COVID in the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius and COVID 

The Age of Aquarius has an answer for COVID. It’s Far-UV or UV-C light.

Safe ultraviolet light which destroys COVID in minutes. We are currently in a long Aquarius cycle which began with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, near the Millennium, and it intensifies in March 2023 when Saturn leaves Aquarius and Pluto enters Aquarius. Pluto is then back in Aquarius from January 2024.

In a moment, I’ll look at the astrology and the science, and why a small Boston nightclub is quietly changing the future.

Your New Bedroom – Without Covid?

When so many universities are tracking safe ultraviolet light to get rid of Covid – especially in nursing homes – you know that it’s the future of your bedroom too.

This Nature article published in October 2022 points to the latest round of test results for the anti-Covid light, expected in 2023.

This fantastic illustration is from the Twitter account @artlessartthou who has popped one of the new home-use UVC light units into Van Gogh’s bedroom.

artlessartthou - COVID in the Age of Aquarius

Ultraviolet Aquarius

It’s typical of astrology that an answer should be a perfect piece of synchronicity, between science and the stars.

As we go into this historic new last stage of The Age of Aquarius (Pluto has not been in the sign for 248 years; the sequence we’re seeing of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the North Node in Aquarius is even more rare) the sign is in the spotlight.

And, hidden inside Aquarius we find the answer. Ultraviolet light. The Aquarius constellation actually emits UV. NASA confirms it.

How Ultraviolet Light is the End of COVID

As a group of academics from Britain and America have found, what is known as Far-UV or UV-C light, at home or work, means the end of indoor COVID transmission.

There is no silver bullet vaccine. None of the vaccines have stopped infection. None of them have prevented illness or Long Covid.

But, there is hope. And the hope is the phenomenon of a light which means – if we all have this indoors – it’s over.

As Columbia University has found, this safe, powerful kind of Ultraviolet light, makes indoor air as safe as outdoor air.

And…right now in Boston, there is a small-scale, very early experiment in a cabaret club which is showing astonishing results, since fitting the lights, to the tune of US $16,000. There have been no COVID outbreaks linked to their club since February 2022. So, that’s around six months, as I publish this in July 2022.

Bands, Clubs, Teams and The Age of Aquarius

Capture 300x201 - COVID in the Age of AquariusSo, what about this Boston club? As WGBH reports, “With ultraviolet protection, one Boston cabaret may be safer from COVID-19 than almost anywhere.”

It’s time to turn our eyes on the Boston cabaret, the music-loving professors and the astonishing real-world experiment that almost nobody knows about – yet.

It’s taking place in The Napoleon Room at Club Cafe in Boston and Professor Ed Nardell from Harvard Medical School organised both the donation and the installation of the UV-C lights.

Professor Nardell is a cabaret singer at the club on open microphone nights. And they are now masks off. Boston 25- News reports it’s also a popular LGBTQ+ venue which is true to the Aquarius message. Diversity in the community.

Club Cafe Boston Exterior - COVID in the Age of AquariusBoston 25 News - COVID in the Age of Aquarius

Aquarius and Groups

Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of bands, clubs, teams and all circles of friends, in astrology. It’s been linked to the idea of a diverse community for over 2000 years. An Aquarius in Rome was the water-bearer who supplied the Roman Baths, where people from all backgrounds gathered together.

It’s my job to look into the future and as many of you know, I predicted a virus, date-stamped, twice, in 2019. I saw it coming, using astrology. Now, I am using astrology again to look more closely at indoor Far-UV or UV-C Ultraviolet light and why it will be crowdfunding of such light, led by music venues which breaks through in 2022.

Predictions for the Age of Aquarius and COVID

It’s my prediction that on the Pluto in Aquarius cycles (dates below) it will be clubs and groups which use crowdfunding to purchase Far-UV/UV-C light for their venues, or membership fees. This is how it begins. Through Aquarian thinking.

And…the power of Ultraviolet is not restricted to COVID. Watch the Monkeypox virus story too. In fact, here we have a very special kind of light which could transform the pharmaceutical industry as we know it. This isn’t about needles. It’s about light.

The Dates to Watch for COVID Answers to 2044

As these dates coincide with the American election, it is very likely that a change in policy at the White House in 2024/2025 takes the UV-C solution out of the clubs and venues and into every home and work space. As we go further into the future, to the 2040’s (two decades away as I publish this) we’ll also see this kind of thinking (the hive mind; the group) move us far beyond COVID solutions, and into solutions for the Climate Emergency – implemented.

  • March 24th to June 11th, 2023
  • January 22nd to September 2nd, 2024
  • November 20th, 2024 until March 9th, 2043
  • September 2nd, 2043 to January 19th, 2044


Helix Nebula in Aquarius - COVID in the Age of Aquarius

NASA on Aquarius

NASA tells us that a dying star called the Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius is pouring out ultraviolet radiation. The Helix Nebula is also known as the Eye of God. So here we are, going through the Age of Aquarius, with Pluto about to enter the sign in March 2023 (he remains until January 19th 2044) and we have a COVID solution hidden inside what scientists nickname, God’s Eye. Strange but absolutely true.

 Columbia University and St. Andrews University on UV-C

It’s only been since March 23rd, 2022, that the world’s leading universities have been able to finally go public with their discoveries – and Professor Ed Nardell from Harvard Medical School and his astonishingly successful club experiment have matched the timing. In fact, a huge range of hospitals and universities were involved in both America and Britain, in the study Far-UVC (222 nm) efficiently inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber.

Now, you would not expect astrology to form any part of that kind of study. It’s a different world. But astrology is a complementary line of enquiry to science, and as Pluto draws ever closer to Aquarius, this is the future.

Kenneth Wood PhD from the University of St. Andrews has commented, “In terms of preventing airborne disease transmission, far-UVC lights could make indoor places as safe as being outside on the golf course on a breezy day at St. Andrews.”

UK US Academics - COVID in the Age of Aquarius

The Eye of God

Helix Nebula Wikmedia Commons - COVID in the Age of AquariusThe Helix Nebula, tucked away inside Aquarius, was nicknamed the Eye of God or God’s Eye Nebula because it appears like a giant eye in space.

The nickname started appearing after the release of the image taken by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope in November 2002. The world-changing discovery that Far-UV or UV-C Ultraviolet light safely destroys COVID in the air, was made around two decades later.

Keeping an Eye on the End of COVID

It’s important to note there is no silver-bullet vaccine for COVID. There is no cure. In astrology, we watch the cycles of the mutable signs, triggering the charts of generations born with outer planets in mutable signs. The last time we saw this kind of implosion, was HIV-AIDS.

We’ve not seen a cure for that either. And yet through social change, new laws and behaviour change, HIV-AIDS is now managed. These astrological cycles suggest the future is Ultraviolet indoors.

The companies who make your household appliances are already rolling out home-use units to plug into the wall. And you can view the Aquarius constellation any time you like, through a telescope, beaming out the miraculous UV light via the Eye of God. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)


Image of God’s Eye: Wikimedia Commons. Images of Club Cafe from Boston 25 News, the leading news station. Constellation – Wikimedia Commons.

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104 Responses

  1. “It’s about light.”
    And, thank you, Jessica, for shining the light for us all.

  2. Hi Jessica. What a blessing you are??? Turning astrology into an art and a science for us common folks and helping us make sense of it. The ongoing, ridiculous rough patches of my life have a somewhat scientific basis (and possible Karmic debt). Thank you for helping me make heads and tails of it.

    My real reason for writing to you is something else though. I’ve had a Jasmine plant for years that I grew from cuttings given to me by my mother. The plant has barely bloomed except for this year and even then I have to walk right up to the plant to be able to smell them. I was reading your blog post in my kitchen (the plant is in my living room) and, out of nowhere, I got a distinct whiff of Jasmine. Happened not once, but twice. All this tells me is that you’re on to something!!

    I had a really rough weekend and I kept going back to your tarot looking for direction. This morning I found a feather waiting for me on my walk. And now this!!

    1. Thank you. Spirit does communicate through flowers. Your mother gave you the plant and the smell is now evident. It is also possible the scent is being generated by her, and does not exist at all. I have a friend in spirit whose favourite perfume was Joy and I can smell it whenever she wants to talk to me. (Joy by Jean Patou). The feather on your walk is also spirit communicating with you. Your mother may appear in a dream; that is very common. Take it seriously. It will be her.

  3. So this is very intriguing. So do astrological ages go backward? I find it quite fascinating that the motto for Pisces is “I believe” and for Aquarius is “I know” and that the Eye of God is in Aquarius. I hope this means we will switch from having “beliefs” which divide and make people right or wrong, to a state of knowing. I wonder when was the last age of Aquarius? The ancient Egyptians called the Pineal Gland the Eye of Horus (or Eye of God) and I believe it is what connects us to our higher source. Upon disection of the brain it is shaped like the constellation almost. I wonder if all of our pineal glands will start being activated in the Age of Aquarius. When does that start any way? Is it like retrogrades.. where there are foreshadows and thus effects of it prior to the full on event? Its really exciting. PS I am so sorry I missed your Leo zoom today. I am sure it was fascinating. Had an emergency over here!

    1. Other astrologers will fight me in the park, over what I call The Age of Aquarius. For them it’s based on the precession of the equinox. For me, it’s just a cluster of slow-moving outer planets in Aquarius, and the evidence is the internet. The big global hive mind with translation. The ‘ages’ do in fact proceed far more slowly than I am venturing, but I quite like the idea of a shorter age/era too. Maggie Hyde has written extensively on the astrological ages in her book on Jung and astrology. If you look at Skyscript, Deborah Houlding’s website, you’ll also find much discussion about it there. I think the Ultraviolet solution to Covid nails it, though. If we all do this, we all conquer the virus. It has to be collective. And it’s being trialled by a club.

  4. I was over on the comments regarding the midterms (& abortion & sex & heirs) and there were some comments on birth rates dropping. We know that co-vid-19 & it’s variants have killed millions.

    So…human population on Earth was about 2 billion in 1939. 3 billion in 1973. It’s almost 8 billion now.

    I retired from teaching summer of 2020 (30 years. All ages. Even taught teachers.) One set of science lessons I taught was how ecosystems work–that such systems need to be in balance and if one species dies off or gets too populous, the whole system falls apart. I taught 11 year olds about carrying capacity. So I sort of feel like the virus is part of nature getting us back in balance–but then I have a wonderful son, he’s 29 and he reminds me how unjust this is because it always falls on the poorest and worst treated people. And this is true and sad. Yet, fewer people would solve a lot of problems. Our species’ population can go up and DOWN just like any other living thing

    Also…even without looking at charts I could see the likelihood of this country un-uniting. Look at Europe and how boundaries have changed–countries have come and gone. (I had great grandparents who grew up in the same village, but each was born just a few years apart in a different country.) I’m in California. When I was young there was a book called Ecotopia in which California, Washington & Oregon created a new country. I read that back around when Reagan came into power…..which leads me to a question:

    Aquarius in Pluto—how does that play out regarding capitalism? Remember the 1980s and greed is good? Will we be done with that now? Aquarius can be kind of cold–will we be more loving and nurturing (that lack of that kind of warmth creates the hole that greed tries to fill.)

    Regarding anything in my own chart: May 10–that eclipse? I feel nothing so far! Also-Uranus and change? Retiring was a big change (June 30, 2020) but (knock on wood)–so far no dramatic changes. Interestingly, my mom, who died when she was my age–her birthday was May 16.

    Thank you for the work you do! It’s interesting and you convey the information so clearly.

    1. Thank you. We are in the same cycle as The Black Death, which I wrote about in the annual 2022 prediction. I’m sure you know the plague wiped out 40% of the population of Europe. Trees replaced people. The temperature dropped and a Little Ice Age began. Peasants were in short supply so their salary went up. We see these historic astrology cycles when there is not only a pandemic, but also a climate change and a massive social change. Covid is our version of their bubonic plague. The social change will be the end of globalisation. It’s useful to look at all the pandemics in history and the mutable sign cycles, affecting mutable sign generations, because you can see how it works, every time. The next cycle to affect America is Uranus in Gemini from 2026 which will liberate (Uranus) the neighbours (the states) from each other, leading to new independence (Uranus) and radical changes (Uranus) in transport and travel within America (Uranus in Gemini, again). Pluto in Aquarius, another air sign, also from 2026, suggests less heavy power and control from the top down and far more co-operation between people of all genders, ages, races and income streams. Your own chart? You don’t feel eclipses, ever. By their nature they conceal they never reveal. You will not see, and will not know, what was at the heart of the eclipse until months or years later. As a Sun Taurus with a whopping Aries stellium you will relaunch, alter your appearance, perhaps gain a new title or second name online, reshape your image and regenerate your reputation, now through 2026.

  5. Great news, yet I’m not surprised. A year or two ago I found my electric heaters too expensive to run, so did some research into how to heat my house more cost-effectively. That’s when I came across the Far-UV panels, which simulate sunshine, kill mould, and consume less power. They do not heat the air itself, as conventional systems do, but warm up surfaces, including the human body. At the time these panels were not available in Australia, but I read that they had made great inroads in Britain, especially in large warehouses and factories. I’ve been curious about them ever since.

    1. It is great news. The Far-UV panels sound really interesting in terms of heating. The science on Far-UV light destroying Covid is incredible.

  6. nice to meet you. I was amazed at your spiritual foresight. I came across this technique two years ago and have been blogging to spread it ever since. This technique is genuine. I’m Japanese, but I also met Australians with similar aspirations. Also in the US, UK, Denmark, Taiwan and China. Now more and more people around the world are beginning to realize the mystery of this ultraviolet light.

  7. Hi!

    Just one question please:

    Should right now buy some UVC light for home to help or should I wait some other research ?

    Txs a lot!!


  8. Hi Jessica,

    How wonderful that there is a solution for covid. If the worst wave is yet to come next year what a shame that we cannot all do our bit and have the uv-c light in place ready for then. I am worried about the next wave, I am just settling with my new partner after having many problems and challenges with my previous partner and hope we get through this. Once the process starts will it take a long time for most shops, pubs and offices to put it all in place?

    Thanks again Jessica for bringing us all hope with the future!

    1. I don’t see a problem with Far-UV, also called UV-C light. Panasonic and Philips both make home and work units, for around the cost of a microwave or portable air conditioner. We used to think CD players and microwaves were challenging new technology but they are in every apartment or house now. So hop to it. I have lost count of the professors on Twitter who back Far-UV light units.

  9. Jessica, thanks so much for this. Am monitoring for work and home, and eventual but rare travel. I never had faith in the vaccine only approach because humans have never (1) vaccinated their way out of a pandemic, and (2) had long term immunity against any prior coronavirus. Why SARS-CoV-2 (which is really SAR2 but shush, people may panic if the proper words are used) would be different defies logic. Another UV application relates to water treatment: The fact that viruses can evade water treatment by hitching a ride on microplastics is alarming, especially given the twin pandemics. Now, off to see if I can retrofit my microplastic filtering water filter with UV-C…

    1. Thank you. I stopped flying, taking the bus, taking the coach two years ago. It’s hard but that is the price of being a professional psychic and astrologer. I am stunned when people still fly. The science backs this up. The CSIRO in Australia found Covid in the toilet wastewater on over 50% of flights coming into the country. Tasmania had no Covid when she controlled travel. When she stopped managing tourists and business travellers, people began to die. So in the real world, but also in scientific testing, we know travel is the problem. The solution is Far-UV for interior air. It’s easier to say and write ‘Covid’ than the tongue-twister SARS-CoV-2 which is why people in a rush to get the truth out use it!

  10. You have me in tears, Jessica!! I’ll get to why in a minute. I hope you’ll bear with me.

    My mother is still alive and well, so your comment didn’t make sense to me at first. She did give me the plant cuttings, but we’ve had a contentious relationship my entire life to the point that I have had to cut her out of my life for my well being. It isn’t ideal, but it had to be done. But it brought to mind another mother figure I had – my sweet grandmother. She taught me love and life and nourished me as a mother would. She passed away when I was in college after a painful battle with cancer and I was the only member of the family not present when she passed. Although, I felt her spirit pass on very intensely. I knew it, I felt it. After that, she would come visit me on important occasions or times when I needed her the most. She is a very soft and gentle spirit, just like she was in her lifetime. She came to me the night before my wedding to wish me well. I lost a part of my ovary to an ectopic pregnancy and was told my chances of conceiving were significantly reduced. She came to me months later to tell me that I was having a daughter (we already had a boy and wanted a girl) and it was her gift to me. It was the night my daughter was conceived. My daughter is going to be 10 next week. So when I saw your message back to me, I literally broke down in tears. It wasn’t my mom, but rather my grandmother reminding me following the worst week of my life that she was with me still. I have been beating myself up thinking that I don’t have a mother, but I have had one watching over me all of this time. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for connecting the dots for me. Just like the jasmine scent and the feather, YOU are the medium to see me through. You have no idea how dark of a place I have been in. It is the my sheer will and belief in the value and beauty of life that keeps me going. I was only asking for a ray of light to go from point A to point B and your comment flooded my world with light. You are amazing!!!

    Here’s the most incredible part – yesterday was the 25 years to the date that my grandmother passed away!!! I only figured it all out after I read your response this morning. I am getting chills all over again. Thank you for being part of my healing. God bless you, Jessica.

    1. Tears are not unusual to me, as a medium. So this is your grandmother not your mother. She was, effectively, your mother. And she’s come to you before, so she is a good communicator. I am really happy you have validation of her contact with you, through the fragrance of the flowers. And she chose the date, as spirit people often do, 25 years to the day she passed to spirit. The chills are a sign she is standing in your aura or energy field. If you are curious about all this have a look at the books of Linda Williamson, the British ‘medium’s medium.’ Or my friend, Margaret Dent, whose book Love Never Dies is a classic in the field. Thank you!

  11. Hi Jessica..Thanks so much for this up date..I needed this..We had a meeting last week with our boss,I work in a nursing home,where masks are mandatory, but no restrictions in our staff room,15-20people in a small room eating their lunch,.I asked her to consider the UVC light and hepa air filters,told her about the Philips light but she laughed and scoffed at the idea,,told us to ‘do our best’..We are under staffed and she won’t give us a rise..the last ‘rise’ we got was 2 years ago from the revenue,during the pandemic.We then seen in the paper where our nursing home was in the top 3 in the country to receive over 1 million Euro towards agency staff,ppe,and anything to do with covid,.We had no agency staff,and ppe was donated to us from businesses in the country. We were re using the same aprons and shields.That was a shock that they had the money but claimed they had none.Although Theres a nice extension and 3 brand new jeeps sitting in the carpark! Our boss has now jetted off to New York while we deal with covid in the job. Our boss doesn’t believe in Astrology, so anything i said was laughed at.. Will this get better? Or do I start thinking about another job? Thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you. Your boss is a dangerous and stupid woman. You had to have your PPE donated? As if you were a charity? Your boss is in New York, where she may fly back to you and bring a Covid infection with her? Get another job. You could join together as 20 people and follow Trade Union rules and get what you want, but that takes time and energy. It may be worth it to you – otherwise resign. You deserve to work with people who respect you enough, and are intelligent enough, to pay for the installation of a Philips UV-C unit, which costs about as much as a microwave.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Nice article, thank you.
    What is the relation between Aquarius and light? It is because Aquarius is an air sign?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. The synchronicity is based on the fact that the constellation Aquarius is emitting Ultraviolet light – and right on cue, as we head towards the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, from March 2023, intelligent people and organisations are seeing that the answer to the end of Covid is Far-UV light, sometimes called UV-C.

  13. I have Jupiter in 11th house Aquarius, Panacea in Aquarius and Salacia in Aquarius. Whenever I use the Divination oracle on this site, I always get 11th house Aquarius card for what I should do career wise, but I don’t know what this mean for me and my profile…at the moment i work in finance, but am ready to change career wise into something else. Could you please help me to see what this means for me and my profile? Thank you 🙂

    1. You are the person who supplies the group, club, team, members’ club, secret society, charity, grassroots organisation, political party, trade union, orchestra, band or other circle with what it needs. That is what you should do with your career. Note: not inside the group but outside it. You would have friends and allies within the circle but be a little set apart. If you work in finance I would imagine there are a ton of non-profits who would be interested in your skills, or perhaps a large sports club. The cards are reflecting your chart. This will probably take off for you March-June 2023 and be your life, actually, from the mid 2020’s for many years into the future.

  14. You and the light that you shine are precious. Thank you.

    This is fascinating. This light is not only about a single virus. What sort of people will we evolve into with this light? Violet light, the color of our crown chakras, our connection to spirit. The shortest wavelength, the highest vibration. The color of the Medicine Buddha. The medical equipment light I’ve long used with success for my family and self to heal a pimple, a skinned knee, a staph infection. If many of us begin spending time living in a high vibration light wave that also rids us of viruses, bacteria, so many of our ailments, there will be so many changes beyond managing the current pandemic.

    I wonder what you see? It feels hopeful and exciting!

    1. Thank you. Yes, violet is the colour of the crown chakra. You are the first reader to mention that. It’s very interesting that you already use a version of this light for healing infections. Given that household names like Panasonic and Philips are investing in Far UV light for home and office, and that the science is so astonishing (99% elimination) we have to wonder why this is not part of every government’s strategy, no matter if it’s mandatory in government buildings or tax-refunded for the consumer. Perhaps one of the reasons is that it would put a huge dent in the profits of the pharmaceutical companies. Maybe I am being cynical. Or did politicians invest so much money in regular injections for the masses, that they want to see their investment grow further? With Pluto in Capricorn until March 2023, then on/off for another couple of years, I think I may be justified in my cynicism. What do you think? But yes the future is hopeful and exciting. Ultra exciting.

  15. Hi Jessica. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and just became a member. I love reading your posts. You are an amazingly gifted astrologer.

    I am curious on your thoughts pertaining to my destiny around work…
    I am launching a news organization on my birthday this year exposing concealed political news stories via short videos and an uncensored social media platform.
    Other astrologers have said that my destiny is indeed to communicate hidden things to the masses so I am interested in your perspective.

    Everything has lined up perfectly for me to do this, including relocating to London on a visa to start this venture.

    The launch chart (launching from Portland, Maine USA) at 12:45pm has the mars uranus NN conjunction in the 7th house. The sabian symbols for the chart are very interesting, symbolizing a new continent being born.

    What’s your take?

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Leo with a Gemini stellium and the North Node in Sagittarius/South Node in Gemini you likely have past lives spent in intelligence organisations during wartime; may be bilingual now; were certainly bilingual then. You want to launch a new organisation to expose corrupt politicians. You’re moving to London to do it. A Mars-Uranus conjunction is aggressive and will trigger a reaction; you’re aware of that? You’ll run into issues when Mars Retrograde goes through Gemini, backwards and forwards, from September and as it’s lingering until early 2023 you need to be aware of the potential for delay and a return to the drawing board with the website; email; the media; commuting; short journeys. Later on, you go through Jupiter in Gemini, then Uranus in Gemini from 2026 and that’s the real turning point for you. New technology not dreamed of yet will help you fulfil your karmic mission which is to send a message worldwide, to use new media to do it, to take the bigger global viewpoint.

  16. Thank you for your timely response, Jessica. I’ve been thinking about starting a non-for profit for some time. But i tend to be more of an outsider (out of the box thinking ..'”quirky” person ), even though i’m an extravert, so i think i’m still learning how to ‘work’ as an individual and a collective within groups.

    1. Thank you Cecelia. I will pass that on. Hybrid flights should be real from 2026 and of course they will be limited to short distances, which is why the new travel is local/regional. Once airlines and airports fit UV-C we might actually have safe and responsible tourism. So that’s four years away…

  17. Thank you very much. I am aware there will be a negative response but I have no legroom for launch as I am on a visa timeline.
    Interesting you mention new tech, as the other side has communicated that will come in around December.
    So intuitive, as always.

  18. Thank you Jessica for another insightful article. Previously you left UK for Tasmania as at that time, it was the safest place to be… if you’d have to move again, where would you go? Any place in Asia in particular you would recommend to go hide and be safe from what you see happening in Mar22? Thank you!,

    1. I am staying in Tasmania until the current government is voted out, or there is a leadership challenge and a Premier who works with science and medicine takes over control of Covid. Safety in Asia? The lowest population in the most spacious place is a good starting point.

  19. Oh and btw, wanted to mention in April 2021 you wrote a blog on India and mentioned a new virus will emerge from India and cause worldwide recession from August 22 onwards… could that be the new 2.75 variant? If you have some funds to invest, would Gold be a good and safe option? Thank you

    1. I filed a feature on India a long time ago The 2.75 variant is possibly the problem but there may be another by March 2023. Watch March 2023 as that is the month 2.75 will dominate Covid worldwide, or the month that another mutation (from any country) will replace it. As for investment – invest in what your personal chart tells you to invest in. Your Scorpio factors at 9 and 27 suggest you can start by researching what falls or rises in value for you when the nodes or outer planets hit 9 and 27 Taurus and/or Scorpio. You’ll soon see the pattern with gold.

  20. Agree, you are 100% justified in your cynicism. As they say in the movie about Watergate if you want to know where the rot is then follow the money. The money is on vaccines. Yet a lot of other info is emerging – nasal sprays (check out Envoid), most of all UV-C. We will have to be a strong underground movement to eventually bring these truths forward.

    But that’s me – even when paddling through what I know will be years worth of more poo I keep my eye on the distant shore which will be amazing.

    Thanks again for being such a lighthouse during these times.

    1. Thank you. The issues began when vaccines became a Wall Street story. It’s a global pandemic, for heaven’s sake. That will really mark out the Pluto in Capricorn years when a small, rich, elite tried to control everything with their money and power. March 2023 will be the first move away from that.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your reply, if I buy the Philips uvc free standing disinfection unit does it mean if someone was to come in my home with the virus that it would kill it and we would all be safe?

    Thank you.

    1. Best to read the Philips product description and check on YouTube as well as on their website.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your posts! I have read from your other articles that there will be still border controls later down the road and travel will become regional. So despite the fact that UV-C is fixing the Covid problem, the countries will still choose to close borders and have lockdowns after implementing the UV-C? Is it because UV-C is only for indoors and is only a partial solution?

    In particular, since I live in Hong Kong, will lockdowns of Hong Kong and other places in China be loosen in the future after UV-C implementation? Right now there are rather strict arrangements…

    It seems that people around me doesn’t believe Covid is still something to be concerned, they think Omicron is so weak they are not afraid of getting infected. Will the upcoming Covid variants be stronger or even “more” fatal?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, the border controls against foreign flights/ships will come in from May 2024 when Jupiter goes into Gemini and become a way of life from 2026 when Uranus is well and truly in Gemini (although he debuts in 2025). People will have had quite enough of Covid variants, Monkeypox and other horrors coming in through the gates. UV-C fixes Covid indoors but not every country will have it. So the countries that don’t have it, will still be producing mutations/variants of Covid, and it will still be imported until receiving nations do something about it. Getting rid of politicians who allow it will be one outcome; politicians changing policy on tourism and business travel, emigration is another. This all fits with Gemini transits throughout history. Humans seem to go through these cycles when viruses appear, travel spreads them, until travel stops. Then the virus stops. The biggest problem for China and Hong Kong is outdoor air quality. Indoors, China is already using UV-C. There is no ‘weak’ Covid. Ignore people around you and go straight to the science, please. Long Covid is already disabling people. Covid is already the biggest killer of Americans in their forties and fifties and China and Hong Kong are no different. China’s biggest challenge is air pollution and over-population, and the sheer cost and logistics of rolling out UV-C in every home and work place. Her property economy is already collapsing.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Our elected officials would do well to be reading your astrological insights re covid and strategies to manage it. After being so careful with masks, isolating, avoiding socialising and travel, etc, covid finally entered our household a few weeks back, my husband presumably having been infected at work (engineering in the airline industry). Fortunately, with windows open (in Melb winter, I opened the windows in March 2020 and never closed them), diligent mask wearing, and isolation within the house, the rest of the family was unaffected. Interestingly, on your site, I drew the Strength card 2 days running, on the third day my husband then tested covid positive. And today, I again drew the Strength card, on a day that a routine medical appointment identified another probable Melanoma (after a gap of 4 years). The power of the tarot never ceases to amaze me. I am hoping that my very good GP is the person that the universe has provided for me as protector on my journey.


    1. Thank you. I am so sorry your husband caught Covid – of course the airline industry is risky. You did all the right things yourself, and even had the windows open, but of course you can’t control his work. It’s good that the rest of the family escaped. The Strength card was accurate as it shows healing and the healer. You’ve now pulled it again and are having a Melanoma removed. The Strength card is fantastic, Veronica, because it shows something that goes beyond standard medical or dental care, and sometimes therapeutic care – it becomes spiritual and powerful. You were the healer to your husband’s lion before, and now you are the lion who is being healed. Your very good GP is special; that’s a clear message from your card.

  24. Thank you Jessica for the optimistic insight in this article. I’m fond of world astrology, and so I read multiple visions, recently I read about Pluto in Aquarius in this french article and I’m really scared… Are we going to re-live Terror time like during our French revolution ? Are we going to live in dictatorship like during Robespierre’s time? Is European Union going to become the worst rule ever, the fourth Reich? Thank you for sharing your views on this.

    1. French astrologers would be picking up on the slow transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius and the similarity of the accession of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, their execution by guillotine, and the French Revolution. None of what you fear will come to pass. Pluto is not the only factor to watch; you have to view the transits as a whole. What you will see is reformation of the European Union, NATO and the United Nations. All three groups will be reshuffled and reborn. The turning point is the United Nations conference on water in New York in March 2023. Watch.

  25. This is such hopeful news. After avoiding it for so long I caught Covid and passed it on to my husband, daughter and mother. It seems to be everywhere in the South Island at the moment and even with the booster it is nasty. I’m feeling unbelievably guilty for spreading it and I want to avoid catching it again…which brings me to a Covid related astrological question for you: What does a conjunction between the Sun and Hygeia (like in my birth chart) tend to indicate? Does it suggest a tendency towards being overly concerned with health? I’ve tried to research this myself but I have drawn a blank.

    1. I am so sorry you have been put through that awful experience of becoming ill and then infecting your husband, daughter and mother. The third or fourth needles keep you out of intensive care, say scientists and doctors, but one look at the world today and you just know that they don’t stop infection and they don’t stop Long Covid either. Research UV-C and HEPA filters. Your Sun-Hygiea conjunction in Gemini is exact and in your Third House of internet, media, short journeys and siblings. In all those matters you are at your brilliant best when you are protective, far-sighted, insure matters for the future, screen yourself and others for issues before they become problems. So nothing to do with health; everything to do with the web, newspapers and television, commuting and short holidays, and any brothers or sisters.

  26. Hello, Thankyou for this interesting article (as they always are!).

    Do you think Victoria will go into another lockdown/s? If so, when do you think they’ll be?
    Do you think they’ll be another metropolitan / regional cut off?

    Thankyou for your interesting and informative insights.

    1. Being sent home to protect the hospitals from overwhelm is the sort of thing that involves isolation (Neptune in Pisces) and also shocks to the economy (Uranus in Taurus). So, never mind Victoria, or Australia, but on a worldwide basis, yes, we are going to see everything shut down in different nations and regions, at different times – until 2026. Uranus in Taurus until 2026 suggests sudden shocks to the retail, shopping and business story which come out of the blue, rather like a Covid and/or Monkeypox breakout. Neptune also hangs around in Pisces until 2026 which suggests escaping from the real world through being alone. So yes, we are going to see this happen continually. China is doing it now. The biggest problems will be when Saturn goes into Pisces after March 2023 and begins to oppose the Virgo (health) positions of billions. A very good way to survive and thrive is to take firm steps now. Not later.

  27. Hello Jessica,
    My kid has Aquarius sun at 0’34”. How will Pluto affect? It scares me.
    Thank you for your blogs. I learn so much from you.

    1. Thank you. Your child has the Sun at 0 Aquarius and so shines at his/her brilliant best when supplying the group, team, club or circle of friends – with all that it needs. Your child is never fully immersed within the group, but is required by them. Friendship defines him or her. All this is set to transform in March-June 2023 as someone or something takes over. It may be another person. An organisation. An event. Pushing back and using self-control and willpower will empower your child and is best encouraged.

  28. Funny I remember ultra-violet toilet seats when I was a kid in Florida. Anyway WHO says today that COVID is with us forever. I was thinking about how horrible the Spanish Flu was but how it completely disappeared. They said is spread so much beacause of the war and after the war people didn’t travel as much so it stopped spreading. People OUTRIGHT refuse to stop traveling now, the just don’t care. I don’t get it??? Not sure why every country didn’t just close all borders for a full year. Makes zero sense. Now that darn Monkey Pox is popping up everywhere. Lord have Mercy.

    1. Yes, UV-C light, known as Far-UV is the answer. The constant need for Pfizer, Moderna and the rest clearly isn’t. Globalisation (which is the entire problem) ends in stages, firstly when Jupiter goes into Gemini and begins to oppose the Sagittarius factors of the billions and then for good, when Uranus goes into Gemini from 2026 and finishes travel and tourism off. The new travel is local not international. Many airlines including some very big names will collapse. You’ll also see the usual tourist and business travel market literally die off, as these people can only get away with escaping Long Covid and Monkeypox for so long. It’s very similar to the cycles we saw with smokers and Big Tobacco. Same thing.

    1. Thank you. Using light for health – always interesting. The other fascinating thing about UV-C light is that Boeing trialled it on board an aircraft some years ago but that research vanished. Anyway, I’ll put the kettle on and have a look. My Philips UV-C light and air filter is plugged in and it’s so nice to relax.

    1. Thank you so much. I cannot believe people know, or even remember, but thank you!

    1. Thank you. The really interesting thing is the development of air balloons – set for 2026 – when of course Uranus goes into Gemini. Those kerosene planes with those Covid-rife airports are looking rather 20th century.

  29. Hello Jessica
    Thankyou for providing so much valuable information for the present and the future…I am a constant reader of your answers and the questions from your readers…alot frightening others enlitening and thankfully your answers and explanations reassuring.
    I would like to ask you a question regarding how as I am strongly virgo will Saturn in Pisces in 2023 opposes virgo affect my health and life ?
    I would also like to thankyou for your continued support and priceless insights that have helped me in my most testing of times.
    I can’t thank you enough
    Be well

    1. Thank you so much Joanne. Your factors at 1 through 19 of Virgo mean you will notice the challenge to change (health and lifestyle, wellbeing and workload) as early as March 2023 when Saturn moves into Pisces and slowly starts moving 0, 1, 2 degrees and so on. The world is moving into the most challenging phase of the pandemic from March 2023 and you are lucky to have such a strong Virgo signature because you would already be aware of how body, mind and spirit all work together – given all you have gone through in your life. The world is going to slow down, stop in many areas and be unpredictable (stop-start) as we make our way through to 2026. If you look after yourself, consult the academics, scientists and doctors on their (indispensable) Twitter accounts and take on the challenge, you will push back against the Saturn opposition. As you are strongly Virgo your life succeeds on habits and rituals – daily method and order. Start your Covid-proof routine now if you have not already perfected it. That means sacrificing whatever it takes to protect yourself. I sincerely hope you’ve never had it. If that’s true, never get it. Work is work, but your health is first.

  30. Hi Jessica, I love premium membership and the constant learning … I have a really basic question so please bear with me. I have noticed from the blogs that people like me with many planets in virgo all have them in the sixth house. So, does that mean that ascendants/rising signs are not relevant … that the first hse in all charts is ruled by aries? Does this also mean that when saturn is in pisces in the future and opposes our virgo planets that the twelfth house will have a big part to play? Thanks for your guidance … love and hugely appreciate your work! Robyn

    1. Thanks Robyn. In the Natural House system the First House cusp is always Aries. Your Ascendant is Scorpio and in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. So if your birth time strictly accurate, you will be judged on your house, apartment, marriage or common law marriage, any divorce, separation, valuables, art, any charity commitments, the family legacy to you, your legacy to them. That is the exterior. The interior is your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House, so you express your personality through daily work, daily routine and perfecting the small details of your trade, craft, profession or skill in a meticulous way. Your role in life is to serve. That role is heavily influenced by your mental and physical health, though, so being well and staying well is intricately tied up with your work ethic. Yes, when Saturn enters Pisces in March 2023, he will be in opposition to your Virgo factors, and so you will be heavily tested in 2023, 2024, 2025 in regard to that. You can use the Tarot to see how things are shaping up ahead of time and it can help you be highly strategic. As an entire generation of people were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, from the very late 1950’s to the early 1970’s, this looks likely to be a challenging variant of Covid sweeping the world with a subsequent slowdown, go-slow and stop-start planet. This is very similar to AIDS-HIV and of course that generation took on the challenge.

    1. Thanks so much. Rupert Murdoch’s failure was predicted by astrology (he ‘lost’ the election in Australia) and of course Jerry Hall left. His chart works, so September 2022 is the next big month. Let’s see.

  31. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly Jessica. I am pretty sure that the last time saturn crash tackled my sixth house was in the mid to late 90s and that was a really testing time for me. I am getting the death card a bit on the tarot reads so I am sure there is a bit of heavy stuff ahead … and endings. I have had a dress rehearsal though back in the 90s and we’ll see how tough it left me. Happy birthday to you for around now … hope it was/is lovely. Thanks again. Robyn

  32. So fascinating. I appreciate your posts. I was reading up on Uranus in Taurus and it dawned on me that a new form of healing (through movement) that I’m developing could fit in with those themes. I am curious about how the July 31st conjunction will play out for me. It is conjunct my south node by 2 degrees so it feels big. So much has been topsy-turvy lately. Great insights and out of the blue conflicts with friends I don’t usually have conflict with. I sense that change is coming just curious what you think re: how that might play out. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Uranus in Taurus is not about healing. Healing is Virgo and Sixth House. You have a pattern there which will be picked up by a stunning trine from Jupiter in Taurus, May 2023 to May 2025. Your idea could take off then, in slow stages. The conjunction won’t affect you with a two-degree orb. Modern astrology is 0-1 degrees. As for friends, you are in the toughest cycle in 29 years for friendship. Even the oldest friendships will be tested by Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House. Some people may not last the distance with you at all. Others will prove themselves through the tests. You will find the end point is March 2023.

  33. Hello Jessica
    Happy belated birthday to you!
    I wanted to write in and ask for your wisdom.
    Last night, I spoke to my grandmother for the very last time shortly before she passed away. My world is gutted. She was the anchor of my otherwise dysfunctional family and I miss her so much. I want to talk to her again and I just don’t think I can cope without having her in my life.
    How can I try to communicate with her without doubting myself about it’s validity too much? I feel like I could have done so much more but I was honoured that I was the last person she chose to call. We lived interstate so I don’t know her favourite perfumes etc as I only got to see her before she passed and I will forever regret not going sooner.
    Grief feels unbelievably heavy.
    Thank you xx

    1. Thank you. I am very sorry you have lost your grandmother. She has passed to spirit and you want to communicate. In my experience as a medium, you can in fact hear from people immediately, and dreams are a common way for communication to take place. However it is up to the person in spirit to decide when it is appropriate for you to make contact. Sometimes it can be years; I have to be honest with you. If communication would disrupt the grieving process then your guides may also intervene. Try to let her go, physically but be reassured she has successfully crossed over, is with her people and when the time is right you will know she is there. Spirit people often spend some time in the Summerland (like a garden) before they transition into other spaces, and it is from there that they can choose to come through. A very good book to consult on this is Love Never Dies by my old friend, the medium Margaret Dent. The medium Linda Williamson has also written some excellent books on the afterlife and spirit world.

  34. Hi Jessica, Looks like we were right on Musk terminating the Twitter deal and Bitcoin crashing. I noticed that the Mercury Retrograde Shadow is set to expire on 10/16/22 and the trial for Musk to complete the deal may start 1 day later or 10/17/22 (date is subject to change). Although, Musk will try his best to get out of deal to acquire Twitter at trial, the law is on Twitter’s side for them to win. This is interesting situation where if Twitter does win, Musk will just Appeal the verdict and therefore the value of Twitter will decline further until 2023 essentially making their potential October trial win meaningless.

    In the end, the Twitter deal is worth $40 billion+ deal, so the blow will be either to Twitter or to Musk….one of the largest in U.S. history.

    I am curious if you believe the Delaware judge where the October trial will occur and potential Appellate judge will make Musk pay and vindicate Twitter in the courts or not?


    1. Yes, Elon Musk has picked 17th October and this coincides with Mercury Retrograde triggering his birth chart, but also the birth chart of Jack Dorsey. Twitter is concerned Musk will delay matters; Twitter is correct. No matter if Musk is using astrology or just accidentally picking Mercury Retrograde dates there will be flux then. Musk and Dorsey may very well have a master plan for Twitter. I believe I gave dates far into the future on the original Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk astrology article. Have another look. Long-term, all this Musk malarkey is really about the nature of Twitter and its radical changes from 2026 when Uranus enters Gemini and we are free to choose local versions of the same, tailored for our village, town and so on.

  35. What is Canada’s birth chart that you use? As well as for India, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North and South Korea.

    1. I use The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion for most of my charts; it occasionally fails, though, so I then turn to other dates of importance in a nation’s constitution.

  36. What is your vision of US, UK, Canada?

    Do you foresee US being split up into more than one different country, and also will the Democratic Party remain in power for a long time? Because from what I understand from your previous posts is that the Democrats will have a stronger influence over the country.

    How will Canada and UK be different from what it is today?

    1. Funnily enough I just had Justin Trudeau subscribe to my Substack, likely because of a piece I wrote on Canada and America. The United States will split on state lines, in two stages. The first stage is 2024-2025 and the revolution is 2026-2033. States like Texas may separate. I would expect amendments to the constitution. Putin set up Trump many years ago, to set up the law, to split the nation, on abortion and gay marriage. Abortion has gone, gay marriage will be next and the mysterious arrival of Monkeypox is not a particularly great mystery. Putin’s very old-fashioned approach to America is ‘divide and conquer.’ It will backfire, of course, and he is no longer a presence or force beyond the end of 2024. What the by-product of his meddling becomes, is a new America with different state borders and controls. At that point some parts of Canada and America will fuse as one. This is exciting, liberating for many and ushers in a new era in electric transport. Thank you for asking the question.

  37. Hi Jessica, I have just seen an ABC interview with a haematologist Nada Hamad who describes how it has been and continues to be for her having long covid. Anyone who doesn’t take covid seriously might want to google and watch this interview. It got me thinking that apparently people in their 40s and 50s are particularly impacted … those people would have the sixth house planets to be opposed by saturn soon. Governments don’t seem to realise just how impactful this long covid is likely to be … many sufferers simply cannot work and have difficulties doing the most basic daily chores. Keep the masks on folks … and not the useless ones hanging off your face. I thank the universe and my N95 masks for sparing me from this horrible virus so far but wonder how long my avoidance can last. Thank you for focussing on covid in your writings … it has been very helpful.

    1. Long Covid is thought to affect 5% of people, based on statistics we see from around the world. In Britain a man has successfully won a legal battle to have Long Covid confirmed as a legitimate medical outcome of the virus. Yes, people with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in their Sixth House are most at risk from this. Also people with Neptune in Virgo who are among our older population, born in the Thirties and early Forties. The people born in the Sixties, and they, meet in the middle, in terms of all being Sixth House residents. It is these generations who must take responsibility for their own health, which you are also doing. So N95 masks, not Surgical Masks or Cloth Masks. HEPA and/or UV-C units plugged in at home and work. Strong decisions about work if an employer will not pay to protect you or let you work from home. Strong decisions about vaccines, bearing in mind that they do not work for many people, in terms of fending off the virus. The US President is recent proof of that. Long Covid is a very real challenge to people with Virgo factors in the Sixth House and denying what is going on or hoping the politicians can save you is not going to work. It has not worked so far. So we have to be proactive and actually, remember that Virgo rules lifestyle and workload. Those parts of life must be changed, even sacrificed, if we are to do our best for ourselves. I am glad you have avoided Covid; don’t get it once. Don’t get it twice.

  38. What about other pandemics? Monkey Pox is going crazy in the USA. I know, and believe, that travel is a big culprit in the spread of disease. But I think climate change bears some of the blame too. We have a pandoras box of viruses we’ve never seen the likes of before that are just lying in wait in the melting ice caps. I read, and now can’t find, an article that Monkey Pox spores were foundin the soil in a USA state. I’d read quiet a long time ago about how viruses buried long ago in the soil can be activated again by the warm and exposure of soil. And here is an article on permafrost and the viruses that pathogens we are at risk of exposure from because of global warming:

    I also have a question on the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction. I’ve been reading so much gloom and doom around that. But I don’t recall seeing your take on it. If you posted about it, I am sorry I missed it, and hope you can let me know your thoughts!


    1. Monkeypox is unfortunately appearing on the same cycle when HIV-AIDS became the biggest killer of Americans in a younger age group. Saturn in Pisces. It always opposes Virgo in the charts of the billions, and Virgo rules infection. The other story here is Scorpio. We have an unusually high number of people on the planet with outer planets in Scorpio – ruling sex, death and money – as they say. The statistics to date focus on gay men, because gay men have been monitored, but of course Monkeypox is airborne and affects us all. I don’t believe Monkeypox will become a serious global mainstream issue for everybody until March 2023 when Saturn changes signs. As for the Uranus-Mars-Node patterns, I’m fairly sure I’ve made predictions about that in any Uranus in Taurus post, going back a few years now. Once we see the revolution by August 2nd I will find it and repost. Thank you.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    Wishing you a very happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.
    Sorry the reply button didn’t work, but in response to your last comment from Good vibes does this mean both monkey pox and Covid will be bad from March 2023 and will they both affect the billions with Pluto or Uranus in Virgo.
    I have Pluto in Virgo, is it in my 6th house?
    Also you mention people with outer planets in Scorpio. Will this affect me, if so how? My sun sign is Scorpio.
    In the years you mentioned regarding people with Pluto or Uranus in Virgo why is this not affecting the older generation as well ie people in their seventies and eighties? Is it because it is related to work.
    Sorry for so many questions I find all your blogs so intriguing!! Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Monkeypox and Covid will be at their worst from March 2023 by all the laws of astrology, as transiting Saturn is in a long opposition with the natal Virgo and Sixth House factors of billions. The issue with the pandemic, and the new epidemic, is mutable sign transits, triggering heavily mutable sign people, and we just happen to have an unusually high number of people on the planet with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, but also Uranus and Pluto in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules tourism and business travel and that is the problem. (You don’t have to be an astrologer to see that). As you have Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House, you are part of a generation who must take back control of their own health and wellbeing. Politicians who fail to protect you may have to be bypassed as you join others of your generation who use their willpower to become empowered. A classic example is ring-fencing work and home with HEPA and/or UV-C protection and avoiding crowds. Certainly, avoiding airports, cruise ships and aeroplanes, trains and buses unless you have an N95 mask and are there for only a very short time. The Scorpio-Virgo combination in your chart would have also made HIV-AIDS a general issue for you when it emerged. You would have been part of the condom revolution, or had an AIDS test, or had a partner who had an AIDS test and so on. So Monkeypox is really the same. So is Covid. It is a sexually transmissible disease. Your own choices in life dictate if this is intensely personal for you or not – hopefully not – just a cycle you go through along with everyone else. Sadly, the older generation being abandoned by politicians and some people, were born with Neptune in Virgo, and so are experiencing the mutable sign weather opposing and in square to, natal Neptune. Born from around 1930 to 1940 they all have natal Neptune in the Sixth House of health. Thank you for asking this question!

  40. Hi Jessica, not sure if you’ve touched on this previously, but reading the effects of covid on bands also made me ponder the dawning of the Aquarian age from the Capricorn systems in regards to the music industry as a whole. With Pluto in Sagittarius, we saw great change in the publishing where the big wigs no longer had as much power in that realm. With Pluto in Capricorn, it looks like many of them merged (record companies) or ceased to be. Only the biggest are left standing while many artist are learning how to go independent – very Aquarius like. While many others are still being extorted or taken advantage of. Which brings me to my question. What do you see Pluto in Aquarius being for the record companies/music industry/artists? Will Pluto in Capricorn have torn down the system once and for all? Will major companies like Spotify that get much of the artist’s money at their expense morph in the Aquarian phase, where songwriters are compensated fairly? Things are more technological now vs. print and tangible forms (Capricorn), so will there be a creative way to for them to monetize in an online system without being taken advantage of by streaming companies? Hence, there still lacks a system where artist get their full compensation for the works they produce? It’s now so tech and intangible via internet (which occurred at the onset of Napster in the early 2000s) that’s it’s difficult to see what innovative solutions could emerge as record companies scramble for the last bit of control and newer systems only emerged to further extort artists? Any thoughts on this? Thanks

    1. I am glad you asked this question. Bands did see change with Pluto in Sagittarius (music publishing) and it empowered songwriters. Pluto in Capricorn put corporate interests on top again. Pluto in Aquarius will transform bands as we know them, starting in March 2023. One reason for that is that they will take control of the venues. They will arm the venues with UV-C light also known as Far-UV. A Harvard Medical Professor is already doing that in his Boston nightclub, because he just happens to be a singer. We will see ‘smart gigs’ which are levelled with hybrid performance, fan benefits, exclusive release and so on, all in the glow of Ultraviolet light. Bands will be able to do better than they ever did. And it will be interactive. Fans will be fully involved. We have to wait for Pluto change signs. Exploitative companies which have used musicians will have no comeback against the new collectives of bands using smart venues/smart gigs to monetise what they do. I will be very interested to see if Radiohead pioneers this. They should do. I am a huge fan of Radiohead and Thom Yorke has those kinds of politics. Nick Cave pioneered Pandemic concerts (live feed) and Tex Perkins has trialled a version in Australia. Basically, Aquarius rules the Sex Pistols. Pluto in Aquarius will have the massive effect that punk did in 1977. Looking forward.

    1. Unfortunately this is going to keep on happening in China and India in 2022, 2023, 2024. Saturn is moving into Pisces, opposing the Virgo (health) placements of billions of people. Those two countries are the factories of the world (Virgo also rules the working class) and you don’t really get through a Saturn in Pisces opposition to natal Virgo factors without massive challenges. The last time we saw this cycle, as you’ve read, HIV-AIDs became the biggest killer of younger Americans and we also saw class action lawsuits beat the cigarette companies. It will be very similar and this new virus will be one of a whole range taking our attention. Basically this is system change, worldwide, and the viruses are powering it – rather as AIDS did with gay men.

  41. Dear Jessica, this article caught my eye because the changing nature of tourism is something you’d predicted. This article says that travel to so-called exotic countries, is almost completely dried up.

    Meanwhile, here in India, with festival season round the corner, Covid precautions are being flouted simply because of conflicting advise – so people who are vaxxed and boosted, are dropping their guard. You had predicted some time back that India would change the nature of its marriage celebrations and religious festival celebrations because of Covid. Hope it happens soon before the deaths start again.

    What I wondered was, China has been super strict on not lifting its Covid precautions- so why are things going so badly there?

    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. Bloomberg is writing about an astrology trend that is the trickle that becomes the flood from the mid 2020’s. Local will replace foreign travel. India is the same as Australia; people who have received four vaccines are lulled into a false sense of security. Protect yourself. You cannot stop governments from stupidity, and you cannot stop the public from stupidity either. Monkeypox is here. Covid variants are here in India. China is controlling its cases extremely well when you realise they have 1 billion people. The long-term solution is international agreement on travel and tourism standards, though, and that will take until the mid 2020’s to fall into place. Until then you may have to make sacrifices to avoid infection. So, for example, avoiding any crowded indoor space. Slowing down your lifestyle. Living outdoors more and having an N95 mask to hand. HEPA and/or UV-C lights inside your home, and if you can negotiate this, your work space. Eventually safe Ultraviolet or UV-C will fix the Covid threat but it’s early days and it is literally only switched-on people who understand. It is amazing that the President of the United States can have Covid twice, with full vaccination. But he has, and it just happened. There is no ‘vaccine’ there are just injections four months apart which do their best (or not) to keep up with the variants being flown all around the world!

  42. Hi Jessica, so what I remember is that you said its end to the Travel and tourism and also if having a second home or Winter/Summer Home due to Covid.
    So, with new UV technology do you see people will again be traveling and some others buying and having a second Winter/Summer Home?

    1. The problem with UV-C is that it has to be universally accepted and used. We can’t really have Emirates and Heathrow Airport adopting safe Ultraviolet unless (say) Delhi Airport has it too. The evidence has repeatedly confirmed UV-C not only destroys Covid, it also destroys Monkeypox. (In fact any virus). The gift of Covid is that the University of Columbia and other institutions not only found a solution for that corona virus – they also found something that would eliminate influenza. I don’t see globalisation ever returning as it once was, unless uptake is global too. It may be that we see the rise of new elite tourism and second home lifestyles where people inhabit UV-C bubbles in select airport terminals, say, and particular airlines. That would fit the astrology from 2026.

  43. Dear Jessica,

    I’m a Premium member for quite some time now and I have to say I’m impressed your predictions are always so spot on.
    I discovered this article on UVC light at two American airports:

    Since I’ve worked in the aviation industry all my work life, it gave me some hope this would be the beginning of UVC light being used everywhere when travelling, but your answer above to someone else shows me this might be an illusion.

    This brings me to my next question: I’ve decided to apply for a new job which may also be outside the industry (having your predictions on globalization and travel in mind). Would you be so kind to tell me (a Sun Libra) if my timing is ok? I guess I read somewhere this kind of things should happen before October? Thank you Jessica!!!

    1. Thank you so much. The links to the use of UVC light in airports are also fantastic. I have put my money where my mouth is, with UVC. So I own two large units for the office and for my waiting room area – and I have a portable plug-in light any time I have to use a hotel room for local travel. I do believe that UVC light will be used on board aircraft and inside airports in the future, but it will be selected hubs and the cost will be passed on to travellers. In general this cycle we are looking at is about a huge drop in air travel. You want a new job outside aviation and wonder if your timing is right. You are a Sun Libra with Jupiter in Capricorn, which is extremely fortunate for your career, vocation and calling. In fact it’s lifelong protection – and at its best terrific peaks of achievement. You will be given the chance to take up a role from late October to late December which is a blessing in terms of lifestyle gains and improvements; it is good for your general wellbeing; it also offers you the chance to expand and increase your work ethic – and your definition of service and duty to other people. Whatever you take on, think about 2023, 2024, 2025 as well and try to lock in as much as possible, contractually. Those are challenging years when you’ll have to work harder at work, basically, but it’s nothing you’ve not done before. Use Halloween through Christmas as the launch pad.

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