The Cancer Weather 2022

If you have four, five, six or more factors in Cancer in the Fourth House of your birth chart, you need to know about the Cancer Weather. Premium members, read on.

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53 Responses

  1. Gosh Jessica. Reading this is like watching the exact events of what’s playing out for me right now. my husband vs his brother, dividing and carving property, mother in law vs daughter in law and literally our garden being redone. I’m looking to boycott a family event on the 23rd, i’ll most likely be extradited. A situation my husband will find difficult because of his mother’s response. I myself a mother of 6, only wants to be responsible for me but I have so many to think of. When is this going to end?

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a Capricorn-Cancer nodal axis. You can’t choose your family. Though you did, actually, in your ‘life between lives’ as part of a complicated soul contract with one, two, three or more family members. You may not have even been family in the last incarnation. It can happen. You will have answers and solutions with the family from October to December, which will help enormously. You need help now, though, so I suggest you try to put in physical boundaries in the garden at the same time you set real psychological or practical boundaries with the family. Your garden is being redone professionally but you could demarcate things, as a mirror of what needs to happen with people; figuring out the lay of the land helps you reflect what needs to happen with your husband and mother, for example. Boundaries behave surprisingly well when you snap them back into place, or create some for the first time. Have a look at The Garden Oracle to add to that.

  2. Hi Jessica! America has a Cancer birth chart but I don’t know where her Ceres placement is. We are absolutely Cocoa Puffs off-the-rails right now – will this weather whoop us up further or help us agree to disagree this month? For those of us that are sensitive any type of temporary truce would be more than welcome. Thank you!

    1. America’s Capricorn (July 4th took place a long time after the Christening; she was given her official name back in January). Essentially, this ambitious, striving, Capricorn nation has been dealing with boundary issues between the states for years; there has been considerable confusion about borders and that goes on until 2026. This is really where the problems come from, both in terms of the Trump election result, but also in the mess now, where abortion in Texas and New York exist in two different moral universes. America is really a different country after 2026; the endless churning over the issue of abortion stops at that point. What is happening to America is part of a wider global trend from 2026; the map is being redrawn and ‘The New Local’ is the key to everything. It is very likely we will see the issue of political and geographical boundaries addressed once and for all from 2026 and the change will be revolutionary.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I love your articles! They are so informative.
    I don’t have a stellium in Cancer but I am interested in my sun/ Minerva conjunction in my birth chart. Minerva is now very close to my moon and I have just put in an application to do my master of counseling – the stars have aligned in order for this to have happened and I am wondering if it’s this aspect that is what’s pushing me in that direction?

    1. Thank you. You have an exact Sun-Minerva conjunction in Cancer in the Fourth House of home town, homeland, ancestry, the family tree, heritage, culture, your home, property investments, the household and so on. You are at your brilliant best when you are being admired for your intelligent handling of the above. This is more than intelligence; it’s wisdom, which is deeper. Your MA in counselling is a rather Cancerian path; the word ‘care’ is hidden in Cancer; it is a sign about motherhood but you can mother people when you offer them therapy. Strictly speaking it’s about real estate and history, though. If your family inspired you to become a counsellor, that’s a different kettle of fish and it may be that the MA helps you with a relative too. Owls are Minerva’s bird and often turn up in unusual ways when you are having a Minerva sign to proceed; it can be very encouraging.

  4. Hi Jessica, I hope you are keeping warm, safe and well. May I ask a question about my cancer factors? We’re in the midst of waiting for finance news so we can purchase a new house (hopefully before the end of October!). My two little loves also have some health concerns that we are addressing with a specialist at the moment – most probably surgery for both. Can you please have a quick look at my chart placements and tell me how this next few months may pan out?
    Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Your children are ill, so this Cancer weather in your Fifth House of parenthood is useful as you will get to the bottom of things in July, with light shed (probably literally; surgery requires huge hospital lighting) and also information/facts turning up after not knowing, or not being fully informed. This is exactly what you need and the procession of factors in Cancer and the solar Fifth House will show you the path you need, with it all becoming less important once August is underway. You will save or make a lot of money by October, and again from January to May. Hopefully that is enough for your half of the purchase price of a home. If you leave it to September-December then get a second opinion on the chance of any delay or change to the agreements; if at all possible purchase by September.

  5. Hi Jessica, I have the Sun, Mercury, Hygeia, Panacea and Venus in Cancer, can you give me any insight to what I should expect for Cancer season?
    Thank you kindly.

    1. If you needed the right builder or gardener for your home, you will find it at your fingertips in July. Picking up a leaflet from the shop may be the solution. You will also figure out your parent/s more successfully and if you need to find tactics or strategies, those will also appear. The family as a whole is more important in July and you can do some homework to find out how to steer things in the right direction for the next 12 months. A chance to find out so much more about your home town, local area or homeland will also come your way with benefits; it’s about remembering where you come from, and perhaps finding old photographs or footage to assist. All of this matters. You are strongly Cancerian and where you were born and grew up, or where you moved to, has a profound impact on who you are now. You need to own that.

  6. Hi Jessica, my north node is 5 degrees Cancer. I separated from my husband Dec 2021, it was amicable and we’re still good friends. I rent a unit, first time to be living on my own. I keep trying to ground myself and I thought I was emotionally grounded but then yesterday I did something that made me realize I was not ready nor grounded. I felt like I failed myself. I’m also applying for jobs as my contract ends in October. Worried about being able to pay rent and bills.. I asked the tarot card and got 10 of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles. I’m trying my best to be kind to myself.. Are you able to please look at my chart and share me a reading for Cancer season? Thank you again

    1. I’m very happy about your Tarot cards. You will be able to negotiate over money with a well-heeled woman, or step into that role yourself, with a nice sum of money to spend or save. I do not know what time-frame you were asking about. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance so I think you’ll gain by 2023-2024 in any case. You can either approach a woman who can help you financially or you can be that person, for whatever reason. As for failing yourself, that is a very hard word to use. You made a mistake. You are human. We all do. Move on. You will be offered a terrific way to keep fit, lose weight, shape up, or improve your wellbeing through body strength or a new way to use Mind, Body and Spirit – by October. If you decline it will be back from January to May and next time you may go for it. If you accept you will be thrilled with the result and make it a way of life.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I can relate to all you say in this post.
    The difference between last July and this July is like night and day!
    In October of 2020 my husband and I split. I tried everything to save this marriage. He was not interested. 3 weeks after that my only sibling died suddenly.
    It was a crime scene. I was in shock and devastated. I was numb for months
    My oldest daughter shut out the family for 1 1/2 years.right after Christmas 2020.
    The ex and I reconciled in February 2021. I sold MY home to get a fresh start and also be with him.
    I realize now much had to do with my grief and wanting a fresh start
    I July 2021 we went on a great trip and saw family and friends. Then at Christmas we split for good. He walked away without a fight. It has just come to light why that was .
    We all have issues and problems and I know that.
    I feel like I have been under a dark cloud for quite some times and huge stress!
    If you would please give me some insight that the sun will shine again I would be grateful.
    Thank you so much for all you do and write. You give us all hope and clarity for the future.
    Bless you!

    1. You have had a rotten time, to be sure. Your marriage ended and sibling passed, with police in attendance. You then had your daughter reject the family around the same time. Such a lot of loss. Okay, so your Cancer stellium runs from 1 to 29 in your Fourth House of home, property, family, household, home town, homeland, culture, heritage, ancestry and history. You are mostly through the Pluto in Capricorn oppositions, which ran in a chain from 2008. What all this challenge has accomplished is a deeper understanding of your own Cancerian side. You are defined by where you come from and to whom you are related. It can work out powerfully for you, over time, and reconnect you to a relative or ancestor in an important way. It can also be very hard work, as you know, and there will have been months, even years, when you simply wish a family member’s behaviour had not defined you at all! As I said, you are almost at the end of the cycle. What happens in March 2023 will be very interesting, Cheryl, as for the first time since 2008, Pluto is not opposing your Cancer factors. He’s in Aquarius. Different sign. So you have quite a long period that year, when things will have changed, or perhaps you no longer care. Going further ahead, you will never again go through a situation like your last marriage. You are now more powerful, more influential, more potent, more effective as a result. Yet you can be reassured that the future is not really about him (or “Him”) past or future. It’s about friends. You are going to make fantastic new friends from May 2023 and by May 2024 will have gained enormously from a better social life and a very special group of people in your world. The Tarot can shed more light on that.

  8. I forgot to add.: I just sold my home and am moving back to my hometown.
    I purchased a home there. Just not excited about any of it!

    1. Sure. The Leo stellium in your Fifth House suggests a welcome turnaround with your children, their children, any godchildren or young relatives. There may also be a role with younger people, up to young adult age, in your hometown. The nodes eventually go to Aries and Libra from July 2023 where they support your Leo stellium in a useful, lasting way. You will be back in your old role as queen to a younger court.

  9. I just asked a second question from the tarot: what am I supposed to learn from the consequences of my actions yesterday? I got 5 of Pentacles. I feel like it’s to do with my husband and our marriage. Perhaps I need to see really what’s there.

    1. That’s a good clear answer from the Tarot. The lesson is financial; the number five may be important.

  10. Oh wow, Jessica!

    I’ve never felt so uneasy about my birthday month as I have about July, maybe because I have an exact opposition in my 7th house on my birthday.. it’s been a long way with my husband, but it’s feeling stretched, Pluto has been in Cap since our relationship began in 2008 ( couple of break up’s and an almost 3 year marriage later) I usually feel stable but this opposition has me a bit on edge. We married under a scorpio sun , both scorp rising – and its been going well- is this the next level – the transition, reboot or …something else I must prepare myself for?

    1. Marriage is certainly the Seventh House in astrology and you are a Sun Cancer with Pluto at 29 Libra in your natal Seventh House. In your solar chart, you have had transiting Pluto in your Seventh House since January 27th, 2008. A very long time indeed (you and Prince William!) If you feel stretched, it’s down to Pluto in both house systems. The answer to Pluto is to use self-control to gain control, and to use willpower to become empowered. That is Pluto’s challenge and also its reward. The Tarot can help you drill down into tactics, strategies and options. The transiting Pluto square to natal Pluto is really the story, not July 2022, and for that you are watching as late as November 2024, which is the last pass of Pluto at 29 Capricorn. This does feel like some kind of substantial choice about the marriage as in January 2025, the North Node goes to 29 Pisces and South Node goes to 29 Virgo, so on the same degree. This is clay on the potter’s wheel. You have to learn how to throw the pot, so to speak.

  11. Hello Jessica,

    I have just returned to Australia after 4 years in Asia and I am literally living with my family.

    Which has been great as it’s been years since I spent good time with them however this can’t be long term.

    I have MC and Minerva in Cancer. Can you please give me some insight on how these will be affected by the transits in this season.



    1. Kane, all the family decisions are in a cluster until Venus is gone from Cancer on August 11th 2022. You’ll have a crossroads choice on the Full Moon on July 13th and the next one is January 6th 2023 with the Full Moon in Cancer and the second fork in the road. The Tarot can help you with the forks.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for all your amazing informative articles. I have a few factors in cancer but I’m uncertain how they can be interpreted and how the cancer weather will affect me at the moment? I am an aspiring picture book author and I wondered whether my cancer placements will assist me in my writing somehow?Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a Gemini signature in your chart in the Third House of writing. Cancer isn’t really about writing for children; it is about having them, or caring for them. Your real story is Gemini, and Jupiter in Gemini will give you the opportunity for publication or broadcast from May 26th 2024 in a highly successful way (rather than an ordinary way) with new inventions and new technology breathing new life into your ideas when Uranus goes into Gemini from April 26th 2026. You could go through several drafts of one idea with Mars Retrograde in Gemini, September 4th 2022 until March 17th 2023. In fact, the retrograde is ideal for reworking, rewriting and so on.

  13. Hi Jessica. I am a cancer sun with mercury, venus, panacea and the nodal axis on cancer/ cap. What might be in store for me? I have shelved the idea of buying a property having pulled out of a contract last year due to the uncertain times we were/are facing and feel I need to wait until property prices hopefully fall as they have shot through the roof in the UK.

    I am also conscious that I have a stellium in libra will be opposed by the Aries weather. Reading through other comments you have mentioned that pluto and saturn are difficult aspects in Libra and I have experienced a very painful breakup 5 years ago when my ex walker away after 12 years without any explanation. Is there any positive news on the relationship front anytime soon?
    I have always wondered whether we would ever reconcile as I always felt a special connection with my ex (his DOB is 20/11/84). I would be grateful if you could shed any light on this.

    1. The heavily Cancerian person is always interested in buying and selling land, houses, apartments, boats, caravans and the like. You are waiting for home prices to fall in the United Kingdom. You also want a new lover and wonder if you could reconcile with your ex. So there’s a lot going on. You have a Scorpio stellium in your natal Eighth House of sex, death and money and have to complete karma from 18 or 19 years ago, until July 18th 2023. The South Node of karmic debts and credits is transiting Scorpio until then, so you are caught by the cycles of time. It may be about your parents’ legacy to you, or your financial responsibility to them. It may be any outstanding business with your former partner, if there were possessions not reconciled at the end, or one owed the other. So you have to spin your wheels to some extent, as the nodal cycle pushes and pulls us in directions we would not normally choose. This is the case with you, but from July 18th 2023, for whatever reason, there is closure and you are free to pursue different paths in life. You could easily become part of a power couple, with the first hints shown from March 24th 2023 until June 11th 2023. By that I mean you both bring a house, apartment, business, charity or bank account to the table. The next window would be just before St. Valentine’s Day 2024 so it is possible that is a special date. Your ex has a literally unpredictable love life until 2026 and will do the last thing he or anybody else ever expected in life. It may be getting back with you. Ask the Tarot. (Though it may be leaping out of the closet, that can happen too, on a Uranus transit of the solar Seventh House!)

  14. Hi Jessica – this is intriguing as I have a small holiday cottage in wales where I grew up. It has been a great solace to me to go back home now my parents have passed. However it is increasingly challenging to manage (and rent out as a holiday cottage) so I am deliberating whether I should sell it? I think this is the right time – so it feels like this is the story in my chart about Ceres in Cancer.

    1. The North Node and IC in Cancer are being crossed by these Cancer traffic jams in your chart, so if you are going to sell, it would be by August 11th 2022, when the last planet leaves your Fourth House – and that’s Venus. The Full Moon in Capricorn opposite the Sun in Cancer on 13th July looks like the crossroads. I am sure you know it’s the right choice but you can use the Tarot to validate.

  15. Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing all this with us. Divine timing! I have Ceres in Scorpio in the 4th house, currently waiting to hear if our estranged stepfather (who has denied our financial inheritance from our Mothers estate and wherabout’s of her more recent will) is going to also take our childhood home or try sell it. He’s an aquarius sun. I’m hoping this battle will come to an end on the 23rd? Can you see a favourable outcome for myself and siblings?

    1. You are a Sun Libra with Ceres in Scorpio in the Eighth House of your natal chart, not your Fourth House. You are using an old house system. So you were born with Ceres (forced compromise) in Scorpio (sex, death and money) in the Eighth House (marital and family property, finance, valuables) and you currently have the transiting South Node (karma) also in Scorpio until July 18th 2023. So, the next year or so is about what you owe, or are owed, going back 18 or 19 years, and 18 or 19 years before that. Thus the stepfather. Do you have professional help from a third party? It would be very useful. Use the Tarot as well to help steer with this one. You need to put a price on peace of mind and pay it.

  16. Help! Hi Jessica am floundering here. Been trying to get my house up for sale for about 10 months but been thwarted by extended illness, a surgery, a major leak/flood & a very awkward mother-in-law (a Scorpio with 5 planets in Scorpio) who is very manipulative with my partner (a Cancerian). She is now overseas for a while, the house in Sydney is on the market with an auction date of July 23. I really don’t want an auction and am already seeing real estate agent shenanigans. Yes I’m lucky to have a house but it’s all I have to live on into the future plus buy something new interstate. I’m feeling very swamped and exhausted- any insights would be appreciated.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a big Gemini and Sagittarius pattern. So you are two people in one body and often pull yourself in two directions so feel stretched. Basic rule with Gemini-Sagittarius is to stop doing head miles, stop over-thinking and reduce the amount of online or telephone time. I am sorry you have been through the long illness, the flood and the difficult heavily Scorpio mother-in-law. Of all those matters, it’s the marriage which is the story that matters most. You have karma with your husband which ends in July 2023. One more year to go. That is what the mother, the illness and the flood are all about. You two owe each other karmically from a story in your own life about 18 or 19 years ago. It may have involved him; it may have involved someone else. You have to put up with a rather stuck situation until July next year then you are free, karmically. Try to get the auction out of the way and any purchase by September if you can; that way you avoid Mars Retrograde. Try to clear the money by September. Ask the Tarot how the Gemini-Sagittarius patterns show up in your life and then ask again, if there is an issue it shows you – how do you fix that? Long-term you will make or save a lot of money in about three years’ time. From 2026 you will radically change your finances and property and be as free as a bird.

  17. Dear Jessica,
    With Vesta and Panacea in Cancer, what would be the implications in my case? Been dealing with my teenage daughter for a few months now. Any positive outcome can be expected?

    Also, would you be able to guide me on a friend’s situation? He has been confronted by his wife about his affair outside the marriage bond. He is Sun Pisces with Saturn in Cancer.


    1. Vesta in Cancer in the Fourth House is very common in the charts of women who compete with their daughters for the approval and attention of the husband/father. It also turns up when you find a mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt in the family circle, with just one male who cultivates a harem-like atmosphere. Always refuse to play the game and even if you dislike the other females involved, for whatever reason, find solidarity with them and unite against the male. Those are the Vesta rules in astrology. You will find a solution with/for your daughter from October 29th until December 20th, 2022, so snap it up. If your Vesta issue involves your having an affair with your friend, see the above! If he is just a friend to you and nothing more, the issue there is the house or apartment, from September 4th until March 17th 2023 and who owns what/who pays what rent/who has what share of any mortgage.

  18. Dear Jessica, thank you for a lot of your wonderful writing lately. Between the Cancer, Aries, Leo weather, Understanding retrogrades articles and the Cancer birthday horoscope, there is so much to learn. Also, lot to unpack! Which is where I’m hoping to have your guidance.

    There is a job that I am really hoping to get as it would allow me to get back to India and entertainment. It was advertised on 24 May, right when Jupiter went into Aries. I’ve managed to have one interview, and 2 emails with the hiring manager since and still ‘under consideration’. Got an email on my birthday, 4 July, 9 am that ‘the process is delayed’ and he’ll ask the recruiter to find time with me online, when he’s back. What do my prospects look like please? You’ve mentioned publishing and the web in the birthday horoscope. This company would be an OTT platform in Mumbai, so possibly fits both please? I’ve wanted this for a while. And to move back and have my own home, although my family lives in Delhi. I am also single but keen to have marriage and child someday. Dating has been hard in London, and I have more optimism for that in Mumbai too.

    I am fielding another offer in London (still interviewing), where the company is trying to do the hiring at pace and might be keen to hire me at a fair salary and rank, which sadly is not the case with my current job. This is a very numbers based/ automation role for tech companies in automotive and food delivery, so fairly different trajectory.

    Would be grateful to have your insights. Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer experiencing transiting Jupiter with all his opportunities, in Aries, in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and success. He is there until October then resumes, January to May. Opportunity doesn’t always mean delivery, and it is typical of this transit that you will have a number of options with work, thus the interviews in Mumbai but also in London. There will be more to come. I don’t know what OTT means, but I assume you mean this is a digital role. If so, it would fit the second transit you are having, which is Jupiter in Pisces in your Ninth House, which is October to December. The Ninth House rules the worldwide web and publishing; academia, foreigners and foreign countries. So you have two bites at the cherry, really. You will very likely find a third and fourth vacancy you want until October. Your priority is Mumbai, marriage, a home and children which is the over-arching factor, and as that’s not foreign to you (but London is) you may have to choose between ambition and location in order to figure out what you actually want.

  19. Hello Jessica,
    As always, I’m loving the Q&As / Comments section. The questions are a privilege to read and your answers are an education in themselves, so rich and rewarding. Natally, I have Saturn in Cancer in the fourth house(!) and I’m wondering how I can make this work for me in a positive way. Also, I’m struck by your answer to an earlier question on this page where you give advice about being “at your brilliant best”. Can my Cancer placement guide me in this respect?
    Wishing everyone well,

    1. Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House of the natal chart describes the barriers, walls and fences you put up to guard yourself against who or what makes you feel rather vulnerable and raw. This may stem from childhood or adolescence; transits to Saturn when young tend to result in the first drawbridge or moat being constructed. Over time, those psychological or other structures are tested. Are you over-defended or under-defended? Saturn is not being at your brilliant best; it is about feeling safe in the world. Your brilliant best is the Sun, and you have it in Gemini, the sign of the writer, Twitter user, broadcaster, storyteller, journalist and so on. The Sun in your Third House will be crossed by Jupiter then Uranus in the years ahead, so the mid to late 2020’s is a revival and renewal of your way with words; with luck you’ll end up with a hit or a success.

  20. This is very accurate Jessica. I’m currently living back with my mum temporarily to look after her after my father passed in March. We are learning how to share the space again after me living away for years. In fact the last time I lived here was another temporary stint, which was 18 years ago (nodal cycle true to form!). Thank you

  21. Hi Jessica

    I have a Cancer stellium – and am certainly caught up in issues around home/property. My lease is up for renewal and I’m wondering if I am going to be able to stay where I am or whether there’s somewhere better for me after mid-August. I’ve moved 6 times since 2008 and would really love some more long term stability. What insights does the Cancer season offer for my situation? Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Leo, more importantly, and have the South Node in Scorpio transiting your solar Fourth House of property. This ties in with your Cancer stellium in your natal chart, also in the Fourth House of property. You’re renting and have moved six times since 2008. The good news is, eventually this calms down, and the endless Pluto oppositions to your Cancer factors in the natal Fourth House stop. You get a taste of this from March 2023 until June 2023. The next month, July, we find the South Node shifts out of Scorpio, so again, you get a lasting break from the rather stuck, repetitive nature of renting and then being told to go (or leaving). So 2023 is much, much better. Until then, you need to move in August (you think, but aren’t sure) so use the Tarot for that. Going around in circles, with the same old thing, is typical of the transiting South Node in Scorpio in your solar Fourth House, and that plays itself out until July 2023. After that date I don’t see anything substantial in Scorpio in your chart, so I’d be amazed if you had any more upheavals, going through the rest of the 2020’s. Pluto is on the way out too, and so that regular pressure on your natal Fourth House is disappearing.

  22. Hi Jessica – this is really illuminating and so spot on! With 6 factors in Cancer, a stellium in Libra, lots of factors at 28/29 degrees throughout, and transiting Pluto sitting right on my natal Salacia and heading for an opposition with my natal Sun and Mercury – things are A LOT.

    Mostly I want to leave the country and start exploring living overseas, but I also want to be near my mother as she goes through stage 4 cancer. And I have a job I love here but probably isn’t too portable, so I want to start moving into writing as a way to prepare for being more flexible. So many factors! Things seem pretty non-budging right now, but I also feel the urgency to plan. Do I just need to wait things out? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Lots going on here. Do you mean your mother, who has advanced cancer, lives abroad? If so, of course you should emigrate. You are strongly Cancerian, though, so it will feel much more like going home – home represented by her. You are in a good position with your career and should definitely use Jupiter’s transit of your solar Tenth House to look for opportunities; it is here until October then resumes January-May 2023. Finding online part-time work you can do anywhere is a smart idea, as a remote income will be useful when you move. Start now.

  23. Hi Jessica, would love some insight w/this full moon – thinking I need to leave a job, but I hate to be unemployed! Any thoughts based on my cancer opposition to the full moon? thank you! xx

    1. The Full Moon isn’t about your job; it falls in the Seventh House of sexual partnership and also professional partnership. Sometimes, a duel or conflict. So, unless you want to leave your job because your boss is your lover, or you have an enemy at work, it doesn’t relate to your question. Your career in your solar chart is ruled by Aries and the Tenth House, and here you are in luck, as between now and October there will be an offer or opportunity that helps. So you may be interviewed for a better position or spot a free training course to upgrade your skills, so you are a better prospect. Look at the Tarot for validation on that.

  24. As for the distribution of my father’s estate in Walterboro, SC (Longitude: -80.588737 Latitude: 32.9789685 ), I am the new Executor of the will and have the responsibility to distribute four acres of commercial property. I talked with a new attorney on July 7th via telephone and sat down with him and his assistants on Friday, July 8th. He recommended a real estate broker that I contacted today, July 19th. The issue is this: I am to either deed the property three ways: to my brother’s widow, my eldest sister, and myself; or sell the property and distribute the funds. If the title search shows the property can be sold clear of complications, I was hoping to receive some portion of the funds to be able to buy a home in the Lowcountry later this year or early next year. But my sister-in-law will not communicate with me and I expect a battle. So, instead of buying a place near where I grew up, I found a place to rent. At the last minute, plans fell through about my moving alone and so my daughter will be moving, too, along with our three kittens. But the owner of the house does not want me to bring all three of our kittens. They are siblings; they are our children. This may be a deal-breaker. Should I wait to see what happens with the estate property before signing the rental lease? In the Lowcountry, nothing stays available for longer than a day or two, so I may lose the rental house if I wait too long. What do you recommend?

    1. This is a Scorpio matter in your Eighth House of legacies. You were born with Saturn at 14 Scorpio in the Eighth House so being the executor of your father’s will was always going to be hard work. It peaks when the South Node goes to 14 Scorpio, and North Node goes to 14 Taurus, so August 23rd until 28th. You then have to go through the opposition of Uranus at 14 Taurus from January 12th 2023 until February 3rd that year, but that is the last of the historic oppositions and conjunctions. Saturn is a waiting game. There is no fast and easy solution. Should you deed the property three ways, or sell and split the money? I strongly recommend you use the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle to give yourself a three-way reading on that question. In the time-frame above, now through February 2023, which option, gives you what results? You also have three kittens to look after, as if that wasn’t enough. Repeat that oracle/Tarot method about the young felines. Final suggestion and this may work best of all; light a candle and have a quiet word with your father, asking for help which benefits all of you. Not to mention the cats. Follow an obvious clue when it appears.

  25. I love and appreciate your sensibilities–especially regarding the felines, the candle, and the quiet word with my father. The Tarot always gives me insights. Bless you and Thank you.

  26. Hi Jessica, I’m in the middle of a divorce and things are just getting stretched out. When will I get the relief and peace that I’m looking for. Things have been very stagnant from the job point of view as well. It’s like I’m stuck in a rut in my life… VT

    1. Divorce is Libra and the Seventh House (the end of a marriage) and/or Scorpio and the Eighth House (sex and property; sex and money). So let’s see what’s going on. You have a stellium in Libra at 4, 7, 9, 13, 22 degrees. This does work out for you, even though it is uncomfortable. Jupiter with all his benefits is in opposition from Aries, but even an opposition from Jupiter brings a good outcome. The reason your divorce is stretched out is Jupiter going backwards. He turns retrograde at 8 Aries on July 28th and goes back to 7 in August, making a rare opposition to your chart not possible in 12 years. He then slides backwards to 4 in September. Yes, this will take time, but hang in there, because it’s for the best. He is back across 4, 7, 9, 13 and finally 22 from January 2023 until March 2023. March 2023 is the massive turning point for both of you. That is the purely personal, emotional, sexual, psychological and spiritual part of the deal. Not the money. The money, house, possessions and/or apartment is Scorpio and here we find Scorpio 9, 15, 21, 28 degree patterns. You are very lucky to have natal Jupiter with all his benefits at 9 Scorpio and the settlement will be January 2023, when the transiting North Node goes to 9 Taurus and transiting South Node goes to 9 Scorpio. So these two separate stories in your chart are both arriving at the same time. January 2023. You want a new job and will have an opportunity to take a paid, unpaid, part-time, full-time or other unusual role or project, October 29th until December 20th. It will be an escape from the real world. A holiday from the everyday. Just read the contract carefully to see what is involved in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026.

  27. Thank you for providing that clarity, Jessica. As you know, it’s been a long haul from 2008 onwards and I’ve been literally hanging in there the last few years.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    I have a very large Stellium of 6 planets/asteroids in both cancer and Leo. Can you share your insight as to what will likely be the focus and or themes for the next few months as a result of the passing cancer weather and upcoming Leo transits? Thanks in advance for you time and consideration!

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with an Aquarius chart pattern whose Eleventh House of friends and groups is important in both house systems I use for you; natal and solar. You are in a terrifically lucky cycle for expanding and exploring (and exploiting) with clubs, teams, societies, unions, parties, associations and so on. Also Twitter and Meetups. Old and new friends show you what is possible so think bigger. The cycle ends in October and resumes in January 2023, until May that year. Concurrently, we have a really interesting period from March 2023 through June, when you realise that powerful new people, perhaps powerful new collectives and communities, and accessible new control, clout and influence for you – are on offer. It feels momentous and it is. From the mid 2020’s this is your life. Nothing to do with Cancer or Leo transits, everything to do with Aries and Aquarius transits.

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