The July Full Moon in Capricorn

Watching the Capricorn Full Moon in July

The Capricorn Full Moon in July appears on Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, at 21 Capricorn, opposite the Sun at 21 Cancer. It echoes Ceres at 21 Cancer back on Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th of July, so this is a developing story about homes, mortgages, property, real-estate, motherhood, families and households. This Supermoon in July is meant to be seen.

A really obvious example of that is the escalating abortion issue in America. Another example is a British leadership contest when hardship for families, renters and those paying back a mortgage is a major concern.

Full Moon Woman Unsplash - The July Full Moon in Capricorn

How Does This Full Moon Look?

How does this Full Moon look for you? If you are a Premium Member, you’ll have your chart on the screen now. Scan it quickly to see if you have anything at 21 Capricorn or 21 Cancer. You can allow a one-degree orb in modern astrology, so perhaps at 20 or 22 Capricorn and/or Cancer.

In a moment, I’ll also look at the Full Moon by your Sun Sign.

Factors at 20, 21, 22 Capricorn

daily capricorn 300x300 - The July Full Moon in CapricornOkay, so you have a lifetime ‘ongoing episode’ written about your career, unpaid work or academic career. The kind of episode (drama or sitcom) depends on how you keep rewriting it. I’d say you had a soap opera on your hands when Pluto went to 21 Capricorn and you were hired, fired, retired or resigned – or had to deal with big changes in personnel. That was 2018 and/or the year 2019.

You had a Pluto conjunction to natal Capricorn factors then, and that resulted in a reshuffle, demotion, merger or promotion within your work place, university or wider field. You may have had an employer who tried to take over your project or dominate your role. You may have walked as a result of that, in 2018 or 2019. There are a few variations on this theme. For whatever reason, this Full Moon on July 13th, 2021, is that moment, coming around again, for reappraisal.

The July 2022 Supermoon and You

Well, this Full Moon brings back some of the repercussions of that. Should you act dramatically on a Full Moon? Never. Avoid going on a fork in the road, that day – Wednesday 13th July 2022. Allow the day before and after too. Pull out and mull over your options, try not to set out firmly on a new professional, academic or voluntary/unpaid work path. This is a Supermoon and that word was coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle.

Why? On a Full Moon, the Sun is in opposition to the Moon. You may be at odds with yourself or find yourself up against someone or something else. Making choices at such a fractured time is unwise as the choices will last, possibly for years, and always be the result of what you, he, she or they could not reconcile. Wait, if you can.

Factors at 20, 21, 22 Cancer

daily cancer 300x300 - The July Full Moon in Capricorn

Okay, so you have already had the tough compromise about/for the family, the household, your house, town, country, apartment or real-estate investment. That came with the Ceres conjunction to your natal Cancer factors on July 4th and 5th, 2022. Maybe your mother didn’t reply to your messages. Perhaps a godson is being taken on a path you disagree with.

Maybe your entire country was affected, so politics was personal. Cancer also rules broader questions, like hiring a gardener, or a painter and decorator, or a builder.

The Crossroads to Come

Screen Shot 2022 07 12 at 6.08.37 am e1660508542122 300x237 - The July Full Moon in CapricornNow, comes a Full Moon opposite your Cancer factors in the Fourth House. That’s a huge pull, rather like one of a pair of magnets drawing on each other in some mysterious way. You may be facing contradictions within (you are homesick for your homeland but can’t go back because of the pandemic) or facing contradictions around you (your brother and father want something different, for the family homestead, than you do).

This is a crossroads, as every Full Moon is. It’s hard work. A real stretch. You may prefer to make your choices later, as decisions made on a Full Moon really do put you on one path or another, but you will also always feel the ‘crossways’ or cross-currents of two situations, two sides or two people which could never be reconciled. There are easier times to choose!

As ITV News reports on Twitter (the best British news account in the opinions of many) this is also a Supermoon. It will appear bigger and brighter to you in the United Kingdom on the night of Wednesday, July 13th, 2022. It’s a big full stop! So stop.

Cancer or Capricorn Factors at 20, 21, 22 Degrees?

Okay, in all cases you are experiencing the True North Node at 20, 21, 22 Taurus and the True South Node at 20, 21, 22 Scorpio. This also aspects whatever you have at 20, 21, 22 degrees in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work or academia – or the Fourth House of family, property, town and country. So it’s a complex Supermoon.

Karma from September and October 2003

This means that karma from September and October 2003 is being repaid. Why? Back then, we also found the North Node going across 20, 21, 22 Taurus and the South Node going across 20, 21, 22 Scorpio.

You owe, or are owed, from that time. So this may be about salary if you have Capricorn factors, or about rent/mortgage/ property transactions if you have Cancer factors. You are owed, or you owe, karmically. Not financially. But because the nodes were/are in the finance signs of Taurus and Scorpio, it is going to pan out in your account.

Full Moon 6 300x145 - The July Full Moon in Capricorn

Your Sun Sign and the Full Moon

Don’t judge or act dramatically on this Full Moon. Like all Full Moons it is a full stop. Time to pause. Time to take a deep breath and think about ‘feeling all the feelings’ (the Moon rules instincts and strong emotions) rather than making up your mind or leaping into a decision.

Wait for the Moon to start losing her fullness as she moves into the zodiac sign of Aquarius, next. If you need to know the exact time and date of that, you can always check my website and the Planetary Positions.

Where are the massive choices you are best advised to make your mind up about, later on? Where is the split or fork in the road? This area of life (below) has been an ongoing source of transformation ever since Pluto made the ingress in Capricorn on January 27th, 2008. Years ago, now, but you’d be the first to agree that the area of life I am talking about, below, ruled by Capricorn in your solar chart, has been where you have had to work very hard on your willpower to take back control.

Unsplash Full Moon - The July Full Moon in Capricorn

The First Six Signs and the Full Moon

  • Aries – Professional life and career. Social status, rank and position. High Society, Unpaid work. Academia. Ambition, position and mission. The up escalator. The ladder of promotion. Demotion or departure.
  • Taurus – Foreigners and foreign countries. The worldwide web and differences in cultural and literal language. Multiculturalism and globalisation. Publishing online and traditionally. Academia and education, both formal and informal.
  • Gemini – Other people’s money or debts. Large amounts of money. Funding. Lending or donating money, or cash in kind. Houses and apartments. Wills and legacies. Valuables. Vaults and safes. Fundraising. Marriage and mortgage. Settlements.
  • Cancer – Professional partners in a career duet. Marriage, engagement, divorce and separation. Platonic partnerships, like two people sharing a house for many years. Duels – feuds, battles or falling-out with people. One on one, or one against one.
  • Leo – Health and wellbeing. Medical and alternative healing. The Mind, Body and Spirit collusion. Housework. Paid work and unpaid work. The daily routine. Lifestyle. The small details of the 24 hours in every day, from sleeping to waking.
  • Virgo – Courtship, so the dating game and sexual ritual. Heirs to the throne – sons, daughters, grandchildren. Pretenders to the throne – nieces, nephews, godchildren. Playing leader to a younger kingdom: mentoring or guiding with youthful pursuits.

The Last Six Signs and the Full Moon

  • Libra – Your house or apartment. Your garden or land. The family circle. The ancestors. Your household. Your home town and homeland. Your history, heritage and culture. Where you come from and where you belong. Real-estate investments.
  • Scorpio – The internet. Emails and the worldwide web. Zoom and Tik-Tok. Facebook and Twitter. The media, especially when owned in a monopoly – for example, Rupert Murdoch. Your voice across all mediums and media. Writing. Podcasting.
  • Sagittarius – Money. Your rent or mortgage. Your salary or income. Credit cards. Debts. Loans. A family inheritance or legacy. A divorce settlement. Shares and stocks. Charity. Philanthropy. Your values. What you will not sell out for.
  • Capricorn – Your image. Your reputation. Your physical appearance. How you are viewed on Google or Twitter, if at all. Your portrait or photograph. Your title. Your name and any name changes. How you approach being upfront; front-and-centre.
  • Aquarius – Religion. Your deal with your God. Psychics. Tarot. Mediumship. Dreams. Therapy. Hypnosis. Self-Help. Counselling. Confession. Buddhism and other kinds of Spirituality.
  • Pisces – Friends. Your social life. Twitter. Your social circle. Groups of all kinds, including political parties, rock bands, book clubs, football teams and secret societies, like Freemasons. People power when harnessed in a group.

philip myrtorp x1pOi51QhVE unsplash scaled - The July Full Moon in Capricorn

Why March 24th, 2023 Matters 

Put simply, Pluto leaves Capricorn on the 24th of March 2023. So all the Full Moon issues you feel on Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, disappear from that date. Years of figuring out how to take back control; how to use your willpower; how to become empowered – vanish.

The intensity and constant challenge of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle will finish on 24th March. Pluto takes time to go. This is a transition. He returns to Capricorn on June 12th 2023. He won’t be finally, completely out of Capricorn (in your lifetime) until November 20th, 2024. From that point on, though, you will never again deal with the complications and intensity of the cycle.

As I said, lie low on this Full Moon. It’s not the time for fork-in-the-road decisions about the matters described above. You can validate that by drawing a Tarot card to explain, on this website.


Main page image: Thula Na, Unsplash. Horoscope wheel image: iStock. Full Moon image: Philip Myrtorp, Unsplash.

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104 Responses

  1. greetings Jessica, I bought a whole new wardrobe in a fit of madness on 4 Jul. it has been weighing heavily on my mind, with questions around who I am and the image I wish to project and what it is worth…fun and joy vs savings for the future. I have Fortuna at 21 Cancer.. could you please shed some light on this placement? thank you.

    1. You were born with Chiron at 9 Aries in the First House of image and for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter transits across 9 Aries and you relaunch yourself. Perfect timing. This is more than a wardrobe, as you are seeing. It’s about the inner self as well. Jupiter ends in Aries in October then resumes January-May 2023 when you will see the new you getting away with the so-called impossible.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another brilliant article, I always find your writing so interesting and easy to digest. This moon definetly feels intense, which I feel has been building over the past few days, I would love some insight as to anything in my chart that jumps out! I have Proserpina 20° Pisces.

    Thank you once again, have a great day x

    1. The Full Moon is over now, but you would have experienced it in your Twelfth House of God, spirituality, Tarot, mediumship, therapy, self-help, dreams and hypnosis. It would have been felt as a difference of opinion; inner conflict; a split situation – affecting same.

  3. Rightio Jessica. Whats going on? This is not a question by the way. It is a just so you know.

    The first, just so you know, was that I was intending to write after initally reading said article. But I had no words and to be honest, I have been saving my question/s and correspondence for you when I can properly articulate the things of most import that have been swirling in my mind for some time. A challenge in itself! Yes I have things happening at 21 degrees today and some nodal action that even if I were a cynic I would really have to be willingly blind not to see. But as you can tell I have a whole other world of spotfires and karma going on right now that is well, a wee bit heavy so I will save my magic questions for you another time.

    However, and apologies, brevity is not a developed skill of mine, but also, what an interesting day! To fast forward to the end of the story, is when I not so long ago plucked a tarot and asked for it, light heartedly, to tell me all about the strange little day that was. And its only 3.30pm now!

    The second just so you know, was that the card plucked was the….oh goodness what was it? Anyhow it was the lovely two children with the flowers and the innocence from the adult world. Six of Cups? So now I have no choice but to regale you. With a tale. But really. What sort of sorcery are you creating down there in that tantalising Appley Isle?

    I have never picked that card before. The children is truly my delightful sister and I. No modesty needed! The coat of arms in my mind, for us anyway, is a reference to my father. Today is nine years since his passing. Something I had shamefully not realised at the start of the day. It was only after seeing my sister today. Who I rarely see but today she had other business and here we were together. Being the goofballs we are when we are together! While there was no animosity between us, we did spend 20 years more or less apart doing our own things. We were also estranged from our lovely father due to external messes and people at the time. I could go on, really I could. Its all a bit ‘Who do you think you are’ though. Essentially we came together on discovery of his illness, due to his sister contacting us, and then oh what individual roller coaster worlds we have had. Not a fun one either! And hers much much less fun then mine. Much! And undeservedly too. Which is not fair!

    But she truly was and is the jewel in the story and for the last how ever many years. Neither have children, me by choice, hers by circumstance, but as you see I am a loaded little Leo and sis has only one Leo but from memory Leo/Saturn r? But she is a loaded fish and I am a moon fish but essentially we are kids and our time together is pure and childish. To others we can appear not that way at all. But we don’t trust adults rightly so! Though for some time we have been asking each other, what is with this children thing recently?! What does it mean?! Ha ha!

    Sorry for the rant and I have lost the train, but there are so many other things in the story and involving connection with the other side of family too. Too much for know though. But no need to respond. It was just such a cool card and one that I knew its exact meaning of so why not let you know?! One day I do need to ask about my sister. Location and health and timing but for another day. I need to concentrate for that. She is definitely karma owed. Now I think of it so was my dad. For now though and most importantly, thank you for providing the tool and the guide so we could connect with our dear dad today. That was pretty cool. We didn’t get to tell him how much we thought of him when he needed it. (And look sister! Who may or may not read this. I am writing a comment again! Take my fever! ) Thanks Jessica. Not important if you post or not. It really was a just so you know. With the other fourteen thousand comments!

    1. The Six of Cups you drew in the Tarot on this website is indeed a Leo and Fifth House card. There is no lion, but the children are the heirs to the throne or pretenders to the throne. You have seen yourself and your sister there and are childish when together. You don’t mention a son or daughter for either of you, or any past scenarios involving pregnancy at all. Thus the pretenders to the throne will inherit your influence; these may be children who gain from your donation to a charity, or Millennials you mentor. The Fifth House is the house of childish pursuits which adults also enjoy. Monopoly. Football. Music. So you are living in your Fifth House when you are with your sister. This is the ancient need of monarchy to bind the generations together to avoid discord or possible rifts in the dynasty; the family which plays together, stays together. There is a lot of nonsense about the Fifth House being ‘creativity’ but it is more accurate to say it is about what glues one, two or three generations together, especially when the heirs are very young. It may be writing fan fiction for Harry Potter but that’s not because the Fifth is about creativity per se; it’s about what young and old enjoy.

  4. Hi Jessica, My North Node is 21 Cancer and South Node is 21 Capricorn! Not sure how to interpret this, is it reflective of the ‘push/pull’ feeling you mention in the article? Grateful for any insights on my chart for this full moon! It feels very significant with the nodes but I’m not entirely sure how!

    1. The lunar nodes in Cancer-Capricorn are always about the endless loop between leaving home, leaving family, leaving the town or country – and doing better, progressing in life, advancing and making it. Then you go round in the loop until you reach a stage where you have to go home, or go back to the family, and that puts larger ambition on hold again. The push-pull will be the perennial difference between a particular kind of social status, social position, professional or academic status – and the realities of the family. Or, the need to actually commit to the family, even if it means putting one’s career or status to one side. Her Majesty the Queen has the nodes in Cancer-Capricorn so when very young, her family became her career. Yet her career makes it hard to be in that family!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I just said yes to a job offer yesterday and yes, I am a crossroads with childcare, housing and the job which I felt I had to take.

    Although I have Capricorn factors, I don’t have the degrees you mentioned, except for Ceres 23 Cancer. Is there anything you can tell me about how will this full moon impact this decision and my ability to move a little bit forward professionally and finally get back on my feet?

    Thank you!

    1. You have factors at 20, 21, 22 in several zodiac signs, which reminds me of a key point; you can have the transits in Cancer-Capricorn, trigger other areas of your life, just because you have planets or other horoscope points, at the same degrees. You accepted a job offer on a crossroads which did pick up Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius. It really depends on how much thought you gave it. If you spotted potential pitfalls and swerved to avoid, it should be an okay trip ahead.

  6. Thanks Jessica for another interesting article. If I am correct I think New Zealand has a Capricorn sun at 20 degrees? How will this play out for NZ at this full moon? I am a Kiwi and I also have Minerva at 20 degrees Capricorn. What does this placing for minerva mean at this full moon? Thanks!

    1. New Zealand has a few charts. I keep saying I will update the prediction about her and never do! I think it’s because I still have a flight to Auckland which has been sitting on my computer for two years, while I wait for Air New Zealand and Jacinda Ardern to make flying safe. At the moment it’s as dangerous, if not more so, than smoking on aeroplanes for passive smokers (remember that?) Your Minerva in Capricorn is a symbol of your wisdom in your career, academic career or unpaid work. Minerva was the Roman goddess of deep solutions to pressing problems and presents with an owl; a symbol of all that is wise. So you have this in relation to your profession or academic field. It’s lifelong. This lunar transit will have tested that and you may be at a crossroads. Take your time.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I’m really looking forward to March 2023 as I am feeling unprecedented pressure in all these areas “Sagittarius – Money. Your rent or mortgage. Your salary or income. Credit cards. Debts. Loans. A family inheritance or legacy. A divorce settlement. Shares and stocks. Charity. Philanthropy. Your values. What you will not sell out for.” In the meantime this full moon directly affects my Minerva at 21 Capricorn. What can I expect to see?
    Warm regards and many blessings as you continue to inspire hope. Love the ‘it will be rough, but it will pass’ message.

    1. Yes, every Sun Sagittarius person is going through Pluto in Capricorn transiting the Second House of property, income, valuables, business, charity, investment. This does work for you, if you make a tremendous effort to transform yourself into a fake Taurus. By that I mean, you force yourself to save. To hang on tightly to what you value. To dig your heels in about your value system – what you refuse to sell out for, or what you will agree to compromise over, because it’s worth it. The cycle ends in March as you know, but until then the whole point is to become more potent, influential, and powerful – stronger, actually. That is the reward of Pluto. A classic and very common example is the need to budget and stop shopping. Or just downsize and stop borrowing. Whatever you choose, March will show you how life might be, without constantly being pushed and pulled around.

  8. Trying not to judge or act dramatically, just feel all the feelings but whoa! 12 hours ago the mood suddenly shifted in my relationship- (and not in a good way!) after a week away (funeral and wedding) which was intense and emotional but also tender and we both felt we are putting stuff behind us and moving forward. You can see my chart. My love Mr Aries also has Ceres
    22° Cancer
    22° Cancer
    22 Cap
    Scorpio themes are also significant.
    Can you please shed some light – and hope?!
    Thank you

    1. You have both walked into a Full Moon which hits the astrology charts within a degree. The Full Moon is a conscious crossroads. So rather than begin vague about the path, you take your time and state your intention. Moving away from a path that will complicate life later is a smart idea. Cancer is of course the house or apartment, perhaps – the family. Capricorn pulls in the other direction, because it is about ambition, and that often involves separating oneself from the family circle, the family background, or the town/country in question. This will take time to figure out but the main thing is to be highly aware of possible pitfalls and to firmly steer clear. It can help to have a third person involved; an expert or professional.

  9. Jessica, as usual, this is fascinating stuff! And, it chimes with a lot of what I’m going through right now: looking to do a career transition in the face of an upcoming management change at my company which will give us yet another new boss (no thanks); spouse is involved in discussions with siblings about selling inherited property; etc. Plus, as an American, I am homesick–for the old America, the one that wasn’t an absolute hot mess! Is it likely the United States will be through the worst of its current turmoil and lunacy after March 2023, and will be headed in a more positive direction? I certainly hope so.

    I have several factors in Cancer and Capricorn at or near 20-22, and I have also just been diagnosed with a health challenge (benign but worryingly placed brain tumor); however, I’ve had the good fortune to quickly get an appointment with a top expert in treating my particular issue, and I feel optimistic. Went through an absolute train wreck situation in fall of 2003, with multiple family tragedies and financial issues, so definitely feel I’m one who is “owed,” karmically. Do you have any insights to share from looking at my chart? And as always, thank you so, so much for all you do!

    1. The benign brain tumour is a Virgo/Sixth House matter and you have a stellium there; an unusually high number of factors in the Sixth House of health and wellbeing. A Ceres-Juno conjunction at 25 Virgo is the stand-out. For the first time in 248 years Pluto is trine at 25 Capricorn. Eventually Uranus will move to 25 Taurus; another trine. Jupiter will go to 25 Taurus (another trine) and Saturn will oppose from 25 Pisces. This all happens in a really short space of time. So your need to commit (Juno) fused with your unavoidable compromises (Ceres) is the story for many years. The Sixth House is about unpaid work, paid work, academia and housework. It is not just about the medical condition or health issue which prevents us from the usual pace and intensity of labour we had before. So this looks like a lifestyle and work reshape, over many years, starting now. It can be useful to ask yourself who you serve and why you serve, and how you feel about serving. A brain tumour is a reminder of mortality even if it is benign and I assume you will be making changes to the way you eat, sleep, drink, exercise and so on. In astrology we don’t differentiate between wellbeing and being well enough to work at full capacity. We also link the Sixth House to the Twelfth House of the unconscious, so there are often unconscious reasons for generating illness within the body. Or even ‘accidents’ which of course Freud did not believe in. Have a look at that. You have an expert looking after you and a benign diagnosis, which is a relief, but you need to address service and duty, honestly and in some depth, and perhaps use your dreams to access your unconscious thoughts and feelings about the same. As for the old America, you will find her in the blue states, but the country will divide from 2026. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The blue states may become more evolved, progressive, vastly improved, better run – as well as honouring the old country before what you call ‘a hot mess’.

  10. Hi Jessica

    How does this affect those of us who have other cardinal placements that are being triggered? I’m definitely feeling all the feelings this week & notice that the full moon & as well as Pluto are squaring some important chart factors for me, plus SN on my Venus..

    The factors you mention such as home, real estate investment, and family are all very interconnected for me (along with partnerships, finances, inheritance) so much so that I often feel like a passenger… Although I feel at a crossroads, I heed the advice not to act on the full moon, but is it right to lean in to the Pluto process or let it happen & see what comes to pass?

    Any wisdom would be much appreciated! Lx

    1. You have a Cardinal Grand Cross at 27/28 which is unusual. Pluto at 27, 28 Capricorn is of course triggering that, until March 2023. Then he retrogrades as you probably know. So there is an intense, relentless period of ongoing change until next March, then you get a break and see what life feels like without situations, people, or places which dominate and take over, repeatedly. Feeling dragged, pushed or pulled is very common on a Pluto transit. What’s the point of it? Well, it trains you to be far more self-disciplined. You absolutely have to transform your life. You can’t get away with avoidance on this transit. Aries is your image, Cancer is your home and family, Capricorn is your career, Libra is your partnerships or battles. So yes, it is all connected. The Pluto Retrograde is just going over old ground (nothing new as Pluto has nowhere left to go) so there will be repetition of a 2022 story later on, but by the mid 2020’s it’s gone for good. Do let the Full Moon go past.

  11. Bless! Thank you for this article. Such a hard time for me at present. But…there is the future. Thank you, Jessica. A deep bow of gratitude for all your hard work and keeping us informed. xoxo

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your insights on this matter. Reading this reminds me of December of 2017 when what you said is what happened to me – after a 17 year stint, I resigned/retired. Since then, 7 people have tried to replace my role in the last 4.5 years…. I have Fortuna at 22 in Capricorn. Can you please read my chart and let me know how this moon will affect me and my career and family? I am in my second career phase now and laying the foundation for a new operation. Thank you!

    1. 2017 was a long time ago, but yes, the astrology prediction did come to pass. You are a Sun Capricorn with a couple of Aries factors, so 2022, 2023 (until March) is about a relaunch of your personal appearance, title and reputation. You may do this purely online or in the real world. It wi work out very well for you, and assuming this is your career, you may need a new business card and certainly a profile photo. Your family or household will expand by May 2023 either because new people come in (like a girlfriend for a son) or because children are born, or lodgers arrive. This works in your favour.

  13. Jessica! You are amazing- you predicted that my circumstances would change shortly and they did! I have
    moved back to US and am staying in the family home having moved from NZ. Now here is this family style full moon and I find myself starting over with my career. It’s pretty scary-
    Any advice? Thanks – I enjoy your work so much!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology prediction came true. You are a Taurus and have that Pisces chart signature which suggests your Twelfth House (or house of inner life) is going to come good for you in 2022, 2023. So it’s growth on the inside with hypnosis, religion, Tarot, mediumship, meditation, therapy or self-help. No need to feel scared. When you have more time to yourself, you can use it to chase opportunities and solutions that come from inner work.

  14. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks so much for another fascinating post!!
    I’m an Aries and am hoping the Career and Professional info above comes very soon. It’s been a slog for the past few months.

    Thanks again!


  15. Hi Jessica,

    I really appreciate the depth of your posts. I’m having such a hard time right now. Actually for the past few months. My dad, who I’m very close with, has been hospitalized with heart failure and dementia. Trying to be strong for him and my mom while also trying to set boundaries and practice self care but it all feels especially emotional as it seems he is nearing the end.

    On top of this I’ve been struggling with loneliness and social isolation and in a job I’m really uninspired in. I recently interviewed for a new position i think would make me happier and decisions are supposed to be made soon. At first based on my chart I thought I could be hopeful but then when I re-read your post it doesn’t seem like it’s looking too good for me on any fronts. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    1. The Full Moon would not have helped with your concerns about your father’s heart failure and dementia or your mom. Or your job! Cancer-Capricorn oppositions pick up both of those issues at the same time. It’s gone now, so you can exhale. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo stellium in your Tenth House, Eleventh House and Fifth House. All of this is reflected in your life at the moment. Things will work out with your parents, by October, with a solution which makes you feel optimistic about 2023. You will be given a second big solution with the family questions, and particularly questions about your parents’ home, and your own home situation, January through May 2023. You will also get a break from the toughest financial cycle in 29 years from March 2023. You will be surprised at the fantastic, quite unexpected role that the younger generation plays in your life, May 2023 through May 2024. This may be because you have a child; mentor a work-experience student; are made an aunt or godmother; teach children in some capacity, or entertain them. It will be sudden, exciting and liberating. The boundaries part of your comment is the most important. Yes, you are close to your father and he is preparing to transition to spirit, but you also need to sort out your clock and calendar. I am very sorry you are going through it, but have a look at how others have coped with dementia in particular – I am sure you have done that – but there is always something new to find out. This is a rotten time, and you have tough transits, but the loneliness will end in March 2023, for whatever reason, and over the very long term, your entire life will change because of a group you are integral to; it may be a team, club and so on. Very different life!

  16. Hi Jessica, you are bang on! In 2018 I resigned due to a toxic work environment and in 2019 I was fired due to my handicap. This happened to me in new country and I am still stuck there for reasons beyond my control. Since then my health has deteriorated and I am trying to pick myself up but my ex- employers keep conspiring against me and are doing everything in their powers to destroy me as I dared to speak up about their discrimination. I am now applying for another job and the application deadline is 14th July. My gut about the prospective hiring manager is not good as he is giving me signals that he doesn’t want me but then the hiring decision will be taken by a panel and not just this one guy. I have a feeling that he too will discriminate against me by trying not to hire me and he has given me solid reasons to come to that conclusion. Should I still apply on 14th July? What are my chances of getting this job in light of the cross roads with this prospective hiring manager? Just so that you know it’s my dream job and I would like to get it for the long haul as I am really interested in public service. If I get this job then I will be making a transition from private to public sector. I am a Virgo sun sign with Gemini rising according to the tropical system. Thanks very much for your timely help.

    1. I am sorry you were fired because of your disability and still have health issues. You are hoping for a new job. There is no chart I can see here, but you are a Virgo Sun. The Gemini ascendant isn’t relevant (ascendants are just the shop window!) Yet, if you are a Sun Virgo then you shine when you serve. You are at your brilliant best when you perform your duty in a meticulous way, with skills and talents that you hone, through sheer daily repetition. One thinks of Jeeves polishing the silverware but also using his brilliance to get Wooster out of awful scrapes. It is Virgo’s path to serve. The other Virgo path is to put one’s health and mental health first, so that the employer (though important) is not the be-all and end-all. You are in a Virgo pickle. You don’t like the previous or potential employers enough to want to serve. You are already accusing them of discrimination though nothing has actually happened to prove that, yet. So let’s go back to ‘working for the man’ or ‘working for the woman.’ The Duchess of Duke Street made her name and fortune by serving the customers who always came first. She respected them and admired them so she did her best (the television series was based on a true story about a very good cook who came up from the working class). Unless you actually believe in your boss/bosses/customers nothing will flow. So try to get there first of all. The second, massive Virgo issue is to put your body, mind and spirit before anything and anybody else. That is terribly important. So what you’re after here, are employers who respect you enough to give you what you need with your disability, and those above you, whom you can actually like, or admire, or respect. That is not quite as impossible as you might think. Have a look at the Tarot, which is free on this website, to see what it tells you about all this. Follow the steps.

  17. Hi Jessica. Very interesting article and quite opposite of what I was expecting. Usually, when you post about Capricorn it is about the governments and people at the top so I was very surprised why in this case Cancer is much more emphasised than Capricorn. Being a full moon in Capricorn, I would imagine shedding the light on the government corruption or unravelling dark government secrets.

    1. I am finally able to sit down at my desk and reply to your comment, and of course the news has come that Ivana Trump’s death is under investigation, according to The New York Times. Capricorn was of course about Mr. Trump and Cancer is the family – the dynasty.

  18. Hello Jessica,
    I’m always amazed at how accurate your articles are. This full moon has been very intense. A few months ago, I was promised mentorship, a raise and a promotion (which never materialized), and yesterday two bosses above me resigned. Now I’m left wondering if I still have a job or where I fit within my current company. I’m trying to take your advice and not make any major decisions at this time, and hopefully, by March 2023, I’ll start seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Your articles give me some comfort that these things will happen and all I can do is be mindful on how I react. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you. Kim, you just had your Full Moon in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. And then some. Two bosses have quit and you are wondering where your raise, mentorship and promotion are. You have the South Node at 22 Capricorn so the Full Moon at 21 Capricorn was just one degree away. It also opposed your North Node at 22 Cancer at the same time that the Sun stood there. This reminds me of a Stonehenge moment. It’s that kind of drama. The real player is Mercury at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House, though. You are going through transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Mercury at 28 Capricorn, and that only happens every 248 years. Mercury rules your emails, letters, documents, text messages, online presence (Twitter, for example, or a website). It also rules the media and any recordings of your voice. So, Zoom, for example. As a general rule, avoid saying or writing anything which could be an issue. You would, anyway, but be particularly aware of that on this transit. Pluto rules men who dominate and take over, and Mercury is your communication, so keep the stakes as low as possible. Pluto comes and goes off that degree, back exactly at 28 again in January 2023 before he pushes off. For whatever reason in March 2023 you no longer feel taken over, pushed and pulled around (with your words, ideas, communication). He then slides back in August 2023, but either with this organisation or quite another, you are now mastering self-mastery and what you are pulling off with your meetings, digital life and the rest is empowering you. The end of 2023 is the final test and then you are in 2024 and Pluto is fading fast. The second half of the 2020s looks and feels completely different to the first half. What you will gain (Pluto’s gift) is permanent influence, clout and considerable ‘hand’ in life – you’ll have the upper hand as a result of what you slogged away at, with sheer willpower. The Full Moon has gone now, so you’ll now see the outcomes of those resignations. The Tarot can be useful at times like this, if you’ve not tried it on my website.

  19. Hi Jessica I was hired in 2017 and had to put up with lots of things since 2019-including bullying, nepotism, defamation of character and seen criminal things covered up and hidden.I desperately want to leave but need to see something through and hope justice may be done in my favour.I hate injustice and feel trapped in a fairly well paid crap job. I have a Capricorn stellium.Will this moon work in my favour.

    1. We are now past the Full Moon, and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and focus on comments and questions. However, one look at those 25, 26 degree Capricorn placements in your Tenth House of career and I’m not surprised you’ve been bullied, defamed, witnessed crime and seen nepotism. You obviously want to leave your job. Why am I not surprised? Because you have had Saturn cross 25, 26 Capricorn, and also the South Node at 25, 26 Capricorn in a short space of time. Now you are at the end as Pluto goes past 25, 26 degrees of that sign. It affects you more than on a purely professional level because you have so many other chart factors at 25, 26 degrees too. So it’s like a chain reaction. You get a career story but it triggers so much else in your life as well, and also so much which is inside you. I don’t know if you were thinking about Christmas as the end point, but Pluto passes 26 Capricorn for the last time in your life, on December 9th. So that’s really the timing. Not so much the Full Moon, but the departure of Pluto from that spot in your chart is the end of the test of your willpower, so that you can use your self-discipline to become empowered. You will be delighted when Jupiter goes to 25, 26 Taurus and triggers your chart with solutions, opportunities and rewards: May 2024. You’ll be far happier before then, of course, but that should be a stonking month.

  20. Fascinating, all of it, thank you, Jessica.

    I had a small strange moment last night, watching the moon rise. I suddenly told myself, ‘ I can stand up’.

    Context, severe rheumatoid arthritis, 30 years (became really serious around my first Saturn return) I lost the ability to walk or even stand over a long, long period of time, incredibly painful, fighting all the way. The knees are fused- beyond the option of surgery or repair apparently.

    I sat up and swung my legs out of bed and stood. I couldn’t describe it as proper standing, but all the same, I stood up, holding on to a walker. I got up off the bed. I did it again this morning. I have tried this trick of self meditation many many times, telling myself I can do a thing, in order to remind and encourage the body, only to try and fall back again.

    But last night of the Capricorn full moon -Capricorn is bones, isn’t it – it worked. During the day I had drawn The Page of Cups together with the Moon card, so while relevant it may just be one of those flash in a pan moments I have sometimes, but I’ll keep trying.

    1. Amazing. I know you are a writer as well as a professional psychic, so this is worth more than just a website post. Losing the ability to walk from severe rheumatoid arthritis has been the story for a long time; now you have seen what it is like to start a very different chapter. Telling yourself to stand up, or walk, is a Virgo/Sixth House moment. The mind tells the body what to do, and it does it. The Page of Cups is Pisces/Neptune which is of course opposite Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart and that is very interesting astrologically. Playing with the unconscious, almost dancing with the unconscious. There is always that exact opposition between Virgo and Pisces in the heavens and I suppose hypnosis is the best example of one propelling the other. Let’s hope this is literally just the first step.

  21. hi Jessica,
    Looking at old diaries I am gobsmacked to find that October 2003 was when i entered the employment of a man who later sacked me rather brutally, leaving me wounded. Out of the blue an email from him arrived half an hour ago, even as i signed up to your site for a year and tucked into the Full Moon material. Bizarre and very synchronicities!
    Many Thanks,
    (I’m going to open the email now)

    1. Synchronicity is astrology and vice-versa, Matt, so this is a perfect example. I wonder what the email has to say? This was a really long transit in your Tenth House of career (Pluto in Capricorn) and you have a huge stellium there. One truth about Capricorn the mountain goat is that the people he meets on the way up, are the people who sometimes meet him, as they come down the mountain. Or go sideways. The other great truth is that you have to want to climb the mountain. If it’s Mount Etna and you don’t want that (being sacked can feel like an explosion – awful) then you realise it’s Mount Everest for you, and do better there. Whatever happens in March 2023 is important as it signals the end of a long, long climb – just for a few months you get to see what it’s like not to have to constantly ascend, or even just hang on.

  22. Hi Jessica, all of your work is just so accurate and amazing. You told me in December in reply to your article on Sagittarius that “When Jupiter goes to 8, 9 Aries in July, August 2022 and especially February 2023 he will trine your natal Neptune so there will be an exceptional holiday from the real world, likely involving your foreign partner and company.” I was bullied and harassed in my job in 2018/2019 (I have Bacchus in Capricorn at 22 degrees) it was the worst time in my entire career and has taken my confidence, my ability to do a job that I previously did well at and enjoyed and so much of my mental health. I am currently off work for July and part of August (just like you said) on stress leave struggling to even leave my house having been triggered seeing one of the perpetrators at work last month and started with CBT therapy but they have referred me for EMDR trauma therapy instead which I start next week. Really hopeful it can help me get back to myself and better health. Definitely feels like a holiday from the real world while I try to heal and will be interested to see how this full moon impacts what happened then.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you had to take stress leave, and are now in trauma therapy. Your holiday from the real world has given you a break, which is good. You will have a new career, unpaid career or academic career from May 2023 and by May 2024 can forget much of what happened and put it behind you. You will completely change your lifestyle and workload, but you know that. In fact you will become empowered, in control and very much in command of mind, body and spirit once you have made the transformation. What you went through was awful and a big lesson for your employers. In the future, though, you are very much out of that – by 2024 you are in a completely different situation and so much better off than you were.

  23. Hi Jessica, following your great articles and daily/monthly horoscopes for the last 5-7 years now! Bought couple personal horoscopes. Please say a few words what to expect in next chapter of my life after March 2023 when Pluto is gone. The life from 2008 till now was definitely not an easy ride but seems it’s getting better and better
    Thank you and Aloha

    1. Aloha. Thank you, that’s very flattering. You are a Sun Capricorn and heavily Capricorn with a huge stellium in the sign of the mountain goat, in your Tenth House of ambition, mission and position. For the first time in years, you go into March 2023 without Pluto in Capricorn, and by June will have had a taste of what life feels like without a rather intense atmosphere, with a kind of relentless challenge. You must have felt like you were playing whack-a-mole in recent years because as soon as you get rid of one issue with your career, rank, social status, unpaid work, academic career – another one appears. Those days are fast disappearing. March is also important because you get rid of a rather heavy, burdensome situation with your finances or property. In general, the house or apartment situation is pretty rewarding until October, with luck on your side, and you’ll pick up even more luck January-May 2023, but in terms of pure money, Saturn is a load to carry and you will be pleased to put down the load as well, next March.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your insights.I was reading and realised I do have 22 cancer and Capricorn in my chart. And as mentioned yes we did hire garderner to change the look of the garden from quite some time now but this week is the most diffilcult phase of my life where I lost my father on 12th which was a sudden and unexpected . As rightly mentioned not able to make decisions and nothing great that is happening in career front as well. Couple you please help me with your advice.

    1. I am so sorry your father passed on 12th July. Your MC or Midheaven at 22 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and IC or Immum Coeli at 22 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia were both crossed by the Full Moon in Capricorn, opposite the Sun in Cancer. You also have a Scorpio stellium (unusually high number of factors) in the Eighth House of legacies and joint finance. So everything is happening at once and I really feel for you, seeing your chart. The best advice is really to be extremely gentle on yourself, as you now need to set the pace that is right for you and put yourself first. I am not sure if the name Elizabeth means anything to you; I’m passing that on, anyway. It will take time to sort out the financial, business, property, valuables, charity side of things. Give yourself a good 12 months to make it work as you wish. There is karma here, from 18 or 19 years ago, as you owe, or are owed, and the nodal cycle has to complete in your Eighth House, until July 2023. So give yourself all the time in the world. You will be offered ways to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing as well as your workload, more than once, by October and again from January-May and will be very tempted.

  25. Hi Jessica, always appreciate your posts and your wisdom. Our apartment has been on the market for a few weeks now and we want to move to live near our daughter but haven’t seen the perfect new home yet. Does my chart show us anything is likely to happen as I have a Capricorn stellium? Thank you so much for any guidance as wanting to move is very stressful.

    1. Thank you. The Full Moon fell just one degree off your MC at 22 Cancer and IC at 22 Capricorn so it did trigger questions about family (your daughter) and home (wanting to move). Try not to push too hard for perfection during this Cancer weather, as it is unlikely to deliver 100% in July, August. It really depends on the trade-off between making and saving money, or getting what you want in terms of the right four walls and part of the map. Your window for moving stays open until March 2023, when it looks like you’ll have made your decision; most likely moving or making the transaction in December 2022, January 2023. If you’re doing paperwork from December 13th onwards allow for delays and changes, and it’s the same with negotiations. The end of year seems most likely because that’s when people are ready to talk and also because of that March 2023 sign-change for Pluto which suggests the family/home story is over.

  26. Hi Jessica, I have sun in Pisces, rising in Gemini and Moon in Leo.
    On this full moon this week, had some unexpected news that my only contact to a main source of ‘work relationship’ has left her position. Could you possibly advise how this will affect/ change my future moving forward with the company now that she has gone? Will it become stronger or weaker etc…

    1. You had a classic Full Moon experience as a key contact left her job. There will be another reshuffle in December and/or January and then the musical chairs stops. It would be wise to observe how the people politics plays out, from this point forward, bearing in mind that you’re going to see more departures, arrivals, promotions or mergers near Christmas. Try to get yourself into a position where you can set yourself up then.

  27. This Capricorn Full Moon in Europe triggered the Uber-gate for Mr Macron (sagittarius with rising capricorn) and Mr Draghi (virgo rising capricorn) resigning for the moment. Will this be just an episode or will the full moon bring closure to their experiences of ruling on people that no longer trust these policians-technocrats? As for Mrs Ivana I am so sorry, it’s always the best who go away first… way had she (pisces) to die and not Hillary Clinton? Why has dear Ivanka to be without her beloved mum and not Chelsea? Is there an eclipse or full moon in scorpio soon to get rid of Hillary (scorpio) and Bill Gates (scorpio) ? Thanks for your insights, astrology really give us a path of reflexion !

    1. Blimey, if a Full Moon could get rid of Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates, there would be no Scorpio people left on the planet. This particular Full Moon is now history. All gone!

  28. Hi, Jessica – My Aries son, 4/19/04, is off to University in August. Today, he and his Taurus girlfriend, 5/18/04 went their separate ways because she will stay at University in Texas and told him that her coursework will be rigorous and she wants to concentrate on that. He was upset today and I told him that he also needs to focus on school. I want to make sure he’ll be ok and not be so sad that he won’t do well in school. He gets so attached to people and when breakups happen, he is devastated. Academia is prominent for both Aries and Taurus with this full moon. His Chiron is at 26 Capricorn and Saturn at 7 Cancer. Sun and Moon at 29 Aries.

    1. That is very sad for your Aries son, but destiny is moving him on a different path, because he must decide if he wants to be a father or not, eventually, and the Taurus girlfriend was not on the ultimate path. Fate can be an odd thing; years later when we are married with children, we realise that had we stayed with a certain girlfriend, we might never have ended up with the brood to come. Your son will do exceptionally well in part-time or full-time study in a few years and from 2026 his digital or media pursuits will set him free and change a small corner of his world and the world in general. PS: The final caveat is that if he and Miss Taurus do eventually get back together one day, that is also destiny; the break-up being part of the ultimate choices about pregnancy.

  29. Hi Jessica!
    Thanks for tour post about Capricorn full moon. I have my nodes in 20°24”
    and I have a lot of Cancer and Capricorn factors!
    What can I expect with all those transits?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Well, the Full Moon is behind you now. It was likely a professional quandary for you; a colleague or employer wanted to go in X direction but you have private questions or mixed feelings. That is very common. In general, your Cancer-Capricorn dominated chart is about the split between wanting to make it; be successful; be in the top layer of High Society or your chosen field – and being pulled back to who your family are, where you come from in terms of the family, your town, your region or country. It’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road if you want to take it to that extreme. The penthouse rejected for the plough, or the plough rejected for the penthouse. The issues fade when Pluto leaves Capricorn, so from March 2023. This combination is very common in the charts of readers who come from Hicksville USA and move to New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco and then get pushed and pulled between both. There’s no perfect solution; just solutions.

  30. Thank you, Jessica. Very interesting that you mention pregnancy. Ironically, she is not vaccinated and neither is her mother, a nurse. She also had Covid last summer and her mother is convinced and has convinced her that the vaccine causes infertility. Her mother had trouble conceiving both she and her younger brother. Maddie will be studying Biochemistry in school for medical research, while my son Chance, will be majoring in Public Health, and eventually Neuroscience to become a neurologist. I’ve told Chance that it makes no sense to be in the medical field and not believe in science or vaccines. He, along with the rest of my family, are fully vaccinated. With these two kids majoring in the medical field, there is no escaping science. Thank you, as always for your wisdom and perspective.

    1. Thank you. There is no evidence whatsoever that Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm, Sputnik or the other vaccines causes infertility. If your children are studying medicine they are very lucky to have a stash of scientific papers at their fingertips. It’s called Google Scholar!

  31. hi Jessica, I just want to say thank you for what you do! Your blog is like reading history of the future in a way. I find it gives me food for thought and makes me keep an eye on what’s going on in the world in a more aware way.

    I have a bit of a selfish question – I’ve been having a very difficult time with a professional qualification. Despite putting a lot of hard work, I keep failing. I have no choice but to finish it hence need to keep going. I am looking for a glimmer of hope I guess. Do you see when potentially i am going to see the end of it. Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you. That’s such a good quote! I am thinking of offering 500 copies (PDF format) of my next book to Premium Members on a first come, first served basis. In return I’d ask for an Amazon review and that would be a good one. Let me see how this idea proceeds…Okay so your question is not selfish at all. The Full Moon has gone, but it was partly in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career so of course you have a question about your qualifications. Venus at 29 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is your answer. She describes complex relationships with your tutors, professors, classmates, teachers. Venus is not interested in academia; she wants emotional complexity. So I wonder how much that has to do with your failing results. Pluto is hovering around 29 Capricorn making a semi-sextile, not seen in 248 years. Pluto is often the culprit if things seem relentless or intense. Pull a Tarot card to see if this is the issue; ask how Venus in Sagittarius is manifesting in academia/education for you. The card will show you ways through and out. Venus is a symbol of seduction. Female beauty, envy and possessive feelings. You have to throw her a bone, so to speak, to shut her up and then you can get on with learning. She’s the woman in the classroom doing her lipstick and winking at a boy!

  32. To Sylvia, as regards the concern of infertility risk in women, in France there is an association of women being damaged by vaccine’s injection on their period regularity, it is called “Où est mon cycle”, they have an instagram page with all the details of their period changes ranging from irregularities, to total block, to excessive bleeding causing some women to get surgery of uterus ablation. It is so concerning that the association has been given audience at the European Parliament thanks to deputies of the group “Identité et democratie”. So that girl’s and her nurse mother’s concerns should be considered. Hope this post will not be censored, just an additional information for that lady.

    1. I don’t censor debate but I do prefer people to quote link sources, please – and preferably from Google Scholar. Thank you.

  33. Hey Jessica
    Thank you for pointing out how the Full moon can affect us.I am a Capricorn, I work from home during the last months and it feels awful. It’s like I’ve lost my shelter. During the last session with my therapist, we discussed on how this period woke up many past traumas including difficulties in school years. I had a revelation when during that discussion It was not easy for me to understand the phrase “you are also worthy, when you accomplish nothing”, as if I need to have a proof to be worthy. My question, will Pluto in Aquarius force me to re-evaluate myself in a healthy way? How will my self esteem be reinforced?I I wish things will quickly start getting better. I am doing everything to re-program my way of thinking, to stop caring on how I’m seen, heard, interpreted, and I feel most battles are lost. Tarot card “queen of swords” and I hope its ME as I draw the line or the protective sword of my manager which puts an end in my the relentless mail list.
    Thank you for your insight.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn and a Scorpio-Capricorn-Aquarius type. You had a tough time at school and see a therapist and feel vulnerable. This is where one Tarot card can save a lot of time and trouble. The Queen of Swords is a picture of all three signs in one picture. Scorpio is hidden in the baby’s face on the throne. You need to go back to the child you never had/the child you did have/the abortion or miscarriage/the lost opportunity for a child. That is what you rest on although you are not conscious of it. Scorpio rules sex, you see. Capricorn is the ambitious woman who makes it to the top of her career, and makes it to the upper strata of society. She climbs a long way. You have made it. You have the authority (the Queen) to keep people at bay. You have the strength to protect your space. Aquarius is about friends and groups. For all that the Queen is forbidding, she also has a Buddhist bracelet on her wrist. Buddhism is about the group; collective; community; circle. It is of course purely spiritual but the brotherhood and sisterhood of Tibetan Buddhism is well-known. I believe this is a picture of you, not your manager. You are quite right about boundaries. Get some. Acknowledge you have made it, please. And try to make your peace with the past, in terms of a sexual relationship or brief encounter which did or did not, result in a pregnancy. Do things get better? Yes. They become a great deal easier once Pluto is out of Capricorn from March 2023 and Saturn goes out of Aquarius – same month!

  34. Thank you so much for your response! I truly appreciate you taking the time 🙂 and yes, I would be interested in the book and leaving an Amazon review (in case you’re asking) 😉

    I pulled a Tarot just as you suggested (diligent student here) and wait for it – the devil. Which for my ignorant brain translates as this is not good news, is it? I am not sure how to read it – does it mean I better give up the qualification altogether? It’s interesting what you said about teachers. I was doing better at exams when I studied by myself. Then signed up for courses to help me but honestly I have been failing more since. Could be because the exams got harder though. Any insight as to how to read this Tarot card would be helpful as I feel like I have absolutely reached rock bottom and just don’t know how I can carry on and whether I can actually finish it. If not, thank you for letting me get it off my chest 🙂

    an appreciative reader

    1. Great. This would be rolled out for Christmas if we’re going to do it and I would love you to leave a review. The Devil is a card showing a man and woman who need to be liberated in a sexual relationship, or in a situation where there is no sex, even though it is very much on their minds. It usually shows up in a marriage or common law marriage when both partners have to ask themselves about right and wrong. So, not exams. But we’re back to Venus again. You can see her in the card. I’ll leave it with you.

  35. Hi Jessica, a bit late here but maybe better- need to decide whether to leave my job (I do want to but also feel a pull to stay). You can see I’m MC/IC cancer/cap at 21. I should pull the plug, shouldn’t I?!

    1. There is no perfect answer with that question and the Full Moon has long passed. If you resign it affects how you pay rent/mortgage or perhaps where you live/commute from. If you go you are free but have your career to sort out. Classic Cancer-Capricorn. As I have 14,593 comments today it can take days to get to answers sometimes. In emergencies always use the Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle to give yourself a validated three-way personal reading.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I’d also be pleased to read your book and leave a positive review on Amazon. Over the years I’ve seen how insightful you are, and look forward to your articles and responses to questions. I know the Full Moon has passed. This week I’ve been standing up to people – from a controlling ex who was namecalling to a domineering real estate agent (I’m a renter) who does not respect boundaries eg wanting to turn up after giving little or no notice – but I feel quite worn out now. I asked what I need to know over the next week and pulled the “confused boundaries” card which is unsurprising! I’ve learnt to be more assertive over time, but I feel shaken. I’m hoping these issues will end by next March. I’m also a prospective first home buyer and am keen to get out of this rental property. I know it’d be helpful to find something before Mars retrogrades in September. I’d appreciate any psychic insights you have about these situations. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The book will be ready at Christmas; this is really to match the media reviews with reader reviews, and we’re looking at different ways of organising that. Okay, so you have the Sun at 28 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, household, property, town and country. For the first time in 248 years, transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn is opposing your Sun. So, people, organisations and situations which dominate, can manipulate, control and take over are normal. This goes on until December 2023 then it’s over. What do you do? Push back. Own your own space and self. Find out what other renters do with nosey landlords. In your country and others there are time-worn ways of drawing a line. It’s the same when you buy. If you buy before December 2023 do your homework and research so you are not pushed and pulled around by sellers, for example, or the council, or the neighbours. The card was right. You have confused boundaries with your ex and your landlord. Put some in. Capital R rules but there are also practical ways of drawing a firm line; again other people who have been here before you will be good sources; look online.

  37. P.S. It’s my birthday/solar return in a couple of days, and I’m hoping the next year is easier than the last! Happy birthday to you too.

    1. Thank you very much. The Solar Return always reminds us that we are here to shine. To be at our brilliant best. And if we’re not, regarding the area of life which our Sun Sign represents, then we have work to do. You’ll find life becomes progressively easier as Pluto moves off that opposition to your natal Sun. Go easy on yourself while that happens; transiting Pluto in opposition to the natal Sun is the challenge to change. It takes time.

  38. Great. Looking forward to reading it! Thanks so much for your response Jessica! I spoke with a tenants’ organisatisation before pushing back with the real estate agent and it was really helpful in terms of knowing my rights. After that she said my rent was overdue when I’d paid it. It’ll still be a bumpy ride, but at least I don’t feel as powerless as I did a few days ago. I will continiue to work on enforcing boundaries with the agent and my ex. Thanks again. Take care.

    1. Good. The Garden Oracle can be surprisingly useful with just a one-minute shuffle. It does get to the point…I’m glad it worked.

  39. Sorry – one last question! This evening I viewed a house for sale. It was lovely but relatively small and pricey. My kids loved it, and it’s in the zone for a secondary school my son would like to attend in the future. When I asked about whether it was right for my family, I pulled the 7 wands. Then I asked about whether another suitable house may show up soon and got the Queen of Cups, which I took as representing me as a Cancerian. I read your Tarot flipbook and both cards seem to have a theme about the need to be grounded. (I’m taking concrete actions like applying for a loan and would get a building inspection before proceeding.) But I couldn’t see an obvious Yes/No answer, and am planning to play it by ear in the lead up to the auction on August 13th. (The resurgence of COVID in my state means things feel a little in flux.) I know it’s ultimately my decsision. But I’d appreciate you sharing any psychic or astrological insights you have. Thank you!

    1. Did you follow the steps and set a time limit on your question? If you ask the cards ‘is this house right for my family’ without that, it will tell you – until the end of time. When you say ‘soon’ the cards don’t know what you mean by soon. You may want to repeat the reading and this time commit to it. Fix yourself accurately in the present. Set a time frame for your question. The questions should be: “If I buy this house, how will it be for my family over the next two years?” (or whatever). And “Will another suitable home appear within one month?” The Queen of Cups is off with the fairies, so your state of mind at the time may have been vague, unfocussed, unclear. The children have a great deal to do with it. Babies are hidden on the Queen’s throne; it is actually the puzzling relationship with the children or their father which that card is showing you. You need to ground yourself and get back down to earth in order to solve the Queen of Cups, then all else follows and you can move.

  40. Thank you Jessica! I’ll do that. It’d be representing my puzzling relationship with their Dad. (I love him but divorced him because he’s not good for me.) I really appreciate you generously sharing your special gift with others including me! All the best.

  41. hi jessica, thank you for the article. i am a 6 degree capricorn with mars in taurus at zero degrees. can you see anything positive financially for me and anything significant in my chart over the next few years.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with a huge Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. The financial burden vanishes in March 2023 and from that point on willpower will empower you – and self-control will give you financial control. The biggest change is friendships and alliances within clubs, societies, teams and other circles. You were born to supply the circle with what it needs, even if you are never immersed in the friendships or actually within the group. You are always the outsider and yet it is also true that your role is defined by groups of all kinds. This becomes tremendously important from March when Pluto enters your Eleventh House for the first and last time in your adult life. Over the next 20 years you will find out how powerful people in a collective can be and how crucial you can be to a community. This may be a band, a political party, a hiking club, an environmental organisation, a trade union and so on.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I continue to be so amazed by how spot on you always are, and most importantly for me being such a beacon of light and hope. You were right about amazing opportunities that came my way in December and I landed right where I wanted to be. Winds of change are a constant and they have been gusting strong since 2018 for me. A lot of C suite changes happened right before the July full moon, creating a lot of uncertainty. Family drama (extended family), came as a surprise and is never fun. Thoughts on how to stay focused and what to expect the next 6 months or so – workwise and family front?
    Much love and thank you for all that you do!

    1. Thank you. I am glad my astrology prediction came true for you. You saw the opportunity and took it. You are a Sun Libra with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work and health. In your solar chart you have Jupiter in Pisces in your Sixth House October-December giving you breakthroughs, solutions and big answers. So that three month period is not only about your job but also your wellbeing and lifestyle. Once you see the offers or answers, take them. Make your wellbeing on all levels your number one priority in 2023, 2024, 2025 when you will be tested by Saturn oppositions. Whatever it takes, no matter if this is food, drink, swimming, a gifted healer, hiking, and so on. Get to know your inner Virgo and look for Virgo types to help you then.

  43. Dear Jessica,
    Gosh I’m so happy to have found your site, your knowledge is absolutely amazing. Can I please ask you a question in regards to my profession. I work with gemstones and now I have a huge opportunity coming up. Can you please give me any advise what to look out for as I just want it to be a success. I’m a sun Aries with stellium in Capricorn, Aries and Gemini. Also I had Minerva today at the Oracle reading and I think it’s you. I’m very grateful for your guidance and wisdom.

    1. Thank you very much. The income or profits from gemstones will be erratic, unpredictable and ever-changing until 2026 so you need to figure out how you can take ‘the unplannable plan.’ It may be that you don’t care as the work is its own reward. From this or another source entirely you will make or save money from May 2023 until May 2024. Other key dates include March 2023 for an astonishing period of four months’ duration when for the first time since 2008 you realise it’s possible to have a career without having pressure, push and pull – and politics. You could go back to the digital cards on this website to validate that timing with more information.

  44. Thanks Jessica! Intuitively, I have been leaning into listening to what my body is saying and my mind – given all the stress and upheavals of the last 5 years. Without health and well-being, we have nothing – something has been urging me to seek a work-life balance more…so what you say brings it home. Many thanks again for helping ease some of the angst and unease as I prepare for changes coming.

  45. Thank you Jessica. Your articles and information are so informative and interesting. So you think from March 2023 it will be a positive thing for Pluto entering my 11th house? for my finances too? I am hoping to start looking for a new job in September this year. Do you think this is a good time for me to do that? My only child has her rising sign at 6 degrees capricorn (conjunct my sun) and moon at capricorn 8 degrees too! fascinates me….

    1. Thank you. Pluto entering your Eleventh House in March 2023 is about new power and control questions within a group, like a political party or hiking club. Nothing to do with money. There will be a reshuffle within that group by June and you must find your place and space in the new dynamic. The new job search in September is timed for Mars Retrograde in Gemini until early 2023 so allow for delays, reversals and rescheduling with the internet, the post, the media, education, the local world, commuting, short journeys.

  46. Thank you again Jessica. Do you think the financial burden vanishes March 2023 because of work opportunities? will it be to my benefit that pluto is in my 11th house?

    1. Thank you. Transiting Pluto in Aquarius in your natal Eleventh House from March 2023 is about friendship and people power within the group, not work or money. You are a Sun Capricorn going through cycles in your Second House of money both natally and in your solar chart. These end in March 2023 when Saturn leaves your solar Second House and Pluto enters. In your natal chart, much the same thing takes place. From July 2023 the nodes leave Taurus-Scorpio (finance) and the long loop is over. This whole cycle is less about career and more about your life budget.

  47. So what about the new moon?? I sadly missed the Leo Weather meetup cause of bad weather here. I am sure the new moon was probably discussed there.

    This new moon on 28 JUL 2022 will be trine to my natal Moon in Aries and my natal Fortuna, Prosperian and S. Node in Sag. I HOPE this is a GOOD thing!!

    The only thing I have in Leo is MC and i think its too far out of orb to have any benefit from this new moon.


    1. The New Moon in Leo is part of Leo Weather and yes, we did discuss that at some length. I am sorry you missed it. I use orbs of 0-1 degrees GV.

  48. Dear Jessica, I have been experiencing the darker sides of Pluto in Capricorn together with Saturn this year. I had a health issue unexpectedly crop up around the Saturn-Uranus square over Christmas last year (it had its origins in the Solar Eclipse on December 4th), then the progression of diagnosis and treatment led to me having a medication reaction that has left me at least temporarily disabled and housebound for months (the reaction first set in the time around the Full Moon in February which I hadn’t realised was so significant for people born around my degree of Leo). I am making slow, difficult recovery but at the time of this last Capricorn Full Moon am still dealing with overall three significant and debiliating health issues. Are there astrological aspects in the next years that support me overcoming these? I have to admit I always thought that my natal Sun-Saturn trine, my Mars in Aries and the absence of any particularly horrible planets in my 6th house meant I would be in good health in my life, plus Pluto in my sixth all these years turned me into a health and fitness freak with a lot of physical strength. Do let me know what you see coming up – I am starting to think my Ascendant and Sun placements are rather unlucky in these years. For instance, I can’t help noticing the continuing Saturn-Uranus aspects this year and the solar eclipse in April next year which seems to be not entirely positive…looking forward to your insights at this difficult time in my life! Many thanks 🙂

    1. You have a Virgo stellium at 5 through 18 degrees in Virgo in your Sixth House of health and wellbeing. Pluto in Capricorn has nothing to do with medical questions; always look to aspects to Virgo factors in the Sixth House of workload and wellness. I am sorry you are disabled and housebound. That sounds serious and you have time on your hands so are pondering your chart. I am not sure where you get your astrological knowledge from, but start with the idea that Virgo is opposite Pisces. The Sixth House is opposite the Twelfth House. You have Mercury in conjunction with the South Node at 14 Virgo, which is karmic in nature and highly unusual. The North Node at 14 Pisces is in opposition to both. Transits to 14 Virgo and/or 14 Pisces trigger that karma and of course Neptune has been across 14 Pisces in your chart, which is a slow-moving and rare transit. It is very important that you delve deeply into the unconscious reasons for your sabbatical from work, unpaid work and/or study. Pisces-Virgo oppositions commonly turn up as illness when there is an inability to admit or own resistance to a particular job, or a deeper reason for wanting to avoid success, say. Sometimes it threatens the family or the partner. Just as likely is a complicated relationship with the idea of serving others, or doing one’s duty. The body intervenes with a reason to leave, or take time off. That is the astrological reading of health and medical issues. Virgo is an ancient archetype associated with the valet, who centuries ago, was the manservant but also the physician of a nobleman. He served, but he risked his health when he served, because his master could pass on infectious disease. That was the reality. Less dramatically, a valet’s only chance of taking time off, or leaving, was to develop a disabling condition. I hope you can see how this works in the horoscope. Use the Tarot to enquire further about where all these three debilitating issues are coming from; what purpose they serve; what unconscious matters may be behind them. February 2022 was your start point. What happened then? Were there reshuffles at work or in your chosen field in December, January? February ushered in the Sun in Pisces which would immediately have transited your nodal opposition. The nodes themselves suggest one or more past lives when being in service (the army for example) could only be evaded by a medical condition (flat feet, another example). Or perhaps you were a housemaid who discovered housemaid’s knee could get you out of slogging away for your mistress. Go into it more. I hope you find a way through this and out the other side.

  49. You are brilliant thank you Jessica. This is my last question. My 9th house has lots of planets in it too, just like my 11th. Does that mean anything for me. Also, im single. Will I meet someone do you think?!

    1. You have a Libra and Sagittarius stellium and live through foreigners and foreign cultures and countries. You can do that even without leaving home. You will meet more than one potential life partner over the course of your lifetime and once Jupiter moves to Gemini from May 2024, he makes a stunning series of trines to your Libra stellium in the Seventh House of marriage. From 2026 Uranus in Gemini does the same thing, well past 2030, so you will find a duet.

  50. Thank you Jessica for this detailed, thought-provoking response. I have picked up a fair amount of knowledge about astrology over the years from reading around the subject in relation to natal charts and horoscopes etc but certainly wouldn’t have been able to glean those insights on my own. I still need to delve deeper into what you have said but I will say that the health conditions caused by the antibiotic if they persist in even a mild form would make it almost impossible for me to continue to pursue my previous career as a performing classical musician which has been the ultimate fulfillment for me in some ways but also led me away from achieving the level of success and stability in the material world I would probably have had in a more traditional field, despite me having worked and trained very hard from a young age – I think that might somehow fit into the Pisces-Virgo opposition paradigm you described? If you don’t mind me asking you one more question, just as a little side note – at the beginning of January I had an idea for a book and have managed to write 44 000 words of it so far during my illness. Does this seem like something that could be a success for me in coming years? Many thanks and all best wishes

    1. A career as a classical musician is something your unconscious mind may have issues with; it is always the first line of enquiry with Virgo-Pisces chart stories, when health conditions prevent a particular kind of professional life. It’s rather like professional footballers developing leg or foot problems. An astrologer would say they unconsciously reject performance sport. Books are Sagittarius and the Ninth House. You have a stellium there so it’s no surprise to hear you have produced a manuscript. You are very lucky to have Jupiter in Gemini in the Third House of journalism, reporting, podcasting, television, radio and magazines. When transiting Jupiter goes into Gemini and you have your Jupiter Return, the book may trigger great success in an alternative form (say, as audio) or you will find your next project does very well – it’s around a couple of years away now.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks a lot for your always insightful comments. I would like to ask a question on an issue that is really worrying right now. I have some issues with my landlord. He would like -with no legal base- terminate my rent contract. I really like my appartment and would like to stay here. I contacted a lawyer, but would like to hear also your comment if you see anything on that in my chart. Thanks and best.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo and I don’t see any house or apartment choices on a major level until November and/or December 2022. Is that when he proposes to end your lease? Or will you negotiate an exit then, if in fact he does have a legal case to evict you? The Tarot can help validate the timing.

  52. Thanks a lot for your answer. He would like to terminate the contract from Sept 1. He does not have any legal basis for that, I pat always on time my rent, take care of the appartment as if it was mine, the neighbors are happy with me etc… He just wants that to be able to rent at a triple price. He can not do that while I am here, as there are laws protecting actual tennants. He can try some tricks (saying he or a family member will live there) for pushing me to an exit. But i will not let him so easily to push me in an unfair way. Thanks again.

    1. The timing is wrong if the contract is to be terminated on 1st September and I would assume that four weeks is also far too short, in terms of legal notice for eviction. I am glad you know that the laws protect you. It sounds to me as if you will get what you want or at least get extra time but the year’s end suggests relocation or renewal; that is when you have transits in your Fourth House of property of any lasting importance.

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