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The Kate Bush Astrology Chart

The most striking feature is the Leo stellium, in the Fifth House of courtship, the royal bedchamber, the heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne.

Kate Bush and Her Leo Lionheart

It’s well-known that Kate Bush is a Sun Leo, but in fact she has a stellium in the sign of the lion. It’s also well-known that she was born on 30th July, Emily Bronte’s birthday. This famous lion costume photo shoot by Gered Mankowitz has been widely circulated on Twitter @KateBushArchive for old and new fans.

Emily Bronte’s Sun Twin

Because Bronte and Bush were both born on the same day, they both have the Sun at 6 Leo. Wuthering Heights will very likely be the next reissued hit for Bush (and by default, Bronte) after Running Up That Hill as we found Jupiter at 6 Aries between June 17th and 25th 2022, no doubt when record companies were looking for another Number One. It’s a perfect trine.

Wuthering Heights – the Next Reborn Hit?

Jupiter goes back to 6 Aries between August 31st and September 8th 2022, so the stars are aligned for Wuthering Heights, to hit the heights again, should Emily Bronte and Kate Bush wish it.

Aspects in the Kate Bush Horoscope

The aspects in the Kate Bush horoscope include cautious, careful Hygiea at 11 Gemini in the Third House of poetry, songwriting and singing, in a perfect quincunx to hedonistic, sensual, greedy Bacchus at 11 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money.

Hygiea, Bacchus, Salacia and Psyche

They both tie into other-worldly Salacia at 11 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, success and achievement. Psyche at 10 Scorpio is very close, just a degree away. Psyche describes who and what lives forever; in the Eighth House of sex, death and money this is really about the Bush songbook, with all its focus on the same – in a rare, intricate chart pattern.

card bacchus 213x300 - The Kate Bush Astrology Chartcard psyche 213x300 - The Kate Bush Astrology Chart

Asteroid Kate Bush

The asteroids above are part of the original astrological family tree given to us by the Romans, which included Venus and her son and daughter-in-law, as well as her husband. There is also an asteroid Kate Bush, though. This minor planet was given her name in 1998. It’s recorded at the Minor Planet Centre.

The Kate Bush Natal Chart in Detail

There is no birth time for Kate Bush, so it is important to ignore the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Immum Coeli) and also to skip the Moon. We can still use a 12 noon average time, though, and retain the rest of the chart, accurately.

Heirs to the Kate Bush Throne

The most striking feature is the Leo stellium, in the Fifth House of courtship, the royal bedchamber, the heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne. Kate’s son Albert (Bertie) is her heir and has a suitably regal Leo name, Prince Albert being Queen Victoria’s consort. This chart is from the Family and Friends’ chart shop on my website and fans are welcome to see how the astrology tells the story of the world’s most acclaimed solo musician, singer and performer.

This private person has publicly taken an interest in astronomy, not astrology, in one composition. There has never been any overt reference to the zodiac, planets or horoscope houses. Yet, it permeates through all the albums.

Diana in Pisces and Pluto in Virgo

Something I find very interesting about the chart as a whole is Diana at 0 Pisces just one degree away from an opposition with Pluto at 1 Virgo. Diana, as you will know if you are a regular reader, is a symbol of freedom, feminism, autonomy and defiant independence. She was Jupiter’s daughter, born from her father’s brain and refused to marry or have children.

Here we have a cosmic clash, internalised in the Kate Bush natal chart. Pluto is a symbol of power, control, obsession, potency, domination and ‘the inner Plutocrat.’ In Virgo, the sign of work and health, he is permanently at odds with Diana, a fearsome goddess in her own right. You can see the Pisces-Virgo battle played out, repeatedly, in Bush’s life, times and stunning music.

This will peak in importance as transiting Pluto goes to 0, 1 Aquarius for the first time in 248 years, in March-June 2023. You can download the PDF astrological chart for Kate Bush, using the standard 12.00 noon birth time for untimed birth details, here. It’s a very good time to be a Kate Bush fan. Did you know that Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite’s Tarot, and more particularly The Golden Dawn, also receives a nodding reference in her work?


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12 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, so glad to see you did a feature on Kate Bush, such a talented solo singer and performer. It was quite interesting to read that her Diane is in opposition to her Pluto. Very few astrologers, read: rare, in the stratosphere, use Asteroids. You use them all the time in conjunct with the planets and therefore your interpretations are far superior and comprehensive to other astrologers. The natural house system is a simple, straightforward system, yet so powerful in explaining events and people. You’ve figured it out with decades of hard work and it continues to this day, thank you, Jessica.

    Talk to you later, take care and stay safe.

    1. Thanks Caroline. Yes, most astrologers do not use asteroids. When I took the oath at The Astrological Lodge of London many years ago, it was clear that new discoveries in astrology were part of the pathway. So we work with not only asteroids but also Trans Neptunian objects like Salacia, who is Neptune’s wife. As for the Natural House system, it’s really old astrology at its best; we have written records of it being used in 319 AD at the very least. Having road-tested them all, against the Solar Chart (the gold standard) it’s the only one that works. I’m glad you are having results with it.

  2. hi Jessica, this is fascinating! and I am constantly amazed with how much knowledge you impart every day on astrology.

    I downloaded my son’s chart from your site (31.7.15), and was comparing notes with your blog on Kate Bush’s chart, as he has a big stellium in Leo.. Sun and Diana at 7 Leo, Hygeia at 11 Leo (chiming with Juno at 11 Virgo), Mercury at 16 Leo, Cupido at 26 Leo, Jupiter at 27 Leo. he is only little, but feels like we have a real lionheart! Similarly, Bacchus is at 2 Scorpio although Pluto at 13 Capricorn and Psyche at 5 Gemini. Would you have any insights on the story that is unfolding here please? Are Psyche and Diana of less importance in a male chart?

    thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. A Leo stellium in the Fifth House is always about courtship, the royal bedchamber, heirs to the throne or pretenders to the throne. Your son is still in childhood but even as he approaches his teenage years, and goes into adolescence, he will have ‘pretenders’ around him; younger children whom he is asked to lead as a house captain; team captain; prefect and so on. He has the right to refuse but he’ll likely fall into the classic Fifth House stellium pattern of practising leadership and authority with children, even when he is a teenager himself. He may not want children; he has Diana in Leo; or he can become a father but resist the full commitment of parenthood as Diana prefers independence and in fact declined motherhood and marriage. He is only little as you say, and time will tell. Courtship in general is fortunate (Jupiter in Leo) so he wines and dines the right suitors or is wooed by the biggest and best sorts of people. Cupido there suggests he falls in love, with love, and the first suggestion is Jupiter’s return in Leo in the year 2026, even in a childish way. Psyche in Gemini in the Third House indicates books, media, websites which last forever. Psyche and Diana matter less in a man’s chart but they express his female side.

  3. I really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my question Jessica. Hopefully my smaller stellium in Leo, (including Ceres) will help him navigate his road ahead.

    I notice I have Diana at 11 Pisces almost in opposition with Psyche at 13 Virgo.. not as dramatic as Kate Bush’s opposition in Pluto. I never thought I had much influence from Virgo but learnt so much about my motivations around food and exercise over the years from a post you wrote responding to another reader with similar asteroid patterns in Virgo.. But I digress. Thank you once again Jessica!

    1. Virgo and the Sixth House are very much about food, and exercise of all kinds, and the invisible collusion between the unconscious mind and the body. We tend to find our bodies are the faithful servants of the unconscious, acting out what the ‘master’ (the unseen pilot at the controls) actually wants. That’s why in astrology, anything in Pisces in the Twelfth House of the psyche, is always automatically opposite anything in Virgo. The Tarot can be useful if you want to dig into what you are doing on auto-pilot, unconsciously, that ever affects the outcomes with physical or mental health. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for this piece on Kate Bush, I absolutely love her and always have. I am also very glad she has been found by a new, younger audience and hope they discover the rest, Wuthering Heights, Cloud Busting, The Man With A Child In His Eyes, Babooshka….

    One of the things I love most about YouTube is that the wonderful music I listened to and took for granted years ago, is now available to the young, if only they discover it. From the comments beneath the videos, it looks like it’s mostly my generation playing those videos.

    My question is, will the younger generations today discover the great music we had generally, in other words, will the discovery of Kate Bush develop further to other artists? I feel the “music” today mostly sounds the same, and then I found out a huge amount is written or co-written by the same person! I actually wish the guy would retire lol! I cannot listen to the radio for more than 2 mins these days.

    Anyway, listening to the fabulous creative Kate Bush can teach the young a lot I reckon, about what they are missing and I hope they will explore.

    Other music from my generation was so layered and beautiful: eg. Jon &Vangelis “I’ll Find My Way Home”; The Stranglers “Skin Deep” and “Golden Brown”; Bryan Ferry “Don’t Stop The Dance”, “Avalon”…..I could go on…

    Also, I feel so much commercialisation of the music industry has helped to create the poor state of affairs we are in now regarding popular music, and big business pulling the strings to the detriment of real talent and musical ability. Radio stations like the BBC might not be helping by going along with it.

    Just wondered if you have any astrology insights, anyway, which planets rule music, pop and its industry?

    1. Thank you so much. I agree with you about Skin Deep by The Stranglers and Golden Brown. I’m a huge fan of those songs. Music is ruled by whichever planet you like, really. If it’s about revolution and rebellion (punk) it’s Uranus. If it’s about love ballads, it’s Venus. The interesting thing about Kate Bush is that she is heavily Leo, as we’ve seen, and that is the sign to associate with guiding a younger generation. So she has her son as a collaborator, but has also effortlessly picked up a new teenage audience now.

  5. Thank you Jessica for this feature on Kate Bush. I was a high school student in South Africa when Wuthering Heights was first released. I had not heard any of her music until recently, earlier this year, when I re-discovered the haunting melody. I am really happy that new fans are discovering her music.

  6. What a lovely article, Jessica! Kate has this song called “The Sensual World” and I swear every time I listen to it I am transported to another place and time. It’s an absolutely beautiful song!

  7. Hello Jessica,
    I echo your fan’s comments, you are one of the leaing experts on Asteroids!!
    I do have asteroids in Leo and Venus at 29 degrees Cancer…most people I have consulted behave like its acusp..Any thoughts and comments?
    Sun 16 degrees Virgo
    Moon 11 degrees Virgo

    I have, EXACTLY as you predicted, had to interact with a younger generation when ia page showed up in the Tarot.
    I feel a little stalked by this person. My Juno is conjunct their Pluto. Is a collaboration full of control, and not easy ?
    When one person’s Jupiter is conjunct another person’s Mercury, is there hope of collaborating on publications?

    Also, a senior colleague is attempting to black list me. So far they have been successful. Any good times for Virgos to fight back, gain career of their career and earnings?
    Your podcasts are so impressive. Thank you.

    Much obliged, take care!

    1. Thank you. Just make sure your asteroids are part of the Roman family tree that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest. There is no such thing as a cusp. If you have an accurate birth time, date and place you will either be at 29 degrees of one sign, or 0 degrees of the next. Not a bit of both. The Tarot prediction you read on Substack showed the Page of Cups. You can slide the card onto your computer and read it for yourself. If you feel stalked by this young man or boy, then you know what to do. As for your other questions, the Tarot is free to use on my website.

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