The Leo Weather 2022

If you have four, five, six or more factors in Leo in your personal astrology chart, you need to know about the Leo Weather of 2022. It falls in your Fifth House of sexual relationships, pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and younger adults.

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128 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I have written to you previously about wanting to part ways with my Aquarius business parnter (her DOB 17th Feb.1977) on two companies which were born on: 19th July 2017 (first one) and 5th March 2018 (second one) as it is a very challenging cooperation. Have had a couple of discussions with her and I understood that it is not going to be an easy split…For this reason, I have incorporated a new company (23rd July 2022, 11.30pm in Athens, Greece) and thinking of running this one in parallel. In other words, I have decided not to devote any of my time to the businesses that I have with my business partner until they “die out”…they are consulting businesses, so any new project/client will be directed to my solo company. How to you see this new business going based on its birth date? Thank you very much.

    1. You must have chosen that date quite deliberately. The thing to remember about your new business is that it arrives with Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Taurus, and South Node in Scorpio. It is always going to be unpredictable and erratic (Uranus) and it will always carry karma for the future, so all that is done in 2022 influences life 18 or 19 years from now. You will also always have the split between your values (Taurus) and the values of others (Scorpio) within the new company. Anyway I am sure you realised all this when you incorporated and were prepared to accept it.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I’m really nervous with the current North Node in Taurus conjunct Uranus & Mars. I know this is huge and am a little concerned as I have my natal North Node at Scorpio 18′ 57, pretty much exact on this alignment. I know it has something to do with karma and am currently going through a process where I have been dealing with a family member who has betrayed the family and is a liar. Im not expecting him to be exposed as he seems to get away with a lot but I’m thinking for me the North Node in Scorpio is leaning me more towards acceptance of whatever happens. Perhaps this is my lesson rather than expect things to turn around.

    1. Marie, nothing happens until the aspect is exact and it is hours away now. Uranus is about the electrical storm that comes very suddenly after a build-up in tension. It is unpredictable and impossible to tell where, when and how long. It brings a feeling of freedom and release with it but it is anybody’s guess as to how things will go. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition is about the difference between your values, and the values of a family member or lover (usually). If the relative is a liar and a house, apartment, business, bank account or valuable item is involved, that’s your man – possibly. Uranus tends to upset the apple-cart, though, so what happens may not involve him at all. Lots of people are nervous about this line-up. The thing to remember about Uranus transits is that they liberate us from people or situations which would have restricted us for years. We dodge, not so much a bullet, but a very tight little trap. My favourite example of this is Caroline Herschel, who helped her brother discover Uranus in Bath in 1781. She was doomed to a life of spinster/unpaid maid status with her ageing parents. Her brother rescued her by employing her, supposedly, as his housekeeper. She arrived in a coach which turned over and threw her out on the roadside. She landed in England and was set to work making telescopes. It was all very sudden and strange but it liberated her. She was smart enough to dance in the storm.

  3. Can I ask a very wierd question…what’s the astrological indication of adoption as in what karmic lessons are we to learn if adopted …and what karmic debt am I paying….this particular aspect of my life seems to keep resurfacing hurt through out?

    1. If you are adopted you look to Cancer and the Fourth House of family. You have Hygiea, Proserpina and the IC here, so have inherited a caring, protective, maternal, nurturing approach to the family or household, from your real or adopted mother. If there is hurt there it is Proserpina. She went between her husband and her mother and both felt the loss of her; she also felt the loss of them, when away from either. Have a look at that in your chart and use The Garden Oracle to find ways to resolve the hurt.

  4. Hi Jessica – Thank you for the article. I only have a few markers in Leo. Can you please tell me what the Leo weather has in store for me?
    Many thanks.

    1. You would already be well aware of the need for some major choices about one or more of the children, teenagers or young adults around. You will figure out a compromise by September. There may also be younger cousins, say. Courtship is in the air if you are single and it is complicated. You need to find out more if you are eligible for a new relationship as it is very likely that existing children or the possibility of more children is an issue. There may also be a paid or unpaid role with children, teenagers or young adults, pending. If you do have a son or daughter your destiny is very much in their hands in August, September and you need to set priorities and talk.

  5. My husband is heavily Leo (22/08/73) 12:22 pm born same location as I was. His son Is coming for a visit (19 yoa cancer born 19 years ago). My husband hasn’t seen his son In years due to where we live and covid. His son has some issues (adhd. Possibly Asperger’s) but is very smart but socially immature(he may have matured at this point but we don’t know)and is coming to also to consult with my husband on his chosen field as they are both in similar profession (chef). I think he is toying with moving here but I can’t be sure. My husband is excited and hoping this will bring them closer together as they have not been able to really bond well thru the years due to so many circumstances beyond his control. I have no idea what will come of it but am hoping for it to be a great and productive visit. My husband has other children but he planned this visit with this son alone as he feels he needs it. I agree. I personally don’t have any Leo factors but I am sure I will be impacted, as well by whatever comes of it. Any advice or guidance would be so appreciated. Thank you , Jessica!

    1. You have to let the King and the Prince sort out the dynasty and the kingdom, here. This is the heir to the throne – a chef like his father. The other children will be at the heart of a compromise too. There may be agreement about sharing time, by September. It’s not really your issue; it’s your husband’s. Leo men tend to do better when their sons copy them on some level. They also do better when they feel the succession is secured. So that’s the story now and in September too. There were some cover-ups or blind spots regarding this boy or another child a few years ago. They may need to be let go as the full truth will never be known.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for sharing your suggestions on how to make contact following the loss of my grandmother.
    I wanted to briefly ask what I can expect from this Leo transit.
    A sibling became very nasty after our grandmother’s passing to me and it’s hurt and confused me deeply.
    She is a Scorpio and I was wondering how things may likely play out this month for us as she’s not speaking with me.
    I am ready to let go of so much dysfunction in my birth family and turn over a brand new leaf.
    Thank you x

    1. If the sibling is younger or she has children then this is a Leo matter and there will be a compromise by September.

  7. Great article as usual Jessica! Does the 5th house also refer to fun, games and sport? I ask as I am curious as to what the outcome of the World Cup this year will be for the world & the game in general. Will the tournament still take place? Will there be any controversies? One more thing – the lionesses won yesterday (woohoo!) Is that a coincidence at all? (Lion, Leo) Many thanks in advance as always! X

    1. Fun, games and sport are Fifth House matters because they help the Queen and King bond with the Princes and Princesses. The family that plays together stays together. The Lionesses won in Leo weather and are a stunning example of how this transit can unfold. Apparently girls across the United Kingdom were instantly converted to female football. So you are giving a great example here. Football is a Leo matter, with some Aries and Virgo thrown in. The World Cup trajectory really depends on how they dealt with Mercury Retrograde while it was in Taurus a few months ago. Money. Business. Gambling. Anything they signed then may come back to haunt them.

  8. Dear Jessica
    Probably the most intriguing article you’ve posted this year for me- with Leo in Sun, Moon, Venus, Bacchus and Panacea, it sounds like August could be interesting.

    Though you’ve covered a lot of detail in your post, I’d be grateful for some further nuggets of insight in relation to how this may affect me. Intimacy in my life is correctly non-existant. There is a newcomer who is, quite frankly, a player that I don’t think I trust…and there is an old friend (Cancer, 1977..) I’d rather reconnect with, but after a difficult “friendship breakup” we are no longer in touch- which leaves me broken hearted to this day. Oddly, a few days ago I used your Oracle and once I was tuned into him and asked for guidance if it was likely we would ever reconnect, I pulled Aesculapius and the 7th house…’back from the brink, a process of restoration’… am I reading into it to literally?

    Always thankful for your insight and my membership here is of great guidance to me.

    1. Your courtships, past, present and potential fall in the Fifth House and with that line-up in Leo you live there when the suitor is right. Leo courtship is as complex as you might imagine, and Venus is about seduction while Bacchus is about hedonism. The newcomer and former friend are hovering. The Oracle has told you that the former friend will make a comeback in your life, and so he will, by September.

  9. Dear Jessica,
    This article has resonated with me deeply. It almost feels that it was written for me. My mother passed away peacefully on Monday July 25th. This sad event brought my entire family together and while it is sad, I feel that it is giving all of us a new start, esp. me. During tis past week, I felt myself asking my mother for forgiveness and asking her for strength to be a better person – to myself and to all others around me. The timing could not be more accurate. I am taking care to be more mindful of my actions whilst striving to be a better, kinder and happier person. Thank you.

    1. I am so sad your mother passed away just a few days ago, though it must be comforting to know she did so quite peacefully. You are a Sun Leo in Leo weather and so of course this is about the heirs and pretenders to the throne; the line of succession. This unfolds in your natal Fifth House, so the legacy she’s left to you and future generations behind you is more important now. In your solar chart we find the South Node in Scorpio in your solar Fourth House of family so what unfolds here is karmic and is connected to themes from 18 or 19 years ago, too. Take care, Apollo.

  10. Thanks for always providing such great content Jessica!
    I only have moon in Aries and MC in Leo. I do, however, have a ton of stuff in Sag. So my questions are, 1) what effect, if any, will these planets have for me in Leo as they hit my MC degree; 2) will there be any outcome from the trine aspects in Aries and Sag for me?

    Anything else you wanna throw in that you see for me would be greatly appreciate!


    1. The Leo weather picks up Aries by trine, which is good (although abrasive in situations of potential aggression, which is why China is sabre-rattling against America). It really depends on how you use Aries. You can use it in sport (the Lionesses victory over Germany) or in disputes. The Leo weather also picks up Sagittarius, but be aware that this sign is being squeezed by Neptune in Pisces, and will be opposed by Mars Retrograde in Gemini for a very long time, starting in September, so be cautious before you travel to a foreign country or welcome a foreigner. I am sure you know Sagittarius rules both those things. Of course you may have removed travel from your life in 2020, GV.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. I am fielding so many questions about the Uranus and Mars conjunction in Taurus, aligned with the Taurus-Scorpio nodal opposition. China is unhappy about Pelosi visiting Taiwan. China and Evergrande are in deep trouble. I’ll look at this feature now, thank you.

  11. Good day Jessica,
    Hope all is well with you. In Leo I have Venus at 1 degree and my ASC at 4. It is strange how I am Virgo yet when I read both Leo/Virgo I feel like I strongly am both. I absolutely love kids, I have 1 son 21 years old (his rising is also Leo but he is Sagittarius) I have 2 Goddaughters of which I baptized in church, my youngest is leaving to Columbia University end of this month, her and my son have the same b-day 12/18. My godson who passed 3/30/21 his bday was 8/10/01. I have never been married, sad thing is somebody asked me one day “what is wrong with you”? RUDE I know. When my son was little I realized I was making bad men choices so I needed to focus on me to figure that out ( I am a work in progress even at 52) and now that my son is older, menopause kicked my butt. In one of your older post I left a comment and your response could not have been more dead on true. I think it was about I have a stellium in Libra and my Diana is in there. My mother passed away Aug 7th 2020. So Jessica basically intimacy is/has been non-existent for a very long time, if you could can you please give me some insight to what this Leo weather has in store for me?
    Have a beautiful evening and Thank you so much for all your wonderful post.

    1. LV you are a Sun Virgo who has Pluto transiting her Fifth House of courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne until March 2023. Then the cycle ends until June, before resuming to fade out of your life as you move towards the mid 2020’s. That will end power and control questions about courtship, which is your concern. Menopause can be an outcome of that. Menopause controls your fertility or your libido, for example. Adult children can also be at the heart of empowerment/disempowerment questions. Again, this ends next March, to be gone forever from the mid 2020’s. This will make a dramatic differences to your dating chances and in fact you could be with someone who is a holiday from reality by 2026.

  12. Hello Jessica, I have Leo rising, the ascendant is at 4 degrees Leo. I think the new moon on 28th was almost conjunct this. What would that tell me? Also, the Mars conjunct Uranus conjunct North node is in my tenth house and is aspecting my natal Saturn (18 degrees Cancer) and my natal Moon (17 degrees Cancer). Venus is also conjunct my natal Saturn at the same time. This all happens in my 12th house. Again, what should I be looking out for? It all makes me a bit nervous as to whether I might have shocks or surprises due.

    1. Saturn at 18 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, apartment, household, town, country and house is the story here. The Ascendant is the least important part of the chart. The Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction is in Taurus in your Second House, not your Tenth House and it makes an exact sextile to natal Saturn, at the same time that the South Node makes an exact trine from Scorpio. So you were born with the need to structure your home life or family life with great care and caution, because you’ve been shown how vulnerable you can feel. People tend to under-defend Saturn and deny it, or over-defend Saturn and weigh themselves down. The global story is about economic shock. That is the exact translation of Uranus-Mars in Taurus along a Taurus-Scorpio opposition. The shockwaves will reach your shore, as they will everybody’s – and challenge you to change the way you think about (say) a mortgage, or a lease, or property prices. This may involve a relative or someone at home. The Moon is just one degree away, as you know, at 17 Cancer, also in the Fourth House of home, family, town, country. To be born with a Moon-Saturn conjunction is to understand how many walls, barriers, defences, drawbridges and moats need to go up, where the relatives or the home is concerned. You have very good reasons for that, stretching back to childhood or adolescence. Now that you have constructed that, perhaps psychologically, maybe in practical ways – the astrological weather will test it for strength. It either serves you or it doesn’t, so the passing electrical storm will reveal if you need to ‘renovate’ (perhaps literally) or even find a replacement. Uranus transits liberate you from situations or people which would have confined you long-term. Uranus is a symbol of independence and although it is disruptive, there is also new freedom on offer that was missing before.

  13. Hi Jessica, thank you for another interesting read. Looking at my birth chart I have 3 factors in Leo and one of them stand out to me, (Mars) as it is in this rare triple conjunction we have at the moment and my ruler planet is Venus as well. Would you please be able to give me more insight on what’s in store for me during this Leo weather or in general? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You have a whopping Virgo and Libra stellium so live in your Sixth House and Seventh House for much of the time. I don’t work with ruling planets. The main story here is not the Leo weather, it is understanding that any Virgo transit in your Sixth House of work, lifestyle and health will always alter the shape of your job, unpaid work, academic career and wellbeing. Any Libra transit in your Seventh House of duets and duels will also change the way you balance the scales with your other half, or against the other side. This begins in a small way from the final week of August when the Sun enters Virgo and continues from the final week of September into the third week of October when the Sun goes through Libra. The really big changes in your life only happen when the slow-moving outer planets or nodes go through Virgo, Libra and that’s a fair way up ahead; you are waiting for Jupiter with all his opportunities and solutions to go into Virgo, Libra, and that’s the late 2020’s – but it will transform your existence.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the posted article! I have Jupiter, Proserpina and South Node in Leo and I feel that Leo weather will be important for me in terms of relationships and also in terms of my career, maybe professional travel, but not quite sure what does this means for me. If you can provide some guidance it will really help me.
    All the best!

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio and Capricorn stellium so you live in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, but also in your Tenth House of success and status. The Leo weather is not about either; it is about courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne. What makes the biggest difference to you is 2023 when the South Node leaves Scorpio in July, after Pluto leaves Capricorn in March. Next year is the beginning of the end of some old patterns with finance, houses, apartments, career and your status in life. By 2024 you will no longer have to repeat familiar ways of handling those and will be in a different situation. A cycle which dominated 2008-2023 is behind you then and the disappearance of the South Node in Scorpio will remove the ongoing financial or property questions involving a sexual relationship or family relationship. Professional travel? Read the science. Listen to the doctors and epidemiologists.

  15. I’m been very much on edge about the current conjunction for the world and also my relationship/home that also seems on the cusp of change. I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship with a partner and we have a 9-year-old. I wanted to leave at the end of 2019 and should have listened to my intuition. We would have moved across the country to grandparents, a long plane trip. I also didn’t have income at the time. And then Covid made it risky to travel, and still is, so there’s that barrier.
    But in 2021 my brother died unexpectedly and I was given finances that would allow a move. My partner doesn’t know about this money. I kept thinking Covid numbers would go down and it’d be safer to travel with my child.
    But also in the last few months my partner quit his job and his verbal abuse and threats have escalated. He is stressed from savings running out and job prospects are few. I know I could step in and help, but that would then take away money I was planning on using to move. Everything external with inflation and money is mirroring my situation. He would have to find a job by Oct. 1 because our apartment lease is ending. He is paranoid, he has kept my child and I isolated and we’ve barely left the house even for walks.
    I’ve listened to many interpretations of the current conjunction and there is talk of individually being released from situations that no longer serve us. I just am worried that with my hidden money and my partner needing income that something will go wrong there. That uncertainly and potential for explosiveness is what is in the back of my mind and I’m trying to be calm and respond calmly.
    I’m Aries Sun, (11th House) Gemini Rising, Virgo Moon. I have Leo in the 3rd house. (6° 12′)

    1. Your brother looked after you and left you the money to escape an abusive partner and take your child with you. This is a situation for the police. Have you telephoned them? You are an Aries Sun and will sort this out by July 2023 at the very latest. Why? You have the transiting North Node in Taurus in your Second House of personal income and transiting South Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. So this is the time; you have not had this cycle for 19 years and won’t have it again for another 19 years. Telephone for help and source the web for organisations that help women in your situation. You need to get the tools and support to go. The Tarot on this website is free to use and can help you. Just follow the steps. One way or another you can and will sort this out by July 2023 but you need the best backing you can find. It’s out there for you, pick up the phone. I don’t know where you live, but in Britain I would suggest the Samaritans first as they have excellent access to wide, free resources for women with emotionally abusive partners and children who are vulnerable. Ask your brother in spirit for help, too – that money was meant for you and the child.

  16. Hi Jessica, I am a new member and love reading your articles and horoscopes. I’m an Aries and have only two markers in Leo. I tend to worry or am fearful of everything. My mom died two years ago and ever since then my worrying has increased. I know she’s watching over me, but I continue to stress about everything. My Libra husband, thank goodness is a positive thinker as I tend to be cynical. Why am I constantly fearful? Is there anything in my chart regarding my childhood that is making me feel this way? Money and being alone are my biggest fears.

    1. Thank you. That is very kind of you. You have anxiety syndrome. Worry and fear are a physical condition dressed up. You lost your mum, which has been very hard for you – and you have developed a reaction involving your parasympathetic nervous system. Please find the work of Dr. Claire Weekes. Some of it is free. Read the testimonials from people if you are curious. Her work cures anxiety syndrome. You are strongly Pisces and live in your Twelfth House so you can communicate with the spirit world. You need to learn the rules about balancing your chakra system and closing down your aura otherwise you will be picking up all the static from the invisible world. Linda Williamson is the authority on that. Books by both women should be in your local library with any luck or you can pick them up secondhand on eBay. Pisces rules mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, religion, God, Buddha, therapy, self-help and the unseen. You live there. Living there requires rules, the same as if you were scuba diving. So find the rules from Linda Williamson and then use Claire Weekes to tackle what is essentially a physical problem. Your doctor should also be your first port of call if you’ve not been there already. I’m not seeing any evidence of problems in your chart but I am seeing 2023, 2024, 2025 as the challenge to change on the inside. Saturn goes over your Pisces stellium then and you will work very hard on sorting out your head, soul and spirit and if you do it patiently, with the right support, will get rid of anxiety.

  17. Always such a delight to read your work. We in August we nearly at the end of the year.
    But this should be a interesting month good and bad. I feel like their is going to be happening in India, something not good. What do you think. I also hope that people will not take any actions in their own hands towards the judges in the USA,

    I just feel unease’s. But I am not physic. I just sense things.
    I would like to know what you can tell me about August and September for me. I just been going through some really difficult things. Will there be any good offers coming towards me.

    Do you think Australia will closed its borders again

    Stay warm and safe. ❤️

    1. If you are psychic then use the Tarot and Astrology Oracle and the Garden Oracle to validate the chart. You have opportunities for success or solutions to overcome barriers to your success, until October, then from January to May 2023. As for politics, Australian states individually will control borders in a new deal from 2025, with an overhaul from 2026 and many will choose to finally manage tourists and business travellers. America will move against gay marriage by 2023.

  18. Hi Jessica, another fabulous read! I have to say your Pisces horoscopes have been so on point for me – spiritually and physically. July was a real watershed moment where it felt like major issues from previous lifetimes came up for air and it was like living in parallel universes!! I also had full on physical symptoms (and the flu!) alongside this. In short, a really uncomfortable time! I now feel like the adrenaline rush is over but I’m wondering when the relief might come? I can feel that I’ve taken a spiritual leap or up-level and doing more in service to universe/spirit is where I’m headed… I have read that March 2023 is the turning point for my 12th house – is there anything else in my chart that might be coming into play with all this? Thank you for all your insights and wisdom 🙂 Lauren

    1. Thank you so much. March 2023 finds Pluto out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, which is the turning point for your social life, friendships and group commitments, Lauren. You have had Pluto in your solar Eleventh House of allies and circles of people, since 2008. You have been dominated at times, either by people or circumstance. Pushed and pulled and led around. You have learned how to counter that with willpower and self-control and March 2023 is the sign-off. The new world, dominating the Twenties and Thirties, is about finding a powerful part to play for/through a group of individuals who collectively find success through unity. It can be a swimming group who hit the ocean or a political organisation. As you are strongly Aquarian you will find your inner Yoko Ono and your own Plastic Ono Band or Beatles, from March 2023.

  19. Hi Jessica, I have very few Leo factors (Apollo and Fortuna) and am not quite sure how the Leo weather in this cycle will affect me. I own a small retail / creative business and the last few months have been quite unsettling and unpredictable. Focusing right now on getting ducks in a row and preparing for the October – December cycle you’ve mentioned previously and hoping that is a busier time. Wondering if you might be so kind as to look at my chart to see what this cycle and the next holds business wise for me? I thank you so much for your informative posts each day.

    1. The Leo Weather is about courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne, so unless your business involves them, it isn’t relevant here. You sound as if you’re not getting the income; that’s a Taurus-Scorpio matter and the big stretch lasts for another year, until the nodes are out of Taurus and Scorpio in July 2023. I’ll repeat, though, you will save money (or make it) October-December 2022 so do what you can with that.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Leo sun and Venus here. Going through changes in job and personal relations this week. Can you tell me what else you see with this Leo weather? Thank you!

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere. You are going to reshape your career and it shows in both your natal and solar chart. Thank you.

    1. I don’t have AA-rated data for the Taiwan president and ever since the dreadful experience of Donald Trump and his birth data (he contradicted himself twice) I no longer rely on any politician’s chart unless it’s Rodden reliable. Lois Rodden, of course, setting the benchmark for trustworthy dates, times and places. I did file a prediction about Taiwan and China some months ago. Search Taiwan to see. And China!

  21. Wow. Very interesting!
    The comment: “You lose and gain, in a repeated way, as a parent, godparent or relative to younger people in August 2022–I’d read before of unforeseen losses (Uranus in Taurus, lovely Pluto and Chiron stuff.) and that makes me worry about loved ones, because that’s the only loss that I think would hurt. Then I read about this possibly being about kids growing up and having their own relationships and oh that makes me happy! That must be the thing–my children are grown and the youngest is in newly in a serious relationship. I’m sort of an orphan–had nearly no parental involvement once I left home at 17 so I’ve been almost “watching” my relationships with my sons and their partners. It is a strange, but lovely thing. We are much more involved than my family was with me–and it is delightful. So…if they move on to good relationships of their own–that’s wonderful!

  22. Hello Jessica. I don’t have a Leo stellium – however, my MC is in Leo. Is this meant to be my highest achievement in life? I have 5 wonderful children (now in their 20s and 30s), and whilst I certainly feel that this HAS been my highest achievement in life, they are all off now – no one within 100 km of me, and some a lot, lot further! – and my vision of a future surrounded by children and grandchildren, the family home filled with dinners and lunches and visits has not materialised, and is extremely unlikely to ever do so. The reasons for this are way too much to go into here. So I’m not sure if the life I had led up until 10 years ago is the one I was meant to have! I’m not sure if that person is who I am, and I have to invent something new for myself, or whether all of that just ‘happened’ to me, and now I am having to find my true self – is ‘past me’ the real one, or is ‘future me’ the real one?

    1. Yes, your MC (Midheaven) in Leo in the Fifth House shows your highest achievement. You have five adult children who are your pinnacle of accomplishment. Jupiter goes into Leo around 2026 and there will be grandchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews or another young court. As to who you are, you are a Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries type who inhabits her Eighth House, Tenth House and First House for most of the time. It is important that you have a role (paid or unpaid) where you can find the status and success you need. It should involve you being upfront, in the front lines of life and pushing forward. You are pre-retirement age so perhaps you are involved with that kind of life now. I doubt you’ll ever retire from wanting to be at the top of a mountain. If your old Everest does not satisfy you then you may find a new one. You will change your look to your advantage by October or from January to May 2023 and that will make a bigger difference to you than you realised.

  23. Thank you, Jessica, for the work you do! Your guidance has been so very helpful.

    Like so many others, this has been such a hard 2 years. My home and other property has been destroyed because of unscrupulous people and I am now involved in lawsuits. I am tired and it all seems never ending. I have also started transitioning my business over the next few years to younger people and although that process is having mostly good results, I worry that they don’t have the necessary skills to keep things going. I have a stellium in Leo – and Virgo too; I have some nervousness that everything in both areas is going to get even harder over the next few months. Do you have any insights for me?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo with a Leo, Virgo, Capricorn stellium. You live in your Fifth, Sixth and Tenth houses for most of the time. Your home and property was caught by the cycle of the South Node in Sagittarius in the Fourth House of your solar chart. You will make or save rather a lot of money by October and then again from January-May so will feel compensated by the universe. You already seeing some of that with the business transition. The younger people in the business are crucial. You are here to fulfil your Leo stellium mission. You are Queen to a younger court. Robin Hood needed Maid Marian. You are Maid Marian. Quite possibly taking from the rich to give to the poor, if we were to put it in an extreme way. Levelling up anyway and making a difference. These people need to be trained, guided, mentored and led by you. August, September require deal-making and compromise with them and you may need a King or Prince to help you run things with these pretenders to your throne. The Virgo stellium is a reminder that you need to research a replacement lifestyle, right now, so that it is ready to go from March 2023. The replacement lifestyle will be based on the best scientific, medical and epidemiological evidence you can find. It will involve food, drink, exercise and good mental health – relaxation, hypnosis, meditation. Pandemic control has to be central, of course. Put the replacement lifestyle together with the things which are already working very well for you and start adding. This will help you enormously in 2023, 2024, 2025. March 2023 is a turning point. The endless questions about power and control in your career stop. By the mid 2020’s you will be far more interested in your lifestyle and work-life balance than you are in being successful and staying successful. When Jupiter goes into Leo and your natal Fifth House around 2026 all your little princes and princesses will reward you many times over for your efforts.

  24. Hi Jessica, thanks again for your insights. I have 8 factors in leo and am into my 3rd month teaching part-time online. I have long term plans which include teaching children over the coming months. Could you please look at my chart and let me know how this may affect me. Many thanks and for all your hard work .. J.

    1. You are a classic teacher with a big Leo stellium and are Queen to a younger court. Perhaps more like First Lady actually. They used to call President Kennedy’s wife in the White House ‘Queen Jacqueline’. You are here to set an example, tutor, mentor and steer the ship even in choppy waters. What you achieve with one girl in particular by September resonates for years and there will be a karmic reward around 2026.

  25. Dear Jessica,

    I have stellium in Leo – Saturn, Juno, Venus, Apollo, Vulcano and Aesculapia. I have no children. I work as a HR consultant and I have different projects in this field, but none typically with or for young generation.

    Can you tell me please in which way I can experience this Leo weather?

    Thank you!

    1. You’ll have the chance for a fling or reconciliation with a man who has children or wants them by September at the very latest, but there are pros and cons. You don’t say if you are married or in a common law marriage or dating. That makes it hard for me. If you *are* then the issue is that man and the pair of you must sort out the parenthood issue by September.

  26. hi Jessica, happy belated birthday,

    I knew you would have another amazing blog post! Thank you, and for your readers and all your kind replies which give me many insights. I have a stellium in Leo, my child too. I have a lightweight question, compared to some others..

    I have been feeling anxious and liberated in turns about recent missteps. e.g. I just asked to go part time from overwhelm at work, and realise our mortgage is about to double!

    Should I be feeling optimistic about my finances and career? With Mars Retrograde around the corner, should i be thinking about seeking out new work just yet?

    Thank you once again Jessica, and to your team.

    1. Thank you. You’ve gone part-time, cut your income and now your mortgage is set to double. This is why I publish predictions a year before they happen
      …and that was date-stamped to financial and property shocks on 2nd August. Okay so you need to get to work again. As a Sun Sagittarius you are in the ‘freedom and independence’ work cycle until 2026 but also in the ‘intense finance’ cycle until March 2023. You can find other work options which pay you, but keep your liberty for you, and the time to do that is now. You will find your dream job May 2023 to May 2024 or dream project.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I have only two planets in Leo, one at 3 degrees (Apollo) and 29 degrees (descendent). I’ve felt like the descendant may be the more prominent one. Does this mean that I look at potential partners for their potential as a father? I’d be grateful for any insights you have on the coming weather.
    Love and light, Fishie

    1. If your birth time is precise then your Leo Descendant suggests the men who have the greatest influence on your single or married status, your surname change, perhaps, are father figures or actual fathers. Kings to a younger court. A decision about a potential King (or previous/present King) brings a crossroads in August and final choice in September. Thank you.

  28. Thank you for the article. I have my ascendant in Leo as well as Venus, Saturn, Panacea, Ops, Proserpina and Apollo. There is alot going on personally more than professionally, but I “feel” things are changing- any guidance based on my natal chart?

    1. You have a Leo stellium and will make your final decision by September. It is hard to say more because you don’t say if you are straight, gay, married, single, child-free or a parent. And that’s what Leo weather is all about.

  29. Dear Jessica, I think my question is off-topic so please forgive me. But I was watching the Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan live on TV, China’s sabre rattling and the general unease across the world at the latest, potential war-like situation. Taiwan is important as it makes most of the world’s semiconductors. Do you see this changing with other Asian countries such as India becoming home to chip manufacturing? I remember an old post of yours where you had mentioned the shifting power dynamics thanks to not only Covid, but also politics.

    Also, I find it strange that South India continues to be a powerhouse for both software as well as high tech manufacturing- such as semiconductors. Considering it’s a poor country, the pool of high skilled professionals is huge. In my 50-plus years, I have seen the most remarkable, unlikely movement towards tech in the country, especially in the South. Currently, in my city, cash is hardly used – nearly everyone, poor or rich, uses online wallets even for small payments. I keep thinking that for a society so mired in tradition and spirituality, how come anything to do with IT, works so well? Is it an astrological thing?

    Again, sorry for being off-topic but semiconductors, software, artificial intelligence, are the new triggers for potential economic collapse – or growth. The latest fracas in Taiwan has the potential to pull our world into a bigger mess . Would love your insights. Thank you!!

    1. I have had a few questions about China and Taiwan. If you search China and Taiwan you will find the most recent astrology predictions. Yes, we are at risk of war from China in 2023, when the nodes go into Aries and Libra the signs of war and peace. These precede Neptune in Aries from 2026 so we have to be vigilant about what is fair, just, legal and the rest – with China. I’ve also filed on India, so a quick hop on Search should show you very long-term predictions using the charts which work best for all those countries. I am not sure if you are in Australia but this country will have an ICAC with teeth in March to June 2023 (an Independent Commission Against Corruption) which will find evidence of Chinese money laundering through property and land purchase in Australia with the full consent and knowledge of politicians. The universities have been used as safe havens to harbour Chinese interests. Thats all 101 astrology, using the old Australian chart. The corruption has been endemic since January 2008.

  30. thank you Jessica. it must be a bit frustrating for you when we miss these mid to long term forecasts. I’ve been burnt a few times and now look for your updates daily! I might have a year or 2 of catching up to do. thank you!

    1. Thank you. There is a great deal of content on here so I don’t expect you to find it all; it’s good to backtrack though to see the original full predictions.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your generosity. I have a whopping 7 factors in Leo and feel this will be a significant month. I recently moved back to Australia after many years overseas and have enjoyed living with my son again. He’s struggled with finding his career path and after a few false starts he’s finally happy in his current studies. He’s moving out in a couple weeks (wants to be independent) and I’ll miss him dearly. I’m wondering what this all means for me and whether I’ll be able to find my own feet in Australia after many years away.

    Warm regards

    1. Lisa, the Leo weather is about your son and he is doing a Leo weather thing – moving out. You will find your own feet in August, September partly through him and his friends, actually. There is space for courtship in your life by September; it would be a first step in a little waltz.

  32. Thank you very much Jessica for your answer. I am in relationship for 20 years and we don ´t have a children. We tried all some years ago and without success. We don ´t think about adoption, etc. I can say we left the idea to have a child, so that is why I sent you my question. I have really big stellium in Leo, I have no idea seeing my current life, in which way this Leo weather can be manifested.

    1. Yes, you have a huge stellium in Leo in the Fifth House and that’s not unusual with infertility. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea how the Leo weather can deliver for you; the universe has endless ideas. Sometimes you are asked to babysit a neighbour’s child who becomes close to you. And sometimes you are asked to take a trustee role on the board of a school. Leo is Queen to a younger court, any way it comes, thus ‘pretenders’ to a throne as well as heirs. August has not even started; you have two months.

  33. Dear Jessica,
    I have all the three, North Node Uranus and Mars, in Scorpio in my birth chart and they are all lined up in Taurus now. Does this have any significance? My partner (04.03.76) and I had a major showdown right at the beginning of July. That episode has left me devastated and completely heartbroken. We have had no communication since then….I was hoping to break the ice but I am scared that I may end my hurting myself further. Does this Leo season suggest any hope/an opportunity for reconciliation?

    1. You were born with Saturn at 15 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne. I am sorry you have broken up with your partner and are not speaking. You want to know if you can get back together. Hard to say without the other chart in front of me (time, place, date of birth) but if we’re only looking at you, this entire break-up is connected to your future as a parent (or not). So it’s not about him it’s about the children you are/are not going to have. And that brings in stepchildren too. You might want to look at that with the Tarot and do a bit of deeper thinking about you. You don’t say if you already have children or not; I assume not as you don’t mention that. You can begin a discussion with him any time. You have some karma to complete with him, or he with you, and that is the case until July 2023 actually. There needs to be some closure for you, either with him, if you were together 18 or 19 years ago, or with another person/situation from around that time. The karma has boomeranged back now, with this March-born man. So you may as well try to talk and set about finishing what you started, karmically, a long time ago. You owe, or are owed, and it would have been about a partner then too.

  34. Thank you for all the perspective you provide. I have Pluto, Apollo and Cupido in Leo, and Leo season has already broken loose some roadblocks in my life. My publisher’s giving me the option of choosing a date to release my latest book as early as this month (!) or sometime this fall. Are there any dates that look particularly good or times I should avoid?

    1. If the book is for children or teenagers, or romance (all Leo matters) release it before August 20th for the best astrological results. Thank you.

  35. Hi Jessica

    I have a Leo stellium – descendant, sun, vulcano, Cupido – am 43, single – very keen to find a long term partner.

    I recently met an industry colleague for a job (10 th april, 1972), known him for 15 years in passing – and all of a sudden we meet & wham – loads of chemistry & attraction.

    We went out a couple of times & around the eclipse in mid May – we spent the evening together ( but no sex). I am soo attracted to him – & Equally I think he is to me.

    he is married & does not wish to leave his wife – kids are 21 & 18 so don’t understand why if he is unhappy (he tried 5 years ago; separated but was unable to). We tried staying away after, recently met for a drink & again – the chemistry was sizzling – nothing happened – though he wants it to – no promises though.

    The issue is if a role were to come up – this is the company I want to work for & he would be my boss – he has made it clear he will not hire me in light of the events which have passed. There are very few roles in my industry since it’s so niche. I am presently unemployed.

    I find this highly unfair on one hand & hoping if enough time passes – I can be considered.

    on the other when we meet
    ( I am consulting so he is on the other side of the table) – can’t avoid seeing him – the chemistry Is electric – all reasoning out of the window – very unlike me – I have never felt like this ever before.

    I know this won’t end well – I should be practical – I recently read one of the comments u had written – Saturn in the 7th brings challenges such as married men trapped in loveless marriages & I was like wow! This is kinda my situation.

    I am also worried cause you had said decisions leo make now will impact them for years to come – what would be the best way to handle this situation – do u foresee him leaving his marriage ever? Or alternatively, if I manage to put this away – say early next year when roles come up – me being considered for a role in the company? It’s such a lose lose situation I have gotten myself into – complicated & messy – a forced compromise with Ceres looming made me wonder how this could apply to my situation.

    Thanks in advance for your response .. given the fix I am in I really would appreciate how to make sense of all of this.

    Thank you again

    1. Thank you. Yes, I did write Saturn transiting the solar Seventh House of marriage, adultery, divorce and separation would bring challenges. You have found yourself a married man. Run don’t walk. You are pursuing him with Saturn still in this 29-year cycle and it will end in tears. You will not want to hear that. If he is any sort of man he will leave the marriage when Saturn exits your Seventh House in March 2023 and Pluto moves in. If he’s gone by then, and single by June (the end of that first Pluto cycle) then of course the path is open. If he won’t leave the marriage then there is another man for you after March 2023. You two could become part of a power couple. Do I sound like a bossy astrologer? That is because I’ve seen so many readers over the years get stuck in horrible situations. I repeat. Run don’t walk. And honestly, you should know better. Think of his wife.

  36. Jessica, I have three factors in Leo ASC 14° Leo 38′ 16″ Minerva 24° Leo 42′ 57″ Cupido 13° Leo 14′ 31″ I don’t have children and I don’t have sexual partner either. Is my fifth house empty and will I ever have a partner… What does Leo weather means for me? Will it bring me important relationships or partnership or something else? Thank you for this article and your feedback. Always greatfull.

    1. Your Fifth House is tenanted by your Ascendant, Minerva and Cupido in Leo. You don’t need to be a mother at all to live out the Leo Queen story. In fact you have been Queen to a younger court since you were a teenager. Leading, guiding and setting an example to younger people is very common, as a school captain, prefect, monitor – or just asked to look after much younger cousins or less mature siblings. You will play this role again in quite a special way when Jupiter goes into Leo in the mid 2020’s. So you may draw closer to a godchild, for example, or marry a divorcee with grown-up children. It is also common for Fifth House/Leo stellium people to take long breaks between lovers. The Queen does not find a King every day of the week. So relax. This Leo weather now until the end of September is about updating and stocktaking about existing pretenders, heirs or spares to your throne (so, younger godchildren or perhaps interns/work experience placements – maybe, a Millennial marketplace). It is also about assessing a dating prospect. You may decide yes, no or maybe. Cupido needs a look too. Read more about Cupido from your flipbook library.

  37. Thank you so much Jessica! You are not being bossy at all! Rather confirming something I know instinctively but want to believe otherwise! Yes I intend to (run not walk ) . Have a great birthday month! Sending lots of love & light !

    1. I am glad you are running not walking. Thank you. I feel very lucky to have had a birthday that began on 25th July and was still going on 7th August. Your relationships work out, long-term, just sidestep this odd episode.

  38. Straight, single mother of two. I was in a great relationship for over a year that suddenly ended

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a Leo, Libra, Sagittarius stellium. I am so sorry that your relationship ended suddenly. This was and is about the children. This cycle for you as a mother began in 2008 and has been a real stretch. In fact your life is unrecognisable given where you were pre-2008. You have learned a lot about self-control and willpower and even when you get difficulties (like this break-up) that does not stop you being ever more empowered. In March 2023 there will be a huge turning point involving the children and you will realise ‘That was then, this is now’ and see the light at the end of the tunnel. No more politics with people, about them – or even with them – actually. You have found out how powerful you are because of all you have been through with sexual relationships and also parenthood, in 2008-2022 and will make the second big change or have it made for you, next March. You will make the peace with your former partner; reconcile or find a potential new partner – Halloween through Christmas 2022. You can ask the Tarot to shed more light on that but you will have good choices then and make great decisons.

  39. Well I wonder, since Leo rules actors, entertainment, etc. Would something in this LEO weather be what is coming down hard on Warner Bros. And how is the WB Chart tied into Amber Heard and Ezra Miller’s charts? Since they are the two biggest points of conetntion for them. These two have pretty much demolished two of their biggest franchises with their shenanigans. Warner Bros has also just cancelled Batgirl. I wonder if they need they money from that film to cover the other two? Whatever is going on its a nightmare for sure!

    1. Leo rules entertainment for children and teenagers, that includes adults. So, not films per se. Amber Heard is not for children. Batgirl definitely is for children, and that is where Warner Brothers segues with Leo weather. By late September the studios will have made some dramatic decisions about films, based on their parental guidance classifications and the suitability of particular casts.

  40. Hi Jessica, I have four aspects in Leo and have been trying for a baby for quite some time.. Does this transit bode well for this theme in my life?

    1. You will know where you stand by the end of September. Long-term, you will be delighted with an heir or pretender to the throne (child, adopted child, stepchild, godchild) in 2026. So have fun with the process. Relax and see where life takes you, but it’s going to lead to your role as Queen to a younger court as Jupiter in Leo forms a slow conjunction with your Leo stellium as you go into the mid 2020’s and beyond.

  41. hi Jessica, my 7 y.o. son has Leo at 7° in Sun, 7 Diana, 11 Hygeia, 16 Mercury, 27 Jupiter, 26 Cupido and 20 Apollo. he has Ceres at 0 Aquarius. his father has Leo at 25° Sun, 8 Uranus and 29 Pluto, Saturn at 7 Sagittarius. Looking at how my chart interacts with theirs, would you please advise if I should be getting more or less involved in how we parent our child? I was the one who had wanted children, have compromised to have just one but often feel like the outsider. I am worried about my child’s behaviour but unsure if I help or hinder his development due to conflicting philosophies with my spouse and the pressure I might put on him for being an only child.
    I would be very grateful for your advice. (I use the Tarot, but go round in circles with interpretation when it comes to family matters. I am told by readers that I have psychic or intuitive abilities. If I do, I am not allowing it to come through.) thank you.

    1. Thank you. You are dominated by Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra, Leo stelliums and are a Sun Sagittarius. You will fix the issues with your child successfully by October, even if it feels as if you are going backwards. It can feel like winning a race, but running backwards. This will change just after Christmas, and January-May 2023 rewards you for all your work as a parent now. Solutions will appear for and through your child. You differ with your son’s father, and the little boy is only seven so still growing up. Most of the heavy compromising will happen between now and late September, and from around Halloween to Christmas, you will find other family members come in to help. So approach sympathetic relatives on either side; they can assist you. January-May 2023 is a stunning cycle for parenthood and that’s when you’ll find the resources and solutions you need. Try The Garden Oracle and follow the steps.

  42. Hello Jessica and kind greetings from Germany!
    Thank you very much for the interesting article! I have a lot of markers in Leo. It would be great if you could please tell me, what the Leo weather has in store for me?! I have a very close realtionship to my daughter (only child) although she is living in London – far away from me. She is a real Aquarius .-) The relationship to her husband, who is Pisces, is getting better – sometimes I feel a bit sad, because he is not so heartfelt. Thank you very much!!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with a big Leo stellium and Scorpio too, so you were made for marriage. The heir to your throne is your daughter. You are picking up on the tension with her husband, which is showing up for both of them via the ongoing questions about their apartment, house, town and/or country. This will result in action for both of them by early 2023, but September does begin a long period of tension for him, as he will want to get moving on either the property, the place they are in, or even the issue of children. I suspect it may be about children for her too. Try not to get involved. There are questions for you with the whole family about who or what is in control and unless you want to spend a lot of time on people politics you’ll avoid getting into a tussle over who/what has the power. You are Queen and she was your princess baby, and it can be very tempting to try and lead/rule/govern even when the princess is an adult. However, there would be issues if you did. The situation eases up hugely in March 2023 for all of you. You will have a new role, paid or unpaid, from May 2023 to May 2024 which is a true calling and will make you very happy.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Today is my birthday. Coincidentally after looking at the Current Planetary Positions, it is interesting to discover that that many of the planetary positions are resembling my natal chart positions. Is this significant for my birthday this year? Is there a reflection and relaunch process that I should begin today?
    Thank you for providing your insights and wisdom to my astrological learnings!

    1. Happy Birthday! You are a Sun Leo with a big Leo, Taurus, Scorpio stellium. Your chart is in fact being triggered by transits in those three signs. This is about your house, money, apartment, business, charity, valuables. You will make or save a lot of money from Halloween to Christmas 2022. Later on, from March 2023, right through 2024 and 2025, you will have serious decisions to make about joint finance or property. Save or wisely invest as much as you can at the final quarter of 2022 (so, for example, you may want to re-invest any money you save or make, back into a business, or get rid of a debt). You are fixed by nature, don’t change easily, and have those three fixed signs to thank for that. Despite this, the challenge with your career is ‘unfix the fixed’ in 2022-2026. If you have not already found a new career path, or a second sideline, then it will be there in front of you by May 2023 and in fact could be a huge success for you by May 2024. Do as much research as you can on business and finance, because things will change overnight until 2026 and you need to be on the edge of knowledge to take advantage of that. Just knowing what is going on out there, with this pandemic (which does not go away) and inflation, until July 2023, can really help you figure out sensible moves. Use the Tarot to help yourself. But – this looks like a massive life budget shift, long-term, in your total favour.

  44. Hello Jessica,
    You are an intriguing person who obviously is passionate about what you teach and I thank you for providing your teaching.
    I am a little confused at the moment because I have always adopted the rising sign first.

    Since learning from you, I have to look at a rather large stellium of the 5th house. My partner and I are of retirement age with 3 children from his previous marriage and 3 children from my previous marriage. We are in the process of selling up and semi retirement but we both want different things now. My partner is Aquarius.
    Now, here we are trying to wind down.. we have sold our property with a 2 + settlement. Is there any insight you can offer to assist us for our future plans? I thank you in advance Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the house systems commonly taught in astrology put the Rising Sign or Ascendant on the cusp of the First House. I did that for years until an epiphany, when I realised that the Natural House System would put the Rising Sign into any of the 12 houses of the zodiac. I tested over 30 house systems using Solar Fire chart software, using the war as the test. The only house system that panned out with date-stamped accuracy was Natural House so I have used it ever since. Using this house system you end up with a big Leo stellium in the Fifth House of heirs and pretenders to the throne. Sure enough you have three stepchildren and three of your own children (his stepchildren). You and your Aquarian partner want different things for the future. You will both sort this out with a compromise by the end of September 2022. You will agree to share the control and may need to share your time differently, or organise parenthood differently. By 2026 he will want quite radical changes with his home life and be opting for far more freedom and independence. Domestic routine and bolted-on security won’t actually work for him; your partner is in a cycle when to feel liberated and have room to move, at home, is the key to everything. As a Sun Aries you are going through a similar cycle, financially, and having sold the property, you are now in a position to do your ‘life budget’ accounting very differently. You will make or save money from May 2023 to May 2024 and until 2026 will move towards liberating yourself from situations which kept you confined, with business, finance, charity, valuables or property. So for both of you this is a huge shift. I expect what the pair of you agree to differ on, by late September, will involve one or more of the children. The new deal will enhance your lives even if it means parking some feelings at the door, to get to a clear result.

  45. Hello Ms. Adams,
    I became a JA- member, finally, because you are a terrific writer of astrology topics. Perhaps you could give me a little incite into my next few months. I am a female of retirement age 22/08/1960, born in Newark NJ, USA at 17:25.

    I have a new position in the beauty industry (part-time). This is a silly-dream come true because I have nearly always followed the traditional route to careers: corporate, education, service, manufacturing etc. I am old enough to be everyone’s mother on the team, AND from different racial background. So far (3-weeks) everyone has been kind to me. Maybe I am paranoid, but what on earth are the star’s doing with me this late in the game of life? Will this be a short-lived hobby, or could a cute-career develop? What will develop between my manager (female, I think she may be a Libra/Scorpio, born in Texas?) and myself professionally.

    I have experienced inevitable jealousy from former employers in the past, and I will avoid it, if possible.

    Thanks for any advice.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Leo with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work and wellbeing. You have done all the right things by tuning into the astrology and finding a part-time beauty industry job. You are a 1960 baby who should be winding down but instead you are winding up. You will go even higher from May 2023 with a promotion or a second job/course which is prestigious, sought-after and very special. It’s a career development involving this original beauty role, but in a bigger way, or you may decide to switch again and be very excited with what comes your way. You will find success is freedom, space, independence and room to move – right up until 2026. So part-time suits you fine. You will find that new technology plays a part in what happens, so cutting-edge inventions and innovations, maybe online, or just plugged into high-tech. Enjoy it.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    I only have Vesta and Uranus in Leo. Will this affect me at all?

    I am separating from my husband and have a new partner but because of many challenges with Saturn its been very slow getting sorted. My son has also caused challenges for me too, which are now slowly getting on track. He means the world to me.

    You mentioned courtship, my new partner has not been well and avoids intimacy now but I feel it is part of a relationship and would like it back, my relationship with him would be perfect then but he avoids the subject when I talk to him about it.

    Thanks Jessica for listening, all through my life I have never had what | truly want from life.

    1. Yes, Vesta and Uranus in Leo in your Fifth House of courtship are textbook examples of a separation and new partner, in Leo weather. So is your son. The Fifth House rules your heirs to the throne. Your new partner is avoiding sex, having been unwell. You will find your way through this issue by late September and there will be a compromise. It may be half-and-half which is often the case with Ceres in Leo; so you’ll reach a fair agreement about how to play it together. Uranus in Leo usually offers freedom and independence to everybody including you. At the time it feels disruptive and not what you want. Later on you realise you were being offered liberty from something or someone quite restrictive. So as much as you’d probably like a quiet life try to step back from your new partner and your son and see that you are being untethered. You can use the Tarot to give you more personal guidance; just follow the steps.

  47. Dear Jessica.
    Apologies for asking again but is it the right time to selling my two properties in Spain. I have accepted an offer on one and hesitant about selling the second as we have a lovely tenant but there paying very low rent and worried Spain will go into recession. Still not recovered its value since 2003
    My wife is also keen to move house in UK but prices are very high and have suggested we look and building
    Can you give me any advice as im at a crossroad and not which direction to go have made many bad decisions when my first wife passed away.
    If you could find the time to look at my chart it would be very much appreciated.
    Totally fascinated since joining and very spiritual.
    Thanking you in advance.

    1. You are in your best cycle for saving or making money from around Halloween to Christmas Eve, so you may as well start the process and see where it takes you. You are a Sun Leo with Jupiter (luck, abundance) going into Pisces and your solar Eighth House of joint property and finance, from the end of October to the end of December. At Cancer 12, 21, 23 you have a firm pattern in the sign of houses and apartments, home town and homeland and this will be picked up nicely by Jupiter in Taurus at 12, 21, 23 which commences May 2023 and ends May 2024. So your long-term astrological outlook is rosy, whatever you plan to do. As I don’t have your wife’s chart here a good way to personalise this, is for you to both use the Tarot, the Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle and just follow the steps. In general what happened in that rare Cancer-Taurus-Scorpio pattern as August began, was always going to set people free. The next two weekends will liberate people as they sell their homes (free to go) or buy/rent new places (the freedom of new space). Despite inflation there are pay-offs. You can’t buy freedom.

  48. Oh my gosh I LOVE this weekly horoscope. Well I love all of them but this weeks just really resonated deeply. I have been looking for new property and do feel quite stuck. Nice to know that conditions are in my favor if I pay attention. The thing that really got to me was the bit about clover and that the card was clover. I just took a ton of pictures of clover patches that I kept seeing yesterday. I was pulling my grandson in a wagon around the property of the place my dad stays. Every several steps there were these brilliant green patches of clover, bright green, the greenest I’ve ever seen and they were tightly bunched and little ones. I was really taken with them. I told Nik that they must be grandma’s patches of Luck! Not sure if you have a Farmer’s Almanac in your part of the world but we have 2 here in the US that come out 2x per year. They have really interesting things in there and talk about the moon and planting by the moon, they have several pages of “best dates for” and list things like best days for hair cut, to plant crops, to start a diet, etc. and for each month they list those best dates.They claim these best dates are based upon the astrological passage of the moon. They had a small paragraph in this latest edition about Astronomy v Astrology and one sentence really caught my awareness. It reads; “In astrology the planetary movements do not cause events; rather they explain the path or “flow”, that events tend to follow”. Cheers!!

    1. Thank you. I am glad you found synchronicity with the Clover card in the Lenormand deck this week. The deck was a favourite of Chanel’s and I was introduced to it by Justine Picardie, her biographer. It is surprising how often the card literally shows up. We are in a favourable cycle for apartment and house price reduction. It began with that rare Cancer-Taurus-Scorpio line-up as August started. This weekend and next weekend of August 13th, 14th and especially August 20th and 21st will see a lot of happy new home-owners and also delighted sellers. The Farmer’s Almanac is correct. Of course astrology (and the planets) cause absolutely nothing. The principle behind what we do is synchronicity; Carl Jung’s acausal connections.

  49. Hi Jessica, does having four factors in Leo mean that I have a Stellium? One being Venus in particular, excited to understand what this would mean for me. I’m also launching my new air BnB apartment in London this month so excited to see how that goes! Also hoping Mr right will come my way the next few months as I have a few social events coming up or even some dates would be nice lol it’s been a long time since I had one of them!

    1. Yes, you have a Leo stellium so are strongly Leo. You spend a lot of time in your Fifth House, which is about courtship, the heirs and pretenders to your throne. The Air BnB apartment has nothing to do with that, unless a potential lover is one of your guests. Instead, this Leo weather until September is about younger people – old enough to be your children – and yes, a date. The date is either with a potential suitor for the future or someone who wants to court you now.

  50. Hi Jessica,

    Your astrology work is very cool and I wish you all the success. It expands my curiosity to want to study astrology because it really helps and makes life easier when I understand what is in play.

    I write for your interpretation of the upcoming careerbuilding opportunities. Currently, I hold a paid fellowship that ends March 31, 2023 to develop a feature documentary. I feel I could benefit from taking the next eight months to finalize the script and post-production, and develop more fundraising proposals.

    However, the said project just got awarded the full budget by the same organization and I cannot hold two awards at the same time. This new grant can start as early as October 1, 2022 and start as late as April 1, 2023.

    Do I start the film project early (October), somewhere in the middle (January), or late (April)?

    This exciting opportunity is very important to me to get the timing right as my husband, the other source of household income is on a serious health journey (born August 2, 1976). I would like to hear your thoughts about how this could unfold.

    Much appreciation for your kindness and generosity. Thank you!

  51. Hi Jessica, I don’t have many Leo factors (just NN, Bacchus, and Juno) but I could really feel the tense heir-to-the-throne Leo weather through the whole month of August – concerning my son (with whom I’m close) and a custody issue with my ex (who appears to be more motivated by money). I’m son is Pisces with a Leo stellium and my ex is a Leo with cancer stellium — your prediction about it getting lobbed to September was accurate as that is the next court date. The facts are in my favor but I worry my son’s life will be uprooted. Is there anything you can see? It is very tense between my son and my ex (always has been) and I am the advocate for my son’s interests. I’m torn between letting things play out— and trusting the process- and going full-force on the offense as defense. Thank you.

    1. The Leo Weather rolls on and you have been dealing with tension with your son, and his father. The date-stamped astrology about September has coincided with a court date. I am sure you are very concerned, as a good parent – and your ex is motivated by money. Leo factors at 9, 20, 24 including the North Node of karma suggest a compromise and new deal by the 29th of September. Did you know that the Full Moon on 12th August was just one degree away? It fell at 19 Leo/Aquarius so no wonder you went through all the feelings. Life should seem more manageable now that has passed. You have transiting Ceres going over 20 and 24 degrees next month. Try to park the emotion to one side and focus on what is actually going to work with this man, long-term. What is practical and manageable. There will be an agreement to differ which comes from this; the universe in its fairness and benevolence will have the upper hand; your son may end up dividing his time in a more specific way between you and his father. The North Node is a symbol of past lives and you, your son and his father were together in at least one prior incarnation, in a group situation where the leader of that group was in question, or questioning himself/herself. It’s very common in past lives in some aspect of the military. In any case, you’ll feel the final sign-off from karma in July 2023. You are owed, or you owe, and that has to play itself out with the pair of them. Once it’s done, it’s done. You can get on with becoming empowered, financially, which is the next long story in your life, commencing in 2023 for around two deades.

    1. This question about the past is interesting because the physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf believes we can change the past. He gives the example of ‘remembering’ a detail you missed before when you look back at what happened. People come to this website with all sorts of past trauma. It is often a divorce. It can be a family split. A crime. Science tells us linear time is a persistent and stubborn illusion; time is far more like a river where future, present and past flow in and out in a continuum. So you want to forgive and forget – start with re-remembering what happened to you. Use the Tarot. I am giving a workshop on that in September at The Tarot Guild of Australia. You have an angle on the past; a memory; a perspective. That may be incorrect or misleading, or just unhelpful. The Tarot is one way of crashing through that to spin the memory. Changing the past changes the present, changes the future.

  52. Hi Jessica
    I feel like a doormat!
    My parents when I was young never let me speak up. How do I get over this. Shy leo

    1. Doormats are Cancer/Fourth House. So are parents (family: Cancer/Fourth House). Speaking up is Gemini/Third House. I can’t see a chart here but you need to look at your Third House and Fourth House placements then see what it is to be done.

  53. Good morning Jessica and happy birthday wishes to you and your father. My late grandfather was a 19th August birthday and myself 17th. My sister and grandmother shared the same day, March 10 and today would of been my grandmothers later sisters birthday. All the Leos. Well a cousin on 13th too but we do not click. Which is all a rather long segue to what I am writing about and hope I just managed to squeeze in here. I write in relation to my sister. Through no fault of her own the last decade has had it all. Chronic illness, the closure of her business due to illness, the sale of her house to enter into a joint property deal on acreage with my mother which occurred but then due to actions from my mother lead to the sale of that property, estrangement, a farewell to her beloved menagerie and a loss in finances. During this entire time she also supported her husband who was experiencing mental health issues so with that in mind they made the decision to then move closer to his parents in an area she is not overly fond of. Her health worsened, her horses had to be fully agisted and her dear old boxers passed from old age. No children but a lovely adult step daughter. The marriage finally fell apart and she divorced, and in turn splitting assets as does occur. So now she is medically retired, in a house and area she has no affinity with and reasonably isolated. She is planning to move and this is the question. Would you mind dear Jessica looking at her chart? I know she has good things there but its all the timing isn’t it? Should she be listing as soon as possible or aiming to sell before March 2023 or should she wait. There is so much at stake especially with local and global uncertainties. And then there is the recent full moon weather. My dear sisters pisces sun and scorpio moon are both 19 degrees. I have tried all year to make sense of things but I am out of my knowledge zone and I have not exactly mastered my life put it that way. Any direction is very much appreciated. I just want the very best for her. I will try to purchase the friends and family membership but I encountered problems, (my end) the other day. Will try again. Many thanks. And again sorry for my lack of brevity.

    1. Thank you. If your sister was born on 10th March she is a Sun 19 degree Pisces hoping to sell her home and relocate. She also has a 19 degree Scorpio Moon. You mention a lot of extreme experiences in her past. This is often the way when the Sun and Moon are at identical degrees. It never rains but it pours. If she puts her home on the market now, she will catch Mars Retrograde in Gemini in her solar Fourth House of property until early 2023. Mars is action. Retrograde is stuck, backwards, reversed. Gemini rules real estate in her Pisces chart. She could go ahead but risks people changing their minds (buyers, agents) or issues with the original plan, or paperwork. There may also be flux with mortgage borrowing interest rates which also affects her situation. Then there is her decision to purchase. Again, especially if renovations are required (Mars rules action plans) these may stall or reverse. If she is happy to cover her bases with potentially stuck, slow or backward situations, of course she can go ahead. She is in a lucrative cycle, in a position to make or save money with Jupiter in Aries until Halloween, and then from January to May 2023. I recommend she uses the Tarot to validate the timing. The Tarot is very good with money and property.

  54. Hi Jessica, I’m trying to work it out but …..taurus zero degrees 3rd house. 4th house gemini 6 degrees jupiter & north node. TY.

    1. Taurus is not your Third House, it is your Second House. Gemini is not your Fourth House, it is your Third House. I can’t see a chart here unfortunately.

  55. Hi Jessica ,
    I am strongly Leo( August 1) and trying to sort out a family settlement after the passing of my parents. My much younger brother is creating the problems by not agreeing to settle with my sister and me. Should we give in to his unreasonable demands or take the legal route which could take years ?

    1. I am sorry you are going through this. Your situation is basically Scorpio and the Eighth House of legacies, wills and inheritance. For the first time in 19 years you have the South Node transiting Scorpio and your Eighth House. You have factors at 2, 4, 17, 22 Scorpio and a stellium there. So this is karmic and goes back about 18 or 19 years; you are owed, or you owe. The situation ends at the very latest on July 18th 2023 when the South Node finally leaves Scorpio. No more stuck karma. Can you avoid pursuing the discussion with your sister and brother when Mercury Retrograde in Libra is around? That’s your Third House of siblings. So, August 27th until September 23rd and then October 11th until 17th. If you have to discuss get it all in writing and be prepared for talking points to change, or for any number of issues obstructing clear communication, from a phone playing up, to someone going back on their word. You’d be better off chatting to both of them when Mercury is forwards in Libra from Tuesday 18th October; clarity comes further when the Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio together after Sunday 30th October. Just skip the eclipse on the 25th of October and allow a day either side. This does sort itself out. Use the Tarot to validate the timing.

  56. Hi Jessica. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for this article. I’m working on getting my visa for postgrad studies in the UK sorted before 4th Sep like you advised. Thank you for that. Hopefully everything goes well as more than anything it’s an escape from my narcissistic family that I really need. I was waiting to get unstuck after the stagnancy of the South node in Sagittarius hitting my Sag stellium but then along comes Scorpio in the South Node to hit my Scorpio stellium and I had some pretty painful lessons in the first half of the year although the soul growth was immense. I also have Saturn in Scorpio at 22 degrees. Saturn in Scorpio is going to be a delightful waltz through rose-scented fields of kittens! said no astrologer, ever. It is the bane of my existence. I have financial ties to my narcissistic father and an aversion and inhibitions around physical intimacy which all made sense when I read what you had written about Saturn in Scorpio in the past. Familial and romantic relationships have been stinging under the Scorpion influence. I found it funny how you had mentioned once that Scorpions like to hide in bedrooms and realised how I tend to do the same. I understand that I’ve had difficulties in relation to sex in past lives and in this incarnation must overcome those fears. I also think the relationship with my father is karmic as he has the South node in Taurus and North Node in Scorpio while mine is the inverse. I couldn’t figure out the death aspect of Saturn in Scorpio and figure I will have a pretty terrible passing on experience. The accuracy of your predictions is amazing. I don’t ever want to get married or have children but you told me that when Jupiter in Aries trines my Leo factors this year something nice will happen in relation to children. I very much doubted that as I am anti-children but to my surprise, I ended up working as an au pair in line with my Apollo and Moon in Leo. I am now even more anti-children after that experience but it was definitely interesting and had its surprisingly uplifting and touching moments. You were also right about work and duets and duels. The first half of 2022 had me taking on various types of new and flexible work all of which ended unpredictably and painfully in line with Uranus in Taurus and the full moon in Libra in April had a guy I liked who turned out to be a narcissist get me fired from my job and ruin my reputation with lies. I really wish I’d stayed home during that full moon as it sent me into a pretty dark place for a while. Is there anything good that I can look forward to during the rest of 2022, please? I could use some hope to distract me from the anxieties surrounding the pending decision of my visa. Ceres in Leo is worrying me. Many thanks for your time and insights which are always greatly appreciated.

    1. The issue with the family is the money, valuables, house and/or apartment. You have nothing in Cancer; it’s all in Scorpio in the Eighth House of family finance. Your father has financial ties to you. He also has the lunar nodes on the Scorpio-Taurus axis. So given that you have the transiting South Node in Scorpio for the first time in years, focus on that. You have until July 2023 to try and sort out the karma. Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio in your Eighth House, also with the node, suggest one or more past lives with your father in different roles. You won’t have a ‘pretty terrible passing on experience.’ That is not what this is about. It is about looking at what your father has done for you financially and examining the Eighth House, Pluto, Saturn and the lunar node axis on Taurus-Scorpio. From that, insights come, and from that, solutions come. It takes time. The Tarot can also shed light for you. It will also help you with sexual relationships, which Scorpio rules. This is the time to do the work.

  57. Thanks so much, Jessica. I will work on that. My father is a Sun 23 Taurus which aspects both my North Node in Taurus and Saturn in 22 Scorpio. I’ve clearly chosen to evolve through karmic parental trauma in this incarnation. Astrology is fascinating.

  58. Hi Jessica,
    Finally managed to find out from my wife’s sister her birth time which she says is 03.20am on the 21.07.72, so i logged in and order her a birth chart. You couldn’t comment previously because you didn’t have this information and ask if you have time would you please have a look and advise what you see for us both.
    Fascinated by your predictions and accuracy.
    Wishing you lots of health and happiness.

    1. Thank you. There is a bit of palaver associated with logging in and charts, but worth it over the years to come. Your sister-in-law is going through the biggest ‘challenge to change’ of her life, in terms of the family, her town and country, her house or flat, her feeling of belonging. She has the Sun around 28 Cancer and Pluto is opposing that, for the first time in 248 years. The light appears at the end of the tunnel in March 2023 and she’s then able to see a much easier time ahead. Pluto is about using your willpower to become empowered when you feel dominated or controlled by something/someone. It will have the ultimate effect of making her ever more sure about her ancestors; family tree; home; property; nationhood.

  59. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for replying so promptly, the Natal Chart i arranged was for my wife, i got the information (time born) from her sister, so is your reply in relation to my wife or my sister in law?

    1. I have now lost this comment in the chain of 14,948 I am sorry and I’m not sure where it’s gone. Further to questions about the wife and sister-in-law, I suggest you use the Tarot on this website. Just follow the steps. Thank you and apologies.

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