluto transiting my Mars-Mercury conjunction and the whole pletora of factors I have in Aquarius, plus all those squares to my Taurus -Scorpio factors.
    Thank you for all your work.

    1. Thank you. Well done for pushing back and refusing to endanger yourself and others. You were doing the right thing by insisting on N95 masks. You have one of the largest Aquarius stelliums I’ve seen. Your Eleventh House is packed. So you have gone through a tough Saturn in Aquarius transit when your usual role as the person outside the group, who is needed by the group, has actually been a burden. It ends next March. Saturn brings the usual vulnerability and rawness, to any situation he touches, along with a tremendous defensiveness and heavy protectiveness. You have gone through this, and are still going through it, with friends and others in the group (or groups, plural). You are not alone and I have seen a few comments from strongly Aquarian readers who have found COVID-19 has separated them from others; they have had to make tough choices about either being popular, accepted, or made to feel left out – perhaps – given no choice but to go their own way, which can be rather lonely in a pandemic world. As I said, your test of patience ends next March and Pluto enters your Eleventh House that month, likely with a bump. It’s like a tenant moving into a house – you will know he is there. Don’t be scared by Pluto. The transit is demanding, intense, long, empowering and transformative. It will be the end of the road for some friendships and groups in your life. The choices will close. Other new choices will open up which give you a really powerful role with one or more communities. Aquarius is the sign which supplies the community. It is always outside and apart, never immersed, but there is a terrific relationship with the group and an important one, long-term. It is possible your spiritual practice will play a part. The squares to Taurus and Scorpio are just – things which are hard to square about the money, house, flat or possessions – in terms of the group. For all that it concerns you, Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 and you will gain or save, financially. As you go forward into your Pluto transit of Aquarius, do use any oracles or Tarot which works for you, to help you navigate. I don’t need to tell you that this is going to change your life, far, far beyond 2030.

  137. Hi Jessica! Have been a premium member for a good part of a decade and your vision has only made my conviction in astrology stronger. My chart is heavily mutable and going to get hit by a lot of transits over the next few years. I have property to sell next year, and also am contemplating separation from an abusive spouse. Only the worry of being on my own with a disabled child(Leo) has kept me from taking drastic steps. What do you see?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a huge stellium in Pisces in your Twelfth House (mutable as you say) and yes, transits are on the way into your Twelfth House and also aspecting it, long-term. I’m so sorry you have an abusive spouse and also the hard work of a disabled child. For all that Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023, you have Jupiter in Pisces from October-December 2022. That is the time to turn to your spirituality, your religion, your Tarot, your therapist, your meditation and so on. Hypnosis too. It’s a really important transit for you and will shore you up. The situation with your spouse will not go on beyond 2023 when the South Node leaves your solar Seventh House. This is karmic in nature; rather stuck; somewhat circular and takes you back 18 or 19 years for closure. It may have been him at the time who was the issue; it may have been someone else entirely, but you owe, or are owed, now. The nodes move on next year and you’ll have figured things out once and for all with this person, one way or another. This Twelfth House transit shows up in both chart systems I use for you; you have cycles in Aries in your solar Twelfth and cycles in Pisces in your natal Twelfth. So when it comes to your property, your marriage and your child, it will be your inner self which matters most. The practical details are one thing, but your chart is suggesting a huge period of ‘shifting on the inside’ and I’ve seen this before with people who have life choices to make, then find that their God makes the choice for them, or their spirit guides, or their Tarot deck, or their support group.

  138. In response to my earthquake comment Afghanistan just had a powerful quake that killed at least 1,000 and Taiwan had one of their most powerful quakes in over a decade! The boxing day tsunami happened the during the same planetary alignment we are having now. I wonder what, if any, relation there might be!

    1. Yes, you were right. Afghanistan had a terrible earthquake. Earthquakes in astrology are ruled by Pluto, the ruler of Hades or the Underworld. He had a trident which he used to break open the earth’s crust and take his chariot, pulled by black horses, onto the surface. Rumbling below, in ancient Italy, was Pluto. For common sense reasons, it is always a change in the balance of power. That happens anyway, because Pluto was found in 1930 when the world began to turn towards war (and the United Nations). When you think about Afghanistan, though, or any other country – earth changes mean political changes. And so the astrology works. Afghanistan was born on 17th July 1973 at 00.00 CET in Kabul. (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004).She has the Sun at 24 Cancer and Mercury at 29 Cancer, so you can see how the opposition of transiting Pluto at 24 then 29 Capricorn is a symbol of that transformation.

  139. Thank you for kindly replying to my thoughts today. I will look at my questions through your house system. I have studied astrology since I discovered it at age 19 and am always learning more/adjusting by the year – 40 years of loving this language. You are a wonderful teacher. The transits for me are tough yet the inner work and dissolving of what has been paid work is helping me with Change!
    Best to you and everyone involved with you publishing your work.

    1. Thank you so much. If you have been doing this for 40 years that is a great compliment. I will pass those good wishes on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin and to Alicia who runs the events and The Astrology Show on Twitter.

  140. Hi Jessica, I’ve returned today to re-read this article and found the many updates you have made to it. Thank you for the additions. My moon is at 16 Virgo and my North Node is at 0 Virgo, and my Virgo Stellium includes Fortuna, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Apollo from 9 to 28 degrees. I am worries about March 7 and 8, 2023, could mean for my health. I believe this means I especially must be careful to avoid catching Covid at work. Would you have other suggestions for what I should be aware of with that March full moon and Saturn crossing my South Node? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I am updating this article again as it has reached 222 comments and as usual, my brilliant readers are also updating me! Okay, so you are strongly Virgo with many factors in your Sixth House of health and work. They run from 0 to 28 Virgo so you will experience virtually the entire Saturn in Pisces opposition, from around March 7th and 8th 2023 until February 14th 2026. Your challenge is to find work which is COVID-19 protected and safe. Yes, I don’t ask for much! But I have to be true to the astrology for you. If you are honouring your Virgo side, you would have already changed your lifestyle in 2020, 2021, 2022 by working from home; working a half-week; putting pressure on employers or others to provide HEPA filters and Far UVC 222 light. Of course if you work in a hospital that may already have taken place. In astrology we can’t separate health from service. Wellbeing from employment. Your physical constitution and mental health, from your job. The link between all of that has forever been at the heart of Virgo and the Sixth House. So you have some challenges and changes ahead. It may involve a completely different way of eating, drinking, exercising, meditating and so on. It will not be easy because Saturn oppositions never are, but one of the reasons you incarnated, according to your chart, was to master the challenges to your health you had no power to control before. At least one past life involved employers putting you at risk. You have come back to make sure that never, ever happens again.

  141. More on the travel. You are so spot on all the time Jessica. Our MAJOR US airlines are cancelling flights to even domestic cities because of major pilot shortage. American Airlines has cut flights to four hubs. Delta, Southwest and American have all had a very difficult time replacing pilots that have retired or left during the pandemic.

    We have a teacher shortage too. Many schools, begging for substitutes, have even lowered the bar to requiring just a HS diploma and no college degree. Hawaii was reaching out to the mainlaid offering all kinds of perks to anyone who would come be a teacher there!

    1. Thank you for that news about staff shortages at American Airlines. I think the union/professional association power of pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, cleaners and the rest will be the final straw for airlines. If we take strike action as Virgo, and square it with Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries) and Gemini (local travel) and maybe add Pisces as the tip of the Grand Cross – the timing would roll in slow stages. The break-all strike or crisis point (no staff, owing to COVID-19 or Long Covid) would be the nodal cycle in Pisces and Virgo, starting on January 12th 2025 and ending on 27th July 2026. That creates a transiting T-Square with the Sagittarius placements of billions (who refuse to stop flying) and that’s really the end of the old airlines. That same year, 2025, Jupiter (solutions) goes into Gemini (short journeys) which is when the end of the old international tourism industry begins, to be replaced by The New Local. That’s the astrological timing. The school rulership of Gemini and university/college of Sagittarius suggests exactly the same timing for education. I think unions and associations will swing it and of course, class action lawsuits against individual schools where there is clear evidence that HEPA filters and Far UVC 222 light was never installed. It is very, very important that teachers unite and ask for it. In writing. And if it’s not supplied, get that in writing too. The examples of the tobacco companies in the Nineties on the same mutable sign cycle, show us that billions can be won, retrospectively. Students too! In fact students will lead this with teachers. Watch.

  142. Hi Jessica, this feature has generated tons of comments and that’s fantastic, it will continue for sure because it’s an important topic that impacts us all. Your website generates 3 million hits annually, on average, let that sink in, 3 million hits annually. And at the time when the Ukraine war started back in February 2022, your feature on that topic alone generated close to 2 million hits. Doing some math here, and seeing that we are only half-way through 2022, your website will by the end of this year generate a conservative figure of close to 6 million hits, it could be double that, but I’m just projecting a conservative 6 million hits. This is an astronomical figure that is unheard of for a website, an astrology website at that, it is a testament to your brilliant analysis of the planetary aspects and transits. No one does it better than you, you are the best, hands down.

    Which brings me to a sore point and I’ll try to keep it brief. Jessica’s website is read all over the world, she is highly respected for her accuracy in her work. We see a lot more newcomers writing in and that’s great to see; we all come in to this site to learn about astrology and to seek guidance and directions from Jessica. But as we all know, and I have written about it before, Jessica is quite a busy person – writing daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, writing a book, taking care of her family, answering volumes of questions,
    writing frequent features/blogs, and that’s only half of it that I’ve mentioned.

    Seeing the time constraints that she faces everyday, and in the interest of fairness to everyone, let us be mindful to keep our comments/questions on-topic, relevant to the feature. Yes, we all read interesting articles, twitter feeds, what have you, everyday, but resist the impulse to post that if it is unrelated to the feature. Remember there are lots of other readers who would like to get their question in on the queue as well, who are desperate to get guidance from Jessica, it is critical to their well-being. Let’s give them a chance to get in on the queue and refrain from posting a comment which is a “shoot the breeze” comment. Thank you .

    Also, let’s continue to keep this a respectable website, it is read widely around the world. We show our respect and regards to Jessica by keeping terms of endearment, sentences of endearment, to a minimum, keeping in mind that she has a family.

    Thank you, Jessica, take care and stay safe, talk to you later.

    1. Well, Caroline, you are the first person to have ever posted a comment about the Comments. Thank you. The number of hits on my website,, shows the number of visits made, and of course it can be the same person coming 365 times a year to read her daily horoscope. But the hits are high; 29 million in 12 months. There are a couple of ways through the issue of so many comments (14,398 today). One is that I avoid answering questions off topic. I can do that. But it does mean some people who are in great need don’t get any information. So I don’t always do that! The other way is for me to hire a panel of trained psychic astrologers to help out. I began that with Sun Sign School some time ago and I am still looking. Thank you for your lovely compliments.

  143. Hi Jessica,

    I still haven’t had covid yet and even though I was made to shield for a year, apparently now I’m no longer vulnerable enough for a fourth vaccine at the moment which is infuriating for me. I do worry about it getting to me eventually as I am a teacher, but what can I do? I can’t stop life at the moment because shielding in 2020 was absolutely awful. I’m a people person in some ways.

    1. I understand this, looking at your chart. You are a teacher, but what can you do? You have a stellium in Aquarius (people power among friends) and yes, you are a people person. COVID-19 has been very, very difficult for strongly Aquarian people like you, but this does get better. March 2023 will change a lot for you. There will either be a big switch, politically, which enables Far UVC 222 light in schools, colleges and universities (and trains, and buses) or a huge movement among your fellow teachers which you become a part of. Until then, you may have go on wearing an N95 mask, giving up socialising unless it’s safe, and all the other Saturn in Aquarius hard tasks we have. Saturn is limitation, restriction and difficult tests of patience. Aquarius is friends, groups, allies. Also unions. This is the hard part and you only get it every 29 years. If you can hang in there until March and protect yourself as much as you can, you’ll get to the other side. Eventually UVC 222 (Ultraviolet) will be the norm. The only reason it was never taken up worldwide in 2020 was … you guessed it. An awful lot of politicians had stocks and shares in vaccines. Get to know your Aquarius side, as it will change your life from March 2023 in slow stages, empower you, and make you highly influential in terms of a group of allies.

  144. hello Jessica i just joined as a premium member and am new to astrology , trying to understand my birth chart, could you help please and can i get a link to understanding it better please.. also what does my year looks like?been very fatigued for some weeks now, and also about covid next year are we going to see a shutdown as 2020? i really hope you see this and reply.. your predictions have always been spot on.! thank you

    1. Thank you for joining Premium Membership. You have the Sun, Diana and Chiron in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health. Fatigue is a red flag that you need to look at how you feel about your job. Also unpaid work (housework or volunteering). Any academic work, as a student. In astrology, Virgo/Sixth House is always opposite Pisces/Twelfth House which is the unconscious mind. You also have a Pisces placement. Dig deeply into your unexpressed or even repressed feelings about serving other people; doing your duty; your work ethic. What you do not allow yourself to think or feel, perhaps! This is very old astrology. Basically, the only way anyone in the Middle Ages could get time off, as a servant or labourer, was to become ill. So the idea of illness and no work, took hold in our minds. Think back to childhood or your teenage years and remember when you were home from school, college or university with a cold – and so on. (I personally loved being in bed for two days watching daytime television). So you see, there’s often a very long link. Do some digging around. Use your dreams (Jane Teresa Anderson is a very good dream coach and a friend of mine). Use the Tarot and Oracles on this website. It is very important that you put your body first, and that means figuring out your mind and spirit, as in astrology we do not separate them. Have a look at the placements in Virgo I’ve mentioned and get to know yourself better. You really need to be ‘born free’ with the work you do. You have a work ethic so strongly tied to your self-confidence and identity (the Sun) but Diana there suggests you don’t want to be tied down. Something that is happening for a lot of my readers is that they are developing physical symptoms which require them to work from home, or work a half-week and job-share. This means sacrifice, usually financial, sometimes of an entire job, but they are discovering they are happier for it. Over to you. But with Saturn approaching an opposition to your Virgo factors, I think it will help you to start now and sort yourself out. The Virgo factors in the Sixth House!

  145. Hi Jessica,

    The reply button won’t work for me, so I thought I would thank you here for your three responses to my question. (Phone glitches, I feel the tail end of Mercury retrograde was giggling at me).

    Jessica: Thank you. You are strongly mutable and the future of travel for you, but also study, is UV light. It’s too funny that your avatar or image is ultraviolet. That is the universe talking to you.

    (My favourite colour is purple, always has been since I was little)

    Jessica: The lunar nodes show past lives, karma and reincarnation so the Sagittarius-Gemini axis in your grandmother’s chart and your own suggests soul debts, or soul credits, forged overseas or through foreigners.

    I have replied to you and your grandmother elsewhere! Too funny. She’s quite insistent, isn’t she.

    (My Grandmother was Croatian, and lived in El-Shatt refugee camp in Egypt during WW2, before finally relocating to Australia after the war ended. She definetly is coloured through my chart in a number of aspects, I have my IC at 29° Aquarius. I find her persistance so funny because, in life as a Sun Aries, she was so gentle and quiet, very shy. Obviously channeling some fiery Aries) .

    Thank you once again x

    1. Okay, you have once again written a comment which has jumped three times! This is spirit world intervention so your Croatian grandmother is very good at manipulating computers. Your reply button is part of that. Your favourite colour is purple? I find that so interesting. People who I know are natural psychics have been using purple/violet/lavender for years. They have called their children Violet or had lilac lightbulbs, or worn purple. Perhaps you all knew that COVID-19 was coming, along with the other epidemics and pandemics, and knew the answer was Ultraviolet light. If you live in Australia, look into the Philips UV-C light range for home. Maybe your grandmother is trying to drop a hint about that…

  146. Thanks Jessica. By the way on this node transit I got two huge raises. Hopeful for more improvements ahead.


    1. South Node in Scorpio across a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance, business, charity and property – you always owe, or are owed, on that cycle, from 18 or 19 years ago. Karmically you are clearly owed.

  147. Dear Jessica, after reading and rereading this very important blog, I wanted to ask if you could take a look at my chart to see if the path I’ve been on is correct – I have worked from home for nearly 20 years, despite not being paid as well as I would’ve been if I’d gone into office. My husband (7, March 1966 who also has Pluto and Uranus in Virgo), is a pilot who opted to restrict himself to short haul domestic flights rather than international routes. Strangely, we’ve chosen these paths decades ago, while those around us were holidaying like crazy, loving their huge offices etc. Similarly, we opted to have our two boys study in universities in our home town rather than send them away – our second boy entered Uni in 2020 and I took all that you said about Covid to heart and told him he’d be safer at home. I feel blessed today that these choices have meant that at least we’re together during this scary time. My question is, will this be enough next year as the world goes into the worst ever Covid crisis? Will we, here in India, survive this? I remember asking you a similar question in 2020 as our world descended into chaos and lockdowns. And you kindly said we would pull through – that really helped me. I would be most grateful if you could take a look at my chart to see what’s ahead. Thank you for all the important work you do.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is helping. I take my role as a psychic and astrologer very seriously. If you are in India you need to change your lifestyle now, perhaps even more than you’ve already done. Your husband has the Pluto and Uranus in Virgo signature in the Sixth House and cleverly opted for domestic flights a long time ago – you kept your sons closer to home. The answer is a Philips UVCA 200 UV-C Disinfection Floor Standing Air Unit. It kills 99.95 of viruses including Delta and Omicron. Hopefully you can get this in India or in nearby Asian cities. Philips may make a different model for India. It’s not expensive, given that it destroys COVID-19 in your home: around AUD $1500. It uses Far-UVC Light 222 which safely and efficiently inactivates Covid. You then have to worry about life outside your home, but you know the rules there. Given your husband is a pilot he probably knows about the Boeing research on UV-C (Ultraviolet light) on aircraft. The other old rules you know. The UV-C solution for home use is very new; February 2022. Please do your own research on this and validate what I am saying with your own card readings, but this is the solution and it will completely alter the world of work; employers who do not supply it will lose staff; staff who do not insist on it will become ill with Long Covid or worse, the new variant which ‘vaccines’ don’t work on. That’s what I’m seeing.

  148. Hi Jessica, thank you for your quick response, and my apologies for the figures of 3 million annually. I discovered that from a website that probably hasn’t updated their numbers. 29 million hits in 12 months is roughly 2.5 million hits monthly, astounding numbers!
    No worries, you do what you can, it’s a dilemma I know – wanting to answer as many questions as you possibly can and feeling terrible not being able to get to all of them. Most of the readers are quite understanding, they understand that we need to be considerate of each other. People can post however many comments they want, the question is, does it get on the queue or in the pile of 14,398+.

    Thank you for mentioning Canada in your feature. I read on Twitter that a passenger who boarded an Air Canada flight recently was pleasantly surprised when the pilot announced that anyone who was not masked would be subjected to a $5,000 fine. He compared that to his native USA where the pilot said on a domestic flight, “you do not have to wear a mask, which is good, so we can now see your smiling faces.” I will leave it at it since as you said in your response to me the other day, Jessica, “it’s mad that people don’t understand the evidence on that, isn’t it?” (one-way masking and two-way masking N95).

    Also, thank you for the updates on this feature, it’s an evolving story and you’re doing a great job covering it. I have to re-read it every so often to see where and what are the updates!

    Talk to you later, take care.

    1. Thanks so much, Caroline. Canada is well ahead of most countries in its handling of COVID-19. I’ll be curious to see if the eclipses in Sagittarius were a cover-up regarding Boeing, which already had the technology to disinfect planes with Ultraviolet light. (What happened to that?) Comments are great, as they extend the feature into areas people are most interested in. They also help me too, so thank you for yours!

  149. Hello Jessica, I have been following you for some time and look forward to hearing your articles especially regarding Covid. Having caught Covid back at the beginning when the advice was just “wash your hands” I am taking every precaution necessary not to catch it again. Everyone has gone back to normal but I am still hearing stories of people who are vaccinated becoming quite ill with it. I suffered with Long Covid for the following year to 2 years and am only just getting my health back in some order. I have been left with a health problem which I had pre Covid (vertigo) which worsened afterwards. I really have had enough of Pluto in Capricorn as the years seem to have been very tough health and workwise since then as I am struggling with a difficult boss, trying to change my job and keep working from home to benefit to my health and wellbeing. I look forward to the solutions of UV lights and hepa filters in March. I guess it may be the case that working home becomes the norm at this time unless your employer can guarantee your safety with one of these solutions? The world is such a terrible place at the moment! Do things look brighter for me from March next year? Thanks as always for your insight.

    1. Thank you. I don’t know if you live in Africa; your name suggests it. If you live in that country, then you are already aware of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and of course Monkeypox which is endemic in Nigeria. You will experience transiting Saturn in Pisces in opposition to your Virgo stellium from 2 through 26 degrees of the sign, beginning in March 2023 and taking you to the middle of the 2020’s. For that reason you need to make your health your number one priority and invest whatever time, money and energy you have into protecting yourself. This is a very similar cycle to HIV-AIDS and of course we go on surviving that, but it has taken lifestyle change and social change to do that.

  150. Hi, Jessica, I write to you again because the last time I forgot to ask you about Covid Passaport. Will this disappear? In my opinion, this passport support discrimination, especially that covid vaccine is not working. Thank you for the answer!

    1. New passports will come in, covering vaccination against Monkeypox and the rest, from the Uranus in Gemini transit from 2026. By that stage we will have seen more highly mutable viruses apart from Covid-19 and Monkeypox and it will become a public health requirement in major nations to prove vaccination. I agree, the Covid-19 vaccines are not working. There never was a vaccine- just an ongoing search for ‘the answer’ – the latest answer is never enough, is it? We’ll find more new technology from 2026 being used to safeguard health in local/international travel too, as by that stage the planet will be very weary of infected tourists (Monkeypox spread in England from Nigeria).

  151. Hi Jessica, thanks a lot, this is very useful. We are leaving and working in South East Asia and we have to travel every year to Europe and Japan with our kids. Last 2 years we had to change our plan but we were able to travel and see our family. Will we have the same issue in 2023 (re-organizing our travel)? Cheers,

  152. Hello Jessica, I have been following you for some time and look forward to hearing your articles especially regarding Covid. Having caught Covid back at the beginning when the advice was just “wash your hands” I am taking every precaution necessary not to catch it again. Everyone has gone back to normal but I am still hearing stories of people who are vaccinated becoming quite ill with it. I suffered with Long Covid for the following year to 2 years and am only just getting my health back in some order. I have been left with a health problem which I had pre Covid (vertigo) which worsened afterwards. I really have had enough of Pluto in Capricorn as the years seem to have been very tough health and workwise since then as I am struggling with a difficult boss, trying to change my job and keep working from home to benefit to my health and wellbeing. I look forward to the solutions of UV lights and hepa filters in March. I guess it may be the case that working home becomes the norm at this time unless your employer can guarantee your safety with one of these solutions? The world is such a terrible place at the moment! Do things look brighter for me from March next year? Thanks as always for your insight.

    1. Just to repeat the point about March 2023; the Philips and Panasonic UV-C lights for your home and work place are already here. You could have them delivered now or ask your employer to purchase. What’s different about March is (perhaps) government subsidies; new tax status for the lights; further advances with the UV-C technology; a stockmarket surge and so on. Whatever it is, from that point, we find groups and clubs which congregate indoors suddenly operate at full power again, and that has to be UV-C. It may be mandated by governments – that is another possibility.

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